Rebel Millionaire

We all have those moments, or people we're around, where there's toxic energy, and we just feel DRAINED.

Lately, my blood has been feeling like quicksand. I just needed a toxic clear out.
So I went for a walk.

Pumped up some music. I released my emotions, and reset my energy.

But when I started walking, I had these doubts.

It was hot, humid, I had a heavy backpack, and doing an hour long walk that I DIDN'T HAVE TO DO!

What the fuck was I thinking?!

Here's the secret: once you settle into the endurance of your life, your business, of anything – it all becomes really easy.

I settled into those doubts – and got it done: I just kept walking.

Exercise: next time you feel resistance, switch up your routine. Do something new.

Something small. ANYTHING. Mix some things up. Add some spice into your life.

Life is now.

Press play.

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Become outcome based. What actions do you NEED to take to get the outcomes you desire?

Sometimes, though, no matter how hard you work, you need a break.
After all, we're human.

Taking breaks, eating that cake, indulging yourself, DOESN'T mean you've fallen off the wagon.

You don't have to be perfect all the time to be superwoman, you don't have to be perfect all the time to live an exceptional life.

You probably don't need to be told that – but I know I do.

Give yourself permission to make your soul feel good.

{one exercise here, didn't know if this was too broad or blunt} Exercise: the next time you're feeling overwhelmed, tired, and just not feeling it.. take a break. Get a piece of cake. And then get back to work.

{bit more emotional} Exercise: today, please take a moment to indulge in something you've wanted to do... eat a piece of cake, splurge and buy yourself some new, expensive clothes. Do SOMETHING to allow yourself to indulge!

Because life is NOW.

Press play.

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Today, I have this workout I just don't wanna do. I'm resisting it.

But even though I'm just not feeling it, I'm STILL going to work out. Because I know that when I've finished working out, I'll walk away knowing this has elevated me towards my dreams.

The thing that differentiates people who achieve massive success to those that never do is that they've learnt how to push through.

When I have a headache, when I'm resisting, or acting like a pissed off bitch – than the best thing for me to do is what works for me.

I believe it's important to differentiate things you're obligated to do, vs. things that you're obligated to do, but you know that when you've done those things, you know it'll be worth it.

Things like training, reading, or working out. I don't believe you can put down a book, or walk away from a workout going "oh, that was a waste of time."

It's all about feeling good and growing yourself towards your soul.

Exercise of the day: Thing about the things that you HAVE to do. Grab a piece of paper, and draw a line down the middle. On the left, write down the things that will make you feel glad when you've completed them.

On the right, what're the things that you HAVE to do – that don't make you FEEL good?
Really question if you NEED to do the things on the right column.

What can you do to make the column on the right easier?

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You don't HAVE to do anything.

How many times do you think to yourself.. "OH I HAVE to do that!"?

These things are a SHOULD, rather than a desire. And in business (and life), there's a VERY fine line between knowing if you REALLY need to do something, or if it's something we THINK we should do.

See, it's a choice. EVERYTHING is a choice. If you keep adding, adding, ADDING to that GIGANTIC to-do list of yours, with all of those "I should do this, and I should do that" – you're just shoulding all over yourself. This ends up getting you DISTRACTED. That shit is deadly.

How do you avoid shoulding all over yourself?

1. Figure out what makes you tick. What do you LOVE doing in your business?

2. Believe in yourself. BELIEVE your dream is possible.

3. MAKE A CHOICE! Do you agree that you HAVE to do everything?

4. What do you CHOOSE to believe? I don't feel like I "have" to do everything. I'm VERY committed to listening to my intuition – and I've made a helluva lot of money, and a huge impact because of it.

5. Get into a daily practice of LISTENING to yourself... through meditation, journalling, exercising, whatever works for you.

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Life is NOW. Press Play!

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When you feel so anxious / angry / overwhelmed that you want to binge your way into oblivion or tear the world apart with your bare hands...

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Want the fantasy, in business and life? Consider basing it on ACTUALLY BEING YOU... Take it or leave it.

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Resistance, Daily Discipline, How I Always Have Something to Say, Firing Up When You Just Don't Wanna and More... Thoughts to get you PRESSING PLAY today!

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How to OWN your awesome. Plus... The importance of the RIGHT bling.

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Airport lounge inspiration... Little inspo for those times you just can't be fucked or feel you've got nothing to say.

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I've learned that you can't get to the next level through FORCE. There has to be a softening, a getting back to (true) meaning, and a SURRENDER for expansion to then flow almost automatically...

These and other thoughts from my weekend at the incredible Summit event!

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How to deal when you wake up feeling wrecked...

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You can try and make it by pushing shit up a hill, or by setting your intention, doing the daily work, and LETTING it flow ... the choice is yours but FORCING success to appear when you're out of alignment? Will. not. work.

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No you do NOT need to know be or do anything else to start or GROW your biz from here!

Watch today's ep to see how I built my online biz to over 30k a month way back in 2012 just by creating simple high value content and sharing it on Facebook.

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Reality: running around like a headless chicken, getting distracted by bright shiny objects, worrying about what everyone else is doing and whether there’s something you’re missing that can get you “overnight results” … NOT the greatest approach, you know?

One of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned about achieving the ‘impossible’ and getting INCREDIBLE outcomes in business and life is that it happens when I stopped worrying about ‘fixing everything now’ and released the OUTCOME and fear …

Success comes from the consistent daily action NOT from fear-based headless chook behaviour and the most effective way to be able to DO that daily work is to do it for the sake of the work not the outcome. For example - going to the gym to try and lose 10kg overnight? Good luck! Going to the gym as a daily habit and because you believe in the outcome of that consistent effort? HELL YES.

And you can apply the same principles to business.
Watch today’s episode to learn how to focus your energy on what MATTERS each today and guarantee your success, oddly enough, by choosing to no longer worry about it.

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What the daily hustle really needs to look like, if RAPID income and reach results are your thing...

If you're at all spinning your wheels or just feel you're not being as effective as you could be, OR you're on track nut want to amp it up a notch, today's 1-2-3 punch approach will do the trick!

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How do you know when it's right for YOU (and your client) to make an exception to your business rules and policies, or boundaries? Watch today's episode for my simple decision making process!

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When you don't know how to freaking switch off and relax without eating ALL the chocolate!!

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What I learned about being a real person in the way I communicate with my online audience ... And what you gotta know about the link between alignment and making serious coin!

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