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Katrina Ruth: Oh. Oh, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back. Here I am. Here I am. Hey, Kara. Hey, Jessica. Hey, other people, whose names I can't see yet. Tell me that you're there. Hey, Mandy, what's up? What's happening on this beautiful-ish cloudy San Diego morning, beautiful-ish. Hey, Stacy. So, I'm here with our COO and marketing guru extraordinaire at The Katrina Ruth Show. What's up? We've got a 12-minute Uber drive and we thought it would be unseemly, and unprofessional, and somewhat rude of us to not sell something during that 12 minutes. Elena, I did in fact see you a message. I really didn't answer it because I was walking out to the gym, but I will, I will, I will, I will, I will.

Katrina Ruth: Here's the deal, all right, I'm going to tell you something that you're going to need to understand if you want to make a lot of money and while I tell you, Ashley is going to find you a very important link, a very important link that you are going to want to click if you like the monies. If you don't like the monies, don't click the link. If you like the monies, click the link. That's all I'm saying. It's not there yet, don't get excited. It's coming. So, you know I'm promoting my High Ticket Sales Workshop. Nomusa, I am so impressed, Nomusa, that you just told me how to pronounce your name before I actually ask how to pronounce it because I really feel a little distressed when I see somebody's name and I don't know how to pronounce it because I want to say people's name, so I appreciate you. Thank you, Nomusa. Everybody send a love heart show to Nomusa.

Katrina Ruth: Hey, Molly. Hey, Tara. Okay, for real though, you guys, just ... if I ever pronounce your name wrong because sometimes I like to creatively interpret the pronunciation of things and I might add, for example, a silent J because I spent my teen years in Germany, just tell me if it's wrong, all right? Tell me the things. So you know I'm promoting my High Ticket Sales Workshop. High Ticket ... what's it called? High Ticket Sales with Super Ease. It has the most boring URL in the history of The Katrina Ruth Show.

Ashley Gregory: High Ticket Sales Workshop.

Katrina Ruth: We could have called the URL something not boring. The URL is High Ticket ... I think we could have called the URL make all the monies by being you, but that's kind of long and wordy. But anyway, anyhow, that's it, that's the link. As I told you, if you like the money, monies and you want to know how to receive them with super ease, it's a poem. Did you just hear that magic?

Ashley Gregory: What?

Katrina Ruth: Pay attention. I just did a poem and you didn't even notice it. You missed my freaking creative genius that was flowing from the moment then, anyway, you're going to want to go and read about this workshop because really what I'm doing is I'm teaching how I do my High Ticket sales up to 80K-plus per individual sale, but really, I'm teaching how to be fucking hilarious on livestream. I mean, it is somewhat of a gift, actually. I can't help, but that was fun to say. But it came ... it comes out, you bring it out of you. I will help you to reach in. I will reach in. I will grab you by the soul. I will shake that soul around. When it comes out, it will be refined, and polished, and raw, and gritty, and edgy as fuck, and it will do what it was meant to do. That's roughly what we're teaching the workshop. Can we put that on the sales page?

Ashley Gregory: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Transcribe it down.

Ashley Gregory: I want to transcribe it.

Katrina Ruth: Yes. He knows the correct answer to give when I ask a question. The answer is ...

Ashley Gregory: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Yes. It's exactly what the answer is. He probably didn't even listen to what the question was. So, okay, I'm going to try and explain to you, I want to try to explain that if you think that I'm going to teach you how to sell High Ticket and make like anywhere from 2, 5 grand, 10 grand, 20 grand, 60 grand per sell, 80 grand-plus per sell, just by having a little chitchat over Facebook Messenger and then I'm going to give you my exact scripts of how I do that, and then I'm going to teach you how to fuck the script, not in a rude way, like how to not use the script is what I mean.

Katrina Ruth: If you think that that's what I'm going to teach you and show you exactly how I do it, and help you to craft your offer as well as your own conversational script of how you sign people up by over DM and PM ... I don't know why some people say DM and some say PM, it annoys me. Well, then you're actually thinking correctly, but if ... thank goodness, I don't know how I ever manage to say anything without Brandon here. It's a mystery.

Ashley Gregory: Has he not yet?

Katrina Ruth: He's here. Now, we can actually get the party started. So if you think that that's what I'm teaching you, if I think that I'm ... you think that I'm just going to teach you, here's how to do like a 60K sale in four minutes over at Facebook chat. Here's the magical script that will do that for you. Well, then you are, in fact, correct. However, because I am going to teach you and I'm going to help you craft your offer, did you see that my nails are metallic gold? Have you seen these nails? Do you care?

Ashley Gregory: This one?

Katrina Ruth: Get those nails off my livestream. Disgusting. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for that upsetting and disturbing moment at I apologise. I will energetically send you chocolate truffles to make up for it. Anyway, like really, let's just to be clear. This is not I'm going to teach you some magical ... did you put the comment in?

Ashley Gregory: Yeah

Katrina Ruth: Where is it? I don't think he put it in. Did Ashley put the comment in? It's not here. It's not. Put that comment in. The people want money.

Ashley Gregory: I wonder if I put it in someone else's post

Katrina Ruth: You posted it somewhere different. We don't know where it is. Help. We're accidentally selling on somebody else's livestream. I mean, it wouldn't be the rudest thing in the world. It would actually be a great way of educating them probably.

Ashley Gregory: All right I'm just going to comment as you.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, comment as me or you, either way. People want to be famous. People want to be me. That's really cheeky of me to say. I don't think it's actually true. I think you want to be you. So, I just like ... okay, I'm trying to get to my point here. I'm getting there gradually, gradually, gradually. There's the link. Don't go and look at it now because we're talking and hanging out. But go look at it when you're ready and get in that group. You'd be next, you'd be ... you would not be level and you would not be playing tight if you didn't want to join this workshop. I don't think Ash was slacking. I think he was merrily selling my High Tickets with Super Ease Sales Workshop on somebody else's livestream randomly instead of posting it here.

Ashley Gregory: I hope so.

Katrina Ruth: I hope so. It would be a gift to them. That would send them thousands of thank you. This is a low-cost workshop to join if you didn't know which is kind of crazy because, literally, it's going to make you hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars if you apply it. I suppose you would. But you won't be just applying a freaking script of how to sell on Facebook Messenger. Is that or is it not true, Ash?

Ashley Gregory: Yes. I wasn't listening to that...

Katrina Ruth: Did you hear that slight moment of pause where he's like, "Fuck, what's the right answer?" Yes, we already established the answer is always yes. He agrees with me. He confirms that it's true that we will not just teach you some little script of, "Yeah, you can sell on Facebook Messenger in four minutes." Well, of course, you freaking can because they'll know you don't need to do freaking sales calls or any of that shit. By the way, the clients signed themselves up. They just come and tell you, "Can I please give you some money? I don't care how much it is."

Katrina Ruth: So I know the ... and then yesterday I did a survey, a small informal survey over at lunch with my inner circle clients who do pay the reasonable monies to work with me and not a single one of them could tell me what they're indeed paying for because, really, they're paying to be my energy. But what I mean is they didn't know what are the details of the inner circle that they've signed up for. I'm like, "If I put a quiz into that group, 100% of people would fail, I think, on knowing exactly all that they're paying for." Do you know why this is?

Ashley Gregory: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: We scripted that earlier. Well, let's get real, why is it? Because of all the other things that go before that. Ash is going to tell you all about it.

Ashley Gregory: Well, because there's no magic bullet. I mean, it's not a cookie-cutter approach. I mean, what they're paying for one week might be completely different to what they need the next week.

Katrina Ruth: But why would they ... why would people want to sign up so easily at a high level to work with me? What goes before that? Let's see how well he listens and pays attention to my content.

Ashley Gregory: To ... yes.

Katrina Ruth: Why do people-

Ashley Gregory: I'm a bit ... I am slacking today. Why do people want to ...

Katrina Ruth: Why would people sign up so easily at a high level to what could be? It's not because I have a magic script tease on Facebook Messenger. Although, I do and I'll give it to you and it's ... like her, I'm a freaking amazing copywriter, literally made millions and millions of dollars through writing, but it's not the reason. You can't just get my magic script and think that people are going to merrily buy a High Ticket shit of you. What's the real reason that they buy? On the spot.

Ashley Gregory: I am on the spot today.

Katrina Ruth: Because it's who you are.

Ashley Gregory: I'm sweating.

Katrina Ruth: Sweating from the question of from this light food poisoning that we both got last night?

Ashley Gregory: It's the food poisoning.

Katrina Ruth: We both got food poisoning from the burger last night, no bueno. All right, that was an upsetting moment for me. Elaine Noise, to be in your energy. To be in your energy is what they get as well as various other things, some of them entirely not professional, but the reason that the sales process is so easy and natural and doesn't require a freaking sales process as such is because of the way that I show up every single day as a leader and fully own my truth. So in this workshop, yeah, we'll teach you the iddy-biddy, gritty-nitty not shitty part of my sales process and how it works, and help you craft your offer, and help you craft the conversational side of it and feel like, "Okay, how would I interact and respond to somebody if they say this or if they say this," because, yeah, I drove it down to a fine art and the science and it freaking works as you know.

Katrina Ruth: But I also want to share with you everything that goes into that in and around and behind it like how do you now not even have to like be online for 12 years like me or something, or have a big community, or anything like that. You can be like completely coming out of nowhere and I'm saying this to the clients of mine who actually take on board what I say, and maybe nobody knows you, and you feel like you're one of the masses, and all of a sudden, you will point yourself into that leader position where people want to work with you, and there's various elements to go into this. Exactly, all those elements is what I want to teach because I'm not interested in showing you my sales process like here's a script for a Facebook Messenger or something without explaining to you everything that goes into that, and behind it, and around it.

Katrina Ruth: So if you go to ...

Ashley Gregory: Highticketsalesworkshop.

Katrina Ruth: Highticketsalesworkshop, you can read about all that we're covering, but when I read a sales pitch for this programme ... I've been here before I've definitely been to lunch with [inaudible 00:10:55] in here. We're just pulling up to our new venue. Yeah, this place is pretty cool. No, we had dinner here. Yeah. We're in Santa Fe. We're getting out a bit you do know but I can still converse. I can conversate whilst walking. It's a thing I learned to do once upon a time. Okay, okay, I'm going to get out. I'm going to keep talking. So, when I write the sales page, I went into ... like I go into everything that goes in and around that, right? Thank you. Okay, sorry. Okay, I'm going to go over here and finish this livestream on these blue seats. All right. Okay. Here I am. Look at this, look at this fabulous-looking place. It's very, it's very luxurious, suits my style, suits my tattoos. It's kind of like a country club, definitely suits my tattoos like it's like a luxury country club.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, when I go through the sales page, I really think about all the different elements that I think about what are the questions you would have like or as you would start to roll this out if, like, what would mean that it wouldn't work, that's what I think about. And then I'm like, "Okay, so I'm going to add that into that content. I want to ... if you've been following my stuff, there's many things you would already understand and know about this, but then at the same time, I feel that it really is an art and a science. I guess, the biggest thing relevant to the title of this livestream is you've got to be owning your truth. You have got to be speaking and owning your truth. Now, we all know this, right, but here's where I think a lot of people let themselves down or maybe are not fully aware of how it works.

Katrina Ruth: It doesn't just mean that when you ride a message on Facebook or you do a livestream that it comes from a place of truth and, like, you look at your own stuff on your Facebook right now and you'd be like, "Yeah, that is my truth. That's awesome, like obvious don't post shit that you don't believe in. Be authentic in whatever you do post. However, here is the one of the biggest missing links that a lot of people don't understand. Are you ready for me to impart this knowledge gem of golden wisdom to you? If you're ready, send me a love heart show or say, "Fucking ready, Kat. Get to the point," whatever you need to say. Can I have my water?

Katrina Ruth: I think that burger is growing little burger baby this inside of my stomach because something's happening in there. Where's my love heart show? What's going on? Okay, there comes three little love hearts, four. I think I should always livestream with a cactus behind me. It looks amazing. Okay. So the rule is ... I'm going to tell you, and then we're going to go check in. The rule is you must say all the things that are coming through you. It's not just that what you do say, and speak, and share for your truth is obviously the fucking truth. Holy shit, I think that's 60% apple cider vinegar. I wasn't paying attention when I made my aminos this morning. Hell, wake you right up, right? It's going to cleanse the system. There's going to be some bowel cleansing today. People like ... I just told you, I just demonstrated my point right then and there. I just said ... and Christine says, "Release." Exactly right, release.

Katrina Ruth: You got to say whatever's coming through you. It is so bullshit. Honestly, it's bullshit or to quote the amazing amount of friends who I was in bed with this morning, my soulmate, client, and friend, the bed story, got to figure out for yourself really. You can go to my page and figure it out. She said it's annoying and uninspiring. Well, she was actually referring to when people don't sell and they should be selling. It's annoying and uninspiring. But it's also annoying and uninspiring when you only share the parts of your truth that are safe, or cool, or you think that's inspiring to share. You must share all the parts. You must tell people about your bowel movements if that's what's coming through. You definitely don't have to tell people about your bowel movements. However, if it's coming through you ... oh, my god.

Ashley Gregory: Knock it. It's not coming through you yet.

Katrina Ruth: I didn't even get to reference myself. Well, there were some interesting activities that happened in that area this morning. The three last night was so toxic and it was that low vege [inaudible 00:14:59] as well which is a high-end [inaudible 00:15:01] place. Whatever is coming through you, I'm not even trying to be funny. I can't help it. I was born hilarious. Whatever's coming through you, you must express it to people. You must open your mouth and say that. So, for example, that will turn the Daily Asskickery groups, see that I did a very raw on like ... what's the word, polarising livestream into the Daily Asskickery on Saturday about things that many people would not agree with. Well, I did it because it was coming through to do, right?

Katrina Ruth: I speak the truth not just when it feels like this is a cool, fun, popular trip to speak or people are going to be inspired or agree with my profound philosophies on life and success. You speak the truth even when it's going to be unpopular. Honestly, if you took this one piece of advice but you really fucking took it not just once, now, in occasion when you had a couple of tequila shots, but if you made it a personal principle and rule that whatever's coming through, you would get to be expressed and get to come out, you are going to see massive leaps and bounds in your business and in the way that people are perceiving you. There's many more things that go into it, obviously. It comes down to your inner game and how you're choosing to see yourself and how you're owning that leader power and energy inside of you.

Katrina Ruth: If you've given yourself permission to be seen and followed in that way, are you expecting and requiring on an energetic level that people are going to want to pay you on a high level. So there's all these different elements and I just wanted to touch on the truth element today and ... I just ate a fly, really. I wanted to touch on the truth element today and kind of give you a kick in the arse around that and just ... then maybe you have to think about this, so I may become right down, what's a list of shit that you believe that maybe you say to your friends, or your family, or your team, or your coach, or whatever but you wouldn't say it on the internet because you're worried or what people think and you worried that it would be too polarising, or that somebody's not going to like you, or that they're going to be like, "Holy shit, what did you mean that like," like, actually, the stuff I put in the Daily Asskickery on Saturday.

Katrina Ruth: Next day, someone's like, "But it's April Fools'," and I'm like, "No, it wasn't. No, that wasn't April Fools'. It was a true thing," right? So make a list of the stuff that you know would be unpopular or you're scared would be unpopular but yet it's your truth. The easy way to do this is just start to say in public what you say in private, what do your friends and your closest inner circle people who are around you know about you that other people don't know, because I'll tell you one thing for sure, people don't buy from teachers, not if it's like straight-up teaching, right? Nothing wrong with teaching, obviously.

Katrina Ruth: I love to teach, but people invite if you're just that teacher who's like, "No, I'm going to tell you the things and I'm a success coach, or I'm a fitness coach, or I'm whatever I am, and I know lots of informations, and I'm going to give you information." Who cares? We want to be entertained. We want to be inspired. We want to be shook up, but what we want most of all, actually, and somebody who we aspire to learn from our viewers as a mentor type person, most of all, we want to see that we are like this person and they are like us.

Katrina Ruth: So the more you show who you really are like your real shit, not just relevant to business, but your whole real who you are as a person, what's going on up in here, what do you think, what do you believe, what do you wait, what are you about maintenance, whatever it is that's got to come out. The more you show that, yeah, you're going to lose people along the way and lose them left, right, and centre, in fact, I'm losing more subscribers than ever the more that I get into my truth and I'm making more money than ever, and I only have so many clients.

Katrina Ruth: My high-installment clients, just come to me and they're like, "Kat, what's your offer? How much is our [inaudible 00:18:25]? I want to be in your inner circle. I know I need to do this because they've seen how authentically I show up in all these different areas. So, have a think about that. Go to, High Ticket Sales Workshop, Go check out all that we're doing there. It's certainly not just a workshop about the how the High Ticket Sales. Yes, I do want to share that with you. I want to teach you how to come up with a how, yeah, no-brainer High Ticket offer. I want to show you exactly how I sell that over Facebook Messenger. I'll be sharing my draught scripts with you. I've already actually dropped some examples.

Katrina Ruth: There's three amazing pieces of content already live in the Facebook group for the pre-work. So when you sign up today, you're going to get pre-work straight away and it's quite intense, the pre-work. And then we start officially on Saturday. I know I said Friday a few times back, I don't know, I screwed up my date. So we start on Saturday, but it's all online, all fully recorded and then we got seven-day implementation bootcamp after that. So I'm going to help you come up that offer. I'm going to help you to design and develop your own scripts. I'm going to be sharing updated scripts and one of you have even done into the pre-work, you are in there. Yes, who else is there. There is Brandons of free bonus as well. He's just appointed himself that. I guess, that means that he's saying you got to just harass him all day every day with whatever you want.

Katrina Ruth: Roughly, that's exactly what he said. So, yeah, I'm teaching the selling stuff and showing you how I do my scripts and helping you to craft your own which is super cool for you and you're going to love it, but I want to go into all of the things to go in and around that for you. So the three stuff we just spoke about it's on pod and we'll be diving into some really cool exercises that are going to confront you and kick your ass and get you massive results. I'm going to be looking at all the other elements that go into the art and the sense of being a really high ticket from flow coach online. So, whether it's the mindset and how you need to choose to see yourself, whether it's how to set goals and intentions to get those so many clients, how to speak through your messaging in order to call in the exact perfect clients, how to grow your home with only the right perfect people and so many other things besides. So, go check it out. Ashley's pops are coming in. I'm not sure if you pinned it.

Ashley Gregory: No, I'll pin it, but I pinned it twice, I think.

Katrina Ruth: You got a pin it now while I'm still live. It doesn't let you pin after your night live. Go check it out in the pinned comment or you'll find the comment anyway, Read everything that we're doing in there. It's super exciting. Sign up today. You're going to be in the Facebook group today. We'll let you in today. You're going to grab all that pre-work and you're going to do some other cool little things over the next several days before we officially kick off on Saturday. Have an amazing rest of the day wherever you are in the world. Don't worry if you can't pin it. Doesn't really matter and do not forget life is now, press play. Bye.

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