Rebel Millionaire

Kat: Just get some more attention. All right, we've figured this system out. This is how I want it to be. I'm extraordinarily upset that I had to stop a livestream in the middle of it.

Kat: Let's wait for the peoples to come back.

Kat: Yo, are you back, or are you new? Back, Haley's back. Eight people are back. Imagine some of the people didn't come back, how extraordinarily rude that would be. I suppose it would mean I didn't put on a good enough intro.

Kat: Much better, we can see. Yeah well, I'm happy to roll with all things. Look how chilled out I am, I feel like I'm super relaxed ... do you feel like you really like this hotel knowing it's not weird anymore?

Ash: Yeah.

Kat: Yeah. Last night, we got here, and we were like, what is happening? It's so weird. There's no bar, firstly, which I found to be a disturbing and unsettling problem. And these keys, like keys that look like this. I'm pretty sure this hotel was transplanted from your land, Lia Steele. I think that's what happened.

Kat: But, you know me, I'm like freaking trendy as fuck, everybody can see it. Super classy. And so, a friend recommend that I stay here, it's a quaint old hotel in Santa Monica. And it's not a cheap hotel by the way, but when I got in I was like, this is not my vibe, I am so leaving this place tomorrow. Kind of musty and fusty.

Kat: But then, when I woke up this morning in my quaint room, I thought I was in 1847. And I felt like, this might be the most relaxed I've ever been in the world, in my life.

Kat: Lia says, "You're fucking welcome."

Kat: And so and then, I went to yoga and did other things. And then I came back and I was like, I think I'm falling in love with this place, it's very zen, but in a non-zen way. In an English-y sort of a way.

Kat: No, I'm not bleeding. Thanks. Nope, that's not part of it.

Kat: Secret garden, hopefully nobody comes into this garden, 'cause they're going to hear a reverence. It's not that secret. But, you should go and watch my Instagram story and see a tour of my room. It's very unusual, it's a whole unusual situation for me. It took me some adaptation.

Kat: So, speaking of adaptation. Speaking of adapting to things. You know, I just decided that I really don't care to wait for the normal things and the normal ways of life, and of people. Because actually, I'm pretty sure the normal ways of life, and of people, are basically complete fucking bullshit, and that we all just bought into a scheme of rules that may or may not make sense. And at the end of the day, the way to know if something is real and true, is does it feel right for you.

Kat: So, if you feel like, 'Meh, I just think I want to wait X designated period of time that's apparently socially acceptable before I change my body,' or make a fuck-load of money, or attract the exact romantical love connection that I want, or shift any other freakin' thing in our life, then why not just start to choose that you're not going to buy in to that belief system.

Kat: So you know, I've been experimenting with this process of living life since before time began, really, I've always. But, I just feel like over the past little while, and specifically on this current trip that I'm on in America, I've going to a whole new plain. A whole new plain of realising that I can get results, I can allow in results, I can receive results.

Kat: Now we're getting serious, leaning forward. Oh, okay sorry Maggie, it's the thing not actually bleeding, it's when you go places and time bends. I do that all the time, but I've not heard the expression bleeding relevant to that. I am constantly leaving time and space, and I just, I call it superflow or fugue state, it's a bit of it, but I'll read the rest of your comment later, half of it's cut off, but I'm very interested in this. Tell me more about it, if you like.

Kat: Yeah, I've just been accessing higher levels of more magic and superpowers, and just kind of deciding how things get to be, and deciding that there's actually got to be no specific timeframe or framework of how that should be.

Kat: So, the specific example, which I did right about ... I can tell you lots of examples, and ask me the questions. Ask me the questions, let's make this an engaged interaction. Ask me anything that you want to ask me about accessing superflow, accessing superpowers, accessing magic.

Kat: This is not woo woo mystical shit, by the way. I mean, I think that's obvious. And nothing wrong with that, 'cause everything's mystical, and anything is mystical and nothing is mystical at all. What I mean is, I'm not talking about some voodoo witchcraft, nothing like that at all. I'm not remotely aligned nor either interested in black magic.

Kat: Anyway, but I believe that we all have powerful white magic, if you want to give it some sort of name, which I don't really. But, I just did, apparently. I just, okay my point is, I'm literally just talking about accessing the powers that were always available to us.

Kat: So, Lia says, "Hell yes, shifted everything in under a day here." Tell us more about that Lia. Tell us about it, people want to know your story. I want to know the story.

Kat: So yeah, it's more like, questioning the frameworks and questioning the ways we've been told things are. Which is, I think that's not new information to any of us, right? We're freakin' entrepreneurs, we question everything since before time began, as well. And that's just normal. But, what if you went to an even deeper level of questioning. Every next, I guess block or limit that came up for you, that you then questioned that also. And what if you completely didn't even know any of the rules or laws of how it's meant to be.

Kat: So, the example I'm going to give you is to do with my abdominal area. I know you're going to be fascinated by this, but really though, really. I'm trying to be a smartass, and then I'm like of course they're going to freakin' fascinated by it.

Kat: I love how Brandon comes on and always announces himself here like a slightly breathless person arriving at a wedding and feeling a little bit embarrassed that they were slightly late. That's the vibe I'm getting anyway. So, everybody tell Brandon a word that has the words O-U in it. Please write in the word honour, or favourite with an O-U. What's another word with an O-U in it?

Ash: Colour.

Kat: Colour. You can choose the word of your choice. Please type in, Brandon I honour you, Brandon you're my favourite, Brandon please change the colour of the filter, or another O-U word of your own choosing. The reason is he appreciates it and we appreciate each other, and so we like to do nice things for the people that we appreciated.

Kat: So, fabulous ... Kiana, I thought you were just saying this is fabulous, so it's like thank you, I thought it was quite fabulous as well. Then I realised that, no you weren't as well.

Kat: [inaudible 00:06:52] exactly. Lia, you understand. Kiana, you understand, of course you do. You are my people.

Kat: So, anyhow, I supposed I could tell the story. Might only take me two or three live streams and 7,000 minutes, but we'll get there in the end. And we'll certainly get there before 2:00 PM, 'cause I've got to do the high ticket sales workshop at 2:00 PM.

Kat: Ash, why don't you drop the link for the high ticket sales workshop? There's a real person sitting here, you guys, I'm not just talking to space and pretending that I have a team.

Kat: Everybody knows it's fab-o-lus. What the hell is that?

Ash: [inaudible 00:07:18]

Kat: Can you drop the link?

Ash: Yeah.

Kat: I don't even want to talk about the high ticket sales workshop. I won't talk about it, but it does start in less than an hour and you should go and get your place. Or sign up whenever, and get the recordings. And it goes on going, on going until we're done with all the content is roughly how long that we'll go for.

Kat: Superflow and super [inaudible 00:07:35] have high ticket sales, he'll put the link in for you now so you don't miss out.

Kat: But anyway, let's talk about my stomach. I know you've been waiting for that moment. And then, we're going to apply it to all the things.

Kat: So, I wrote the other day, about how on this trip I've been eating way more things that I ... I don't want to say crap or shit, or something like that. But, I've been eating a lot of foods that I don't generally choose to not eat because they generally do not serve me, and foods that I typically in the past have understood would cause me to gain weight.

Kat: So, for example, I had spent pretty a whole week in Florida eating rice and beans for most of the week, which is not my normal diet at all. It's a very [inaudible 00:08:11] week. And then, I was eating a lot of Mexican-ish food in Texas as well. And a lot of potatoes everywhere, and I've been eating sugar most days when I haven't really done that for a very long time.

Kat: And so, long story short, I work a couple of Monday mornings just gone, and I was like, what is happening. My stomach was not looking the way that I care for it to look, I was kind of puffy and I had gained some belly fat and some body fat. And the next day was going to be my event, my one day San Diego soul shift, so my only American day. Which was little as fuck by the way.

Kat: And not that I had the idea that my clients would ask me to leave if I showed up a little less lean than what they expect me, 'cause I'm pretty sure they'd be okay with it. But, and also not because I have felt like I'm not good enough or not happy.

Kat: This is an important point to notice and understand, if you want to do magic, do you want to do magic? If you want to do magic, type in 'I want to do magic', except that sounds boring. So, type in something like, aha. Or could be, I love hot shower, obviously.

Kat: So, it was not that, it was not like, I need to be lean for tomorrow because of my event, and otherwise I'm not good enough or I don't look good enough. I let go of all that shit, I continually release that shit. Release it from my body. I will teach you about that, right.

Kat: Ah-fucking-ha. Exactly. That's exactly what I mean, Brandon. Aha, yes. Yes. Magicians everywhere. Magic me the fuck up. Indeed I will, indeed I will, and indeed you can do that for yourself at any time.

Kat: So, it wasn't that. It was just, that I looked in the mirror when I felt a bit stodgy, you know when you just feel a bit like things are sitting in there that you would really prefer not to be there anymore. I went to the gym and I was like, well I just felt like a bit blah. Not my ideal feeling. And I just thought to myself, I actually don't care to choose this, I would prefer, I would like to or prefer to have my abs back, thank you very much, is basically how I felt about it.

Kat: I didn't have a neediness around it. It wasn't I need my abs back to be happy or to feel good, it was ... oh, that's an interesting comment. Don't read it. Do not read it. Do not click the link. Do not come and learn from me about superflow, tens of thousands of dollars sales like magic. Unless you want it, in which case done. But, you can do it after. We have time. We have time for all the things. We expand time.

Kat: So yeah, I was just like, this is what I want. I just like when I have my abs looking a certain way. I was so freakin' puffy everywhere, and it wasn't just fluid, I'd gained body fat. I gained a small amount of body fat, maybe a couple of percentage points. I know how to read body fat like a motherfucker. If I look at you in person, I will know to the pound exactly how much you weigh and what your body fat percentage is. It's a magical trick based on the science of the fact that for 13 years I freakin' measure people day in and day out, and so I can eyeball it and tell.

Kat: And I'm always right. Even for some of you mystical people who have light weighted bones, I still get it right. I know it's an important act, which I probably don't use this skill and talent as often as what the world would really desire or require for me to do, so I'm sorry about that. But, if you'd like me to test it out on you then just tell me when you see me. You may not care for me to do that to you, but I'll be doing it anyway on an unconscious level. It's not like I'm writing it down in a little book, I'm not like writing down exactly how much everyone in my Perth community weighs and what their body fat percentage is.

Kat: Caitlyn says there's a problem with the link. Can you read the comment that Caitlyn just popped up, I can only read half of it.

Kat: So, anyhow, I'm getting there eventually. If you want to know the magic, you've got to be prepared for the magician, which is me, to craft the story out.

Kat: What's the question?

Ash: There's no question, but the link works.

Kat: Just reply back to Caitlyn's comment with another link. But the link anyhow, is the

Ash: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Kat: Do you think I could hold my hands out like Moses for the entire rest of the livestream?

Ash: Yes.

Kat: Ash has fantastic faith in my medial deltoids. He says, "Yes."

Kat: Oh, no problem with the link. Okay, I was just assuming.

Kat: I feel like I want to do it now. Because, I really appreciate the faith in my doubts.

Kat: Anyhow, oh we could do some flexing. Okay. I don't know what I'm doing. What's happening, why am I in such a bizarre mood? I've been in a bizarre mood all morning. I woke up and sent the most irreverent giggly little girl audio messages to Linda Doctor, about 30 minutes worth of them as well, which was a little irreverent, I think, to expect someone to listen to that much of your shit. But, she replied with grace and fervour, and sent me back a good 16 minute long audio itself.

Kat: Anyway, so yeah, I basically decided, I'm going to change this. I'm going to change it now. Because, I just want to have my abs back. And literally over that 15 minute workout ... can you join in on what video? The live workshop? Of course. It's going down at the top of the hour. So, 2:00 PM here too, which is soon enough, that I probably should be thinking about getting to my point here so I can get upstairs to run it.

Ash: Put your arms back up.

Kat: Sorry. Ash just told me to put my arms back up. What happened if Moses dropped his arms?

Ash: I guess the Israelites all drown, don't they?

Kat: Get your freakin' bible passages sorted.

Ash: Everyone drowns.

Kat: It wasn't to do with people downswing, was it?

Ash: I don't know.

Kat: Was it to part the red sea?

Ash: Well, yeah.

Kat: No, it was to do with the tabernacle.

Ash: I don't know.

Kat: Google it. We grew up in church. Our grandfather was a preacher, how can you not know this stuff? This is terrible, this is embarrassing for everybody.

Ash: It'll be embarrassing for you if I'm wrong.

Kat: What's spaghetti got to do with it? My arms are becoming more toned by the moment. Imagine if this was the new livestream game, you'd have the most insanely amazing arms in the world.

Kat: Manifest go ditch your body fat, do it then. Show us your abs.

Kat: All right. So, I literally watched my body transform itself in 15 minutes. Now, of course when you sweat and workout a little bit, you lose some fluid anyhow, right.

Kat: Eminem was not there with Moses, I can say that with certainty. But, it's an interesting suggestion.

Kat: I guess I can't really be certain, because if time and space doesn't exist, then anything could be possible. That's definitely true as well.

Kat: Okay I feel like I'm getting my arms a little bit tired now, but it's become a point of pride and ego, for sure. In a moment I'll stand up and show you my abs.

Kat: So then, yeah, I like fully got my abs back and my whole body shape-shifted. Not in a weird devils advocate sort of way, 'cause those shape-shifters were scary as fuck, but it's a great movie and you should watch it again.

Ash: Oh, you were right.

Kat: I was right, what does it say about Moses?

Ash: During a battle.

Kat: During a battle. What happened? What if Moses is Eminem?

Ash: I don't think he is.

Kat: Can you just read the fucking passage out because my arms are getting tired.

Ash: I don't have the passage, but if he didn't hold up his hands-

Kat: The battle would be lost.

Ash: The battle would be lost.

Kat: But, what did it have to do with the 10 commandments?

Ash: I don't know.

Kat: Can we just figure it out people?

Kat: All right, so. Yeah so, then I wrote about it. I wrote about how I completely just changed my body in 15 minutes, in a way that should technically take two weeks, right? And I know this for sure. But then, I thought to myself, it sounds kind of bullshit and it sounds kind of made up, and I don't think people really understand the power of what just happened, right? Because they didn't see it, and they're going to be like, 'Cool Kat, you just sweat a little bit and you released some fluid'. That is not what happened.

Kat: What happened was roughly what a two week cleanse would create, right? In the normal people world who believe in the normal rules, which I use to, and I apologise for that period in my life. We all have parts of our past that we would change if we could, but I'm going to assume you'll love me anyhow.

Kat: But then, the next day I did my event with all the badasses in San Diego. They force fed me several servings of tater tots with truffles on them. I didn't know what a tater tot was. They were pretty appalled about that. It's potato gem for the Australians. Which is not a fancy Delmar food by the way, but they put freakin' truffle oil on it and pretended that it was, and required me to eat it along with several unnecessary serves of nachos and a poisoned burger. Which we knew was poisoned, because the next morning we woke up and we were dying. All of us, just dying, or at least me, and Ash and Amanda. So, Amanda stayed over in my room. We did the hilarious slumber party livestream, it was critical and important.

Kat: I hope you guys appreciate that I'm going to need a two hour massage on my shoulders after this, and it was all for you. Please send me some love for doing that as a community effort.

Kat: So, Amanda and I wake up. We walked down to go to the gym. Well first, obviously we sat in bed for many hours and did many money making things, 'cause that's a normal thing to do when you wake up in the morning with your client in bed next to you. So, we did that, and then we went to the gym. Oh my god, my stomach was ginormous. Okay, not at all, that's obviously ridiculous. But, I was very like, reverted back again, basically. Which is evident of my level of belief, and I'm going to deal with that, don't worry about it.

Kat: Because actually what I noticed is, I believe that I can transform my body in a day, or even in an hour or two because I choose to, and I do it repeatedly. But then, I also have still been holding on to the belief, which is stupid if you think about it, that if I eat something like tater tots, I'm going to wake up feeling big and heavy. So, I'm just going to get rid of that belief because I don't find it particularly convenient or charming, I don't know about you. But, at the time, I was still holding on to the belief.

Kat: So, we go work out, we do a 25 minute workout. And by the end of it, Amanda is like, 'Holy shit, I just saw it happened with my own eyes'. 'Cause she had seen me write about it.

Kat: Look at my arms sinking. They're just going down.

Ash: Battle will be lost.

Kat: I am strong and resilient. I am a badass. I will keep my arms up if it kills me. That's kind of cheating.

Ash: No, well, Moses had rocks placed under his arms so he could hold them up until sunset, so you can cheat.

Kat: That's bullshit. What?

Ash: Yeah.

Kat: He said that Moses had rocks placed under his arms. That's not holding them up at all, that's just casually lounging. That undoes the entire story, if not the entire bible. That's just casually lounging around with your arms ... what, is that a true story?

Ash: Yes, are you questions the book of Exodus?

Kat: Like, a little rock or a big rock that he could just lounge on? How is that then? How is that a work of effort or resilience? Fuck it then, I'm putting my arms down. I've been let down and disappointing.

Ash: When Moses hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it. Oh, and then two people held up his hands.

Kat: So, when Moses got tired, he just gets a lounge chair and some people to hold his arms up.

Ash: Yes.

Kat: This changes the dynamics of the entire story. How did I not know that? Obviously, I just selectively choose what I want from history. I know people are going to argue whether or not that's history, keep it to yourself. I don't care right now. I'm telling my story.

Kat: So anyway, Amanda was like, 'Holy shit, I can't believe how much your stomach just changed in 30 minutes'. Or it was even a 25 minute workout that we did. And then we took some Instagram stories about it because we are here to serve, and that's all. So, if you require them, I can send them to you. It was extra special because I had an apricot coloured sports bra on and Amanda had apricot coloured, I suppose you could call them peach, shorts on from [inaudible 00:19:46].

Kat: And so, we were diagonally in unison, which made the whole thing a vision from a visual standpoint, and we didn't even plan it. So, there's many things that go in to the magic, as you can see.

Kat: Anyhow, I don't feel like I need to demonstrate my stomach for the purposes of the story now, but I will anyway, because it's always good opportunity to show off parts of your body on Facebook. We all know that people like to see bits of your body, it helps the views go up. Or in fact, as Frank Hearn told me yesterday, one should always livestream with a throne and a sceptre if you want a load of viral video. And I said, "Frank, I'm all over that shit. I got my throne and my sceptre." In fact, he stole the idea from me, so if you see Frank Hearn sitting on a pink throne with a sceptre, I gave him that idea but I'm happy for him to use it.

Kat: So, anyhow, there's my stomach. It looks rather stomach-y, I supposed. It's still a little puffier than what I actually am going to require for it to be by the end of today. There's bits of it.

Ash: [inaudible 00:20:43]

Kat: There's a little bit of definition there. So, there's a little bit of puff going on there.

Kat: By the way, nobody needs to tell me I don't need to worry about my puff, 'cause I'll worry about whatever the fuck I want. Except, I'm not worrying about it. Not worried at all. I'm observing it with curiosity and interest.

Kat: But, what you've got to understand is that when I went in to [inaudible 00:20:58] yoga this morning, it was a whole different situation, you guys. It was a completely different body. And actually, quite noticeably so, much more than any other situations throughout this period, because basically Frank Hearn, who I spent the last two days with, provides many snacks in his offices, and they're very mucho fabuloso. And I ate definitely more than my fair share of them. I was eating donuts, packets of ... vegan donut, which makes it okay.

Ash: [inaudible 00:21:32]

Kat: Whether or not I'm a vegan, but I only eat vegan donuts, because I'm very healthy. And potato chips, and many candy bars, because the driver that he sent to pick us up and take us back had a candy bar box in the backseat of the fancy car. And it would've been rude to not eat the candy, clearly. And then many other things as well.

Kat: And I'm mucking around, but this is a really true and real thing. And oh, by the way, I'll fully shift this by the end of today. I'm going to go to equinox later, and then I'll post a photo if you want, or not, whatever it doesn't matter.

Kat: But, let me just play out some beliefs here, because I still notice areas where I'm allowing this process to only work if I have certain things in place. So for example, I know fully believe and know I can change my body in a day, or even in an hour or two, but I indeed create some rules for myself. Did you notice the rules, yes or no? Type in what little silly rules I created for myself if you noticed them.

Kat: Because of course the next iteration, is that there's no rules, and no requirements, and no conditions and that I would just decide it in my head without getting out of my bed in my fancy little quaint hotel room. So, I'm want to see if anyone can catch watch these rules were.

Ash: [inaudible 00:22:43]

Kat: Aha, did you learn something else about Moses?

Ash: No, I found what I was looking for.

Kat: In life?

Ash: No.

Kat: He found what he was looking for in life. Send a love hot shower for Ash, he has found his answers.

Ash: Who's doing the accounting work?

Kat: He's doing accounting work. Is that what you were looking for in life?

Ash: No, no, definitely not. I don't think anyone is looking for that in life.

Kat: Why are you doing account anyway, is it mine?

Ash: Yes.

Kat: Okay, that's fine then. I'll allow it. They're sending you a love hot shower anyway, it's because they feel bad for you, rightly so.

Kat: Are you guys not even going to give me ... like you're not interacting here a part from laughing at Ash, or have you got something to say about what I just said?

Kat: What time is it?

Ash: 1:33.

Kat: Oh, we have much time left. C'mon, where's the comments at? Can nobody guess what my limiting magic beliefs were, even though I did amazing magic and I can post you the photos. Oh, no I can't, 'cause we only took after photos. I've got to remember to take before and after photos one day of this, because it's quite phenomenal.

Kat: But then again, I could just share like, for example, the 300K in five day story, which I shared a month or two back and turned it in to a whole workshop, because why would I not monetize a story.

Kat: You guys are just commenting bullshit, you're not actually sharing the answers to my question. I don't even know what that comment means.

Kat: So, I had to start talking quieter because somebody else came out here. But, it's not just this area, right. Okay, I got distracted because I started to think about whether I should monetize the abdominal thing, and why would I not?

Kat: But, my point is, it's only to the level of your belief. It's always to the level of your belief.

Kat: Magnetising relationship magna. I definitely did some magnetising freakin' magic around relationships of light, which was basically to do with being fucking truthful and getting out of my own way.

Kat: Buffering, Brandon was buffering, as a person, because that's an interesting concept.

Kat: My voice changed because somebody else came out and I felt bad 'cause i was being kind of crazy, 'cause it's super quiet serene garden, and I don't want to disturb somebodies space. I should put my earplugs in, 'cause then even if I'm talking quietly, you can fully hear me. Let's do that.

Kat: Why is nobody answer my question? Were you so interested in my arms and what was going to happen next that you didn't listen to the point of the story? I'm going to tell you now anyway, 'cause now I'm getting grumpy that you didn't answer.

Kat: So, if you listened to what I said, I basically have learned how to change and shift my body in like an hour, right. And in a really real way, not you know like, yeah you dropped some fluid sort of way, in a way where it's like that is not supposed to be like that. That doesn't work. That doesn't ... okay, I didn't see your answer. Maybe I've missed some comments. That doesn't fit within the realms of what we've been told is true and real.

Kat: But, where my limits were ... and I'll be curious to see those comments afterwards, I will be checking, is obviously I still had a thing of like, like this morning I was like, I've so got to go to yoga. But then again, I truly just desired to go to hot yoga, I certainly wasn't going to try and shift my body. But, it was more that that was still there. It was like, oh well by the end of this yoga class, I will have completely shifted my body and released it of all things donut-y, and potato chip-y and snacks. I was going to say inserted in to me, but Frank Hearn, he didn't actually force feed me snacks. He just laid them out bountifully though and it felt rude to not eat them all day every day.

Kat: And then that happened, but there was still the rule around the yoga thing, right? So, it wasn't even a rule, it was more just like, a condition that I bought into without questioning it. So, I started to notice it. And I'm still noticing, 'cause even today like I just said it 10 minutes ago, I said, "Well, I'll go to the gym later and I'll fully shift it then."

Kat: It's not actually that I think I need to go to the gym to shift it, it's more that I'm using that as a marker. I'm kind of like, that's my marker, like my reminder to myself or something along those lines. But yeah, what I noticed is, how can I tune in to an even greater level of magic on this stuff, right. How can I just make it that anything I decide is done in that moment, it's not done ... like the old paradigm is, it's done based on if you do certain things that the world essentially would teach you to do. Like, oh if you want to change your body, the very least you're going to do some kind of fast cleansing detox thing. Like some people have said they can change their body in two or three days, others are going to say two or three weeks, unable to believe 12 weeks for one girl, whatever.

Kat: And people would probably say yeah, it depends on your starting point. I'm like, yeah, but it depends on your level of fucking belief, all right. That's actually what it depends on.

Kat: So for me, it's come down to I'm like, I use to always believe in you know, two to three days, and it was true. And now, I believe literally one to two hours, and it's true. And it's like you can visibly see your body shifting, almost like you're on a movie editing thing and you're carving that thing up like a freakin' face changing sort of situation, right.

Kat: And now, my next iteration that I'm consciously stepping in to is, no it's not based on one to two hours. It's not based on whether or not energy. It's not based on any of those things. It's based purely on belief, and choice, and decision, right?

Kat: Same with the money stuff, because like I did the 300K in five days, which was a cool little story and I did a workshop about it back in roughly the end of January.

Kat: And so then, it was like, okay but I have these conditions in play. So, I was in superflow and then this was happening, and then this was happening and then this was happening. And it's like, cool cool that's awesome, but actually, there's no freakin' rule that I got to go to Bali and do these certain things to get into superflow in order to access that, it's also just a choice. So, I feel like it gets to be a continual thing of looking in it. Well, where are we putting conditions on ourselves? Maybe our rules and conditions are way cooler, and more badass and more ease and flow orientated than what the rest of the world would say. But, can you release that anyway?

Kat: And then, how about this. What if I stepped in to my next belief, which I am now choosing, of just 'cause I would eat donuts, or tater tots or potatoes every freakin' day, which I have been doing. No, it really is changing, and that's why I told the story about when my friend and client was with me and she was like, 'What the fuck? How is that even possible?' Or she wasn't, she wasn't questioning it because she believes in magic. But, she was like, 'Wow, I just fucking so that. That was crazy'.

Kat: Bodies one example, only out of many though. Money stuff. Saw my clients disappearing out of nowhere. Situations in all areas of life just turning around. I have endless stories on this and it's all stuff that I would of created anyway, but it's with a higher level of flow and ease. And it's getting to where it's faster, faster, faster, the more that I choose to believe in magic, the more I get results super fast with superflow and super ease in all areas, and complete shifts in situations where it's literally like, how the fuck did that even happen, right. In all areas.

Kat: And then now, my next things that I'm practising for myself, is that there's no conditions required, not even my own ones. And that also something like a previous belief that if I eat these certain things, I wake up feeling heavier, or I wake up feeling bloated, or my body shifts, or if I eat them for longer then I actually do gain body fat, that I let go of those beliefs as well.

Kat: So, it's literally like, I'm not going to wake up bigger if I ate this stuff, and then I'm going to shift it, no. That's cool, that's more magical than not, right? But, the next things is, I always just get to decide my results regardless of what I do or don't do, which is exactly how I do things in business with money. It's like, this is how much money I choose to make, these are the sort of some of my clients who signed up for my inner circle, this is how things operate, these are the sort of team members I have, these are the sort of men in my life for example if you want to look at other areas. This is how I interact with my friends, this is how I get treated when I travel, just all these different things that previously has some sort of conditions or kind of things around them where I thought I have to do certain things in order to get to that point.

Kat: Where over time, I gradually got to where I'm like, oh no, it happens 'cause I decide it, right? And so continually shifting and experimenting.

Kat: How do you let go of those beliefs? The first thing is that you decide, right. The first things is to decide to believe in magic, to decide to believe ... you don't have to term it that way either, it's actually just deciding to question the beliefs that have been conditioned into you because who made the people that taught you these things, God right? Like who says that that's real, that that's how the world operates. Who says that two plus two equals four? Who says that anything takes any amount of time or any amount of effort? It's all a reflection of faith. With faith, you can really move mountains, and that's a true thing, right.

Kat: Time is irrelevant. Exactly, because who actually defined and measured time in the first place anyway? That is not a thing of the galaxy. That's a thing that a person did, or some group of human people, over time. Right? And we've just all gone like cool cool, this is what a unit of time means because somebody once said so. And then, cool cool, here's what you can do with that unit of time because somebody once said so, and then they try to and spin it on somebody else and somebody else. And now we're just walking around accepting this shit, why? Right, that's what I'm saying here.

Kat: I'm just saying, create your own freakin' rules. Decide how you want it to be. I know it sounds like, depends on where you're on your journey, it could sound crazy. It could sounds bullshit. It could sound so made up. It could sound too good to be true. I'm not asking you to try and duplicate my faith, I choose my faith, you choose your faith.

Kat: I'm just saying, what if you started to question shit, right? What if you just started to think, I didn't like that one, I didn't like that belief, I don't really want to wait that long for that result, I don't feel good about it. I think I'm going to choose to believe in a different way. I think I'm going to test that out.

Kat: And then as far as the how around that, it is deciding first and foremost, and just choosing that that's how it gets to be. And then the how, the strategy is, well what would you be doing in this moment in time in your life if you believed that, right.

Kat: So, for me with body stuff, like I look at my body in the mirror when I'm in yoga or whatever I wear, I'm like, oh I'd prefer to shift this. This is not my ideal choice for myself, but I'm not standing there going this is bad, or wrong or it makes me not good enough like I would of used to years ago. I'm like, it just is. It is what it is and that's all it is. I can choose to shift it or now, either way, I'm still complete, and whole, and perfect in and of myself. I am not my body. I am not my income. I am not the people that are in my life, and so on and so forth, right.

Kat: Cat ninja, got to save some clip. Let's check that later. Thank you, whatever it was. I can only read half the comments, they chop off on the phone.

Kat: And then, yeah so, it's kind of like, it doesn't work if this neediness is attached to it. If it's 'I have to do that or else, or have to do that to be validated, or to be good enough, or to be worthy,' that's just not going to work, right?

Kat: So, it's about getting to a point where you fully love and accept yourself as you are. That's been huge practise of mine over the past year, and it really is true. Like, I'll look at my body when I'm not, you know, when it's not in the ideal state that I want it to be or could be something that's going on in my business or personal life, and I've kind of had this weird thing of where I'm like, well this is not what I desire, right? This is not what I expect so this is going to just need to change because I know that I get to choose all things.

Kat: But, at the same time, I'm completely detached from it. I'm like, be the way I'm totally good, right. Either way, I'm completely [inaudible 00:34:04], completely safe, completely whole, completely in love, completely happy, so I'm grounded no matter what. I'm not looking at a situation and being like, oh my god no that makes me this or this, or what are people going to think?

Kat: All right. So, all of that stuff is part of the practise. The other part is deciding, like I said. And then the other part is believing, and belief is a practise as well. But I guess one thing that you could try is if you want to practise believing, it would literally be well, if I did believe at this level, if I had this level of faith, then what would I be choosing right now?

Kat: So, in that moment, in that class, instead of the girl of me from 10 years ago who would of been feeling annoyed, ashamed, worrying about how people are perceiving her, other things that are not positive or uplifting, instead of that it's just complete acceptance, complete certainty, complete happiness and flow anyway, and then simply practising the belief. That's it, it's holding the belief.

Kat: And from a practical point of view, what do you do? Well, you do whatever the fuck you're called to do. You go to the class if you're called to, you don't go if you're not called to. You sell something if you're called to, you don't if you're not. You message and share whatever's coming out of you, you don't try to message and share something that you thinks going to get you an outcome, right. You say the actual stuff that you're thinking to the important people in your life, and so on and so forth.

Kat: So, this is a topic that I definitely could talk about for ages, and I'm sure I will continue to write about it. I did write about it in a very rambly weird sort of way in today's blog post, which is on this page, it's called How to Discover your Magic. It's here on my Katrina Ruth business page and it's over on my personal page also. Go read that if you would like to dive in to more of my rambly magic musings.

Kat: And go to We are going live in how many minutes?

Ash: 16.

Kat: 16 minutes, it's happening. If you can't join us live, go sign up anyhow. You're going to get the replay. You get all of the content for life. There's going to be ongoing content interaction support, it's not a one time workshop, it's like a mini course or a [inaudible 00:35:58], or something like that.

Kat: But, what you should do is go to Read all about what I'm actually covering there. It's a lot more than simply teaching my sales process and business strategies. There's some really cool shit that we're diving into. Everything that you really need to know to be that person who people just want to give money to, including the mindset and the magic of it as well by the way, which is the intention setting, the inner game side of how I attract such high levels or so many clients who just want to pay me, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff besides.

Kat: So, I'll see you there or I'll see you on the replay, have an amazing rest of the day. And don't skip, life is now. Press play.

Kat: And Ash has something to say to you to sign off, it's very important.

Ash: I balance the book.

Kat: He does a lot more than balance the books, but thank you for that profound moment.

Ash: Didn't have anything else in my captcha.

Kat: It's because he's balancing books that his soul has been a little bit deflated in the past 10 minutes. Why are you doing that? Let's pick somebody else to do that. All right, bye bye. We got to go.

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