Rebel Millionaire

Either your life is made up of all these moments where you say yes to purpose and you say yes to destiny and you say yes to doing the work that you're meant to be doing, thank you, Phina, or your life is made up of moment by moment of resistance beat you, resistance has you by the throat or by they short and curlies, if you've got them. Or whatever it was and so as a result of that you didn't write the thing, you didn't say the thing, you didn't turn on the camera, you didn't launch the programme, you didn't go to the frickin gym, you didn't play with your children, whatever it was. You really gotta think about the small moments and how that's making up your life. Actually success is very easy, it's very simple. All it comes down to is in this moment are you doing what you're meant to be doing.

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