Rebel Millionaire

I'm going live ... Oh, I'm live. I think I'm live. Here I am. Here I am, world. Look at this ugly fucking wall behind me. I think I could have a beautiful background. Wouldn't you?

Oh, hi. Hi person. Hello person number one whose jumped on my live stream. What's happening? What is up? Beth, welcome. Welcome to the live stream in the hotel from hell.

Alright. I've so many things that I could say. Joseph's announced himself by saying Joseph. Hi Joseph. Hey Leah. Background that I ... I hate this background, it's so ugly. It's the ugliest wall I've ever seen in my life.

Poor Kelly, he's sitting over there, his head tilted... Okay, Joseph just gave his phone number. Can you send a photo of yourself before you give your phone number? And resume.

Matt, thank you for asking if I'm well. I am actually well at the core, but I'm in an absolutely foul and shitty mood. I'm happy about my new yellow top, though. Although, I'm not sure that it's too much yellow potentially. What do you think? How much yellow do you think is too much yellow?

But, I'm in like the most grumpy bitch-ass mood in the world. My poor best friend, Kelly, who's sitting right over there, hidden behind the camera, well to the side of it, basically has had to listen to me storm back into the room like an angry bear with a sore head, and just bitch about every possible thing.

And it's all valid, though. As she just said herself, they call themselves the five star hotel, but they take care of none of the small details. And what I notice is, I'm used to being treated and taken care of in a very particular way. Which is to say, VI fucking P way, and everything should always be flow and smooth.

Who said I always look awesome? Thank you. Looks like lime yellow. I don't mind a bit of lime yellow.

Give me a second, and I'm gonna share this live stream over to my personal page, and that sort of thing.

It's not even the little things. It's every fucking thing. Their heads are up their asses here. Shangri-La, Santa Monica. Do not stay here. And to make matters worse, I stayed here last month, and the same thing happened, and yet here I am again. Because I'd already pre-paid for this stay. And that was my mistake. Is my mistake is thinking that that meant anything instead of just cancelling it regardless, which is what I should have done.

Thank you for all the comments. Shangri-La, Santa Monica. They have not got a single piece of their shit together. They probably need help taking an actual shit, that's how much shit they don't have together. But, the location is freakin' phenomenal, like you're just right here near the 3rd Street Promenade and the ... Like I'm looking at the ocean right now. The views are phenomenal as well.

I don't believe they do know who I am, and I did even say to Kelly yesterday, I was like, "I know this is really wanky, but I'm really at the point where I'm very tempted to say, 'Do you realise I have over 100,000 social media follows?'" Or something like that. Because I feel like if you knew that, then maybe some treatment would be different here.

But then I also feel like the problem is that they just literally actually don't have a clue, and they don't get it. Which is just one of those situations in life, where when you notice that somebody doesn't have a clue and they don't get it, like it could be somebody in your personal life, it could be a client, it could be a friend that's somehow transporting themselves along from previous phases of friendships, and they're not really keeping up with the next level new you, and nor should they have to, by the way, keep up with anything. But you've noticed that somebody or something in your life doesn't get it, because if you were being bitchy 'cause it's totally 'cause they're freakin' moronic. Or, they just have a different alignment, or a different value system.

It's not about LA. I come to LA every month or two. Never in my life have I experienced such appalling overall, wonky standards. I'm not going to say like, bad service, because they certainly seem to want to be helpful. I just think they don't know what helpful means, or they're just ... Okay, they're at the door now. Maybe they heard me, maybe they're on the live stream.

Anyway, when you notice that somebody didn't get it-

It's okay, it's coffee. Which is another thing entirely, by the way. The reason that the coffee had to be called to the room, because we were told we would get a coffee maker in the room. And then we never did.

Suck. You know, I'm like happy with anything. I just needed to get things off my chest.

Anyway, you just eliminate them. That was the point that I was trying to make. That when you notice that somebody in your life doesn't get that you don't-

... have to kill them, that's the one I meant by eliminate. That's definitely not what I meant.

You eliminate yourself out of their area, and out of their space. And you go and create your own new environment-

... and space.

Where it's meant to be.

Having a small moment of panic about the coffee. But actually, the reason that I got on this live stream was not even to talk about that. I just needed to get it off my chest. Oh, if I told you all the things, you would honestly start sending me gifts straight away. The only thing is you wouldn't be able to send them here, because they don't accept packages for customers here, which is another thing.

So, anyhow, the reason that I've gone on this live stream is because I had as often happens, a tonne of audio messages from clients, which all related to a certain thing. And then I noticed that I was saying the same thing over and over again, so I was like, clearly I need to tell the whole world then.

Do you love how over it I am that I just keep on bitching about the hotel while the guy's in the room?

Thank you. Do you want to say hi to the people or not really?

With my venom eyes?

She's got venom under her eyes. Snake venom. Look at them. They look fabulous.

But they look fabulous enough.

She's a real person, I wasn't pretending that there's another person in the room. Sometimes I pretend. You never know.

Ah, yeah, then my suitcase went missing. It was a whole ordeal. Honestly, I could talk for fifty minutes for all the things that went wrong at this hotel last month and this month. Oh, and then to make it even funnier, they apologised and said they'll send me a free bottle of wine, a bottle of house wine, right? But I accepted graciously, because I am a very gracious person, as you can see. And then like, the next ... Later that night, or whatever, I went downstairs, and the guys like, "Oh, I'm sorry again" and, "Did you enjoy your wine?" And I'm like, "It never came." Of course, at that point I was just like, I've embraced that it is what it is.

But I've only got myself to blame, because I'm back here again. Like never again. Never again! You heard it here. Don't tag them in, because maybe they'll kick us out now, and we do have one night left, and we're just gonna sleep here tonight. Otherwise, we're gonna go crash with Chris Duffey in Venice Beach.

Okay. Alignment. Here's what I said to a client today, and it came up with several clients. I said... She said to me, "I'm trying to figure out why I'm consistently not achieving this one particular goal," that she has in her business, right? And I said, and this is what I wanted to share with you, I said, "Well, if you're consistently not achieving something and yet there's this other area, this other big area that in this particular case I'm aware of for her and she's aware of them and we're both aware of, this other area that is relevant to your alignment and what you know what you're meant to be doing, and yet you're not taking care of it, you're not honouring it, you're essentially not pressing play in that area.

Regardless of what your reasons are no matter how valid or not valid they are, then you're blocking your ability to receive to moving to flow to manifest all things. So, not pressing play in one area is equivalent to not pressing play in all areas. Being out of integrity or out of alignment in one area is the same as being out of integrity and out of alignment in other, even all areas.

And so if you're noticing that you're feeling frustration like maybe your income's not going how you want it to go right now, or you're not signing up clients for these, or you're finding it difficult to receive [inaudible 00:08:11] maybe, or your list isn't growing, or maybe everything just feels kind of like hard going with money, with business, or maybe you feel like no matter what I do, my body doesn't change, or life doesn't feel fun or flow or whatever it is, right? If you feel that if a girl or a dream or something that you're meant to achieve ...

Welcome to your first live. Hi there, you've missed the fun part already, but you can watch the replay.

If you feel that a girl or a dream or something that you're wanting to achieve is just not coming to fruition and you really feel like, buy why, because I've been focusing on this for ages and I've been trying to achieve this for ages, and I've even been doing the work. The first thing, well one of the first things I would then look at, or at least what we're talking about today is, alright, cool, where ... you know, totally, supposedly, unrelated area of your life, are you not owning your shit? Or are you not following your own values? Or your own alignment? Or are you just not doing the fucking work or not pressing play, right?

So for example, I knew that for as long as I continued to stay in my marriage, which as most people that know me know that I left sometime quite a while back now, several years nearly. But I was remaining in that marriage for quite a few years when I knew that we had to do something about it, right? I was conscious because I did know the stuff already. I knew that I'm definitely limiting creative flow and abundance in my business and in my life because I'm not in integrity and I'm not in alignment in this relationship. I'm not supposed to still be in this relationship. And I knew that, right? But, I was like, not ready, or whatever. I didn't choose to be ready. So I was conscious and I still didn't choose. And I think sometimes that's just is what it is, right? You can be like, "Yeah, I'm aware of what I'm doing."

And then eventually of course, I got to a point where I felt emotionally able and ready to choose it and I made my decision, but maybe you don't even know this stuff, right? Maybe you don't even realise the powerful carry-on effect that occurs when you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing what's right for your soul and your values and your life, and you're thinking, well, it just makes no sense that my income's not growing or my business is not flowing, or whatever along those lines, because I am doing all the work.

The simple solution is just, and I do this exercise pretty frequently actually, maybe every month or so whenever I think of it, to sit down and write out the word integrity at the top of the page and just write where am I not in integrity. And it can be the smallest little things. It could even be something so simple, and I've had this conversation with so many clients. This is really random.

I'm going to give you a tiny example. Not washing your make up off your face before you go to bed at night. Like if that is something important to you, if it's not, it doesn't matter. But if you think that that's important, which I personally do, and then you don't do it because you're essentially, I don't know, in some sort of bizarre resistance about cleaning your own face, which for whatever reason is exceptionally common with women, I know that, then you're not in alignment. You're not in integrity. You're not honouring your own values in this case. So, that's something that I have done a lot, right? I'm like fucking going to bed with my face dirty and I don't care. Nobody can stop me.

And it's these bizarre form of resistance that even the smallest things that are resistance against your own value system, are going to impact your ability to receive in all areas. And here's the reason why. And this will make total sense for you. I'm going to pause for effect.

The reason is, it's a flow thing, right? In order to receive money with these, results with these, results in business, in money, in your body, in relationships, in all areas of life, we simply need flow. Flow is the pathway that allows you to receive. Now flow can sometimes feel bumpier. It can feel like turmoil or there can be purposeful pain as part of flow as well, by the way, but flow is still essentially a forward flow based emotion.

So anything that's not in alignment or where you're not in integrity or you're not attending to something, you can look at it like it's essentially a road block to flow. It's like, okay, flow is me, going this way, doing its thing with these, and it just kind of happens because this is who I am and this is how I shop, and I travel down the path this way, and now I'm just allowing all these hurdles and road blocks and bumps in the road to either take me off path or stop me or distract me or I bump over them and I fall over and I hurt myself. And either way, I've switched out of flow.

So if you want to switch back into flow, and you want to really know that you're showing up to get the results you want in a particular area of your life, then my advice to you today is to just take kind of like a broad step back. Take like a broad, big scope overview of what's going on in your life and just be honest with yourself. Where am I not in integrity? Where am I not in alignment? Where am I not honouring my own values? Where am I not taking care of myself?

So you can look at where I'm not in integrity or where I'm not in alignment, but you could also look at ... you could flip it the other way and simply look at what are all the things that I would be doing if I was truly honouring myself. And I don't just mean like, fucking show up and hustle. That's not what I mean. I mean, everything can be [inaudible 00:13:11], can be thought of an adventure, can be all those things. Literally just had a baby about this. Still going to be what's in alignment and what's not in alignment. Alignment doesn't mean doing more like quote on quote work, the work is all the work. Anyway, the work is the work.

I'm leaving. I'm going to go. Just like that. I'm in total flow and I could totally happily preach for another hour, but I have a client call right now with one of my amazing inner circle clients, so I'm going to leave you with that short message and I nearly thought I will wait until later to talk about it, but I thought you know what, because I only have like 30 minutes, but it was coming through right then, so I hit you with it, watch the replay, enjoy my little rant at the start.

And I also want to quickly mention to you that Empress begins today. It is literally beginning right now today. Empress is my four week one-on-one. There are a few places still left. I'm still communicating with a few people over message. You can still sign up. You would definitely want to message me quickly now over on my personal Katrina Ruth profile. It's four weeks one-on-one with me. Empress. Claim your rightful place now. I don't have any more details that I can give you right now 'cause I got to jump off, but if you're curious and you've been feeling like it's time to step up and or you know that I'm the mentor for you and you're ready to go all in, or you think you might be, then just PM me and I will get you all of the details of all that and obviously investment and that sort of thing as well.

Have an amazing rest of the day. Thank you for coming along real quick and don't forget, life is now, press play.

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