Rebel Millionaire

Hello world, good morning. Good morning from the back of my Towncar service, I'm on the way to the airport. It's totally gone super dark on here, hang on. There we are, okay, I'm back. Okay, I've got tired eyes, I'm super tired. Hey three people, give me a comment, tell me what's up. Hopefully Facebook is going to let me read my comments actually, because I don't have my laptop with me. Hey Anka, how are you? Hello, Rebecca. Yay, comments are working, sometimes they just randomly don't work. Tell me, is my Katrina Ruth Show banner at the bottom of this screen? Because I swear to God, it was just there, now it's not there. Hello gorgeous ladies, hello Leigh, hello Kristine, hello 20 other people who I don't know who you are yet, because your names are no showing. Facebook selectively decides whether or not you get to see your comments, I've noticed, and it also selectively decides who it will show you is on the live stream.

You know, like it says, "Such and such person is watching," I see Maria watching, hey. Thanks Hannah, hey Kristy, hey Hannah, hey Marika. Yeah, so it will say, "Such and such person is watching," but it's told me so far like three or four people who are watching, and there's 26 people here, it hasn't told me 26 people, I don't know what that's about. Early one, I know, and I feel like I've got really tired eyes going on, but it's okay, I'll get over it and present myself to the world anyway. I'm on my way to the airport, here's some Brisbane-ish traffic for you, it's very exciting. I'm going to go back to Bali, so if you're going to be in Bali this week, tell me, send me a message, we might do the things.

No, you're not doing anything wrong, Christine, I think it's just how Mark, I like to call him "Marky Mark", even though he's not actually Marky Mark, Marky Mark is Marky Mark, I think that Marky Mark Zuckerberg just likes to remind us that he's in charge, and just never keeps anything consistent. Okay, clearly I'm obsessed with this one bit of hair, but how do you like my white nails? I'm happy with them, thank you, thank you Maria, thank you [Renuka 00:02:23], is that how I say your name correctly? I know, oh Leah, you know me so well. Those chocolate caramel slices, that café better get ready for me, because they're going to be sold out all week. They're gluten free, and they're definitely not paleo, but they are gluten free.

Keeps going off, I don't know what keeps going off. I just had two calls with some amazing clients, well with two amazing clients, I had one call with each of those clients. Look at that, so Sam has just dropped a link in for me, Sam on my team, she's a cat ninja. It's not even a link, Sam's just dropped a little comment, that's what I'm marketing at the moment. We'll talk about that maybe later, but you can message me if you would like to know about mentoring with me one on one at the private client level in my inner circle, ongoing one on one mentoring, the inner circle is now open, unlimited access to me, plus access to the hottest and most badass mastermind in the world, of course, which I created, of course, for driven creators and entrepreneurs.

The inner circle has not been officially open for some time, it is 12 months one on one mentoring. It is unlimited one on one access to me, we do so much insane amazing stuff. In fact, I just had a call with one of my inner circle clients, and then I had a call after that with one of my rich hot empire clients, which is a six-week one on one that I have, and that's what prompted the live stream, so I'm going to talk about some of that stuff in a moment. Thank you for sending all the press play buttons and the 1% buttons everyone, I love them, they're so cool, those stickers.

What else was I going to say about the inner circle? Our next retreat is coming up in July. In my inner circle with my private clients, I do three retreats a year, actually I say that it's two a year, but then I always do three, so I should just change that in the little overview, I'll send you an overview if you'd like to know about the inner circle, just message me on my personal Katrina Ruth page, I'll send you a written overview. We do the LA one in July, which is not too far off, so you could be there in that room with me and with my high level private clients, it is fucking amazing what comes out and what happens in these days together that we do.

The most recent one prior to this was in Bali, so I do one in Bali a year, I did one in the Gold Coast last year, I may or may not do a Gold Coast one this year, depends on if I stay on the Gold Coast or not. Anyway, that's what's happening, that's what's up, and there's obviously a tonne more that goes into working with me at that level and being in the inner circle, but really all you need to know is, do you feel that I'm the mentor for you, is that something that you've thought about or that you're suddenly now right now thinking about, and if yes, then send me a message, and I'll just get you a full written overview of what that covers, how it works, everything that's included, which basically is everything, like everything that I create or put out there, and a tonne of other cool stuff.

Okay, Leah says, "I want my own stickers, I'm going to pout until someone gives them to me." Well, you know pouting may or may not work as a manifestation tool, I'm not sure, you could try that. I find that it does work for me on occasion. In fact, that's precisely how I manifested getting a rack of ribs delivered to me at dinner Friday night when they didn't have them on the menu. They went and got them from another restaurant for me, but you can try that with Facebook creator, or you could just use Facebook creator and make your own stickers Leah, that's another option. I didn't do it, a ninja did it for me, so I've got no idea how.

I'm sure somebody on the internet knows though, or you could ask [inaudible 00:05:37]. Okay, so I had so many good things come up from the ... No, definitely pouting worked for me, that's exactly how I got those ribs the other night. I literally just stood there at the host station going ... Well, I was kind of in a state of shock and pout, it was shock crossed through pout. "If you want to step into the fullness of your work [inaudible 00:05:59], get in on the inner circle," says Maria. Right, so that's what the inner circle is all about, thank you Maria, and just so lovely, and that photo you put up in the inner circle Facebook group was just so beautiful over the weekend, by the way.

Renuka, okay perfect. All right, so really the work that I do with my private clients is ... I'm going to not get distracted by the "shout" comment, Leah, is the inner work, the mindset work, and it's the shifting. You know, like it's honestly probably only 10% of the conversations I have with my high level clients are related to business strategy, except for the fact that the strategy is ultimately mindset, so therefore 100% of what we talk about is strategy, 100% of what we talk about is mindset, 100% of what we talk about is whatever the hell you need to talk about or desire to talk about, and it's just all different areas crossed over together, because everything impacts everything.

For me, a big breakthrough in my business came about when I just started to follow what was inside of me, and gave myself permission to be who I really am, which is not exactly a new conversation for us to have here. We talk about this stuff all the time, but I think that it doesn't matter how frequently you talk about it, you still can go deeper on this conversation. Just now, one of the phone calls I had was with an inner circle client, she had her first $100,000 month in her business last month in April, it was $104,000 to be specific. Obviously this is somebody who knows a thing or two about following flow, and creating from within, and getting epic freaking results, but yet we were still able to go deeper into this conversation of following soul desires.

One of the things that I said to her created the title of this live stream, which was, "You'll literally ..." Well, I don't even know now what the title of the live stream was, somebody post it in for me, but it was something about, "You'll literally create your soul blueprint by following soul desires," you'll literally find the way or you'll literally find the blueprint by following soul desire. Okay, I need to know what exact title I put in, somebody tell me if you can see it. Or Sam, if you're still watching, tell me what title I said.

That's what we were talking about, like we were talking about the difference between having or following obligation, like feeling obliged to do certain things in personal life or in business, like, "I must do such and such, I have to do such and such, or I'm not a good person, I'm not a good entrepreneur, or people think whatever they think about me," or that I'm letting people down or I'm being flaky. Okay, the title, is that what I said? Okay, "You literally just open your mouth and let what's inside of you out." See, I put the title in, and then I followed the advice of the title, but I forgot what I said prior to that, so you literally just open your mouth and let what's inside of you out.

Okay, well what I had also said, however, to my client, was, you literally create the blueprint to success by following what's inside of you. We were talking about obligation, we were talking about duty, we were talking about having to do certain things in your business and how that obviously drains you, and you feel like kind of exhausted, but you also feel resentful. Now you can create epic money results from that place, but is it really epic if you're not feeling what you want to be feeling? For me, I definitely built my business to where probably even over the 200k per month mark, a good chunk of it was still coming from obligation and duty, and so I got incredible results because I worked my fucking ass off and I did the work and I hustled hard, as you guys know.

How I show up now compared to there, where I now receive even more money in my business and even more so-called "results" that I guess people look at or consider success markers, but now it's just like the better it gets, the better it gets, the easier it gets, the easier it gets. Like last night, I was on face time with my mom, and well she said many things, many of which were quite humorous, and I posted some of them into the daily asking Facebook group. She asked me how was business, and she said, I think she was using my wording back at me, she said like, "Is it flowing?", or something like that, and I was like, "Yeah, I don't know what to tell you, like it's really good. It just gets better and better and easier and easier and more and more flow-based," and because there's always new things that I want to be stepping into and allowing and creating.

It's kind of like, but I'm already done at the same time. On Saturday, I went on a walk with two really close friends who are brothers actually, and I'm really just such good friends with both of them, they're soul mate friends. I hadn't seen them in awhile, I've not been on the Gold Coast for awhile, and we went on a big beach [inaudible 00:10:36], and I was talking about, I was saying to them, like or they were sharing goals and visions and stuff, and I'm like, "Yeah, I always feel like what do I even want right now? Like I've got everything, I've created everything that I desire, but then at the same time I'm like, I'm so not done, I'm so not complete, there's so much more that I want to step into and that I know that I will, and my visions just never stop expanding and expanding, but I also do feel completely like I'm there already."

I think that that's what it's meant to be about, and I think that from that place, you step into actual soul desire, in terms of creating or stepping through going on the path that you're meant to go on. Does that make sense? Tell me what you're thinking, because this is kind of what I was saying to my client. I'll come back to the "you just open your mouth" thing in a moment, I've totally forgot that was the title I put in, that was actually a conversation with the next client after that, but let me talk about this one first. Because we said, "Okay, well what if you drop obligation, what if you dropped obligation and you dropped the idea that there was ever anything that you had to do, and you just gave yourself permission to be free to come from flow and free to come from what's inside of you, and just use soul desire as the guiding force?"

I know that for some people, and an earlier version of me, I would have been worried, and some people are worried, that if I just did that, I would completely flake out and I wouldn't do anything, I would be so lazy in my business I would get nothing done. Check out this traffic, lucky I can live stream. I should be at the airport maybe in 20 minutes, so I've got a little bit more time. Yeah, so some people would worry that they'd be lazy, and I used to feel that way. I used to feel like I had to have a really strict set of rules and obligations for myself in every different area of my life, otherwise I wouldn't be moving forward, I'd probably just sit on the couch and eat all the time and waste my whole life, that's kind of how I thought.

It was like I held myself to this really high standard of accountability and discipline and structure in order to feel that that's the way I'm going to be successful, but it was kind of like that's how I'm going to save myself from myself, is how I felt as well. I'd be curious to know if anyone feels that way now, because you can shift that. For me, it was a process of gradually stepping into believing that if I gave myself permission to just be me and to not have any lists, not have any rules, not have any obligations, not have any standards that I had to be accountable to, that I would still be a driven person, and be somebody who creates amazing freaking things into the world and achieves incredible results.

It took me some time. Okay Olivia, it says I've filed that way, "Completely feel like I need to save myself from myself," says Amos. Right, so it's an interesting thought process, isn't it? That's 100% how I felt. No, I feel really proud of myself though that I created a successful multi-million dollar business, and all my different fitness results and lifestyle results from that place, rather than sabotaging in a big way and not moving forward in my life. I was sabotaging in lots of ways, actually, but instead of, I guess, like I felt an underlying fear that I couldn't trust myself to be myself, I felt an underlying thing that I had to save myself from myself, that deep down maybe I was a really lazy person and an unproductive person, and whatever other self worth shit that I had going on for most of my life, but yet I still managed to turn that into drive, and I turned it into hustle, and I turned it into grind, and I took it to extreme lengths.

Like for years, I would sleep like three hours a night, for years, night in and night out, and all I did was hustle and push and create. That was one way to go about creating success, and I would never change any of that, I would not change it. I'm proud of that period in my journey, and I think that we should be proud always of every period on the pathway that we've gone on, because it leads you to who you are and you learn so much from it. Now I look back though and I am grateful, but I'm also grateful to have been able to let go of that, and to have finally been able to step into giving myself permission to just be who I am, and to trust that if I have no rules for myself, no standards, which sounds really funny to say out loud actually, like, "No standards, what?", but if I have no rules, no standards, no obligation, no duty, nothing that I have to do for myself or for anybody else, like I have no obligation to my clients, I have no obligation to my children, no obligation to people in my life, that gives me complete freedom and it gives me permission.

How it works, and you might be thinking, "How can you not have an obligation to your clients?", obviously you do, they pay you. Actually I have no obligation to anybody, not to a single person in my life. However, I provide an incredible amount of value and support and energy and just my presence and whatever it is in each of those different relationships because I've given myself complete permission to just be who I am. Actually as it turns out, I'm not a lazy undisciplined person who would never do anything with their life if they had permission to be who they are, I'm who I am, but it's coming from a different place.

Many of the things that I do now in my business or in my personal life would be similar or the same as what I would have done previously when it was coming from obligation or duty. One of the things that we were talking about was like responding to client messages. I have lots of private clients, and they get unlimited access to me. As a private client in my inner circle, you have unlimited Kat on tap, anytime you need me, I'm there. People feel like, "Oh my God, how is that even possible, how can you offer that, or like how is it possible from a time point of view, or how is it possible, doesn't it overwhelm you or make you feel trapped or something like that?"

I'm like, "No, it really doesn't, but it used to years ago, before I did it the way I do it now," before I even offered unlimited access, I would feel always like it was hanging over me to have to respond to clients, I'd feel worried about if I hadn't responded, or like people are going to think things about me or something. It was an obligation and it was draining, and then I would get resentful at it, because I'd feel like, "But I don't want to have to do things, I want to just be in flow." It kind of exhausted me, and I started to think, "Maybe I don't want to coach people anymore."

Clients say this to me all the time, "I think I don't want to coach people anymore." I'm going to present to you the suggestion that that's probably not true, it's probably just the energy that's around it, and what if you shifted it? I started to shift it and started to believe that it could only uplift me and elevate me to speak to my clients and to listen to client messages and to respond to them, and that it was actually a blessing, and something that I was so grateful for. At first, it was like my mind didn't believe that, it was like, "Yeah, but you've still got all these freaking people that want your attention, and that takes time."

I was like, "Well, time is a very perception-based thing anyhow, right?" I get to consider what I mean by time. Okay, I'm just looking at the time we're going to arrive at the airport, and I'm getting a little bit worried about that time, actually. I think I'm going to cut it really ... How close to an international flight can you arrive at the airport in Australia, do you know the answer to that?

I suppose about an hour.

You reckon an hour? We're fine then. If it's 90 minutes, I'm going to be in trouble. Does anyone know, any of my Aussies know? I'm just here talking about how time is just a made up thing, and I'm like, "Oh shit, my flight's going in not too long, and I'm not there yet." It'll be fine, it's always fine, everything is always perfect. Okay, so coming back to this, like having a lot of people wanting your attention and having that feel like an obligation. That's all a perception, that's something that I am checking about, but I think the rules are different here in Australia anyway. That's all something that you just decide in your head, so I started to decide that it would be just really easy for me to be able to communicate with my clients, and that it would also feel good, and that it would be something that elevated me.

It's literally how I feel now, I feel elevated every time I speak with clients, every time I respond to messages, but I also feel zero obligation. I just dropped that feeling, and I decided to trust that I would show up for my clients, not that I had to make myself do that. I guess my question too for your business is, and whether that particular example resonates or not, my question to you for your business is, what would you be doing if you just decided to trust, or what would be available or unlocked for you if you just decided to trust, rather than feeling like you should have to do certain things? What does that bring up inside of you?

It might feel scary, it used to feel scary for me, you might feel like you can't trust yourself to just be yourself. If that's true, then I would start to play around with that, because it's not true. If it's true that you feel that way, then I would start to tune in on that and play around with that, like, "Who would I be, what would I do, you know how would I spend my time if I had no obligation, no rules, no duty?" It's kind of a very scary thing at first, so I'm not suggesting that you just drop all kind of rules or policies that you have in place for your life straightaway, but I am suggesting that you could, and that it would 100% work for you, I know that for sure.

I'm just kind of tempting you with that idea, but you could certainly start to play around with it, you could 100% start to play around with that and start to look at implementing that in small areas. What if you even gave yourself an hour a day where it's complete freedom and you're allowed to do what you want? This is kind of the conversation that I had with my inner circle client, the one who did her first 100k month last month. We were talking about going to 200k, going to 300k per month and so on, and what place that's going to come from, and it's absolutely going to come from this place of, "Well, I give myself permission to trust, I give myself permission to flow," because otherwise you could increase those money results through kind of hustle and grind and being a disciplined badass in that regard, but then would you actually be getting what you want?

Because you're not going to be living in that feeling of freedom and flow and ease, and surely that is more the real, genuine outcome, rather than a money goal, correct? Correct, I'm going to answer for myself, but you can tell me what you think. Rachel says, "Thank you for this, Kat, have to go, have a good flight," yay. "If you have trouble, just keep asking what else is possible," Sicily, that's a great question in general, I'm not sure when you said it though, hey again. All right, so tell me what you think, tell me what's coming up for you.

Sam, if you're still watching, okay, I want somebody to check the cutoff time for international flights, can somebody check that for me, is that really cheeky to ask? Because otherwise I could flash out of this screen and go Google it myself, but then the live stream would pause. Not that it matters, either way I'm in the car now, so it's nothing I can do about it, but it would be good to know. Okay, so that was the first thing, that was the thing that I thought I said I would live stream about, then I realised I said something else. That was kind of like my journaling prompt to my client, "What if I just gave myself complete permission to trust, what if there was no obligation, who would I be, what would I do, what would matter, what would I focus on and desire?"

That's really, that is 100% how I go about, now, doing business, as well as life. It has been a gradual process for me though, and it continues to be. I still catch myself, as we all do, you catch yourself responding to something that you think you should do. I'm pretty good with it, I just notice it straightaway and I'm like, "Oh, is that actually true?" It can't be true, it literally can't be true that there's anything I have to do, because everything gets to come from flow, 100% of things 100% of the time. Then what I actually titled the live stream was, "You literally just open your mouth and let it come out," and that was a conversation I was having on my next client call this morning, after the first one.

It was around letting your true content, like your free content and your paid content, just come from what's inside of you. She was speaking of how she'd struggled to I guess really know what the tangible outcomes ... All right, thank you so much, Hannah. Cool, I'll definitely be there outside of 60 minutes, I'll probably be there like right at 90 minutes before the flight. Traffic is like way heavier than it usually is, usually get there in just over an hour, and looks like it's taking 90 minutes today. Okay, Claire says, "Unlike Marie, Kat, it's hard to know when it's what I'm supposed to push through, versus what is flow."

Right, so to practise, because that's how I used to feel, so if you feel that, and then like I said, like now I catch it immediately if I start to do something from obligation, and I just know it is very rare for me to get stuck on something now to where I feel like I'm not sure what my soul desire is or what intuition is saying, or what the guidance from within would be, but it does happen on occasion, and when that happens, I just keep asking the same question again. I won't take action though, I won't take any action at all until I know that it's coming from flow, I just allow myself to sit in that place of I guess kind of limbo, and to be comfortably uncomfortable with that, and just be like, "I'm not going to move, here I am right here and right now, and so I'm not moving," physically or metaphorically as the case may be, "Until I know what the inner guidance is," like just like, "Nope, not going to do it."

Even something like, sometimes just through the day, I don't know what to do with my time. Yeah, I'm Bali bound. I don't know what to do with my time, so I might feel like, "Oh, should I do a live stream, or should I respond to team emails, or should I have a nap, or get to another [wicker 00:24:19]," or whatever, and even then, I'll literally just do nothing though until I get the answer. If I'm not sure, I'll just kind of stop, like physically stop, usually in the middle of the house or something, be like, "Wait, what is the answer?"

If it's something bigger, like actually, the one thing that I am stuck on right now, maybe I shouldn't use that wording, but that's what's coming out, is do I stay on the Gold Coast with my children, or do I move, do I move to Bali? Because we've been talking about that for a long time, but it doesn't feel quite right, but it doesn't feel quite right to live here either, I don't know. I don't know what the answer is, or it was, "Am I just going to move around the world again all the time?", but then like Gold Coast, Bali, LA, New York, that doesn't feel right either.

That's the one thing where I'm just not getting an answer, so therefore I'm just not taking any actions, I'll just wait until I know the exact aligned action to take, and part of that's caught up to do with schooling and that sort of thing. "Move, but not just yet, is that what you're saying?" Yeah. "Feeling you on the moving stuff, but not ...", Leah, are you tuning in on that for me, or is that just ... Yeah, I think I am going to move, but not yet, I think that feels right. I don't see myself staying here, but I don't quite see myself living somewhere else either, I just have to be in transit.

I'll live in transit, that's roughly how I live already, I'm always on the move. Okay, let me come back to this conversation, right? Yes, thank you Leigh. This client, she was a little stuck on, "How do I package up my message and my offering?" You might have felt that way, like, "What are the tangible outcomes that people get from working with me?" There is no fucking way I'm moving back to Melbourne, I'm sorry, that's a hard no, that's something I am certain about. Even though my family is in Melbourne, my parents and two of my siblings are in Melbourne, but my sister is now on the Gold Coast, just to confuse matters.

Right before I'm like, "I think I'm going to leave the Gold Coast," she just moves to the Gold Coast, I'm like, "Okay, now it's even more confusing." Okay, I'm going to stop going off on a tangent, maybe. You might have felt like, a lot of people feel like, "I don't know how to package up my offer, I don't know what the kind of tangible thing is that I'm offering or selling here, and so therefore, how can I market myself effectively if I'm just saying that ti's about transformation or whatever?" I said to her, "Well actually, what this means is that it's about the feelings then, rather than what are the so-called tangible outcomes, it's about what are the feelings, what is it that people would feel from working with you?"

Then the best way to look at that or to figure that out is, "Well, what do you feel from the work that you've done inside of yourself, what do you feel in what's coming through you?" She started to talk about, and I said like how she used to feel before she created the flow that she now has in her life, and how she feels now, so talking about those emotions before and after. It's like, "Well, that's the outcomes then, those are the outcomes that people get from working with you, and how you would share that with them or how you would market that with them is you literally just say what's inside of you." She said something to me at the end of our call like, "I guess this is now going to be hard or difficult to figure out what I need to do or how to bring this to life," or something like that.

I said, "Well no, it's actually really not going to be hard, because you're literally just going to speak in your own language that's already inside of you, like this is the whole thing that's already in you, it's everything that you think and feel all day every day anyhow, it's just that now you're going to share it with other people, so there's nothing to add to that, there's nothing additional that needs to go into that. It's 100% just what are you thinking, what are you feeling." Then I think she said to me something that I say all the time, like, "Oh, you literally just open your mouth, and whatever comes out comes out," I'm like, "Right." I said to her like, "Let's be real, you could present an entire week-long course on your own content right now on all this inner stuff and transformation stuff with zero preparation, because it's already in you, you could talk about it all day every day."

For each of us, this is true. Like if you think about what is the conversation that you could talk about all day every day and you would never run out of things to say, then that is the stuff that you should be sharing with the world, whether it's in your free content, or whether it's in your paid content. If it feels any more complicated than literally just opening your mouth and letting whatever's inside of you come out, then I can guarantee you for sure that you're not standing firm in your purpose work right now, you're not doing the true work that you were meant to be doing in the world, because it should be that easy, there should never be anything that you need to think about, it should literally just be, "I open my mouth and stuff comes out."

Exactly like what I've done here, so much so that already five minutes into the conversation with you, I'd forgotten what the title even was of the live stream and I had to get somebody to put it in for me, because I'm not sitting here going, "Oh, let me refer back to my title and make sure that I cover that." I am now covering it, because that's what feels good to do, but many times I'll do a live stream and I won't remotely cover what I said I was going to cover on the title, it just goes any freaking place, and those are often the best ones. They are the best ones, in fact. The best ones are always the ones, the best live stream, blog post, conversation with a client, presentation maybe even that you give at an event, or you know as a speaker or something like that if you do that, or at your own events, the best stuff is always when you don't think.

The less thinking the better, it's very much an overrated concept, thinking. Kathleen says, "Awesome info," thank you. Maybe I'm already getting into that Bali super-flow, and I'm not even in Bali yet. I'm already accessing it. Yeah, so not thinking, like when you would go to lunch with a friend or you'd go to dinner with a group of people who you used to be close to, or like when I'm walking on the beach with my two friends Ben and Steve the other day, I'm not thinking about what I should say. You're not thinking about how you should communicate or have a conversation, you're just letting it come out. You're not there going, "Oh my goodness, let me make sure that I have some good material that I'm going to share with my friends, so that they want to keep coming back, like how do I sell my friends on continuing to be friends with me? I've got to make sure that I come up with some really good concepts for today's conversation."

Or if it's a new friendship, or maybe like somebody that you're wanting to build a friendship or a relationship with, I hope you're not or I think that you're not usually going into that feeling like you need to prepare a bullet-pointed list of talking points. You just be yourself, and whatever comes out comes out, and we all know that that's how the best real life relationships are built, "bought", oh my God, built and carried on, but yet in business, people seem to think that they've got to prepare something, or that they've got to be coming from a script and there's got to be these talking points, otherwise people might not want to follow or buy or listen, and it's kind of crazy if you make that comparison or use that analogy.

Nat, you're so welcome, Kathleen says, "You're working with the subconscious mind and intuition, so much better than being analytical." I am, I'm just letting it all come from intrusion and from flow and from soul, and that's what I suggest and recommend. Maybe it's not for everybody, but it's certainly for everybody in my tribe, and it's certainly how I mentor and support my clients and my inner circle. Like my role, if you were to work with me at that level, that's what's in the pinned comment about that, is to help you access yourself more deeply. My role is not to tell you, "Here's a dot point list of ways to make money online or market yourself online, here's what I did, so you should do it like me."

I will show you what I did, I'll give you access to everything that I do and to my team as well, and they'll help you with all the things that they do, but really what I'm doing, you know that's just because of course I'm going to show that stuff, but I'm certainly not ever suggesting that a client should follow the way that I did it. Really, my role as a mentor is to help you to access deeper levels of your own soul flow and your own inner guidance, and then to come from that place. With your messaging, with your content, and this is true as I was saying to my client, whether it's free content or paid content, it is you just open your mouth, and whatever comes out comes out, that's the true goal.

That comes back to what we were talking about earlier, which is trust. What if you trusted that you could just open your mouth, and whatever came out would be gold? Mostly, people wouldn't trust in that concept, they would feel that that's a terrifying idea, or that it wouldn't be good enough. Then really what they're saying is, "If I'm just being myself and I don't try and trick it up or fancy it up, then I'm not good enough, and then people wouldn't like me, or they wouldn't buy from me, or they wouldn't follow me online, I wouldn't be cool, I wouldn't be successful," et cetera et cetera. Is that really a belief system that you desire to go through life with, and is it actually what you believe on a deeper, deeper level?

Because here's what I think is true about self worth stuff: we have all these layers and all these levels, so it's kind of like now, some people here might be coming from a place of not trusting themselves, not believing in themselves, not feeling like they could literally just wake up, do whatever they want all day, and that that would result in good outcomes, or that they could just wake up, completely be themselves, open their mouth and see what comes out, and that that would result in value. A lot of people wouldn't feel that way, they'd feel like that's a scary concept and that they couldn't trust in it.

But if you are in that place of questioning your own natural value and worth, then let me suggest to you that you just drop down a little deeper, like put that story aside momentarily, put your own emotions aside and drop down a little deeper. What's beneath that, what comes beneath that? Is it or is it not true that if you really go into your core and really go into who you are on a soul level, that actually you fucking know how good you are, and you know that you're [inaudible 00:34:12], and you know that you have powerful work to share into the world, and you know that what's in your heart is of value, and you know that you just being you is going to impact people.

Send me love heart shower if you know this, or send me some 1% stickers or press play stickers on the emoji thing if you know this, because I think that you know this on a core level. I think that deep, deep, deep down you know this. I think that on the surface, you might be running around with a self worth story going on that's holding you back from being fully you, or you feel like you can't trust in yourself, or you feel like you've got to have all these rules and guidelines, or you feel like you've got to fancy yourself up in order to be loved and accepted basically, but deeper than that, you don't believe that.

Therefore, you're not living in alignment with yourself if you're allowing that fear stuff to rule you. You're creating your business, and indeed your life and probably most of your relationships from the fear mind, rather than from faith and from trust. I see all these love heart showers coming through, so I know I'm right, and I know I'm right anyway, because I trust in myself. Julie says, "Yes, I feel that deeply," Kristine says, "Yes, of course." I remember one time, one of my inner circle clients was really freaking out, I think it was in our first month working together, and she was really freaking out about just feeling anxious or worried about, "What if I don't get to where I want to go, and how do I keep going in this phase of building my business and keeping my head above water when I'm just kind of getting started with that?"

I remember saying to her, "Well, there's only two things you need to know here. Number one, big picture, do you believe in yourself and do you know that you're going to make it?" Like just put aside all the drama, put aside all the bullshit, yes yes, Mabel, put everything aside, let's just go big picture, do you believe, do you have faith in yourself? I know it might be shaky, but do you have that faith? She said yes, and if you can't answer yes to that, keep fucking asking that question and dropping down to who you are at your core until you can answer yes.

There's no point in taking any action if you don't have faith that you're going to make it. You might as well focus on the faith thing first. It is there for 100% of people if you go really into who you are, because you were born knowing this stuff. Nobody on the face of the Earth is born to not be able to create their soul's desires, that's available, whether or not they do it is another matter entirely, but the belief is there. We are faith-based creations. Thank you, Marta. All right, so that's the first question, big picture, do you believe?

If you can't answer yes to that, just fucking focus on that question until you can, and choose and decide to have faith, because it's a choice. Then the second question, the only other thing is, "Well, can you get through today, can you do what you need to do today, can you take action today, can you survive today?" Yes, of course you can. Then that's all that matters. All that matters is, "Do I ultimately believe, and can I live my life today?", and then go and live your life today as best as you can from alignment. But when you're consciously or not consciously living your life from a place of fear and reactivity, and trying to do the right thing in order to get a result, and hoping that people will buy your stuff, or respond to your marketing online, or like you as a person, that is motherfucking exhausting, firstly, as we spoke about and as I was speaking about with my client.

That's very tiring, it is certainly a way to get some kind of result, but I would think that that's not the real result for any of us. What none of us desire is to have millions of dollars or millions of followers and an exhausted, depleted life that's not in alignment and it's all built on a house of cards anyhow, because it was based on not being who you really are. That's like starting a romantic relationship based on, like I don't know, a bunch of 10-year-old photos on a dating app that are not true and real. Well, it wouldn't really go anywhere anyway, or you know like people definitely build relationships in real life where they kind of pretend to be somebody who they're not, they hide who they really are because they're scared of rejection if they would show who they really are.

That's very exhausting, and it's not sustainable, it's really not. It could be sustained, but at what cost? At the cost of your happiness, at the cost of your life, basically. Same thing with business, it's one way to get results, it's possible to get so-called results by being somebody you're not, continually putting a mask on, coming from fear, push push pushing yourself to "do the work", and yeah, creating your entire life based on fear. That's not what I would call success, it's not real results. It's not sustainable, I believe, for so many reasons, largely because if you're like me, then at some point you're going to end up losing your shit at yourself and just cracking and walking away from the entire fucking thing, because you actually know deep down that it can be flow and ease, and/or you'll end up in sabotage or emotional wreck and ruin because you just can't live that way.

You just can't live that way, you'll end up lashing out at yourself, your business, your partner, whoever's around. Basically, that pressure has to go somewhere. Then the other way is the way that I now choose to live and the way that I teach my clients and the way we're talking about today, which is faith-based living, so faith versus fear. Faith says, well, faith is belief, "What if I believed, what if I trusted and fully believed that I was going to be safe?", financially, emotionally, spiritually, et cetera, "And that I would make good decisions, and that I would move forward correctly on my aligned path, and that everything would work out as it's meant to if I followed what's inside of me."

That's what faith means to me, or that's partly what faith means to me. I'm sure I would say different things each time I speak about it. Then coming from that place, the only thing that I need to know as far as what action to take, and this is true for everybody here, whether or not you want to live by it is up to you, is, "Well, what is my soul suggesting I do?" As far as content, what is coming out of you? Well, this is what's coming out of me right now, later on when I'm sitting at the airport, if I have time I'll write a blog post, and we'll see what comes out. Maybe when I get on the plane, I'll write up a new offer and we'll see what comes out.

I have no idea, I'm literally fucking winging it moment by moment, I'm winging 100% of my business right now, and 100% of my life, in all areas. I have very few things in any area that are kind of like a plan or locked in, or obviously there might be something on the schedule, like that's an appointment or a plan in that regard, but even then it's just an intention. Like if I say yes to an appointment, like let's say being on a podcast or travelling to speak at an event, or going to another country, or meeting up with somebody or whatever, then I'm saying yes because it's aligned in that moment to say yes, that feels right for me, but definitely make no mistake, if it came to that point and then it didn't feel aligned, I would not follow through.

I'd be like, "No, I changed my mind," however I would say it. That's the level, like that's the extent to which my planning goes. Even like a trip, like even the other day, I think the day [inaudible 00:41:22], I was like, "Do I actually really want to go to Bali? I don't have to go, like I would lose money or whatever if I didn't go, but I don't have to go. I'll go if it feels aligned to go." Here I am, it's obviously aligned. There's so much for you to think about, I'd be curious to know what's a big takeaway or aha for you that's coming up from this conversation. Type it into the comments, because I do love to come back and read my comments, I think I'm now 10 minutes away from the airport, or just under, so I'm going to wrap up in just a moment, but do let me know what's coming through for you.

I guess, my question to you would be, how can you look at applying whatever your big takeaway from this is to your business, and maybe to other areas of your life as well? What if you just trusted, what if you acted from faith, what if you dropped the story that you're not going to make good decisions, what if you started to lock in beliefs and fundamental underlying beliefs that I always make the right decision, everything always works out perfectly for me, I fully trust in myself. Or one of the things I love to say a lot, is when I say yes to my soul, life says yes to me, when I follow what my soul directs me to do, not just when it's fun and really cool and exciting, but also when it's uncomfortable when I step into that place, when I follow what's coming through, whether it's easy and feels fun, or whether it feels uncomfortable and scary, then I always am on my correct aligned pathway.

I said to my client earlier like, "You literally never have to worry again if you just follow soul desire and what soul guidance is, you never ever have to worry again, because that is how you create the path that you are supposed to be on. Stop sitting here trying to look ahead and figure out what the path is, and figure out how you're going to get there, and how you're going to take action to be on that path or stay on that path, and oh my God, what if I accidentally fall off the fucking path, how do I get back on? Oh my goodness, just follow what's inside of you, that's how you'll create the path. You don't need to know everything that's ahead of you as well, by the way.

"Like yes, you can do visioning work and that's a powerful way to manifest, but there's nothing wrong or bad if you can't see where you're going to be 10 years from now or five years from now or whatever, just be here now. This is the only time that exists anyway, so if you're so focused on where you think you're supposed to be in the future, then you're forgetting that life is now, and the only moment that exists is now, and you're actually denying yourself fulfilment and happiness and peace and all the things that you're trying to get to, which you could have now if you allowed yourself to be here now."

This is why I was saying to my friends on the weekend like, "I'm there, like I've got everything I need, what else do I need? I'm completely content and happy and done, and at the same time, there's so much more that I'll create." All right, I'm going to leave you there. The inner circle is now open, it is the highest level one on one mentoring with me. You get 100% unlimited access to me, it is such an incredible place. It's obviously not for everyone, because it's private client work. There's a significant investment around that, and it's also not for everyone because there's like tens of thousands of people who follow me online, and they can't all be in the inner circle.

It's for that person who knows already that I'm the mentor for them, that's definitely it, and that could be you, whether or not you've followed me for years, or whether you're just coming along, you know I've had people jump into the inner circle in several cases, quite a few cases, within several weeks of meeting me or hearing about me at all, and other times people who have been following me for years. It's just a calling and annoying in your heart, it's a soul thing. What it would be about is having me there by your side day to day to get you into a continual alignment and massive fucking action around creating the business and the life that you desire.

It is certainly not just a conversation around business, we talk all things in the inner circle. Everything connects to everything, and we just continually go into what you need in order to be in your flow state, in order to access your soul guidance and highest levels of intuition and personal power, and in order to create everything that's coming through and that's inside of you. The conversation is equally mixed with business and money stuff, with relationship and sex stuff, with fitness and health stuff, location free and travel stuff for those who are doing that, parenting stuff as well, it's all just a glorious blend. The conversations that go on in the Facebook group for the inner circle are phenomenal, it's such a cool place and space.

The powerful stuff that comes up when we do meet in person, and our next in-person meeting is in July in LA, that is just, that's like the most next level thing I've ever created in my life, it continually just awes me and humbles me. Then of course the conversation that I have one on one with you is a pretty much day to day thing, actually just continual audios, messages, whatever you need. It's like any relationship, there's a continual flow of conversation as and when it's coming through us and when it's needed. There's a really cool bunch of cool stuff that you get obviously being in the inner circle, so you have that one on one mentoring with me at the highest level, me there by your side, you know we spend time together in person whenever we can.

Like if I'm where you happen to be, then of course we would meet up and hang out. One of my inner circle clients ended up sharing my bed for the night in Del Mar several weeks ago, just because she couldn't get a room in a hotel that night. It's a real genuine relationship that builds, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I don't take people into the inner circle unless they feel that we would become soulmate friends and fall in love in that friendship/client way. It's really just mixed together. Then yeah, you get everything else obviously, I don't think I need to say, like obviously any other programmes, courses I'm creating, events, et cetera, it's all included.

I'd love to speak with you if the inner circle is speaking to you, and the best way to do that would be just send me a message, do that on my personal Katrina Ruth page ideally, rather than here on the business one. You can do it either, I'll get it both ways, but I more so prefer to interact on the personal one, and I'll send you through a full overview, as well as the short live stream that I've done where I talk about the true work that I do with my clients, and we can talk cost details and so on and so forth. If it's for you, amazing, we'll get in right away or very quickly, and if not, then that's totally fine as well.

All right, go drop into faith today, what would faith look like? Leave me a comment, leave me a love or share if you feel that this is something that would help other people. I am so so happy always to get to speak with you, and I will see you in Bali. I might drop a blog post before I drop on the plane, who knows. Don't forget, life is now, press play.

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