Rebel Millionaire

What's up, Facebook? Okay. I was just ... I think it's pretty obvious where I just was. Sweaty as a motherfucker. I was just ... Hello Susanne. I was just up on that roof there, you see up that roof there? See that? That's a pub. On the top of the pub is a gym, it is the best sweatbox gym in Bali. No air con, all open windows, top of a pub, sweating like a motherfucker, and I was just smashing a bunch of stuff around and I ripped my entire fucking nail off. I literally ripped the whole nail right off the top of the nail and it went flying across the room and landed at the feet of a pretty hot looking guy, actually, who looked a little taken aback at having a flying white nail, one of these ones from my other hand that's holding the phone.

Behind this phone is a fuck load of blood on top of my nail. Well, there's several band aids on it, plasters, whatever they're called, but they're not working, 'cause I'm sweating like a bitch. And right now I'm in super fucking adrenaline flow. Anyone on my team, I don't know if Mim saw my WhatsApp, somebody needs to drop the details in right away for I am okay, I'm always okay. I nearly said I'm not okay. Wait. Why would I not be okay? I'm gonna hold it with the other hand, though, this broken hand is not wanting to work as well. It fucking hurts. You ripped the whole nail off and I was like, "Motherfucker!" But I forgot I had my headphones on and I was listening to my tunes, I was listening to Metallica, Sandman, which by the way, is a song that was definitely written from super flow.

Am I freezing or am I working right now? Is this working? It says poor connection. I was listening to Sandman and if you listen to the lyrics, if you listen to the lyrics of any song, and then ... Okay, I feel like this is probably frozen, 'cause I don't see any comments coming up. If you listen to the lyrics of any song, and then you're feeling like, "Holy fuck, they're saying exactly what I'm thinking," then what it means is that the songs gone into ... The song's actually coming from your own reality. You're creating that song. Okay. Come on, bitches, let's get this connection back. Hey, [Ladrina 00:02:43]. Hey, Karen. Brooke has frozen, connection's back now. We're coming back. We're back, we're back. Manifest that shit back. [inaudible 00:02:52] like the ninjas they are. Hello. Hello, world, we're still working.

Okay, I'm not in my right mind, that's for sure. So I was in super flow anyway, I've been in the super flow, I'm going, "Holy shit, I did some crazy things in some other lands this morning." You'll see when I post my blog, which I've already written, I just haven't posted it yet. I'll do it after this. It came from another world, in another place. So then I went straight to the gym and I was so in fucking in super flow in the gym and I was listening to Metallica, I was listening to a tonne of stuff, but when I was listening to Sandman ... Hang on. I'm a change.

When I was listening to Sandman, I was like, what does it say? Something never, never land, whatever it says about never, never land, and I'm like, "Well, that's fucking exactly what's up." I was in never, never land all morning. And then I realised, of course, because I'm still in a never, never land and I created the fucking song. I made this song, I wrote this song, and that's why the lyrics are speaking to me, and by the way, for those people who are like, "She's gone next level batshit crazy," you should probably just leave now, 'cause you're never gonna come into this world and space with us, and for the ones who get it, the sweat dripping off my chin honours the sweat inside of your soul. I don't know what that means, it sounds good, though!

So, I was in the fucking super flow, I was creating entire other realms and universes. I was downloading from the deep, deep collective unconscious, 'cause it's a little what my blog's about, and then all of a sudden, some young German dude stole my dumbbell. Well, he didn't realise it was mine, so he was using it. So then he was done, so I went to get it back, in which tore the entire fucking nail off. It just flew off and it went flying across the room, landed at the feet of some young hottie who looked at me a little shocked and appalled, but concerned as well, which was nice.

So, I just calmly shouted, "Motherfucker!" Across the entire gym, forgetting how my headphones were on and that I was a lot louder than I thought I was. Everyone stopped and looked at me, and then I just, sashayed over, picked up my nail. I was like, "I'm fine, I'm good," 'cause I'm charged with adrenaline. So I felt fine, I didn't feel hurt, and then I went and picked up my dumbbells again and then I looked down at my hand and there was fucking blood everywhere. That's what happens when you rip an entire nail off, by the way.

So, I went and got some plasters from reception and then I continued my workout, but it hurts like a little bitch, but not really, 'cause I guess the best way to deal with that and to heal myself is just to go back to another world for the rest of the day and heal it inside of that world while I'm there, so then when I come back, it'll be fixed, which by the way, by the way, is the exact fucking way when I talk about ... Have you heard me talk about manifesting abs in 20 minutes? Like anytime I get a little puff puff going on down there ... It's pretty good right now, didn't have to do it today. If I, I don't know, whatever, I woke up a little less ripped than I want to be, then I just ... I use my 20, 30, 40 minutes, whatever it is in the gym, to just go into another realm, into another world ... I'm not kidding, obviously, why would I be kidding?

And then I just carve out the abs that I want when I'm in that other world, while I'm in super flow, while I'm in the gym, and then when I get back ... Come on connection, stay with us. Guys, can you just help me out with the manifestation? Can we do a team prayer? We pray to the internet gods of Seminyak that my internet works for the next three minutes until I get back to my villa. Check out this pretty-pretty. It's super pretty over there! So, I'll be back home in two minutes, anyway, three minutes.

And yes, okay, so that's what I do. I only fully realised how to explain this this morning, though. By the way, did you check out the comment? You gotta read that comment. It's time to get fucking angry. The first module of my new training is about getting angry. Getting angry with yourself for being such a boring little bitch. Go read that and make sure ... Internet gods, pray harder. They're just testing us. They're laughing at us, laughing hilariously. Come on let's go, let's go, let's go. Connection. I'm looking at you, connection. Figure your shit out. Turn yourself back on. Work, work, work. Come on, you can do it. You guys need to pray harder. All right, you're gonna watch this on the replay and you'll be like, "God damn it, now I have to listen to her saying work, work, work like Britney Spears in Work, Bitch, until the connection worked."

I'm gonna keep talking anyway, I'm gonna trust that it's just coming back to me at any moment in time. So, maybe I'll sing. (singing). Okay, I don't know if the singing's going to show up on the replay or not, 'cause I'm just kind of killing time while I wait for my connection. All right, we're nearly there. Okay, maybe I can go use the Sea Circus connection. Oh. It's gonna work any second. Man. All right. Okay, we got it back, we got it back, we got it back, we got it back. You missed me singing Wiz ... Is it even Wiz Khalifa who even sings this? I was singing Go Hard or Go Home while the connection was off. I don't know if you got to hear it.

I don't even know whose song it is. One second, I'm gonna go inside now. I'm home. So now it's all a little calmer and saner. I think I have five minutes. I gotta do a high vibe mastermind Q&A. All right. Here we are. Home sweet home. I'm so not sitting out there. It's sweaty as fuck. Okay, so I was singing Go Hard or Go Home while I waited for the connection to become good. Fuck, oh my god, there's so much blood on my hand right now. Okay, and then what else was I telling you? I don't even know why I got off this livestream, I was charged with super flow on the livestream off it, I was charged with fucking super flow, I was in the best place in space, ever, I was creating worlds and other realms, I was thinking about how I finally figured out how to explain to you the thing about where I manifest abs or hundreds of thousands of dollars or whatever it is you need or desire, in like 20 minutes, or a minute. Why do I even need 20? I really just use the 20 minutes to do a workout or meditation or something, or whatever it is that I desire.

I finally realised how I can explain why this works to my own self, nevermind to you. I now know how it works, and how it works is, you're literally leaving the Earth, you guys, you're literally leaving and going to another planet. Okay, who wants to post in the high vibe mastermind and share this livestream to high vibe and say, "Kat's gone to some other realm right now and she's vaguely aware that she's supposed to be on members Q&A at 12, noon," which I think it might be right now, "But clearly she's off spinning with the fairies and we should all go and watch her on this livestream right now for a few more minutes." Who wants to do that? Is somebody on my team there and can do that? I'm sure they are, somebody will do it for me. Probably 10 people.

Yes, does that make sense? Are you understanding me? Are you picking up what I'm putting down? Do I still look like I'm fucked up from the gym? Well, the blood's mainly stopping now. Okay, don't worry. I'm under control. It's just that ... Thanks, Sage. It's just when I go to another world, you guys, I go a little crazy and I can't really logically try and explain any of that shit, but you know it has to be. I don't know why they come in here and shut all my blinds. Why do I need my blinds shut? Do you think I should sit on the bed, 'cause it might calm me down, except I'm literally dripping Bali sweat, so then I'd have to sleep in it later, so we won't do that.

I feel like I could even go in the bath. I feel like I could go any place. So, basically, does it make sense to you? Oh, my ass is so sweaty. Do you understand what I'm saying to you? Breathe through it. Do you understand what I'm saying? So, if I go to another place and I carve out my entire abs ... What the fuck? Is this connection still not working? All right, we should've had the last of the connection issues. It says connection's bad still, it's being a fucker. I don't know what's happening. Maybe it's because I'm in another world and I'm not really here, so then the Bali WiFi's like, "Why the fuck do you need me?" I'm not here. Look at the site of me. God damn it.

Okay. I'm gonna be super zen as fuck in as much as that's humanly possible. So, the bullet point version of how to change your abs in 20 minutes ... Oh, I just got, I got an interesting message just pop up. Why is my notifications on for that? My god, another one. Go away. I'll be with you when I'm back in the world. I can't answer messages when I'm in another world, you guys. I can only answer DMs that are straight to my soul. If you want to get my attention and I'm not answering you in a message, it's more than likely that I'm in another world, in another realm, and instead of fucking DM'ing me on Facebook or Instagram like a weirdo, you could just DM me straight to my soul, and if you think I'm kidding, then you need to practise going to other realms more frequently, but don't worry, 'cause I've written a 2,000 word blog post already that tells you how to go to other realms, and I wrote that this morning, and I'll post it shortly.

It just seems very logical to me, 'cause often when I'm kind of travelling in between worlds, going into the deep collective unconscious or the freaking crazy fucked up psyche that's inside of me, or you, wherever it is I'm going, I'll DM people soul to soul, and then some of them DM me back. You know who you are. Sometimes in a slightly intrusive manner where I'm like, "Hello, I'm over here writing, you don't need to be constantly knocking on the door of my soul," but at the end of the day, if you get in, if your DM arrives into my soul, it's actually automatic transmission and automatic acceptance. I was just like, shit, how much of me showing down there. I think we're good.

So, that's a real thing that I do all the time. I frequently talk to people just via soul DM. It's a lot easier, 'cause you can be doing things at the same time, it just kind of happens automatically, but oftentimes I'll journal it. There's some things written in this journal right here from other people's souls. They're just in here. It's like, I could sell this shit for a lot of money, 'cause I'm journaling some freaking badass people in here. They're speaking straight to me, right in there. Happened this morning quite a lot. And so the thing with manifesting abs instantly or an extra 100K in a day instantly, or whatever it might be, is maybe a product of some sort of work you do in the physical world, whatever. I really think that's got little to do with anything, 'cause the physical world is only a reflection of the internal one anyway.

So really how I do it, and I couldn't figure this the fuck out for some time. I was like, I know I do it instantly, I have literally watched my body change in like 20 minutes to where it's quite shocking and even one time one of my clients ... Fuck. Okay. The phone just exploded out of the tripod. Even one of my clients and friends, Amanda, was with me one time in the gym and she had me talking about it many times, and she was working out with me in Del Mar a month or two back, and she was like, "Holy shit, I just saw that happen. You didn't have abs at the start of this workout, now you do." Like, carved out as well, so we did an Insta story about it, obviously. We looked fabulous anyway, so it was required.

But I couldn't figure out, how do I do that? I just knew that I do and I knew that if I got into super flow and into another realm, I kind of just decide if I want whatever crazy amount of money that comes through or some next level epi-connection with somebody or some new clients, whatever it is. Anything and everything. I'm like, well, I know 100% that I do this and I'm confident that I do it, I've seen it over and over again ... And now I've got full on sweat that is drying on me and I'm becoming super clammy. I'm probably reabsorbing it all, so I'll have to go lay naked in the sun after this and get it all back out again, except I've gotta do a high vibe training. We'll figure it out.

When I'm doing my client calls, for those of you that I'm speaking with in an hour or two, there's a high chance I'm gonna be naked on the deck on that call, just to warn you, 'cause I need to sweat it out and tan it up. Okay, and so this morning it finally came to me in a vision, in a dream, in a download from another realm where it always is, I was like, "Oh my god, it's so fucking obvious!" Of course how I do it is because I'm in another world, I've travelled to the world in between worlds, slipping between the cracks, the river beneath the river, the world beneath the world. Those of you who go there and know of this, know exactly what I mean, and those of you who are like, "What in the fuck is she on?" I'm on another dimension and I went there purely on and of my own accord with no additional substances, except for these amino acids and a fuck load of inner work over the past 30 years.

And so, you know what I mean. And those of you who are kind of fascinated and intrigued and slightly scared, but you don't have any clue what I'm doing, this is for you and you need to join and you all need to join, it's in the pinned comment, because I will explain and teach it to you. Largely via soul transmission, but also in the format of some video and audio trainings and worksheets and whatnot and several ounces of shenanigans in whatever format they come out. Oh my god, that training's going to be amazing. That training,, my new programme, was pure soul download, but it was fire and brimstone download. You read it, you saw it, you're in it, those of you that are in it. Danny Alor is in, who else is in? Give me the shout out. I'm sorry, high vibers, I'm not sure when I'm gonna get there, but this is exactly what you need and I'll get there after this.

We were just doing Q&A anyway, so you might have a fuck load more questions after this. So, next was ... What was next? So yes, yes, what I was saying, if you're fascinated and intrigued and slightly terrified, you definitely need to keep listening, 'cause you know I'm speaking to your soul when you joined, of course you did. Hey, Mandy. Julie joined, of course she did. So many badass people have joined. Sage is in, yes. That makes total sense to me. I know the soul people ... This might be the most powerful thing I've ever unleashed. You can feel it just by reading the description there and then your soul will fucking kick you up the nether regions if you don't join, I would imagine. Barron, of course you're in. Like, every person who's in, I'm like, of course, of course, because they're all, whatever you want to call us, indigo children. I don't know. That expression's not that exciting for me, but it's kind of what it is.

They're all dialled up individuals, dialled in individuals who are operating between worlds and between realms, and I see that even in the ones who I don't know who they are, I just read the energy of it and the vibration of your name and your picture and I just know, obviously. I don't have to explain it to those of you who know. But those of you who don't know are like, "I don't even know why I'm watching this shit," and those of you who are in between, are like, "Okay, you should join so that it can make more sense to you." So then when you slip into another realm, which I teach, I actually teach how to do in my blog post today, which I'll post when I fucking get to it, but it is ready. It's finished, but I thought of more things that need to go in there, so the [inaudible 00:18:42], it's so full at the moment, I almost can't handle the intensity of it.

So, I'm gonna explain about that. Read the blog later. I'll tell you what it's called even, so you can look out for it. It's got a picture of a very wild looking spirit ghost cat, and me, on the picture that's going with it. Oh, this bloody nail. Ouch-y, kiss it better. I just licked my own blood on a livestream. Sorry about that. The title is called, it's quite long, it's called, "Slip into the Deep Collective Unconscious, Slip into the Rapture, Slip into Your Soul and Come Back Alight with Miracles, the Impossible, Created like This." I love my long titles with a lot of commas in them. And it says, "And now I'm gonna show you how it is I slip away fully and allow all of it full stop, a story," and then I may, indeed, quote the queen from Alice in Wonderland. Should I just read you the blog post? Okay.

"'Let's consider your age to begin with. How old are you?' 'I'm seven-and-a-half, exactly.' 'You needn't say exactly,' the queen remarked. 'I can believe it without that. Now I'll give you something to believe. I'm just 101, 5 months and a day.' 'I can't believe that!' said Alice. 'Can't you?' said the queen in a pitying tone. 'Try again. Draw a long breath and shut your eyes.' Alice laughed, 'There's no use trying," she said, 'One can't believe the impossible.' 'I dare say you haven't had much practise,' said the queen, 'When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.'"

"I tend to believe as many impossible things as I can all day long and I have a practise and a process around that and I wonder what would happen if you began to practise believing the impossible. Practise is a practise." Now, I'm really starting to read the whole blog post and I'm quite inclined to continue on. "I wonder what would occur if you allowed yourself to slip betwixt worlds." I wrote, "betwixt." I thought about writing "between" and I was to otherworldly at the time to come up with a word like "between" so it didn't come out of me. "I wonder what you'd allow if you realised suddenly that the answer to all of it is to simply access, daily, the ordered state in which visions are given, transmissions passed through, downloads continue, and miracles, become real."

I will write sentences for as long as I fucking want to write them with as many commas as I want and all the grammar police can get back to the other world where I'm not a part in anyway. Can I tell you, it's the place I dance and play and, daily. I could keep reading. "Sometimes for an entire day or even more, I don't come back to Earth at all." I think that's obviously. All right, I'll stop right there. I'm gonna post the blog shortly after this. Maybe or maybe not. I thought of a lot of other things that gotta go in there and they're all just kind of bubbled up in my head and I'm not sure where they're going or where they're coming from, or even if I'm here or there or nowhere at all, but when I'm there, is when you just go there and you're just like ... Okay, just carve out some abs and just gonna reshape my body, I'm just gonna pull in this money, I'm just gonna draw in that post in two minutes into my soul, just gonna quickly soul DM this person or there, I'm gonna decide that the exact freaking soul crazy ass soulmate people ... How many times can you say the word "soul" in one word ... In one sentence. I'm gonna join into ...

We all are mad here, and I'm gonna join into through the freaking [inaudible 00:21:53] glass, another world, another place, another time. Don't go to, it's just the name of the programme. Read that comment, that was a freaking soul transmission and transmutation and download and that's where that programme came from, and I think that's fucking clear and that's exactly why everybody's who joining the programme is like next level crazy, fucked up in the most awesome way, and in that programme, we're gonna do a lot of travelling to other worlds.

What book is it? Is it a book that I'm talking aloud right now? Should we transcribe this livestream? Anna, I know you're there in the other place with me, I know your in there, just send me a fucking soul DM and tell me what you're thinking and feeling, because we're co-creating this right now and probably nobody else here is real at all, except for me and Anna and it's our world and you just hopped into it. Thank you for being here.

I think that's obvious to everybody. So, then, yes. Well, that's actually the whole instant manifestation process explained in two and a half seconds or maybe 25 minutes or however long it was. The time is irrelevant, because we bend time and space. That is how you instant manifest! Isn't it obvious? Because when you go to ... If I yell too loudly, the butlers might come and make sure I'm not being ... I was gonna say molested, but I don't like that word. I'm not having a meltdown.

So, exactly. Exactly. Anna knows exactly what's going on. Intergalactic as fuck. And isn't it obvious that if you wanted to manifest instantly in the human realm, you would just go to the world between worlds, you'd go to the river beneath the river, you'd go to the place in your soul, you'd slip into the cracks and you might be there for 100,000 years or a minute or a moment or the blink of an eye or a quick DM from you soul to somebody else's, but in that time, there is no time and time is never ending and expansive, and I can't look at you, 'cause I'm just transmitting right now.

And you'll just do whatever you want to do. It doesn't matter. You'll just do things that, in the human realm, would've taken 10 years or 20 years or 10 months or two weeks or whatever people think. I don't care what they think, 'cause I'm not with them or one of them or of them, and then when you come back, you maybe had meanwhile ripped your fucking nail off in the gym while listening to Sandman. That was unfortunate, but it doesn't matter, 'cause you're still on an adrenaline rush and riding high as fuck, so when you come back, people are like staring at you 'cause you're vibrating like a crazy person, or maybe you're walking through the streets yelling this shit, and then 20 minutes passed in that human people world that they talk about, and then people are like, "How the fuck did you do that like that?" It's like, isn't it obvious? I was in another realm, so I had as much time and space and whatever it was that I needed and I was upgrading, up levelling, rewiring my entire eternal fucking ram, and becoming the next level of my character of this programme, and so then I came back, and of course a moment had passed. Where the fuck do you think Alice in Wonderland or Narnia even came from?

I mean, really? Who's gonna transcribe this book? It's gonna be my next book, it's gonna be called Soul Shifts and Intergalactic Transmissions, do you think? It'll be Soul Ships and something. I don't know. I can't think about it. I don't know why I'm thinking this, there should definitely be no thinking going on. So for those people who then come along and watch this or are watching it right now, and I still can't look at you. If I'm not looking at you, by the way, I notice that sometimes when I co-livestream with Patrick that I'm not looking at him, and I'm looking either over here or over there, and I can't look at you guys right now and if I'm doing that, it's not that I'm ignoring, it's because I'm accessing something else, by the way.

Or if you ever ask me to intuitively download and message, get a message or a transmission, sorry, for you, you'll notice I have to look away, or if I'm looking at you, you'll see that I look away. If I'm on audio, you won't see anything at all, but you'll feel it. So that's what's up, and I'll read your comments later when I come back down to Earth, which may be in an eventual while, I imagine. So, for people like, "She's on something," 'cause this is what I get a lot of, and then a lot of friends who do use psychedelics and stuff like that are like, "You're like that all the time anyway," I've never used anything. Okay, now I can look at you. I've never used anything, I've never taken anything at all. I wrote about this in my blog today anyway, but I'm accessing other dimensions anytime I want to and that is why I'm high, and then I end up on massive fucking trip and sometimes it's a little intense and out of control.

Thursday I was off in another place the whole entire day and it was actually a bit too full on and it was so hard to come back down. I'm pretty sure I just manifested you, Patrick, because I just mentioned your name about transmitting and channelling, downloading stuff and then you appeared. See? I told you guys, exactly what I'm doing. So, okay, I have to go over here again. So, when I'm over there and when I'm in that place and space, I was saying to you, not to you, I was saying about you, Patrick, that when I ... I'm, okay, are you just saying "I am," because you are, I am. All he says is "I am." I have no doubt.

I re-watched some of our livestream from Thursday and I was like, for half of the livestream, I'm looking up there and it's like, it looks like I'm ignoring what you're talking about, but actually, it's 'cause I was downloading from another realm, but when I watched the replay I was like, "I didn't realise how much of that livestream I was looking up there." And then the entire rest of the fucking day, I was ... Nearly gonna tip this on my head. I was so in another realm, it was so fucking intense, so much crazy shit happened.

Today, I haven't been in the human world at all, I was explaining just now how you instantly manifest, because when you're there, you're gone for as long as you need to be. You could be gone for hundreds of generations and lifetimes and now I'm going there again. I'm just in between words right now. I'm in the place between the place, and then you're just doing whatever the fuck it is you want to do, and then you come back here and people ... "How did she do that? How did she change that so quickly?" It's like, "Please, I was over there for several thousand generations." And then I came back to this moment in time, and here I am.

That one on Thursday was beyond. If you didn't watch that joint livestream that we did on Thursday, I actually couldn't even handle the intensity of watching the whole thing again. I only watched an hour and a half of it. Yes, it did go on for well over two hours. So, then this morning, when I wrote this blog, holy shit, I was way through the looking glass, I was all the way in the looking glass, it was insane. I created so many new things and so many new worlds, and then, and then, and then, I was in the deep collective unconscious, deep in the realm which is not this one, deep in a psyche, obviously, of you and of me.

I'm slipping. I have slipped, I stay slipped. I'm slipped right away, and then I ripped my entire fucking nail off in the gym. That broke me a little bit out of the spell for a moment, because of all the blood, and then everybody was looking at me, but then I was so freaking charged and other worldly that I couldn't feel the pain of it now anyway, and I'm like ... Yeah. Okay, I'm trying to decide whether I need to ground or whether I need to go further. "Further, further, in that flirty mystical, and if you're not careful, your scary place, where you access all things and you know all things and you create ..."

I feel like somebody's gonna report me if I'm being too crazy. And you create, well, let's speak of that later. I'm reading from my blog post again. I'm reading bits and pieces. "Those who know me well, those who know me well and also regularly use medicine, drugs, tools to access an altered state often comment on how you seem to already be there all the time. This is become a recurring conversation with several of my closet people." Those who know me well know that I don't use anything, but I'm going further. Okay, I'm in it right now. Keep going further.

I'm getting so shaky, 'cause I'm not really here. Oh! And, that's the also the reason why you don't need to eat when you're in super flow and you don't need to sleep, you don't need anything. You don't need to talk ... This is what I'm trying to explain to you guys. When I'm not replying to you on DM, it's because I'm only in the soul DM conversation, all right? So if you were smart about it, you would just send me messages when I'm journaling and I'll write them in my journal. That's what I do a lot of the time. I had many reports in there from many people.

It's quite the story, and sometimes I don't write them down, though. Sometimes they just come to me when I'm out and about and I'm like, of course, and I just go back to something and then it's upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, and then occasionally, actually occasionally, and [inaudible 00:30:40] talked about this, occasionally, people are reckless with slipping between worlds. You don't want to be reckless, because you might stay there and, in fact, the human experience isn't actually an experience that we get to have.

So, you want to dance between worlds. You want to play between worlds. You want to float back and forth. Why the fuck am I still wearing my ear pods when I'm at home? That was for on the street. Do you think that I threw the air pod container somewhere when I was out jumping up and down on the street? I just found it over here. Okay. They really annoy my human ears sometimes. So, okay. How many points have I not finished? It doesn't really matter, 'cause those of you who are with me in the other world are getting all the points anyway. And you definitely should join the programme. Oh my god. I was so fucking angry at myself on the weekend. It was ridiculous.

I spent the entire weekend ... Actually, I was out a fuck load on the weekend. I met so many ... I don't know who they were. I don't know if they were spirits or people, but I did a lot of crazy, cool stuff on the weekend and in between being out, which was at least half of the time, I was all in that other worldly state, and then somewhere in the middle of it, I got fucking angry, which is where that programme came from and when you read that, it will reach into your soul, it will grab your soul, it will pull it out, and we will dance together into another realm, which is where that entire programme is being derived from.

If you're not available for slipping between the cracks of the worlds, you should not join this programme, because I'm really not gonna know what to do with you. You're just gonna be one of those place feeler type people that sits there and looks pretty, hopefully, on the internet, but I guess we can use your name for something. But the problem is that we might just code you out of the entire game. So you wouldn't really want to come unless you are of that world. It could be dangerous for you humans.

Okay, is there anything left to say? I think that's actually the entire fucking story. Let me tune in, let me dial in. What else is there? Oh, I was talking about being on the trip. Well, I may be still there. I don't know what's gonna happen when I jump into my members training after this, and then for those who I'm speaking with in an hour and a half, that will be interesting for everybody, and then I'm gonna have to have some sort of situation go on in my day ... I'm either gonna just keep going or I'm gonna have to ground back again if I want to actually manage to my ass on a plane tomorrow, which I am supposed to do in theory.

You can go on a plane while you're in another world. That's what I was gonna say, when you're slipping between worlds, is when if you're walking down the street or you're at the gym or wherever you are, your feet are not on the ground and you're dancing and floating with space and time. You know that feeling and you're like, "What's happening? I'm not even moving, but I'm moving, and are these people real?" And everything's fucking blurry, but it's clear as day, that's because you're in another world.

Actually, you're in massive amounts of soul, like, I was gonna say destruction, but it's beautiful destruction. It's upgrading, we're gonna upgrade that hard drive like a motherfucker. So, that's what's goin on there. You know where you're like, "I'm getting a little scared that I'm slipping away and I'm going crazy, and what's happening?" And I'm like floating and I'm flying and all the people around me are ... They're kind of just like energies and the ground is moving and you don't really know what's up and you're like, "I'm not in control," but actually, you're in complete fucking control. You just went into a different world, that's what's happening, and that explains why when you're in super flow, [inaudible 00:34:14] called it the deep collective unconscious, or the deep psyche or whatever he called it, and I call it super flow. All right? That's what I mean when I say "super flow."

Other worlds slipping into other realms, and when you're there, of course you don't need to eat. Holy shit. I smell so bad. I was sweating litres of sweat when I was at the gym before. I'm gonna jump ... Definitely gonna do the high vibe livestream naked from the pool after this. From there up, don't get too excited. You don't need to eat, 'cause why would you need to eat when you're in another world? That's completely illogical. That would just be stupid. It makes no sense at all.

So, when you're in the super flow land and you're like, something's almost wrong with me, because I never seem to sleep and I seem to never need to eat and I seem to just decide things when I'm floating and flowing and flying, and then they're done, and you get a little worried or you get a little concerned for your own sanity, don't be concerned, and if you have people in your life who are concerned, simply code those people out of the programme and come play with more of these people. That's really the whole system. And don't worry about it, because at some point in time, you'll come back to the human Earth and you'll go, "Fuck, I need some tacos" and then you'll go out for drinks with people and meet new people and be a human person, but while you're out meeting new people, you definitely could slip away as well, which happened to me also. That's it. Don't forget, life is now. Join and press fucking play.

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