Rebel Millionaire

Hi. Okay. I'm figuring shit out. I'm figuring out my situation. I think I'm situated. Okay. I'm ... I'm in bed, that's what's up.

Okay. What's happening with my internet, people? My internet ... I'm at home, the internet can't be going out. We're not in Bali anymore, but sometimes the internet in bedroom's dodgy because I'm up so high and I'm right next to the ocean. The ocean is like 50 yards away.

Hello. Welcome to the Katrina Ruth Show where anything could happen and probably will.

Hey Caitlin. Oh that made a difference didn't it?

I have a special delivery coming in for me. Look at this, wine delivered to my bed. Can you please open the door for me -


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Hello Melanie. Hello Amber. Hello [Luanna 00:01:20]. Hey Michelle, just manifested a live stream from me.

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All right. How did I get the special emojis? Because I'm a ninja and because my team of ninjas ... He's left now. Not happy about it though.

What he did before he left was pulled out my tripod balancing stand, which was a pirate book, so now we're going to have to resort to a Monster's University book to put under the tripod because otherwise the tripod's just balancing on the bed.

I don't even know what I want to talk about. What did I say the title was?

Oh that's right, because I know exactly what I want to talk about. Don't worry.

All right, we have the Big Monsters on Campus, Monster's University tripod balancing stand is there. Welcome to the show.

Oh do you know what, I just realised my team aren't online to share this live stream. I better share it over to my page.

How'd ... That's all anyone what's to know is about the emojis. How? You be Katrina Ruth, that's how. Like a smart ass. You can do it in the Facebook Creator app. I didn't do it though.

I'm going to share this live stream over to my personal page into the daily ass kickery and then we're going to get into the show and I just wanted to come on, have my wine delivered to me upstairs in bed. You found I'm cool.

Damn that's a good wine. That's a new one. Seraphina went wine shopping for me. Smart ass. She's chosen an exceptional wine.

Seraphina, who's arm you may have just seen appearing on camera bringing me the wine, is my amazing nanny/incredible at home personal assistant/she's a ninja in various aspects of my social media here at the Katrina Ruth Show.

Okay, you know what, I just did this amazing, amazing audio for my members. Actually the programme hasn't even started. It doesn't start until tomorrow.

Wait. That is such good wine. I'm definitely enjoying it.

But it was pre-work. I did the audio as some pre-work, some additional pre-work. We already did pre-work two days ago and then long story short, I was driving along and I realised I wanted to create an audio and make some new pre-work for my members and I thought I'd talk about it a little bit here on this livestream, because it's such a powerful and important part of being as magnetic as fuck ... As magnetic as fuck ... Magnetic as fuck online, which has to do simply with being all that you already are and letting all that you are out.

Who here has joined Break the Internet already and why will this live stream not share to my page? I'm going to ask Kelly too or I'll try and do it one more time. I'm trying to share it over to my personal page but it's just being a mother fucker and refusing to let me. Oh here we go.

You know what, a lot of people ... Me, yes you have. A lot of people assume that I'm a natural extrovert, but if you get to know me I'm actually super introverted in real life and what I was teaching my members about ... If you're in Break the Internet, I don't think you've got this audio yet, it's still being converted and it's going to drop into the group in the next, however long. Very soon anyway.

What I was teaching and explaining in that training was around how to let what's inside of you already out, because actually in order to show up fully online as a leader, as a powerful, revolutionary, bad ass leader, it's got nothing to do with already being a person who feels super charged with confidence or that you always know exactly what to say or anything like that at all. It's simply got to do with letting the real you out.

That's kind of what I wanted to talk about today, but I'm getting kind of grumpy here because my internet's being super shitty and not letting me share my livestream over to my personal page.

Can you ... And daily asskickery. All right, so I'll get Kelly to do it because otherwise it's just going to keep distracting me.

Anyway, today I had my first day back in Australia. I haven't been here ... I've barely been here all year to be quite honest with you. I've been here for a total of two weeks for the entire fucking year I think, and today was my first day back again after being away again, again, in Bali, so it was a bit of a frazzle day just with the kids and running around and doing stuff and then tomorrow we're flying away again. Going away for a couple of days to my hometown in Melbourne for a six year old birthday party. Why would you not? Of course, for my nephew, and so it's kind of that slight feeling of never endingness is creeping up upon me.

Where I get a little frazzled, I guess, when I think about it, but more so that I feel like it's going to impact my ability to show up and do what I want to do in my business or for example, I've been out all day and I've have an in and out of the car, driving around doing errands sort of day, and doing some bis stuff as well and doing some things for myself.

I came home just now, 10 minutes ago, and I thought, well I can go live or I can go sit down and be a good mom and be with my children, who I haven't been with for two or three weeks. I have already spent quite a bit of time with them today actually, like early this morning before school and then during gymnastics for each of them and we did the park and we did a playground café and so definitely spent time with them.

Now, coming onto live stream, I was like, well I could just sit down now, watch a movie with the kids and I'll definitely be online later tonight and do some more business stuff or I thought I could sneak up here into my bedroom and kind of like my plan was to sneak away so that they didn't notice, but obviously Nathan just came in and noticed, and just do a quick little live stream for you guys.

Funnily enough or I don't know if this is funny or not, but for me that's what I kind of look at as my time. It's definitely not the only thing that I would look at as my time is to do a live stream, but it's definitely something where I was like, well if I go straight into that kind of evening witching hour with my children watching a movie and then cooking dinner and or playing Play Dough or whatever it is that we're going to do, there's that slight disconnect that I feel inside of me, where it's like I didn't fully honour my soul and then I feel a tiny bit shitty about it, right, I feel a little bit, not shitty at the kids or anything like that, I guess more so shitty with myself for not honouring myself and for not honouring what it is that I need to do.

Also I haven't fully let out what's inside of me and so therefore there's this heightened energy. Have you ever noticed that? Maybe you've noticed this if you're a mom as well or a dad or could be to do with other things in your business. Maybe what you do is you go like, oh I really should go and do such and such admin shit in my business or I should go and finish off cleaning out my emails or answering people's inquiries and responses, but really what your soul needs and what would allow you to feel fulfilled and happy, would be to do some content for example and to show up and do a live stream or maybe write a blog post or share a story or essentially just unleash some form of messaging from inside of you.

When we talk about showing up for all of you, a big of that, it's kind of what I said earlier, just letting that natural ... Oh my God. I don't know what I'm doing with my legs here. They're all tangled up in a pretzel.

I'm going to give you a comment and then I'm going to keep talking. My page finally loaded over here.

Okay, I just popped a comment in, which is about Break the Internet. It starts on Friday, US time on Friday, but we're right into pre-work now. We did an incredibly powerful pre-work exercise two days ago in the group.

The group is out of control with bad assery. If you're in the group, how freaking good is it? Then I've just created a new pre-work training for today as well, which is essentially my favourite exercise that I've personally used for years now, in order to bring that extrovert, performer, entertainer side of me out, even as an actual introvert and even when I feel self conscious or I don't feel like showing up or I feel like I don't know how to really let that soul side of me out so that I'm speaking to people's souls and speaking to their hearts and getting the response, right.

Break the Internet, it's called because it's just what I felt like calling it. Don't go the URL because it's not going to be my landing page for sure. I don't know what's at that website, I haven't even bothered to type it in.

It's a day intensive smack down and it's ll about getting back to the real raw core of who you are and just unleashing the beast, so to speak, unleashing the soul beast. Letting people see and feel all of you and essentially in order to do that, as part of it, completely wiping off the table any sort of bullshit or drama you've got around feeling like not able to or self conscious or that you hold yourself back or you just don't share your full truth, you do some kind of half baked version of it.

There's a lot of really deep powerful work that we're going to be doing this programme. You can read the pinned comment after we finish if you like and if it's speaking to you, you can just purchase straight from in there and jump straight into the group. It's on fire already and we haven't even started.

This programme came straight out of my soul. If you read what's there, that's my entire sales copy is right there in a comment. There's nothing else, there's no sales page or anything like that and I wrote it in 10 to 15 minutes and it came from pure fury because I was shitty at myself and I wrote about this on Sunday last week when the programme came out of me.

I was really shitty at myself. I was feeling like I haven't been letting all of me out. I've been in part, maybe not fully showing up and performing and doing what I'm meant to do because I've been travelling or whatever, bullshit, story, story, story, doing other things instead, but also that when I was showing up with my writing, with my speaking and being here or wherever I am, that I was holding something back, I wasn't letting my true soul out and I think that this just happens naturally.

No matter how good you are, no matter how practised you are, and I'm pretty fucking practised at showing my soul on the internet, if we don't consciously set that intention that I'm going to give all of me, I'm going to let people see all of me, I'm gong to bare my naked soul to the world, I'm going to let my truth out, then we naturally just tend to let, I guess, some kind of a mask build up on us over time. It could be because maybe something triggered us or got to us or we had a moment of insecurity or it could just be that it freaking builds up, the same way that dustiness and dirt builds up on your skin. You got to shower every so often.

For me it's like a soul shower. When I get into a good journaling session or a good [inaudible 00:12:26] work session, which is what I did on Sunday, where I kick my own ass and I really sat down and I was like, right, lets bring it bitches, I'm going to kick my own ass. In fact I'm going to share my journaling.

Here's an unannounced bonus that I haven't even told anybody about, not even my members in, I'm going to share my exact journaling from Sunday, because what I did was, I did this empowered kind of rage and aggression filled journaling session. If I had my journal upstairs here I'd pull it out now and read a few bits, but it's downstairs and I don't want to risk getting the kids noticing that I'm not there again. They'll come running up here and then I won't be able to say anything.

I did this kind of kick my own ass journaling session where I was really just like, this is bullshit and I'm sick of it and I just want to feel this and I want to let loose what's inside of me and I was empowered and I was passionate and I was angry, right, I was angry at myself. I started to get the idea for a programme and I knew that the first module will be, Get Angry.

"Looking tan as fuck," says Karen. Thank you. I appreciate it, because like a normal freaking woman, the first thing I noticed was something I didn't like about myself when I jumped online. I should reframe that. Actually, lets reframe that a normal woman notices how fucking fabulous she looks, but the first thing that I noticed was that my hair was a little bit greasy and I started to get self conscious about it. All right, but I still continued on. I didn't jump off the live stream when I and noticed it.

Anyway, I appreciate it Karen. Perfect time for a wine break. God damn that wine's good.

I was getting angry and I knew that I was going to do a programme. I hadn't known that I was going to do a programme. I had no plan to launch something new when I sat down. I went down to the beach, the restaurant in front of the beach where I was at in Bali, Sunday afternoon, I was going to be going out for drinks at 5:00 PM and it was like 3:00 PM and I actually was just ... The reason I went down to journal was, I was like, I'm not going to enjoy my evening going out and we were planning a big night of going out and just being social and meeting new people and doing this kind of social connecting experiment that I've got going on at the moment, and so I knew that I wouldn't be fully in my flow zone with that.

I just felt like I was shitty, right. I was shitty at myself because I knew that in my business I hadn't been fully expressing myself, I'd been hiding, holding back. Not in a ... I still show the fuck up, that's the reality, but it's about what we feel individually.

I went and sat down to journal and the journaling got super fiery, it got super revved up and I just got into massive amounts of clarity and empowerment, but there was this aggressive energy to it and it was all coming from soul flow.

What I was just saying, I'm going to share that exact journaling as an unannounced bonus into and that will be when we officially kick off tomorrow, so go to the pinned comment after this, read about, get your ass in there if you would like a 10 day intensive smack down from my soul to yours.

The first module is going to be Get Angry, so it will be appropriate that I'll share my example of how I really reached into my soul and then when you read the overview for this programme you're going to see or you're going to feel that it came from a place inside of me. It didn't come from a thinking place of how do I come up with an offer or programme or something like that. It came from this place inside of me of aggressive energy, right.

Sometimes when I download something from the soul it feels super, I guess, flowy and floaty and more of a so called light energy, whereas this feels a little darker and a little heavier, but in a completely beautiful way and you can just feel it when you read the copy.

Well that sales copy took maybe 10 minutes to write, if that. I don't think it was even remotely 10 minutes and what happened was I would do my journaling like I said and then I wrote a blog post, which I very politely called You Snivelling Whiny Little Bitch, because I'm super friendly like that, and then somebody re posted it and talked about leaders online being violent in their languaging. I was Like holy shit, people who don't freaking read between the lines. Not my people, be on your way.

Anyway, it was such a kick your ass blog post, but of course I'm writing it first and foremost for myself and it really just lit me up with love and power and rage and all those things definitely go together. I think that's obvious, right? For the right people they were like, holy fucking shit, I needed to hear that.

After I wrote the blog then the programme just kind of flew out of me. I was not like, let me quickly whip up a programme offer before I go down to the beach club for sunset drinks and then going out into the evening. I was like, I need to unleash something inside of me or I'm not going to be a very good person to hang out with tonight and I'm going to be distracted and I'm not really going to be feeling in flow. I just was like, this is what I want to do for me before I go out.

All right, so then I did that, programme just flew out of me. You can feel the energy of it in the post and it was that simple because it came from a place of showing all of me, right, which is the title of this live stream. It came from a place of, I didn't give a fuck, I wasn't thinking about what do I create to sell or what do I create to get people's attention, what do I create to be magnetic online. As soon as you start to think about, how should I be magnetic online? How should I be a powerful leader? How should I be anything? Well, you immediately, what you're doing actually is complete anti manifestation because you're saying that I'm not that thing, how should I be that thing? If I'm not magnetic, how do I be magnetic? That's stating that you're not magnetic, so that's what you're then creating and manifesting, right.

It's like if somebody tries to be cool, it's like you're not cool dude. You're trying to be cool. You're a try hard, right, whereas if they completely themselves then they're cool as fuck in whatever way that is for them, right, and for us here's the thing, not everybody out there is magnetic and can be a leader and make a fuck load of money online and have an insane bad as following of people who just binge on their content like it's Netflix. That's reality, but if you're here ...

Hey Matthew. Shout out. If you're here, then you know who you freaking are, right, but that doesn't mean you don't need to kick your own as snow and again. If you know that that's who you are and that's inside of you, then that's all you need to know. You don't need to ask how to do it, you just need to fucking be it. But how do you be it? Okay, you don't ask how to be it, you just be it.

It feels confusing. I know, it's annoying. Lets have some wine and take a moment and then I'll explain.

How? How? How did I unleash such a powerful programme that people are just like, holy fuck I've got to part of that, right, and when you read the comment about it you're like, even if it doesn't speak to you and you're like, no it's not for me, but you'll feel that it came from a real raw place.

How? Because I didn't fucking sit down to ask myself how I can quickly make a few extra tens of thousands of dollars on the internet in a couple of days, which is what ultimately then happened and then some, because then it kind of triggered into a bunch of other stuff as well, not even relevant to this business, because it was like super flow had been activated.

I didn't sit down to do that. I didn't even sit down to write about [inaudible 00:19:39] blog post. I didn't sit down to come up with a programme. I didn't sit down to actually do anything for you guys, sorry to tell you. I was not sitting down with you in mind. I was sitting down shitty at myself. I was sitting down because I wanted to kick my own ass.

Natalia says, "I tuned into your live before I joined it." Perfect, we're on the collective energy wave length here. You just got the signal and then you're Like, oh yeah, I'll come and listen to the human version, but you're getting it anyway. I love it.

That's the thing, right, I was giving myself what I needed. I was kicking my own ass. I was doing what I needed to do for me and as a product of doing that and as a product of reminding myself who I fucking am and kicking my ass to be who I am, something came forth from me, spewing like a fiery river into the night or actually it was the Bali sunset and it was very beautiful.

Then I did that blog and that that was just to unleash my soul, because I freaking needed the release and I wanted the release and I desired the release and there will be no blanket till marshmallows. There is a blanket here and it's possible ... This is embarrassing for everybody, but predominantly for me. There might be a bowl of kind of stale chocolate licorice bullets in the drawer next to my bed.

It could be an illusion. It might not actually exist or be real. We'll taste test. They look pretty old. I actually was like, I wonder if there's chocolate in that drawer, I know I used to put it in there sometimes.

I think they're pretty old. I have no recollection. Lets test. They're fucking good though. I don't know what this round thing is. I don't trust it.

Okay. I'm allergic to licorice. I'm just letting you guys know. Anything could happen now. That's probably why they're still in there, because I fucking love it. All right, lets manifest that I'm not ... Fuck I can feel it already. Don't worry I'm not going to pass out, but I can feel it already. I'm just a rebel. I just don't give a fuck. I'm just going to eat stuff that I react to.

Okay, that was a reckless and kind of stupid move. I think the wine will help cleanse it through my body so that I don't have any more of a reaction than the one that I can already feel.

I definitely have always been allergic to licorice, but you know, I'm reckless as fuck. As long as I drink plenty of water I can handle the allergic reaction. I sound like a moron, but I like chocolate licorice so much, but then I did kick my own ass about it later and people kept buying me licorice bullets because I think I talked about it and then I overdosed on them one night and I was fucked up for an entire three days.

All right, so anyway, my soul's a little bit of an immature child at times I think and just likes to do stuff. I can feel the freaking flush coming. I'm making it up. I'm so full of bullshit. I'm just making the story in my head aren't I? I feel like I want to take my top off though because I'm getting a hot flash from it.

All right, so anyway, we're talking about how to be all that you are on the internet. I didn't even use the word internet, just be all that you are in general real life.

What's the name of this live stream? Let me check. Let me make sure I get it right because it's important and I might accidentally say the wrong thing, not that I've got any fucking clue what I'm saying anyway. Doing the damn work of being all of you. Well exactly right. Exactly right.

I wasn't being all of me. I'd become the most boring person in the entire internet, if not the world, and then I did a live stream about that.

Lets cleanse this licorice out. I only had two. Do you think it's appropriate that I just looked over at my books right then and I happened to, the first book that caught my eye is Russell Brand's book on getting past addiction? I think there's something to be said about that. It's a great book by the way.

You know, I did the crazy ass livestream from the cab then on the way to going out, because I was so riled up and I talked about how I was the most boring person on the internet, but the point is that doing the damn work of being all of you, there's many things that could be said about that. I did an entire training for my members and it's not even part of the official content, it's just pre-work.

I did that training today. It's dropping now or tonight sometime into the group and you can get that right away and then we start officially around about this time tomorrow, so Friday morning US time. What time is it even ... Nope. It will be even later than that. Whenever it is, we start on Friday. I don't even know when it is, all right, and I do the training on how to bring out the extrovert side of you that's in there even if you're a natural introvert and step into the performer, entertainer, leader and using the exact exercise that I've used for sometime now, where it's now automatic, I don't have to think about it, but how I kind of based it, what I based it on to step into my true entertainer, performer.

That's just one side of it, because what I'm saying now, the other side of it that I'm saying now is, well what if you just always gave yourself the space and opportunity to be all that you are, right.

What I did on Sunday, no I'm not going to go out socially until I've done what I need to do for me, because it's just what I felt to do and I was going into myself to deal with my own shit. I wasn't doing that to try and make a buck or an extra few bucks or whatever it was and that's just, you know, it's a trust thing isn't it, because I know that it seems like, well but if I never tried to make money or to build my following online or to get a sale, then how would I ever get there?

I guess the question is, well do you trust that you're going to be the person who'll actually do the damn work, because for me it's just a natural flow and effect of being all that I am. When I be all that I am, I naturally am a powerful messenger and leader and I'm also a natural bad ass sales person. That's me being all that I am. I don't have to remind myself to do that. I've been selling since I was three years old, right. Nobody taught me. It was in my blood from day one. I just figured it the fuck out and I always had a side hustle and I did many things of somewhat disrepute and many things of grand repute I imagine and I was always making money.

Sure, I learned some stuff about selling over the years. I learned some things about some things, but mostly I threw out everything I learned because all of the strategies that I use now and really what I'm teaching in is about getting back to who you are. All the strategies I use, how I show up now, this is the me who was there when I was three years old or five years old or ten years old. This is the me who was inside of me even when I was a really shy, awkward, super geeky, nerdy kid, that me was still there and would come out on the right occasion, right, and particularly when there was a hustle to be had or a creative endeavour to be dived into.

Nobody needed to tell me, nobody needed to show me and I didn't need a rule book or to follow rules, it Just fucking happened the same way that it is now.

You know, I jumped on this live and I was like, I'm not sure where this will go. I feel like it will be quite a quiet live and it's getting a little rowdy as it is. It doesn't really matter, but the point is, I did start to say this earlier and of course I lost it, I was saying why I jumped on this live was not, again, not to do a live stream, not to make a sale, not to even impart my glorious pearls of wisdom to you. It was because I was thinking about, am I going to spend the next two or three hours sitting down ...

Is my cheek getting licorice puffy? Does my cheek look blown up like a squirrel's been in there with its nuts? That sounds bad. Is my cheek puffy as though I am a squirrel and I've been storing nuts in it or am I imagining it? That's how it looks to me.

I jumped on the live because I was thinking about spending the next three hours doing, you know, being a mom and playing with the kids and I just knew that I'd feel a little like I hadn't let out what's inside of me if I did that and I thought I would do a quick 20 minute live stream and then I'm gong to feel good because I enjoy doing that and I like to let my message out and then I'm going to feel ready to relax and unwind and be with my children and go through all that and enjoy that time and space.

Then, you know, as it happens, I found my flow, we're talking about some things. I'm sure it's impacting somebody in some way and maybe even someone's going to join, right, and that is a bonus and an outcome of me doing the damn work of being me.

What does it mean for you to do the damn work of being you? Does it mean stepping up into different areas in your business in a practical sense or does it simply mean honouring what you need?

I stood right there in my bathroom ... Visual to prove that there really is a bathroom there. There it is. It's real. It's got a huge bath. If it's daytime, if you're in that bath you can look out that window there and you'll see the entire fucking ocean, both of those windows there. There's all those books with Russell Brand's book over there. Best view ever when I wake up in the morning in my bedroom.

I stood in the bathroom and my face was shiny, so then I was like, oh I'll put some powder on and do a live stream, but I was like, maybe I won't. I nearly went back downstairs. I'd already tod Fina I'm going to do a live stream. I was like, I don't need to, maybe I won't. I thought maybe I would just go chill with the kids and then I was like, no, because I can just feel that desire and that need to unleash something and that's who I am.

When I'm being all of me, when I'm doing the damn work of being who I am, I'm letting out what's inside. You know, there's some many points through the day for each of us and I let many of them slip away because maybe I'm driving or I'm at the gym or whatever, but there's so many points for each of us through the day where you have a download, you have something pulling at you. I didn't even have really a download of being fired up about talking. I had a title, but I didn't have a fired up energy about all these things I wanted to say, but I had a pulling at me to share something, to say something, to just turn the camera on, to press go live and to just do my damn thing, right.

There's many times for each of us through the day where you have an inspired idea or a little flicker of, oh this would be a post, and then you let it go. I think sometimes that's fine. You know, maybe you are fucking driving, you don't have to pull over every time you have an idea and do a live stream, but maybe sometimes you do, right.

I swear to God, this cheek has gone puffy as fuck. All right, I'm trying not to get distracted by it.

Maybe sometimes you do. Maybe sometimes now you could start to get more into a process of saying yes when you're being guided to take action from within. I could have said no to myself on Sunday. I could have said, it's already 3:00 PM, I'm supposed to be meeting my friend at 5:00. There's a fucking sunset that we're supposed to watch so you don't want to get there too long after 5:00, right. I was conscious of the time and I was grumpy and a bit tired. I could have said to myself, no look it's not a big deal, I'll journal in the morning, but something within me was like, sit your ass down and deal with what you're feeling shitty about inside of yourself right now and so I went and did it.

Blog came out, fucking programme download came out. My entire energy state just shifted and changed in that moment. I'd been writing on a super flow wave, you know, like nothing else ever since and everybody's seen and felt it and jumped on board as well and that is what happens when you say yes to you.

When you think about it, when I look back, all of these moments, so many moments in my business story, so many programmes, so many things that have made a serious fuck load of money, if I look back to where that came from, the things that have made the most money with the greatest ease and had the greatest impact into other people's lives, they 100% came from me saying yes to flow into my soul.

In fact, I've never had an insanely successful programme that made me a lot of money, that came from a place of me sitting down and asking myself, what should I come up with to sell and make money? All right, so stop doing that shit. It's a waste of fucking time and it's draining.

It all came from me responding to something inside of me, so you can see that in a very real sense, I wouldn't have this business and you wouldn't even be here, none of us would be here on this live stream or maybe in this world at all, right, because I created the world after all. The world I live in, I don't mean I'm God.

This business wouldn't be here though if I hadn't of built a habit of saying yes to my soul.

I thought that I was going to get on here and talk about doing the damn work of being all of you, relevant to, I guess, being more charged or fired up or magnetic or whatever online. I guess that is kind of what I've talked about, but it's come out in a different way, because here's the deal right, when you're saying yes to you, when you're doing what you need to do for you, the outcome will automatically be that the right soul mate people are magnetically attracted to that.

If this is something that's speaking with you ... I'm going to read you my sales copy now because I like to read.

It's time to get angry with yourself for being so restrained, so held back, so shockingly and appallingly and awfully careful. Don't you remember who you are?

I should have scripted this so I remembered it.

Didn't you come here to break the God damn internet and not with your ass, although if you aren't sure, why not. Don't you want to let what's inside of you out and aren't you sick of it eating you alive?

That's how I feel when I'm not letting it out. I feel disgusted at myself.

I think I'm going to re watch my own live stream from Sunday in order to just kick my own ass again, because I was just like, this is vile. It's a disgusting feeling when we are not being all of who we are. Okay, I'm just ad lipping on the sales ... Ad libbing, not ad lipping, on the sales copy.

It's disgusting, it's nauseating and it's killing you, not so damn softly either.

Well guess what? I see you. Yes I do. I've done the exact same thing. I already told that story. What you think I'm just being an asshole on the internet and yelling at everybody?

Well, somebody did because then she re posted a bit of blog the next day and said I was a violent leader. All right, anyway, not one of our people.

You know that my message is always first and foremost for me and today I came here to call to arms, all of us, to call to war, to call to fucking soul aligned bad assery, the women, the men, the you who was born for it and ready to fucking bring it. No, there's no URL, I just like how it sounds. A 10 day smack down experience, you and me all the way in.

Okay, all week long I've been saying that it's a 10 day intensive experience and I just read in my own copy that it's a smack down, so that sounds more aggressive than in intensive, so it's going to be even more brought than what we thought we were going to bring.

Strictly limited to certified crazy critters who refuse to conform and know that they just can't refuse.

I feel like something is missing. All right, no need to edit.

For you if you strongly suspect that there is a way to do business and life which does not fucking involve doing what they tell you and that not so deep down you are quite certain that the way you're pussy footing around the internet, be honest biatch, and your life right now is never going to get you to the place you dream of. Not to mention it might kill you or somebody else with how freaking boring it is and then what sort of sabotage are you going to get into because you're so bored with your life.

I haven't done anything this intensive and did, this is true, at this sort of price point for literally years. I'm ready to tear shit up and I've already started in the group.

How bad ass is the Facebook group already for this programme? It's out of control with madness.

I want the exact actual bad asses that are born of it here with me. All the ...

Oh. Do you like how I just broke the fucking internet reading about Break the Internet. I think Mark Zuckerberg is messing with me.

What was I up to? All right, I want the exact actual bad asses born for it here with me. Can't freaking pre prepare that shit. That was crazy.

You'll be receiving daily deep dive content from me, in fact you're receiving it before you even start.

You could wait like a crazy person til tomorrow to join up at the last minute and then you're going to be hustling your ass off to do the pre-work at the last minute when we're already starting the actual 10 day work. I mean, you're going to get it all to keep for life anyhow, but why would you do that? Why?

Be a person who says yes to their soul fast. It's not just about saying yes to your soul, it's about learning to say yes to your soul fast. The faster you get used to saying yes to your soul fast ... Say fast more often. The more you do it without hesitation, the higher the results. That's a real thing, right.

It's actually the same as what my mom used to teach me and what church used to teach me about getting into heaven, right. If you live in faith and commit your life, this is what I learned growing up, then you get in with pearls and gold and shit, but if you wait til the last minute before you accidentally die to ask for forgiveness, then you get in, as they call it, by the skin of their teeth.

Well, however you might feel about that, that's the same thing with saying yes to your soul, for sure. If you drag it the fuck out and then say yes to your soul eventually ... Look at that bloody nail ... Then you're going to get some results but you missed out on a lot of the gold and glory and the flow zone things. That's true and if you get used to saying yes to your soul right away, that's where true abundance and receiving with ease ...

Just broke again. What a MOFO. Okay, so anyway, don't wait to sign up, particularly because I might not be able to finish reading all of this and then you'll know nothing about anything except it is in the comments, so the link is in there to buy, to join me. Join me, join me, join me.

Daily deep dive content, that's what I was up to. Insane shit going down. Daily ass kicking and alignment smack downs, of course. Precise instructions on how to reach into your soul and show us what is actually there. It could be scary.

Okay, there's a lot I'm going to read here.

As the result of this you will break the fucking internet with your true soul content.

I'm going to read it fast. Are you ready for this? I could read it in an accent or I could read fast, you choose.

Call in your soul tribe by demonstrating with fire and passion what you actually stand for and against. Polarise like a mother fucker and no doubt lose some people.

Number four, probably lose weight and have insane sleep and sex because you'll be so in alignment and fired up. Warn the appropriate people for the latter, I'm not kidding. That's for the sex bit.

Number five make new friends and met killer clients in this intensive and for collusion's of no doubt questionably epic levels.

Number six, create and launch minimum one new offering, the kind that leaves people on the edges of their seat saying, "Fuck me please.'

I don't think I thought about that when I wrote it. I've never re read this copy until right now. I didn't mean ... I didn't mean that they're going to be saying, "Fuck me please.' I meant that they're going to say, "Fuck me, please." Like, fuck me, that's amazing. Please give it to me, but when I read my own copy now it looks like I'm promoting that they're going to be saying to you, "Fuck me please." Like I said, I never re read the copy until now.

It is what it is and that's all it is.

Tear down a tonne of limiting beliefs, not to mention bullshit in your bis that you thought fucking mattered.

I wonder why none of my team told me about that? They're just like whatever, that's probably something she should say.

Learn how to leverage social media like a mother fucker. Where to post your shit and what to do with it. How to leverage, repurpose, get insane engagement and more. How I copyright with ease and flow.

I'm still like, my mind is a little bit blown that nobody's commented on that to me all week.

How I copyright with ease and flow, without re editing anything. It obviously still works. Oh my God, I'm cracking up at myself because now it says that I'm going to teach you how to do it with almost zero mistakes or edits required. Well almost is almost, okay.

To make millions of dollars per year. Well that's a given. Including a paint by numbers formula which any monkey can follow and then promptly discard, of course. Why would you want to follow a paint by numbers monkey formula, but you can have it if you like and then you can toss it out the window like a cake.

Promptly discard when your soul delivers the goods. I don't know if you noticed, but I just did an automatic bicep flex there. It's a little embarrassing so I'm going to draw attention to it in case you noticed and thought that I'm ... I don't know, whatever you thought, but now I've pointed it out so you can think whatever else you want to think.

Okay, there's three more points. How to access your highest soul guidance on any situation and always know what to do. Of course.

Exactly how I do my instant manifestation and mindset work each day. That might be my favourite bit, one of them. Every bit is my favourite, they're all my favourite bits.

A fuck load more, which will no doubt come through me as we go.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Pre-work starts Tuesday. That already happened. Where are you? That's on. Pre-work's already on and the programme, starts Friday, May 25.

Enough is enough. It's time to do what you God damn here to do. All the way in or all the way out and then there's an infusion self link. There's no sales page. I know you're going to need to write a letter. You're going to need to have a cup of tea. Maybe have some licorice bullets to soothe you. Have some wine.

There's no sales page. You're going to deal with or not deal with it, whatever it is. Then get added to the closed Facebook group right away before we even start.

If you sign up now I will add you. I will be online for many hours still. Linda Doktar is somewhere in my home. She may or may not be home right now, I don't know, but she's appearing and we will be up late.

#Shenanigans. That to do with Linda but it's also right here in the sales copy.

Normally there'd be a proper sales page and shit, but normally I don't go behind my team's back on a Sunday afternoon to randomly launch something. Normally, wait, we don't fucking do normal.

I'll see you inside. Booyah.

That the whole sales copy. Now I read it aloud for you and also found a few minor, could be errors, but clearly it's worked for me all week long, so I'll just leave it as it is.

That might be all that I have to say about that. Thank you for coming and playing with me. Is there anything else that I want to tell you? Let me tune in. Let me consider. No. Nothing else is coming through me.

I'm very excited to share the new pre-work into the group. I'm extra, extra, next level as fuck excited, level as fuck excited for what's coming over the next 10 days.

This is a soul download. It's not a light, airy, breezy, beautiful, floaty, cover girl type energy. I don't know what that means, words Just come out of my mouth, and it's not that though. It's an intense energy, the work that we're doing here, as you can feel. It's an aggressive energy, it's a soul unleashing ...

All right, I think obviously Facebook ended the live stream for me. That was all I had to say, except for, life is now, press fucking play. Read the pinned comment, get your ass in there. I'll see you there on the other side.