Rebel Millionaire

Linda: What's happening?

Katrina: Nothing. Nothing is happening.

Linda: Nothing is... Its not working. Look.

Katrina: Look sideways.

Linda: I'm sideways, why?

Katrina: You have to stop it. You have to cancel it. You have to start again.

Linda: That is odd. Why is it doing this?

Katrina: I'm going to give you an important lesson in a moment.

Linda: I forgot you're live.

Katrina: Were not live. Its not live yet. No, we'll go laugh in a minute.

Linda: Look.

Katrina: We can just admire ourselves first though.

Linda: Why didn't I click the rotation.

Katrina: Its not live at all.

Linda: How do you do this rotation thing?

Katrina: Here's the situation. You have to type in the thing, and then turn the thing, and then press go live. You type in the thing, you turn the thing, you do the thing. That's the whole technical explanation.

Linda: You type the thing, do the thing, and then ...

Katrina: You type the thing, you turn the thing, and then you do the thing. That's the official Wikipedia explanation.

Linda: I got it. I got it. Wait, I got it.

Katrina: Webster, that's the Webster explanation for how to go live. What are you doing?

Katrina: Don't text Seth. Who's Seth? Why are you texting Seth?

Linda: I don't even know who Seth is.

Katrina: We'll go live in a minute.

Linda: You haven't started yet?

Katrina: I'm going to give you an important postural lesson in a moment. Just hurry up and go live. We're not live.

Linda: We are so live.

Katrina: I haven't started, so we're not really live at all. I don't care if anybody's on there. I am not ready to be live, and so, therefore, we're not live. When I say that we'll be live, we'll be live.

Linda: I'm pretty alive.

Katrina: You're always alive.

Katrina: Hurry up.

Linda: I'm getting side tracked.

Katrina: Put your [inaudible 00:02:15]. I have an important postural lesson to give you. It's for everyone's benefit.

Linda: All right.

Katrina: Ah-ha.

Linda: Ah-ha! Wait. Okay.

Katrina: Many important and serious things are going to take place here. There will be a blood ritual at the stroke of midnight. What time is it? What time is it right now?

Linda: I think it's going to work.

Katrina: Press play. It's a good rule, to go left.

Linda: Left is now.

Katrina: Left too, press play. Always press play.

Linda: Left is now?

Katrina: Sometimes you have to press pause. No can I teach you something?

Linda: Yeah. Teach me that life lesson please.

Katrina: What time it is, because at the stroke of midnight we must have a blood ritual.

Linda: A blood ritual?

Katrina: It's 11:56.

Linda: This is the first time you're telling me of this blood ritual. But I'm all about rituals.

Katrina: Just so you can see. Okay. If you want to record a very serious video for your business, a serious video.

Linda: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah.

Katrina: Serious?

Linda: Serious.

Katrina: Here's how you hold yourself. Firstly. Step number one, you stick your booty out. Arch that booty right out. Arch it out like you're trying to get some action up in there.

Linda: You said serious.

Katrina: I'm being serious. I'm giving a serious fucking tip about how to do good posture for a video, for your business.

Linda: I'm good. Now-

Katrina: Step number one, arch your booty out like you want to get something up in it.

Linda: Arch your booty out? How do you arch your booty out?

Katrina: What do you mean?

Linda: You arch your back.

Katrina: Yes, well you stick your butt out.

Linda: Done.

Katrina: I was just trying to say it in a fancy way. Arch your booty out, and then what that does-

Linda: Life lessons from-

Katrina: The Katrina Ruth Show.

Linda: That's right. I mean how-

Katrina: This is Katrina Ruth right here.

Linda: The Katrina Ruth Show.

Katrina: Step number one is you arch your bottom out. Lisa Michelle, how the hell are you appearing on both live streams at once? It's the voo-dooery. Exactly you park it out like your back broke.

Linda: Okay I've done it.

Katrina: You stick it out.

Linda: I've done it now what?

Katrina: Now step number two-

Linda: I have my booty out. I have my chest out, what now?

Katrina: Step number two is obviously bosoms out.

Linda: But you already said bosoms out.

Katrina: Well they kind of go out automatically when you arch your-

Linda: You said arch your bosoms.

Katrina: When you stick your butt out you kinda... You can't arch bosoms. How do you arch a bosom?

Linda: That's what you said, arch your chest or something.

Katrina: Pay attention.

Linda: Paying attention.

Katrina: Step number one is you stick your butt out, automatically that's going to make your breasts go out, but you should stick them out a little bit more to be sure.

Linda: Well I'm feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

Katrina: When you see your video on playback, you'll think that you have perfectly fabulous posture; and really you're going to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dam, I'm just teaching you how to look straight, and polite, and lady-like. So butt out, breasts out. Thirdly, what you want to do is you want to do is elongate your neck. Elongate.

Linda: Like an ostrich?

Katrina: Giraffe, or ostrich. You elongate your neck.

Linda: I'm done, and now what?

Katrina: You don't so crazy eyes. Nobody said anything about crazy eyes. Who said crazy eyes?[crosstalk 00:05:18] Elongate your neck, you want to tilt your chin slightly down-

Linda: I can't do this without the crazy eyes.

Katrina: Slightly down. Tilt your chin slightly down, but without-

Linda: Now I got a double chin.

Katrina: No looking like an alien. Thirdly, and I'm going to credit this to Amanda Francis because I learned to from her. Thirdly, you smile with your soul. When I do it, it looks creepy. That's how you have perfect posture when you're filming a very professional and serious video-

Linda: This is a professional video.

Katrina: For your business.

Linda: Did you guys get that? The Katrina Ruth Show.

Katrina: I'm just here to serve.

Linda: From your soul?

Katrina: Always from the soul. I'm just here to give helpful tips to entrepreneurs. Absolutely.

Linda: What capes? Their talking about capes or something?

Katrina: What are you talking about?

Linda: I have no idea.

Katrina: This is my initiation class cloak. It's for the blood rituals they happen every Saturday evening.

Linda: So it's one past 12:00. What are these blood rituals?

Katrina: Well we just drink the blood.

Linda: No I don't do it. No, no, no, no, no. Uh-uh. No-no.

Katrina: There were many important things that we came here to discuss.

Linda: We actually had a lot of important things to say today.

Katrina: Are you doing your posture?

Linda: I am. I have my ostrich neck on.

Katrina: See, it looks like we're just sitting in a normal relaxed, straight fashion. Actually, we are in excruciating pain, and it's the only way that it should be done. If your not hurting from all the arching and... Oh I forgot-

Linda: The pain of being women.

Katrina: I forgot to say you want to lift your torso up and twist it a little bit. Lift it up, twist it. So remember; butt out, boobs more, elongate your neck and torso-

Linda: No ostrich eyes.

Katrina: No crazy eyes, or ostrich eyes. And tilt your head down a little bit, keep yourself twisted.

Linda: How am I doing guys? How am I doing?

Katrina: It's roughly how it goes. Wait-

Linda: Please tell me, how am I doing?

Katrina: Stop.

Linda: Life advice from the Katrina Ruth Show.

Katrina: I forgot it something important. Hold the fort.

Linda: Holding, holding. What do you got?

Katrina: Just teach.

Linda: Okay. You know what, really was the main reason we came on today. So much has been happening. We actually just finished a dinner party. Lou is that you?

Katrina: Don't tell any secrets.

Linda: Important, important, important advice; business advice.

Katrina: Nope. I won't give in. I refuse.

Linda: No. Why?

Katrina: I'm not giving any business advice to anybody.

Linda: But this is important business advice. What we were just doing.

Katrina: I forgot my sceptre.

Linda: We came...

Katrina: Sorry, excuse me.

Linda: Here's the thing. We were talking earlier, we had a very important message to-

Katrina: It's a riding wand.

Linda: This looks more like a spanking whip.

Katrina: Yes it's for... you're not supposed to tell the secrets. I said no secrets. It is for spanking. I'm [inaudible 00:08:22].

Linda: Why do you have this?

Katrina: Just for reasons.

Linda: Would you mind sharing?

Katrina: For emergencies.

Linda: Its an emergency?

Katrina: Well not right now, but it could be.

Linda: It could be.

Katrina: On occasion. I think you might have it the wrong way out maybe.[crosstalk 00:08:40] I don't know, do you?

Linda: Where so you put this?

Katrina: Oh well she's holding the right end. See I don't know. I just use it any which way I like. This one's rather pointy.

Katrina: I refuse to give any business advice about anything. I think the advice comes from absorbing the essence of us.

Linda: We were talking about the soul. It's about, you know?

Katrina: The masks.

Linda: The masks. That's right the masks. This is why we came on tonight, because-

Katrina: Emergency spanking is always[crosstalk 00:09:07]

Linda: It started from your live feed yesterday.

Katrina: That was extraordinarily serious.

Linda: You were throwing bread. She was throwing bread in here live feed. Go and watch it, you need to watch it.

Katrina: Yeah, upon layer.

Linda: Upon layer, upon layer, upon layer, upon layer-

Katrina: That was the best presentation-

Linda: It was.

Katrina: That has happened in the history of the internet.

Linda: I need to get on my knees and-

Katrina: Oh that's what... Well, that's not what I meant.

Linda: That's how good it was.

Katrina: Well, are we wearing masks? This is actually the Katrina Ruth Show right here, and I'm Linda Doktar.

Linda: I'm Katrina. This is Linda.

Katrina: Face off. We did a face off.

Linda: Well, heres the thing.

Katrina: Earlier tonight we were talking about how impressed we are with ourselves. That's right you were talking... Excuse me, but somebody was watching videos of themselves perform amazing feats of athleticism, and announced to the-

Linda: I was so inspired by myself.

Katrina: And announced to the entire dinner party that she was so inspired by herself.

Linda: I was. I was.

Katrina: Its fair enough.

Linda: I was doing trick on video, and I got really, really inspired by myself.

Katrina: That's fair enough. Completely reasonable and professional.

Linda: Do you ever get inspired by yourself? Because I think we should always... Katrina.

Katrina: No, that's for the emergency spankings. Still has a tag on it, because I had to get inpatient.

Linda: This really freaks me out, because I think this is a children's thing.

Katrina: That's unfortunate.

Linda: Is this a children's thing?

Katrina: What kind of tricks... No, it's not-

Linda: Is this for children?

Katrina: No, I use this myself for professional reasons.

Linda: You have two spanking equipment in your...

Katrina: Just for business purposes. I don't want to [inaudible 00:10:50]

Linda: Business purposes.

Katrina: Can't talk about it right now.

Linda: Okay. Were talking about masks.

Katrina: We were going to talk about masks.

Linda: And it started with you doing this... With bread-

Katrina: The layers od the bread.

Linda: The layers of the bread, and you were throwing bread in your live feed. It was actually a great analogy. You were talking about the layers of the masks. We're wearing these masks.

Linda: Hey Kai.

Linda: We're wearing these masks in life, and one of them really stood out.

Katrina: Chocolate.

Linda: No. Well that's just a [crosstalk 00:11:24]

Katrina: The chocolate layer was the best layer.

Linda: You know what really stood out for me? Why we're actually here? The Facebook masks. The Facebook masks. We're wearing these masks online; on Facebook, and we're showing the world this much. This much. Were painting this picture of who we are a little bit, but not who we are completely. Why are we doing that?

Linda: Why are we doing that?

Katrina: Venerability. Scared of being vulnerable.

Linda: Are we afraid to be vulnerable? Are we afraid to really show the world who we really are?

Katrina: Well you and I are pretty fucking transparent, and vulnerable. Are we still wearing masks?

Linda: Well, were not wearing anything right now.

Katrina: Capes.

Linda: Yeah, but this is really the thing; being vulnerable and letting the world see everything. Everything? Because-

Katrina: That's exactly what this is for.

Linda: Why wouldn't you?

Katrina: It's for when you need to show everything. Well heres the thing, can you actually show, or is it ever possible to show everything? Because-

Linda: Can you?

Katrina: You're not listening because you're pouting to the camera. I was thinking. I was in deep contemplative thought. How rude, rude an inappropriate.

Katrina: The thing is, as much as you might try to be completely transparent and open; you're evolving right then and there in that moment. How much did I already shift on that one particular issue? That I was just bitching about right before we went live?

Linda: Oh, That thing?

Katrina: Yeah.

Linda: You weren't bitching, it was a conscious tantrum.

Katrina: That is the best expression in the history of time hashtag conscious tantrum. I was having the best conscious tantrum that I ever had.

Linda: In the world.

Katrina: Oh, I've had a few big conscious tantrums actually.

Linda: Oh I have too.

Katrina: Yeah we actually have a lot of conscious tantrums, the two of us. Today my children said... what did they say. I was saying to them well everybody get grumpy, because one of them was grumpy. And I said don't worry everybody gets grumpy, even mommy, even Serafina, and even Linda. And the two of them said, “No, Linda doesn't get grumpy."

Linda: Linda doesn't get grumpy.

Katrina: And I was like, “well you go listen to her audios.”

Linda: Linda does get grumpy as well.

Katrina: Linda has quite the conscious tantrum from time to time. In fact, we both have conscious tantrums to each other all the time. Do we tell Facebook about it? No we tell each other.

Linda: We tell each other, but at the same time we-

Katrina: We process it and we turn it into content and make money.

Linda: Every time.

Katrina: Like ninjas.

Linda: Every time-

Katrina: What costumes? This is my normal professional Saturday midnight blood ritual outfit that I always wear.

Linda: And drinking blood. But heres the thing. We have our conscious tantrums, we get clarity, and it becomes content. It becomes growth, and we share that.

Katrina: That's why they're a conscious tantrum. I had a conscious tantrum, it was more of a conscious hissy fit, an hour or two ago, didn't I?

Linda: You did.

Katrina: I expressed it.

Linda: You were so cute.

Katrina: I am cute. I expressed it, and I was pretty shitty about it. Was I conscious. I think I was just shitty. I think I was actually being quite immature with some of the things I was saying.

Linda: No, but you were owning it. You were actually, owning it.

Katrina: I did own it. I always own it.

Linda: You even took responsibility to the pint where you said, "Is this my shit? Did I create it? Is this my shit?"

Katrina: Oh no, you're thinking about a different conscious tantrum. [crosstalk 00:15:03]

Linda: Oh, there's been multiple ones today.

Katrina: That's a different one. I'm talking about, what was I talking about right there before I stormed off-

Linda: All right then.

Katrina: Right before I stormed off to the bathroom. Then I reframed, and reframed, and reframed.

Linda: Reframed.

Katrina: So I might have had two conscious tantrums today.

Linda: At least, but that's okay.

Katrina: It's fine. Its Saturday, I can do what I want.

Linda: Every day you can do what you want.

Katrina: That's, yeah, good point.[crosstalk 00:15:26]

Linda: What kind of comedy I that?

Katrina: Well done. Congratulations.

Linda: I'm calling the Katrina Ruth Show out on some really, really-

Katrina: I always do what I want. Its true. Well no, you're right. I had a small, I'm going to call that earlier one a small conscious dummy spit. The one that happened earlier today.

Linda: And it makes it okay, because you add the conscious at the start.

Katrina: It was more like a small conscious Waaa. I wasn't really having a tantrum. I was just stamping my feet and crying a little bit.

Katrina: There's been no wine at all. It's a blood ritual.

Linda: And I had no [crosstalk 00:16:01]

Katrina: Blood ritual.

Linda: I had no idea-

Katrina: It was Karen O'Conners fault. She's been here all evening planning.

Linda: Blame it on all the external. Blame it on all the external. Take no responsibility.

Linda: Hello Anthony.

Katrina: How rude. Well I had a conscious little cry. I was mildly upset and I said, "is this my shit." And you said, "yes it is."

Linda: I did actually.

Katrina: Earlier on today you had said to me "are you being stupid", and I was in an uncompassionate mode, because I was having a small anxiety moment so I just said yes. I was like yes you are being silly.

Linda: Yeah, that's your own shit.

Katrina: That was true though.

Linda: Yeah, but how amazing was it that you-

Katrina: And you work for it, you go through it. And then I had my conscious tantrum. That was what just happened in the last hour to two. Remember?

Linda: Yeah, but its been more like every hour.

Katrina: You know the one I mean.

Linda: No. I need to write this down in my journal to remember.

Katrina: It was the one that really fricken got to me.

Linda: Yeah. Do it again?

Katrina: Then I decided on some decidedly immature actions that I might take.

Linda: And I said, “Is that what you really want to do?” Is that coming from a very conscious spite.

Katrina: And I said, “yes,” like a teenager.

Linda: And even the music's saying hello from the other side, Its like wake up Katrina.

Katrina: I'm a conscious teenager.

Linda: But it makes it okay, because you put the conscious in front of it. Always, every time when you put the conscious in front of something.

Katrina: So it is what it is. I'm still going to do that, just so you know.

Linda: So are you going to tell them about your tantrum? I mean one of them.

Katrina: No I can't. Not at all.

Linda: Okay, just though I'd check.

Katrina: No.

Linda: I know.

Katrina: Sorry, mask on. Facebook mask on. But I referred to it.

Katrina: Well we're not trying to help people at all. No we want to... Oh my god. Kenneth on...Let's bring it. Kenneth on Linda's live stream says... he says it in this voice exactly, “I know you guys are trying to be funny, but you know,” and he's nodding his head, “you know in order to really help people you need to really put your content together, and be sorta, kinda, coherent.” Sorta, kinda is definitely what you want to say before you use the word coherent by the way. Sorta, kinda, coherent. “And not acting like a bunch of drunk school girls.”

Katrina: Well, how many are there. There's only two, where's the rest of the bunch? They already left. “This rambling is hard to follow, and to make sense out of.” That's what Kenneth Fitzgerald Cheney has to say over on Linda's live stream.

Katrina: Well Kenneth, I'm so glad that you brought this to our attention, and I have many things to say. Unfortunately the remainder of the school girls already left. Thank you for referring to us as school girls, because we do look amazing.

Linda: I take that as a compliment, by the way.

Katrina: We look amazing. I'm just going to point out a small teeny little fact, can I?

Linda: Go ahead.

Katrina: So you said that's it hard to follow and make sense out of, which implies that its not worth staying for and you don't want to be here, but yet you're here and choosing to comment. Which makes you, bitch, you're a fan.

Katrina: I had one glass of wine. I know its on you're live stream, but he's followed me for ages, so I'm taking him as part of my audience, and I'm just making [crosstalk 00:19:25] for him.

Linda: Take them all. Take him. Take him.

Katrina: At what point did we say we were here to help anyone? Oh, he's adding to it. “Well you guys are beautiful, but I mean your subject is tantalising. We're talking about masks, and.” And then he just finishes with an and. Listen to me. I am the only person on the internet whose allowed to start and finish sentences with an and. You can't just finish a sentence with an and, but we accept the beauty compliment. Thank you.

Katrina: The subject is tantalising. I think what you mean is we are tantalising. We're talking about masks...”that's masks needed to..." Now you're repeating your words, which is starting to lead to the belief that you are the one who is a bunch of drunk school girls; because you've now said that masks needed need to be talked about. Continue, carry on.

Linda: But what if this is not actually a mask? What id this is actually what happens behind the scenes?

Katrina: It is. We were walking around all evening with our cloaks on.

Linda: We were. We were.

Katrina: I have photos of other people in cloaks as well. We do dome weird parties here. Kenneth is a bunch of drunk school girls. He said, "kinda, sorta, coherent." If you are going to use the word coherent in a sentence, I do believe that it should not be... what's the word? Should not be followed up by, but the opposite of that. You should not say the word coherent after saying kinda, sorta; because it kind od disputes the coherent. You're either coherent, or you're kinda, sorta you can't be both at the same time. Which one is it? Preface. You can't go prefacing your coherent with kinda, sorta.

Linda: Hello Steven.

Katrina: Hello Steven.

Linda: Welcome.

Katrina: Welcome.

Linda: Were having very, very serious chats about masks.

Katrina: Very, serious. Well it actually a fabulous point that Kenneth makes. He says we should have our masks on, but what you have to understand is that we legitimately were walking around like this, talking to each other.

Linda: We actually were. We were.

Katrina: And the others, who have already left. Send the invoice on over. I'll pay you in garlic.

Linda: So, is there a rule that we have to show up a certain way on social media?

Katrina: Well, apparently Kenneth has the rule book. Send it to us. Send it via fax. We want it by fax.

Linda: Do you even have a fax machine?

Katrina: I'm sure there's one somewhere on the [inaudible 00:21:55]. They might have one here.

Katrina: I'm not an old drunk. I take great offence to that Leah. I'm drinking nothing but mountain water, and spring water.

Linda: No, she said she's a drunk.

Katrina: No she's interpreting drunk [inaudible 00:22:11], she says. What non of you realise is that I'm a fabulous actress. It's really 9:00 AM, and I just did a work out, and had a coffee, and I'm completely straight laced.

Linda: Totally, but this is the Katrina Ruth Show. Katrina Ruth Show, she does what she wants, and I've just joined her show this evening.

Katrina: Its very tiresome when the normal people... Don't you find its tiresome when the normal people come onto live stream and you have to try to explain life to them? If you though I was going to stay within some sort of boundaries, you though wrong. I wouldn't have done it if I thought it was somebody who I didn't know, but this is somebody who's followed my page. I pretty sure I blocked you awhile back Kenneth, actually. Let me get my laptop, I'm checking that right now.

Linda: How many people are on your block list?

Katrina: It's an unreasonable amount.

Linda: Unreasonable amount, like hundreds?

Katrina: Is my laptop there already?

Linda: I don't know where you put your laptop, all I can see is spanking gear.

Katrina: I think I lost it. Did somebody steal it?

Linda: But heres the thing...

Katrina: I'm not kidding I don't know where my-

Linda: Hello Brendon.

Katrina: All right listen to me.

Linda: Listen. Listen Linda, listen, listen. Do you know that one? Do you know that clip?

Katrina: People can't go around commenting on Linda's live stream when they've been blocked by me. As far as the masks go, what did you just say? You said something fascinating. Do you remember what it was?

Linda: Oh my god, A lot of fascinating things come out of my mouth. I don't know-

Katrina: I mean mostly what you say is fascinating, in fact 100% of the time its fascinating.

Linda: 100% of what I say is fascinating.

Katrina: That's why when you're up stairs in bed, I'm still listening to audios from you downstairs.

Linda: In the same house.

Katrina: And then audioing back before you make it back down stairs. Its like an ongoing walkie talkie system.

Linda: We have this-

Katrina: Where's the block list?

Linda: Love relationship.

Katrina: Love love. It's a love love relationship.

Linda: It's always a love love.

Katrina: Look at this, we look amazing no masks at all.

Linda: But this is the thing-

Katrina: As I was saying, it tiresome to have to deal with normal people. But you said something about, do we ever have a mask on? You said something.

Linda: You know what Kat, and I want to tell everybody. When I started taking quantum leaps in my business, in my life, in every area of my life; you know when I did that? Started removing the mask. Started removing the mask and letting the world really see me, because-

Katrina: Let yourself be who you want to be.

Linda: I'm so tyres of wearing a mask. I'm so tired. I'm tired, I'm done. I'm tired. Who else is tired? If you're tired let us know, because I see so many people hiding.

Katrina: Look.

Linda: Oh, that is a lot. That is a long list.

Katrina: No an unreasonable list.

Linda: I got the inside stories.

Katrina: She's looking at my blocked list right now.

Linda: The block list.

Katrina: Do you recognise any of these people? Heres one.

Linda: Oh. I see so many people wear masks online-

Katrina: Maybe I didn't block him, what a [crosstalk 00:25:24] I am.

Linda: So many. But why? I want to even invite you to ask this question from yourself. Why are you wearing a mask?

Katrina: The thing is, it is a fabulous point that he made. Having a go at us, and trying to school us on how to be more helpful online. Who said we were here to help anyway? But actually, were helping by being ourselves. And the point is, the whole mask conversation is about being whoever you are. Which means that sometimes, you know what? Sometimes you're just sitting around casually on a Saturday night, in your cloak, being a clown, and maybe that's who you are. And that's no mask.

Linda: Exactly. And you know what? Fun is definitely part of life, and I've been suppressing fun. I've been suppressing that part.

Katrina: Where sis you put it?

Linda: I don't know.

Katrina: Did you lock it away? I'll get you the key. I have the key.

Linda: I did for a long time. Please, please give me the key.

Katrina: [inaudible 00:26:25]

Linda: She gave me the key to unlock the fun.

Katrina: Heavy moment.

Linda: I don't know if I'm ready for this.

Katrina: It's a heavy moment. Let it out. I think I'm sweating underneath the cloak.

Linda: I'm sweating.

Katrina: I smell quite delightful. It opposite day. The most important thing is being comfortable being who you are. What if there was no point to anything. People might assume that we have a point to getting on this live stream, like why are they doing this? Where is this going?

Linda: Its like where are the teachings? Where's the wisdom?

Katrina: Right. So what id there was no point?

Linda: What if there didn't have to be a point?

Katrina: What if the point was you get to just be yourself?

Linda: Kenneth.

Katrina: Who ever you are in that moment.

Linda: But see Kenneth, I am vulnerable and I also have different sides to me, just like everybody else; every single person watching this, we all have different parts to self. And me personally; I'm going to own up to a big thing now; I've been really suppressing the fun side of myself. Fun is one of my highest values, and I've been suppressing that in a major way.

Katrina: Its true. You are very fun.

Linda: And yeah you might see that behind the scenes, but have I really... You know even looking at my social media, have I really let the world in on the fun as much as I really am?

Katrina: No.

Linda: No. I haven't.

Katrina: Have any of us?

Linda: Have any of us? You know I see a lot of entrepreneurs showing up in just their messaging. Just this certain area of who they are.

Katrina: Well people think that there's rules, even the people who think there's no rules. Which is our people essentially, who know that there's no rules, but they still think that there's rules. They still think, well there has to be some sort of purpose, or intent, or point, or I have to have an outcome in mind; but what id it was just living your life?

Katrina: So tonight we had a small dinner party here. Imagine that everyone who came along to the dinner party was coming along thinking; what is my outcome or intention, or what do I have to make sure to achieve from being at Kat's house tonight. What goal must I accomplish, or even, how do I want to be perceived? Right?

Linda: Yeah. Yeah.

Katrina: Which is kind of what people are thinking for sure on Facebook. How do I want to be perceived? I want people to think I'm empowering or inspiring, or funny, or whatever it is. But then as soon as you start to try to be that, you're not that.

Katrina: Imagine if everybody who came here tonight came along trying to make sure that they were funny, or entertaining, or perceived as being intelligent. It would be such an awkward, bizarre conversation.

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: Whereas everyone just showed up, you know, on the back of a busy day, rushing to get here, a little bit late, or some people not late, whatever. But you know what I mean. Nobody's like let me now think about how to show up to the dinner party.

Linda: Yeah, yeah.

Katrina: They just come.

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: And then we had an amazing evening. Which was a mix of hilariousness, and seriousness-

Linda: Yeah-

Katrina: And deep connection-

Linda: It was all of that.

Katrina: And other things. It was all of it.

Linda: It was a polarity of everything.

Katrina: Of course.

Linda: Everything.

Katrina: Of course, and it was total flow.

Linda: And then we said we should do a live feed about masks. We should really let the world see who we really are behind the scenes.

Katrina: I think I say that all the time anyway.

Linda: With no other intention. Absolutely no other intention. We have no plan.

Katrina: But that's the thing when you go on a live stream... I believe, when you get on a live stream its got to be the same as going to dinner with your friends. You just turn it on and you see what fucking happens. If you go on with the intention no I'm going to be; even if you get on and you try to be entertaining, then its like you're trying. Or you get on and you're like I'm going to be deeply inspirational, or deeply spiritual, or deeply serious. Or I'm going to sell my shit or whatever.

Katrina: Well if you're practised at it you can still do it, but the ones where you literally press go live are the ones where the gold comes out.

Katrina: Okay, we've made Steven's son throw up. Were sorry about that. Steven says, "I just joined you live, and one of my boys started throwing up."

Linda: I hope your son is okay Steven.

Katrina: We apologise. I hope he's okay. My daughter was throwing up earlier [crosstalk 00:30:55]

Linda: He may not have thrown up because he saw us, but who knows. I don't know that.

Linda: So heres the thing. What if you just showed up as you, had no plan and just allowed yourself to be you?

Katrina: No intention. You are the point, what if the point was just being you?

Linda: Being you. Not doing, but being? Embodying yourself.

Katrina: Do you know what it comes down to? Do you know why most people will never do that in an online business?

Linda: Why?

Katrina: I don't know about the rest of Facebook. Is anybody even on Facebook to not make money anymore? Is that a thing. Sound ridiculous. But as far as online business, the reason why most people will never do this; they don't have the faith to do that. They won't trust to do that.

Linda: They're scared of being judged.

Katrina: They won't trust that they can just be themselves.

Linda: Yeah, yeah.

Katrina: And seal the business that they want, or get the results, or that people will even like them. So then they think that they have to do something, or be something, or be somebody.

Linda: Exactly, put on that mask.

Katrina: On masks.

Linda: Exactly. The mask.

Katrina: The mask.

Linda: But dint we get tired of wearing the mask?

Katrina: Throw it off, just throw it off.

Linda: Throw it off.

Katrina: Its not even a mask. It was a cloak. I only threw it off because I was so hot I thought I was having a menopausal...

Linda: Oh you threw the whole thing off?[crosstalk 00:32:05]

Katrina: I thought I was having a hot flash. It mother fucking hot in there.

Linda: Is this wearing a mask? This is the not mask though. This is-

Katrina: That's just a normal at home Saturday lounge affair. That's for lounging around on a Saturday evening at home. That's why we were wearing it earlier. We were wearing them for hours earlier when no cameras were on.

Linda: We were, and you children were running around, and we were having a good time.

Katrina: Every one was wearing one. We have many, because it's a normal thing to have many cloaks in your house.

Linda: Of course, it is. They key is the whole point.

Katrina: Okay. Well Kenneth is leaving, we're sorry to hear it. I don't know what else I got to say I think I've already said all my things. What else do you have?

Linda: Well you know what? I know what it feels like to be terrified to take off your mask. I was even terrified today. And that was one of my little conscious tantrums that I had; silently behind closed doors, because I ended up posting on social media earlier today. I ended up writing something... Its still there, it still exists, but its set privately to just myself. I had it up for half an hour, its still there, but I had a freak out moment. I reverted and retracted, and all of a sudden; I haven't felt like this for a very long time; it was a fear of what are people going to think of me?

Linda: It was a blog with the heading of, What really goes on in a Laptop lifestyle. What really goes on behind closed doors, and I shared some hilariousness over the last 36 hours, some bullet points of what's happened in my exploiting-

Katrina: Craziness.

Linda: Yeah. The craziness behind the scenes. And all of a sudden I'm like I don't have permission to share that. And I-

Katrina: Freaked out.

Linda: I freaked out, and I turned the settings to just me. I mean some people would have seen it already, but I might actually post it later I wanted to just sit with that.

Katrina: You should post it. It was a fabulous post. I read the post.

Linda: I sent it to Katrina. I had my conscious tantrum and I sent it to Kat and she said-

Katrina: Well you audioed me and told me about it. So, then I went on your page. Then I was like but where is it, because I can't find it. There's nothing there.

Linda: And I said I turned it on to private just to see me, because I wanted to process, but as I was... quite often when we're having these internal experiences we just-

Katrina: Steven said he saw it. What did you think?

Linda: Oh, you've seen it. Steven let me know what-

Katrina: What did you think? I though it was a fantastic post. I thought it was really funny, but really insightful as well. And then Linda said, am I just being stupid?

Linda: Am I being stupid?

Katrina: And I said yes.

Linda: Am I creating this story in my own mind?

Katrina: Basically. Yes it is your story. You're allowed to have a story.

Linda: I instantly picked up the phone and I verbalise what I was feeling. I verbalised and I let it out, and I wasn't bottling it up. I actually wanted to work through it. That's why I call it a conscious tantrum because somethings going on inside of me, and I always want to work through that. I want to process it. I want to sit with it-

Katrina: You're allowed to have a tantrum. That's the thing, you're allowed to lose your shit. You're allowed to be stomping your foot or feeling upset, or feeling grumpy.

Linda: Of course.

Katrina: But the conscious aspect is if you choose that. I mean maybe you're allowed to just do that and you don't even have to process it all, or create growth from it. We just automatically do. We automatically turn everything into growth.

Linda: Every single time. That's my commitment to myself, and my life, and my community, and humanity as a whole. Everything that I move through within myself, and as you know I turn that into content. I share myself very, very openly with the world. And I continue to find different layers of myself that I might not be sharing with the world.

Linda: Do not even.

Katrina: Sorry.

Linda: What's this got to do with any of this?

Katrina: Nothing. I'm just very reactive right now.

Linda: But I love it. I love it because she's not wearing a mask. You're just being yourself.

Katrina: I'm just sending a message.[crosstalk 00:36:34]

Linda: You're just being yourself, and I love it.

Katrina: I wasn't replying to any naughty messages at all. They just popped up.

Linda: Has a saw it, I loved it. So raw and such a comical version of what can actually be so real. Thank you Heather.

Katrina: Right. It was an amazing post. So-

Linda: Thank you my darling.

Katrina: So we definitely have conscious tantrums frequently. Or whenever they need to occur.

Linda: Absolutely.

Katrina: But we are amazing. We are. We should get an award. I'll get you an award.

Linda: Can I have an award? You know what I saw -

Katrina: Here it is. It's a blinged out[crosstalk 00:37:09] cushion.

Linda: Oh my god, this is a moment to remember. I saw a clairvoyant a couple of years ago-

Katrina: And she said you were going to receive a [crosstalk 00:37:14] cushion?

Linda: No, she said that I was going to receive an award.

Katrina: Well there it is.

Linda: Like unexpectedly. Thank you so much.[crosstalk 00:37:26]

Katrina: You've got one right there, but.

Linda: I feel so blessed. Thank you. Thank you.

Katrina: Can I just check if I got a message back?

Linda: No.

Katrina: I'm just going to have a quick look.

Linda: What are you doing? I love it. You know what I love about you. I love that you are just being you in life, in business, on your live feeds, and behind closed doors. Oh my god. Oh Steven, sending love to your boy. I really am sending love to your boy. Hopefully he gets well.

Katrina: We're trying to make an important and serious point.

Linda: What's the point?

Katrina: Don't remember. I got distracted.

Linda: Clearly. Clearly.

Katrina: It's about growth. It's about fucking growth. Let's say you lose your shit. Lets' say you get triggered as fuck by something. From now on, by the way when you say the words as fuck, you have to say as fuck.

Linda: As fuck.

Katrina: It official. I put it in the million in [maximo 00:38:42] trainings for everybody. So when you lose your shit, or you get triggered; I know for me anyway, and I know you're the same, because we always work through everything. That when I get triggered by something, or I get upset, or have a little conscious temper tantrum, or whatever it might be. That it always turns into growth and it always turns into-

Linda: Every time.

Katrina: An evolution of my own inner working and understandings.

Linda: Every time. I honestly feel like-

Katrina: You're always thankful.

Linda: Yeah. Exactly, because we consciously choose to work through something it like were taking quantum leap after quantum leap every single day. And it's a choice of how we live life, I guess.

Katrina: Sometimes you just feel like you're fucking over it though, right?

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: Like sometimes it just feel relentless and you're just like really, can I just get to the flow bit now? But then its like that is part of the flow bit. I think what a lot of people don't understand about flow is that the uncertainty or the growth, the growing pains, the struggle, or the turmoil is inherent to the flow. And it actually is something to be grateful for because it always shows you your own areas of insecurity, or your own areas of wounding-

Linda: Vicki.

Katrina: Hey Vicki.

Katrina: Or areas where you aren't fully owning your shit.

Linda: Yeah. Yeah.

Katrina: Areas where you may be looking outside of yourself for validation or self worth. So in the short term you might be "what the fuck. This happened and I'm shitty, or I'm triggered, or this person is getting to me, or whatever it might be." Then you rant on. We rant on to each other on an audio about it.

Linda: Conscious temper tantrums.

Katrina: We audio so much though, like all day every day. Sometimes it adds up to 40 or 50 minutes of audios or more a day. But then sometimes what interesting; lets say one of us would audio the other with an issue, and then the other person hadn't listened to it yet and hadn't got back to them. Then probably by later that afternoon there would already be a following audio like " right. So I fully processed it. I've figured it out"-

Linda: Oh that only like 20 minutes later, normally.

Katrina: That was like the situation here. Where I was kind of on the side telling you about it when we were ll sitting at the table.

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: And then before we went live I cam ein and I started having a little temper tantrum about it again.

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: And then I figured it out.

Linda: All I was doing was just observing you, and you had worked every single bit out.

Katrina: I worked it out. I figured it out. I figured out exactly why that came to show me a lesson. I went through several days of shit, of being shitty about this, shitty about this, shitty about this; does it mean this, or this, or this? And then I got to of fuck it's this insecurity inside of me, or its this area where I'm not fully owning something inside of me.

Linda: How powerful is it, the fact that you can dive into yourself and own up to those part of yourself?

Katrina: How do we answer that question? I thought you said you were leaving? You said like 20 minutes ago that you were leaving and now you're asking what audio. How do you answer what's audio?

Linda: It's an audio message. It's a voice memo.

Katrina: Its like there's visual and there's audio. In life there is visual and there's audio.

Linda: Its a voicemail.

Katrina: Audio means audio. Its auditory, you can hear it with your ears. That's what audio means. How can you ask what audio means? It like when you go to the movie and you can hear the sound. That means audio, or a song. I don't know how to answer that question, I'm even trying to be serious.

Linda: You always make me laugh. You always make me laugh.

Katrina: I'm being completely professional. You said we weren't helping people. Now I helped you. So there you go. Help somebody dear.

Linda: Welcome to the Katrina Ruth Show.

Katrina: Can I go to bed now? I've helped a person. I might go to bed anyway.

Linda: No, no, no. No. But its beautiful the growth that comes from choosing to dive in and look at our shit.

Katrina: It is, and it's fucking annoying sometimes, but then you're always grateful in the end.

Linda: Always.

Katrina: It isn't like you just feel like; what the fuck, why am I going through this again. And then you go I'm so glad that happened because it showed me this, this, and this.

Linda: I even turned the fact that I found shit in my bags. I turned that into gratitude.

Katrina: Yeah, that was thanks to Bull.

Linda: Like literally found crap in my bag.

Katrina: That's yucky.

Linda: And I still came back.

Katrina: That's unfortunate.

Linda: Where it happened. Yeah. And you know every time, every time. Even now when I get triggered I instantly shift it into gratitude. I allow myself to feel, and I go "okay I'm choosing to be grateful because I'm being shown something that I get to learn." I get to-

Katrina: Exactly. It always there if you're learning.

Linda: Always.

Katrina: [inaudible 00:43:42]

Linda: Mickey.

Katrina: Do we have anything to add?

Linda: Are you asking them?

Katrina: I don't know. I'm asking the universe.

Linda: We always have. We could go all night. Imagine if we went all night.

Katrina: We always do anyway, with or without the camera.

Linda: We didn't even rook up for any teachings, we didn't rook up with an intention. We just rooked up.

Katrina: That is the teaching, you are the point.

Linda: You are the point.

Katrina: Your best work will come out when you're not trying to be anything. When you just give yourself permission to be you, period, the end. Whoever you are in that moment.

Linda: We are so incredibly, incredibly afraid to show who we really are, and that's a journey that I've taken myself. And I continue to get to learn more and more every day; as I'm discovering deeper parts of myself. We get so afraid of judgement from others, but why? Because there's going to be people out there who, people who judge you and don't like you regardless of what version or what mask you're putting out there. And knowing that whatever mask you're putting out there, you know that you're not being authentic and true to yourself. Not only to yourself, but the world. So what if you just allowed yourself to be you and fully own truth in your own soul, because there's going to be people out there who judge you and don't like you regardless. So why not just be yourself?

Katrina: Exactly. You need to be fresh and ready for big training tomorrow Linda. She will be. I pinned tomorrow is a hundred thousand hours away.

Linda: I'm good.

Katrina: Dager be yourself.

Linda: Hey Mel.

Katrina: Hey Mel.

Linda: Hey Mel.

Linda: But that is really the message that come full circle. Be yourself. Take off your mask you are the point. You really are the point.

Katrina: And help yourself, So be yourself now. Good bye.

Linda: Good bye.

Katrina: Have an amazing rest of the evening. Go be you. No filter, no BS.

Linda: Go do you, because no one does you like you do. Bye.

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