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Hi hi, good afternoon. Check it. I don't know what that is, it's some of the side of the road. Some side of the road situation here in, wherever it is I am. Near to Selano Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, just left Del Mar and I'm going the place where you gotta go when you need to get into the flow and grow. I'm just in a silly mood, it happens. I can't help it. Lizzy Towers, what's up? Shout out to the amazing Lizzy Towers. I'm so excited. Can I tell the story? I'm gonna tell the story. I want to write about the story and put it on my Facebook. So, Kelly Ann, hey hey. Everybody else say hi. Oh, can anyone guess what the place is that I'm going to? Points if you guess where is the place that you gotta go when you need to get in to the flow and just grow. Well, actually you go wherever your soul tells you to go. But you probably could guess where I'm going, if you know me. You're just gonna figure that out 'cause I go there all the time. Oh, thank you.

So let me tell the story about Lizzy, because she just jumped on this livestream and it's the best story ever. Not Soul Cycle. Soul Cycle is sometimes a soul flow place, but I don't talk about Soul Cycle that much, do I? Not the beach. No, okay. I'm like, to me this is obvious. But that's probably because it's about me. So, Lizzy checked me in yesterday. Actually, back story. I'd stayed on the weekend, I decided on the weekend, I wanted to sell one more place to my San Diego event, which is happening tomorrow in Del Mar. The Soul Ships and Money Making day, which is indeed now sold out, so no need to message me about that. But, it was sold out and then two of my inner circle clients, my inner circle clients get to come along at no charge because they're in the inner circle, obviously. So, two of them, then, decided they couldn't come. One already came in New York last week, and she was going to come again. And then, I don't know, something else came along.

And then I ended up having an extra space. So, I kind of set the intention that I'm going to have that place filled, and fill that place out, obviously. And I put one post up about it, I think I shared a little video from last week from one of my clients. And then, actually, I forgot about it because I was just blocked away over the weekend doing all the fun things. Of course yoga. I'm off to Bikram yoga in [inaudible 00:02:21]. Yeah, and then yesterday I check in at the hotel here where I'm doing the event, and I'm just having a nice little conversation with the lovely, badass woman, I didn't necessarily know she was a badass at the time, but I knew she seemed lovely, who was checking me in for my room at the hotel, Lizzy.

And so I mention that I'm running an event, and of course she asked what it is, and I actually, this is something that I noticed about myself. When people who I consider are not in our world ask what I do, I actually tend to downplay it because I tend to feel like they're not going to get it. So I might say something like helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses online or kind of like a boring version of what I do. But, I ended up just answering pretty straight out, and I think I said something like badass group of women entrepreneurs who want to get their messages out there in a big way, something like helping them to connect to their message and their soul. I don't know what I really said, but it was pretty brave.

But anyhow, I went up to my room, and then Lizzy had asked for my Facebook details because she was like oh my god, this sounds similar, this sounds like something I need or I need to be a part of the community. And I told her about the Daily Asskickery, come join the group. So, she messaged me on Facebook when I got up to the room, and she joined the group. And then I went off for a little walk around town to just familiarise myself with where I am. And then, I get a message from her saying, "Hey, I saw on your Facebook the event here tomorrow has one place left. Do you still have that place available?" And I was like "Yup." And she signed up. And I was like holy shit, that is probably the best story ever of somebody finding me and taking action within literally 8 minutes or whatever it is, having never heard of me at all before. And what a fabulous story, I thought that was for so many reasons.

So, anyway, I had to share that because it's super cool. Actually, it comes down to you owning who you are, right? Like for that to happen, it's not just, obviously, a reflection on her being a fast action taker and acting from the gut on what felt what right. But for that to happen, I had to be in my energy vibe, and obviously owning my power and my energy. I rock up in my gym gear off a flight, it's not like I'm all dressed up or whatever and camera ready, but I have a certain energy to me that I've chosen to own in who I am over the past several years. And it does show, actually. In fact, even when I went through airport security yesterday, the security dude was like "Are you on TV?" And I get questions like that a lot, and I don't say that out of ego, sounds kine of like an ego thing to say I guess. But it's more to do with, yeah I freaking owned, and I do own it. And I show up for my energy and show up for my business, and show up for my message, and my art. So, amazing things like that, that was a pretty cool story.

But so many random, amazing, cool stories like that do happen all the time. And so just a little reminder to, maybe, to really press play on being the version of you who you know you're meant to be. In fact, relevant to that, Mim I'm not sure if you're on the live stream already, but Mim #KatNinja if you're there, drop the comment about the high ticket sales with Super Ease workshop now, that'd be amazing. Because relevant to that, I'm teaching the high ticket sales workshop starting this Friday, is it? I believe. And actually the pre-work starts later on today in the Facebook group. I'm teaching my sales system of exactly how I do my high ticket sales. You can read the pinned comment afterwards, because I've got some things I want to preach and teach on on this live stream today. So check that out afterwards.

But I'm teaching my sales process of how I actually do my groups that I send, I guess, in Facebook Messenger chat, when to use a script, not use a script. How I go through a process of actually signing up a client right up to the point of a single sale being over $80,000 and anywhere kind of up to that. And so I'm teaching all that to the point sales stuff. But what I'm really teaching, what I'm really excited about in this workshop beyond that, is that I'm teaching how do you be that person that people do just magnetically, are just magnetically attracted to and want to work with. Well, for me and for my clients that happens on a day to day basis, here on Facebook or wherever on the Internet, because of how we shop and people follow us, and then who we are. And they aspire to work with us and connect in that way. So then if we put an offer out there, the sales part of it is quite easy. But there's also, like the example I just shared of the story with Lizzy is a great example as well because she maybe spent a few minutes going through my Facebook, but it couldn't have been that much because she messaged me already about the workshop so quickly after I'd even met her, right?

The Facebook group link's being sent out today. It hasn't been sent yet. So, thank you for mentioning that Beverly. And, like, for her to have taken that action it came down to my energy. And in fact, that's what she said when we spoke about it later. That there was something about my vibe, something about my energy. So this is something that actually, it can't be taught from a perspective of I couldn't teach that somebody who doesn't have it inside of them and who's not that person already. But, if you know you're that person who's meant be a leader and a messenger and that you have powerful work to do in the world, and that you're meant to get it out there into the world. I can freaking show you how access that shit. So it's actually not me teaching anything. It's me helping you remember who you are, get back to who the core of who you are, connecting with your soul, and embody all that is inside of you.

So, yeah. I'd love for you to go over to, after this, go over to ... I don't know what the fucking link. Whatever the link is that's in the comment. I keep changing the link every time I say it out loud. High ticket with Super E's Workshop. High ticket sales workshop, I think? I think we should have changed that URL. It's boring. But, the programme itself is definitely the opposite of fucking boring. So, go check it out. It's a live workshop that's happening all online later this week. It's all recorded of course. You get access to everything for life. And then, there's a 7 day implementation boot camp that comes after that.

So, now though, these topic that I put down for this live stream. It's time to... what did I even say the topic was? I have no idea. Something like "wake up and live."

So, was sharing with some of my emperoress clients, earlier on today, I was teaching my emperoress programme online a couple hours ago from my room, and emperoress is a full week, one on one, intensive with private clients. Incredible, incredible work we've been doing around owning who you're meant to be and the empire they're here to create. And we were teaching on being responsible to your crazy. Right? Taking personal responsibility for the crazy dreams and visions that are inside of you. And realising that, not only you can have the crazy dreams and visions, that it is possible. You wouldn't dream it if it wasn't possible. But also that there's a responsibility to it, right? So it's actually irresponsible of you to not press play on the crazy. Which is cool.

But then part of what I was sharing with them, I was sharing with them one of my favourite quotes of my own. And, it's a quote that I came up with a couple of years ago, and it just kind of circles its way back to me pretty regularly in conversation, I guess. And the quote is, and then we chuck it on a little quote image and put it on Insta or whatever. But the quote is "No, you don't need to slow down and breathe, you need to wake up and live." And that's what I was thinking about when I decided to do this little live stream from the Uber.

So, here's the thing, right? Most people out there believe that being this kind of person, kind of like a too much person. She's too much. She's over the top. She's aggressive, wants it all, unrealistic, trying to do too much or take too much on. Most people believe think that there's something wrong or bad about that. And you probably have people in your life tell you "You gotta slow down. You gotta take it easy." It's kind of an interesting, contradictory conversation that I have around this with my clients because I literally just got off a private call, private [inaudible 00:09:34] call with one of [inaudible 00:09:36] call clients, where I was very specifically coaching or mentoring her around flowanesse. And getting out of push, and getting out of the hustle mentality, and getting out of the idea that you've got to be doing something all the time. So, there is some contradiction to this, but it's actually understanding who you are at your core. And it's about purposeful hustle, and purposeful hush, purposeful push, and purposeful doing of things. There's never anything you need to do, but there's always action to take.

And so what I know for me is any time in my life where I've bought into the story that I should take life slower, I've not been happy. And in fact, it's impacted all areas of my life. Like it's actually caused me to gain weight, or to just be kind of sad or down, or get shitty at people in my life. Those sort of things. Feel less motivated, feel less energised, feel like I need more sleep. And then on the other hand, when I take more on, but from a place of purpose and flow, I come to life. Like, I've been on this current trip here in the US for, I don't even know. It feels like I've been here a while. I come here all the time obviously, but this trip's little longer. I think I've only been here maybe for two weeks. But so much has happened in that two week period. But it's been insane super flow. I've just been having so much fun, the best time ever.

I did my client day in New York last week. I've been hanging with some of my favourite people in the world. I've got my amazing epic day coming up tomorrow. The soul shifts day. I've been in beautiful locations, beautiful hotels, and visiting friends all around the country. And it's just been a phenomenal trip, even more than what it already is. And I've noticed that I'm sleeping like 4 or 5 hours a night sleep, which is less than I, typically, would average. And I'm just waking up. I'm not using an alarm. I'm not sleeping that little because I've got shit going or something. It's just that I'm in super flow. I mean that super human state that we all actually have the ability to access any time.

And so what I'm saying or suggesting is, well who are you actually at your core and what state do you need to slip into or give yourself permission to access in order to be in your super power, super [inaudible 00:11:31] state. Where you utilising and accessing your magic, and where you're realising that energy is unlimited, time is unlimited, money is unlimited as well. Obviously, all things are available and accessible to you all the time. But what I believe is that in order to access whatever it is you desire and access your power... okay I'm at my destination. Thank you. I'm going to get out. I'm going to get out and then I'm going to finish this for a minute or two, but then I'm going to go. Thank you so much.

Thank you.


Have a nice day.

You too.

Alright. Hopefully I've come to the right place. Here I am. Just Hot Yoga and Pilates. Okay. Little shout out for that business that I've never been to before, so hopefully it was worth shouting out.

What I've realised is that in order to access that power and access that super flow, I've got to be who I actually am at my core, right? And I'm not somebody who wants to do one thing at a time, or have one fucking niche for example. I'm multi-passionate. The niche is fucking me. The niche is not I teach on success or I teach on pressing or I teach on business or whatever. And I want to do all the things all the time, but I also know and fully understand that I can do nothing at any time, right? And to me, that's what waking up and pressing play is about. It's about getting out of the story that there's ever anything that you gotta do. That's there's a right or a wrong way. That the way anybody, even someone who you look up to, whether it's me or someone else, that their way is right for you. It's about what if you gave yourself full permission to be you from the inside out, and own and embody all that you are.

So, I just wanted to come real quick today from my Uber drive and just take that time to share some thoughts with you that have been on my mind. I would love if you leave me a comment if it was helpful. Let me know. Share what comes up for you. And there was one more thing I was going to say. Yeah, I guess the big take away from that is what do you need to embody that's inside of you. And if you know that part of that is the leader inside, and you that that leader is here to make a fuckload of difference, impact millions, make millions, change the world. Then maybe now's the time to get over to my high ticket sales workshop with Super E's. This is so much more than me just showing you how I sell high ticket into the tens of thousands of dollars per sale. I'm going to give you all that, show you all that, help you to make your own process and script, and offer, and all that stuff as well.

Script is a funny word. You have to read the sales pitch to understand what I mean there. But really what I want to do is I want to help you dig into your soul and access that woman or that man who's inside of you to where, when you walk into a hotel or when you go through the airport, when you stand there in yoga class, wherever you are, that people are like "who is that?" Right? She has an energy, she has a vibe. Is she on TV? Or what does she do? Or she's interesting. Or I want to connect with her. You know that's inside of you. Let it the fuck out.

Don't forget. Life is now. Press play.


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