Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: All right, now we're gonna try and share this. And then we're gonna do the thing. Ah, Mother Fucker.

Alyssa: Me?

Katrina Ruth: No, not you. Why does this make it so hard?

Alyssa: Can I just go and do my business?

Katrina Ruth: No, no, no. You gotta stay here for the start of the Livestream. Oh my God. Okay. If I turn it, then it's gonna screw up the thing later.

Katrina Ruth: Hello, one person. I'm trying to share this over to my page. I'm gonna try it anyway. I'm gonna probably mess with the system. I can't see anything.

Katrina Ruth: Hi, Susan. I'm trying to like exit out of the Facebook screen right now. That's why I'm like hitting the phone. 'Cause, okay ... now I'm gonna try turning this and hopefully Facebook doesn't mess with me. Oh my God. Oh my God. Why does it make it so hard? Okay, can someone share this into the Daily Ask It crew for me?

Katrina Ruth: Okay. It's just being so annoying. Maybe I'll have to send you to the car to get my laptop out of the car. I can't share this ... okay, we'll keep that off.

Katrina Ruth: Alyssa's starting a little side hustle here. I was gonna go live anyway, 'cause I'm just hanging out in the park. Do you wanna say hi?

Alyssa: Hi.

Katrina Ruth: What is ... what have you said ... I was gonna go live anyway and I was gonna talk about the Millionaire Mastermind. I hate when I can't see myself on the screen. I was gonna talk about the Millionaire Mastermind and maybe like do my freaking thing, do my launch. Okay, where's your brother? He's over there.

Katrina Ruth: Everybody's giving you a love heart shower. You see the love heart shower? It's for you. So, the kids have been playing in the park. Thank you, Susan. Thank you for sharing that. The kids ...

Alyssa: [inaudible 00:01:52]

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, we're gonna, you're gonna be on camera in a moment. Come here. Be on camera. But you can talk in a minute. So I was gonna go live and tell you the Millionaire Mastermind life and launch that. I did already just casually drop that in this morning. I'll talk about that in a moment. I have many things to say and I wanna answer any questions. Although I probably should like pre-announce if I'm gonna do a Q&A so that people know it's coming.

Katrina Ruth: And then Alyssa's sitting here and she's got my journal. And she's made herself a little sign. Do you wanna show your sign?

Alyssa: What if they can't see it?

Katrina Ruth: Well, it will be backwards, so you can read it to them. But show it to them.

Alyssa: Doing gymnastics for money.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, so she's made a little sign that says she's doing gymnastics for money. Where are you gonna put the sign? Against the tree?

Alyssa: Against that pole.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, against the pole over there.

Alyssa: So, because people normally walk there.

Katrina Ruth: Because that's where the audience is at. That's the platform. The platform is against the pole because that's the walking path where everyone walks past. So, first the sign said ... that's the old sign. First the sign said, "Doing gymnastics for money, please." And then you decided that it shouldn't' say please. Why was that?

Alyssa: Because it wouldn't make sense.

Katrina Ruth: Because it doesn't make sense. I was like, that's actually true because I wouldn't probably put up a sign on Facebook that says, "Join my Millionaire Mastermind, please," would I? That would just be a little bit weird. I mean, no, I wouldn't. I'd be like, "Join the Millionaire Mastermind [beeotch 00:03:19]. Things I shouldn't say.

Alyssa: Bitch.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, no. That's really bad. Too late, rewind. [inaudible 00:03:27] different way we can ... You know.

Alyssa: Beeitche.

Katrina Ruth: Don't say things ...

Alyssa: Beeitche.

Katrina Ruth: Don't say things on camera that you don't normally say.

Alyssa: Beeitche. Beeitche. Beeitche.

Katrina Ruth: All right, talk about your business. Talk about your business.

Alyssa: What do you mean? Oh, if they don't give me money, I kill them.

Katrina Ruth: Why do you always the most bizarre, mixed up stuff as soon as you get on a Livestream? I swear to ... This chick doesn't say stuff like that off camera. And as soon as she gets an opportunity to be on my Livestream, she says things that just make it sound like, I don't know, bad parenting going on.

Katrina Ruth: You don't talk like that normally. Talk like your normal self.

Alyssa: Oh yeah I do.

Katrina Ruth: Doing gymnastics for money. So, you're gonna put the sign against the pole, and then what are you gonna do?

Alyssa: I'm just gonna want people give me money.

Katrina Ruth: Gonna what? You're gonna wait until they give you money or you gonna do the gymnastics anyway? Are you only doing the gymnastics if they give you money?

Alyssa: This is-

Katrina Ruth: Or are you doing the gymnastics and hoping that they will then give you money/

Alyssa: This is what I'm gonna do.

Katrina Ruth: Talk to the camera, nobody can hear you.

Alyssa: I've got hiccups.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, what're you gonna do?

Alyssa: I'm gonna put-

Katrina Ruth: What's your hustle?

Alyssa: Shh. I'm ... Shh. Beeitche.

Katrina Ruth: Ah, don't. Yeah, tell them. Lisa says we really wanna hear Alyssa's business. Tell them what your hustle is. Look at the people can see you.

Alyssa: I'm gonna put this against the pole and then I'm going to hold ... I'm going ... when people come by I'm going to do gymnastics and hopefully they see the sign.

Katrina Ruth: And hopefully they give you money.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: All right. Go, go do your business.

Alyssa: About like $100.

Katrina Ruth: Just $100 per gymnastics move.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: She's very reasonable.

Alyssa: No, no, no, a million.

Katrina Ruth: What do you ... Let me ...

Alyssa: No, no, no, 5000.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. Come back. Let me ... Wait, you just downgraded from a million to 5000? It's a bargain. Get in today.

Alyssa: I mean 5,000,000.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, 5,000,000. 5,000,000 rupiah? So, can I ask you a question?

Alyssa: What?

Katrina Ruth: Come back to the camera.

Alyssa: What, Mr. Poop?

Katrina Ruth: Don't talk silly to me. What are you gonna do if people see your sign and they don't actually give you money? What are you gonna do? Are you gonna stop doing gymnastics? Are you gonna cry? Are you gonna get angry? Or are gonna just keep doing your show?

Alyssa: I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do arg.

Katrina Ruth: So basically like if somebody watches something on the Internet and then nobody buys it and then that somebody just has a little temper tantrum, hissy fit, how do you think that's gonna work out for them?

Alyssa: I call you beeitche.

Katrina Ruth: It's reasonable.

Alyssa: I call them beeitche.

Katrina Ruth: Lisa says she got paid $2 by people when she was paid to dance. So I guess you've upgraded to 5,000,000.

Alyssa: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Katrina Ruth: You're missing the point. No, that's a good thing. She got paid to dance. It was awhile ago.

Alyssa: I need $5,000,000.

Katrina Ruth: Hush. She needs 5,000,000. She's not getting out of bed for less than 5,000,000.

Alyssa: I'm a billionaire. I mean ...

Katrina Ruth: Watch the little performance about guys.

Alyssa: I gonna need a million and a hundred an hour.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, nearly. No, it's a serious question.

Alyssa: Can I just do my thing now.

Katrina Ruth: You can. You can answer one more question. Wait. Hold up. Will you just performing and doing your Alyssa [LATOZZO 00:06:37] show if people don't pay your or are you gonna crack it and stop if you don't get paid?

Alyssa: First, I'm gonna crack it. Then I'm gonna keep going.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, that is a good answer you guys. That's a winner answer, because it's fair. It's okay to crack it. We all crack it when we have a launch where we don't get the results we wante.d I used to have my launches just flop and bomb all the time or I'd get like two people joining or nobody.

Katrina Ruth: And then I would crack it a little bit. And then what did I do? Keep going. That's the attitude.

Alyssa: Okay, bye.

Katrina Ruth: Well, go do it then. Stop talking. Nobody needs to hear when you could be doing.

Alyssa: Beeitche.

Katrina Ruth: Don't say things you shouldn't say please. She doesn't make anything sitting next to you.

Alyssa: Beeitche. [inaudible 00:07:13]

Katrina Ruth: Alyssa, inappropriate. Honestly, she just knows when she's on camera. The sun ... Look, there she is, putting her little sign against the tree. Didn't you love that answer? It's such an honest answer. But what are you gonna do if your hustle fails, if nobody pays you to do gymnastics on the side of the park? Well, I'm gonna crack it. Okay, that's fair enough. But then I'm gonna keep going.

Katrina Ruth: So, I just showed her some Cirque de Soleil videos, 'cause she's quite Cirque de Soleil freaky. She can do ... you might see it in a minute. She does the backbend and then just stands back up and she can do like waggling her legs in the air and stuff while she's in the background. She's taken over my show.

Nathan: Mommy. I'm [inaudible 00:07:53]

Katrina Ruth: Awesome, honey. Have fun. There's another one over there. And then, what was I saying? Yeah, so I showed her some Cirque de Soleil videos on You Tube, and she's, 'cause just kinda like, "Ah, I can do that. I can that. I could do that." With all of it. So, just little bad ass, little bad ass attitude over there.

Alyssa: Oh, Mommy?

Katrina Ruth: Little bit too much attitude over there sometimes.

Alyssa: Mother?

Katrina Ruth: I'm gonna talk about the Millionaire Mastermind.

Alyssa: [crosstalk 00:08:16] What if I go to my friends and I show my boobs?

Katrina Ruth: Don't flash at the camera please. Seriously?

Alyssa: But what if I do?

Katrina Ruth: You're fine. You're a kid playing at a park. Go play.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, it's always a little nerve wracking to bring her on camera, 'cause I swear to God she just saves up the inappropriate things that an eight year old shouldn't say, and then says them as soon as she gets the chance to get on my Livestream.

Katrina Ruth: So, what I was going to do though, is I was going to title this Livestream about the Millionaire Mastermind and I was just gonna have a quick chat about my new high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind. The hype, Katrina is high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind just launched this morning. In theory, it launched at 9AM. Can somebody put the link in for me into the comments? It's My phone's not letting me exit out of the screen to grab my comment link or I'd do it myself. So

Katrina Ruth: I'm not ... I wanna let you know there is a top 20 bonus which I think might be nearly sold out. I don't have the numbers 'cause I just kind of casually launched it this morning and then went to the gym and stuff. But it will sell out in the next ... It will sell out. Just, if it's not already sold out, it's gonna sell out in the next few hours for sure.

Katrina Ruth: There is always gonna be a badass AF, badass as fuck, top 50 bonus, which I haven't even announced yet. So, I'm just letting you know. If you ... oh, it's top 25 anyway, not top 20. If you don't get into the top 25, and I think you can still get into the top 25 now and get that bonus.

Alyssa: Mommy, if there's not many people here, I'll go somewhere else.

Katrina Ruth: Right, if not many people show up for your launch then, well, you could just stay where you are and trust that you'll magnetise the people to you. Or I guess you could switch to a new platform. Or you could do a bit of both, whatever feels aligned. Right? Either way, I like how I didn't have to coach her to say that she would just keep going, even if nobody paid her, that's what I'm happy to hear.

Katrina Ruth: And really, she's gonna just keep going anyway, because she does it for the love it. It's her favourite thing to do. You can't stop her. I have to watch hours and hours of gymnastic shows every single day. She wants us to move house, to live like near the gymnastics place. What's it called, Gymnastics Centre or Coast Gymnastics, so that she can go every day. Do you have anything to say?

Nathan: No.

Katrina Ruth: Do you wanna talk to the camera?

Nathan: No.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, he's not performing today. The Nathan Loterzo show's not happening today. There's a lot to be learned from the attitude of a child's hustle, from the attitude of a child who's hustling. There's a lot to be learned for all of us.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, so top 25 may already be sold out. I don't think it is. I don't know. I saw people started joining straight away. I totally forgot to launch it this morning. It was supposed to launch at 9AM Brisbane time, I completely forgot about it. And then my brother reminded me, so I quickly just popped it out and that happened. And people started joining right away because the offer itself is fricking incredible. It's my brand new membership programme. Thank you for dropping the link, guys.

Katrina Ruth: It is the mindset and the strategy of crushing it online for driven entrepreneurs and crazy creators who just want more. The number one membership programme in the world for those like us who are never gonna be termed, never gonna be leashed up, but will indeed insist on making millions and impacting millions.

Alyssa: They're not-

Katrina Ruth: Yes?

Alyssa: They're not gonna give me money because I'm a kid.

Katrina Ruth: That's not a thing. People definitely like to give money to kids. But if you do it for like ... Okay, I'm sorry, I just had to reject a phone call from Billy Jean, which I feel bad about, but he just froze my Livestream.

Katrina Ruth: So that's that. I certainly could go on and on about the Millionaire Mastermind. If you ... I've kind of just dropped the biggest launch of the year out there without really doing a lot of lead up to it or explaining much about it. It is a really big deal. It's an incredible new membership programme. And the ... Not only am I doing really cool stuff for this launch, which happens over the next three days to the top 25, top 50, that sort of thing, cools extras and bonuses. But the inaugural members so far, is just out of this world.

Katrina Ruth: Obviously I wanted to do something super special for people who are gonna join straight away in the first three days. And then we will shut it down. So when you go to the, you'll see there's a countdown timer at the top. You wanna read through everything. It's about, there's quite a lot to sort of understand there I guess. But the crux of it is that I'm not just the star of this show, I've actually brought my entire team in to create the best membership programme in the world, to support you, to understand and also implement all of the ins and outs of online marketing and try building. But, whilst maintaining the craziness.

Katrina Ruth: So my whole team is co-running it and co-leading this programme with me. And we're monthly gonna be taking you behind the scenes of exactly what we do in my business, exactly how it works, the kind of like here and now of the marketing side of things, the funnel side of things, advertising, social media stuff, everything that all the cart ninjas are doing, they'll also be teaching and also supporting you with.

Katrina Ruth: So you're getting assistance and mentoring from my team as well as me. It's just like I couldn't be more excited to be getting this out there. We're even including that you'll have Facebook ad support in there, technical support, like I really wanted to make it ... What is everything that maybe would hold you back or get you stuck or take you out of your genius path from doing the creative work that you're here to do. And how can I, well not do it for you obviously, but provide my team to show you what they do and have them support you. So they'll actually be in the group.

Katrina Ruth: And this is an ongoing thing, right, not like a one time thing where they [inaudible 00:13:28] but an ongoing thing where they're answering questions, helping, running live trainings, doing Q&A, creating tonnes of resources, monthly report on what we've been doing at the Katrina Ruth Show, how it's working and how you can apply it and even duplicate our sales processes over to your business. So that's a little bit about it. But if you go to you can read all about it, get to know some of my team members and see who's there and see what they're doing.

Katrina Ruth: And, I will officially announce the top 50 bonus some time this afternoon. I don't when the top 25's gonna sell out. It will probably be within the next hour or two, I'm just guessing. My brother's currently [inaudible 00:14:06] at the top of my phone here. I'm like trying to stay on top of what's going on, so Ill probably get an update quite soon. But, what I'd suggest is that you go and have a read about it after I just off this live.

Katrina Ruth: And if you have any questions come up at all, please just message them to me, or put them here or something because I'll do Q&A at some point and really I wanna make sure you understand everything and kind of get everything. But I guess at the end of the day, the new members, I feel like the inaugural launch members offer is so good, it's an over 80% discount off your first month. So a very heavily reduced trial month, where you're gonna pay only about 16.6% of the actual ongoing cost.

Katrina Ruth: So you get to experience all of it, and either stay or not stay and either way, is fine. But on top of that, you get the bonuses, we get our first official live training happening with me this Wednesday. And this is the evolved, 2.0 version of the high vibe mastermind, my current membership programme. So, it's not something different, I'm gonna continue with both, we're moving into the Millionaire Mastermind, because I really identified and looked at the fact that me providing my knowledge and resources and teaching you what I'm doing is just such a limited piece of what we can offer at The Katrina Ruth Show if we would bring our whole team in.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, Alyssa, what's up?

Alyssa: This Chinese guy came up and said, "What's that?" And I said, "It's a sign." And he laughed at me. And it's a little bit annoying 'cause I feel like I'm being weird.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, this is a really important question. People here on the Livestream are gonna help you. Alyssa said that somebody came up and saw her sign, her sign saying "Give me money for gymnastics."

Alyssa: It does not say that.

Katrina Ruth: Well, what does it say? "Doing gymnastics for money." And that he laughed at her. And now, she's feeling like shutting down her hustle because she's worried that maybe she's being weird. I mean, I feel like I couldn't script a better question really.

Katrina Ruth: So, who has something to help Alyssa? She feels like someone's being mean to her. She's put herself out there. She's marketing herself in the public space. She's showing up for her hustle and for her message and for her performance and art. Now she feels like somebody thinks being weird or maybe she is being weird. And she feels like maybe he's being mean.

Alyssa: I'm not.

Katrina Ruth: Wendy says that person is not a soul aligned client. Do you know what that means?

Alyssa: No.

Katrina Ruth: It means that that person's not your audience. That person was never gonna be your, you know, show attendee or your person who paid you anyway. So when Mommy puts stuff out on Facebook-

Alyssa: But what if more people are mean?

Katrina Ruth: What do you guys say to this? What if more people laugh at her? It is a perfect example. When Mommy puts stuff out ... You know how Mommy does a lot of videos and a lot of stuff on the Internet? Sometimes people laugh at me. Well some-

Alyssa: What about ... Why are they laughing at me?

Katrina Ruth: No, well, well, none of us usually like being laughed at, except if it's because we're being funny. What do you think you ... If you were really committed to your show and to keeping on going until you get clients who pay you, do you think you would keep going if somebody laughed at you? Or do you think you'd stop?

Alyssa: I'd stop for a minute.

Katrina Ruth: Stop for a minute. And then what?

Alyssa: And then go back again.

Katrina Ruth: And then go back again. Julian says, "Keep doing you, Alyssa."

Katrina Ruth: [Leeaura 00:17:13] says embrace your weirdness, no one else is like you. That means it's good to be weird. Do you think I'm weird?

Alyssa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. I think that's obvious to everyone.

Katrina Ruth: Wendy says, "You can't let the naysayers stop you." Which means that if people say that you shouldn't be doing something or if you think that they're like laughing at you, or that they think you're being silly or whatever, you don't let those people stop you. You be stronger than them, right? Do you think you're stronger on the inside?

Alyssa: No, I can punch them.

Katrina Ruth: No, it doesn't mean we punch them. It means we be stronger on the inside.

Katrina Ruth: Christine says, "Keep going." Hang on, this is a good comment. She says, "Keep going. Your people who wanna see your show are out there ready for you. You can't please everyone, but you can be you. And they'll be many, many people who love you."

Alyssa: [inaudible 00:17:58]

Katrina Ruth: "Good for you." I can't read it. It's going too fast.

Alyssa: But what if- But what if-

Katrina Ruth: "Good for you for keep doing you and love your uniqueness."

Alyssa: But what if there's not people, not any people who wanna give me money?

Katrina Ruth: What if there's not any people who wanna give you money today? Then what are you gonna do? You tell me.

Alyssa: I don't know.

Katrina Ruth: You said before. You're said you're gonna crack it for a minute and then you're gonna keep going. Do you think that Mommy made money the first time she was trying to make money?

Alyssa: No but like what if when we go-

Katrina Ruth: Yep.

Alyssa: And I didn't get any money?

Katrina Ruth: Well, then what are you gonna do?

Alyssa: I'm gonna kill them.

Katrina Ruth: Don't say silly things. What are you really gonna do?

Alyssa: I don't know.

Katrina Ruth: Well, do you love gymnastics enough to keep going anyway?

Alyssa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Do believe that one day people would pay you for you to do a show for them?

Alyssa: Yeah, but I wanna come here tomorrow.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Alyssa: If they're not gonna pay men.

Katrina Ruth: So, we'll just come back and do the show again tomorrow.

Alyssa: And Daddy's gonna be here.

Katrina Ruth: Daddy gets here tomorrow night.

Alyssa: Oh.

Katrina Ruth: Lekesha says, "That's amazing, keep going." You know who Beyonce is, right?

Alyssa: Huh?

Katrina Ruth: Do you know who Beyonce is? Let's substitute that for JoJo Siwa. Some people love JoJo Siwa, right? But some people don't. Some people wouldn't give any money to go see JoJo Siwa's show. Can you believe it? Shocking, I know. But there's some people that wouldn't her money and other people that do. So the thing that you gotta do is just keep going until you find the people who love you.

Katrina Ruth: "Some people laugh and they walk away and you never have to know them anyways," says Lakesha. "You have to keep going and trust your soul with what you wanna do." Exactly.

Alyssa: [inaudible 00:19:22] Well that is true but it feels like they're mean to me.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, but, do you love your gymnastics and believe in yourself enough to keep going anyway?

Alyssa: I wanna go seven days a week.

Katrina Ruth: You wanna go to gymnastics seven days a week. Well, I told you that might happen. Some people laugh because, that's true. Sometimes adults laugh at kids because they actually think it's really impressive and cute. And then, kids though don't really care for that. Like, kids don't like being laughed at, even when the adults are doing it from a place of, "That's super cool." I've noticed that a lot. A lot of adults do that from a place of, they think it's cool or cute. She does not like that.

Katrina Ruth: All right, she's going back out there. You guys have helped her massively. Isn't this a fantastic analogy for online business?

Alyssa: The guy's still there.

Katrina Ruth: The guy's still there. Where is he?

Alyssa: He laughed at me, the Chinese guy.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, well, why don't you move?

Alyssa: 'Cause he's [inaudible 00:20:12].

Katrina Ruth: Okay, so if some ... What do I do if somebody's like kind of triggering me on Facebook and kind of getting under my skin. Do you know what I do?

Alyssa: No.

Katrina Ruth: I actually well, if I really feel like they're not aligned, I just unfriend them. But either way, I actually don't pay attention.

Alyssa: But they're not my friends.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, so what that-

Alyssa: [crosstalk 00:20:28] good they are.

Katrina Ruth: So what you could do in this scenario is you could move your sign over there if you wanted to. Or, you could choose to just own your beautiful weirdness and do it wherever you wanna do it anyway. Either way is okay.

Alyssa: I wanna [crosstalk 00:20:43]. But can you, but ...

Katrina Ruth: "Do you feel good when doing gymnastics?" Says Wendy.

Alyssa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: You love it, right?

Alyssa: Yeah. I go every day.

Katrina Ruth: So, the main reason to do your art is because you love it, right Alyssa?

Alyssa: Yeah, but-

Katrina Ruth: And then if you wanna make money from it, you've gotta just commit, yes?

Alyssa: Mommy, Mommy, Mommy ... I wanna do it over there now, but I want you to put that thing, the tripod near there so they can see me doing it.

Katrina Ruth: You do it over there and I'll turn around and then I'll be able to see you in the background behind me. But, everybody's cheering for you, honey.

Alyssa: But, it feels so scary.

Katrina Ruth: It does feel scary to put yourself out there. What do we say to a kid who feels scared to put themselves out there, guys? And what do you say to yourself though, is really the whole point that I'm trying to make here, 'cause Alyssa and I talk about this stuff all day long.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, now I can't see. Where is she? Is she in the camera? There you go. Now you're in the camera. Maybe I'll just move over there. I'm trying to say where I can see my other kid as well though. Where has he gone? All right. Okay. I think he's adopted himself to somebody else's family. Oh no, there he is. He's playing soccer. He's quite the little soccer ninja, that one. All right, let me sit on the ground so we can sort of see her over there, since that's what she wants. Okay, there she is.

Katrina Ruth: They're mean 'cause they're jealous of happiness. That's sometimes true. I don't know if an adult walking past is necessarily judgemental or judge oh sorry, jealous of a kid's happiness, but anything's possible. She's so self aware. I love her. She expresses those feelings.

Katrina Ruth: I just think there's so much to be learned from kids, and from the way that they hustle. It's just so funny how she came out with that line, like what would you do if nobody paid you? "I would crack it and then I'd keep going." Well, I guess the true born for entrepreneurs and leaders online, that's what we would do, right? I would crack it. I used to crack it when people, when I'd put my offers out there and sometimes I'd get only two people buying or one person buying. And sometimes no people at all.

Katrina Ruth: I know it's easy to look at me where I'm at now and I launch something like my Millionaire Mastermind today and people immediately wanna get on it and they are waiting for it, even though I only pre-launched it two days ago. But, don't forget that there's 12 years of online marketing behind me. And you know, a lot of people might not realise that for me, there was a massive period where people weren't buying, where I was like my daughter now on the side of the road with my sign out, doing my thing. And basically, people were ignoring, or maybe they you know, thought good on her or something like that. But they weren't paying.

Katrina Ruth: And so it's okay to crack it, but then you've got to keep going. And weirdly though, so many people online just crack it and then that's it. They crack it and then they stop.

Katrina Ruth: You okay? You getting angry? Okay, she's getting angry. See, it's okay to get angry. It's ... I'm gonna move back over here 'cause I can't see anything. It's okay to get shitty at yourself, by the way. I was telling somebody this morning on a message, just get shitty at yourself. That helps sometimes.

Katrina Ruth: All right, she sounds just like my Gus, as a kid. Be brave, be beautiful and do what makes you happy. Don't even worry about anyone else. Exactly, exactly. It's funny, 'cause I don't say things to Alyssa like she should go and you know, have a hostile obviously. But she sees the way that I live my life, and she's always trying to come up with ways to make money. Which is very normal for kids I think. I think children are naturally really entrepreneurial. Maybe some more than others. But I was trying to make money from the age of three or four years old.

Katrina Ruth: All right, does anyone have any questions about the Millionaire Mastermind or maybe you've not yet had a chance to go check out the sales page. I'm going to be Livestreaming and posting about it all weekend. So you're gonna see a lot of stuff from me coming out. And I guess I'll be explaining more parts but as I go. And just making sure that nobody misses out because it is quite a limited launch time and because I know the top 25, then the top 50 and that sort of thing will go quite quickly.

Alyssa: I've got a problem.

Katrina Ruth: So I am gonna be posting about it quite a lot over the next few days. And what I really would love is if there's anything that you're not sure about, or anything that you want more clarification on because it's quite a lot of detail on there, just tell me. I think at some point, maybe tomorrow, I'll do a Q&A, and I'll cover all that sort of stuff.

Katrina Ruth: What's your problem?

Alyssa: My problem is the lady said, "Wow, you're doing really good gymnastics." But then, they didn't probably see the sign.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, so the problem is somebody congratulated her on amazing her gymnastics was, but they didn't pay her. But maybe they didn't see the sign.

Alyssa: But then maybe ... So I need to [inaudible 00:25:28]

Katrina Ruth: So what do you think an ... So what do you think somebody who's in business like Mommy would do if somebody said, like maybe somebody said good job to me on my blogging, like on my writing, on my Livestreaming. If they didn't then sign up for my course, what do you think I would do?

Alyssa: I don't know. But I just ... but [inaudible 00:25:48]

Katrina Ruth: Well I'd probably just keep going, but maybe I'd make a bigger sign next time.

Alyssa: They said, you do really good gymnastics but they probably didn't see the sign. Maybe I have to hold it up.

Katrina Ruth: You can't really hold it up whilst doing the gymnastics, but it is a very tiny little sign.

Alyssa: No, but, no but, no, but if people see it, I'll put it down and then start doing gymnastics.

Katrina Ruth: You could. Or, if you really wanted to keep doing this, then when we go home, you could make a big sign.

Alyssa: But that ... but when we go home it's [crosstalk 00:26:16].

Katrina Ruth: And you could tell them that Christina says you could tell them that you're performing for money.

Alyssa: But how we gonna do that because it's at Solar building.

Katrina Ruth: Don't say exactly where we live, Alyssa. We can make a big sign, like a big poster sign.

Alyssa: But where we gonna do it?

Katrina Ruth: What do you mean? At home, with your arts and crafts stuff.

Alyssa: But where we gonna put it?

Katrina Ruth: Against the thing. Look, nobody's gonna see that little sign. That's the reality. Ignore them and keep smiling to show them you don't care what they think.

Alyssa: I'm still doing it.

Katrina Ruth: Well, nobody's trying to stop you. Go do it then. Stop-

Katrina Ruth: All right, I'm gonna jump off this Livestream.

Katrina Ruth: Stop it. I sometimes ... I don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed. I swear to God. Don't twerk.

Alyssa: I'm twerking. I'm twerking.

Katrina Ruth: Please don't twerk. Do not twerk on my Livestream. Yeah, well, if you're putting like a little tiny buy my thing thing on the Internet and nobody sees it, then maybe you gotta shout louder about it and be okay to back yourself and promote yourself, right? Get a bigger freaking' sign. I mean, all this stuff is just really obvious. It's quite funny if you think about it, how many entrepreneurs just walk away crying and having a little temper tantrum or hissy fit. Or then just don't come back the next day because they feel hurt or rejected or whatever. I'm not making fun of it, I'm just saying, get a thicker skin, if you're committed. Keep showing up. Get a bigger sign. Wave the sign around. Get a sign with fricking' lights on it. Create a show. Be the show. That's it.

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