Rebel Millionaire

Nailed it. Nailed it. Yo, hello people of the internet. Hang on. I thought I freaking nailed it. Where is my best siding at? Maybe that's it. Maybe that's it. Hang on. All right, that looks terrible. What if we sat on the grass? How do you feel about that? Where's my best siding? What if we put the light on? That did ... No, nothing at all. I already did this whole 360 before I pressed Go Live. That's super dark. That's a little bit lighter. That's a breezy. I really wanted to livestream of the beach.

I feel certain that if I went and sit on the grass over there, I'm gonna look more fabulous. So we're gonna do that. Currently I'm sitting on top of the table. I'm on a pick-nick table. This is how I do. There seems to be some mushrooms growing over there. I'm not sure if they're edible or not. Side note. So I had my hair done. So it seems like it would be selfish to not livestream afterwards. Because I feel confident to show my face to the internet again. My hair was looking max level skanky. I didn't get it done for like seven weeks from travelling so much.

Okay, we can sit on the ground. Well, now I'm more ... That's not working either, is it? This is a dilemma, you guys. Oh, was that the moment right there? I'm gonna tell you how to let it be so fucking easy, that you'll be wondering what the hell you are even thinking or doing with your life previously. Okay, there's literally nowhere where I have good lighting. I'm just sitting on the ... Oh, maybe that's it. I'm just on the grass doing circles on my bottom like a toddler wearing a diaper just spinning around.

I'm spinning around. Get out of my way. I know you're feeling it 'cause you like it like this. Not like that. I'm breaking it down. That's it. Okay. It was a team effort. We did it together. Thank you, everybody. Now we just have one more small problem, which is that now we have a leaning tower of tripod situation. What do you think we need? Should we build a small canoe with some bark? I'm crafty as fuck, you guys.

I didn't like the dark roots, It was looking brassy. What just happened? I just nailed the lighting, and now it's gone. Jana, you're the sweetest. And thank you for using the dancing emojis. Do you know that I had a small moment of panic when I went to Go Live just now. Because the dancing emojis which everybody knows is my favoritest emoji of all the emojis, they were not even in my ... You know your little panel that you've got of your most frequently used emojis?

And so do you know what that means? That means I've been absolutely flaking out on proper emoji use. Maybe I'll go back to that table over there where I was before. I'm gonna tell you something that's embarrassing for me. And it's gonna make you shake your head at me in despair, although perhaps you'll understand. I was over at this table over here earlier, and I was ready to livestream. And I'd felt that I'd nailed the lighting situation. And then I saw that there was a chick sitting on the grass not far away, and I was like, "Well, then I'm gonna filter myself a bit, 'cause she's gonna hear me carrying on and waving my arms in the air like a crazy person."

And I thought I'll end up being self-conscious and not livestream properly. So on the one hand you could say what a wuss I am. But on the other hand you could say that I'm certainly considerate of her, 'cause maybe she wanted to have a nice nap on the grass and not listen to me carrying on. Okay. This could be it. Now the thing is, I refuse to sit ... This is a pick-nick table. There's no fucking way I'm sitting on the chair when I could sit on the table. I just feel better when I'm above other people. You know, table sense, not necessarily anything else.

Okay. Are we ready now? Do you think we can settle in? Got grass all over me now. Hope you guys appreciate it. So the beach is right there though, if you don't know the Gold Coast. If you do know the Gold Coast, you'll know where I am and you'll probably come to hang out with me. Don't, 'cause I'm gonna livestream and then go and do many important things. Tell me before you come down and hang out with me. Don't creep up on me.

Anyway, the beach is like 20 metres or maybe 50 yards. I don't know what a yard. I'm just making up shit that sounds good. It's very fucking close. I wanted to go and sit on the beach for you all, because I thought it would be a beautiful background for you. And I'm super kinda that way. But it was so freaking windy that I probably would've been blown to Kansas if I would've sat there. And it would've ruined my hair. And you wouldn't have been able to hear me either.

Okay. I don't know why I just got my laptop out like I was about to present a slideshow. But that's what I just did. I have just been at the hair salon for four hours, or however fucking long it takes to achieve this level of fabulousness, which is roughly 38 years and four hours. Because really the fabulousness comes from my energy. Mt energy. It just come on out of me. It just splays on out. I don't know about, "Splays." It sounds kinda gross.

Anyway, I do nothing at all to make the money I make. I just open my mouth and things pop out of it. And I put no preparation time into anything even if I do an entire three day event, I just show up and see what pops out. But then on the other hand, i prepared for 38 fucking years to show up this badass. How long have you been preparing for? Just a reminder? You've got all that knowledge and power inside of you already.

So what I did though whilst I was at the hair salon was firstly fucked around for a bit on Facebook and Instagram, because that's basically a rule of life, and I'd already done my journaling and my blogging and that sort of thing for the day. But then, then I did something very interesting, [Jamie Jod 00:06:15], very interesting. And everybody else too. I just point out Jamie, 'cause she's the most recent one to comment.

Okay. You know when you take a drink of your water and you're like, "I think I've been reusing the same water bottle for too long," because I can smell something that smells like, I guess, my own saliva, is the truth of the matter. 'cause they get the [inaudible 00:06:39] bit. And then I have a $6000 dollar fucking water filter at home that is God's gift to the Earth apparently. And so I refill the bottles. Is my skin fabulous from all the water? Or is it from the yoga? Or is it from the journaling? Or is it because I chose to age backward? Who knows. But the water people will say for sure that it's the water.

But it's getting that funny sort of smell. I think we're gonna have to throw it out after this. Somebody remind me. Keep accountable, 'cause it's quite disgusting otherwise. I just realised I made my life so fucking easy that it's actually a little bit scary. It is nasty. Yeah. How embarrassing. I shouldn't admit this stuff on the internet. I should maintain a professional visage at all times. I'm actually a little bit ... I feel destabilised by how easy I just made my life. I feel a little worried.

I feel like a kite that's been snapped free in the breeze. And I haven't even lived into what I just did yet. But I thought I should share it with. I can't stop touching my hair, because it's so silky. Look how silky it is. If you were here, you would be stroking it like a kitten, depending on who you are might be nice for everybody. And yes, I will tell you about the easy thing. I feel like I could build it up into quite a story, but there's nothing come out of me to do that. So I might just get to the point and tell you, and then we'll see what else happens after that.

So I keep lists, and I feel embarrassed to admit it. I'm Katrina Ruth and I have lists of things that I never action. I have always been a list making type of person since I was a kid. I would ... This is embarrassing. I would come home from school when I was about seven or eight years old, and I would make a list of everything that I had to do that afternoon after school, like whatever homework, maybe a chore or something that my mum had given me. And then I would even put on the list kind of like fun or creative things that I wanted to do just for myself.

I always had a side hustle. I mean as a child, you should always have a side hustle. So my side hustle as a child typically selling shit to people. I used to take all my broken old toys and also just random bits of half eaten candy, I'm not even kidding, that I would smuggle away from parties or something. And I would take them to school and I would sell them on the school yard. And then I got shut down. The store of Katrina Ruth got shut down. It was a black market operation from the get-go.

And the principle of the school shut me down. And I'm pretty sure I got reported to my mother. And yes, that was the end of that until I did it again and then got caught again. And that cycle basically perpetuated itself until like I say, I stopped going to school. Interestingly though, I was such a good girl. I was such a rule follower. I really was. Except for when it didn't suit me. Which is roughly how I play life these days. I'm actually the most obedient civilised, well-conditioned member of society that you could ever care to encounter, except for when it doesn't suit me. And then I do what I fucking want.

But from the outside looking in, if you were to encounter me in the normal day-to-day operations of your life, you would think, "What a well-behaved lady about town." I'm sure you would. You would probably label me as gentile. Particularly if I had long sleeves on and you couldn't see. I guess the tattoos add a level of rebelliousness. But I tend to think ... I tend to feel like nobody can notice the tattoos anyway, 'cause to me they look very normal. I don't feel like it at all stands out. So probably nobody's even aware of it.

I'm very proper is what I'm trying to say, except for when it's not proper to be proper, and then I'm supremely improper. But nobody notices, because I've always been exceptionally good at selling to people. And one of the things that maybe you didn't realise about being a fantastic sales person is that you can convince people that you're anything, because you almost believe it yourself. Or you do believe it yourself. You become the thing.

So people believe that I'm an upstanding, well-about town gentile type of a lady. I am upstanding. I [inaudible 00:10:49]. And I'm upstanding as far as the morals and laws of society anyhow, just not I guess other areas. But I've always been very good at ... I don't know. I don't do it on purpose. I'm not trying to manipulate or trick people. But I'm thinking back to when my teachers always thought I was just the best most obedient, subservient, good student. Because I kinda was. And I always got the top available mark on everything academically, because manifestation.

I never studied for it. I just ... Well, I have like a really high IQ. I do, it's true. But it runs in my family. And it's also just how it was in my family. So my parents were just like, "Well, of course you'll be the top of the class. That's just how it is as. It's who we are." So then as a kid, you're kinda like, "Oh, okay." And you just expect to get the top grades, and so then you do. And so then because you kind of on the surface of it, you appear to be this very subservient, well-behaved child about town. I supposed I wasn't a lady about town back then.

Then what happens is, you build up a perception of yourself. You build up a reputation. I built my reputation from an early age of being a good girl, a square. And I am a good girl. I'm not trying to say I'm not. I'm very good when it suits me. So basically, I'm getting there. And I'm gonna tell you about the easy thing, and I'm gonna. I thought I was gonna spit it out in tow minutes, but it's turned into a fabulous story, so I'm happy about that.

Okay, send more of the cat stickers. If you see where on the right-hand side of your screen is the little emojis. And then just to the inside left of your little emojis, you've got some cat stickers. You can hit that sticker button, and you can choose some cool shit to send at me that's, "1% [inaudible 00:12:36]. She'll press play. Sure it's about me." It really smells gross, but I'm very thirsty.

There it is. There's the Press Play signs. They're so cool, aren't they? Where's my banner by the way? I had the freaking Katrina Ruth Show banner on this, and now it's disappeared I just noticed. Whatever. Yeah, so you build up a reputation. And I feel like once people see you as a certain ... Once people have labelled you, and they see you as a certain type of a thing, then it's maybe difficult, or it could be potentially difficult ... Oh, it is there, is it? The banner? Cool. Thanks [Brittany 00:13:11].

It's potentially difficult ... You'll only get the emojis if you're on your cellphone. Potentially difficult to change that. I guess you would have to consciously do that. But the point is, even though I broke min rules from an early age at school, such as continually selling on the school yard, I did get told off and shut down for it. But then I would always get away with it again. Because overall the way that I was categorised as far as the academic people were concerned was, "Good girl," at school, "Square."

And then even in later years since schooling, like my final two years of school. And I just rocked out all my grades and all my classes. And I came like top three point something percent in the country. But I barely went to class at all, and I'd continually broke all the rules. But it was like nobody noticed. It was like they were all blind to it, because I had so effectively created my persona. All right? So I don't know what you wanna take from that. But be a badass and people will think you're a badass, because you then created yourself into a badass. But are you really a badass or not? Who really knows. And it doesn't matter. It's all perception.

So that was one of the side hustles as an eight year old. And then my other side hustle was, I had membership clubs, which I would charge people $5 to join my member. It was a one-time fee. It was the best fucking deal offer ever. There was no repeating monthly fee, I should've thought about. It was very non-entrepreneurial of me to only charge a one-time fee of $5 I suppose. But I guess nobody else was selling memberships at that age. And people couldn't just get the $5 from their parents though. They had to present to me a list of how they'd earned the $5 by doing chores.

The rules were ... I mean, I wouldn't follow the rules myself. But I will make them up for other people no problem. The rules were, you could do one task that gave you a full dollar, like washing a car. You were allowed to get a dollar for washing a whole car. But you couldn't go around washing five cars. You had to prove your metal. So one task I would allow them to do where they got a dollar. And then the rest had to be 10 and 20 cent tasks such as unstacking the dishwasher, or whatever it was. And then I would peruse the list. And basically decide if this person had the work ethic to be in my club.

It's pretty much exactly how I take inner-circle subscriptions to this day. All right. I just want to know if people have different moral and ethical compass that I have around the hustle. So that's how I made my money. That was my side hustle. Well, that was several of them. I was also selling my own drawings door-to-door, and daffodils, and oranges and lemons. But that was since I was three years old. And then by the time I was 11, I was an Avon lady and I was making a $1000 a week. When it's in the blood, it's in the blood.

But my point is that I would come home from school and I would make a list of all the things that I had to do that afternoon that I wanted to do and chose to do for my hustle as well as my homework, et cetera. But I would make the list and I would include like 20 things on the list that I'd already done. I would just make shit up and put on it on the list and cross it off straight away. And I still do that. I still make lists, and I'll add like a whole bunch of random shit onto the list like, "Sit in park and do a livestream." I'm like, "Oh, well I did that already. Tick." And I'll just add it on for the fun of it.

But then the things that I put on the lists that I haven't already done ... Who does this? Who makes lists at all? Am I the only person in this sad world ... No. Am I the only sad person in this amazing world who's still addicted to making lists? Because for me, the things that I put on the list that have not already been done, it's taken me many years to finally acknowledge this. Like 30 fucking years plus. I never do them.

I just never do them. [Rache 00:16:45], would you do the things on your lists though? I repeatedly make lists. I like to organise my lists. I'm a fantastic list organiser. I will write and rewrite the thing till kingdom come. And I will merrily continue on my life path without referring back to the list, or doing a single item from the list, except for when I refer back to the list in order to reorganise the list. And then I feel really good about myself, 'cause for that one moment in time I'm like, "Maybe I am an organised person who plans things."

I don't know why I even wanna be. I don't actually even wanna be an organised person who plans things. I am full conscious of the fact that I built a multi million dollar empire online by being chaotic as fuck, and surrendering to that. So why would I wanna be organised? But I think it's like an emotional detoxification when I write the list. Okay, what's that person doing behind me? Julian says, "Just so you know, when in horizontal view, the banner is completely covered by the comment box." Is it bottom-right? We're trying to figure out where we wanted this banner to be. We're just moving the banner all around the screen from every livestream to livestream. So thank you for that, and I'll check it out later.

Well, there's my confession for you. And then here's the problem though, like on the one hand I'm like, well it's good to get it out of head so I'm not carrying it around in my head, so I write, get that shit down like an emotional detoxification like I said. But then on the other hand, I've got to admit to you, it feels like it's hanging over me a little bit, right? It feels like I'm never fully maybe relaxed into my flow.

Well, that's not true. When I'm in Super Flow, I couldn't give a fuck whether the world is turning or not. I'm just creating content and doing stuff. Or even like when I'm working out, or when I'm hanging out with my badass clients or friends, I'm not aware or conscious of anything. But it's more so on a day like today, where I'm in the hair salon for four hours. And like hello, I don't think I need to say this, but clearly I'm not sitting in the hair salon reading fucking magazines. Clearly I'm sitting there with my laptop like a normal human person making money. Hello to everybody who I was messaging and going back forth with about Rich Hot Empire over the last few hours.

[Mim 00:18:50], if you're watching, you can pop that Rich Hot Empire comment in right now. Rich Hot Empire, six weeks 101 with me started yesterday. Our live call is tonight my time. You can still join. It's the final chance to work with me in Rich Hot Empire until well until the end of this year. Six weeks unlimited one-on-one with me. After this closes in the next few days, then the only way to work with me one-on-one will be in the inner-circle. So Rich Hot Empire is fucking amazing. The money results, the alignment results, the dream, life and business creation results that my clients consistently get with this programme every time I run it are beyond. Check out what [00:19:25] just put in the pinned comment.

I don't know exactly what it says, but it will say something like, "Rich Hot Empire. Work with me for six weeks one-on-one so we can build your soulmate [inaudible 00:19:33]. Create your low right through to high-end empire to build your multi seven figure and beyond online business doing what you love, just like I've done, just like all my clients do." And you literally get unlimited access to me when you're working with me at the private client level. So message me now on my personal Katrina Ruth page if you wanna get in before the doors close. Like I said, final chance to work with me in this sort of short-term intensive, rapid result way. After this closes, it's only gonna be inner-circle, which is a $72,000 investment currently.

And at some stage of course I'll do something shorter again, but no current plans to. I'm shutting it down after this and focusing on existing clients and inner-circle growth as well. So you can message me about that after this, 'cause I wanna get back to this conversation and talk about the list thing, and how I just did like a big release of everything. And who that's freed me up creatively to make a fuck-load more money and content.

So anyway, yeah, on a day like today I'm at the hairdresser and I'm like ... I kind of already did ... I'm very good at ignoring lists, which is an important trait to cultivate in yourself, by the way. Because I consistently ignore all my tasks and the things that I think I should be doing, or have previously told myself I should be doing. Because I consistently ignore shit that I put on to list, I have instead created literally thousands of pieces of content on the internet, launched over 300 products and programmes online. I drafted in badass high-level [inaudible 00:20:56] client.

I just posted today's testimonial from a Rich Hot Empire client, Jessica who did the January run of Rich Hot Empire, did 30K in January, 43K in February, 45 in March, and has just hit her first $100,000 mark in April. That's the sort of results clients are getting from their Rich Hot Empire. And of course, she's gone into the inner-circle because of that after Rich Hot Empire.

So anyway, those sort of clients though, they come into my life and become part of the norm for me, in large part because I've spent the past decade plus ignoring shit that I put on the list, and instead showing up for my content, showing up for my purpose work, showing up for my own inner-work, showing for my own flow, taking care of myself, whatever I need to do to be in that super flow state. And to unleash my message and to speak into your soul. That is my number task and job every single day is to be in my soul, to be in my super flow, and to let what's inside of me out for you, right?

Not to freaking work my way through a list. So just a little reminder there, if you feel like undisciplined, or you're undisciplined, or disorganised, or you're not getting your shit done. Just step back for a moment and be like, "Okay, but what are the big things that are gonna move the needle?" Because I know for me and for my clients it's typically inner-work, messaging, sales activity and your own self-care and getting yourself into flow. If you did those four things every day and nothing else, you're gonna build a freaking empire. That's how I do it, that's how my clients do it.

Yet still, I've had all this shit on the list. And like well, some of it might be to do with P.S. stuff, getting my name out there in a bigger way, random things that maybe I want to improve on my social media, or on my website, different cool ideas that I have to leverage existing platforms. Sometimes when clients tell me awesome results, I just kind of note it down on the list like a little reminder for later, "Oh, we should do a little testimonial piece about that," and then it just goes on the list. Or like personal errands or whatever.

But I have probably 50 random things there all together. And I just consistently don't fucking do them, because I'm just not a person that works by sitting down and working my way through a checklist. It's not who I desire to be. And fundamentally, I don't believe that it's how it needs to be. However for whatever reason, I'd still been telling myself this story that if I don't write this stuff down and kinda keep it somewhere, then I'm gonna forget important things, and it's kind of like a fear mentality, right? Kind of telling myself that I might miss out on something that's gonna make a difference in my business or life.

So today I just thought, "Fuck this shit." I was thinking about the fact ... Gross water. Gross water break. I was thinking about the fact that there's like these two or three things creatively that I've consistently not been quite getting around to doing. Like I would do them, but I'm inconsistent with it. I'm motherfucking consistent with the things that I just said, right? Like I do my daily Ass-Kickery blog, 365 days a year. Zero exceptions. I've done it for decades.

I typically write two or three blogs a day. Sometimes I post them all, sometimes not. I do my sales activity every day, I do my inner-work every day, I do my fitness and self-care every day. It's all just so automated. Where I wanna step up further is around creating videos as opposed to Facebook Live. Specific short videos created into kind of like ... I don't know, really engaging, either entertaining or inspiring pieces that could be shared and re-shared and that sort of thing for YouTube and Facebook. That's one of my projects that I really give more time and attention to.

And then the other one is publishing more books. I'm already writing all the content for the books, but it's kind of just being collected in my Dropbox, just endless reams of articles, poems, mantras, affirmation, stuff that's not being collated. And so I noticed today I was like, it feels like ... And tell me if you've ever felt this way. It feels like I can't get to that shit yet, because I've got all this stuff hanging over me that I've been telling myself I need to do. Even though fundamentally, I do not believe that success comes from a list. And I logically actually legitimately know that I don't need to do it. But yet, because I've been carrying it around so to speak. Like lugging it around on a list, it's kinda weighing me down, or detracting from me energetically.

And finally today, and I must admit I've done this before, and I've had the list then creep up again. It's kind of like when you do a Spring cleaning at home or ... Or I wouldn't do that. I'd pay somebody to do it. But when you do something like that, and then the clutter kinda creeps up again. But today I was just like, "Fuck this shit. I'm getting rid of all of that." And I spent probably 90 minutes, and I worked my way through every single item on the list, and either sent it straight off to a team member. So [00:25:18], you now understand why you're getting gajillions of small emails from me today with random comments and little memories. And like, "You should do this." And, "There's this happening. Let's do this."

So I either like sent it off to team members. Or for things that weren't really ... Like for that, that were more to do with me. Or that just felt like, "Uh, it's not actually relevant right now." I popped it into my Google Calendar as a reminder, like decide when that would get to be action, put it into my Google Calendar as a reminder. So that that way it will send me an email notification on the day that I chose for it to do that. And got down to nothing. I've got my list down to absolutely deleted. Completely stripped off the list.

And then I sat there, and this was just now. I currently just come out of the hair salon before I started this. Hair salon's right there. Beach there. Hair salon there. My house over there. Now you're fully orientated. So I jumped out of the salon, drove down here we are. And so that was only less than an hour ago. But I just sat there for a moment before I finished up and paid, and left. And I was like, "Huh, interesting."

What I noticed is there's no more excuses left for why I don't have time to make these cool videos I wanna make, or to bring my books to life in a bigger way. Well actually, the book thing's been fully actioned now, because part of what I did just now as go back and forth with Cat Ninja Mim, who's in charge of collating, putting all my written content together into some sort of sequential order for my different poetry volumes, affirmation books, and my actual real books and that sort of thing.

So fully passed over all my thoughts and ideas to her that I had sort of had on a list still, 'cause I was like, "Oh, I'll talk to Mim about this once we get past the initial phase that we're working on." I was like, "No, I'll just send it all through to her." So that's done. The book side of it's done. The only thing I still need right now to continue my book business the way I wanted to is I only gotta find a new cover designer, 'cause my cover designer had a change of freaking purpose and stopped designing books covers, which sucked 'cause he's amazing. But good for him in his purpose work.

And that's it. And so it was this feeling of, "Oh shit, I just made it so easy." Like I literally stripped my whole list down to nothing, meaning that now as of this moment right here, there is nothing I have to do. I have nothing on my life list. Yes, I have upcoming things in my calendar, like reminders or well, appointments. I have very minimal appointments in my life in general. But I have upcoming reminders, like I know I popped in the calendar for later this week, "Book in for a dental checkup." That sort of shit. And a few little reminders for things to do with stuff I do wanna change in my business. But there's nothing that's a list.

There's nothing that's like, when I go into my day ... When I continue on with my day now or go into my day tomorrow, you know that feeling that you carry around, fears of like, "Fuck, I've got all this shit that I've gotta do." And then I'm like, "Done," or then I can relax, or then I can be fully present. Or then I can have time for my purpose work. There's nothing there. It's just me and the freaking air around me, right?

Now I'm gonna give myself massive credit here to say, like I did say before that I've been fucking amazing at consistently creating my purpose work into the world day in and day out for many years now. Even while having an idea in my head that there's other things that I've gotta do. I've been really good at putting first thing first. It's probably one of the best life lessons I ever received. And if you haven't kind of figured that life less out, figure it out right here right now.

I learned it from Stephen Covey. I think learned it even earlier than that. But I religiously read Seven Habits of Highly Effective People over and over again when I was about 22. I think I read it for the first time when I was like 12. So 26 years ago. But I remember religiously reading his book Seven Habits, as well as his other book, First thing's First when I was 22. I was supposed to ... This is another example. I was supposed to be doing fitness management, but I hacked the job and figured out how to do the 38 hour job in like three hours a week.

And since then I was reading and journaling. Much like back in the school days with getting the top grades. And I really just implemented that, and I have ever since. I've been really good at first thing's first. And I just don't react. I don't react to other people, even clients and friends. I don't react to a list. I don't react to anything until I do my sole work in the morning, I do my journaling work, I do my blog, I do whatever writing's coming through me. Even now, right? There's other things potentially I could be doing rather than this livestream. Well not really, since I just deleted them all.

But there's a few little things that I know that I will do today. But I'm doing the livestream first, because that's content, right? So that's been probably one of my most effective success habits that I really suggest you fucking think about. Like if you do one thing, then make it that you learn to freaking prioritise and do first thing's first in your business and in your life. Because the big rocks, if you leave them till the end of the day, there's no space for them. You filled your whole life up with little rocks and pebbles and things that are relatively meaningless, and just responding to other people.

And then ultimately your life gets cratered from that. Whereas when you do first thing's first and you go, "Okay, what is like the one big thing in my business where if I did it every day, I would create the business that I dream of even if I just did that one thing and nothing else?" Then you make that your first thing, your highest priority. And then, "What is the next thing after that, and what is the one big thing in my fitness, or the one big thing as a mother, or the one bug thing for my own sanity?" Or whatever it might be, right?

That has seriously been ... Like I'm so grateful for wherever that knowledge and awareness first came from, whether it was through Stephen Covey or even before that through my dad, who I first got those books from, or whatever different sources. But I know for sure that I would not have the business that I have, the multi seven figure online empire. Nevermind like the term and the lifestyle freedom, and the incredible way that I get to live. But also my physical results in my health and my body. And even how much time I get to spend with my friends and my children, and that sort of thing.

All of that really stems from the fact that I freaking learnt to put first thing's first. And it is a discipline, because I'm the same as anyone. I wake up in the morning and I'm like, "Maybe I'll just quickly check my messages." No. I just don't. I just don't fucking allow myself to. Sometimes I break the rule for sure. But extraordinarily rarely. I would break that rule literally 1% of the time. And 99% of the time I'm laser focused. The world does not get a piece of me until my soul got everything that it needs, right? Think about that. Because I'm pretty certain that most people are the other way around. 99% of the time, the world gets all of them, and nothing's left for their soul.

And then you think, "Oh, I'll do it later in the day." No, you fucking won't. You burn out, and you're also energetically depleted from giving your life for the wrong thing. How do we get on to this little piece of sermonising? Let me come back to it. Okay, okay, okay. So I was like, giving myself props, right? Because yeah, I just cleared my list. And I'm like, "Okay, I've got nothing to do. I've got no more excuses." I just made my life so easy there's literally nothing on my list. There's nothing there at all.

"Oh my God, what do I do?" Well, all right, I was already putting first thing's first. But what I would love to do, and what I have now chosen to do, and what I just went through today was making space to do that. What my choice is, is to now add to the foundation that I've already created of putting first thing's first. Now I love the concept of there's never anything you need to do in order to manifest anything you desire and have it all.

There's nothing you ever need to do, but there's always ... Always magic. There is always magic. There's always action to take. It's one of my favourite philosophies and concepts. And what it means though is to not have a freaking list or a plan, right? But yet you're always taking action. So I have nothing on my list. Like I just said, I have nothing I need to do at all in any area of my life. I'm completely free as a bird. However, do you think that means I'm gonna be sitting around twiddling my thumbs, and sunning myself on the grass? Well, maybe if I could turn it into content.

And maybe sometimes anyway, for sure. But what I'm going to be doing is being the person who automatically lives a certain way and creates certain results into their business and life. And currently for years now, the vast majority of how my time is spent, is me just being me. So I say frequently, I ... Like I'll often say to a client or a friend, "Oh my God, I did nothing today. I had the laziest day ever. I did nothing." And clients say this to me as well. And then we always laugh, 'cause I'm like ... When a client will say this to me ... Like actually my friend Linda who's staying with me at the moment. So hopefully we'll do a livestream together in the next day or two.

She said this to me the other day, she's like, "Oh my God, I had the laziest day ever. I did noting." She's like, "I just wrote a blog, and then this, and then this, and then this, and then ... " And I was like, "So let's just clarify, you did nothing. You wrote a blog post of 1500 words. That'd take most people a month, if not a lifetime firstly. You did a great workout. You did a live training with client. So you met a client for the first time in-person who's like a private client, or whatever. And created content together, and that turned into sales action at the end of the livestream, and in the blog post. And then whatever other different things as well."

Like literally her doing nothing was more than most people would do in a week or even a month, and that's for real. And so whenever I say, "Oh my God, I did nothing. I had the lazies day ever," then when I actually reverse-engineer it, I'm like, "Well, technically not nothing, because studied and did like ... Study and meditation." In the morning I just do it automatically every morning. To me that's like ... I'm being a little tongue-in-cheek to say this, but not really. But to me doing my morning spiritual study is the same as brushing my teeth or putting my clothes on.

You wouldn't go around being like, "I put my clothes on today, and I brushed my teeth." It's not really something that needs to be talked about. I know that it's not that. But that's how it feels to me, and this is the big point that I'm trying to make. I'm like, "Well, of course I did my study in the morning." I always read something that inspires and uplifts me, and feeds my soul in the morning. It's hardly something to report home about.

But at the same time, it very much impacts who I am as a person. I'm continually growing, right? Of course I did my morning journaling and my mindset work, and my inner-work, 'cause I just always do. I don't think about, "Am I gonna do it again?" It just kinda happens. So well, I didn't feel like I did anything. And then well, of course I wrote a freaking blog and a powerful message to the world after I did my journaling, 'cause that's a natural thing, right? After you do journaling, don't you wanna tell the world the things that have bubbled up inside of you?

Isn't it logical that you wanna tell people? Even if you weren't publishing it on the internet, if you're reading or learning something inspiring, or having like an, "Ah-ha," moment in your life, don't you then as a normal human person, legitimately, not being a smartass now, you go and tell someone, right? Just look at anyone who's ever happened upon the latest fad diet. Is it or is it not true that they're sermonising about it to everybody that they encounter, because they're so passionate about it and they're excited about it.

Well, that's all I'm doing when I let my blog come out at the end of my journaling, so that's not doing anything. Okay, but because I write like a 1500 to 2000 plus word daily Ass-Kickery blog post, every fucking day for years now, that's really like the cornerstone of how I've built this empire. The content, why do people wanna [mentiod 00:36:37] me? Because of what I've said, because of my words. Maybe livestreams is about also. But blog posts, huge part of it, right?

To me the ... That's not doing anything. That's not like work, right? I don't even feel like I do anything if I write a freaking blog post. That's for my own soul and my own sanity. I get super antsy and don't feel connected to my self if I haven't unleashed my message, so I love to do that. And on the days when it doesn't happen for whatever reason, I feel that kind of restlessness. Like I just gotta get away from the world for 20 minutes and just be here and create something for my soul.

And sure yeah, I'll chuck it on Facebook. And then yeah, you know what? People pay me tens of thousands of fucking dollars collectively or individually as a result of that. Sales activity, it's like an automatic thing that happens. Of course if I write a blog I'm gonna put a call to action at the end of a blog. I'm not stupid, right? So I don't feel like I did anything though. I just chucked a little P.S. on the end of a blog post like, "Hey, buy my thing." And then I could keep going all day, right?

This doesn't feel like I'm doing work. I'm like, "What else would I wanna do after sitting in a hair salon for four hours, looking largely as spreadsheets," 'cause I was doing all my ... Counting all my monies, which I do calculate my net worth and check in on my payments. And make sure that I know which payments are coming up, and manifest more money. I did all that. And then I was deleting things, slashing them left, right and centre off my list and sending them off to other people. That was fun.

And now I'm like, "Well, of course I wanna come and talk about it. What else would I do?" That's not work, right? But yet, I'm creating content that you now get stripped off Facebook, put onto YouTube. I already did a sales call to action about Rich Hot Empire. Make sure you read that pinned comment. Literally final few days to work with me one-on-one at this amazing price point. Six intensive weeks unlimited access to me. And then it's closing, and then it's inner-circle only for one-on-one work for the foreseeable, right?

So okay, sounds like too many [inaudible 00:38:26]. That's not a big deal. And you see my point. So on the days when I do nothing, I could add up all the different things I've done, and there's a million other things I've done today that I haven't even listed. But all of it felt so just like ... Well, of course I respond to people's messages. I haven't checked in on my clients yet, but I'll do that. That probably is the next thing I'll do just while I'm going on a walk on the beach or something, I'll probably listen to [voxxes 00:38:46] from my high-level clients. And that's me mentoring ... Well, that's one aspect of my mentoring of my high-level clients is ...

Well, what else would I wanna do? I mean, I'm there. Sometimes I like to listen to music while I walk or drive. But pretty freaking cool to get to listen to my high-level clients checking in, asking me stuff, or sharing their massive wins. So if we bring it back to the point that I'm trying to make here for you, my point that I'm sure you can feel this and see it already is, let it be easy by making it into part of who you are. Any thing that is in your life that feels disconnected from who you are, just think about this right now.

Anything that feels like, "This is something I've gotta do that kind of goes against my nature in some way, or I don't really wanna do." Or, "It feels like it's separate from me, or outside of me." Or it's more like a chore. It's kinda like, "Yeah okay, I gotta go do such and such thing," right? Those are the things to seriously consider deleting, delegating, or just freaking get it done really quickly. You know that old saying, "Delete, delegate or do." Or just realise that maybe actually, this is a big thing I've learned over the years, that if you just did the big rock stuff, like the messaging, the showing up, the letting people see and hear you, connecting and communicating, then all these other freaking shit that you think you need to do to make money, wouldn't even be necessary.

Because you could do a 100 things on a list of internet market to-do's, but if you're not doing this in some way, shape, or form, communicating, connecting, sharing message. None of that shit's gonna fucking matter. Nobody cares if you have a perfect funnel and website if they don't know you. So you're over here like, "I gotta do this, and this, and this. And then the world will see me as a very important person." No, they're gonna see straight through that.

They're gonna see smoke and mirrors, and no substance. And they're not gonna feel your soul. If you want people to follow and buy from you, you need to reach in and grab them by the soul. And by the way, that is not gonna happen if you're not connected to your own soul. It's not possible. So the more that you get rid of anything that takes you away from soul and super flow, and just focus on what your soul needs, what you desire. And focus on integrating anything that would be a great habit into being part of who you are, the more it becomes so easy. It becomes like money tap that you can't turn off.

I know that's a controversial statement that might trigger or annoy some people, but that is how I feel about how I make money. I'm like, every day I get a little report from one of my assistants, Kelly that says I pulled this much ... She transfers the money out of PayPal every day and puts it into my bank account. So she'll go, I pulled out whatever it was. I think yesterday, $20,700 out of PayPal. And she just tells me the number. And that's every fucking day, right?

And I'm like, "Cool." Like, "Awesome. Of course. I expect that." Or whatever. I'm appreciative and grateful. But I'm not like, "Oh, I don't really know where it came from. I guess I could technically figure it out and break it down." But my actions have got nothing to do with that. That's how I see it. The money comes in because I turned on a freaking money tap by living life purposely. And by claiming and stating, and my journaling, and in my mind and my heart, and my soul what it is I wanna receive. And just choosing to believe that that's how it gets to be.

What I'm doing, I'm never doing shit with the intention like, "If I do this, then I make that money." No way. No way. That's totally separate. I'm only doing what my soul grants be to do, which is the job of being myself. So when I go through my list of shit that I got rid of, if there was anything on there which was there literally like two things, which is the two things that I said earlier, like the videos and the books, that I want that stuff to be a day-in, day-out habit. Because I know that when it becomes a small thing that gets attended to every day for a small period of time, that's how you build epic fucking results.

That's how I have my fitness results, that's how I have my business results. Results in all areas. Just a very small amount of time each day for all these different sections. And it's all effortless, and I feel like I do nothing, because I've made it part of who I am. So for those things that I'm like, "Okay, these are things I wanna implement into my routine and into being part of who I am." Those are the only things that I will give concerted daily attention to now.

All the rest of it is like well, it doesn't actually matter. Here I have some cool ideas on that list of things that could improve my social media presence in different way. So I just sent if off to my team and they can do whatever with it. But I will focus only on, and have focused only on up until point to get these results, becoming more of who I'm meant to be, right? And making it so easy by just making it into who I am. So I feel that I do nothing, and yet I create a very impressive ... What's the word? Prolific amount of content each day.

I probably be content creator. And I'm continually immersing myself in growth work and mindset work, which then feeds on into what I'm creating and how I get to make the money I make, I guess. 'Cause people wanna learn from me. And it all feels so effortless, because I just made it who I am, right? So literally my laziest day where I'm like, "I honestly did nothing," is still mad insane awesome mindset work, even if I wasn't journaling, it's still going through my mind all the time. Or it's just how I converse with my friends and people that I care about in my life and my clients, plus content creation in some form 'cause it just kinda bubbles out because of all that I'm putting in. Plus sales activities, just is automatic, right?

So my suggestion to you is, I'm not here obviously to go on and on about how awesome my habits are, and yay for me. But my suggestion to you is, what do you need to make into part of who you are? Like if you think even now about what is an area of your life where you already have epic results, whether it's something in your business, or your health and fitness, or potentially it could be even how you keep an amazing beautiful home or something like that, whatever it is or whatever comes to mind for you, isn't it true that you just made it a habit? It's just part of who you are. Like you automatically attend to that area of your life, and you do it even without thinking, right?

There's some ... I know for sure there's some people that really struggle to cook and prepare healthy food. It feels like a chore, and then I don't really wanna do it. Well, when I grew, my mum would automatically prepare a home made from scratch healthy dinner every single night. I don't know if she loved doing it or not. I think sometimes yes, sometimes no, right? But either way, it was definitely habitual. Like it just fucking happened every day. It wasn't like, "How do you do this?" It was a habitual thing. Same as the way she kept house and other ... Even same as the way she parented us as far as always coming up with cool creative games.

We always did cool creative games after school. So it was just like a habit. For me, the cooking thing is semi-habitual. I definitely always wanna eat a healthy great meal. But I won't necessarily cook it every time. I'll go out and get it sometimes. "What is better to do? 10 Day Wake Up or Die? Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life?" Probably Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life is deeper and more powerful. But honestly, they're both fucking amazing programmes. Really, those are two of the best mindset programmes I've ever created. The 10 Day Wake Up or Die audio goal setting course is just in your face and it gets you straight to the point.

And Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life I created straight after that. It was kind of a lead on. They really work together. So yeah, you've already done this in different areas of your life. Right? You've already created habits, you've already become the person who automatically does whatever it is. And guaranteed, that's the stuff where other people look at you and they're like, "How do you get such great results in that?" And they maybe think that it takes you a lot of effort, or a lot of planning, or a lot of energy. And you're like, "I don't do anything. What do you mean? Like it's easy."

That's how I feel about fitness, it's how I feel about blogging and messaging and creating content for my business. It's how I feel about selling. It's how I feel about inner-work. It's how I feel about various other things also. And I know that for me to go to my next level, and to become the next version of the content creator that I wanna be, and do the different styles of content that I haven't quite stepped into yet, it's the same fucking thing.

It's not set aside a weekend to do it all in a weekend. It's not, plan out the different elements and bits and pieces of it on a list. It's literally just make it part of who I am. Make it something that gets a little bit of attention every day. And I'm talking like 20 to 25 minutes. All those things that I just listed, usually like 25 minutes. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes less. But none of those different building blocks of my success, none of them are taking me hours a day or even a full hour. I'm doing like 15 to 20 minutes of mindset work in the morning, and then it feeds into the rest of my day. I mean, every fucking conversation I have is mindset work at this point as well.

I do usually probably 30 to 40 minutes workout, but it's not uncommon for me to do a 20 or 25 minute workout. I do 20 to 25 minutes writing my blog post each day. And collectively if you added it all up to the days, probably 20 to 25 minutes of sales activity. So we are not talking something that's out of reach for any person here. We're just talking having some Goddamn consistency, and creating a habit out of the things that are gonna change your business and your life.

All right. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go. So read the comment, pinned comment. Rich Hot Empire. Six weeks one-on-one with me. Build your soulmate culture. Create your own low right through to high-end empire top multi seven figure and beyond, doing what you love, doing your purpose work in the world with me as mentor, one-on-one. It's a six week structure programme with content that you get to keep access of, for life. I show you everything behind the scenes of how we do all the different elements of strategy and putting things together, and launching, and selling, and coming up with your ideas, clarifying your message. Anything you could imagine where you're like, "But I'm not sure about my message yet," or, "I don't know what I'm gonna sell yet." Or, "What about high-ticket, how do you sell that?" Like everything. I teach you everything in there.

We also do live hot seat mastermind calls each week with our other private clients. And it's one-on-one you and me as well. So we'd be talking pretty much daily through my client private channel. So I do audios and messages with my clients day to day. As well as obviously one-on-one calls. There's a whole bunch other stuff I can tell you about Rich Hot Empire, the very best thing to do if it's speaking to you, is message me over on my Katrina Ruth personal page. I'll give you a fully overview, as well as a couple of videos that you can watch that explain more about this.

It gets amazing results. I get amazing results from my clients doing this work. And it's for clients at all stages. I've had clients who are typically in each Rich Hot Empire intake. There's like 30 to 40% of people are total startup. And then there's people who are already making as much as 30, 40, 50K. Or I have even had a couple clients do Rich Hot Empire who are already doing over a million dollars when they came through. So it's not about where you're at now. Depending on where you're at now, you may need more or less support on different areas.

There might be things where you need more support and hand-holding around structural stuff and strategy stuff. You will get that, not just from me, but from my team as well. But what does join all my clients together is not whether you're in a business, it's who you are as a person. And it's being that 1% within the 1% revolutionary fucking leader who knows that they were born for more. And is willing to now do what it takes no matter what it takes to bring that purpose work to life. You should message me now about this. It is the final few days to join after this intake closes, which it will do in a couple of days at the latest.

There will be no more way to work with me outside of my high-end inner circle 12 month mentoring until way later on in the year. And I'm sure I'll do something at some point again. But I'm really locking it down for this point in time after this intake. So send me a massage. I'll give you all details in the overview. If it's for you, we can get you onboard. And if not, that's totally fine as well. Have an amazing rest of the day. Think about who you need to step in to becoming, to let it be so damn easy that all you've gotta do each day is wake up, be you, and then create everything that's inside of you. Have an amazing rest of the day. Like I said, don't forget, life is now. Press play.

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Yo, okay. Let's see where we're going to fix this thing up. Okay, could work. It's deathly quiet in here. Deathly quiet. Okay, here we are. Hello people of the world, peoples of the internet, come hang with me. Come chill with me. This is my car home, today I'm living homeless in my car. I'm super like gafrazzled okay I just did a little Germany thing.

I'm super frazzled. I'm going to cleanse it out of my body, and you are going to help me, oh yes indeed you are, but let's share this over. Let's share it over, let's share it over. Hey, Emory, hey Ruby, who else is with me? Wow, 19 people are already here. That's badass. I don't know who you all are though because it's not showing all your names. I'm just chilling here in the car park, I'm gonna go to yoga soon enough.

Hey Dawn, hey Cary, my nails are pink to match that little... No, they're not pink at all, I'm not colour blind. They are green, and they're matching this little bit of my tattoo that you can see in there that is green. I'm not looking at you 'cause I'm trying to figure out how to share this. And then my toenails are the exact pink that's in that tattoo. I just find it a supremely organised situation.

I didn't even do it on purpose, I'm just on brand as fuck all the time. I've got the restless energy in my body and I need to cleanse it from me, do you know what I mean? I've been in my car for like three and a half hours now. I'm in my car home, I live in my car now. My brother just said to me ... I was just on the phone with my brother, who works in my company with me, and I said "I've been in my car for like three hours." And he was like "You're homeless, you're a homeless person living in your car." And I'm like well it is a Mercedes, so it's not the worst sort of car for a homeless car person, if that's what I am.

Alright, alright, alright. I did my sharing thing. Here I am. I'm ready to go. Put that laptop away for now. Now, do you think... Okay, I'm going to try and set up this tripod so it's a little bit straighter. Let's see if I can figure this out for you. Okay, oh okay sorry I didn't mean to do that. The tripod is on a weird angle. Okay, I think we're done, no? We're still on an angle for sure. Okay, I want to get this tripod on so it's not on an angle, put it up a bit. Alright, so I've been in my car for three hours because I was at the shopping mall earlier today where I often hang out, like a mall rat. I just loved the movie Mall Rat so much that I decided to become a mall rat with a multimillion dollar business.It's the best, I can't lie to be honest with you.

Now I hang out at the mall a lot because one of the gyms that I train at is there. I have to have a gym membership at every possible gym on the coast so that I can go wherever I feel like going on the day. Then you know there's a cool coffee shop and there's lots of them... Let's turn this car on, it's too hot. So I hang out in the coffee shop writing my blog and stuff and then I jumped on the phone and then I just stayed on the phone. So, I couldn't drive my car back into the underground car park at my building where I live at because I was on the phone the whole time. Then next thing like three hours have passed and then I was like well, I might as well stay in the car and then just might as well drive up the yoga studio and yoga class is going to be on in 45 minutes now, so now I'm just hanging out here and I get to talk to you and I'm super excited.

I'm particularly excited... well I'm particularly excited for two reasons. Hey, hey Daniel, hey Leona, hey Adam, hey Gina, hi Natalie, Hi Tracey. Who else is here say hi? Two reason I'm excited, one of them is selfish and one of them is all about you. The selfish reason is I know I need to livestream before my head explodes because I've been sitting in the car for too long and I'm kind of I've been... My ass has been right here for like three straight hours, but I have been talking the whole time and having insane elevated conversations.

So, it's all been positive and powerful, but I'm like that's a lot of fucking sitting. So one reason that I wanted to livestream is to get my energy out, to cleanse it from me. So that when I go into yoga I am zen as fuck and ready to be present in all ways, shapes, and forms. By the way, yesterday I went to the theme park, one of them, because we've got lots here. I went to Movie Water on the gold coast.

I did that thing where you go upside down. You know, you sit in a thing that's roughly like a pirate-y sailboat, and then it swings way up and down and then way up and down. And then it goes way upside down, and then you hang upside down. So while I was hanging upside down, I did indeed require myself to open my eyes, not the first time upside down, I admit. I kept my eyes closed. And I held on to the things like that.

The second time when I went upside down, I was like now I will open my eyes. And I opened my eyes, and I just thought to myself, "I am zen as fuck right now". I was just like, I am meditating, I am calm, I could see my best friend Callie down there on the ground looking ... I was annoyed at her that she wasn't looking up at me in my zen, calm state whilst hanging up in the air. I was like, "See me? You should see me up here all zen and shit". But she didn't look up. Meanwhile, I just hung there upside down and I was so fucking proud of myself. My heart rate didn't raise at all even as it kept swinging itself around in circles. Mind you, when I went on the Scooby Doo ride, I was kind of terrified 'cause it was in the dark and I didn't know what was happening.

Okay, so then the second reason I wanted to livestream, reason number two, numeral [inaudible 00:06:03], whatever it is, [inaudible 00:06:06]. Reason number two is for you, it's not all about me. I mean it is the Katrina Ruth Show, so technically it's all about me, but it's actually not all about me. When it is all about me ... In fact, I'll give you a free tip. All the tips are free. You don't have to pay for any of them right now. You can pay if you want. You can send donations via PayPal Send donations. So far, I've never received a single PayPal donation in 12 years of online marketing, and I feel that that's actually a little sad if you think about it.

Someone should send me a dollar. Send me a dollar and a cookie, chewy chocolate chip cookie, preferably from ... What's that place called, where you get the food? Oh my god, it's on the tip of my tongue. They always have one conveniently near soul cycle. You know, you go and get your vegetables and your meat and stuff there every day. Ashley, what is it? We went there all the time. They had the best chocolate chip chewy cookies. I'm trying to get back on track.

Okay, second reason. Nailed it. Second reason. Tender Greens, exactly. Tender Greens for the win. Ashley wins a prize. The prize is working with me. You already have that prize. Byron Bay cookies, maybe, but in Byron Bay, they have the ... I don't like those Byron Bay cookies, no sir-ee. I'm sorry. They have the best gluten free brownies if you actually drive to Byron Bay, which is a novel idea. But most people are eating things with the label Byron Bay on it, like they know I'm going there. So you've got to go there. You've got to get ... You go down on the street, I don't know what street it is. Sorry, I can't really direct you there, but I know in my head how to get there. And they have the best gluten free brownies in the world. And they have chocolate ... White chocolate raspberry and gluten free brownies. They are to die for.

So I'll either take some of them plus a one dollar PayPal donation, or some chocolate chip chewy cookies from Tender Greens with a one dollar PayPal donation. Don't worry if you want to send more than a dollar, it's okay. Now if you want to make more than a dollar, and maybe you want to make millions of dollars on your terms always doing what you love only, then maybe you don't want to send me any donations at all and maybe you want to jump into the inner circle. Just an idea, but we'll talk about that another time.

Anyway, I'm getting there finally. I wanted to share something with you that I have found myself saying to at least 1300 people today, or maybe it's two or three but it feels like a lot. And that is about the freedom, the freedom, the fucking freedom that comes from knowing you're already there. Christine was definitely gonna mail me cookies. I think I look amazing with my hair on this angle by the way. It looks like a fake ponytail piece and it's not even. Alright, I'm pretty happy with my hair right now. I'm pretty happy with my confidence also, by the way. Yeah, I'll take the Bordeaux too. Send the Bordeaux and the cookies.

I should just get to enjoy my hair right now 'cause it's gonna get sweat-filled like a motherfucker in an hour and a half once I go in there. So the freedom. Freedom thing. I have said to at least three people today, if not 1333, "Do you realise that you're already free? Do you realise ...", Okay Leona, what do you need details of, the cookies? It's just [inaudible 00:09:41]. It's definitely on the corner of Second and something in Santa Monica, but there's one everywhere, or possibly you mean the inner circle, or is it the hair? Either way, message me. Big kind gestures. Oh my god, [inaudible 00:09:53], wait til you see the little skit that Matt and I made. Matt filmed for me the other day. He's editing them today. It's gonna be fabulous.

So the freedom thing. Okay, so let me ask you a question. It's coming. It'll come when it desires to come, because I thought I was gonna get to it about eight and a half minutes ago but I didn't get there yet. Here's the question. I'm kind of annoyed that I've got no more water right now. Do you think if I just stuck the water bottle out of the ground there it would fill with rain water? You're free already. Lisa says she's free.

Let's say, let's imagine that you believe in your own fucking message. Imagine such a thing. Do you think it's even possible that everybody here believes in their message? Probably not. Do you believe in your message? Do you believe in the truth and the power of what is inside your soul? Say "I" or say "Yes", say, "Love heart shower". Press your cat emoji sticker now, anyone that you like. Let's see them. Let's wait and see. I'm gonna wait for that. Yes, Rachel wins first. Send her a cookie. I have no interesting things in here. I really want some lip gloss. I think somebody ... I think that what happened is when I got my car washed that the car wash people took my Chanel gold lip gloss, that is my car lip gloss that sits down here. It's gone. Either that or somebody borrowed my car and stole my Chanel gold lip gloss. I've only loaned my car to men, so ... But maybe they did.

Carrie says yes. Alright, let's say you believe in your message, and two of you said yes. I don't know what's going on with the other 56 of you. And I didn't see a single love a hot shower or an emoji either, so I'm a little concerned for the self belief of the livestream people, or maybe it's just that you're too busy eating cookies and the emoji button is not working. Still only two of you, really? Is that what's going on here? What's happening? Where's the love heart shower if you believe in your message? You could just decide to believe right now.

So let's say you believe in your message. The next question is do you believe that you will automatically get there? Do you have faith that you will automatically create the vision that is inside of you, yes or no? Here they come. Thank you. Thank you for the love hearts. It's brightening up the blackness of this whole visual situation. Love heart and emojis and press play buttons everywhere, okay good. Absolutely. Let's say that you believe in your message and let's say that you also, additionally to that, you actually believe that it's fucking done.

Now today, on three different conversations that I can even remember which specific three people it was, and it might've been more than that though, people were telling me about their vision and their message and what they want to bring to life, right? And I was just sitting there, and it was so powerful. It even felt just extra more powerful. I can't react. Just react. You don't need to be an emotional stone. Just react out loud. Just dance and play in the wind, but maybe I won't be able to see it and that's what you mean. [inaudible 00:12:57] love hearts.

I just had you know two new clients on their first one on one calls with me and also one call where I was on with a friend. And in all three of those cases, and I think there was another client as well, where they were sharing their message and their vision, and I was just like holy shit. Do you feel how done it is what you're saying? Because I could feel their certainty and their truth and their fire as they were sharing their message and their vision with me. And you know sometimes people are a little less sure, and they want or desire or get to have that help and support kind of digging deeper and that's always cool as well. But in this particular case, every conversation that I had today, I was just like holy shit. You are so fucking sure of what you're saying to me. You know that this is what you're here to do in the world.

And I've got to say that is somewhat rare, I guess, for a new client conversation. Often times, it's a bit more uncertainty there at the start. But like I said, either way's fine. Everyone's got different areas where they're more sure and different areas where they maybe need more support. But like I said, I said, "Do you realise how done this is? What you just said felt so energetically, it's just already done. You know that this is real right? You know this is happening"? And I think one or two people responded where ... Two people responded and were like, "Yes!", and one person was like, "Yes"? Kind of like "Yes?", but yes, right?

From there I said, but do you understand what that means? 'Cause when you're already energetically done, like when you say this is what I'm gonna do and this is who I'm here to serve and this is the business and the life I'm gonna create, and you know and believe that it's done, do you understand what that means, Michelle Crawford? Response. And everybody else, but Michelle's is the most recent comment about that. What it means is that there is literally nothing you need to worry about, at all. Nothing. It means that you are already free because if it's energetically done, if it's already done internally, if you feel that and you know it, then it's only a matter of time, which is a very flexible and bendable thing anyhow, it is only a matter of time until the physical world catches up.

And is the physical world even real, or is the world inside you real? Actually far and beyond this whole situation here, am I even here, are you here, is this car here, is the yoga studio there? That's definitely gonna feel fucking real when I'm in the hot room, so maybe that's real. But the rest ... But that's an internal reaction anyway, is it even real? Like actually, the real world is the one inside. So if it feels done and you mean it, then you already got the result. Hello, right? Hello. You already got the result.

So if you already got the result, and if you feel it, then what would you need to worry about? Now maybe even you want more results, you want more tangible results. You're like, but I want to see the money in my bank account, and whatever else, right? Cool. But still, if it's energetically done and you're like it's so done and you actually mean that, then it means you have nothing to worry about. What does that mean? Leah Steele response. I'll keep talking anyway, but I like to hear your response.

I think this is my new thing, that I just call people out and that they should talk suddenly on command on my livestreams. And it's just kind of annoying to me that you're not immediately like promoted to speaker as soon as I state your name. That is the new update that I want on Facebook live. I want it to be that when I shout somebody's name out that a live camera instantly goes onto them wherever they are, whatever they're doing. They're in the fucking bath, they're cooking dinner, too bad. They're just suddenly there on the livestream. That would be amazing. Do you think it would drop my numbers down on my lives if you knew that you were suddenly gonna be a guest appearance with no warning?

Okay, what it means, what it means, what it means. What it means is you are already completely free to be in each moment and just live each moment from a place of pure connection and presence. I don't feel like the "ah" is the entire answer. The cat buttons are distracting. Just keep on smashing them. Hit em, hit em, hit em. Alright? People are arriving. Do you know I'm so impressed with myself that I got to the yoga studio an hour early, 'cause this place is getting popular as fuck and you can never get a car park. You have to hike from okay, like 30 minutes away, but it just feels annoying to me to not park right out the front. So now I'm like, this is my new system. I'm gonna turn up an hour early bitches. I'm getting the pole position every day. And then I'm just gonna livestream before the class, and then I'll walk into the class like levitating through the ceiling.

Hey, how are you Joanna, if you're already in there, who's teaching the class. If you're ... Okay, back on point. You're free. Okay, so let's say there was nothing you needed to worry about. Let's say you completely trusted and knew that it was done and knew that everything inside of you is gonna come to life, amen. Yes, thank you, goodnight. What that would mean in a practical sense, if there is indeed a practical world at all, which seems to be up for discussion, is it would mean ... I feel that you're evading and avoiding the question with your lawyerly tactics, I'm onto you. It would mean that you can just be like here I am, right here, right now, in this moment being me, just hanging out in the flow zone.

Earlier when I was on the phone chatting away for an extended period of time ... And then ... And he's in America. And then he was like, "What time is it for you anyway?" And I was like, "Two pm", and he's like, "Oh shit, this is the middle of your day. Did you want to be talking at this time of day?" Or like "It's the middle of your working day", or something like that. And I was like "Yeah, but" ... well, I already did a bunch of stuff earlier anyhow, but more relevantly, that's got nothing to do with anything. Working day is a very interesting topic, and I feel like my whole life is my working day, or none of it, either way.

But the big point that I kind of came to from that that I want to bring in here is I'm always exactly where I need to be and there is literally nothing else I need to do ever. This moment in time, where I'm meant to be is right here with you dancing around in the car. That moment in time, that was exactly where I was meant to be, on the phone. There was nothing else. There's no list. I deleted the fucking list. I did talk about last week. I'm gonna run a course. It's gonna be called "".

In the course, I will get you to send me a list, and then I'll burn it, or I'll maybe teach you how to do a ceremony, like a cleansing and closing of the list ceremony and a clearing and then a releasing and detoxification of the list, and then we'll have martinis. That'll be the course. It's gonna be 99$. Who wants to join? You can send PayPal donations if you want to join, or just send 99$ and then I'll tell you how to delete your list. It'll be worth a fuck load more than 99$ by the way. It should be 999. It's a bargain, a bargain. Of course, you could do roughly just what I already said and just send me the Bordeaux, it's up to you. Whatever works for you.

So you know, there's nothing I ever need to do. It's actually become real. I've said this for a while. It's one of my most powerful, fabulously, life transformative ... It sounds wordy, but it's still true, the best manifestation philosophies of all time is that there is never anything you need to do ... Lisa is signing up for the cause, she's signing up for, she's in. Who else is in? We can sell this course right now. I could just launch it right now.

I'm really enjoying my side angle. I think I'm gonna do all livestreams on the side. I think it's just the god glow that's coming through from the lights. Okay, enough. I'll stop. I know I'm being slightly annoying, maybe not. Just own it. Maybe you're not annoying at all.

So yes, here's the concept. There's never anything you need to do, but there's always action to take. I read this in a book once, and I was like ... My mind was instantly expanded to the heavens, to the heavens. Right? I was like what does that mean? What does it mean there's never anything you need to do but there's always action to take? Well, what it means is when you trust and you know that it's done ... This is kind of a boring prop, isn't it? What else have we got back here?

You know when they clean your car and then they just leave the little consoles and compartments not properly cleaned? Right. I've got a better prop. Alright, okay. This is what I'm rolling with. Okay. You know, I always say I'm Batman and I carry the Batman shaker all the time, and I feel like people don't believe that I'm really Batman, but somebody's got to be Batman you understand. I feel like this is way better than the water bottle.

I'm going down because the yoga people are gonna see me. My friends from yoga are all ... They're not even my close friends, they're just people I know at yoga and they're gonna be like, this chick seems like a normal chick normally when she's in the yoga class. Now the truth is gonna be uncovered. Right. There's nothing else very interesting back here. There's a badge, police badge. I don't think that's helpful. It's hard to see. See? Now you believe it, of course.

Where was I? There's no ... Oh my god, somebody's pulling up next to me. Actually, my windows are quite tinted. It should be okay. There's never anything that you need to do, but there's always action to take. It means when you fully trust and you know that it's done, you get to live your fucking life. I feel like Kiera understands this philosophy definitely. Thank you, Kiera. Definitely Batman, no question. I appreciate it.

I actually must say though that I met Batman yesterday at Movie World. He didn't seem to give me any particular code word or acknowledgement, but maybe he was triggered. You can live your life. What if you could just live your life now and be completely free? Imagine to yourself that you were completely done. Oh my god, bat dad is my new hashtag. Imagine to yourself that you were completely done and completely free and that there was nothing else you had to do, nothing you needed to worry about at all, nothing you needed to do. Like you're done. You're actually done.

I said to my friend on the phone earlier, I was like, "I'm actually done. I'm already ... Like I'm right here, right now with you. This is where I'm meant to be in this moment in time. I'm already done for today, but I'm actually done for my life", I said. "And therefore, from that place, I'm free to do whatever the fuck I want and be as creative as possible." And guess what else? I trust in myself that I will show up for my life and continue to create amazing things. A lot of people would be very scared to be done.

I love Bat dad. He's funny as anything. A lot of people would be very scared to be done because then they would be terrified that all they're gonna do if they didn't have a list of shit they're gonna do, all they're gonna do is sit around on the couch eating fucking cookies from [inaudible 00:24:05]. Not me. I'm not scared of the cookies at all. I'm also not scared of overeating them. I must admit I eat them on a pretty consistent basis when I'm in America.

I was like oh my god, somebody's trying to scratch their way through the roof of the car, but it's just my bat ear scratching the roof of the car up there. But I am a consistent person. I'm disciplined as fuck and I'm consistent in all areas. And when I'm in America, I'm consistently eating [inaudible 00:24:31] chocolate chip chewy cookies because they're fucking amazing. And it's also a fabulous way that I test out my own theories and philosophies on life, one of which is that I'm always in amazing shape no matter what I eat.

So I deliberately eat cookies, cookies, cookies, whenever I desire them, which is often enough, consistently enough. And then I remain lean, and then I'm like here you go bitches. Told you, if anybody asks, and they do sometimes. Otherwise, I just keep it to myself and eat them in bed. And when Callie shares the bed with me, she's like "Why is there crumbs in the bed"? And that's the entire story.

Imagine if you were free, right? Really imagine this. Feel into this. Feel the energy of being free. Imagine you're free to be a moon child and a bat girl and whatever you wanted. There was nothing you needed to do. I didn't do this livestream 'cause I'm like now I want to sell some shit. I was selling something anyway, right? That's whatever. It just happens. It would be so weird to not be selling. But I do what I desire to do ...

Lilly Badcock, are we gonna be doing a podcast interview tonight my time? I don't know if you replied yet. Can I do it as bat girl? You know, I just do what I desire to do, what feels fun and flow-based. Cat man, that is even better. Cat man? Can I be cat girl? Okay, now I'm bat girl, cat girl, I don't know. What do you mean which part of America you're in? What if I'm online Rachel? They definitely exist, but maybe 10 degrees is more of a California thing.

Imagine you were free. Would that be scary though or would it be exciting? Would you be willing to do that? It's not actually that you get to be free. The question is are you willing to allow yourself to be free? Because you can grant that to yourself right now in this very moment in time. That is the point that I'm trying to make, right? I really need a fucking pointing device. I'm gonna have to go back to the empty water bottle, either that or some sunglasses. It feels like I should have some sort of better props in this car, but it is what it is at this stage. I did the best that I could with what was available to me. I feel that I did okay.

Okay, alright. I don't know what's happening in your part of California, but just figure it out. They're the best cookies in the world. So would you be okay with it, right? 'Cause you can give yourself this permission right now. Most of you won't is the sad truth. You're gonna go, "Oh very well for you to say cat girl, bat girl, whoever you are, but I" ... This, this and this. Well guess what? I'm just gonna tell you straight up from the getup. That is your story. I had the same story for many moons, many moons. It was not a fun story to live in, but I continued to hold onto it relentlessly even though it didn't serve me. I was addicted to the story of struggle.

And then one day, I was just sick of the whole damn thing and I just decided to trust in myself. I decided to trust that I would do the right if I didn't have rules for myself. I decided to grant myself freedom. And it's a continual thing that I get to decide and step into. 'Cause I decided that shit years ago, but still the rules creep up upon you, and the list creeps up around you, and you put walls upon yourself.

I didn't mean other people's rules. I could give two fucks about other people's rules, right? But my own rules for myself, I would be so strictly bound ... For example, in years gone by, even something like my journaling, which obviously I swear by and love and adore, but earlier years, it would've been like I have to or else, or even [inaudible 00:27:55] yoga, which I'm about to go into. In earlier years, Kiera knows about this for sure, was I have to or else, or else I'll gain weight or freak out or have an anxiety attack or be a bad person somehow.

Now, I go when I desire to and that is it, period, the end. I never go out of scarcity to yoga, to the gym, to my journal, to anywhere. I follow flow and desire. So that's one example of how I got rid of rules, right? But continually they creep up and continually you just bat them on away like a bat girl, cat girl, whoever you are. And you notice it and you catch it. For me, it's such a big shift to step into this realisation. And I just dropped into it again over this past week or so in a deeper way, and I've had this conversation with several people today like I said, of holy shit. If you actually believe in what you say you believe, and you believe and know that it's done, then it means that you're already free. It means that you're completely free, that you are free to live your life, that you've got your whole life right now, that you've got everything.

And if I'm free, then all I've got to do is exactly what I desire to do. Okay Patrick, you missed the best part of the conversation, and there was a very important reason why I had to put the bat girl mask on. So you're gonna have to watch the replay, alright? Now, we're into the serious bit though. The fun is over. The fun is over, but the mask is on now and nobody needs to see what's going on with this mask. It'll be too crazy for anyone. Okay, preaching. Exactly, Lilly, that is right.

If you're already free right here and right now in this moment, then all that you've got to worry about is, well, nothing at all. There's no fucking worry. It's literally just what do you desire to do in this moment in time? You scrolled and no mask, came back and mask is on. That's what happens. You just manifested bat girl. Ashley, where are you? Are you still in Hawaii? What is your house in Santa Monica gonna be like? Because we're all coming and we're gonna have a massive party there. It's gonna be a costume party, and then we're gonna do that fucking hip hop music video that I said we were gonna do. That is what's happening. Yes, yes it is. Maybe Patrick will even come to that, and you can be in the video. In Hawaii. I need to go to Hawaii. I'm trying to get back on topic.

Imagine you were free, and imagine that you could do exactly what you wanted to do all the time. Do you think you'd do a good job? That is the question, right? That is the only question that I have for you today, apart from every other question that I asked you before. But that's the only real question that's important and serious. Do you think that you would do a good job? Do you think that you would do a good fucking job of living your life or alternatively, do you imagine to yourself ... My ears are getting crunchy up there.

Do you imagine to yourself that you need to have rules and structure, that you can't be trusted, that you're not gonna be successful in your life if you don't have rules? If you don't have structure, if you don't have all these boundaries, and like I've got to live my life in a certain way like it's a freaking military organisation instead of getting to flow. Because I fully know and believe and understand that when I come from flow, everything works. Everything works, alright? Everything.

Ashley says my house is gonna be amazing 'cause I've decided. Everyone is invited, but you've got to [inaudible 00:31:03]. Ace can be in the video. I feel like he would be super badass gangster as a bat dog in the video. Okay, he can just be himself. He doesn't even have to dress up. He can just be regular old Ace. So wait, what was I up to?

I mean I feel like the whole point of the whole damn point is that everybody wants to get to freedom. Everyone wants to get to where they can live their lives, where they can wake up every day, do whatever the fuck they want, connect with whoever they desire, you know just have an amazing cool time. I used to write in my journal over and over and over again. I would write all I want to do is I want to inspire and motivate and educate and empower people to live their lives purposefully and to press play, and I want to hang out with badass cool people online. That is literally what I would write over and over again. I want to inspire, educate, motivate and empower and I want to hang out with cool, badass people online. And offline as well, but I was thinking in terms of my business.

And then I would think, but how do I do that? What are all the things that I've got to do? What are all the building blocks and the stepping stones so that I can get to that place? And it just seemed so endless. And for as long as I said that there was this list of shit that had to be done or these blocks that I had to climb, then there was, right? 'Cause I continued to create them in front of me. And it literally took me years to figure this shit out to where I now know and understand it was all just like a hallucination or ... Nothing wrong with that, but it was all just a made up idea in my head. I was just creating this stairway in front of me in my head. It wasn't even a stairway to heaven. It was a stairway to nowhere. It was just one of those revolving fucking stairways that when you think you got to the top it just keeps going.

And finally I was like, if I just got off the freaking stairway, and there was nothing in front of me and nothing I had to do, I could actually be here now. And because what I desire to do is to inspire, motivate, educate and empower people and hang out with badass, cool people online, then that is what I'm gonna do. And funnily enough, not funny at all, that's what makes me the fucking money, gives me the flow ... He's called Ace, not ice. A-C-E. Makes me the money, gives me the flow, gets me the body results, calls in my cool as fuck soulmate clients and friends and people in my life right? All of that actually just comes from me being who I am.

Who would you be if you were free? That is the question you must ask yourself today. Who would you be if you were already free? If you can answer that, you just got your whole life. You just got the answer to everything, everything. You already know everything. I said this today earlier as well. It's so true. I already know everything. You already know everything. We all already know everything. You know everything. If you realised that you already knew everything, then what the fuck would you be doing? You'd be being you. And guess what? As much as maybe you're scared that you're gonna be somebody who wastes their life and lives a lazy life or you know, a destructive life or non fit feeling life, you know what? It's not who you are. You at your laziest or you at your most non pushing, whatever that is, you're gonna show up because it's who you are.

You know, I said to one of my clients today, I was like, "What are you doing when you're most in flow and you're just being fully you and you're having the best time ever in your life"? "Tell me what that activity is for you". And she was like, "Oh, learning and growing". I'm like, of course, right? None of us here got to worry that we're gonna accidentally sit on the couch for the rest of our lives and get fat if we don't have a list and a bunch of rules and a stairway to freaking nowhere that we think we've got to climb endlessly in order to get results. What are you actually scared of here? Who are you? You know who you are is your core. I'm batman, you can't be batman. I'm just letting you know, okay?

So who are you? That's my question. Who are you at your core? If you had no rules, if you had no boundaries, then who would you be? You know who I would be? Whoever the fuck I want to be each day, whatever comes out, whichever angle of the Katrina fucking Ruth show is turning up, that's who I'd be. What would I talk about? Who the hell knows. Whatever pops out of my tiny little head. Okay, it's not that tiny really at all. My normal sized head. Whatever pops out. What would I sell? Whatever I fucking feel like. Alright?

And actually, roughly that is what I do. I be whoever I am each day, I say whatever I want to say each day, I sell whatever's coming out of me. It's my entire structure, and from that chaos an empire has indeed been created exactly as I blogged about today. Make sure you read my blog if you didn't read it already. And then in between, I do the other things I feel like doing, like I talk to cool people, I go to yoga class, whatever it is that I do. It's all just flow, it's all just trust. I'm not worrying how many fucking workouts I've got to do each week to get a result, I'm not worrying how many freaking livestreams I've got to do or what sales presses I've got to have in place to sign up new clients.

I just deleted all the worries. I just deleted them. Sometimes they're like little teeny, invisible ninjas and they keep trying to come back, and then you've got to delete them again. That's fine. I've got no problem. I'll keep on swinging. I think that's all. I think I might be done. What's happening here? There's a whole dog stream going on here.

So to bring it back around, well I already said many times I'm Batman. I've been carrying the shaker around for ages. I feel like people didn't believe it. I feel like you guys just thought I was trying to be Batman like a want-trepreneur Batman. A ... I can't think of a good way to word it, want to be Batman? I don't know. I could think of a better way if I had more time. What else was I gonna say? Yeah, so then I had to show you that I really am Batman. Okay, okay.

Do you know what I'm on the lookout for? Badass as fuck ... I was gonna say bat girls, but I feel like I could possibly bear to let this conversation go. I am on the lookout for women and men who are exactly like me, the 1% within the 1% revolutionary, badass as fuck, creatives, hustlers, leaders ... Okay I'm nearly ... I don't know what's happening here. I'm nearly presenting this livestream on some kind of sideways oblique angle. I think I'm still trying to hide in case yoga people see me.

1% within the 1%, revolutionary creatives, hustlers, leaders, entertainers. You got to be an entertainer, otherwise I don't even know what you think you're doing hanging out here because when you're in the inner circle, which is what I'm trying to talk about ... Like the hip hop thing I mentioned earlier, this is like initiation shit that's just required. Okay, I can't tell you all the details 'cause that's the whole point of it being a secret initiation is that it's a secret, but you get the idea. Shenanigans are not optional, they're required. And you may or may not ... Yes, no I won't even say what I was gonna say 'cause it ... Well, it's okay to scare people ... Because it's more fun to be secretive.

I'm here to call in the most amazing creatives and entrepreneurs and leaders in the world. I've created the most badass and hottest mastermind on the freaking internet for insanely crazy as fuck entrepreneurs and creatives. We have the most incredible time ever. We have our next retreat coming up in July in LA. It's inner circle only. But meanwhile, we're hanging out every single day in the inner circle group with our weekly mastermind hot seat calls and you and me on one one. That's what the inner circle is about.

What I'm doing at the moment is opening up and inviting applications and message inquiries for the inner circle. If you feel like you would want to work with me at the absolute highest level and indeed step into your true inner bat girl, or whatever it is that's inside of you, or whatever it is that comes through each day, message me about that. Because what goes on in that group, I've actually been pretty secretive about and not in a bat girl secretive way, just in a weirdly reverse ego kind of way where I don't really talk about client results much.

You may have noticed that over the last week or so I've started to post client results pretty consistently. That is a new thing that you're gonna start to see more and more. Every day I'm receiving messages from clients with massive life changes, not just in business and in money, but in all areas of life. And I've been somewhat rudely and selfishly keeping that stuff to myself and to the group of clients who are in the inner circle. And I'm gonna now start launching it all over the internet, proudly waving that flag. And I'm gonna invite the right people to come and join us.

If you think that might be you, well I didn't really give you much detail about it, but I can give you more detail, message me on my personal page and I'll send you an overview of who we are and what we do. And then we'll figure out what next. I think that might be all. I think it might be time to go into class. The doors are open. People without masks on are in there. Hello, world.

Okay, that's it. Over and out. Over and out from the cat-mobile. I've had a fun time. Thank you for helping me come back down to Earth and then levitate the fuck up again. Go set yourself into absolute press play fucking alignment, purpose, and whatever else it is that you desire. You can give that to you now. You can give that to yourself now. Life is now. Press fucking play. Bye.

Speaker 1: I did that thing just then. I totally did that thing just then.

Speaker 1: I'm very happy to be here, and live streaming, but I definitely still did the thing. I'm gonna admit it. Not the hair adjustment thing. I mean, I did the hair adjustment thing, obviously. I always adjust my hair. It's only professional. Hey, hey. Hey to everybody. Say hi if you're jumping on. Make sure I know you're there. Doesn't always tell me you there, you know.

Speaker 1: I don't really care for chilled red wine. I find it a little bit low-key, low vibe, or something, but ... That's interesting. But if you don't put it in the fridge in Bali, you're kind of screwed.

Speaker 1: So, the thing I did was, I really just sat here. I don't know if you do this on a live stream. Who live streams? Who even live streams? Tell me if you're a live streamer. Are you a live streamer?

Speaker 1: By the way, if you live streamed once in 2017, I don't know if you technically would desire to call yourself a live streamer. I mean, you can call yourself whatever you want.

Speaker 1: Tell me if you live stream. Put your hands up. Don't do that. I won't be able to see you. Send ... Do it if you like. Don't let me tell you what to do. I saw a great meme the other day that said, "I hate to be told what to do unless I'm naked, and then it's fine." I was like, "Well, technically ... " I mean, depending on the situation.

Speaker 1: Anyway, the thing that I did, that I'm vaguely getting to, was I really just sat here. And I was like, "I really don't have anything to say. I really don't think that I've got anything to say. I've got 33 minutes before I've gotta call with fabulous Haley." 31 minutes now. Set your timers up, they're ready, and let's see what we can achieve in 31 minutes. I think it's gonna be amazing.

Speaker 1: Hey Mandy Holland. Hi to everybody whose name I didn't say. So far, Mandy's the only one. Sometimes it goes like that. I'm sorry. Sometimes I say everybody's name, sometimes nobody's name, sometimes randomly one person gets me overly excited.

Speaker 1: I'm always excited by Mandy because there's such a cool story. I'm always excited by everyone in different ways for different stories, but you'll love the story of Mandy Holland, in particular, because one time I was here in Bali. This one time at band camp in Bali, and I came out from the gym, and Mandy was sitting there, well, I didn't know she was Mandy yet, so we'll call her woman. Woman was sitting there with my ... Oh, there she is. There's Haley. I just announced her, and she just appeared. I manifest people. I said I've got 31 minutes before my call with the fabulous Haley, but now she's here on the live stream. I just manifest people, bitches. Write that down.

Speaker 1: So, anyway, I came out and Mandy, who I didn't know was Mandy, so we'll refer to her as woman, was sitting in the kiddie pool at the hotel that we were at, and her children were there, and my children were there, and she was having a conversation with [Enzo 00:03:31]. I was on holiday with [Enzo 00:03:33] the father of my children, but we were already separated, but we looked, for all intents and purposes, like a regular, normal family. I remember thinking, like I felt self-conscious ... no, it was ... some sort of self-consciousness, probably, because I often do, whether or not I have a justifiable reason for it.

Speaker 1: Hello, introvert insecurities. That kind of mixed with, I felt like, slightly disgruntled, at the idea that this woman, who I didn't know yet, would assume that I had this happy nuclear marriage and family because, obviously, she was having a nice conversation with the person who appeared, for all intents and purposes, to be my husband. I kind of felt that need where I needed to make an announcement, and be like, "Just so everybody's clear of their roles here ... "

Speaker 1: This sounds bad, right, but this is how I felt like I need to say, "This is not what it appears to be. We're not a couple. We're not happily married. I don't even know where to roughly go with this." But then, anyway, I could see that he wanted to sort of introduce me, and I'm gonna be brutally honest here, and it's not gonna paint me in the best possible light, but I was kind of like, "Please don't introduce me," 'cause I really hate to talk to random people that I've never met before.

Speaker 1: Mandy-boo, what's up? Mandy's are everywhere. In Bali, in particular. So, I was kind of like, "Please don't introduce me. I don't wanna end up sitting here in the pool making small talk to some random mother at the pool." I sound like an asshole, but I feel like people can relate. Tell me if you can relate, so that I don't feel quite as asshole-ish. Mandy said she felt the same way about me. She hated me on first sight. Okay, she didn't say that. I'm just paraphrasing.

Speaker 1: She probably felt the same way because now we know what sort of people we both are, we both understand each other, but I'm sure she was like, "Oh, god. Now I'm gonna have to talk to this dude's wife. Really?" Anyway, so we made slight chitchat, and I think I was still ... no. Was I breastfeeding? I feel like I was breastfeeding on those daybeds that sit in the pool, in that kiddie pool, but I'm probably remembering that from all the times I've been at that hotel and have breastfed on those daybeds. 'Cause I don't think I was breastfeeding in June last year, which is roughly when it was. No. I wasn't.

Speaker 1: Alright. Anyway, I'm just inventing bits into the story. It's what I do. But I was sitting on the daybeds, and I was kind of playing with the kids, and then you know we did that thing where you're being totally polite and friendly, but hoping that you don't have to speak to each other, so little bits of conversation ... And then, I don't know what it was that Mandy said, but something about purpose, or something about something like that, right? You tell me if you remember. Not everybody else because you guys, I'm talking to Amanda Holland right now.

Speaker 1: I just remember, I can remember the feeling. I remember that moment of kind of like, "Oh," an awareness, right, or a recognition, a soul recognition, like "Oh, shit. This is one of my people." I was like, "Wow. Out on the lease in the real world." One who I didn't already know from the internet exists in human space and time. It's relatively unheard of, I think you'll agree.

Speaker 1: So I got super overexcited. Then, I don't know, we just launched into an amazing, incredible purpose-driven conversation. It was actually ... Okay 'cause this is gonna sound extra weird now, but early on this evening, I was thinking of that moment when you meet somebody in a romantic sense, who is "oh my god," and that moment of soul recognition, where you're like, "Oh, shit. There you are." It was like that, but in a non-romantic way, right. Well, it was very romantic 'cause it was Bali, and it's always romantic, but in a friendship sort of way. It was like, "Oh my god, this woman is like me. She's like us."

Speaker 1: You said, "I don't wanna do life the way you have been ... " She said, "I don't wanna do life the way I have been anymore." Right. And then we just blew up to this conversation, and it was just like, as you can imagine, like, " ... ," but then, get this, then the relationship stuff came out, and we were both in like basically the same sort of parallel situation where we were both there with our families that were not actually what they necessarily appeared to be from the outside looking in, and both of us had been thinking the same thing. It was mind expanding, you guys. Mind expanding.

Speaker 1: I try not to say mind blowing because it means you can't take anymore information into your mind. Your mind is beautiful, and should get to have more information, so mind expanding. Right, we were both there with our children, but with our ex-husbands, looking like happy families, both of us feeling like, "Well, I kind of want people to know that this is not what it ... " Why do you need people to know, but you do. Right. So, then, obviously, we connected on Facebook. I think I just gave my Facebook details, and then, they were leaving off for the airport.

Speaker 1: Mandy was leaving for the airport, so obviously checked me out later, and now here she is, nearly a year later, but has participated in several of my programmes. We talk all the time on messenger. Part of the freaking online tribe, but when we first connected, we had no mutual friends in common. Now let's just go, just for the purposes of obviously everybody needs to know, let's see how many mutual friends we do now have in common. I just find it the best story ever. I just think it's the most incredible story ever. I mean, anybody can make friends on the internet, but what kind of person goes around meeting people in real life? It's unheard of. It's unheard of. So, anyway, that was a rather long winded way of describing why I got so excited when I saw Amanda Holland come on the live stream. 20 mutual friends. I feel like we could increase that. I feel that could definitely go up, probably as a result of this live streaming [inaudible 00:09:08] Everybody go and follow Mandy. She's very beautiful, and very inspiring. It's true. Powerful messenger.

Speaker 1: Alright, let's talk about faith, or something. Hello to everybody else who I love and adore dearly, but who I did not in fact meet in a pool in Bali, and so therefore don't have quite such the romantic story about. Okay, what was my topic. Faith mode activated. Activated, and for some reason that's know only to my subconscious mind, and maybe even not that. I chose to put a little ... what is that thing? Is it a bomb? Is it a landmine? What is that emoji that's there? I don't know what it is, but it felt explosive and powerful.

Speaker 1: Here's the thing about faith mode, I'm gonna tell you some things about some things. I have no idea what they'll be, but I trust that they'll be fabulous. The thing about faith mode is, it's so cool. This is so cool. You're gonna get so excited when you hear what I have to say. You're gonna realise that everything you've been worrying about is not remotely relevant. Not relevant at all. It is a bomb. Do you think that's good, or not good?

Speaker 1: We're gonna go with good because I already put it there, and I'm planning on changing it. It means blowing shit up in a good way, I suppose. You can't say "blowing shit up" on the internet, you know. I tried to put it in a blog post title once, and Facebook wouldn't even let me post it. So apparently you can use an emoji though.

Speaker 1: Alright. You're gonna get very excited when I tell you what I have to say. The reason the you're gonna get very excited about it is it's gonna give you tremendous reassurance and peace of mind. Tremendous reassurance and peace of mind. Hello Rashida. Okay, we've already acknowledged two people so far on this live stream, but she did directly say, "Hey, Cat."

Speaker 1: Okay, [inaudible 00:10:55] earlier on. Alright. I can just kind of enter some sort of networking event momentarily. What if we did networking, but we did it in a really cool, badass way? What do you think that would look like? I think it would look roughly like the comments in my live stream, so feel free to talk amongst yourselves. That happens all the time anyway. I'm never quite certain whether that's a good reflection on me, or a not so good reflection on me, when I see people chatting amongst themselves in the comments while I'm live streaming.

Speaker 1: And I'll tell you something that's potentially not the best reflection on me, but maybe it is. One of my inner circle clients, Ashley O'Donnell, she won't mind if we talk about her. Hey, hey. Hey people who are jumping on. Let's tag in Ashley O'Donnell. Let's see if Facebook let's me tag her in. Does it not want to? What? What's happening? Alright. Somebody tag Ashley O'Donnell in, and tell her I'm talking about her 'cause it won't let me tag her, motherfucker.

Speaker 1: Anyway, so I was on the phone to her last night, she's one of my private clients, and she said how the night before she was so happy to be talking to me one-on-one, yesterday because we did our inner circle weekly hot seat call that we do, and how she jumped on to listen to the inner circle hot seat call, and then promptly fell asleep, and it put her to sleep. So she just didn't know whether it was any good or not, and I was like, "Well, I feel like this is probably about the fourth time that you've told me that being on a hot seat call in inner circle has made you fall asleep." I mean, I do do them quite often late at night, Australia time, but I'm like, "I'm not so sure if that's a good thing that I could be advertising about the inner circle, that I will indeed help with your sleep problems, or ... It doesn't necessarily sound ideal."

Speaker 1: But there must be something about my soothing, shouty tones that, for people who know me very well, that it just lulls them off in a bedtime sort of fashion. Because, really, we speak about incredibly outrageous, and soul shifting transforming, things.

Speaker 1: Alright, but I'm gonna come back to the topic, the topic, the topic. Here's where I'm ... Here's how I'm gonna reassure you. I'm gonna remind you of things you already know. Anyway, I've got nothing to tell you at all that you don't already know. Why would I want to?

Speaker 1: You know when you worry? You know when you worry? You know when you worry about are you ever gonna get that thing that you really want, or the business, obviously? It's a good obvious one. Or the money, or I think more like fulfilment, and living your life purposefully, and being on path, and feeling that you're doing what you're fucking meant to be doing. You know, when you start to get into maybe some sort of a fear, or a doubt mindset, or a yeah, like even a deep sadness can come up, like "Well, but what if I don't? What if where I am now ... "

Speaker 1: Let's say you feel stuck now, or you feel like you're not where you wanna be. Maybe you feel frustrated, or angry, or just like hardened, or whatever it is, right. All the emotions all mixed together. Then, something starts to come over you, and starts to get you a bit, and you start to feel like, "What if this is as good as it's gonna get? What if actually my fears are true and this is where I'm gonna end up?"

Speaker 1: I used the word "activated" today on a message to somebody, and said, "You're activated," 'cause it's a thing that I think all the time, like "You've been activated." Then I thought, "Well, it's an important topic to talk about because the concept of being activated, well nobody else can activate you. Maybe somebody else can play a part. They can ignite a spark, or a fire, maybe I get to be that person for you in some way, shape, or form, which is super cool, and I'm excited if so.

Speaker 1: But, nobody else can activate you. You're the one who chooses to activate yourself. What it means is, that you already chose out of the other life, right. The other school of life. The other way of doing it. The normal people way of doing it, or whatever we wanna call it when we're having fun and games, and you know, talking about being normal or not normal. It's doesn't mean, though, that you're supposed to already have it all figured out, or be perfect.

Speaker 1: I think that, when you've chosen this life, as an entrepreneur, as a person who's actively designing, creating their life, that it's actually a huge trap. It's a huge trap, and it's a bondage, to get caught up in "where am I supposed to be that I'm not yet? Maybe I'm gonna get stuck here, or maybe I'm gonna somehow screw it up, and maybe I'm never gonna figure out what I really wanna do," and all these really normal thoughts that we all have.

Speaker 1: But what if you knew for sure that everything that you want and desire inside of you is not only available, available for you, available now, or you wouldn't see it and feel it inside of you, but also that it's a done fucking deal? Because here's what I believe, and this is where I wanna just speak about this, I believe that you either believe, or you don't. I believe that belief is finite. There's no half believing. People might say they believe to whatever degree, but that just means they don't believe.

Speaker 1: I think that your results, and what you create into your life, is in direct response to the level of your faith, and the level of your belief, and you finitely believe to whatever point you finitely believe, right. So, if you think about it ... And if you've jumped on now, I'm sorry, but you missed all the entertainment side of things. You missed the shenanigans. We're just straight into the sermon now.

Speaker 1: One other thing I will mention to you is, I'm flaking like a ... What's the thing that's not a snake, but it flakes and it loses it's skin? Is it a salamander? I feel like I made that word up. Is that even a real word? I'm shedding my skin. What things shed their skin? Yesterday night, last night, I went to dinner with my amazing badass client, Mandy Perry, who I think is here on this live stream, or she was [inaudible 00:16:48] I came back from the bathroom, and I was like, "What is all this shit that's all over the place? It was all over the bathroom. Did I walk through a forest?" And they were like, "It's your skin." It's all the new tattoos down my back. They're flaking everywhere. It's itching me like crazy, that's why I'm just feeling myself up on the side here. I need to know what that word is. What is that beast, or animal, or little thing that flakes? Let's look it up. Then we can continue uninterrupted with the ...

Speaker 1: What flakes? I don't think that's gonna get ... Okay, that does not help me. When you type into Google "what flakes". Yeah, it is from the tattoo. That's what I meant. It is a real word, and I think there's a salamander emoji. But do salamanders flake? Okay, if you type "what flakes" into Google, and you're thinking of something that sheds your skin, you're not gonna get an answer. I already figured that out for everybody.

Speaker 1: What sheds its skin? I need to know what this word is. Exoskeleton. Snake. What type of animal sheds its skin? What the fuck? Chameleon, tarantula, mangrove. No, there was a way cooler animal that I was thinking of. I've got all the band-aids and all the oils on me, but I'm just on that like day four situation. Alright, I'll try to get back on hand. I will try because I know nobody really wants to hear about my flaky skin, and if you do, it's slightly odd, to be perfectly honest with you, but I appreciate the interest none the less.

Speaker 1: So, belief is finite, right. This is what I have to remind myself of all the time because I go into the craziest of crazy shit inside of my head. Crazy. Next level crazy. I get into freak out, panic [inaudible 00:18:29] mode about certain things. Not too much with business stuff, but it still happens from time to time, but other areas of my life. It used to happen all the time with business.

Speaker 1: You go down that spiral, and that thing of, "Oh my god, but what if what I feel inside me is not real, and what if I do never bring it to life, and what if I get continually caught up spinning my wheels in this old situation where I'm kind of feeling frustrated, or I'm feeling like I'm not doing what I'm meant to be really doing, or why are other people getting ahead and I'm not," or whatever. Then I remind myself, "Hello. Hang on. Either I believe, or I don't believe." That's it. Period. The end. It sounds so simple, but the simple things are always the most powerful truths. I think that's true.

Speaker 1: So, if I believe then when I'm freaking the fuck out, or when you're freaking the fucking out, then all that is required is for you to emotionally kind of put that aside, and then come back to "Yes, but do I believe?" So, from that place, generally, there's some sort of sense of calm that comes over you. It's a reminder. It's a reminder from your soul. It's like, "Okay, yes, I actually do believe." Nothing fucking matters anymore because you just know. You've connected to your soul and what you know. One thing that my closest friends and I say, repeatedly ... My closest several friends, which is like a small group of my inner circle friends and then my inner circle clients as well. One thing my clients, and my friends and I, say over and over again is probably a saying that I either say myself every single day, 10, 15, 20 times, or that I hear my clients or friends say over and over again is "Your soul always knows."

Speaker 1: Even today I've seen several clients post something that's included that exact saying. I've had several conversations over audio where that saying is being expressed to me, or I've expressed it to somebody. So, I feel that we all just kind of keep reminding ourselves of this, back and forth, depending on who kind of needs to hear it. This is me reminding you right now. You're soul always knows. You do know. You just fucking know what you're destiny is, and what's gonna happen, and what's meant to happen. Exactly. Doris says it's calm certainty. That's the perfect way to describe it.

Speaker 1: But in order for that to happen, in order for you to get to that place of calm certainty, thank you Doris, of knowing and feeling that just peace, and that "of course," of course I can drop the drama. Of course I can drop the sorrow. Of course I can come back to, "Okay, cool. Well, what action am I gonna take? What feels good for me to do?" In order to do that, there's really only one thing you need to do. It's that you need to decide to believe. You know, I feel like a lot of people think that belief is something that happens upon you at a certain stage in your journey, like at a certain point in time you're gonna start to be a believer. At a certain point in time, you'll maybe gather enough evidence, or enough proof, or enough validation, or feedback, or something, to where you can then say, "Oh no. Now I do believe because this and this and this and this and this happened. Statistically and logically, it's gonna mean this and this and this will continue on."

Speaker 1: That's not how belief works. I feel really grateful that I grew up in a Christian household, which was a positive experience for me, and that I was indoctrinated into faith and belief, and I feel that ... well, I know. I don't feel, I freaking know, and most people who know me well know, that many of the things that I teach and preach online have some sort of brutal foundation things that I learned from church, even though I'm not teaching them church sense, but teaching about faith, and about purpose, and about enlightenment, and certainly connection back to God, as well, at the same time.

Speaker 1: What I learned about faith growing up, and what I learned about belief, is that it's in the unknown to whatever degree, or in the mystical, or ... Faith is not based on, it's not supposed to be predicated on, here's a list of things, or a sack of things, that I can put together, and if I've got these certain things in place, and I've proven such and such, then that means that I can have faith, or that I can believe. No, it's actually just the motherfucking choice. Maybe it's based on more things for some people than for other people, right. Maybe some people take longer, and they feel like, "Well, I need proof, and I need to know this and this and this, and I need 29,000 fraking case studies, and then I will consider believing in your thing."

Speaker 1: If you're that potential person, as a client, mosey on along. Mosey over there. Mosey. Snake mess. Okay, just popped on my personal page, and I see Amanda Perry has sent snake mess. Oh, that's right. We had a snake mess everywhere at dinner last night, didn't we? It was quite ... Well, I feel like it was beautiful for everybody. I don't know if you guys appreciated it as much as me. It was kind of gross.

Speaker 1: Alright. You know that you don't know, and you'd be okay with that. That's exactly right. Fiona? I don't know. Fiona? Fina? Fiona? I'm going with Fiona. Correct me, though, if you like.

Speaker 1: The whole damn point is that you choose to believe. "So, faith is knowing without the knowing how," says Mandy. Yes. Put in your descriptions of faith people. I'd like to see them.

Speaker 1: Well, some people wanna have a whole list of case studies and examples and reasons to where they can finally decide that they will tentatively and cautiously choose to be a believer. That's not fun for anybody. I don't think that's fun for the person who does it. I don't know. I did say perfectly, good. I don't think it's fun for the person who does it. I don't know 'cause I'm not that person, but it sounds kind of exhausting to be perfectly honest with you. It's definitely not fun for the people who have to put up with that person as a mentor, or a coach. Like, if you've experienced this, which I have in years gone by, it's exhausting and painful and frustrating to have a client who can continually wants evidence in advance of every fucking move that they make, and it's also counter ... it's counterproductive. It's set up to fail. It's not possible, for me personally, to help somebody who feel that that is the approach because it's not my approach. I can't help anybody who wants to go based on ... like they need 79,000 fucking research papers before they make a move 'cause I never did that.

Speaker 1: I went from intuition and faith and flow, and in fact, any time I went against that, it didn't fucking work, so my role as a mentor is to help people access what's already inside of them. No, not to tell them some fucking thing that I could put on a pdf and give away as an option on the internet. They can go download that shit somewhere else.

Speaker 1: The answers are always inside, but in order to access that, you have to make a decision. In order to access it, and in order to live according to that, and to create the results, you've gotta live a faith based life. I live a faith based life, in all areas, as best as I can, and it's a continual process, obviously, of checking in, tuning in, connecting back to soul, connecting back to purpose, connecting back to higher power, connecting into what is actually true and real. What would I be doing, or saying? What action would I be taking this moment, if I was coming from faith.

Speaker 1: So, it's not always just like, boom, boom, boom, automatic. Sometimes it is. Sometimes it's not. Either way, that's the place that I choose to create my life from. That all started with whatever point in time, or I'm gonna say multiple points in time along the journey, where I activated faith. It was not that I got to a certain point in my business, or with money, where I then felt safe to live in faith. Alright? This is the distinction. This is where you gotta flick that switch, or flip to the other side of the coin, or whatever analogy you want to use to explain this. It seems to me, when I notice, or pay attention to, how people are going about doing things ... which I do in a kind of removed fashion where I just kind of absorb it from the collective fucking pain body that's out there in the entrepreneur world.

Speaker 1: If I tune into that, not that I'm like looking individually at what people are up to, unless they're speaking to me, generally, so I kind of just tune in to the collective energy of the entrepreneur space, which I'm gonna say is largely a collective pain body for most of them out there. Not us necessarily. That's what I feel. That's what I notice. That people are out there looking to get to a certain point where they can then feel safe to believe. It's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. I did that, though. I did it for whatever period of time. I did it very poorly because, like I said, I never did the whole "let me get evidence and proof and research papers in advance before I make a move." It was more that I kind of thought that I should do that, but I never did it because I was just lazy as fuck, I guess, or more so that my inner self knew that that wasn't the answer, so I was protective as fuck.

Speaker 1: Alright. Yet people are still out there looking to get to a certain point where they can prove to themselves, or prove by observing other, or prove whatever, that it's safe to believe. You can't look for safe to believe. It's a decision and a choice. That's all it is, plain and simple. You can make it right here in this moment, if you've not made it before, which is, "I'm gonna activate faith mode. I'm gonna activated my own inner power. I'm gonna activate purpose." However you wanna say it. I like to say, "Living by faith" because that, to me, encompasses soul, and connection to higher power, connection to God, connection to what's inside of me. I could also say, "Living upon my soul, or from my soul." That faith is a huge part of it because it is about "I'm gonna step forward in faith. I'm gonna take action, even without being able to see the ground in front of me." That's what it means.

Speaker 1: So for me, how I got to that place was quite honestly I just got fed up. I just got fed up with not backing myself and what I believe in. Actually, one of my good friends messaged me today, and he said ... He actually asked, "What shifted you to an aggressive Cat, or why do you feel your soul moved that way?" The reason he said aggressive Cat is I'd referenced him in a pervious conversation to do with, "Can you swear on amazon?" I said, "Well, my earlier books didn't really have curse words in them because I think that that was pre-aggressive Cat." Then he's kind of randomly come back to that conversation today and said, "What shifted you to aggressive Cat, or why do you feel your soul moved that way?" I said, "Because I got fed up with not living for what was inside of me. I had a fuck this shit moment." That's my reply right here in front of me on WhatsApp.

Speaker 1: That was really what it came down to. I was trying so hard, and maybe you're doing this, I was trying so hard to join the dots properly, and to draw it right, and to build a business, and to make money, and all that stuff, and I just got fed up with it. I just got burned out, and tired, and I just felt like, "I'm done with this. I just don't even care if this is the way to $1,000,000. You can take it." I said that. I said that out loud to my partner at the time, and I meant it. I said, "You know what? I'm gonna start writing what I really wanna write, saying what I really wanna say. I'm gonna go all in with what I believe I'm meant to be doing, and if it doesn't make any money in three months, I'll go back to being a personal trainer." That's what I said. [inaudible 00:30:25] manifested me like a motherfucker.

Speaker 1: Congratulations. Everybody send love hearts to Devay, or I never would have been here 'cause she manifested me, even though she just came along then. She claimed it, so it's her trophy to claim. I meant it, and I just decided to go with faith. That was it. I just thought, "Fuck this shit," and ... I backed it up, though. I followed through. From that day, I fully owned, as best as you can 'cause always checking and tuning your [inaudible 00:30:56] , but as best as I could, I fully owned my message from that day forward. And I fully started to share what was inside of me. I had no clue how it was gonna make me money 'cause what I was talking about had nothing to do with anything, or that's how it felt anyway. Now I see how it all connects together.

Speaker 1: So, it was a decision to live in faith. I activated faith mode, and even though I was scared, and I felt like I have no idea how this will build me the empire and the vision of the life I see inside of me, there was a knowing. There was a knowing-ness, there was a certainty, as Doris said earlier. It was such a great way to describe it. It's exactly how it feels. There was a calm certainty there that this is what I am meant to be doing, and this what's gonna get you there. But I also understood that I had to be willing, and courageous, enough to step forward without getting any results at all for whatever foreseeable amount of future. Not only is it a decision to back yourself up, and to honour your decision to live in faith, but it was also a decision to surrender the outcome, which is a key point that a lot of people seem to miss. To surrender the outcome, and to let yourself go, and to trust, and that's faith.

Speaker 1: It does not mean that when you say yes to faith that the skies and heaven will open and abundance will rain down from everywhere. Well, it's already there. It doesn't need to rain at all, but it doesn't mean that you'll necessarily access it. You're gonna go through whatever journey you need to go through. That's the reality. You get to go through whatever journey you are required to go through, and that's a blessing. It's not a fucking punishment. Claire is sending a million hearts and Michelle says, "My granddad says God gives man a certain knowing." Exactly, and this is exactly what my friends and I say day-in and day-out, "Your soul knows." Your soul knows.

Speaker 1: So I'm gonna perhaps irreverently cut myself off wide in that moment because I have a client call with an amazing emperess client. I'm gonna leave you with your sore nose. We all know I could continue to say many things, but I've kind of made my point, right? So, what does your soul fucking know? Are you willing to activate faith mode? And then, what would you be doing if that was the case?

Speaker 1: By the way, yo, yo, yo, Rich Hot Empire starts next week, working with me six weeks one-on-one to build your soulmate cult tribe, create a [inaudible 00:33:24] seven figures and beyond, just like I've done, and like I help my clients to do all the time, completely based on soul flow, and doing what you love. This is absolutely the best way to get started with me as your private mentor, if that's something that has been speaking with you. Message me now over on my personal page. I'll give you the link for that now, and I will be online for the next several hours.

Speaker 1: I'm gonna jump on a phone call right now, but after that I'll check and I'll respond to your message. I will have a conversation about whether this is for you. I will give you all the details so that you can look through, and watch some cool videos, and understand exactly what Rich Hot Empire is all about. Then, we'll go from there. But this is absolutely the best way to get started working with me, if that's something that has been speaking to you. Send me a message. Six weeks start next week. It is a fucking amazing thing that we do there. Absolute soul shifts in money making, and honestly, you're gonna get more done in six weeks from the inside out than what most people do in two years. So, I'll leave you with that. Here is the link to my personal page right there. I will see you in my inbox, and I'll see you in freaking faith. Have an amazing rest of the day. Do not forget life is now, press play.

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