Rebel Millionaire

We all have those moments, or people we're around, where there's toxic energy, and we just feel DRAINED.

Lately, my blood has been feeling like quicksand. I just needed a toxic clear out.
So I went for a walk.

Pumped up some music. I released my emotions, and reset my energy.

But when I started walking, I had these doubts.

It was hot, humid, I had a heavy backpack, and doing an hour long walk that I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO!

What the fuck was I thinking?!

Here's the secret: once you settle into the endurance of your life, your business, of anything – it all becomes really easy.

I settled into those doubts – and got it done: I just kept walking.

Exercise: next time you feel resistance, switch up your routine. Do something new.

Something small. ANYTHING. Mix some things up. Add some spice into your life.

Life is now.

Press play.

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