Rebel Millionaire

Hi. Yodelo. Um ... Hello world. How are you? Are you fabulous? How are you? Are you fabulous, and have you been having too much fun? Because I feel like a beautiful Saturday on the Gold Coast is a good day to have too much fun. Why do I look blurry? Why? I'm gonna sit here and I'm gonna finish eating my bowl of steak with salt on it, because my appetite is insane lately. I don't understand what's happening. I've got my chocolate green smoothie, chocolate flavoured green smoothie, which is my own supplement brand product by the way, which I still have not fucking launched, but I do have it and it tastes amazing.

I've got that. I've got my black triple shot ... coffee. And I've got my bowl of steak with Himalayan salt on it, so I'm pretty set. Hopefully ... Hopefully ... Hopefully, I'm not gonna end up with steak in my teeth. But it's a risk I'm willing to take. How are you? What's happening in your world Sarah [Bendell 00:01:48]? Daria? Whoever else is there? 22 fabulous people. Kiana, Christina, if you're there, say hello. And if you're not there, I suppose you wouldn't be able to say hello.

Maybe you could be energetically sending a message if you're not there. So, I did my blog. My blog was badass as fuck today. If you haven't read it, I don't know what you're even thinking. You should go read it. Not now, after this. So good. And it went extra long. Okay, I feel like this camera's super blurry. Am I making that up? I did my blog. I was sitting in my kitchen, which is right there, eating my steak, doing my blog, and then answering everyone's inquiries about Rich Hot Empire, and then I wanted but I was still eating, and then I was like, "Well, what the hell has that got to do with it?"

Is it illegal to eat steak on a live stream? Potentially I could lose a few people who don't care for that sort of behaviour, but I suppose I'd be okay with it. Okay. I'm having the best day ever. Thank you, Daria. My secret is that I'm lazy. Daria says, "I love tuning in to you. You're so blunt and fabulous." You know that I have to say the word fabulous like that. I said, "Fabulous." Because it's how I feel about it. It's fabulous.

So, me being so blunt, and fabulous. Thank you. I'm pretty certain it's because I'm really freaking lazy. Oh, hi Dee. Hello there Rich Hot Empire badass. Although I haven't even replied, I haven't checked your latest reply. I could check it right now. It's two to confirm. Yes. I'm confirming what you just wrote. It's done. Okay. I'll write back to you afterwards. I'll get your link and stuff.

So, anyhow, I was conducting my personal business right ... well, my business, business. Which is my personal business. It's all intermingled. Me being so blunt, and people like that, and they think it's funny, but I'm pretty certain it's just because I'm very lazy at my core, and what I mean by that is, when I ... Okay. Why do I have fluffy bits? I tried to do this side just perfectly so that I would look, you know, just kind of casually beautiful on the live stream. That was the look that I was going for. I was going for casually beautiful and feminine and sweet. Did I nail it?

If I kind of play with my hair a little bit and look a little bit girly, I can definitely nail feminine and sweet. Even though this morning I was grunting like a beast in the gym, doing leg presses, super set, with walking lunges. Man, I smashed the fuck out of my legs. And then I did, at the end, I finished with three sets of 20 reps of leg extensions at kind of my maximum weight. For that many reps, for sure. It's just probably the most vile and disgusting beautiful thing in the world, getting those final five or six reps when you're doing high reps of leg extensions. It's excruciating.

But now I've flipped from gym badass into feminine sweet person with Superdry tee shirt on. Drinking black coffee and eating steak. So, I got really bored at ... Well, I was bored with myself, and I was exhausted. Exhausted, from trying so hard to not be me. This is back in ... I can remember ... This steak is so good, you guys. I don't know how I don't just snack on steak all through the day. Well, largely I do is the truth of the matter.

Been so hungry this past week. I swear to God I'm eating probably 10 000 calories a day at the moment, if I would be counting them. I have no idea what's happening. It's insane. If I didn't know better, and I do, then I would think that I'm pregnant. I'm 100% not. I don't know, but I've been training like a machine. I'm getting stronger and stronger, and I'm already fricking strong, and my legs are getting just so rock solid defined.

So, I'm just eating all the carbs and all the protein. I'm welcoming all of it. Anyhow, in 2014 I think it was, I did an event at spiky building down yonder. I'll show you. Do you see that spiky building there? Can you see the spike? I'll go show you properly. Let me turn it around. See that spiky building? It's called Q1. There's the beach. There it is. All right, here I am again. It's the world's tallest residential building, apparently. I used to live in it. In 2014, I was living in that building for the first six months of the year.

I ran an event there, a one day business event. Actually, Dee's here. She was at my one day San Diego event a few weeks ago, the Soul Shifts and Money Making Day, which was so fun, and so amazing, and so flow based. It was Soul Shifts and Money Making. But the week before that, I did the same event in New York, and I ran into one of my clients the night before the New York event in the lift. Christie [Berley 00:07:06], actually.

And she said, regarding the event, do those sort of things exhaust me and tyre me out. And am I gonna be tired out after the one day event the next day. Thank you, Dee. It was so amazing. The energy of everybody in the room just made it so incredible, because I only attract soul mate clients in, so it certainly makes my job enjoyable [inaudible 00:07:26]. I think I need to turn the air conditioning on. I'm overheating already. Or it's the steak.

So, Christie said am I gonna be tired after the event. And it is gonna drain my energy, and I was like, "Fuck no." It does the opposite, yeah. Your coach. It does the opposite of that. It elevates me, I said to her. I said to her, I'll be levitating through the ceiling of the Union Square W Hotel, which is where we were at, and that's indeed what happened. I get so much energy from seeing my clients in person. Even brand new clients that I've never met or hung out with like an event. Oh, hey Mandy, who was at the San Diego event also.

So, I get so much energy, I get high vibe as fuck. I get kind of silly and crazy because I get really elevated. If you've ever seen me go super silly and crazy on a live stream, which I'm pretty sure happened just one time maybe in like 2017, or something. I've still got this same piece of steak in the side of my mouth. But I'm just gonna go ahead and add another one. I'm like screw it, just keeping bits of steak in the side of the mouth. Or chewing it up until it becomes, into like a mushy thing that you would then feed straight out of your mouth into your babies mouth.

And if you've never had a baby and fed them straight out of your own mouth into their mouth, you think that's probably gross, but it's actually ideal. There's even properties in the saliva of the mother that are good for the baby. So, I'm just giving you so many tips here. I'm giving you freaking parenting tips, nutrition tips for babies, I'm all over it. My daughter's first food was when she was four months old, and she grabbed a T-bone steak out of her dad's hand at the dinner table, and just started chowing down on it. Like, um-num-num. Kids love steak.

All right. So, yes. Sometimes I get high vibe and distracted, and a little bit silly, and I lose track of what I'm doing. It happens just on the very odd occasion. But anyway, after the Soul Shifts and Money Making days, I was so freaking elevated that I even needed 29 orgasms instantly, or probably like a three hour massage in order to bring myself down to life. And some wine, and some more fun times with clients. And so, actually what I did was I ended up going to bed with one of my clients. The fabulous Amanda Francis. Nobody had any orgasms. Don't freak out.

But we did do a two hour live stream together. That helped. In fact, it made us even sillier than we already were. And eventually we came back down to earth, probably several weeks later. And my point is, in 2014, I did a one day event in that building that I just showed you, the Q1 building, and I just remember being exhausted. Hello Debbie, hello Theo, hello Addison, hello everybody jumping on.

No, the orgasms are for the point of release, because I go so freaking high vibe from doing my own work, that I'm like, my head is going to explode, you guys. It's a serious genuine problem. Driven women need a lot of sex. This is an important conversation that we could get into or not get into. But like somebody said to me recently about it. Like I'm a man and need a lot of sex. And I'm like, "Excuse me, that's actually not a man thing." It might be a man thing, for sure. I'm not saying it's not a man thing. That's a driven woman thing. So, don't be like, "I'm a man and I need more sex than you." That's not how it works. Driven women need more sex than anybody. It's like in fucking Wikipedia. You can look it up. No need to look it up. You all agree anyway.

We all know this. So, where was I? So, I did exhaustive horrible event down there. It was so exhausting. So exhausting. I was high with a hot flash and the sweats, and blurry dizzy vision, from trying so fucking hard to be a professional business fucking coach. I even wore a tight ... trying to remember the names of these different skirt things. Driven people, says Pete. I'll agree with that. I'll take that. Well, it's people who are alive with life. Let's face it, sex is the creation of life. That's what it is. So, if you're lit up with life, then you're gonna require and desire a lot of sex, and also for the purposes of after you've done an amazing live stream or event, then somebody's gotta fricking deal with all that energy that's going on. Who's going to deal with it?

If nobody comes along and deals with it, then I have to freaking walk around with that shit. I can deal with it myself, and often do, obviously. But otherwise, I seriously get so high that I'm like, I cannot ... I can't ... I'm just spinning. I'm spin, spin, spinning into the sky. I need all the things all at once to just try and keep me somewhat attached to earth. I don't always wanna be attached to earth. And sometimes the sex makes you go even more off the earth. Anyway, it's a very fascinating conversation. I'm sure you'll agree. I'm writing two books about sex at the moment. One is called Three ... This is not a joke. This is the title of my book. It's nearly done. Three Orgasms Before Breakfast, semicolon, The Truth About Driven Women and Sex.

The other one I don't even remember what it's called. But both of them are gonna be amazing. So, I was wearing a pin skirt. What's it called? A tight skirt that's a pin frame, where it's kind of like ... it goes down like a pin. I don't know what it's called. What kind of skirt is that called? And it had stripes on it, because I felt like it made me look super professional, and then a tight fitted blouse. That was my professional Barbie look. Business coach Barbie. And I just wanted to impress people. I wanted to ... Pencil skirt. That's the one. I knew it wasn't pin. Thank you, Debbie.

I just wanted to impress people. I wanted people to think I was a good business coach, I wanted them to take me seriously. I didn't believe in myself, or I hadn't given myself permission to be who I am. Everybody knows this except me. Pencil skirt. Why did I say pin skirt? I don't know, I'm just making shit up. I should design pin skirts and sell them. Yeah. I guess, I just didn't give myself permission to be me. I didn't think that I could just be myself, and be a business coach, or a coach of any kind and make money doing that. It was all about showing people that you're so fricking cool, that you've got your shit together, or something like that.

So, I'm sure people had a decent enough time at the the event, but I was not one of the people who had a decent time at that event, or any event in that sort of pre ... That era. It was roughly early 2014, that exact time when I went fuck this shit, and started going all in on my own message, and doing exactly what I wanted, and saying exactly what I wanted. So, that would've been probably the last thing that I did like that, where it was just so fucking exhausting, and all of this is just because Daria, I think it was, said, "Kat, you're so blunt and fabulous." And I'm like, "Let me explain why I'm so blunt." Because I got so fucking shit of that, sick of that, I got so sick of trying to not be me and trying to present myself to the world as a successful person, and it was so tiring and exhausting, and it would just wear me out.

And so, why I'm so blunt now, and I just hang out here, being myself and saying whatever I want, the same way as how I talk with you, with me in person, nothing will change, right? People say it to me all the time. They'll say, "You're exactly the same in person as you are online." I look exactly the same, I don't look like a completely different version of myself in my photos and shit online. That does my head in when people do that, and then you don't even recognise them in person. That really kind ... I'm like, "Why? Why?"

And I talk the same, and I ramble on the same, and I'm the same, right? And I think it was because at my core, maybe I'm really fucking lazy. And maybe my whole business is because I'm fucking lazy, because in the end, I just wanted to be myself and take it or leave it, and I guess some of you took it, and so here you are. Thank you. Now I'm free, says Candice. And unapologetically me. That's good coffee. Good. I didn't wear a pencil skirt recently. I feel like I could do it for a skit though, Melissa. If I did a skit about being a Stepford-preneur. I don't have any anymore, but I'm sure I could get some from somewhere. No need to qualify for anyone's approval, says Tolepa. When we let the goal do the fucking work. So true, but I didn't really know that then. And now I know. And now I teach it.

Today we're talking about faith though. I don't know why you guys are getting me so distracted with all these other conversations. It's exhausting to try to not be who you are. That's right, Theo. It's exhausting and counterproductive, and then do you know what the worst part of it is? The worst part? It'd be like ... I've never done this, but imagine ... I can imagine what it would be like, if you made up a fake version of yourself on a dating profile, and you used old photos that were not current. Obviously I just said the same thing twice.

Or if you pretend to be interested in stuff that the person you are interested in is interested in, that sort of shit. And then you think that maybe you got the outcome that you wanted, like you tricked somebody into being with you or something. Do you know what the huge problem with that is? You then gotta keep fucking being the person that you're not. How you gonna do that? Wine. Obviously. I prefer to have the wine and be myself.

So, what do we call this live stream? Faith, something about faith. Okay, the reason I wrote this is because one person, who's an amazing badass person, who literally just took the second to last place in this round of Rich Hot Empire, right before I did this live stream. We were messaging, and she was talking about fear, and wanting to step up obviously, and be that version of herself who she knows she's here to be, but I guess the fear and uncertainty of investing and working with me, and investing in herself energetically in that way, and all the feelings that come up with that, and I talk a lot to people about fear versus faith.

And she said something about how she'd been in faith late last night, and ready to say, "Hell yes", and then fear had come up again. I am Batman, Christine. Somebody has to be. Nathan, my son, swears that I'm not Batman, but what does he know? I am Batman. He think she is. So, yeah. So then I said to her ... I just copied this title of this live stream straight out of the message thread where I was talking to her. I said, "It is a practise and a discipline to release fear and act from faith." And then I thought this is a good topic to talk about.

But then, meanwhile, by the time I'm finished setting up the live stream and getting ready and coming over here, she had already said, "Fuck yes", and she signed up. And that was the second last place, just hint, hint, hint. All right? Message me if you still want in. I can't even promote it anymore, because it's gonna sell out instantly. Probably sold out already right now while I'm on this live stream. Okay. There's like a little bit of fat there that I don't wanna eat. I'm fine with eating fat, but sometimes I don't like the taste of it.

Okay, I'm done. Now I'm gonna eat chocolate after this. A perfect diet is chocolate flavoured green smoothies, super strong black coffee, triple shot espresso, multiple times per day. As many times as is required, plenty of steak with salt on it, and some Seashell Guylian chocolates. That's all your food groups in one hit, you guys. That's a perfect diet. You heard it from me here. In fact, another book that I'm writing, and this is not kidding either, is called The Red Wine Coffee Steak and Chocolate Diet for Women, or something like that. No, not steak. Red wine, the wine, coffee, protein, and chocolate diet for women. That's a real diet. I've been living on it for 20 years. It's working fine. It's working fabulously.

Okay. Is it kinda grossing you out that I'm eating on the live stream? Yesterday, one of my clients was eating a bag of chips, very noisily, while she Voxxed me her audios, and so I figure of someone can crunch chips while they're talking to me, I can freaking eat while I'm on a live stream too. Okay. It is a practise and a discipline to act from ... to release fear, and act from faith. What do I mean by that? What do I mean, what do I mean, Anna [Shelly 00:19:37], respond. I'll just bring somebody to the mic.

I'd love to just bring somebody on to the the live stream right now. Huh. What's happening here? Oh. Callie just sent me ... My assistant Callie, just sent me, "Hi Katrina, we ..." From Facebook. "We reviewed the profile you reported since it violated our standards, we removed it. Thank you. From Facebook." Thank you Facebook. So, somebody was trying to be me yesterday, and a bunch of you guys helped out and reported that. Thank you. Okay. I'm ready to talk.

Now, 100% of the way that I live my life, is acting from faith. Sometimes I say acting from faith, sometimes I say acting from soul desires. I kinda mean the same thing. Because I believe that what my soul desires, and also requires, which is a critical word that we should dive into momentarily, what my soul desires and also requires is gonna be based on faith also. Those two things will not be in conflict.

Somebody said to me this week, something about feeling like her soul desires, what felt aligned, did not feel the same as what's in integrity. And I was like, that's not a thing. What is in alignment for you is in integrity for you. You might feel that it's not integrity because maybe it's breaking some rules. The workout live stream? What workout live stream? Anna says yes. Lizzie, I finished eating. I could get the chocolates and start on the chocolates now. I don't usually eat chocolate in the middle of the day though. Of course you can eat on your live stream. Eat whatever you want. You need to get practise tattooed too.

Oh, when I get a tattoo ... [inaudible 00:21:24] She just randomly drops into the conversation. What's happening? Send me a photo of it straight away. As soon as it's done, or while it's being done. Add the word practise on, right now. Why not? So, it's all about living in accordance with your values. The whole fricking thing is about being in accordance with your own values. Back in the day, let me think which day it was. It would've been roughly in 2013, I believe, or 12 even. Yeah, 13, I was pregnant with Nathan. I would always drive up to whichever gym I was going to at the time, back where I lived in Melbourne, and I would sit there early, at like 6AM. I would leave Alyssa with her dad back when we were still together then, and I would go early to the earliest café that opened nearby. I think it opened even at five, I'd go super early. And I'd sit and do my morning study and reading, and then my journaling, and then I'd go workout. Same as roughly now.

Same as I was doing for many years before that also. But I'm thinking of this one particular café where I used to go all the time, because I can specifically remember being in the corner of this particular coffee shop, and writing a lot to do with my values, for like a good year, I think. I mean, I'd just dive into all these topics repeatedly. But I think that I've had things through different aspects of my journaling and inner work, and I remember that my theme for a long while then, and back when I was going to this coffee shop was around my values, and really just getting clear on what do I believe? What's important to me? What are my values and priorities?

Which are essentially like the rules that you wanna live your life by, right? So, one of my values is obviously health and fitness. That's important to me. I will prioritise it. Family is a value, inner work and mindset work is a value. Spirituality, connectedness to God. Fucking steak is definitely a value. It's a value that's empty now. Shenanigans. Can you actually say shenanigans on one of your values? Can I put that on my list of values and laminate it?

Definitely shenanigans. Fun is one of my values. Being myself, and so on and so forth. So, anyway. Living in alignment is simply living in accordance with your values. And the whole idea of the whole damn thing is that when you know what matters to you, and you know what your values are, and what's important to you, and then you live in accordance with that, you live in alignment with that, that you create the life that you're meant to have, and that you can't fuck it up, and that everything is just created and done and available for you, right?

So, it's your blueprint. I like to do a mic drop at the end of when I do a live presentation. I bring the fire and the brimstone, and I kick people's ass about being themselves in business and live, and how I like to finish my keynote ... I don't have a script or anything, but I have ... I guess it's inside of me to a degree. I like to finish with being ... Start with something like, stop looking for the goddamn blueprint that's gonna make you millions of dollars, and impact millions of people, and allow you to live the life you fricking want. You were born with the damn blueprint. The blueprint is inside of you, but you gotta go looking for that shit, right? You gotta take time to find it. Not just one time, either. Not just for 2013. For every day. Practise.

It's done. Coffee's done. Steak is done. Chocolate green smoothie is not done. Live stream is definitely not done. So, here's the thing, right? This is important. That's why I add the sceptre. Just to emphasise my point. You gotta be tuning in on this shit daily. In some way, shape, or form. Okay? Wait, there's a piece of steak up here. I'd forget it's up there and it would just sit there until that mid afternoon, I'll probably find it while I'm having a massage, and then have a little steak snack. It's done now. I sorted it out. Look how fabulous my teeth are. They're super white. Just by all the steak eating.

Stop looking, you already have. I feel like there's a word missing there, but I like the undertone of it, Candice. Okay. You've gotta go turning in. Not really looking. Maybe you've gotta go looking at first if you've not done any looking, and you don't even fricking know what your values are, but that's a bullshit lie. Of course you know what your values are. Of course you know. You do know. You may not be paying attention. You may be pretending all manner of bullshit. And just making things up, and living the wrong fricking life. But at your core, you already know. However, for me, the inner work has been a daily thing that I've done for many, many years, and it's just a daily way that I connect to my soul, to my core. I remind myself of things that I already know.

I often write down a load of stuff in my journaling. It's like, that I've repetitively in some way written or acknowledged, or kind of connected to for years, and years, and years. And I reinforce my beliefs, I reinforce affirmations and things that I'm wanting to create. Sometimes I've sort shit out, or kind of detoxed, or brained up a bunch of stuff. But a lot of it is really just reinforcing and reconnecting to my belief system, my values, and naming and claiming what it is that I'm here to create in the world.

Also connecting to my soul. Exactly what I'm saying now Christine, is how you find that blueprint every day. So, I'm kind of getting ... I'm leading into the how of the, yeah. The how of that. So, it's kind of like taking the time to connect in what am I feeling, what feels important to me, and to remind myself of that. What is it that I believe that I can create into my life? Yes, I write it down and so done. I am. You guys saw that I put you are, on Facebook this morning? It was interesting to watch people's responses to that little Facebook post.

I don't care what people respond to it, because obviously they can perceive it however they wanna perceive it, and it's fine. And some of the responses were quite funny. But actually, the reason that I wrote that is that I was doing my inner work at the time, and my study. I always do like a morning kind of spiritual soul shift type study, which just means reading something for a few minutes that speaks to my soul. And then I go into my journaling, and I was reading and setting intentions around focusing on who the words I am, are the most powerful words that we have available to us, right? I believe.

Because I am is a finite statement in itself. You are complete, you are whole. I am, period, the end. And that's everything. Everything is already done in those two words. But also in journaling, and inner work, when you use the words I am, that's incredibly fucking powerful and you create it to life. That's why I wrote you are. And not that I expect everyone to read my mind and know the reasons that I wrote that, but a few people seemed to pick up on it, which is cool.

So, coming back, coming back, coming back, the whole alignment thing. What is your soul desire? Acting from faith, it's a practise and a fricking discipline to release fear and to act from faith. Well, the process that I just explained, like some form of daily inner work and checking in and tuning in, whether it's journaling, whether it's through your own messaging. This is me doing inner work right now, right? I'm reinforcing a bunch of stuff for myself. Also, every time I write, or talk to my clients. And I'm sure for you, maybe when you talk to certain friends, or mentors, or you hang out in my communities and groups, then you reinforce that stuff and you look at it and you connect back to your core. You remind yourself of what matters, and of what you value, and of what you choose to believe because beliefs are a choice.

And then, and then, and then, and this is how I do life, this is how I play life and decide what action to take and where my energy and time should go, is I connect to well what would faith have me do? With all of these things being in place, my values, my beliefs, the way that I choose to see the world, and knowing that of course I can create anything I desire and anything that comes to me, if I truly did believe all that, then what actions would I be taking today in my business and in my life, and in all areas?

How would I be showing up, right? So, I take the time to connect to these things, even just for a few moments a day and it's kind of a running mantra through my mind all the time anyway, just because of how long I've been doing this shit for, and it's how I think all the time. But certainly, if there was anything where I was experiencing fear, or I was coming from a scarcity mindset and I would feel and notice that for sure, then I would really very deliberately practise coming from faith, not fear. And what most people are doing, and what you might be doing, is reactively living their lives based on fear. Not a good idea, all right?

What that means is, if you've got underlying belief systems running through you relevant to money, relevant to business, relevant to getting soul mate clients, maybe relevant to your health and being in shape, maybe relevant to attracting an amazing partner and finding the people that you wanna connect with in your life in that way, then that is gonna create you the wrong outcomes for you. Not an aligned outcome, because you're literally creating your life based on a fear and scarcity mindset.

A lot of times, I mean, down there, people out there, places that are not here, people don't even know this, right? They're not even conscious enough to realise that they're reacting from faith. The Four Agreements, I've heard of, but no, I've never read that. And thank you for bringing that book to my attention, Kyle. I've definitely heard it mentioned, and I think I said that I would read it, or I noted in my mind that I'd like to read it, but then forgot. I read so much different stuff all the time though.

So, yeah. Mostly people are not even conscious of it, right? They don't know they have a fucking fear mindset or a scarcity mindset. They believe that's how the world is. That's how life works. This is how it is. Well, I'm not really here to preach to those people. Occasionally I'll meet one of them in my travels, one of the real people in the normal world, and then something I say, or something they say will make me aware that they're actually like us, and then I would open up the conversation more. But I'm not here to try and convince people to even start thinking. I'm here for the people who are already conscious around this stuff, who already have awareness around it, who already have these underlying beliefs around abundance, and getting to have it all, and have it on our terms.

But maybe you've not full stepped into owning it yet, right? Your consciousness is returning. Exactly, Mandy. So, for those people, and this could be you, you'd be aware when you've got a fear mindset going on, or a scarcity or a lack mindset. Sometimes you might pretend that you don't know, or you just allow that fear to rule you, or you go into some kind of razzled, panic type situation. Like oh my God, the sky is ending, the sky is falling, the world is ending, everything's not working, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The world hates me, and so on and so forth.

But you do know, right? And so, it's a practise. That's what I mean by the title of this live feed. It is a practise to release fear and act from faith. Now, for me, my business, in business and money, I practise that shit so fucking much for years, because I really just decided to apply myself and to shift it. The truth is I don't have to consciously practise it at all anymore. However, it is still a daily practise. It's just not something that I think about doing it. It happens automatically for me.

I always act from faith, which is to say what does my soul direct me to do? What am I guided to do from within? And I act from a place of believing that I'm safe, and I believing that I can have it all, that's how I choose to directions that I take in every different element of my business. Whether it be what I'm selling, what I'm saying, how I'm responding to somebody who's inquiring about working with me, how I do my marketing, how I do PR, everything. The question is always what is my soul telling me to do? Simple.

And usually I don't even need to ask the question. The answers just come up automatically, right? In other earning, fitness, in fitness and food, same thing. Exactly the same thing. It's 100% intuitive for me. I used to do all the stupid diets, I used to live in so much fear to do with my body, and I can't eat this, and then I'm gonna gain weight, and now I gotta do extra cardio, and it was just very tiresome. Probably for everybody that had to put up with me as well as myself.

It was not fun. I didn't enjoy it. Even last year, I slipped back into a fear routine with food and training, and I got heavier. How much, maybe six or seven pounds heavier than I am now. So, not a crazy amount, but I felt like a lot bigger than I like to be, and I can remember being in so much fear where I was like man, I really want toast this morning with my breakfast, but I really shouldn't. I'm gonna gain weight, and I shouldn't eat this, and I shouldn't eat that, and then I just snapped myself out of it in December last year. I was like what the fuck? I'm gonna eat what I fricking want, and believe that I make good choices for myself. That's faith, right? I'm gonna give myself freedom. I'm also gonna fucking remind myself that results come from mindset. I don't care what anybody says, right?

And I have a really fucking extensive background in nutrition, in advanced nutrition, in hormonal sciences and studies. I know all the fricking science of what you should be eating, but your mindset is way more powerful. If you believe that you can be lean eating fricking pizza and donuts, you will be. I'm not saying to eat it. I'm saying your belief's fucking matter. Right? Like now, for breakfast this morning for example, I had a massive serve of french toast, with syrup on it, berries, bananas, bacon, scrambled eggs, then went to the gym, smashed out my legs, now I ate a bowl of steak just then. You saw that.

Whatever. I eat what I want. I don't base it on anything except what do I desire, and I choose to trust. And so, it's intuition and flow, and it's freedom. Freedom. Like great, I get to have the body I want. I love that. I love feeling hard and looking how I desire to look, but what's more interesting to me and powerful is freedom, and that's what I'm here to share, in all areas. Now, where I personally ...

So, with the money stuff and the business stuff, I don't really gotta practise around my food and nutrition. Even when I go to the gym, I'm like what is my soul telling me to do right now? I'm not like well, I gotta do this style of lifting, and this many weight sessions, and this much fricking cardio, and this much yoga. I do what I'm directed to do each day. If I feel unsure, because I always move my body every day. If I feel unsure, I literally will stop and I'll be like, should I do gym or yoga today? What is my soul telling me? Or is it just a walk or something?

Occasionally it's nothing, but that's extraordinarily rare. Like maybe two days in the whole year. Right? But it's not like I go to do this much gym, this much cardio, this much yoga, this many walks for stress relief. Oh my God, imagine you had to live that way. How exhausting, right? But I used to live that way in all areas. So, it's not something I gotta consciously practise ... It seems that my sceptre has a little bit of mould on it. That seems unusual. Or it's just some green stuff that's being revealed. I don't consciously practise it, but I'm definitely practising in the ... what's it called? Nutrition and fitness area anyway, because my practise is the way that I live my life, right?

And even when I do something like eat massive indulgent breakfasts that I had this morning, then I'm kind of reminding myself. I sort of smile to myself and I'm like, huh, look at me, being all free and eating what I want. And I feel really proud of it as well, by the way, because I spent 10 to 15 years obsessing over every fucking thing that went into my mouth. So, there's a massive sense of self satisfaction that comes from eating the damn french toast, or the cake, or whatever it is when I eat that sort of stuff, or even when I'm just eating greens and lean protein, and stuff, which is a lot of the time.

Either way, I'm continually reminding myself yeah, I get to choose what feels right for me. I trust myself. I have faith that I'll make the right decision for myself, and I know that my results come from what I choose to believe, not from how things add up. My results don't come from what I eat or how I work out. My results come from inside of me. Same with money. What if you trusted yourself? Imagine. Can you just imagine how fabulous your life would be? It's so easy. You literally just get to sit around all day fricking waving things to people on the internet and doing whatever you want, having a good old chat.

You're not sitting here worrying. I spent my whole adult life up until a few years ago, and even in some areas still recently, worrying, always. Like there was always something hanging over me. Am I gonna look good enough for that event tomorrow, or you know, do I need to go and do another workout today, or did I eat the wrong thing earlier, or did I say the wrong thing earlier on Facebook, or am I gonna ... How should I make sure I follow up with that person and close the deal? Or what should I be selling? Oh my God, there was so much fucking energy just being exhaustively drained out of me all day, every day. And it was so exhausting. I said exhausting two times, but it was how I lived my life for years. I really gotta give myself props for being able to stay upright and standing the entire time.

No wonder I needed so much sex. But I think I need even more now, because I'm even more alive with energy, and vibrancy. So, the practise can be automatic, is what I'm saying. The practise can be the way you live your life. Now, the only area where I still gotta consciously practise more, is my love and [remomant 00:37:41]? [remomance 00:37:42]. Love and [remomance 00:37:43]. Love and relationships and romance area.

But I'm getting so into flow there also, right? I spoke about this a lot recently. But I just take a little bit more time and attention in that area. I'll notice myself coming from fear something still, or I can feel that a fear reaction is rising, or I can feel like what I would maybe say or do if I allowed fear to rule me. I just catch it. I catch it always. I don't act from fear or scarcity, or lack or neediness in that area anymore. I don't believe I do. I think I've shifted that now. Touch wood.

But I notice that I catch it quite frequently, and then I I kind of process it, I do my inner work around it, I do journaling on it, I tune in. I notice when I'm like oh my God, I'm freaking out about something, or what somebody said or didn't say on a message, or what I'm gonna say to him, or whatever. And then I catch it and I'm like, okay, and I sit down and I fucking journal that shit. I write it down. Why am I feeling this? What is this really about? What story is this that's springing up from previously? What do I need to understand here? What do I wanna choose to believe, feel, what are the emotions and the thoughts that I desire to bring in around this, and then finally, okay.

What aligned action, if any, should I take in this area? I set my intentions, these are the desires and the results that I want, I fucking release and detach from it, because that's a critical part of manifestation, and then yeah. I go what action, what aligned action, if any, should I take around this? And that's roughly my process, right? So, I take time to do that. I had a freak out thing earlier this week, and insecurity that came to the surface that I noticed, relevant to a conversation with a man, and then I just, I probably spent an hour working through it in my journal.

I took the fucking time, because I believe that I can have it all, in that area, the same as how I do with my money, my body, my lifestyle, my fun and adventure, et cetera, and I am willing to invest the time in training my fucking mindset and shifting my soul into that place of flow, and into faith based response, but it did take time and attention. And then I took completely talked myself down from that hill of freaking the fuck out, to where I felt totally grounded, totally sure of myself, totally in faith, totally in abundance and certainty, and like yes, I get to be who I am, and I get to receive love, and I'm a fricking badass, and I feel hot, and I feel amazing, and bring it on world.

And then, from that place, I'm like cool, cool. What, if anything, is the aligned action I need to take in that area, right? And that is my practise in that area. It's not automated exactly like the other areas, as I'm explaining to you, right? My point is, that for me to get to the level of ease and flow that I have now around money, where it's like I have ... Of course money just flows to me every day, as much as I just kind of pluck out of the air, more and more every month, with greater and greater ease, soul mate clients only. I don't gotta do anything, I never gotta worry about it, it's just always there.

Same with my fitness and health. To get to there, to get to here, I did that. I did that fucking inner work. I took the time. Every time my shit came up, I sat my ass in the chair as soon as I could, and I did the journaling work on it, and or I spoke with whoever it was that was supporting me at the time about it, and I ran it through my head while I was maybe working out, and I figured it the fuck out. And I noticed where fear was ruling me, or scarcity was ruling me, and I asked myself repeatedly, every fucking day in my journaling, for years. I would ask what would alignment look like right now? What would I be saying, selling, doing in my business if I knew I was completely safe with money, if I already had a million dollars in the bank, and if I was completely in alignment?

It was a fucking practise, you guys. I remember that question I asked every morning for years, like two to three years I would say every fucking morning. I remember sitting in café up there, in Broad Beach, which is the next town over, café that opens at 4AM down there. I always know where all the early morning café is. Wherever I am in the world. And every morning it was my practise, right? I just cannot emphasise enough that you've got to have a mindset practise, and if you're not willing to do that, please, for the love of God, leave the fucking live stream and leave my community because I cannot help you. If you're not willing to invest into shifting your own soul and into being that next level version of yourself, there is not a single fricking thing that I can say to you or desire to say to you that is going to help you to make money, reach your soul mate clients, make a fuckload of money, I already said that, why not have some more?

Have your dream body, have a soul mate relationship, have it all. I do the fucking work, and by that I mean the work of how my thoughts or my mind and my beliefs and my emotions operate. I am disciplined enough to train my mind. Your mind is like an errant fucking monkey child. It will do whatever the fuck you want if you don't give it direction. You get to choose. And when you take the time to choose how you're gonna think, and to cultivate a mindset of abundance, and a belief system of abundance, you get to the point where it's fucking inherent to who you are, which is how I am with money, how I am with my fitness and body, how I am rapidly becoming with love and romance.

I'm so just on the edge of complete, complete flow and ease and certainty in there as well, and it's shifting every fucking day. I've already shifted so much from like two months ago, or four months ago, or a year ago, because I've been doing the work. I've been applying myself. I've been committed the it. I refuse to accept anything except the standard of excellence. I know that when I'm next in a official serious, committed relationship of some kind, where it's like an official thing, that it's gonna be something that people are like, oh my God, I wish I had a relationship like that.

And I'm not saying that because I want people to be envious of stuff that I have, but more so to impress upon you, like I know that people wish they could make the money I make, live the lifestyle I make, have the body and have it all. Well, you gotta have that practise. And you've gotta be committed that you get to have it that way. There is no fucking way I would have any relationship of whatever sort of classification or labelling, and this is already true in the current way that I do love and romance, that this ...

Any connection, however that connection is playing out and carrying out, my current connections are all fricking based on what feels right and aligns for me, and what is in keeping with my goals, and even the guy who is important to me in my life, right? Who I talk to all the time, we talk all the time about communication, and learning new communication, and growing in communication, and expressing your true actual feelings. Like oh my God, imagine, right?

And it's a continual growth thing from both sides, and that is something where I'm just ... I'm not available for anything other than that. How can people be in a relationship where there's not openness and communication? But I was. Fear, obviously. Right? So, I know that people can be. But my point is, I've committed myself to getting to have it all in all areas. So, in this area, like in other areas, I just do the work. I do the fricking work, and I only bring in people into my life who are doing the work in their area, in their life also.

And people who I was giving my time and energy and body to, et cetera. For example, last year, well I still have fun to go on a date, and that sort of thing. That's fine, I've got nothing against that as a general sort of social thing, or a fun night out or whatever, and yeah. That's totally fine. But as far as me continuing a relationship with somebody, like really, when I get to the point where if I've seen somebody two or three times, if that's not a growth orientated person, if we're not vibing on a soul level, it's not like I'm trying to just be superior or something like that.

It's just that, that doesn't align with how I choose to live my life. Just like my soul mate clients and my soul mate clients, I'm just not gonna work with somebody who doesn't choose to apply themselves to business and life in a certain way. So, even part of my growth into greater alignment and flow in this area, was I just allowed some connections with guys that I had been seeing to fade away, but I was like, well, yeah. I still have a great time every time we catch up, it's fun, we go to dinner, we do all the things, you know, have sex, et cetera. Yes, that's a need and a requirement as well, so that's certainly part of it, but it's kind of like ...

If the conversation's not flowing, if it's starting to feel like a little bit of hard work, if it's kind of like, well, I'm pretty much just doing this for the attention and the sex, then okay, well I could still certainly do that if I choose to anytime, and I would, right? For sure. If I choose to. But it's also, hmm, how does this tie in with what I actually believe? How does this tie in with faith based living, right? How does this tie in with the knowledge that I have inside of me, that I can have only epic soul mate connections?

And people say it's really hard to find a conscious guy, or it's hard to find a man who's growth orientated, and then their hot, and they're whatever, and whatever, and whatever. And I'm like, well, you're gonna get what you expect to see. That's the truth of the matter. I started journaling earlier this year on being surrounded by conscious men who are freaking smart, fun, funny, successful, who totally honour me as a goddess and a queen, and tell me the nice things, and treat me in a way that I love to be treated. And elevate me and take care of me, and I didn't even just mean romantically, right? I meant in a general sense, being surrounded by conscious men.

Only the other day, I think it was like a week or so ago, I remember just thinking holy shit, today alone I've had four amazing epic conversations with incredible conscious men. I am surrounded by conscious men. My friends, my clients, people who I connect with online, and also in the romantic area as well, right? But really, like all my male connections now I just ... I have such amazing male friends, who are so fricking conscious and elevated, and I'm only gonna date in that way as well, and I'm only gonna give my energy in any sort of [inaudible 00:47:28] sense in that way, and it's also what I expect and what I see in the small percentage of men that are actually in my own community, several of which are here on this live stream. Yes. Exactly.

Pete's just like, "Here I am." And Brandon's here as well, right? So, there's two examples right there. And it's just all these things come about when you choose to believe, right? I'm using that area as a big example because it's an area that I've been particularly focusing on for me and my life, as you know. And like I said, because I've practised, because I've repeatedly practised releasing fear ... I didn't have fear around attracting conscious male friends or clients. Actually, that was more so obviously for the love romance area, but still, I gotta practise that. I've repeatedly practised it. When fear's rising, when you say to yourself maybe that's unrealistic, or I couldn't have a connection like that, or I can't tell I'm what I'm really feeling like this.

And it's like, well is that true? Or is that fear? What would faith say? What would my soul tell me to do? What would alignment look like? And then you fucking practise. And the practise maybe scary as hell, super fucking uncomfortable, insane, right? In that area. That's why you practise. You practise so that it becomes easier and easier to show up as that version of yourself, okay? So, right now, where is the area where you most need to practise? What is the area that you've gotta practise in? Because I could tell you that you can get to absolute flow and ease, as I have shown and demonstrated, and as I continue to create for my own self, you can have all of that. You know it.

But you've gotta be willing to take the time to catch it when fear is ruling you, and if you're not even sure, then fricking, start getting your ass in the chair every day and looking into that in your journaling, and figuring it out, or working with me, or whoever you wanna work with, and getting it all sorted. And then you practise what would faith look like? What would soul alignment look like? What would I be doing if was coming from belief? That's the blueprint. Michelle says, you totally get what you expect. Just expect differently and what ... Right.

And there's so many things that I've written in my journal, where I feel like that's outrageous, that would be too good to be true, right? I think even the conscious man thing, I felt that at one point. I was like well, you know, a lot of the really conscious men seem to be kind of like not my type, like super ... I'm sorry. But super hippy-ish, which is not my type. And so, I kind of had a belief system there, and then I was just like and what if I chose to believe that the conscious men that I call in are super in their kind of alpha masculine, and in the way that I'm attracted to?

And so, that's obviously what I then created, because I chose to believe it. But I remember thinking that it wasn't really possible or available, and then I decided to journal it every single day anyway, which is what I do with everything, right? There's many things that I'll journal where I'm like it seems so far off. And I'm like too bad. I keep claiming it as available now. Manifestation is all in the now.

Woo. Okay. By the way, I got one place left in Rich Hot Empire. Six weeks to work with me one on one. You and me. Build your soul mate cult tribe, make money doing what you love, create a multi seven figure empire and beyond through low end, high end, whatever you wanna do. What is your calling, what is your soul work? Do you need to do the mindset work on that, and would you like to know everything about how I've built this business? Rich Hot Empire is about all of that and so much more. It is unlimited one on one access to me.

It is going to be closed off very, very, very fricking soon. It'll probably slightly oversell, because I've already got several conversations in the works. But in theory, I can do one more place if you message me ASAP about that. I will send you a overview and details, and we can talk through it all, and yes. Well, there you go. Dee's just claimed that last place, right there. Which I kind of already knew anyway. The conversations that I'm still having with people right now are all closed out. Those conversations obviously, right?

So, as always, I sell things out, or I slightly oversell them even, if I've had like four people that are messaging all me at the same time for the last final place, which tends to keep fricking happening, because I call in the energy of it. And that's how it's done. And this is a faith thing as well. I teach about that when you're a client. I teach about it anyway, in lots of different ways obviously, with my free online content.

so, leave me a comment, send me a message. Tell me the things, say yes to you. Press fricking play, and I already said press fricking play. I'm gonna say it anyway. Don't forget, life is now, press play. Thank you for watching. Bye.

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