Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: I'm fine not working inside of my own house. What's happening? What's happening? Why am I so dark? So good. So good. I'm drinking my super foods blend. My chocolate, my body blend, super foods blend, which by the way, is currently being shipped to our first customers. It is chocolatey as fuck. There always needs to be a chocolate element, whether it's a chocolate bread layer, or a chocolate super food drink, or a chocolate heart. Somebody send me a chocolate heart. Send me a chocolate heart shower. I need something. Do I look dark on this screen? Or am I imagining it?

Katrina Ruth: Those are just regular hearts, guys. Chocolate hearts. That's what I desire. Did you share that?

Jess Lewis: I'm just trying to, the wifi's [inaudible 00:01:08].

Katrina Ruth: The wifi's being a motherfucker. I'm paraphrasing. It's exactly what she said.

Katrina Ruth: Hello. Hello world. Now I was tossing up between do I have a nap at 1:22 p.m., double twos, it's a very auspicious time. Okay, you gonna start a live stream as well. Thank you for making me aware. Tell me when you've shared that. Not you guys. There's a ninja in the other room, I'm just shouting directions out from here from my batman chair. From my bat chair. I have a purple sequin-y cape that I've covered the chair with to bling it up. Then I have my other cape on my lap like a blanket. You're gonna see me first. Well it's how it should be. Gabriel says he's gonna do his own live stream but he's gonna see me first. Everybody should see me first before they do anything at all. Why are you coming up as Facebook User? Okay. I don't look too dark, I look a little bit dark. Is it shared yet, or should I share it?

Jess Lewis: It's shared.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. Well, I would prefer to be in more brightness is what I would like, but it's a constant dilemma when I'm live streaming with the beach behind me. The question is, do I let you see me and my glowing highlighted face, it's just natural highlighter. I was born like this. Or, do I let you see the beach? If I press on me, do I become brighter? Whoops. Pressed on somebody else. See? Now I'm all brighted up and now the background's gone. Now we want the background don't we. Let's just ... Oh no. Hang on, I might have ruined the whole situation for everybody. Okay, I've got it back. It's fixed, it's glorious. It's gonna be one of these ones today guys, it could go anywhere, it could go everywhere, it could go nowhere at all.

Katrina Ruth: Wait, who's doing the call to action? Me or you?

Jess Lewis: Me I suppose.

Katrina Ruth: You, don't tell them anything at all. We're not gonna tell you guys but shortly when I feel like it I'll tell them. Put an emoji in for them as a tease. Put a little emoji in as a tease. Do you know the one I mean?

Jess Lewis: No.

Katrina Ruth: She doesn't know at all.

Jess Lewis: The eggplant?

Katrina Ruth: Not an eggplant. What's happening, this is not a sex live stream. Everyone knows eggplants means sex. What else could they possibly mean? Why does she think I wanted to put an eggplant live streaming? They're all weird. They're even weirder than me.

Katrina Ruth: How do you have the logo to the right side of the screen? The answer is that I asked for it to be on the right side 'cause it used to be in the middle above my head and then it would cut off part of my head. So I said, move it to the right, and there it is. So yeah, so I had to toss up between do I do a live stream, or do I have a nap. Because I had a bit of an adventure last night. I'll tell you some elements and not all of them. And as a result of the adventure, I had two hours sleep and I feel fucked up. But in a great way. Because when I finally went to bed at whatever ungodly time it was, I knew that I was gonna get up pretty much a minute and a half afterwards.

Katrina Ruth: I said to myself, "I will wake up feeling fully rested and high vibe and I'll have an amazing day." Well, I actually feel wiped but I feel high vibe and I can have an amazing day anyway. Tiredness is just a, it's a fantasy okay. It's probably not most people's fantasy, it's an illusion, is probably the word I was going for. But I had a great adventure. I said to myself the other day I'm gonna have more adventures and it was an intention I suppose. And then last night I thought that I was going out for a quick drink. What am I talking about, you can hear what I'm talking about. This is what I'm talking about right now. Here I am talking. I thought that I was gonna go out for a quick drink and yes, that did happen. Somehow it turned into some shenanigans in a restaurant and then there was many things involved. There was many things involved. There was a tour of some of the coastal towns, there was some Jumanji. There was some artistic endeavours. It was quite the adventure.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway. So I was gonna have a nap. But I didn't. Because on with the show, that's the whole story, right? Now as you might know or you might not know, but now I'll remind you and tell you, the Katrina Ruth Show is me. I am the show and if you desire to have a personal run where people follow you for your message and for who you are and maybe they even buy things from you and you get to share your art into the world, and if that is you, please shower me with emojis stickers or love hearts, you can choose. If that's your desire, then you might wanna think about releasing the idea that people are following you because of what you teach. Because they don't care. They don't give a fuck. People think that they wanna learn from me about what I teach, maybe you do, maybe you think that you do, maybe you're really like, "Excuse me, all I'm here for is the dot points," but really let's just be honest about it. You're here because you can't look away. Because the show is fascinating and magnetic, okay. I guess I better [inaudible 00:06:37] into it now.

Katrina Ruth: So I am the show, this is the show. It's happening right here. Yes, exactly Gabriel, exactly. And so therefore if I went and had a nap at 1:00 p.m., then the show wouldn't be going. So I dillyed and I dallied as you do. I made myself a chocolate green smoothie. I got a triple shot long black send up for me, brought up for me by a ninja, Kat ninja. And I thought, why would I go and have a nap at 1:28 p.m. in the middle of the day, or 1:22 p.m.? Well you could if you really desired to. Nothing wrong with that actually, I have naps all the time. But it was also that thing of, am I gonna feel better in an hour from now about I had a nap, or that I created amazing fucking content?

Katrina Ruth: Firstly I wanted ... Firstly, firstly, secondly, thirdly I was just still so impressed with myself at manifesting such an amazing adventure last night so quickly that I wanted to let I guess that superflow or feeling of high vibrancy seep into my content today. Well that can't very well happen if I'm not making any content 'cause I'm off there snoozing. But also, and I blogged about this this morning a little bit, it was a reminder of napping, and eating, and sleeping, and resting, and all these very surface based human activities are really not required at all. And they're not actually desired I feel when we're in the superflow lane. And when you say yes to your soul, life says yes to you. We know this, it's a fact, it's in Wikipedia. Well it's not because I made it up, it's my quote. When you say yes to your soul, life ... When I say yes to my soul, life says yes to me.

Katrina Ruth: And what that means is, you become, I believe, you become more superhuman. You actually become what you're meant to be in the first place anyway. Which means you don't need to sleep as much, you don't need to eat as much, you can think quicker, move quicker, you're more creative, you're more high vibe, you're having more fun. Everything just kind of like, go, go, go, go, go, and it all just works together. You 're kinda creating the world inside of you. And that's the kind of heightened energy state I was in last night. And then this morning as well a little bit. And then I started to crash down and I was like, "Oh well, I could go have a [inaudible 00:08:52] sleep and then after that I know for sure if I had a little nap I'll be kind of in zombie mode, or I could get on and do content and choose to continue to activate the superflow. And if I would have had a sleep, I probably would have eaten lunch then had a sleep. Instead, I'm like fuck food, I'm gonna have a smoothie, I'm gonna have a coffee and I'm gonna do a live stream.

Katrina Ruth: Now where I'm gonna be super contradictory though, is I'm in no way saying ... Of course I have my own emojis. Philippa, how are you possibly not aware of that? If anyone doesn't know that I have my own emojis, who do you think you're talking to? Really. I feel that that's obvious. But how you use them is you got to be on your mobile phone and you go on with other emojis are the normal people emojis. And then there's a little sticker on the inside of your comment box, blue love heart, thank you Steve. I've never seen a blue love heart before, is that your own emoji? Did you make that up? You found them, okay, there's a little sticker on the inside of your comment box. You press the sticker, you send me some ... I feel like they're possessed, sorry. They're possessed little Katrinas. You can send me a little devil Katrina, or you can send me flies across the screen. Or you can send me a 1% sign.

Katrina Ruth: What was I up to? I've no idea. I don't know where I'm going with this 'cause I'm really fucking tired 'cause I was out so late like I said. But I feel that it's going somewhere important. Okay, okay I got it. We haven't got to superflow yet, which is annoying me. I haven't felt that switch flick. I don't like that. I want the switch to flick. One must flick the switch at all times. It's not gonna flick itself. Did you guys see when my team made me a meme that said flick the fucking switch baby, it's not gonna flick itself. And it was me with like a sports bra on and just looking somewhat bad ass I suppose. But to me when I saw that meme I was like, "Well, it kinda sounds like not what it's actually meant to sound like."

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, back to the point, let's be very focused and very professional. Of course you could eat some fucking lunch and have a nap if that's what you wanna do. I'm not trying to suggest to you that you should never sleep or have naps. But I am suggesting to you that you think about who you really ... Okay, my mind's just got blown with those rainbow love hearts. Philippa. Now I feel triggered that Philippa just said, "Flick the clit" on my live stream and that I didn't say that. Now I feel triggered that I wasn't being as bold as what Philippa was being, or is being, or did just be. This is my live stream and I'm suppose to be the most irreverent one. You should be here now and you can be on the live stream. Maybe I should add Philippa onto the live stream if she's just gonna go around saying shit like that.

Katrina Ruth: You've completely broken my train of focus. Remember who you fucking are. Remember who you are. Remember who you are. Philippa clearly knows who she fucking is, obviously. Remember who you are. Are you the sort of person when in July ... Okay, I'm super erratic today. You guys are gonna have to deal with it, 'cause I won't be here, I'll be in America til July 14 and then I'll be back here. I'll be back.

Katrina Ruth: I've forgotten completely ... I'm totally done, I'm totally done, I've totally forgotten what I was saying. This is gonna be the most embarrassing live stream in the history of time. But the whole point is on with the show, this is it. If this is the show then you're gonna have to deal with it. This is how the show's turning up today. The show didn't have much sleep, she's kinda all over the place, she had an epic awesome night and she can't think about anything. Her brain is fried. That's what's happening with the show. Talk amongst yourselves.

Katrina Ruth: Jess, I need some content inspiration. I'm dying, I'm bombing out on my own live stream. Okay, I'll be here from the 19th to the 23rd. Somebody's gonna need to save me. Give me a talking point. Over. As you were. I'll think of something. The superflow will click in anyway. I'm giving you a perfect live demonstration right now of how you can create content even when the content is about abso-fucking-lutely nothing. And yet miraculously somehow people are still watching. I don't understand. They love me. They love me, they really love me. I don't think I just got Jim Carrey superflow activated into my mind.

Jess Lewis: How to push through-

Katrina Ruth: Can we watch The Mask?

Jess Lewis: ... tide?

Katrina Ruth: How to push through? You just push. You just get your hands and you back it up like it's hard. I don't know what that means. You just put your hands on it's ass and you just push it. What else have you got? I answered that question already. Philippa is inviting herself to stay here with me. Of course she is. I like it when people ... I'm gonna say something that's weird and it's not sexual about Philippa just so that we're all clear. But you reminding me of, like I put a post up the other week like I really love it when a man who knows that he can, tells you what's gonna happen. Or he tells you that he's the boss or in charge. I had to be careful about how I worded that post 'cause I wasn't gonna write I just like it when a man tells me what to do. That's not in a general sense.

Jess Lewis: In bed, yes.

Katrina Ruth: No, that's not what I meant in bed. But sure in bed, of course. I didn't even mean it though. I meant like being like, I'm the man or I'm the dominant one in a general manly sense with an eau de man.

Jess Lewis: Eau de man.

Katrina Ruth: I like the smell of their skin.

Jess Lewis: So it is a sweaty man.

Katrina Ruth: Well, if it's a man that you are attracted to, then the sweat usually smells really good. I'm not even talking to anybody. There's no one over there. I'm just making it all up. I'm just imagining a character. So yes, Philippa's reminding me of when a man who knows that he can, just tells me what's gonna happen. And then I'm like, "Oh, okay." I know didn't even mean sexually. But of course sexually. But I didn't even mean that. I just meant in a general sense, take charge of me. It's similar to the meme that I put up. What's happening with your comments today, Steve? Are you drinking during the day? What's going on there? You're suddenly going next level engaged, I feel like somebody's hacked your Facebook or you're drinking. Is Matt on your Facebook right now? Is that's what's happening? And he's just sending a million comments. The pheromones, everybody loves a good pheromone. There's nothing better than a good pheromone. I can imagine it right now. The essence. So yeah, Philippa is the same as the men who tell me that they're in charge. I didn't mean as a whole bevvy of them. It came out the wrong way.

Katrina Ruth: Philippa just tells me what's happening, and I like it when people do that. But you have to know who you are. You have to know who you are if you're gonna tell me what's happening, you're gonna tell me what's happening? Who's gonna tell this bitch what's happening? Not many people. But some people who know who they are can get away with that. Philippa can maybe get away with that. Nobody's there at all. Philippa can get away with it, she's already proven that she can get away with it. Doesn't mean all y'all, I'm made in America now. Doesn't mean all the rest of you all can get away with it. You know if you can or if you can't. You have to vote for yourself. Do you back yourself and believe yourself enough to imagine that you can get away with telling me what to do?

Katrina Ruth: That's a dangerous little line to walk down isn't it? I'd like to see who's willing to back themselves with that. Put a comment in, let's see who you are. I'll tell you yes or no. Or maybe I won't at all, maybe I'll just observe who's brave enough to answer this question. Because no, not the whole internet can just tell me that they're gonna come and stay at my house that's not actually a thing. But certain people can. And it's the same as the man thing. No, not any man can walk around and just tell me what's up and what's happening. But if they know that they can, then they should. And I'll like it a lot.

Katrina Ruth: What were we up to? Back on topic. I had a little wardrobe dilemma today. I guess I could tell you about that. I feel like since I have situations here, two of them. Two situations that people might need to see or know about, that I should be displaying the situations at all time and now I'm wearing like a really regular baggy top but it's a cool top. And so that was a bit of a dilemma. It's not that interesting. I don't have anything to say. Okay, Thea says she's not there yet, Camilla says yes. What's on my shirt? Says religion. I dunno. It's from Religion in Bali, which is amazing. Angela can sit on the one couch as long as she has a tripod, a bottle of wine and not no ... You can have emails on the phone, you can have no notifications on the phone. No notifications on the phone.

Katrina Ruth: What else? Here's a cool thing, right? You can literally just sit and chill. Like I'm just chilling. Instead of having a nap, I'm just chilling with you guys. I'm talking about abso-fucking-lutely nothing. I feel like we should make Jess get on the live stream 'cause I'm being super boring. But yet people are still staying here and watching. I'm proving so many points right now about content. People who don't like me would be saying I'm proving the point that I have nothing to say about anything. I need another talking point. You guys are gonna have to give me one. In the end, it just comes down to are you willing to be the person who gets on with it.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, Philippa are you writing these things down in advance? Not only did she say flick the clit on my live stream, she now says she needs to touch the boobs. Hence, she needs to come there. Well, most of the women who I know have touched the boobs already. Linda just went straight in there. She's like, "Let's see them," so I took them out and she was just like, "Oh yeah." She started grabbing them literally. It was quite amusing. Beautiful view, yes it is. I'm sorry I'm being so boring. The point that I'm trying to make is you can be a show even when you're a boring show. That's the reality. You can talk about what you love. Right now what I'm loving is my coffee, I'm loving this cape that's on my lap, I'm loving the high vibery of my life. I'm loving the adventure that I had last night. I can't tell you all the details to that. You have to imagine them to yourself.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, thank you Lakisha, I'm loving that I'm doing comedy skits now. Filmed that a while ago. I was too embarrassed to post it. You know, the one about likes versus love. I didn't wanna post it. 'Cause then I was all like [inaudible 00:19:23] people were gonna think that's about them and it is. So then I hesitated to post it for a while. And then I did it anyway 'cause I don't let my own bullshit be given my message. When someone else is doing something similar to what you're selling, how do you not compare yourself.

Katrina Ruth: Oh that's an amazing question and by the way on a side note, thank you Lee, I appreciate it. Okay, okay I feel like we just kicked the switch. It wasn't the clit switch, just keep calm about that over there in New Zealand or wherever you are at. It was the superflow switch. Angela just flicked the superflow switch, not gonna flick itself. How you flick the superflow switch is you show the fuck up anyway when you're being boring as fuck. Drop the Empress details now because I'm gonna forget about otherwise. If you want ... By the way, by the way, by the way, enough with this coaching bullshit. We all know that if you resonate with me and you see an element in yourself in me, possibly the weirder parts mainly, then it's not about how do I make money as a coach online. And probably you've done that thing of going I'm never gonna coach again, I'm done with coaching. Who's done that?

Katrina Ruth: Every time a client says that to me I'm like, yeah, we'll see about that. You're not done with coaching, you just haven't given yourself permission to do it the way you wanna do it. Coaching, mentoring, it's one teeny tiny pocket. But, who we are is you can't even put it into words. But if you did you would say magnetic as fuck and brilliant in all its glory, and you are the fucking show and the coaching element is just one part of it. And what it's about in order for you to get your message out there, and in order to gain the following, the fame, the fortune that you desire is claiming your rightful place from an energetic point of view in terms of when are people gonna follow you if you're exactly the reason that Lee just said, the energy. 'Cause of not what you sell, not what you teach and the comparison thing I'll get to in a moment 'cause this is relevant to this as well. I'm totally talking like I've no clue what I'm on about by the way. I'm listening to my own words right now and I'm like, I sound like I'm drunk and I'm not.

Katrina Ruth: But I'm gonna persevere and keep going. I do not feel superflow, I just lost the superflow again. But I'm still demonstrating that you can show up and do the content anyhow. In Empress, which is my four week one-on-one. It begins in T-minus 10 days. I don't know what's the T for anyway. It begins in Monday the 25th of June, minus 10 days. So no, it begins in 10 days. That would be today. It begins on Monday, the 25th of June. Four weeks one-on-one with me. What we're doing is unleashing all the madness and the mayhem and the energy. I don't feel like I'm flying but I'm pushing through. I'm wading through the quicksand right now. I'm staying focused, I'm not at all focused. My head is as scattered as anything. I kinda wanna go upstairs and have a sleep. But I'm here because something inside of me told me to be here. So when I say yes to could, life says yes to me. So I'm just gonna do it. I'm just gonna push through and do it.

Katrina Ruth: And it is part of what I teach, and it is part of what Empress is about, and it is part of what building a following online and a personal brand is about. Who's correcting people's grammar in there? Is somebody correcting people's grammar in the comments? Is that's what's happening? You can't correct my grammar 'cause I'm talking aloud. I mean you can't correct my Y-O-U-'R-E versus your. So what I wanna do, what I'm gonna do, what I am doing is working with 20 badasses, 20 new amazing bad ass one-on-one clients who know that they were born to impact their energy. And it's about the Empress energy. It's about their revolutionary fucking leader energy. It's about the queen energy but it's even more than that, which is why it's Empress.

Katrina Ruth: Put 25 empress emojis in now please. Did you catch that?

Jess Lewis: We're up to 25.

Katrina Ruth: 25.

Jess Lewis: Crowns.

Katrina Ruth: Put 25 empress emojis in. The actual empress emoji.

Jess Lewis: Diamond.

Katrina Ruth: Empress. No, the one that looks like a little empress. There's an actual empress emoji. Do you know it?

Jess Lewis: I do know it.

Katrina Ruth: Why is there a bunny rabbit here? An empress emoji.

Jess Lewis: [inaudible 00:23:51]

Katrina Ruth: It's got a blond head like me and it looks like an empress because it's me. You're gonna put 25 of them in now. The 25 represents one of them is Chandra who's already signed up, several other ... Oh hang on. Do you know the one I mean? It's not always it, it's an empress.

Jess Lewis: Is that an elf?

Katrina Ruth: It's not an elf, it's an empress. I just put one of them in. Put 25 of them in now. Lakisha's put 25 in. Is that 25? Somebody count. Let's make sure this is being done properly. Mine looks evil. Anyway, the empress emojis represent the empresses who are coming in plus I dunno, maybe the ninjas are the other five. Me and four ninjas can be the other five. 'Cause 20 amazing empresses are gonna be working with me one-on-one starting July, not July, June 25. It is probably the most bizarre as fuck amazing transformative one-on-one programme I've ever created that's not about online marketing, right? It's completely a whole different thing.

Katrina Ruth: It is about impacting with your energy, selling with your energy, calling in the people with your energy, having the creative downloads and the flow and the soul shifts coming through from your energy. Details are in the pinned comment. That is for those who know that they're not just here to be a coach. That is for those who know that they are the fucking show. That they're suppose to be showing up, turning up, being up, lit up as fuck, and people follow you because you are the show. Read that comment and message me if you want details. Message me on my personal page.

Katrina Ruth: Okay now, Angela had asked a question ... I am so fucking certain that your Facebook has been hacked right now, Steve. "Cause I've never seen you with this many comments. What's happening? You're gonna need to send me a voicemail to prove that it's you. And why are these empress emojis brown haired, what's happening there? We need blond head ones. I require a voice message 'cause otherwise I feel like somebody in China has taken over your Facebook, or its mail. Okay. Angela had asked a question about comparison. Well, here's the reality, right? And I feel like this is obvious and everybody knows the answer already. There we go, blond emoji, blond empress emoji. Oh man, I just figured out how to get my face in the live stream and the beach. I'm a technological genius. I'm like an engineer, I'm like a high IQ engineer. I'm exactly like a high IQ engineer 'cause my father is a high IQ engineer and I'm quite similar to him. He's a pilot now, but he's an engineer as well. So I actually am a high IQ engineer, it's official. It's in the blood.

Katrina Ruth: There's no comparison, who said something about comparison? Why was there a question about comparison? What did it say? Now what I say about that is, you gotta go into your boldness. You gotta go into you're audacity. You gotta go into your audacity about the comparison odysseys thingy. Ask another question, someone 'cause I could answer some questions. So Angela would say when someone else is doing something similar to what you are selling, or something like that, then how engineer ... I say in the official properly Webster Dictionary audio-performed by [inaudible 00:27:16]. You gotta go into your audacity. You gotta go into it. You gotta go deep into the audacity. Things should always be deep, very fucking deep. Philippa knows all about it. I'm just gonna go serve some of them back at you since you took over my live stream a little bit. They should always be deep. Extraordinarily deep. And if you're gonna go into audacity, it should be like so deep that it comes out the other side. It doesn't sound ideal, I take it back, I retract, retract, retract. Have some chocolate smoothie. It's a greens powder. Super greens.

Katrina Ruth: Which means, nobody can fucking compare because no matter how hard somebody tries, no matter how hard somebody tries to be me, please. Good fucking luck. There is no way, I'm sorry, you can try to like ... I know some of you dyed your hair red, that was a nice effort, it was quite fun for me to giggle about when I then changed it to blond with the best colorist in the world. And it changed from full on red to blond in one session. Okay, I think it was a nine hour session, but still. And then all the red-headed people had just changed to red were screwed. Well, I guess they could have changed again. But just when people think that they're trying to catch up with me and they're like, "Oh okay, see what she's doing, let me take some notes, let me get some Cliff Notes about that. Let me make it into a PDF document so that I don't forget." Just when you think you've figured out what I'm doing, I'm already 25 fucking steps ahead of you.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, you think I'm over here, I'm already there. You try to catch up there, I'm back here again. You try to get me over here, I'm just sitting back here having a nap and a coffee. And you just run around all over the place looking like a headless chick, crazy. So no matter how hard you try, I won. I already won. I am the winner of being the Katrina Ruth Show. It is what it is, and that's all it is. And that's how I feel about the comparison question. You can try as hard as you like, you're never gonna be ... You could even get yourself a fabulous cape like this one, this is an amazing cape. Look at it. It's a great blankety cape. You can wear it either way. You've seen the cape. I wear the cape on the empress banner that's on my Facebook. It looks amazing. Which way do you like it better? I'm gonna put it on now.

Katrina Ruth: The only problem is that when I wear the cape on the live stream, it overheats me a little bit. And then I get sweaty. I don't like it that way. It looks like an evil fish scale. Turn it the other way. So we just be in flow and do our souls calling and we just know the money is coming. The money is a decision. What a great comment slash half question, comment, question by Jacqueline. The money is a decision. I live streamed about this yesterday actually. I did a two hour live stream of [inaudible 00:30:03] it always manages to go for two hours. I think it was only an hour 55. We cut it short with a short snack sized version. One hour, 55 minutes. And somebody asked that same question and we spoke about that. So you could watch that. It's only a couple more hours out of your day. But the short answer is, you decide. The money is a decision. Like I decided, and I gonna make myself some lunch and then have a nap, or I'm gonna make super food green smoothie and do a live stream.

Katrina Ruth: There's no emotion around it, it's not like is this smoothie available to me? Am I good enough, am I worthy for this smoothie? Did I do what it takes, do I have what it takes? Can I receive this? Can I maintain it if I keep it? Its just a motherfucking decision. So you make the damn smoothie and you have the smoothie, or you order one, you get a ninja to bring you one. You get them to bring you a coffee. That's money. That's the whole money story explained to you.

Katrina Ruth: Why is people messaging me right now? Don't message me when I'm on a live stream. I see them messaging over there in the Facebook inbox. That's the money situation sorted. Do I look like little Purple Riding Hood? Yes, you decide to allow yourself to be rich. That's exactly right. You know I made a quote image that says exactly that. It's one of my quote memes that we're gonna put on Instagram. Look at me, I look so snuggly, anybody would wanna give me a cuddle right now. You decide to be rich. You decide that you're gonna make money. And then you just ... Right, I'm stuck. Then you just ... oh my goodness, the person who's messaging me just wrote, oops, sorry. Are they listening to me? I was just being a smart ass. You're allowed to message me while I'm on the live stream. But if you just said sorry about that, then it's fine.

Katrina Ruth: So you do just decide. But you can't walk around and decide on ... Well you could, depends on your level of faith and belief. But lets say you're like, "Okay, cool Kat. Let me test out your little theory there. I'm gonna decide that I now make a million dollars per month," for example. Only Money Honey is one of the best programmes I've ever done. And the title of that programme came from because I had a massive wake up call around realising that I'd been getting so emotionally attached to money and to make it into a big deal like, "Oh my god, it's so hard to combine, am I good enough and am I worthy," all the stuff I just said about the smoothie. And then I just had like this breakthrough realisation, which was the product of freaking years of doing the inner work and figuring shit out and continually aligning myself day-by-day to where I would receive more. And the breakthrough was, holy shit, it's only money. It's like oxygen, it's everywhere. Breathe it in don't breathe it in, whatever. But why would you not breathe it in or you might die. Okay, we might not die without money. But you get what I mean, right?

Katrina Ruth: It is such an amazing programme. It's from 2014 I believe but I'm so proud of it. It stands the test of time as they all do. But that one it would be ... If I had to identify like my top five programmes, surely that one would have to be in the top five I would say. And that was the realisation for me. But if you then were like, Okay, I'm gonna just decide that now I make a million dollars a month and that's just how it is, Jess, you can definitely get some good screen shots of me now because I'm wrapped snuggly in my cape. Snuggly. I don't know, what would I use this screenshots for though. Maybe not. Has she left? Did you leave?

Jess Lewis: No.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. So then you can't just be ... Well you can, depends on your faith. But don't try and test me out by saying, "Oh now I just decide that I make a million bucks a month," or a year, or whatever else. I'm not freezing at all, I've got a cape wrapped around me. Not at all freezing. You can't just say that and expect it to fucking work if you don't have that level of belief. So what you would do is, you would ask well, to what level am I capable of believing right now? How can I stretch just a little bit beyond what I feel is available or possible for me. And then you begin to align yourself to that. You align yourself piece by piece by piece by piece by piece in that direction. What does that mean? It means that you continue to look daily at, well if it was that simple, and I just now received that money because I just fucking decided it and it's like ordering something from a restaurant, of course I get it.

Katrina Ruth: If it was that simple, then what would my thoughts be, what would my feelings be, what would my emotions be? Am I freezing for other people as well, tell me. And what would my aligned actions be? And then you do it. You just fucking do it. You do the best that you can for that day and you release the outcome. Why is it freezing, why? Nobody's answering me. It's very upsetting. You just do the best that you can for the day. You decide and choose it. Of course you're gonna get that result straight away this day, this month, this year, this now. And so you act accordingly and then you fucking release it. You release it. Freezing, not freezing, well, some of you must have your energy fields all fucked up and others don't. That's all I can say about that. So then like yesterday for example I was giving my daughter a little smack down on this exact topic. 'Cause she wasn't to do a aerial cartwheel, which is a cartwheel with no hands. She's nearly nailed it. She's very good at her gymnastics.she just got graduated to the next level and only two people in her whole class got graduated two days ago she's very happy about it.

Katrina Ruth: So she's practising doing no hands cartwheels and then she was getting herself into a royal mess and sulked about it at the playground yesterday. And I'm not the most empathetic of mothers. I was like, "Listen, harden the fuck up." I didn't say fuck, I said, "Listen, you need to harden' up. Stop crying about it. That's not gonna help it at all. Here's what you do." And I told her how to believe in yourself. I tried to make her live stream with me about it and she refused. She's quite the diva. So I'll try and reenact it for you. So I was like, "This is how you do it. You go out there to do your cartwheel, your aerials and you decide you will do it today." She's like, she asked me, "Do you believe that I can do it today?" I'm like, "I do, I do believe that it's possible that you can do it today. You need to believe that you can do it today. So when you go out there now to do that," and I was sitting there having a picnic just chilling and eating while she was working out. I like to see my children working hard and sweating while I sit back. Or it can go the other way. Either way is fine.

Katrina Ruth: So ib said to her, "You have to believe. You have to fully believe that you're doing this today. And ten at the same time though, you've gotta be totally okay with if you spend the next hour trying to do it or however long and then it doesn't happen, you gotta be totally okay with that and then tomorrow you've gotta get up again and believe again that this is the day I am doing it today, I will do it today, nothing is gonna stop me. Of course it's happening today and so I'm going in with that attitude and you do whatever you can as best as you can for the time that you have available for that day with full belief that of course it's gonna happen that day. And if it doesn't, you get up the next fucking day and you do it again." And then she's like, "but I can't do it tomorrow because," then she listed out her whole busy schedule for me which was happening today.

Katrina Ruth: And I'm like, "Okay I didn't technically mean it has to be the ... Okay, then the next day after that." And then she was trying and then ... Well, she kept not quite getting it, right? I mean it's a cartwheel with no hands. She'd only been practising for like a week as well. She's very impatient. I have no idea where she got it from. So then she starts getting grumpy though. She was like not crying but kind of getting ... She was getting super frustrated and shitty about it. I was like, "Listen to me. Drop that attitude right now." Which this is how I was speaking to her as well. She wants to be the best. She wants to like practise all freaking day and get the results. You're gonna have to learn what it takes. It is what it is.

Katrina Ruth: So I said, "Listen to me. You're gonna need to drop that attitude right now. As soon as you start to get frustrated and upset about it and you're getting grumpy, then you're immediately making it that you're not gonna be able to do it today. You're switching off," I didn't say abundance, but it's the same thing, right? So those of you who are out there, and you're hustling and you're showing up and you're like of course I'm gonna have million dollar business, of course I'll make this much money. And then you're like, I'm doing the inner work and I'm doing the actions and the beliefs and the emotions and yeah the practical side as well. And I believe, I believe. Are you or are you not getting shitty when you don't get a result? are you having a little sulk? are you being like a child just stamping their foot, "This is not working?" That's normal and you're gonna have to drop that attitude.

Katrina Ruth: Because the second that you go into that attitude of this is shitty, this is not working, what's wrong with me, why can't I do this, other people are better than me, all that stuff, that immediately dials down abundance. You turn off the abundance switch, you flick the switch back off and not in a good way at all. So you've got to be in an expanded energy and in an everything is perfect and okay and I'm totally fine energy in order to receive. Who knows that you're not gonna receive when you're an energy of like, "Waa, why is this not working, and why is everyone better than me?"

Katrina Ruth: So as I said, it's normal to have those responses, but hello, did we come here for normal? No we fucking did not come here for normal. So why would you be acting so normal? Very boring of you if you think about it. So it's a discipline is what I'm saying. It's a motherfucking discipline to be in abundance mindset and a manifestation mindset. It's a choice to drop the attitude. It's a choice to drop the drama. Yeah, you can still feel it, I don't mean I don't feel that shit if something doesn't work out the way that I want it to in any area of my life. I might have a little temper tantrum for a second in time, but I'm very conscious of this ship because I've been doing what I'm doing, teaching what I teach for so long now, I know how it works, I know how I'm receiving a manifestation works so I notice myself doing it and it's literally like, let it go. It is what it is and that's all it is. It's one of my favourite sayings. No matter what. When my kids are grumping about something or anybody is or something goes wrong or doesn't work, I always am like, it is what it is.

Katrina Ruth: And then Alyssa my eight year old who will finish it off for me and she goes, "And that's all it is." I'm like, "Exactly. It is what it is and that's all it is. So what's the point of getting shitty about it? Go back in, believe that you're gonna do it today." And she's like, "Mommy, mommy, do you think that I'm really gonna do it today?" I'm like, "Yeah, I believe that you can. And if you don't, so what. You get up and you believe it again the next day." That's how it's done. And if it's too hard, it's too challenging, you need to have a cry about it, you need to get a blanky and a freaking hot chocolate with some marshmallows, then too bad, you don't get to be this life, you don't get to be this life. You don't get to live that life. You gotta fix your attitude if you wanna be successful. It is what it is and that's all it is.

Katrina Ruth: Alright. What time are we up to? I feel like I said many things about many things and hopefully some of them hit home. I think that last bit was quite good. I think we could get some good screen shots of me waving around my cape here. I like to get some good screen shots for my live streams. I feel like my sectional belief was powerful. You should listen to it again. You should think about where you need to maybe drop the attitude and choose to believe. I think I need wings. Can you order me some wings?

Jess Lewis: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. She said yeah. Of course she did. I'm gonna get ... No I'm not gonna tell you, it's a secret. I definitely need some wings. Sometimes you just need some wings. But I can use this cape in the meantime. You need to have a look at ... We could all have a look at where we're acting like a grumpy child stamping its foot. It's okay, you're allowed to be human. But at some point if you wanna be freaking extraordinary in your outcomes I guess you're gonna have to start acting like that. You're gonna have to choose to be strong enough to put the drama aside to go within, within, all the way within and to release whatever needs to come out into the atmosphere. Which is a next level badass version of you.

Katrina Ruth: Empress is here. Four weeks one-on-one with me. I'm gonna tell you about it a little bit. Claim your rightful place now. For women are unapologetically born for more. Begins June 25 details are in the pinned comment. You wanna message me about this if you're willing and ready to step up. You gotta be willing. You can't just say that you know you meant to, you've gotta also be willing. Empress claim your rightful place now. For those who are born for more, born for exceptional, born for extraordinary and not of this world. Read the rest. Read it in the pinned comment. Message me on my personal page. Tell me something amazing. Leave me a comment and I don't even know what else I'm gonna say. Okay. Any final thoughts?

Jess Lewis: Who me?

Katrina Ruth: Yes.

Jess Lewis: Life is now, press play.

Katrina Ruth: She said life is now, press play. Very uncreative. Think of something else.

Jess Lewis: I can play any tune you like.

Katrina Ruth: She said flick the clit switch. I'm paraphrasing. She said she needs to tune in. She said you need to tune into yourself. I changed it to flick the clit switch. How rude. Alright. Life is now, press the motherfucking play. Read the Empress comment here below. Read all about it. I'm sorry I was so all over the place. I'm not sorry at all. It is what it is, just deal with it. It is what it is and that's all it is. This is the Katrina Ruth Show, it's happening right here. I am the show. Wanna be your show? Wanna step into your Empress power, into your Empress energy, into your Empress environment, into all of it? Message me ... Really going through ...

Katrina Ruth: I'm breaking down right now. 6,000 dollar bonus you might have just not had many sections of wifi broke down. So much on the bad assery. It is an incredible fucking life changing four weeks. I've run it one time before. The results and the power, and the shifts that come through from that honestly just blew me away. So I haven't done the best explanation of it today but I have a read of what's in there if you feel that might be time to step up and work with me one-on-one if that's in anyway intriguing you or speaking to your soul, then have a little read, send me a message and I'll send you a more detailed overview of what's actually going on. I'll probably audio it. We'll talk, we'll figure it out. We'll do all the things. We'll create all the things, you will be the empress who you'll want to be. Have an amazing epic rest of the day. On behalf of Jess Lewis, Kat ninja, flick the clit switch, and from me, life is now. Press fucking play.

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