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In today's episode I sat down with my amazing long-term private client Jeanna Gabellini and discussed in great depth all things making money and influencing millions ... plus oh my gosh, SO much more besides. (Seriously this woman is one of the most driven, FUN, and just crazy badass heart-centred coaches and leaders I know).


Jeanna has spent over 25 years helping business owners grow their businesses to make massive amounts of money while also impacting millions of people, and today she’s here to tell you all how you can do the same. WITH BELLS ON.


Hear how being yourself, adventurous, quirky, and edgy can improve your business, how you can become a conjurer, and why you need to be making calmer decisions.


Sneaky peek 👀


* [09:55] Owning both sides: Internet marketing and spirituality.

* [15:19] Letting out the quirk.

* [20:10] Bringing a spirit of adventure to business.

* [23:53] Doing something edgy in a launch.

* [26:32] CONJURING

* [30:43] Decisions from soul

* [36:20] How to let go and be who you are.

* [42:01] When Jeanna starts worrying!


I am absolutely stoked to get to share this finally! 


Notable Quotes:

  • “People respond to your energy, and they’re picking up what you’re putting down energetically.”


  • “Once I stepped over the line, there was no going back.”


  • “[Success is] that moment when you get that idea, and you’re like, ‘oh, hell yeah.’”


  • “As soon as something feels the same as somebody else, I get pissed, I don’t want to do it. Not for the sake of being different. I just don’t want to be average.”


  • “I think I’m more sure about myself when it feels like a dare.”


  • “Most people get freaked out by timelines.”


  • “The clock is our worst enemy.”


  • “Even when you think the game is over, the game’s not over.”


  • “Even if you don’t have proof, imagine it’ll all work out.”


  • “If it feels good, and you desire it, then it’s never going to be wrong, you’re always going to be led and be on purpose.”

Notable Mentions:

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More about Jeanna Gabellini

Jeanna is a master business coach, law of attraction expert, and Chief Rabble Rouser of MasterPeace Coaching.

After more than 25 years of liberating business owners from the curse of ‘not enough’ and the myth of ‘hard work pays off’, Jeanna knows, without question, that you can make massive amounts of money and impact millions, even if you’ve been struggling for years, if you’re willing to flip the switch in your thinking, chuck the old-school rules in the toilet, and stay true to what lights you up and turns you on.

To learn more, follow Jeanna at:
Facebook: Jeanna Gabellini
Twitter: @JeannaGabellini
Instagram: @jeannagabellini
LinkedIn: Jeanna Gabellini
YouTube: Jeanna Gabellini

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