Rebel Millionaire

What's happening? I'm definitely, definitely going to have an amazing day. I was going to say something else. Where do you imagine that I put my AirPods? Did I leave them in the car? I'm definitely going to have an amazing day. That's been decided. It's done. It's how it has to be. Okay. I found one thing that I want. Oh, my AirPods are down my breasts. Where else would they be? Okay. Hi, Gayle. Lip gloss has been located. Now I've got to share this over.

I'm going to talk. I'm going to talk about many good things. Just punctured two tyres in my car at once like a ninja. I don't do things half assed, you know. My laptop's not even turned on. Then I just threw my laptop on the ground while I was setting up this live show. Tell me something that's filled with love and excitement because I feel like I need to hear it. You know? Send me a love heart shower if you want to send me love for puncturing two tyres in my car at once. My car's down the back of the carpark down there.

I'd walk over and show you, except I'd be embarrassed to do it in front of all the tradie men who were down there who already helped me out. Well, I wouldn't really be embarrassed. But then they're going to be like, "What is she doing walking around with a tripod? What's happening now? What is this crazy bitch up to?" Thank you for the love. So, I'm going to try and share this livestream. Let me see if it will let me hotspot. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

We'll be fixed soon. I know. It's so not a big deal. What do you do when you kind of get stranded? Obviously, you livestream. What else would you do? My friend Matt is a trainer here at the gym and I've messaged him. I'm like, "Hey. Where are you? Come out and hang out with me." But I think he's with a client. It's a normal thing to be doing as a personal trainer at 8:30 AM. So, I guess I'm just hanging here and livestreaming. Okay. Why does my hotspot on my phone just not work anymore?

Marlene, Leslie, I love you. I love you. I can't wait to party with you in New York in a few weeks. Marlene, I just punctured two tyres in my car at once. I'm just like, if I'm going to do it, I'm all in. You know? I'm fricking all in. Where am I? I'm in, what is this area, Robina? Varsity Lakes? I'm at Robina Fitness First. There's my gym. There you go. There's the gym. You know, the good thing is I was already on my way to Mercedes. Never caught me live. All right.

Well, clearly, I punctured both those tyres just for Liam because I'm super friendly and helpful like that. I like to be of service. I'm just here to be of service. I'm trying to see if, yeah, my hotspot's working, it's not working. We'll see if it's working. It doesn't know what the fuck it's doing. Retry now. Maybe Fitness First has wifi that I can hop onto. Sometimes they do. No, it doesn't look like they do today. I choose to believe that all things are perfect and as they are.

Can somebody please share this into Daily Asskickery? Mim or Sam, if you're on here, because I did WhatsApp both of you before I jumped on live, can you comment and let me know that you're here and that you're sharing it? Because currently, I can't get onto WhatsApp on my laptop to check and I just don't know what's actually happening or going on. Sarafina, can you log into my Facebook? You can. If you can, can you log in and share this or can you tell Jessica to? Because neither Mim or Sam have heard my messages.

Who is on live? Fina, can you maybe do that? I'm trying to see if I can do it. So, there's always a lesson in everything. I just punctured two tyres. Let's be honest. I was trying to screech out of the carpark at a million miles an hours because, of course, I was late. I'm always late for everything. I wanted to get here to the gym at 7:00 AM. Thanks for sharing, Liam. Oh, thank you as well, John. I love it when everybody shares for me.

Wanted to get to the gym at 7:00 and I'm supposed to be at Mercedes at 8:00. Mercedes is only five or 10 minutes away from here. So, I get to the gym at 7:25, so behind my own schedule. I'm like, "Okay. All right." Thank you, Kiana. Jump in, do a quick workout, smash it out, had an awesome session. Everybody's sharing. You guys are all over it. Fina's driving. When you stop, can you share to my personal page? Don't worry. We'll figure it out eventually. Maybe this wifi will let itself work at some point or Mim or Sam should come online quite soon anyway. It's 20 before 9:00.

So, yeah. So, I was super happy with myself leaving two minutes before 8:00. I'm like, "Oh, I'm going to be five minutes late to Mercedes." Then I just went, I clipped the corner of the car park right there. So embarrassing. There was guys around everywhere and I'm like, "Oh, my God. Stupid female in Mercedes." I felt embarrassed. But I just kept driving and then some tradies pulled me over and they're like, "Ah, you've punctured your tyre." Like, "Are you fricking kidding? It felt like only a small clip."

Then I get out and then I've punctured two tyres, both on the left hand side. So, it's all fine. Everything's always fine and perfect. But I had to laugh because as I'd been rushing into the gym, I said to myself ... like I'm annoyed at myself that I was so late and so behind my on schedule. Then I reframed it and I was like, "No, Kat. Don't be annoyed at yourself because you've always been late." The amount of workouts where I thought I was going to do a full length workout and then it ended up being 20 minutes because I was always sitting there writing, which is what happened this morning. I was sitting blogging.

So, I ended up late for my workout and that's happened for 20 years. But yet, I still have the shape I want, I have the business I want, I have everything that I want. Bronwyn, can you share this? Can you log into my Facebook and share this from my biz page in my profile to my personal page and to Daily Asskickery, even though everyone shared it there? Because I can't get my wifi on my laptop working. Then I need a call to action from Millionaire Mastermind as well. You might be driving or something. But if you're free, and can you comment and let me know if you're able to?

Yeah. So, I'm like, "Everything's perfect. I haven't screwed up my life by being late all the time." Ella, no, I'm sorry to say. No. No. I know. But they were lovely. They are lovely. What am I up to? Everything's always perfect, right? It's always like, "Yeah, it's fine. I'll have a 20 minute workout and it'll be perfect." Thank you, Bronwyn. Then I come rushing out and then that happens and I'm just like, "It's kind of funny that I was just giving myself a little coaching session only 30 minutes ago about how it's fine that I'm always rushing and it's fine that I'm always late and then God's just like, 'We'll see about that. We're just going to send you a little message there to remind you that it's not always ideal to be rushing.'"

Then I just thought, "Okay. Well, this is maybe a sign to be more present and be more in the now and give myself permission to be in each moment, even if I am late, that I didn't have to rush off and clip over the corner." So, the two truck will come within an our. I'll keep an eye out. They'll probably come while I'm on this livestream and then they'll take it to Mercedes where I was going anyway. So, I've been on the phone to Mercedes and they're like, "Don't worry. We'll have coffee ready for you," and you get the VIP service obviously when you got there.

When I go there today, they're giving me a car service, which is why I was going. Now they're changing two tyres for me as well and they're going to try and sell me a new Mercedes. I shall let them attempt that, but as to what the outcome will be, I don't know. But they've been at me at it for ages. It's a great sales technique that you might want to employ into your business because they contacted me about six weeks ago. I was in America, though.

They said, "Katrina, it's time to come in for your new Mercedes." I was like, "Is it? I didn't ask for a new Mercedes." Ella's like, she's finding the silver lining. "I'm hoping the two truck guy will be hot." I'm like, "How can it be time to come in for my new Mercedes? We've never had a discussion about that." You're so funny, Ella. Don't worry. I know where it all is. It's all there inside the gym and now it's all being seeing me sitting there with my car.

Anyway, everything's fine. Yeah. So, they assumptively told me to come in and choose my new Mercedes. They're just upselling me. They gave me a date, even. Imagine you did this in your business. Why are we not all doing this in our businesses? They gave me a date and a time. They're like, "We've booked you in for such and such time. Come in and we'll take you in out in all the new cars or whatever. You can drive all the new cars." I was like, "Well, I can't because I'm America," right then when they gave me the date for. But I finally agreed to come in. Why not?

The thing is, I'm such an easy sell. I'm the easiest sell in the world. I was that person at seminars. Somebody's going to need to back me up and let know if this was you as well so that I know that I'm not alone. But I was that person at seminars who was the first person to run to the back of the room and buy the thing. I was always running to the back of the room and buying the thing. I would even run to the back of the room before they did the sales pitch because I knew that there'd always be a special bonus if you're in the top three or eight or whatever for doing the sales pitch.

I didn't even care what it was. I'm just such a buyer. I'm such an easy sell. Lakisha says, "So me." Please back me up, people. Give me a love heart shower. Give me a comment if you're an easy sell as well. I just love to be sold to. But I saw one of my friends once say that a good salesperson loves to be sold to and I fully agree with that. I was going to say I wouldn't buy anything I didn't need. That's completely bullshit. I've bought many things that I don't need and never used. Specifically, most courses that I ever bought in the history of time on the internet, by the way.

So, if you buy courses and you don't do them all or finish them all, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Don't think that that makes you a bad person or that you're flaky or something like that because I think maybe we're just so fricking smart that we know where we should spend our energy and time. You might just get one thing from that course you buy, even if it's my content. Sometimes for sure, I bought a tonne of stuff that was definitely not the right course, not the right content.

So, I just think that even back then before I knew anything about anything, and I still know nothing about anything, but I know everything about everything, even back then, I obviously subconsciously was so fucking intelligent that I knew where I should spend my energy or time. So, most courses that I bought, I never did, and look at me now. You don't need to feel bad about it if you don't complete content that you buy.

All right. So, Bron, if you're still there, can you also just grab a call to action from the Millionaire Mastermind, even if you grabbed the PS from yesterday's blog and just drop it into the comments here while logged into the business profile and then pin the comment please. That would be amazing. Then let me know if you are there and if you can do it so I know what's up and what's happening. So, then what else should we talk about? Everything is always perfect. What if you believe that everything was always perfect?

Okay, shared. You don't need to comment as you. Comment as the business page. You're commenting as perfectly however you're commenting now. But just pop in the call to action for the Millionaire Mastermind. Everybody watching, this is how you sell on a livestream. Well, you might not have a bunch of ninjas like I do who can post comments and share for you. I used to have to do it all myself and sometimes I still do. So, you can do it yourself or you can have ninjas. I have ninjas because I'm a ninja and that's why I've punctured two tyres, not one, because it's a ninja attitude.

You don't go around puncturing one tyre. You obviously go all in and you do two. It's amazing that I didn't manage to do four at once. I'm still impressed at myself at how I even managed to do two at once because when he said one, I'm like, "Fuck. Really? It didn't feel like that big of a clip." I'm like, "Okay, fair enough. I believe it, obviously." Then I get out and he's like, "It's actually two. So, we can't help you. We can't change a tyre when there's only one spare tyre in the trunk." I'm like, "How is that even possible? How did I do two?"

Rebecca says, "That is so me. I'm such an easy sell running, elbowing others to get to the back." Rebecca's just like, "Get out of my way, bitches." Puncturing one tire's totally for punks, [inaudible 00:12:16]. Exactly. Don't think I've finished a training series. Yeah. I have legitimately never once in my life finished a course that I did. Never, ever. Never once have I finished a course that I bought. Okay. I'm seeing everybody going to the gym, like people who I sort of know. You know when you know people at the gym, but you don't know them well?

Everyone's looking at me and I don't know what they're thinking. They're like, "What is happening? Why is she livestreaming out at the front of the gym? I'm just that person at the gym that always rushes in and rushes out and barely says hello to anybody and now I'm just chilling. At least I'm not sitting next to my car, so it's not too embarrassing. Ella says, "Kat, I have a ninja star tattooed on me and I've also punctured two tyres at once." Soul sister.

All right. So, from now on, if you puncture a tyre, don't even tell us about it unless you punctured two tyres, people, because we don't even want to know about your puncturing behaviour. It's just super low vibe puncturing if you're only doing one puncture at a time. They probably are looking at my boobs [inaudible 00:13:10]. I've noticed a lot of that his morning at the gym because I noticed this morning. Oh, my God. I'm going to tell you guys an amazing manifestation story when Bronwyn gets that link.

Have you joined the Millionaire Mastermind? Because I want to tell you about that as well:, it's very windy, /millionairemastermind. There's just over 24 hours left to be amongst it. It's my High Vibe As Fuck Millionaire Mastermind, the mindset and the strategy of crushing it on life for driven creators and, no, driven entrepreneurs and crazy creators who just want more. You get my whole team supporting you and coaching you and mentoring.

It's a monthly membership programme. You're not locked in. You get a over 80% discount for your first month when you join before we close the doors again tomorrow and so much more cool stuff. Bronwyn's getting a comment now, but that's a little overview of it. So, at This is my super low cost membership programme that we've created for everybody where you're getting my whole team, all those ninjas that I just mentioned, supporting you as well. Tech support, Facebook advertising support, funnel support.

One of my friends audioed me yesterday. She's like, "I have to join because I just find it so overwhelming even knowing which course to choose to learn Facebook ads or to learn funnels or to learn email automation or whatever it might be." She's so happy that I've created something where my team are teaching and supporting and answering questions, as well as me. It's fucking amazing. I'm very proud of it. So, you've got to get amongst that.

But let me come back to this story about my boobs and what I've manifested there because I don't know if you noticed, but over the past week, I've talked a lot about feeling unsure of whether I made them too big. Okay, there they are. Hello. Who can screenshot this for me right now? Give me a comment if you're screenshotting. All right. I think I gave you long enough. Let me know if somebody screenshotted. We'll do it one more time. Okay, i feel like that's going to be important photo for something. There's still people looking at me over there.

Who the hell are you? Bronwyn's just commented, logged into my profile. She says, "Who the hell are you?" Who the hell are you? I don't even know why it starts with that. I love when it just randomly starts with something aggressive and punchy. Okay. So, you can read that comment after. The pinned comment has the details about the Millionaire Mastermind. Thank you, Bronwyn. This is all divinely perfect. Divinely perfect that I punctured my tyres so I could do this livestream right now. Everything is just as it was meant to be.

Okay. Thank you, Ella. Thank you for the screenshot. I'm so excited. I'm having the best day ever. I reframed straight away. Carissa, if you're going to puncture a tyre, make sure you do two. We've had a group discussion and we've decided that we don't want to know about it if you only puncture one tyre because it's super low vibe type puncturing. You got to go all in on your tyre puncturing. That's how it's done. Then you get stranded at the gym and then you do a live stream. Then when you go to Mercedes, they act like you've been in a hospital and bring you muffins and coffee and stuff.

Okay, let's make sure we don't miss the tow truck arriving. Here's my manifestation story. All right? So, over the past week, it's been now eight days since I had my boobs done. Of course, I'm at the gym with my fricking sandman on grunting and groaning like a motherfucker. I did try a chest press. That didn't seem like a smart idea. So, I stopped. But everything else seems fine. I felt like they were too big. I really did. Now, all my male friends when I mention this to are like, "Please don't say that again. That's not a thing."

Billy G. messaged me and said, "As a voice for all men, I want to let you know never again to say the words, 'They're too big.' It's not possible." Then I told Patrick. He was like, "No, that's not possible. That's not a thing." Every other male who's had the opportunity to comment on it has said the same thing. But I was honestly like, "No, I think I've gone too much." I think I'm now too much, too much. I'm already so much with the way I bling up and everything and now I'm too, too much. I've gone too much Gold Coast, too much.

I was like, "All I need now is a Swarovski crystal covered Mercedes and then who the hell do I think I am?" Exactly like this comment says right here. Who the hell are you? Right? I was really legitimately concerned about it. Then on top of it, my whole body puffed up and bloated. I gained 10 pounds instantly in two hours. That's some magic fucking backward manifestation right there because I full abs and I was tiny on the morning of the surgery.

Surgery takes an hour, not even two hours, and then later that day when I'm home, I'm like, "What in the actual fuck?" I literally gained 10 pounds in an hour, or in two hours. Imagine you could reverse that procedure. You'd be able to make millions. Well, you can reverse that procedure. It's just manifestation. But here's what I didn't notice, and I wonder if you noticed me doing this and you were like, "Oh, Kat. Oh, Kat. What are you doing?" If so, then why the fuck didn't you tell me? But you can tell me now.

But I was totally wording it all through the week. All week long, I was saying, "I think I went too big." All week long, I was saying, "I feel so big." Do you know why I was saying that? The moment of vulnerability here right now. I feel embarrassed to say this, but I'm going to tell you. The reason I kept going on and on about it all week last week, and maybe you didn't notice, maybe you did, I felt I went on and on. I was going on and on like, "I feel so big, my whole body's puffed up, I feel all bloated and heavy."

I was deliberately drawing attention to that because there's still that part of me who's the very insecure not good enough girl who feels like if I gain a teeny bit of weight, then people will think less of me and judge me or feel like, "What the fuck is up with her? What's happening there?" Even when I put the video up where I was pulling the drains out, my stomach looked so big to me and I know I'm not big and I wasn't big. I know that. But for how I feel, right? All my previous fucked up body identity stuff was coming up.

What's funny is now I'm in such love and acceptance of myself. It's a true thing. Even though I was feeling that, I was still like, "And I do fully love myself and I know that it's fine and I know this will shift." But it did bring up some old stuff for me. So, I felt like I had to deliberately say it, right? So, even when I did that little video where I was pulling the drains out, I deliberately touched my stomach and said something about my stomach being bloated because I was like, "I don't want people to think that that's just how I now normally look or something."

So, you might think I'm way too hard on myself. It's funny because I can have that thought process and say that and at the same time, love and accept myself fully. So, it's like I can see both sides of it and I have compassion for the younger me who legitimately lived in that reality and 100% would have felt like that. The younger me would have been devastated, no way would I have put the fucking video up, and would have not even gone out in public. I'm not even exaggerating or joking. Those are my fellow fitness junkies, cardio queen peoples from way back. I'm not really a cardio queen anymore, actually.

Human women. Those are my fellow human women. Thank you, [inaudible 00:19:51]. I love that. Can probably relate, right? But then all week long, then I did filming with Matt. So, when you see episode 39 of Kat Unchained, which should come out maybe tomorrow, it was all about the reality of getting a boob job. I did some really good content there around how everybody should shut the fuck up about what women are allowed to do or not do with their bodies because even the backwards thing that people do when they're like, "Aw, but you're already beautiful as you are. Why would you need to get a boob job?" That's actually insulting as well, just in a kind of backwards way.

So, I did a cool video about that. I got a video coming up about the reality of getting a boob job. Then we've got the Kat Unchained show coming out tomorrow, which shows the behind the scenes of that. What you'll see, even if you saw the trailer yesterday, you're going to see me going on and on about, "I feel so big, I feel bloated, my whole body's puffed up." Well, that's true, right? That did happen and it's protective because you get a whole bunch of stuff pumped into you during the surgery and your body is like, "What in the actual fuck just happened?"

Then two big things got shoved into your chest as well and your body's like, "What the double actual fuck just happened?" So, as a result of that, your body's like, "Okay. Man all systems, sound all alarms, and bring all possible fluid from the entire of Australia and put it right here into this bitch." That's basically what happened. That's what it felt like happened. So, it's a pretty common reaction, though. So, I know all that. I wasn't worrying, like something's changed in my body or something like that.

But it was like, "Okay, I just got to ride this shit out and I feel it's annoying. I hate being all puffed up. I want to be back to abs and back to tiny only." But I kept telling this story. I kept claiming it, right? I kept saying, "I think my breasts are too big." I kept saying, "My body's all puffed up." Then it wasn't until Sunday, I was going to yoga. Was it Sunday? Whenever it was, I did a livestream in the car outside yoga. I think it was Monday afternoon only. Right. It was only Monday afternoon two days ago.

I did a livestream in the car and I must have caught myself or something and I was like, "Fuck. I'm manifesting this. Oh, my God." Now I'm going to laugh [inaudible 00:21:44] when the episode of Kat Unchained comes out because then I'm going to be like, "Listen to me going on and on creating this." So, only two night ago on Monday night, I went into yoga class and I just set an intention at the side of the class. I said, "What if I just decided that my breasts are perfect?" Because I did legitimately feel like I've made them too big.

I went way bigger than I would've because all my friends and clients who already have boob jobs were like, "I wished I had have gone bigger." So, I listened to them, right? I'm like, "Okay." I went extra big. I went double D, 480. Most people when they get their first breasts will be getting 300 or 350 from what I've heard and established. So, I was really concerned that I'm not going to be happy. Then Saturday night, I was up all night long tossing and turning. I sympathy puffed up. Thank you.

Potatoes keep my so lean. Why potatoes make me so lean, I'm going to talk about that in a second. So, Saturday night, I'm up all through the night, super restless, tossing and turning. You're going to laugh at me. I was like, "Maybe they're too big," and then I was like, "But they can't be because Kat, you always make the right decision and everything always works out perfectly for you." So, I was fully coaching myself through it with my underlying beliefs and things that I would say to clients.

I'm like, "It's legitimately literally not possible that they're too big because you always make the right decision." Yeah, but the comment about how I look being irrelevant, I do appreciate that. But at the same time, it's not irrelevant because if something's important to me, then that's okay. I'm allowed to care about how I look. This is what I mean by those backwards compliments. I know that's not your intention, Claire, but when people say it shouldn't matter how you look and what's matters is what's on the inside, it's downplaying that we're allowed to care about how we look and that we're allowed to value that.

It reminds me of how one time, it came out in my daughter's school newsletter, it said, "We got to make sure that the kids don't adorn themselves with anything or change their hair or anything like that because let's teach our kids how to express themselves with what's on the inside." I was like, "Yeah, and we can fucking express ourselves with our exterior as well. We have a body. We get to use it however we please." So, I just feel like we've got to be careful there because it's a kind of a backwards shaming. It actually is.

That's what I was even talking about in my little video about getting a boob job. I know it's not usually intended at that, but it is because it implies that it's not something you should be concerned with or that it's a lower priority thing to be concerned with. What if everything that matters to an individual got to matter? Period, the end. What if we didn't grade things as this matters more, this matters more, or whatever, right? Anyway, so I stayed up all night coaching myself on the fact that, of course, I made the the right decision, even though it didn't feel that way at the time.

Then I caught myself with the wording on Monday night. So, then I went into class and I was like, "Okay. I'm deciding that as of now, I made the perfect decision and my breasts are perfect and that my body is perfect and beautiful as well and that I'm fully in my body right now." That was only Monday night and I'm not kidding. Today's Wednesday morning here in Australia. Just now being in the gym and looking at my body in the mirror in my little shorts and gym outfit and everything. I was like, "Fuck. I'm not quite back to fully lean and ripped, but pretty fricking close in 36 hours after I decided that."

But I've got to admit that the other thing I did is start to eat a fuck load of white potato. How we look does matter. Anything that matters to an individual matters. That's the whole point, right? There's no finite rules on what matters. So, the potato thing's just random. But I was thinking about why do I always feel like I find it a little bit harder when I'm on the Gold Coast to stay in shape. Then when I'm in Bali or when I'm America, I'm fucking ripped. I was like, "It's energy and it's my energy about being here and some sort of disconnectedness on the Gold Coast or something."

There was some truth to that. Then I was like, "Oh." When I'm in the US and when I'm in Bali, I eat really big dinners quite a lot because I'm usually going out at night. I might not eat so much, or sometimes even at all, through the day. But I order a huge dinner and I always eat potato. White potato, not sweet potato. Sweet potato is not my friend. I could change that story, for sure. But sweet potato is not my friend. Currently, it feels that way. I just gain weight when I look at a sweet potato.

So, potatoes absorb toxins. That's interesting. How did I not know that? I feel like I know everything, but I didn't know that. Thank you, Jodie. Got to read about that. Well, most people think potatoes are not a weight loss food. For me, they certainly are. So, I just remembered that. I'm like, "Oh." In Bali, even when I get my omelette in the morning, I get this particular omelette at the place I stay and it has chorizo sausage in it and it has potato in it and it has corn in it as well.

Then for dinner, I pretty much always eat potato, especially in America because potatoes are like the official food of America. I think the whole food pyramid in America is made up of potato, right? Right. So. Yeah. So, then I just started to eat a fuck load of potato as of a day and a half ago. Not only do I love it and it tastes so good. Oh, my God. I've never put cinnamon brown sugar on a sweet pot- ... No. Don't have cinnamon brown sugar on a sweet potato. You know what? I don't even really love eating sweet potatoes. I don't mind them. I've had the sweet potatoes done that way. What is that? A Southern way or something? I've had that.

I don't mind it, but it's always been something when I eat sweet potatoes where I'm like, "Eh." It just doesn't quite align with me. Sure enough, whenever I start eating them, even back in the fitness days when it would be an official part of how you're supposed to eat for fitness, modelling, or competing or whatever, it never felt quite right and I feel like I straight away hold onto fluid and stuff, like maybe I have a low level intolerance to them.

The white potato thing at first, they didn't believe it because I started to eat a load of white potatoes. I just was following intuition. I just follow intuition with what I eat. I don't diet. So, I just noticed that I was starting to eat a lot of white potatoes from December last year in Bali, then in America, whenever I go there. I was just giving myself permission to eat what I want because that's what I do now. I just consciously choose to eat what I feel like eating.

But I was like, "This is weird that I want so much potato and I was slightly concerned that I was going to gain weight from it. But I was still eating it because I eat what my intuition says. Then I was like, "Fuck. I think I'm getting super lean from all these potatoes." It just goes against what a lot of people teach. Ella's on her way here. She's going to come here and throw a sweet potato at me. Just bring me a regular potato. I'm not kidding. I've actually got potatoes in this bag right here. I just rescued my bag of food and stuff from the car so I don't forget to take it out when the tow truck comes and takes the car.

Yeah. So, I don't know if it was the potatoes or the mindset or the manifestation. But it was a mixture of those things. Okay. So, now we can talk about everything is always perfect. I'm still thinking about potatoes. I'm like, "Bring me more potatoes." Even the other day, I went out for dinner. I'm like, "All right, I'm fully on the potato train," and I went out and I had steak and I had so much mashed potato with it, which everyone thinks is an indulgent comfort food that's not supposed to be good for you.

The live training in the Millionaire Mastermind's at 9:00 PM tonight. Are you concerned that it's supposed to be at 9:00 AM? Because it's definitely at 9:00 PM. Maybe we should move that because now we've extended the countdown time until tomorrow. Or maybe we should just make it you guys better fricking sign up before tonight. Thank you for that reminder, by the way. The first live training is happening, no, I'm going to keep it tonight.

So, sign up tonight. Don't wait until the doors close. The doors close tomorrow at midday at noon. So, that's going to be 27 hours from right now. It's going to be midday on Thursday, Brisbane time, which will certainly be 10:00 PM Wednesday night, New York time, just so you know. That's why you're here. Why are you here? Why are you here? Give me more explanation. Did you think it was at 9:00? Have I told people it's at 9:00 AM? It's definitely at 9:00 PM. I never do anything at 9:00 AM. It's very unusual for me to be on livestream at 9:00 AM.

Like right now, normally, I'd be writing my blog or normally, I'd be training. Normally, I wouldn't be driving around puncturing my fucking tyre up. But it's obviously all this that was meant to be. Okay. I want to talk about the "what if everything was perfect" conversation. If you see tow truck in the background, make sure you tell me. Okay? I'm sure you guys would. I would see it in the background. If you believed that everything was always perfect and always just as it's meant to be, then wouldn't that just give you so much freedom? Right?

Wouldn't it just give you so much freedom? Because even this morning, to be honest, I had to calm down the tradies a little bit. They were going on and on and on about it and it sucks or whatever. I was like, "Fuck." But I was like, "Okay. Well, it's fine. It is what it is." It's not like it was a big accident, obviously. Maybe I would have had a much bigger reaction, depending on the situation. Of course, I would have. But still, no matter what happens, if you bring it back to everything is always perfect and you always make the right decision, then what that does, and we'll talk about that belief system in a moment because it could be challenged quite easily, I mentioned, depending on the situation.

That it means is that if you chose to believe that, that you give yourself complete freedom, right? You give yourself complete freedom to not get caught up in an energetic drain or an energy drain or anything like that and to be able to just take immediate aligned action on anything and everything that you need to take action on to be able to access high level creative flow. Let's talk about the belief for a moment of everything is perfect.

It's literally something that you can choose to believe, right? You get to choose all of your beliefs. Maybe a load of people wouldn't want to choose that or wouldn't feel available to be able to choose that because they would be like, "But what about this and this and this and this?" Right? Particularly like legitimate situations that cause a problem or that are very upsetting or traumatic or worse, right? Here's where I'm going to be probably annoying as fuck. It's possible. I don't think that ever happened before at all. But it might happen right now.

I reserve the right to have conflicting and contradictory beliefs. So, for example, if something really terrible or traumatic happens, the truth is that I wouldn't believe that it was perfect and I would have full blown human reaction to that. I don't know how I would process that. I've seen things happen in friends' lives and that's been very hard for me to process. Who here love 9:00 Kat livestream? Why are you so obsessed with ... Oh. Now you're talking about this one. I'm like, "Are you trying to encourage me to do a 9:00 livestreaming to the Millionaire Mastermind? Because I can't because I'm here."

All right. Give a love heart shower in response to Bronwyn's comment if you love me livestreaming at 9:00 AM. Yeah. So, the truth is, I have found it really hard to process when full on things have happened in people's lives who I know, or even just in general sense when you hear about things. I can't say that I walk around feeling like everything is perfect and as it was meant to be and that was what was divined. So, that's where there's an element of mystery or an element of not-knowingness comes into the whole thing.

I actually believe that as much as I love to know everything and feel that I do have access to the collective conscious, I do have psychic downloads, I do have the ability to channel or to travel and a lot of spiritual gifts and powers that people don't use or don't activate or maybe are scared of whatever and don't do all of that with an intention that it's coming from God, that I still, at the same time, accept and actually am happy to not know everything, to have things that remain mysterious, to have things where it hasn't been revealed to me yet and it maybe never will be. Right?

You know the apple of the Garden of Eden, right? The fruit of the tree of, what's it called, the knowledge of good and evil. This being, I read a thing online. This is a little controversial. So, I don't know what your opinion is on this. But I read a thing that did resonate with me that spoke about a lot of, for example, [inaudible 00:33:37] and stuff, that it actually, it's kind of like an example of that. It's like the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It gives you access to more information that you're not necessarily supposed to have.

I sound pretty crazy conspiracy theorist, don't I? But something in me resonated with that when I read that. I was like, "Yeah. No, I feel that. I feel that there's supposed to be mysteries that are not shown to us. I feel that there's a load of information that we can access that we don't and that I access an insane amount of stuff from the collective and from my higher consciousness and from God and that sort of thing through how deep my inner work practise is.

Many of my friends who've done plant medicine, for example, which is a lot of my friends, by the way, and a lot of my clients, and I always say, "If you're called to do it, you do it." Right? I don't tell people, "You should do this or you shouldn't do that." I say what I feel for me and I encourage everyone to make their own decisions, as they only can, right? But many of my friends who've done it have said things to me like, "You seem to already have that level of knowledge and that level of soul connection," because they'll understand my writing in a deeper way or feel that they really connect with me in a deeper way or they're like, "Holy shit. I can see in you what I just accessed from this experience. How did you do that?"

Because I've never taken anything, not a single drug, not even weed, nothing. Not even a cigarette. Right? But plenty of coffee and plenty of wine. So, I go, "Okay. I think that I've created that through my really deep inner work practise that I have and the deep spiritual practise that I have, which is an everyday thing. So, I do have the ability to access higher consciousness, to access power that are beyond my understanding and beyond the abilities, or I guess beyond what most people would choose.

But I still feel like there's this level beyond that, which is a complete mystery on many levels, beyond that which are a complete mystery to me and which will probably always remain a complete mystery to me and that that's okay. I think that the search for knowing all things is a slippery slope to go down and I think that it can be dangerous. So, I don't know how I quite got onto that. But coming back to what I was saying about everything being perfect. I guess what I'm trying to say is when I don't understand something, when I don't understand something, when I can't reconcile it, when I walk around every day going, "Everything's perfect, I believe that everything is as it's meant to be."

So, then I puncture my tyres. I'm like, "Easy reframe, right? So easy." But what if something really full ... Okay. Somebody tried to phone me. Don't the people know not to do that? What about when something really full on has happened in the lives of people I know or when something like that happens in a worldwide sense or whatever? Am I walking around saying, "Everything is perfect and as it's meant to be?" I'm not and I can't really justify or excuse that to you. I can't really explain that except for the way that I just did explain it, which is that I don't have the answers to everything. I don't know.

But there are things where I feel like that's not as it was meant to be or that's not perfect. Then the other part of me goes, "But maybe it is and I just don't see the bigger picture yet and maybe it's okay that I feel confused about it or that I feel like I can't explain it and I'm not supposed to be fucking God here and trying to explain everything to the whole world." But I will say that in general day to day sense, who loves to go to church with Kat in the morning right outside the gym? Narnia. Narnia is the best thing ever. Narnia and Alice in Wonderland.

I will say that in a day to day sense, and even for, I guess, day to day things that typically really throw people off their course and really upset them or something like that ... That's a good point. If it calls again, I'll answer the phone. It was no caller ID, though. Why would have have no caller ID? Yeah, that's a really good point. I should have answered the phone. Okay. If I freeze, it's because I'm answering the phone. They'll definitely call again if it was them. Manifest. I don't know why it would be no caller ID, though. That's all.

So, yeah. In a day to day sense, a lot of the things that I guess throw people or really knock them around or slow them down or cause a huge energetic drain are things where, if you had the belief that everything is always perfect and as its meant to be and that you don't need to necessarily understand why, wouldn't it just make it so much easier to, I guess, manage and deal with your life and to be able to then flick straight back into flow or flick into gratitude or flick into positivity and make aligned choices from that place?

So, even last week, my friend Linda, who I know a lot of you follow and who's coming back to stay with me today, she left from staying with me on Monday of last week. My son did in fact put poop in her handbag, in her bag, in her travel bag, like actual poop. That was just a side note there. He loves her so much. So, she found that right as she was leaving and that slowed it down and it was upsetting, of course. It's kind of funny now. But it wasn't really that funny at all. It was pretty fucking disgusting.

So, that happened to her, I guess. For her, if we're going to reframe everything and say everything happens for us, not to us. That happened for her. I know that's just a normal big ass truck. That's not a tow truck. Then she leaves and she travels to Brisbane to get on the plane to fly to Bali. She was so excited to go to Bali and really looking forward to getting back there. That's not my truck. Then she gets to the airport, all the way to check-in, and finds that her passport was missing from her handbag. Right?

So, I get this really upset message from her. The cover of the passport was there, but the passport itself was gone. Different bag from the one my son was in, by the way. We still, to this day, don't know what happened to that passport. She's now still here in Australia. She's coming back to stay with me today. She had to actually travel down to Canberra because she has a passport from Finland, not Australia. She's not necessarily a citizen yet.

So, she had to fly and get on a plane and travel back down to Canberra in order to go to the embassy there and then organise a new passport and now wait for the new passport to be flown out from Finland. So, her trip to Bali's been delayed by roughly two weeks. She still doesn't have the new passport yet. So, that was so upsetting. But she is such a perfect example of what we're talking about because I got an upset message from her in the morning like, "I can't believe it," and all that sort of thing, obviously.

Then I think it was only middle of the day where I was getting messages from her like, "Well, I don't understand why this is happening. I feel really upset still. But of course, everything's perfect and there'll be a greater reason for this that will be shown to me." She just released it just like that and went back into an abundance attitude, into a gratitude attitude, into a mindset of expansion and receiving. Now, I'm not going to tell all her whole story. She's telling them already on her own livestream. But now, over the past seven or eight, nine days since that happened, so much powerful, cool stuff is come into play for her.

So many things have taken place, been shown, been revealed that couldn't have happened if she had have got on that plane to Bali. She'll tell you herself. Massive up-levels and perfect growth. It's just amazing, right? But none of us are surprised. I'm not surprised. She's not surprised because we're like, "Of course," because the second that passport went missing, it is that immediate reaction of, "I can't fucking believe it. My passport is missing." That's like that short term reaction and then for me straight away, as well as for her ... Hey, Liana. First time live. Awesome.

For me straight away, as well as for her, it straight away goes into, "But everything is as it's meant to be." So, that's almost like anticipation, right? Almost anticipation and excitement like, "Ooh. I wonder what's coming. I wonder what's happening as a result of this." Now, I listened this morning, actually. As I was getting dressed, I listened to an 11 minute audio from her that she'd left me last night at 11:00 PM. Maybe [inaudible 00:41:07] 11:00, 11:00 PM. I don't know. I was just smiling because I'm like, "Of course. Of course, all this amazing fucking stuff is happening." So, I'm sure she and I will livestream together over the next day or two because she'll be back at my house from today.

Then same with this when I punctured the tyres. I'm like, "Fuck. Now I'm going to need ..." I'm like, "Okay, it's only tyres. But now I'm sitting here for a while. It's all covered anyway. I've got all the coverage and everything. But now it pushes my whole day back because my car's getting serviced today and I wanted to get there at 8:00 AM when they're opened so that you're first in line. Now I don't know how long it will take for the car service. But that's fine. There's 87 awesome café where they treat you like a queen and I'll just sit there and work all day and then the shopping mall's two minutes walk from there anyway.

So, it's all fine. So, I reframed all of that. But then as soon as I got off the phone from Mercedes about the car, I was like, "Oh. Well, of course, you're going to livestream right now, right?" Really, what else am I going to do? I guess I could go back into the gym and do another workout, but I already did that. Or I text Matt, my friend. He didn't answer me yet still. So, I guess he's with clients. It's a busy period of the morning. So, once again, I was like, "Oh. Well, I'm not going to sit here getting upset or feeling sad or feeling down," like most people.

Most people really do let something like that totally impact their mood and their attitude for their whole day. It would be such a story like, "My day is ruined, now my week is ruined, now this happened," or they would get into a story of, "Why do bad things always happen to me? What's wrong with me?" Then isn't it hilarious how that ... Well, it's not hilarious, but kind of, how they would just keep creating a whole bunch of shit as a result of that, right? It's just kind of crazy.

Where instead, if we have the mindset that everything's perfect, then we don't go down that negative spiral. We stay in this positive space of abundance and flow and receiving and just knowing and trusting. So, can you see how choosing, choosing to have that attitude that everything is always perfect and that every happened as it was meant to, you don't even have to understand it, it probably will be shown to you and you will understand it and you will look back and you'll be like, "Oh, my god. That happened because of this, this, and this. Oh, my god. I'm so glad that that happened. I thought it was a bad thing, and of course, it wasn't."

So, often, that happens in life, right? But even if that didn't happen, even if you never were able to look back on that particular incident and go, "Oh, now I can see where that happened," even if that didn't happen, can't you see how choosing that everything's perfect and just releasing it in that moment gives you back your power? This is a conversation about power. It gives you back your power. It gives you access to creative flow and super flow because when you're in this energy of, "Something happened to me and life's hard or it's sad or now I feel shitty or now my day is ruined," even something like, "Just today is ruined," [inaudible 00:43:41] then you're immediately in a contraction energy, right?

You're immediately tense, you contracted, you're in a downward energy. So, automatically, when you're in a contracted energy, and I was saying this to some of my members yesterday on our training livestream, when you're in a contracted energy, your body is like this and it's like you're like this. Right? You cannot receive when you're like this. How are you going to receive? You're clenched up so tight and you're going to impact not just ... This is not just to do with your energy, right? You're literally like this. You will see that your posture will change.

Look at people who live in fear and from fear. They have a different posture. They don't walk around openhearted like this. I practise my posture a lot, actually. That was just like the wind saying, "Let's have a boobs flash." I consciously keep myself upright, keep myself open. I look at the physical aspect of my posture. But for sure, also being in an attitude of receiving and openness impacts your whole body. It impacts your posture. I believe it impacts my age. I talk about reverse ageing a lot.

I know for sure that a part of why I stay looking young for my age, so young, so young right now. So young right now. So young right now. I know. You don't have to say it. I'm just going to own it. I know that a big part of it is, well, it fucking decided to. But it's alignment, right? But it's also being in an open abundant attitude. It's also I just don't get stressed or upset by things very much. I'm not saying I never would, obviously. But I don't get ... Even yesterday, I did a big survey for my new financial advisor and it talked a lot about, "Would you get really stressed or upset if you lost a lot of money?"

There was a lot of questions to do with your moods. In all of them, I was like, "No. I wouldn't. I wouldn't." I would feel annoyed, maybe frustrated temporarily. I wouldn't be like, "Oh, my god. The sky is falling. The sky is falling." I would be like, "Okay. Well, that was a fun experiment. It is what it is," and regardless of the sum of money, right? How can you do that? You can't do that just because you make a lot of money in your business. If anything, it's probably the other way around.

Let me see if I can balance this tripod. I'm getting all clogged up somehow siting there. Do you hear that? Must be the wind. Where's the tow truck? I really hope I didn't ignore the two truck driver's call and now I'm just hanging here now all day and he's given up on me. But I feel like they would have called back again if it was him. What was I saying? I don't even know. Something about the reverse ageing. It impacts your whole energy systems. It impacts your digestion, it impacts your physical posture, it impacts your moods, your happiness.

So, I'm able to ... A very high percentage of the time when you choose to live this way, then you'll be in a good mood is the short and simple way of saying it. But you can expand on that, right? You're in abundance mood. You're in a mood of happiness. You're in a flow. You feel good about yourself. You feel uplifted. You feel light and lean and clear and clean or whatever it is that you want to feel. So, don't you think that you would naturally then just make better choices, make more aligned choices for you, have more creative downloads, have access to greater knowledge?

A lot of the things that create success in my life come as a result of I have a lot of awesome fucking ideas all the time. I have creativity and badass inspirational, empowering, entertaining content just running through me like a tap running through me. It never stops. I always know what to do, I fully trust in my decisions, I make fast decisions, I feel energetically light the vast majority of the time. So, that allows me to move quickly through time and space. I trust and believe in people, I trust and believe that everything's working perfectly.

There was another question on their survey. It was like, "Do you trust that most people are good?" I'm like, "Of course." Right? I just choose all these things that put me in expansion. Now, some people might think, "Oh, well, that's a naïve attitude or that's going to catch you out or somebody's going to screw you over," or something like that. I just don't choose to be available for that. I'm just not available for that. It's not the way that I choose to see the world.

If something did happen, then I would be reframing it like a motherfucker. I would turn it into content. I would turn it into money. I would monetize the shit out of it and then we'd be sitting here on a livestream together again. So, for me, all of this has been a practise that's taken much time over the years, I suppose. But it doesn't have to take a lot of time. It would have been very quick for me to do this if somebody had have taught it to me earlier, if I had have been conscious of it. So, that's what I'm here for for you, right?

Just because it took me years to really get into my abundance attitude and to really understand how this stuff works and how easy it is when you let it be easy doesn't mean it's got to take years for you. You get to listen to me and if you resonate with it, if something inside of your soul says yes, then you go, "Yeah. I'm just going to adopt that attitude right away. I would have just adopted that attitude right away if somebody would have told me. Maybe they did and maybe I just wasn't in a place to listen, right?

Where's my tow truck? Where is it? How long have we been on here? I haven't been here for an hour, have I? It said the tow truck's coming in an hour. Man, I'm clogged up. It said within an hour. Okay. So, I just feel like this is such an important conversation. Actually, here's something I want to tell you about the Millionaire Mastermind as well. I haven't spoken a whole lot about what my role is in the Millionaire Mastermind. I was joking on yesterday's livestream.

If you didn't watch yesterday's livestream, I was on fine form. I was hilarious as fuck. You definitely want to watch it. It was only 20 minutes. It didn't go into church like this. It was like I was being super random and crazy. I was funny. I watched the replay. I do watch my own replays. Then I laugh or then I'm like, "Damn it, that's good content. I should write that shit down," because it just comes through me, right? Oftentimes, I don't remember what I said at all on a livestream. So, I'll watch the replay. So, watch that.

But one of the things that I said on yesterday's livestream was that I'm selling you nothing because I was laughing about the fact that I didn't promise anything. Basically, my role in the Millionaire Mastermind is that I'll do whatever the fuck I want when I want, how I want, and with who I want. I would just show up like a rockstar and bring my energy and bring my awesomeness. So, I was joking about how cool it is that you can create a whole programme and do a launch and sell a programme where you're literally selling nothing. I'm not promising and I would deliver plenty of it, though.

Then people are signing up front and centre. Then I was like, "Okay. Technically, it's not nothing," because it's an insane amount of training, all the support, every single thing that we do here at The Katrina Ruth Show, talk to you month by month, monthly report and what we've been doing that very month, how we've been implementing it, and how you can implement it too. From the ninjas, right? Not me. My team are teaching the magic that they do. It's just going to be so fucking next level incredible.

I'm so proud of it. I'm so excited. But as far as what I'm doing, okay, well, I do nothing because all I do is be me. But if I want to try and explain it to you, I guess, which I feel like doing right now, so I will, then what my role is in the Millionaire Mastermind is to be the light and to be the leader and to be that example for you of what's available and what's possible.

So, the vast majority, if not all of what I'll be teaching on and creating trainings for you on and working with you on and having discussions with you around will be this sort of stuff, the inner work stuff, and how do you step into those beliefs? How do you step into what's inside of you? How do you say yes to your soul? How do you do that fast or as well and without hesitation?

No, those are the tradies, Lisa, who helped me out before. No. How do you access it all? How do you access higher power? How do you access higher consciousness and all that good stuff? That's what my role is. So, it will be about me being in the energy space of the Millionaire Mastermind. The Facebook group's already open, by the way. When you sign up today, you're going to get into the Facebook group right away. You really want to sign up today because we're doing the first live training 12 hours from now. Approximately 12 hours from now.

But then the doors are open for 26 and a bit more hours from now. Correct, Ella. Right? Thank you, Lisa. Yeah. So, you've still got a full day, just over a day to join. But sign up now. Right? We'll hit you hard with the reminder emails and social media before the doors close tomorrow. I just don't understand why you would not take fast action. If you want to see me being a total smart ass about not taking fast action, then go watch yesterday's livestream. I was being quite irreverent.

Yeah. Then tonight, we'll do the first live training and the topic for that is on the sales page at So, what my role is is to really lead the way with the energy of what's available, right? I've got my amazing team coming in and breaking shit down for you and teaching how it's done, exactly how to do it, exactly how to implement, exactly what it is that you need to do.

My friend mentioned to me yesterday, I think I said at the start of this live, she mentioned something about being so grateful that I've created this where my team are there so that she doesn't have to try and figure out who to learn Facebook ads from or who to learn funnels from or who to learn selling from or who to learn the other things that are not really my area to teach, right?

Everyone knows that I'm here to be the leader and to work with you on mindset and success and deep, solid cellular transformation. That's what I do. Cellular and soul shifts. So, I'm not going to teach funnel stuff. I will jump in and talk about these things from time to time. I have done it in previous programmes and I still will. But it's not my area to break it down and teach it. I'm simply not going to teach it in some kind of step by step fashion that you can then implement because it's not now my mind works. Right?

I would try to do that and the next thing would be off on a deep soul shift conversation and everybody would be thrilled and it would be exactly what you need. But yet, at the same time, if you want to know the breakdown and the how to do it and the what you even need to do or give your attention to, then you probably are just not going to ever fucking get that from me because then you're going to be like, "Ah, let's just talk about soul stuff." Then you're going to be like, "That shit doesn't even matter."

I simultaneously believe it doesn't even fucking matter because I know that my results come from inside and that's where yours come from as well. I fully believe that whilst at the same time understanding that you want to learn it and that it does matter and that it's really helpful to learn. So, I told you. Contradictions, right? So, that's what the team do and so much other cool stuff that you'll read about when you go to the sales page. Then my role, like I said is to be the light. It's to be the leader. It's to be magnetic as fuck. It's to be all that I am to empower you to be all that you are.

So, I'll be coming in, I'll be the energy of the Millionaire Mastermind every day anyhow because it's obviously there on my Facebook. So, I'll be noticing and I'll be seeing and I'll be seeing where the limiting beliefs are and where the patterns and where the sabotages and where you're maybe asking questions that are pointing you in the wrong direction and I'll be able to guide you. Yes, the Millionaire Mastermind is the High Vibe Mastermind 2.0.

So, High Vibe Mastermind didn't have my whole team coming in there. We had a few little individual trainings, but it wasn't a membership programme that was ever designed to teach all these different things with the whole team. So, it was time to move on. It was time to become better. It was time to improve. So, the Millionaire Mastermind is actually called Katrina Ruth's High Vibe As Fuck Millionaire Mastermind because it's 2.0. Yeah.

So, I certainly have many ideas of things I want to cover in there. But it will be very flow based and it will be very guided month by month and week by week and day by day and very much guided by what I'm picking up in the energy of the group and what's going on. I'm really excited for it because this is the way that I work with my private clients where obviously, I don't say in advance what I'm going to do with them because it depends on what's going on at the time. So, that's exactly what will be happening with the Millionaire Mastermind. But even more in that broader format. Then incredible, incredible support from my amazing team.

So, anyway, I'm going to jump off this livestream. I feel like we've done an awesome livestream conversation together. Thank you so much for being here. It is, it can't be 9:29 AM, surely. Is it already 9:29 AM? Does that mean ... Fuck. I've been livestreaming for an hour. I'm just looking at my times here. So, I might call back or see if I got a text from them. If it was them and I didn't answer the phone, they would have texted me and I turned my notifications on, so I would have seen that. So, that didn't happen.

So, maybe I'll go inside and harass [inaudible 00:55:33] or I'll just chill out here. But I feel like the livestream's done. Thank you so much for being here. Go to, check it out, get in on the 26 hours until the doors close. Don't be the person that waits to sneak in over the final line. You'll still get everything. You'll still get the replay from tonight and all that. But one of the things I want to really teach you and support you around is learn to make rapid decisions from gut.

If something's right for you, if your soul is speaking to you, say yes now. Don't hesitate. Ultimately, if you say yes to your soul, you get the benefit of that. But what I've learned is that when you say yes to your soul right away and you choose to do it without hesitation or with minimal hesitation, even when it feels scary, then you start to see your rewards exponentially increase because you're just not living in that constantly low state. You're making a statement to God, to the universe, to your higher self that you are ready to receive.

So, if you're ready to receive and you're ready for your abundance and you know that the Millionaire Mastermind is for you, read the pinned comment. It starts with, "Who the hell are you?" I'm not even sure why, but it sounds aggressive. It sounds important. Read it and then go to, check out my High Vibe As Fuck Millionaire Mastermind. It is the mindset and the strategy of how to crush it on life for driven entrepreneurs and crazy creators who just want more. That's me. That's you. Don't forget. Life is now. Press play.

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