Rebel Millionaire

I couldn't find a band aid for Colette because I guess my children used them all and so Will was able to find one and we saved her. It was a team effort. Then I was telling Mathias and Will about how cute it is that my children are bawling, like they're crying their heads off 'cause they're in pain and they're really crying hard. As parents you all know this, right? You say to your child, "Do you need a band aid? Will I get you a band aid?" They're like, "Yes." Then you get one and you put it on and you're like, "Okay you're better now." "Okay, Okay, thank you mummy." They give you a cuddle. and they're fixed, they're healed, right?

It's super cute and super funny, but it's always such a powerful reminder about belief and I guess it's like a placebo effect type thing. You know this, I'm not telling you anything you don't know. I feel like sometimes these little moments in life or little things you see maybe with children.

We then got into discussion about how you raise your child relevant to any form of beliefs or values system. Ultimately, typically how they grow up. Of course they may rebel against it at some point, but still it's just incredible to think how much we can influence our own minds just by choosing to believe something.

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