Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: No, it's not a silent movie. Sometimes I just like to sit here silently at the start of a live stream because I feel like you should talk first. You should talk first. I shouldn't have to talk first all the time. It feels unfair. You know that you gotta start arranging hair as soon as you get on a live. I've said this many times. I'm just making sure you realise. All right.

Katrina Ruth: Hey Dee. Hi, how are you? Hi 11 people in my live stream already. Those are some magical double ones. Okay 10, okay 11. You'll talk? Good. Somebody else should have to talk now and then. I just feel like I was gonna sit here and not talk until somebody else talked. I actually bought this swimsuit just for this live stream, you guys. Thanks [Carly Renney 00:00:58].

Katrina Ruth: I like to be super understated with my colours and shit. I was looking at myself side on in the mirror, before I went out to the pool earlier on, out there. The public area, not this little pool. Hair to one side you look like naked. Oh well. It'll drive the viewers up. That's fine. Okay, hair to one side. Fine Leah [Steel 00:01:22]. I'm not taking direction.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, look at my fancy new banner. How cool is it? But I need it to go all the way across the screen. Ow. I just whacked my hand on a pillow. A pillar, not a pillow. Do you know what's annoying? I'm gonna tell you something that's annoying. On my phone, I need to know. Here's what I need to know. Kelly, Leah, people who tell me the things, Jamie, all of you, Andy, Dave, can you see my under boob right now? Or can you only see some of the bikini? Because this phone screws with you.

Katrina Ruth: What happens is, you think that you can see ... like when I live stream in a bikini ... Ella, I've been so crazy today. You have no idea the levels of crazy that have been happening in my head. So, you're not alone in your crazy. Okay, good. Because I feel a little bit of under ... See? I don't mind ... What I mean is can you see my stomach? Or can you just see bikini? No stomach? Because on my phone, I'm safe, right? On my phone, my whole stomach is not presenting itself to the live stream. Not that it's illegal to show it or something, but sometimes when I live stream like this and then I watch the replay on my desktop ... An inch or two below. Okay, good.

Katrina Ruth: I just need to know where my cutoff zone is. Because when I watch the replay on the desktop, it seems to show a lot lower down, and you don't know what's going on down here. And nobody needs to know what's going on down here. But when I feel that I'm safe to let anything happen down here ... it's starting to sound weird now. But I feel like I don't have to worry about how I'm holding myself. Do you know what I mean? Like I'm not sitting here trying to sit perfectly posed and my lower abs held in.

Katrina Ruth: And then if I watch the desktop replay later, I'm like, "Well fuck you, Facebook. You're just showing everybody everything." Okay, so there was that. And then the banner thing is amazing, but I want it to go across the whole screen, and I did actually buy this bikini just for this live stream because I felt bored with all my colours. Just show it all, it'll be amazing. Oh, did you guys see that stripper that went viral? For eating pizza while she was dancing on the pole?

Katrina Ruth: I saw it on the Fat Jewish's page yesterday, who I do follow him. I do find him quite amusing. And I thought it was fantastic. Always something funny happening. Good. Oh my God. You have to ... just do a Google search for stripper goes viral eating pizza. She was fully dancing, wherever she was dancing at, some place in Vegas or Hollywood or somewhere, and eating pizza while she was doing ... Well, she didn't even give a fuck. She just sat down on the bottom of the pole and ate some pizza, and then got up and lazily did a bit of a dance to, I think it was Sandman, Metallica, which made it even more amazing than it already would've been.

Katrina Ruth: It was hands down the most impressive thing you've ever seen on the internet. I went and followed her on Instagram straight away after that. I was fascinated by the whole thing. I think she was just hungry, but she's now viral. Or she's smarter than all of us. So, I'm trying to think about how can I replicate that. If I eat pizza on a live stream, am I gonna go viral? Because I think that would be reasonable.

Katrina Ruth: So, all right. The crazies had me full under its spell the last several days. Full under its spell. You would've loved when I worked at the alternative and burlesque fair. Yeah, I don't mind a bit of burlesque. Were you doing burlesque dancing? I feel like I could do some sort of impression of burlesque dancing right now, however I won't. You've all been saved .

Katrina Ruth: Okay. I was sitting over yonder ... I'll show you yonder. Check out yonder. Hang on one second. There it is. That's yonder. [inaudible 00:05:11]. Yonder looks pretty good. This is my little house, for now. I wanted to live stream on one of those chairs that's right over there, but it would require me to put the tripod in the water, which seems like ... given my propensity for clumsy shit just randomly happening to me, seems like it wouldn't be that smart of an idea to position the tripod in the water, but I must say I was very tempted.

Katrina Ruth: So, I was sitting over yonder, and I thought I was gonna do a live stream an hour ago. I even told Callie Jones, who sends out my daily ask agree newsletter for me, that I was gonna live stream. I said, "Prepare the ask agree email ready to be sent out so that you can have the live stream in," and I was conscious also that it's gonna be 5:00 PM her time. Not that we have exact working hours, but still, I kind of keep them into consideration or I try to.

Katrina Ruth: And then, I got into so much bullshit about why I couldn't live stream while I was sitting out there, because there was a quite a few people out there at the pool, and then ... Oh, okay cool. Who's watching this in the shower? Okay, Al, you definitely are crazy. She gets the crazy award. Hey Terry. I'm with the waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Still, I would totally live stream from the shower if I thought I could get away with it. I mean, I could get away with it. I don't know. I haven't felt called to. If my soul desired to I would certainly do it.

Katrina Ruth: But I've done it from the bath, obviously. Who hasn't live streamed out of the bath? I feel like if you've not live streamed out of the bath, or you wouldn't be willing to live stream out of the bath, you definitely couldn't get to be in the inner circle. In fact, my brother via ... I'm gonna say via now, not via. I'm Americanizing my words. In certain places, gradually. Bit by bit. Because I feel like it makes me sound cool.

Katrina Ruth: So, Jamie's in the bath. You're allowed to be in the bath. You're pregnant and engaged all at the same time. It's very intense. There's lots of things going on. Congratulations to Jamie, who got engaged right as I was calling her the other night for our one on one call, and she didn't pick up the phone, and I was like, "That's odd." And I messaged her and said, "Ready when you are." And she wrote back, "Sorry, I was just being proposed to. I'll call you in a minute." And I was like, "You don't need to call me in a minute. We can rebook the call, oh my God." She's said, "No, no. I still wanna do the call." I'm like, "Of course. Of course you do." My clients are amazing.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, send her a love hot shower. So, my brother via Frank [Kernel 00:07:42] ... No, hang on. Frank Kern via my brother wants me to do a questionnaire, a questionnaire, a questionnaire that people should have to fill out if they wanna be in the inner circle, like to apply to work with me. Like I think you can even go to work with Katrina Ruth dot com, and you'll see nothing at all, but you'll see that the URL is not available, because apparently there's going to be a questionnaire there.

Katrina Ruth: So, I think that I'm gonna come up with these questions. Obviously if this questionnaire ever eventuates, and one of the questions is gonna be would you or would you not be prepared to live stream in the bath. Yes, Kat, and it will be multiple choice, and the answers will be yes Kat, I would love to live stream in the bath. I live stream in the bath all the time. Why are you even asking me such a silly question? The second answer, second option will be well, I've never live streamed in the bath before, but I'm willing to consider investing in myself this way because it feels like it's finally time. And the third one will be, hell now, I will never live stream in the bath, but please send me all your free content about how to live stream like a Stepford entrepreneur.

Katrina Ruth: And then there will be another TR, which would be would you be willing to live stream in the bath with me and the entire rest of the inner circle? Not because we need to get weird and all have baths together, but because it's just the kind of stuff that happens on an inner circle retreat. Just randomly. Usually with obviously some form of espresso martini. So, those would be the sort of questions, because I don't even know what sort of fucking questions I would ask if I was gonna ask people questions. I just wanna basically estimate the level of crazy.

Katrina Ruth: In fact, they should have to be an essay, a short essay answer question and it will be please explain your level of crazy. Okay. Had to jump, had to dry my hands. What was this topic about? That's right. So, sitting out at the pool. I was sitting out there. I came up with numerous reasons why I wasn't able to live stream, like there was too many people around, and then the phone was gonna get hot if I set it in the sun, and then ... I don't know if that's self conscious, and it was all a bunch of bullshit, so I nearly called the live stream I'm full of shit.

Katrina Ruth: And then, I decided to call it whatever I called it, which was something to do with being normal. Because then I thought, well maybe it's good for me to have a little pause in my day. I've had an intense busy day. Had like a two hour massage in the middle of it, so i guess it wasn't that intense. Had my hair done, went to yoga, had a healing session for me. Okay, I'm not sure what the intense bit was, but there was definitely a lot of shit that got done somewhere along the way. It felt like an active day of alignment and ass kicker, as they all are.

Katrina Ruth: And so, I thought maybe it's good for me to rest for a little bit, and just get some sun time and get my tan on. Half of my ass is too white because I've been wearing bikinis that are all the wrong shapes and sizes. So, there's a kind of a ... what's the word? Kind of like a patchwork quilt situation of tan going on on my ass, so I thought I should maybe work on that because I had the idea that I wanna put a photo of my ass on Instagram.

Katrina Ruth: I'm not gonna say why, but there's a reason. Well, okay. Because I feel like ... Okay, the reason is every time I feel like I'm in really good shape, then I say to myself, "I just wanna get into a little bit better shape, and then I'm gonna take some really cool sexy photos", and I just feel what sort of bullshit story that is, and so I should photograph my ass with the ocean behind it. Yes? Yes. I'm not sure of the logic, but it's roughly ... That's what was going through my head.

Katrina Ruth: And so, I was trying to work on the tanning situation because you can't put an ass photo up with white patchwork quilt stuff going on all over it. That makes no sense. You could, but I choose not to. But I managed to sit down for like four minutes, you guys. I would say four minutes maximum, and I was bored out of my brain. I was so bored. And I was just thinking how do people do this? How do people come somewhere amazing and beautiful like this ... I get that they do jobs and stuff like that. Normal people things most of the year, so then they come here, or they come to a place like this, which is pretty much where I am all the time in some sort of amazing place, and then how they wanna rejuvenate themselves, or relax, is they sit there by the pool, all fricking day ... I've watched them. Well, I've observed enough to understand. I haven't watched them in a creepy way.

Katrina Ruth: And they have some cocktails and stuff, and sometimes they read books, but mainly they just sit there until they get super burnt because they don't have naturally gifted olive skin like me. It is what it is. And I just think I would go crazy. Don't you think you would go crazy if you had to sit there all day? I mean, I'm already crazy for sure, but it kinda feels impossible to do that for more than 30 minutes. I don't know. Tell me your thoughts about this.

Katrina Ruth: Can you sit by the pool and do nothing, and just kind of tan or lay there in the sun or whatever you wanna do? Because I think I've definitely done it at periods through my life. I've definitely been known to sit by a pool and not really do anything, but it's such a ... I don't know. I'd have to be ... I don't know. I think I've done it once or twice. I don't know what the circumstances were. Maybe after I did a crazy intense workout, but for sure I'll always just end up journaling, or the closest I'll come to just sitting by a pool and relaxing is listening to rock start audios from my clients, or cool WhatsApp messages from my friends. Jamie says for 44 minutes, for sure.

Katrina Ruth: You're pregnant, so you're allowed to sit wherever you want, whenever you want. We're just highlighting Jamie's pregnancy all the way through this. But when I was pregnant, I probably would've sat by the pool and done nothing, or I guess sometimes if I'm super tired, for sure, I can chill there and just have a little time. But even then, you know what? I'd be listening to a fucking meditation app, or I'll sit there if I'm watching the kids play, or I'm kind of engaging with them. If I'm sitting, watching them in the pool, playing Marco Polo, or maybe I'm playing with them, but sometimes I'll just sit on the edge and watch them. That's okay. But then I'm kind of on lifeguard duty, right?

Katrina Ruth: I don't know. My point is, I think that sometimes we think it's bad that we always wanna be doing something. Tara says I have ADD so it's impossible. That's kind of why I wanted to come on and talk about it, because I don't know about you, but I know for me, sometimes I get into a bit of a story in my head that there's something wrong with me. Like I should be able to relax, or I should need to relax. And then it's kind of like, well what is relaxation actually?

Katrina Ruth: Because for an entrepreneur, you can be in the most beautiful place in the world, with the most incredible luxury and surrounds, and quote unquote normal person relaxation shit going on, you're gonna feel stressed out as fuck if you're not doing whatever it is you need to be doing for your soul, right? To me, the idea of sitting by the pool during the day, drinking, sounds extraordinarily stressful and distressing. It sounds like something that by the end of it, I would just be like heightened anxiety energy and wanna punch someone in the face.

Katrina Ruth: I'm sure there's a situation or a circumstance, if I was with friends, but if I was with friends, we'd be having amazing growth conversations while doing that as well. So, you know, I'm sure it's not impossible but in a general sense, the idea of trying to normal for even a few minutes, it's so hard, and I just wonder how do people even live their lives like that?

Katrina Ruth: Ella says I'm always watching or listening, or writing. Anytime I switch off, why would I ... I'm gonna move. Nothing to do with your comment, but I think I wanna move and sit up at my little table there, because I actually only sat right here where I am so that I could get some more sunshine time, and get a little bit more tanned up, but now the sun's gone away anyways, so I'm gonna be way happier sitting over here. All right, hang on one second. We're gonna readjust this.

Katrina Ruth: So, I mean, here's the thing right? This is actually a conversation about being too much. Okay. I'm gone. Where am I? Yeah, no, I didn't just crack it at your comment, Ella, and then leave. How fricking dark is it sitting here though? Maybe I should sit over there. Maybe I will sit on that little lounger over there. How do you feel about me putting the tripod in the water? Do you think that's a good idea? Or less than a good idea?

Katrina Ruth: Jamie says totally, while listening to a deep audio book or meditation. Otherwise, no more than six minutes. Six minutes. Like six minute absolutely. I think it is a good idea to put the tripod in the water, because that way the light will be on my face, because I'll be facing this way. I think we're going in, you guys. I think it's time to go in. I'm in the water. I'm in the water with the tripod. Screenshot it, send it to me as proof of my craziness.

Katrina Ruth: Don't let me shake my head too hard, or my earplugs might fall out into the water. This is so precarious, because I'm having to consider not flashing you my whole hoo-ha. I do have pants on, but still. And I'm also having to consider not putting the tripod into the water. Okay. Ha-ha. All right. Now we're set. But now you don't have the beautiful pool view behind you. How can I fix that for you? I got it, I got it. Don't worry. It's under control. Thank you. The ear pods are waterproof, apparently.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, that's ... Patrick said they're waterproof, which I was very upset about because I just thought that it was because I was magical that my ear pods didn't die. And then he was like, no, that's because they're waterproof. All right. Don't worry, Lisa. It's under control. I'm fixing it for you. If [Sarafina 00:17:42] comes out right now, she's gonna be laughing her head off at what I'm trying to do here. Okay. Can we do it like that?

Katrina Ruth: Okay. I feel like we've mastered it. It was a team effort. Congratulations, you guys. There's only one problem. The problem is I'm sitting with one ass cheek in the air because I'm sitting on the curvy end of the lounger. Okay, if I pull it too far it's gonna fall right off into the water and then I would fall right into the deeper part of the pool in front of everybody. Check it. Deep pool. Kat. Okay. Team effort, well done. I feel much better now. I feel like I can actually get into preaching. The whole other situation was annoying me. I was a little self conscious because I was sitting super close to the fence, and I was conscious that the people who I was trying not to live stream in front of are literally on the other side of that fence.

Katrina Ruth: See? This is a bullshit story, right? So much bullshit. I nearly didn't live stream at all for you guys today, because I was in so much bullshit in side of my own head of whether or not I felt like it, and whether or not I was gonna be too noisy in a public place. And then whether or not the phone was gonna overheat, which is actually a legitimate concern, because if the phone overheats the live stream dies, which did happen the other day, right at a critical moment as well. Because all moments are critical.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. I feel like we could go anywhere and any place in time and space from this. You know Kat's feeling aligned when the arm gestures are more fully leashed. You're right. I didn't even do that to emphasise that. You're so right. I was feeling really stressed over there, you guys. I was feeling like not in my flow zone, and then I didn't feel good sitting at the table because it was so dark, and the light wasn't on my face. Here, I'm compromising because I love you, because if I would sit this way, the lighting would be better on my face, but to show my love and care for my community, I'm sitting this way so that you can see some of my pool view.

Katrina Ruth: I'm so glad you did, says Liz. I need some Katrina love real talk to keep my momentum going. All right, all right. Here's the truth, then. Here's the truth about the truth. We shouldn't have to fucking normal, either. But I shouldn't even use it as a live stream title topic. It's a stupid topic title, because what is normal even mean and who even cares? It's hardly announcement worthy that I made a title that says I can't even normal for a few minutes. Who gives a fuck whether I can normal or not?

Katrina Ruth: The point is, why do we analyse these things, right? Why do we analyse it? Why do I sit out there at the pool going, oh well I should relax and just chill in the sun for a little bit because that's what you do after you've been out and about all day. And then I sit there for 10 minutes and I start to feel like ... I started to feel wound up, right? I started to feel a little bit anxious, I started to feel like ... I don't know, just kind of shitty at the world, and then I was starting to get annoyed at people talking around me, and I was feeling like, I don't know. The day felt like it was slipping away from me, right?

Katrina Ruth: Like I felt like I was slipping away from my flow zone. So, earlier I said I've had an intense day. Well, I got up at seven. [Sarafina 00:20:45] arrived last night, my nanny. So, the kids are off with her this morning so I wasn't in mommy mode this morning. So, I got up, did my journaling, went to yoga, had my hair done whilst writing my blog which I posted. And then wrote on one of my books actually. Did some writing for one of my books around manifestation, and soulmate life, and then had a healing kind of coaching session for me. And then had a massage for an hour and a half, and then came back here.

Katrina Ruth: But I did a whole bunch of other things, had some people, and do stuff on social media and team projects and stuff that we're working on. So, it kinda felt like a day of ... It was all structured around what I wanna do, but I also did all my shit that I always wanna do. Well, that's everyday anyway. But, then something inside of me is like, oh, well it's 3:00 PM in the afternoon, or it's 2:30 in the afternoon, and so that's a time when you should have a little rest, right?

Katrina Ruth: Or if you've been at it since 6:30 AM and then you come home at three, then you should have some pause time. And many times I do. Many times I'll come home in the afternoon, or I'll have some sort of period like right now, before I'm gonna go pick up my kids from the kids club that they're hanging out at, where it's kind of like oh, this is the opportune time to meditate, or to have a nap, or to have just some peace and stillness, or maybe some reading time, but it's not like a fucking rule, right? And I think we so easily get caught up in rules in our heads that I should be able to relax, or I should be able to sit by the pool and just chill in the sun, and somehow prove to who, that I'm a normal person.

Katrina Ruth: Like, who are you even trying to prove it to, right? But then you go into this weird thing of if you keep engaging in that, or you keep engaging in anything basically that's not actually flow, not actually what you want, because you're caught up in a story that this would make me a normal person, or a better person, or maybe a better mom, or better partner, or a better entrepreneur if I do these different things that other people are doing, or that have somehow developed an expectation like they do, then you just slip further and further away from flow.

Katrina Ruth: And then you go into kind of resistance, and then you go into kind of a downward energy spiral where, for me, I know for sure if I would've stayed just sitting and kind of chilling, what I was doing was I'd already checked in on my team, and I'd checked in on anything important that I needed to respond to, so I was kind of jumping in and out of Facebook and Instagram, and that wasn't feeding my soul at all. It was very purposeless. Like I was actually starting to do that thing where I just checked if there was anything interesting in my notifications, and there wasn't, and then like two minutes later, I've jumped back on again. Like I'm wondering did an announcement about the fricking second coming of Jesus get put onto Facebook in the last two minutes?

Katrina Ruth: And so, you're going down this little spiral pathway, and for sure, if I would've kept sitting out there, I would've basically kept doing that. Like refreshing my emails, or refreshing Facebook, or whatever. And I had my book with me, but I was disconnecting from my soul because I wasn't actually following soul flow. So, then I wasn't interested in reading the book, or reading anything on Kindle on my phone that would've been maybe uplifting or soul empowering, and if I would've continued down that, I would've probably eventually come back here and then probably been flat and down in energy, not done this live stream, maybe had a nap or something, which is fine, but not actually what was available or coming through me for today.

Katrina Ruth: Because what was coming through me as I walked back to the villa earlier on, after doing all my shit from earlier, was I feel called to live stream. I feel like I'm gonna live stream. And then I went out there and made a whole story of why I couldn't, and then I was like, "Oh, well I'll just relax." And so, essentially I said no to soul, right? And when we say no to soul, when we say no to what's inside of us, then we automatically dial down all good things and all positive things.

Katrina Ruth: So, really in a real sense, we actually dialled down abundance, ability to receive because we're saying no to soul. When you say yes to soul, life says yes to you. The flip side is also true. When you say no to soul, life starts to say no to you, or it just kind of like, oh, I see how you're not answering the call inside of you, you're not believing and trusting that you can say yes to whatever's coming through you, and that it always works when you say yes to soul. So, your faith is clearly like dial it down for today, so we're gonna dial down your ability to receive.

Katrina Ruth: Where are you watching from? Are you right there behind that curtain? Holy shit, I thought she was in the gym.

Seraphina: I'm sorry.

Katrina Ruth: Well, you better come out and do a guest appearance or they're just gonna legitimately think I'm a crazy person. I just saw Seraphina jump on. I totally thought you'd already gone to the gym, you just gave me the biggest fright of my life.

Seraphina: No, it's not a good moment to share.

Katrina Ruth: Send the love hot shower to Seraphina

Seraphina: Hi.

Katrina Ruth: Here she is. Fresh from ... It's okay. Nobody wants to see their own face super close up.

Seraphina: Hi.

Katrina Ruth: She's fresh from Australia.

Seraphina: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: I thought she'd already left for the gym.

Seraphina: No, I've scared you twice now.

Katrina Ruth: That's good, you gave me a nice little adrenaline boost. I thought I was all alone.

Seraphina: Bye, I'm going to the gym.

Katrina Ruth: See, I like how my team are like, she's right here. She's on the other side of the door. The door's closed and the curtain's closed. That's why I didn't know she was in there. And she's still watching me live streaming from inside the villa. Even though I'm actually right here in the flesh. Real. If you ever hang out with me in person, or you come to an event where I'm there, or we go to dinner together and I start live streaming, I'm gonna be very offended if you don't watch me live streaming on your own device, even if you're sitting right next to me, all right? Just so you know.

Katrina Ruth: And also, the other day ... Actually, I handed over my Instagram to Sarafina two days ago and I've appointed her in charge of making it look fabulous, which she's already doing a very good job of. It's like fast shifts, as things always are, but I said to her, "Well, you can grab content that I post on Facebook and repurpose it to use it for the Instagram posts. Just whatever you think is good." And then I said, "Well, I'm not sure if you read all my content every day on Facebook, but I hope so." And she was like, "Of course I read all your content every day."

Katrina Ruth: I was like, "Good, I'm glad we clarified that." It would've been extremely distressing if not. So, what were we talking about before that? All right. Dialling down abundance. Dialling down receiving. Dialling down flow. Dialling down connectedness. Basically ramping your energy down as well, and for me that's probably one of the things I guess I value the highest. I want to have great energy, I wanna feel lit up, I wanna feel inspired with my life and my day. I wanna feel like I'm charged from within and that I'm accessing creative power, and ideas flow, and source, and ability to make fast decisions.

Katrina Ruth: And so, when I sit out there for 10 minutes, it seems like such a silly little thing I guess, in one sense, to be turning into an entire topic of conversation. Like, whatever Kat, big deal. Get over it. Like you don't need to make a whole song and dance about it. But actually, it was literally like deleting me? Depleting me of all the source of good stuff that I'd build up throughout the day, because all through the day I was saying yes to soul, right? It was my first day totally, really having the day to myself in a week since I came back to see my kids, and obviously I've had an amazing time with them, but I've had less time just for me.

Katrina Ruth: So, today was really like okay, today I'm gonna get the kids back in the afternoon ... Actually I thought it'd be sooner than this, but little bit later now, so after this. And then, I thought up until that point in the early afternoon, I'm really just going to give myself what I need. I'm gonna get my yoga on, I'm gonna have a massage. Obviously I'm gonna do my writing, my journaling, and all my shit that I like to do. And so, I did all of that, and all of those things are like feeding into my own soul bank account, so to speak, right?

Katrina Ruth: My own emotional bank account and my own energy stores, and my flow stores. So, I'm just being elevated all throughout the day, even though I'm pretty occupied all throughout the day. And then in literally five to ten minutes of sitting still and doing nothing, and trying to be like a good normal person, I start to lose all of that. My energy goes down, I feel like a bit grumpy, and I start to feel a bit shitty, I start to feel like maybe I won't go to the gym after all, because I'm basically thinking I'll go workout after this, and then it will be time to go get the kids. They've got some activities on, they don't want to come till a certain time. Right?

Katrina Ruth: And so, I could feel that if I would've bought into that, I would've come back here more flattened down, probably eating some chocolate or something, which again, is not the end of the world, but it's kind of like a whole different pathway would be opened to me, and I would feel like I kinda can't be [inaudible 00:29:03] of going to the gym, and I don't really have to walk to go get the kids. I can get a taxi. And it's just kind of like you creating yourself into a whole different person, right?

Katrina Ruth: Whereas because I honoured soul, and I was finally like, I got my ass up, I audioed Kelly. I was like, "Hey, if you haven't sent the daily ask agree out, you know what? I'm gonna go live after all", and I walked back here and I go live. And even then it still took me like 20 minutes or up until now, 20, 25 minutes, to actually get into flow. Now, I know, I was still doing an okay job of presenting, and I think I was being mildly funny earlier on in the live stream, but I wasn't really connected, and those of you who know me well, or even if you haven't known me for very long, you can feel my energy, you'll see difference now, right? From at the start of the live.

Katrina Ruth: It took me 20 to 25 minutes to get connected to soul and into alignment and flow, and like Jamie said, the big hand gestures start coming out because I'm happy and I'm in flow. And so now, when I get off this live, well firstly I created content for my business and for my audience. To me, that's like a bonus, right? Because actually, that's not the reason I message or preach or teach. I do what I need to do for me, but I'm happy that I'm creating content and that I'm sharing a message that's gonna serve you in some way, or inspire you in some way.

Katrina Ruth: It's sales activity as well. Actually, [Mim 00:30:12], you can drop the comment about Rich Hot Empire, so I'll remind you about Rich Hot Empire, my six week one on one intensive, which is open currently for April registrations. Remind you to PM me about that if you've been thinking about working with me one on one and I'll get you the whole overview of what we do in that six weeks. What it means to work with me one on one, and have me holding your hand and kicking your ass all at the same time, which is confusing but not really. It's just perfect.

Katrina Ruth: So, I'm doing sales activity, right? There it is. There's the comment. Thank you, Mim. You're always on the ball. So, read that comment afterwards, right? So, just putting my message out there, putting my content out there, doing a call to action for those people who are feeling like you know what? It is fricking time to go all in. It is time to say yes to my soul. It is time to do it in six weeks working with Kat what most people will do in two weeks. Tell me more about Rich Hot Empire. If that's you, message me over on my personal Katrina Ruth page, and I'll get you all the details.

Katrina Ruth: So, I'm doing content, I'm delivering value, I'm inspiring and empowering, I'm entertaining a little bit, and I'm selling, and I'm empowering and energising myself. And then after I get off this live stream, do you think I'm gonna be like, "Oh well, I'm all flat and down now. I need to sit around and eat fucking cookies before I go and get up and get my kids"? Or do you think I'm gonna walk over to the gym and have a great workout, and then probably be in the flow zone so that I'm probably gonna walk to go and pick up the children and enjoy the sunset as I walk down that way? And so on and so forth. And then be in a happy high vibe mood when I pick up my kids and engage with them, right?

Katrina Ruth: And it's this whole different pathway. Like I was saying, that's open to me, just because I acknowledged that it didn't feel good for me to just sit around for five or ten minutes, and I made a choice to do something about it instead of buying into a story that ... Strut. I'll dance. I'll dance and prance while I listen to music. Actually, last night the kids and I walked home through the back alley ways, which I know this whole area so well. It's just like a second home to me. But we walked through this little dark back streets, late at night, because it was like one way and we couldn't get the car back. Normally I wouldn't make the kids walk home at night, but we did.

Katrina Ruth: And we were dancing along the way to JoJo Siwa, and my little four year old son Nathan, was singing all the words to JoJo Siwa. It was hilarious. And also dancing to Havana. Havana-do-do-do ... Which I think I'm gonna dance and listen to again because it's a very sensual song, and one of my journaling intentions currently, and one of my decisions inside of my head, is that I'm becoming more sensual and sexy every day, by the day. Maybe that's why I bought the bikini as well, because it's kind of like, pretty.

Katrina Ruth: So, thanks for that reminder. So, I think you got my point, right? Like really, it's so easy to tell ourselves a story that this little thing doesn't make a difference. Like, oh, I'm not really feeling in my vibe. Okay, I'm by myself at the pool so it's pretty easy to get up, right? Nobody else is depending on me to sit there, but there's many times in life where we might be at, I don't know, like maybe at a party, or a social event, or maybe even a meeting or engaging in a conversation with someone, or getting kind of reactive to what people who message you on social media, or thinking that you gotta do certain things in your business to create results and to create success.

Katrina Ruth: And what's happening is you're ramping yourself down, down, down, because your soul is not saying yes to that, but your logical brain, so-called logical brain, because really logic should come from intuition. So, your head though, or some part of you, a fear based mind is saying, "Oh, well I should do this", or, "Oh well, it would be rude to say no to that person", or, "Oh well, it will be unprofessional if I don't ... if I went and did my own thing instead of responding and dealing with other people's things", and so on and so forth.

Katrina Ruth: And you think maybe that you're being a good person, or a good entrepreneur, or a good mom, or that you're normaling, and that you should do that for whatever reason. Or whatever it is, but actually you're dialling down abundance. And you're dialling down receiving, and you're literally depleting and draining yourself of your natural energy source, and the natural energy source is and only can be you being connected to your own self.

Katrina Ruth: So, my question to you today is, what music should I dance to while walking to pick up children? Firstly, give me your songs. But secondly, what do you need to do to connect to soul? It would be really easy for me to say oh, I don't need to do a live stream when I've already done a bunch of content earlier on in the day, and the conditions weren't really working to do it where I was at, and oh it's not that big a deal, I can just leave it. Maybe I'll live stream later on today. And it's not a big deal, except that it is in the sense that this is actually something that feeds me, and fuels me on a soul level.

Katrina Ruth: So, investing this 30 minutes, or 40 minutes into live streaming, it's super cool that it's achieving all this cool stuff in my business, messaging, selling, providing value, connecting and conversing, which I like to do as well, and having engagement with you. That's really cool, but like I said, it's a bonus. The real reason to do it, and the real reason to do anything is because it's something that my soul says yes to, and in fact my entire business has been built on me really just leaning in ever more to things that my soul say yes to. Says yes to. And giving myself permission to do those things, and to allow them to not be an after thought, but to allow them to actually be the building blocks of a multimillion dollar per year empire. Which is what I've created just from following soul flow.

Katrina Ruth: You know, earlier today, I posted my blog, and obviously it was a couple of thousand words as it always is ... Okay, it's hair rearranging time. Just in case you didn't know. Okay, we're good. Yeah, I post on my blog, and I'm pretty happy with my blog today. You should go check it out on my page around how to drop back in and connect to your soul when fear or self worth shit basically is kind of ruling you, and this guy who's a new connection, who came through [inaudible 00:35:51] group as a connection, who seems like a lovely guy and he messaged me and said hello and everything when we became friends.

Katrina Ruth: But he commented on the blog and he was like, winky face, or smile or whatever. This would be great as a video. You know, it would be even better as a video, or something ... didn't say it would be even better. But said something about you could've said all of that in a video, smile winky face. That kind of like, that would be better or that would be more helpful for people, or it's easier to consume in a short video or something like that. And I was just like, whoa, dude ... I didn't say dude. But I did comment back and I was like, "Or, I could just fucking be myself and this is how I built a multimillion dollar empire, so thank you, but no thank you. Don't tell me how to do a better job of being me."

Katrina Ruth: Ni haven't even read all these comments back, but he's kind of like, "Oh no, I'm not trying to attack you. I just think you could've said all that in a short video", or whatever. I'm like, "Oh my God, you so don't get this", right? But you get this. But maybe you're not living according to this, which is why I'm bring up that story and saying this. Thing is, it's not following the rule so of the online space to write a long blog post and post it every single day, 365 days a year. It's also not following the rules of how to supposedly build a following, or sell shit online, to do a live stream that goes for this long nearly every day, but also I'm so rambly, like I just talk about so much irrelevant stuff, or I jump all over the place, or I'm telling silly jokes or whatever.

Katrina Ruth: None of the way that I do content follows any sort of formula, or any sort of rule book, and it actually breaks all the rules, but all I've done is gradually more and more along the way, given myself permission to just let whatever's in me come out. And the point that I was trying to explain to him, which he just didn't get, and I was just writing back quickly while I was waiting for my massage anyway, so I might go back and do it properly later, is no, it doesn't fucking matter if I could've said all of that in a short video. Yes, I could, yes, thank you for saying that people would like to watch me on a video. I appreciate the compliment.

Katrina Ruth: But that's not the point. The point is that that message came out in the form that it did. It came out as a long blog post. This is coming out as a rambly live stream, which is gradually getting more and more into flow. And all the other things that I do are coming out however they come out, and I don't question it. I don't edit it. I don't filter it. I don't worry about if it's good enough or who's gonna be listening or watching, or what makes one live stream better than another. I just let the message be the message, and if you wanna build a business and a life based on you doing your purpose work, making money doing what you love, getting paid to just be you, literally just getting to wake up each day, open your mouth, your heart and your soul, and whatever comes out, comes out.

Katrina Ruth: Then it's going to require you to say yes to all of that on repeat, not just when it feels like oh, that is a good topic, or that feels like you know, safe or a good idea or whatever. But every day, whatever's coming out is what gets to come out, right? And so, that in turn depends on all these different moments throughout your day, where you're either saying yes to soul and you're getting your ass up, and you're pressing go live even though you don't really feel in the zone, which is how I felt. Like, ugh, I feel like I've lost my live stream vibe a little bit again. Ugh, it's gonna be clunky, and then it freaking was, but now here we are, right?

Katrina Ruth: Or it felt that way to me. Whether or not to you. It felt uncomfortable, and I felt self conscious for the first 20 minutes of the live stream. So, you can either ... I don't know whatever I was saying just then. You can either say no to the little messages and the flow that's coming through you because you feel like, oh, I don't really feel like it today. Or it feels a bit awkward, or maybe that's a silly topic, or somebody said that I shouldn't write one blog post and it would be better on a short video, or my hair doesn't look good, or whatever story you're telling yourself for the day.

Katrina Ruth: But not only you're not gonna not gonna not create the business and the life that you wanted, that you're actually destined to, because you're not saying yes to soul, but you're really, truly gonna ramp down all those other things that we spoke about before. It's like there's a big old abundance switch on the wall, and you're just like no thank you. Disconnect, right? So, if you wanna connect to the abundance switch ... Hey Red. If you wanna connect into receiving, if you wanna connect into freaking money making and results based on you being you, guess what? You're gonna have to be you. There's really no other way to do it.

Katrina Ruth: But also, and I feel more importantly, you wanna be in flow for your life, and lit up for your life, and feel happy, and feel energised, and feel like you can show up for the important people in your life, and give them the best parts of you. The only way to do that is for you to give yourself the best parts of you as well, which means that if you're a creative person like me, who has a high desire to be seen and heard, and to express and share their message with the world, then honour it. Fricking honour it, and make space for it, and just choose that you're not gonna buy into stories that now is not a good time, I don't feel like it, the lighting's not good, I feel self conscious, or it doesn't feel like a good topic, or it just didn't kind of work out today.

Katrina Ruth: Here's how to know, right? It's very simple. When you feel like that kind of tug or that call from within, like say this thing, post this thing, or create this offer to sell, or do this live stream, or reach out to that person, you feel a sense ... it might be small, but you feel a sense of expansion and upliftedness, even at the idea of it. You can feel the vibe of how it's gonna elevate and expand you. And then on the other hand, if you buy into some sort of mindset of I can't, or I shouldn't, or it's not right, or it's not appropriate, or it's not time, you can feel it. You feel a slight compression.

Katrina Ruth: You might be really good at ignoring it and telling yourself it's fine, but you know, right? You can feel yourself shrink a little bit, or go into contraction a little bit, and it feels sad and heavy. And it's not just about that one moment. What's the cumulative affect of all of that, right? What is the awful cumulative affect of day in and day out saying no to your soul? It's sadness, it's depression, it's binge eating or binge whatever else, it's addiction, it's sabotage, it's anger and resentment, and frustration at other people around you, it's ...

Katrina Ruth: Well, not making the fricking money and doing your soul purpose work and getting paid for it. It's not having the body you want, it's not having the sex life you want, it's not sleeping properly, all these things are connected. I know there's many other things that go into each of those other things I just listed as well. But honestly, one way to really activate everything working is be in fucking alignment. Say yes to your soul, right?

Katrina Ruth: So, then the flip side is that the cumulative effects of saying yes to your soul, even though you feel silly a lot of time, or it doesn't feel convenient, or it doesn't feel as you're getting the result that you wanted straight away or whatever, like that. But the cumulative affect over time is you create the life you fucking want, but you also get to experience and live in all the emotions that we all desire. You know, anything that you're thinking about that you think you want, like money, a big following, your shit selling, having a certain type of body, or relationship, or life, or whatever, that's only ...

Katrina Ruth: That's a reflection of ... or what you really want is beyond that, right? What you really want is underneath that, it's the way you wanna feel, the emotions. So, we wanna feel fulfilled, we wanna feel lit up, we wanna feel happy, we wanna feel free, we wanna feel expansive, we wanna feel proud of ourselves, and whatever else comes up for you. And all of those emotions are available to you right now. Right now, right?

Katrina Ruth: You can literally access all of that. You can actually access it without doing anything. Without fucking live stream or going to the gym, but it's gonna be a hell of a lot easier to just say yes to the guidance that's coming through you, because all of this stuff, those little messages from inside saying do this, say that, put that out there, that's actually just your sign post. That's the fricking blueprint for accessing super flow and accessing all things.

Katrina Ruth: All right? So, there we go. That's our flow conversation for today. And here's what else. Rich Hot Empire, I did mention it before. This is such a powerful transformative programme. I've taken so many amazing badass people through this programme. It's six weeks with me one on one. We're starting April 30, so registration is currently open. Places are already selling. I believe we've sold ... I've only opened it a few days ago, and I haven't really spoken about it in a big way. I haven't been doing as many live streams, actually, and talking as much while I've been back with my little kids the last few days, but I think we've already got five or six places filled.

Katrina Ruth: It will sell out. It's 20 places only. It always sells out. So, there's still about 10 days before we begin. But definitely you wanna be messaging me about it right away if it's something that is speaking to you, and also that we can obviously start that conversation. I can give you ... If you message me over on my personal page, my personal Katrina Ruth page, is better. I just prefer to communicate there. You can message here as well and I'll still answer you. But I just go on my personal page a lot more. Right?

Katrina Ruth: And I'll send you the overview. So, what it is is a six week structured, plus six weeks one on one with me. So, the way that I do this one on one intensive is I have created six weeks of structured content going through everything you need to know to call in and build your core tribe, to create a multi seven figure empire and beyond, selling low right through to high end products. And to find a way to make money doing what you love completely on your terms.

Katrina Ruth: This works on repeat. I've been running this programme since April of 2016. It is the only programme that I run on repeat. I always create new things, but Rich Hot Empire is so fucking good, and the results are so fricking epic, I have clients who jump in there who are completely at ground zero when they start out. Sometimes not even a Facebook page, and I've had several people who are already doing over seven figures a year, over a million dollars a year when they became Rich Hot Empire clients.

Katrina Ruth: And it doesn't matter that people are at such different starting places. It's about who you are as a person. And people who come into Rich Hot Empire and say yes to their soul, and let me kick their ass into alignment and massive fucking action, the results are fucking phenomenal. We've got crazy awesome money results, but more importantly, I think, I believe, and I feel like you'll agree, alignment results, shifts, expansion, all those things, right?

Katrina Ruth: So, often times people come out and they'll share their biggest takeaway, or their testimonial, I guess. And it's generally they'll say something like this is totally not what I expected, but holy shit this has changed my life. It's the most transformative six weeks ever, and just a whole bunch of really cool shit. It is an incredible programme that fucking works. If you have been thinking about working with me one on one, and maybe you're not quite ready to jump into the inner circle, which is my ongoing 12 months, highest level mentoring one on one, Rich Hot Empire is about place to start. It's the best place to start.

Katrina Ruth: And then some people continue on into the inner circle after that. But either way, what we're doing in those six weeks is honestly more than what most people would do in a two year period online, and I can say that with certainty, because most people are fucking around watching freaking cat videos, or freaking out about whether Mark Zuckerberg's gonna shut Facebook down. Or, just doing a whole bunch of shit that maybe somebody's told you you've gotta do to stand out online and to build a following and get paid, and it's not true.

Katrina Ruth: So, what I do is I come in and I show you exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it from the structure and strategy side of things, take you fully behind the scenes in my business, give you so many fricking resources. Everything from how to create your office, how to launch, how to build your following, any kind of how thing that you might wanna think about, is covered. And you get access to all that content for life. And if there was anything that wasn't covered, I would create it for you as a training, or my team would as well so you have support through my team there as well. Facebook ads training, funnels, I mean, I don't even know or remember all the stuff, right?

Katrina Ruth: You'll never even use all the stuff that's in there, but what I did is I created everything for my private clients so that you've got it all there, so that we can then launch most of it and focus on the deep inner transformative work, so that's what you and I will be doing together one on one, through our one on one calls, but also you get daily unlimited access to me over my private client channel, so we do daily audios, messages, whatever you need to talk to me about.

Katrina Ruth: Lisa says, "Rich Hot Empire is amazing." Thank you. Yeah. And so that gives you a bit of an overview of it. And so I wanted to create a structured programme, and I did create structure so that when you're coming into this, you're gonna really know like yes, all my questions are answered and I'll be showing you exactly what to do and how to do it on the building of the business side of things, but also the one on one, right? And the one on one side of things is unlimited access to me.

Katrina Ruth: You're also getting to go into a mastermind with my other private Rich Hot Empire clients, and we do weekly mastermind hot seat calls as well. And there's other things additionally to that. So, what you should do, is if you wanna know more, if you have thought about working with me one on one, or you're feeling like you're thinking about it right now, message me. I'll get you a proper overview of everything that goes on in that six weeks, and then obviously we can talk about costs and all that good stuff as well.

Katrina Ruth: Have an amazing rest of the day wherever you are in the world. Go and do something that your soul is saying yes to. When you say yes to your soul, life says yes to you. And don't forget, life is now. Press play.

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