Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: Scary? Why is it scary? I thought I looked mystical and fabulous, like a fairy in the garden, in the night.

Katrina Ruth: Hi Melanie. Hi Megan. Melanie, who says I look scary. Hey Sarah. Hey Kelly. There's many things that we could discuss. It's quite likely that we'll discuss none of them.

Katrina Ruth: Hey Mandy. You're such a breath of fresh air on my newsfeed, all the time. I just want to let you know that. You're always so positive and uplifting. Quite commonly, I unfollow people left, right, and centre on my newsfeed just for being fricking boring, or annoying, or I don't know. I unfollow people. Do you guys do this? I unfollow people. Hey Claire. Hey, hey to everybody whose names I didn't see. Hi Brittany. You know, sometimes it doesn't tell me that you jumped on, so if you feel like I said hello to everybody else and then not to you, I'm not trying to blank you out. It just randomly tells me some people and not other people.

Katrina Ruth: What was I saying? Do you unfollow people for being annoying? Why would you not? Or do you just let them be annoying on your newsfeed and then kind of be like, “Ugh. You're annoying,” but then you keep them there? I unfollow people Hang on, let me share this over to my group. Hello from the mystical gardens of Bali. That's where I'm at if you didn't know. I will unfollow a bitch. What's the male version of a bitch or is it a bitch as well? I don't know. Shanshera, I'm sending you love and a shout out cause I didn't know what was going on with you and I saw that on my feed not too long ago, a day or two ago.

Katrina Ruth: You've been MIA on my feed. Sometimes people just go missing in action on my feed. It doesn't mean I unfollowed them, they just went missing in action. But I will unfollow a bitch or, I was going to say bitchette, but that's kind of the female version, as well. What's the male version of a bitch, Christine? Still a bitch? Christine says still a bitch. She's the expert. Appointed just then, by me.

Katrina Ruth: I will unfollow somebody for putting some bullshit post up. I would try and give you an example except I unfollowed all the examples that I already saw this evening. Let me see if I can find my ... No I can't go reading their post. What if the person was on here? I don't know. You know, people put up like kind of “Woe is me" ... not woe is me. What's the word? I'm going to call it a hoity-toity post. Kind of vague. A hoity-toity post is something like, "Did you know that blah, blah, blah, blah blah?" I don't know. I've got no good examples but I saw one earlier today. I was like, "You know what? I'm done with your boringness on Facebook, person" and I unfollowed them. Cause what I want to see on my Facebook, what I want to see, what I want to see is value. Value. Value, which could be entertainment. It could be randomness and shenanigans. It could be something raw and real. Here's what I don't care for.

Katrina Ruth: People try to be raw and real. You can tell when somebody's written a post ... I definitely want to see bleeding mother fucking purpose, Christine ... You can tell when somebody's written a post where they're like, "Now I'm going to be raw and vulnerable, and I'm going to share my struggle, and then people will know that I have a bleeding heart, and here is this special bleeding heart that I packaged up for you, to present to the world as a bleeding heart. So that you know that I'm raw, and vulnerable, and real." And I'm like, "No, bitch. You just wrote some shit up that you hoped would get engagement, and we can all tell, and it's embarrassing for you."

Katrina Ruth: So then I unfollow them. Why were we talking about that? Why did we start talking about that, what was it? I don't know, but I nearly didn't go live cause I sat here, I stared at myself for some minutes ... Which is a confession that I do pretty frequently ... I put the livestream on. I was like, "Will we do this thing? Yes or no? No or yes?" I felt that I have nothing of interest to say to anybody. But then I reminded myself that, that's often when the best live streams happen. I did want to talk about what I said the topic was ... Let me refer back to it ... because one of my clients had asked me on a Voxer, which I answered, not so long ago. Something around she notices she's becoming an influential leader and building a following. Of course, cause that's what my clients do.

Katrina Ruth: I was asked if I unfollow people, or did I initiate that conversation? I felt like I jumped in there. Did I ask myself? Was it higher self Katrina asking current less conscious Katrina? I like it when people make jokes about conscious versus unconscious, because is anybody actually unconscious, then they're dead? But at the same time, I love to be surrounded by conscious, hot as fuck, sexy people. I started talking about it because he said, ... Oh right it was all about Mandy, that is right. Thank you Mandy.

Katrina Ruth: Because, you go through Facebook, and when I'm putting my kids to bed is a time when they're drifting off to sleep and I'm still in the bed with them, that's kind of the key time of day I would say when I do a bit of Facebook scrolling. I tend to avoid doing it otherwise cause it's a ghastly, ghastly fricking quick sand of a rabbit hole to fall down, if you're not careful. If you're not careful, your whole life will fall down the rabbit hole of Facebook. And I was on there earlier tonight, when I was putting ... I was like, "This is so much bullshit." Which was very judgemental of me and judge not lest you be judged, so judge me all you like, judge away.

Katrina Ruth: You could judge my greasy hair, it's quite interesting what's going on up in there. You could judge that I do have no bra on, that's true. You could judge whatever you like. You could judge the fact that you could stay on here for an entire hour, and it's pretty unlikely that I'll ever get to the point, but it will probably be amazing. You can judge whatever you want, cause it's true, I do judge from time to time. But then I saw Mandy saying something about something. I don't remember what it was. I'm going to go look it up now.

Katrina Ruth: I was like, "Well at least Mandy's always very positive and uplifting on my newsfeed." Is it too dark and pixelated for everybody or just for Rachel? Let me turn up my screen on my computer. No, it's already all the way up. Too bad, you're going to have to deal with it, but it looks good on my screen. Mandy has a brightly coloured question here on her page, which I found to be delightful. That was basically the entire story. Odd to see that my hair is greasy. Well that's probably better for everyone. That's fine. That is totally fine.

Katrina Ruth: It doesn't matter anyway, it's Bali. There's no need to wash, or get dressed in Bali. You can just walk around looking as you will, like a vegan hippie who eats a lot of meat. That's me, I'm a vegan hippie who eats a lot of meat. I love a good vegetarian diet with steak added. All right, I'm going to try and get on point, cause it's actually a really good point. So, I was talking to my client, I was replying on Voxer, and she's noticed that she's becoming an influential leader, of course because that's what happens with all my clients.

Katrina Ruth: She said, "Now the only next thing to figure out is how to monetize that". And I was like, ... well, well, I gave her an answer relevant to her particular situation and examples from her life. So, that won't necessarily apply for everybody, but essentially I was like, "Well, because you just fucking decide to." As soon ... Everybody loves a good vegetarian diet with steak added, it's the healthiest thing for you. Now I'm going to lose a hundred vegan followers. Do I have a hundred vegan followers? Don't worry, I have vegan friends. It's not unheard of.

Katrina Ruth: Say what you will. I just said, "Judge not lest you not be judged." I just called it in. That was probably a foolish mistake. So, have you ever noticed that those people who have like two hundred thousand followers on their fan page, or I don't know if you know people, but I know a few people who have a couple a hundred thousand people on their email lists, or even more. I'm gonna let you in on something which may not have occurred to you, and then I'm going to tell you the fastest way to make all the monies that you want to make.

Katrina Ruth: There's people have a massive fucking following who make no money at all. So, if you have some kind of idea in your head, ... or they make a small amount of money, that seems like a lot smaller than what it really fucking should be for the size of their following, in my opinion. And I've seen many people at that. Good examples often, comedians and entertainers who have really funny Facebook pages, but they clearly know nothing about monetization or marketing, and it's a very sad thing. But I've seen it with entrepreneurs as well, have massive followings and they just, I don't know, they must be going for a numbers game, quantity over quality or something. I can't be bothered talking about that cause it's just not interesting.

Katrina Ruth: But, because why would you do that, it'd just be weird? My point is, or my ... I'm already bored with myself. I get so bored with myself when I try to stay on topic. I'm like "What is this? Am I trying to teach a fucking university lecture here? Do I need a slide show? Should I've made some fricking notes?" Somebody once told me that they make notes before they do a livestream. I felt like I needed to pray for them. Does anybody here make notes before they do a livestream?

Katrina Ruth: Do you make notes before you go to lunch with a friend? Do you make notes before you go on a date? Do you make notes before you go for coffee? Do you make notes before you sit down and have a conversation with your children? Because if you make notes in those situations, there's many things that I could say about that, which I choose not to, but I probably would walk away backwards from you slowly if I saw you in person. But if you make ... in case I caught it, nothing against you, just in case it was contagious, but if you make notes when you're going into lunch or coffee or a date, then you probably should make notes before you go on to a livestream, since that's your way of being.

Katrina Ruth: How do I stop going off on a tangent? I am definitely not the person to ask that of. Rosie asked me "How do I stop going off on a tangent?" Do you guys realise that so many of my clients say to me, or so many random people as well, not just clients, will say to me "Imagine you made notes on a date. Imagine then you got caught with the notes. Maybe you called in the right person and they wanted you to make notes, maybe they wanted a slide show, maybe they wanted a PowerPoint presentation." That's it, next time if I ever go on a date I'm gonna make a PowerPoint presentation, I'm gonna pull it out, I'm gonna say "Here's all the ways that I'm fabulous and entertaining" cause that's basically what you're fucking doing if you're making notes for livestream. Just saying, all right?

Katrina Ruth: On the odd occasion of my notes, I completely ignored them. Well, one should definitely only make notes for the purposes of ignoring them, whether they're mental notes or bullet points on a Post-It. Technically, I did make a note, I made one note, which was the topic title of the livestream, in fact, I'm sorry. I should pay some kind of penance because obviously I'm making fun of people for making notes, but I always make a note, I make one note. I make the title of the livestream and then I typically forget it by about ten minutes in and have to ask what it was.

Katrina Ruth: So people will often say to me "Kat, I'm just so rambly all the time, I don't ever get my point across to people, and I don't feel like I'm making any sense or being clear." And then they say to me "You're so clear and concise" or something like that. I'm like "Aaaaah, have you heard me? Are you talking to the wrong person?" I go off onto seven thousand tangents. "Yeah, I still go off on a tangent even when I've made notes" says Rachel.

Katrina Ruth: Well, I'm gonna admit that back in the day, I'm not sure which day it was cause I don't keep notes on the day, but back in the day, one day, once upon a time, many, many moons ago, I would make notes when I did presentations of any kind, and then I would typically ignore them or forget them. Or, alternatively, probably give the most boring fucking seminar/workshop or whatever it was in the history of the world cause I was looking at my notes instead of looking at my soul. You have a choice in life which is that you can look at your notes or you can look at your soul.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, let me just clarify the topic of the livestream, it was something about just cause you have a following you're not gonna make money. Well, the whole answer to that is just fucking decide to make money, okay? That's actually the answer to all of it. There's nothing more that can be said about it. But if you wanted more detail on it, I suppose you could join me in Rich Hot Empire, and then I teach you all the things, but I don't want to talk about it right now. You can message me about that, and I'll give you the overview of how it works.

Katrina Ruth: Rich Hot Empire, six weeks one-on-one with me, it starts next Monday. It's actually very fucking structured, despite all the fun that I poke at structure. It's structured purely, purely so that you can take the structure and throw it off the penthouse balcony; which is where I'm at right now, in my Bali Airbnb penthouse. They call it a penthouse, so I think they're just trying to market it because actually you went up one flight of stairs, so it's technically one level above ground, but it says penthouse on the front door. I'm like "Hmm. I feel like this is an interesting appropriation of the word penthouse, but I'll go with it".

Katrina Ruth: So when I was a kid my dad had a book called Nonsense Omnibus, it was a very hilarious book. Nonsense Omnibus, and in it had the recipe to make a nonsense omnibus cake. Let's see if we can find it, it was hilarious. Nonsense omnibus cake. This is going to be important. This is what you should do with notes, let me read this recipe to you. I can't believe I just found it. Did I find it? No, that's bullshit. They're just making shit up, hang on, let me try one more time. Edward Lear's Nonsense Omnibus. Okay, so basically you made the cake and then once you've made ... it would be more funny if I could find the actual recipe.

Katrina Ruth: Does anyone know it? Is anyone's family as odd as mine? Then once you've finished making the cake, and it had all these really specific instructions about how to make the cake and then at the end it said "And promptly throw it out the window". And I don't remember why, but it was definitely hilarious as a child. That's pretty much what notes are for, you should make all the notes, you should make a PowerPoint presentation about the notes and of the notes, you should definitely put some pie charts in there. People love pie charts, for sure. If I could procure one right away, I would, but I have a bottle of Bordeaux, similar, same type.

Katrina Ruth: And then you should make all of the notes, with the pie charts, and with some graphs in there, and then right as you're going in ready to present, you should throw it somewhere, quickly. Then maybe burn it, as well, just in case you get some sort of scarcity mindset and think that you need it back. That's what notes are for. To say it again, if you are the kind of person who likes to make notes before you like to go to coffee with a friend or on a date with a person, certainly you could make notes for livestream. Otherwise, I feel like you could just turn on the camera and have a conversation. I mean, I'm sure nobody ever built a fucking business based on conversation and communication, imagine that sort of horrific idea. It would be bizarre, it would be next level bizarre.

Katrina Ruth: Imagine if anybody ever thought that they could build a business by communicating with people and listening to them, and engaging in like a real, sort of normal, human person, everyday fashion. Imagine if some moron thought they could build a business without 26 pre-written sales emails, and a Facebook ad. I don't know what people are thinking out there in the world. It's similar to if you want to make new friends, which is another topic that I was discussing with a client earlier this evening. She said maybe we could start like a, in the email client group, that they could start some group threads or conversations, I don't know, an accountability thread.

Katrina Ruth: What's up, savage? John's just in there, he's like, straight in, commenting calling me a savage. I'll go with it, thank you. Okay, so I see this happen a lot right? I'm gonna call you guys out on this. If you join my client groups on my programme, my high ticket programme, whatever you do, and then you go "Let's all make an accountability thread so that we all have to check in with each other once a week and that way we can all become friends or something" I just want to remind you that in a normal friendship, a real friendship that's a genuine friendship, ... I like the savage part of me too ... you don't typically say "We're going to have an accountability thread in a friendship and we must check in with each other once a week".

Katrina Ruth: You're definitely not the first person. I've seen it happen repeatedly. It always happens, and then people tell me about it. "We made an accountability thread" and I'm like "Cool." I don't care, do whatever you want, but that's not actually how friendship works, right? And it never lasts, they never last, and then typically people start messaging me and they're going like "Oh, I feel like I want to quit the accountability thread but I feel bad" basically. I get those messages a lot, cause it's kinda becomes like a chore. Imagine you had a friend who said to you that you've got to check in and give them an accountability update every Tuesday or any sort of timeframe, and that you would have an accountability friendship thread. I'm just saying.

Katrina Ruth: The best way to do it is to act like it's already real, and actually that brings us right back to the topic at hand, right back to the topic at hand. Yes! Sometimes we go back there. So the best way to do it, the best way to make money from being a leader, let's say you already have some sort of influence, you might have an influence over four people, or four hundred people, or four hundred thousand people, well done. Maybe, you're fricking hilarious, and you've got millions of people following you already, and you don't know how to make money from it. Maybe you have done some sort of something and you've somehow managed to get people into your list by giving them free PDFs, that definitely does it, always give free PDFs, people love to get a free PDF. Give it to them, they will join your list for sure.

Katrina Ruth: If you got into the fricking DeLorean and went back to 1989, I would say that definitely join your list for sure. Now, you're welcome to test it out. But maybe, maybe, maybe you did build the list in 1989 and you still haven't figured out how to monetize the fuck out of it. The point is, you just act like it's already done. Same as with making friends. If you want to make new friends on the internet, and who doesn't, it's a gross place to meet weird and interesting people, then you should act like you're already friends with them because people do like friendly people, it's a true fact.

Katrina Ruth: People like to have new friends approaching them, they genuinely do, I'm not even trying, it sounds like I'm being a smart-ass for some reason, but I'm not. Everybody's out there ... I think it's just because it's my nature ... but everybody's out there wanting new friends, for sure, entrepreneur friends. How many people don't want new friends? If they're total badasses, like none of us want flaky friends who talk about PDFs and think that you've got to make notes before you can go to coffee together.

Katrina Ruth: I don't have that many friends myself, but I'm always open for amazing new friends, and I'm growing my friendship base all the time. Maybe I've hundreds of friends at this stage, I don't know. A few years ago, I had no friends at all, or I only had several that I'd kept leftover from my previous life, and how I made new friends was I fucking decided to turn [inaudible 00:21:37] in my journal. Now, if you want new friends, if you want badass, entrepreneurial friends, which I would say that 99.99% of people here would desire that for sure because it's pretty normal to feel quite alone, kind of lost in the wilderness, not this particular wilderness necessarily. If you were lost here you'd have me and a bottle of bordeaux, you'd be totally fine.

Katrina Ruth: There's a spire over there too, so we'd have the best time ever. Anyway, I think I might have made my point. There's nothing else I need to say about it, but it's the same with making money online. If you ... exactly, Kellie wants more friends ... everybody wants more friends, but don't all of you go friending each other off on the comments thread by offering an accountability for it thread. That's not how friendships work, you guys, you can offer a shenanigans thread, I've seen that done very successfully, and somewhat disturbingly. Don't offer an accountability thread for your friendships. Nobody wants that, I don't know why that became a thing on the internet.

Katrina Ruth: I don't think people even want that from their coach. Do you want me to give you an accountability thread? Cause I give you a kind of shenanigans thread, which is my private client message channel and then you can say, you can ask for things for accountability there, as an official, but I don't think anyone wants me fricking knocking on their soul door every Tuesday morning asking for a check in. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Hey Amanda. Great advice about the PDF. I'm full of great advice about PDFs. I've many things I could say about PDFs, I've many PDFs, also. I've made many PDFs.

Katrina Ruth: What is that? Accountability thread is when I run a programme, like even Rich Hot Empire which is my six week, one-on-one which starts, again for, open until next Monday. And it's fucking amazing, and people form connections, but they're not necessarily create like a real friendship in six weeks, but they obviously see that they're aligned and the same sort of person and then people want to keep in communication with the other people in the group and they want to make friends. And so then some bright spark says "Let's all do an ongoing group thread together so that we can all stay in touch with each other and be accountable" and the words be accountable are where you just moved out of the friend zone and into some kind of ... I don't know what zone that is because it's not being a mentor because, to be perfectly frank with you, people don't want a mentor with the people that they see as being on the same level with them as friends.

Katrina Ruth: Even though, of course, we all coach our friends in some way, cause we're mainly fricking coaches of some form, so that's fine, that's normal, but you know what I mean? Like, delete the word accountability, if the intention is friendship. If the intention is accountability, well, good fucking luck with that, cause I'm gonna let you know most people just don't want accountability. What do I think about accountability? Well, pretty much what I just said. I think that people think that they should want it, but in the end, who wants to answer to anybody. Well, if you did, I'm gonna tell you there's a name for you, and it's called non-entrepreneur.

Katrina Ruth: That is largely the problem with accountability threads. So now that we've cleared that up, the money making thing. How do you make money as an influential leader. If you have a following of four people or four hundred or four hundred thousand or four million. Well, it's actually going to happen because you decide that you're going to make money from it. It's not gonna happen because you build a fucking funnel, it is not gonna happen because you make a fabulous offer, it is not gonna happen because you made the best PDF in the history of PDFs and you gave it to your people for free ... they're gonna love you for that. They do love the free PDFs, the people, they don't really care what's on it, it's just the word free with the word PDF, people get very excited about it. You're gonna build your email list like that, hopefully nobody thinks I'm fucking serious right now.

Katrina Ruth: People are looking at me like "Okay, must make a PDF, doesn't matter what's on it, Kat said so". Nontrepreneur. Exactly, a nontrepreneur. A person who legitimately wants accountability as opposed to a person who just thinks that they want accountability cause they think they should, person who actually wants accountability is called a nontrepreneur, and you should hire them to work for you in your business as your assistant. You should not try and be accountable because if it works then you have a problem which is you're a nontrepreneur.

Katrina Ruth: How've we never thought of the word nontrepreneur before? People love free. People freaking hate free. The wrong people love free. Who wants a free PDF? I would unsubscribe forthwith if somebody sent me a free PDF. As if, I have no tonal inclination to be clicking on downloads in my Gmails. In my Gmails, sounds like my underwear. If you want to send me something in my Gmails, paste it into the email so that I don't have to open any fucking stuff up. I will not open stuff, not even from my own staff, I make them send it to me in a pretty format in WhatsApp, so that it looks visually attractive. I make them put it into something that's visually sexy, like literally, my weekly report that I get that I largely don't look at, but it's called Katrina Ruth's Sexy Stats and it has pie charts, for sure, and it has definitely some pretty graphics on it, which I look at and I go "Ah, looks pretty. I guess we made a lot of money" and then I ignore it.

Katrina Ruth: No, I do look at it, kinda briefly. So, the making money thing, did we cover it already, do you feel like we've covered it? Do you have questions about the making money thing? Because honestly it's a very serious topic that's very serious and important which makes it hard to talk about cause I'm not so good with the serious at the moment, I've noticed. But it is a serious topic, people do tend to assume that if they have this following, they're gonna automatically make money, but then there's many people out there in the land of the internet who have a big following, or a reasonable following, and they're not making any money at all because nobody ever fucking told them that if you want to make money you gotta ask people to pay you money. That might just blow your mind, right then and there.

Katrina Ruth: Actually, it took me like two or three years of marketing online back in 2006 before I came to terms with the fact that I wasn't making any money online and that it was largely a result of the fact that I hadn't been asking people to pay me, and it was kinda like "Hmm. Probably should've thought of that". I think for a lot of people here if you're not making the money you want to be making, at some point you might want to check in on how much fucking sales activity you're doing, how much promotion you're doing, how much you're putting yourself out there and actually telling people to buy from you, and it might be a little bit of a case of "Well, if you make more money, you may, in fact, have to be selling more often". And maybe you should just chose that that is a daily part of your business.

Katrina Ruth: And honestly it's about getting over it, right? Guess we're going to go into preacher mode, I'm warning you, I'm just letting you know. I can feel it coming through me like a flood, like a Bali sweat flood. I think that people think that the people who are making a fat load of money online, such as myself, and a load of my friends and clients, I think that maybe people think, and maybe you think, that we just kind of always got the confidence game going or always know what to say. Even one of my clients did say to me tonight "Do you ever not know what to say? I'm sure that never happens to you Kat" or that we always are like just waking up like ready to sell.

Katrina Ruth: What you might not realise, is it's not actually true. I did not feel particularly inclined to press "go live" on this livestream tonight. I didn't want to go to bed though, and it's, what time is it? It's midnight right now, midnight oh five. I was sleeping for like two hours in the car today, I was on a road trip back from the jungle and, you know when you're in that zombie state, where you're not quite asleep, but you're not awake, and your head keeps lolling down and you're definitely probably snoring in the car? I was doing that for an hour and a half. I was like "Am I awake? Am I asleep? There's a temple, there's a cow, there's a goat. I was asleep. I'm awake", it was kinda like those ones for a couple of hours so, long story short, I'm not tired right now at midnight.

Katrina Ruth: But, so I didn't want to go to bed, I did all my stuff, I emptied my inbox down to no new email, two motherfuckers have already emailed me again since I emptied my Gmail. One of them was me cause I send myself a load of email notifications for my coder. The other one was Tim Ferriss, I don't mind Tim emailing me but I'm gonna delete him. Now my email's empty again, as of right now, this moment. I've already answered all my clients, I've done everything that I wanted to do today, which was roughly a full 75 minutes of work, so it was somewhat arduous day. And, basically that's the whole story of running a multi-seven figure business at this point in time, which is exactly what I'm going to teach you in Rich Hot Empire so you definitely should fucking message me about Rich Hot Empire.

Katrina Ruth: By the way, I'll give you a comment about it because I haven't told you much about it. [inaudible 00:30:51] video break down is the title of my file that I need here. Right, so I was like "well, if I don't go to bed right now, what am I gonna do? I'm gonna sit around and probably read Facebook and then unfollow a bunch of people cause, I kind of, I don't know, you know when you feel like "I'm really good, I've really done everything that I desire to do for today, I feel like in a flow and at peace with the world and myself and life". And I'm not going to go to sleep though, so long story short, here I am. I decided, well, I will livestream because I'm not a selfish person even though I can appear to be that way at times ... there's a comment for you, it's a pinch now, you can read it later, it's all about Rich Hot Empire. I might refer to it later.

Katrina Ruth: Work with me six weeks personally, to grow your perfect cult tribe, perfect cult tribe, like this one right here that's happening on this livestream, create and launch your Low through to High End Empire and set up multiple recurring incomes streams to take you to seven figures and beyond doing what you love. And there's a little break down there in the comments. So read that, that is my six week one-on-one, it is super fucking badass. I would love to talk with you about whether that's for you. You can private message me over on my personal page, Katrina Ruth, and I will get you all the details.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, so I decided to livestream. However, I really didn't feel any message or power coming from me. You gotta understand this, you've got to understand this cause I know that people look at how I do business online and that people want to learn from me or find a way to emulate, you know, in their own way, what I'm doing and how I make my money, and people know I make a lot of money and people also know that I live a really cool lifestyle and I just really honestly do what I want. And that I've reached that entrepreneur holy grail where I have put the work in over the years, and I've been marketing online for years, and so now, it's kinda like "Well, I make money doing what I love and I do what I want, and ease fricking flow and ease" and I teach other people how to do that, aka Rich Hot Empire, right?

Katrina Ruth: But, a lot of times people are missing out, or just not aware of, or maybe even kinda don't believe me, I think on the fact that, that doesn't mean that it just comes like automatically all of the time. I guess it comes automatically in the sense that I'm committed to being this person and it's a conscious thing that I choose into on a daily basis. But at the same time, I don't really think about it, like it's just very natural that my mind or my heart or my soul or the voices in my head would say to me "Well, if you're not tired, then what does a normal person do at midnight?" Obviously what a normal person does at midnight is [inaudible 00:33:30], it's perfectly natural, like legitimately in my world, I'm not even trying to be funny, right?

Katrina Ruth: So, that's normal that it comes up inside me, like "Well, okay, if you've kinda done everything and there's nothing you really feel called to do, well, obviously we'll do a livestream, right?" But that doesn't mean that I feel inspired to do it necessarily or that I have content that feels like it's coming out and also for whatever reason I felt like a little bit clunky in my head. You know, when you feel a bit clunky in your head?

Katrina Ruth: Because I didn't do much of anything all day, I had a real like chilled out rest day, I was staying out in the jungle last night with one of my amazing self-made millionaire clients, Amanda Frances, and another amazing self-made, all the badass things clients, I'm just gonna list off like twenty things at once, Katy Henry, and we stayed there overnight last night. Me and my kids and my nanny, and just had a super fun night and a sleepover, and then built a floating yoga studio in the swimming pool this morning. Got so many Instagram stories, you can go watch it. It was very funny.

Katrina Ruth: And then, you see, it's like a three hour drive back from there to where I'm at here in Bali. And so really, I didn't do much all day, and so I felt kind of disconnected, I didn't feel that the power, or the spirit, or the flow, or the angel inside ... I was gonna say devil inside but that doesn't seem necessary ... was coming through me. I definitely didn't really feel the vibe of selling or of showing up or of being on this livestream at all, but at the same time I was like "But I kinda want to do a livestream". And so what do I do? Well, I did sit here, I did type in my little title, I did put the camera where it is now on the tripod, and then I looked at myself for a longer than probably reasonable or professional amount of moments to decide whether I felt like actually going live and to reposition my hair forty-nine and a half times.

Katrina Ruth: And then I did what I always fucking do, which is that I just press "go live", and it's like "Well, too late. 3, 2, 1, you're live". That's how Facebook live works, right? You hit the fricking button, too late, it's gonna be live, gotta think of something to say. And honestly, 80-90% of the time, that's how I do my livestreams. I'm like "Eh, I'm not really sure if I'm feeling it" and like there's times for sure when I'm like "I'm fucking feeling it, everybody needs to listen to me right now", but like, somewhat contrarily, if I think that I've got amazing fucking content coming out and that it's gonna be gold is when it will tend to be a bit more random or like, not connected and awkward, and if I think that I've got nothing to fucking say and then I just press exactly [inaudible 00:36:02] I did and press play, then that tends to be when it's better.

Katrina Ruth: I have no idea whether this one is like rambly as fuck or of any value at all. And do you know what? I'm not saying that's [inaudible 00:36:16] people like "Oh, it's full of value" or whatever. Cool if it is, but actually it doesn't fucking matter, right? This is the point that you've got to understand if you want to make money online, especially you wanna make serious money online, not just a few dollars here and there. You've gotta understand it doesn't fucking matter. It doesn't matter what content comes out today. It doesn't matter if it was rambly and random, it doesn't matter if a hundred people got value or nobody got value. It doesn't matter if you feel like you brought the gold or not. It doesn't matter if anybody bought your thing or not, it matters: did you show up?

Katrina Ruth: So, if you want to be an influential leader online, and/or you just want to get your message and your art out into the world, number one, show the fuck up for your message and your art. Share it with people on a day to day basis, let what's inside of you out, and like people are doing that. There's people doing that, but then if you also want to make money from it, you're gonna need to sell stuff, right? Unless you're relying on pure, you know, manifestation which is not the worst thing at all to rely on. But manifestation also includes practical motherfucking action, all right? So if your thing is "I will just show up and people will send me donations via PayPal or just offer to pay me" well actually that happens to me all the time. Not the donations bit, I've never energetically decided that people would send me donations. I suppose I could experiment with it but I don't really care to. It doesn't feel interesting to me.

Katrina Ruth: But people do just ask me how they can send me money, so that really does happen, so I'm not really proving my point particularly well. But actually the reason why people just ask me how they can send me money, and like what do you, I don't even care how much it is Kat, like tens of thousands of dollars, right, to work with me at the high level, how can I pay you I know I need to work with you, that's how 100% of my inner circle clients sign up by the way, no joke. I don't do anything to sell my highest level stuff. The reason is, though, that they've seen how I've shown up, through all the areas of my business, which includes that I freaking sell a lot.

Katrina Ruth: The point I was trying to make, and then I kind of undid my own point, cause of course you can manifest anything, however the point I was trying to make is well, what would showing up fully look like for you is actually what matters, because maybe legitimately for some people here showing up fully would simply be getting the art out there and pure solid gold intentions setting that people find, do just come to you and offer to pay you. That legitimately fucking works, that is how all my inner circle clients sign up. And there's people out there for sure who do business that way, they just trust fully in their art and people show up.

Katrina Ruth: For me, it has to at least be in aligned to know that I'm going to sell, and I actually enjoy selling when I get the fuck out of my own way and stop making [inaudible 00:38:59] drama in my head, and that it's part of my day to day flow. That I like to make shit up and I like to sell it. And I've been doing it since I was a little kid, we've all been selling since we were kids, in some way, shape, or form.

Katrina Ruth: For the entrepreneur who is not currently making the money that they feel they should be making, a very simple action to take could be "Well, I'm just fricking going to make an offer each day in some way, shape, or form". And of course most people won't do it because they feel like "But I'm not really quite sure yet what I'm going to sell or how to put it out there" or "I tried that and then nobody bought my thing and so now I'm kinda feeling bad or walking away with my tail between my legs" ... what's my favourite book about sales? The Bible, for sure. That's gonna teach you everything you need to know about sales.

Katrina Ruth: Seriously, I'm not joking. I don't know, I don't read like sales books off the business sales shelf, I learned everything I need to know about sales from Church, from watching all the preachers and my grandfather being a preacher. And I think I read maybe like maybe two sales book in my life to be honest, but I just practised it the whole time, since I was a little kid.

Katrina Ruth: I don't really read business books, I will read them and I have read them, I don't tend to make it through them. I get a bit hoity-toity about it, actually. Actually, no more than this, this is how I feel about it to be perfectly frank with you, and it's not like me the human form, it's my higher self and my soul is like "I'm very good here, like I fricking know that if I tap into source energy and higher self I don't need this shit because I just don't want to hear a fucking system or a plan or a script or a I don't care". I don't want to do it even if it works for a hundred million other people. I know that I access everything that I need to access that's gonna make me money, get me results from when I'm connected to soul and higher power and God and source, and whatever, right? All the stuff that most people don't really want to think about or believe in it, even though they actually fucking know that it's real and true.

Katrina Ruth: So, for me, I almost find it detrimental or kind of just plain, it feels very two-day old boring to read something that would teach like how to sell or how to do marketing or business strategy or something like that. It would either be detrimental to me cause it will sway me from my purpose if I'm, you know, kind of not grounded state, which happens from time to time, or it's just fucking boring cause my higher self is just sitting there twiddling her thumbs going "Yeah, okay, cool, sure, you can apply a sales strategy. Or, you could just reach into your soul and decide that you're going to make money, and then you do". And you put an offer out there from flow.

Katrina Ruth: Maybe I should start a Kat church. Well, I do say Kat church all the time, well, I say Purpose Church with Kat or Money Church with Kat, I've had that hashtag for years. And I've got a couple background banners and stuff and even, you know how I've got the Katrina Ruth frame at the top of this? So, I've got frames that say Purpose Church with Kat and Money Church with Kat, I just always use the Katrina Ruth one, but I can switch them out actually. Cause I do go into full preacher mode, the problem is that I don't really go into preacher mode on command. Like if I say to myself "I'm gonna go into full preacher mode", then I'll probably end up being really irreverent and just funny, which is great cause I like being funny and irreverent but then it's like, then I'm not preaching.

Katrina Ruth: But if I say that I'm gonna try and be funny, then I'll probably end up in serious preacher mode, like basically you've gotta let the message be the message. I'm using my AirPods case for emphasis for some reason today cause I don't have a sceptre handy. I do have a bottle of wine, I could, I don't really want to use that for emphasis I'll probably accidentally tip it on to the laptop. So let's move right along, we did that, it's about my favourite sales book.

Katrina Ruth: But what I prefer to read is stuff that's gonna help me to ... ooh ... Hello. It's a small person that's arrived. Can you not go to sleep? It's like the middle of the night. What I prefer to read is ... you can sit on my lap ... is higher purpose stuff, like soul, I don't know, I prefer to read stuff that helps me access my beliefs and kind of reaffirm for me my beliefs and what I already feel and what I already know is true inside of me. That's the sort of stuff I like to read, so kind of woo-woo manifesty, mystical, spiritual stuff. But I'll definitely pick up books, especially if people recommend them I guess, on the other things, and then largely I'll throw them out the window much like the cake in Nonsense Omnibus, except you can't really throw a book on Kindle out the window. You just have to leave it on the Kindle.

Katrina Ruth: You can't even seem to actually delete a book, fully, off Kindle. I don't know what that's about. Like I've tried to do it and it's like "Too bad. For all of eternity and all devices that you ever buy from here on out, the world is gonna know that you downloaded this fricking book". And there's definitely some books on there I would prefer to remove from now. I'm sure there's a way. What do you think, are you awake? No, not awake. People are saying hello to you.

Katrina Ruth: So, I think I'm gonna go. You want me to come to bed? I'm gonna go, but we said many things about many things. I've no idea if I made my point at all, but roughly the whole point of the entire livestream was if you want to monetize your audience, then you probably should start asking for money. It's just an idea, right? But you can do that asking energetically or you can do it in a practical and physical sense, or you can do both. I like to do all the things, try everything out, everything, everything, everything.

Katrina Ruth: And then the other point of the matter was, Rich Hot Empire is my six week, one-on-one, private client intensive, it is amazing. I've been running it since 2016, it is incredible stuff that we do. You have completely unlimited one-on-one access to me through that six weeks, so as a one-on-one mentor, I give unlimited access to my clients. So we talk pretty much every day in some way, shape, or form. We do a lot of audio messages, obviously we have one-on-one call time as well, but then you also go into private client master mind with my other Rich Hot Empire clients and typically some of my inner circle clients come and play in there as well.

Katrina Ruth: And what we're doing over those six weeks is looking at how you can build your soulmate cult tribe, build a low right through to high end online empire just like I've done. I've taken my business to multi-seven figures, per year, and continuing to climb each year. With products ranging from like $47 through to tens of thousands of dollars and based all on following what I love doing, I'm following my flow and that's what I teach you to do in Rich Hot Empire. So take you behind the scenes of my business, show you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it. There's some info here in the pinned comment, and really just give you all the insights into what we do do in my business. You get to access that content for life, so you get to keep it all for life.

Katrina Ruth: So that's the structured side of it, and then in our one-on-one work we're doing a lot of actually soul trips, inner work, and do transformational stuff that you specifically need. We also do ... Where are you going, are you going to sit down?

Alyssa: I'm sweaty.

Katrina Ruth: I'm sweaty. We also do ... yeah, I'm sweaty. It's Bali. We also do Hotseat Masterminds and a whole bunch of other stuff. But it's all here in the pinned comment, you can have a read about that. I know I was extra rambly tonight, but I do go all in with my clients when we really just get into the core of who you are, what you want to put out there into the world. And the intention with Rich Hot Empire is, in a six week period we're doing more, and bringing to life more than what most people do in two years, and that's exactly what happens so have a read if it's speaking to you. Message me over on my Katrina Ruth personal page and I'll get you all the details and we'll go from there. I hope that you got something of value from the livestream today, tonight, where ever you are in the world, whatever time it is for you, have an amazing rest of the day, and do not forget: life is now -

Alyssa: There's no part of the rest of the day.

Katrina Ruth: There's no ... Alyssa says there's no part of ... I thought you were gonna say press play when I said life is now, and she said "there's no part of the rest of the day". Well, sorry everyone in America, the day is over, Alyssa just said so. All right, bye. Love you guys.

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All right. I'm gonna break some Facebook rules because it just feels like a kind of a floaty music day here in Bali.


Facebook's now gonna not wanna post this video.


Super aligns.


I'm in super flow. Look at my T-shirt. It says moon child.


All right. We can turn the music off I suppose.


All right, okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I could so just sit here and ... This might be the whole live stream today. It's that sort of vibe. It's that sort of vibe. I feel so lost without the music. Let's just have a little bit more.


Okay. We're gonna talk about some things. It's gonna be really good. It's gonna be deep. It's gonna be Bali flow. I just ... All right, let's wait for this bit.


Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay, let's leave it on low. I don't think there's anything that I can say to you today. I think have nothing. There's nothing that I can possibly say to you. I think we should just sit here and soak up whatever is coming through. I feel like it sounds so odd to hear myself talking. It seems like a new experience for me. I feel really unusual talking. I feel like I never talked before. Something's happening. Something is happening Bali style.

I tied my hair up today with a little bead bracelet that my son made. No, my tats are not complete. They will never be complete. My mother is convinced that I'm going to be ... Overflow? Maybe my super flow is flowing out onto you. My mother is convinced that I shall be covered 80% in tattoos. I've assured her that's not so. Maybe 69%, maybe 79% because I was born in 1979. It seems appropriate.

Doesn't it seem odd to hear me talking without any music on? I feel like I've never done this before. Lisa, well. Lisa says, "I didn't think I had anything to say, but then I started to talk about spanking." Of course you do. Would you like to see what I'm looking at? I'm sitting on my bed. There's my pool and my beach. My beach, mine! That'd be a nice background live stream, wouldn't it? But it's a nice view for me to look at while I live stream. Hey, Chris Greenfield. Hey, to everybody else who I didn't say hello to. Chris got a special mention because I saw Amber mention him, so I was like okay, let's talk to Chris.

I'm not sure what I'm gonna say to you today. I have no idea. I trust it will be useful, whatever it is. Shall we set a little intention, do you think? Do you think we should set a little intention? Let me tune into what the intention is going to be for you. I'm receiving. I'm downloading something for you.

Okay, it's very simple. I access my highest soul guidance. I access my highest soul guidance. I feel that you could put your hand somewhere on yourself, be as appropriate or inappropriate as you like. Put your hand wherever you desire to put it on yourself. I certainly put my hands in many places on myself, which might be why I'm in such a flirty mood right now. I feel that you could put your hand somewhere on yourself and you could state an intention ... I'm trying very hard not to laugh at my own hilariousness right now, but it's also true. And your intention could be I allow myself many pleasures of body, mind, spirit, and soul. Yes, I do. Thank you to me. Gratitude to Katrina Ruth. And to the people who are in my thoughts during that process. You know who you are. Okay, I don't know what's happening. I'm gonna blame the song.

The intention for our group time together, which was feeling like it might be very mystical and spiritual and is now potentially going down a slightly naughty path, but it's all a glorious mix together ... The intention is I allow myself to access to my highest soul guidance. No, I've not been drinking! I'm fucking Batman, Helen! Okay, I'm not fucking Batman. That'd be cool. Who plays Batman? Who's the actor who plays Batman? Let's check out whether this is a possibility. Who plays Batman? I'm not making any promises until I see who it is.

Well, a lot of different people apparently. Oh, Christian Bale. Okay, hang on. Which of this lineup would be appropriate if I was fucking Batman? It says Ben Affleck, Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, hard no. Hard no! Adam West, never heard of him but I feel like he's probably very old by now. Michael Keaton? I don't think so. George Clooney seems like the number one contender here. Hang on, who's this over here? Hello. Never heard of this dude. Ooh, Jason Sudeikis! How do you say that name? Jason Sudeikis? I like him because he's very cheeky. Chris Bale is from your hometown. Christian Bale is from your hometown. Well, then send him a freaking message via the hometown ... You know, the walkie-talkie system, with the cups. What's it called? The tin can walkie-talkie system.

Well, George Clooney's too obvious and I did see George Clooney ... I'm gonna call him George, because I feel like I would call him George if I met him. I saw him already at Soho House in L.A. earlier this year, or maybe it was last year, and he looked lovely, but he just reminded me of like he was my grandfather or something. He looked like an old man, in a nice way. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to let you all down. I'm going with Jason Sudeikis. Someone send him a message, advise him.

Hang on. Do you know how many fucking people have played Batman? I'm still scrolling right here. William Baldwin! Okay, okay. William Baldwin, Jason Sudeikis, whose name I'm not sure how to say. Jason Sudeikis is not visually, normally my type. Okay. Sorry, Jason, if you end up watching this and someone tags you in, but he's very sexy from an energy point of view. Very, which makes him extraordinarily physically attractive and he's got a cheeky glint in his eye always, which I appreciate a lot. I'm still freaking scrolling! Who are all these people? There's a woman here! It says a woman played Batman. Wyatt, I can't sleep with anybody called Wyatt. It's a hard no.

Do you notice that when you go through Bumble or whatever ... I used to do this, I don't really use those any apps anymore. Who can be fucked with that? Do you notice that when you go through Bumble or whatever, that many times you will automatically, somebody gets swiped left on automatically just because of their name? I don't care what they have to say about themselves or what their look is. There's many names that are a hard no for me automatically.

What did we come here to talk about? Because I feel like it was getting really fucking powerful and spiritual and Bali super flow and then it's just become kind of inappropriate. But I will repeat, just to be clear, cheekiness is one of my highest values, in myself and in others. If you're a cheeky sort of a person, and you know who you are if you are, if you're the kind of person, Bumble fumble, they wish they could get a fumble. I was deleting all of them. Ruthlessly. I even deleted all my matches. I went in there yesterday and deleted them just to make some kind of energetic point. I had no reason to do that, seems a little bit rude. Okay, one guy I left in there because he follows all my Insta stories and then I felt like he would see that I unmatched him on Bumble and that he'd feel personally offended by it. Hopefully he's not watching this now. But I like his vibe and his energy anyway, just from a perspective of never probably gonna meet him. But happy to see him on my Insta stories.

Calling in the everything you deserve. Well, I think we're talking about that perfectly. We've established many things, which is that George Clooney, when you see him in real life makes you wanna bring him a cup of tea because you feel like it's your grandfather, and Jason Sudeikis on the other hand is fuckable because he looks cheeky. Deleting all the matches.

I went through my matches on Bumble, and I was like - our cheekiest sweetie and flirty, that's true - and I was like what kind of mindset - I'm gonna just do my stretches - what kind of mindset was I fucking in when I said that I might meet these people? I never met any of them anyway, the Bumbles. Have I ever even met a single person off Bumble? I've met two or three off Tinder. I dated one for a while from Tinder. You know, you guys know about that. Shoulders, we called him, amongst our communities. We still could call him that. There's no reason why he loses the name just because I don't see him anymore. But if I saw him I'd call him Shoulders, and maybe I'd tell him that everybody talks about him, even though he doesn't know that.

Hang on. Do you not meet anyone from Bumble? I did. I did one time go on a date here in Bali with a guy from Bumble. We sat in the sand and drank beer, which I don't do, but I was embracing the romance of the moment, because I met him down by Finn's, which is a beach club down yonder. Not the same yonder from yesterday. Well, same beach yonder. Different yonder, sort of. Then he scooted up on his scooter, obviously. What else would you scoot up on? Maybe some roller skates. That'd be cool. And he was like, "Jump on the back of my scooter." And I just did. I felt like wild and free and reckless, and we just took off through the jungle on the frickin' scooter, which actually got bogged down on some mud, so it lost the romance somewhere along the way. But then made it through to a private beach with a private bar that I'd never heard of. Because of the whole experience and the sand was black, it required me to drink beer, and I drank that beer that people drink in Bali. What's it called? I don't remember. But it was fun.

So that was my whole extent of Bumble. But yet I've spent many times, much time on Bumble. When I went through my matches, not that much time, I just pay for the extra version where you can see straight away if he matches you, and then you can just basically pick like a buffet. But I think my mindset must have been in a funky place, because I haven't been on that app for months, and I jumped on yesterday to have a look at who I had matched, and I was like, "What the fuck was I thinking? These were so many not fuck yeses.

Bintang. I'm not sure if we did drink Bintang. Maybe it was something else. But maybe it was Bintang. If I had a Bintang right now I'd drink one, just to make my point. But anyway, Helen asked am I drinking and the answer was no I'm Batman, and then somehow we got onto George Clooney and then Jason Sudeikis and now here we are. But if you jumped on late, you missed some powerful frickin' meditation and Bali superflow at the start. And a little bit of singing. A little bit of music. Here's a sample for you.


Okay Facebook, I'm gonna post the damn video anyway. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it. Please don't get me in trouble. I bring lots of people to Facebook because they love to watch me.

Okay. So. The point was - I'm not sure why I need my sunglasses to emphasise the point, but it feels appropriate. The point wasn't drinking, was Batman, am Batman, would potentially sleep with Batman depending on which Batman we're talking about, and I was gonna talk to you about calling it all in. Right? Right.

Okay. The intention for you was I allow myself to access my highest soul guidance. You could type it in as a comment below if you like. I allow myself to access my highest soul guidance. Hi Anna. I feel that I'm gonna type it in for you, because I'm super helpful as a person in general. Maybe I'm in a extra high vibe as fuck state because I didn't eat anything yet today. You know when you haven't eaten but you've done an amazing super flow workout ...

Maybe I'm in a extra high vibe as fuck state because I didn't eat anything yet today.


You know when-


You haven't eaten but-

Shut up.

You've done an amazing super flow workout ...

What's happening, I can't turn her off. Okay. All right. There was no pause button. There's no pause button on this bitch. There's no pause button here. I don't know why I'm wearing sunglasses on the live stream now. I am at my most ridiculous and inappropriate and random when I've not been drinking anything, just to be clear. Chris, you frickin' fast action taker. Chris is like, "Bitch please, I already allowed it." All right. I'm gonna type it in anyway. I allow myself to access my highest soul guidance. Yes bish. And I'm channelling Ashley O'Donnell.

Okay, I accidentally wrote solo guidance. I meant to write soul. But I'm happy with solo guidance. Okay. Okay. Okay. All right. Okay.

How do you access your highest soul guidance? You just fucking allow it, don't you? There's nothing else you need to do Angelo. Hello. Nothing else to to it. I'm returning your kiss emoji. I feel like I should, at this point in my business and life, it's actually like embarrassing that I don't have my own set of emojis. Kat-mojis. Let's write a message to Jessa Lewis. Jessa Lewis. Hey. Okay. Jessa Lewis. Why won't it let me tag her? There we go. Why don't I have Kat-mojis yet? Rectify this forthwith. Thank you.

All right. You guys have been witness to that comment. It tried to change my word thank you into thank you BU. It literally did. It just tried to tag somebody called BU. I don't even have a friend called BU. Why am I not friends with somebody called BU? But I appreciate the message from Facebook.

Okay. Ruby, hello. Ruby gets shade lifting hello, because she's extra fabulous, like extra. Extra extra.

I'm gonna think about what I'm gonna say next. I'm not gonna think about it at all. I'm gonna wait for it to appear to me in a vision, in a dream, in a download, like Batman.

How do you allow yourself to access your highest soul guidance? I feel the glasses are helping me today. So extra. Extra as fuck. Playing tight. Level. Level extra. How many words can we join together and have it still make sense? It doesn't need to make any sense at all.

I mean, it's very easy. We really don't need to have a conversation about how to access your highest could guidance. Chris already did it in an instant. In an instant, you guys. I don't know if he was doing it previously or if he just did it straight away. How do you put it in the bank? You fucking decide. You decide that the money is available to you and then you pluck it out of the air like plucking a feather from a chicken. All right? That's how it works.

People are gonna get annoyed at me, potentially, for saying something like that. People can go on people on somewhere else. They don't need to people over here. But people who resonate with this, send me the love hearts to tell me that you resonate. Tell me about it. Do you resonate? Yes or no. Do you believe? You maybe haven't done it yet. Maybe like, "Meh. I just didn't feel like deciding this. I didn't feel like deciding any fucking thing yet." But if you believe ...

Okay, I find that I have to look like this in order to see properly. What's happening here? I jump on my Facebook and I rudely see a photo of my own sister with my mother that I'm not in. I find this outrageous. How come they're hanging out together without me? Okay, it's because I'm not there, rudely. My sister moved to the Gold Coast, and then I just left, and I haven't even seen her once, and it's been like six weeks. It was very rude of my travel plans, actually. And now I see my mother and my sister just moseying around the Gold Coast at the ... Well, I won't say where they are. I nearly just said where they are. I'm sure everybody's just gonna rush down there to meet them. There they are. Aren't they beautiful? Send a love heart shower for my sister and my mother. They look like two gangsters. Just because I'm wearing sunglasses doesn't mean they should be wearing sunglasses all over Facebook. That's my role. Send them all love. They're energetically receiving it right now. Thank you.

Finally feels good to be this high vibrationally. Chris's crown is pulsating crazy energies. I feel that Chris should come on as a guest presenter nearly on this live stream, because he's clearly got some sort of vibe going on that we all need to know about and understand.

Okay. I just jumped into my own search history, and what I found is that last night, late at night, I've apparently searched for the term - hang on one second - oh no, it's gone. Oh, here it is. "I'm a strong independent womb." I think I was trying to find a blog post of mine that I wrote a year or so called "I'm a strong independent woman and I still need a man." Okay, I'm really in this stretching emphasis phase today. It's because I haven't had my daily massage yet. My body's crying, it's crying in sadness and grief. And acceptance and self love. And I apparently couldn't find the blog because I accidentally searched for "I'm a strong independent womb."

I don't know if I fully resonate with that. I don't know if I fully resonate with being a strong independent womb. But I'll go with strong independent woman who still needs a man. Not feminist, by the way. Sorry, not sorry. Just so you know. Somebody thought I was feminist not so long ago. I was outraged at the implication. Angela is a strong independent woman. And I'm not even gonna get into it. I'm not even gonna answer your questions on that, so don't ask me about them.

What I was saying is, what I was saying is, do you believe that money can be plucked from the air and that it's a decision and a choice, and if you believe, say I believe so that I know who you are and so that you know who you are. I'm a believer, you could say. Oh my god. Okay, I won't put my music on. But if you feel like doing it later, then type in Imagine Dragons, I'm A Believer. It's a fabulous song. Fabulous. Totally believes his Angela.

We're gonna have a small intermission of 12.989 seconds while I turn on the air conditioning, because I'm overheating this bitch up right now. With my energy and my high vibe. I'm like a queen, you guys. I have like 18 cushions here. Look at all my cushions. You know you're a queen when you have extra cushions.

Brandon believes in himself. He's asking do we still believe in Brandon. That's an interesting question. Is Brandon Marshall ever real? What was that movie, Who Forgot Sarah Marshall, or Who Kissed Sarah Marshall, or Who Loves Sarah Marshall. But I always think of Brandon. Who Forgot Brandon Marshall. Who Believes in Brandon Marshall. Can we make a team movie? Can we make a community movie? I'm gonna be the star. I'll be one of the stars. Brandon, you can definitely get a strong star act in there. Who else? I think we should make it. Fuck all of you going to Maui without inviting me, by the way. Just so we're clear on that.

Dating Sarah Marshall. We could do Dating Brandon Marshall. We could have a guest appearance by like 50 contenders, and I'm gonna be in charge of judging who he gets to date. Hang on. Who he gets to date. Who gets to date him. Sorry.

Yeah, but nobody invited me. Okay, fine, I was energetically invited, I understand. I invite myself wherever I wanna go anyway.

When I think of Brandon I think of sweet potatoes and eggplants. Why eggplants? Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Is it called Forgetting Sarah Marshall or is it called Dating Sarah Marshall? We're definitely going to do a reality show, and it's gonna be in Maui, maybe Bora Bora in Regan's little hut that she's living in right now that she's been rudely sending me small videos all morning just so I know where I'm not at. It's extraordinarily ... She's still messaging me right now. She's just sending me freaking photos and messages that are amazing, just to show me where she's at and where I'm not at. It looks incredible, you guys. Incredible. I'm looking at them right now. All right. I could show ... Oh my god. Look at this stuff. Why are we not all there? We're gonna go there. We're gonna go to ... Oh my god. We're gonna go to Regan's little hut, and we're gonna do a reality show called Dating Brandon Marshall.

Does he use eggplants? Because eggplants are a sexual emoji. Everybody knows that. I've not noticed it. Maybe I'm just not tuning in on that frequency and you are, Angela.

The whole point is, it's really a very boring topic to talk about how to make money what the hell emojis are those? Eggplants are penis emojis. I thought I would go with the sort of subtle, you know, description of what an eggplant emoji is. But an eggplant is for a penis. If you wanna show that you've got a penis, then you put an eggplant up. Or if you desire a penis, you can put many eggplants up. Ashley, of course you got tagged in. It's being random as fuck you're gonna need to watch the replay. I don't even know what happened, but somebody asked if I'm high on, if I'm drinking alcohol, and I somehow have ended up confessing which Batman actors I would sleep with. I didn't confess it, I had to fucking research it on Google first in order to make a decision.

Hang on. Melissa. Penises on your iPad. What are you talking about? Who's ... No, no penis screenshots. Do not send me a penis screenshot. No. Depending on whose it is. You can send your suggestions through first, and I'll say yes or no. One time, somebody in my inner circle ... They're not little penis emojis. No. Everybody stop talking. Okay, I didn't say penis. All right. My mind is obviously there. I'm sorry. I did roughly tell you what was happening before I came on this live stream. I did roughly tell you when we did our intention setting and I told you to put your hands on your body, and then we went into a slightly distracted conversation about which part of the body and where my hands had been earlier.

Bradley Cooper. Oh my god, was that you Anna? Bradley Cooper. I mean, I'm not pro monogamy anyway, but if I was monogamous, and I was in a closed relationship, obviously the one person that there would be an exception for is Bradley Cooper. Where's my Kat-moji? Send it to me. I vaguely remember that we did something like this. I definitely forget way more stuff than what I ever remember.

Why are there flying people? Bradley is a hard yes. Always, 100 percent of the time, hard. Yes. Hard. Yes. Hard. Okay. Bali's doing stuff to me. It's on here. Is it got red hair? Because I don't care for Katrina with red hair. That wasn't even Katrina. That was Kat. Hang on, I think Katrina Ruth did have red hair for a brief period of time. Watch what happens when I put a hat out. Why are there floating people on my screen? Why? Because it makes me feel like there's some voodoo, shamanic, spiritual shit going on on my live stream.

I'm the flying person. Why am I flying by? How are you guys doing that, you weirdos? How are you doing that? You're freaking me out. Are you serious? What? How? How? How are you doing that? What's happening? Why am I flying by? I don't wanna be possessed. I don't want there to be 7,000 Katrinas flying on by. I feel like I've become possessed and now I'm flying all over the world. Stop it. Just stop it, all of you. Stop. Stop. How? Oh my god. I thought it was flying penises and it was flying Katrinas. But how are you making the Kat-moji fly, you guys? It's witchcraft. I told you I'm not a fucking witch.

Okay, send me a photo. You're totally freaking me out right now. Okay, do you know what I realised just happened? Do you understand the power of what just happened right here in this bedroom in Bali? Do you understand that I just instantly fucking manifested a Kat-moji? Do you understand that was never there before, and it's never happened before, and I'm fucking manifesting like a mother fucker right here. Pete C, somebody can't make them, Pete, that's exactly like the people who say they see the money and they can't receive it. It's a decision and a choice. You've gotta pluck it from the air. Oh my god.

I'm in gratitude and shock and awe and I'm humbled. And I'm a little bit hysterical. I still didn't drink anything except for my Batman juice.

I just instantly manifested a Kat-moji. There seems to be many of them. There's one who's being kind of a bitch about it because she's got her back to it and she's kind of like, "Here I am, bitches." Actually, bishes. And then there's another one that's you know badass pose. You know my Lara Croft outfit from my photo shoot.

Okay. It's under control. Fear not. Fear not. Okay. The Batman juice, we can make some more right here if you guys insist. It's apple cider vinegar with apple flavoured branch chain amino acids. It's everything.

What was I just gonna do. Oh yeah. So. My Lara Croft pose where you see ... Hang on. How much can you see down here? You just don't need to wear clothes ever in Bali, really. It's actually rude and selfish to wear clothes in Bali. But I was doing the photo shoot day in Hollywood. I was just not not not not not not not not in the flow zone, because I don't like to fucking pose for photos. I get grumpy about it, and then I start to feel fat, and then I yell at anybody who calls me attractive, because I tell them they're lying. I have a total temper tantrum like a child.

Anyway, I was like "Fuck all y'all," and I was sitting on the floor in the photo studio in my outfit, looking like a gangster, even though I didn't feel like one at all, at all, and I was sitting in this sort of position that you guys are sending weird flying ones of across the screen now, little possessed ones, you know, with a hand on my leg and just kinda like ... Actually I was feeling grumpy and sad and down. That photo ended up being the key fucking photo in that outfit. I've used it many times in blog posts. You guys seem to be sending it flying across the screen. Where is it. Okay, nobody needs to see my eyes that up close, but if you desire to here they are. I feel that I could have used extra concealer, and I think I've been forgetting to do my eye makeup manifestation to stop my eye makeup coming off. I need some Kat Von D eyeliner, apparently.

Anyway, Pete said that he can see the flying Katrinas, but he can't access them. I feel like that is an important and fabulous analogy.

Why is the air conditioner not working. I swear to got I just got up and turned it on, didn't I?

I feel like that's an important analogy about people who see money but don't access it, and it reminds me additionally of people who see ghosts. I don't know whether you wanna access ghosts or not. There's the view again. Just so that you get to enjoy it for a moment. I'm enjoying it the whole time. Not really, I'm just enjoying myself. That wasn't rude at all.

Yes. This morning I woke up and I was half asleep. I didn't tell you about the money thing. But the money conversation is just so like, who even can be fucked to talk about how to make money? Do you really wanna talk about how to make money, or would you rather just frickin' jump onto a frequency and a vibrational energy space and place where the money's just there and you can just swim in it and take as much as you like? Wouldn't that be more interesting? And then we can just kick fucking around? I mean, I feel like I'd be quite bored of you as a person already if you want a frickin' strategy around how to make money. I'm gonna say strategy like that.

So Michelle Bossy's close. This doesn't surprise me at all. But this morning I woke up to a conversation from my children who were in the bed with me like two little mutts, and I was half asleep, and I heard one say to the other, the larger one said to the less large one, that she saw a ghost in the bathroom. She's trying to scare him. And he said to her, "Don't be silly, Alyssa. There's no such thing as ghosts or monsters or bears." Is what I heard him say. I was just dying. His little face. He's like, "Don't be silly. There's no such things as ghosts or monsters or bears. Everybody know that." And then Alyssa's like, "No, there's bears in America." And he's like, "Oh, really? What about ghosts?" She's like ... What did she say? I don't remember, but it was funny. I liked the no such thing as bears and ghosts and wolves. Wolves, okay I got distracted by Stacy's comment about wolves. Monsters and bears.

But the reality is if you see a bear, then you would believe in him. If you saw a ghost you would believe in him. If you saw Katrina Ruth flying across your screen like a little possessed Batman, then you'd be freaked the fuck out. Send some more Katrinas for everybody who just jumped on. If you jumped on, you've missed the most random live stream in the history of our live streams, I'm just gonna warn you. I don't know if you wanna even re-watch.

Hang on. Everyone's private messaging me right now all at once. Why are all these people messaging me? Ooh. Ah, you're all sending me frickin' screenshots. I thought when people were also messaging all day so far ... What's happening? Okay. Don't worry. Something very interesting just happened in my private messages. Very interesting indeed.

By the way, do you wanna join Rich Hot Empire? Because I feel that I'm gonna forget to talk about it. Mim, can you put the comment in? Rich Hot Empire. Six weeks one on one with me. I don't know if I've made a particularly good demonstration of what might happen in that time, six weeks one on one with me so far on this live stream. I'm gonna tell you straight up from the gate up that when you work with me one on one, I will give you all the philosophies that you desire and require about life and about business and about money making. I'll give them all to you because I understand the fear mentality. Is Mim on the live stream or did she leave in horror at what was going on? Are you gonna put the comment in? Are you there? Let's message her on What's App just in case. Can you add comment. Hang on. Wait. Maybe she already did it. Of course. She's all over it there it is. Okay, don't read it now. Remember, read it later.

When you work with me one one, let me just tell you how it is. I'm gonna tell you how it is. Lisa could also tell you because she's here and she did Rich Hot Empire. Many people have done Rich Hot Empire. I will give you all the strategies. I'm bored already talking about it is the truth of the matter. But I will. I created all the strategies for you to tell you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it.

Oh my god, the flying Katrinas are freaking me out. Mim, can you find out how are those flying Katrinas happening? It's very bizarre. Somebody screenshot all the flying Katrinas so that I can have proof, because I don't think anyone's gonna believe it. And then how can we make them into actual emojis though that can be used all the time? I wanna be able to put ... I'm like Veruca Salt now on the Willy Wonka movie. I want, I want, I want. I wanna be able to put Katrina emojis on my own posts on Facebook to emphasise things, and I want the Spanish flamenco dancing girl made into a Katrina emoji, because that's my favourite emoji. I use the Spanish flamenco dancing emoji to indicate anything that's making me happy or high vibe or uplifted.

So if you see that emoji, it could mean I just had an orgasm, it could mean I had a fabulous glass of wine, it could mean that something you said makes me feel happy in my heart like a little girl, it could mean that Brandon agreed to do a reality dating show, Who's Dating Brandon Marshall in Regan's hut in Bora Bora. Someone tag her in and advise her that that's what's happening and we're all coming. It could mean that, I don't know, what's something else that makes me happy. Just tell me. But that's what I want. I want my own Kat-moji that I can use on my actual posts that I put up on Facebook. Okay? Okay. Mim's on it everybody. She energetically agreed to it. I felt it in my soul.

Hmm. Oh, Rich Hot Empire. Right, right right right right. If you're gonna work with me one on one, it's gonna be roughly like this, I'm sorry to tell you. I'm actually pretty fucking happy to tell you. It's gonna be random as fuck. I'm gonna give you all the boring strategies. They're not even boring because they're my strategies. Fuck systems unless they're my own systems that I created myself and then had to reverse engineer for you. Blah blah blah blah blah. Everything I do in my business, exactly how to do it. Blah. blah. blah. blah. blah. We send you the full overview on the message when you message me. Send me a message and we'll send you the whole overview. You'll know all about it. It's actually fucking amazing.

But really, the truth is, of course it's amazing. You should see the frickin' results that come through from those programmes. That programme. It's only one programme. Those programmes maybe meaning multiple times when I've done it.

Hang on, what's Regan saying here? She says "I had to go to Bora Bora because I basically had nowhere to go to until LA." It's obviously perfectly logical.

And then, because I'm giving you the whole fucking how, and there is now how but yet I still give you a how. How? Because I'm magic, and because business and life is full of contradictions. Deal with it or get out of the game altogether, Batman, and whoever else you are. And then it means that we can actually do the real fucking work together, you and I, which is definitely gonna get into whatever shenanigans and random hilariousness that is required and desired, and it's pretty much always required and desired.

But more relevantly, I suppose to the money plucking side of things, really what I'm about, really why my clients get such fucking fast results, holy shit it still blows my mind every time I get a boxer message or an update or this much money, or whatever it was, right? The reason is - do you know what the reason is? Does anybody know what the reason is? Hands up, emojis up, flying emojis, love hearts, all the things, and comment as well. Do you understand? Do you understand the reason that I get the results that I get? Do you understand? Do you understand that I need some more Batman juice? Can somebody answer this? Because if you can answer this, you know the meaning of everything. Everything.

I'm gonna have to take you to the bathroom with me. It's the only thing for it. Why do they give these stupid tiny little glass bottles, do you think? You're only fitting like 330 millilitres of liquid in there, which is a stupid amount.

Let's go to the bathroom. Inner game is always true Michelle. Always, always. Michelle was the first person to sign up. Check out this bling bling mosaic bathtub. I haven't even had a bath. Do you think I should finish the rest of the live stream ...

Okay. Good. This is my ... that's Sarafina's bikini top. Sorry, Sarafina. This is my Bali gown. Okay. Hang on. Wait. Sick bath. I was like, the bath's not sick, what do you mean? This is what I wear when I lounge about with my Chianti, or whatever I happen to be drinking.

Now Michelle said the inner game. Michelle was the first person to sign up for Rich Hot Empire for the April 30 round. She's right. It is all the inner game. But it's more than that. It's more than that completely. Do you know what the real reason is that I get the results that I get? Who else said that? Helen said, "I can't wait." She's gonna make it happen. Nobody else has answered, you guys. Give me the answers while I make my drink, and then we'll get in the bath altogether since you guys insisted.

Nylisa, you know the answer to this for sure. It's also part of the reason why you lost weight when you did Rich Hot Empire, even though I never told you anything to do with anything about losing weight. Many people lose weight when they do Rich Hot Empire with me. Many, many. Reggie, did you lose weight when you worked with me one on one? Sorry, just gonna shout you out right there [inaudible 00:41:28].

Now, when we make the Batman juice, we put some apple cider vinegar in it. Oh why mate, yeah, for sure. Yeah. Straight away Lisa May. Alignment is part of it. There's a missing link. A missing link, you guys. Brandon, you're definitely all over this missing link. This is big part of it. It's a big part of it. It's a big part of it. You've still gotta fucking decide to make the money. You can't go around just in alignment and soul flow and a beautiful Balinese bathrobe and expecting the money to come to you if you don't just fucking ask for it. You may as well pick up the fricking phone to room service and order some money. But you just do it without the phone and without the room service bit. That's how I joke.

Okay, you guys are all ... It's hilarious to me. I'm channelling Linda Doctor when I say hilarious like that, because when she says the word hilarious she says hilarious, and she drags it out. Rather like the way I do with the word fabulous. Okay. Let's make sure we did this up properly, otherwise it's gonna explode all over you.

Done. I think I have more fun by myself than with anyone. I'm sorry to all the people who I love. Do I wanna be in this bath? That wall does not look good on me. The only way that I could be in the bath, you guys, is if I get the pillows and lay in the bath like so. But now I feel like I'm in a coffin. I mean, it's a beautiful, mosaic-y coffin. What aminos? Hang on. All right. Wait. We're going back to the bedroom. It's where all the fun happens anyway. Sometimes. This one. Blue raz. Not apple flavoured at all. I lied. It's from BSN, which is made by Optimum Nutrition. Basically, Optimum Nutrition just owns the marketplace.

You guys, the missing link is fun. Obviously it's fun. I make business fun again. Do I? Do I make business fun again?

Okay. Why was I not wearing this bathrobe the whole entire time? How rude. I am so sorry. I just noticed how amazing I fucking look. Clearly they designed this bathrobe and these walls specifically for me.

Okay. Oh my god. I look incredible. I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy myself. No, I did that before. We talked about that. Okay. Fuck. I think I shook it too hard.

I make business fun again. I've said that. Somebody on my team, write it down, write it down, write it down. Tell me you're there if you're on my team. What's happening right now? I'll see it. Write down subject title, send it to Ash, I make business fun again.

Do you wanna know a secret? It's not a secret at all but apparently I have to tell everybody 14,000 million times before they fucking pay attention. Lucky I love you, right? When you're having hilarious, #lindadoctorchanneled, hilarious amounts of fun in your business and your life ... I'm so hot in this bathrobe, you guys. It's silk and lovely and I wanna keep it on for you, but it's frickin'' hot. Thank you Lisa. Camp mates. Tag Ashley in. Ash Gregory. Tag him in. He's not cavorting around the fucking Gold Cost with my mom and my sister like the rest of my family. Somebody's frickin' doing some work here. Clearly it's me. Imagine if this was work. Imagine you got paid to sit around in your bathtub and be Batman and talk about which Batman you would have sex with in Bali, laughing your ass off at your own hilariousness, talking with badass people online. Imagine if you could get paid for that, you guys. Just imagine. People wouldn't even believe it. They would think you were lying and then they would refuse to participate in such shenanigans. Imagine.

Imagine you joined Rich Hot Empire and learned how to make business so fucking fun, where basically you do nothing. There's the flying Katrinas. Devil Katrinas. Imagine. Right? Howard says "I feel like I was destined for this job." Of course you were. You know it in your heart and your soul. This is so good. I'm gonna do a photo shoot lounging around like so with extra highlighter on. Extra. And I'm gonna have my legs like this. I'm gonna put oil on them. Or I'll not, let somebody else do it for me. And then I'm gonna take photos. Except probably not, because I fucking hate taking photos, and my whole team's grumpy at me because I never take enough photos. Kat-mojis flying. But I need the emoji to be in the screen where I can frickin' use it when I'm making a post, not just devil Kat-mojis flying across my live stream like little possessed angel demons.

Totally queen. I am in queen mode right now. Thank you Lisa. Even without a phone. I'll take it.

Frank Kern told me that if you want more people to watch you on a live stream you should have props, and then he said - and he was being a smart ass, because he already knows about my throne and my sceptre - he was teaching the whole group. He was like advising the whole group about how to get better engagement on their live streams. He said - the group of his private clients if you were wondering which group. There was eight of us. He said, for example, a throne and a sceptre. Then everybody looked at me and I was like, "That's right, bitches, I'm the A plus student. Already did it." There's many things I don't do that he tells me to do, because I'm not that good at following directions. But I'll do the throne thing, with or without the throne. So here I am. I am my own throne, and I got the booty to prove it. I built my booty up. It's like sitting on gloriousness.

This morning I worked that bitch out hard. I was like frick. I did a six part circuit in the gym. If you wanna know about extra good booty stuff, I can't be bothered talking about it right now. But I did a fabulous exercise, which was like a squat and a lunge. Ooh, Linda's messaging me right now. Does she know we're talking about her? Hmm.

I did a lunge, step down into a squat. I'll show you, fine. Since you insisted. Because this is a good exercise for when you're lazy. Hang on. Wait. Okay. It's very boring, but it works. It's very fantastic. Lung and then you go ... Okay. And then you go into a squat. Okay, wait. It's gonna be better like this. Lunge. And then into a squat. And you go down deep, you guys, deep. None of these bullshit squats that go down to there. What the fuck is that? You're not gonna work your ass like that. You're gonna get a little bit of leg work. You're gonna screw up your knees. That's what's gonna happen. You're gonna have a frickin' patella tracking issue out the wazoo.

So you wanna go squat down deep enough that you can feel that ass working. Then you go to a lung. I don't know what's happening on this live stream, but I'm okay with it. I did many of them. I did some chin ups as well, because I'm fucking strong, you guys. Chinned my way up. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. I did some shoulder presses, lateral raises, and reverse bicep curls, because when I do reverse bicep curls, makes me feel like a badass, because people are like, "What the fuck is that even?" And i was getting into the grunty territory as well. It was not necessarily pretty. Apparently I'm already out of breath from doing two fucking squats. Then I finished at the end with jumping squats. My legs are hurting me already. Okay.

Why do I not do workout live streams? We could do this every day. Send me some devil Kat emojis if you want me to do workout live streams.

Now we're going back to the bathrobe. We could do it any time. I'm sure I won't do it at all, because I hate to be told what to do, just so you know, so just warning you. I could do a whole workout live stream series. Did somebody send me angry faces now? What are you angry about? Are you angry that I stopped squatting? My legs are so sore, you guys. My ass is getting juicier by the day. By the day.

All right. I'm gonna try and tell you about the receiving of the money thing. I'm trying. It's not really coming out. It's got nothing to with anything. In theory I was gonna finish this live stream at least 30 minutes ago because I was gonna go and eat. I've got some ... Where's my Batman juice? Fuck food. I love food. I didn't mean it. Sorry food.

Okay, that's funny Reggie. All right, I do ... I'm gonna be really serious. Get your notebooks at the ready. I'm really frickin' hot though. Do it like this. No, it looks like I'm trying to be sensual. I am sensual, I don't have to try. Write that down for yourself. You don't have to write it down about me. I am sensual. I don't even have to try. No, you could write it down as an affirmation. I am body sensuality, sexuality, feminine energy. Or if you don't desire to embody feminine energy, maybe because you're masculine, but we each have each, just deal with it. But you could say I receive feminine essence. Why not. Or energy. Say whatever you frickin'' want. You don't need me to make your own affirmations up.

Basically, the whole story is exactly what I said. I do teach structured shit. Again I'm getting bored talking about it, but it is actually fucking amazing, and I will send you all the details on Rich Hot Empire. If you desire to be part of that, you should message me on my personal Katrina Ruth page, the one with the flying emojis I think it is, I'm not sure. And then really what I do - the real fucking work that I do in my own heart and soul every day as well as for the hearts and souls of my clients is very, very simple. The real work ... Okay, I remembered. I had to drop into my soul to remember. The real work is dropping into your fucking soul.

Maybe when you were a youngster, you liked to have fun. It's possible. I suppose I can't prove it, and I suppose you can't prove it either, unless we fucking show us who you are again at some point potentially.

I help business be fun again. I help people make business fun again. I make business fun again. But fun is just one way. Fun, fucking flow, fucking source, frickin' energy connected to your super powers, being who you're originally meant to be. Who were you originally meant to be? Put it in the comments if you know who you were meant to be. Roughly, this would have been where you were five or six years old before you got all the shit piled atop of you that was telling you how you're meant to be and who you're meant to be. Who you were meant to be then before you bought into a story that you've gotta save the world, that you've gotta be a frickin' hero, that you've gotta prove yourself, that you need such and such bullshit to validate yourself before you can put yourself out there, whatever else. Who were you meant to be?

Me? Storyteller and performer. I'm a five year old storyteller and performer at my soul, and that little girl is who I let out. That's why I make money. Period, the end. Boom. Lisa says entertainer. Well then entertain us, but apparently you already did, because you were talking about spanking on your live stream earlier. Everybody go check that out after this.

You know, you know, you know, you know, you know all those fuckers can get fucking fucked with their ideas of how to make money online. It's such bullshit. Bestselling author. But then go even ... You wouldn't have said bestselling author. Maybe you would have at five. But what is the core of that underneath it? Because I would definitely say bestselling author as well, highly acclaimed speaker or whatever else. Rainbow unicorn, that was Helen, not me. Then I go one deeper than that. Like yes, I could say author, speaker, performer, or performer, performing in, like I'm kinda looking into what is the source of the source of the source that then could be translated into bestselling author for example.

Messenger. Storyteller. Unleasher. If you were born to be a bestselling author, then what would you be if it was before books? Sorry. There's my foot. But look at my purple metallic toenails. Pretty good. Storyteller. Exactly. Because you could do that even before books were invented. It's gotta be something that we could have done born any point in time, you guys. Any point at time. Any point in time. At most of the points in time, I'm just gonna let you know, you did not need Facebook or advertising in order to get attention. You can use that shit if you want, but like whatever. The way that you're gonna make the money, the way that you're gonna have people follow you ...

Chris was born to be purple. I like it a lot.

The way that you're gonna make the money, the way you're gonna have people follow you, the way they're gonna buy all the things from you, the way they're gonna think you're random as fuck and hilarious. I feel like somebody just crept into the villa. I heard a rummaging noise. The way that that's gonna happen is your energy, just your energy. Just your energy. Just your energy. Nothing else. The essence of you. Can you please screenshot this?


Okay, I trust 20 people got that screenshot. Send it to me. And now this one.


There's one more. Two more. All right. Good. I'm annoyed about this though. I don't like that colour. Should be something that fits in with the rest of it.

It's the energy, baby. You know, I think that there's many boring people out there who would come along to a live stream like this and they would be like, "This chick is off her head." Or they'd be grumpy at me, grumpy that they invested their 56 minutes and 43 seconds and I still didn't tell any strategies, which is the only way we can say the word, just to give some juice to the word, because the word's boring on its own self, isn't it? They would be grumpy and annoyed and resentful that I didn't say, "But this is how you make the money." But I think I just did a beautiful live demonstration of it. Did I not? Did I yes? I believe I did. I think you get my point.

What if you just showed people who you are and who you were always meant to be? That'd be a revolutionary fucking concept, wouldn't it? What if you just told people nothing at all? What if you didn't tell them anything? What if you just opened your mouth, your heart, your soul, and let the goodness and the madness ... Okay, I feel like you should get this one as well. Okay, I don't care about that. And the goodness and the madness flowed out. And then what if, what if, what if you achieved some shit in your life already at this point, no doubt, right? And you actually frickin' owned that shit for once. And then you just frickin' reverse engineered it. It would be less boring than just ... More boring, I mean, than just carrying on and being random as fuck like this.

But actually, people want, and it's nice to give people, like, "Hey, here's how I did what I frickin' did. Here's how I fucking launch. I give you, this is how I launched for my Rich Hot Empire. This is how I make a programme. This is how we sell the programme. This is how I build my following. This is how to build a low right through to high, a multi seven figure in by doing what you love. Blah blah blah. I do actually have systems and strategy. I never made them up though. Nope. Just created them along the way with a lot of frickin' trial and error and not nearly enough fun for a good part of it, which is probably what took me so long. Then I can now reverse engineer it for you. Write it down. Kind of and be fucked writing it down most of the time, so just do a Facebook live stream, have more fun talking about it. And/or audio it to my team and make them transcribe it. That's how I do much of my content, just so you know, because I cannot be fucked writing down shit except for I only write like 10,000 words a day of other random shit. But that's just what bubbles up. Anyway.

And then you're like, "Cool, here's my thing, I'll give you my thing," because people are in somewhat of a fear based mindset when they come to work with you and they're like, "We want the thing, we wanna know the thing, so you give them the thing." And then you just basically dance and float freely through a meadow, or a pool, or whatever's around, or you put a bathrobe on, and you just be yourself, and you be a living, breathing example of the fact that actually, actually, actually, actually, you're enough just being you. So there.

There's nothing else you gotta ad to be of interest to the people. You want people to follow, you want people to buy, you want people to do what you tell them to do, you want Batman to send you a message. Best solution to all of that. You wanna find soulmate people in your life? Clients, friends, lovers, massage therapists, whatever else that you desire on a soulmate person level. Gonna tell you the best strategy for that. Be yourself. That' show you get the people that wanna be in your life, whether they're people who are paying you, or you're paying them, or it's just energy exchange, or whatever the fuck it is. It's all just energy exchange anyway, right? We're already enough as we are.

The problem is, if you don't fucking show them who you are, they're very unlikely to know. Just a little reminder for you, right? They're very unlikely to know. I had to give myself a lot of permission a lot of times all along the way to gradually get to a point where I can just sit here and fuck around for an hour and be silly and random and funny and just be myself. It was just like the vibe that came out of me today, which would have happened with or without you guys, so you're welcome that I turned a camera on, otherwise yes I would be sitting here in my villa by myself doing this entire performance, just for myself. Or I'd probably be doing some version of it over audios to my friends or something like that, right?

I had to repeatedly give myself permission to let myself be all that I am, but also be enough just only solely being who I am and realise that being all that I am and just who I am is enough, and also that I must let all of that out, not just some filtered part of it, and that actually just being me, just being me, just being me, nothing else added, not worrying about am I giving value, not worrying about am I covering good content, not worrying about am I fucking teaching something. Just being me is the damn value, right? It's done. I showed up, I was myself, you got some fucking value from it, and now we can all go to lunch. That's the whole entire story. What time is it? Do I even have time to eat? 1:24.

Probably gonna take me like 10 to 15 minutes to get my ass up to Sea Circus up there, order the food, it's gonna take them 10 minutes minimum to make it, and then I have a phone call 10 minutes after that. I can eat while I talk on the phone though. Or maybe I'm high on life and I don't need to eat. What do you think? Maybe I'm being fed from my soul right now. I should go get a tan by the pool instead of eating. You think? Maybe they can bring me some food there, and then I can do my calls by the pool.

The problem is I want this particular choc fudge smoothie that they've got just up the road there. What time am I supposed to pick up my children? I feel like we're going down a tangent of I should be finishing the livestream already.

Okay. Now you can read the pinned comment. Message me about Rich Hot Empire. We're gonna do all the things. I'm gonna teach you all the things. We're gonna have all the fun. I'm gonna show you how to access soul, flow, and fun, and everything that's inside of you, and then expel it to the world.

That's it. Don't forget. Life is down. Press play.

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