Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: Oh, nobody's there anyway, it doesn't matter. We can just pretend, nobody's there.

Marlene Leslie: You say that to all the girls

Katrina Ruth: Huh?

Marlene Leslie: You say that to all the girls

Katrina Ruth: Hang on, we have a problem, we have a lighting issue. Oh! Look how much more fabulous we look. So, we'll give people a moment to jump on. We'll share this stream over and tag you in properly.

Katrina Ruth: Hello people who are not there yet but who are going to be watching this as a replay. Look at this fabulous, mysterious guest who I have here with me. She has some important things to share with you. I'm not sure you're going to like them though, 'cause she's been referred to as, what was it? Kind of aggressive?

Marlene Leslie: Aggressive and intimidating.

Katrina Ruth: I mean, who would want an aggressive woman on a livestream, I don't know what that would be about. Is that better lighting?

Katrina Ruth: It's not really making a difference

Katrina Ruth: Um, okay. Hi Tamara, hi Katherine. What's been happening? I'm glad you asked, Marlene and I, this is Marlene Leslie, I'll tag her in. Marlene and I have been at dinner and we were kind of rudely having a conversation all to ourselves and now we, 'cause we are kind, nice people, decided to share it with you. That's roughly what happened, isn't it? I suppose you could also say that I somewhat bullied her into leaving the dinner table and coming home to have a livestream conversation.

Marlene Leslie: This is true.

Katrina Ruth: Like literally ten minutes ago we were sitting at a beautiful restaurant with wine and food and I was like, let's do a livestream.

Marlene Leslie: And you refused to answer my questions.

Katrina Ruth: That's true. I refused to answer any more questions until I was on camera. It's roughly how I operate, in a general sense. Okay, who's that? That's not you. Okay, I'm just going to share this over to my page and then we are going to start to tell you some very important things, which you are going to need to pay attention to. So get your wine or whatever you need. If you go to my personal page you can see that I've tagged Marlene in, so you should do that. But not now, because you should be listening to us now. I don't know, do you want to say what we were talking about at dinner?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah. We were talking about what it takes to make it in the online space as a coach.

Katrina Ruth: As a high level authentic as fuck mentor.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, and being yourself and unapologetically being yourself and coaching people outside of the industry but leveraging the online space.

Katrina Ruth: Right, so let's give people some backstory, because everybody loves a great story. Where did we meet? Bali, right?

Marlene Leslie: Yes, oh gosh.

Katrina Ruth: Oh my god, have you guys seen my happy pants? So, check out these pants. Like, what happened is we went to dinner and I was wearing the tightest skinny jeans in the world and then by halfway through dinner I was like, sitting like this, because they were digging in and I couldn't eat. So I was half wanting to get out of the restaurant so that we could livestream and half so I could get the fucking jeans off. And I'm not sure what's up with these pants but I'm going to wear them anyway. Okay, we got that out of the way.

Katrina Ruth: So, we met in Bali.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, 4 years ago?

Katrina Ruth: 3 or 4 years ago. And we did many things that we probably shouldn't publicly talk about, so we can't tell you about that but it was fabulous.

Marlene Leslie: So the livestream is over.

Katrina Ruth: Well, we actually were kind of living or staying together at a mutual friend's villa and lots of different cool people were always coming through and staying at this villa people who want to create their own lives and do lives on their terms. Lives on their terms? At least their own life on their terms. And, I don't know, like we just...there were so many people that came through that villa.

Marlene Leslie: Cause we were there for like 3 weeks, or maybe it was 2.

Katrina Ruth: I was there for like 8 months but you were there for a few weeks. But there was a lot of people that came and stayed there and I didn't continue to stay friends with, I think just you and one other person. And we just clicked because this solidarity about being somebody who insists on creating life on their terms basically. And then I think we just have reconnected, basically, I mean once or twice a year since then, here in the US. Like, we've been up in Utah together and every time I come here we end up catching up. But we haven't seen each other now since...

Marlene Leslie: This time last year.

Katrina Ruth: You know, I think the last time we saw each other was in Utah, when we went up the mountain.

Marlene Leslie: Oh, that's right.

Katrina Ruth: Cause I got the Facebook memories a month ago, it was like February of last year.

Marlene Leslie: Oh my gosh, it seems like it was just yesterday.

Katrina Ruth: It was so long ago. So we are literally catching up tonight for the first time in over a year. But, like this was such an interesting conversation because obviously, as you guys know, I've built a very successful online business and brand and that's my area and Marlene has so much incredible fucking success in the offline world, specifically around, I mean, why don't you tell like a little bit of your background. Because I was super intimidated by you when I met you. Like, I was like, this women is seriously high level. She frickin' builds hotels, not with her own physical hands but..

Marlene Leslie: I have people for that.

Katrina Ruth: She has people to do the building.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, so my background is in hospitality and I started working in hospitality when I was in high school and college and then in New York, my first job was as the general manager of a $20 million restaurant. I actually started out as a manager but finagled my way up really quickly because I was very aggressive and intimidating.

Katrina Ruth: The path was just delayed. It's considered an unbecoming personality trait.

Marlene Leslie: So they say.

Katrina Ruth: But that's exactly what we're here to talk about.

Marlene Leslie: So, from there I studied hospitality, worked a lot of notable restaurants in New York and transitioned into the hotel industry and opened a very popular hotel that basically had one of the most notable food and beverage programmes in the city. Then I went on to launch another hotel brand and concepted and came up with restaurants and bars within that brand until about 3 years ago, right before Cat and I met, parted ways with that company, my position was eliminated and I was at a point in my career where I kind of, and you'll appreciate this, I totally manifested that because I wanted out so badly but it was such a great job and it was like having an open chequebook to do whatever I wanted to do and to design and to create what I wanted to within hotels, that I felt that the best possible thing that would happen to me was to be able to have my job eliminated or to be let go in some way so that I could travel and take a year off.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, which is how we met because you were on that travel year. But honestly, like when we did meet I was like, I felt intimidated until I got to know you, which I know a lot people feel about me because I think, and we were just talking about this right before we got the [inaudible 00:07:30], like I think that anytime it's an area that you've got no understanding of and it just feels super vast and mysterious and daunting.

Marlene Leslie: Yes, yes, totally.

Katrina Ruth: And then you meet somebody who has conquered that, like, I'm like hello, she's opened like multi cagillion dollar hotels and done it all. I'm like, that's, like I have no clue to this day about that world. Why would I? I've never been part of it. To me that sounds insanely high level and like just impressive and daunting and vast. And if you try to turn me into getting a hotel opened I would have everybody livestreaming in no time but I'm not quite sure what else I would do. But there would definitely be wine and I'd get some martinis made and then I'm not quite sure what I would do, I'd probably get sick of everybody and leave 'cause I hate people sometimes. So, you know, like we were talking about this because Marlene mentors and coaches insanely high level executives and leaders in the physical world, not so much the online world. Like the real world, like people on the streets of New York you guys. And I'm like whoa, that's crazy. How do you connect with like an executive of a multi multi multi hundred million dollar firm or whatever it is.

Katrina Ruth: But we were talking about like what I do and then Marlene's wanting to come online and basically conquer the online world.

Marlene Leslie: I didn't want to come onto this, let's be clear.

Katrina Ruth: I have my ways of getting people onto livestreams, it's just what I do, it's a gift, I can't teach it to you. Well, I can, you should join my high ticket sales workshop, it's going live tomorrow. Yeah but, like this is what I was trying to explain, right? Cause you were kind of like, it feels like I don't know how to start and like kind of the conversation we're having is the one that I have with all of my clients and friends also, from time to time, around how do I know if I'm good enough and how do I know if I can do that and how do I do it and what's the strategy.

Katrina Ruth: And I was trying to explain, it's just about your perception, right? Because if you go to the top of that mountain and plant the flag and say I'm here and I'm the leader and everybody should listen to me, well you've got to be able to back it up. But it's about realising that you've that inside of you to back it up.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, yeah. That's a good point because there are two very different worlds and that analogy is so perfect in describing like my world versus your world and finally realising what I wanted to do and having those aha moments and having people say wow, you changed my life. That takes your breath away, where you are like, I did that? Actually, like you did it but I was there to support you on that. And I've personally been struggling with how to scale that and how to do that in a really meaningful way with executives and with the people that I really want to work with. It's a super scary world to venture into.

Katrina Ruth: Right, and it's about, and this relates to everyone. Like I do not think that there is anybody else who is on this livestream or replay who is going to say that they've opened multi-million dollar hotels. But every single person here has their own experiences, stories, skills, things you've learned, things you've overcome. What makes you credible enough to be a leader alone is that you fucking decide that you are and that you believe that you are. So I said to you, in the Uber I think, what you've got to understand is that just being around you is a value. And then you said, how is that a value?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, I did. I was like, what?

Katrina Ruth: Like, how? And I'm like, okay, you can choose to play smaller and think that it's egotistical to imagine that just being around you is a value. Typically, that is what people would say to me, right? They'd be like, it sounds egotistical if I think that I'm good enough that people should listen to me and people should, you know, that I should be able to teach people something or position myself as somebody to pay attention to.

Katrina Ruth: It's actually egotistical not to and the reason is that it's not about you, the person who has their own insecurities and doubts, as we all do. It's about the talent and the gift that you have inside of you and if you separate your own self, your own self away from that, will that talent and gift inside of you help people, yes or no?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Right, so get out of your own way, get the fuck over yourself. It's not about you, it's about what's inside of you. So if you would prevent yourself from putting your work out into the world because you think it's egotistical to imagine that people should listen to you, then what you are actually doing is stopping people from being helped and served and you are making your own human self more important than the message and the gift that's inside of you. So look at it as, what if it was a responsibility to get that message out and to impact people with what you have. And that's what I do and I feel like people will never fully understand how real this is for me, and even people who do know me super well. We were just saying that you know me really well, you know that I'm a natural introvert. We've stayed together, travelled together, known each other for some years now, you know that I'm not the person that people online think I am.

Marlene Leslie: Totally.

Katrina Ruth: Right? But, it's still a real part of me, it's not fake, it's not made up. It's that I allow it to come out, I access that part of me and I let it out. But when I come online, not always, but a significant part of the time I'm still that same scared little girl whose like, am I good enough, do people really want to listen to this, am I just repeating myself all the time? Am I too rambling, I'm wishy-washy, I'm vague, I'm all over the place or some people who don't like me or what do people think about how I look. Like, all the normal things, right?

Marlene Leslie: Absolutely. We talked about this earlier too, about how some of the people that we coach are mirrors to us and this comes up for everyone. It's funny to hear.

Katrina Ruth: Like you coach your clients and you're like oh, I should probably do that too.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, that's really good advice, I should listen to that.

Katrina Ruth: I watch my own livestream replays, I'm not even kidding. I watch my own livestream replays because I don't know what I'm talking about right now, it's all just whatever comes out. Then later on I'll watch it and think that's good, I'll write that down.

Marlene Leslie: But it's true, it's true. You hear the stuff that comes up and then you look in the mirror and you are like oh, how can I possibly coach people on this and help them get out of their own way but yet...

Katrina Ruth: Because you understand it.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, I understand it but I think that we are also really sneaky when it comes to ourselves.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, the internal critic, the internal dialogue.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, absolutely. It takes somebody like you or another coach to say hey, by the way...

Katrina Ruth: Get out of your own way.

Marlene Leslie: Exactly.

Katrina Ruth: It's not about you it's about what you can help people with, get over yourself, stop making it all about I feel this and I feel that and what do people think about this and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Instead, make it what if I was committed to my work, my art, my message, my business, my clients, whatever it is. And also, I guess in the end it's just like when you put all your own drama aside, like what we just said, do you know that what you have inside of you can help people.

Katrina Ruth: And you had asked me the question, because I said just being around you is a value and you were like, how? And I'm like, because of the way you've lived your life. Like, I never prepared for anything, right? I ran my event here yesterday and it was so fucking amazing, I'm doing San Diego next Tuesday, message me if you want to come. I was saying to Marlene, and the ladies yesterday knew this as well obviously, I don't prepare anything for that. The event started at 11:00 am, from about 10:15 to 10:40 I was taking selfies in the mirror in the bedroom because I had those rose-gold thigh high boots on. I mean, I'm just going to say, it's essential to get a really good selfie in the boots, that was my preparation for the event.

Katrina Ruth: But prior to that my preparation earlier that morning was journaling, did some inspiring reading of my books in there that you saw.

Marlene Leslie: Shared on livestream.

Katrina Ruth: Not in the morning, that's an afternoon activity, thank you. Wrote something online, went to the gym, went to Equinox, went to the dry bar, did a little bit writing or whatever there. So I did nothing to prepare for the event, in fact I literally didn't even prepare for the event until the afternoon before when I got here and I was like, hey I want to run an event tomorrow and they are like that is plenty short notice and I'm like I'm sure you can figure it out. I didn't plan a single note or concept or anything that I would speak about because I knew and trusted that the message for these women would come through me and would be powerful. However, and this was my point around the value of being around you. My fucking preparation was the fact that since I was 11 years old, so for 27 years now, I've been doing personal development and growth work.

Katrina Ruth: That was my preparation and my preparation is the way I live my life every single day and your preparation and what makes you credible and what makes you credible, if you know that this is for you as well, is the way you live your life and how when other people are doing whatever the fuck it is that they are all doing out there, which we really don't want to know most of the time, you're growing and you're putting yourself into uncomfortable situations and you're walking away from situations that are not aligned and you are actively, day by day, moment by moment, designing your life purposefully. I think we take that, we forget sometimes that that's not normal. And not that we want to necessarily be like oh, that's not normal, but mostly to make the point that that is of immense value. The way you live your life is of immense value. So therefore, when you open your mouth, literally value comes out. So somebody should pay just to be around you or they can pay, but it depends on what you want to do.

Marlene Leslie: Right, yeah. And I think the question that I asked you to that was, how do you monetize that? Like that's the question, there are so many coaches out there that are selling stuff that doesn't seem to be inline with, sometimes I sense a misalignment in what they are saying and what they are actually doing. So you pick up on that.

Katrina Ruth: You can feel it. Like give love heart shower if you see on your Facebook feed people who are selling shit where, like actually I wanted to put a post up, I think I've forgotten and you've just reminded me, which was something like hey, stop fucking selling shit that you yourself have no clue about. Like you're scarcely verbal, your desperate vibe shows.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, exactly, exactly. So the question is how do you, like how do you monetize that in a way that is true to you?

Katrina Ruth: Is not that.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, is not that, exactly.

Katrina Ruth: Well, firstly you know that you wouldn't because you decide to, like you say that and you are like, ick. It doesn't feel good, it feels yuck inside of you. So you consciously chose out of that already. But secondly, it is about you've got to be, I think it's a courage thing, you've got to be courageous enough. KELLY!!!! That's Kelly.

Marlene Leslie: Oh hey!

Katrina Ruth: What's up! All right, shout out for Kelly. Everybody send Kelly the love heart shower, I think she's at LAX about to get on a plane. Send her good vibes for her flight home. We're sending you wine and happy flight vibes. Miss you.

Katrina Ruth: Jenna, hey! I'm reading the comments. Energy doesn't like, exactly Kristine, energy doesn't like, people can feel. Kelly, look at all those love hearts coming in for you. People can feel when you are being real and when you are not being real in the land.

Katrina Ruth: So, how you are going to monetize it? I'm like very committed to this cushion. You don't understand how bloated my stomach is right now you guys, it's death. Well, not really, I'm abundantly alive but anyway, I'm very distracted by it. So you've got to get into giving yourself permission to own your greatness. That's the long and the short of it, right? Like, we all do this, I did this for years, one of my key jobs or roles that I choose into and that I love as a mentor is to kind of kick your ass, to not spend years doing it, like I did. Like the whole point of mentoring with somebody like me, for people that mentor with me.

Katrina Ruth: Like I'm constantly preaching at my friends because it just kind of happens as well, like the whole point is not just to learn maybe how somebody does something that if you align to their way of doing things but you should be able to save time and effort and money or whatever by saying, okay, this person is like me and they are saying they wasted all this time doing this that means I don't have to waste all that time, I can learn my lesson. I didn't have a mentor like myself telling me to be true to myself and stay the course and follow my soul and I literally took years before I finally gave in to being me and I think everybody takes years in some way or another before they finally give into being them.

Katrina Ruth: And what people do and what you don't want to do is people kind of dip their toe in the water, where they try to do the real passion purpose work that's inside of them and they do like some kind of half fake, not fake, but half assed attempt basically, a cautious attempt is a better way to say it.

Katrina Ruth: They are like, well you know I don't want to be inappropriate.

Marlene Leslie: Or I don't want to offend anybody.

Katrina Ruth: Right, I don't want to offend anybody.

Marlene Leslie: Or intimidate anyone.

Katrina Ruth: That, be too aggressive, be too much, like women like us, this is what they say about women like you, women like me. She's too much, she's too aggressive, she's too loud, she's over the top, don't you think she's a bit whatever. So we learn to tone it down but also it's the not good enough thing comes up again and like I always wanted to talk about the stuff I talk about now and then for years I was like, why would I get to talk about that, what makes me good enough to talk about that and who would want to listen to me.

Marlene Leslie: It doesn't matter.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, it doesn't matter. Is it even a thing? Like everybody here has felt this, is my message good enough, does that really matter? And everyday people say to me, I'm not clear on what my message is and I say bullshit. You are clear, it's just that one, you've got given yourself permission and two, you think it needs to be more fancy in order to be good enough. You're like bad cop, that's too vague, that's like not even a thing.

Marlene Leslie: I totally believe that. Yeah, it needs to be packaged really nicely and it needs to be perfect and it needs to use all the right words.

Katrina Ruth: And have like modules.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, like the right cadence and the right tone inflexion, like all of that stuff. Yeah, absolutely.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, exactly, when actually your true message is the simple truth of, like I have this megaphone exercise that I give all my clients, which is if you are on the balcony, like on whatever floor, but if you are on a balcony super high up and there was like tens of thousands of people below you and you had a megaphone and get one minute and you get to say, hey, don't you understand, this is what you've got to understand about life, this is what it's about, what would you say?

Marlene Leslie: I'd say, be you and I've said that for the longest time.

Katrina Ruth: Right, and it is very fucking simple and we would all say some version of that, but that's actually the whole message, that's it. And then you kind of like, but how do you monetize that? And everybody says, but that's like come on, everybody says that. How am I going to stand out from the other coaches and how do you turn that into something you would sell. Well, you start to build on it but you don't imagine to yourself that it's got to be something different from that simple core message. My core message is be you, be unapologetically you. But then when I express it I say a few more words than that and it comes out through the filter of my life experience and what I've chosen and what I've done. So there are lessons, there are stories, there are details or elements but the message is just, be unapologetically you, life does not press play, you've can't have it all, do what it takes.

Katrina Ruth: Whatever it is it just comes out differently each day. But it's always the simple stuff and in any era of life it's the simple stuff, right? Whether it's health and fitness, whether it's business, whether it's love, anything just comes down to simple core truths. And there is nothing you need to add to that.

Marlene Leslie: So do you find that using, how do you relate that message to executives that are very lonely when they get to that point and they want a little bit more substance. They are used to pain, they are used dealing with it being really hard and I'm wondering how you attract those people in on a regular basis?

Katrina Ruth: It's about realising that no matter how high level somebody is, they are a person who has their own insecurities, doubts, uncertainties. And actually, what I've found, is that the higher level somebody is the more they really appreciate, and we were talking about this, like real and raw, and typically the higher level somebody is the more that people, in general, are scared to speak to them at all.

Marlene Leslie: I see that all the time.

Katrina Ruth: Or they are scared to speak in a real way or speak the truth and it's kind of like cow towing or whatever the expression is. And just faking it, essentially. So when you come in and you be that, you just honestly just be your real self, like you said, and say what you know to say. It doesn't matter how impressive or high up the person in front of you is, if you just pause for a moment and check in with your own self and be like, what do I need to say to this person, you'll know what to say. And people, like I've mentored and consulted with people who have even up to multi hundred million dollar businesses and if they don't have significance and meaning connected to their core desires, and often it is something to do with auto-creativity or whatever it is, then they are not happy.

Katrina Ruth: And it doesn't mean that they are going to walk away from their whole business and life, necessarily, but when you can start to connect somebody back to what matters to you, what makes you come alive, and just speak to them as yourself, like take away what their title is or their position. Like, for me, in the online world, I have many clients now who are very well known leaders online and some of those clients, when they first started working with me, I was kind of like, are you sure? Do you know who you are? Like, I know I'm doing okay but I was like, really? Such and such person wants to me to be their mentor? And now that's just kind of my client base.

Katrina Ruth: But I still feel that way, I'm still like this is kind of crazy. Like, how did I pull this off? How am I getting away with this? Because all I'm doing is speaking my truth. All I'm doing is, I became the person who stopped worrying about whether it was allowed or whether it was okay. And relevant to your question of how do you know how to coach those people? Well you know because you know and if you put aside the idea that you don't know, well then it's going to be a complicated thing. Then you do know exactly what to say.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, so I don't have a problem coaching those people, I want to know how to cull them in.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, cool, perfect. So this is exactly what we were talking about at the end of dinner around fuck niching, or however the word is said here in America. I get confused about it. Like screw niching and nitching, both of them. And like demographics and all that bullshit. It's not about that, that's not how you find your ideal clients, right? It's about personality type and characteristics. So you write down, who is the person who I am speaking to. Like, my ideal client is, well most of my clients are women, but that's because I've typically marketed to women, so a woman or a man now, it's a person who is a born entrepreneur, firstly. So I don't believe in entrepreneurs being made. Yes, I'll agree that somebody can become an entrepreneur and build a business, that's not the same as being a born entrepreneur, that's a different kettle of fish.

Katrina Ruth: So my clients are born for it, they've always known it, they've always known that they were born for more. They've grown up feeling like they are kind of smarter than everybody and know more than everybody but they probably felt bad about that, because it sounds egotistical. But they just knew inside of them that they were born for more, that they are going to do something extraordinary, they are not going to live the normal life, they are going to create something amazing. They've always had that yearning and that pull and that are typically like the fuck the status quo, black sheep type person who breaks all the rules. Either who was a bad girl or a bad girl growing up or alternatively more like me, who was like a teacher's pet good girl who somehow hacked the entire fucking system and nobody knew that I was always just doing whatever the fuck I want.

Katrina Ruth: But I was still like the A grade, good girl student but I never did anything. I just like hacked it and I always just got the result and I was like, it's so easy. Like I'd always get the top mark and I didn't do anything, right? Which is still now, I'm like I don't really do anything, somebody should report me, I don't know what I'm doing here, like I'm just making shit up every day and now people are agreeing to pay me so that I can talk at them when I just wanted them to listen to me the whole time anyway.

Katrina Ruth: So that's who my client set has been, they've either been like kind of a rabble rouser and got into trouble growing up or they were like the good girl or good boy who hacked the system and kind of got away with shit and nobody really knew. And then as time went on, they pretty much walked out on every job, they continually started new business ventures or new endeavours or always never finished them and then feel bad about it, like I never finish things, there is something wrong with me, I'm not being organised, I'm not responsible, I'm not reliable. Because that whole time when you are walking away from everything and supposedly failing at everything and quitting on everything in your life, what you were really doing was going more and more connected to your soul and you were like the one person whose smart enough to not stick with something that's not soul aligned.

Katrina Ruth: And now that person is like that woman or man whose said that she's too much, too aggressive, over the top, doesn't do it properly, I could go on and on but my point is that's how you cull your clients. You speak to who they are at their core and you don't worry about what their demographics are. My clients spend, as we were saying, I just from early 20s into 60s and even beyond actually, and all walks of life and all types of businesses, as well. Roughly 40%, maybe a little bit more of my clients are coaches, there are many different kinds of people. It's not about what they do, it's not about how they look, what their age is, what their background is, it's about who they are at their core.

Katrina Ruth: And then the way to get those clients wanting to work with you is you do have to be doing this, right? Which you are. But messaging and communication of some kind.

Marlene Leslie: So like blogging?

Katrina Ruth: Blogging, telling stories, writing massive 3,000 word blog posts every single day 365 days a year. No, not really. You don't have to do anything that I do but you've certainly got to communicate, right? Because you want to be that voice where your core clients are like, if Marlene doesn't write another fucking blog post at 3 I'm going to go over to her house and personally sit her down and make her write it. Like, I used to have bloggers that I would follow, which I still do, but I get so shitty, like I'd be curious to know, like on the odd occasion where I take a day off, does anybody get kind of shitty at me? That I didn't post anything? And I know you do because I gets messages about it. People will message me and be like, did you die? Um excuse me Kat, why have you not posted a blog in two days?

Katrina Ruth: And I used to be like that. Like you find that person that you are inspired by and you just want them to produce content for you all the time and the way to become that person for your people is to just become that person and do it and be it and then continue to show up for it. So then your ideal clients wake up in the morning and they are like I'm going to go check Marlene's page and see what she's posted or has she done another livestream, because that's food for their soul.

Katrina Ruth: So the question would be, not how do I find my clients the question is, how do I just be food for the soul of my clients right now. And the way to do that is so easy, it's literally turn on the camera or start writing and say what's inside of you, zero filter. Like, whatever it is. Whether it's about obvious relevant things. Kristine says, haha, I feel like where's Kat, why hasn't she gone online. I got so much shit last month when I did hardly any livestreams because I was in the hospital and then I was travelling. I was going my branding in LA with Chris and it was quite full on. We were doing these fancy things. And I did like two livestreams in a month, which was so rare for me. Gosh, people were giving me such a hard time about it. Not in a mean way, obviously. But that's what happens when you build up your position as a leader. And you've just got to let it be easy.

Marlene Leslie: It's true. I was going to ask you a question but I know what you'll probably say, to the idea of creating content. Like that's a lot of pressure to create content on a regular basis and to first, like find your voice and then secondly, to like own it and do it on a consistent daily basis because you don't want to be that person that's dipping their toe in the water.

Katrina Ruth: Right, but you have a voice already. That's the thing to realise. Right? Like, we go to dinner or we go out with a group of people, you're an aggressive, over-the-top, and we did establish earlier this evening, a hilarious person. We agreed that we are both very funny, we established that earlier in the evening.

Marlene Leslie: Cheers.

Katrina Ruth: But that's who you are, you're like the life of the party person, same as me, that's why we're friends. We would have never stayed in touch after Bali if we weren't that same sort of person, right? So you already have that voice, you have that crazy irreverent personality and also ability to go super deep super fast and experience and knowledge and wisdom. And its literally just let that same part of you come out here, don't separate it.

Katrina Ruth: This kind of doesn't make sense because we're all online and we don't go to boardrooms, but it's a good analogy that I came up with a few years ago, which is it should be the same conversation in the boardroom as what's in the bar. Right? Like separate nothing, at all. The irreverent stuff, the crazy stuff, the random shit that's got nothing to do with anything, like even me carrying on about my pants and my stomach at the start of the livestream. That's just me being me but its also me kind of, that was somewhat deliberate of me to do that because I'm conscious of who wants to just sit down and watch a, like what are we going to do, sit here like this, hello Marlene, this evening on the Katrina Ruth show we're going to have a conversation about what it takes to be a leader online but hang on a second, you shouldn't really do that with a top that has holes in it.

Marlene Leslie: Let's start this again. Cut! Cut!

Katrina Ruth: And you definitely shouldn't do it in like MC Hammer copper pants.

Marlene Leslie: Cut! We're going to delete all this, right?

Katrina Ruth: Yes.

Marlene Leslie: These people on here are all friends.

Katrina Ruth: And besides, switch spots with these weirdo [inaudible 00:36:48], like it should be a proper set. Like, do you know what I mean? Like so many entrepreneurs are like, I'm going to make it look like perfect and now I'm going to present my topic, like they are presenting like a grade school paper or something.

Marlene Leslie: Did you hear what I said? Like Marie?

Katrina Ruth: Ooh.

Marlene Leslie: I'm just kidding, I don't want to be mean.

Katrina Ruth: Marlene, you're the one who said it. You guys didn't hear that. But you know what I mean? Like, you don't have to find your voice to message online. There is a voice already there, just use the one that you've got.

Marlene Leslie: That's a good point, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: But all of it, like all of it. That's the missing link. Don't make it like I've got to make sure that I've got a relevant topic that's of value and it's useful and is this a good enough topic and then what are my fucking three key points or something like that. Don't do that. Make it the same as if you would go to dinner and you already go to dinner with high level people and we all actively call people who are thinkers and action takers and success minded and growth minded. And you'd be able to have an amazing, inspiring, entertaining and motivating conversation with them. So just put it here, same thing.

Marlene Leslie: What if nobody watches it?

Katrina Ruth: Then you keep on going because you've got to trust in the process. That's a good question because that is hard. Like, I can remember my first livestream, it was actually on Periscope. Do you remember Periscope? So, it wasn't that long ago. It was that same year in Bali, it wasn't that long ago. I was Periscoping from Rob's villa but I did the first one like not that long before we met. It went for about ten minutes and after the ten minutes I found out that I had done the whole thing sideways and I hadn't known because I didn't know how to read the comments at the time. And people were like, it's sideways and that was all that the comments were about. And if you would watch it, and I think it's gone now, or maybe it's somewhere on YouTube, who knows, but team probably like downloaded it on YouTube, but I was so nervous and I was so [inaudible 00:38:53].

Katrina Ruth: I was nothing like the savvy, livestreaming entertainer that I am now. Because I've been online for nearly 12 years now, but Facebook Live is fairly new and livestreams in general, but I think when I first started doing them, for ages it was like three or four people getting on, stuff like. Now it's so widely varied, there's 19 people on right now, but this will totally get like several thousand views over the next day or so, and sometimes there are a few hundred people on, it goes quite varied. But either way, make it not about the numbers, make it about the message. And play the long game, right? Like, for real, you feel self-conscious if you do something and nobody seems to be engaging. Or let's say that you try to sell something and only one person buys it. But you've got to look at it like, well imagine somebody said, well I went to the gym today and I don't have abs yet, so what should I do?

Marlene Leslie: Totally.

Katrina Ruth: I'd be like, um, hello, idiot.

Marlene Leslie: Keep going.

Katrina Ruth: It's going to take more than a day or maybe even more than 100 days in a row, who knows. Depending on what your goal is, but play the long game. And I think it is about that, it's about being that very rare person that's going to be brave enough to put themselves out there when they do feel self-conscious and when they do feel like, is this good enough. And you put that video out, like you did something terrifying and scary. Tell people about it.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, I mentioned to Kat earlier that I, my coach had me put a video on Facebook to coach a hundred people in a hundred days, which the coaching part didn't scare me but the moment that she said video on social media, my heart dropped and I started trembling, I was like ugh. Like, can I just talk to people? She's like nope, social media, tomorrow. And I was like, holy shit! What? I was like fine, I'll do it. This also came after I had struggled putting my website together and writing my copy and going through this entire process.

Katrina Ruth: And letting people know you.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, letting people get to know me and putting my message out there. So I actually asked for this challenge, I was like you know, I really want to be challenged in a way that I can overcome something because I felt really good. Long story short, I did the Facebook video and it was horrifying, it was so scary. The moment that I pressed post I was like, ugh, nobody is going to watch this and I'm going to have to like go into witness protection programme. Like this is going to bomb.

Katrina Ruth: I watched it.

Marlene Leslie: But the crazy thing about that was that I had a lot of people reach out to my privately that were impressed by my bravery, my courage. Like all of these words that were used and all the support that I got, that I didn't even anticipate, it was amazing and I reconnected with a lot of great people and actually coached a lot of great people too. It was pretty powerful and I got like 1.8k views or something, which is crazy.

Katrina Ruth: And that's the thing, like so few people are going to choose to be brave enough to do something like that and every time you are brave and vulnerable and authentic.

Marlene Leslie: That word came up a lot.

Katrina Ruth: Vulnerable, right. It pays off, for sure. And there is no way to get around the terrifying part though, that's the thing. You've got to go through it but at the end of the day we are all here to create a life that other people don't even dare to dream of. So it's kind of like, at some point you've got to remind yourself that it's not going to fall into your lap just because you were born for it. Nobody is going to knock on your door with a silver platter and be like, hi you were born for it, here's your leader status, here's your dream life, here's your soulmate. I used to think that. Like I honestly thought that. And then when I was like 27 I was like fuck, I don't think it's going to happen, I think I have to do it.

Marlene Leslie: You have to work for it, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah! Legitimately, I was like, holy shit. Because when you are 27 you think that 30 is clearly the beginning of the end, right? Like, when you are 27 you are like I'm going to be 30! Life is nearly over! Like, I had a lot of friends and clients who are not yet 30 and I'm like, shut the fuck up. They are like, I'm going to be 30, I'm not a billionaire yet.

Marlene Leslie: You'll be just fine.

Katrina Ruth: I'm like, just shut up or I'm going to punch you. But I got to 27, I did, and I was like, fuck, I haven't done any of the stuff, I had a whole life planned. Married at 24, kids at 26, millionaire by 30, just your typical normal life plan. I was like 25, I got married and I'm like, I'm on track, I'm sweet. Then 26, I'm divorced, not part of the plan. 27, no clue, bulimia, debt, looking great from the outside, fitness modelling, whatever, like showing the world success, mess. And I was literally like fuck, what am I going to do?

Katrina Ruth: Because I was a personal trainer and I was good at it and I loved fitness but I was not in a good place, but I knew that fitness wasn't my life. And it was, it was that thing of going, holy shit, my whole life I've known I'm born for more and I just suddenly realised that it's not going to magically happen. And that's the year that I started my first blog.

Marlene Leslie: Oh wow.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, that's why I started. Because I was like, I better start doing something then. And I built my own little homemade website, it was like, website in a box I think it was called, and you pay for it like $100 and you build it yourself. It was a black background with white writing and neon colours everywhere.

Marlene Leslie: Shocker.

Katrina Ruth: And it was called Anyway. But we all went through that period. So you do have to go through that period of putting yourself out there and what if nobody is watching and nobody responds and I fall on my face. I've had way more offers failed than what have succeeded over the years, but nobody knows or remembers about that. And I barely even remember about it at this point. But it is true and it is real. I just think, when I look back at my business journey I know that very few people would put themselves through what I put myself through because they don't have the inner strength and the tenacity and I think that's really what this conversation is about.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: It's not about do you know you've got what it takes, because you know that, you know that, we all know that. It's about do you have the tenacity, do you have the resilience, do you have the inner strength, will you choose it, because it's all a choice anyway, right?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, but I think that its normal to have those doubts in everything that you do. So, do you feel that that inner strength can be built up?

Katrina Ruth: Definitely! It's a muscle, the same as we build our muscles in fitness and we build our mindset in fitness as well. I mean, for me personally and you are probably the same, like I take a lot of stuff to this day in my business from fitness.

Marlene Leslie: Oh, totally.

Katrina Ruth: Like, you know how to push through, you know how to overcome, you know how to go beyond your limits, you know when you feel like you are at your limit so you want to stop but you know that you are actually not at your limit. So I feel really grateful that I had fitness in my life for such a long time because it has taught me so much and I think that it's critical. But, regardless, anyhow, yes it can be built up, of course it's a practise and a discipline and it's basically that moment when you feel like you can't keep going.

Katrina Ruth: Or actually, like back in the day, years ago I used to train with professional rugby players and I was always the only female in the gym, because it was part of our management training when I worked in Australia's largest health club chain. And it would literally be like, you think you are going to die, and I still train so extreme and I learned it from these guys, but back then it was beyond. And it was literally like you would be on the floor nearly crying and dying and it would be like hey Kat, are you dead? No. Then get up and keep going. They don't care. Throwing up? Are you dead? No? Then get up and keep going.

Katrina Ruth: And I really just applied that philosophy to business. I don't mean, and we talked about this, I don't mean that you've got to work all the hours to make money or burn yourself out and do shit that you don't want to do, but maybe you do maybe you don't, we all have, but obviously what I teach and preach is fall on your knees and that's what I believe. But it's a kind of interesting thing to talk about because I felt, I was like, I didn't do anything, I felt pretty sure that I did nothing, I'd just sit around all day, all I did was yoga and gym, facial, massage, or whatever.

Katrina Ruth: But I still actually wrote about 5,000 words of content, including a sales pitch for an entire new programme, and a long blog posts and a bunch of promotional stuff and communicated with 100% of my clients privately. I said to you, I did nothing today, I slept in, I went to yoga, had a smoothie, had a facial, then went to the gym, had another smoothie, then went to the dry bar and then went to dinner. I was legitimately like I had a total bliss day.

Katrina Ruth: Now I'm like, hang on, I wrote a sales pitch for a whole new programme, I wrote a 2,500 word blog post, which was really good, I communicated with all of my private clients [inaudible 00:48:57], I responded to my all my team staff, I laid out a bunch of new project stuff and like probably ten other things I can't even remember right now. To me, I'm like I did nothing. So it's about becoming that person whose disciplined and where it's just kind of who you are, you don't think about it. I'm way off on a tangent there.

Marlene Leslie: So how do you differentiate between the stuff that you have to do or that you need to do for your business, like a Facebook Live, like obviously that's something that I'm not comfortable with and everyone has their thing. So the Facebook Live versus like being in flow and ease.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. This is where you've got to go, is it true that you don't want to do a Facebook Live or is it that you can't for your mindset, because I know who you are as a person, that actually you're the exact kind of perfect person to do Facebook Live and that if it wasn't a new uncomfortable area you'd be having the best time ever. So the way to differentiate is kind of like a gut check. Like, okay is this an aligned action for me, personally, to be taking my business. Do I, at my core, feel that this is right for me to be doing, yes or no? And if yes, do I feel grumpy or scared or annoyed or fearful around it?

Marlene Leslie: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Well, too bad because you just said it's aligned, right?

Marlene Leslie: Right.

Katrina Ruth: But then there are other things where somebody might go, well for me, anything where somebody says really classic internet marketing strategy type stuff, where I always felt, like even before I knew what I know now, that it's all so fucking unnecessary. But back before I really believed in myself, I intuitively felt like I just don't want to do that and what I felt was, I felt a feeling of I just don't really think that I have to. But then I was listening to people who were saying that you do have to, you should. So I was like, okay.

Katrina Ruth: It was exactly like I had a coach helping me in the love and romance area and I stopped working with her and I was so grateful for the work that we did and things that I did learn but I had to stop working with her because she kept telling me this is how to communicate with men and like teaching me rules, right?

Marlene Leslie: And you immediately want to break them.

Katrina Ruth: Right. Well, at my core I was kind of like, oh well, I haven't had results or success in this area and I feel like I don't know what I'm doing yet and I was still learning or something, like I was in a long-term relationship for 15 years straight and all of a sudden you are single again, I was literally like, I don't know what dating even means. Like, I'm not really sure what you do on a date, how do you do that, how do you get a date and then what do you do on a date, right? So then I went and got a coach, or actually had several.

Marlene Leslie: As one does.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. And some were amazing for me personally and one or two, it was like what would be said to me, I was like, I guess you're right because you're the expert but at my core what I felt was, really? Like, really? Am I really going to learn like a fucking script to send a message, for example. Like an appropriate way of how you would word things. So, yeah, that's how you know because something inside of you says well maybe you are right because you are the expert but actually, at my core, I just don't believe you. I kind of at my core don't think I have to do it that way and to be honest, if I would have to do it that way that would be bullshit. Because then what is any connection that I form going to be based on?

Katrina Ruth: And that's how I felt with a lot of strategy stuff for business. Like I would hear stuff or see stuff on Facebook or people would tell me things, you've got to do this, you've got to do that. And I was like, I don't want to, personally. I just don't want to do that. And the history of my entire life says that if I don't want to do it it's pretty fucking unlikely that I'm going to do it, no matter what I try and pretend. Like, you might say to yourself, you are going to do something and then it's not going to happen. But there is also that part of you that's like, I kind of think I'm smarter than you. So that's how you differentiate. So go to something like Facebook Live, well is that how you feel about it? If so then don't do it. But if you are like, well I think I'm just kind of scared of it and I'm not used to it yet, then that's a whole different scenario, right?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, that's a good point.

Katrina Ruth: So then daily, repeatedly, it's a matter of identify those things which you know you would be doing already if you'd gotten over yourself and if you had the confidence and if you were like kind of that next version of yourself and then you just do it, you just choose that you are going to do it. And nobody knows, it's kind of like, I remember changing schools when I was 8 years old and I was like the shy, introverted person that I am, but I remember when I changed schools I was like, well nobody knows that, I can be the cool girl. But I didn't, I didn't like choose to or know how to, I guess. But we're grown-ups now, we know how to show off and allow that confident side of ourselves out, it's actually a choice. Nobody knows.

Katrina Ruth: Like I said, when I first met you I viewed you as this slightly scary, intimidating woman and you still are that to many people with what you do and what you achieve. And so am I to many people as well. And then you get to know each other and it's like, oh, she's like me.

Marlene Leslie: Normal.

Katrina Ruth: We can be friends. Lets do a livestream.

Marlene Leslie: Oh god.

Katrina Ruth: I don't know, what else are you thinking?

Marlene Leslie: I'm speechless.

Katrina Ruth: We have run out of speech.

Marlene Leslie: I mean, not really.

Katrina Ruth: Never.

Marlene Leslie: Not really.

Katrina Ruth: Well, how you know you should be doing Facebook Live is you are a talking, you have stories and things to say.

Marlene Leslie: Oh god, I do. I don't know if I can go public.

Katrina Ruth: Oh please.

Marlene Leslie: Maybe we can refer to them as "clients".

Katrina Ruth: Well, really if we had recorded our whole conversation from the bar and dinner, that's some fucking high value entertainment. Like, you're a storyteller. Like, this is the quietest I've ever seen you in 3 or 4 years. But like this woman is like a pretty fucking out there crazy person.

Marlene Leslie: Chatterbox.

Katrina Ruth: Over the top storytelling entertainer, life of the party, dominant. All the things that we all are and then you're just on a platform where it's uncomfortable. But you are going to get into it. Tell stories says Kristine. So Marlene told me she's dating two men and then she finished telling all the stories and I'm like, didn't you say two? What are we up to, what's happening, I don't remember anything.

Marlene Leslie: We're up to four.

Katrina Ruth: The point is, you definitely have things to say and to share with the world and that's who you are in your normal everyday life.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, I just have to get over that fear. I've never had trouble exercising or doing a workout plan or any of that stuff, to me it's very similar, I equate this to someone I work with in particular who has never exercised. It's like, how could you not?

Katrina Ruth: Right.

Marlene Leslie: Like, how could you not want to go for a run?

Katrina Ruth: How is that even a thing? I'm like, how can you get on a plane or go to an event or go do anything.

Marlene Leslie: Or people that don't travel. I have friends that won't get on a flight. I'm like, I don't even understand how you live, like how you live your life.

Katrina Ruth: Right. So anything that you do that to you is just really natural and automatic and people try to make it out like it's a big deal and you're like, that's crazy. It's all just a choice. Right, like at some point along your journey, even if it was way back when, you decided to be a fit person, same as me. So at some point along my journey I decided I was sick of the fact that nobody knew who I was and I felt like people should know who I am and people should frickin' listen to me, just listen and then pay me for it. So then I decided to be that person.

Katrina Ruth: And it really is that you guys. You've got to understand, people are like how did you become so well known online or whatever and I'm like, because I decided to. I just became that person, I let the inner side of me out. I appointed myself. I keep saying this over and over again and so few people follow it though, like one in a thousand, which makes sense anyway because I always say it's the one percent within the one percent, but the ones that do go to the top fast.

Marlene Leslie: But it's scary.

Katrina Ruth: It is scary, it is scary. Like, I think about my visions and dreams that I've not yet created, like things beyond my own businesses, like other businesses that I want to bring to life and my empire and other things that I desire in my life and it's terrifying. You know that. Like what we talked about earlier, like putting yourself out there and pursuing something where you feel like, am I crazy? Am I just like a crazy person and nobody wants to tell me? Well, people do tell me that. Right? But it's that thing that we all have of like is what I feel inside of me real, am I crazy, am I just like losing my mind? Who do I think I am that it could be like that?

Katrina Ruth: The rule is that if you feel it inside of you then it is available for you or it wouldn't come through you. I believe that, I believe that you don't get given a dream that's not your dream to dream. So if it comes through you then it's available and it's available specifically for you, not just in the general sense. And, if you are feeling and dreaming it it's available now, already.

Marlene Leslie: I totally believe that.

Katrina Ruth: It's not like for ten years away. Even investing in ourselves can be scary as fuck. Of course it can, investing in any sense, not just financially, but energetically, emotionally, with our time. It is. We feel the fear and do it anyway. You know there is that cliché expression, but I feel like it's so true, which is you know you do what others won't so you can live like they can't. Well I'm at the stage now where if somebody comes along and just meets me, they see the product of my decade, two decades, whatever it is if you really go back through all the years of growth work. So people have a sort of perception of me, if they don't know my story or get to know me. And what's actually happened is, I did it, I did what others wouldn't do for many, many years. As every single person here has in different areas of their life and now I do get to live like they can't.

Katrina Ruth: Like somebody said, you're living the dream. And I'm like, yeah, I am and I did the fucking work.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, you have. Yeah, that's exactly right because a lot of people expect it to just happen naturally and you read a book on manifestation and you're like, well how come I can't think it and it's appearing in my life. Like there is actually some action that needs to happen.

Katrina Ruth: You can, it comes from thought but yeah there's like a lot more steps than that.

Marlene Leslie: But you can't just think it.

Katrina Ruth: It's the daily commitment and process. I think it all comes from thought, you do think it and that's how it happens but because you think it you become the person. And that kind of speaks to what I was saying where I legitimately feel like I don't do anything. I'm like, all I do is whatever I want all day. I only do whatever the fuck I want all day but then when you reverse engineer it, you're like, I do a fuckload of stuff. For my business, for my clients, for my children, for my health and fitness, for my relationships. I do a lot, but why do I feel like I do nothing? Because I became that person, so I kind of thought it into being part of my being. I did it through journaling as well.

Katrina Ruth: Like fitness, right? To you, same as me, it's part of who you are, it's got nothing to do with what projects you're working on or how busy you are or whether you are travelling or whether you are tired, whether you feel like it. So therefore, you can say that it's easy to stay in great shape and to be fit but then of course you do the work.

Marlene Leslie: And anytime somebody asks me how I stay in shape, I tell them that I work my fucking ass off.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, you work your ass off but it's easy because it's part of who you are. Like, it's not easy in the physical sense, the easy part is that there's no internal battle of will I or won't I.

Marlene Leslie: The decision has already been made.

Katrina Ruth: There is no negotiation being made. And that's actually the hard thing, that's why people lose their energy and their power, is not in the actual doing of the work, like whatever you do at the gym or the studio or whatever, the hard part is that conversation in your head, will I or won't I, do I feel like it, what about this, what about that, oh my god. Who has time for that.

Marlene Leslie: It's exhausting.

Katrina Ruth: It is exhausting.

Marlene Leslie: You feel like you've done the work and haven't actually done anything.

Katrina Ruth: Right, exactly. So just make it easy by making it part of who you are. You are still going to sweat and push and hustle and grind and do whatever you do. Like exercising isn't like a production, I just do it, it's easy. Right, it's easy because you just do it. Like, I say all the time, things are easier that doesn't mean you don't put the effort in.

Marlene Leslie: Right.

Katrina Ruth: Cool, we could talk all night. This is how easy it is to do a Facebook Live. You just start having a chat.

Marlene Leslie: I just popped a cherry.

Katrina Ruth: You popped your livestream cherry. I've taken another livestream virginity. It's not the first, it's kind of a thing. You brought it up though. Like, I might have hustled to get out of the restaurant because I got excited about taking my pants off. Two activities that are not always connected but occasionally. But it was your idea, you said it first.

Marlene Leslie: I did nothing about this.

Katrina Ruth: You did, you brought it up somehow. And I was like, done, I'm in. And then what you do next is sell something. Do you have anything to sell?

Marlene Leslie: Just my teaching. I coach high level executives.

Katrina Ruth: Are you a high level executive who needs somebody whose actually not afraid to tell you the truth?

Marlene Leslie: Tell it like it is? That's exactly right, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Well that's the thing, right? That's why you do what you do so damn well. Because you are actually willing to say to people's faces what other people won't say.

Marlene Leslie: That's true.

Katrina Ruth: Connect with Marlene and if you want to come hang with me in San Diego next week I have one or two places left. Message me on my personal Katrina Ruth page if you want to come to my one day soul shifts and money making day in San Diego on Tuesday and stay tuned because I'm going to launch my high ticket sales with ease workshop probably tomorrow. Have an amazing rest of the day, keep pressing play.

Marlene Leslie: Bye.