Rebel Millionaire

Patrick:            They want hang out, Brian [inaudible 00:00:05].Patrick:            They want hang out, Brian [inaudible 00:00:05].
Kat:                Well, they're gonna have to wait til we're done.
Patrick:            That's what I told them.
Kat:                Oh. We're already -
Patrick:            Oh, shit we're already on.
Kat:                Yeah, I just noticed. 
Patrick:            I think I have to duck down now.
Kat:                Yeah, do you want ... how did that happen? What have we changed?
Patrick:            I think this thing dropped down just a hair.
Kat:                You think? Hang on. Yeah, we're going to deliberately do this live stream faceless. Just, you know, for reasons of privacy.
Patrick:            Hi. For reasons of anonymity.
Kat:                Yeah. We want to stay anonymous. 
Patrick:            Hip hop anonymous?
Kat:                Hip hop anonymous? How did that drop down? I don't know how that happened.
Patrick:            I need to get some water, too. Agua.
Kat:                Share this one. I made a fresh one.
Patrick:            Not a big deal, because I'm running on fumes and that's -
Kat:                I feel like this is not right. What, okay, we've had this system down all morning. How's this system suddenly fucked with? Is that better?
Patrick:            Yeah, that's better.
Kat:                It's still off-center. What's going on? Hi everybody.
Patrick:            What up, Gary?
Kat:                It's okay, cause this is all part of the show.
Patrick:            It's part of the show.
Kat:                Ooh, I was sitting somewhere different before. I'm so confused now.
Patrick:            Let me get up and scoot this thing out just a hair. Here you go.
Kat:                All right the problem is that we've had the realisation that we look fantastic when we're positioned in front of this picture. And so now, okay, I don't know what I'm doing.
Patrick:            I think you're going to have scoot over just a little bit to the left.
Kat:                This way?
Patrick:            Yeah.
Kat:                Ah. All right, we sorted it out.
Patrick:            There we go, all right, go.
Kat:                It was a team effort. Well, we realised earlier today that we look fantastic when  we're sitting in front of this photo.
Patrick:            Gonna leave me hanging like that? Okay, team effort Boom. There we go.
Kat:                Sorry, I didn't notice it. I was so focused on the video.
Patrick:            It was beyond my vision.
Kat:                And so now we're sitting like very precariously on the back of the couch, and we've now done four live streams so far today between us. Plus, written a blog-
Patrick:            Just getting started.
Kat:                Journaled first. Our success routine today has been fucking phenomenal. Right?
Patrick:            And the flow. Every time we hang out it's always been some serious flow that's going on.
Kat:                That's how it goes. We did our journaling, then we blogged, took some Insta stories. If you want to see the worse ever Australian accent in history of time, go and watch my Instagram stories. You're going to see -
Patrick:            Some would say the best.
Kat:                Who are they? I'm leery.
Patrick:            They're there, they're there, there are people. 
Kat:                And then we both did our separate blogs. Go read Patrick's blog on his page, I like it a lot. It's on letting life be easy, in all areas. Everything should get to be easy, not hard. I did my blog, then we went upstairs to the gym. Oh my god you should see up there, it's fucking amazing. We're going to go hang by the pool later after this.
Patrick:            Yep. I really want to do.
Kat:                Then we come back here, we're in fucking flow zone. We've done four live streams today between us. We just did -
Patrick:            We've been going hard.
Kat:                ... We just did a bad ass as fuck 40 minute live stream into Patrick's private group. If you happen to be a man, which I know there's not many of them in this group, but there are some. You got to go connect with him and get into his group. There's no women allowed in there, but yet I was a guest speaker. Honoured. I'm still not allowed in the group. 
Patrick:            No, no.
Kat:                I'm allowed to present to the group, but I'm not allowed to be in the group. No, I'm sorry Alexa, we didn't take time out to talk about you last time.
Patrick:            There is rules.
Kat:                Does he know who I am now? I'm sorry, nope, you don't really know who Alexer is do you? 
Patrick:            Alexer? No, I know who Alexa is, not Alexer.
Kat:                I told you briefly about Alexa's group, the Kaleidoscope, right? 
Patrick:            Yep.
Kat:                I told you about that last night. But we didn't go into detail though. 
Patrick:            The Kaleidoscope?
Kat:                Yeah.
Patrick:            No, what's that about.
Kat:                Well, I just told she has an amazing group, The Kaleidoscope, where we talk about all things. Sex and love and open relationships and, well, all sorts of combinations of relationships, or whatever people are obviously actually into. 
Kat:                I met Alexa ... I'm going to tell this story now, because it's actually very relevant to our live stream and to how we're even ending up on this couch during this live stream. All right, let's position ourselves for the story. Alrighty. So we're just high on life, [inaudible 00:04:02], we don't need any alcohol.
Patrick:            I just snorted up a big ol' line of life.
Kat:                Yes, it's true. We've had an impressive amount of caffeine though , I must say. 
Patrick:            Oh yeah. 
Kat:                And almonds and chocolate.
Patrick:            But that's healthy.
Kat:                Of course. And brown sugar amino acids.
Patrick:            And nuts. Not only that, I have nuts.
Kat:                And the freaking hustle flow life, we've been content creating like a pair of mother fuckers. We're just in the content vibe. We're on content lock down right now. 
Kat:                There's a man on this live stream, sorry Pete, to just draw attention to you. But the reason is, you've got to Patrick's group Entrepreneurs Players Club. So far you're the only person that potentially qualifies to be in the group. 
Patrick:            Potentially a member.
Kat:                Potentially, because he has -
Patrick:            There's rules.
Kat:                Well, the rules are, you've got to be, think like a person for true success. 
Patrick:            You do.
Kat:                But you should go join his group and watch the bad ass live stream we just dropped in there. 
Patrick:            If you're from here, you're a bad mother fucker, so yeah, you should go there.
Kat:                He's definitely going to be in your group. He'll be a perfect person to be in there.
Patrick:            No trolls, Brandon. I know you'll eventually be on here and watching this.
Kat:                [You know my story by now 00:05:05]. Pass me that drink.
Kat:                Okay, so let's ... This is going to be a super cool live stream, you know that, about how ... although there's too many elements to how this came about. But I'm going to tell the Alexa story because it's very relevant and because weirdly enough, you don't know it. Probably you should know this story.
Kat:                So Alexa I met in person, maybe two years ago ... It would have been not too long after we met, actually. I think it was like a month or two after we met. In fact, I think it was one of the same trips where I first came and stayed with you at your old apartment. So end of 2016, I think it was on the exact same trip that I met Alexa in person at a party in the Hollywood Hills, at [Reagan's 00:05:39] house, actually.
Kat:                Alexa walked into the room and I was just, who is this woman? Because she had that presence, you know when a woman's really owning who she is and she truly doesn't give a fuck and she's so grounded in who she is. It was an intimidating ... Okay, but I don't feel that way, thank you though. That was awesome. It felt slightly intimidating to me, I was like holy shit, this woman is amazing and I'm fascinated by her and a little scared for some reason, because she's so ... just this incredible energy.
Kat:                Anyway it was a big party, but the party ended and Alexa was one of three or four people who ended up hanging out well into the hours. We were all sitting around my left over Whole Foods Salmon and kale salad at 2:00 A.M. in the morning just having a conversation. I connected with Alexa on Facebook and then she started to write these pieces about basically love and sex. There's her Facebook group, you definitely want to part of that. Actually be in Alexa's group, I think you would enjoy it a lot. She started to write these blog posts that were 2000 word posts. Firstly, I'm like, wow, somebody else is doing what I do. Then when I read her stuff, I was, holy shit, this woman is freaking messaging from the heart. But she was writing about sex, really full on stuff that people don't go around saying on Facebook firstly, except Alexa does. I think it was a photo of her in her lingerie in the bathtub, the whole thing was just fascinating.
Patrick:            Fifty shades of Grey stuff.
Kat:                They were more like really raw stories about, I guess her stories and journey and lessons that she'd had to learn about herself and about life, through relationships and sex. Just starting to recognise that there's something inside of me that feels like I don't want to do it the normal way. Then playing around with that stuff. She had a call to action at the end. I think it was one of her first calls to action that she did for this business. I reached out and I became a private client straight away. It only a few months after I left my marriage. I was really in a place where I actually was, I don't know what dating even means. I don't know how to date, I don't what that is. What do you do on a date? I'd been in a long term relationships for 15 years. 
Kat:                I felt like I definitely wasn't happy in my marriage, also the whole way through both of my marriages, I always kind of felt like I don't really think I agree with this monogamy thing. But as you're growing up, especially the Christian upbringing, you kind of push those thoughts aside. I remember one time saying to my first husband, actually I read an article about couples who live separately, but they still have commitment to each other, but they just do life separately and then they come together when they want to. I was, "That's fucking awesome, that's how it should be." I said it to him and he was pretty shitty at me about it. He was kind of hurt or offended or whatever. So I was, "Huh, I think it sounds like a good idea.", right? 
Kat:                that was years ago. Even all the way through my second marriage, it wasn't I was going out and looking at other guys. It was more just that on a fundamental level, I was not really sure if this is what I want, if this agrees with me. Yeah, so the thoughts were there. Then coming to Alexa's phone, and I can still remember our first coaching call together. She was like, "Well, what do you want? What do you actually want from a relationship or from sex as well." I was kind of like ... it was like I never thought about that before. It was kind of revolutionary to me that you could think about what you want and make it go. Because, I guess, assumed that you just get what you get, right? Which is so funny, I know, considering what I teach and preach in business. But I just hadn't connected the dots. 
Kat:                Alexa had me do, one of the first things she had me do, I think we did it live together of our first Skype call ... Actually, I should give this to you, I can't believe I haven't given this to you, BDSM test. So I go to BDSM test, which is a free online test, and you figure out your sexual preferences, and it gives you a cool little survey that tells you what you're into. So it came up, I think, 98% non-monogamous came back on my results. 
Patrick:            98%. 
Kat:                98% ... My desire is that 98% of me believes in non-monogamy. It was one of my highest rankings, I think it was in my top three. The other one was to do with bondage. Anyway, I noticed some other stuff in there, and there's some really weird stuff on that questionnaire. It's just some stuff -
Patrick:            Do you like being tied up? Do you like -
Kat:                It was more like are you into ponies and stuff like that on the test.
Patrick:            Whoa. 
Kat:                It had everything that -
Patrick:            A little pony play?
Kat:                But I got identified as a rope bunny, which means I want to be tied up and -
Patrick:            You said rope bunny?
Kat:                That's what it's called, a rope bunny. Right, I can't believe I've never sent you this test. We'll do the test.
Patrick:            Mine would blow up, it'd be all fucked up. 
Kat:                That's the point, right? The point is to own who you are. So Alexa taught me to own who I am. She also taught me to own what I wanted and what I desired, even if it felt kind of crazy or out there, right? So that, we coached for some period of time, but obviously I got into her Facebook group, and in The Kaleidoscope, it's just a normal everyday conversation for me now. That everyday I'm talking about open relationships or different kinds of relationships, monogamous, non-monogamous, whatever people are into. All different sort of sex and love stuff as well. I guess the point of that is before we kind of go into what we're going to talk about, which we have no idea what it is.
Patrick:            We don't even.
Kat:                we haven't planned it.
Patrick:            Nothing.
Kat:                Of course not. 
Kat:                The point of that story is, well this woman really has impacted me a lot. Because she taught me I have permission to have what I want. I don't have to fit into the conventional norms in the relationship area. But also taught me something which took me longer to figure out. Even though she taught me from the start, but it took me until pretty recently to figure out, which is to actually be okay with owning all that I am with the men in my life, right? And to say what I actually think, speak what's on my mind, speak my truth and be unattached to the outcome of it. Which is exactly what I do in business so I kind of figured some of this stuff out. Then Alexa's voice in my head from when we worked together. And also to totally be open about having that conversation with someone in your life and finding out what they actually want and desire.
Kat:                I think that typically in a relationship of any kind, whether it's marriage or it's long term boy-friend girl-friend, or it's whatever it is that you can't really figure out or put a name on. Either way, mostly people aren't talking about it, right? We've been hanging out, hanging out, we've been hanging out in a pretty big way for 18 months, ish, I think.
Patrick:            Whoa.
Kat:                And we never talked about this until Sunday last week. Which is roughly how this ended up happening. There's a lot I can say here, but you can say something now.
Patrick:            Yeah. Shit, you're very ... I guess whoever you talked to, or whatever, must have unstuck some stuff. But you said what's on your mind. If you don't tell people what's on your mind, you don't really know, kind of like you're just going through it. That's just anything with sales, I think, or communication in general. If you don't put it out there and you don't let people know what exactly what's on your mind and exactly what you're looking for, then you won't know. You're just going to kind of just go through the motions and you don't know where you're going to end up.
Kat:                Well you're kind of living in fear and you're living in doubt and uncertainty. You're not giving yourself permission to be you. Also if you don't ask for what you want, you're not going to get it, that's for sure. If you do ask for what you want, then at least you don't know what's going to happen, but you open up a conversation, and, of course, you can find what the other person wants as well, right. Which sounds revolutionary fucking idea. Oh my god, imagine asking somebody what they actually want.
Kat:                Well maybe there's people out there who are naturally doing this, but for me, it's been this kind of ... Like navigating relationships and dating since becoming single, for the first maybe six month period, I just felt like I had no fucking clue what I was doing. I was kind of all over the place. Then I noticed I was definitely in a fear mentality. I was worrying about how to be engaging. It's like going on a live stream and worrying about how to be engaging. I was over thinking every fucking thing. Like for sure, I sent you so many messages where I probably spent two ... I can remember a message that I literally spent two weeks thinking about and Alexa coached me on the actual message. Actually what it comes down to, was I was scared to just say what I was thinking or feeling.
Kat:                I was doing this in multiple dating situations at the same time. But, as you know, you've been the most important man that I've connected with since becoming single. You've been the only one that's there pretty much the whole way through. And the relationship we have is different because it's a soul level thing, and there's a flow and a soul connection. 
Kat:                So I've had dating stuff where I probably wouldn't ... I don't know, it's not got to a point where it's ... this sounds bad, but it's not got to a point to where I care enough to actually go deep into that conversation. But then how we've been, it's got to a point where I do want to have a conversation about this, but I didn't know how to do that. Then I just started saying what I think, which honestly, I find a terrifying thing. And I told him the whole way through, I can't believe I'm saying this. I feel crazy and I feel like this is terrifying, but I'm going to say it anyway. Because I've learned that in business, if I say what I'm thinking and what I'm feeling, I can't screw it up. Because I know and truly believe that, if I say what I want and what I'm thinking, and then if that would completely shut down what we had, then that's how it was meant to be. I just believed that. But if I'm not going to be fully myself, then nothing actually really real anyway. It's not built on the right foundation. 
Kat:                So how this live stream came about, only like a week ago, not even a week ago, Patrick said to me "He's quite certain that what I want from a relationship is different from what he want's." And I said, "I'm quite certain we've never talked about that." So maybe we'll talk about it and we jumped on the phone and just kind of spoke about this different way of doing dating or doing relationships where it is unconventional. Where actually both of us realised, and we didn't know this about each other, that we were on the same page as far as not wanting monogamy and just kind of, I guess, still figuring it out.
Kat:                I don't know exactly what I really want over the time. I know that right now I definitely don't want monogamy, but I do want to know that I've ... with us, we've got a deep connection that nobody could kind of replace or erase. But it doesn't mean that I want to be tied off from other opportunities. I mean we're not even in the same country most of the time anyhow. But even despite that right? Then also when I think about him sleeping with other women, I'm like that doesn't remotely bother me at all. I'd probably get triggered as fuck if I saw you live streaming all the time with other women. I'd be like what the fuck.
Patrick:            That's our thing. 
Kat:                So for me it's -
Patrick:            I don't of anybody that I can ... I don't know if any ... Of course I have other women in my life, and I just, [I Am 00:16:24] is a soul connection with Kat and I don't know if anything that ... I don't really have the same conversations that I have with you. That's nice, you know there are people out there, that I'm sure that I can have a deep conversation with and things. But typically speaking -
Kat:                And fun.
Patrick:            Yeah, it's just having fun and all that. It's a good time and as a man that's just what you do. But from my -
Kat:                But it's not just as a man, that's the whole point. Because that's what I want as well, right? 
Patrick:            Exactly, yeah, yeah. 
Kat:                And particularly by the way, driven ambitious women like me, typically have an insanely high desire for all things in life, including sex. It's definitely not just a man thing. 
Patrick:            I don't get ... I read your posts and everything like that, so I see your other stuff that you talk about as well and stuff like that. I don't have any kind of any bad feelings or anything about any of that stuff. I read, actually I get ... I'm happy that you're experiencing life, and that that's what you enjoy doing, I'm happy. When you sent me the messages when we first kind of talked about all this stuff -
Kat:                When we started having these open conversations, which was like December and just started laying stuff out. 
Patrick:            Yeah. I didn't really mind it at all. You know, like if you know that guys stand for ... We're not scared of anything like that, it actually helped me out as far as to figure out kind of what I'm really looking for. As far as a deeper connection goes. Because typically it's just been one of those things where I've been going through the motions. Obviously it's hard to find people on my level mentally thinking.
Kat:                Same. 
Patrick:            To have a great conversation where we just sit there and we're back and forth most of the time.
Kat:                We're just total flow when we're ... We met through Brian Schuman, this is easy to figure out, it's not a secret. Brian's best friend, Patrick, that's how I met him, right? It was a hook up, right? We slept together and the next day I left Dallas and I was like, "oh cool, you know, awesome, and I'm probably never going to speak to that guy again." Then somehow we got to messaging, and we met up again a month later. I remember that second time, I was like, "Oh cool, this is going to be fun. This guy is going to drive out from Dallas to Austin to see me. That's kind of cool, it's a decent trip." And I was just expecting to have a fun time.
Kat:                Then it was when we were speaking, we were in the bar that day, in the afternoon, having margaritas and you were talking about your purpose and your wire. I can remember sitting there and just being, "Oh, fuck, I thought this guy was ..." whatever that I categorised you as, at least in my head. Now I'm like, "Oh." And I remember thinking I feel like I could really develop feeling for this person. That's there's something there where it's going to be ... I've not heard anybody else speak like that, to this day, it's like I can't have this conversation with any other man in my life, past or present. It's just not been there before where it's total flow. How many other times when you're hanging out, and actually we haven't seen each other since October, and i just got back here yesterday. Today we've largely done content generally all day long. I'm like, "Well this is exactly what I write in my journal. That I want an amazing man in my life." 
Kat:                But specifically I have written that I want kind of one key guy that's the main guy that I care about and that I have a deeper connection with and that it's different and it is that soul connection. I've written I want to do funny live streams together and I want to tear shit up on the internet. I want to do all the things that flow for me. That's what we have and it can't be replaced. When I'm not here or we don't speak all the time or whatever, I think about you being with other women, I'm like, whatever, because it doesn't ... Nothing can replace what we have, oh my god, it's not possible, it's just not possible. Because it's something that's not about us getting along or spending time together and building on the relationship because we spent time together. It's because it's fundamental stuff there that's just kind of an unbreakable bond. 
Patrick:            Yeah, I told you, when you told me I was something, "Oh man." Now, it's fucked up because I'm thinking, and I've told you, yeah this kind of fucks things up or whatever, but I'm thinking, well I don't really want you to go. I don't to lose our relationship that we have. This is more than enough, I like it, and I don't want anything to mess it up. Even thinking about just you being in other relationships, I don't ... That's not what I'm concerned about. I'm concerned about that we maintain our connection that we have as it is. 
Kat:                Exactly. 
Patrick:            To me it's just ... We already covered some things as far as talking more and things like that. But obviously we're both super fucking busy.
Kat:                Yeah, but it's also we had boundaries up or walls up that have now kind of come down a lot. Even just unloading this last one week. Because literally Saturday last week, he messaged me saying we're not going to see each anymore, at all, right?
Patrick:            Yeah. 
Kat:                So, how did that work out. Really, because we hadn't communicated about it and you had basically an assumption or expectation that what I wanted was a white wedding and a conventional relationship, I think. You were kind of that's not what I want so we have to stop. "This has to stop because it's just going to end up fucked up. I'm not going to be able to give you what you want or whatever. I know that what you want from a relationship is different." I was coming pretty hard. I was saying shit that you don't just go around saying to people. It was just, "I'm just going to tell you exactly what I think." I'm writing him fucking 4000 word essays on a Facebook message. 
Kat:                You think my blogs are long, you should see the stuff he has to read. I'm just, right, this is what I think, these are all my thoughts, this is all the crazy shit inside my head that I definitely probably shouldn't tell you, but I'm going to tell you anyway. It was pretty full on. The whole way through I was, I think it's pretty amazing that you didn't totally be, holy shit, I've got to get away from this chick, this is crazy. That didn't happen, instead ... Well we were communicating, actually, in a pretty good way. But it was kind of communicating with a guard up and just an assumption of what the other person thought or wanted. Instead of just talking about it.
Kat:                It sounds so silly, but for me, I don't know about you, but for me, it literally never occurred to me. I knew that ... I talk about this everyday with Alexa and everyone in the group that I don't want monogamy, but it never ever occurred to me that you would feel that way. I just never thought about it, or I never asked, right? How silly is it, right? You can be spending time in developing -
Patrick:            Communication breaking down or whatever. [crosstalk 00:22:41]
Kat:                We just never thought about it. But I think it's also is where we started was super casual and it was kind of just hooking up and then it quickly felt like, well, there's more to it than that. But then for me at least, I was, this is kind of scary. I'm not going to go around saying what I actually think. Because that would be embarrassing and you feel to vulnerable, right? And you don't feel safe. 
Kat:                How I got to a point where I started saying everything I think. Massive essay length manner for several months now, was I just decided, well hang on, if I just started saying what I actually think and what I'm feeling and what I want, and it results in us completely breaking apart, then that would be what was meant to happen. Because ultimately why would I want to build on something with somebody where I can't just fully be myself. And even, this kind of made me feel like that, then I was really happy.
Kat:                Like the other day we where on the phone, and you'd said you'd read that blog that I wrote about the guy that I met in Santa Monica last week. I put that blog here in the daily ass kicker group. I post this shit, I know he's in this group, I know he read all my content. I do think about that when I post stuff about other guys. I always feel like maybe I won't say that because I feel like I've go to guard myself. The reason I post it anyways, because I'm that's the message that's coming me to post, so I'm not going to act out of fear. It would be a fear energy if I didn't post that blog. I'm going to post the blog, I know he's going to read it. We normally wouldn't talk about it. Then we mentioned the other night on the phone and you were, "I read that blog." I was kind of ... then you were, "And I just felt really happy for you." That's perfect, because our connection is not just sex, anyway, how is that a thing.
Patrick:            Yeah. I like to see that you were experiencing life. That's what I try to do when I go out. To find that something like that passion and everything that you might just run into in the moment. Because that's what we're supposed to do. 
Kat:                Right, you should get to respond to the moment.
Patrick:            You should, and you should milk the ecstasy of the moment. You should get whatever you can out of the moment that's meant for you to experience. That's totally yours to experience, that's nobody can take that away from you. You should do what life or whatever the universe is providing for you at that moment.
Kat:                You get to have it all, you do. Alexa says, "A connection doesn't mean wedding bells." Of course not, right? That's if people want to get married, they can get married. But I know for sure, both times when I got married, the main driving force was I felt like then I'm kind of safe, or I've accomplished what I'm supposed to accomplish. I didn't get married because my desire is to marry this person. It was this person might potentially be the right person and I should get married because  otherwise ... The first one, honestly, was because I felt guilty about having sex outside of marriage. Just my conditioning and my upbringing, that's the main reason I got married. 
Kat:                Then the second time was fear. It was feeling like maybe I won't ever find someone else who loves me. Maybe, this is how it should have to be. I was 27 and I'm going to have to think about kids. There was so much fucked up shit that went into that. There was love there as well, I'm not saying that. But I didn't get married because I was like, I've got to get married, my soul, what would fulfil it? Marriage, my soul is to get married, no that is not something remotely that connects to soul. It was more an idea or concept. I'm not saying ... I'm not anti-marriage for people who want to get married. But yeah, yes, you're only on the planet for a very short time. 
Kat:                I mentioned this to friends at dinner in New York the other night about this non-monogamous concept. Actually one of my friends who's there, he married, but they've been non-monogamous in their relationship the whole time. He's in his 40's now. He was, Well, the main thing, and Alexa maybe you can comment on this, but the main thing is if you're going to be in any kind of non-monogamous relationship, communication and honesty, right? Just being honest about what you actually both want. I think that's just the same as any other thing in life. Business stuff, client stuff, all of it. If you're not going to just say what you want, well you're not going to freaking get it. But also you're going to live in fear and uncertainty. 
Patrick:            Also, you're talking different styles and everything, it's a totally different set up. What we have is a totally different set up than anybody that most people would have. Just like -
Kat:                Right. You can't put a label on it.
Patrick:            No, it's just like a ... This to me is like ... That's why I was thinking how I define a relationship is totally different than what I was thinking that you had. So we had that break down. 
Kat:                Yeah, literally on Monday or Sunday last week.
Patrick:            Yeah.
Kat:                I just thought it was the funniest thing ever. 
Patrick:            I'm not -
Kat:                You're like, "I'm very certain that you want different things." I'm like, "I'm very certain that we've never talked about it."
Patrick:            It's that point when I saw that ... What I'm thinking is I have the best thing going. [inaudible 00:27:24]. I'm like, cool, that's great, what we have. I'm thinking you're thinking on the same page. You're thinking the same page as we see each other occasionally, you come into town, hang out and just have a great time. Then it's back to what we do. So that was, we just connect over we talk on the internet and everything. It was -
Kat:                What did I miss? We're not going to redo the whole conversation for you. You can watch the -
Patrick:            You've got to back up.
Kat:                But I had started a lot of stuff indicating I wanted more, I felt like there should be more. And I was getting kind of ... It was like a slight scary vibe on my behalf, right? Then after, it [inaudible 00:28:05] there for a while like we were just completely not even hang out anymore at all. Then I started really tuning into myself. What do I actually want here, what am I trying to get? What am I actually asking for if I be honest with myself? Then I realised what I want is I want to feel more connection and communication. So that's what we spoke about. That's really what I want. I just want to ... I guess what I also wanted was, I kind of had that wall up for the first year or whatever, where I was "Am I crazy, am I making up how deep this connection is." And I thought I was just making it up and I wanted that validation.
Patrick:            I thought, what I was thinking this is mother fucking Kat, I'm not going to sit there and take up all her time on the damn message all day. I was ... in the message room.
Kat:                I'm like, "Why doesn't he message me more often, why don't we communicate?" I would be, "I don't think he even likes me." Then we'd hang out together, because I'd come to America. I would be, "There's no fucking way I'm going to Texas." Somehow I'd always end up in Texas, right? It was kind of this funny routine that I had. Every time that I come here where I would tell myself I'm not going. I'm going to stop whatever this thing is because I'm just making it up. It's probably just a hook up for him, that's what I was thinking in my head. And I think we have this deep soul connection, but maybe it's not real, because ... the guards were up, we weren't talking about it. I was scared at the even idea of talking about it. If you would have told me six months ago that I'd be doing this live stream, I would doing this live stream, I'd be "That's impossible, there's no fucking way." 
Kat:                I thought I had to maintain, not professional, but it's like when you're trying to be professional in business. I was trying to play it cool, but it just resulted in me kind being obsessive and thinking about it all the time in my head. Then we'd come together and just have this flow connection that is undeniable. Then I'd leave or we'd go our separate ways. Then we wouldn't really talk, at all. I would be just driving myself crazy. And honestly every other guy I've dated, well if I do have a good time, I always have a good time in that moment. It's a different thing though, right? It's a different kind of feeling. That's awesome and I love and appreciate it, but then I would still always be thinking about our connection.
Kat:                Then I spent probably all of last year going around in circles in my head going, "Is this a real connection, this soul connection that I fell, or am I just, I don't know, am I trying to latch onto something here? Am I trying to invent it into something?" Then though there'd be, obviously some of the things you said as well, where I'm, "I'm fucking right, I know that it's a real connection." And I know that, because I feel that anyhow.
Kat:                Then kind of, for me, all these conversations we'd been having for now, months, since before Christmas, that was, I got to a point like I said to you in the first massive epic letter. I got to a point where this is driving me crazy. It's hanging over me all the time. I just need to know. I wrote him this big letter and it was kind of blunt and it was very full on. And I said at the start, "Warning, this is going to be intense." And I was right. "I don't know what you feel, but this is what I feel." And kind of went through it all.
Kat:                Then at the end, I said, "Well, I guess now you're going to think I'm crazy and we'll never speak again. Or maybe we talk about it. Or you feel the same way or whatever. But at least I put it out there." And it kind of started this process which took, I guess a few months for us to really communicate openly with each other. But as far as what I wanted, what I figured out after we spoke, or even before we spoke on the phone, about it last week, was I wanted to know that the connection was real. I wanted to know I wasn't making shit up inside my head. That was doing [inaudible 00:31:37] all year last year, because we didn't talk about it properly at all. And i wanted more connection and communication. I don't come to the U.S. more than every few months anyway at the moment. 
Kat:                But even if I lived here, I wouldn't want to live together. I wouldn't want an exclusive relationship. I'd want if I lived in the U.S., I want probably to spend more time together, because I'm here. But it would be only ever when it flows and when it feels right. I don't a relationship of any kind where it feels like there's an obligation that you've got to spend time with each other. It should only be when it flows.
Kat:                But yeah, the communication thing, the whole time I felt like you don't really want to talk to me. Then when we talked abut it, you're "Oh, I didn't want to bother you." I'm, "How did we not talk about this a long time ago."
Patrick:            She says, "Why wouldn't you want monogamy? What happens if either of you meet someone you have a deeper connection with that does want monogamy" I would say that, I'm not going to have monogamy, period, like that. I might have, say girlfriends or whatever like that, that we do have a deep connection with. But they're going to deal with a relationship with Kat. They're going to be cool with what ... I'm going to be upfront and honest ... I'm always upfront and honest to women. I don't mind at all to tell them I have girlfriends, you know what I mean. I -
Kat:                Multiple.
Patrick:            Yeah, in my life. Either take it or leave it, that's fine. That doesn't matter to me, not one bit. Because that's just me being as honest as I possibly fucking can. The reactions, 99% of them are always ... some of them are pissed off about that, you know what I mean? "Oh my god, I can't believe it." Or say something like that. It's all good. Generally people come around, "Oh, okay, I get what you're saying. But this is kind of a pop on the the head."
Kat:                It's a conditioning thing though. I don't know, it's hard for me to understand this, because most who I know are pretty non ... well they're either non-monogamous or they're very open to that. But I guess I hang around with an exceptional different kind of a woman. So I imagine, or I think that most women out there wouldn't emotionally maybe be able to cope with that. Or they feel that they can't, because they feel like they need their validation from the man. Whereas, I felt I definitely was seeking validation as well from a man, truthfully, after I became single. Then that's been a big part of my process of what I've worked through to where I got to a point where I was, "I get everything I need from me, inside of me."
Patrick:            Right.
Kat:                I'm not giving ... Well, I'm happy when I'm with him, and I'm having a great time. But that's not what provides me with my happiness. I'm not happy because I have Patrick in my life, or because I come here. That's not, "Oh, good, I some validation, or got an injection of happiness or whatever, or love." Or something like that. That's all kind of part of it, but I give all that stuff to me, I'm in love because I choose to be in love, even of myself. Then when I add love, romance, whatever it is on top of that, then that's purely coming from a place of, well because I desire it, and because it there and I can have it. But it's not completing me. I'm not being completed by somebody or something outside of me. 
Kat:                So to me that feels really healthy, as far as that question. My answer to that question about what if you met somebody else, currently the way I feel is I can't imagine meeting somebody else who I would have this level of soul connection with. But I also know that it's possible, right? I'm not going to sit here and say that's not possible, anything is possible. That's how I feel right now. I feel that this is a very rare connection. Who else am I going to sit here with and do live streams all day. Also the conversations that we have all the time. Just kind of a deep understanding of each other and acceptance. So it feels like I can't imagine that happening. And I feel kind of cocky about the fact that I can't imagine you meeting another woman who you have this level of connection with.
Patrick:            Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I'm pretty much a bad mother fucker, so you know, if meet a guy like [crosstalk 00:35:41].
Kat:                But I feel cocky about it the other way around. I'm like, as if you're going to be able to have that level of conversation with another woman. But then I also do understand that of course that could happen, right? I'm not holding on to it, I'm not attached to it. It is what it is right now. 
Patrick:            Because you're going to be totally happy and in love with your life no matter what.
Kat:                Exactly.
Patrick:            You're in love with your life. Because you're in love with your life. 
Kat:                And with my own self.
Patrick:            Right. 
Kat:                Right. So whatever shifts or grows over time, whatever it ends up being or not being, we'll be exactly perfect tomorrow. We might grow closer together or we might ultimately drift apart. But either I've got what I need inside of me, you've got what you need inside of you. We're not trying to get that from each other. 
Patrick:            No.
Kat:                So it just feels like, for me it feels like the best connection I've ever had.
Patrick:            Like a roll over.
Kat:                Because previously my serious relationship long term connections that I had, were not based on that foundation. So there was always fear, there was always worry of some kind and it was toxic or it was co-dependent, or it got into manipulation or abuse or whatever. I'm just not available for that anymore. Obviously coming through all that, you get to where you're like, "Oh my god." In my twenties or whatever age, the end goal was marriage and then I thought I'm safe. Then you get married, and you're not fucking safe, right?
Patrick:            Right. 
Kat:                Because you didn't build on the right foundation or you didn't understand these things and you were looking for something outside of yourself. Now I'm so safe, emotionally. With or without Patrick in my life. And I want him in my life and that's what we spoke about. We had to really hash it out. We were like, he was like, "We're going to stop talking. We're going to stop hanging out. Let's be friends, but not physical." I'm like, "Good luck with that." So that's not going to happen. But then we talked it out and it was this realisation of ... My god, I totally lost my train of thought. What was I going to say? Something about the safely thing. What was I just saying? 
Patrick:            Gotta go back.
Kat:                Oh, it was a good point as well. 
Patrick:            Have to go back to one part you were thinking about then just ...
Kat:                No, because then I left you those audios on Sunday and you kind of had been talking to me for a little bit. Then we talked a little bit, but you were, "No, can't work, it's not going to work." Then I left you audios. "At the end of the day what i really want is I just want you in my life. I don't want to lose you out of my life."
Patrick:            No. 
Kat:                "And I do want more communication. Right? Not from a neediness point of view, more because it's one of the things I value most in my life is our communication. So why would I not want that more?" Then once I said that, then came back to me and, "I don't want to lose you out of my life either." Then we had a massive phone call and hashed it out. Now basically here we are. 
Kat:                That's pretty much the whole story.
Patrick:            Here we are.
Kat:                That's the whole story, you're caught up. 
Patrick:            You're caught up now. You're brought up to speed everybody. 
Kat:                We missed some comments. I don't know, what do you want to add to that. I'm going to look at the comments here.
Patrick:            Well, I came out of a bad relationship back in 2014, I think it was. Huge, bad relationship where I was constantly trying to get so many things. I was trying to ... I based so much of my life around the relationship. I'm just the kind of guy that goes all in on everything thing that I do. And I thought that, hell I wasn't even trying to make that happen, but I did, and it ended up becoming something that I just went all in on and I shouldn't have. It ended up terrible because you can't really do that anyways in a relationship without ... It's better when there's a certain kind of chemistry that you have to have. Especially you guys know if the guy is needy as fuck that it's a very huge turn off, right? So it ended up things getting fucked up that way. 
Patrick:            so anyways, things did get fucked up and I went on a rebound with another chick and I did the same exact thing. Went right back off into being needy again and got tore up again on that. So I was coming off a bad relationship and then finally just figured out, just work those things out in my head. So basically I was, I don't know where the fuck I'm trying to go with this, but I'm trying to come at y'all as the way the guy thinks. Sometimes you'll see this and as far as me putting all my chips in those bags, that's kind of like what lead me to totally pull myself out of that. 
Patrick:            Actually that relationship, those two relationships are what kind of set me in pace to quit my job and start working towards something greater in my life. Because I just realised, yeah, this is where I'm trying to go with this. Then I realised life isn't meant to just fucking put all of your chips into a relationship.
Kat:                And think it's going to save you.
Patrick:            And think it's going to save you. And that goes for that job, or that goes for anything in your life. It's not meant for you to do that. It's meant for you to put all your ... hedge all your bets on your self.
Kat:                Right, I was going to say that exact line.
Patrick:            Yeah, cool. Just go all in on yourself and just totally go in on that and then the rest of that shit is going to come to you when you do that. It might not be what you were thinking, because that's certainly had in my mind when these other relationships was, maybe a wedding and all this stuff. I'm thinking that's what I was thinking, picket fence and all that stuff. And then it doesn't happen like that, but there's so much other stuff out there that comes along and it's just like, boom. It's exactly the way you should be living your life.
Patrick:            The way I think about life is, I've got my theory about life and it's just different than what everybody thinks. It's not religious or anything like that. But basically, I kind of, this is just a philosophy that I have, that I live by. It's my own personal philosophy, this is how I look through the lens of the world. The lens of the world is this, that we have probably been here, already, before. Human beings have probably been on this planet before. And because we just happen to be in the best time living, and the best time possible, right? Just everything is so easy. Communication is so easy. We can talk into a camera and money will flow back to you. If you communicate, you will succeed. We live in the easiest time, the easiest time, the easiest time and we're right on the cusp of something like artificial intelligence coming around and being a supercomputer, super intelligence, it's almost here, but it's not quite. 
Patrick:            So a lot of scientists believe that we're probably ... We've probably already been here before, and we probably just now we're jacked in because we can live forever. And we probably just jack in and live this life over and over again without the memory of actually being immortal. Because if you're immortal, right, you're going to live forever and it's going to get very boring, right? If you play the game over and over again on god mode, then you're going to get bored. So my personal philosophy is that we probably just jacked into this thing and we erase our memories, but we make it just hard enough to live, right? Just hard enough to where ... We put the hard stuff in there to go through and to make it to where we enjoy the better times. 
Patrick:            So that's my personal philosophy about life and I think that it doesn't always end up where you're thinking. It's designed to switch you up and throw you off track. And you're designed to go through these hardships so when you find something great and the stuff really comes at you and surprises you, and you just ... and that way you can just enjoy this. And it's milking the ecstasy of every single moment, right. The people that come into your life. It just totally trips you up and it's all designed to where you are just having ... you are obtaining happiness, true happiness. Happiness is overcoming resistance.
Kat:                It's also being in the moment and not being attached to the moment or to what comes after the moment, right? 
Patrick:            Yeah.
Kat:                Attachment is such a huge thing in relationships and in business and in life. Even all the stuff I just shared, and I just gave a very brief overview of it, obviously. But I was getting into pretty normal conditioned patterns of feeling a need for attachment or some kind of proof or something like that. It was such a great learning process for me, even way back. 
Kat:                I'll give you an example, which I've told you this, but I don't know if you remember this. But in December after we first met, so over a year ago, the previous December, you said you were going to come to Austin that second time when I was in Austin. Then you didn't end up coming. You got a lot of work and stuff in business. I was kind shocked, because I knew already that we had this connection. And I was kind of pissed, because I was, "I'm here from Australia, and you can't come to Austin." I was kind of shitty. But I was really needy about, right. It's how I felt inside of myself.
Kat:                So then the next morning, went to yoga, as I do, obviously. I went into the Bikram yoga class and I was, right, I set myself and intension, which is how I figure out a lot of stuff in my life. I thought by the end of this class, I'm going to clear this in my head and I'm going to understand it. I remember half way through that class, this was ages ago, and it was pretty early on in our connection anyhow. But I remember half way through the class being, holy shit, that's such a massive gift that you didn't come. Because it highlighted for me that I was looking for my self worth to be validated from you, from a man. I just acknowledged it and completely [inaudible 00:44:58] what it is. I was, "Why did I get so upset about that? Why was I so upset. It's not like we had any promises between us or anything like that." 
Kat:                But I was just really upset. I had to acknowledge and I recognised it's all my own self worth shit. Which is totally fine, I'm compassionate about myself for that, because I'd been in a long term marriage that wasn't working and my self worth was shot to pieces in that area. So I was, "Wow, it's so good that you didn't come, because it gave me the opportunity to learn this lesson that I was looking for my self worth to be grounded to me by somebody else." 
Kat:                That's not possible, when you want somebody else to give you self worth or happiness or even love, obviously then you're continuously saying I don't have that inside of me. Somebody else has got to provide that for me. Then I'll know I'm safe. Then I'll know I'm good enough. Then I'll know I'm worthy of love and all those sort of things. 
Kat:                I ended up, of course, I turned it into a programme. I didn't talk about us. But I created a four week programme out of it, called -
Patrick:            Where's my cut?
Kat:                For real, I made like 50K on that straightway. I launched it that day. I came out of the yoga studio, I was, "I'm on fucking fire." I remember walking through the streets, I was live streaming. I'm like right, I'm going to teach you about manifestation, and that when you put something outside of you, and you put it up on a pedestal, and you say, "when I have that" a million dollars, cool car, person who says they love me, whatever it is. "When I have that, then I'm safe, then I'm good enough, then I'm successful, then I'm worthy." You put it on a pedestal like that, you will never get it. Because you're always saying that this is not available to me from the inside me. 
Kat:                Even if in this situation, even if you have come along. Even if I had have him saying from day one, "Oh, I love you, and you're safe and I'll take care of you ..." or whatever. There would have always been fear there. Because I knew that, that's me attaching it to somebody else. And you can't do that. You can't control another person and why would you want to. So that was only one incident, there were many times along the way where I was driving myself crazy with my own stuff. It just helped me to process and grow and recognise all my patterns were I was, "Oh, my god, wow, I was looking for this." 
Kat:                Even moments where i was, should I say this on a message? 
Patrick:            Thank you. 
Kat:                Should I say this on a message, should I send a text message saying  ... that time when I had to come to Dallas when Regan and were speaking, right?
Patrick:            Yeah.
Kat:                I honestly spent two weeks during my heading about whether or not I should even message you that I'm coming. And then I basically pestered Alexa about it. I made a script for this text message. For real. I was what do I say that I don't scare this guy off me. Now I'm like, I can't believe I would have been, what if I scare a guy off? Because whatever. What if I be myself and either way is fine. But I just wasn't at that point yet, so it's totally fine. 
Kat:                But Alexa was, "You just ask yourself what you're actually feeling, then say that." I was, minds blown, I never thought of that idea before. Then I did. I'm, "Hey, I'm coming to Dallas, we should have a coffee." So carefully crafted, took me two weeks. But I was living from fear and I was living ... And then I ended up staying with you for like a week on that trip. So it worked out quite well. But the point is, I just let go of all that a while back now. And I've continued to let go of it, and I continued to understand it and continued to notice my patterns, right?
Kat:                Even always, just never-endingly in every area of my life. But I think the biggest shift that I had in this area, and could have probably never had this shift this far without what we have. Is just to realise that, I'm not going to get anything and I don't want to desire anything from another person, right? Not a romantic person, not a client, not a friend, not my kids, nobody. I don't get that from anyone else. So even if we had have finished our journey already, it would have been nothing but massive growth from that experience over this past year or so. The universe has your back.
Kat:                So Alexa asked a question that I'm sorry to say, we can't answer, because we've never spoke about that. Now are you going to be annoyed at me about that. So I'm going to get in trouble, but it's a good point. She says ... Can you hang on; she wanted us to say what are rules are sexually around physical safety, like when sleeping with multiple people? Actually we haven't discussed that, I'm sorry. That shouldn't, yeah [inaudible 00:49:18].
Patrick:            I don't know, rules, like safety words?
Kat:                She means hygienically. [crosstalk 00:49:23]. We'll talk about it off camera.
Patrick:            That's always a worry, yeah.
Kat:                But since you ask the question, I'm just acknowledging it. It's a great opportunity for everybody.
Patrick:            That's totally a chick question, yeah.
Kat:                It a great opportunity. So Alexa she's a wise one. 
Kat:                I don't know, what else? I think that's a lot of it. I just think it's about being okay with saying what you want and what you feel. But also being okay with whatever outcome comes of that. That's ultimately how I kind of, I guess, gradually grew inside of me to a place where I can now say anything to him and I will, I'll say what I'm thinking or feeling and I'll say it ... It still feels scary in the moment, if I'm saying something that's really vulnerable. But I really can say it without attachment. Because I'm at the end of the day -
Patrick:            She said, "Watch you both get uncomfortable." I'm not uncomfortable at all. So just so you know.
Kat:                She means about the physical sex thing.
Patrick:            But my thing is, just so ... it's all good, I can talk, I don't mind. I get myself tested regularly. One of the reasons I do is because I definitely have a lot of respect for Kat and I don't want to do anything to fuck with her shit. You know what I mean? 
Kat:                I do. [crosstalk 00:50:41] tested on.
Patrick:            It's just something that every person should do anyways if you're sexually active. 
Kat:                Your body language [inaudible 00:50:49]. 
Patrick:            You know what I mean?
Kat:                All those [crosstalk 00:50:52] should get tested regularly if you're sexually active.
Patrick:            Yeah, for sure.
Kat:                I was going to say something. 
Kat:                Here's one more thing I do want to say about this, right? I think about being safe to be yourself. It's about having a fundamental belief that you can't screw it up being you. One thing that I realised with our connection is, there's actually ... I honestly feel like there's nothing I could say to you that would scrap our connection. Because our connection is a soul connection. Even if we weren't hanging out. That connection is still there to stay.
Patrick:            Yeah, for sure.
Kat:                You can feel it energetically from when we're not talking or spending time together. So I kind of got to the realisation, probably party because I said a lot of shit to you that would definitely scare most men off. Then I was, "I think I could pretty much say anything to this guy and it's actually not going to ruin our connection, but it might cause us to pull in or out or whatever. But then we actually figure it out. I know you've said that to me a few times, we just figure everything out in the end anyway. But it -
Patrick:            Well I'm going through my shit, and you're going through your shit. We're still going through things on the journey. You know what I mean? 
Kat:                Right.
Patrick:            It's just what it is.
Kat:                But it's also, to me, that's representative of a real connection in your life. When you know that, you don't have to worry about how to communicate with that person. You can't fuck up the relationship by being yourself, it's not possible. That's when you know it's a real connection. Rather that something that's based on rules or fear or validation, is like, if I say this, then I'm going to get in trouble. Or if I say this they're going to think I'm a bad person or something like that. Or they're going to be whatever. Instead you realise, and this exactly what I teach in business, if you speak your actual truth, and it's meant to be, whatever it's meant to be. Then it will. And either way is fine. It's like signing up a client, just say what you fucking think. Say what's actually coming through you. If that scares them off, they were never meant to be there in the first place. 
Patrick:            Exactly.
Kat:                What are going on about? Pull in or out.
Patrick:            Sex puns. 
Kat:                Anything that we missed?
Patrick:            No, I think we got it. They loved it so they're all commenting about it.
Kat:                Thank you for watching. It's a pretty raw conversation, I guess.
Patrick:            Yeah, I don't really care, I talk. I'll watch all your stuff, so I see ... I watch most of your stuff, so I see what you say and this stuff. I already know you, so you're giving them the 100% real deal. So they know that. 
Kat:                It's what we do.
Patrick:            Obviously you wouldn't be as popular if you didn't do that, so I've already seen that and know kind of how you think. So it's not a big deal. You'll probably be surprised as I talk more and more on my shit. As I put more of myself out there. You'll probably see some of the same stuff.
Kat:                Even more truth coming out. 
Patrick:            Yeah. 
Kat:                Yep.
Patrick:            So yeah, so look forward to it.
Kat:                That's the thing, it's about being comfortable being uncomfortable. So much stuff I've published or there's been so much I've said on live streams, where I'm "I hope Patrick doesn't watch this." But I'll never know, it's not like I'm getting a weekly report on what you watched or didn't watch. Or whatever else, but I continue to say it, right?
Patrick:            I have never felt any type of way about anything except when I thought you were talking shit about me that one time. 
Kat:                It wasn't about you, let me clarify that.
Patrick:            I'm like, really, okay, all right. Fucking asshole over here.
Kat:                That was totally 100% never about you. 
Patrick:            I was like ... 
Kat:                He was firing back at me. Triggered as fuck. 
Kat:                Patrick really looks what? Hang on, we just got a whole bunch of comments all at once. Let's find these comments here. 
Kat:                Yeah, I've said so much stuff where I'm, whoa. I don't know mainly from talking about, I don't know, guys I'm dating. Or relationship stuff, I guess, and I feel ... It's so silly though, because I know ... Well we've never really talked about it, but I knew or assumed that you're seeing other women. We didn't discuss it. Now we discuss it in some sort of way. Obviously we don't need to go into details about it. We chose not to. But, yeah, I knew that, right? But then when I would speak about it on my live streams or in a blog, I always felt super, I don't know, is this somehow going to scrub our connection? Actually logically makes no sense at all. But I still always kind ... There was definitely times when I'm like, "I hope he doesn't watch that one." 
Kat:                Okay, Patrick looks like a new man. Compared to when? It's the shirt. 
Patrick:            Compared to what? [inaudible 00:55:16].
Kat:                Most people don't know their truth or don't speak it. Yeah. Most people don't know their truth is such a good point. I wouldn't have been able to verbalise all this eight months ago, because I hadn't figured it out about myself. Even though I knew it kinda about my core. 
Kat:                This live stream is making me have the need to go and face the real questions I have regarding the man I'm into. 
Kat:                There you go. Good to hear.
Kat:                Alexa, thanks for letting me monopolise the comments. Of course.
Kat:                Yes so we're going to see now Patrick messaging all over the fucking internet as well. So if you're not already following his stuff, go do that. I guess you'll get to keep up in whatever way that we feel fit to share with you with the escapades of both of us in our separate ways. 
Patrick:            Should be an interesting dynamic. I don't plan on holding anything back.
Kat:                Good. 
Patrick:            Maybe kat won't watch some of my live streams, maybe she will. There's some that I'd definitely push pause on and skip right through. 
Kat:                Of mine?
Patrick:            Yeah. It's probably just like if you guys -
Kat:                I bet I will, I'm sure I'll watch the majority of them.
Patrick:            y'all be talking about some fucking serious crazy ass sex shit in here sometimes. I think I'll just skip, I think talking about foot fetishes and stuff like that.
Kat:                That was you. Your the one that[crosstalk 00:56:20].
Patrick:            I'm out. I have one fucking shoe, and I do this live stream on here ... some of you go into way too much detail on there. I won't -
Kat:                Who?
Patrick:            In this group, I've seen it. 
Kat:                Oh, in this group.
Patrick:            Yeah, sex group, yeah. Sex stuff.
Kat:                Oh wow, come into The Kaleidoscope, this group is tame as fuck.
Patrick:            The Kaleidoscope, that's what I'm saying. When I see something, I'm out. I'm kind of a traditional guy, you know what I mean. But I do my thing, but ... anyways, it should be interesting in that dynamic. I'm not trying to hold anything back on my live streams either, so we'll go all out and see what happens. 
Kat:                We'll see what happens. We continue the journey. That's all this is. 
Kat:                All right, thank you for watching. Leave a comment if you watched the replay. Have an amazing epic day.
Patrick:            What do say? Keep pressing play.
Kat:                Press, plug and play.
Patrick:            Print, press and finish sometimes.

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