Rebel Millionaire

Yeah, so normally even though I have days where I feel like, "Oh, I don't really feel like it or I'm not fully in the vibe," or I feel like, "Oh, I don't really have anything to say," what's interesting, and I can reflect on this now from this place, is that the flow of the normal day-to-day of it carries me along.

So it's like, okay, I might feel resistance or I might feel like I'm not inspired or I don't want to, but because I have a habit around it, I just do the damn thing and majority of the time get into flow. Then all of a sudden I've had this not-planned extended break from showing up in the way that I normally do. I think that that can go on for a week or 10 days or whatever, but when it's gone on for a month, it's literally got to the point where I'm like, "Fuck, I feel really nervous. I feel like I'm not experienced at doing this," or I feel like, "Oh, I'm not going to know what to say," or, "I'm not good at this," or "I'm gonna run out of things to say after 15 minutes," and was just really interesting to observe and I wanted to talk about it.

And fortunately, it's fucking flowing, because I was like, "I'm just going to sit here and just sit here like a stone-cold robot like I never did this before." I wanted to talk about it, because it's such a powerful reminder of habit, the power of habit, alright? And I think that sometimes we've got to get out of our normal habits and routines in order to really appreciate them and really understand how powerful they are.


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