Rebel Millionaire

When you believe that the vision inside of you is true and you just have that faith, and don't forget that faith is a choice, when you believe and you have that faith, guess what?

You can do, and you should do, and you must do whatever the fuck you want, which is fabulous, and I don't even mean it in the sense of being a rebel or a black sheep. Like, I just think like, I'm like a black sheep or a rebel, but that's just because I was following my soul. I never set out to be a black sheep or a rebel, right? That was just me doing what I knew I needed to do for me, and then we end up labelled that way. And then, you know, I kind of use the labelling 'cause it's like cool or whatever. I think it's fun, but it's like, eh, my intention was never that. My intention was never to be a black sheep. It just kind of happened because it's how I am.

Well, doing whatever you want just means you can't screw it up, you can't go wrong, it's literally impossible for you to screw it up. You know that that vision inside of you is real. You know that it's going to come to life.

So what have you gotta do to bring it to life?

Keep focusing on it, keep setting that intention, keep tuning into it through your inner work, through your journaling, and then your task, as far as what action to take through your day, through your business, through your life, is to tune the fuck in and listen to what your soul is telling you.

And this is the biggest thing that I come back to repetitively; it's the number one piece of advice or conversation that I come back to repetitively with my private clients, my home clients, who pay me a significant amount of money obviously to work with me. This is the biggest thing I teach them, and we come back to it over and over again.

Actually, I wrote about it in another blog, which I've not published yet, which I'll put up later today, which I wrote this morning, and it just makes it so easy, right, because I know that I'm gonna succeed.

I know that my entire vision is coming to life. It's always been that way and I know that it's the same for you. So all I need to do is to tune in and to follow soul for it.

That's it.

There's literally nothing else required, and isn't that just the most beautiful, glorious thing in the world, because it means that when you are somewhere and you suddenly feel like you need to not be there, you're not gonna screw it up by leaving.

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So yesterday I found out that in certain groups on the internet, on Facebook groups that people talk all the time about what a bitch I am and how they can't handle my live streams, and I'm just like okay, I'm just gonna say something directly to those people right now.

Just so you know, if you say that you can't even, even with me, and you can't handle my live streams, and did you see what she did on her latest live stream, I'm just gonna point out the obvious which is that the only way you know that is 'cause you're watching the fucking live stream.

So technically that makes you a magnetised as fuck fan who's triggered as fuck by the way. And if you are triggered and emotionally charged by me that's because I'm being a mirror and because I'm confronting anew something that you know you get to address inside of you and basically probably you're gonna become a client in about a year and then you're gonna tell me that you used to hate me and bitch about me behind the scenes, but I already knew 'cause other people told me.

If you didn't actually care, if you weren't like connected to me on a soul level in some sort of a way then you wouldn't watch the live streams and you wouldn't bitch about me behind the scenes and you wouldn't care, you'd be like I'm not interested, I'm not attracted to her, I'm not magnetised by her, and you would just not even observe or know, or like you literally wouldn't care, right? It happens all the time Alyssa. I actually was a little shocked because I'm so in a love bubble of my own cult and my own world that I've created that I haven't heard it for a while, but I used to be much more conscious of it, and to answer the person's question who asked about this, I knew about it more and I was conscious of it because I was concerned about it and because it would cause me to shrink and be worried and like not speak my truth. And then I just gradually over time let go of that because I still care, like yesterday I was like, I was triggered and I was a little hurt, I was like oh, I was actually like oh, I thought everybody loved me now. I really did, I was like oh. Well, okay. And then I was like oh well technically I suppose I can believe, like I do actually know that people don't like me, but I kind of forgot because I'm only surrounded by love.

So I was a little triggered, and I was like kind of like I think I wanna go right into their houses and like cook them dinner and just sit them down and just explain to them like just so you understand I'm a nice person, and I'm actually like really, so I'm like really introverted and quiet in real life and everything as well. I think you would like me, right? Like really, I'm an actual, like I'm, like I'm, like I'll buy you a present, I'll bring you chocolate, I'll do that, I do that all the time anyway.

So I kind of felt like I need to, I need to deal with this situation so that people understand how awesome I actually am, but then the other part of me was like not fuck them, I like, I got into curiosity and I like I think it's funny because the reason I said, I'm like well if you're watching my live streams then it means you're a fan, like just technically, like just saying, so I think it's funny.

But also even if I feel hurt or even if I've lost people along the way and I've lost friends and I've lost some clients along the way who I got too much for them, I got too intense for them, and some of them came back and then they were like you got too much for me, you got too intense for me, I couldn't handle it, it was like a trigger for me.

Like one of my newest clients who joined my inner circle, like first thing he did introducing himself is oh probably like a lot of people here when I first come across the truth is I wanted to punch her through the computer screen. I was like aw, people say the sweetest things about me. And for real though, my clients say that all the time, right, so it's really, really common and normal. Oh thank you, thank you for the present, in a box.

So anyway, my point is I got to a point of understanding that my message and my art and speaking my truth is more important and bigger than what people wanna say about me, right? And that I have to put that first.

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What if you chose to feel always that you're exactly where you need to be, that you always make the right decision, that everything always works out perfectly for you, that you're moving forward on your correct path with beautiful perfect alignment right now, that you were born to win, and that nothing can stop you.

So, therefore, you get to do what you want.

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The point is back yourself.

When are you gonna finally back yourself, okay?

So I was using an example with my client. I was like, listen to me, you already know, this is what I wanna say to you now, you already know that everything you feel inside of you is right. You already know that the way that you're being directed to do it through your soul is the way that it's gonna work. You already know that if you were to go against your own soul and your own nature, and you were to essentially go and try and do...

In a way that, (okay I think it just kept freezing,) in a way that feels kind of icky to you, or it's just boring, it's not interesting, it's not expansive, it feels like, really? Do I really have to do that? Ah, okay, I guess I'd better. That's what's gonna get me a result, okay.

And it's kind of like this head hanging type of feeling, right? If you were to do it in that way, you know that it's not only not gonna work, you know this at your core, right?

You might be buying into a story, you might be telling yourself all manner of things that are definitely not true, you might be trying to justify and convince, you might be like, well that person knows better than me, or they're further along than me, and maybe I don't really know because I haven't achieved that goal yet, I haven't made it, whatever your goal is in your business. And so they probably do know better, and I probably should do it this way, and you're going down this pathway of essentially trying to convince yourself to not back yourself. Which when you put it that way sounds really kind of crazy and not good crazy. And it's so sad, I think, as well, right?

And then the other side of the coin, the flip side of that is you 100% know, give me love heart shower, give me love to chat about this, you 100% know, if you agree with me, give me a love heart shower, you 100% know that what's inside of you is real. You know that the things you feel inside of you about where your success is gonna come from is correct, and one thing that I love to journal on again and again, and you might like to save this as an idea for later, and write it down as a journaling prompt, or somebody can put it in the comments if you want cause I'm having a hard time getting my laptop to work here, I like to journal often on, like a question that I've asked myself many times over the years, where do I really believe, for example, my $100 million empire's gonna come from? Or before I was already making multi millions a year, then I would journal on where do I really believe my multi million dollar business is gonna come from? Or where do I really believe my fame, or my impact, or whatever it is, is gonna come from?

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