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Hey, yo Facebook. Good morning. Oh man, I'm gonna hold my hand up in the air now. Okay, that was super smart timing, I've just gone live right as I've gone into a tunnel. I didn't pay attention. Standard. Hey, Allison, what's up?

Okay, what I'm gonna try and do is I'm gonna wait for a moment till we go through this tunnel here so I can share this over to my page. Hey Shella. And then we're gonna have a conversation about selling high ticket with ease and just on a side note, I'm gonna tell you some principles of that. Can you hear me okay? I'm kind of surprised this live stream's working while I'm underground. Leave me a comment, tell me you're there and tell me that you can hear me, that this is working and I'm not just kind of talking to myself here.

Hey Jamie. So I actually wanna teach you and talk to you through some principles. Okay, perfect, thank you for letting me know you can hear me. Hey, Janine. I wanna share with you some things that you can take away and use straight away today. Christine, what's up, gorgeous? And that's gonna be, I think, inspiring and helpful for you and maybe kick your ass a little bit. Happy Easter, true, yes, happy Easter.

And I'm gonna also let you know that my high ticket sales workshop is open for registration. So, obviously, I'd love for you to go and check that out. I think you're gonna wanna join that workshop, it's what I call, one of my phrases that I've coined some time ago that I made up for myself, I call it a hell yeah, no brainer offer that makes them scream yes, which is when you really know that you came up with something where you're like, "This is the bomb and everybody should have to do this, everybody's gonna wanna do this, they'd be crazy to not wanna do this."

So anyhow, I'm still in this tunnel and I can share this livestream over to my page which is annoying me. So, I'll give you the link for that now so that you have it and then I'll post it in in a moment and then after we jump off this livestream, you can go check that out and have a read of it and what all I'm covering and if that's gonna help you. It's actually a low-ticket purchase to join the high ticket with ease workshop. And that's just how I do things, right? In fact, this is part of my philosophy.

So I'm gonna give you that link and then Kathleen has a good question which is actually really relevant. So the link is Okay? Maybe somebody can type that in here, the But I'll paste ... oh, okay, I'm back. No, it wasn't you, this is like the longest fricking tunnel in the world. I should know better.

Like go and see where you're driving before you go live. Anyway, we're back, we're back. So, what was I saying, the high ticket, let me tell you briefly about this and then I'm gonna talk and just share with you some things that you can use right away. High ticket with super ease workshop, excuse me, is the actual name of the workshop, forgot the words here but if I do say so myself, I feel that the banner on this page looks fantastic. You gotta go check it out, Ash, can you put the link in? Can you put the link in and title and tagline on my profile, no rush, that would be awesome and pin that comment since you're there and we're coming out of the tunnel so that's an exciting moment for everybody.

And what this is is the magic mystery mindset of money of how a consistently and weekly ... oh, oh, oh, consistently and weekly do up to 80k plus in sales. That's one individual sale, that doesn't mean total sales. In fact, I feel like we should adjust that in the banner, Ash. Like sales that are up to 80k plus for a single sale. Over Facebook messenger chat in as little as one to five minutes, no discovery calls required, no sales pages for my high end stuff ever, right?

So that's kind of what the workshop's about. I'm gonna show you how I do that and I'm gonna take you behind the scenes of everything relevant to selling high ticket from either like how to design your programme to ... I don't know, like everything you could think of, like objection stuff and what do you need to overcome that. I'm not gonna repeat the whole sales page, you can go to the sales page and check that out.

So this is the first time I've ever taught on something like this and probably because to be quite honest with you, four or five years ago, when I was already selling high ticket ... actually, Ash, can you share this to my personal page as well from my profile 'cause I'm not getting my wifi to work on my laptop in the Uber, can you share it to my personal page and to the Daily Asskickery and maybe comment and let me know when you have done so just so I know you're still there otherwise, I guess, I'll figure it out later.

Yeah, probably part of the reason I've never done a training specifically on this is to be quite honest with you, when I was first selling high ticket which I started I guess really or seriously or officially during in 2013 ... oh, you're gonna have to repost it from my profile but that's good because we've got the link there but when you get on my profile, pop the link in and title and tagline and then share it from my profile. I just talk to my team while I'm on the livestream, you guys. That's my brother, Ash, give him a love heart shower for being online with me on Good Friday. It is Good Friday, right? It is Friday.

Okay, anyway, yeah, I didn't enjoy selling high ticket, right? I kind of hated the process of it. Like when I would get on the phone with somebody, I would always have a good time on the phone and always enjoy the conversation with that person but like hands up or give me like an Amen or give me some sort of Oh God yes, or something like that if you just find it exhausting to do the actual sales process of your high ticket stuff. And/or maybe you're not even doing it and you feel like you don't know how and you're not getting results. So either like you're doing it and you know how to sign up high ticket clients but it's fricking time-consuming.

I don't mean you don't love your clients and your work and actually even talking when you do get onto those discovery talks, I mean, and that might be another thing but we'll talk about that as well actually in this workshop, but I specifically mean that you kind of feel like this is so time-consuming and it's draining and exhausting and if you wanna be perfectly frank about it, the truth is that you don't really like to talk to people that much on a schedule at all and you'd rather just be able to go about your day, doing whatever you feel like and really, you'd rather people just message you and tell you that they wanna work with you on a high level and then they sign themselves up. I mean, why would we not just want that, right?

So I wanna tell you that that's actually exactly how I do it. People come to me, they sign themselves up to work with me, it's a text based conversation, sometimes with audio messages as well but no phone calls, I haven't done a phone call for a high ticket sale in years and it usually takes like two to three times back and forth in conversation, sometimes it might go for a couple of days, typically it's over the course of a day, like depending on time zones and whether the person sees my response and I see their response right away.

But often, it's literally a couple of minutes. So for example, my newest client, she joined the inner circle, shout out Gillian [Sanderville 00:07:51] messaged me last week and I was standing in the coffee line and I get a message and she's like "Hey Kat, here is a photo of me and my baby," he was so cute, a little [inaudible 00:08:04], "and I've just kind of come out of that phase of being ... you know, newborn phase and I'm ready to go all in and I'm doing such and such in my business already and I'm ready to go to this next level and I know I need to work with you. I don't care what it is and I don't care how much it is, I'm going to sign up."

So what did I do to make that sale? Well, technically you could say I did, fuck all, I responded to the message, I was like, "Cool, tell me a little bit about you and your business, and why me and why now and what your vision and your passion is," obviously I wanna align with my clients and make sure that it's a fit. And then I said, "Have you heard of my inner circle?" She had, I sent through an overview, like a written overview that I have and then I just left a little audio with the price. I'm like, "Okay, currently it's $6,000 a month or you can do 60,000 upfront and you get two months free, that's the current investment [inaudible 00:08:54]," as you can imagine.

And she messaged back later that same day or whenever she was next online, she's like "Done, I'm in." That's it. That's a $60,000 sale. Ash, you still did that from your profile but that's okay 'cause it's pinned. You might wanna switch it to my profile though and definitely gonna share it from my [Google 00:09:15] or log in to my profile and share it to my personal page and to Daily Asskickery. Or I can do it after but if you can do it while it's live that's awesome.

So, you know, the thing is, I didn't use to feel proud of how I sold high ticket 'cause I didn't enjoy it and because ... like I enjoyed delivering, I didn't enjoy the sales process 'cause I kind of didn't wanna be on the phone, right? I wanna be doing whatever I want all day, writing and stuff. And I felt like, and you probably feel this way if you're hearing what I'm putting down here. I felt like it shouldn't have to be like this. So I was kind of like ... yeah, I really rather have clients that just know they wanna work with me and they're gonna tell me and they're gonna be so my clients and they're gonna come along and they're gonna be like, "Hey, yeah ..."

Like they've seen maybe if I pulled out Rich Hot Empire or one of my four week or six weeks one on ones that I do from time to time or whether it's inner circle or whatever it is or an event let's say that they come along and they're like, "Hey, Kat, I know I need to be part of this, can I have more details," and they might have a few questions and obviously I'm gonna clarify that they're the right person for me and then that's it.

And I felt like that's how it should be. And I guess I probably felt like that's a little bit unrealistic, it's how I felt at the time, or a little bit you know, like being a diva or something like that or like a bit of an ego so I'm curious to know, do you kind of feel like it should get to be that easy? Do you feel like people should just come and sign themselves up to you because I'm gonna teach you how that happens.

The high ticket sales with super ease workshop, it's a live workshop that's gonna happen on Friday of next week and it's actually gonna start, as soon as you sign up, that's gonna be daily prompts and little work to do in the Facebook group from Monday in three days. So you wanna sign up right away, the link's in the pinned comment because I'll be helping you get prepared.

We're gonna do the live workshop on Friday next week and then we're gonna into seven days of implementation and additional trainings after that to help you roll it out. So I'm gonna give you and teach you through my scripts so to speak that I use, like the overviews and the way that I got that ... oops, dropped my laptop. The way that I go about writing up the investment and that sort of thing, I'll take you through that. I'll give you my exact process and to teach you how to write up your own, like the actual offer, I'll teach you. The reply, the overview reply, the investment reply but also how to have that conversation, how to know when to just send through an overview versus should you do a little audio and speak to the person or is there something you need to ask them.

How to filter out to make sure it's only always perfectly a soulmate client and a bunch of other stuff that I've outlined for you on the sales page. But the point is that it's not like, "Oh, i just found some magical way that people message me and wanna pay me a lot of money," right? Because actually the story I just shared relevant to Gillian, 100% of my inner circle clients have signed up that way. Not like a few, not a good amount, 100% have signed up by basically telling, "I know I need to do this, give me the details." I give the details and it's like, okay, might be a question or something like that, it might be a little bit of conversation and then they are in and it's always that way for anything from ... what do I classify as high ticket? Like several thousands dollars, that kind of ticket through to tens and tens of thousands of dollars, even as much as $80,000 per sale, over actually.

Right? And there's a process that goes into that. So of course, I'm gonna teach you the actual conversation like how I sell over Facebook messenger chat but that's not a magic fucking thing where if you have a good way of outlining and making your offer over Facebook messenger that people are just gonna pay you all that money because how did they come along in the first place? And a lot of ... or most of my inner circle clients, I was never promoting the inner circle, they literally messaged me out of the blue, like random. I wasn't putting an offer out there, just like what I said with Gillian.

And they just message. But when I do like a 10 or a $12,000 thing, I'll typically put the offer out there, I'll post it on Facebook it's on and I'll tell people to message me, right? So I'm telling them to. But how is it that they actually then are messaging, how is it that I'm getting such soulmate badass clients who do the work and get killer results, who are the ones who are messaging. How is it that the conversation is then boom boom boom and there is no expectation of a sales call or anything like that? That's what I'm gonna teach you.

And I guess, what I wanna share with you now about that that you can actually take away and think about even right now, whether or not you join the workshop and you'd be crazy to not join this workshop, it's insane value in it. Like it's so much fricking content that we're covering in there, go check it out. The thing that that comes from is being that aspirational person who that client or that person knew that they had to work with in the first place.

So in actual fact, if you go along and read my blog post from this morning, it's over on my personal katrinaruth page, it's called Now more than ever, your tribe needs you to lead, are you prepared? So if you're watching this as a replay later on, that's the title. Now more than ever, your tribe needs you to lead, are you prepared? Maybe somebody can drop the link to that blog here in the comments also, it's on my page from this morning, my personal page. If you read that blog post and I have a P.S. at the end of that blog about this workshop also, but if you read the blog, I talk about being that person who the client, who's not yet working with you, already is aspiring to do so.

And that's what happens with my clients, they come along and they've been like, "I'm finally ready or I know it's time, I've been waiting for this." But then i also have many clients who come on who literally never heard of me and this has happened multiple times, who join the inner circle or join Rich Hot Empire or join whatever programme that only just heard of me the week before or their friend referred them or something like that and then they go straight in at the high end.

How that happens is the way that I show up and what you've gotta think about is how you're showing up. Are you showing up now every day, whether or not you're selling high end or selling anything, are you showing up as that aspirational leader who people wanna hear from and who people feel like you're the one, right? Like you're the one that they've gotta listen to, you're the one that they wanna have your voice inside of their head, you're the one who they resonate with, they trust in, they believe in, you're inspiring, your helping them, you're educating and giving epic, fricking value which I always seek to do in my free content daily.

But I'm not just trying to give epic value and teach and educate, I'm here to perform, I'm here to entertain, I'm here to inspire, I'm here to kick your ass, I'm here to cry with you, laugh with you, drink with you if you come around. You know what I mean? Like I fully show up all day, every day and so then when it comes time for me to sell something high end, or I'm not even selling and somebody just message me, they're like "I go work with you," I already did that ground work, you know? And I do it day in and day out.

So my sales process is not what happens in that conversation, even though I do have a strategy and a process for that and I'll teach you. My sales process is the way I show up every single day and you've gotta think about how can you show up every single day in a way where people are already sold on you.

Gosh, there was something I know I wanted to say just then about this and it just jumped out of my mind. Oh, I was always gonna mention to you, by the way, that part of what I wanna talk about in this workshop and just remind you of now is my business makes multi millions a year, right? Most people know that but if you don't know that, that's what our company does. We do hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in revenue, it's not predominantly high ticket, just so you know, probably only about 20% ish? I don't know my exact numbers.

But, we have a significant amount of our revenue comes from low to moderate ticket and that's actually part of how my high ticket sales get to be so easy as well. So it's funny 'cause back in the day, a lot of mentors would tell me that if you do low ticket, you're not gonna be able to sell high ticket and they were like, "Stop doing all the low ticket stuff, stop doing the shit programmes and workshops online and just do stuff that's thousands of dollars minimum," and I listened for like a minute and a half and I fricking hated it 'cause I love creating and I love doing low ticket.

But now I'm like laughing about it 'cause I'm like "Oh, my God, you give value all the time through your free content and through your low content and the right people, the 1% within the 1% people who know they're mean to work with you at that level, they level themselves up to come and work with you? Do you know what I mean? I could preach all day about this but here I am at LaGuardia, I'm gonna jump on a flight. I want you to go to whatever the link is, high ticket sales workshop with ease, something something. It's in the pinned comment. Check it out, read all that I'm covering for you there, it is going to be level as fuck, we're gonna play [supertight 00:17:31], you're gonna love it. Have an amazing rest of the day and don't forget, live is now, press play.

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