Rebel Millionaire

Chris: Yeah, yeah we're rolling. Yeah?

Kat: Is there enough light? Okay, no that was already on. I think I'm becoming addicted to light.

Chris: You've got it down. All right.

Kat: Okay, we're live already.

Chris: Yeah ... what?

Kat: What, mother fucker- I get ...

Chris: You're gonna have to redo it.

Kat: I can't redo it. I'd have to-

Chris: [crosstalk 00:00:30] Oh, no. No, that one's done. Yeah that's-

Kat: This is live. We're already live. What you're saying is being heard. What I'm saying is being heard.

Chris: That is so funny.

Kat: I think people have heard it before. What's up?

Chris: Yes, it's working.

Kat: We are technological geniuses.

Chris: We just did have it take off a certain [crosstalk 00:00:50].

Kat: We've made ... They didn't do much. Hey, I managed to get the internet working for a second and a half.

Chris: Oh my God.

Kat: Can we kick this off by telling people the quotes of the day, Chris?

Chris: All right we can share this. Yeah, all right.

Kat: So should I tell them one from the other day or is it gonna off our buyers?

Chris: No, no, no, we share. We're truly authentic [crosstalk 00:01:08]

Kat: We're here for authenticity. We are literally about to fu- ... We are about to launch. Am I allowed to swear?

Chris: No.

Kat: No?

Chris: No swearing.

Kat: Okay, sorry. We are literally about to launch our supplement. We get to that in a moment but first I'd like to tell you three very informative and important quotes that I've been noting down. Chris just ... This is a man who, when you meet him or you see him, even online, you'll see that he is one of the most genuine good guys in the world.

Kat: He is the nicest man in the world. He's one of my closest friends. I love him to death, he is the nicest, sweetest, person. Would never hurt anything and yet he just comes out and then he seems very like ... Wow, that was quite rude.

Chris: Sorry, that is true.

Kat: So the other day we're like "What should we call our livestream for our prelaunch live stream which shoots on Friday?" And I'm like thinking of creative titles cause I'm awesome at that and he's like, "Can we just call it-"

Chris: Headlines are key.

Kat: "This is why you're fat and we're not." And I'm like, "Wow."

Chris: Because within context as well, we were talking about ...

Kat: Please explain. [crosstalk 00:02:12]

Chris: How we used to do diets before we used to be massive carbophobes and then over lunch we were talking about how we're just been loving eating carbs but doing it the right way. And how much better in shape we are now. And it's just-

Kat: Well this leads me into the next quote which i that well ...

Chris: Yeah, nicely done.

Kat: Which is that we set up the lighting, and I'm like "Damn, that lighting's good." And Chris goes "Damn, it's good." And he goes, "Or is it just cause we look so good?" I'm just like "Wow, just be matter-of-fact about it." Oh, do you need to share that to your page? Do you need to share that to your personal page?

Chris: Yeah. I can, with you.

Kat: Okay, so we are ... oh and what was the third quote?

Chris: What was the third one?

Kat: Damn it, there was another really good one from just a second ago. So there was the one about "This is why you're fat and we're not." There was "Is this lighting really good or it just cause we look really good?" And then there was another one that just happened just then and it was so funny. I nearly wrote it down and then I was like "No, there's no way I would forget that." It will come back to us divinely.

Chris: Not sure.

Kat: Welcome, welcome, welcome to the show.

Chris: We've got some big news.

Kat: We have huge news, I think we're not even allowing ourselves to be ...

Chris: So exciting.

Kat: As excited as we are. I know I think we're not letting ourselves be as excited as we really could or should be about this. I think we're excited and we're like this is a big deal, and I'm just like "No, but do you understand what a big deal it is?"

Chris: This is a big deal. This is a really big deal.

Kat: Two plus years in the making?

Chris: It's even longer.

Kat: I think it's three years [crosstalk 00:03:49] ...

Chris: We can put this dick ends downs.

Kat: I think it's like pre ... dick- really? We started to formulate this before time began in our souls.

Chris: Yeah, exactly.

Kat: That's how good we are. I got to the quote book, the intelligence was coming through divinely from generations before but in a physical human sense, maybe three years.

Chris: [00:04:07] Particularly there's star dust in there.

Kat: Well it's actually ... Yes. And gold dust. You get a little piece of my soul. That's some powerful stuff. Look what I've created.

Chris: That's really funny. Don't worry about the lighting. We're good.

Kat: Yeah, we're good. We're good with the lighting. So we might be a little bit excited. We might be coming across as a little bit extra hysterical than normal, but it is such a huge deal. And welcome, welcome, welcome to everybody. I'm so happy and grateful that you're here with us.

Kat: Hello over on our business page and hello on our personal page, and hello wherever else you are. I am either going to talk excitedly in a hilarious or just randomly crazy way for now, or I'm going to just stop and let Chris present with deep profound wisdom.

Chris: I'll chime in as well. Oh, always.

Kat: All the things. But let's just quickly say ... Okay, Lisa just summed up the whole entire situation.

Chris: Wee.

Kat: He says, "Wee." That's exactly right. We have an amazing founding deal.

Chris: Founding special.

Kat: But we're not going to tell you about that now, because we've got too many other exciting things to say.

Chris: Yeah, we've got some more important news.

Kat: Okay, I'm done.

Chris: Okay.

Kat: For now.

Chris: Well we haven't decided on everything at this moment. So we need to do this together. So this is actually like ...

Kat: Co-creation.

Chris: Exactly. We all need to come together right now and actually sort this out.

Kat: Yeah. So just stop what you're doing, put it down.

Chris: Because this is literally the only time you are ever going to get this special at this product, this price, ever.

Kat: Ever. Obviously if you've been following Kat for any time and even myself, you'll know that we want to celebrate. Actually, you know what's really interesting? This little bit random, I actually went through the ... See, Kat you're looking gorgeous.

Chris: Yeah, I'm all right as well.

Kat: No, I think that's definitely for you, sorry. Not me. Oh, thank you. I'm going to take that. I'm taking it from here. Thanks, Lonny.

Chris: Kat, how high can you go. Random segue, we actually just reviewed the ... With my other coaching business, reviewed what the key parts of what the most accessible coaches are doing right now. What was ... What have they done? There was two things that was actually really interesting.

Chris: One was how long they've been in the programme and why they're succeeding. So it's a common factor, and two, was they always jumped on the programme as fast as possible.

Kat: Of course. Fast action takers.

Chris: I know, but it was actually really interesting for me to actually see it.

Kat: Oh, it was actual research.

Chris: Yeah, we actually went through everything.

Kat: That's gold. I say that all the time.

Chris: The most successful people. No, it's legit.

Kat: Oh, hello. Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, well, exactly. Fair enough.

Kat: We literally became business partners over cauliflower.

Chris: Cauliflower and chicken?

Kat: I could have make that some more exciting. Well, there was one. But it was a two-second decision, wasn't it?

Chris: Yeah, it was.

Kat: It was. Oh, then you came around and we talked about it the next day again, but it had already obviously ... Really we're just joking around nothing. We did a hilarious life show together.

Chris: Yeah.

Kat: But that is so true, and I say that all the time when I'm working with high level badass entrepreneurs and creators. I always say, "I want to work with the people who say 'yes' straight away." Because that's like me, and those are the people who get awesome freaking results. So we're really here today not just to ... With such excitement and gratitude and passion launch our product, finally.

Kat: But we're also here ... There it is. We're also here to really honour those people who already know that they want one of our ... Oh, look at Ryan. You couldn't have product placed him any better than the hat. Ryan says, "Is this the one I tried last year at your place? It tasted amazing." I think my second one did have vodka in it. All right, just hold the final ... Let's save the shenanigans part of what you can do with this for later.

Kat: Let's just talk pure. In fact, it was very healthy in the process of my training. But yes. So we didn't even prepare that little bit of testimonial earlier at all from Ryan who says it tastes amazing. It tastes freaking amazing. Okay, I'm getting distracted again. Continue on.

Chris: Okay. There's a few things that we've all got to sort out right now. One, when you actually have to get onboard these founders special. Two, we're going to share with you actually how much of a discount that you're going to get and that's a lifetime discount as well. So we're going to make this as much of a no brainer as possible.

Kat: Oh, I just remembered the other quote.

Chris: Oh, what was the other quote?

Kat: It was I said to you, "Is that really sneaky?" And you said, "Yeah." I really like it.

Chris: Okay, just kind of side note, that was ingenious business strategy that we actually did when you just said we ...

Kat: Because I'm a ninja. As I proved to you earlier.

Chris: We share that later. We share that later. Keep business strategies coming down on this as well. It's all working. So two things we're going to work out. One, when you actually have to get on board by, because this can only last so long and we're going to have to cut it right now. So this, it's actually going to be pretty limited. Because we can only take so many people on board.

Kat: Yeah.

Chris: Two, the discount you get, which is a lifetime discount. And you know what? Three, we actually just added in. Sorry, for the first 100. First 100?

Kat: Oh, I thought it was going to be 50. You're seriously pulling this up for 100 people?

Chris: I want to be really nice, because I wore my give shirt today. Because I want to give.

Kat: Oh, I want to cut it off really. I like to make people jump on board or work for it.

Chris: No, we'll do 100, because there's a lot of ... Yeah, okay. No.

Kat: All right, that means I have a point saved for later to make a decision about something.

Chris: All right. You got one brownie for later. One video for later.

Kat: I'll get to be in charge of something later.

Chris: First hundred people that are going to be coming on board, you're going to get a copy of my book, "Craving the Truth", which is actually the book where I show you how to be able to get into the best shape of your life, and how to not do it by doing depriving diets, which we have right here. Tada.

Kat: There it is. Fabulous book.

Chris: So you'll get a copy of "Craving the Truth" as well coming on board in this, but we can only do that for the first hundred.

Kat: For free. Extra fast action, take a bonus. On top of the crazy discount. Oh, wait. Do we make them pay full price if they're getting a book?

Chris: I don't want to have to make them pay full price.

Kat: All right. Why not? I was just trying to be funny. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's fine, because my lighting's fabulous.

Chris: Yeah. You look good, life is good. So if you want a copy of the book for free, where I give you the diets. We talk work outs. We talk actually what Kat and I are doing. You're going to have to get on board really quick as well, but also, lifetime discount. Can we tell them how much the discount is?

Kat: No, make them work for it. Send a love heart shower.

Chris: Oh, yeah, I love how you do this.

Kat: A load of love hearts, and we're just going to tell them the office straight away. Just like that?

Chris: Melissa.

Kat: Hi.

Chris: Thanks, Mel, appreciate that.

Kat: Yeah, there you go.

Chris: It's a great pull.

Kat: Let's. So we just give ... Whoa, you guys loving the love heart shower. Thank you.

Chris: Whoa.

Kat: Do you want a comment something hilarious or just comment get on with it already?

Chris: Let's have best comment. I will just give you a copy of the book straight away.

Kat: I can't talk through this offer, because I'm going to get too giggly and excited like a little kid at Christmas, and I'm not going to get the details right. I'm trying very hard to restrain myself here, but I'm so excited. So Chris is going to tell you the deal with it. It's literally more crazy than what we thought we were going to do. We dropped down an extra ... We actually dropped down an additional ...

Chris: No, let's prepare for lunch.

Kat: Over an additional 20 percent on what was already the reduced founding members price.

Chris: Yeah, it was.

Kat: Wait, did you just say they get to lock it in for life?

Chris: Yeah, it's lifetime.

Kat: I thought we were just giving that for the first month.

Chris: Lifetime. This is exactly.

Kat: What?

Chris: When you get on board, but here's the thing. When you get on board, you get it for life. If you ever leave.

Kat: You're out.

Chris: Never get it again.

Kat: We're never talking to you again.

Chris: No. We'll talk to you, but you just want to get the discount again as well.

Kat: If you buy us a drink.

Chris: You've got to ... You actually get the discount for life.

Kat: Yeah, that makes sense.

Chris: That's a bit of a no brainer.

Kat: That is a no brainer. Couple of no brainers. I'll eat anything that tastes delicious, especially if it helps me look that pretty. Thank you.

Chris: Oh, that's really sweet.

Kat: That's all the alignment. I'm reverse ageing. When you ordered this product, you will reverse age from between two and five years in the first 10 days.

Chris: We can't say that.

Kat: Hashtag disclaimer. I just it.

Chris: The FDA does not agree with that at all.

Kat: Shut up.

Chris: I have to be legitimate with this stuff.

Kat: I mean it. I mean it, because I decided, and I get what I decide. Can we just bring the mindset side into it? It's fine. When you sign up I'll get you a special training for free on the reverse ageing. How's that for a bonus?

Chris: All right.

Kat: Oh, let's have that in as a top 100 bonus. I will do a training on how I reverse age for free for the first 100 people, and I'm not kidding.

Chris: I'll buy that.

Kat: Look at this skin. I'm nearly 50.

Chris: That's very funny.

Kat: Well I'm 38. I'm nearly 39. But I'm reverse ageing at the speed of light. Everybody knows that.

Chris: No, actually ... This gets really good. What we haven't actually said as well is if you get on board this offer today, you will be able to join the tribe. So what we're starting in part is our private tribe, yeah.

Kat: Oh, yeah. We're getting to our programme.

Chris: It's going to be a little bit ... It's probably something we should talk about right now as well.

Kat: Wait, do we actually? No, this is for real now. I'm not pretending. Are we actually giving them that?

Chris: Yeah, they get a private group. It's already set up.

Kat: Oh, of course. Yes, all right, fine. Onward then.

Chris: This is stupid.

Kat: Okay, I'm done. I'm done with my talking. I've got the entertainment, and now Chris is going to tell you the deal. The deal is about to drop. We are going to give you a link. You're going to click it, you're going to buy, and you're going to have a glass of water to celebrate, since you don't have the product yet. I'm waiting.

Chris: Well you do have to wait.

Kat: But we'll drink something in your honour.

Chris: You do have to wait. So let's break this on down. Number one, first 100 people, I'll give you a copy of the book and I'll send it straight to you. Number two, you get the discount for life, and it's over 40 percent the discount as well. So that's a bit of a no brainer as well.

Kat: We want to make it crazy no brainer for sure, legitimately of course.

Chris: Yeah, I know. Three, you get access into ... whilst you have your membership, whilst you're getting this each month sent to you, you have access into the tribe, which is where Kat and I are going to be sharing with you what we do with our food, with our diets, with our training. I'm going to be in there giving you as well, because I've got literally 12 months worth of training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching ready to rock 'n' roll for you.

Chris: So you'll get access into that private community where it's members only in there, and then ...

Kat: That's got content from both of us, which is combining over 30 years of experience and knowledge and application and results. If you can, have some brain power.

Chris: We literally needed a team member to go through how much content we had.

Kat: It was several staff members who had to go through that and have been doing it for nine months.

Chris: I feel so sorry for Jess actually.

Kat: And Mim, shout out to Mim. And Jess too.

Chris: And Mim. Yeah, sorry, too. Bingo.

Kat: And shout out to Ash and Bron as well who've had so much to do with this launch and does so much work on that.

Chris: I wish they were here. I got a notification on my page.

Kat: I just was reading it over actually. Really.

Chris: Okay, awesome. So you get the book. You get 40 percent discount and that's for life. You get access into the tribe as well. Now what we're going to do ...

Kat: We were going to ... Sorry. I know I'm just terrible at cutting you off. I'm the worst at that. But we were going to charge for the tribe. We were going to do it as a separate.

Chris: No, we are going to charge for the tribe.

Kat: Yeah, but we were going to make it like you would pay a bit extra to get the coaching platform, as well as the product, and then it would be extra, extra for people who just wanted the coaching, which is basically means stupid people, because why would you not buy this? Then we decide to give it for free.

Chris: So if we actually boil this down right now.

Kat: Yeah.

Chris: What the offer is is the super food blend will actually be recommended retail for $97. The tribe, our coaching community that's private for members only, that's actually priced at $50 a month for that. So obviously that's $150 a month, but if you get on board now, can we say it?

Kat: Let's just do it. We've dragged it out long enough. They've been waiting and wanting.

Chris: If you get on board now, you will get everything, which is sent to you each and every month, and your monthly membership into the tribe, and it's only going to be for $59. So we're cutting off $90 every month, and that's a life time discount going into it. So literally, there's a massive discount. So that's something like ... It's a gigantic discount.

Kat: Whatever it is.

Chris: First 100 people, I'll send you a copy of the book for free.

Kat: And you'll get my reverse ... And you'll get my training on reverse ageing if you're in the first 100 people as well, which is completely serious.

Chris: All right, Ricky. So Ricky asked a really good question. Can you consume it if pregnant? Now with supplements, you do technically have to say and you'll see on the back here, "Caution, if pregnant or nursing or taking medication, consult your health care practitioner before use."

Kat: It's required to say that.

Chris: My Lauren, wife, she has been pregnant with two children whilst taking this and my daughters have this as well. So when they ask for chocolate, they're actually asking for this bad boy.

Kat: Yeah, I give this to my kids as well. Who are young as you know. It's required to say that. It's required to obviously that you've got to consult with your medical adviser that.

Chris: Yeah, good question.

Kat: I would take it. Lauren took it, etc. I just want to also clarify, really we had it locked in that launch offer ... That the retail price, the price that we will be selling it at. It's not just like what we're saying is retail. We will be selling it at $97. We were going to do the founding members offered at I think $79. That was locked in, and that was decided. Even up until last Friday.

Kat: We did the pre-launch video and had some fun with that on Friday. You might have jumped on on that. Oh, we were supposed to notify people. I will send them a link after this, yeah.

Chris: Yeah, we'll send them.

Kat: I can't even remember why we decided to drop it down so much more. I think we just ... We get so excited. We are so proud of this and so excited and it's been so much work and blood and sweat and tears that's gone into this on Chris' behalf. I really just want to honour him. He's an amazing business partner and friend, and the work that he's put in. Literally travelling the Earth to create pharmaceutical great product in the world.

Kat: It is literally the most exceptional formulation that you could come up with. Digestive health, probiotics, all this good stuff, but then also, working together with somebody that you're obviously good friends with, that's not automatically enough to make a great business partnership as I know a lot of people know.

Chris: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kat: So it's just been amazing to have a shared vision for something that we're both so excited to bring to life. It's been a little painstaking at times to get to where we're already, but like any amazing vision brought to life, you've got to be willing to go through those periods where it's things are going slow than you want or you thought something was just going to work, and then it didn't.

Kat: So it's been quite the journey, and it's been one that's been heavily supported by the people we just mentioned and shouted out earlier as well. So there's a lot that's going into this and it really is. It's such a big deal. It's something that we know that we're going to take for life, be proud of for life. We really trust and belief that when you start to take this, firstly, the taste of it is incredible. It just tastes amazing. It's chocolate flavoured greens powder. It's flavoured naturally with cacao.

Kat: It tastes incredible. Every single person who tried it is like, "Holy crap, where can I get this? I want to take this forever." So we know you're going to love the taste, but the benefits and the health side of it, the brain power side of it. The mineral focus side of it. The fact that you're just getting all these good things covered for yourself and your family in one hit. We know that you're going to be part of this for life as well.

Kat: So this is something that for long haul it's not just business on the side of our respective empires that we already have. We really see it as a vision for the community that we want to build of like-minded individuals, like us, like you who are committed to being about us in every aspect of life. In business we brain function, and looking and feeling hot AF as well of course. Kelly says can you use it if diabetic.

Chris: Yeah, you can. It actually says on here "diabetic safe". Where did I actually have to say that? Here. Last bullet point. No, extras. No extra added sugar. It is diabetic safe. It is only flavoured with stevia. So you only use the really good stuff. Please post the ingredients out. Yeah, Angela if you click the link that you'll get access to ...

Kat: We could give the link.

Chris: I will give you the link. If you click the link, you'll get access to the page which has the full ingredients on there for you. So you can actually read this rather than me sticking this up to the camera. It's still not being readable as well. Now, what we also have done is we put a 60-day guarantee on this. So we want you to taste it.

Kat: That's how confident we are.

Chris: We want you to use it. Exactly. That's how much we ... We're a little bit cocky when it comes to this. Because we know it's that good. We've been using it for that. Angela, you're absolutely welcome. So we want you to get your hands off it ... On it. When you get your hands on it, and you start using it, you'll see. You'll actually notice the difference as well. So what you want to be able to do is number one, it's not about supplements.

Chris: Now let's just talk right now. I want to jump in and talk about ... Yeah, sorry, go.

Kat: Should I give the link or should we give them preparation that I'm going to give you the link, because we are doing this first hundred thing.

Chris: Oh.

Kat: Let's tell you what we want to tell you, so that you're paying attention, and then we're going to drop the link.

Chris: Okay, let's do that.

Kat: Yeah.

Chris: We'll jam real quick, and then we'll give you the link so that you can get access to all this stuff right now. So I want it in my mouth right now.

Kat: All right. Well, it's a sensory experience, and you can tap into the collective energy. That's right here in this space and place. Here is some we prepared earlier.

Chris: Jaya, can you put your email below and I will literally send you a copy of my book, because that was the best comment so far.

Kat: Comment of 2018 award. We're adding that to our book of hilarious quote. But we will drink some in honour of everybody. You can tap into our collective energy.

Chris: Right, cheers. So I'll answer Theo's question. So this is what we're doing. Because we're doing the very first batch, for all of our members with this super food blend, it's going to take between three to four weeks for everyone to get there. So that's why we're doing this founders special. So we want everybody to come on board. Now, and this is what I want to say and this is why it's so important.

Kat: Yeah.

Chris: It's not about supplement.

Kat: That's why we're doing a huge discount.

Chris: It's not about the supplements. Jaya, thank you so much. Can someone remind me to send Jaya a copy of that?

Kat: Yes, I'll email you right now.

Chris: Or just ... perfect. It's not about supplements, okay? So why are we actually talking right now? Why are we starting a health and fitness company? Why are we wanting to help you with this stuff? It's because you want to be able to look, feel, and function great. You want to be a part of the one percent of the one percent. You want to look great. You want to feel great. You actually want to perform really well, and that's not just the body performing on a biochemical level. It's how your brain performing as well, and you're actually enjoying it.

Chris: How do we actually do this? It's not just by taking a supplement. Supplement's the cherry on the top, and we're going to be the first people that now run a supplement company to tell you it's not abut the supplements. This is why we're doing the tribe. So we help you, we show you, we teach you. We're giving you actually what's needed when it comes to, what to eat, how to eat, how to set up your lifestyle. What about when it comes to your work outs? When it comes to your movement as well.

Chris: So especially when I break it down in the book, I show you the actual workouts and there's a yang and a yin philosophy. So like a yang, this is going to be a white training. A yin, it's going to be a walking. It's going to be your saunas, your ice punch pools, your meditations, all these kind of things.

Kat: Yoga.

Chris: Yoga. All these things we need to be able to put together. So it's a holistic approach to giving you exactly what you need. That's why when I first ... One of the reasons, our first conversation, we're like, "Hang on, there's a lot of 'supplement companies' out there and they're doing sometimes great products, sometimes crappy products. Let's not even go down that path." What's missing right now? No one's giving you both. No one's giving you here's the great ... Literally world best formulations, raw products, and manufacturing process.

Kat: And taste.

Chris: And taste. Which is kind of the most ... It's not technically the most important thing. But it's the most important in the sense that you're not going to take it if it doesn't taste amazing. It tastes so good that you just ... You want to have more. You just want more. I was crying when mine ran out. My samples that I had at home.

Kat: Yeah, I had to get more for Kat.

Chris: I had to have a massage to get over it.

Kat: And a meditation, and some prayer. Some prayer. Then I may have harassed him over what's happened. I literally once was tapping in from every city around the world going, "So can you send some to New York? How about Florida? How about Texas? How about LA?"

Chris: I tried to send it to her in two different cities.

Kat: But I kept moving too quickly.

Chris: And it kept missing.

Kat: Come in San Diego, take me around.

Chris: Obviously what I want to get across to make sure that we do this right is while we're doing the tribe is so literally Kat and I can give you what's needed to be able to make sure that you look, feel and function the way that you want. It is literally like that. Then when you want to put the cherry on top, when you want to perform. Because this is the thing and I talk about this.

Chris: Number one, that our food quality that get isn't as good as it should be. You're not getting all the nutrients. You're not getting everything that you really need at the end of the day to be performing your best. We have high stress levels in our modern lifestyle. We have a lot of chemicals in our environment that help us become toxic. So we want to be able to become un-toxic. We want to be able to get rid of that stuff.

Chris: So this is why we started with literally a greens formulation. But it's not a greens formulation. This is ...

Kat: So much more.

Chris: A super veggie type antioxidant blend. It's got a fruit antioxidant blend. It's got digestion support, and it's got a probiotic blend in here as well. So this is why we want to try and you come at this, because the thing at the end of the day is I don't want you to have a covered or room full of supplements. You want a handful of things, and that's what we're going to be doing, Kat and I together. We're going to be coming together.

Kat: There would be new products.

Chris: And are really doing a few products that give you the biggest bang for your bucks. So you can actually get on with your life. Because what I don't like is trying to do so many different things, that when we have more important things to do, I don't want to be worrying about my diet, or my work outs, or I'm not looking as I good as I feel like I should be. Or all that kind of shit.

Chris: I'm a dad. I am running businesses. I want to be able to enjoy life. I want to be able to have us come together and just have fun. I don't want to be absolutely hating life because I'm doing a dive.

Kat: You want to look and feel your best and be your best, and be fitting everything in but doing it just with ease and flow as well. We both, this is another thing. We've both done the hustle life before. I love the word hustle by the way. For me that means something powerful and flow based, but what I mean is we've both done business and life and fitness in way where it was kind of burning yourself out or pushing beyond a healthy limit and that's nothing I look back on and regret, because it made me into who I am now.

Kat: But at this point in my life, and for both of us as well, it gets to be about having it all whilst operating at a level of excellence. Feeling your best, looking your best, being at your best, and having it jus be flow and ease. So there's already so many things that each of us do and support our communities to do that create that just through lifestyle and the way we choose to live our lives and live according to our values and so on.

Kat: This just takes it to that next level. It's about enhancing a way of life. So that's again another reason why we've created the tribe to go with this to support you with the education, the information, and the empowerment, to get the results that you need. So we will be giving you the nutritional information literally over 30 years or at least over 25 years of combined experience between us.

Chris: Over 24 years.

Kat: At a really high level as well, where both of us really dedicated our money and our time to learning and studying with the best people in the world, and that's how we met. Through classes around the world. We're bringing you the most cutting edge, real nutrition information, hormone information, fat loss information, digestions, stress management, sexual energy and libido as well. All ties in together. Sleep quality.

Kat: Mindset, of course, right? The ins and outs of the trainings side of it as well as the nutrition side of it, and we're teaching from a standpoint of full life in a way that feels amazing. It's not a freaking diet. It's not a quick fix. It's not do this for six weeks or 12 weeks. We're bringing to you our combined experience of well over two decades, and where we can look back and go, "We did all that crazy stuff and maybe you did as well."

Kat: It is what it is. Now we actually have a way of living where we get to look and feel and function at a standard of excellence 24/7 always. It's just how it is. We don't sacrifice anything in order to look our best and feel our best. We know that you don't have to as well. So this is not come on board, our magical diet that's going to fix you, and then you're left floundering afterwards, rebounding back.

Kat: This is make some small simple adjustments that are going to immediately feel amazing for you. You're going to be immediately be elevated internally and in your energy and your emotions, and even dare I say spiritually, because of course it heightens everything. You're going to see those physical shifts and changes as well. I get asked all the time. I know Chris gets asked all the time, "How we can be such busy, successful entrepreneurs both with our own families and small children, and still get to have ... be in great shape and be legitimately healthy and brimming with energy, and have the energy to do all those things?"

Kat: That's so easy. We let it be so easy. It's such a small amount of time or energy that creates such a massive return on that. So everything that this is about. Like Chris said, it's not just a supplement. It's you get this amazing supplement and you get everything that since ... Yes, hold it up. Everything that's inside of us that we've taken all this time and effort and working with literally tens of thousands of clients between us over the past, decade plus, in order to just know what works for life.

Kat: So I said at the start of this that I feel like I can't fully express what a big deal it is, and I feel like maybe I'm now starting to express what a big deal it is. But should we? Do you want to add something there or should we give them this link?

Chris: I think we should give them the link.

Kat: I don't know why I feel nervous. So hang on.

Chris: It's good.

Kat: Should we give them the link to the Facebook group as well or we just give them this link?

Chris: No.

Kat: No.

Chris: The what?

Kat: No, the one from the other day I meant. All right. We'll figure that out later.

Chris: Oh, no, give them that link.

Kat: Okay, so now, are you ready? Are you excited? Are you eager? Are you going to send me another love heart shower? Are you ready to click by pull out your credit card, get it at the ready, and here's what you're going to do. In about 19.5 seconds or however long it takes me to stop talking, I'm going to ... Which could be 19.5 years. I'm going to put this thing into the comments here.

Kat: You are going to click the link. You are going to grab your credit card. You're going to run to the back of the room, and you're going to purchase this product.

Chris: All right, hang on.

Kat: Hang on. You're only supposed to say three things. That's what I'm telling from this stage, wait. Get your credit card, click the link, buy the product, be in our top 100, get Chris' book for free. For being a fast action taker badass, just like we are, you know your life is going to change for life, and you get a free book as well. It is amazing. And you get my free training on reverse ageing.

Chris: I'm really excited for that.

Kat: Me too. Yeah. I'll give you the link. I'm ready. This is it. This is it. This is the moment of truth.

Chris: They just want us to getting it taken out really quick. I would literally be ...

Kat: Yeah, I'd be running to the back of the room or to wherever your credit card is.

Chris: Oh, God. Oh, shit. Just happened.

Kat: We just? Did we just break the internet. Boom, boom, boom. Okay, I feel like we needed to prepare the drummer as a roll sound. I could have played when I did that. I actually feel like I need to take a breath.

Chris: Oh, that's good. Oxygen's really good as well. To set fire.

Kat: Can I just add that to quotes? Quotes from Chris. Oxygen is really good for you. Okay, what else are we going to say?

Chris: Oh.

Kat: Oh, did you tell them to comment there? Or are they just saying how it is over there for the fun of it? How did that just start happening?

Chris: I don't know.

Kat: Is it because they clicked this?

Chris: I have no idea.

Kat: What happens?

Chris: Yes, it is.

Kat: Oh.

Chris: Oh, we can see everyone coming through on this one.

Kat: We can see who's signing up.

Chris: Going up.

Kat: Go, go, go, go, go. Oh, we can see all the notification.

Chris: I didn't ... This is ...

Kat: Tamara's in. Michelle clicked the link. Sarah clicked the link.

Chris: That's really funny.

Kat: Come on, keep going. All right, and oh, when is this? Ooh, Thalika. She's on it. Just on it.

Chris: Laura.

Kat: All right. This is so exciting.

Chris: This is so fun. Can I share? This is more exciting. I remember when I did my very first online fitness launch.

Kat: Laura can't click.

Chris: I had the PayPal app on my phone. And when I did the launch, it was like my PayPal app on my phone make a little ding noise. Or no, like a payment would have gone through. This is more exciting because it's a hell of a lot more people coming through.

Kat: Sage says, "I can't click." You might have to try different device, because people are definitely clicking. And it's working. So how's this, though? It is so exciting. Last night I was out with a friend, and she's like, "So, what are you doing tomorrow? I'm like, "Oh, yeah. I'm doing whatever and whatever." Then I'm like, "Oh, and I'm just launching a supplement company with my friend Chris till 11:45.

Kat: It's like, "Wow, this is huge." That would be huge. We're just quickly launching a supplement company that we're going to take. Angela says, "I can't click on iPad." What can we do about that if people can't click on some devices? Do you have it? Because this is the mo ... Do you have a different link? A longer one?

Chris: Can you comment back then or?

Kat: No.

Chris: PM them?

Kat: Do we have a different version of that link?

Chris: No.

Kat: No, I don't know what to do about that. Ash and Bronwyn, are you on?

Chris: What's your problem? The request to the group. Theo. Did you click the link Theo, that Kat has just given you?

Kat: Okay, one second. We tested this 1600 times. We will not be swayed. I'm clicking it now.

Chris: It's definitely working. We're seeing people still coming through.

Kat: Okay, so when I click that, it goes me to Facebook messenger.

Chris: Don't worry, Theo. We'll get your link. IPhone can, iPad can't.

Kat: It's taking me to Facebook messenger when I click it. Is that right?

Chris: Yeah.

Kat: Then where is the link that they're going to get that message to them?

Chris: The link to ... Yeah. So we'll send you to Facebook messenger, and then Bronwyn said type it in.

Kat: Then you've got to press get started.

Chris: Then I should maybe put zero admin. Yeah, see, there you go.

Kat: Okay. So when you ... We thought we tested it all, whatever. So when you click it, it's going to take you to Facebook messenger. It may not work on the iPad. Then it's going to ... Then you're going to click get started, and then it's going to start, "This is MBB Bot. The My Body Blend's Messenger System."

Chris: Oh, my God.

Kat: It will say it in that voice. Then it will say, "Do you really want access to a secret launch of Super Food Blend?" It will say it in that voice. Then you'll press "hell yes," which I'm doing now. Hell yes, I just did it. Now it says, "Awesome Katrina, click the prelaunch of verboten below to get our one-time only freelance offer for ..." Okay, I feel that we're being repetitive. For our brand new Super Food Blend.

Kat: Plus, if you think there's anyone else who might need to know. I mean why would you take him in unless you want them in the top 100? So now I'm clicking that link, wait for it. Shana says, "Get started." I see you guys on it, just on it.

Chris: It's really cool how I can see you from one and then comes through to the other one.

Kat: This is a genius.

Chris: Theo, you figured that out, great job.

Kat: This is a genius strategy. I just got through the sales page.

Chris: Can't believe this works.

Kat: Right here, live, on this live stream. There it is.

Chris: So this is only for the private launch. So obviously once this gets closed down, you're not going to get ...

Kat: Take it out. You can't get in on this deal again.

Chris: Yeah, you can't get access to this, because we can't keep this up forever.

Kat: So talk them through what are they going to receive once they then signup and purchase.

Chris: Cool.

Kat: Because just a reminder that the product is going to come. Explain all that.

Chris: Yeah. So obviously the founders special with what we're doing today is we're doing our very first batch, and you're going to be a part of this. So it's going to take three to four weeks for you to get your actual first Super Food Blend delivered. We're going to be sending it straight to you, but that's why we also have the MBB tribe. So the tribe is going to be where Kat and I are going to be in there making sure that you get access to what's going to be the right meal plan, the right workouts.

Chris: I'm going to be in there doing live streams, answering your questions. Kat's going to be talking about anti-aging. Plus, if you get in first 100, which honestly it might be taken up already. I don't know, you're going to have to just get on board.

Kat: Just go, go, go.

Chris: I'm going to give you a copy of "Craving the Truth". That's going to break down literally what you need to be doing with your meals, with your workouts and lifestyle, and what we're also going to be doing is this special that you get access to today is for life. If you stay on board with this, that means you get this lifetime discount.

Chris: So normally Super Food Blend. This has got the RLP of $97 just for one. The actual tribe, that sells for $50 a month. That's $150, but you get access to it today for only $59. So that's a massive discount. I don't know percentage was, what it is, because I'm horrible at math and that's okay. Melissa. Yay, got my confirmation email. So there we go.

Kat: Yay, celebrate.

Chris: It's coming through already. So that's fantastic. So we want to make sure that everybody come on board because we've got a couple wait up our sleeve. Like tomorrow I'm going to be jumping on board doing a live show, walking you through how we actually get the right meal plan, because what we start with, this is a little bit of secret sauces, how I kick start fat loss is what I do is we do a 14-day metabolic restart.

Chris: So what we do is actually in the first 14 days we actually get your body to learn to burn body fat. Now most people are trying to talk about how do I speed up my metabolism? That's actually the wrong question I believe, because let's think about the analogy of driving a car. People are saying, "How do I speed up my metabolism?" They're just thinking about, "How can I drive my car faster?" But what if your car is actually heading in the wrong direction?

Chris: So you just say, "Going in the wrong direction faster." So what we got to do first is make sure that you go in the right direction, which is how do you get your body to actually tap into body fat stores, how do you actually burn body fat for fuel. Then we talk about actually speeding our fat loss. But what we do is once we actually get your body tapping into body fat stores effectively, then we actually start talking about stress.

Chris: So what the biggest problem is to me people are stressed. They've got too high cortisol levels. They started throwing other things like testosterone, pregnenolone, all these ... Actually, let's not go down the whole monogram, because that's going to be too complicated right now. But what we're going to do is we turn your body into actually being able to burn body fat for fuel first, then we talk about actually being able to lower stress.

Chris: So what you'll find is most people when first getting the guides and plans I'm going to be sending through to you, think it's too easy and there's not enough. But you'll find that your body will actually be able to lose weight faster, because we're doing things easier. Because what's the biggest problem so many people fall into and I know we've done it before is you decide that you're going to lose weight. So what do you do?

Chris: You cut your foods down, you ramp up your workout.

Kat: Do some drastic random stuff.

Chris: You do more, more, more, more, more, and then what happens when you hit the plateau? Because you will hit hit the plateau.

Kat: What happens is you crack it and eat a freaking container of cookies.

Chris: Yeah, exactly.

Kat: If you're a woman.

Chris: If you're a man as well.

Kat: I never did this.

Chris: I did.

Kat: Okay.

Chris: That's the big problem. So you wind up crack it, and you start binge eating, and then you feel guilty, and that's bad. So mentally that's bad. Or you actually have to start eating less and less and less, because you're trying to get to that deficit. So what we do is we say, "Let's actually do a bottoms up approach." So let's start from the bottom and we actually build your food, so you'll see that we actually increase your food intake. So you're actually eating more and losing weight, because the whole just eat less move more scenario, it's a myth.

Kat: Boring.

Chris: I wrote a freaking book about the myth of it, and it's not fun at all.

Kat: Yeah. I just love everything you said. I love how you're just on a ... Did this stuff just comes out of you because you're so passionate about it and you know it so well?

Chris: I know I did it wrong for so long.

Kat: It is what we live and breathe. It is just ... I think you can see your passion coming through right, and you're just going to continue to get so much more of that and all of our knowledge and learning and support and accountability through being part of this tribe. So originally we will ... completely keep them two separate products. The coaching platform versus the product.

Kat: Then we're like, "No, of course we're going to honour the people who buy this amazing thing, and really are committed to change their lives, not just to taking a supplement." The thing is I don't know. There's so many more things that I probably could say. But I think we've kind of covered the best of it, and we're just so excited to welcome you. We can see people ... Thank you and it says thank you.

Kat: We can see people over on ... So we've got Chris. My friend here and Chris' friend here. Chris' friend is hooked up to the My Body Blend's page. So that's where you go when you click the link, you'll go to the Facebook messenger of the My Body Blend's page which is our joint business page. You'll then follow the prompts there, and you'll jump on to the sales page that way. So we can see people's responses that are coming up on his phone, which is super cool.

Kat: So this is ... It's just huge. It's the bringing to life of something that's been several years in the making in the physical sense. 10 plus years of friendship in the making, decades of learning and knowledge in the making, something I always wanted to do. Something I know Chris always wanted to do, and what an incredible thing to be able to do this with somebody who you have such a close friend in your life, but who you know is also going to deliver the level of support and empowerment for your tribe, that you would do yourself.

Kat: That's just such a huge big deal when being in business is somebody else to know that their work ethic and how they shop and their level of passion and commitment to change people's lives is the same. So this is the beginning of an amazing journey for you. If you are joining us, how long will we be keeping the founders special open for?

Chris: I only wanted to do ...

Kat: We had a little fight about it.

Chris: Yeah. That's all right. We're allowed. But what about if we do for just 24 hours?

Kat: What?

Chris: No, we don't do it in 24 hours. Come on, I'm not the queen of scarcity. I'm making people move fast, but I feel like we could give them. But it doesn't matter, because you would just click and buy it now anyway, otherwise you would have been in the top 100, and you'd be a crazy person.

Kat: Well how long do we let this video run for then? Because we have to take this video down.

Chris: I feel like I don't know what the answer is that I'm supposed to say now. I feel like we didn't rehearse this properly. That is because we didn't rehearse it.

Kat: We didn't.

Chris: Yeah. I didn't really walked in and be like, "Let's do it with the camera on."

Kat: Let's just turn the camera on and see what happens, apart from running down funny quotes.

Chris: What do you want to say to them?

Kat: Did you see that I've written down your quotes over here? I've saved it. I've written down the three quotes so far from Chris if you missed the quotes earlier. The quotes were this. He wanted to call our live show "this is why you're fat and we're not". That was one of my quotes of the year from Chris. Another one is that really sneaky? Me asking about a little Ninja trick. He's like, "Yeah."

Chris: We just don't cover a really good Facebook ad strategy.

Kat: That is good. Chris, that lighting is so good, Kat. Wait, no, it's just because we look so fabulous. That's my personal favourite.

Chris: I'm so happy with that.

Kat: Well, I think this is it.

Chris: All right. We're going to get busy.

Kat: Okay, is this? This is?

Chris: Yeah, I know. I just saw these already gotten on board.

Kat: I didn't ... See, that didn't happen for me. But if you have any issues or concerns at all, or anything doesn't work for you, maybe test it on a different device. Some people did say it doesn't. Didn't work on iPad. I'm not sure why that would be, but it's definitely working for me on my laptop. It's working on the phone. Of course you compare either of us. Or the My Body Blend's page as well, which is probably the best place to go, because then you'll get supported by our team as well and get answer as quickly as possible.

Kat: Seeing infomercial broker, I feel like we got so much gold content. You know what's going to happen now. My team will chop up this live stream, get some clips out of it, caption them up, and we'll just be promoting and having a hilarious time. Shouldn't business and life just get to be fun as well? So that's part of our philosophy and part of what we're here to show you.

Chris: You're not having fun, you don't enjoy the life.

Kat: You can bet your bottom dollar we're going to be having all sorts of shenanigans in that group once you're in there. Because it's how it should be. That's how it gets to be. All right.

Chris: Oh, good. Theo got ...

Kat: Oh, you're on. Perfect, Theo.

Chris: Confirmation done.

Kat: Yay, I'm so excited.

Chris: All right, awesome. So we've actually got to get to work, because we've got a lot of members.

Kat: Just casually launched a supplement company on a Monday morning in Bali. All right, we're going to go hangout with our members. We're going to see what's up. We're going to see you on the inside, click the link, do the thing, be in the thing. We'll see you in the thing. We love you.

Chris: Ciao.

Kat: Bye.