Rebel Millionaire

Oh what's up. I only more jazzed than even normal, which is definitely saying something.

Oh my god. So I get here to run my event, and nobody's here. What's that about? What is that about?

Okay. Somebody is here.

Hi. All right. I just started live streaming because no one was here.



I'm Stephanie, the manager here.

That's right.

Pleased to meet you.

You asked for [inaudible 00:00:36] anything.

I just asked if we can get ... Okay I'll do this live stream in a moment.

I just asked if I can get some fruit or some nuts or something?


For the morning.

We can do sliced fruit. It will be $10 per person. I just want to confirm.


Okay. Perfect.

Thank you so much.

Yeah. We'll bring it up shortly.

Okay. Hey guys. I'm here for my event. Here's our beautiful room. This is our Soul Shifts and Money Making day here in New York City. I'm at the W Hotel in Union Square.

And by the way, by the way, by the way, by the way, you might want to look at my boots. You're just going to need to look at them. I'm going to let you know.

I just love how I'm running an event and it starts in 10 minutes, actually 11 minutes, and I only got into the room four and a half minutes ago, predominantly because I was doing about 59 selfies.

Hi. Oh, you can come in.

Hey, how are you? I'm just doing a Facebook live stream.

How's it going? Just making sure you're okay. Welcome.

Cool. Thank you.

There's a power strip under if you need any power.


And you look like you're okay. If you need anything else my name is Alexander.

Okay. Awesome, Thank you.

No Problem.


All right. Cool. He has my back.

I'm so sordid. You know what? I only booked this event space yesterday. I only had the download last week to even do the event here in New York. Then I'm doing next week in San Diego. PM me on my personal page if you think you want to come to the Soul Shifts the Money Making Day in San Diego next week. It was sold out and I opened up two more places. I got a bigger room, so I can fit two more people in.

It's a bigger room. My hair does look good, but have you seen my boots, you guys? I'm sorry, it's actually all about the bling and the outfit today, because check this out.

These are some Christian Louboutin sequinned rose coloured boots. I mean, I'm just saying, "Whoa!" Exactly right Brandon. Exactly.

SO I'm a little jazzed. I'm going to get to the point sooner or later, maybe. Okay. I see myself in the mirror over there. I'm just going to own that I look fucking amazing today. And clearly super humble as well.

Well, I did the work hard, so everybody let's just deal with it. I'm a little hyped up and jazzed because I'm always like that when I'm in an event. I'm super over the top hyped. I'm laughing my ass off because I only booked this whole event last week. I had the idea for it. I put it out. It sold out, of course in three and a half minutes, or whatever, a few more days.

I didn't even book an event space for it. I walked up to the hotel yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, I'm like, "Yeah. Let's organise something."

I get to the room only 15 minutes before the entire event starts because I was doing a million selfies in my hotel room and I'm like, "Fuck. My clients are probably already here and I'm out these doing selfies." I only took about 89.

Okay. They may or may not be some badass people that have walked into the room just now. But what I was cracking up about is I'm like, "Fuck. I only get to my own event 15 minutes before it starts. They're all going to be ready for me." I get here, not a single mother fucker is here.

One of them comes from Switzerland, on one day's notice. Ladies would you like to introduce yourself to the camera?


Here we have live, in the flesh, two amazing badasses.

I know, we've never met in person before, but staying connected for years, and working together.

And I have stick butt.

Oh, I'm so glad you came.

Jasmine? Correct?


You end up sharing your bed with [Neve 00:04:12] last night?


Yeah. We met in bed last night.

Come on.

This is how it goes down ... Okay. Let's just do a shout out.

This is [Neve Crono 00:04:20]. She's worked with me off and on for years through my community and many of you know here. She literally hopped a plane from Geneva in Switzerland on one day's notice yesterday.

If that doesn't blow your mind, I mean send her a love [inaudible 00:04:34].

And this is the amazing Jasmine, who meet me only a fee days ago and she's like, boom boom boom. I can stay and extra day. Then basically what happened, we had a little Facebook thread going for our event here today. I pop on last night and I see that these two ladies, who have never met or even heard of each other, right?



One of them is offering the other one a bed for the night.

I said I have to book a hotel. I've just arrived in Newark. I had to book a hotel and Jasmine said, "You can come stay with me. I have a king size bed."

I just fucking loved it. I'm going to jump off this live stream in a moment. Sorry, guys. I was like, "If nobody is here, I'm just going to live stream. Clearly they're going to turn up when they want just like I did."

So today ... Let's just pop this down for a minute. Today we are going deep into Soul Shifts and Money Making. Our outfits and out badass are already on point as you can see. Here we go, we'll get the up there.

We're going to do Soul Shifts and Money Making Day. I'm sure I'll do a little recap of it on Facebook Live, but basically what's going to happen in this room is we're getting deep into exactly what each amazing woman is meant to do in the world. What they desire to do in the world and how they're going to make a fuckload of money and a hell of a lot of impact doing it.

It's going to be level as fuck. It's going to be amazing.

Thank you for filling in my time while I waited for people to come play with me.

Message me if you want to be in San Diego next week.



How did I forget to sign off?

Don't forget ...

Life is now. Press play.

Press fucking play.

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