Rebel Millionaire

Kat: Alright, I have no idea what just happened there. Okay. That was so weird.

Patrick: Alrighty, man.

Kat: That's literally never happened before. It was too much power for Facebook.

Patrick: Too much. I'm telling you, too much. I never really told that story before either and I'm just like, ah, I just felt like ... I haven't really told that story in this, I've wrote about the story, but I haven't really said it, you know. So, yeah. Especially not a live stream in front of a people.

Kat: This is what happens because we said we were going to do being funny and entertaining and now we're just going super deep.

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, we did.

Kat: But this is what happens. The camera goes on and it goes wherever it's meant to go. Hey, what's up Ryan.

Patrick: It goes where it goes. What up Ryan.

Kat: The message goes wherever it's meant to go. But what I got out of that story was you just fucking decided and then it happened because you actually decided to change things, right? It was like boom, I'm moving into a new phase.

Patrick: Yeah. yeah, so I walked in there. I walked into the newest gym I was like, "I'm out, blase, blase, blase." I went to my house and from there just started trying to push it together. I didn't have very many bills, you know, so it wasn't that hard, and I just started to do ... This is the first time that I actually like started to tamper with doing something like this, with like sending out energy and messaging and stuff like that. I just started doing my thing and in a subtle way what I was doing was like I was trying to ... This is what I was talking to you about on a previous livestream, this is where I started to do things like survival gear and anything else that wasn't really me. I sell survival [crosstalk 00:01:58]. Yeah, bonded blogs, and everything that was mine, right?

Patrick: And then I was just doing that and doing that and doing that and my old friend from the dealership who had came through and done his thing left and then started his own thing, Ryan Motherfucking Stumen, he started seeing that, right? He wouldn't have been able seen this if I wasn't doing it, you know what I mean? I didn't know at the time that's what happened, but he noticed that I was out here trying to do my thing so he reached out and he was like, "You know, you need to come check out what I got over here. I know you're trying with the bondage blog, I know you're trying with the survival gear and it probably isn't working for you really well, is it?" And I was like, "Nah, it really ain't, dog."

Patrick: So I went over to see what he had going on. That's when I first got into a little bit internet marketing and the real shit, you know? The best mentor to help me out and take me through all this stuff. And so he pretty much took me as like his right hand man, showed me like all this stuff. It was just a great experience for me. It was basically like college for entrepreneurs, pretty much. What happened was, though ... I remember that, though. I remember not having anything. I remember trying and trying and trying to make a sale online. I'd never done that before. I'd never sold something like a digital programme or something like that. I'd never sold any of that stuff online before. I thought it was a bunch of weird shit, you know what I mean? Like who the fuck is going to buy ... One of Ryan's first programmes was something called Show Up and Close It and it was like 30 audio trainings. Some of them are like six minutes long and he had it set to like $4.97 and I'm thinking like, "Who's going to buy this?" You know what I mean? So I didn't really believe in it like-

Kat: I bought that programme.

Patrick: You bought it, right, of course, like a bad ass bought this. I'm a fucking billionaire-

Kat: I bought it. I bought it for my team, actually. I don't know if they did it. I'm probably one of those bad clients that buys online programmes and then doesn't ever open them or log in.

Patrick: A lot of people bought that programme though, you know? Like I sold a bunch of them. So that was like my first thing that I sold, you know, like online, and from a fucking house where I was flat broke and finally ... He fired me like three times because I couldn't sell it. I just couldn't believe. And finally I remember it cracked. And I just remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember going to the mall and being able to buy ... It was like Christmas and I didn't think I was going to by my family anything like that and like eh, here's goes another Christmas of being broke and all that shit and I just cracked it open. The sales just started to come through. And I just remember being at the mall and walking through there and I was listening to the song Muy Tranquilo, it's by Grammatic. I remember the song and everything like that, and I was just jamming around the mall listening to it and fighting back tears. So I remember that. And I have broken through that space of that part, you know what I mean? I've broken through that already and now I'm out here trying to fucking do it again. So yeah, I guess I've already done it so what the fuck am I talking about?

Kat: There you go. I don't think we've remotely touched on the title of the topic of our show but I think more people need to tell this part of the story and the journey because everyone goes through this shit. And then when you tell your own story, you reaffirm your own confidence and belief in yourself from telling it. You remind yourself the things that you've done where it was scary or you had to make a massive life change and then literally I always think any time I've ever really decided to do something, then I did it and I got the result 100% of the time. Alright, Pat always looks like such a badass, probably that's because I am. Frank Kern actually made a video for me on Friday that testifies that I'm a certified badass.

Patrick: I saw your badass-ery too when you fucking when you were working out. I'd just never seen like nothing that. Just such a savage at the gym. I was just like, whoa.

Kat: What? Oh when we went to the gym last week?

Patrick: Yeah, when we worked out together you were just killing it. I was like dude, fuck, what a beast, man. It would make anybody, and I've seen people out there working out, even like trainers and stuff and just blowing it out. It was crazy.

Kat: Thank you. And I know it all, but even that's another example. Actually, who wants me to do this? You just reminded me of something I thought of this morning. I think I'm going to make a programme on how to age backwards. Who would buy that programme? Because I think I've started to age backwards. You're going to buy the programme. I meant for women, but sure, we'll do a section for men.

Patrick: I'd buy it.

Kat: Well actually, though, the gym thing, like obviously I was a trainer for 13 years, like the life I said to you then, well you've got to hope that I know how to train after being a trainer for 13 years. But sorry, I remember when I was 19, Ryan's going to buy it. Yeah, Ryan, I've seen products from you from four years ago. You should buy that. Sorry. Not sorry. When I was 19, I was doing upright rows in the gym and I was just getting the little bit of muscle definition coming through for the first time. I started working out when I was 17 and I remember looking at myself in the mirror and I remember having the though, 'huh. If I just kept doing this every day, like really consistent, by the time I'm 40, I'm going to have arms like Donna and I'll be just looking like I made a decision in my head in that moment, I'm going to get better and better with age.'

Kat: And I look at photos of me from like four or five years ago and I look ten years old than I do now because there was a lot of stuff that wasn't in alignment in my life. And now, the time ... I feel like it's egotistical to say all this, but it's also true. Like even last night, my branding guy who does all my branding stuff here in LA, we were talking about Botox and I said something about how I always thought that one day I would get Botox, but now I've decided I won't because I read a research people that it freezes your actually emotions. And he's like, "What, you don't have any work done, yet?" And I'm like, "No, I've done nothing." Or last week the customs guy was staring at my passport for so long he's like, "This just doesn't match. The age isn't right." Or something like that. And I was like yes, because I fucking manifested it since I was 19.

Kat: So being a badass is a decision you make in your head in whatever form that is and you just decide that's how it's going to be; less stress. Yeah, stress maybe is part of it. I think it's decision and choice, but that's stress as well. Now that you have more money, you have less pressure. I don't think it's to do with the money. You might be [inaudible 00:08:41]. I think it's alignment and I think it's a decision. Like I decide in my head that it's easy to stay in shape, that I get in better and better shape as time passe, that well now I've decided that I'm ageing backwards and it seems to be working, so, I don't know.

Patrick: Do you journal about your appearance?

Kat: Yes. Yeah. I journal about everything. It would be kind of embarrassing I suppose if people saw the stuff I write in my journal, because some of it sounds quite, like, I don't know, flippant? Not flippant, what's the word? Just kind of not that important or something or just a bit silly. But I write selective body stuff. I'll write stuff like "I always look and feel fucking amazing. I love my body inside and out." I'll write stuff like, I'm journaling on my breasts growing bigger. I just started that last week.

Patrick: What?

Kat: I'm journaling-

Patrick: You're journaling what?

Kat: -my breasts growing bigger. But I only started this-

Patrick: Oh, on your breasts growing?

Kat: Yeah, but I only started that last week, so I don't have any data to report back on that yet. That's a new one.

Patrick: Like, "They're getting bigger today. Getting bigger today."

Kat: Yeah, why not?

Patrick: I found out that shrivelling is a process, so, just wanted to let you know that.

Kat: Well, there's research that shows that if you just think ... Like they did research on bicep muscles that one guy's doing like bells on one side and then just thinking about the other side and you got better results just from the thinking.

Patrick: Just from the thinking?

Kat: Yeah. So I'm just saying why has this never occurred to me before? Let's test this out. Okay, everyone's going to start journaling on their breasts growing bigger, now. Brittany's in.

Patrick: And all the dudes are going to be journaling on their penis size.

Kat: Well, yeah. Journal whatever you've got to journal, people.

Patrick: I don't want to be this long.

Kat: Whatever you believe is possible and real. That's a true thing. But I journal on like I always look and feel amazing, have great abs. I write like I have a perky butt and tight legs like I feel embarrassed with what I write, but I just write what I want.

Patrick: Yeah, you brought in some detail, damn.

Kat: Huh? Detail, yeah.

Patrick: You're going into detail, yeah. Hold on, I've got to plug this phone in though. Shit goes very quick when you're live streaming, you know what I mean?

Kat: I know. I've got to go in five minutes anyway. I've got to go catch a plane to Australia.

Patrick: Damn. So we didn't even talk about the title, huh? We just went all the way [crosstalk 00:11:15]-

Kat: I think we approved the tile.

Patrick: True, true.

Kat: We just did a live demonstration of the title.

Patrick: Well I don't even know what the title is? What the hell is the title?

Kat: You made the tile up. It was something about-

Patrick: I know, I forgot what I made up.

Kat: -how to find satisfaction in your art, which is actually what we're doing a live demonstration of right now.

Patrick: Live demo right here and now. But the reason-

Patrick: -The reason I did tell that, too, is because I wanted to say that in this case ... You only got five minutes, so we should be good to go. Let me plug this in. But the reason I made that is because I was telling about my thing that I dropped today, my offer that I took forever to make, and I dropped it today and there was not then one sell as of dropping it, so I'm still, it's just like ... I'm just so satisfied with it that I really don't care if it does or doesn't. But that's cool because I'll make another one and it will, you know what I mean? And I'll keep getting better at it. But the things is-

Kat: That's a normal thing, right.

Patrick: -I'm so satisfied. Say again?

Kat: Well, that's normal because you're not hosting the workshop until a week or two away, there's no urgency for people to have to buy right now anyhow. If you had some bonus or they get something straight away for signing up, then you'll get sales at the start. But my programmes that end up with a hundred people in them, if I drop them and the thing is not happening for ten days or something and I don't give some incentive to say yes/no, I get maybe one sale or one or two or none and then it will still get whatever it gets at the end. That's why oftentimes I give people, like if you join up strait away, then you get I call it the pre-Web, like you'll get some bonus trainings or you might get added to the basic group right away. Otherwise it's all going to come at the end anyway. There's no urgency.

Patrick: Okay, cool.

Kat: But the offer is fucking amazing.

Patrick: I was like did you just dissect my offer and tell me what the fuck was wrong with that shit? Alright, I see what you did there.

Kat: I can't help it. It happens automatically.

Patrick: You're like, "By the way, if you would've put this here and you would've put that there and you would've put this here, if you would've [inaudible 00:13:34], people would be buying it."

Kat: Like I said, my stuff doesn't ... I'll get little or no sales when I first launch, unless I do some special by now thing, like a bonus or first ten people or something, which sometimes I do that and other times I don't do it, and then my team will be like, "It's not selling," and I'm like whatever, it's not starting for a week. No one's going to buy now. Why would they buy now? They'll buy it at the last final minute, you bunch of flakers. You should just make fast decisions, not wait until the end.

Patrick: Exactly. You should have it while it's hot. That's what I say. So we didn't -

Kat: I have to go.

Patrick: -any of the entertaining ... I think this was entertaining enough. What do you think?

Kat: I think it was entertaining, not in the way that we discussed that it might be, but I think it was fucking powerful.

Patrick: I want to do an entertaining one with you soon enough, you know? It was definitely powerful, but we've got to do the entertaining stuff because you're definitely good at entertaining as well.

Kat: Well, we're hilarious and it would be irresponsible and selfish to hid that gift from the world. And we're nice people, so we will share it with people.

Patrick: Yes, very much so. Good. They need it.

Kat: Yes. Exactly. Alright. Final words of wisdom?

Patrick: That's it. I pretty much laid it out on the table, so there you go. If you're going through some shit, I am, too. Let us go through some shit and come out on the other side better people.

Kat: Love it. Go and watch the replay. It's in two parts; for some reason Facebook couldn't handle the intensity. Keep pressing fucking play. Bye.

Patrick: Later.

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