Rebel Millionaire

Reality: running around like a headless chicken, getting distracted by bright shiny objects, worrying about what everyone else is doing and whether there’s something you’re missing that can get you “overnight results” … NOT the greatest approach, you know?

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned about achieving the ‘impossible’ and getting INCREDIBLE outcomes in business and life is that it happens when I stopped worrying about ‘fixing everything now’ and released the OUTCOME and fear …

Success comes from the consistent daily action NOT from fear-based headless chook behaviour and the most effective way to be able to DO that daily work is to do it for the sake of the work not the outcome. For example - going to the gym to try and lose 10kg overnight? Good luck! Going to the gym as a daily habit and because you believe in the outcome of that consistent effort? HELL YES.

And you can apply the same principles to business.
Watch today’s episode to learn how to focus your energy on what MATTERS each today and guarantee your success, oddly enough, by choosing to no longer worry about it.

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