Rebel Millionaire

You don't HAVE to do anything.

How many times do you think to yourself.. "OH I HAVE to do that!"?

These things are a SHOULD, rather than a desire. And in business (and life), there's a VERY fine line between knowing if you REALLY need to do something, or if it's something we THINK we should do.

See, it's a choice. EVERYTHING is a choice. If you keep adding, adding, ADDING to that GIGANTIC to-do list of yours, with all of those "I should do this, and I should do that" – you're just shoulding all over yourself. This ends up getting you DISTRACTED. That shit is deadly.

How do you avoid shoulding all over yourself?

1. Figure out what makes you tick. What do you LOVE doing in your business?

2. Believe in yourself. BELIEVE your dream is possible.

3. MAKE A CHOICE! Do you agree that you HAVE to do everything?

4. What do you CHOOSE to believe? I don't feel like I "have" to do everything. I'm VERY committed to listening to my intuition – and I've made a helluva lot of money, and a huge impact because of it.

5. Get into a daily practice of LISTENING to yourself... through meditation, journalling, exercising, whatever works for you.

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