Rebel Millionaire

We're live. We are live. How shouty can I be in a public park, do you think? Pretty fucking shouty. If it comes out. If it comes out it, comes out, it's just how it is. It's another part of me, it's another side of me. Okay, so, my laptop refuses to connect to my hotspot. Hang on, wait. Let me just adjust, adjust, adjust.

So, my dilemma, hello six fabulous people who are here with me already. Brandon Marshall, you're up front, you're like number one on the livestream. What's up? So, my dilemma, I'm sure you can understand, Indira manifested me here, it's obvious to everybody, everybody send Indira love [inaudible 00:00:55], because she manifested me onto this livestream. She just said so herself.

My dilemma is that if I go this way, watch, if I face this way, you can see that I look fabulous because of the lighting which would be called sun. Some lighting God set up for me earlier, that's why you're up there. However, the problem is I can't see and I'll probably end up crying all day long. Well not all day, maybe just for the livestream as a result of the sun being in my eyes and then you'll be like "Wow, Kat is getting super emotional with her livestreams lately," except I won't be able to see and then I'll have panda eyes because I just applied mascara in the car after Muay Thai.

As you do, so I'm high vibe as fuck right now, because I just did my Muay Thai one on one session which was so flow, so freaking flow, so freaking flow. I felt like shit this morning you guys, I felt terrible and it serves me right because I ate a reasonable amount of jelly, like what do you guys in the US call these? We call them red lolly snakes, so you know those red snakes, the jelly ones, the candy that you get at kids parties? Yeah, I may have eaten a lot of them. An amount that doesn't need to be named and then quite a lot of Doritos, except they were like low budget, low vibe Dorito brand that somebody had, which was just embarrassing for them quite frankly and Twizzlers. They're not called Twizzlers, surely it's more like a gummy worm, but it's like a red one, you have to have the red snakes. You know it's a snake. It's a red snake, it's a long red snake.

Okay, I'm going to change my hair already. It's happening, deal with it.

And then there was like half a bag of Doritos, except they were low vibe Doritos, like a low brand name which nobody should name who bought them and who didn't and who ate them, but I ate them, and then I definitely ate a tonne of bread. I guess it was sourdough and it was served with pumpkin soup, so it was very classy and genteel, but still, many things went into my body that don't normally.

Red vine? They're snakes. They're called snakes. Somebody needs to figure this out. Are these ... Represent? Where are you? They're definitely called snakes. If my Wi-Fi was connecting on my laptop right now, I'd google it and we'd sort it out once and for all.

[Mim 00:03:08], can you find a picture of red snakes, the lolly snakes and let's drop it in as a comment here so that everybody understands? 'Cause it's a critical and important thing, because they seem to not understand what a red snake is. And any good Australian knows what a red snake is. And if you're not a good Australian, but you're associating with me, then I really feel like it's only appropriate that you understand all cultural references and just get that shit sorted forthwith. All right? All right.

So I woke up this morning, I did not feel fabulous. Which is a line that I've somewhat appropriated from my daughter, who one time, when I came out dressed up and ready to go out for a night out, I walked out and she was only five at the time, and she puts her hand up and she says, “Stop, are you wearing that? You do not look fabulous.” I'm not kidding, she did that to me. It was heartbreaking. So anyway, I'm thinking of that moment from nearly four years ago, when my daughter just smacked me down. She's just a basic American [inaudible 00:04:09] and by the way, in case you're wondering, yes I'm wearing the exact same sports bra and exact same top that I've now been wearing for three days and I'm starting to get self conscious about it. I've been sleeping in it too. I did wear different clothes to work out in. I just sweated my ass off and then changed back into the same clothes, which I also sweat in. My new system is just to wear them until they disintegrate even though I have a wardrobe that's probably worth several hundreds of thousandths of dollars, but that's just for show. The whole thing is a show.

Red apples? They're not called red apples. Mim's going to get a picture and put into the comments. They're not called Red Vines.

What's a Twizzler? Isn't a Twizzler like a ... It's swirled around? Doesn't it swirl around and around and around?

Why does this one piece of hair always stick up at the back of my head, do you think? It annoys the crap of me.

So, I went to training at the fight gym and I did not feel fabulous. I was kinda like, "Ugh. Okay." My stomach felt a little bit messed up. All right. Indira is doing the investigation process for us. It's good, because this is an important community matter. And then as soon as I started my warm-up, skipping, like within half a second, stop with the Twizzlers, they can't be called Twizzlers, I don't accept this, 'cause we have something that swirls around and around, like a vine. You guys are calling them Vines and Twizzlers. You're just making shit up, but we have something that swirls around and around and that looks like a vine. You can't post a picture? Why not? Put a link to the picture there Mim if you can't post a picture in the comment. You should be able to put a picture in the comment.

Swedish fish are fish. Okay. That is a random comment. Lisa Whitmore says, "Swedish fish are fish." I feel like she's obviously more wise and profound than all of us 'cause that comment, I have no understanding of what it means, but it sounds extraordinarily deep.

What the Swedish Fish don't exist? I feel like we're going down a strange path. So then as soon as ... But we're going to solve it. I won't leave this unanswered for you.

[Keira 00:06:11], maybe it's something that you can consult on, because obviously you know about all thing's nutrition. What do people in the US and Canada call what I in Australia call a red lolly snake? Somebody needs to figure it out.

I'm trying to get to my story. As soon as I started the skipping, the warm up, before I was even getting to the training, there was just that switch in head, that was like, "Ugh, this is damn good, this is where I'm supposed to be." My body just went yes, my soul said yes, it was like that recognition of, even though this is going to fucking hurt and feel like I might possibly throw up ... Maybe it's a gummy worm, but isn't a gummy worm small? Like I'm sorry, I don't mean to be kinda of rude or inappropriate or sexual in nature about the candy discussion, but I don't know about your small little gummy worms, 'cause we have big red snakes. That's what we have in Australia. It's just how we do things here.

So maybe you guys are getting an inferiority complex and that's why you're refusing to answer. Okay. Susan's put a link up. Yes, that looks like it could be real [inaudible 00:07:13], I can't click on it 'cause I'm on the live stream myself, but it is National Confectionary Company, so I can't vouch for Susan's link, but I feel that it could be on par.

Yes, well. I feel like this story about the workout is quite boring now, but essentially I just got into flow and I was like, "This is where I'm supposed to be." Oh, here's another link. Mim, maybe you can link on these links and validate which one of them is correct so that everybody understands and can move on with their lives?

Our snakes don't look like worms, Brandon. That's an extraordinarily rude and offensive comment.

Our snakes are fucking bad ass, all right? They're very snakey. We've got worms, we know what a fucking worm is, and we know what a snake is. I could pick a worm up probably anywhere around me. I'm hoping that I can't pick a snake up right here anywhere around me. You definitely need these snakes. I'm going to bring some to America when I come in a few weeks. Don't worry. Of course everything's bigger in Australia. Well Texas is Texas, they say that everything is bigger in Texas, but Australia is Australia. So, there's some wisdom for you. For your Monday, or your Sunday night, whatever it is for you.

Anyway, anyway. So then my trainer, whose sister is also my ninja, Mim, who's right here on this live stream, who's going to drop us a link momentarily about Break the Internet, which by the way started already, but the first live training happens in a couple of hours. Mim, you may as well put the link in now. That internet has already been broken, multiple times, and in fact I accidentally put into the sales copy that people come to and say “Fuck me please.” It was legitimately an accident. I meant to say that they'd say, “Fuck me, please give me your offer,” because I was talking about creating your new offering in the programme which started the other day, which you've gotta join today, 'cause it closes tomorrow, but first live training is today. There's a comment, “Where are you?“

So then, I put that in by accident, that people are going to come and say "Fuck me, please.” And then somebody's commented into the group, I told you about how she's just had the best fricking sex ever and it just happened out of nowhere and I was like, “I told you. You're welcome. I manifested that shit for you.” I'm trying to yell at a slightly lower vibe than my normal yelling voice, 'cause there's houses all around. I mean, I'm in like a little alcovey park, like there's a kids playground there and there's a park here, and 'cause I have an appointment at some medical rooms down there in half an hour, so I thought I'd just sit down in this park, but there's all these residential houses around so I don't want to yell to loud.

Anyway, so I'll get back to the story about the training, 'cause it's about the title of this live stream, but, I gotta tell you first is like the epic fucking shit, just random shit that's happened for people already and we only began on Friday, but we haven't done the first live training yet, which is about getting angry, getting angry with yourself for not letting your soul work hard into the world. That's happening today. If you're joining now, you can possibly still get in on that live, or you're going to get the replay and all the content for live anyway. This is a 10 day experience, a smack down, intensive experience.

Is there animals fucking in the background? Well on most of my livestreams, that's normal and true, so I feel like it's kinda of a superfluous question and I'm not really going to attend to it.

So read about that in the comment. Come and join us in the group, the energy is through the fricking roof. If you know that you've been boring, bland, not letting your true work out and you're not having epic, fucking amounts of fun and shenanigans in your business and maybe you're not making the fricking money that you want to be making either with all the soul mate clients, you need to be in Break the Internet.

Read the comment. There's not even a sales pitch to go to. So literally just read the comment. Buy the thing. Join the thing. I'll see you in the thing. We're doing daily trainings starting from today. I said it's a 10 day experience, it's actually going to be longer already, because we started on Friday.

There was two amazing pre-works last week, which you'll get right away when you sign up now, you'll go into the Facebook group. Then we've done two trainings already. We've done one live training on Friday that was like an impromptu little one and then some exercises over the weekend, and now we're doing the first official live training today. So I'm going to like, I'm going to do 10 days starting from today. So all the extra stuff was just extra, extra, extra bonuses and there's already all these crazy results happening and I have broken the internet, several times, already, meaning random shit's just frozen and the whole internet had to wait for me in order to keep going, as it should be because I'm the freaking queen. I stay on my throne. I send my energy out and things just happen in the world. I'm going to teach you about that. As well as how to bend time and space and manifest instantly and a whole bunch of other stuff which is in the comment.

So then, okay, that's that.

Here's about the live stream title, because then Iggy, my trainer, was saying something about how does this new gym, like a fight gym that's opened around the corner, he said, "Did you see this other gym, whatever it's called." I don't remember what's it called, I was like "No I haven't seen it," and then he described it to me with what can only be described as the look of utmost disdain, about it's like one of those places where you just go and do nine rounds or 12 rounds or whatever and they just basically pummelled people and get a sweat out, but there's no technique and no training around it, it's just kind of like, yeah, get people in there, get 'em whacking a lot of shit, pretending that they think they're boxing or fighting, or whatever. Get 'em sweating and then send them on their merry way and then they're happy because they did nine rounds of whatever it was and it took 20 minutes or 27 minutes or whatever, and so they think they had a workout.

And he's like, "Did you hear about it?" And I was like, "No, I didn't really pay that much attention," but I said there's a lot of places like that in the US I notice. It's like a very popular style of fitness, just get people in for a circuit, no thinking, no technique, okay they're going to injure themselves, what the fuck ever. They're not actually really using their muscles, whatever, they're not even understanding how to connect to flow and zen through their training, whatever, but they sweated so they think they had a good time.

Or maybe they did have a good time and they should have a good time, but you know, right, that's how I feel about it, from a training perspective and from a training background perspective. He was just talking about the gym, and then I said to him ... And then we did another round, and then during the break I said to him, "The thing is though, there'll always be a market for people who don't want to think."

What's on my shirt? It's an important question that Jacqueline has posed. It says Religion, that's what it says. It's a cool shirt isn't it? I like it.

So I said to him, "There'll always going to be a market ..." I'm gonna go on my knees. "There's always going to be a market for people who don't want to think, right? In business and in ..." Yeah that's the US in a nutshell. Well there's plenty people who do want to think and here they are here. The funny thing is, you also don't have to think, right? This is a contradiction because I talk all the time about don't think, just act from flow and act from soul.

Like when I've been ... I've got a lot to learn still about fighting, but I just went back and started training again, Muay Tai on Friday, for the first session back in months and it just comes straight back, right? So of course I still want to improve my technique and learn more and more, but I have been doing it off and on for 13, 14 years, so there's a lot of knowledge there, I guess or there's a foundation there. What I remember is when we were doing sparring sessions, which I find scary still for sure, and I go into a slight hyperventilation state, but when I get past that initial fear or the first few times hyperventilating, then you slip into flow, like such fucking super flow and it's like you're dancing. It's like it's a dance, where you may or may or not get your ribs fricking punched in and you might fall to the floor gasping and crying, which happened a few times for sure, but you feel like you're totally in flow and you're dancing and you're not thinking, right? So the advanced version of doing the work, in any area of fitness, business, or life ... By the way, how do you like winter? This is winter. I'm getting a suntan on my arm over here, it feels really hot.

This is why I had to leave Melbourne. I only went for two days over the weekend. It was fucking freezing. It was freezing and then all my people in the UK were like, "I googled the weather and the weather that you're saying is freezing is the same as our summer except it's your winter." I'm like, "Well, that explains the whole situation."

So anyway, the advanced version for writing, for business, for messaging, for training is definitely it's not thinking, it's coming from the core, it's coming from flow. It's just like a dance with life, and that's how I felt inspiring sessions. It's definitely how I feel so much of the time in my writing, or on a livestream, or with clients, or if I'm teaching an event or if I'm hanging with one of my amazing soul mate people in my life, like a close friend or something and we just have a soul flow conversation. And so I talk a lot about don't think, just act from flow and act from the core. However, however, however, that's more like the advanced version, right? If somebody has no results, no knowledge, no technique, no learning, and no fucking clue, whether it's in working out or whether it's in business, then they're probably going to need to learn some things.

Now it depends, because maybe we can just connect in ... Well we can just connect straight into the flow, straight into the core and just instinctively know what to do, right? For sure. But if you take people, a bunch of unfit and uneducated people who don't even have any understanding of how to stabilise their core, and they've got maybe some injuries going on or definitely some structural imbalances and that sort of thing. They don't know how to activate their muscles or use their muscles, they don't know how to breathe properly and then you put them into a circuit based gym where it's just like a timer and they go from station to station and nobody's guiding them or supporting them properly but hey whatever, they're just whacking shit like a kind of crazy child and they're getting a sweat on.

That person is never going to get true full on soul flow, where they're just, their body is working and they're moving with the workout, because they never even learn in the first place how to connect. So maybe they need to learn how to fucking breathe properly. Maybe they need to learn how to activate their core muscles, they need to learn how to use any muscles, they need to learn how to just, like if you're throwing a punch for example. You know where that punch is coming from in your body and you learn and understand that, and then you let go of it and you don't think about and it just works.

Do you see what I mean? It's kind of like people just want this thing where they don't have to think. They can just go on the rounds. They can just follow through and they can just follow some shitty promise basically and because they got a sweat up they feel like they did something. The problem is, with so many of those sort of work out styles, and I was in the industry for years and years and years and I've seen this again and again and so I do still roll my eyes at those sort of fitness places. Problem is 99.99% of people are never getting the sort of results they want, because in order to lose weight and get lean and hot as fuck, your body needs to actually be working. Sweating does not mean your body's working. That's a reality.

So then if we look at business, and this is what I was thinking about when I said, "Tim, you know the reality is there'll always be a market for people who don't want to think." With business, it'd be equivalent to somebody online thinking like there's a 12 step plan, I've just got to find a 12 step plan or a nine step plan or whatever it is, do this, do this, do this, and then I'll become a millionaire online, right? Like, "Oh, but I did an Optum page, and then I did a landing page and then I created a programme and then I setup Instagram and LinkedIn, whatever it was and I went through the steps and so surely because I put the work in, like I got my sweat up, I put the work in, surely I should have a result, right? Because somebody told me that if I did these 12 things in a row, then I'd get a result," and it doesn't work that way. It doesn't work that way if you've got somebody who doesn't already know how to connect into flow and connect into soul and how to trust and believe in what's coming out of them.

But here's the caveat, right, here's the catch, because I'm not here to try and convince people to walk away from their 12 step to a millionaire dollar system that they're following out there or whatever it is that's popular with the kids at the moment. I don't want those people. I'm not actually trying to say to you, that you personally, necessarily need to go and learn technique and fundamentals. Maybe yes, maybe no, you probably know what you need or desire some education or some knowledge around, verus what are the things you just fricking know inside of you, what to say, and how to do it, and how to show up, but are you giving ourself permission? I'm not here for those people.

If I was running a fitness centre, I wouldn't want to go over to the place where the people who think they can do their stupid nine round thing or 12 round thing are and convince them to come to my place where I'm going to educate them properly and then empower them into flow and into magic fucking results with ease and not just the physical results, but the inner results and the certainty and the knowing this and the dance with life. I don't want those people.

I want the people who already knew in the first fucking place what it looks like to actually do the damn thing properly. What it looks like to come from the core, what it looks like to connect with your body and with your soul.

So in business, like I can make fun of it or something, but I'm not here to do this livestream to be like, "Oh I hope that somebody who thought there was a 12 step fucking plan to making a million dollars on line, I hope that I can persuade them to join instead." No way. Hell to the no. That would be a really tiring client to work with for me, because their mindset is there should just be a process. I should just get to follow a process and then I get results so what do I do next? And my answer is going to be, "How about learn to fucking connect to your soul because then you can throw that punch probably, right? Or connect to your core," I'm mixing all my analogies, but it's working, I think.

So what I'm here for is actually the people who, in contradiction to kinda of a lot of stuff I just said, I'm here for the people who know that they can literally just tap into that flow straight away. That they don't have to go through a process first. That maybe there are some techniques they need to learn along the way. So maybe for example, they notice that they feel like they can't really access soul knowledge and soul guidance and it feels kinda of confusing or you feel unsure like I'm not really certain what my soul is telling me to do or I'm not sure what intuition is saying, so then maybe that person gets to learn from me something around journaling, or connecting to soul, or connecting to inner guidance and they develop a practise around it in order to practise tapping into intuition, in order to practise acting from that and so that's your equivalent to learning your technique, right?

Like I had to really apply myself to learning how to throw my kicks properly in fighting because ... And I still have to think about it sometimes, because if I don't think about it my automatic non-thinking response is kinda of, like it's limited, I don't go all the way through, right? So I stop and think a lot of the time and I think where do I want this to come from and I take the time to connect my mind to my soul to certain parts of my body and then it works, right? Then I throw the kick properly and then if in sparring and then that's when I'm like, "Well, I'm not going fricking think about while I'm in sparring. I'm in that flow zone and you've just gotta go and how it comes out is how it comes out."

All right, so it's the same how in business or clients who I'm working with or this stuff I've been teaching about There's going to be people who are like, "Well I don't know what my soul is telling me to sell, or to message, or how to put myself out there, or how to build my brand or show up," and I'm going to be like "Okay cool, so here's how you connect into that. Here's what to feel. Here's how to feel it. Here's a practise. Here's a process around it, but no it's not a 12 step fucking formula or if you do this, this, this, and this then you make a million dollars. I'm not here to teach you that. That does not exist. What I'm here to teach you is to connect to what's already natural inside of you, right?"

And that's what I love about fight training and learning how to be better at Muay Thai. It's something that's already in me. I'm not trying to learn something that doesn't already exist in me. I'm trying to learn or I'm remembering, not even learning, I'm remembering how to use my body naturally in that way which my body already does know how to do, so I might take the time to connect and to think about it in training and with technique stuff and drills and that sort of thing. But then when it gets time to sparring time, it's like let go and let flow. Same as here. We might take the time in for example, to allow you to learn and understand how to connect deeper to flow, deeper to could, deeper to your inner guidance, how to know what to sell, how to sell it, and what to say, and how to say it, but then it's going to be like, "Okay, now it's time to let go and let flow." Actually, we'll be doing it all at once, it won't be like this, this, and then this.

So, that's it. There's a big-ass spider on my laptop right now. I'm going go, because I've got an appointment in eight minutes that I've gotta drive a minute away to.

Oh you're fine.

So, I'm going to finish up. I could keep talking for ages, but I do have an appointment so I want you to think about how this applies to your business and what you need to put into place as far as listening to yourself and also read the pinched comment there that Mim's dropped in, it says and then there's a whole bunch of stuff under that. Where are you?

Read through what we're doing in that programme, it is next level bad ass. We started on Friday, we're doing the first live training today, you've got to get in there. It's just an incredible group, total bad asses, I think we're up to nearly 100 entrepreneurs in that group now. So let's get you your place in there right now. We'll close the doors tomorrow, but you'd be crazy to wait until tomorrow because we're doing the first live training today.

All right. I'll see you in there.

Have an amazing rest of the day and don't forget, "Life is now, press play."