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Okay. We're back. Take two, I don't know what's happening. Oh, my God. All right. Okay. Hello people, are you coming back to me? I don't know what happened, Facebook just decided to finish the live stream.

Hey Anna, okay. It's all under control, except for this sweat situation that's not remotely under control. Let me wait for a moment and let people jump back on.

I kind of can't even believe how much I'm actually sweating right now. It's not like I don't control the time, I know what it's like, but my body is in total shed mode right now, I can just feel it. I think it's about to start dripping off my chin at any moment. Fortunately, I have a top here. Like I know none of this is really a big deal, it's just the live stream dropped out.

But it's kind of like, it's exactly what I was talking about on the previous live. It's just like things just keep happening and you're like, "I'm really trying to fucking release this and not let it get to me, and I'm trying to be in surrender, but then more thing just keep happening.

Somebody asked am I drinking water from here? No, it's French and amino-acids, which is what I drink through the morning usually before I eat.

Like it's like nearly 12 noon now, I haven't eaten yet. I've done my hot yoga, I'll do another workout later, and I'm just in my kind of feel like fasting mode.

Okay. Why was I even up to, I was going to talk about the Inner Circle. Mim, can you drop that link again? My Inner Circle is open for registration now. I was just mentioning that and then I was going to go into this thing about letting your message be what your message is for the day, and letting you be who you are.

Inner Circle is 12 months mentoring with me one on one at the highest level, and you get to join the most badass and hot as fuck mastermind in the world with my other private clients. The results that we get in there, money results, alignment results, flora results, business, body, love, lifestyle, fun, adventure, all of that are freaking phenomenal. Right? So I'm so excited to be officially opening this up for applications and inquiries, and what that means is just message me from my personal page, and I'll get you a full written overview. A short live stream where I talk about the kind of work that I do with my clients, and some other cool stuff as well, for you to have a look at, and just feel if it's for you. It's a freaking phenomenal place. It is an anomaly and it's phenomenal.

Its an existing place. Its been going for just over a year, and I don't promote it normally though. I just have never done a promotion, or a launch around it. 100% of people who are in the Inner Circle have literally just approached me out of nowhere. So many clients, like magic, and said I need to be part of this, and that's how its always happened.

So this is the first time that I've ever been going like, "Hey, this is open. Did you even know about it?" Because a lot of people didn't even know about it. I realised I'm super under the radar, and that's always felt perfect, and aligned, and I'll probably go back to that, but currently I'm taking in the exact perfect women who are meant to be in there. If you feel that that's you, or you'd like to know more, or you feel that it might be you, message me. I'll get you the full overview and all the details of that.

If you click on my Facebook cover photo on this page, or on my personal page, you can read some of the testimonials in there from some of my amazing clients. There's so many that we haven't even written up yet. I literally been hoarding all these incredible results to myself, and not sharing them. So I'm starting to write one up, and share one each day, and I'm going to be starting to do some conversations with Bad Asses. Interviews with my Inner Circle clients on joint Facebook live soon as well. So you'll get a chance to hear from some of the most amazing entrepreneurs and creators in the world about how they do business in life, and let them share their gifts and talent and genius with you. So, just something to keep your mind. But definitely message me now if you're feeling that.

All right, so if you missed the first part of this live stream before it dropped out, watch the first part, the post of that is already on my page. It's already there for you, and I was talking about being fucked over energetically by Bali, and how that's totally a story, and I see that, but then how I also choose to lean into it. I choose to lean into it whether it's in Bali, when shits going on, and when shit's stirring up. Even like ... I did a live the other night about this, Friday night actually. About feeling triggered by something. Right?

That's another example. We get triggered by something, or something feels uncomfortable, we're not fun in sight of this, and it's kind of like, "Oh, I don't like this feeling. I don't want this feeling, how can I push this away? How can I get back to super flow, or being high vibe, or lewd as fuck," whatever it is, and what I've learned, and what I've found, and Bali is such a great example of this, is that when that stuffs coming up from inside of us, there's a reason for it, and what if we allowed it to come up, and what if we allowed it to happen?

So whenever you're triggered by something, whenever something makes you feel sad, or you feel uncomfortable, I'd be curious to know what you think. Comment, comment.

Whenever you feel angry, or you're just frustrated, or you can't seem to quite connect, don't try and hide or mask that feeling. Allow yourself to be whoever you are in that day, and in that moment, and I feel like this is probably one of the harder things to learn, because its ... We're talking about allowing ourselves to sit in confrontation, or to sit in discomfort, or to sit in nausea, or to sit in your body expelling random weird shit from it, physically, or emotionally, or spiritually, or whatever it might be. But I found that when you can allow yourself to be with what is, firstly you take the fear side of it out of it, because you realise, "Hey, I'm actually okay. I can sit in this space of pain or discomfort, or extreme confrontation, or feeling sad, or feeling frustrated, or feeling down, or feeling angry or whatever. I can actually sit here and be here, and I'm still okay. Because I think that part of it is, we trample away from stuff like that. We think that it's not safe. That we want to avoid it.

Ann Marie says, I did that over the weekend, I'm freaked out.

I can't read the rest of your comment, I'll have to read it later.

Michelle, yes it's true. Not good not to share. Yup. Exactly. Definitely good to talk about, and good to lean into. It's always temporary. That's right Debbie. One of my favourite sayings that I've used for years in my life is, "It is what it is, and this too shall pass."

I think one of my mentors when I was in my mid 20's, he was way at the top of the company that I worked for at the time, the fitness company, and he would always just say, no matter what happened, he would say, "It is what it is." Or ... Is that the exact wording he said? It was something like, "It is what it is," and it was just this final answer to anything or everything. Like, shit would be going down, the ceilings would be crumbling, the sky be falling, and he'd be like, "It is what it is," and that's all it is. I really was like, "I like that," because it gives you back your power, and it gives you freedom, and it gives you realisation that, "So what? It is what it is, and that's all it is, and this too shall pass." It's the bit that I added onto it.

But I remember in my relationship at the time, which was with my first husband, we'd have shit going on or whatever, money stuff or whatever it might've been, and I was like this wise old owl, I was like, "Well, it is what it is," I was just continually saying it, and he used to get super shitty with me, because no matter what was going on, I was like, "Well, it is what it is." Then now, I still say that all the time, continually. Even to my kids if they're freaking out about something. Or to friends or whatever, I'm like, "Oh, it just is what it is." Like, is there an action that I can take here? Is there something that I can do that is in alignment to do? That's not me running, or try to avoid, or numb? So is there an aligned action to take? Yes, if so great. Take it.

But sometimes there's not. Sometimes you're just feeling all this shit going on, and you don't feel connected, and you don't feel like you really know what to do, and your message is not freakin' coming through you, and then sweat is dripping off your chin, and the WiFi's not working, and the the live stream keeps shutting down, and you vaguely feel like you might have to get up from the live stream at any moment and hurl into the pool, and it's like, "Let's just be here now then." It is what it is, and this too will pass.

But meanwhile, what is actually the benefit and the purpose of this? Because if I come back to my underlying belief, I fully believe and know that everything happens for me, not to me. So this is happening for my greater good. So, if I can surrender to that idea, and that knowledge, I don't even need to know how or why right now. I don't need to sit here and figure out the answer. It might come to me later when I'm in a massage, or having a walk, or sleeping, or it might not come at all. Either way is fine, because I'm getting what I need from it. Feelings are facts I guess, if you make them facts.

Jenna says, feelings aren't facts. Feelings yeah, they have whatever meaning you assign to them, so that's a great comment, I love it.

It's about allowing yourself to be okay with what is. Then when you look at, being a messenger, and being this person in business and in life ... I don't know what to do with my hair ... Being somebody who feels, I guess, some sense of responsibility or obligation to your business, well fuck obligation anyway, do what's flowing through from your soul, but if you do feel that you desire to message and share something like a live stream, or a blog, or anything like that with your audience, then what if you literally just always gave yourself permission for the message to be the message that day, and for you to be who you are.

So, your message for the day is a reflection of what's actually real, and what's going on inside of you. I'm literally just talking about shit that I've been feeling and experiencing, but I'm turning it into something that's motivating, inspiring, empowering. I wouldn't say super high entertainment value for today's particular show, but often times it's entertainment as well. Right? I don't know, you can tell me if it's entertainment. When I think of entertainment, I tend to think of [Ben Glariss 00:09:46], and I don't think I'm Ben Glariss today. But maybe it's entertaining in a different way.

Anyway, I'm letting my message be what it is. I couldn't come back here to the villa now feeling the way I've been feeling. I'm feeling frustrated, and kind of like, "Ahhh. I want to rip the head off the world," and then all this random shit's happening in my body as well. I couldn't come back and just put that aside, and try to teach and preach on some other random point. I mean I could, but it wouldn't be real. It wouldn't have the real true power and fire in it, and you would feel that.

On the other hand, if I just allow my message for the day to be a reflection of who I am today, then it's so easy. There's nothing I have to worry about. So today I'm being this person. This is what's going on, this is my truth. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow I'll be like random, silly, shenanigans version of me. Or another time I'll be going even deeper into the whole fire and [inaudible 00:10:32], but either way, I'm just going to be who I am, and I think this is one of the ultimate lessons that we all get to learn, and one of the ultimate shifts that we all get to drop into. Which is, always flow in ease if you just be who you are. So, this is not just with your free content though. Whatever you're putting out there for free, whatever you're sharing with the audience, even how you're communicating with clients, and then you're paid stuff and what you want to put out there into the world. It always gets to come from this place of, "This is just who I am, and this is what's real." It can be for the content side of things, and the actual stuff that you're putting together and delivering, but it's also the practical reality of what's going on in your world. Right?

I used to think I had to hide the noise of my kids if they're around for example, or I would have never answered client audios, or having my hair blown out, which is what I was doing earlier. So then they can hear the noise of the hair dryer in the background. I listened back, you can still hear it. But it's more that I would have hidden that earlier, because I would have somehow thought that people would think that's unprofessional or how dare I multi-task by responding to messages while my hair's being done, or while I'm walking down a busy street, or being on phone calls with a client when I'm being driven to the airport or whatever. I just don't hide anything ever. This is my situation, this is my reality, or last night teaching my live stream trainings to my private clients. I did two live stream's late at night. I was pretty wrecked. I'd been going for already 17 hours, travelled from Australia to Bali, which is only a six hour flight anyhow, but more so that I was already feeling a bit energetically fucked around, and I was pretty tired, and I was just in my pyjamas, no bra on, no make up, shiny face, all that shit, and just being who I was. I didn't allow that to be like, "I should cancel live stream because I'm not really looking that great, or feeling that great. Or, I should doll myself up, and be somebody that I'm not. I've just let business be so easy by being who I am, and so that's what I wanted to come on and share with you today. If you feel like its hard, if you feel like its awkward, if you feel like you struggle to know what to say or how to get it out there, or that some days you're inspired and the message finally comes through you, and then other days you're like, "Man, I'm not feeling it today." You've got to recognise and understand that there's always something there to share, it's just that you got to give yourself permission to be who you are. Okay? So I think this is one of the biggest break throughs that you can have. It is what it is, that's all it is, and whatever it is will pass whether its high or low, up, down, crazy around, and in between, and you are who you are as well, and you get to be who you fully are in this moment. If you can give yourself permission to share who you truly are, day in and day out, with the world, and let it be that easy, and that real, that is when you build an unstoppable brand. So that's my little message for you today. If you'd like to know more about working with me one on one, having me in your side ... In your side, in your pocket, on your side, in your corner, wherever the fuck you want me, doing deep dive alignment work, you know, work on mindset, like I said, we do transformations on a soul and cellular level, as well as obviously all the ins and outs of building a multi seven figure, online, personal brand business.

Message me over my Katrina Ruth page. I'll get you the details of the inner circle, let's talk. Have an amazing rest of the day wherever you are in the world, we'll see who I show up as tomorrow. And don't forget. Life is now, press play.

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