Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: Well, we're going to have to celebrate my hair 'cause now everybody's seen my hair for the first time as well. Ooh, it says I missed a call from Billy Jean. Okay. Hang on. Is anyone jumping on? The cape definitely looks better with the purple outward not the gold, right? 'Cause if I have the gold out, it looks kinda like a weird fish skin. Don't you think?

Matt: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. It's been decided.

Matt: You do the best, I think.

Katrina Ruth: All right, everybody can take screenshots of me now. Ready? Screenshot. So that I can use it later for a blog post. Hello, people. Actually, I was ... Oh, Alicia has a cape just like that. Of course, why would you not?

Katrina Ruth: Well, I was having an important dilemma, it was a serious dilemma. I'm here to film very professional and important sales videos. We're here to film a sales video for Empress and so I'm supposed to be in proper filming mode, not livestreaming, and then I just thought, "Well, I gotta livestream it as well, 'cause it would be inappropriate not to."

Katrina Ruth: But then the problem was ... here's the problem, you understand my dilemma. I wanted to put my cape on because I'm doing a sales video for Empress. Okay? So, if you're going to do a sales video for Empress, you're gonna wear a cape. But then, then, here's the big problem, I just had my hair done.

Katrina Ruth: Ah, celebrate. Actually, it doesn't even look as pink as it is on this livestream, the whole thing is pink, only the top looks pink, but the top is extra pink and the lower bit is somewhat pink.

Katrina Ruth: Billy Jean! We're gonna be partying it up next week at your house. There he is. Or wherever it is. Okay, so that's the problem. The problem is: how do I solve this problem? I wanna show my pink hair off and I wanna wear my cape as well because I'm filming a serious video for my programme, for Empress. So I don't know what to do about that. I can try leave it like that but then I have to not breathe and not move. How do I look over on this camera? Good?

Matt: Good.

Katrina Ruth: Where am I showing from? From here?

Matt: There.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, that's fine then.

Matt: A little bit higher up.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, well, that's under control. It's all under control. And then the other problem is, I don't know what's up with these curly curls.

Matt: I'm gonna try fix that mic as well, just the cord.

Katrina Ruth: Fix it. Fix it all. Hello. It's gonna be happening in San Diego town next week.

Matt: Coming through there.

Katrina Ruth: What's going on? You know you have to say hello to the camera if you're just gonna appear with your arm in there. Of course the chair is pink, it's a throne. Actually, that's a good system, isn't it? With one arm out.

Katrina Ruth: Curls look great. I didn't want curls, I wanted messy-messy. Then I said to my ... well, it's going messy it's 'cause I only just had it done, we'll let it go, we'll let it do its thing, we'll let it get messy. We got plenty of filming to get to. We're creating much content. It's 1:11 pm, everyone have a moment of silence, it's currently 1:11.

Katrina Ruth: Have you seen Empress? Can someone on my team drop a comment about Empress? Drop me the Empress [inaudible 00:03:06]. I didn't tell them I'm going live. Empress C-T-A-A-S-A-P on live. Oh my God, I just wrote Empess C-T-S-A-S-A-P on live. Empress. So, I said to my ... and I was being serious though, I'd already titled this livestream and I titled it ... See, do you know why I did that? Why I said to you you had to say hello to the camera? I was like, "Let me see how many seconds it takes before somebody says 'Matt's cute.'" That's already come up. Sorry Meagan, I was just using you as a guinea pig. It's fun for me.

Matt: How old is Meagan?

Katrina Ruth: How old are you? He wants to know. Where are you? Are you on the Gold Coast? Can you come over today? That's basically what he was asking. So, anyway, where did I get the cape? I don't know. The ninjas got it for me. I could ask my sister, ask Jessa.

Katrina Ruth: So, I had titled this livestream about Empress, 'cause it's supposed to be a sales video, and then I had actually said to Matt, "You know, at a certain point in business, your primary problem is ..." She's in Perth, she can get here in six hours, she says. How old are you? You didn't answer the question.

Katrina Ruth: For real though. Okay, enough about that, enough about that. At a certain point in business, your primary problem really is which way should I wear my cape? Should I wear it down, off my shoulders? But then I look just like ... I don't know, what do I look like? Snow White? Snow White. Or should I wear it gold or purple or this way, half of it?. I think it's this way.

Katrina Ruth: And then I thought, "What a great title for a livestream: How do you get to a place in your business where your number one dilemma is: which way do I wear my cape?" Well, how you get there is you step into your Empress energy and power. Hi [Mim 00:04:52], sorry, I forgot to tell you I was going live. It was spontaneous. It was an impulse buy, just like the Mercedes convertible. Impulse movements.

Katrina Ruth: We're gonna talk about Empress. We're now gonna do an important sales video. Mim has conveniently just dropped the comment in there. I want to let you know something that I ... why does somebody send me an angry face? Who is that? I'm going to track them down. I can sing. I can sing. What do you want me to sing? Cliff wants me to sing. I don't know if I wanna sing on the sales video. I'm gonna go block this dude. I'll do that later.

Katrina Ruth: I was saying to the camera before I got onto this camera, I was saying to the other camera, when you're gonna do a sales video ... 'Cause in theory I was just gonna do like a three to five minute little thing for Matt to make into a pop up real video as opposed to this live video that's happening here. That's not a filter, that's me. Look at me. Thanks, Karen.

Katrina Ruth: And I said to him, "We wanna make sure that we don't just cut out the serious professional bit from this livestream, assuming that there is one that happens at some point. We wanna include the rambles and the silliness and the shenanigans." Why? Why? Say it with me. Cause people don't buy your products, they buy you. No way. People don't buy you, they buy your energy. That is a real thing. Give me a love heart shower if you know that's a real thing. People do not buy your products, they buy you. Nope, they don't even buy you. That's not true. Because which you are you being? Maybe. Maybe they'll want to buy the sad sack who only shows like your surface based version of yourself to the internet. Who's like, "Well, I hope that people like me and I hope that I'm gonna be interesting, and I hope that my content is unique and powerful and glamorous."

Katrina Ruth: Oh no, that is not a pink hair filter. That's actual pink hair. Pink hair filter? That'd be the lazy version, wouldn't it?

Katrina Ruth: People don't want that surface version of you. Maybe your loved ones do but honestly, I think if you go around delivering your careful safe version of yourself, even your loved ones, after a little bit of time are gonna be like, "This bitch is getting boring." Right? So, it's not technically true that people buy you, even though, yeah, we're all lovable and worthy in all our different energy states, but people buy your energy. They do. They wanna be around those who are magnetic, lit up, I'm gonna say, alive. I'm deliberately looking at this camera over here so if you see me ignoring you, that's what's happening.

Katrina Ruth: They wanna tap into the energy of somebody who feels alive. Am I right? Am I right? I'm right. So, for example, for example, if you go to a party or you go to the gym or you go to any place, I was going to say the airport but you don't tend to see that many charismatic people there, they're probably hiding in the lounge. No, they're not even in the lounge. Somewhere where you go. And there's that one person who's just magnetic in their energy. And maybe they have amazing posture as well because I feel like that's definitely a thing with charismatic people. They just compel you to them. You're drawn into their space. You might be a little bit intimidated, you might feel like, "Who is that person? Can I get close enough?" It's kind of like how close can I go to the sun? I probably shouldn't go too close, it might be scary or it might burn me but at the same time I just can't look away. It's fucking amazing and I'm compelled and I'm drawn in. Yes? Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, we're back over here again. All right, so the point of that is: if you're on the internet, it's a place where you can sell things if you've not heard of it. If you're on the internet and you're like, "Here's my thing, buy my thing. Let me tell you the fabulous [dot 00:08:27] points of my thing and why you should buy my thing." And then maybe you're following the rules as well. You've definitely read the rules, right? You've read the rules? Cool.

Katrina Ruth: So the rules are ... actually, I don't know 'cause I never paid attention. But the rules are something like: follow some dots and join some dots and dots some I's and cross some t's and do it like the other people and be a good little zombiepreneur. Those are the rules and then you think to yourself, "I gotta make sure it looks right, it's gotta be polished, it's gotta be presented, it's gotta be exactly just so."

Katrina Ruth: And if I manage to master this fabulous strategy, people are gonna buy my shit because everybody knows that the way to make millions of dollars is to follow the rules properly and do it right and essentially guide people like they're horses on a equestrian adventure, race track, that's definitely a thing ... a pony club, right? It is a thing. So they're going through the hurdles, like kids at school or horses at pony club. And if you get them to jump over the right hurdles and then go through a hoop and then do a little backward roll and a forward roll and a spin, then they're gonna pay you money and you're gonna make millions of dollars.

Katrina Ruth: That's roughly what people seem to think its about on the internet. Its quite hilarious, actually, when you think about it that people actually believe that that's how you're gonna make money if you do it correctly. No. They're going to buy from you for the same reason that when we go to an event and there's a charismatic, amazing, magnetic as fuck interesting person there, we can't look away and we're drawn in and we're curious and we wanna know about that person, who is that person, how can I get closer to that person or that person's attractive in their energy which makes them obviously attractive in all other ways as well.

Katrina Ruth: My point being, isn't it time to claim your rightful place? Isn't it time to step up and be the version of you who you know you are meant to be being? Isn't it time to drop the Coach cloak? This is not a Coach cloak, this is an Empress cloak. Isn't it time to drop the Coach cloak? The "Let me do it right doing dots and make money on the internet" approach to marketing is not working for you, it's never gonna work for you, it never does work for anyone is the truth of the matter. But somebody's fucking good at selling that dream because everybody's keeps jumping into it or it's clearly just a shit pool situation.

Katrina Ruth: It's a lemming situation. Everyone's like, "Oh, I can see that everybody's on the internet like that. I'm gonna go do it like that." Even though they're all fucking falling off the cliff and dying. So, all of which is to say, Empress is open for registration. We begin very soon. Very, very soon. Places are already selling. I'm about to start bringing my Empress energy to compel and call in your Empress energy.

Katrina Ruth: At the end of the day, the details of this don't matter. You don't need to read the details. You could read the details. I'll give you the details through and I'll attach it to this video or if you're listening to this live, it's in the pinned comment over here. Obviously the details don't matter. You know if my soul is speaking to yours. You know if the thing that is missing as to why you've not been making money online yet is that you haven't been in the energy state. You're trying to sell a product or a fucking opt-in or a landing page or a sales page or some bullshit dream based on nothing and you're not fully giving people your soul.

Katrina Ruth: People will buy from you when they connect with what's going on in here. And when that happens, they won't even care what the details are. They are literally going to pay to be in your presence and that statement, as ridiculous or diva-esque as what it sounds, is the reality of how I make my money, how my clients make their money and how you know you were born to make money. Now, that doesn't mean you're not doing anything. Actually, what you're doing, though, is being you. Why would it be of value for somebody to pay to be in your presence? Because it actually automatically elevates somebody from being in your presence.

Katrina Ruth: And because of the way that you've lived your life to the point where when you open your mouth, that shit impacts people. You can be at the hairdresser, you can be leaving somebody an audio in the car, you can be in the grocery store, you can be coaching a client, whatever's coming out of you is gold. And you're either willing and audacious enough to claim that about who you are as a person or maybe you do gotta go and do the [inaudible 00:12:34] preneur, zombiepreneur, join the dot, internet marketing thing. But you can't have it both ways.

Katrina Ruth: You're either, "This is who I am. I'm a fucking Emperess, I'm a queen." Whatever you wanna say, wear a cape, don't wear a cape, it doesn't matter. But you're either claiming that this is who I am and people wanna be around me for my energy or you should go all in on that plan over there. All in. All in on, "I'll do landing pages and I'll do sales pages and I'll join dots and I'll make a perfect little step-by-step system like a pony club racecourse or hoop course or whatever it is where when people go through it probably they're gonna magically buy my shit because I took them through a process and everyone knows that if you take people through a process that's why they give you money." Good luck with that.

Katrina Ruth: How's it working for you so far? So my point is, Empress is open. As I already said, I could have told you a whole bunch of things about what we cover, about the energy that we create and step into and activate from inside of you. About creating the Empress environment right through every aspect of your business life. About stepping into the next, next, next level version of you, who you know you're meant to be. Where it's already done, that have caused people to frickin' be around you in any way or space or place that they can be just because of who you are, could have given you all those details, I'll give them to you in written format.

Katrina Ruth: But what you really need to do is ask yourself a simple question: Am I here to build a business on the internet by putting one block on top of the other and hoping that it doesn't fucking come crashing down and praying on the fact that even if it doesn't come crashing down that just 'cause I built something, people are gonna pay me? Or am I ready to step into being who I was born to be and to unleash the full magnetic power of that in all its messy, random, chaotic, crazy, hilarious glory.

Katrina Ruth: And if it's the latter and if you're ready to throw off all of the chains that have bound you and kept you distracted by the idea that your success is based on doing shit right on Facebook, message me at my Katrina Ruth business or personal inbox here on Facebook or wherever you find it, and I'll get you all the details. We're beginning in just over a week, your soul already knows if this is for you. Four weeks, one on one with me, unlimited access, over $6,000 worth of bonuses, whole bunch of other shit, I'll give you the details, message me now. Have an amazing rest of the day and do not forget life is now, press play.

Katrina Ruth: All right, alter ego Boss Bitch. She still didn't tell us her age though but she said her alter ego is Boss Bitch. Okay, that was a sales video being made. Mixing it up. Mixing it up. Do I have anything else to say? I never said that last night, Jacqueline, that was totally Philippa who was making those rude comments yesterday. Now, I've just made a sales video, obviously as you can see, so you just watched it, though, so you don't hae to wait for the sales video to come out.

Katrina Ruth: But the main thing is, isn't my hair amazing? I mean that's really the main issue at hand here. New boobs, new hair, new Mercedes convertible, new house as well. It's all happening. But meanwhile, I'm gonna wait for the current house 'cause I'm gonna go to America on Tuesday. 25 but taken. Well, then, that was a fun conversation. We're gonna go. We have many things to film and to do. Do message me about Empress if it's speaking to you. I'm starting to really ramp it up because I deliberately didn't say the date there on that video because maybe I would reuse that video next time if I run it again.

Katrina Ruth: However, somebody asked me this morning, am I running Empress again and that they're thinking about for the next round or something. I'm gonna tell you straight up, please don't message me that shit because I live in the now. Right? I might be conscious of stuff like that from time to time if I'm making a video mainly 'cause I'm too fucking lazy to create content again if I already did it once. And it's a nice habit there but I don't make plans to run shit again. I don't have any fucking clue what I'm gonna be doing tomorrow, let alone in summer or whenever the next season is.

Katrina Ruth: I don't believe that business should be built on a marketing calendar or an editing calendar or rolling things out or knowing things in advance. And I also think that, for you, if something is speaking to you in your life, whether it's Empress, working with me one on one, and the details are here in the pinned comment on this livestream or whether its anything. Right? Like anything that's going on in your life. Maybe you wanna ask that person out or maybe you wanna go and try a different style of workout or maybe you wanna move to a different place or maybe you can't fucking decide whether you wanna go to the movies tonight or not. Whatever it is, why not get into the habit of saying yes to your soul right away? Huh?

Katrina Ruth: Are you feeling this? I feel like I'm gonna get my preacher mode on. Let's film this and we can incorporate it into that beach video that we're gonna do down there. You gotta leverage your content all the time. Ideally, you want somebody that follows you with a camera all the time, except when I experimented with that idea I just got really shitty about the idea of having somebody with me all the time so it didn't really work but once a week, it's good.

Katrina Ruth: So whatever it is that your soul is desiring, whatever it is that you're thinking about or you're like, "Maybe I'm gonna do this one day, maybe I'm gonna work with that amazing mentor one day or maybe I'm gonna get that dream car or that dream house or ask that person on a date or fucking go and learn how to dance or," I'm gonna do gymnastics, whatever it is. Why not get into the habit of saying yes to your soul right away? When you say yes to your soul, life says yes to you. That is the reality, right?

Katrina Ruth: And every time you hesitate, every time something comes through you and then you think to yourself, "This is for me, I know that I'm meant to have this or I know that this is part of what I'm meant to do, I know I'm meant to do this [card 00:18:03], I know I'm meant to step into that or claim it, it's mine, it's done, I'm manifesting it," and then you don't take action, you have seriously misunderstood the game of manifestation and probably of life.

Katrina Ruth: How it works is you say yes to your soul and you take immediate action. Or just fucking don't talk about it and find the shit that you wanna take action on right now. All right. [inaudible 00:18:28], we'll do something on the beach and incorporate it into it. I'm gonna get off this livestream. I can feel that the power is coming through me and I could totally livestream for another hour right now. But I won't 'cause we're gonna go film some stuff like I said. But my point is, don't message me about Empress and be like, "I'm waiting to see, I wanna know how much it is so that I can prepare for the next round," or some shit like that. Just say yes to what you wanna say yes to right now.

Katrina Ruth: How do I even know if there is a next round? Like I said, I don't even know what I'll be marketing tomorrow. Well, tomorrow, I'll probably still be Empress [inaudible 00:18:59] but next week, I'm not planning that shit in advance and it's a big part of what I'm teaching in Empress as well is for you to just let what's coming up come up and have the fucking trust and faith that that will work. Faith is a motherfucking choice, by the way.

Katrina Ruth: And true faith, true faith, oh my God, I'm getting the gold coming through now, true faith, as I was saying to a client this morning is if you fully trusted someone, like let's say maybe it's your partner or maybe a mentor or maybe a close friend or whoever it is. But if there's someone in your life and you fully trust and believe that that person has your back and then you also fully trust and believe that they know what the fuck they're on about, well, then, when they say something or suggest something, you just be like, "Okay," because you have that level of trust. And what if you had that level of trust in your own soul? That's something to think about.

Katrina Ruth: Then you wouldn't need to waste all this bullshit time dealing and [inaudible 00:19:56] and weighing up the pros and cons and asking 25,000 people for their fucking opinion. And you could get into the habit of just taking immediate action fast which is a critical part of success. If you can't take immediate action fast, you're gonna find it a very difficult thing altogether to make money on the internet or to really achieve anything of any note or credibility in your life. And when I say credibility, by the way, I mean according to your own values and standards.

Katrina Ruth: So, Empress, claim your rightful place now. Read about it in the pinned comment. If you're solely saying yes, message me, I'll get you a right old written overview, it's like an overview, it's like a description, it says things, there might even be some bullet points in there, I'm not sure. Tell you about the entire bonus programme you get which is an entire previously private client only, still private client only but it was sold for $6,000, you get that whole programme as well. You get unlimited access to me, we do start on Monday 25th, places are strictly limited and it is currently selling.

Katrina Ruth: Message me right here on my personal page for that. Have an amazing epic day. Why don't you go and unleash something on the fucking internet? Get your head out of your stupid funnels and your opt-in pages and you're worrying about what every other motherfucker is up to and go say something. That's how you're gonna build [inaudible 00:21:10], don't forget, life is now, press play.