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Katrina Ruth: Hi. Hello, hello, hello, Facebook, YouTube, everywhere, the internet, the world, the universe, the galactiverse. I think that's not a word.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, I'm going to put my ear pods in. Can you hear me? Maybe I'm not going to put them in. I feel suspicious that these are not my ear pods. I'm sure my container was not all dirty and mucked up like this. That's kind of gross. I hope that I haven't taken somebody else's ear pods accidentally. Why are they so bashed up looking.

Katrina Ruth: Alright. I'm going to wait for people to get on. Look at me sitting by the lake, feeling special. Who's here? Leave me a comment, tell me you're hear so that I know you're with me. Hello, welcome to my world, this is my world today. This is my office. My office is anywhere, any place, any time, my office is my soul. That's the only thing I need is my soul, and I carry it with me always, and I access it continually purely through the process of tuning in.

Katrina Ruth: Isn't it a beautiful winter's day? I'm going to get my sweater off in a moment for sure because it's actually getting quite warm. But it's so fricking' cold in the mornings here, or it's probably not cold for a lot of the rest of the world, but considering that this is our winter and people still walk around in their swimwear half the time on the beach in winter here on the Gold Coast, when we get a little chilly and you need to put a sweater on in the mornings, you just feel outraged. You just feel like, what is happening? What's going on in the world? It's so fucking cold.

Katrina Ruth: So this morning was icy, and we went to an outdoor café for breakfast, and my kids were just shaking and cold. It was cold. It was icy to the bones while we were sitting eating breakfast and I said to them, I'm like ... They were complaining, "Why can't we go somewhere and do this?" I'm like, "Because you're building inner strength. Embrace the coldness. Embrace it. Become a warrior by eating in the cold." And now it's beautiful and warm.

Katrina Ruth: So just had an appointment here. Oh you can't see, but there's a building across the other side of this little lily pond lake. I just had a pretty intense personal appointment and then I have this small little gap before I go to get to my next appointment and so I thought why would I not come and sit here and livestream by the lake? It's so beautiful. It might become a habit when I come here.

Katrina Ruth: Thank you, regarding the hair. So with my hair ... Okay, there we go, I'm getting warmed up. I'm getting the livestream body-temperature raising thing which always happens, maybe partly from sitting in the sun as well. With the hair, I can't decide whether I'm ... am I just on the right side of trashy or am I just on the wrong side of trashy? I'm not sure.

Katrina Ruth: I want to talk about exposing yourself. I feel quite exposed right now. I don't mean physically. I don't feel particularly exposed physically right now. I feel open and raw and vulnerable and a bit shaky like I could almost cry because I was almost crying 30 or 40 minutes ago because I was just in an appointment with a child psychologist. So I've started to go and see ... I think this was my second appointment by myself with her and I took my two kids on two separate times, took them separately, so that's the fourth time I've met her. No, it's good. It's all good.

Katrina Ruth: I decided to do a few appointment with a child psychologist for my children because they've been going through a hard time with their dad and I separating and divorcing and all of that, which has been going on for ages now anyway, so maybe I could or should have done this earlier, and there is no should. And part of me was like, do I want to do that? How do I know that I align with that way of growth work or whatever else? But then in the end I'm like, well, growth work is about ... growth and life and messaging and art and all these things are about being open to learning and open to not being the expert.

Katrina Ruth: And I know that when it comes to my kids I have a lot of ideas about how to consciously communicate and what I feel is important ... mermaid hair, thank you ... and what I think I can do to best support them and their dad and I are really on the same page as far as really wanting to support each other and co-parent in a way that is conscious and where we are communicating well and where we are putting the children first. Sometimes we're good at that and sometimes we're not that good at it. Sometimes we explode and it's super fucking volatile and full-on. Love you too, Kelly, bestie, #bestie.

Katrina Ruth: So yeah I decided a while back that I would go and see a child psychologist and that I would be open to that and be open to allowing somebody else to tell me what's up, which is a hard thing for me to do as you might be able to imagine. And then it took me for sure another few months to get around to it and to finally choose that person who I felt that I could vibe with and who I felt that I would choose to trust. And so I did that and really am enjoying the connection with her, and I feel that this is perfect and this is what it [inaudible 00:05:23] is meant to be. And who knows how long we'll do that for.

Katrina Ruth: But what's great is that we're all coming together to look at how we can continue on our separate pathways as parents and as individuals while still sort of continuing together because that's just the reality, isn't it? When you have a child, or in my case two children with somebody and then you're not being together anymore and haven't been for nearly two years now, but you are still together, and you'll always be together as parents.

Katrina Ruth: So for me it feels really something that I'm very grateful for. It feels amazing to me to actually be at this point where we can do this sort of thing. And I went by myself today, and he'll go in a few weeks, and then we'll probably go together and then learn together the best ways that we can support our children and help them to understand their feelings and help them to feel safe and all of that sort of stuff, spiritual guide stuff. Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: So that's what I've been up to. And it got pretty raw and pretty emotional for me today just bringing up I guess a bit more of my story and sharing some of the behind the scenes for her, for the psychologist's sake so that she could understand a little bit more of how we ended up separating and how that came about. And her primary role is to help us to communicate effectively together in order to support our children as parents. So it's not like it's anything to do with our relationship, except that it is because obviously our relationship impacts the kids. And kids not only hear things and see things but they read energy the same as all of us.

Katrina Ruth: So for me something that's really important, and I think for any parent, not just me, that my kids feel safe, right? I want them to feel safe, and you can see when they say things and there's an underlying anxiety there or an underlying uncertainty or that sort of thing. So it's a very raw, open thing to be doing. It is something so amazing to be on the same page to be doing this together.

Katrina Ruth: Quite honestly if you had of said to me before we broke up that we would've ended up on the same page to be able to communicate like this and learn to grow together like this and do something like this, I would've said there's no fucking way. I would've said I flat out don't believe you. That's just not how it's going to be with us. That's not how it is. It was so fricking' volatile. It was so full on. It was so traumatic for everybody involved. I would've flat out said it's not possible.

Katrina Ruth: So I'm saying that because I know that there's a lot of people who follow me who do see or observe or have some sort of an understanding of how committed he and I are together to our co-parenting, and I don't speak about it a lot, but I have had people say things to me like, "That would never happen with my partner," or, "I wish that it could be like that," or something. And I just want to reassure you that that is something you can actually manifest and call in just like anything else. I manifested that. I decided. Even years ago, I started to journal how it would be. I journaled the separation and the split well before it happened to be honest with you.

Katrina Ruth: And even as I was journaling how I wanted it to be with the conscious communication and being able to ... I remember writing things like I want us to be able to spend time together and for that to be a happy time for the kids and at the time my mind was like, that is fucking impossible. It was like, bullshit, there is no way that that will happen or could happen and now it does. And we definitely still have our ups and downs and both of us will at times need to then say sorry or whatever it might be, but we also have a lot of amazing experiences together for the kids on the [inaudible 00:08:49] that we are on the same side of the country because currently he still lives on the other side of the country.

Katrina Ruth: So anyway, that was a little bit about my morning. And I was feeling so open and you know when you just feel that raw, shaky, slightly exposed type feeling. So I thought to myself I've got this 20 or 30 minute window before I've got another appointment coming up. And I was like well, I could livestream because it's really beautiful by the lake here but I felt like I felt shaky and not really in that state to be on a Facebook Live. And then I just thought to myself, but that's the whole thing that I'm teaching and preaching every day and that's the whole thing that I even wrote about.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, there is the biggest ass ant on my phone right now. It's crawling across where my face is. It is huge, it is a gigantic ant. Does that mean there's big ants down here that are going to bite me? I hope not. He's just crawling all over the tripod this ant. He's exploring.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway. I wrote about this this morning. I wrote my blog post which I only just posted. Actually I had my team post that for me but I sent it to them to post and that was on getting a little weird, getting a little ... What did I say? Get a little weird, get a little fucked up, get a little naked and show it to the world. I was very happy with that blog post title. If you didn't read it, you gotta read the blog and you gotta watch the video clip that went up with the blog. It's fucking hilarious, but it's such a great message. The clip is kind of separate to the blog. The clip's from a livestream a couple of weeks ago ... Oh you could see it, could you? How funny.

Katrina Ruth: When I wrote the blog this morning, I referenced the layers. We all have these layers. We have the Facebook layer that we present to the world. We have fear layer. We have a resentment or an anger layer. We have sadness layer. And at our core, we know and believe in who we are and we know that we're here to impact the world and we know that we have a powerful message to share with the world. And so I was writing about in my blog and then that's exactly what I did on this kind of [inaudible 00:10:44] skit a few weeks ago, so I ended up putting the [inaudible 00:10:45] video with the blog but they are two separate pieces of content, they just work well together. So anyway, go check that out.

Katrina Ruth: But I thought to myself as I came out of the consultant rooms just over there, I'm like, well I can't very well write about being raw ... I did reference the chocolate layer, don't worry. Fear not. I can't very well write about being raw and exposing yourself and sharing your soul with the world and getting a little weird or a little fucked up or a little naked then showing it to the world. I can't really do that and then come out of a very personal and, not upsetting but I felt upset, revealing appointment such as the one that I just had.

Katrina Ruth: [inaudible 00:11:21] just dropped the comment in there about Empress, if you saw that pop up. The ant is just having the best time ever right now, he's hanging off the edge just underneath the camera.

Katrina Ruth: I can't write that stuff and then come out and I feel exposed and I feel a little torn open and then say to myself, oh, well, I wont' go on a Facebook live now. What, am I going to wait until I feel like Mrs. Badass again? Ms. Badass, not Mrs. Am I going to wait to feel like the queen of the bad asses again and I'm on fucking fire and giving people shit and being aggressive and going into my super flow, which I did quite a lot of on my livestream last night which was such an amazing livestream, one of my best live streams this year I think, the one I did in my bed last night, can I? I can't do that. I'm either practising what I preach or I'm not, and I'm either being an example to you that you can show up in any state in any way in any time and just be who you are and that that's all part of it, or I'm not. I'm being a hypocrite.

Katrina Ruth: So that's why I decided to come on and go live. And, by the way, I wasn't planning to tell you that whole story about the psychologist either, that just popped out of my mouth. I was just going to reference feeling a little bit exposed or a little bit shaken up and then the message always fricking' takes over, as it does. And one of the things that I teach with all my private clients, and really with all my content, my free content, my paid content, my group programmes, you name it, but also specifically in Empress ... and there's a comment that's just gone in a couple minutes ago by Empress ...

Katrina Ruth: Oh, Anna, you know that blog was for you. You know I sat on the steps over there and I said to you, I'm sitting at the lily pad lake and then I answered your Voxer audio, it was the last one I listened to. And then I thought I've got 15 minutes before my appointment, and then I'm like what am I going to write about? I've got nothing to write about. So I just jumped on to what I've been saying to my inner circle private client, Anna, and that's where that whole blog came from. I wrote it so fast. I was like a whirling dervish, I typed that blog in 15 minutes. The reception ladies over there were like, "Holy shit." Well, they didn't say "holy shit." They were like, "You type so fast."

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, one of the things that I specifically really seek to impart to my private clients especially, because obviously they are the ones that I speak to more and have a more intimate connection with but also do let it come out through all my content as I'm saying right now, is you've got to expose all of you. You have got to realise that what's going to get your art out there, what's going to get your message out there, what is going to get you out there and have people just falling in love with you where they're not just following you, but they're bingeing on you, they're gorging on you. They want to feel your soul touch theirs, they want to come into your energy and come into your presence and melt into you. And let's be honest, we want that, we who were born as messengers and leaders, we do want that.

Katrina Ruth: The thing that's going to allow that is you being willing to expose all of you, right? Not just when you feel vulnerable or raw or a bit shaken up like me right now, but also not just when you're on fire and you're being the queen of the world and you're in super flow and you feel lit up and you feel super confident. That's awesome, but who walks around feeling like that all the time? Certainly not me. I do get into that state pretty frequently, maybe more so than, I would say for sure more than, the typical person out there. And that's great. I really love being in that charged, lit-up, don't-fuck-with-me state of feeling so on power and on purpose. But I've got to be willing to be all that I am and I've also got to be willing to show all that I am to you, otherwise I'm not being fair, actually.

Katrina Ruth: It would be very unfair for me to imply that having this level of success depends upon always having some super lit-up charged energy state where you feel confident and certain of yourself. It's about this is who I am in this moment. This is who I am today. This is how my soul is showing up today, and you know what? I can always create art from that place. There's always flow to be found in the struggle or in the resistance or in the uncertainty or in the doubt or in sadness. Any of these things still get to have flow inherent in them, and they always have art inherent in them. Your art is a reflection of you.

Katrina Ruth: This is the biggest thing to understand about art. Your art is ... In some ways it is it's own entity, I talk quite a lot about the message in the art being it's own entity. Let the message be the message, let the art be the art, you get the fuck out of the way and let it do it's thing. But it is also, obviously, it's filtered through you. You are the filter that it goes through. It weaves it's way through and it sinks through and you seep into it and it seeps into you.

Katrina Ruth: And so if you don't let it out when you're in this sort of energy state and you're feeling whatever you're feeling ... Or you're just feeling unsure, or you're maybe questioning yourself and you're feeling like maybe I'm too weird, maybe I'm too much. Maybe my particular style or brand of being weird is not cool enough. Like yeah, crazy is good, weird is good but so long as it fits into this particular box of coolness or badassery. No. That's bullshit and you know it. You've got to be willing to own all that you are and to realise and recognise and understand that the way people are going to follow you and resonate with you is when you let it all out.

Katrina Ruth: There's no 99% letting it out. You're either showing who you are or you're not and it really is about being willing to get up every day and expose your weirdness and your fucked-up-ness and your craziness and your naked bare soul to the world and to feel that ... You know, I stood over there and you feel that feeling of, ugh, do I really want to do this? Like I don't really feel in my zone right now, or I feel upset or whatever, so am I going to do this? Well, am I committed to my art? Yes or no?

Katrina Ruth: And of course there's no rule that you've always got to get on and livestream about it or write about it when shit's going on in your life or where there's something that feels emotional. But at the same time, what are you being guided to do from inside? For me a simple way that I choose what I'm going to say or share or put out there is is it coming through me? That's it. Amy says, "You're in my brain."

Katrina Ruth: So in Empress, which is four weeks one on one with me and it starts next Monday, June 25, US time. There's a comment here which talks all about it which Mim has put up. Hang on, where are my comments going. In Empress, this is exactly what we do. Okay, I've somehow managed to lose my comments and I can only see my own comment. Oh, there they are, they're back again. In Empress this is exactly what we do. This is a four week intensive which is a programme of sorts that I've created just for private clients and then it's unlimited one on one with me as well, hand in hand with that. It is an incredibly transformative four week period. It's 100% about the energy and the vibration. Soul Shifts and Money Making really is a theme that underpins that entire four weeks.

Katrina Ruth: You know [inaudible 00:18:00] it's about knowing that people are meant to pay just to be in your presence, yeah, you're that fucking good. And you are. You know how powerful you are. But it's about realising that all the things that so many people are seeking to achieve online, like building a following and getting paid and knowing what to sell and knowing how to sell it and knowing how to get that backend income coming in and all that stuff, that all of that is going to come as a result of you being in the energy state that you're meant to be in. You owning who you are and owning what it is that your soul needs and desires in order to be in a level of power that is magnetic to others.

Katrina Ruth: Thank you, Erin. Erin says, "I love how authentic and present your energy is right now." And that's exactly ... That's a great comment. I appreciate it so much. That comment reflects exactly what I'm teaching, right? People can feel when we're being true. People can feel when we're being authentic. People can feel when we're being ourselves. A lot of people love that I'm kind of crazy or I'm over the top. I do my little shenanigans scenes and I'm aggressive and I'm known for that and that sort of thing. But people also see other sides of me, maybe some sides less often than others, for sure. But they see all of me and they see that it's real, so there's a magnetism and an attraction there that you just can't create by trying to be good at internet marketing.You're not going to build a business that way. You're not going to build a following.

Katrina Ruth: Somebody asked today in one of my groups how to be engaging, and my smart-ass quippy answer was ... "How do I get more engagement?" They asked, in my groups, and my smart-ass, quippy response was, "By being fucking engaging." That's how. I think my phone just turned the volume off. The volume button's like right there where the tripod thing is. Fuck it. And the only way to be engaging and the only way to truly build a following and have people want to purchase from you over and over again, and for you to build the business that you want, make the money and also have the impact, is you're going to have to be who you actually are. You're going to have to let the weird out, the crazy out, the madness, but the raw of it as well.

Katrina Ruth: It's not about trying to be super cool or super badass or super aggressive or whatever else. Lik if you maybe watch how I show up and you think it's about putting on a show and being this larger than life character and that sort of thing, well, that's all something that's in me. That's one side of me that's probably a big part of me and that's why it comes out a lot on a lot of my content because if you would see me hanging out with my closest besties, my best friends, or my siblings and my parents, for example, I am like that. Like I get super loud and super silly, we actually all do. It's quite the conundrum because everybody thinks that they're the most hilarious and should be in charge.

Katrina Ruth: So that's all real but then so is this, so is me being in a really raw state or a really open state or a really vulnerable state. And then so is whatever else shows up later today and tomorrow and the only way that I've been able to build this following is because I stopped trying to fucking figure out how to build a following and make money. Every time I put my energy into that it was just a wasted venture. It was going down the wrong fucking rabbit hole and it was exhausting as well, and I didn't enjoy it. And every time I've reminded myself just be who I am in that moment but be all of it.

Katrina Ruth: And feel that little flicker as I did on the other side of the lake. Feel that like, really, are you really going to go live now when you're feeling that way and then I wasn't even planning to tell the damn story and then I did? Are you really going to do that? And you feel it and you hesitate and you're teetering right there on the edge and it's like, well, but who are you? Who did you say that you came here to be. I know that my work here in the world is to impact through my message and through what's in my soul. Well, I can't very well do that if I'm not willing to expose my soul and expose my art.

Katrina Ruth: And so what I'm here to do and to impact you with today but, again, with Empress, as I keep kind of talking about it and then forgetting and going off on a tangent, is to really impact and empower you to let all of that out and to have you perhaps for the first time fully acknowledge that that is where the successes come from. Please don't message me about Empress if you're thinking that learning this energy stuff and learning the vibrational work and learning to step into the true power of your soul is like some kind of plugin. It's not a fucking WordPress plugin into your business. It's not an add-on. It's not, okay, I'm learning internet marketing and I'm learning sales funnels and I'm learning strategy and I'm learning all these join the dots things and I guess I'll learn a little bit about this energy thing and see what Kat has to say and I want to work with her one on one or whatever. It's not that.

Katrina Ruth: The reason that you would be called to work with me at this level in Empress would be because you understand on a soul level that this is where it comes from. It comes from fully exposing all that's in you but not just when it's fricking comfortable and when you feel like it's cool or badass enough. So if that's something that might be speaking to you, then I'd really encourage you to read the pinned comment that's here. It does describe quite a bit about it. It talks about the things that you've always known that you're called, that you know it's not just about being a coach, you know it's not about learning the right way to do it. You know that it's about letting what's inside of you out. And there's a little bit of a description about what we do. But the real description and overview of that four weeks, as well as the cool bonus shit that comes along with that and how it all works to mentor with me one on one, that description is what I will send you when you message me.

Katrina Ruth: So the thing to do is to message me, ideally on my personal Katrina Ruth page and just send me a message, "Hey, Kat. I want the Empress details." And then I'll send you through an overview. I'll have a couple of questions for you at the end, just to do with what's speaking to you and what's coming through in your soul and then we just go back and forth and if it's a fit, awesome. And if not, then that's okay as well. I have already sold quite a few places now. We are starting next Monday. It will sell out. These intensives always sell out when I do a one on one intensive because I just make them such a hell-yes, no-brainer offer as far as the deal and the investment and also because I do obviously keep the places strictly limited given that it's one on one mentoring. So that's about Empress. Read the comment, message me, and we'll get into a conversation around that.

Katrina Ruth: But then, putting that aside, or whether you're putting that aside, whether or not that's speaking to you, the big thing that I'm trying to impart to you here and that I think I have imparted to you is give yourself permission to be all of you. Give yourself permission to let people see you regardless of what state in. Yes, it's scary. Of course, it's scary, of course it's confronting. Of course I have thoughts cross my mind when I'm saying all that about who is going to watch that? Which people are going to watch that who might judge me or judge that I'm sharing it? Maybe they're going to judge me, maybe they're going to judge that I'm speaking about things that are personal or whatever it is. And I have all of those same sort of thought as anybody else every single day in some way shape or form. Sometimes about fear of rejection.

Katrina Ruth: Gosh, last night somebody who's in my actual following told me I was an awful singer when I sang live on my livestream last night. And then it was like, okay, funny, but then it did hurt as well. And then I did find myself feeling like, oh, well maybe it is bad and then I did listen to it again later. I'm like, fuck, it really was bad, which I already knew that I'm not the worlds most gifted singer. But then I noticed there was a thought process in my head that came from that like, oh I probably shouldn't do that again because it's actually really fucking embarrassing. It's such terrible singing. And so you have ... And I probably still will though because I see that and then I put it aside.

Katrina Ruth: But my point is don't look at me or look at anybody who you maybe learned from in some way or inspired by in some way and think that this person doesn't experience all the human emotions and the ups and downs and wanting people to like them and wanting people to think they're good enough or worthy enough or cool enough. God, my whole life all I wanted to do was to be cool. I just wanted people to think that I was cool when I was growing up, and now people think I'm cool, which is kind of funny to me a lot of the time because I'm so nerdy really, if you got to know me. And how that happened though was I chose to own it, right? I chose to own who I really am. I chose to own that piece of me that was inside of me that wanted to come out.

Katrina Ruth: So I want to encourage you, fricking own the piece of you that's inside of you that wants to come out. Bring it into the light. What do you know you need to share today? Please do it. Leave me a comment below. Tell me your thoughts. Leave me a love or a comment or something if this resonated with you, and then have a read about Empress. I'd love to see you in there if it's speaking to you. Message me and I'll reply to you sometime today in between running around doing a million things before I head off to the US tomorrow. Show up. Show all the way up. Let out the weirdness, let out the madness, let out the fuckery. Your brand of weirdness and fucked up and naked-soul truth is exactly what the world needs, and don't forget, life is now. Press play.

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