Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: Look. I'm going live like that. Do you think this is a good way to get views, at the start of a livestream? We're just gonna have a boob show. It's Katrina with breasts show. Just owning it. I'm gonna own it. The Katrina with breasts show. It's the booby show with Katrina with ... Nobodies even getting on, yet. I'm waiting until I can see that there's viewers on before I sit down.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. One person is on. All right. No. I'm just gonna stand here. There's only one person on. Maybe people don't like the boobs, and they're not jumping on. Willy Stain Germaine. Did you get your book published, yet? What's happening over there at Amazon? You should have your own personal Amazon person.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. This is too much booby-ness. It's just like boobs! I figure, if I just stick my boobs on the camera, then that's all is really needed. Okay. Should we have a side angle? Do you think it's super inappropriate that I'm doing a boob show, right next to a children's playground?

Katrina Ruth: All right. There's the side angle. Aren't they huge? They're way too big. Do you think they're way too big? I'm not kidding. This morning, I woke up. I had at least six messages from some of my closest male friends saying, "I'll just give you some helpful feedback on your boobs. Send before and after." I'm like, "All right. Good suggestion."

Katrina Ruth: Hello. The book is live, says Lilly, but the boobs are more exciting. Well, it has happened. It has happened. Mimi, if you're there, you can just drop. Hello, here I am. If you're there, Mimi, you can just drop the teaser about the Millionaire Mastermind, at anytime.

Katrina Ruth: Now, I feel bad for you guys, because you can't see my boobs, anymore. Do you think I should just livestream the whole thing like this? I can go up and down, or I could ... No. It's too late. I should have gone that way.

Katrina Ruth: So, basically ... Hello, Karin. Basically, I'm here filming today. I'm here with Matt. There he is. I nearly flaked out on him, because I felt so ginormous, not just in my chest area, but in general. I'm just puffy. I just feel huge all over. I had to be freakin' premenstrual, when I got a boob job. So, they're pumped up full of surgery drugs. My stomach went from lean with abs to ... two hours I suppose, during surgery, being ... I just gained, I don't know how much weight even, in one day.

Katrina Ruth: Draw some eyes on your boobs and use your hands to animate them. I can't stop touching them. Actually, the surgeon told me to massage them, as much as possible. He's so funny. He's this classic Aussie humour dude.

Katrina Ruth: I posted my thing about pulling the tubes out. I'm on the phone to him. I'm like, "I don't know about these tubes, what's going on? Should I come back in and have my boobs taped up again, because the tape had fallen off." He said, "No. Just grab the tube, and yank it out." That's how he says it. I'm like, "Just yank it out?" He's like, "Just yank. Just yank it." So, then I'm pulling and pulling. I put that video up. You guys were so grossed out. I was like, "Gosh. These people have some weak stomachs." I only showed a tiny bit of it. You should have seen, if I would have showed the actual thing.

Katrina Ruth: I can't wait 'til the swelling goes down. The swelling is all over my whole body. I think I've gone up two full sizes. I don't know. When did you see me last? Not for a few weeks, right?

Matt: Yeah. A couple of weeks.

Katrina Ruth: It's hard to tell, then. For sure I have. For sure I have, because shorts are so tight around me, right now. Finally, then my period come today. Now, I don't know. I just know and trust that I'll be lean as fuck again, by Monday. Really, I'm aware that doesn't fucking matter in the greater scheme of things, but it's still annoys me. At least, my hair still looks fabulous.

Katrina Ruth: So, that happened. Then, I go in for my check up, yesterday. He's like, "You've just got to squeeze them, all day." He goes, "Just while you're walking down the street, just squeeze them." I'm like, "Yeah. I'm sure that's a good idea." Anyway, there they are again, if you missed them. I don't know, if you can see them, on the livestream, because I think I'm sitting too low.

Katrina Ruth: So, I'm here filming with Matt. I wanted to flake out on him, because I felt not boobilicious. I felt the opposite of that. I felt like a walking, talking ... I don't know. Billboard of Gold Coast too much-ness, something like that. I didn't, because I'm a freakin' professional. I didn't cancel. Instead, we filmed for you. We made a little video about why women get boob jobs, and why I think everybody on the internet should shut the fuck up about ... Maybe that should be the title of the video. Why everybody on the internet should shut the fuck up about what women can or can't do with their bodies.

Katrina Ruth: There you go. The download always comes to me. I had a boring title before, it just came to me. I think that's gonna be really good, positive empowering content. Of course, it's not telling women to get boob jobs. It's telling women that they can do whatever they want. If you want them, get them. Exactly, Wendy.

Katrina Ruth: It's so funny, because even though people know that I'm always gonna do what I want, even in the last two or three days, since posting online about it, I've definitely had several comments along the lines of, "Ah well. I never thought you would go down that path." I was like, "Okay. Cool. Thank you for sharing your unasked for opinion." So, maybe I'm triggered, but whatever.

Katrina Ruth: So, we did that. Then, we're filming an episode of the show. Then, we basically had some time to kill. So, not to sound like I don't just love you and want to talk to you anyway, but really why we're live streaming is because I had a little time to kill before getting my daughter from school. And, and, and, because the Millionaire Mastermind, excuse me, Katrina Ruth's High Vibe as Fuck Millionaire Mastermind. I'm just talking to my other camera, here. Is launching Did You Realise, tomorrow. It's launching tomorrow.

Katrina Ruth: I've actually pre-launched this shit. I pre-launched my boobs, all week. Well, I guess I launched them. Actually, kind of Patrick and I launched them together, accidentally, on our joint livestream. It wasn't officially supposed to be a boob launch, but that's what happened. So, that happened. It was very low key. If you missed it, you can watch the livestream from yesterday. Hair feels so good.

Katrina Ruth: Then, at the same time as pre-launching my breasts, of course I pre-launched my breasts. I don't like it how women get boob jobs, and they don't say anything about it. They pretend that nothing even happened. Then, it's like, "What? These are [inaudible 00:06:05]. I didn't do anything." Isn't the point that people are supposed to notice? Anyways, I just think own your shit. Own all your shit.

Katrina Ruth: So, we pre-launched the boobs. It was a very successful launch of the boobs. Everybody signed up. It was a 100% conversion rate. 100% of people wanted to see the boobs. Many people have made comments along ... assumptive comments, I might add, randomly, along the lines of, "I can't wait 'til I touch them." People are just they're assumptive selling me that they get to touch them.

Katrina Ruth: Then, quite a few people did indeed private message me, and offer their valuable feedback, which was just very gracious of them really, but no. I didn't send any photos through, but I did on the other hand stand with them right in the camera for two minutes, at the start of a livestream.

Katrina Ruth: So, then that happened. Simultaneously, I feel a bit bad for my High Vibe as Fuck Millionaire Mastermind, now, because I feel like, "Aw. Sorry. You're more like kind of the ugly sister now, because I pre-launched the breasts at the same time, as pre-launching the High Vibe as Fuck Millionaire Mastermind."

Katrina Ruth: When offered the choice, most people seem to be leaning toward the breasts, but the great new is, you can have it all. You can always have it all. You'll get me with my new addition. We'll just see how it settles in, and becomes part of me. I got to go and buy lots of new bikinis and bras this afternoon. At least I've got to buy one new bra, because I'm going out to dinner tonight, going out for a night out tonight. Even though my doctor told me, "Don't wear a bra, as often as possible." I feel like that would just be a little bit too much for [Burley 00:07:36] to handle, if I was going out with no bra.

Katrina Ruth: So, I'll do that. Now, I'm actually gonna launch the Millionaire Mastermind. Not right now, no. You can wait, until tomorrow. My High Vibe as Fuck Millionaire Mastermind is ... What did I just say it was? Is the mindset and the strategy of crushing it online for entrepreneurs and crazy creators who just want more. It is my new membership programme. It is the number one membership programme, in the world for bad ass entrepreneurs and crazy creators. It launches tomorrow, at 9:00 am, Brisbane time, which is gonna be roughly 12, 18 hours and 16 minutes, from now. It's 7:00 pm Friday evening, New York, Eastern Standard Time that it launches.

Katrina Ruth: Now, you're gonna want to be on Facebook, or on your e-mail, or wherever you're gonna find me, or think that you're gonna find me, at that time, because we have an amazing founding members, inaugural members offer, which is, in fact, over ... Let me just do some fast math, in my head. It's less than, or it's about one sixth of the actual price for founding members. What's that in a percentage? Do some fast ...

Matt: One sixth?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. How much percentage discount is that? Matt's gonna tell you. Matt's gonna show his math wizardry, right now, on camera.

Matt: One sixth ...

Katrina Ruth: Don't hide behind the camera.

Matt: Like 12.

Katrina Ruth: 12%?

Matt: Could be horribly wrong.

Katrina Ruth: It's terribly wrong. 12 times six is only 70, 80, 72.

Matt: 15.

Katrina Ruth: We'll work it out, as a team.

Matt: 15.

Katrina Ruth: So, three sixth is 50%. So, one sixth is one third of 50%, which is 16 point six, six percent.

Matt: How much?

Katrina Ruth: 16 point six, six.

Matt: Close enough.

Katrina Ruth: All right. We worked it out together. So, basically, it's 16 point six, six percent. I just worked it out, just there. Nobody told me earlier. Well, Matt worked it out really. It was a team effort.

Katrina Ruth: So, you definitely want to be there for that. 9:00 am tomorrow, my time. 7:00 pm, New York, Eastern Standard time. There's really not much else for me to tell you about it. I'm just gonna tell you, apart from the draw on the floor, hell yes, offer of the launch itself, you'll be magnetised as fuck by what this programme, membership is about. It definitely required a little bit of wine, and, I'm gonna admit, sexual healing therapy for me to come to terms with the fact that I am not necessarily the main start in this programme, because my entire team is coming in, and co-teaching this programme with me.

Katrina Ruth: It's an ongoing membership programme where each month we'll be showing you exactly what we're working on, and literally giving you our marketing, and selling, and advertising strategies, as well as social media, and every other thing that you could imagine. So, they'll be a monthly report, essentially, showing you exactly what we've done. Then, teaching you how you can implement it. You'll have access to my team for support, and accountability, and mentoring, as well as me. There's so much more, but that kind of gives you, I guess, a little insight into why you would definitely want to check this out.

Katrina Ruth: It's been coming, for about six months. The idea's been gurgling up? What's the word I'm looking for? Gurgitating? Is that a word? It's not a word, is it?

Matt: [inaudible 00:10:49]

Katrina Ruth: What's the word I'm looking for? Brewing. We'll go with brewing. There was definitely a different word.

Katrina Ruth: The idea's been bubbling away inside of me for six months, but I really first started to bring it to light in February, I think. I was on a plane from Brisbane to LA with my brother Ash, who's on my team and does all my marketing and stuff. We definitely got brewing. There was a cooler kind of grosser, grungier word, harder than brewing, but I don't know what it was. I feel like it was along the lines of gurgitating, but that's not it.

Katrina Ruth: So, it started to come up in February. Well, maybe it was regurgitating, because I'm saying come up.

Matt: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Regurgitated.

Matt: Brewing [inaudible 00:11:25].

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. Well, it was brewing and gurg- I'm going with gurgitating. I'm allowed to make my own words.

Katrina Ruth: It started to come up in February, but it was more like we've got the skeleton of the idea. Germinating, Tracy, what a legend. She just read my mind. That was the exact word that I meant. Germinating. Give the girl a prize. Very happy about that.

Katrina Ruth: I think there was a lot of Campari involved. That was the problem. When we first had the idea, because we were on a flight from Brisbane to LA. We were sitting at the bar, in Virgin. Yes. There was much Campari involved, but it was fabulous, nonetheless. I know for sure it was a little crazy, because the tagline that I wrote down, at the time, we somehow ... We were getting stuck on the lyrics of that song, I wanna be a billionaire. So, then we came up with the title, Katrina Ruth's Millionaire Mastermind, which has now evolved into Katrina's High Vibe as Fuck Millionaire Mastermind, because that's what it is.

Katrina Ruth: Then, I ended up writing down on my sales page draught that the tagline for the programme was gonna be for entrepreneurs who wanna be a billionaire so frickin' bad. Then, I looked at it a week later, when I was in Santa Monica. I'm like, "Yeah. I think that half of what I've written on this page came from a place of listening to my Spotify downloads, while on a plane drinking Campari." Really, it's true anyway.

Katrina Ruth: So, it kind of came through then, but because it involves the whole team. Actually, an unannounced bonus that I just thought of right then, which is why it hasn't been announced yet, is that I will teach you the creation of this membership programme, and how we fully brought the idea to life, and how we're launching it, and how to create a membership programme that sells like a mother fucker. So, I'm gonna do a bonus training on that for all my new members. In fact, I'll do it next week.

Katrina Ruth: We're gonna open tomorrow. It'll be open for only 72 hours. You don't have to remember that, because there'll be a countdown timer on the page to remind you, plus me on social media reminding you for three days. Yes. I definitely wanna teach you how we put it all together. It's probably one of the questions that I got asked a lot. I've run many membership programmes, very successfully, now, over the years. A lot of people want membership programmes, because they're recurring income, but there's definitely a model that works versus a model that doesn't work.

Katrina Ruth: There's definitely very clear reasons on why people stay in membership programmes, or why they leave them. So, I'm gonna teach on that, and teach how you can design a membership programme that creates automated, recurring income for you, for your business, while simultaneously drawing in your high end, high ticket clients, that just wanna automatically sign up with you, and pay you without you even having to do any sort of ... I don't do discovery calls. I usually don't even do launches for my high ticket stuff.

Katrina Ruth: I have a really great system in place, where my lower model stuff feeds into my high ticket stuff, automatically. So, membership programmes are one part of that. So, I think I'm gonna do a whole bonus training on that. Mimi, if you're still watching, transcribe that down, so that we can use it in our promotions, as a bonus. I'll include it ... Tell, Ashley, even, to include it, or Callie, to include it on the sales page, because Callie's re-editing the sales page, right now. In the section where I say what I'm covering on next Wednesday's first live training for the Millionaire Mastermind.

Katrina Ruth: Thank you Lily, but did you see my breasts? Lily said I look sexy. I don't know, if they can be seen on the camera, because when I'm sitting down, it says that I'm from there, but then often later when I look, it's lower. I don't know. Can you see them, now, you guys? Give me a love heart shower, if you can see my boobs. Things I thought I would never say on a Facebook livestream, but then I might think you're giving me a love heart shower, because you're nice. She says, "Meow." Okay. The love hearts are coming.

Katrina Ruth: What else? What have I missed? I went off on a tangent. Hannah said, "Did they hurt?" Well, I did Mai Thai this morning. Look at this. I can move my arms everywhere. They feel really tight. They feel super stretchy, bit uncomfortable to sleep, and where this one tube came out on this side, that hurts. It feels like it's gonna come open, and bleed again, but whatever. It's not that big of a deal. It's only blood. There's a little bit of bruising. I don't know. I feel like I'm having amazing recovery. I actually talk on the next episode of the show that we just filmed today, I talk about how I manifested fast healing, and then kind of relate that to not buying into normal ideas of how long things should take. Just in all areas, right? Maybe I'm just lucky with my healing. Maybe I'm just super stretchy.

Katrina Ruth: Actually, that's a good point. I have really pliable skin, because I eat really well. I eat a lot of good fats, in my diet. This a true thing. I am not talking shit here. I include a lot of good fats, in my diet. I'm very fit, and healthy. So, my skin is, of course, pliable. Whenever I get my tattoos done, Vlad's always like, "How do you heal so quickly? You heal so fast." I said to him, "I think, because I have a high metabolism, and because I'm really healthy." He's like, "Yeah. That actually makes sense."

Katrina Ruth: Also, by the way, the more stressed you are, in general, the more cortisol hormone you have in your body, which inflames you, and it slows down healing. I might get stressed, from time to time, but I'm pretty freakin' in flow, and alignment with my life. So, overall, my inflammation levels and my cortisol is pretty low, I think, or just good, maybe. I don't know. I really feel like that's probably a big part of my healing, as well.

Katrina Ruth: I know for sure, it's also just, because I believed it, and it went under the muscle, by the way. We didn't even say this on the show. He went in through the nipple, sounds disgusting, sliced at the bottom of the nipple. The implants went under the muscle, which supposedly is way more painful than anything else, at all, accept I'm fine. Even at Mai Thai, this morning, I was like, "I could totally punch." We did shadow boxing, but I put the video up, already, on my Facebook. You can see it. I was doing kicks with no problem. It just feels a bit stretchy.

Katrina Ruth: I can sleep on my side, or on my back. The good thing is I don't have to protect them, meaning ... I don't mean don't protect them, but meaning I don't have to worry about movement. He was like, "The more movement, the better." That's why I went to training, this morning. I definitely wouldn't do anything that I thought would be a bad idea for them. I don't know.

Katrina Ruth: Do you have any other questions, because I've run out of things to say, and the school bell's going in seven minutes, which is actually plenty of time, because the school's only over the road. What else should I tell you? Did I leave anything out? Have you guys got any questions? Who wants to ask me one powerful question that's gonna benefit the entire community? Go, or just leave a random comment of interest, if you don't have a question.

Katrina Ruth: Millionaire Mastermind's gonna be epic. I'm very proud of it. I'm very excited that my whole team are getting involved. It's a really bid deal, actually. There's nothing like this on the internet, at all. Well, I think probably partly, because there's very few entrepreneurs, online marketers, who built a really locked in, solid team like mine. Of course, there's others out there, but I have a pretty solid team. They do all the things. They do an amazing job of it. It's extremely rare to have a programme where the team is actually teaching, as well. So, this is something that I did get a bit, "Urg" about it, because I'm like, "I'm the star. I'm the star," but I knew that it's time for me to pass that baton on, because they do an incredible job doing so many things in my business that allow me to be that star, and allow me to be the front person, and just do my content.

Katrina Ruth: So, I think it would be really selfish, and kind of irresponsible of me, to be honest, if I wasn't to allow them to step up, and share their gifts with you. I know it's gonna be so powerful. It's just so exciting. If you're in the High Vibe as Fuck Millionaire Mastermind is the two point O version of that. I'm gonna post something into High Vibe about it, but you get transferred in, plus goodies.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. What were these questions? How do I increase my metabolism? Well, strength training, cardio training, or the obvious fitness things, I guess, as well as eating plenty of protein. 20 years history of fitness, for sure, is part of it. There's been times in my fitness journey where I've definitely been training well, and eating well, and then I haven't been maintaining or achieving my body goals.

Katrina Ruth: So, it's largely up here. I believe that I have a high metabolism. I believe my body works like a well oiled machine. I believe that I have healthy, happy hormones, and I believe that I get the results in the body I want, inside and out. I know, for sure, that's the real reason I do, because, like I said, there's been times, when I have been doing all the right things, and I didn't have the results that I wanted. Then, there's been times, where I was completely not giving a fuck, and eating whatever I wanted, and looked fuckin' amazing, because I just didn't believed I was so good.

Katrina Ruth: So, it's always mindset first, which is why I just Whatsapped Bromwyn just before doing this livestream. I saw that I'd put the working wrong on the banner for the Millionaire Mastermind. It said, "The strategy and the mindset." I just messaged her. I was like, "Wait. That should be the mindset and the strategy." It's always mindset first.

Katrina Ruth: Debbie says, "Do I use meditation for healing?" I don't expressly use meditation for healing, but I do use meditation pretty regularly. I listen to mediation audios, not every day, but probably five days out of seven, if I feel a bit brain frazzled, or just even, if I want to. I go into a meditative state, just in and of myself, pretty frequently. Sometimes, even when I'm driving, I can separate that out. Often, after yoga, I use meditation a lot, in lots of different ways, through the day.

Katrina Ruth: Thank you, Lakisha. All right. So, I'm gonna go. Thank you for being here. Make sure you're online tomorrow morning at 9:00 am, my time, which is 7:00 pm, New York time, on Friday evening, for the launch of Katrina Ruth's High Vibe as Fuck Millionaire Mastermind. The mindset and the strategy of crushing it online for driven entrepreneurs, and crazy creators who just want more. More what? More everything.

Katrina Ruth: Leave me a comment. I'll read it later. Don't forget, life is now. Press play.

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