Rebel Millionaire

Piles of greenbacks

WELL then. Sometimes you just gotta go a leeettle bit deeper into the not-quite-on-topic VERY important topics before the sermon can truly come through!!

Today, we discussed, in no particular matter of import or order - 

* The appropriate way to send or not send a dick pic (hint: ARTISTICALLY, please)

* When said dick pic should or should not be forwarded on for the greater good (read: analysis) of the sisterhood / ones clients (obvs when sent without permission or appropriateness a dick pic becomes the property of the collective and no longer a private matter)

* How to break your (ahem) hotel thieving habits. No, just me? Okay ...

* Money! Piles of greenbacks! What it's all about and NOT about, and where it comes from!

* Other things of great note. You shall have to watch to see

OOOOH, and how to be irr-e-sis-table, always!!

Watch now!


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