Rebel Millionaire

Oh, all right, it looks fabulous. From now on I'm only going to live stream in front of cool pieces of art. Actually, can you pass me that, sorry, the laptop cover, 'cause I'm going to burn my legs otherwise. Thank you. All right, what's up? Hey everybody. Hey everybody who's not here. Where are you? I'm not going to talk until people are here. What's happening? Why do I not see any numbers? I swear to god, Facebook is just trying to mess with me half the time, and not show me any numbers. Then I'm like ... Four people are here. Hello four people. Announce yourselves, tell me who you are. Seven people. I'm not going to drop anything interesting until I have at least 20 people. I mean, I'm kind of just interesting because I'm just sitting here, if you think about it.

I have a cool piece of art behind me. I'm balancing probably the most, one of the most precarious manners that I've ever done on livestreaming. There was one time where I was laying back on my couch at home, and I had purple cushions behind my head, and it just visually looked so good that I felt like I needed to livestream even though I had nothing to talk about. But I wanted to stay laying back, you see. So the way that I figured out how to do that and to balance the tripod was I had to clench the tripod between my inner thighs for the entire livestream. I'm impressed with myself to say I was able to do that, and I have inner thighs with the strength of that woman on James Bond who killed the guy with her legs one time. Although, that's mainly the result of the gym, not from holding a tripod on a livestream.

Anyway, hey to everybody who is there. Em, hi, hi Cliff. Leroy, how the hell do you only have one name on Facebook? Everybody give Leroy a love heart explosion, because he's somehow managed to have a Facebook and he's only got one name. I want to be just Kat on Facebook. Okay. I've been doing that thing again, which I seem to do every day. I'm sorry in advance, Leroy, those love hearts are for you. We've never even met you before, but you're getting a love heart show from my badass tribe here. So I hope you feel special. Hey Clary, thanks for jumping on. Who here, let's just have a, can we have a little confessional? Let's get some truth talk happening. Who here by a show of amens or love hearts or whatever it is you feel like dropping in the comments, who here gets up in the morning and then starts to respond to the rest of the world? That's what I want to know. Let's have some truth talk.

Basically what we're here to talk about is are you getting the fundamentals down, or are you jumping up into the day and reacting to every other person around you in your life, present or not present in the physical sense? Because if you're doing the latter, which is definitely what most people are doing, you're going to have a little problem in your life, which I like to call not really ever achieving your fucking dreams. So we're here to talk about that. Amen. So does the amen mean, okay, I think I clarified the survey. Let's get a show of love hearts, a show of love hearts if you know that you freaking get first things done first, and you can hand on your heart say you are disciplined like a motherfucker to do what you know you're meant to do in the morning, or if you're sadly leaving your life reactive to everybody else's desires for your life, and as if they know what you fucking need, then you need to send a confessional show of sad faces.

Okay, Linus says first things first, honour to my mind before getting up. Clary is ... Oh, we have some sad faces coming in. Don't worry, I'm here to give you the smack down and the reminder that you need. I'm not going to tell you anything that you don't already know. That's the truth of the matter, right? I have nothing to tell you that you don't already know. However, I'll tell you something that might maybe get you thinking. Let me just share this over to my Facebook group. So as I was saying, I'm kind of balanced here super precariously, 'cause I'm sitting ina really short skirt on the top of the back of the couch, because I wanted this cool piece of art to be in my visuals. It's causing me to have to sit with an extremely perfect posture, which is probably not a bad thing.

All right. I'm going to talk to you about some stuff I was just having a conversation about just now, and I was like, oh my god, this is good livestream content. I've got to get this on the livestream, and really just want to bring something home for you. In fact, I'm going to actually do something to emphasise these switches, I'm going to even change the title of this livestream, because actually what this conversation started with is I was sharing how I was able to bring in an additional $45,000 approximately in a period of about five or six days over this past week, basically by clicking my fingers and deciding to. So that's not total revenue that I brought in over that week, that's additional to what is already coming, or would be coming in, or will come in from other payments and that sort of thing. Specifically what I did was I announced to [inaudible 00:05:09] in New York and in San Diego, and there's actually one place left for San Diego if you wanted to message me and come along. It's going to be on Tuesday.

So I just, I've been here in the US travelling around for a few weeks, and I had some different conferences and things that I knew I've got to attend. I had some gaps of time, and I kind of felt like, maybe I'm going to want to do an event when I'm there but I'm not sure. So, I didn't lock anything in, I didn't feel like I was ready to be committed to that. Then when I got here, or a little bit after I got here, I kind of just woke up early last week one morning, and I was like, yeah, I definitely want to do a one day event. Right? So I just popped it out there, and I popped the offer out there, and did the one day event, and New York sold out, San Diego is going to be sold out when that final place is filled, so message me about that. But from a revenue point of view, it brought in around $45,000 in additional revenue, literally just with a random idea that I threw out there.

Actually, it's a lot more than that, because already some of the people that came along on Tuesday to New York are going to be jumping into my inner circle, which is my highest level ongoing month in month out, one on one mentoring. That said, definitely going to happen again in San Diego as well. Additionally, of course I got a tonne of amazing testimonials and I got incredible client connection, and just solidifying my community, and even those people who are not going to go into the inner circle right now, for example, there's definitely going to be a higher level of work that will continue on. So, really, what you could say, and I'm just kind of hypothesising or pulling a number out of the air, but I know for sure, just to experience of how this works in my business, in my life, I know for sure that that idea of just doing an off the cuff event, which sold out in New York, and about to sell out San Diego, that I just kind of think of doing in the spur of the moment and throw out there, is going to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue into my company over the next year.

So, all right, I'm going to just add a little edit to the title of this, or how I made an extra 45K in five days just by clicking my fingers last week, and several hundred K extra projected from that. All right. So I'm just doing a little marketing hook title there, basically is what I'm doing. Okay. So, here's the thing, right? I was just talking about this, having an off camera conversation. I know, it's like a weird thing that I do where I forget to record everything. I thought this was a good livestream topic, because then what we got into was a conversation about how does that happen, right? How do you get to a point in your business where you can literally just wake up one morning and decide you're going to do something, whether it's a live event, or whether it's something in person, or whatever, something online, or whether it's high ticket coaching, or low ticket, or whatever it might be, how do you get to a point where you can kind of just click your fingers and money just comes in like magic, and people want to pay you?

By the way, they don't even really read what the offer is about, or what the details of it are, they're just like, I want to work with you. So, do you want me to tell you about ... Okay, careful. Do you want me to tell you about that? Because if so, just give me some affirmation and validation into the comments, because you know I love it. Type something in there. I'm getting my coffee, that's what's happening. I'm getting my coffee. Okay, hang on. Check out my cute skirt. Okay. We showed that, we did a shoe unpacking last night in the daily [inaudible 00:08:35]. If you missed my livestream yesterday evening in the daily asker group, hell, you gotta' go in there and watch that. It was kind of crazy. It went down an interesting pathway. It was supposed to be about overcoming stage fright, and it ended up being about that, but also about prison foot fetishes, Christian Leuberton shoe unpacking of multiple pairs of shoes and bondage websites and videos. So you definitely gotta' go to that.

Thank you, that's not my painting. I'm here staying with somebody. It's his painting. It's amazing, isn't it? I love it. Okay, yes, to Shancho. Yeah, that's exactly why I'm sitting up here, though, Kimberly, because I'm like, I want the cool painting in my livestream image. All right, so you've got to understand this, right? Because I feel like it's really easy to nod our head, it's really easy to nod our heads at things that we know for sure are true and real. So, we can say, yeah, like I know that I've got to do the inner working, that that's important and it matters, and I believe that, or I know that I've got to get my message out there consistently to my audience, or duh, of course I've got to sell if I want to make money into my business, right? These are all things that we know and understand.

But I guess the question is, do you really get how much this stuff impacts and influences you? Because the example that I was, that I'm talking about here, how I can just post an offer and it sells out easily, I didn't do any sales calls regardless of the price point anyway, and it's just like, oh, I thought of something, and it made me money straight away, right? Then the people who purchase, [inaudible 00:10:11] by the way, and they literally don't even care what it is that I deliver in that one day event, or in the programme, or in my one to one mentoring, because they have such absolute trust and resonance with me, and they know that what I'm going to be dropping for them will be pure gold. How you get to that point, and I feel so passionately about this, and I just feel like so few people are actually fucking diligent, or consistent, or get this and follow through on it.

How I got to that point is really simple. I've committed every single day, day in and day out, for years now, actually, for over a decade now, actually, to sharing my message and my truth online. I am that person who, when my soul mate, clone, or community member wakes up in the morning, they want to go get their morning sermon from me. My question to you is, are you that person for your audience? Can you comment, shout yourself out, or say what you're thinking or feeling, or ask any questions if you like, but can you honestly say that you have positioned yourself in such a way that the people how are connected with you on social media are actively waiting for you to drop some gold and they're looking for your daily sermon, or your morning sermon, or your preaching, or your teaching, or your entertainment, or whatever it might be?

And they're looking for it so much that not only do they have you set to see first and/or they type your name in everyday and they go to your page to check out what you've done, but even to the point where if you miss a day of blogging, or livestreaming, or showing up and sharing your message, and your truth, and your story, they're going to be like, hey, they're going to be messaging you and they're going to be like, hey, where are you, right? Because I can tell you, that is the answer to everything, but it comes down to are you getting the fundamentals right? Are you doing what you need to be doing?

Clary says, I don't think I've built that, but that is what I want. Okay, so this is what I want to talk to you about. I've got to jump here into ... It won't let me edit the title over there, but I'll do that later. But, [inaudible 00:12:16], I've got to actually tell you so much cool stuff on this, because it's really, it's a simple matter, it's actually a matter of getting out of a few mentality, and it's actually a matter of pressing play on your business from a place of alignment and I guess, trust, and playing the long game. But also, knowing and understanding what works, and not being responsive to fear, because typically what people do, what entrepreneurs do in particular is they have a very ADHD approach to everything, attention dialled to a higher dimension, actually. But, kind of like jumping around all over the place.

I'm exactly the same, so if I wake up in the morning, and I don't go into what I know I need to do for me, I will start to react to everybody else, right? If I get up in the morning, and I'm in bed, and I reach for my phone in bed, and I start checking messages, it's all downhill from there, right? You go down the rabbit hole, you basically go down the rabbit hole of trying to, I guess, keep up with everybody else, and keep up with everyone else's demands for you and their desires, or just their simple questions. But, next thing, it's like 11, 11 AM in the morning and you feel like you've barely done anything, or whatever it is, right? Or it's midnight, and you're done, and you actually didn't do anything, you spent the whole day responding to people and then maybe in between you tried to maybe kind of make some forward movement on a project, or on your message, or on your final, whatever it is you're creating and you're like, fuck, I've got to do something on my final, or I've got to finish that sales page, or I should do a post, oh man, I should try this livestream thing that Kat is always doing or talking about.

But I don't have time, I've got all these people messaging me, and then I've got all this shit on my task list, and it becomes literally not just a day that goes down that rabbit hole, it becomes a week, a month, and next thing you know, it's the end of 2018, or whatever year you're watching this in, and you're literally like, what the fuck did I actually do? I was busy all year, I was stressed all year, I was under pressure all year, I felt like all I was doing was pushing, or hustling, nothing form that, but it depends on the place it's coming from, or grinding, or ... I worked my ass off so why aren't I further ahead? Why do I still feel like it's pulling teeth to get a sale? Why is it that when I launch something, people don't want to just throw money at me?

If you can resonate with any or all of those things, then you have got to get yourself clear on what actually moves the needle. I'd love to know, I'd love for you to go ahead and type into the comments, even, what do you know are the tasks which move the needle for you on a daily basis? What do you know are the tasks which move the needle for you on a daily basis? Okay. I'm still kind of fucking around with the title here. I'm trying to get this title changed. I should probably just leave it, but I'm going to try one more method to do that. So I'm going to tell you what mine are though. I'm going to tell you what my tasks are that move the needle on a daily basis, 'cause I really, I get, I just feel like, oh my god, don't you get it? Don't people get it? It kind of breaks my heart a little bit when I see how hard people are working and how much they're fucking pushing, and how much effort, and attention, and also that I see that they have a powerful message, for example, that in particular breaks my heart.

When I connect with somebody and I know that this person has is powerful message, teacher, artist, preacher, leader, healer, creator, exactly what they are, and I know that they could have an income similar to mine, for example, or more, or less, or whatever it is that's not like a measurement tool. But I know that they could have the results that they desire, and then I see them repeatedly just kind of stuck in that quicksand of trying to keep up with everybody else, and basically taking continued action that might feel urgent in the moment, but it's not important. I honestly feel like one of the biggest keys to the success that I have in my business and in my personal life, also in all areas, is that I fucking know what moves the needle. I am disciplined like a motherfucker with it. I was just having this conversation here, like I was saying before I decided to go live and talk about it, and we were like talking about getting back to clients and that sort of stuff. I'm like, I said, I don't look at messages from ... I just threw my laptop.

I don't look at messages from my clients in the morning. I don't have the notifications on. I don't see it. I just nearly when to pick up my phone and show you. This is my phone right there that I'm livestreaming on. If you look at my phone, you're not going to see any notifications popping up on it, not from my clients, not from my best friends, not from my father of my kids, not from my daughter, who texts me on her mobile phone, not from my mom, nobody. Now a lot of people would feel like that's not realistic or it's somehow not right. But, hello, we survived in the human race without a cell phone for many years and without a cell phone without that many fucking apps on it for sure, as well, right? We all managed to communicate and keep going, and we weren't reacting and spending our lives in reactivity.

What I do, what works for me and what I'm here to, I guess, suggest or encourage you to consider is I choose consciously where my time is going to go. So because I do actively stay engaged with all the people in my life, and that's something I love to do, I love to engage with and build on my relationships in my business and in my life. But I do it consciously. I'm not actually available for reactive energy. I'm not available for one person or 100 people to basically decide when I get to be in flow and when I don't get to be in flow. So you can message me anytime, and when I see it is when I'm ready to consciously go into that app, and I kind of have a, I guess, a small process around how I do that where I'm like, I'm certainly going to check messages from my family, my children, and so on pretty consistently through the day. But the point is that I'm going in to check that, I'm not letting it pop up and drag my attention if I'm writing a blog, or it's not going to ...

Occasionally I'll turn those notifications on and sometimes I forget to turn it off, let's say turned it on because i was specifically waiting for something really timely, and then the messages will start popping up on the top of the livestream or something, and it's a distraction, or you feel like, oh shit, now I feel like I should answer that post, and then you're not in focus, and you're not in flow if you're writing, or if you're with a person, a real person in the real world and spending time with them, and you're constantly being pulled away by everyone else's demands. Well, not only are you not going to accomplish what you know you could be accomplishing, not just in that day, but in your fucking life, but even if you kind of somehow managed to keep going, which I undersaturated that you can do, like, oh my god, I'm going to finish this thing, your flow was broken.

I just said that one of my biggest keys to success is getting first things first, and I do my fundamentals, and it's like, it's freaking how it is, right? Like this morning, get up, journaling, don't do the journaling, write the blog, then, like, could have gone from journaling straight to the gym, but it was like, no, I'm going to write the blog first, and then write the blog, and then go to the gym. Now I'm like, I don't know, now I have actually answered a few people's messages, and I've jumped in and done a few things around on my business and on Facebook, and now I'm livestreaming. I still haven't eaten yet, and it's like, what time is it? 2 PM. 1 PM. I don't know what it is. I'll eat when I feel like I've kind of done my fundamentals. Right? So my point is not to suggest that you should do your day in the way that I do it.

But, I am really trying to get through to you in my rambling way that I like to do things that I've got the success that I have in my business, but also across my fitness, my personal life, all areas, because I've learned how to prioritise, and I've learned how to put first things first. I feel that I always instinctively kind of understood that, because I can remember having little routines from when I was a kid.

But also, a book that had a huge impact on me was Steven Cubby's Seven Habits of Highly Affective People, which I read in my early 20s, and he talks about you can either live your life doing things that are important, but don't feel urgent, but hey actually move the needle. So like journaling, staying motivated, time to recharge. What are the important things for you is the question that I asked earlier. So you can spend the time doing the things that you know are important, that are going to move the needle. That's actually how you build a motherfucking empire, but it's also how you stay in great shape, it's how you feel recharged and connected to your soul, in a state of piece and happiness inside of yourself, it's how you have quality relationships, it's how you achieve anything.

Or, alternatively, you can continue on the pathway that the majority of people, even the supposedly success mindset people are doing, which is wake up in the morning, check to see what's happening on Facebook in case the world ended or something important happened, and next thing it's fucking bedtime and you've got some stuff done throughout the day, and maybe you got a good amount of stuff done. Maybe you are a hard worker and you do the work. But, did you really get into super flow? Did you connect to your soul? Did you feel that sense of idle peace, and stillness, and certainty that you're doing what you need to be doing? Do you have the feeling, when your head hits the pillow at night, that you're fulfilled, that you did what you needed to do, that you're moving forward on your purpose and in your life?

Because I can tell you that if you're getting up and reacting to the demands, or inquiries, or desires of other people, or even if you're reacting to or [inaudible 00:21:37] to your own kind of fear based list of things that you think you should need to be doing, you're not going to build the empire you want. You're just not. You're going to get to the end of the year, you're going to have been basically frozen, and busy, and under the pump all year long. You're going to feel like you worked your ass off, and you're going to feel like, why am I not really any further along and not on top of it? I've got like an extra addiction that wasn't there at the start of the year, and I'm fucking older. Right? That's just the reality.

Like, look around the entrepreneur world. I mean, don't even look at the regular normal person world, because it's not a good comparison. But what makes me really sad is that even in the entrepreneur world, 98%, 99%, 99.99% of entrepreneurs are doing it the reactive way. They're spending their entire day putting out fires that feel urgent, but are not actually important, significant, or meaningful on any real level. They're not tasks that are going to move the needle so you can get to the end of the day and go, whew, well done, I did a pretty decent job of keeping everybody else's demands at bay, and keeping everyone else happy, and making promises that I'm probably never going to fully follow through on anyway. But, I actually didn't move forward on my purpose work.

I guess, for me, I had a stage in my life where I was like that, and I just got to a point where I kind of couldn't bear it anymore, or I couldn't stand the actually internal pressure of my soul of going to bed every night feeling so frustrated and unfulfilled. I was the most stressed, and burned out, and unhealthy, and unhappy that I've ever been in that period. I was doing what we're taught to do. I was trying to keep up, and I was trying to accomplish everything, and I was trying to get through my task list, and I was trying to be a good, responsible person, meaning, like, I thought that if people communicate with me, I should have to instantly get back to them, and help them out, and respond to them.

It was really like breaking free of an addiction, I think, to get to a point where I'm like, I have zero emotional charge or feeling of feeling like I'm being irresponsible, or disorganised, or feeling bad or guilty of not getting back to people. My team know, my clients know, my friends know it, my mother knows, my husband knows, everybody knows. I'll answer the message when I answer it, and I will answer it, right? But it's going to be when I've done what needs to be done. To me, I just feel like this is such basic, simple stuff. It goes with every task in your day, even this morning, as I was saying, did the journaling. It was like, I could go straight to the gym. No, I'm going to do the blog before I go to the gym, because that's just how I do it, that's how I know it gets to be done, because the blog kind of carries on directly from the journaling, it's sort of a flow and effect.

If I wouldn't do that, I'd come back from the gym, and I'd kind of be disconnected from the energy that I just created through my mindset work. If you're going to do your mindset work, you're tapping into something amazing. Why would you not use that? Or even me doing this livestream, right? Because I'm having a conversation that I know is going to be a value for other people, and I'm like, well, I'm tapped into that energy right now. So I'll do the livestream right now, I'm not going to write it down as a topic idea for later. That's a bullshit myth. You start writing shit down that you say you're going to do later, you're never going to do it. If you did, it will be a lifeless energy to it, because it was real and it was alive when it came through you.

So I just think ... I thank you Christine for dropping that book in there. Steven Cubby, certainly been an influential person, or mentor type person through his books in my life. That book was one of the fundamental books that changed my life in my early 20s, and I was working in fitness management, so I was in a job. But I had my own business as well, and I just really fucking believed it. I read the book, and I was like, yeah, I can see how as I get older I'm either going to give my life for reactivity and for putting out fires all the time, or I'm going to get fucking clear on what are the things in my business, in my finances, in my faith, in my fitness, in my fun and adventure side of my life, in my relationships, what are the things that are going to move the needle? Let me get clear on those things, let me continually check in on those things 'cause they shift and grow over time, I guess. Then let me be disciplined enough to put first things first.

So putting first things first is a discipline. It's a discipline that will change your life. You know, like I'm very habitual around it now. Anyone who stays with me or spends time with me is just going to see it's like I'm regimented. But what I actually feel is that I have massive flow. I don't feel like I'm in a retainer, or regiment, or anything like that. So discipline creates freedom. I feel like that's something important to remember. You can even write that down into the comments if you wanted to affirm that for yourself. Discipline creates freedom. Discipline, taking the time to discipline your ass, which is the title of a workshop I did last year, by the way. Taking the time to discipline your ass and to build a habit, and you've go to maybe kick your own ass around it, and you're going to feel that pull and call that you should do a million other things, but you remain disciplined, and you do the damn thing that you know you're meant to do.

You gotta' go through that period of where every day, you're going to like, oh, maybe I should do all these other things first, and then you're like, no, I'm going to keep my ass, I'm going to take some time to do that. It doesn't take very long at all before it's just part of who you are, right? That is the secret to ease and flow. I talk all the time about how I have such ease and flow in my business and my life. Well, at the same time, I take a fuck load of action and I work my ass off in business, in the gym, and in all the areas.

But, the reason that I can [inaudible 00:26:58] say it's ease and flow is because I don't operate according to a list. I don't follow a strategy, I don't follow an outline of what I gotta' do to be successful. I just follow flow, and I follow my soul desires, and that's it, that's the whole thing. However, part of that is that I did, in fact, condition and train myself, and continue to do so where required, to where the things that are going to move the needle are kind of inherent to who I am. It's just part of my identity, it's part of me on a core level. It would be so bizarrely weird to me to not work out, to not journal, to not do my messaging. For sure there's days where those things don't get done, but it would be like for each of those things, for sure less than five days a year. Like, even a few weeks ago where I ended up in the hospital, the first thing I did when they let me out was I went straight from the hospital to the gym, which was kind of like maybe not necessary or productive, but it's just part of my identity is what I'm saying. Right?Like it's me on a core level that I do those things.

I think if you can make your commitment to yourself to identify, firstly, what are the needle moving activities for you, what are the fundamentals? Then secondly, make a decision that you're going to live your life according to the things that actually matter, then recognise from there that it's a daily practise. Making that decision in this moment is awesome, bu the truth is that few hour resistance, reactivity, overwhelm other people's ideas and expectations, or the voice inside of your head, all of these things will continually seek to pull you off path. So it's actually a discipline and a daily practise to be, I feel like, strong willed enough, or have the inner strength or inner guidance enough to pause yourself in that moment before you jump into responding to somebody else, or jump into working on someone else's dreams rather than your own.

To pause yourself and be like, hang on, hold up, yeah, I can totally do that when I'm fucking ready. When I'm going to be ready is when I've done the things that I know I need to do for myself for the day. So I get my journaling done in the morning, I get my blogging done, I get my workout done, and sales quota action is part of my blog, typically, all of those things in that order, most of the time. I actually feel, then, like I'm good now, I won the day. I'll definitely do other stuff through the day, because I always do, but if I didn't I already accomplished everything, because when I look back over the past nearly 12 years now marketing online, how I built this empire is I showed the fuck up and I communicated with people every day, and then I put a call to action there in the PS. That's it.

It wasn't because of sales pitches, it wasn't because of funnels, it wasn't because of many of the tools which I am grateful for, and which I use currently in my business in some sort of way. It was because I communicated, and because I did that, based on my soul work, based on what I desired from my business and life to be about.

So I guess, putting it back onto you now, what do you know you need to get serious about, where do you need to kick your own ass? Maybe you can sit after this and you can write yourself a little short list of in my business, in my money, in my fitness, in my relationships, in my life, what are the things that would move the needle? A good way to look at this, a question for you that you might like to write down as a journaling prompt, maybe somebody can help me out and write this into the comments. A question for you would be that in each of these areas, you'll identify, well, what is the thing which, if I did that every single day for 30 minutes, that by the end of this year I would have completely transformed my results, right?

You start working out every day for even 30 minutes, you're going to transform your fitness by the end of the year. You start to communicate, well, for me I communicate via a blog, or a livestream, or writing a story, or a combination of different things. If you spend 30 minutes a day, or even 20 minutes communicating and sharing your message, if you're a messenger or some kind of that's what you want to be, is that or is it not going to build your following? Is that or is that not going to result in sales? You're also going to spend a few minutes a day doing some form of sales activity, right? But you get to identify this stuff.

Then you get to kick your own ass around it and just be disciplined enough, and be, I guess, focused enough on where it is that you want to go, that you can consciously choose to put your hand up and say stop, go away, no, I'm not available to the rest of the world. Some people will think that's kind of rude, or it's disorganised, or whatever it is they want to think. Those people are going to be fricking frazzled as fuck and slightly older and probably slightly fatter, and definitely unhappy by the end of this year. So don't be that person. All right.

I could say so much more about this. But here's what I want to tell you, here's what's happening, here is what you need to be part of. This is very fucking important. Lean forward in your seat and get ready for this, because you're going to want to go over to, I'm going to tell you about this, it is going to blow your mind. You are going to want to get your ass over to the Now this is ... Whoops, what's happening? I'm going to give you the link right now. This is going down, when is it happening? I don't know. I kept changing the dates 'cause it's what I do.

So it's going to be the first part of this, the big, live workshop is going to happen on Saturday of next week. Then there's going to be seven day, essentially implementation/bootcamp that comes after that. I'm going to tell you a little about it now, but it is at the What this is is my high ticket with super ease workshop, it's an all online workshop and mini course, and its' around how to sell high ticket products, programmes, mentoring, and the like from, like let's say anywhere from two grand, which is something not super high ticket, but anywhere from two grand up to $80,000 plus per single sale, which is what I do, and how to do that with super ease to where your high ticket clients, your high level clients and mentoring people are coming to you live and literally just like hey, how do I give you money? Then they sign up.

Well, obviously, if I was just going to say that's my system, people message me, and then they tell me they want to work with you, with me, that wouldn't be particularly a lot of stuff for me to do an entire course on, and it probably wouldn't really help you. So, what I'm really doing is I'm going into all the behind the scenes of how that comes about. THat's the story that I shared earlier, how have I got to a place in my business where I can wake up one morning in LA last week and go, huh, I think I feel like going to New York. It wasn't on my agenda to go to New York. I'm like, I feel like I want to go to New York. I feel like I might do a one day event in New York.

Oh, I did a 10 minute livestream at the airport last week with my friend Cali and my brother Ash, we were being complete clowns, mucking around, shenanigans in the airport, and in the middle of that, I'm like, so, I'm going to do a one day event in New York. Message me if you want to come, and I'm going to do a one day event in San Diego, which is still happening this Tuesday. Message me about that if you want the final place, of real, right? I just threw it out there, and it results in $45,000 in sales, or how can I just say, oh, hey world, the inner circle has got one place open right now, and somebody is like, yes, how do I pay you for my highest level mentoring? Or any time I do a full week thing or a six week thing, how does that happen?

Well it happens because I've positioned myself in a certain way, right? I've positioned myself as the person who, when my soul mate tribe member, or client, or community member wakes up in the morning, they're looking for where is Kat's morning sermon? Or what content has Kat done? Or if I don't livestream ... Holy shit. I just realised my skirt is like totally up and showing things. Okay. Sorted that out. I can't believe none of you told me that. All right. So, my soul mate client wakes up in the morning and really goes looking for what have I posted? Where is my latest content? What is Kat doing and what has she got for me today?

So that's how those sales come about, because I have positioned myself in a certain way where I'm that leader. Okay, so now you guys are laughing at me, but none of you felt like you were going to tell me that I was basically flashing my vagina at the livestream and didn't realise. At least I had my legs crossed, it's fine. I feel like that's a little bit unfriendly of you. Anyway, maybe you were just distracted by the beautiful painting. Anyway, that's what I'm going to be teaching in the workshop. I want to really show you what works for me, and how I have built this business to a place where I let it be easy, where I let it flow, where I have a process, I guess, around how I communicate and do that sales stuff over Facebook messenger.

So I am going to teach and who my scripts, and my conversation process, and how I do all of that. I'll help you to actually create and design your own. I'll also teach you how I come up with the offer ideas, how to create and design your office, how to promote your high end stuff on Facebook the way that I do it. So it's not just I'm talking through the mindset of being that leader and being that person that people want to work with. I'm going to teach you about that. But I'm going to teach you exactly what goes into that, what are the things that you need to be doing on a day to day basis, what are they, how do you do them, then how do you do the sales process.

So yes, I will be teaching actual sales process and strategy my way, that works for me as a kind of crazy break the rules, creator messenger type person. So much more good stuff as well, and some amazing bonuses as you can imagine. So, if you go to the, have a read of that page, please go and read it. It's going to speak to your soul, at ease, I write all my sale pitches so that they're actually a message. My intention is that you read the sales page, you're going to get takeaway value just from ready that sales page, and you're also going to know one way or the other, am I meant to be part of this workshop? Then you make your choice, and you jump in, obviously, if it's speaking to you. It's a low cost workshop, because a lot of my online programmes are very low cost. So it's accessible for everybody.

If you have any desire to make more money through [inaudible 00:36:27] business this year, this month, maybe even in the next week or so through selling any form of moderately high through to super high ticket consulting, mentoring, advice of any kind, and you resonate with the way that I do business, and how I let it be easy, and you don't want to really have to do sales calls, you definitely need to be part of this workshop. You would be crazy not to get in on this. It's the first time I've ever taught my high level sales process. I certainly don't plan to do it again, I don't typically repeat things.

So go check that out. The details are in the page comment, and indeed it is the magic mystery mindset of money of how I consistently and weekly do sales that are individually up to 80K plus, purely over Facebook messenger chat, and everything that goes into that. So, of course, we're going to be going deep into the fundamental stuff like we've been talking about today. We're also going to be going into the positioning, and being that leader, and being that person who people wake up and they go looking to your page when they actually, probably should be doing their own shit like we just talked about. No, in fact, you being the preacher, and the sermonizer, and the person who is creating content, you spark that morning inspiration for people. So that's what I seek to do.

All right. Okay, cool, Kimberly, thank you for that comment. So, I hope I gave you a little bit of an ass kicking today. Please get really honest with yourself about what it is that you need to be doing, not just in your business, but in all areas of your life, because of course they all connect to each other. Just have a little, like, naked truth time with yourself, and make some decisions around that. You can totally achieve all of the dreams, and goals, and desires that are inside of your heart. You know this. You don't get a dream given to you, it doesn't come into you if it's not your dream to bring to life. If you're desiring something and dreaming something, that means it's available, and it means specifically that it's available for you. It also means that it's available now.

But to bring those dreams to life and not become one of those people, like most people, who die with their light still inside of them, you are going to have to get honest about what it's going to take. What it's going to take does not mean working 24 hours a day, it does mean doing the work. But it means identifying what is the work that matters. So what is the work that matters for you? That's what I want to leave you with. Don't forget to go to the Check out my sales workshop, and oh my god, and everything that you're getting there.

I will see you on the inside. By the way, I'm going to be doing badass livestream later on in the daily asker group Facebook group on unconventional relationships. So make sure you get your ass into that group if you're not already a part of it. Do not forget, life is now, press play.

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