Rebel Millionaire

Hi. Ah man, god damn it. Alright. Thought I had what I needed, I don't. Alright, I'm back. I'm back. Am I live? Is this working? Are we even real. Oh two people are here on the Katrina Roots show. Hey Ryan. What's up? What's happening? Tell me the things.

Do you know what I need? Fuck it. I always think I'm so organised you guys. Alright. Is this working? What the fuck? Yes it is. Okay. Hey, hey. Hey Erika. Hey all the people. Chris! What's up my San Diego bad ass? I know you're not from San Diego.

Alright, hang on. I need one more thing. This is kind of embarrassing because ... Well it's not that embarrassing. It would've been embarrassed about is that I always think that I'm organised and then I'm not fucking organised. I need one more pure. Alright. I need to be higher. So check it out, let me show you my view. I've still got my pyjamas on, I'm chilling in my pyjamas. It's Bali style, you just wear your bikini and your pyjamas and nothing else for weeks on end.

Look there's the ocean right there, can you see it? How good is that? When I wake up in the morning, my bed is in there through there through that area. Met a soulmate, amazing. And yeah, I can see the ocean from my bed. But tell me, more importantly than anything, and then maybe I'll show you my new tattoo colours if you'd like. I'll just show you now, 'cause let's face it, I want to show it off. Check it out.

So I got all that colour added there. Alright my side abs are looking quite good today, that's nice. I got colour added through here. See there? Look at it how it's kind of psychedelic and it all blends together. And then I got this colour added in the back there. [inaudible 00:02:37] for the six hours of tattooing that I went through on Saturday. So anyway, I don't know if you can see the colours properly, but it's amazing here. He's like blended them all together. Ramen Kelley, is my fricking frame working, 'cause that was the next thing I was about to talk about and I just realised ... Okay, I'm just talking from my breasts. I just realised I was supposed to tell you when I went live and I didn't. I actually was going to test whether it worked and then it appeared to just work, so I just went live.

Anyway, I don't know if you can see how he's mixed the colours there, they're all meshed in together. And so we were going to finish all this on Saturday, and then next we're starting around here, which will be this coming Saturday. But after he did half of that colour and he did the top bit earlier on in the day, then he's like, he says, "I've given you everything now baby. Just like sex, I'm done. There's nothing left. We must finish right away". That's exactly what he said. I thought we were doing two more hours and finishing all the colour through, like the flower bits there, but he basically threw down the tattoo gun all of a sudden and he's like, "I'm done. I cannot continue on. If I do this becomes like a bad oil painting". So we had that conversation.

Alright. So now I've brought you up on tattoo stuff. So I'm going to go back next Saturday and I'm going to start to get, 'cause this is actually ... Okay. I just love to talk about this. Because this is like a whole story here and the story is, I had to create the story for him because he said [inaudible 00:04:09], he can't do a massive piece across your whole torso if there's not meaning and context to it. So the story that I gave him is just when you think you knew me, it all drops away again and you know nothing, nothing at all, nothing about anything. So this is just, I don't know, some mystical cubes. They go down pretty low, you don't need to see how low they go. Let's just say it was an interesting experience. And then all this stuff and then around here is going to be a face, a woman's face, but the top of it will be lifted off and it's like just when you thought you knew me, there's all these layers underneath it. So we're going to start on that on Saturday.

But in other news, has anybody even fucking noticed my frame? Because I feel offended and I'm going to speak for Braun and Kelley and say Braun is offended that nobody's commented on the frame. Can you guys see that or are you all blind? Are you all just memorised by the view and by my tattoos? Abs are looking alright today, aren't they Kristen? That's what happens when you've been in Bali for a couple of days.

For some reason, whenever I get into Bali I'm kind of bloated and puffy, something about the flight. I've got to rework that, it's all a mindset. I gotta also mention to you that the little black cat on my back is not part of the work that Vlad did. He's highly offended in a personal and kind of over the top manner about the cat, because he doesn't really know what to do with it.

Okay, so I see that I've got the Katrina Roots show at the top of my picture. I thought we had something that was going to be at the bottom of the picture as well. I thought it was a whole frame. On my computer it's just ... Do you know what though Braun, when I had the falling that way, I could never ... I'm going to tell you guys something embarrassing about me.

I thought it was a whole frame, on my computer it's.

Shh. Shush. She just keeps talking. I can never remember which ways vertical and which ways horizontal. It's an embarrassing little comment about me. And then I remember, hang on, horizontal means sex. So horizontal means that way. So when I had the phone vertically, the whole frame was there Braun, and then I turned it because I always do my live streams this way, and now it's not. So I don't know what we're going to do about that, but it still looks cool. How fricking cool is that? Braun and Kelley is right here on the live stream, she made this frame for me. Send her the love hot shower. Send it to her. Send it on over. Just throw it at her. And by the way, if you ever see hilarious and outrageous in a river, it means that I post on Instagram or here, Braun makes them for me as well. She's very fucking good at it, very funny. You should see the latest line up that I haven't posted yet. Her brain works in mysterious and slightly terrifying ways, which is really just a requirement for being on my team. It's exactly where it needs to be.

The top bit definitely is, but wasn't there supposed to be a bottom bit? Can we get a frame all the way around? I don't know, can we get something at the bottom?

Okay, so supposedly we're going to talk about making money from [inaudible 00:07:10]. I was reading this morning some Eckhart Tolle, which I do love to read. I've somehow crumbled the whole book up. It looks like I've screwed the whole book up into a bundle and stuffed it into a corner of my suitcase now, which is possibly what happened. I reading his stuff. When I started trying to read his stuff when I was in my early 20s, it didn't make any sense to me at all. I wasn't ready for it I guess. And then I tried to listen to it one time on an audiobook and I nearly passed out from boredom at the sound of his voice. Sorry Eckhart. It's a fact. And now, I guess I'm at a suitable place of enlightenment within myself that I'm able to take from it exactly what is required. However if you think about it, you're always taking exactly what is required from all experiences.

But anyway, this morning I read a little piece that was of great interest to me, and it was around, well it was of great interest because it sounded like something I would say. So really what I'm saying is that I was interested in myself. But aren't we all, let's face it. So it was around, in fact, I'm going to read it to you. I feel like from now on there's going to be a small bit of story time and reading time on my live stream, so let's just had a moment of [inaudible 00:08:20], I'm pushing my chair backwards into the pool and fall in, which would be quite funny. One second.

Okay. Look at that scrunched up cover, I'm not sure what happened there. You're going to love what I'm going to read to you, it's very critical and important. Okay. Ooh, I did fold down this page because I thought it was hilarious and I thought that I might post this on social media later on today. I was going to post it this morning and then I thought I already did several posts yesterday where I think that I'm being funny, and then it sounds like I'm going to try to think that I'm being funny all the time, and I am just funny. I don't have to think about being funny. And then I thought about it too fucking much, so then I couldn't post it. But it was a Shakespeare quote that I thought would be quite amusing to use at some point relevant to the news or something like that. And it says, "A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing". So I'm glad I've had the opportunity now to use that quote. Pretty happy about that.

Alright. So then, okay. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. This is good. You're going to enjoy this. This page in particular. That's why I folded down both sides of it, well one was for Shakespeare and the other was 'cause that's where ... Hang on, why have I got three fucking pages? I don't know. Okay. Whatever. Let me read this to you. When you don't play roles, it means that there is no self ego in what you do". I wish that I was Billy Jane right now because my friend Billy Jane who's one of my soulmate friends, who I just love and adore read something to me a few weeks ago. He reads like a showman. He required me to sit there at his kitchen table while he read along a blog post of somebody else. He's got a really deep love and a person that I really do love and wanted to hear the book, but I had already read the book. I'm like really, do I have to sit hear and listen to you read this whole thing. And then he read it in the most incredible, powerful, entertaining way. And now I'm getting a little bit self conscious about the fact that my reading voice is not as interesting as it could be.

But actually, the piece that I'm about to read you is pretty fucking relative to that. So I will not try and be entertaining. No. I am going to be completely non-entertaining now, just so you know. "When you don't play roles, it means there is no self ego in what you do. There is no secondary agenda, projectional strengthening of yourself. As a result, your actions have far greater power. You are totally focused on the situation. You become one with it". Now listen to this next line. "You don't try to be anybody in particular. You are most powerful, most effective when you are completely yourself, but don't try to be yourself. That's another role. It's called natural spontaneous name. As soon as you are trying to be this or that, you are playing a role". This is the bit where I was like ooh, this is good stuff because it sounds like I would have written it myself. "Just be yourself is good advice, but it can also be misleading. The mind will come in and say let's see how can I be myself". Send me a message via energetic [inaudible 00:11:19] if you have ever tried to be yourself. You can figure out what format that message will go into.

"Then the mind will develop some kind of strategy, how to be myself". Who has ever tried to develop a strategy on how to be themselves? I'm pretty sure I've done that, I'm going to confess that right here. Kat feshional hashtag. "Then", oh no, I read that bit already. Must be important. We'll read it again. "Then the mind will develop some kind of strategy, how to be myself. Another role, how can I be myself". Okay. I'm getting my interactions wrong. "Another role. How can I be myself is in fact the wrong question. Wrong." Eckhart Tolle wouldn't say it in that voice because he speaks only in a monotone like this, he would say wrong question, wrong. But I'm going to say it with more emphasis. Wrong question. Wrong.

When I do this I'm channelling [inaudible 00:12:11] because there's a very hilarious moment once in New Zealand a few years ago where I got fantastic photos of him doing this. And now it just makes me think of [inaudible 00:12:19]. Okay, wrong question. Let's hit that. "It implies you have to do something to be yourself. But how doesn't necessarily apply here because", wake up call, wait for this moment, "You are already yourself." I'm not certain if you knew that, took mem a while to figure that out about myself, pretty good with it now, but sometimes still need the reminder. "Just stop adding unnecessary baggage to who you already are". But I don't know who I am, I don't know what it means to be myself. That's me being you, or whoever it relates to. That's not me being me, I fucking know who I am. I figured that shit out, I'll tell you about it in a moment.

This is killer, right? This is serious killer still, Kiria, just come to Bali now. You actually could just come in the next two days, I just realised that. We've been talking about you coming to Bali and I was like I'll give you my next days, and I'm like, but I'm here for the next two weeks. Side note. Alright, sorry everybody. I like to organise arrangements and things whilst on a live stream if a relevant person pops onto it. Anyway, he does talk some truth, serious truth.

This next line was killer, alright? This is going to wake you up. "If you can be absolutely comfortable with not knowing who you are, then what's left is you being you. The being capital b. Behind the human, a field of pure potentiality rather than something that is already defined. Give up defining yourself. To yourself or to others. You won't die". Is he trying to be funny? Is Eckhart trying to be funny? Do you think that was a little smart assery right there in Awakening to Your Life's Purpose: A New Earth? I don't even know what the book is that I'm reading.

I only chose books via energetic transmission of energy from the book to me, by the way. This is how I chose people as well. If I've chosen you as a person, you know who you are, I've chosen you via energetic transmission of your soul to mine. It has nothing to do with anything else really at all. So when I go into a book, when I go into a book, I choose what I take out of it via energetic transmission. When I go into a book store, I get lost in there for many moons. Many, many moons. I'm just telling you, if you're not the kind of person that likes to move into a bookstore and not leave for at least seven tens of the sun, then don't come into a bookstore with me.

But if you're the kind of person that wouldn't want to hang out in a bookstore all day, then you wouldn't have been energetically transmitted into my life in the first place. So either way, we're good. But if I go into a bookstore, it's because I'm commanded and drawn by my soul to go in there. My soul just kind of magnetically pulls me in. And then when I go in, i wonder. I just kind of float and wonder through the store in a bit of a foughe like state, which is one of my very favourite flow states to be in, and I just wonder, and I wait until a book speaks to me from up above, presuming it is up above on a high shelf. If it's on a level shelf or a low shelf, then I suppose it speaks to me from an equal terrain. This book, I got at Book Monster in San Diego. I'm using the receipt as a bookmark. I also purchased the other one, which if you know what it is then you know what it is, and if you don't, I can't help you.

But it spoke to me from the shelf. I had no idea that I was required to buy it. So I don't know what I was tearing on about. But let me get back to this, let me come back to this one last paragraph. "Give up defining yourself, to yourself, or to others. You won't die. You will come to life. And don't be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it's their problem. When you interact with people, don't be there primarily as a function or as a role, but as a field of presence, of a field of conscious presence". Alright. So, this is what we're going to take from that book lesson. Don't try to be your fucking self. We already said that bit, but what about [inaudible 00:16:19]. Give me love heart share if you're making money from your magic already. Give me a love heart share if you want to be making money from your magic. Give me a love hot share if you know that you are supposed to be making money from your magic.

Just give me a love hot share regardless, is basically what I'm asking, because I like to see the floating love hearts on my screen. Not the like button, which flaker just pressed like at the start. Don't even bother if you're just going to press like, don't even. It's fine to not love me, but keep quiet about it. I think that's obvious. Alright, thank you for the love hearts.

The biggest thing, here's the biggest thing that I've figured out about this, because now I'm going to tell you, shortly I'm going to tell you about Rich Heart Empire. Maybe if you're watching, he can send her her emojis. Everybody who knows me well knows that my highest value of what I desire from people online is not money, not even a love heart share, not even comments, but indeed love heart emojis. That's really what I'm looking for all day. No, laughing emojis. You can put the Rich Heart Empire in, because I'm going to tell you to join up to Rich Heart Empire in a moment, but not yet, but only if you know you're meant to work with me anyway. If you don't already know it, then it doesn't matter, all right? If you know it, you know it, and you should have messaged me anyway, but maybe you didn't realise Rich Heart Empire was open. You can read the little comment when it comes up in a moment and you can message me over on my personal Facebook page. It's time to be seen and fully heard, that's what it says. It's a pink comment, it's there now.

So what was I up to? The biggest thing that I've learned about making money from my magic, is exactly the same thing that young Eckhart just had to share with us. Okay, how young is he? He doesn't look that young. Let's see if we can find out. I'm going to tell you the magic thing in a moment, but my mind gets distracted easily and in many ways, and I allow it to be whatever it is. So alright, it's not in there. Have to Google it. How old is Eckhart Tolle? Gosh! He's 70. Well done to him. Alright, I don't know if you guys knew that.

D-pack 71 is given me this, Esther Hicks 70, Marian Williamson 65, Katrina Roots 38. Okay, we have the update on everything now. Alright. So what was I saying? Eckhart. Okay. The biggest thing that I have figured out about the money and the magic is exactly the same thing that he was saying about the giant being, don't be you. Don't try to be you thing. And if you just jumped on, you missed the book reading. It was very important. You going to have to go back and watch that afterwards. You almost missed the tight reveal.

So it's the stop trying thing, isn't it? I was doing this thing of how do I take my message from inside of me and how do I package it up in a delightful manner, and how do I present it to the internet such that they want to buy it. It didn't work. It was very confusing and exhausting. It was annoying, possibly for everybody, but definitely for me. And it actually felt kind of icky. It was kind of like this thing of let me show you that I'm cool or funny, and that's why I didn't post that Shakespeare quote this morning, 'cause I was like ooh, I think I'm trying to be funny instead of just being funny, and I am fucking funny anyway. I don't need to try to be funny. And then I thought about it too much, and I had to go have a double espresso to sort it out inside of my head, and I just let it go.

Because as soon as you're thinking how do I be this, right, how do I be this, how do I be captivating, how do I be engaging, how do I be hilarious, how do I be as bold or out there as Kat or Reagan or whoever else that you might think of, then you've lost the whole thing already. It's like book, game over, failed, done, leave, go home, have some brunch, amino acids, reset your whole self from the inside out, and wait until the magic comes back.

It is fucking scary though. Alright? Let me tell you about that. These stupid little glass bottles are annoying the crap out of me in my villa here in Bali. I don't know why they have to give me these teeny little 330 mil glass bottles. Do you know how difficult it is to get amino acids into that. It looks like I'm having some kind of blue powder party in the bathroom here every morning. Side note. And besides, they're so small I have to make like 14 of them every morning. It's like a whole mission. I need an entire in here just to make my aminos in the morning.

So, it's about the not trying. But how do you not try, right? That's fucking scary. That literally means that you go on a live stream, for example, and maybe you have a nice frame at the top, which helps you to feel more important and special, because clearly you must be a real person on the internet if you have a thing at the top of your thing that says who you are. So I feel quite happy with myself that I've graduated to that place as of today. And maybe you have a beautiful background behind you or whatever you've got. And so it adds value and you think cool, I'm organised.

But then, what the fuck do you say? Maybe you're coming on and ... This is what I was doing start of last year, or even start of the year before. I think it was the start of the year before last. I went through this phase of I really wanted to be entertaining online. I really had decided part of my role is not just to inspire, motivate, and empower, but I want to be an entertainer. Actually, if I strip it all away, if i go back to when I was like five or six years old before I became the hero of the world and decided that I was my job to save the world and basically develop [inaudible 00:21:55] complex, which a lot of us do as kids, 'cause maybe we had to step into an adult role earlier, or take on certain responsibilities or we learned that we've got to in some way support or save somebody, and then it kind of becomes mixed in with your message and your truth as who you are in a business, and then you're always trying to save everybody. Try to do that. Try not to do that.

If I go back in my story before I added all that shit in, I was first and foremost story teller and performer. Just like a lot of little kids, I think. Just like my daughter for sure. And maybe my son in a different way, it's hard to tell what he is right now. He's just kind of like naughty, angry, boss baby all of the time. But definitely some kind of wild free spirit healer person as well.

so I was always performing and i was always entertaining, and I was always leading and telling other people what to do and pointing myself in charge of things. So not much has changed, but in my business, like a lot of people, I had numbed down and dumbed down my message and my truth over the years. I was trying so hard at first to be a really successful fitness coach, except I wasn't trying that hard when I was being a fitness person, because I didn't know about trying and I didn't know about becoming an internet marketer. I was really just, I don't know, I was completely in being me, I wasn't thinking about how to be me. But then I tried to think about how to be well known as a leader online or a female entrepreneur or how to be a good business coach. And I was doing that thing of try to do it right, or try to look the part, try to be professional, or whatever bull shit. And it was really hard, and it was exhausting, but I let a lot of the fun and my natural true vibe go out of that. Or I didn't think there was a place for it, right? I would've thought it was super inappropriate.

There's no way I would've sat on a live stream even in a bikini, let alone things I say. So I had all these rules for everything. Yeah, it was a not fun period. And so a couple of years ago, I really started to tune into the fact that a big part of who I am, a big part of my personality is entertaining and performing, and when I'm with my friends and the people who I love the most, I definitely go into that role. Particularly with people I'm most comfortable with, right? And I'd be curious to know, do you relate to this. Give me more love if you relate to it. Or give me the laughing emojis, just 'cause I like to see them.

Alright. So when I'm with the people who I love the most, who I'm most comfortable with, I'm really silly. I get really over the top. I tend to dominate the conversation a lot of the time. I often have felt embarrassed about that. Thank you so much for the love heart emojis and the laughing emojis. I've often felt embarrassed and self conscious about it, even when I'm with my family where I know I'm fully loved and accepted. I often have the feeling like man, shut up. I'm saying to myself inside my head shut up, you're just talking too much. It's not the fricking Katrina Roots show. I'm like, it is the fucking Katrina Roots show. But you know sometimes when you're with other people and you're like for fucks sake, would you just shut up. And I just can't seem to be able to, I just keep going.

What's amazing and hilarious and perfect, is that 100% of my clients now, my inner circle clients, my soul mate clients, and I'm going to say my friends and the people who are my inner circle peeps in my life are all the same. So whenever I have an inner circle retreat, like we had one here in Bali a few months ago, everybody's just talking over everybody the whole fucking time. And I did my [inaudible 00:25:20] and my new AP day in New York a couple weeks ago, and one of my clients needs, who's one of my private clients, and who flew from Geneva to fucking New York for one day to come to my event, she actually said, and I just loved and honoured her that she said this, she was like right now, as I'm teaching my own event, my own event, right, my own day. She made the confession, which is that right now she's getting really grumpy at me that I was talking so much and she just wanted me to shut up so that she could talk. I know that's like, I love it, I love that you just said that. And I was like who here feels the same way that actually they should probably be in charge of this day and be able to talk and have everyone listen to them the whole time, and 100% of the hands went up.

So I've always been that person, but I wasn't letting it through in my business and I definitely wasn't letting the silly, and the rambly, and the playful, and all that shit come through. I just had all these rules for how it should have to be. And yeah, I made a decision that I'm going to let that part of me out. And then what happened though was really not ideal. What happened was I tried to be funny and I tried to be entertaining and I tried to be outrageous or hilarious or whatever. And it was really embarrassing and really awkward.

Now I have total compassion for myself from this time. You could go back, I remember I was doing this roughly around April, May 2016. I remember being in LA and I remember I decided that I was going to dance on my streams. And I talked about it with my mentor at the time, I'm like this is what I'm going to do, I'm going to start being silly and funny on my live streams and I'm going to dance. And so then I would put Spotify on and I would fricking dance to the ocean or the song the ocean, or whatever it was, I was just literally dancing on a live stream, and I'm not even good at dancing, although I am fucking good at dancing if I don't think about how to be good at dancing. When I think about being good at dancing, I'm definitely not good at dancing. Ocean? Back off. This is the Katrina Roots show, not the fricking Balinese ocean show.

And it was definitely awkward and I felt super self conscious, right? And I kind of kept going with it though. I was like, I'm going to crack this. I'm going to figure this out. And now I look back and I'm like it's so perfect that I did that. It's so perfect announcing that I did that, because that was my process of trying to figure it out, right? And so maybe you come online now and you go okay, I want to write deep powerful messages or footprints or whatever. Or I want to do live streams where I'm totally letting all sides of myself come out, and then you try to think about how to do that. And then you do it and then afterwards you feel kind of like, like that's kind of like should I delete that, should I take that down, or I feel silly, or I feel not good enough, or whatever. But I think we gotta honour ourselves for putting ourselves out there and for trying.

At some point though, with that particular example, I just kind of let it go. I was like oh my god, this is stupid. I look stupid. I'm being stupid. Why am I fucking dancing? What am I trying to prove here? Do I think I'm trying to be cool? Am I trying to prove to people that I'm entertaining? That's not the way to be entertaining. And I just kind of let it go and I forgot about it.

But here's what I did, and this is a critical note that you must write down. Pull out your pen now. I was still setting intentions in my journaling on this, right? I was writing things in my journaling like I'm an entertaining leader, I'm entertaining and inspiring, I'm a fantastic performer, I'm funny, people love to watch my stuff, not just because it inspires and motivates them, because it also entertains them and magnetises them. And I was writing stuff like that, and I think I kind of forgot that I was writing it. And whatever amount of time passed, like a lot of time, and it was only even recently, I think I even thought of it again in the last few weeks, but definitely a few months ago where I suddenly remembered that time and I remembered that time when I tried to be entertaining and I tried to be funny and I just wasn't.

My son's in there laughing at me. And now I'm like oh shit, I am entertaining and funny on live streams. Not all the time, sometimes I'm completely serious. In fact, last week, I think it was last week, yeah, last week I did a split screen live stream with somebody and we said we were going to be hilarious and entertaining and then, it was with Patrick, and then we didn't. But that, it wasn't like we tried to be though. But I thought it was interesting that we had said that we were going to be hilarious and funny, and then it totally didn't go that way at all. It went into power and truth in a different way, but it was kind of like well of course that's probably unlikely to happen if you decide that it's going to happen or if you say that it's going to happen. If you decide and set an intension that it's going to happen, and then you kind of release it and not think about it, then it may or may not happen, but whatever's meant to come out will happen.

Tell me. Tell the whole story. Tell it to the people, they want to know. You got anything to say?

I just want to sit on your lap.

You just want to sit on my lap. Yay.

So today when I came on, there was a part of me that was like oh, I haven't really live streamed properly the past few days because I came back in to Bali and I got my kids back for the first time in several weeks, been doing things. And then I had a Bali zombie state that came over me and I was asleep for a day, then I was tattooing for a day, and then we were riding elephants, weren't we?


Yeah. And we were doing lots of cool things. Look at all these love hearts, they're definitely for you.


Yeah. Of course. I already got my love hearts earlier, they're for sure your love hearts. So yeah, as I came on the live stream today, I was sort of like oh, I hope that the power comes out today. I hope that the magic comes out today. And I think I thought I hope that I'm funny today or something like that, and then I quickly put it aside, because I know and understand how this shit works. Which is that you can't come on and be like I hope I'm funny today. You can say that, you can set an intension. Or you know, I hope and trust that the power of the magic will come through me, but then it's just whatever comes out will come out. And so to come right back to the side of the story and find out where I-



Why is, look. I'm doing this. But it's not doing. It's doing that.

It's 'cause there's a small delay. You'll see it down here, like two seconds after you see it up here. See? See? So if you do it up here and then two seconds later it will come up down here. There's another one looking right here, just standing there like a frozen statue. Have anything to say? Because I'm right at my peek point that I wanted to make. See? He thinks I'm funny. Are you snorting?


Alright. Let me say my final point.

Someone ripped me off. See, look.

Yeah, you got scammed. How much was that?


$17? You gotta be kidding, for that little thing. Look how pretty this girl is.

You wrecked my hair.

Pretty, pretty bad ass. She's over there making sassy faces at me now.

Where is me?

You're there. And now you're here. You're coming back here in a moment.


[inaudible 00:32:35].

Okay. The point that I was going to make. Let me get back to my point. I'll try and get back to my point. That when you simply have that, I guess, overall guiding intention or desire that whatever's meant to come out is going to come out, but then you forget about it is the only way that it's going to come out.

Are you going to go to the pool?


Okay. Bye. Give me a kiss, I'll see you later.

I don't want to. I want to stay here.

We can stay for a few minutes if you want, I'm going to finish up here in a minute.

So it's got to be that you have this intention and you basically decided, of course all of me gets to come through. But it's not like deciding oh, I should be funny or I should be deeply magnetising or I should be this or that or the other thing based on what you see me do or what you see anyone else do. It's based on what's inside of you. It's based on this is who I know I already am. This is who I know I already am. I already know that I'm an inspiring person. I know I'm a motivating person. I know I'm a magnetising person. It's true. I know I'm a funny person. I know that I'm all these things when I'm at my most relaxed. She knows she's a bad ass, that's so true, for sure. Cheeky one. Cheeky. Cheeky and sneaky.

I got scammed. I got scammed.

I see you right here.

Yeah, you're here and you're here. Look what that says, the Katrina Roots show. We can get one made that says the Alyssa show.

And mine?


The Alyssa Rose show.

Alyssa Rose show. Alright. So then I simply made a decision at some point in my business strategy that I'll let all those sides of me come out. And that might be what you would want to do, right? Is make a decision, I'm going to let all sides of me come out. And maybe if this is resonating for you, you could sit down today and journal on it, okay well I know I am this. I know I'm a bad ass. What else do you know you are?

Hi Natalie.

Hi Summer. Those are our ulterior roles. Our alternative personalities. Alright. So I kind of acknowledged all that stuff inside of me, and I had to do that, or chose to do that, because I'd been not making space for it, and I'd been pushing it down or pushing it away. And so it was kind of like okay, give myself permission to be all of this. But then when I had-

I still see you!

She's still here even though she's not here. It's crazy. But then I had to go through, or I did go through this phase of I was trying to be what I already am. I was trying to turn my magic into a message and into money and into something that would captivate people and build my followers and get people wanting to buy form me and so on and so forth. And it didn't work that way obviously. And it took me that growth period to figure that out to then forget about it all, but I had the intension that I'm just going to be me. And so now when I look at how I show up, I'm like, well it goes wherever it fricking goes, right? It could go funny, it could go random, it could go inappropriate, it could go with kids ... Whatever happens, happens. And it's always perfect and the exact message comes out that's meant to come out. But it's never that I sit on here and say this is what I'm going to try to do now, this is who I'm going to try and be. Right?

And on occasion I do. On occasion, I definitely do that. I guess kind of forget my own message and forget my own truth. And I'm like oh, I really want to do a deeply powerful, preachy live stream. And when I do that, it's just kind of like ugh, it feels disconnected, it feels disjointed, it feels like it's not flowing for me. Hi. Okay.

So the thing that you've got to think about is not how do I make money from my magic, but how do I not even think about that? How do I trust? How do I connect back to who I know I already am? And just give myself permission to be all of that. And yes, said intensions like I am this person, I am a bad ass, I am a leader, people love my content, I write all this shit all the time, everyday. This morning my journal I write stuff like this down for sure. But then when you come on, when you come on for your message, whether it's your free content, but this is also true with your paid content and how you communicate with clients, you don't think about it. You don't try. You don't worry about it. When I come onto a paid training or a free one, or maybe I want to sell something, which I'm always selling something, I no longer worry about how do I do that. I simply open my mouth, and what comes out comes out.

And I'm able to do that because I trust and know that how I live my life means that I'm continually feeding into my own soul and into my own truth. And whatever comes out is fucking gold. And that's just the truth of it, right? And it might be inspiring, it might be preachy, it might be motivational preachy, or sometimes not, whatever. It sometimes, it is disconnected, and sometimes you feel that as well, but that's the same in real life, right? When you hang out with your friends. I was at dinner with my friend Lindsey the other night, and I was definitely completely disconnected. I knew I wasn't really being very engaging or engaged as a friend.

Oh shit. Are you okay? Come here. Don't worry, you'll just have to get changed. He just fell in the pool. Don't worry, you'll just have to get new clothes on. Come here. Come here. People are going to send you love. No, he's gone. Whoops. Don't worry honey, it's the same as when Alyssa jumped in the pool with her dress on the other day, you'll be fine. Okay. Just go inside and get some new clothes on.

I don't want to!

Come here, come here. I've got a towel right here. Come here. There you go. It's all happening. I don't even know what I was saying. I think you've got the message, right? You've got to just have that intention and then trust that what needs to come out is going to come out. And it's trust basically being, and it's trust based business creation, and I guess the only other thing that you've got to add to that is well you do gotta show up though. It's not going to work if you wait until you feel like it or if you do it inconsistently. So for me, the real way that I do make money from my magic, if you wanted to know the how, is that I just show up. I show up every fricking day in some way, shape, or form. Some days more than others, some days are more powerful than others, some days I really feel like that was gold and I loved it and I loved what came though. And other days I'm like eh, that seemed kind of lame, or I didn't really get the engagement or I didn't feel amazing about it, but I continue on anyway. And I just think that very few people do that and are willing to do that.

Mostly what people do is they flake out when they don't get the engagement they want or they flake out if they don't feel good or they flake out if it's not really, yeah. Like if they're not feeling like it's working in the way that they want it to work. And then they kind of go and hide again or they become inconsistent or they become kind of flaky with what they're doing all over the place, or they try to think about how to do it and it just doesn't work.

So the big message here is are you willing to show up for your message, for your art, for your truth, for your business, for yourself even if you don't know if it's good enough? Even if it doesn't feel engaging, even if it doesn't feel like you're being inspiring, and even if it doesn't feel like people are listening. Because I'm going to tell you, that's the way that I've done it. It's the consistency, it's the showing up day in and out. It's just being there for my message and my truth no matter what. Literally, no matter what is going on around me, right?

And that's it. That's the whole story. It's all you need to do. All you need to do is commit to showing up and then do that, but do it without judging or critiquing your own message, right? We all do this. I still do it on occasion where you walk out of a live or a blog that you've written or something and you're kind of like man, I feel embarrassed about that, or I feel annoyed about that, or I feel like I wish it was something different, and it's just kind of like and get on with it, let it keep going anyway. You get to keep going anyway.

Guess what.


[inaudible 00:40:28].

Of course you did, you little hacker.

No, I did.

I believe you.

[inaudible 00:40:36].



Alright. So final thing that I want to tell you. Rich Heart Empire is open for April registration. It is my most transformative one on one intensive ever. It's six weeks one on one with me. It's a structured programme with content all around how to build your cult tribe.

Oh by the way, I can do a hand stand with one or two push ups.

That's true. She can do hand stand push ups, it's amazing.

So work with me for six weeks personally to grow your perfect cult tribe. [inaudible 00:41:06] Empire and set up multiple recurring incomes change to take you to seven figures and beyond doing what you love, that's the structure of what I teach in Rich Heart Empire, but it's complete one on one with me as well. So we have the structured content that I've created and that I've continued to add to, and we have must private plans, and you have one on one with me. You gotta message me on my personal page about this. It's only 20 places and we're already starting sales. Sales have already been made. It's already starting to fill. I only opened it up a couple of days ago, I haven't really spoken about it much because I've kind of been in Bali floating mode, like I said. So if you've not noticed this, or you have noticed but you didn't realise it's a very limited small thing, and it is very high level for one on one, then you might want to message me about that.

If it's speaking to you, if you want to learn more about working with me, if you want to know what that obviously involves and what we go through and investment and all that stuff, message me over on my Katrina Roots personal page. And really I guess, the big thing is, it is around being you. Yes, there's stuff that I teach around exactly how to build your cult tribe, exactly how to find your soul mate clients, exactly how to create low rate to high rate offers and launch them and sell them online, and all this other cool shit, but for it to work, it obviously depends on you connecting fully to who you are and letting that out into the world. And so that's a decision that only you can make, it is something I'll work on with my clients in deep detail, continually forever come back to no matter how long I've been working with someone and how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they're now making, it's a continual thing that we talk about, because I talk about it all the time for myself as well. But it starts with that decision and commitment.

Can i show these people how I do hand stand push up?

You can do it right there. Alright. So message me if you want to know about that. I'm going to finish up this live stream. I'm going to go get my yoga on.

No, you can do it over here. Just here. Alright, we're going to see a handstand push up to finish and then I'm going to jump off. Details during the pink comment.

Oh that was half of one. Alright. I'm going to go. Don't forget. Life is now, press play.

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