Rebel Millionaire

The point is back yourself.

When are you gonna finally back yourself, okay?

So I was using an example with my client. I was like, listen to me, you already know, this is what I wanna say to you now, you already know that everything you feel inside of you is right. You already know that the way that you're being directed to do it through your soul is the way that it's gonna work. You already know that if you were to go against your own soul and your own nature, and you were to essentially go and try and do...

In a way that, (okay I think it just kept freezing,) in a way that feels kind of icky to you, or it's just boring, it's not interesting, it's not expansive, it feels like, really? Do I really have to do that? Ah, okay, I guess I'd better. That's what's gonna get me a result, okay.

And it's kind of like this head hanging type of feeling, right? If you were to do it in that way, you know that it's not only not gonna work, you know this at your core, right?

You might be buying into a story, you might be telling yourself all manner of things that are definitely not true, you might be trying to justify and convince, you might be like, well that person knows better than me, or they're further along than me, and maybe I don't really know because I haven't achieved that goal yet, I haven't made it, whatever your goal is in your business. And so they probably do know better, and I probably should do it this way, and you're going down this pathway of essentially trying to convince yourself to not back yourself. Which when you put it that way sounds really kind of crazy and not good crazy. And it's so sad, I think, as well, right?

And then the other side of the coin, the flip side of that is you 100% know, give me love heart shower, give me love to chat about this, you 100% know, if you agree with me, give me a love heart shower, you 100% know that what's inside of you is real. You know that the things you feel inside of you about where your success is gonna come from is correct, and one thing that I love to journal on again and again, and you might like to save this as an idea for later, and write it down as a journaling prompt, or somebody can put it in the comments if you want cause I'm having a hard time getting my laptop to work here, I like to journal often on, like a question that I've asked myself many times over the years, where do I really believe, for example, my $100 million empire's gonna come from? Or before I was already making multi millions a year, then I would journal on where do I really believe my multi million dollar business is gonna come from? Or where do I really believe my fame, or my impact, or whatever it is, is gonna come from?

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