Rebel Millionaire

Is it very late here? Apparently, it's 11:49 PM. I don't know how late that is. I was going to go to bed. I was thinking about going to bed. I took my ... well, livestreaming costume off and I put my pyjamas back on, said, goddess vibes but I didn't really care for its vibes of the T-shirt. So, I didn't think it should be on the camera. And then I ate some ... Leo, don't get angry, but I ate some peanut butter. Linda tried to stop me. It was not successful. I ate the peanut butter with a banana, if anyone's wondering why she tried to stop me because in theory, I'm allergic to it. But I decided that I haven't had any for several months and that I should test it out again. And so far, I feel good. So I think it's working for me. Have that, had a banana. She ... can I say what you ate? I'm saying it anyway.

Go for it.

This is supposed to be a very serious Q&A about my Millionaire Mastermind so that everyone signs up and joins the Millionaire Mastermind before the founding members deal closes in 12 hours and 10 minutes. Linda ate cheese with peanut butter on it. What is happening in the world? She denied so to it which I found somewhat of a higher social standing at least she added some salt. Has anybody else in the world ever eaten cheese with peanut butter on it? Is that a thing? I actually got ... I told her this as well. When I find my friends trigger me, I tell them straight up, straight up from the gate up, I told that, "You're triggering me right now because I feel that your food taste might be even more bizarre than mine and it's making me feel upset." I just couldn't do it. She offered it to me and I couldn't do it. They say never. They say, "You should never eat that."


Why. She says, "Why?" She says, "I'll do it." I fucking won't. She didn't say that.

[inaudible 00:06:53].

Okay. She did say it. She just said it right then. She's very busy working. Let's not interrupt her. I was going to go to bed and then she was like, "Well, I'm going to be out for hours working, anyway." I was like, "Fine," and I had some more peanut butter and here I am, and that's why we're live. You can thank Linda and the cheese and bizarre peanut butter, cheese eating habits that she has there.

[inaudible 00:07:14].

She couldn't do. You do feature a lot of our lives. Your name and Patrick's name gets dropped on to nearly every livestream. We haven't mentioned him yet except that we just mentioned him right then. But most of the time, Linda gets mentioned and Patrick gets mentioned. Other people get mentioned also. Anyhow, for all you know, she's not even there and I'm just putting on a whole show pretending that there's somebody there. Maybe I recorded her voice earlier and, now, I'm playing it back like I'm Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Great. Great. Okay. Angela says she doesn't judge but cheese and peanut butter was so not touch her tongue. Everybody just calm the fuck down. This is supposed to be a sales livestream. I'm going to sell to you now. Sit up and pay attention. Focus. I told you, this won't be silly at all.

How did it go my High Vibe Mastermind for you? High Vibe Middle ... what's a called? Let me read my sales page. High Vibe As Fuck Millionaire Mastermind is here. How to know? Well, I feel like I just gave a perfectly complete demonstration of how to know whether or not I'm for you. If you're maybe compelled and fascinated but a little bit horrified, then it's definitely for you. If you can't look away even though you find it quite offensive, then it's even more for you. If you just want some cheese with peanut butter on it, you're going to have to talk to Linda about that. I can't help you. But I do have cheese and I do have peanut butter, but I'm not giving it to you. I won't put my name and my brand to anything like that sort of behaviour. I won't do it and you can't make me.

What were we up to? I don't think ... stop filming me in the background. Hello. What are you filming over there? All right, this is serious business. This is serious internet business. We're here to make money on the internet. We're here to tell people things that they should buy. What questions do you have about the Millionaire Mastermind? Send them to me. Give them to me. I'll be very serious now. I did want to say a few things that are actually important. I wanted to address some concerns. Can I address one concern before I go really silly again because I don't know when I'm going to be out like how long I can stay in serious mode for. I'm not sure why it's happening. It just comes out. I mean, blame that peanut butter and Linda combined together.

All right, all right, right. That would be a good time for somebody to do an accent. Kat, fix before bed. I'm pretty impressed with myself that so many people are on this livestream when I straight up called it a sales livestream in the description of it. Now, I'm not remotely talking about what I said I would, standard. So, how do you know if my High Vibe As Fuck Millionaire Mastermind is for you? How? You, guys, should answer the question to me. Type the answer and how do you know if it's for you. Your questions answered. If you have a question for me, ask it to me. I'll leave an answer. I promise that I will, no matter what it is. Don't ask me weird cheese peanut butter questions, so I have no answers about that. It's one of those mysteries of the universe that you can't actually explain and you're probably not supposed to know. It would be for your own safety to not know.

Anyway, I did have a thing that I wanted to say. I feel like it's going to be boring now and I shouldn't say it. But in case somebody's listening that needs to hear it, the truth is how do you know if it's for you, you know because yourself tells you. Why am I even talking about this? I was just on the phone with one of my clients who makes several hundreds of thousands of dollars, pounds, kicking her ass, she was loving it. She sent me a voice ... sorry, a text message back afterwards and said she's done four miles of laps around her apartment from speaking to me and she's all fired up. One of the things we poke about was why the fuck ... wait, well, we didn't say it this way, but I'm going to say it this way. Why would we need to talk about whether or not it's for you? Why are we talking about this? This was a stupid topic idea. I retract it. I'm going to change the topic except my desktop won't let me.

But one thing I will say even though I'm bored with myself already for saying it, if you're just starting out ... okay, tell me, Kit Kat, how do I know if it's for me. Listen, if you're going to refer to me as Kit Kat then I'd prefer Kitty Kat, Kitty Kat, not just Kit Kat, all right, because I don't really like Kit Kats, the chocolates, because one time I bought one in Bali that I thought was mint flavoured and it was green tea. Have you ever heard of a ... I'm not even making this up. It was a green tea flavoured Kit Kat. I mean, I don't know what to do with that. So, I won't be called Kit Kat. I'll go with Kitty Kat.

How do you know if it's for you? You know because I reached into your motherfucking soul and I charged it like a battery, like a car battery or like a flat tyre, like a double flat tyre, never heard of such a thing, but apparently, sometimes people hop over a curb and puncture two tyres at once. Sorry, somebody told me once and then I spent all day at the car dealership. What is that? I don't care for that money emoji, Angelo. It's ugly. What is that ugly money emoji there for? Why is the money emoji ugly? It looks like it's throwing up money. I don't find it appealing. Is it supposed to be attractive, because it's just like it's weird that it's throwing up money. So, somebody said a comment on the internet. It's a place where you be very serious then you sell things to people. I'm doing a perfect example of it right now.

Somebody said on this internet phrase today that ... what did they say, that they wanted to join the Millionaire Mastermind but they didn't even have an idea or a vision yet for their business so they couldn't join. I was like, "Hold the motherfucking phone. Why does somebody think they shouldn't join if they don't have an idea, which prompted me to do this livestream, which I'm now already bored with so I'm doing whatever I want with it, and we're having the best time ever. But, I guess, I wanted to address that and say, of course, you're going to join the Millionaire Mastermind if you don't have an idea. Would you rather spend 45 years not knowing what the fuck to do and having to figure out which courses to buy which mentors to follow, or would you rather just come in and have somebody reach into your soul from the get-go, and then you can unleash your vision into the world.

But the practical answer to the question is we teach you exactly how to build your business, exactly, from soul, from the ground up. It's not for established businesses and it is for established businesses. It's not about where you are in your business. It's about who you are as a person. Thank you, Carla. It was you. Well, it was a great question and I was like, "Shit, I didn't realise people thought that. I don't want people to think that," because we teach from all the things. I have people who have joined the Millionaire Mastermind, some people in there who already have businesses that are overdoing a million a year ... I don't think they're overdoing it. They're doing over a millionaire. They may or may not be over it. And then some people who are just starting out completely and that's always been the way in all my courses, by the way.

And so, there'd be some content where you're like, "I'm totally not needing that right now. I'm not up to that yet." But then it was all in the resource library anyhow so then you'll get it when you need to get to it. But because I'm doing all the visioning and the mindset work as well as the ninjas doing all the strategy, it all works perfectly and together. So there you go, I answered that question. What was the other question? Oh, it's a green ... it was puke from the green tea Kit Kat. I understand. Who the fuck thinks that a green tea Kit Kat is a good idea? Well, obviously, it must be popular in Bali I suppose so they wouldn't be selling it. And to add insult to injury, a green tea flares me up like nobody's business. Why can I not read these comments though? I know there was an actual question. So, if you haven't seen the Millionaire Mastermind, then I suppose it just means that you don't obsessively stalk and watch all my content in which case you probably shouldn't join it.

so if you haven't seen it, I'm going to assume it's not for you because if it is for you, you would have seen it. because I've been talking about it a lot and because if it is for you, really, you should add me on "See First" notifications and you should be watching me at the middle of the day, the end the day, and the start of the day, and any other time in between. Even if you're not watching me, you could just call me in into dreams and I'll dream coach you. I do it a lot and, apparently, it's free because nobody has fucking paid me for it so far, but they all message me about it in the morning and tell me. So whether or not you choose to access it, it's up to you.

Rachel says, "I'm in there but I'm going to chime in. If you follow Kat and participated in the programmes or even haven't, outrageous idea, what a chance to test it out." That is true because it's super low cheap. "And you have a business or plan to have one and you wanted me in a community of kick-ass high vibe people, it's the place for you." Thank you. That's true. It's all 100% accurate, or if you need to have an online business, you've set the intention people will beg you to sell to us and fuck us. That was a different programme where I said that people are going to beg you to fuck them. It was an accident that I said that. It just came out in my copy and I didn't notice until six days later that I'd put it as a benefit of the programme that people will beg you to fuck them.

My wording was all off. And then it happened anyway and people were posting sex testimonials into that break the internet group. It was outrageous and fabulous all at the same time. I am not making any of that up. I really did accidentally write it into my sales copy and I didn't realise till six days later. I was like appalled at myself. And then, all of a sudden, I was like, "But why has nobody told me this? Everybody's read it and nobody's told me. None of my staff even." I don't understand about that. What else do you need to know? I've already said this, but I'll say it again. I'm promising nothing. What you're going to get is nothing. I promise nothing. You're signing up and what will I give you? I don't know. I have no idea. I make no promises and I told no lies, but I tell many fabulous jokes, I think.

I will give you everything and nothing all at the same time. I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm going to come in from my soul like a rocket ship of energy and I'll unleash forth on to you whatever it is you need, and desire, and require. A lot of people were on my live training, that was the first live how do you do for the Millionaire Mastermind which happened a couple of hours back. How was it if you were there? It was so next level that I nearly vibrated through the roof of this high-rise building. I felt everybody's souls. There was definitely some randomness and some shenaniganry and a little bit of ... well, at one point, everybody in the comments was formulating a fucking band and saying that they were going to go to the Sydney Opera House and perform in a band together right when I was in the middle of some deep visioning work. So I'm still not quite sure what happened there.

But it was really freaking deep. We went deep. We went hard. We went all the way in, in a polite manner. And really what I'm doing is going to come in and create out of ... I'm not creating in fan out of you, actually, I will allow you ... help you is the best word, help you empower you, kick your ass to create forth from you whatever it is that you are supposed to be putting out there into the world. But I should say for those who are like, "Well, what the fuck even is it then? She's promising nothing." But delivering everything. It's the ninjas. I've never allowed the ninjas out of the ninja mansion before. Really, they do whatever the fuck they want. They wouldn't really be my team members and staff if they didn't, would they?

But in this particular programme, they are bringing all of their awesome gifts, and powers, and talents, and support for you. So, you'll love how I roll it on. Thank you. I can't possibly say your name though. I have no idea how to say that. So, yes, they are going to be teaching all of the strategy, all of the sales, all of the marketing, all of the advertising that we do at The Katrina Ruth Show. I might clown around. Okay, I do ... I might have too much fun. Definitely, there's not such a thing as too much fun. I always say to my kids, "Did you have fun today? Too much fun?" And it's a little in-house joke that we have. I don't know why it's so funny, actually, but it is. So I might definitely have too much fun.

I might be here, there, and everywhere. I'm rambling. I'm random, and then it flips into divine downloads from the soul, and I do the deep mindset work with you, and the deep soul and cellular shifting and that's just how it is. My team though, my team, they run things at The Katrina Ruth Show. I don't run a shit at The Katrina Ruth Show. I am the motherfucking show. What do I need to run things for. I'm sitting around, do what I want. I am the show. They, however, they do run the show. Now, here's a thing though, for me to build this business to where it is now, where it's making millions of dollars, yeah, I did run the show. I built the damn show. I built like all the little bits.

I did the floors. I did the ceilings. I did the in-between bits. I built the whole show and I ran the whole show. I was here, there, and everywhere and, well, all the hats and learn all the things, and I can do all the, all the, all the internet marketing things, and selling and tech things that you possibly could have known except for coding. That's one thing I never did learn. But all the other shit I could enjoy it. I used to do it all myself and that's how I built this business. Now, I have an amazing team. So I don't have to run around doing everything and I just be the show that I am. What that team do is they run things. They do the marketing. They do the advertising. They do this ... putting together of the sales offers, they're sending out of the sales offers. What else is there, even the social media leveraging, I don't know, a million other things.

Anything that you can imagine that gets done behind the scenes, or in front of the scenes, at a multi seven-figure online business. That's what the ninjas do. They also try very unsuccessfully to keep me in order. So, can't really teach that because they're not accomplished at it. But presumably, you're not trying to teach anybody to keep you in order. So they do many amazing marketing and selling things. They run things so that I can run so that I can be the thing. They do all the things that I did in the building phase of my business before I had this badass team. And so, what the Millionaire Mastermind is about is they are going to support you, and train you, and show you on all of those things.

Specifically what we're doing is that every month we have the report, the report for the High Vibe As Fuck Millionaire Mastermind which could come in video format, or fancy PDF format, or all manner of modes of delivery, whatever it is. But it shows you exactly what we did that month and exactly how we did it to create our revenue and income and all elements of that from the marketing, to frontal side of things if that was part of it, advertising, obviously, social media, et cetera, how we put it together, how we created it, how we figured out the idea, how we then unleashed ... I was going to say launched and then unleashed at the same time and it went into ... Unleashed it into the world, right?

Travis, what's up? How was your leg session? I did legs yesterday. It feels amazing, probably can't get up off this couch at the end of it. So, yes, that's what the report is about, exactly what we did and how we did it, and break down, swipe files, whatever it is so that you can duplicate it and roll it on out. So that happens every month. And then on top of that, on top of us showing you exactly what we did for that month to make our money and how we did it, and then like, "Here you go, just duplicate it if you like." On top of it, we also have all the trainings on all possible things that we do. So, you want to learn about Facebook ads? We got that training going on. You want to learn about automated email marketing, and funnels, and automated recurring income, we got that going on.

You want to learn how to create, and launch, and sell your own programmes? Of course, we got that going on. You want to know how to hire your own soulmate team members and how to attract and magnetising the perfect soulmate team members, and then what the fuck to do with them once you got them. We got that going on. Every different thing, social media, I mentioned already; tech stuff, live tech support, live Facebook support, I mean, I can just like sit here and let's talk so much different stuff. What I'm trying to impart you is, obviously, that we're giving you the ability to have your questions answered on every different part of online business, but also demonstrating, and showing you, and even working together with you to bring that to life. Not only will you be able to receive support and mentoring for me, when I float down from the clouds which is often enough I do say.

But you'll also be receiving it from my team the whole way through, right? This is a membership programme. So the way it works is that there's a monthly fee for that. That fee, that monthly fee will increase tomorrow at midday my time which is 12 hours minus eight minutes from now. So that's going to be 12:00 noon on Thursday, Brisbane time, which I believe will be 10:00 PM on Wednesday evening, New York, Eastern Standard Time, okay? Just so you know. After that, the countdown timer ends, the monthly membership rate increases by $100 to its actual rate. It's currently just kind of down for funding ... founding members, not only is it just kind of down for life right now but when you join in this next 12-hour period before the doors close, you're a pretty damn good scam artists. I haven't had a comment like that in a hundred years.

People reply as you will to John. I really have no time or intent for that. but it's quite amazing. Thank you, John. So, I can't believe I just got that comment but she doesn't even happen anymore. It's not in my experience or my reality, but thank you, anyway, for the somewhat backward compliment. So, yes, in 12 hours, that's right, that's what I was saying. The deal for the founding members is not only that you get for life $100 off, the ongoing price that goes up, goes up legitimately. It will never be that price again. That's legitimate. It's not a thing I'm saying, not a scam. Sorry, John. But for your first month, you're going to pay up like 16.66% total or something like that. I don't even know, some very low rate for the first month trial rate, trial rate for the first month so you can test it out, get all this insane stuff, be amongst the badassery.

We did the first live training already this evening several hours ago. The replay is in the group. The group is off the hook and it's really quite a lot of shenanigans going on in that group already that I certainly didn't authorise. And then we will close the doors tomorrow. The price goes immediately up. When we reopen the doors again at some point in time, it will not be back at this price because this is the founding members' price and that's not a thing I'm saying. So I want to be really clear on that because if you've been thinking about it ... okay, Linda Doctor, why are you watching my livestream from your phone when you're right over there? What's happening? But it's how it should be. People should be in another room in your own house and then they should still be watching you on a Facebook livestream. Are you going to leave a friendly comment for John? Is that what's happening?

I was going to.

Good, do it, do it. Okay, it's very friendly comment, there it is. [inaudible 00:27:07] in it. I feel that I've said all that I need to say, but does anyone have any questions? Why would you have any questions? Just sign the fuck up. But if you do have any questions, ask them to me, I won't mind. In fact, I enjoy getting the questions. In fact, I'm fascinated by the questions. I posted something today where a friend had audio'd me and shared some of the reasons why she felt unsure about working with me to do with feeling a little scared or feeling ... I don't know that I might be a meanie. She didn't say that. I'm paraphrasing. But also one of the things that she mentioned was how great it is that I've got the whole team in there, helping out and doing their content and their support and all that stuff because then she doesn't have to figure out where to learn about Facebook ads from, or where to learn about this, that, or the other thing from.

It's just like, "Oh, my god, I'm going to learn it from Kat's team and they're going to be able to actually answer my questions and help me out. So it is a really big deal. It is a big deal. It's something that I feel incredibly proud of and excited about. It is officially now underway. We've officially kicked off. When you sign up now, before the doors close in the next 12 hours, minus a little bit of time, minus 12 minutes, 12 hours minus 12 minutes, then you're going to get into the Facebook group. Okay, you might not be led into tomorrow morning, my time, because now it's like after midnight here, my team on online. But you're going to get right in amongst it and we're about to drop a whole lot of badassery on your ass.

So, I wanted to come in here, talk about that real quick, make sure you knew what's up. I thought I was going to do a really serious livestream and I thought I was even going to like read out the sales page, too, or something, but I don't know what the fuck I was thinking with that, and I'm pretty sure the peanut butter, and the cheese, and the banana situation just fucked me right up in the best possible way, in the only beautiful way that it could. And so, now, what you need to do is go to ... no, there's no more dots,

Type that into your browser, into your Safari, into your soul, read the page, let the page do its magic on you. You'll find it quite an amusing story to read, anyway. I always make ... try to make my sales pages entertaining and just unleash from the heart, and then, then, well, what then, obviously, you click the button and I'll see you inside. That's all. Have an amazing rest of the day or evening, wherever you are in the world. Don't forget buy, peace out, press play.