Rebel Millionaire

Hey, hey. Welcome to the live stream. Okay, small problem. That's not the problem. This hair's definitely a problem. Its become a kind of terrible balayage situation. Don't worry. The amazing Hailey will fix it on Tuesday. I will look blonde and fabulous again.

Hmm, here's my problem. It's what is commonly referred to as a cushion problem, meaning I have not enough cushions. One second. I definitely have enough lights. You should see the lighting situation here. I'm like the princess and the pea. Hi Liora, hi Melissa, hi Anna. Look at my situation. Hang on. Can you see all these cushions? There's like four of them there now. I must sit on mini cushions. Bop.

No need to manifest the perverts in, Branden Marshall, Lily Lucia, hi. Hi, Susan, hey Anna Shelley. Who else is there? Hi, Debbie. Hi to all the queens who are here with me on the live stream. And, so far, one king that ... Okay, there's another one. Hey, Trent. Yeah, it's in the middle. I wanted it bottom right. Calling Bronwen Kelly, Bronwen Kelly to the live stream. Why is my banner in the middle? I don't know, I just like to mess with people, you know. Not even on purpose, it just seems to happen. It seems to be part of my nature.

I nearly didn't go live, because apparently, according to my daughter, my eyes look scary. There they are. She said my eyeliner's terrible. I said, I'm channelling Kelly Renny, which is a compliment, by the way. The thing is, though, I'm having some bizarre allergic reaction right now, and my eyes are ...

Okay, I'm going to give myself permission to pick bits of myself apart, and I might be making it up in my head, or maybe you're just agreeing with me, and you're like, look at those squinty little eyes. My eyes feel super squinty and little right now. Are they? Are they squinty and little right now? Can you tell me? Because, I don't know if I'm imagining it, or if they are. But, they feel tiny in my head. Like disgusting little pea eyes, and my face is puffy and a bit swollen and I'm having an allergic reaction to something and I'm shaky.

I look hot. Well, that's because of all the lighting. There's an entire studio of lighting on me right now. Thank you for saying ... I carefully chose everything, you guys. I put my warning, I don't really care, T-shirt on, because I feel like that could be relevant to what we're going to talk about. I enhanced my breasts with my mind, which just means posture. Then we have pinkness here and ocean there. So, I thought about every part of it. But I still need a [inaudible 00:03:19] because I feel weird, I'm all shaky in my head, and I'm shaking in my hands. I've got that feeling of, it's a histamine reaction. You know that histamine feeling? I hate it.

I'm trying to figure out why I've got it. What was I eating last night on the flight home? I just flew home last night with my children, to Australia. I've only spent 36 hours in Australia in the last three months. I'll be here now for like ... Thank you ... I'll be here now for, I think, 16 days, and then I go back to Bali, and then I'll come back for two weeks. Then, I'll be in America again for a month, from middle of June. We've got my inner circle retreat happening early July in ... Thank you, Trent ... Early July in Los Angeles. If you have been meaning to join me in a circle. Wow, it really is right in the middle of the screen. Okay, that's fine. Then, just message me about the inner circle.

I think it was because I, do you think you can have a fucking allergic reaction from a single fig? I get a reaction to foods with histamine in them, so certain wines, but definitely dried fruits, right? I had a dried fig on the plane from my daughter's cheese platter. Surely, that can't be enough for me to have this, I can really feel it. Thank you for saying I look hot, I appreciate it. I receive it, but I feel weird as fuck. I definitely need to get sweaty again. I already worked out, I got to go sweat again.

We are gonna do this topic, we're gonna do this conversation. Are you excited for this conversation? The more you be you, the more you get paid to be you. Ah-ha, send me love heart shower if you like it, if you think it's a good topic. Maybe it was cheap wine. Maybe Virgin is serving up the wine with more preservatives in it. Because, if I drink wine with more preservatives in it, I get this reaction for sure, I don't know. I don't know, but what I do know is, after I do this, I'm gonna go to the gym in my building and sweat it out again. Even though, I was just at the gym two hours ago. But, I'm gonna cleanse my system. Cleanse my system of the pea eyes and the puffy face. Whether or not yous guys can see it, I can fucking feel it. Also, I'm gonna eat all the green vegetables.

All right, now you're all caught up to speed on what's happening with me. I'm not entirely sure why this banner is right in the middle of the screen, but it's attention getting anyway, so that's never a bad thing. I'm feeling super excited to be in my favourite pink chair. I must admit, I'm not in love with being on the Gold coast, which sounds terrible. I'm super happy to be back, and see some of my bestest friends in the world, like the amazing Kelly Renny, and Matt Miller, and my sister. I could have put her first, couldn't I. Well, she's priority number uno anyway, I'm gonna go see her tonight. My sister just moved her while I was away on the other side of the world, she just moved to where I live, from the other side of the country. I haven't visited her house yet or anything. So, we'll do that tonight.

I've been having this conversation with, all right, I'm just side tracking all over the place. Don't worry, don't worry, don't worry. Did you guys even give me love heart shower for the topic? Because, I feel like I didn't see it. But, that might be, because I was busy sharing shit over here. Send me more love hearts, because I enjoy to look at them. I did see some flying Katrina's. When is the inner circle meet up? It's gonna be July 11 and 12. I haven't decided the exact venue yet, we are in discussion. Yes, you could have red fern, John, probably preferable than a pink one, but I guess you could have pink if you really wanted to. I like the pink.

It looks like a green screen behind me, doesn't it? That's the actual real ocean right there. Oh my God, I've got the funniest little clip on my phone from dinner a few weeks ago, Dallas, of Ryan Steuben explaining the difference between the ocean and the sea. It made no sense at all, but it made all the sense in the world. I definitely should share that later. That just reminded me of that. Hey, hey, Wendy.

Somebody said to me yesterday, one of my friends said to me yesterday on an audio, that I blow his mind with some of the simplest stuff I've said, or I guess he asked me a question about when I switched into being ... I want to hear Patrick as Ryan Steuben explaining it, oh, well tag him in there, tag him in, and we can add to the live stream and explain it himself. I wonder if you can add people when you've done it on your Facebook create a page, as opposed to on your personal page. You'd have to tag him and tell him what you need and require though. Otherwise, I'm sure I can make that happen for you at some point in time.

I definitely do have him doing an impression of Ryan, but that was in the live stream in the daily [inaudible 00:08:08]. All right. Always spot on to comments. Good, I try to be. What was I saying? Right, so my friend asked me, my friend Ryan, different Ryan. I actually have multiple Ryan friends. Two, just so you know, so no more Ryans can apply, that position is already filled, two is enough. One in Australia, whose basically like my oldest friend int he world, who I've known for nearly 20 years, and then the other one who everybody knows, Ryan Steuben. Many people in our own previous world though.

Anyway, he messaged me and asked, when did I switch into being, or what was it that made me switch into being more aggressive Kat. He didn't say it with that emphasis, I just added that myself. It was, because I'd said something to him about, we were talking about can you swear, can you curse in the titles of books on Amazon, or in the books at all. I was like, well, I've definitely got it even in several of the titles of my Amazon books. But, I said, if you look through my earlier year ones it didn't have it all. But, that was because I wasn't really aggressive Kat then, I don't think I was really cursing in my messaging. I was the one who came up with the phrase aggressive Kat. My friends aren't just going around calling me aggressive Kat for the fun of it.

Then, he said, a day or two later, must have thought about it, and he was like, "What was it that made you switch into being aggressive Kat?" My answer was really simple, I just looked at him and said ... Hello Terry, hello Tamara, hello Yara, hello everybody jumping on. Victory sign for you, not sure why, just came out that way, must be the fern. I said, I got fed up for not living for what's inside of me. I got fed up with not living for what's inside of me. That was my answer. I was just, you're walking along, you get a message on what's up, or whatever, and you just quickly answer it. But, I tuned in, and I gave, obviously, the real answer, and the correct answer.

To me, that was a nothing answer. It was like, eh, I got fed up for not living for what's inside of me. Then, I think I wrote again and I said it was my, fuck this shit moment, right? I remember the fuck this shit moment. I've spoken about ti many times, many times. I think lots of people have a fuck this shit moment, and that was probably my biggest one. Where I was just fed up with myself. The aggression that started to then come out of me through my messaging is still part of my messaging to this day, and cursing a lot, and being like (roar). Well, that's obviously part of who I am, and (roar) and very, very aggressive, legitimately (roar). All right, I'll stop now. Wait, can't promise anything. Hey, Queen Rashida.

All right the aggression that started to come through ... It is that kind of day, Molly, for sure ... That was, at first, I honestly think it was, because I was angry at myself. Have you ever felt ... Toby, what are the eyes for? Explain the mysterious eyes. Does that mean you can see all things, and you know all things? What do the eyes mean, we need to hear? Give a love heart shower you guys, or some flying creep Katrina's, which you use your stickers for, if you have ever felt so fed up with your own self not speaking your truth. I have a gentle soul. This is true, Gillian [inaudible 00:11:18], I am sending you all the love. Am I even saying your last name correctly? Do I even know how to say my own inner circle client's last name?

Gillian put an amazing post up yesterday, about how she's building her million dollar business, and the energetic shifts that have happened since she began working with me in the inner circle, which was only about four or five weeks ago. I remember you messaged me, okay, don't worry, don't worry, well get back onto the point of the point. You make a creepy Katrina reaction ... This is about the weirdest question I've ever received. You make a creepy Katrina reaction by, you press the sticker thing that's just to the inside of the emoji list. Something like that, I don't know, somebody explain it. Figure it out amongst yourselves.

Gillian messaged me, I was in the coffee line at the frigging Disney resort. My creative control manager, Bronwen Kelly, made me the creepy Katrina's. She's also the one who made me the Katrina Ruth Show banner. They're not supposed to be creepy. What are these? Oh, does it say press play? What's happening? Does it say 1%, can somebody screen shot this, my mind is expanding right now, you guys. These are all new. There's little pink 1% signs coming up. Keep them coming, just keep sending them. Be trigger happy on the button. I want all your fingers wearing out, just like push, push, push, just keep pressing play on that button. There's a flying Katrina, there's another one. I don't like that one with her back to me. I don't care for that. Branden, get on your phone right now. No playing with the emojis without prior supervision or permission.

I'm so not, I'm high on life, I'm high on the throne, 1%, amazing. Amazing. All right, let's go back to Gillian, and then let's go back to the topic after that, because we're getting to the topic. I feel that I'm doing a fabulous live demonstration of how to be yourself anyway. We're getting somewhere with that. I'll sell you, you got to be ... Thank you, Lily, I try to be hilarious. Send some laughing emojis, because they're my favourites, they really are. I like to be in my entertainer mode. You know we're [inaudible 00:13:26] starting this week. I've got to start now, before I go all shenanigans, and it's my six week one-on-one. Message me please, if you've been thinking about working with me one-on-one. I would love to give you all the detail, and the uber view, everything, understanding, and talk with you about whether it's for you.

Gillian started, so just message me on my personal page, preferably please. Oh my God, the 1% sign, it's the best thing I've ever seen. Best. Actually, one of the best things that I've ever seen is, my Instagram finally lets me use different font on the stories now, believer, first thing's first, gonna say what I want duh-duh, gonna say all the words inside my head. Shall we sing it for a little bit. I think so, Bronwen Kelly, was being informed that the banner is the middle of the screen. The middle, the middle, you understand?

I think we're gonna have a small breakout for song, then I'm gonna go back to the Gillian's [inaudible 00:14:23] story, and working with me, and the energetic upgrades and shifts, and haven't your best, biggest month ever without even doing any fucking thing, and vibrational shifts, and making money for being you, and message me about [inaudible 00:14:33], and I will also discuss the conversation that we said we're gonna discus. I'm not quite sure what it was now. Making money being you, we're coming back to that. We're coming back.

Everybody breathe, it's under control. We need to listen to this though, just for a moment. Because, I want to do a new about page on my website, and I'm gonna do ... I'm not supposed to tell you guys this, because I think it's the funniest, most hilarious idea that ever existed in the history of time, and I'm giggling, giggling, giggling to myself about doing it. But, now I'm telling you, but only some people will know. But, it's gonna be a mashup of all these different songs.

We'll start with this, with the words from this, ready? Facebook, just what's happening, is it not working. No, no, go away YouTube, we don't want you. What is happening? Why? Reload, fuck your reload. This must not be meant to be. Okay, YouTube Believer, Imagine Dragons. You've got to listen to just the start of this song, because actually it's so on point for the topic of conversation. You had a feeling was gonna do something weirdo, but I love the 1% stickers, and I don't mind it being in the middle, because I feel like its attention getting. But, maybe we can see if we can move it down.

The whole conversation is about, the more you be you, the more money you make. Is that what we called it, guys? What did we call it, what was the team decision on what this live stream was called? Let's check it out. Then, I'm gonna ... The more you be you, the more you get to be paid to be you. Well, that was obvious, who would need to do a fucking live stream about it? Nobody needs to talk about that, that's just obvious. We established that, we'll just talk about whatever comes up.

Gillian messaged me when I was in the coffee line at Disney. I feel like I don't need to tell you that whole story right now anymore. She knew it was time to go all in, in deeper way with what she was doing. She felt that I was the mentor to support her to do that. She joined the inner circle tout suite with very minimal conversation. That's how we do it. Then, do you know it continues to delight me, and to humble me, and awe me, that my clients just shift. It sounds egotistical, I feel a little self conscience to say it, but we've only had two phone calls, I think, in that time, in that four or five weeks. But, we've spoken on messages quite a bit, three reactions.

This stupid audio doesn't want to play for me. It's clearly being a little bitch. We've connected back and forth on messages, and audios, and that sort of thing. She's just going up, up, up, up in her energy, and wrote an amazing post about it yesterday. What? It's just freaking stepping into fully being you, and backing yourself, and owning everything that's inside of you. I feel like I would have way more emphasis around that story if I had told it five minutes ago when it was coming through. But, it wasn't coming through then. Don't worry, we're gonna get to this song in a minute. It's only taking me that fucking long in order to get this stupid thing to load.

Okay, ready. This is the way, that's gonna be the start of my new about page. It's so good, just wait. (music) First thing's first, gonna say all the words inside my head ... And tired of the way that things have been. Okay, now don't know all the words. Second thing's second, gonna eh-eh. Okay, I'm losing it. Okay, I felt like I could have kept up with the words, and it would have been amazing, and I didn't quite manage to do it.

But, he says, first thing's first, I'm gonna tell you ... What did, okay, let me try one more time. First thing's first, I'm gonna say all the words inside my head. I'm fired up, and tiered of the way that things have been. Uh, ooh. I can't do the ooh bit. Second thing's second, don't you tell me what to think, uh-duh-duh-duh, I'm the master of my sea. If that's not the wording to start your about page with, then what is? Let's look up the lyrics, so that we're all clear. Believer, Imagine Dragons lyrics. You know what would be smart of me, if I would have played the version that shows the lyrics on the screen, and you guys would have been like, wow, she's so on it.

First thing's first, I'm a say all the words inside my head. I'm fired up, and tired of the way that things have been. I've got to pee now. It's so good, so good, so good. If you don't listen to Imagine Dragons, I don't even know what you think you're doing with your life, frankly. But, I suppose you're fine. But, you've got to listen to the words of that song, and you've got to listen to Do What it Takes. It's gold, it's gold. If you have a hustle friend in your life, who's an adrenaline lover, who's a badass that just goes all in, and does the damn thing, you should send them this song. They are gonna love you for it. Then, you can send me a gift, P.O. Box 861 Surfers Paradise Queensland, 4217.

Then, definitely Warrior. Let's hear a little bit of Warrior. Warrior, Imagine Dragons. Are you guys cool with this? Can we just do a little campfire session? Are you guys all right with it? I don't know why I keep getting away with putting songs on my live streams anymore, touch wood. Here's some, okay. I think it's, because Mark Zuckerberg loves me. It's only normal. But, it adds value, why would you not be allowed to do it? I really like what I've heard from Imagine Dragons. You've got to dig deep into Imagine Dragons. You've got to dig all the way. No, go away with the ad, we don't care with the ad. I love this Warrior song, but probably Do What it Takes is the best one you've got to go listen to that.

I love this, because they, it talks about how we always knew that we'd be the ones who (music) ... Sweet child you will play and wash the fire away. You always knew you could be the one to work while they all play. Hmm, hmm-hmm. Of all the things that you would change, but it was just a dream. All right, we've got to stop. We better stop, we're gonna get in trouble. Somebody's gonna tag Marky-Mark in. Tag Marky-Mark in, that'd be awesome.

Okay, here's the deal, right, my friend said to me, how simple some of the stuff that I say to him is, or how simple the most powerful stuff, I guess, that I say to him is, and how it just blows his mind. Because, it's like, I guess, and then we got into a conversation about it yesterday, and we were both going back and forth, and just discussing the awesomeness of what we both put into the world, obviously, just in a normal fashion.

But, talking about how, well, we both have a fitness background, we used to work in the gym together for years. He and his wife are still that's their business, helping moms to get into amazing shape, and doing the inner transformational work around that as well. We were talking about how, people just tend to think and assume that, whether it's in business, whether it's with money making, whether it's with fitness, whether it's with love and relationships. It's the other area that I keep talking about all the time at the moment. People tend to think and assume that it's the really complex stuff that's gonna get the results, right? So, I ... Did somebody just, was there somebody there for a second.

Ah Mummy

I think I'm imagining things. I think I imagined a small beast. A little curly headed beasty. We're just getting into the freaking sermon. Okay, I'm gonna carry on, because I want to do this, and I'm not gonna be distracted, I will not be. Yes, you're hilarious, now everybody's more interested in you than me. Go, go play, I'm gonna do my sermon. Go.


All right, people think, and this is what we were talking about. People think that the experts, or the gurus are holding, right. Reserving, and holding a secret from them. It's like, that we've got the real answer, and that if you join the right programme, or if you pay enough money, then you get the secrets, and then you get the answer.


But, to get the amazing results ... I'm laser focused, you guys, laser focused.


To get the amazing results.


Hello. Hello, go, go sing a song in the library.


Awe, oh, thank you Gillian.

Hello, hi-o, hi-o.

Yes, if you buy ... Well, people who buy from you, actually this is a good little exercise while I am a little distracted. If you buy from me, and you've bought from me, straight up, tell me what is the reason that you've bought from me? Maybe, sometimes you didn't want to know the content of that particular course, but what's the first answer that comes to mind-


... As to why you've bought from me.

Hey you, hey you. Hello.

Whether it's in an online programme, or as a high level client, in rich on empire, or even in the inner circle with any of my other inner circle bad asses are here. I know Gillian just signed off, and gave a cool little shout out there saying, definitely join. Yeah, so I'd love to know, and it something to think about for you as well. Wendy says the energy. It's a good thing to think about, why do people buy from you.

Energy, cool, all right. But, yeah, people tend to, I think we all tend to still assume that there's some sort of magical missing link that we don't know. But, really, in all areas, it's the simple stuff that gets the results, right? My friend had asked me, why did I switch to being more aggressive Kat, and I was like, because I got so sick of not living for what's inside of me. Then, I started to do that, right? Which, was my F this shit moment, basically. Because, I started to do that-


And to fully live for what's inside of me. Things started to blow up. Oh my God, you're literally spurting on me. I see that you're trying to get attention, and you're doing a really good job of it, but mommy's in her A game zone, all right? Connection, energy to level up, wanting to be more badass says Kat, Lilly says wanting to be like me. Which, by the way, also just means, being what's inside of you, right? If anyone resonates with the idea of wanting to be like me in some way, then that's because you see it inside of you. Nothing's happening here at all. There's nothing to laugh about or look at.

What was Branden's comment, I want to go back to it? Where is it? I bought, because I want next level energetic shit, and most personal custom tailored help. Yes, trust you says Grace, Aligned discipleship. Christine says energy completely resonated. Whoa, and I wanted to do one of your previous courses [crosstalk ] Go put a movie on. I wasn't lined up to that. Get Alissa to put a movie on for you, and watch out for those cords, honey. Once I do do that, I can't read the rest of that, I'll read it later. Alyssa's whispering to you over there, go put a movie on. Hey, gorgeous, says Mandy. That wasn't a questions, but thank you.

Hello, hello.

How to get in touch with your inner truth and speak that shit to the world. Resonation, okay, I'm gonna read all these comments later, so thank you so much. Keep putting them in. Then, ask your audience to send feed, by the way. It's definitely a cool thing to ask. Then, you can screen shot it, and put it on your sales page if you wanted to. Bossiest, bossiest boss.

Bye, Mommy. I hate you.

Oh, lovely. I love you anyway.

I hate you.

I don't believe you, little monkey.

All right, go watch your movie.

Well, whose gonna help me?

Alyssa Rose Loterzo, that's who.


There she is, there's more of them, they're everywhere. But, it's fabulous. He's now upside down on a chair, and now she picking him up, upside down, which seems like a very smart idea for an eight-year-old to pick up a four-year-old by the legs, and then carry him upside down. A certain type of sexy, savage, badass femininity. Man, I want to change that on my profile. Currently it says, Katrina Ruth is a state of mind at the Katrina Ruth Show on my personal profile. Just put it on for him.

I'm gonna change it to a certain type of sexy, savage, badass femininity. That's amazing. But, I like the state of mind thing as well. Okay, you broke my sparkly cushion you little monsters. Don't turn my lights off, everyone will see the real me. Because, it's time to press play, and go all in, says Tracy. Lights on? All of them, please, turn them back on. Thank you, on. No, no, no, you can break that, be careful, honey. He turns the lights off, and then just leaves, just leaves. Who raised these children?

All right, I've got to turn that light on, you guys, it's gonna mess with my savage, sexy, femininity badassery. Not really, but I still want it on. Awe, now it's dead. It's dying a slow death. He knocked it down. Oh, shit, all right. Okay, here we are. We got through it as a team. Well done, you guys. Sometimes I just let them takeover. Not today, my friends. I've already spent all morning doing shenanigans with them. This is my shenanigan time. My children will not disrupt it. Well, they can disrupt, and I will just carry on as I please.

So, when I made that switch to acting and living for what was inside of me, and if you've jumped on late, you missed the singing around the campfire section. You missed, I don't know, whatever else you missed, but mainly, the singing was my favourite piece, to be perfectly honest with you. You should watch the replay, but there was definitely some other gold in there.

When I make that switch, and I really was just like, warning, I don't really care anymore. People say I don't give a fuck all the time, which is roughly what this T-shirt says. It says, warning, I don't really care. It doesn't say I don't care anymore. But, at the time, I could have said, warning, I don't really care anymore, and do you know I did not even put this T-shirt on with that wording in mind for this live stream? Mind blown, expanded, expanded, right?

When I made that switch to, I don't give a fuck, I'm gonna say what's inside of my head ... First thing's first, I'm a say all the words inside my head. I'm tired up and duh-duh. Yeah, what we did before, that exact song. Oh my God, how on point was this whole live stream you guys? It's all just flowed together. That's when I started making millions of fucking dollars online doing what I love, and having only sold my clients having all the money, even though I didn't even ask them to, and they just come out of nowhere, like Gillian, and they're just like, I'm gonna pay you whatever it is that I have, let me in, let me in, let me in.

Then, they expand their results, and have their best month ever, and then they just post about it, and tag you on freaking Facebook, and then tell people about it. You're just like, I was just having a massage and being myself. Seriously, that is exactly how it's done. Can we clip that piece out and caption it? It would have to be fast captions. But, honestly, I'm just like, it just gets better, and better, and easier, and easier, only with my soulmate clients, who just level up like bad asses.

I'm gonna say it, from being in my energy space, from being in the vibration of this whole shindig, and the way that I shop, and the way that I put the work in, and the way that I press play, and the way that I kick their ass into alignment, and massive fucking action, and/or whatever it is I need, and I reach into their souls, and I grab them by it, and shake it up, put some cinnamon on top. It's very good for insulin mitigation. Makes it taste good. I'm talking a little louder, because I feel that my children might be trying to kill each other in the other room.

Then, I remind them of who they fucking are, and largely the reminder ... Nevermind, they're in the other room ... Largely the reminder for them of who they are is, me being who I am, right? Me steady in my power like a lighthouse. Like a pink queenly lighthouse. I don't have to do anything, the lighthouse is not out therein the freaking ocean trying to pick up sinking sailors. The lighthouse is standing strong on the shore, being a goddamn lighthouse, right? I'm a talking empress, says Wendy. We're gonna assume she means fucking, but we'll go with talking, because it sounds better. At least it's not ducking. We're all so done with ducking face. We're done with it. We're done with it, nobody in the history of time every tried to say, I really ducking want. Maybe they did, no need to prove me wrong, right?

If you're a lighthouse whose out there swimming with bedraggled hair, and weird lighthousey arms, and trying to pick up sinking sailors from in the ocean, well, you're acting like a tugboat. Exactly, John, write a children's book about a cute little tugboat, and then make some fucking money on Amazon, don't be a tugboat. If that's what you're doing, okay, Wendy's getting it. She's getting it gradually. I'm laughing, because it's so me. Then, you misunderstood what it means to be a lighthouse, flashlight, work of flesh, revolutionary fucking leader, 1%, within the 1% badass mother fucker, whom people pay just to be in the energy of.

So, I think you should think about that, a lot. Then, ask yourself how you're showing up. If we go back, back, back, back, back, back, back in time to that moment when I was just like, I am done with this shit. I'm done with not living for myself. I think, do you think that maybe me being in my own throne has given me some sort of high vibes, because something it coming out of me that I didn't even know was quite in there? Maybe it's the histamines from the dried fruit. Maybe it's I twist my brain, maybe it's do it to my brain a little bit.

We go back to that moment. I was just fed up. I was just freaking fed up with myself. I was bored to boredy boredom with my own self. I could not even stand to look at my own self in the mirror. Well, that was more of a self worth issue anyway. But, I was just like, meh. I didn't feel fulfilled, I didn't feel proud of myself, is the word that I'm looking for. I was making money, and I was getting results for my clients, and I was known to a degree. Not to the level I am now, but I had a bit of a following, and a name, I guess. I'd been marketing online, but in the fitness industry for years, and then shifted over.

I was doing all right, for sure, but I was annoying myself. Exactly, Andrew, I couldn't even stand the whole internal and external sight of myself. Actually, it did literally play over to other areas, because who knows, amens if you know, that when you're not in alignment with your own self ... Wouldn't it be cool if there was a mirror behind me, like when I do a live stream at the SOS hotel, and you sit at the desk, and they have a mirrored wall behind you. Then, when I do my hand gestures, which just randomly happen, you see all the mirror hands going behind me, and it looks lik octopus arms.

By the way, this throne is supremely comfortable. If you ever come and stay with me, you may sit on my throne. We might sit here together, and live stream together. I couldn't stand the sight of myself inside or out. Because, I wasn't in alignment, it was travelling over into other areas. I was probably binge eating, and emotional eating. I was, of course, I was. What kind of probably? No probably about it, I was a freaking mess.

Not really. I was still incredibly fucking successful, but I was not in flow. I was annoyed with myself. I couldn't stand the whole inside outside appearance of myself. I just was like, this is just bullshit, the whole thing was bullshit. I knew that I wasn't living for what I believe in. Hi, Lakisha. That I wasn't ... Lakisha sent me a singing birthday message on my birthday last year. Personalised to me, not like a uniform one that she sends to everybody. It was the very first interaction, I believe, we'd ever had, by the way, on the messenger. It was incredible, she's an amazing singer, among some things.

Anyway, back to the story. Yes, everything was a mess. It was chaotic as fuck. Chaotic success says, John, exactly that. It's a weird place. I'm happy about all of it. I don't regret any of it. I celebrate every aspect of my journey, because it got me to where I am. But, gosh. I'm so fucking grateful to be where I am now. Yes, the makeup, thank you. Because, my daughter told me that my eyeliner looks terrible today. She was like, "That's not good." I'm so grateful to be where I am, and now I have clients who come on, some who are more stressed out than others when they start with me.

But, often times, my clients are like me, three, four, five years ago. Kind of like, befrazzled and bedraggled, and bestressed. Bestressed, why not? I just like living reactively, and their successful, like they might already be making, 10, 20, 30K a month, or even more when they come to see me. But, why they go to at 100K a month, 200K, and beyond, or if they're starting earlier, they're getting that first 10K, 20K, or whatever, I have clients that start at all levels. From complete startup to even already doing over a million dollars.

So, we try to impress for everyone, by the way, message me, message me, message me, we're gonna start this week. Six weeks one-on-one, you and me, build your low through to high end empire, so that you too can more than seven figures and beyond doing what you love. We will do all the how, and the strategy, and how to implement it, and bring end game on point, obviously. Message me on Katrina Ruth, not this one, the personal one, right?

Why they get those fast results, why my clients get ships. Sometimes, by the way, a word of warning of truth. Sometimes before the shift into fabulousness, flow, and ease, you may indeed go through what is commonly known as being Bali fucked, except it will be Katrinaery fucked, and not in a ... Well, of course, it's in a good way. Nothing sexual about it, just to be perfectly clear. It shouldn't need to be said, but just in case, before the jokes come in.

It means energetically, we're gonna put you in the blender, then we're gonna put the blender in the dish washing machine. Then, we're gonna put the dish washing machine in the [inaudible 00:38:15] washing machine, and put it on spin cycle. Then, when you come out, you're gonna go through your rounds, boom-boom-boom. Then, you're gonna get up, and you're gonna be like, oh my fucking God, I let go of all my shit. It was cleansed from me.

But, while you're in that initial period, it might feel kind of fucked up, and you'll love it, by the way. But, it could be scary, but you'll love it. But, it might be extremely confronting, and you might lose your shit at me, and at the world, and you'll love it. I'm just letting you know that sometimes is a detox process emotionally, and internally, and spiritually, and hygienically, apparently with all that washing, before the flow occurs. Much like, if you'd been eating fucking shit for 40 years, and then you go on a cleanse, there's gonna be some shit come out, right? We all understand that. This is true in business as well.

Don't imagine that it's all thrones, and unicorns, and la te da. Unicorns have pointy heads. You can get the pointy head of the end of the unicorn. You can't see how I'm sitting now, but it just made my posture look amazing. This is my new sitting position. I'm getting a fantastic groyne stretch, it's a great hip opener, and it's made me sit up really straight all of a sudden.

I keep saying I'm manifesting bigger breasts, well this is part of it, posture. Plus it's also T minus 31 today. So the, whoops, hang on. Wait, hold up. Thank you, Lily. Sacrad medicine, I'm gonna add that to the other comment. I'm really gonna use that, it's very good. And Lily, you've known me for years, you know me well. Okay, okay, okay, the flow and ease thing. You've got to go through whatever freaking release you've got to go through to get to the flow and ease thing. I think that's obvious. We don't need to talk about several rounds in the ring, spin cycle, washing machine, hair dryer blown at you the whole time.

I will give you fabulous wine though, if I happen to meet up with you in the middle of that process. And, I will listen to all your stories of how you got hashtag Katrinaery fucked. Probably shouldn't use that as a hashtag, but it's really the best description. Can somebody give me another description? Because, I use the term Bali fucked all the time. Everybody who knows about Bali, knows about Bali fucked. But, the other day I was on the phone, and he said, Bali fucked, and how good it is or something. I was like, no, no, no. Bali fucked means like, kind of getting fucked over. Like everything that could go wrong, feels like it is going wrong, and you can't even move, and then you're naked on the decking of your pool villa for an entire day in the foetal position. It's happened to me several times.

You can't even move. He was like, "Oh, I feel like when you say Bali fucked, you meant like amazing." I'm like, well, that comes after the Bali fucked. But it means fucked up, that's what I mean by Katrinaery fucked. It's a great selling point for working with me. Wouldn't you just love to release all your shit though, and then you get to just mosey around on a throne all day talking about whatever the fuck you want. Then, people seem to want work with you. Isn't it a good example of being more you?

I was so boring, I was so professional, and in a terrible way, because I didn't know how to be professional anyway. Because, I never actually was professional, or a professional. It was not interesting, and not professional, but I was trying to be professional, and roughly, my entire system for being a serious and professional business coach, was that I wore a very tight pencil pinstriped skirt, with a very fitted red blouse, and I looked amazing. I looked like a sexy Barbie doll model, who was gonna have sex with you in the office. I really did. But, instead I was a nervous wreck, and a mess on the inside, and having a meltdown, and the sweats basically, and an allergic reaction to my whole life. Not just to a freaking dried fig that I ate on a plane yesterday.

It was hard, so hard, allergic to professional, exactly. It would help if knew how to do it, but I don't know. Nobody's professional, that is a true fact of life. Professional lunatic perhaps. Maybe that's what I am. Let me see where I'm gonna pick this story up. What do you feel is important right now? Tell me something. Say something. Because, I've lost several tangents, and I may not ever pick them up again.

Okay, I've got something for you. The reason that it works so well, and you've got to think about this. The reason that I've built my business into multi millions is something that is not helpful, but I'll take it anyway. The reason that I've built my business into multi millions, and all the badass people, case in point, theses ones right here, shout out to you, and you, all of you. Especially, the ones who are pressing the 1% button, thank you for that. The reason is, because I truly decided, I don't really care. Okay, that hurt a little bit, a little too much.

I didn't give a fuck at all, which means that I give so much of a fuck about my message, and my truth, however, I decided that I would go all in for what was inside of me, even if it never made me another cent. Ah-ha, who's done that, and meant it too? I fucking meant it. I did not try and make money from it. I was just like, fuck all of you all. I'm gonna say whatever I want, and you can all get fucked. That's when I started being super aggressive.

Because, I think I was annoyed at myself so much, that I was being aggressive and ranting, sweary, but it was more at me, and even still if I'm particularly shouty, and I can be a little shouty. I think it happened once last year, for example. Then, it's maybe directed at me, mainly, not maybe, mainly, right? Because, I was just done, I was fed up with my own disgustingness. This disgustingness of not living in my truth. It was vial to see, and observe, and behold. Nobody liked it at all.

Well, some people pretended to, but they were not the right people anyway. Because, if you were there as a soulmate badass person, you would have been like, look at this, and energetically picking me up. You would have been like, this is disgusting. Well, probably not, because some of you were there then as well. So, thank you, and I love you. I did, I was like you can all get ... I was honestly, I was so, I had to get into a state of aggression to speak my truth. All right, remind me to not throw my arm in the air with an open bottle of water when my laptop is sitting just there. Not a smart idea, perhaps.

I had to, I had to, I had to, and I had to make a decision that I really and truly did not care if I never made another cent from it again. And, I meant it, I wasn't just saying it. Don't just say shit on the internet, make shit up on the internet and throw it at the world all you like. But, don't fucking say shit that you don't mean, and a counterpoint to that is, the flip side of it, the other side of the money making coin is, do say the fucking shit that you mean. Don't withhold your message, not in business, not in life, not in love, not with anything. Just say what you're feeling.

Yes, it's freaking scary and vulnerable. I think I'm gonna send somebody a message, where I show them a few pages of journaling I did about them. That's gonna be vulnerable. I'm still a little scared. I've been thinking about it for a full day now. Absolutely outrageous, given what I did say in my own code of conduct that I published this morning on Facebook, where I said that I always, always do the action that I'm guided to do straight away. Well, I was partly empowering myself. The truth is sometimes I hesitate, and I don't want to. It's scary, and feel scared. I'm vulnerable. You know I'm gonna do it anyway. Might happen in a day. I don't know why, but why would you wait?

Why would I wait? I should do it right now, but I can't. It's on the phone. I already took, I'm obviously committed, because I already took photos on my phone of the journaling pages. But, this is the phone I used, so I have a legitimate excuse to not be able to do it right now. Because, I'm living streaming on the phone, ha ha. Why would I wait two days to, why would you wait two days, or two months, or a fucking lifetime to get your message out into the world? I feel fully entitled to speak and preach about this relevant to business. It's exactly about him [inaudible 00:46:53] word for word.

Release from, no it's not a release. It's a statement of facts. It's several pages of facts about my feelings, just in an informative, and helpful, and scary manner. Manifestation, is it manifestation? No, I feel that it's a statement of facts, as they stand about my own feelings. Well, you know that I will, especially now that I've fucking said it here. But, it, but I feel that I'm gonna remain in resistance around it, until tomorrow. I feel like I've already decided that. I feel that you should probably throw something at me, if you were here, but you can't, so ha ha.

But, why would I do that, because every time I hesitate ... I can, I'm gonna kick my own ass, and I'm gonna do it hard, right? Now, I need to go in the fucking spin cycle. Because, every time you hesitate, you just like, meh, here's the abundant switch, here's he receiving switch, here's the freaking expansion switch, I'm gonna dial that sucker down. I'm just gonna turn it down. Then, you just like, down on the floor, where nobody can see you, and nobody cares, and you're sort of limp, and boring, and like a faded fake flower. Then, you wonder why the fuck nobody's commenting and liking on your shit, and buying from you on Facebook. How are they gonna see you when you're down there all faded on the floor. I'm just saying, right? Right.

Here's what else, you can't screw it up being you. It is not possible, on the floor with one arm up, like hello Facebook, I'm still here, buy something from me. I'm interesting, I promise. If you come down here, I will probably do not much at all, except flounder around on the floor like a fish on the sand. Just kind of like floundering. Looking very unattractive, but I feel like I'm getting more attractive by the moment, because I'm having the best time ever.

How are people getting cool cat emojis? Because, they're on their phones pressing the sticker. You press the little sticker on your phone, it's just to the inside of the other emojis. From now on, I want you to only use cat emojis, on the other people's live streams also, please. I'm not sure how to do that, figure it out amongst yourselves. What was I saying?

Okay, it's not supposed to be about me. Nevermind me, you don't need to know about what I do or don't do in that particular situation. However, I did say in my journaling in my code this morning, in my code of professional conduct, professional, that I always take the action my soul tells me to take straight away. I don't know why I did that, it just came through. In fact, in fact, indeed, that is true. It is exhausting and disgusting to have one arm in the air. Well, I suppose it'd be more disgusting if you had a really hairy armpit, and you hadn't washed it properly. But, either way, it's disgusting, we all agree.

So, you know the whole thing about, for real though. For real, let's just sidestep from my little area of resistance. Let's just step away, let's just pretend that didn't happen. Say whatever you want to say about it, I don't care, kick my ass. Bring it on, just hit me with it. Hit me with some 1% emojis to remind me who I fucking am, and to not live in fear, and you know that I won't, but it might still take me another day. Right, but why? Why would it take me another day? How many more days, weeks, months, lifetimes is it gonna take you to speak your truth?

As I was saying, I'm very entitled and credible to speak on the topic of speaking your truth in business, and in money making, and in life, and in the love and romance area I'm getting there, I'm getting there like a freaking mother fucker. I'm speeding up every single day. You know it, I know it, we all know it, so let's all just deal with the fact that soon enough I'll be running a course on that too. In fact, I did already run love and acceptance last year. That was about self love and acceptance. Very powerful, thank you very much, for reminding me about my own course the other day, by the way, when I needed it. Hello.

There's no Lego Ninjago.

Hmm, then just watch another Lego movie.

[inaudible 00:51:02].

Watch Scooby-Doo then.

Scooby-Doo, it was not on.

I don't know then. Figure it out, man. What are you gonna say?


Yeah, I know, you broke my little cushion, it's all right, I'll live with it. So, I did say in my code this morning, and it's true, but I'm still practising my code. I had to write the truth of what I'm stepping into, which I would say I practise pretty freaking on point, and like 100% of the time in my business, and I'm getting there, getting there, I am getting there. I'll laugh at myself, and I'll kick my own ass, or you can kick my ass too. But, you know I'm gonna do it.

Kiss, kiss, mommy.

He blurted right into my mouth, like right up in there. You know I'm gonna do it, and you know that most people would never do even 1% of speaking or living their truth, right? This is why they don't get paid.


Don't blurt on me.

Plain kisses.

Okay, go, and then go watch your movie. That's disgusting, man.

[inaudible 00:52:09].

If you already know you're sending [crosstalk]. No, try sending it to ...

One more.

Are we done?


Good, be on your way, thank you, I appreciate the love. Don't worry, I'm not just constantly sending my children off to watch movies. We did other things already, and we'll do more things later, won't we? We'll go play at Auntie Jessie's house. Are you done? Carry along, pass on by, go back to where you come from. Not this area.

I just spit in your ear.

Don't spit in my ear. Well, this is exactly my point, right? Oh my goodness, careful. If I come back to the business story, you're right, I will. You know what I'll do, I'll get off the live stream, and then I'll be like, er, fuck off, I hate all of you, I love all of you. Then I'll be like, eh, and I'll go through 25,000 things inside my head, and then I'll do what I always do, and I do, which is press freaking play anyway, and do the damn thing. My rule is very simple in business, and in lie. I've done this many times already. Many times in my personal life.


When I feel called to say something that's scary, or confronting, or vulnerable, or revealing, that I kind of, I type it, I write it out anyway, which I've already done. Then, I sit down, I'm like no, no, no, no, no, no, and I put it into message, and then I do this little thing where I just press send, and I just go send, too late. Then, I quickly [crosstalk 00:53:49] leave the area. Because [crosstalk 00:53:53] if you need the computer after you send a message, then the [crosstalk 00:53:57] see you. My rule is that, if you I can't see them, they can't see me. If I shut the computer, they can't see me, and maybe it didn't happen. [crosstalk 00:54:08] this is exactly, okay, I cannot even handle a random question in the middle of all this. [crosstalk 00:54:16].

This is exactly how I did it with business, exactly. Where I just started to say what I really thought, and what I knew that people needed to hear, and then I would press, well, not send ... Well, if it was an email send, but press publish on the post on Facebook, and I would literally feel sick to my stomach, you guys. Just like, I'm going to die of exposure of the soul. Have you ever felt like you were gonna die of exposure of the soul? Can you go and get me a surprise? Can you go and find me a treat? Can you go find mommy a treat? Got it, can you go find me a treat? Can you go get something fabulous for me?

Mommy, that's your party hat.

Oh, cool, good. That's actually my megaphone. Shout! Watch the cords, be careful of the cords when you're moving around the area.

I [crosstalk].

I would say things that were so confronting, and so scary, and I would write them in my blog. Then I would be like, I can't say that, and I still feel that way, by the way. Not as often as I used to, because I've gotten used to it. I'm used to speaking my truth, and living my truth, and getting the frigging results that I do accordingly. But, at first it was like what I'm demonstrating here. Where I'm like, oh, maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, but then I would always do it. I really freaking did it right, and I do still do it in all these things.

I'm squirming, and everything, and I'm like maybe tomorrow, because I'm like fear is still guiding me or ruling me, and I'm conscious of that, and so I'll do the damn thing. Then, I'll laugh at myself, like why did you need to take an extra day or two. But, I'm talking like two freaking days, right? How many people here are still not speaking their truth, when you heard me talk about this shit a year ago, two years ago, five years ago, whatever? When your soul has been telling you the whole time, get faster, and faster at speaking and living your truth, and the heavens will be opened onto you.

Hopefully not in a Queensland tropical thunderstorm manner, because that shit is scary, right, but the money heaven. The people, to people, to people, your soulmate people will come. Okay, I was just trying to distract you. What is this disgusting, who brought this into my home. It wasn't me, gross. Nutri-Grain bar, it sounds vial.

It's Nutri-Grains.

Who bought that?


Right, yeah. When daddy come and stays here when I'm overseas, and he comes and looks after the kids. [crosstalk] Can you get me-

I got you another water.

Can you go upstairs and get me my favourite book from my bedroom.

Which one, what colour is it?



You're such a good boy, honey.

All right. You're such a good boy, Mommy.

Thanks honey. All right.

Mommy's not a boy.

I'm so smart. Just published and ran away, and hid for a day, says Tracy. It is effective. I've done that many times. Many times that I've published the most vulnerable, revealing stuff, I do just press post, and them I'm like, oh shit, I gotta hide from Facebook now for two days. Which, is exactly how I feel when I send a vulnerable message. I'm like, that's it, I'm out, I'm leaving the internet. I am done. I am switching this shit off. Turn the whole internet off, shut the laptop, because then they can's see you, that's only just safe. It's just like freaking safety first people, safety first.

Then, eventually you're like, oh, I suppose I should go and look what happened over that. It's only going to serve you. It is only going to serve you to speak your truth. The truth will set you free, and we know this. We know it. However, maybe you speak your truth, and somebody's like, that's too much for me. I can't handle that, they leave out of your life. Maybe you speak your truth, and people on the internet are like, you're a bad person, or you're a bad entrepreneur, or I don't like you, or mean things, that are meaner than that, and you're willing to face up to that basically.

Like, are you willing to accept that somebody might not like you, that you might get rejected, you might get "hurt." But, how will you hurt when you're owning your truth, and did you really freaking think you were gonna build a business, or a life, or a relationship that's not based on speaking your truth? Because, how the heck is that shit gonna work out, right? What kind of situation are you imagining you're gonna be living in? It sounds horrible, horrible. Horrible.


Here's a version that I prepared earlier, horrible.

Ooh, a Nutri-Grain bar.

Horrible. You're supposed to do it live. Not that. Say horrible into the camera.


Exactly, you can leave. Thank you for your assistance.

Thank you.

If you can't accept that, you can't have the success. Correct. But, it's also not true success, is it John, and everybody else?


No, exactly. It's not success-

Listen to me, mine-

Give me, it's my sceptre, give it to me, give it. Get your own props, this is mine. My sceptre. Yes, have that riding whip. I don't even know why, fantastic. I don't, and keep the pot out of it, by the way. Pass over the Chanel hip flask, which nobody's ever seen, which my sister is even weirder than me, if you can imagine such a thing [crosstalk 00:59:30]. A funnel? That's red, see if you can find a pink one, honey.

I can't.

Okay, I love the red one then. Thank you, I'll take it.

This is a funnel.

Look at this Chanel hip flask that my weird ass sister, Jessa Lewis, made for me.

[inaudible 00:59:47].

I don't want that yucky treat. Get me a different treat. I don't like that. [crosstalk 00:59:51] My sister is the business manager in my business.

Mommy, I don't know which treat you want.

Berries, bring me some berries little boy.

That's not a treat.

I like to sit on a chair and have berries delivered to me by a miniature man.

Yes she does.

Mommy, there's no berries.

They're in the fridge, go check it out. See if there's anything you want in there.

Check it out, duh, duh, duh.

Jessica, Jessa Lewis, is the business manager in my business, and she supervises all the ninjas. It's a very-

I'm a ninja.

... Enduring task-

I'm a ninja.

... That somebody has to do. She decides, she sends me a bunch of props. There some pretty inappropriate stuff on this table right here in front on me. Just random.

There's this thing.

She said she made me, herself, no you cannot buy Chanel hip flasks, but she made me one. She's committed to her job. You only want soulmate team members in your company/organization, who are committed to the point where they will indeed procure for you, and if need be, create for you, of their own two hands, a Chanel hip flask. I never even, what can we put in here? I never even drink the spirits anyhow? Can you put wine in a hip flask.

But why do you have a funnel.

So, that you can build an effing funnel.

Is this a funnel?

I have no idea what that's for. Does it attach to something else, is it for this?

It's attached to my head.

All right, I don't know. Who doesn't want a Chanel hip flask? What am I gonna put in it? Somebody's in the shower, [crosstalk 01:01:16] somebody's cutting pumpkin. Oh, all those mosquito bites up close, nobody needs to see that. They look beautiful though honey, you look beautiful.

No they don't.

They're just like Bali battle scars. Can you put that book over there.

These things, these things?

Sure, let's have some berries. Well, how about we not, thank you.

I put two.

You could have put them in a small crystal bowl, I suppose.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

What can I put in the flask? What do you think I should put in it?

It's dead.

What's happening here, taste one of these berries.


Taste this.


Taste taster.

Eat this.

Taste one of these berries.

Eat this.

[inaudible 01:01:54].

Alyssa, try one of these berries. I'm eating them, I'm not dying. I taste tested them for you first, but taste test it, and tell me what you think.

A key.


You like it, I thought it tasted musty, and pusty, and dusty.

The one that I ate was sour, and it was good.

I love the sour. There's nothing more disgusting than a sweet berry, you guys.

I ate sour.

It's just vial. It should be illegal.

Mommy, your undies on the balcony and about to fall.

They're not my undies. That's a random child's underwear that I think, that sounds bad.

No, no, no.

It's a swimsuit that's obviously flow down from another balcony.


Well, they're not ours. Bring them in, let's have a look at them. [crosstalk 01:02:40] But, let's check it out.

Alyssa, can you help me?

In conclusion, I need to go to the gym. We all ready did that, but we'll go again. Should we go to the gym? Should we go to the gym want to go to the gym again.

I got them.

Oh, get rid of them. Don't touch them, they look gross and disgusting. They're actual real underwear.


Shut the door, no don't touch somebody else's underwear.

Throw them off the balcony.

Do not throw them off the balcony. Somebody will see the live stream, we'll get in trouble. They've got some kind of magic system in [crosstalk 01:03:20] this building.

I don't want to [inaudible 01:03:22] balcony.

Can you shut that door. They've got some kind of [crosstalk 01:03:25] system in this building, where a few ... Are you all right? Go wash your hands. She's probably [crosstalk 01:03:32].

I don't want those on my, on your balcony.

I'll get them later. Shut the door for now. Go [crosstalk 01:03:38]. No don't, please don't throw them off, because they always know when you throw something off. I don't know how they know what exact floor and apartment it is, and I'm not talking like 24 hours later when they've reviewed the camera footage. I'm talking like three minutes later there'll be a knock on the door. We're not throwing some toys, lightweight things, nothing dangerous, off the balcony a couple of times. Can you shut the door?


Because, I'm getting cold.


What about the raspberries. You don't want your raspberries to be sour though. Take this away, take them small person.

I kind of need somebody [crosstalk 01:04:13].

Can you shut the door please, Alyssa? Let's try these.

Mommy, I just want to go again.

This is fabulous.

Mommy, I just want to [inaudible 01:04:22].

No, you can't go out on the balcony without me, it's not proper. Okay, I feel like we're going down a weird ... Are you seriously spitting into the berries, or are you eating straight out of it? These are really good. Okay, I've made many points that are relevant, or not relevant to my main point. But, what if you just let it be freaking easy all the time? I think that was really my whole point. Here's how to let it be easy, and this is where people will just come to you, and they will just pay you. You're like I don't know what they're supposed to pay me. But, you do know. You freaking own it, right?

I touched the undies again.

Do not touch somebody else's gross undies. I'll have to put you on the spin cycle three times to cleanse you.

There's a worm in here.



Pretty, extra credit.

No I'm not.

[inaudible 01:05:10].

Don't touch undies.

Can I have some vegetables now? Get me the vegetables. Bring me some cucumber. No, no, pick them up, or they'll get dirty. However, I do things for them as well. I don't just order them around. Tell me. Get down from there right now. He wasn't up on the balcony, he was up on the chair. No getting up on chairs on balconies at all, even if it's back from the balcony. All right, okay. I've nothing else to add. I'm done, I'm just done. I've cleansed myself of my entire message. I'm gonna go sweat. I'm gonna go sweat and then, and I need some vegetables. Bring me some carrot sticks girl.


No, carrots disgusting, cucumber, fennel.

Okay, can you bring me some carrots, and cucumber, and fennel?

Cucumber, fennel, celery, and what was the other one? Snow peas, bring them to me please, forthwith.

But, I'm the queen.

I already chopped some for you before, now I'm just asking you to bring them back to me. You put raspberries all your face. You look like you've been in a crime. [crosstalk 01:06:21] Thank you, honey. Lovely.

I'm the singer.

You're the singer, okay, cool.

I'm [inaudible 01:06:27].

Is there anything we need to add? Can you bring me the vegetables, I've asked 14 times? I'm serious. I need some vegetables in my body. I need to cleanse that dried ... Throw that in the bin, that looks disgusting. Who would want to eat that?


That stuffs gonna shrivel your insides straight away. Who puts cereal into a [inaudible 01:06:47] bar, gross. You're gonna eat it, it looks vial. Show it to the people so they can see the disgustingness of the Nutri-Grain bar. Nobody should be buying this stuff. See, that's like some empty watermelon pieces. That's not what I asked for. But, there's some [crosstalk 01:07:04] isn't it? I want cucumber.


Can I have some cucumber?


Hey, guys.

Stop that. All right, we're gonna go. Okay, we've got it. We've got it. The message is, be yourself, but be all [crosstalk 01:07:17] of yourself, but be yourself all the time, not just restrictively, or based on when it feels convenient or easy, but that you actually let ... Stop wiping raspberries all over your face ... That you actually let the whole message out, and he's snorting like a piglet now. And, really just go with the flow [crosstalk 01:07:39] It's Saturday afternoon you guys, if you were around at my house right now, this is exactly what would be going on. This is a normal Saturday afternoon behaviour, isn't it? I'm pretty sure it's normal. [crosstalk 01:07:52] You just show that to the world.

And, life is now a press dirty.

Go wash your little raspberry face. Oh, don't throw the sceptre. If you came and hung around now, we'd probably have some wine as well. [crosstalk 01:08:09] Ew, put that in the bin, I don't want it [crosstalk 01:08:12] Be careful with it, because it's messy.

Eat this.

No, that feels yucky in my tummy. I don't want t eat that yucky, yucky.

It's poopie.

Then, if you came around another time, I'm gonna make an important [crosstalk 01:08:24] serious point now. If you came around another time when the kids weren't here. Then, it might not be quite as random, but it would still be random, and it would still go wherever it needs to go.

Daddy's in the Gold Coast.

No he's not. If you came around-

He's in Melbourne.

... Or if you came and hung out with me in a café, and we were having a conversation there, then we'd have whatever conversation we were having there, and it would be real. That's the whole freaking point, right? Let it just be what it is. You don't [crosstalk 01:08:51].


I specifically told them don't come on the live stream, while live streaming today, right?

But, he came on first.

I didn't try and plan a kiddie shenanigans thing. I tried to plan the opposite thing of that.

Yeah, exactly.

This is why you need your Chanel hip flask.

You don't love us?

Nobody said that, what a stupid comment. But, you don't come on a live stream and plan for it to be silly, or plan for it to be entertaining. That's the key, it's the key to the world. I don't know why we've got a key. What's that supposed to be about? Take it away, take it away. Put it in your room.

But, I'm the queen.

So, take it, you can have it in your room.


You don't plan for it to be random, you don't plan for it to be funny, you don't plan for it ... Put it in the bin [crosstalk 01:09:33] You don't plan for it to be entertaining. Take it. You don't plan for it to be serious, or preachy, or churchy. You don't plan your message or your content, and I even think what to sell people as well. It really should just be what is ... Okay, I was gonna burp, I didn't plan that ... What is coming out, right? What if you just let your whole business situation be based on what is coming out of you? Be careful you don't knock the lights over with that tripod over there. No, I'm not kidding. Please don't knock the lights over.

Don't knock the light over, because I've my mosquito bites on my forehead.

But, the rule is, you can't only let the real you out when it feels comfortable, or easy, or it's practical, or it's like it feels organised, or it feels safe. You've got to let it out however it is. That's the whole end of the story. Give me that microphone, I need it to make my point. Where's the microphone? Give me the singing microphone.

Here you go.

Bring it to me small people.

Singing microphone. Oh, um, I don't know [crosstalk 01:10:32].

Small person number one, find it.

Mine, mine.

No, give it to me.

I want to scream.

Give me the microphone, kid, I'm trying to make a point here. Microphone, no I need it, I want to do a mic drop, gosh.

Mommy, you know how we play hide and seek?

No, I'm not signing off now, tell the people [crosstalk 01:10:52].

Mommy, remember how we play hide and seek. This is my good hiding spot, behind-

You can go hide behind me and my big butt for a moment.


No, I want to do a mic drop here.

[inaudible 01:11:07].

I think I lost the moment. Reach out [inaudible 01:11:13] six weeks one-on-one with me, with or without spin cycles shenanigans. Ow, I got hit on the leg with the sceptre. Message me, we are gonna build your whole tribe, your through to high end empire, show you how to make multiple seven figures and beyond, fully by being you, but all of you, and all based on doing what you love. It is real, it's what I do, it's what my highest earning clients and friends do as well. It's what I show all my clients to do. It is an energy thing, and it's a vibration thing we are starting this week. It is one-on-one with me, completely unlimited access to me. You need me, I am there in your corner, by your side, or potentially kicking you in the ass, or whatever it is you need, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff as well.

So, message me about that, I'll get you all the details. We'll talk about how to blow shit up online for you, and it's gonna be from reaching into your own soul, and showing it to the world. All right, do you guys want to sign off for me? Can somebody sign off? Hello? It's like taxis in Bali. When you don't want one, there's 7000 taxis saying transport, transport. When you want a taxi, there's none there. When you don't want shenanigans and kids jumping on your head, they're on you. Now, you ask them to do one simple thing, and they're just quiet and hiding behind the chair. Hello, can anybody sign off? What do you say at the end of a live stream. Unbelievable.


[inaudible 01:12:40]. Ow, that hurt.

Life is now press play. Yes. Say goodbye to the people.

Life is now, press play.

Press finish. No, I'm going, I'm going.

No, wait, no wait. Wait, no. [crosstalk 01:12:53] Life is now, press dirty.

That's doesn't make any sense at all, but we'll go with it. Bring me some cucumbers. I've been asking for cucumbers for half an hour.

Not half an hour.

Message me, message me, I'll send you all the details. We'll talk, we'll audio, we'll do all the things together. We'll get you pressing play.


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