Rebel Millionaire

Hi. Chill mode. Okay, all right. Okay. Welcome to the live training. It's snuggly chill mode. Hi, Caroline. Hi, Amber. Hi, Diana. Hey, Allison. Hey, Caitlyn. Hi, Amy. Hi, hi, to everybody. Let's go share this live stream over. Hi, Julianne. Hi, Tiffany. I'm super in chill mode. Do you know why? I'm in such a zen place, like literally, the hotel I'm at is insanely zen. It's so pretty. I'm going to go do yoga after this. It's very needed. I'm thinking about it already. I'm getting myself in the yoga mode.

I'm super chill. I'm especially chill right now because of my cosy clothes. That's all I have to say about it. I feel pretty and pajama-y and feminine. I am feminine. I don't know. I feel extra cosy, and it's making me feel kind of zen. I'll show you my whole outfit. It's Alo. I love Alo yoga gear. I want to be sponsored by Alo. Somebody tag in somebody who's like super high up at Alo because I think I should be an ambassador for Alo yoga. What do you think? I'm going to do Mercedes, obviously, Chanel, and Alo Yoga. I think I'm going to get my own fashion brand is coming as well, which is, wait till you hear the name for that. Holy shit, you're going to die.

Look at this cosy outfit. How cosy am I? I'm cosy as fuck, and it says something on my leg. Hang on. Do you think I can do a standing head to knee? Probably. It says mindful movement. I don't really care what it says. I just felt in need of cosiness, so I just went and bought some more cosy clothes, because also, my clothes that I'm wearing, I'm going to have to find somewhere to wash them, or I could just send them to hotel laundry. I'm sick of wearing the same clothes all the time. Whatever. I was going to have a nap, but then I decided to talk to you guys instead, so here I am.

It's not even that peculiar at all. I was thinking about the title of this livestream, and actually, there's ways that people appear to command a lot of money online. They appear to, they appear to, they appear to. It appears as though they are by largely doing soulless things that kill the souls of souls, and also, it looks bland and boring as fuck, but basically, they just tell you 89 reasons why they're an expert, and then you buy the things. We're not really here to talk about that, and we don't really buy things from those people. And besides which, for every million dollars that they make, 50% of it's refunded, and then another 20% goes to, no, 50% maybe affiliate phase, and then 20 more percent in refunds because, as Frank said the other day, they bought it when they were in a psychosis. They weren't actual fans and loyalty members, they were buying from psychosis.

My dad's on the livestream. Hi, Dad. Did you see the copy of ... Dad, did you see my picture that I put up on my personal page of my book that I was reading just now in the garden at this hotel? Did you see it? Go and watch it. You should have seen it because I tagged you in. You can't watch a picture. Well, you can look at the picture. Anyhow, so I'm not really here to talk about that, but I suppose the title of the livestream could be deceptive in the sense that well, there are some ways that people command a lot of money online, which is basically talking shit and lying about stuff.

Did see the picture. I had to buy that book when I saw it in the secondhand bookstore just earlier. I was like, I've got to buy that for Dad, but then I'll read it myself. But it's really funny. I forgot how funny it is. I only read it several pages in, and then I turned it into content, but I'll read the rest of it later. The peculiar thing is, and I was thinking about this as I sat in the garden not reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, although I did read it for a short period whilst eating my lunch, such a good, funny book. Then, I was sitting there, and I was just musing. I was just musing, musing, musing, and I'll send it to you? How rude. I'm going to read it myself, and then I'm going to take it with me to Bali.

Maybe after I come back from Bali, I was telling Mom yesterday ... Everybody else can just hold tight for a minute while we have a family discussion, I might come to Melbourne, actually, in the start of May. That's what we'll do, we'll come to Melbourne, except not before it gets too cold, so definitely at the start of May. I'll bring the book then. He's so funny. I feel like I want to sit here and read, the book's right here. Why am I talking about it without showing it? It's literally right here. No, you don't want me to come to Melbourne? Everybody, my father just said he doesn't want me to come and visit. I think he is saying no to something else.

Should I read you a short passage? Fuck the livestream, let's read the book. That'll be way more exciting. Look how good it is how it starts. Okay, the text is backwards, you're going to have to deal with it. "Some unhelpful remarks from the author." I mean, if that's not the very best sentence to start a book in the history of books, then what is? I ask you, as an author, how could you possibly top that sentence? I'll read it again, "Some unhelpful remarks from the author." It's a little disturbing how I've gotten so much more animated and excited about reading somebody else's content than speaking about my own content that I was about to speak about.

Mandy, I'm just having a book reading here with my dad. The book is The Ultimate Guide to the Hitchhiker's Galaxy. It's just so funny. Let me read you one page, okay? Then, I'm going to tell you about how to make all the money. That's the easy part. He meant don't read the book, send it to me. Well, no, I'm not going to, but I'll bring it with me in person. I could send you a photo of each page as I read it, or I could just read it aloud on livestream as my moment, and day by day, everybody would be happy with that.

"The history of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is now so complicated that every time I tell it, I contradict myself." Me too. "And whenever I do get it right, I'm misquoted, so the publication of this omnibus edition seems like a good opportunity to set the record straight, or at least firmly crooked." I'm telling you, as I was reading each word of this, I was just thinking of my dad, and I was laughing because I thought he would appreciate that line, "setting the record straight, or at least firmly crooked. Anything that is put down wrong here is, as far as I'm concerned, wrong for good." I don't know, and then he talks about not being particularly drunk, "we're just talking of a mild inability to stand up straight."

There's just so many good lines in here. I could just read you the whole book now, but you're going to have to find it for yourself. I got it secondhand in a bookstore here in Santa Monica. I have been wanting to go into this bookstore every time I come to Santa Monica, and somehow, I've always mistimed it, and then it's closed. I walked in there today, I thought I'm going to buy a journal, a journal. You understand the concept. There was no journals to be had except for ones that look rather like something I would buy a teenager who I didn't like very much, so I didn't buy the journal. Then, I moseyed around the shelves, and Eckhart Tolle jumped out at me from the shelf with his, I'm going to say, very boring voice that he does have. Never read an audio book by Eckhart Tolle. Well you can't read an audio book, just don't do it. You'll fall asleep.

I saw the book and I said, "Well, this book is obviously the reason I have entered into this book haven." Clearly, it was speaking to me from the shelf so I grabbed it [inaudible 00:08:34]. Then I went to pay for it. And as I'm standing there paying, my eyes rose above the counter because there were incredible quotes from incredible authors and crazy people throughout time. Which, if you're familiar with the idea of an author, then author, crazy person is very interchangeable, as you know. So there was a fabulous picture up there which is on my Instagram Story now and it was just required that I take a photo of the picture. And it was something about how we must continue to write and stay drunk on writing in order to not die of reality, or something along those lines. So I asked if I could take a photo of the thing, of the graphic on the wall. But as I was lifting my eyes to take the photo, here's what happened: I saw this book sitting on the bookshelf behind the register and then it became incredibly clear to me that the only reason I had entered into this bookstore and possibly into Santa Monica itself and probably into the United States of America ... I'm sorry everybody who came to my [inaudible 00:09:33], it clearly wasn't for you. It's clearly in order to locate this book.

So, you're up to speed now here we are. So I was going to tell you something about making money online but I think you got the whole story anyway. But I'll say whatever comes out because it's roughly how the situation goes. What's peculiar about it is that it's not fucking peculiar at all. I just wanted to use the word peculiar because I was in a weird sort of fugue state as a result of the book and the garden and the zen-ness of this hotel, which I'm pretty sure, when you walk into this hotel, and then you stay for any number of hours more than 24, you become part of the hotel, which is definitely what's happened to me now and you're actually in a time warp. And right now I'm in 1947. It's evident to everybody. I know somebody might try to argue that point based on the fact that I'm live on Facebook but remember that I can bend time and space so just figure it out amongst yourselves.

So that's why I wanted to use the word peculiar. I was being birthed [inaudible 00:10:31] from many different places. I don't really know what else I might say now. It is like the Hotel California except it's not. It's not at all like the Hotel California. But it is and I think I should come and live in this hotel for a year, actually. And I will write all manor of fabulous things and there are very interesting people. And here's how I know how interesting they are: they have the most fabulous, unusual, unheard of, peculiar hats. All the men downstairs. Now, if you missed my Instagram Story, what's happening downstairs is there's no bar. You just bring your own bottle of wine down there and you sit in leather and old world charm. And they will deliver to you some food from another restaurant. But there's no bill, there's no checks either. You never sign a check for anything. You just feel like ... I was gonna say halfway house, but not halfway house, like a halfway house for very wealthy, discreet people but I don't know ... Well, it's halfway between worlds not halfway between rehabilitation back into the normal world. We wouldn't really want to rehabilitate back into the normal world anyway, which is pretty much what is happening in this space.

So you sit there and there's many men who clearly are in a 1947 sort of a vibe themselves. And you can tell this from their hats. I've never seen such hats, especially on so many people. Especially who look like relatively young and well about town and not unattractive, shall we say. Let's not go too far down that pathway in case my dad's still on the livestream. But it's just a very curious situation. And then what happens is you just kind of [inaudible 00:12:19] into the energy of the whole thing and then you become very 1947-ish yourself and then you start wearing full body pyjama suits throughout the day whilst walking around the hotel carrying your bottle of wine and carrying a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ... Oh, he's still there, good to know. And, that's okay. And of course and Dad will appreciate this, but everybody might, but [inaudible 00:12:46] the rest of you anyway. Oh and by the way, there's an actual key. So that's how you really know that it's very ... You would love it here, actually, Dad. Let me find what I was going to show you.

Right, so, you walk about the hotel in your pyjama day wear, you're carrying around your bottle of Henri Penfolds Shiraz, actually which my amazing clients Cliff and Marty gave me. Vintage. You wouldn't walk around this hotel without carrying around your own bottle of vintage wine. I mean, who the hell do you think you would be? You could, of course, cloak yourself in the quilt of the bed. I feel like it would fit in more with the whole situation. And you must be carrying a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with you, under your arm, at all times. It's the kind of hotel where you wouldn't dare to go anywhere without carrying several books. So these are some of the books that I carry. I have other books. I have really quite an unreasonable number of books that I travel with considering that it's travelling and you've gotta carry suitcases around.

I just realised the floor in the entire system. This lightly coloured jacket doesn't fit with the picture. That will look much better without that. And then, as I was saying, you would also be carrying minimum three Montblanc pens. So there's a total of about eight thousand dollars in pens right here. Dad will appreciate that a lot. He gave me my first Montblanc pen when I was 18. I also have three more Montblanc pens right here in this room. I'm literally travelling around the world with 20 thousand dollars worth of pens and a vintage bottle of wine and several night books and about 12 books, several journals and about 12 books, and possibly an unnecessary amount of Christian Louboutin's. Although, I'm not sure that there's anything such as an unnecessary amount of Louboutin's.

What were we supposed to be talking about? Can somebody remember what the title of the conversation is? But I'm sure that whatever it was, I'll link it back to what I'm on about. I feel, I feel, I feel like I should show you some more of my Montblanc pens but I can't quite remember where they are. So you're gonna have to deal with it. And by the way, I want to be sponsored by Montblanc also, in addition to everything else I just said. So, now I feel that you understand just a tiny little bit of the situation of what happens when you enter into this hotel. You're in a kind of very fancy ... it's not like a normal hotel. You don't seem to pay anything, although I'm sure my bank would argue with that when I leave here. There's a phone over here that looks like a phone, which I know might not seem like much of a noteworthy statement, in and of itself. However, when you look at the phone, you'll understand what I mean. And then, there is in fact, a dog over there in the corner. I don't know if you see him. I mean, I feel like this tells the whole story of the hotel.

And so, what would happen, I would imagine, is that, if you were any kind of serious writer, which I purport to be at times, you would move in here for a year and not speak to anybody in the outside world. And you would just sit in the downstairs library, with your own wine, and have more wine delivered to you, and more pens. And you would just write many things about many things and that's roughly what I'm going to do, except for the fact that I gotta get on a plane back to Australia tomorrow night. But I shall be back here. Or, I've thought about this. Fuck, the wine's leaking onto the bed quilt. I've thought about this and I think I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna get a house that's basically the same as this hotel and just gonna recreate the whole hotel into a house. And a full-time butler. It's become apparent to me that I can't leave anymore without a full-time butler in my life, but it's gonna need to be some kind of magical butler because I don't want real fucking person hanging around all the time, how annoying that would be.

But yet, and I left this on an audio message to Linda Doctor this morning ... You do need to be here, Allison. It's actually extraordinarily selfish that you're not here because how is that autobiography gonna get written? But you could channel the energy of it, I suppose. I did leave a message to Linda Doctor this morning that said, "If I don't have a butler," this is for real. "If I don't have a butler, Linda, then who's going to bring me my coffee in bed in the morning? Who?" She didn't answer because it was an audio message, not a phone conversation. So I'm still waiting on that answer cause I assume that she's sleeping right now in Bali. So my dilemma is, I can get a housekeeper to come in and clean the house every day if I had my own house, but I think I'm just gonna travel more anyway. And then they're not gonna be there when I wake up though, so who's gonna bring me coffee in bed? This is kind of why I have to live in hotels, and if you look throughout the history of time, and also James Altucher, which is really my marker that I use of time as an author, is James Altucher ... most authors and writers at some point, of any kind of credibility, have certainly lived in hotels because we all know that we cannot take care of ourselves and basically choose not to.

So now I'm going to talk about the peculiar truth about making a load of money online. But do you think I already did and I was just tricking you the whole time? Because actually I'm acting like I'm rambling all over the place and I pretended I forgot my topic. Ah-ha, got it. Mostly I do forget my topics. But, in fact, I was making a very important point. Exactly, everybody seemed to love hot shower for Fiona because this morning she had to go and get her own organic coffee. It was very traumatic and I'm feeling the trauma and sadness of that moment right through my whole body. I'm a very empathetic person and it's just kind of coming into me. Of course you would cry about it. Were you getting your period? Because that sounds like something I would definitely do if I was getting my period, is cry about having to get out of bed to get my coffee. Sometimes I cry because I have to roll from one side of the bed to other to reach the phone in order to order the coffee. See everybody's sending you a love hush, how you should definitely live in a hotel in Southeast Asia.

I'm gonna live in this hotel and then I'm gonna write about many realms that I'm moving to and out of in this hotel. But I meant reams of paper, about the people in the hotel including, but not exclusive to, the men with the hats. Because I'm very interested in these men. There's a high amount of men with hats in this hotel. They are hats that have definitely not been seen in this era or space at all, which is how I know that when you come into this hotel, you are indeed transported back to 1947 and I feel myself melting into that world. The hats definitely don't ... I can categorically say that is those men leave the hotel and go into downtown Santa Monica, I'm quite certain that the hats are not part of that situation. Because the hats, much like the leather and the charm are old-worldly and other worldly and so the magic comes out and that's roughly the point of my story.

The point of the story ... We already established that there was nothing peculiar about it and I just wanted to use the word peculiar. I can't take selfie with the men with hats because yesterday I got gently admonished for live streaming, although they called it v-logging, which I found a confusing word ... for live streaming on the back patio because apparently there's all the celebrities here and they don't care for the live streaming. And I was pretty, mildly triggered by the fact that they didn't include me in their description of wealthy celebrities who stay at this hotel. I was kind of like, "But I'm a celebrity." And then I was like, "But maybe you don't know that." And then I went into frenzy about making viral video content so everybody knows I'm a celebrity. But anyway, it was the most lovely way of telling somebody off that you've ever encountered because after they tell me off, they sent me a free double espresso to my room and it was the most delightful thing ever. And then, I don't know, they brought me a fillet mignon so I mean, what else am I gonna say? I just feel like there's nothing else for me to say.

So, peculiar is not a thing. It's not peculiar at all. You know sometimes, and this is going to be an upsetting thing to hear, sometimes people watch my live stream and they don't like me. Or they think that I'm quite rambly and that I don't really get to the point and they get annoyed about me. I forgot about this because I don't focus on it and I don't really care either way. Of course I want them to like me but I care more about my message and my truth is what I mean, right? So, in that regard, I don't care. I did forget about it and then sometimes people are kind enough to tell me and remind me and actually let me know that people in Facebook groups, that are not cool Facebook groups, clearly, talk about me in outraged terms because ... I'm gonna say my real reason ... because they can't figure out what the fuck I do and how I make so much money by not talking about anything and doing nothing but doing everything at the same time exactly like Deborah and Corbin said the other day, right? Never. How could they not like me? It's mind-boggling to even consider.

I had honestly forgotten about it and then a client said to me, "Kat," ... You know, that she was impressed with my mental fortitude, that I don't let it get to me how many people talk badly about me online. And I was like, "Oh, do they?" And she was like, "Oh yeah, all the time." I was like, "Oh, I thought everyone loved me now. I've moved on from that." I was like, "Where are they? Send me their names. I shall send them flowers and then I'll go around and cook them dinner and I'll sit them down and I'll kindly explain to them why I'm a lovely person." But I really couldn't be fucked so instead I just write a vent-y blog post about it I think, or not, either way. Here I am and I'm talking about it now.

They don't like me because they ... If people don't like you, here's the deal about that ... If people actively don't like you in a way where they feel the need to talk about it or to say something to you or to have an energetic charge about it, whether they talk about it at all ... And now I'm going serious ... It means that they see themselves in you, they're triggered, right, because you're a mirror showing them all that they're not being. If they just didn't like you and care for you and they just thought you were kind of like silly or boring or whatever, then they wouldn't be talking about it to the internet. They would just mosey along with their day. But if they're gonna talk about it ... Thank you, Amy. I appreciate that and I'm sending you back love. Thank you so much. If they're gonna freaking talk about it, then that means there's an energetic charge around it, which means they're triggered as fuck and so just keep on shining your freaking light [inaudible 00:23:50] and don't worry your pretty head about it, is basically the answer.

I'm doing the most fabulous vagina stretch right now. You don't need to see it but I'm preparing for yoga. Fuck, I forgot my dad's on the live stream again. Sorry. I apologise. We'll just call it an inner thigh stretch.

So, anyway, what was I up to? Did I actually start? Did I say anything of importance so far? I think I'm doing a live demonstration of my entire point of the title of this live stream. Do you really want to know how to command money online? Do you have any idea how to command money online? Of course, you do. But whether or not you're doing it is another fucking thing entirely. I better not yell, they're gonna send somebody in just to send me a free double espresso and tell me off for being noisy. Maybe I should yell.

Alright, Amy actually nailed it and she knows me well, or fairly well. I suppose we could know each other more well. I suppose that next time I come, we should hang out on livestream together but we have had many deep discussions over the course of one fabulous evening in New Orleans and some other discussions. So she says, "Love you in your full on performer mode, both Emmy and Oscar worthy." That is the entire fucking point of how the money is made, isn't it? It's stepping into the performer, the story teller, the little girl who wants everyone to shut up and watch her do 40 million back flips ... Okay, that's my daughter.

And same thing, right? It's being rambly as fuck. It's embodying whatever energy's coming through you for that day. It's not having some kind of rule inside of your head that if you wanted to sell, for example, I will like to sell you the replay of my high ticket with super ease sales workshop, which I did yesterday. Now, if I was another type of a person, meaning not this one, or if I was thinking that I can't just be me in order to make money and make sales and that sort of thing, then why would I be rambling the fuck on and spending like 30 minutes painting the picture of the energy of this hotel? I would be sitting here seriously telling you about how important the high ticket sales workshop was and all the interesting bullet points. The bullet points, you understand, the bullet points which you must go and read about and then you should buy.

Instead, while I want you to buy the workshop cause it's freaking amazing ... I'll drop you a link about it. I'll do it now cause I'll probably forget otherwise. And I may or may not talk about it, but either way, what I'm gonna do for sure is ... I'm gonna drop the link because I'm gonna get super distracted and not do it otherwise. What I'm gonna do for sure is I'm gonna let whatever comes out, comes out. Not just on this livestream but in every blog I write, in every photo I put up, in everything I say or don't say, I'm literally just going to allow what's inside of me to come out and then I'm gonna share it with you and the freaking strategy of how I do that is, there is no fucking strategy. 99 percent of what I do is mindset, one percent is strategy and would you like to know what the one percent of strategy is? Would you send me a love hush shower if you want to know what my one percent strategy is? Okay, the temperature's rising in here with the power of this livestream. Send me the love hush shower. I apologise that I didn't switch the screen but my shirt says "Moon child". I'm still doing quite the glorious hip stretch down here. You'd love to see it, I suppose, if you're interested in seeing bendy things but it's not necessary.

Okay, so, as I said, 99 percent is mindset, one percent is strategy and the one percent strategy is the strategy is mindset. Okay, I stole that one from Reagan Hilliard. I don't know if she got it from somewhere else but she used to say about her and I that we are 90 percent mindset and 10 percent strategy and the 10 percent strategy is the strategy is mindset. And I was like, "I'm taking it further." It's 99 percent versus one. And thank you Reagan. Alright, so, I don't know. I suppose I have some strategies and things. I suppose I have some ways that I do things. Exactly, Amy, it's being me. But it's being all of me, right? I suppose you could go to this ... okay, I just loved my own comment. That's embarrassing but I did it by mistake. I was trying to pin it, then I loved it, but now it would seem rude to unlove it because is that like an act of anti-self love? I don't want to do that. So I'm gonna keep loving my comment. I'm gonna leave the love there. I'm gonna own the loving of my own comment but don't think too badly of me. But maybe, fuck it all, I love all of my own comments from now on.

I suppose if you went to that offer and you read about ... or you go onto my blog post from this morning and you read all the comments that people put up about how amazing the workshop is because I asked them to put them up. But I just asked them like say what you actually think and they said it right? Then you'll go to the sales page and you'll go, "Okay, she's gonna teach me strategy and then teach me exactly how to come up with an offer, how to sell some shit, how to write sales stuff, how to come up with your investment stuff on how you sell on Facebook Messenger and blah, blah, blah." I'm already talking about the strategy side of things. But yes, there is a process. There is a way to reverse engineer the how of what I do to have a multi-million dollar business online. The how of how I come up with office, the how of ... I forgot the rest already. Basically, it's all mindset. That's all you need to know.

But, no, I do break it down a little bit, for sure because I think about where people are at on their journey, where they're maybe not fully embodying who they are and they don't fully have stepped into the level of confidence and just certainty that I have. And so I break it down and I go back in time to my journey to what I would have wanted to know and so this is the way I teach my content when I'm teaching in my trainings. But every fucking thing leads back to mindset in a really big way, which you'll know if you're on that live training yesterday when we began the high ticket sales workshop. And, anyhow, none of it would fucking work if you weren't just being you. None of it, not a single thing.

However, however, however, when we talk about this conversation about being you, what I think a lot of people are missing ... Here's what I think ... what I think a lot of people are missing is this. People think that if I put some shit up online that is me ... Okay, I nearly just threw this but it's quite heavy and I could probably break something and it seems an unnecessary way to emphasise my point. People think that if they put some shit up where it's like, but that is me, that is my truth, if you go read my shit on my wall, like that's what I believe or feel. Cool, cool. But are you saying the scary bits? Are you saying the embarrassing bits? Are you saying the really vulnerable war shit? Are you sharing like the bat-shit crazy stuff that your besties know about you or your partner or whoever the people that's close in your life? Are you sharing your vulnerabilities? Are you sharing your so-called flaws or struggles or things that you feel you would have done differently? Are you sharing stuff that makes you feel like you're exposing your soul? Or are you just sharing like, "Here's my way of making money online" or "Here's what I freaking eat for breakfast" or whatever it is?

You've gotta share all of it. Being you is not just being the parts of you that are the easiest to present to the world like oh I can do a photo of me in the right lighting where I look fabulous with a glow that Chanel itself could not bestow upon me. And then I can with truth say, "this is me" and it is but if I don't also do, for example, this morning, literally, the Instastory sitting in bed looking kind of unseemly, I must say. When I re-watched it, I was like, "that's mildly horrific" and it's probably only how I felt. No need to tell me if you were horrified by it also. If you don't show that as well, then who gives a fuck, right? Like have a really hot photo of me for my profile photo. I think it's hot. No need to tell me of that either, if you don't. But I do. I really like the photo of myself in my red pants and I'm like styled up and it's from a professional photo shoot day. In my profile photo on this page and my other Facebook page. And it is the real me. It's an unedited photo, actually. I think I just put a colour filter on it to make it pop more but it's my actual red pants that are there that I think I'm actually going to wear this evening when I go out also.

It's the actual real me. It looks like the real me. It is the real me. But if I don't also show the sitting in bed me, having coffee in the morning, no makeup on, you know when you've just woken up, then I'm not actually being me. It's also not a rule day. You gotta do Instastories sitting in your bed in your pyjamas with no bra on. But why would you not if you have a message coming through? And then, at the same time, if I'm gonna share some powerful truth about how I had an epic result in my business life and I'm like, "Yay this is how I make millions of dollars." Cool, cool. But if I don't also share the shit that didn't work or the stuff where I felt that I embarrassed myself or my so-called scrubs then nobody's gonna follow me and care, right? So being you is being all of you to your audience.

When I turned on the livestream today, I was like half am I gonna turn it on? Yes or no because I felt like I might like to have a lovely meditative nap and then I thought, "I'll turn it on." And I was gonna talk about energy or some such thing and then I end up talking for 30 minutes about the freaking hotel vibe. Well, my mind, in the back of my mind, is thinking people are gonna leave this live stream cause you're not getting to the point. That's what I was thinking, right? People are gonna leave because you're literally just going on and on about men in hats and old world charm and freaking Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and they're like, "Okay, we can handle this for two minutes, Kat, but when are you gonna tell us how to make the monies?"

But instead I just kept going with it, wherever it went, and then have a conversation with my father in the middle of it and then jump up and down and do whatever I'm doing and basically just giving myself permission to be me, fully right? Now on another day, I might not be rambly at all. I might be hard hitting. Or on another day, I might be really introspective. On another day, I might be way more silly. I can be so silly sometimes on live streams. By the way, the ones where I'm crazy silly and inappropriate and often times people ask, am I buzzed? Like am I having wine or something? I'm not, right? I actually am like a more slightly down version of myself when I'm drinking wine. So if you see me when I get really silly and hysterical and inappropriate, that's when I'm like in a super flow line and I'm just giving into it.

But either way, it's about giving into it. It's about giving into who you are. And fuck the rules and fuck what you should be doing to build a following or to get sales because I'll tell you one thing for sure, throughout all of the history of time, powerful leaders, messengers, performers, leaders, entertainers have gained a following by standing in their truth and being the light that they were brought here to be. Not by building a fucking Facebook page or a funnel, right? So those things are fabulous. It's the cherry on top. You can have that as an addition. Why would you not? I will use all the tools that are available to me and that suit my purposes. However, make no mistake, people don't follow you because you built a funnel. They don't follow you because you got a professional photo shoot. They don't follow you because you have a launched system going on. They don't follow, they definitely don't fucking follow you because you do it the way all other entrepreneurs are doing it. So pretend you don't know any rules. Pretend nobody told you. Pretend that it was literally about sharing your energy with the world. How would you do that? Huh?

That's all. That's all I have to say about that. I have many things that I would like to vibe into me this afternoon. Energetically primarily. And I'm gonna go do yoga and I think I'm gonna go to Soho House in Malibu and drink some fabulous wine and look at the sunset and then who knows what else will happen? I'm sure I'll post and share about it. But I think you could think about that. What if you knew no rules? And what if the whole thing that you were thinking to do was share your energy with the world without knowing how would you do that? How would it look? If you genuinely had faith and knew that you gotta make the freaking money cause you decided to and you knew the answer was to be all that you are, what would be different right now? Go journal on that shit and vibe it into you. Send the intention that it flows through. Integrate it through you.

And then, go to That's me. I am the show just in case you're not clear on the brand name. That show is me. It's happening all the time. This is it. Everywhere. Always. Whether or not you're watching it. or ... and get in on that, because there's like two days left before it's closed and ... that's fucking freaky. Okay, something weird just happened on my search history. I'm not gonna tell you cause it would be an uncomfortable moment for everybody. Fine, I'll tell you. No I won't. Maybe in another post. I'm gonna also give you the link to today's blog post. You're going to be so happy to read this, if you've not read it yet. If you've read it, you'll probably be supremely happy to read it again. It's called ... it felt like somebody was talking here ... the post is called They Will Come to You Like Bees to Honey and Then They Will Buy: Here's How. You must read this post! And then at the end of the post, you will see my call to action which is also for the high ticket workshop which began yesterday.

It's a seven to however many fucking days it goes full course. It will go until it's done roughly, give or take. You can read about it on the page, clearly. But also on the bottom of the blog ... where has this live stream gone? Has it disappeared off the face of the internet? Okay, the one I'm on? No. Here's the blog. At the bottom of the blog, you'll see my call to action and you'll see a load of comments of people of how they've thought of the workshop so far. Okay, go do your thing. Get your energy on. Share your energy with the world. Give yourself permission to be all that you are, not just the bits that you think are fucking presentable because the only way that you're gonna call in your true bat-shit crazy soul people ... Thank you for being my bat-shit crazy soul people ... is by being bat-shit crazy yourself; good, bad, random, ugly, crazy, messy, all of it. You are beautiful just as you are. All of your mess. All of it. All the inside out stuff. Bring it to the world. Don't forget. Life is Now. Press Play


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