Rebel Millionaire

Hello, welcome to the Katrina Ruth Show. I am the Katrina Ruth Show. Who are you and where are you from? Tell me, tell me, tell me.

All right, all right, all right. Good old vibe on here. Let's get vibalicious for this show. Who's going to join me on this episode of The Katrina Ruth Show? I had to toy around with the title of this show for really quite an unreasonable length of time. I kept changing my mind about what I was going to call it, which is always infuriating when you do that, because then you start to question what the original [inaudible 00:00:48] title was supposed to be and you start to like think about it instead of just let it flow.

It should always get to floor. Okay, I'm definitely having one of those days. Hello, from Canada. Hello, Nadia. Hello, Tamira. Hi, Hafron. Let me just share this one over to some of my other places and spaces where people get to come and hang with us.

I'm definitely having one of those days where it feels weird that I'm the only one talking. Sometimes when I start to present on my show, I get, all of a sudden I get super self-conscious and I feel awkward and shy. Hang on, Cam, Jeremy, Lab. I'm just putting this over on my personal profile.

Then, a lot of the time ... You're in Iceland. What's the weather like there? A lot of the time when I jump on I'm so in the flow zone right away that I couldn't even really notice or care what's going on around me or ... I don't know, I'm completely in my flow so I'm not thinking about myself I guess. But today I'm having one of those days where I feel kind of shy. I just feel shy. I don't know why.

Do you know what? I do fucking know why. I can tell you why because I didn't livestream for like 48 hours, but that shouldn't be [inaudible 00:02:17] you should be allowed to not livestream for 48 hours without losing your flow zone. But I think because I was mentor yesterday, I could feel that it was aligned and divine for me to livestream yesterday and then ... What did I do instead? Oh, my goodness, I shouldn't even tell you what I did instead of livestreaming yesterday. I had like an hour to [inaudible 00:02:35] I thought I was going to livestream and what I did instead was watch Suits on Netflix, which I seemed to be watching all week long. I used to love that show a couple of years ago and I just haven't watched Netflix at all for at least a year. This week I've been watching Suits every single day, which is such a great show.

Then my friend, Billie Jane, and I were Facetiming the other day and he was like, "Oh, you're just doing that because she's going to get married now." And I'm like, "What? I'm not up to that season yet. I'm still in season four." I thought he meant on the show. He said, "No, no. She's marrying the Prince." Which is how I ended up watching some of the royal wedding yesterday because I felt connected to it and engaged to the whole thing.

Hello, everybody that's been jumping on. Yesterday I got the downlow and the intuition that I was supposed to livestream and instead I sat on that daybed up there and ate my food and watched Suits. Sometimes I just flat be a normal person for a minute and a half.

Okay, I can't see the screen at all. It's gone completely dark. You get into a wealth mindset. Well, you know what? I don't know what mindset I get into from watching it, I just like the banter. I like the funniness. It's a great story and, at the end of the day, you learn so much about story writing and copywriting and selling from watching really well written show. Not that I fricking need to learn it anyway because I'm such a natural, it just comes to me, comes through me and flows forth from me, besides which I practise it all the time. That certainly doesn't hurt as well.

Anyway, the screen is going super dark. Do you think that that means that the phone is having a little heat alarm meltdown? I'll just try to carry on anyway but I can't see the comments.

I'm doing my thing. I'm going to sit here in my bikini and get my tan on. I figure if I'm going to livestream then the least I can be doing is getting a tan on at the same time. My face is already starting to sweat. Every time I start livestreaming out here I'm like, "What am I doing? I'm just turning myself into an in-person, Bikram yoga studio because it's so fucking hot sitting here.

It is funny and I do love Harvey Spector, I've got a great quote on my phone from him. I feel like I know him personally. I feel like we're friends. I have a great ... You should always lis- ... Oh, now I wish I would remember what it was. I think it's a famous Harvey Spector quote but it's something like, "You would do anything for the person you love most in the world and make that person you" except it's funnier and most smart ass than that.

I'm back. Am I back? All right, mother fucker. Okay, so then I got on to do a livestream today anyway and I was like, I don't know, something about revealing the real truth. Something about being courageous enough to follow your deepest truth and that's what was coming through me today. What did I end up calling it? Deepest truth and freedom versus a shallow and reactive life. "Actually, I need to have more Suits in my life" says Pete. We're going to assume you mean the show of course and not actual real suits. But why not? Have it all. You get to have it all, Pete. You get to watch the show, Suits, and you get to have suits in your wardrobe as well if you desire. Whatever you desire is yours. I granted it. I mean now I'm getting caught up in my reality thing again. I was going to say, "It's my reality anyway" but we already had that conversation the other day.

The deepest truth thing. Actually the reasons that I came up with the title for this livestream was very much not like deep and spiritual and powerful and transformational, although maybe it's powerful and transformational.

I came out of my hot yoga class this morning ... I actually went out last night and had a reasonably decent big night out. I went out 100% ... It wasn't that big. It was big enough. I went out 100% with people that I've never met before, even before I got there. I'm super proud of myself. I'm being very social. So putting myself in a ... Well, it wasn't awkward at all but what could potentially be an awkward or uncomfortable situation, going along, meeting new people that you never met before and then that kind of initial [inaudible 00:06:36] awkwardness and being surrounded by a group of people of which you know none of them, and then gradually getting into a flow zone through the evening. It's pretty cool.

This morning I woke up and I had a little bit of a headache, let's be honest. I went to hot yoga. I came out of hot yoga and I was like, "Oh, I should probably go and eat because if I don't eat then I've got whatever that's going on through the day today and I probably won't get to eat until later." So I nearly went in and sat down to eat and I was thinking about having this chocolate protein smoothie that I have all the time, the café here, and some eggs and that sort of thing. Then I was thinking, "Or I could do this livestream instead" and I was kind of caught up in, "Well, I think I desire to eat. I think I desire to sit down and have my protein smoothie and do some journaling and eat."

I kind of stopped outside the café and I was like, "Hmm, is that my deepest truth?" Hey, hey, Shannon. Say hi if you're jumping on, everyone, and do jazz hands, because why would you not?

So I was like, "Is that my deepest truth?" I am literally standing there outside the café staring at the menu for ages which the staff were probably thinking super weird because I got there nearly every day, like I don't need to look at the menu. I was just tuning in. I'm like, "Is it my deepest truth that I desire to sit down right now and have a protein smoothie or is it my deepest truth that I desire to come and livestream?" And I was like, "Well, I don't know if I really feel like [inaudible 00:07:48] after this" and then I [inaudible 00:07:49] and blah, blah, blah, probably end up not eating. I kind of just stopped myself and I went into, "What is the deep truth here? If I was fully honouring my deep truth, what would it be?" And the deepest truth was, I don't actually really need to eat. I don't really feel like eating, it was more like I'm reacting to some sort of slight desire to eat or to have something in my body, coupled with a little resistance around doing livestream for some reason. Probably just because I feel like I got out of the habit because I didn't do a livestream.

Okay, all right. Hey, hey, we're back. I think the Facebook gods are feeling my vibe that I'm not fully owning that I'm meant to be here. There's something in me where I'm not fully owning being here. I'm feeling disconnected.

It's definitely partly I didn't livestream for two days, but then on Friday I livestreamed with my friend, Chris, and on Thursday I livestreamed with Patrick, so I haven't done a livestream by myself for like four or five days. It's just something that completely feeds and fuels my soul to do a live thing, livestreams for other people. Oh, my God. Super flow zone, particularly if you do it with the right person, obviously. But there's something in me where I need to be fully showing up and sharing my content with the world. I guess that's what this is about, right?

I had that kind of vibe this morning like, "I don't really need to. It's Sunday morning, whatever. I was out last night. I'm going out again tonight. Like to just get my chill on. Have some food, chill out, then talk to my clients after that." And it was just that [inaudible 00:09:08] truth coming up inside of me that was like, "No, girl. You're going to get on and talk and you're going to share because you're a goddamn messenger and that's what you're here to do." Now I start to feel the flow coming over me.

[inaudible 00:09:19] I just got a notification from one [inaudible 00:09:22] online who I love and I just feel like it's synchronicity that her name just popped up on my laptop computer down there right when I felt the flow come over me.

When I talk about deepest truth, I didn't say honouring but I'll say it now, honouring your deepest truth. Honouring your deepest truth, having the courage to acknowledge and recognise and then live by your deepest truth ... Thank you for the press place stickers, guys. Use my little stickers. If you look inside the emoji box on the right hand side of your screen, just to the inside left of that, there's a sticker button. If you press that sticker button you'll see some cool, creative stickers that you can send that my team have made up for me, which is just kind of fun. It's like being in the audience and interacting at the Katrina Ruth Show.

Having the courage to recognise, to honour, to give yourself permission around and then also to live by your deepest truth is so critical and it is something that applies in all areas, big and small. Like I was using this little, silly example of do I have a fucking smoothie or do I do a livestream? It's kind of silly, but it's also these small moments, my moment in day by day, of what make up our lives. Right?

For me it's something where I've made it a must. I've made it a priority. I've made it a personal rule or philosophy I live by that I do honour my deepest truth. That I do take the time if I ever feel unsure about anything big or small, I'm going to stop, literally in the middle of the street just now staring at a menu, I'm going to stop wherever I am, whether physically in real life or just kind of internally, and I'm going to tune in. I'm going to be like, "Hmm, what is my deepest truth here?" Because, on the surface of it, it doesn't fucking matter. What does it matter whether I spend 11:00 am on a Sunday having a smoothie or doing a livestream? In the moment, for today, I could say it doesn't matter. But then again, maybe one person will hear this livestream right now who is going to have the rest of the course of their life changed because they got the key copy [inaudible 00:11:09] or the awakening or the wake up call that they needed, and how is that going to then impact the people that they're here to impact?

Literally, me showing up here today impacts the entire collective and since this is my reality and I created it, it impacts the entire [inaudible 00:11:23] my reality as well. Right? So every small moment impacts every big moment and there's no way that we can say that it doesn't.

It also destroys. Even if we choose inter-resistance, let's say .... Hey, hey, Lisa. Even if we choose inter-resistance. Even if we choose into something that was not aligned or we would look back and go, "Oh, that wasn't aligned and I know that what I should have done or what was aligned or what my soul was guiding me to do was to show up and to give my content or to put myself forward into that situation, or to go to the thing or not go to the thing or whatever it was."

Well, that's still what we've chosen and everything's perfect and everything's meant to be, so I really believe there are no mistakes. There are no screw ups. There's never a possibility or an option for me to look back and say, "I should have done this." Like I could look back and say, "Well, the truth is that it wasn't aligned for me to put myself in that situation or to do whatever different thing I did or to not pursue another thing that I did kind of lean away from or have fear around" but it's still what I chose in that moment. So, therefore, it what I was aligned and maybe that was the growth pathway that I got to experience for that point of time in my life and maybe even for the remainder of my life. Right?

So it's a really cool contradiction where there's never any right or wrong way because whatever you did choose was the right passageway that you were meant to choose. Then, at the same time, moment by moment, the question that I like to ask is always, "Well, what is aligned? What is right? What is it that I'm meant to choose? What is it that my soul is directing me to do?" And what I find is that when I allow myself to just trust in what I'm being directed to from within, that that's when everything flows in my life.

Now, I guess I show a lot of kind of cool results or outcomes in my business in life on the internet and people see that I've done the work and that I've created epic results. But where it really flows and where I really know those results have come from is a series of moments, moment by moment, where I've said yes to my soul and where I've felt some level of, I guess, discomfort or ... God, I just keep moving because the shade keeps moving and I'm trying to keep the phone in the shade and myself in the sun.

I'm just going to check my comments over here on the computer so I can see properly. All right, good.

So, the series of like moment by moment, breath by breath, day by day of responding to flow, responding to what our soul is guiding us to do, responding to our highest truth. I talk a lot with clients and even in blogs and previous livestreams around this being something that comes from courage. I believe that courage is a huge part of living your life purposefully and living your life according to truth. Because, quite frequently, it's easier or it seems initially easier, it's more comfortable to do something that is like more following resistance. Right? So it's more comfortable, would it be more comfortable for me to just go to café and have a little Sunday morning brunch? Nothing wrong with that, but it's not what I knew my souls was guiding me to do. I knew that I was pretty mild, somewhat mild, pretty fucking mild form of resistance around doing a livestream, which is just like, "I do it all the fucking time". Either way I'd be fine. Whatever. Whether I livestream today or not really doesn't matter in this game of day, except for the fact that what if I believed that I always get to follow soul guidance and soul alignment. Right?

It's just this really small kind of discomfort of, "No, I'm going to get over this weird, tiny resistance that I have and I'm going to get on and I'm going to do this thing." Then it kind of doesn't surprise me that then the wifi went out two or three times already on this livestream and froze and then the screen went dark and I kind of can't see your comments or what's going on. It's like, "All right. Yeah. I've seen like that pull is still" ... Do you notice that? Like the resistance will still come up and be like, "Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure you're really committed to this?" And it would have been really easy for me to be like, "Oh, well the wifi's not working." I actually had that thought like, "Fuck it. I'll just shut it down. I'll go eat something."

Then it was like, "No. Stay with what's inside of you because you know you're here to share something with the world." Whatever that might happen to be in this moment in time, in this livestream right here, but in a broader sense and in a bigger sense as well.

What I notice is that so many people out there, and I've certain been guilty of this so many times in my life, so many people out there who are creating their lives based on reactivity. Right? Maybe something happens and they feel fired up or triggered or upset or angry, so then they start to create even like their content. For example, in their business from that place or other aspects of their life. Literally, it's like, "Oh, here's the aligns pathway. This is staying on purpose and staying on alignment and staying on your truth and on your path" and then you allowed something to pull you off. Now you're like literally creating your life reactively to something that kind of got under your skin or got your back up or got you feeling reactive or got you feeling defensive, or whatever it might be. Then it's like, "Well, how does that then carry into the next thing and the next thing and the next thing? You literally see people carry it their entire lives going down this kind of segue pathway instead of staying on their true path.

It could just be, "Oh, but I feel uncomfortable. I feel like awkward or I feel shy, or I'm not ready to put myself out there yet. Or what if people don't jump on this livestream?" Whatever stuff people have to do with showing up in their businesses. Right? In their industry? That sort of thing. You feel it all. You feel the fear and then what do you do when you feel that fear or resistance? Do you take a deep breath and act from soul guidance and act from your deepest truth? Because that's what creates fucking freedom. Or are you going to tell yourself a story like, "Oh, well. I didn't really have time. I didn't really feel that good and I really kind of wanted to do this other thing instead and the circumstances weren't quite right, so I just kind of couldn't" when actually you're just not following faith and you're not following your deepest truth and you're act-

Oh, what's up, Facebook? Welcome to the livestream. Super grainy, isn't it? Can I turn this light on?

Yes, please.

Thank you. Okay, that's a bit better. I am on my way out. I'm going out. Got some cool stuff happening tonight. I've been tearing some shreds off today, people, mainly off my own self. What's up, Kitty? Hey, who else is there? Ooh, how do I share this? Hey, Declan. Hello, people of the internet. How can I share this livestream from my personal page into my Daily Asskickery group? I feel like an idiot, like I think I should know how to do things on Facebook at this point in my career. Hi, Candice. Can somebody share this into the Daily Asskickery Facebook group? Ooh, actually I have an idea, one second, pause yourselves right there, I'm going to bring it in a moment. I'm going to exit out of this screen and see if I can share it in my Safari browser.

All right, I'm so intelligent, I'm so impressed with myself. So I'm in a cab, I'm here in Bali, there's a little bit of Bali, I'm always in Bali, you know that, I'm probably going to move to Bali. I'm heading out to a beach club, badass beach club. My friend just messaged me and said, make sure I get one of the daybeds if I get there first. We're going to do so may shenanigan-y things, it's just how it has to be today. It's getting to about that time of life o'clock, isn't it? It's getting to shenanigan o'clock, I would say.

I've felt the kind of fury just building up in me. If you read my blog post that I published 20 minutes ago, you will understand. Now, I know I just exited the fricking screen, but I've got to get one more thing and I'm going to put it in the comments. I'll tell you in a minute, I'm pretty angry at myself, I'm actually going to do an entire ... The first training module for my new course, which is called, and don't go to the URL, because there is ... Well, there probably is, but I'm just calling it that because it's just how it came out. So it's not my URL, all right? So my new course is, and it is a 10 day smack down, it's going to be full on, I've got so much energy and passion. The first module is called Get Fucking Angry, because I'm fucking angry, I am so fucking angry at myself right now.

It all started, actually my awareness of my own shittiness, at my own self started so the link, don't click on the link, whatever you do, do not click on links that I give you. All right, there's some Bali views for you. It was a pile of a stones, I hope you enjoyed it. What one did I tell you about the other day? No, fuck that shit, that can come later on in the week, it's actually amazing.

I just can't follow a plan. It was a three day plan, it was a four day plan, whatever fucking plan it was that my team had that I agreed to, that it was my plan maybe, but then I pre planned something and then I just wanted to smack myself in the head, basically. I'm going to get angry at you for you. I'm happy to get angry at you [inaudible 00:03:25]after this and yell at you if you like? Well, no I won't because I'm going to be at Fins meeting amazing people and having the best time ever. I'm going to go meet so many cool new people tonight. Last night I went out with people who I've never even met before. Like just put myself in a brand new situation, 100% new people. New people that were just created yesterday, I created them into my own reality.

I mean, my team don't know yet about this because it is Sunday. Christian, what's up? It is Sunday in Australia so I've actually done something behind my team's back and possibly Broman Kelly will be on it because she's like a bloodhound that one. She's on everything. My brother definitely won't be on it because he'll be like, not checking his WhatsApp, but I did message him on WhatsApp and I said on the WhatsApp, I said, "I'm sorry I couldn't do it I was dying," and then I sent him a link to my post that I just put up. Not even an hour ago and the post if you missed it, you must read it. Can somebody get the link to that post, if you're on your laptop computer. Get the URL to that blog so people can read it. It's called you snivelling, whiny, little bitch.

And you're going to read it and you're going to enjoy it. I'm rebelling against myself first and foremost, but I did initially put a picture up with that post that said Fuck you, I won't do what you told me. Then I took it down and changed the photo because I didn't want my team to think I was saying fuck you to them, but really I meant it to my own higher self. Still I have just screwed up the entire plan for the, possibly year. But fuck it, we'll do all that anyway. We'll do the faith and peppers thing because it's freaking amazing, but right now I've got some limbs to tear. Limb from limb. Oops, I just punched the roof of the taxi. Lily Bangkok knows what's up. She was on it like white on rice. It was crazy, the whole... I don't even know what that expression means, it just popped of me. What does that even mean? I think I got it from a movie.

You can see that I'm coming back to life. I'm like one of those little dehydrated towels, you know when you check in at an amazing high end hotels in Bali, they give you one of those small dehydrated towels and then you put it in some water and it comes to life. That's basically what I am. Declan says I'm worth rebelling against. Thank you, I rebel against myself anytime I like. It's been festering away at me. It's been quite a disgusting internal situation, hence your whiny, snivelling little bitch. Of course, as usual, I didn't even notice that it was happening and it's just, like it is an old freaking pattern that I've done several times. Which I got somewhat triggered by when I was called out on that the other day. On a joint livestream and somebody said to me, you've already done this same story three times before. Can you just get some new material or something? Which I thought was a little bit cheeky, but true. I always appreciate getting called out, only if it's true and by the right person, but I was still kind of shitty about it. Now I'm just having to own it and that's the truth of the matter.

Then I got called out again, two days ago, by the same person. I was like fucking hell, you're right and I knew that. So I probably shut down all my Facebook ads and all plans and all of everything and I've just been sitting in my own disgusting-ness. I'm not going to say enjoying it, but I've been marinating, marinating in my own disgusting-ness because I fucking deserve to. I needed to feel it. There's a field, enjoy the field. Blake what's up? I have a lot of respect for you Blake. Everybody should follow Blake.

Leah said I thought you said tampon instead of towel. No? Not at all, but it's actually kind of the same analogy. Alright, so I've just been marinating in my own disgusting-ness. I've been sitting in it. It's actually kind of true in a physical sense as well because in Bali most of the time, you're just covered in black sweat and who knows what else. So, it's true in many senses of the word that I meant my own emotional, what's a good word for it? Snivel-ery? Wussiness? Diluted horror, diluted horror. That's how I feel about it. Marinating in my own diluted horror. It's not been fun to marinate in. It's been quite vial up in here. I've still had a lot of fun mind you, I've had a fabulous night out last night, been to many fantastic things. But I've been conscious and aware of what a sell out I've been being. I've had so many good titles through me for live streams and blogs. I'm going to write about myself being a sell out tomorrow. I'm going to get some memes, I'm going to make some freaking memes.

Okay here's a rice field, we should all look at it. Check it out. This is where I use to live, look. Right down that street, down there. Actually it was over a fence and you had to climb over a fence and down a hill and roll down it sideways, but I lived there anyway for a year. I had many coffees, possibly several too many, but it was required. I had to kick myself in the iron ass, I had to take my own advice. You know, sometimes I'll say to my clients, look you need to slap yourself on each cheek and pour a backard of cold water on your head and remember who the fuck you are. That's relatively what I had to do today.

I'm going to get you the comment now because I'm not explaining it very well, but I think you get the idea which is that we should all just take a moment to pause at the horror show that has been the Katrina Ruth show for the past week and a half. I guess it's not too bad to have only lost your way for like 10 days, and now I can return to being a badass. But it's been a horrible 10 days, hasn't it? Hasn't it been disgusting? Have you noticed? Who's noticed? I just can't even understand what was going through this crazy head of mine. I really can't bear the sight of myself, except that I fully love and accept myself. So I am quite happy about the whole situation, regardless. Because I'll come back stronger, and more powerful and more excited than ever. Wait right there, wait one second, don't go anywhere.

Okay, I'm back. I'm going to see if I could put a...what's happening here, it's very bumpy on this road. Okay, I just left a comment. You can read that comment at your own leisure, it's quite long. But it tells you about the new programme. You're going to need to jump on it quickly. I was so behind..because there's a top 10 bonus that's going on with me this week. But that's the whole sales page right there, deal with it. It's also in the P.S of the blog that I just posted. If you need a bit of a slap up the ass? Cheek? In the ass? Wherever you like your slaps, you're going to want to go and read that blog post. What it's about really, is we're so...Okay this is a cool wall, did you see that wall with the girl on it? Man, I need to come back and have a photo shoot on that wall one day.

You were the first one Lily, actually I don't know because I didn't log in and look at my PayPal or anything. But you were the one that commented so you might have been the first one. I don't know if anybody else just bought it on the site and didn't bother commenting. But I didn't have a sales page. I don't even have an infusion self link. I went old school. I still know how to do things old school on the internet before I had staff. So sneakily logged into my own PayPal which I never do and which I probably don't even think I know how to get into anymore. I made my own subscription links to my own payment buttons and then I just put the mother fucking PayPal button right here on the internet. Like a crazy person, I know, I'm out of control. Somebody needs to control me. It's perfect timing because I'm going out and I'm going to be totally out of control, and do all the things...okay here we are.

We've arrived. I'm going to keep going, I'm going to get the money out though, for this taxi driver who's probably what on earth on up to. Britta, I know you'll appreciate the title of that blog, I saw you press like on that blog. I felt you'd be quite happy with it because I feel like you are somebody like me that enjoys a good ass kicking. Particularly when it comes from their own self. I wrote it for you from my high self for your high self which is really roughly the same thing because we are one in the same person. Let me put my air pods in so that not everybody else to listen to me while I stand out this front of a beach club and shout out [inaudible 00:11:46].

So we're definitely going to go meet some new fabulous people tonight when she gets here. We're going to do many interesting things. Thank you. Alright, thank you. Good, how are you?

Good thank you.

Alright, alright, I'm just waiting for my friend. Alright, so, look at the lighting. I look amazing. This is way better. I should hang out here all the time. Alright, where should I sit? Let me just perch over here. Look at all these scooters, it's scooter central. Why don't I do more live streams outdoor in Bali? Okay, so you gotta read that, Britta you're going to be in there anyway, you've got to read that...Okay, have you seen my tattoos down my side? Because I feel like this tops highlight them really well. Okay, my phone just told me I was in rotate. Rotate, I'm trying to rotate. Here you go. It's just a good view with that top on.

Okay, am I making any sense. Have I said anything that relatively noteworthy or interesting? I'm going to make a meme and the meme is going to be "Don't you hate it when you accidentally wake up boring as fuck" or something like that. Don't steal my meme you meme fanatics because that meme is coming tomorrow. I'm going to kick so much fucking ass this week that's it's going to be ridiculous. So you needed that blog, everybody needed that blog. Somebody needs to get the blog link and put the link here into the comment-y thingy thing.

Anyway, so then what happened? I'm just going to drop Patrick in it, why not? He messaged me and said he didn't really care for my Facebook ads, that's what happened. This is probably where it all started. It started before that, okay? It started started the second I said yes to thinking that a goal could, at all remotely be about money or about, what's it called, growth and numbers. Growth about tearing shit up on the internet and all the things that I already said in the blog which I probably don't need to report about [inaudible 00:13:47] anyway. That's when it all started. I got myself side tracked by the idea that I might do things purely for growth reasons. Sometimes, I just forget and then I run the same fucking script [inaudible 00:13:59]. Update my hard drive, I don't know what's going on in this whole software programme. It's quite disgusting. We already talked about that and about how disgusting it is.

Lily you're a legend, thank you. Everybody read that blog that Lily just popped in, or it's just like the post that's underneath this livestream when you jump off. So it was festering away, I've been feeling like a clipped, like a clipped fucking eagle. Like an eagle with it's wings clipped, and I get angry. I'm like an angry eagle with it's wings clipped. I'm surprised more people haven't had their thank you Claire...I'm surprised more people haven't had their heads ripped off by me, but probably because I've been in Bali, I've been quite happy. So it was festering away, and I was marinating in my own disgusting-ness. At the same time I was having just the best time ever in Bali because I always do. And becoming super Bali flow and super flow, and then I was just underneath it I like, just shitty and I'm going to punch a bitch soon and it's probably going to be my own higher self.

Meanwhile, I was trying to tell myself some pretty little story about whatever, so then, yeah that was what was going on. Then I stopped selling. Like 10 days ago because I was bored with everything. I was bored with the whole entire internet, every single one of you. I'm sorry to tell you, but when you're bored with other people it's because you're bored with yourself, so. I stopped selling. I don't think in 12 years online that I've ever had a 10 day period of not selling, it's unheard of, it's unseemly, it's unbecoming, it's uncouth, and it should not happen. It's just been a horrible thing to behold, to be quite honest with you. But at the same time it's been an amazing, powerful reminder. Amazing, powerful reminder. Amazing, powerful reminder. [inaudible 00:15:35] Amazing, powerful reminder. And I'm so grateful now, I'm so excited to smack myself down [inaudible 00:15:42] myself up. Oh wait, and everyone joining as well. Don't go to the URL. I have to keep explaining that. I don't know why I like to complicate things, but it's just funny.

The sell is in the comment that's not pinned, but it's at the bottom of the blog as well. There is no sales page, you got to go...I just went old school, I put a PayPal straight on Facebook. I'm such a rule breaker. Anyway, all that was happening and then, yes, we're going to drop Patrick in because then he messages me and he's like Listen. He didn't say it exactly like this but this is relatively the tone. I don't really care for your Facebook ads, is what he said. He didn't care for them at all. He said it in a more subtle way than that, but I was like "tell me more, tell me exactly what you mean, tell me right now." I was very demanding about it.

My night is going to be so epic Shannon. We're going to tear shit up. And my friend who is coming down to meet me is quite the irreverent one as well, so it's going to be, going to be interesting. We're on a mission, a mission to have all the fun, it's going to happen. I already warmed up for it last night, so tonight is getting even bigger night.

Yes, he said that in an even nicer way. Sort of nicer? It was was to the point, it was direct. It had to be said, and I was like, "Whoa, people don't call me out on shit, but okay you do and you can and you're probably like the only person who can." And I was curious, I was straight away curious because he was very subtle about what he said. And I knew exactly what he meant though straight away. Because I was like, "I god damn knew it". And so I just wrote back and I was like "fuck" and by "fuck" I meant "I know exactly what you mean". And then I said, "tell me more" and then, yeah, basically I just had to confess and admit that I am the most boring person on the entire internet. It's quite sad to admit, but it's just the truth of the matter.

Alright I'm looking around to see if I see anybody that I know. Not yet. I think I'm fairly noticeable though just perching up here and people are going to see...Lily's just dropping links. She should be on commission. She's just dropping freaking PayPal links. You can read the whole description as well, or you can just do what Lily did and click the PayPal link and buy things without reading anything. Yeah, so we basically established that I'm the most boring person on the internet. And I don't know how I've gotten away with everything that I have gotten away up until now while being so lame. I love and fully accept myself anyway because, just like if I gain a bit of weight, I still love myself. It's not self love if I gain weight, and it's also not self love based on if I become the most boring fucking person on the internet. Which is exactly what happened. But I will kick my own ass.

Okay, I feel like why is she not here and should we go on a little hunt for her? Okay she did tell me to go in and secure a day bed and I haven't done that. I'm just meandering and lurking out the front. It is what it is. What else do I even need to tell you? I don't know, I'm like giving away my main content for tomorrow already. Don't you just hate it when wake up fucking boring, but I'll try to break it down for you a little more.

I don't know where I'm going with this however [inaudible 00:18:46] tonight is just going to get lit up because I've got the energy that's coming through. It's going to keep exploding this fire inside of me. You know that I'm about to go into mad as fuck super flow now, right? So that's why I'm actually really grateful that I've turned boring because now I got angry at myself and like I said the first module of training is going to be called 'Get fucking angry'. So it's going to result in incredible content, incredible super flow. I'm going to reverse age even faster than I already have.

I didn't need to write reverse age into the description of the other, I'm going to edit that in. So that's one of the things that you get, reverse ageing. And if you think I'm even remotely joking, then look at my skin. Look at this glow, I'm nearly 40. Well I'm 38, I'm nearly 39. So I'm not making it up. I'm just telling you the truth as I see it and as I create it and as I write it. So you will get the reverse ageing included, that's a free bonus. That's a free bonus for the first 10 people, thank you Greta, it's all the alignment. It's the alignment and my happiness. And that's even with the disgusting-ness of the past 7 days, mind you. Imagine how good I'm going to look by the end of this week. There's people literally right there while I'm saying this.

[inaudible 00:20:00] a woman who also reverse ages because she's amazing as fuck and one of my bestest friends in the world since forever and a hundred years. Okay, what was I up to. So you're going to get a top 10 bonus, you get a 1 on 1 call with me. Top 20 bonus, you get the 1 on 1, no...if you're in the 10 you get the top 20 bonus you get 5 days of my journaling, that can be a little frightening for some people but it is what it is. Top everybody bonus, you get reverse ageing. I'm going to say the average will be 2-5 years in a 10 day period. And I'm not joking, okay?

Whoops, maybe I am in trouble, I just got a WhatsApp that came at the top of my screen that said all of your Facebook ads have now been turned off, please advise when you're free to discuss. I was like “oh, shit”. Am I being watched? Technically I'm in charge of this company because it's my company and I created it, but when you have a team and you give them licence to do things, as a rebel without a cause, and I have many causes. You then naturally start to fill obliged to just rebel against your own team. Even though they're there to help and support you. But actually, actually what their role is obviously to help and support you, to be all that you are. And if I'm not being the craziest f- creator and breaking all the rules including my own rules and doing mad ridiculous shit on the internet, then nobody's ass is going to get paid in this business.

That's the reality and do you know what else is going to happen? I'm going to tell you and it's probably going to upset you because it's directly about you. If that happens, my world my potential implode, I would never actually go this far. But let's just play it out and as a result of that, considering that I created this reality and it's my reality, all of you would disappear. And you would just be done, your characters would be eliminated, so actually I'm just sitting here, outside of the beach club, waiting for my friend, saving fucking lives. And I think you could send me a love heart shower for that.

And also, I said an intention two days ago, okay I'm definitely getting high, I'm starting to trip. I never need anything because I just create the trip inside myself. Only two days ago, I said an intention that I was going to do a hilarious fuck life stream on the weekend and I forgot about that. It definitely didn't happen yesterday because I was being insanely boring, and just a disgusting sight to behold, like we've already discussed. And now I've just realised that I've slipped into performer, entertain mode. And their playing one of my top songs. Okay where is...where is she? She's still not here? Hang on, wait. No that's not her. Yes we've found a person. Okay I'm going to have to go. Would you like to appear on my live stream? It's been quite out of control. Alright, I've found somebody who's going to get up to all sorts of shenanigans with.

Oh, yeah.

This is the amazing Melissa Withers, and it's going to be crazy, if you, well, if you would have seen this live video, you would have seen that I was probably on a lot of shit. [laughter 00:23:16] and said a whole lot of shit is about to go down. So that's basically the entire story, we have to go. This many people we have to go and find a bed. Watch the replay, read the comment, buy the thing. It's going to sell out. Exactly what she said. Alright, yes. Bye bye. Good luck.

Katrina Ruth: So I think it might be the best thing that was ever invented in the history of mankind.

Chris: I think it would be. It is. Welcome to Katrina Ruth.

Katrina Ruth: Welcome to Katrina Ruth. I am Katrina Ruth Show I think you will find, hashtag.

Katrina Ruth: Quick bring the kitchen over here so everyone can see your wizardry. Hello people of the internet. We have an amazing presentation for you today. I'm even going to call it a presentation. I'm going to be super American.

Katrina Ruth: Hi Theo! Hang on. We is live! We is live. Okay. Don't even show them. We should do a [inaudible 00:00:59]. We can't just give it away right from the start.

Chris: So...

Katrina Ruth: We are going to talk about many things. I can't see how many people are on my live stream because that little thing is [crosstalk 00:01:08]

Chris: Let's...

Katrina Ruth: This makes me feel upset. Do you think it was kind of selfish of us that yesterday we had an entire conversation over lunch about recording it and sharing it with the world.

Chris: It should always be recorded when we actually talk at the end of the day. What?

Katrina Ruth: We have a WiFi issue already. We won't be foiled. No don't finish. It might have changed itself onto the hotspot. The hotspot of the villas. If you go into settings and see what WiFi it's telling you. Just talk amongst yourselves. Chris has a Wifi issue on his livestream. It's a presentation. It's a conversation.

Chris: Do you see this?

Katrina Ruth: I don't know. Maybe it doesn't care for having two live streams on it at once. Try again. Now, we're back.

Chris: Ta-Da!! Great job!

Katrina Ruth: Well done. So yesterday, we had an incredible conversation about being in fantastic shape and eating potatoes.

Chris: Sponsored by carbohydrates. This episode.

Katrina Ruth: This episode is brought to you by the letter P, for potatoes.

Chris: We were extreme carbo-phobes. We both kind of came from the same school of thought.

Katrina Ruth: The worst kind. Back in the day.

Chris: [inaudible 00:02:45]

Katrina Ruth: Just see what happens.

Chris: We came from a very carbo-phobe...

Katrina Ruth: Upbringing. I want to say upbringing.

Chris: School of thought.

Katrina Ruth: In the fitness world.

Chris: In the fitness world for sure.

Katrina Ruth: We are going to get to a point at some time, and we are going to reveal to you the best tasting super food blend in the world. Then we are going to sell it to you. With just incredible flare and pzazz.

Chris: Jazz hands.

Katrina Ruth: Your mind will be expanded. But first, we are going to tell you a few things. We have known each other for over 10 years. That's a long while anyway.

Chris: Would be, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: It would've been 2008.

Chris: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: It's been 10 years this year. The first [inaudible 00:03:28] course in Sydney. We used to go to the same courses. We were indoctrinated as maybe you have been, into the idea that carbs are bad for you. You can't eat carbs. We are going to talk about many things today.

Katrina Ruth: We are going to prove an amazing product. We are going to have a conversation about nutrition.

Chris: I think this is also now printables or ideas on why we think you can be in better shape. Live a better life. Ultimately what we are doing and why we really connected, we went through so many bad things. I'll just speak from experience. From street dining, through competing as a fitness model, I went through a bout of bulimia. I went through really unhealthy relationships with food. It sucked. It was really bad.

Chris: Now, I do things completely different and that's why we are laughing about it. We remembered while we were having lunch, we completely go by a different set up principles when it comes to food, movement, and life. We are so much happier. I'm in better shape. I am stronger. I literally beat my dead lift last week. This is all through not through dieting.

Katrina Ruth: Oh you're back. How come much of this show is there? And only a little bit here.

Chris: We are talking into two phones.

Katrina Ruth: We have some high tech studio shoot set up. We are very impressive. We impress ourselves.

Katrina Ruth: Mine is similar to what Chris just said. I went through fitness obsession days from when I was not even 20 years old. Then into fitness competing. I was a personal trainer for 13 years, that's how we met. Chris is from Sydney and I'm from Melbourne but we went into the same courses and we connected on our principals and values and outlook on life. Then we both started building on my brand and we both feel super successful on my brand. That's just a little bit about us.

Katrina Ruth: I was so obsessive about food in my body. I thought I was really committed to health. I wanted to be really committed to health. I think like a lot of women and men, in my twenties, I was so desperate to look a certain way and I wanted to look a certain way. I thought I had to look a certain way in order to be good enough.

Katrina Ruth: Can you do me a favour? Can you put the flashlight on my phone. The little light. No, no. The front of it. You see the flash button. Can you press that? I don't know if that makes a difference. Why does it look so dark. Okay, I won't worry about it.

Chris: It's kind of the shading. Is it on the camera or no?

Katrina Ruth: No. It's just my imagination.

Katrina Ruth: I went through all the food obsession stuff. Ten years of eating with some bulimia off and on. At one stage, I was taking 50 or 60 supplements a day.

Chris: Like Skittles.

Katrina Ruth: I remember being in the gym and you would have a little bag with your supplements in it. It would have 30 different pills in it for each meal, minimum. Sometimes I think I had 40 and you needed a 20 minute break between [crosstalk 00:06:55]

Chris: Have you ever thought about how much money you spent on supplements?

Katrina Ruth: I might have some point. I always made more than I spend. It was good stuff. We would take some of the best supplements in the world and we were committed. We were doing what we thought was right. If you fast forward to now where we are both older. We both have families, kids, busy businesses as entrepreneur's, living location. Still just as committed to wanting to look and feel fucking amazing. In fact, I would say more committed.

Katrina Ruth: At this point in life, there's no fucking way I'm going to take 30 or even 10 different supplements with each meal. I'm not going to do crazy extreme shit to my body any more. I still want to look and feel my absolute best. Which I think is a perfect segway into our amazing product.

Chris: Exactly right. For me, this was born out of necessity. I literally looked at myself in the cupboard one day and was like, "This is a joke. Why is there so much going on. It shouldn't need to be this way whatsoever." This is how it was created. What is it that we need at the end of the day? What is it that we actually need to thrive? Let's just focus on that because we don't have the time to do the other stuff.

Chris: Time is our most precious asset that we have right now.

Katrina Ruth: We don't want to, we don't have the time. I kept buying supplements and they just kept sitting there and then I would feel guilty about it. I do know and understand that in a perfect world you shouldn't need supplements but it's not a perfect fucking world right? We are absorbing so many toxins continually from the environment. We are not always eating ideal food or getting enough sleep and stress. There's so many other considerations.

Katrina Ruth: Both of us with our knowledge and backgrounds, if you want to be at your absolute peak and have a standard of excellence in your brain or your body, your gut and all those things. How you look as well, then it is beneficial to take an amazing quality supplement but you're not going to take all this shit.

Katrina Ruth: I really tried so hard to get into the greens powder thing. As a fitness queen from way back and somebody who is still obsessive about fitness I was like, "I got to do this freaking greens powder shit." All my friends would be getting it down and working it down and I'm just a little bit defiant, you know?

Katrina Ruth: Your screen just exited itself. Your phone is just like it's not happening. I'm a little defiant. A lot of people I know would force these vile tasting greens powders down because they were like, "It's so good for you." I would buy it. I think at one stage I had 10 different containers in my cupboard and I would just not take it. Like most of the people who follow me online, I'm a rebel. I'm not going to do something that doesn't feel good for me.

Katrina Ruth: I'm done with the green thing even though I know it's so good for you and amazing. You can see this story is in a long drawn out many, but I think we should reveal our product and then maybe talk a little bit about how this came about. I don't know.

Chris: Let's do it. Let's reveal it right now.

Katrina Ruth: Reveal, wait! Send a love hash out if you want to see our product. Send me the love heart.

Chris: Let's go. Should we wait?

Katrina Ruth: Don't try to wait for the love hearts. Make them work for it.

Chris: You got to.

Katrina Ruth: You got to.

Chris: Make the love hearts.

Katrina Ruth: My audience knows that I love-[crosstalk 00:10:28] That was really cute and it's broken. I feel like you guys can go more. Go more. Go More. You can do it.

Chris: That's very funny. That's so cute.

Katrina Ruth: They know what I like. They take care of me see.

Chris: Oh, it's like a flower. [crosstalk 00:10:45]

Katrina Ruth: How long did it take to formulate this?

Chris: It's about two years in the making. Can I just say something as well?

Katrina Ruth: Say it all.

Chris: When you said, we used to take the best supplements in the world, this is actually made by the same manufacturer.

Katrina Ruth: It is the best pharmaceutical grade stuff in the world. All U.S. based. Incredible quality. There it is. There's our product. We are ready to bring it to market.

Chris: Super food blend, the company that we have formed is My body blends because it's really all about your body. It's like what is it that you need? The blend of everything you need. That's kind of the conceptual of what's come through.

Chris: The reason that we've chosen a chocolate greens to start off with, is number 1, this is the best tasting greens you will ever drink. I'm so happy to say that. It is the best. We put a lot on the line for that.

Katrina Ruth: I have footage of over 20 entrepreneurs who've taste tested this at a party at my house. Late last year they were the first to taste test it as far as the public. I'm not kidding. Every single person was like, "Give it to me now, I need to buy it now." They have basically been harassing me ever since.

Chris: So sorry to you for making you wait.

Katrina Ruth: Everybody's whose tried it's actually here now.

Chris: So sorry.

Katrina Ruth: It is so good. Chris had done the work and put the time and effort into this to create this and bring the formulation to life. When he was first telling me on how to taste it, I was like, [crosstalk 00:12:20]. We were here in Bali have dinner together and he was like, "I will bring you some around tomorrow and you can try it." I'm like, "Okay, sure I'm going to try it obviously. Sure Sure." Everybody in the health market says that their product tastes amazing. You're like, "It's palatable if I hold my nose."

Katrina Ruth: Then, we made some up. What a great idea! Let's have a live demonstration right now. Suffice to say, when I did try it, I was like, "are you kidding me?" It's so hard for me to not curse. I'm trying to restrain my language here. It just comes out. It tastes phenomenal. We are going to tell you about everything that is in there in a moment.

Katrina Ruth: What do you need? We have a bowl of ice that we prepared earlier. Actually the butler brought it. Who takes a greens powder currently? Do you take a greens powder? Don't put your hand up, I'm not going to be able to see you. Put a comment in. Do you take a greens powder? I wonder why your live stream is sideways. Your comments are showing up sideways.

Chris: It's Instagram.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, your on insta.

Chris: Facebook kept crashing.

Katrina Ruth: Oh okay. Cool. That's why it's staying up there.

Katrina Ruth: Do you take a greens powder currently? Or, do you have the greens powder in your cupboard that you feel guilty about not taking because it tastes so bad.

Chris: How many different greens have you had before?

Katrina Ruth: Well, I've purchased like 10. Then tried one scoop of it. Trainers and friends kept recommending which ever one.

Chris: I've had about 30 or above.

Katrina Ruth: Then I used to have to put 4 or 5 lemons or limes in them in order to make it drinkable which is not terrible.

Chris: Like putting it in a smoothie or something else.

Katrina Ruth: But then you kill the smoothie. It's not the worst thing in the world. It's like you would force it down.

Katrina Ruth: Theo says, "Used to but haven't in a while." Did you make it strong?

Chris: Exactly, you tell the story.

Katrina Ruth: But we were going to do a-

Chris: What happens when you're having something really good? Let's say you are having a chocolate greens. Maybe it's a really good coffee. Or something else you can mix up in water or a shake. The dilemma that you have is what happens when you get right to the end and you've got maybe a little bit too much for one serving?

Katrina Ruth: Like one and a half scoops left.

Chris: Yeah, like one and a half servings left. Do you have one really good one? Or, do you break it into two? I'd love to know your answers because we went through and we had the exact same answer yesterday.

Katrina Ruth: What a dilemma. Do you go with two half assed ones? This is a true story because I've had three bottles of the product at home. A bunch of my greedy friends kept coming around and helped themselves. Literally people would come to my house, no kiss hello, just like, "Where's the chocolate greens Katty? Can I have some?" I'm not making this up.

Chris: That's rude.

Katrina Ruth: Mainly the boys. The girls are a little more polite. This is a true thing, right? So then it went really quickly. Then there was enough left for one really amazing shake. I would go like, "It's my last chocolate greens powder until we launch this thing." It was just the samples. So I'm going to have one amazing one or two half assed ones. Well, guess what you think I did?

Katrina Ruth: Shauna says, "One big assed one." Yeah, we were on board with that as well. Alright, let's do a live demonstration right now. Oh my god. This is the most amazing thing I ever tasted. We should manufacture and sell this.

Chris: It's almost our conversation.

Katrina Ruth: Can we do that? That really was my reaction. The first time I drank it I was like-

Chris: That's so funny.

Katrina Ruth: Holy shit. I feel like it's not possible to impact to you how good this tastes. I feel like you think I'm probably taking this up a little bit. I'm not and I did give it to 20 entrepreneurs when they came to a party at my house. We've got all their testimonials and we have their live immediate reactions on media. We filmed there initial reactions. We will release that video on Monday. 100% of them were like, "Holy shit!" And they were glugging it down like thirsty nomads in a desert out of Vera Wang glasses.

Katrina Ruth: It's incredible. It tastes so good. Honestly, I said to Chris, "Can you bring around some of the samples today so we can use it on the live." My real reaction is that I just wanted to drink it. Screw the live. I just wanted to have some.

Chris: It's perfectly fine. I think there are a few things we can talk to when it comes to the actual product. Number one, I don't care how healthy or good it is for you. If you can't take it. Or if it's not nice and you can't continue on with it, it's pointless at the end of the day.

Katrina Ruth: Right. You're just going to leave it in your cupboard which is what I did and I'm super health orientated, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: But I still didn't take it.

Chris: Exactly. You're very motivated individual. You're a go getter. You make stuff happen. Still, if something tastes like ass, you're not going to drink.

Katrina Ruth: I don't hate ass. You heard it here. I don't. Some people will. Some people will force it down. A lot of friends and followers are defiant by nature and I don't want to do something that doesn't feel good for me even if I know it is good for me.

Chris: You shouldn't.

Katrina Ruth: I believe there is a way for everything to feel amazing.

Chris: It's like a diet. A diet can be really good for you but if you're not going to follow it then it's pointless because you're never going to stick with it and you're never going to get the results with it. Hands down, it's as simple as that.

Katrina Ruth: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-we should talk about the screw macros after this.

Chris: Yeah, we will. We will talk about those macros. That's why number one, it does taste so good. You're probably like, "Okay, you're just saying that." But no...literally it's this good.

Chris: When my daughters ask for chocolate, they are actually asking for this and that's what they think as a chocolate drink. It's filled with the good stuff. We can talk about the signs for the good stuff, why its got a super veg antioxidant blend. Why it's got a fruit anti-oxidant blend. Why it's got digestive support in it. Why its got a probiotic blend. Why it's actually only flavoured with stevia so it's a good sweetener. It's non GMO. It's gluten free. It's good. That's the thing.

Chris: We wanted to have the best quality product because it's going to have to be good, we have it.

Katrina Ruth: We both have an extremely high standard when it comes to what we put into our bodies. We've both been in the fitness industry collectively for decades. It's just how it is. If you are going to bring a product to market, it's got to be the best in the world. It's not let's just label something and sell it out there. That's why it has taken several years to bring this to life. This is a huge big dig. Two years of formulating and another six months or so trying to figure out amazon subscriptions.

Katrina Ruth: We did it right and we are so proud of this. We are about to give you an insanely amazing [inaudible 00:19:35].

Chris: Maybe we should say, what we are really doing is getting everything ready. This is only for people who are serious with their health and fitness.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. Kind of like an inner circle.

Chris: Yeah, that's what we thought. People that we know are going to be jumping on board with this. The people that are like us who are in our inner circle and that's what we like. Number one, what we are going to be doing on Monday and what you will be getting access to on Monday, you literally won't be able to get access to any other time.

Katrina Ruth: It's going to blow your mind.

Chris: We are making it so much of a no brainer for you to actually want to join us. It goes beyond this. Number one, supplements aren't the be all end all. We going to be the first people to say, it's not about supplements. It's about helping you eat right, move right, live right and be happy with what you are doing day to day. That's going to be a big part of what we are doing.

Chris: I even included it in my book as well. I freaking wrote a book that's all about this.

Katrina Ruth: A scary amount of references in the back.

Chris: 220 scientific references that goes into this as well. The food quality that we have these days isn't as good as what we need to thrive. We have a lot more stress and we have a lot more chemicals in our environment as well. So therefore we need that little bit of extra.

Chris: If you are a believer that you need to get everything from your food, I'm not 100% on board with you. The model lifestyles that we live, don't allow that.

Katrina Ruth: I think that's true in theory. I agree that's the ideal but is it available? No it's not. Chris referenced stress and I'm just thinking of the pace we live our lives. You kind of want to have it all right? You want to have the thriving business or career and the relationship and the family, if that's relevant, the active social life, and fun and adventure and look and feel amazing as well. If you want to have it all, that's available for you. That pace of life is not necessarily what we were originally designed for and in this environment as well.

Chris: This environment is different. This is pretty sweet. [crosstalk 00:22:08]

Katrina Ruth: Which is why we are in Bali. You know what I mean. There are so many things that rob out food of nutrition and this is simply about putting into our bodies what is meant to be there in the first place. Treating your body as the premier machine. I've always loved that saying, If you had a Ferrari and you drove it around town, like at an insane speed. Never took care of it and just fully trashed it at some point in time it's going to be a pretty banged up Ferrari.

Katrina Ruth: Your body is a high quality vehicle so why not take care of it as one? We made this incredible product and have an incredible supportive community around which includes access to us and to our teams. So many cool things because we are so committed to sharing with our tribe and our like minded friends, clients, etc. There is a really easy and simple way to take care of your nutritional needs.

Katrina Ruth: Specifically thinking about busy and driven people, who are conscious of their health in a very real sense; digestive health, mental health, emotional health, physical health. Who also want to look hot and feel hot. I feel like looking hot reflects how you feel. That comes from how your health is on the inside. You want to be operating at a high performance level in different areas of life.

Katrina Ruth: Those are kind of the three areas that we address that body, brain and beauty.

Chris: Totally.

Katrina Ruth: I came up with that.

Chris: Obviously. You really just made that up.

Katrina Ruth: Carlos Kate says, "What makes it taste like chocolate?"

Chris: It's actually the cacao beans. You can see that it has chocolate bean powder which is the natural flavour in it.

Katrina Ruth: So good.

Chris: Great question. That's why it tastes like chocolate and it is the good stuff.

Katrina Ruth: Let's tell people about the offer. On the sales page, which we aren't going to give today. We are going to give it on Monday. We will tell you about this now and how it's going to work. If you definitely want to know when the cart opens, then comment below on this live stream. That way we can come back and notify you.

Katrina Ruth: Once you go over there on Monday and read over the sales page, if you wanted to, you can see a whole lot more of the kinds of ends and outs of the formulation-

Chris: Technical sides.

Katrina Ruth: All that sort of stuff. We are giving you the highlights reel right now. What do we got for these guys on Monday?

Chris: There's two big things that we want to be able to give you as apart of what we are doing with Mind Body Blends. One, is the top quality product. You are going to be able to get access to this every single month. It will last you one month.

Chris: The second is community. What so many people are lacking right now, is the help along the way. This is where we want to give you the right information. It's not about more information. The first quote that I put in my book was from Derek Sivers. It says-

Katrina Ruth: I like Derek Sivers.

Chris: I have such a bro crush on that guy.

Katrina Ruth: That's so cool. I didn't know you were into him.

Chris: I absolutely love him. The quote is, "If it was just more information we need, we'd all be billionaires with perfect abs." It's not about more information. It's not about what you can get on google, watching another video, listening to another podcast, or trying to dive into another book.

Chris: What's actually going to create transformation, information to transformation, that's where we want to give you the information so you know what it needs to do.

Katrina Ruth: Some Perfecatation.

Chris: Oh, I like that. Exactly.

Katrina Ruth: And transformation.

Chris: She's wired.

Katrina Ruth: It's because I had the chocolate greens. My brain powers are activated. I want some more please.

Chris: Yes ma'am.

Katrina Ruth: Thank you.

Chris: What we want to be able to give you, not just the product itself. We are going to be getting you to join the community.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. Critical

Chris: This is about building the Mind Body Blend Tribe. Where we are going to be helping you to know what to eat, how to move, how to live. Giving you a behind the scenes and giving you the answers so you know that you can be in the best shape. Supplements aren't the be all end all, okay? We are going to be the first ones to say that it isn't about taking the product. You've got to be able to do the other basics first.

Chris: You've got to move right. You've got to eat right. You've got to sleep right. You've got to be happy with your life and thriving in all areas of your life. This is going to be the icing on the cake.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, I love that you just said that. While we are obviously incredibly proud and excited to bring this product to market. Here's the flat out reality. I've given this to well over 20 of my clients and friends. Probably about 30 people in total. 100% of people were like "Oh my god. How quickly can I get this?" Pretty much all of them have followed up and asking if it was ready yet.

Katrina Ruth: It tastes so good. People just want to keep drinking it. Then, when you add the high level ingredients, literally the best in the world. How we cover digestion probiotics. It is a no brainer as Chris said. I like to call it a Hell yeah no brainer offer which is what I tell my clients.

Katrina Ruth: I know you want to hear the price point for everything we are doing for you. You're going to try it, and if you try it, there's zero doubt in my mind that you are going to continue to order it. We wouldn't bring anything other than that to market.

Katrina Ruth: However, I love that Chris just spoke about, we are not here to give you a magic full of solution. Let's not dilute ourselves, are walking around with an exceptional quality of health, physicality, lifestyle, etc. just from taking this, right? It's coming from a way of life. It's coming from our underlying value system.

Katrina Ruth: What the Mind Body Blends Community is about, it's about being in it for life. The life that you want to live for life. We really see this as an incredible community to obviously support year round health, nutrition, fat loss, brain power, all that cool stuff. We have so much cool content we have already created.

Chris: It's disgusting.

Katrina Ruth: Over 12 months of work content already created. Just teaching you everything from our combined expertise of years and years. Sharing and educating with you. Mostly we want to provide that community of like-minded people who are committed to their health, having it all in body, business, career, and in life.

Chris: Kat actually just spilled the beans right there. When we were having dinner-

Katrina Ruth: The cauliflower.

Chris: Cauliflower and chicken.

Katrina Ruth: Oh my god. How you felt about that cauliflower before you tasted it. It's how I felt about this. You were like, "I'm sure it's great Kat." Then when you tasted it you were like, "Oh my god!"

Chris: Cauliflower is good but it can't be that good. It was legitimately amazing.

Katrina Ruth: What were we talking about?

Chris: The conversation went to having it all. I was like why do we make so many compromises in life? Why do we say, "Oh I want to build a great business. I want to build a great career but I therefore I have to let my body go and I get fat and I get inflamed. I'm getting unhealthy. Why do I become a dad?" Therefore I have to not be able to build my business or I get a Dad bod which is a bad thing. All of those things.

Chris: There's so many compromises we make in life. Stop making all these compromises.

Katrina Ruth: Right, you get to have it all.

Chris: Just be able to have it all.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Chris: I love it.

Katrina Ruth: Kate said, "Can we sent the list of ingredients because she might want to share it with her clients." We can do that but it's also on the sales page right?

Chris: Totally. Yes, so on Monday, you will get all access to that stuff.

Katrina Ruth: Are we going through the prices now?

Chris: No, hold your horses.

Katrina Ruth: Kate asked for that too.

Chris: Sorry Kate.

Katrina Ruth: This is a pre-launch, Monday we are opening the cart. We are pre-launching the pre-launch right now. That's what's happening right here. Monday the cart goes open where you can jump into our community and some amazing offers on this. We are doing a one time never to be repeated. What we call "Founding Members deal" situation to honour those in our community who are already waiting for this and have had enough of us taking so long with it.

Katrina Ruth: We already know so many people who are like, "Just give it to me. Where do I sign up? I don't care about the details." We feel that there is going to be other people who are hearing what you are putting down. I'm willing to put my faith in you. We are giving you an incredible offer with that when we go live on Monday. We will give you all the details of that.

Katrina Ruth: On Monday, we will do a live stream as well from our Facebook page for the group. Helen says, "I'm totally sold of course." Kate says, "Do you have a trade price?" I think we will just go through all prices on Monday, right?

Chris: Yeah. Totally. Legitimately Monday, you will get access to the price. The big thing we wanted to do is build the community at the start. We are going to go worldwide with this. We are going to go into retail everywhere with this.

Katrina Ruth: We are flying a jet.

Chris: Yeah. That as well. The biggest thing is that we wanted to make sure that we've got this community with us at the start. We build together.

Katrina Ruth: Try to make members.

Chris: Exactly right.

Katrina Ruth: We always honour those people who are fast action takers just like we are who want to jump on it straight away.

Chris: Those people who get results.

Katrina Ruth: Of course. Those people who don't over think.

Chris: Exactly. Should we get them to join-[crosstalk 00:31:58] I put it into my girls smoothies in the morning. It mixes really easily with water.

Katrina Ruth: It's just water and ice. I really enjoy it with just water and ice.

Chris: It goes really well with black coffee.

Katrina Ruth: I may have made it into a Paleo espresso. It goes great with vodka. It really does.

Chris: Or hot coconut milk.

Katrina Ruth: I haven't tried that. There were plenty of entrepreneurs at my house that were drinking it with Paleo Espresso Martini's. We put cinnamon on top.

Chris: We have a video. We will put it on on Monday. You will see everybody-

Katrina Ruth: We put cinnamon on top to make it extra healthy. It tasted amazing. Everybody was just like, "Give it to me. Give me more." What else were you saying? I think I cut you off.

Chris: Are there any other questions?

Katrina Ruth: No. No. That's all the questions.

Chris: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: We are going to give them a link to what sir?

Chris: Should we give them the link to the private group? The Mind Body Blends Group?

Katrina Ruth: Yes, can you?

Chris: Actually I already have the URL.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. Just scroll here.

Chris: Got it.

Katrina Ruth: Chris is just giving you now a link to our closed Facebook community that already exists which is about to blow up in the most incredible way as we start to build up what we are doing in there with the official launch. We've had that group already operational for a little bit of time but now we are officially launching.

Chris: What you are going to want to do is make sure you join us in the group. You'll obviously get a lot of access to everything when we are going live on Monday. Plus, you're going to get everything else that we start putting in there as well.

Katrina Ruth: Post it all in there. We will do a live stream as well.

Chris: On Monday, we will be putting everything together for you.

Katrina Ruth: Why won't it let me out of this comment. I was just going to add a note saying, we are already telling you that anyway. I was going to say be in the group to get first information or whatever but we have already told you that. It's so exciting. I think we have said everything haven't we?

Chris: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: It's such an honour to be able to share this.

Chris: We are so excited.

Katrina Ruth: We are joking around and having a good time obviously as you should in business and life. In all seriousness, this is just the most incredible product in the world. I have desire to have my own company or supplement brand for over 10 years. I was a personal trainer for 13 years. How long were you a trainer?

Chris: 11.

Katrina Ruth: Right, so there you go. 24 years of personal training experience between us. Both of us were so committed to our education and growth. That's how we met. Just going to some of the best nutrition and hormone, strength training and that stuff. I think a lot of trainers are really committed to a standard of excellence. We both thought it would be super cool to have your own supplement company but I looked into it and saw that some people were just buying stuff and putting there own labels on it.

Chris: There's a lot of charlotons out there and there's a lot of liars. The scary thing was actually getting into the business now-

Katrina Ruth: This took us two years. It wasn't the easy way it was the right way.

Chris: It's scary how many people are lying about their products. There's an outpour of quality. A lot of stuff is getting manufactured through China, the sourcing. The manufacturing gradiance is really bad. What they are saying is actually is in the product is simply not there as well. The actual potency of their raw and effective ingredients in there is just not there.

Chris: There's a lot of lies. That was one thing for me, is that I want to create something that's really bloody good. So when Kat and I came together, we saw this fusion of what it is we can do and how we can actually create something that's so much easier for people to use and combine it all. As we said earlier, it's not about just the supplements by itself, it's far from that. It's about putting everything together and giving it to you on a silver platter so that you can move forward.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Chris: Simple.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. You said it all. I'm so excited. I'm also excited to be in business with this guy because we have known each other for so long that you just know how someone is and who they are in business, in life, what their values are. I couldn't think of anyone better to go into business with.

Katrina Ruth: I'm such a solid person in so much of what I do. I have my own companies and Chris has his own companies. Now, it's just an incredible thing to come together with a close friend and create a product that's such an incredible quality and be able to share it with the world. I feel like this is a 10 year plus dream that is coming to life for me in terms of having my own supplement company and to be in partnership that shares that vision obviously. Does the work. Comes back to you and supports you. I could go on and on all day.

Katrina Ruth: Get in the Facebook group. The comment is pinned there. Get into our free Facebook community. We will be dropping links on Monday. We will be dropping the deal on Monday. We will do a live stream together on Monday. Don't know what time yet but we will announce that obviously.

Chris: Exactly. Make sure to join the group so you get access to everything.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Chris: Drop a comment here as well. I will comment back here when we go live on Monday and let you know. We will be open for a couple of days next week but then we will close it off. It will really just be a limited time for those people who want to get in on the ground floor to jump on board. It's going to be freaking amazing so that's all. That's the whole story.

Katrina Ruth: Beautiful.

Chris: Alright!

Katrina Ruth: I'm so excited that I'll go away.

Chris: You're so excited that you'll go away? You may go away.

Katrina Ruth: Alright.

Chris: Peace.

Katrina Ruth: We are going to go. Have an amazing, epic rest of your day. We will see you on Monday and we will be sharing how you can get this incredible product.

Katrina Ruth: Oh shit, I've spilled it everywhere. There it is again! Sending you love! Don't's now, press play.

Katrina Ruth: Give them a chance to get on.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay. I'm ignoring you then.

Katrina Ruth: Usually, what I do when I go on is pretend that I'm doing something. But, I'm not really doing. I'm just pretending that I'm doing something.

Patrick Grabbs: What's that?

Katrina Ruth: So, I just ... I don't know, I just fuck around. Well, usually when I go live, I start then sharing it. Hey, can I share from a group to another group? Can I share it from this into my member's programme?

Patrick Grabbs: I think you can try.

Katrina Ruth: No.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, no, you definitely can't. That's the thing about a group.

Katrina Ruth: You can. Here's how you would do that. Do this for... [inaudible 00:00:36]. Do that one... oh, hello person! Hey! You go live and people just jump on.

Patrick Grabbs: Hey, person!

Katrina Ruth: They assume that you're gonna be interesting, we have no idea.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm not interesting. No, I am. I am interesting.

Katrina Ruth: We're always interesting.

Patrick Grabbs: Interesting person.

Katrina Ruth: We're interesting without the camera on, so we should be interesting with the camera on as well. Hi, Michelle! Oh my god, I'm so excited you're there. Michelle, why have we not met in person yet? It's actually starting to upset me at this point in time. Okay, so come on down. So basically what happened was we were doing that thing that you do where you're selfishly having a conversation and not broadcasting it to the world.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. We were actually pretending like we didn't know y'all were here. But now we do...

Katrina Ruth: No, I mean before when they actually weren't here, when we were just literally actually talking and then you were like, we should live-

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, yeah, we should livestream. I was like, because the good stuff was coming out-

Katrina Ruth: We were getting into flurried conversation.

Patrick Grabbs: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: And you know when you're having an amazing conversation and then basically you're like, it's kind of rude to the world that we're not letting everybody listen to this?

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Which I think happens every time we talk, actually.

Patrick Grabbs: I was thinking more like you're saying really good shit, and I was thinking some really good shit, and I was like, dude, you got to post it.

Katrina Ruth: Yes.

Patrick Grabbs: Another thing I thought too was, I was also like, I know you also wanted to do a livestream. I could just tell that you wanted to do one.

Katrina Ruth: I think you're using that as an excuse, because you're the one who's brought it up like three times. I think everyone knows that I want to livestream all the time.

Patrick Grabbs: That was her. I can tell by the look` in her eye that she wanted to livestream.

Katrina Ruth: But I always want to livestream.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah [inaudible 00:02:23].

Katrina Ruth: You're basically never gonna get that wrong. No matter who you are, you're never gonna get it wrong. Just assume that I want to livestream.

Patrick Grabbs: I got it right. I got it right. I knew she wanted to do it.

Katrina Ruth: Unless maybe, I'm trying to think of a situation where I wouldn't want to livestream.

Patrick Grabbs: I can think of a couple.

Katrina Ruth: I don't think I've ... yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: You don't want to take it to the bathroom. Have you ever live streamed in the bathroom?

Katrina Ruth: Definitely from the bathtub.

Patrick Grabbs: From the tub?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay. What about from the...

Katrina Ruth: I put up a bikini top on.

Patrick Grabbs: What about from the [inaudible 00:02:49], from the john, as y'all say in Australia.

Katrina Ruth: I've been tempted, but no, I haven't live streamed from the bathroom.

Patrick Grabbs: In Australia do the toilets go around the other way or do they go around the right way?

Katrina Ruth: Who is freaking looking? What do you mean who's this guy? Who's this guy? I just bring random people into livestream.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm what they call a rand-o.

Katrina Ruth: Well, he's tagged into the livestream. This is Patrick.

Patrick Grabbs: What's up?

Katrina Ruth: Everybody this is Patrick. He's gonna tell you some very important things about ... I guess we'll get to that when we get to it. You're gonna have to wait and see.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. When we get back, I want to get into the flow of things.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: Why is it ... When the thing, when the camera comes on, you kinda...

Katrina Ruth: The spirit takes over.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. For me it's kinda like now, I don't know the camera's on and I'm like already trying to gear back into what we were talking about almost, or how do we ...

Katrina Ruth: Okay.

Patrick Grabbs: I feel like I was pulled out.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. Okay. Let's go back. This is what I posted. I said come on over to the Daily Ask [inaudible 00:03:48]. I said we're gonna talk about stage fright and feeling like, do I have anything to say? Cause you were like I wanna go live. I'm starting to want to go live all the time, but then I don't have a topic or something.

Patrick Grabbs: Right.

Katrina Ruth: Or, I don't have anything to say. And then gave me kind of like a slightly, I'm gonna call it a ... what's that word called? Sheepish look?. Like he knew that you were talking bullshit. Like a slightly sheepish look. No, you knew that the real reason you weren't just jumping in and going live is more like an uncertainty or a fear that what if I don't think of enough interesting stuff.

Patrick Grabbs: Well even as soon as you said it, it like snapped at me, I was like oh shit, obviously, you can just talk about that. You know, you can just get on there and talk about that. I was telling you about whenever I ... Now, my decision is to do more live videos than I have been doing, and you're gonna see a lot more of it, and I have totally immersed myself in that for the past while. For the past few years I have kind of been ... I've been tied up with another business so I haven't really been ... I've been focusing 100 percent on myself, and the content that I put out there, in which occasionally I'll drop some things on Instagram. I'll drop some things on Facebook. Facebook is like real crazy.

Katrina Ruth: You message a different person on your Instagram stories.

Patrick Grabbs: Really?

Katrina Ruth: You go into powerful badass there and then you hide more on Facebook.

Patrick Grabbs: Really?

Katrina Ruth: Are we gonna turn it into an expose on you? I feel like this is now gonna be the show about ...

Patrick Grabbs: So you like my Instagram stuff more than my Facebook stuff?

Katrina Ruth: Cause you said to me something about how you knew you weren't sure. I think we have to introduce you to people because I think we're basically just ...

Patrick Grabbs: By the way. Cheers.

Katrina Ruth: We're drinking some very impressive French wine.

Patrick Grabbs: And my impressive French china.

Katrina Ruth: Appropriate Texan china. I think it's Texan.

Patrick Grabbs: This is from France. This might be China.

Katrina Ruth: It's from China.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: It's not china, but it's from China.

Patrick Grabbs: It's fine china.

Katrina Ruth: I think at some point we should introduce you, because we're both just operating under the assumption that everybody here knows who you are.

Patrick Grabbs: That's you. I was thinking this from the get go. I'm like, you might want to introduce your guest on your link. Now you come to my group, I'm going to introduce you first, here's Kat.

Katrina Ruth: I'm a lot less formal than that.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm gonna introduce you real quick.

Katrina Ruth: Oh okay.

Patrick Grabbs: Alright on your own livestream. Everybody this is the one and the only Katrina Ruth. She is a 100 times bestseller, I believe, right? Yes, you have like 1,000 books if you go to her page, you'll see a 1,000 books, I tried to scroll through one day and I was like I got bored and I was like fuck this I'm gonna scroll through all these books. There's a 1,000 books here. She has a 1,000 books, and she's world famous, world renowned for changing people's mindsets and getting them in a better situation totally. Completely will change your fucking mind about life, about business, about power, about everything.

Patrick Grabbs: You must listen to her. Ladies and gentlemen Katrina Ruth. Give her a nice warm smiley face or a heart.

Katrina Ruth: A heart explosion.

Patrick Grabbs: A heart explosion yes. See hearts exploding right now.

Katrina Ruth: I feel a bit shy now. That was quite an impressive introduction. Oh my god.

Patrick Grabbs: We were just talking about that. I don't believe you're shy.

Katrina Ruth: Actually we're gonna tell that story in a minute.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay. Alright cool. I gotta remember that.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. We'll come back...

Patrick Grabbs: Like we're gonna remember that shit.

Katrina Ruth: Remind us to tell ... just no need to drop, you know, too much like you were just doing before, but the story of how I ... yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: Don't drop you into a what?

Katrina Ruth: I don't know what you were doing, like a little impression of me.

Patrick Grabbs: That's happened. That's definitely happened to me, because I do the best impression of you, you know that.

Katrina Ruth: This is Patrick. The one and only Patrick Grabbs. Actually, if you go to his page today, and why would you not, cause it is today. You're gonna read a really powerful story.

Katrina Ruth: This man is probably what I would call the most secret mystery messenger on Facebook, because he has one of the most powerful messages that I've ever encountered in my life, but has really been keeping it predominantly to himself, and maybe me and a few other people, and not sharing it with the world. He's just as of ... is today officially day one?

Patrick Grabbs: Yesterday was ... what's today? Friday. Today Friday?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah it's Friday.

Katrina Ruth: Friday is day one.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, yesterday was day one. Bet no better time than yesterday.

Katrina Ruth: So yesterday is day one of going fully into his own business, own freedom lifestyle. This is something that's been coming well over since we've known each other, which is a couple years now, and it's huge, and I'm like maybe ... I feel like I might even be almost more excited than you, because for as long as we've known each other, I've been like you're so fucking powerful, your message is so powerful. Any teeny little offering that you ever put out to the internet is so powerful, but then, mainly just not been saying it and now basically the world is about to be lit up with a new powerful messenger and leader on mindset, on transformation.

Katrina Ruth: This is one of the very few people in the world who actually kinda calls me on my bullshit and makes me question some of my own beliefs and thoughts. That's extremely rare, mainly cause people, particularly men, are typically scared to confront me. That doesn't happen here, and so I think that if you connect to Patrick and follow him, you're gonna get some really good stuff coming through that's gonna get you thinking. Probably, I don't know some inappropriate or irreverent shit as well I would say.

Patrick Grabbs: I try. I'm trying to just be purely inspirational, but you know, I talk shit too.

Katrina Ruth: You have to, because otherwise ... did you read my blog today?

Patrick Grabbs: Which one? I'm pretty sure I did.

Katrina Ruth: "Your Tribe Needs You." The one about ... you got to read it. It think it was one of the best blogs I've ever done.

Patrick Grabbs: Damn, now I have to stop and read it. I'll talk to you guys in a little bit.

Katrina Ruth: We're gonna go to commercial break. We're gonna read the blog together, and then we're gonna come back. It's called "Your Tribe Needs You Now More Than Ever. Are You Prepared? Now More Than Ever Your Tribe Needs you to Step Up".

Katrina Ruth: But it's all about what it means to be a real leader.

Patrick Grabbs: Really?

Katrina Ruth: You got to read this blog. You'll love that blog.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm feeling like this is maybe for me here. I'm feeling like this might be for me.

Katrina Ruth: It's for everyone.

Patrick Grabbs: I feel ... I'm selfish, I feel like it's for me.

Katrina Ruth: Hang on, what was I saying? If you're gonna be a leader and a messenger, you've gotta bring the random, silly, entertaining, crazy side of things as well, right?

Patrick Grabbs: Playfulness, right.

Katrina Ruth: The same you, you are off camera should show up on camera.

Patrick Grabbs: I often get ... I'm one of the worst, because I like to push, and this is a big thing for me is that ... I know the reason that I really don't message as much as I know I should is because I'm one of those people that has always liked to push the envelope, and push boundaries of what people think as cool or what they think is appropriate. I'm talking like a lot a lot, like further than people normally ... I like to talk politics. I like to talk religion. I like to talk any of that shit, and I'll call people out. I don't feel like anybody could say anything to me that would sway ... People could say, definitely, I'm open for people to change my mind, and I've had my mind changed plenty of times.

Patrick Grabbs: I've got a lot of friends that would ... Even people that you would think we don't get along, right. I'm a conservative guy to a point. I'm more like a libertarian, and I have definitely some really far out there left wing friends, but we still get along, and we talk shit, and people would think that I wouldn't get along with them, but they've changed my mind on multiple occasions, but I just think occasionally I'm gonna just drop something out of my mouth, and it's gonna be the world just stops and oh shit.

Katrina Ruth: But I've done that, you've seen me do that.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, you have.

Katrina Ruth: The Trump thing. Debra remembers. Debra was pretty angry at me about that. Debra just ... You know when I said, "You're one of the few people that confronts me." Debra commented and said, I'm not scared to confront you. I'm like that's true. We've definitely had ... We've butted heads a few times. I think if you're going to be authentic as a messenger, there's occasionally gonna be times where you say something, and you're like fuck. I kind of really wish I didn't say that. That just kind of popped out.

Katrina Ruth: You can't have it both ways. You're either committed to being authentic, and committed to showing up or not right?

Patrick Grabbs: I've actually got a story. So, behind that.

Patrick Grabbs: I was in the cab not to long ago. I got into the cab ... I got into a car, a cab, I just came out of the bar, and I was a little bit drunk, and I got into the cab. Fortunately, this lady was kind enough to take me home. My Uber wasn't downloading or uploading or whatever. I got into the car, and she started to talk to me, and we were talking about everything. She was a Muslim lady. We got into a very, very heated argument about all sorts of stuff. About guns. She didn't like guns, and I was very passionate about that, and we back and forth, back and forth, right?

Patrick Grabbs: Probably not a normal conversation that I would have. It wasn't an Uber, it was actually a cab. The next day, I was just beating myself up about this, because I'm also thinking maybe she just ... What if she recorded me, and I was saying this stuff, because I'm telling her, "This is America, you should adapt to our culture, if you're gonna be here." There is definitely other countries you can go fucking live in, instead of this place. If you don't have ... if you're not with our values, you know what I'm saying, if you don't like the way that this place is set up, there's certainly other places to go. This is gun ... the second amendment is firmly into this culture, and I thought to myself, I really went off. She was heated back at me, don't get me wrong, this wasn't a one way street. She was yelling back at me. She was a badass bitch. She's not gonna just sit down and not tell you, she's like, I don't believe in that. I just don't believe in it.

Katrina Ruth: She's serving it back to you.

Patrick Grabbs: She's serving me back, and we got in a real heated argument, and the next day, I'm like oh my god, I'm gonna end up being-

Katrina Ruth: You're gonna be on the news.

Patrick Grabbs: For a week, and y'all can ask some people, for like a week I was-

Katrina Ruth: Aggressive cab passenger.

Patrick Grabbs: I was looking for myself on those ... I was on Twitter all day long. I was looking for this racist rant. You know what I'm saying. I was looking for my face on the racist rant goes crazy. This redneck going crazy on this lady, and it never came up. She was cool, she was just ... then I thought about it though. The next day I thought about it, and I thought to myself, you know, I was speaking my mind though. Regardless of what I think, what she would post up there, regardless of how anybody would try to spin that. It was the absolute fucking truth. The absolute what I believed in, and I just let it out. She let me have what she believed, and I let her have what I believed, and I took it, and I received what she was saying, and then I interpreted it back to her, you know?

Patrick Grabbs: My arguments were obviously better, but I just thought in this world, you know, there are so many things that are trying to, there's people that are trying to silence your voice, and at the end of the day, after that, I just felt like, that it was meant to be. It was meant for me to say that to her.

Katrina Ruth: To express yourself as well.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. Exactly.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. There you go. So much for not having anything to talk about. Ryan says no wonder you're not returning his texts, and how come he's finding out on here from you? Well, hi, let's hang out tomorrow. I'm sorry.

Patrick Grabbs: We'll hang out tomorrow. We're hanging out tomorrow.

Katrina Ruth: Sorry I'm kind of quiet, until I tell people what I'm doing most of the time, isn't that true?

Patrick Grabbs: Ryan can just come over if he's... [crosstalk 00:15:37] maybe he changed his mind, and just wants to come over and hang out with us tonight, but Ryan, I messaged Ryan, you know, I talked to Ryan that day. He's my mentor. I totally went up to him and I'm like, "I'm so scared, I'm freaking out. I don't wanna end up on this racist rant thing." He's one of the first people I went, I always go to him whenever I do something fucking stupid. But that wasn't really, not a thing, I was not stupid ... I go Ryan and Ryan's like, "Dude, I went off. You can go look at my post, I went off of Muslims one time, dude. It's not big deal. Check it out."

Patrick Grabbs: It made me feel, it's whatever. Tensions run high, we argue, and we learn from each other.

Katrina Ruth: It's life.

Patrick Grabbs: It is what it is. Yeah, we do that.

Katrina Ruth: Alright. Tell the story though, tell the introverted story because I think this is actually an important one for people to hear. We were talking about, as you now begin your business fully by yourself, that one of the things you definitely are gonna is obviously share your own insecurities, and fears, and doubts, and the things that have held you back. And then I said, you know, it's kinda like the [inaudible 00:16:39] business. People love me and resonate with me because I bring it, and I bring the fire and the passion, and I have the results that are obviously aspirational, but also because I'm really real. And I said that my only problem is that I feel like a lot of the time, people don't believe me. I was saying this half an hour ago, I was like, if I try and tell people I'm really introverted by nature, they're like, "Okay, Kat."

Katrina Ruth: So, tell your story.

Patrick Grabbs: Well, for one, she's introverted as hell. One of the most introverted people I've ever met. Just to go into the story, so you know what happened, she came out one time, to come to Dallas, and come party, well not really party, right? I just said, "Let's go to a bar."

Patrick Grabbs: I'm always thinking of cool stuff to do-

Katrina Ruth: I think I came to keynote at an entrepreneur event, if you remember that event.

Katrina Ruth: This was like April last year, I didn't come to party.

Patrick Grabbs: We talked about that event. That's another story.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, that's a whole thing. We went out for drinks.

Patrick Grabbs: We did went out for drinks.

Katrina Ruth: With Reagan.

Patrick Grabbs: Reagan was there, you were there. I was like, let's go to somewhere cool-

Katrina Ruth: Oh, and what's his name? Alex.

Patrick Grabbs: Who's that?

Katrina Ruth: Alex?

Patrick Grabbs: Alex?

Katrina Ruth: Alex Pace?

Patrick Grabbs: Alex Pace, yeah. Video guy was with us. We go down to Deep Ellum, this place in Deep Ellum that's kinda hip. I always like to do something cool when Kat's in town. I like to try to find something new and different-

Katrina Ruth: He does. He always takes me somewhere really interesting, new, and different. Always things a lot about, like you always think about doing something really cool.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, it comes though, it comes though. So, okay, if I was from Australia, and I was-

Katrina Ruth: You sounded British.

Patrick Grabbs: And I enjoyed Vegemite-

Katrina Ruth: You sound British.

Patrick Grabbs: Where would I go? Where would I want to go? That's what I think, and that's where I take her. I figure out a good spot.

Patrick Grabbs: So, anyways, I took her to one of the happening spots. Unfortunately, this time it was a bad decision. The last time I took her to a really cool lowdown-

Katrina Ruth: Dive bar.

Patrick Grabbs: It was a dive bar.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, the blues bar.

Patrick Grabbs: A blues bar.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, that was so cool. See, that's more my vibe.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. It's like laid back, people are chilling.

Katrina Ruth: It was really cool.

Patrick Grabbs: So, this time I took her and Reagan, cause I'm thinking, okay, two chicks, they're probably wanting to go hang out and have a little more high vibe, right, type of place.

Patrick Grabbs: So, we go over to Deep Ellum, and it's more of a ... It's this bar called Stir there, and it's kinda packed. It's one of the most happening spots you can go to, it's called Stir-

Katrina Ruth: Super cool.

Patrick Grabbs: Super cool. Super-

Katrina Ruth: Intimidatingly cool.

Patrick Grabbs: Intimidatingly cool.

Patrick Grabbs: It's like one little row of people standing by the bar, and it's kinda hard to work your way through. Anyways, when I got them up there, they kind of walked over to the end of the bar, and they just all of a sudden, it was the weirdest thing, when I took you over to the blues bar, you were like just jamming out and having a good time, I guess cause you had more room-

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, but I think you were giving me Jager shots as well.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, Jager shots. They claim to have created the first Jager Bomb, I don't know if it's a fact.

Katrina Ruth: The oldest blues bar in Dallas, or something.

Patrick Grabbs: It's the oldest blues bar, apparently, it's called The Goat. If you write it down, if you're ever in Dallas, check it out.

Patrick Grabbs: So, we go to Stir, and we go down to the end of the bar, and immediately, they just start huddling up like this. It was the craziest thing. Reagan, she has a cut like this, on the side.

Katrina Ruth: She looks badass.

Patrick Grabbs: Looking like a badass.

Katrina Ruth: She is badass, she's badass.

Patrick Grabbs: She is a badass, she's got like a Skrillex haircut thing going. You had the red hair at the time, so you're badass.

Katrina Ruth: Everybody knows I'm a badass. Technically, you know I'm a badass. Except that now you know me, so you know it's like one-

Patrick Grabbs: So, they just all of a sudden, went down like this, like shell. It seemed like they were attracting people to like spill drinks on them, and to like throw elbows at them, and stuff like that.

Patrick Grabbs: I kind of had to shield them. But, I was like, "Oh my god."

Katrina Ruth: We were like Siamese twins together.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, Siamese twins. They were like joined at the hip.

Patrick Grabbs: From the looks of them, I thought they were gonna be like boom, like Coyote Ugly on the dance floor.

Katrina Ruth: This was ages ago. This was, I guess when you didn't know me as well.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, I thought that was what was gonna happen, and they were totally ... It was not that. But, you know, most of the time, I met you, I know you, I know Reagan, I know Ryan Stewman, he does the same kind of shit-

Katrina Ruth: [crosstalk 00:21:09] introverts.

Patrick Grabbs: The one's that are out there on the camera are introverts, for the most part, I think.

Katrina Ruth: That's true. It's bringing a piece of you out ... like, this is what I'm constantly trying to explain to people, even going live, like okay, I'm pretty freaking practised at going live, so I wouldn't say I have nerves about going live, but I still have insecurities, oftentimes I'll have an idea for a topic and I'm like, "Well, that's kind of lame," or "It's shit."

Katrina Ruth: Or sometimes, when I get started, god forbid, the flow doesn't take over me, which it now has, we're good, we're in flow-

Patrick Grabbs: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: But if that doesn't happen, then you're like, "Fuck." You feel like I'm out here freaking naked without a towel, and I've got nothing, and there's people here. That happens on occasion, and what do you do? You're not gonna be like, "Oh, well. I changed my mind." Let's finish and just leave. You've gotta bring it.

Katrina Ruth: Being a leader is about stepping into what you know is inside of you, and even like, you did a livestream the other day, and then, in your private group, [inaudible 00:22:08] download it and send it to me, and I looked at it. You said to me that you were nervous and everything, and then when I watched that live, if anybody would watch that, you were freaking dancing at the start, you had your tunes on, you were just like throwing it down, and then gave your message, and went into messaging and preaching. Nobody would remotely think for a second that you were unsure of yourself.

Patrick Grabbs: Right. Well, I mean, you never know when you watch it. I try not to watch the stuff again. Do you ever watch your stuff?

Katrina Ruth: Oh, yeah. I drop some good stuff.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh my god, that's fire. Fire! (laughter)

Katrina Ruth: I do. Okay, but I'll tell you why. Because when I'm on a livestream, and the flow takes over me, I have no fucking clue what I'm saying. I'm in preacher mode, I'm like downloading and channelling it, and so then, sometimes later if I'm driving, or-

Patrick Grabbs: Would you say you're almost like in ... You got the spirit inside you?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. I'm filled with the message of truth.

Patrick Grabbs: The holy ghost.

Katrina Ruth: I was gonna say that, but I'm gonna go with message of truth. That was more like a [inaudible 00:23:13] that nearly came up out of me. And so, then I don't know what I said. And so then, if I'm driving along, or maybe at the gym, or on a walk or something, sometimes I'll listen to my livestream replays. And I'll watch them. Because I wanna see how many times people gave me funny emojis, and I get pretty shitty if I didn't get the laughing emojis. That's actually what I look for.

Patrick Grabbs: You would've laughed.

Katrina Ruth: I want people to laugh at me. I actually look for the laughing emojis more, I don't like at my sales you guys, I don't look for how many sales I made, I look for laughing emojis.

Patrick Grabbs: Does your audience know you're looking for the laughing emojis? Have you ever told them before?

Katrina Ruth: No, but why I would I need to tell them because I'm fucking hilarious. They already know that. They're gonna laugh automatically. But then I'm wanting the validation of seeing the laugh emojis on the replay.

Patrick Grabbs: Bonus points if you're laughing emojis. That's how you-

Katrina Ruth: But then, when I watch my replays, honestly, I'm often like, well this is fucking brilliant. Somebody should be making notes here, this is some powerful ... I should listen to this, is what I'm often thinking.

Patrick Grabbs: This is hot fire.

Katrina Ruth: I'm like, "Shit. I need to hear this."

Katrina Ruth: The way that you know you'll never run out of content is, you only are always saying what you need to hear for yourself.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. You're talking to yourself.

Katrina Ruth: Right.

Patrick Grabbs: That's what I've been trying to do. I've been trying to like ... When I turn the camera on, and you told me this a long time ago, I'm trying to talk to myself. And actually, what I'm really trying to do is, and if I can get in the stick to doing this, then it'll be a lot better I think, but what I'm trying to do is, I'm trying to talk to myself. I'm trying to talk to myself ten years ago.

Katrina Ruth: Right.

Patrick Grabbs: When I first got out of prison. I'm trying to tell myself the things that would change my mind and make me accelerate the process of getting to where I'm at today.

Katrina Ruth: Maybe you should tell some of that story because you just kinda dropped that in there.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, I just dropped that-

Katrina Ruth: Just like, curve ball.

Patrick Grabbs: Just to do it quickly, well, I guess I don't have to do it quickly, but 2006, at the height of Myspace, you know, I had just gotten a Myspace account, but ...

Katrina Ruth: I love how that's a pivotal ... I'm like, what did you say?

Patrick Grabbs: Pivotal moment.

Katrina Ruth: Did you just say, "At the height of Myspace?"

Patrick Grabbs: Tom, you're my best friend.

Katrina Ruth: So, not referencing the global recession. Just so we know, the timing was, the height of Myspace.

Patrick Grabbs: This is a different time. This is a different time.

Katrina Ruth: So, we all understand the year now.

Patrick Grabbs: But, I do come from kind of a fucked up upbringing. Grew up in a trailer park, born in a trailer park. Poor, very poor family. Mom had three boys, took care of them by herself. Tornado bait, pretty much. I ended up hanging out with the wrong people obviously, because my mom was gone all the time. She was never home, so we ended up being bad kids. I have two brothers. Constantly doing bad shit. Eventually, hung out with gangs. Got into a gang and eventually ended up going to prison. Got hooked on Meth. For five years I was hooked on Meth. And went to prison for two years. It's been ten years since I got out. Stealing cars, burglary, all sorts of crazy stuff, just because I liked the adrenaline. That's the thing about Meth, you like the adrenaline. I was an adrenaline junkie at the time.

Patrick Grabbs: So, two years. Got out in 2008. Didn't go back. When I was in there, that's when I started getting into [inaudible 00:26:50]. I read Tony Robbins. My first Tony Robbins book I read was in there, and so, that kinda got my mind right. When I got out, I just had a plan not to go back. And I've always been into computers, so I just various things on the computer for years and years and years. And it took me just until three years ago, to really realise that you know, you need to higher a mentor, and befriend mentors, and constantly level up.

Patrick Grabbs: You have to invest in yourself, and that's the part that I didn't really understand. The investing in yourself part. I know that everybody's gonna be like, "Oh, fuck. You gonna talk about spending money all the time?"

Katrina Ruth: They're down with it.

Patrick Grabbs: They're down with it, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: They wanna hear-

Patrick Grabbs: Y'all are down.

Katrina Ruth: They wanna hear this. They're like, tell us how to spend our money.

Patrick Grabbs: I wouldn't spend a dollar on myself, but I was the smartest on the computer. Like, I did so much stuff. I've been doing League Generation for a long time, but I was always held back by one thing. That I wouldn't actually spend a dollar on myself, on my own education. I wouldn't do it. Just refused to because I was so smart, I would go on YouTube, and just look at all the videos on how to do this and that, and I was just too smart for my own good, and wouldn't do that.

Patrick Grabbs: Three years ago, met my biggest mentor of my life, Ryan Stewman, and he showed me how to really invest in myself, and showed me what that was all about. From there, it was just a trajectory, and here we are today.

Katrina Ruth: Growth pathway.

Patrick Grabbs: Yep.

Katrina Ruth: Which never ends.

Patrick Grabbs: To the next level, yep. So now, constantly spending money to level up on myself. It's not a problem. Yeah, here we are.

Patrick Grabbs: Started my first business [inaudible 00:28:34]. It helped, staying with Ryan for three years while I was training and building, and actually we took a business from, you know, I don't know what he was doing whenever I met him, probably like $30,000 a month. He's up to, I think, $5 million now.

Katrina Ruth: $5 million a month?

Patrick Grabbs: A year. (laughter)

Katrina Ruth: I was like, "Fuck. How come I don't know this?"

Patrick Grabbs: I think he's [crosstalk 00:28:51]. I don't know how much he does, yeah. I think it's a little more. Somewhere around that.

Katrina Ruth: A lot of you guys know Ryan because I speak about Ryan quite a lot, and Ryan's really a close friend of mine, and he's here in this group, and possibly on this livestream, but he probably already left.

Patrick Grabbs: He likes to hear himself talk.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, he'd be on the livestream if he was on this side of the camera. He's like, "I'm not watching."

Patrick Grabbs: "I'm out!"

Katrina Ruth: I don't know, maybe he's there.

Patrick Grabbs: He's like, "Patrick, good luck. Have a good time, I'm out."

Katrina Ruth: Which is how met, through Ryan anyhow. But it's just that thing of going well, at some point you're gonna break free. I didn't even say that on purpose.

Patrick Grabbs: There you go.

Katrina Ruth: Break free and-

Patrick Grabbs: Shameless plug.

Katrina Ruth: Follow your own stuff, right?

Katrina Ruth: But then it's gonna come with all this stuff that comes with it. The fear stuff, and the am I good enough stuff, and also, I guess, what we were talking about in the car, earlier, from the airport about, what to spend your time on. Most people, when they're trying to build your business, are so conscious of all this shit that has to be done, and we were talking about how, no matter what all this stuff is that's going on, that you wanna do, or you gotta do, you gotta be doing the daily priorities, which my, like what I would stand by and swear by, is it's gonna be your own inner-working [inaudible 00:30:07], messaging and communication to your audience. And obviously, selling is part of that, right? And then everything else comes after that because if you be that voice, and you be that person who's showing up. What are we even talking about? This is a powerful livestream but all we did was turn the camera on on a conversation that we were having off camera, and then we created content. And we're creating value.

Katrina Ruth: That's all you do, every single day. You just create value. But most people won't do it because they don't get that this is what actually builds the business, and/or their insecurities beat them, and they feel like, yeah, but okay, right? I know people would think this, that, "Oh, but that's Kat," or that's whoever, or that's Ryan, or soon enough, it's gonna be, "That's Patrick," right? And like, I'm not this and I'm not that.

Katrina Ruth: The story about me hiding, covered up, like me and Reagan, like little koalas up against each other in the corner of the bar, while he had to basically protect us from the people.

Patrick Grabbs: Like a damn cocoon or something like that.

Katrina Ruth: We were like, "Get us out of here."

Patrick Grabbs: Eject, eject.

Katrina Ruth: Eject. (laughter)

Katrina Ruth: It just shows, it's me showing up everyday the way I do my business, and this is true for all my high-earning friends and clients as well, is it's a fucking choice. You know that that's inside of you and you feel that calling, you've had that calling since the day I met you. Every person here has that calling. I've had that calling since I can even remember. It's not about waiting til the point where one day you think you're gonna wake up, and you're gonna be like, "Sweet. Now I know I'm fucking amazing, and I'm ready to go, and everybody should listen to me." It's about taking what's inside of you and allowing that to be bigger than your insecurities and fears. Getting over your own self.

Katrina Ruth: Actually, I have this, I think we spoke about this on the phone the other night, but I speak about this with clients all the time, people worry that ... They think if I just start messaging and preaching to people all the time, doesn't that make me a bit full of myself, like I think I'm so good, and that it's an ego thing. Right?

Katrina Ruth: People are concerned that, kind of like, who am I to think that I should get to tell everyone to listen to me, or something like that. It's not egotistical to think that people should listen to your message. It's actually egotistical to not share your message, and the reason is, if you don't share your message, then what you're saying is, your own human, insecure self, is more important than the message inside of you that is meant to go out to the world. So, get the fuck over yourself. Don't make it about you, make it about the message.

Patrick Grabbs: Definitely. Definitely.

Patrick Grabbs: And yeah, I don't know what to add-

Katrina Ruth: I felt like you were gonna add something?

Patrick Grabbs: I was gonna add something now, I like it. I'm with it. Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Debra said, "We all know Kat does nothing." Oh, this is amazing comment. I'm gonna screenshot that and use it for a testimonial. Debra says, "We all know Kat does nothing and everything all in the same moment." That is probably, I feel like Debra, I'm gonna give you a free place in my high ticket sales workshop. I'm gonna give you that because that is probably the single best way anybody's ever described what I actually do.

Patrick Grabbs: Nothing and everything all in the same moment.

Katrina Ruth: What do you think about that comment?

Patrick Grabbs: I think she's trying to say you're kind of like Jesus. Doesn't he do that?

Katrina Ruth: I don't want ... Does he?

Patrick Grabbs: You don't want the comparison. I got you.

Katrina Ruth: I don't want to be Jesus.

Patrick Grabbs: It's all good.

Katrina Ruth: I wanna be Katrina Fucking Ruth.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, okay. Be Katrina Ruth. You can be Jesus. How about that, Jesus?

Katrina Ruth: I guess I have a somewhat spicy flair. (laughter) Not really, but I use the Spanish flamenco dancer emoji a lot, so close enough.

Katrina Ruth: That comment's everything. Because it's exactly what I was saying to you on the drive from the airport. I was like, "I kind of do nothing. I only do exactly what I want all the time. I feel like I do nothing." Oftentimes I'm like, this is almost like ... Somebody should report me for getting away with this because I feel like I'm just kind of fucking around all the time, and having the best time ever. And I just make shit up and I throw it at the internet, and I do whatever I want all day long. Most of the time, I feel like I do nothing.

Katrina Ruth: We were messaging about this yesterday, as well. You're like, I'm gonna do the flow and ease way, the way you do it, and the way ... You mentioned Amanda, one of my clients, Amanda's so cool, you've seen how Amanda does it. That's how we do it in this world. There's entrepreneurs out there who do it the hard way. You've seen I don't do that. I do it the flow and easy way and that's what many so-called clients do, and my friends as well.

Katrina Ruth: So, it feels like I do nothing. But then, technically, if you were to follow me around for a week and live my life, I don't feel ... I actually, really, logistically? Legitimately. Logistically also, I do move around a lot. But legitimately, I really don't feel most people would be able to keep up with it, they would just be like, "What in the actual fuck?" But I feel like I do nothing because it's all based on flow and ease. It's based on, I only do what I want.

Patrick Grabbs: You told me that though, too. I just know you, I've been hanging out with you for a long time, I guess a long time now, what I consider a long time, and so, I know how it's done. And then, to see your friend, she comes and does the same thing-

Katrina Ruth: Amanda, yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: And then I see other people doing it and everything like that. Of course, I know tonnes of people who do it the hard way. My good buddy, he does it the hard way.

Katrina Ruth: Most people are committed to the hard way.

Patrick Grabbs: They like to do it the hard way.

Katrina Ruth: It's like a badge of honour, do you think?

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. It is, yeah for sure. Or, you feel like that you are going to be able to provide a better service to your clients by doing it the hard way, so that you have the experience.

Katrina Ruth: You proved yourself more, or it's more meaningful.

Patrick Grabbs: But, you've been doing it the hard way the whole time, you know what I mean?

Katrina Ruth: It's a really good point though, because back in the day, there were times when I would reschedule for example, a training or a client call, and I would've made up an excuse, which I know is what most people do. I would've said something like, traffic or such and such happened, or whatever. Whereas now, actually one of my good friends, well he's a mentor of a client actually, Dan Thomas, he put a post up a month or so ago. He put a screenshot of his conversation with a client, and I just thought it was hilarious cause this is how I do it now. You could see on the message thread, it said, "Sorry I was 15 minutes for our call. I was sitting on the toilet watching reruns of," I don't know, some show on Netflix.

Patrick Grabbs: Nice.

Katrina Ruth: Just straight up, right? It was so funny because he just was like, "I forgot that our call was on. I was on the toilet watching Netflix." And he said it.

Patrick Grabbs: He said that?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, to his client.

Patrick Grabbs: That's good to say it.

Katrina Ruth: People don't do that, right? They'd be like, "Sorry I was late. A dramatic thing happened in my life. And you don't understand," and I'm the same as well now. I rescheduled the high vibe livestream, for those who [inaudible 00:37:18], it was on Sunday, I think it was, whenever I flew into New York, the first day. Because I flew in and I was like, I really wanna go to yoga. Like, I really fucking wanna go to yoga, but the high vibe livestream is right in the middle of class, so I just moved it by an hour, and then I said that. I was like, I wanted to go to yoga. And I'm teaching you guys flow and ease, and I'm teaching you that you always get to follow your souls desires. So, I'm going to tell you that my soul desired that I go to yoga and I choose to believe that it's always perfect. Everything's always okay. I don't have to follow the normal business or entrepreneur rules that say you must always be professional, and you must do it like this. With a friend, if you had plans with a friend, and then you really felt like, you know what, I really need some time for myself, I really wanna go workout, or I really wanna whatever-

Patrick Grabbs: Just do it.

Katrina Ruth: You would just tell your friend, "Hey, can we push it by an hour," right? Why do you wanna lie in your business, or why do wanna have a mask or a shield up? When you do that, you will not call in soulmate clients.

Patrick Grabbs: Bam. Yeah, you're out.

Katrina Ruth: You can't. You're only gonna have clients who are [inaudible 00:38:16], and they are high maintenance motherfuckers that you just don't really want to have to deal with.

Patrick Grabbs: Or, if you're trying to work around with their schedule, too. You won't be able to make it that far doing that anyways.

Katrina Ruth: Bowing down to your clients, and yeah, that's a fear. The only reason to do that would be like, fear and insecurity of not getting the business.

Patrick Grabbs: I found myself kind of getting [inaudible 00:38:37] because I'm not the only one who went on his own. One of my best friends actually did the same thing-

Katrina Ruth: You should tag him in. He's a nice guy.

Patrick Grabbs: Ryan Stewman, great guy. He bred two great entrepreneurs and put us out there, it's awesome. My buddy, so I'm now consulting him in his marketing business. He's just all over the place. Today, we were all over, he's like a hustler, so he's on the phone calling, calling, calling, calling. But he also hasn't been in this as long as I have, and hasn't watched all the things, hasn't spent as much time as I spend around people like Kat and people who think like this, with this very ease of life mentality. I'm very interested in it, and so I've always kind of watched every video I could find on it.

Patrick Grabbs: Today, this is the first day of our business, to be out here doing it. Each of our business, our brand new businesses. He's off to the races, and I'm just like, how can I do? What can I do? Like, he's running around the house like up here in the front, and I'm like, what can I do to ... I'm just sitting here thinking. Just letting my mind kind of just go, you know? What am I ... I can't remember what the top of my priority was to do. I'm like, my neck's kind of fucked up. I got in a wreck, so I've just been thinking about this neck. I wasn't really ... I'm not in a big rush because I just understand one thing. Money is gonna come.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: I made it happen too many times in my life. It's such a easy thing to do. Based on what I believe, and what I know from them, and they way that I choose to believe in it, and the way that I choose to believe my life, choose to live my life, is I know it's going to come.

Katrina Ruth: Faith.

Patrick Grabbs: It's just gonna come. Well, it's my reality. I've created this.

Katrina Ruth: Faith in your own reality and that you get to choose.

Patrick Grabbs: It is. I'm choosing this, and I choose to just ... If I wanna pussyfoot around in the house for a minute, and just wander around here aimlessly, not even thinking about shit. Like we were talking about-

Katrina Ruth: But that's often where the breakthroughs come from as well.

Patrick Grabbs: But I'm also thinking. I'm also thinking too, I'm like, I wanna see where this thoughts gonna go. What this-

Katrina Ruth: You're creating inside of you.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, I'm just walking around, just letting this go where it goes, where this thoughts go. I'm ironing all of that out. Matter of fact though, when I'm talking to certain clients and everything, when I've been picking up the phone and actually talking to them, it's been kind of a ... I don't know. It's just not there yet, you can tell they're not soulmate clients yet, you know? They're not quite there yet. It's something that I'm like, it's kind of one of those things I'm not really interested in totally touching yet.

Katrina Ruth: Yep.

Patrick Grabbs: I don't wanna start doing that right now. I just wanna let it go, and start finding out what the rest of ... Now, Kat's come in to town, we're gonna have some major breakthroughs and everything. So, I'm cool. This is what I'm trying to do, right here, you know?

Katrina Ruth: But this is also the real work. Us talking, livestreaming, even when your by yourself obviously. When you think you're not doing anything, it's about giving yourself some credit for the way that you live your fucking life. Your version, or my version, or a lot of people's here version, okay, I didn't say everyone here, so I guess you get to decide whether that's you or not. Our version of doing nothing is fucking growth all the time. You were saying earlier about how girls apparently feel about each other, which I do not agree with. He says to me, "Girls are all competitive with each other," and that he thinks that deep down women hate each other and I was like, "What. Not a chance, no."

Patrick Grabbs: No, [crosstalk 00:42:27]

Katrina Ruth: He's like, "Well, you're different." Obviously. I think we know that, but-

Patrick Grabbs: Your profile says, "Kicking the ass of the 1% of the 1%." That's a very small percentage of people. I think we can agree-

Katrina Ruth: It's actually the 1% of the 1% within the 1% ...

Patrick Grabbs: Like a micro-percent.

Katrina Ruth: Yep.

Patrick Grabbs: I think we can all agree that we know quite a few women who are very competitive and who hate each other. Alls I'm saying.

Katrina Ruth: We don't do that here.

Patrick Grabbs: Many. Not in the vibe, not in the kick ass-

Katrina Ruth: You know that that's not me. Yeah, we are not like that. We're different. I say all the time we're different from other entrepreneurs. All of us. We women are different from the other women. And part of that is, over time, for me and I know this is true for my clients ... Brandon Marshall, who the fuck is this guy?

Katrina Ruth: Over time, I guess I gradually grew into myself to where I'm like, I'm owning who I am. At the point in my life, I'm unapologetically who I am, and I know and trust that that's okay. Fuck off Brandon Marshall. Alright. The comments are starting to go out of control. Every time Brandon jumps on the livestream.

Patrick Grabbs: Brandon's my boy, though. I like Brandon. He's cool.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, Brandon's like one of my favourite people in the world. But as soon as he comes on the livestream, it's all the Brandon fucking show instead of the Katrina Ruth show now.

Patrick Grabbs: Brandon's cutting in.

Katrina Ruth: He's always hilarious though.

Katrina Ruth: So, I gradually got to a point where I'm like, you know what, I actually spend a lot of time in my life trying really hard to be everybody else, and I think I'm just gonna be me now. And that's why I can be so ... The things I say, even stuff I've said to you, or to any friends, or to clients, I say shit that breaks the rules of what you're supposed to say. Whether it's in business, in life, personal life, anything right? I just say stuff and I can do it without attachment because I'm completely grounded ... completely is an interesting word because you're always evolving and growing, but I'm grounded in who I am. So I'm okay no matter the outcome. I don't have to worry what another person is doing. I know what I'm fucking doing.

Patrick Grabbs: I got to ask you a question though, because you just brought this to my mind, it's something I've been thinking about. How do you know, because I'm always thinking, okay, I'll say something and it's very simple but it's something that I've thought about, maybe a long time ago, and I've already registered it in my head-

Katrina Ruth: Okay.

Patrick Grabbs: And I've been holding a lot in, right? Obviously, over time.

Katrina Ruth: Yes, we've noticed.

Patrick Grabbs: So I've been like, I'm already thinking, you're already thinking on a super high level, right? So, you think at a super high level, you're totally different than anybody else, you're totally different than the 99 of the 99 of the 99% out there.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, we're gonna clip this bit out. We're gonna get captions on it, we're gonna put it all over Facebook.

Patrick Grabbs: Alright-

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, continue.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay. So, how do you figure out the stuff that you have to go back to because you think it's basic and you think it's rudimentary to you now, at this point in your life, do you ever have anything like you think that, or do you just let it run, or you're gonna go back and talk about some basics and bring those back up-

Katrina Ruth: Where I question myself, you mean?

Patrick Grabbs: No. Have you ever had some things that you think are very basic that people should already know? But they're actually not.

Katrina Ruth: Yes.

Patrick Grabbs: And do you go back and bring those things up? There's a lot of things that I've already considered-

Katrina Ruth: To tell to people?

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. Yeah, I think so. Definitely. I don't even have an example that's coming up-

Patrick Grabbs: You just say whatever?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. Well, with clients and even in public livestreams sometimes, or in member trainings, I'm definitely going back to basics a lot of the time. Because I have to go back to basics all the time anyway, right? And it depends, the level of groundedness, and I guess, me being unapologetically me ... Yes, exactly like that. It's very zen.

Patrick Grabbs: Way to be zen. Very zen-minded. Let's ground. We're grounding. You have to ground onto something.

Katrina Ruth: Ground onto the couch with your leg-

Patrick Grabbs: We don't have to ground ourselves. You were saying?

Katrina Ruth: So, the level of groundedness that I have in my business is pretty fucking on point, I really do feel ... I get shaken from time to time in the smallest way, but it's always an instant reframe and a lesson in to, "Oh, I see how I nearly went down this pathway of thinking such and such. Cool, got it." Like, it's a millisecond. Whereas, there's other areas of my life where it's more shaky and I have to think more. I have to actually pause before I say something or take an action, cause I'm like, wait, hang on. Am I acting from outside of myself? Am I following rules and conditioning, or am I following my soul? And actually Alexa Martinez is here. Do you know Alexa, are you friends with Alexa? Do you know who Alexa is?

Patrick Grabbs: Elixir?

Katrina Ruth: Well, not elixir. Alexa. Okay.

Patrick Grabbs: Elixir.

Katrina Ruth: I've never told you properly about Alexa-

Patrick Grabbs: If you ever want to be an Australian accent, I've nailed it down. If you ever want to take Australian accent classes-

Katrina Ruth: He does a terrible Australian accent.

Patrick Grabbs: All you have to do is an-

Katrina Ruth: You sound British when you do an Australian-

Patrick Grabbs: You have to add an -ER to everything. That's all you do.

Katrina Ruth: And by the way, you're not allowed to do an Australian accent if you refuse to eat Vegemite. Would you like to eat some Vegemite live on this livestream?

Patrick Grabbs: I will never eat that shit again. Ever. It's disgusting. It's horrible.

Katrina Ruth: It's the best.

Patrick Grabbs: It's disgusting.

Katrina Ruth: I've got Vegemite right here.

Patrick Grabbs: If you folks on this livestream-

Katrina Ruth: He tried to kick me out of his car earlier when he found out that I had Vegemite with me.

Patrick Grabbs: I don't want it anywhere near me. And in fact, I think it's illegal to have it in the United States. And I don't break the law anymore, so therefore, I can't have this disgusting drug. It's like something you'd put in an envelope and send to your worst enemy. Somebody would send it to Donald Trump, he'd probably die. (laughter)

Katrina Ruth: Everyone's like, "I'll get ten tubs."

Katrina Ruth: Hang on, what were we just saying?

Patrick Grabbs: I don't know.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, I'll tell you about Alexa afterwards. I think you're gonna wanna hear-

Patrick Grabbs: But anyways, if you wanna speak Australian, just add an -ER to everything. You know.

Katrina Ruth: But he does do a very good Ryan Stewman impression. It was actually so good that I looked over my shoulder to see if Ryan was hiding behind me in the car. We're gonna go to New Orleans and play with Alexa, she says.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: Let's do a quick detour to New Orleans tomorrow.

Patrick Grabbs: Get on the Vegemite.

Katrina Ruth: Are you talking about tobacco?

Katrina Ruth: What were we saying? Okay. So, Alexa has been somebody who is very important in my life. Alexer.

Patrick Grabbs: Alexer. Wanna drink some winer?

Katrina Ruth: A massive source of support for me as a mentor and a friend. And actually, it's kind of hilarious though, because the things that Alexa has mentored me on ... Well, the reason I resonate with her so much as a coach, is because she teaches getting back to you, and trusting in your own self, and your own soul. But there's areas of my life where that's been really blurry and hard for me to do, and I'm like, I'm not sure. What's the right way to do something versus the wrong way? It's been this gradual process of me getting to where I'm like, "Oh my god. Oh my god. The right way is always the way that I'm feeling inside of me." I can remember a year ago, probably around about a year ago, having a conversation with Alexa where I was like, "I don't know what to do. Help me, help me." And she's like, "But what are you feeling? What do you want to do?" Right. Well, that's an evolutionary fucking concept. Maybe if I just went by what I was feeling. So, that's what I started to do.

Patrick Grabbs: You don't think you ever make, let's say, do you have any situations, because obviously I look through this with a logical and rational mind-

Katrina Ruth: But, logic comes from intuition, technically.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: You know. Go ahead.

Patrick Grabbs: So, you had a fork in the road, of your thought process-

Katrina Ruth: She's being [inaudible 00:50:37] in the comments. Carry on.

Patrick Grabbs: You're at a fork in the road, and you have two choices. Have you ever made ... You know, you think about one choice, and you make it, you feel like they both could be the right choice, obviously everybody thinks that, right? They both might be the right choice, or do you just think that you know, or should you know that one of them is better than the other. What if they're both a hell yeah decision?

Katrina Ruth: Are we talking about relationships now?

Patrick Grabbs: We could be.

Katrina Ruth: We said we weren't gonna do that.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, well why can't you have it all?

Patrick Grabbs: You could. You can have it all.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. So, it's either I get to have it all, regardless of the situation, and typically most mindsets in business life, or anything, would be like, you can't do that, breaking the rules. Well, alright. What if you got to make your own rules? So, it's either that you get to have it all or you just not being honest with yourself. Oftentimes, when you feel that you're at a crossroad, really what's going on is, for whatever reason, in resistance about the thing that you know is right and real. Either fear or uncertainty.

Patrick Grabbs: Not trusting yourself.

Katrina Ruth: Or self-sabotage.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: I know I've done that many times, it's almost like you deliberately like, yeah, I see what's right for me, and what's aligned, and would actually serve me, but I'm just gonna go do this other thing over here because I wanna prove to the world and to the universe, that I don't have to be told what to do, even if it's by my own self, right?

Katrina Ruth: So, it could be that, or it could be that you've got an idea in your head-

Patrick Grabbs: That's powerful right there, I think.

Katrina Ruth: Thank you.

Patrick Grabbs: I think it's powerful.

Katrina Ruth: I think these comments are going a little crazy.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, they are. What are they saying?

Katrina Ruth: Everyone wants to talk about sex. That's always true. People are scared. Okay, I'm here for the [inaudible 00:52:22] business talk. He's pretty fly for a smart ass guy.

Patrick Grabbs: She must be talking about Brandon cause he's a spiritual smart ass.

Katrina Ruth: Sex has no room for Friday nights. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. That's really your concern. Okay, I missed a whole tonne of interesting comments I think, but they've disappeared now. We'll come back to them later.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: I think that if you're like, "I don't know whether to do this or this," you do know. Depending on the situation and the era in life, you might have to pause for a little longer, to kind of tune in and figure out what it is.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, Brandon wants us to sell him ... Can we auction these pillows on this livestream? We're gonna do it. Did you see when the couch auction people took over my stuff, did you see that?

Patrick Grabbs: No, I did not.

Katrina Ruth: Oh. Have you-

Patrick Grabbs: I gotta see first on your stuff. I thought I had you see first.

Katrina Ruth: How can you not have me see first?

Patrick Grabbs: I have to see forget.

Katrina Ruth: You have to manually go to my page every day, [crosstalk 00:53:16]. So, you have to manually go there and read my blog every day? Or just ...

Patrick Grabbs: You call it your blog, but it's a post on Facebook. It's a Facebook post. Do you copy your Facebook-

Katrina Ruth: Do you go and look for it, or do you wait for it to appear in front of you in your News Feed?

Patrick Grabbs: Well, I have this thing on my laptop, it's called News Feed Eradicator-

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, I know, I've seen it.

Patrick Grabbs: It blocks all that shit up.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, but you read my posts.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, I do whenever I'm on my cell phone, you know what I'm saying, so mostly on the shitter, on the john-

Katrina Ruth: Oh. That's lovely.

Patrick Grabbs: It's very lovely. It's where my best thinking comes from.

Katrina Ruth: It's probably where a lot of people read my posts, [crosstalk 00:53:49].

Patrick Grabbs: They're watching it right now. Taking a very long one. Your legs are gonna be asleep if you keep doing what you're doing.

Patrick Grabbs: I don't know.

Katrina Ruth: What?

Patrick Grabbs: That went over your head? (laughter)

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: If they're sitting on the shitter their leg is gonna go to sleep. You ain't never sit on there too long, your watching a livestream?

Katrina Ruth: No, I don't. I'm very efficient.

Patrick Grabbs: You get up and go. You just drop and go. Drop and move.

Katrina Ruth: I'm fucking focused and efficient in all areas.

Patrick Grabbs: She doesn't waste time. I like to sit for a while and enjoy myself.

Katrina Ruth: I only sit in there for if I'm hiding from people, like at a party.

Patrick Grabbs: Do you really?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: Fucking introverts.

Katrina Ruth: On occasions.

Patrick Grabbs: I come from the kind of place where you used to have to look at a fucking air freshener can on the back, and read the instructions. Now, we have phones. We can watch whatever we want. We can watch whatever we want. We can watch cat videos, we can watch Kat videos.

Katrina Ruth: That's the whole story. What else do you wanna watch? Well, you can start watching Patrick's stuff as well.

Patrick Grabbs: You can watch Pat videos now. Yep.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: Very interesting, if you [inaudible 00:54:58]. Perfect time. I'll help you flow better.

Katrina Ruth: Do you have Brandon see first on your News Feed? You should have Brandon see first. He's [inaudible 00:55:04] amongst the most entertaining on Facebook.

Katrina Ruth: But, let's come back to this crossroads question. Why? Why that question?

Patrick Grabbs: Which one?

Katrina Ruth: You said-

Patrick Grabbs: Oh. Because I have occasionally, it's a thing, it's one thing, I've got flaws, and I think about them, and think about you know, that's one of them. One of a very, very few that I have and so-

Katrina Ruth: Short list. It's on a post-it.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, it's a very short list. A very short list. I'm getting it all out right now.

Katrina Ruth: It's on a post-it note. It's on a business card.

Patrick Grabbs: Right here.

Patrick Grabbs: This is like half of them. There's just a couple right here.

Katrina Ruth: It's a circle business card. One of the small ones.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm just trying to get them knocked out while you're here.

Patrick Grabbs: That's the one. You come to the fork in the road, and you're like, these are two forks. But what if they're both ... You say you can have it all, that's cool, I've got two. That's fine. And they're both hell yeah decisions, okay cool. I'll just take them both. But, obviously if they're both maybes, then that's a hell no, right?

Katrina Ruth: They're both hell no's.

Patrick Grabbs: They're both hell no's. Back to the drawing board.

Katrina Ruth: But then a lot of people would feel like-

Patrick Grabbs: They had to take one.

Katrina Ruth: Correct. Like let's say it's client conversation. Let's say you're doing sales calls. Firstly, I just had a small, minor heart attack by using the term sales calls, because why would you do a sales call, when you could just sign them up over Facebook chat?

Katrina Ruth: But secondly-

Patrick Grabbs: I like sales calls. You don't like talking and hearing their voice?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, I like talking, but I don't like sales calls. I clearly like talking.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Well anyway, if you like them then do them for that reason. But most people, we definitely don't wanna be doing sales calls, that's for sure. And you should join the high ticket sales workshop. The Katrina Ruth show dot com forward slash high ticket sales workshop, or something. I don't know, just go find it. I don't know the URL. And I'll show you how to do it without the sales calls. But if you like them-

Patrick Grabbs: I saw that and I was like, no, I was like cool. But, I haven't gotten there yet. You already know your audience-

Katrina Ruth: Actually, this is a great point. This is a very good point. I'm really glad you just said that actually.

Patrick Grabbs: Hmm.

Katrina Ruth: Hmm. Maybe I should bring you on as a guest [inaudible 00:57:24]. That is a very good point. Because there's no fucking way you should be imagining to yourself that somebodies gonna come along and text you on Facebook and wanna sign up with you high end, in one or two minutes. Which is what my high end clients do. They come to me, they're like, "Hey Kat. I need to mentor with you now. I don't care how much it is. Tell me." And then I tell them, and then they sign up. And that's like, up to an $80K plus sale, right? That's what I do.

Patrick Grabbs: Well, well, well.

Katrina Ruth: And I'm gonna teach that in my workshop. But part of what I'm going to teach you is, really, really, how do you get to the point of it being like that? Well, you know your fucking audience, and they know you and there's many things that go into that. But I'll tell you something that I did. Which actually I think would be a good exercise for everybody. In 2014, I was transitioning my business. I was kinda caught up where I was teaching a lot of internet sales and marketing, which as we all know, I just so fucking don't like teaching. Even though I could, right?

Patrick Grabbs: Definitely.

Katrina Ruth: And I knew I wanted to talk like alignment and ass kickery, and that sort of stuff, and I felt like a lot of people feel. I felt like, but who wants to listen to me talk about alignment and ass kickery and living your dream life and pressing play and all that shit? I was like-

Patrick Grabbs: I'd like to press play.

Katrina Ruth: You're always pressing fucking play. Who am I to do that, and who would listen? I had all that stuff. I decided that I would do 100 calls with clients, or with people in my community, and I would call it an alignment and ass kickery session, and I did 100 calls.

Katrina Ruth: However, they weren't sales calls. I actually sold a programme for $97. It was called The Alignment and Ass Kickery Toolkit. It was a two week programme. They got audio and stuff, it was very good. I should just sell it right now, but I don't have a link, which is annoying cause I like to sell. But anyway, in the programme, I said, $97 you get these two weeks, and you get a one-on-one call with me, which was like crazy cause I already had a pretty big following, but it was transitioning. So people jumped on it, and I think 120 people bought it in like two days.

Patrick Grabbs: How many?

Katrina Ruth: 120.

Patrick Grabbs: Holy shit.

Katrina Ruth: Because I was already established. So when it was like you're getting a one-on-one coaching call for $97, people just jumped.

Patrick Grabbs: So, one-on-one call. So, you get the one-on-one call-

Katrina Ruth: And the course.

Patrick Grabbs: And how long is the call?

Katrina Ruth: 20 minutes.

Patrick Grabbs: So, you have 2,000 minutes worth of calling to do?

Katrina Ruth: Well, I was in London. I was at the W in Leicester Square, London, by myself for two weeks, and I was running a one-day event there that one day, and then I was there the whole other two weeks, and I literally just remember standing there, they didn't have a desk in this hotel room, but they had this bar. Like a standup bar. I can remember standing there at the bar, and I just ... I got up every morning, you asked me earlier what's my morning routine. I got up, I had my coffee, I did my journal blog. Workout, whatever. And then, I would stand there from like 11AM til 6PM, just doing these 20 minute calls back to back. And I did it for two weeks, or roughly two weeks.

Patrick Grabbs: You did the two weeks-

Katrina Ruth: With no [inaudible 01:00:28]. And then it was all done. And by the end of that two weeks, I was so fucking empowered. I knew exactly my audience. I knew all of their fears, and insecurities, and doubts, and I had also empowered myself into knowing that I could help these people with my [inaudible 01:00:44].

Patrick Grabbs: How big was your audience?

Katrina Ruth: No idea. I don't remember the numbers. I don't really think in numbers. But I had a following already because I'd been online for years already. I had a decent following, but I'd been positioning myself as, "I'll teach you sales and marketing." Rather than positioning myself as, "I'll teach you to press fucking play," and all that stuff, whatever it is I actually do. Which I still-

Patrick Grabbs: And you went fully with the press play?

Katrina Ruth: Well, that was where I transitioned into I'm about alignment and ass kickery. It was from that. So, when I say, "Fuck sales calls," I'm coming from a place of, I kind of did that damn thing, and I don't really wanna do it anymore.

Katrina Ruth: Shout out Sarah Dan, my amazing client and friend, Sarah. I'm just shouting her out cause I saw her jump on.

Patrick Grabbs: But, there is much power to be known in the sales call.

Katrina Ruth: It's great point. If you don't know your audience. If you don't fully know who you fucking are, and why people should want to work with you, maybe you should be doing sales calls. See? I told you. He's like the one person that can actually me to change my freaking mind.

Patrick Grabbs: Well, you know this though because you know, I've just started running ads. I just started running ads, and I'm trying to fill up a group, and so I wrote a message, just like you taught me. I wrote a long ass message, and I attached it to an ad, and I ran the ad to people with interests that would fit the mould of my perfect client. Well, I got like ten people ...

Katrina Ruth: Travis. We tagged you ages ago. We were talking about you 20 minutes ago, you show up now.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, we were. Yeah, you gotta go scroll back.

Katrina Ruth: You're gonna have to watch the replay later.

Patrick Grabbs: Also, follow Travis too, because he's gonna be doing some big things, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, you gotta go follow Travis. He just jumped on.

Patrick Grabbs: He's a very handsome man. He's probably the most handsome man that I've ever seen.

Katrina Ruth: But he's also a killer sales pro.

Patrick Grabbs: Killer sales people, got it going hard. You gotta replay, go all the way back and figure this shit out dude. I was talking about you, some things you need to adjust, okay?

Katrina Ruth: He was preaching at you.

Patrick Grabbs: I was preaching at you.

Katrina Ruth: So, you're running your ads-

Patrick Grabbs: So, I ran my ad, and I pulled about ten people into my group, I got ten leads. It was only around $10 a day, because I wanted to do an experiment, and I pulled this guy and I started looking ... I mean, everybody that came through, I started looking through their profile and looking at all their stuff, you know what I mean? I put in the Pipl. This is a little tip you guys can use. Pipl. P-I-P-L dot com. This is a good sales tactic for you. If they only give you their name or their email, you can use their email and you can find them if they have a Facebook, a LinkedIn, or whatever. We use it in the sales game all the time.

Patrick Grabbs: So, I looked them all up, and I kept looking through people, and I found this guy, and he just glowed. Just glowed.

Katrina Ruth: Jesus?

Patrick Grabbs: Like Jesus. He totally looked like a guy who was mowing my yard. I have no yard actually, that was a fucked up joke.

Katrina Ruth: You've got the whole of Dallas. You should see the view right there. Like, it's actually quite rude that we haven't shown anybody the view.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, it is.

Katrina Ruth: We can wait til it goes a little bit darker.

Patrick Grabbs: It's gonna dark, it's gonna get a lot better as the time goes by.

Katrina Ruth: It's like the best view in Dallas, for sure.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm already kinda buzzing.

Katrina Ruth: It's the spirits coming through.

Patrick Grabbs: It's the spirits. I shouldn't be having spirits at this time of day.

Katrina Ruth: The spirit comes through anytime he wants to.

Patrick Grabbs: But, I saw this guy, right? And he popped out to me. Out of these ten people that signed up to be leads, this one guy popped out to me, and he had this glow about him. You just looked at him, and he wears like chains, you know like, black like I do. And he had a chain on like I would wear, you know, I wear some little foo-foo jewellery sometimes. And he had the style. He's an older dude, he's like 40 or so. He's divorced, he has a kid. And I just looked at all this stuff about him, and I've told you about this, but I just reached out to him.

Patrick Grabbs: He joined my group, and I reached out to him, and I just talked to him for hours. I said, "Dude, I want you to know, the reason I'm asking you this stuff is because you seem like the exact prototype of what I'm looking for to be back here. I just want to ask you a few questions just to get to know you more." That's all I said, I wasn't trying to have a sales conversation or anything with him. I just wanted to get to know about him and his life. We just talked pretty much all night, just back and forth, back and forth. Actually, we've been talking for about three days. I'm just asking question after question because I'm brand new to this, and I wanna know. I really do. This is the most important thing that I feel like I should be doing right now, is figuring out about him.

Katrina Ruth: That's true. And then, I guess, my counter to that, but I fully agree, but then my counter at the same time is, well, what I do, and what I teach and what we've been talking about is, I'm communicating with my audience all day every day. That's 90% of what I spend my time on in my business, is connection and communication. So, I don't do sales call because I already have that fucking conversation 100,000 times, whether it was on a livestream or wherever. I'm very accessible over private message as well. I feel like I'm a lot more accessible than a lot of people at my level maybe are.

Katrina Ruth: I'm always talking and so I know my people already. So, I could do a sales call, but actually, well I choose not to. Actually, Reagan and I had this conversation a while back, we were like, if we wanted to hire somebody and then they said, "Let's jump on a sales call."

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, that would be weird.

Katrina Ruth: We would instantly eliminate that person because we're like, "Oh, really? Okay." My people totally do not wanna get on sales call. Actually, I'll tell you something. Somebody pitched me yesterday, and she's sold me now as well. Which is very rare. And don't everybody fucking start pitching me shit on Facebook, by the way.

Patrick Grabbs: Pitch. Easy sell.

Katrina Ruth: This has happened two times-

Patrick Grabbs: I'm never getting brought again.

Katrina Ruth: This has happened two times and that's it. Two times total where people have pitched me over Facebook and I've bought.

Katrina Ruth: But it happened today. I said yes today while I was on the plane on the way here actually. But she pitched me, and she made a proposal to me, and I liked her energy and her vibe. She said, "Can we jump on a call, and I'll tell you basically about my offer." I was like, no, I said, "I'm not gonna get on a call, I don't do calls." Like, obviously, I do calls when I wanna do a freaking call, but I didn't wanna get on a call. I'm like, no, I don't wanna hear the one hour version or even the 30 minute version. I said, "Tell me about it in a way that feels good for you." And she sent me a three minute video. I'm like, boom, done. I watched it while I was on the cross trainer at the gym. I didn't have to get on a freaking call to be sold to. I watched her video. I'm like, "Yeah. I really like your vibe." I liked her, I like what she was saying. I said "Okay, tell me more about how you do it." She told me on Facebook. I'm going, cool, what's the investment? She told me. I've gone okay. I said, "Okay." She writes back and says, "Well, let me know if it gets to hell yes." I'm like no, no, I meant yes by okay. I just wrote okay. And that was it, right?

Katrina Ruth: I signed myself up. And that's what my clients do. They sign themselves up with me. They don't wanna be on a sales call with me. But, I definitely think that's super valid. If you are transitioning in your business-

Patrick Grabbs: I'm starting. Yeah, I'm beginning.

Katrina Ruth: You are and you aren't. Because you have so much more ... Like, you have more actual internet marketing experience than anybody who I personally know. And then you've got the powerful messenger and leader thing at the same time. So, you're starting I guess, with it being your business and presenting your message to the world, and it being about you and your message, but you're certainly not fucking starting on internet marketing and building a business. You've done that in a huge way, and you're not starting on actually the whole message or communication thing anyway, cause you do that all the time, whether it's with me, or other people, or whatever. It's just that you haven't done it to the world yet. So, if you think about it, all you've gotta do is switch into that place of like, I'm already there. Rather than being, I've gotta figure out how to work my way there.

Katrina Ruth: Varian says, "So true. I don't want to be on sales calls with people if I'm inquiring, I'm basically already sold." Totally. If I would inquire with someone, I'm sold already, I definitely don't wanna do a sales call.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, you wouldn't on the call, right?

Katrina Ruth: Right. But do you know what I mean, you're starting, but really, you're not starting. And actually, I would just eliminate that script from your vocabulary and be, I'm already there. Because if you're saying, "I'm starting" then you're creating it as reality by saying it, do you know what I mean?

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, I'm gonna take myself back and then have to go through it ... I understand. We actually eliminate people in the sales call with our meeting apps be it by saying, if you're not fully 100% certain about what you want in life, if you aren't there yet, all your material's there for anybody to go read-

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: Then why would they even be reaching out. Why? Why would they be reaching out unless they were already sold.

Katrina Ruth: Right. Exactly. And that's exactly what you're now gonna be doing as well. Just messaging and showing up and giving value, and then people are going to be sold on you.

Patrick Grabbs: Just worried that it's going to take a very long time before somebody finally buys in-

Katrina Ruth: That's a choice. No, that's a choice. That's a mindset, but it's good to acknowledge the uncertainty or the fear.

Patrick Grabbs: I am acknowledging the uncertainty and the fear. There you go.

Katrina Ruth: On the couch.

Patrick Grabbs: That's the meat and the taters of this whole situation here.

Katrina Ruth: That's good. Bring it out.

Patrick Grabbs: This is the meat and taters. I am uncertain.

Katrina Ruth: You can have that fear and then you do the damn thing anyway.

Patrick Grabbs: And I'm gonna do the damn thing anyways. Fuck it. I'm going to do it. It's not a big deal. I'm not gonna fall, I'm not gonna fail. Never gonna fail at this.

Katrina Ruth: It's not possible.

Patrick Grabbs: It is impossible. Everybody here is inside my mind. You're inside my reality. I've created you, welcome.

Katrina Ruth: I'm sure they're thrilled to hear that.

Patrick Grabbs: You're welcome.

Katrina Ruth: Just drop that in there at the end.

Patrick Grabbs: It's brand new. It's brand new. I know this is news to you.

Katrina Ruth: Just so you know.

Patrick Grabbs: This is what I've done.

Katrina Ruth: If you have that level of ownership over the actual freaking people, then you can have ownership over your own message.

Patrick Grabbs: I have that. I own my own message. So, I am owning you.

Katrina Ruth: There we go. You heard it here, ladies and one gentleman. Which is think is Brandon. But I'm sure they'll be a couple of other guys come along-

Patrick Grabbs: Brandon's more in touch with his feminine side than most of those females, I assure you of that.

Katrina Ruth: Well, he knows exactly what's up. He's a wise and profound man.

Patrick Grabbs: Is Brandon in any of your programmes?

Katrina Ruth: Brandon has a special place on the wall of ... When you actually become a high vibe mastermind member, and you first get your welcome, your initiation. There's a warning. And it says, "This is Brandon Marshall. Most irreverent member in the group. He is gonna fuck with every serious thing you say, but then he's gonna drop profound knowledge the whole way through as well." Brandon is actually the silent heartbeat of all my programmes, I'm pretty sure. Like, really.

Patrick Grabbs: Brandon's a fucking troll and I will tell you that. I see Brandon's shit all the time and I'm like, I should've blocked this motherfucker, I'm like, no, I'm not gonna-

Katrina Ruth: Oh, come on.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm not gonna allow Brandon to out-troll me. I know what you're doing Brandon, I know you don't believe half the bullshit you say, that you troll with. I know that, I know that.

Katrina Ruth: That's exactly what he's doing.

Patrick Grabbs: Yes, he does. So, I'm like you're not going to out-troll the troll master. Okay, sir?

Katrina Ruth: Super smart. Master entertainer.

Patrick Grabbs: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: He's a master entertainer.

Patrick Grabbs: It will not happen sir.

Katrina Ruth: He's in high vibe, yes. And he's in a lot of my programmes. He brings the energy and the entertainment.

Patrick Grabbs: She said, "I did an experiment last night to a small list. Idea came from flow. Sold four spots without any calls, which is what I normally do. Yay to no calls."

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. You can totally do it any way. You can do it anyway that you wanna do it, that's the truth about anything actually.

Patrick Grabbs: You can just do it any way you wanna do it.

Katrina Ruth: You can actually do whatever you want.

Patrick Grabbs: I like the sound of that.

Katrina Ruth: There's a revolutionary idea for life. You can actually do whatever you want all the time, in life.

Patrick Grabbs: It's that old saying-

Katrina Ruth: It's just giving yourself permission to do it.

Patrick Grabbs: We had this burger place here in Texas.

Katrina Ruth: Look at my shoes.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, I saw those. I was like, damn. I normally don't check out chicks shoes, but, you know-

Katrina Ruth: They're pretty amazing.

Patrick Grabbs: They're pretty nice.

Katrina Ruth: I just feel a little rude that I never showed them.

Patrick Grabbs: Kat always has on some dang shoes. That's why I'm like, I wanna see how-

Katrina Ruth: You like me for the shoes.

Patrick Grabbs: That's it. That's the whole thing.

Katrina Ruth: There we go. It's good to know. Glad we got that out.

Patrick Grabbs: I know Kat goes hard, and I know her style is always on point, so I'm always like if I wanna know what chicks like about shoes, then I'll just check out Kat, cause she's got some badass fucking shoes.

Katrina Ruth: Look at them.

Patrick Grabbs: Just look at it. Look at it. Just look at it.

Katrina Ruth: You should feel the shoes.

Patrick Grabbs: Are those red bottoms? Is that Louboutin?

Katrina Ruth: Yes.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay. You got the red bottoms. Red bottoms.

Katrina Ruth: Did you see those thigh high rose gold boots that I had on the other day?

Patrick Grabbs: I think I might've saw those. I might've picked those up.

Katrina Ruth: You picked them up. There's some amazing shoes over there, that's why I have so much luggage.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, she's got a whole fucking cart.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, sorry, I just realised it was really rude of me that I hadn't shown my shoes on this livestream.

Patrick Grabbs: Travis said, "They do go hard."

Katrina Ruth: What the shoes? Or me?

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, the shoes.

Katrina Ruth: These shoes are so comfortable as well. Would you believe that these shoes are comfortable to walk in? Because they are.

Patrick Grabbs: You don't look comfortable. That's how I started noticing because I saw you like, wobbling around here, trying to set stuff up, I was like, I had to see those shoes cause I think maybe you might be about to break your leg over fashion.

Katrina Ruth: They're super comfortable.

Patrick Grabbs: You might be about to break your ankle in the name of fashion, and I wanted to see what kind of shoes you would be doing this for. It had to be good.

Katrina Ruth: These are comfortable ones. I got some in there that I actually can't walk in, I would have to be carried.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm a very strong man.

Katrina Ruth: You're just gonna carry me around from place to place.

Katrina Ruth: You don't believe that? Helen! Okay, this is the most important moment of this livestream so far. Hang on. Let me demonstrate this to you.

Patrick Grabbs: She said, "I don't believe it." I don't believe it either. It's bullshit.

Katrina Ruth: Can I explain the engineering of this to you?

Patrick Grabbs: You ever bullshit your audience because this seems like the perfect time?

Katrina Ruth: No! Can I explain the engineering part of it?

Patrick Grabbs: Go ahead.

Katrina Ruth: Just have a look.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay, what did they tell you. Because I know, I've been to Louboutin, they don't tell you shit.

Katrina Ruth: Why do you go there? Look about this logically.

Patrick Grabbs: Your foot looks very, very uncomfortable.

Katrina Ruth: No, no.

Patrick Grabbs: It looks like it's caged.

Katrina Ruth: Look at the engineering of the shoe. Stop looking at my foot.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay. Here, here, down-

Katrina Ruth: Pay attention.

Patrick Grabbs: Very bad shoe.

Katrina Ruth: What do you see there that is not usually present on a Louboutin shoe? I don't know how much attention you've given to Louboutin shoes.

Patrick Grabbs: I do not pay that much attention to it. I don't know. It looks all the same to me.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, okay.

Patrick Grabbs: What is not present?

Katrina Ruth: This is super important, people.

Patrick Grabbs: Is it not supposed to have a platform for her heel?

Katrina Ruth: Hang on, I'm gonna show you something that's gonna help you to understand.

Patrick Grabbs: They look very uncomfortable, that's all I gotta say.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, let me show you another example.

Patrick Grabbs: I know what uncomfortable looks like.

Katrina Ruth: Look, I just walked a whole metre with no falls.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, it's an unpacking livestream now. Check this out. Did you see this shoe? Now this shoe is a work of art.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: Right? This is an amazing shoe, ladies and gentleman. Two gentlemen. You being one, and Brandon being the other.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, I'm a gentleman.

Katrina Ruth: What do you see about this shoe, that is different from this shoe, which will help you to understand why one is comfortable and one is not?

Patrick Grabbs: Can I even touch this shoe, is this-

Katrina Ruth: You may. Thank you for asking though.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay, so the difference is-

Katrina Ruth: So, this is fucking painful to walk in, but it's purposeful pain, obviously, for the result of you look fucking amazing.

Patrick Grabbs: What I see is ... This is like one of those weird things where you're looking at the picture and you're seeing what's the difference. They both look exactly the same.

Katrina Ruth: There's a distinct obvious difference that makes one shoe comfortable ... Exactly, Alexa, she's on it.

Patrick Grabbs: Well, I guess, okay. All I can say is, I guess the birdcage? Is that what it does?

Katrina Ruth: Look here. Look.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh! You actually have a sole.

Katrina Ruth: There's a little platform. The girls are on it. There's a little platform on these.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: And, it doesn't mean I won't still fall down-

Patrick Grabbs: This has been my goal. To learn about women's shoes.

Katrina Ruth: It doesn't mean I won't fall down a random hole, if one encounters me, but these shoes ... I don't know how we got on to shoes, it just happened.

Patrick Grabbs: Does this happen many times?

Katrina Ruth: No.

Patrick Grabbs: This is new, this is new. Welcome to shoes.

Katrina Ruth: This is you live streaming.

Patrick Grabbs: Do not screen capture this and post it on my wall.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, I feel like this is a moment where everybody needs to have just a moment of silence, please.

Patrick Grabbs: Them apple bottom boots with the fur.

Katrina Ruth: If you didn't see these shoes, I mean, I really don't know what you think you're doing with your life. But I wore these shoes the other day for 14 hours straight, when I ran my New York event. So, I was standing most of the day, and running around. And these shoes look fucking amazing-

Patrick Grabbs: This is what I don't understand about fashion. This seems like the stuff that you look at next year, and you're like, "Oh, I can't believe I wore that shit."

Katrina Ruth: What?

Patrick Grabbs: You know? That's the stuff, right?

Katrina Ruth: Why would I think that? Because I looked incredible.

Patrick Grabbs: No, I mean, isn't that what ... Do you think people from the 80s look back on the stuff they wore in the 80s and they're like, "Oh, no."

Katrina Ruth: Definitely happy.

Patrick Grabbs: Really? Okay, cool.

Katrina Ruth: They're definitely happy about that. But these shoes have the platform as well you guys. So, they look freaking amazing, and they're so comfortable. You can't get those shoes on you anyway. Where is his off button? Whose off button? Brandon's. No, Helen, I was fine. Okay, I will admit that the toes on my right foot were completely numb. Numb and devoid of feeling for 24 hours afterwards. But it was a small price to pay.

Patrick Grabbs: What's the price to pay for this? A broken heel.

Katrina Ruth: Put the shoe in his mouth.

Patrick Grabbs: Damn, somebody has a foot fetish. Did she say put the foot-

Katrina Ruth: She said put the shoe in his mouth.

Patrick Grabbs: Put the shoe in his mouth. Oh my god.

Katrina Ruth: I've actually never tried that.

Patrick Grabbs: That was extreme.

Katrina Ruth: We'll discuss it off camera.

Patrick Grabbs: Off the topic, off camera.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, I feel like we went down a weird place.

Patrick Grabbs: We went down to the [inaudible 01:19:16]. But I like that, I'll go down that-

Katrina Ruth: We'll go anywhere.

Patrick Grabbs: Yes. We'll go anywhere with that. But it does like a shoe that you might want to put in your mouth, you know? This is the type. If one were to put a shoe in his mouth-

Katrina Ruth: Hang on. Did you say that you had a bondage blog?

Patrick Grabbs: I had a bondage blog, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: I feel like we could go down that path.

Patrick Grabbs: Well, let's go down that path.

Katrina Ruth: I actually got ... I was more curious about the trumpet blog, than the bondage blog, cause I feel like I understand the bondage thing, but I don't understand the trumpet thing.

Patrick Grabbs: How the hell are you more curious about the-

Katrina Ruth: Well, cause I'm familiar with the bondage thing, but I'm not familiar with the trumpet thing.

Patrick Grabbs: So, the trumpet ... Give me a couple likes and I'll bite it.

Katrina Ruth: Don't bite it hard.

Patrick Grabbs: This is a very expensive shoe.

Katrina Ruth: I only bought it two days ago.

Katrina Ruth: We said we were going to do a livestream on unconventional relationships, we ended up doing one on stagefright, and now we're doing one on shoe fetishism.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, shit.

Katrina Ruth: But, we'll do the you conventional relationship one maybe tomorrow. Now, we're just doing bondages and shoe fetishes.

Patrick Grabbs: It's all sixes and sevens now. Sixes and sevens. I'll put some barbecue sauce on this bitch and eat it right now.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, tell us about your bondage blog that you've never previously mentioned to me, that you just casually dropped into a Facebook post today.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay, so yeah, I just casually dropped that in there. So, I did have a couple of bondage blogs.

Katrina Ruth: A couple? Why do you need more than one?

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, actually it's like 100. You need 100 of them.

Katrina Ruth: Why do you need more than one bondage blog?

Patrick Grabbs: You need more like 100.

Katrina Ruth: Yes, Alexa. This is why you waited that whole time. We just want to wait and see who our true audience is before we get into the really good content.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, yeah. We wait til their gone.

Katrina Ruth: Wait til all the flakers leave, and now the real shit's coming out.

Patrick Grabbs: The nasty nasties are still here, you know.

Katrina Ruth: Alright, let's hear it. 100 bondage blogs.

Patrick Grabbs: So, 100 bondage blogs. That's a tongue twister.

Patrick Grabbs: So, the thing is, when you're starting out on the internet, if you don't wanna pay for shit, if you wanna just do shit for free, you'll end up down all sorts of rabbit holes about things that you should do, that you can quickly do to make money. To quickly come up with a buck or two. And one of them, actually, two. I'll explain the first one is make affiliated trumpets-

Katrina Ruth: I'm sorry, you're using the shoe as a gesture.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm using the shoe as a gesture. It's the most odd and weird shit you can find. Like, somebody recommended to me that I just write reviews about trumpets and like affiliate those, and I just like was all in. I was like let' go. Let's go.

Katrina Ruth: Do you play the trumpet?

Patrick Grabbs: I know everything about trumpets.

Katrina Ruth: Do you play the trumpet?

Patrick Grabbs: I played the trumpet when I was a kid.

Katrina Ruth: Okay.

Patrick Grabbs: Don't make fun of me, but I did play the trumpet when I was a kid, and so, it's cool. I got first chair one time. That means I was the best. But anyways, I didn't give a fuck about trumpets. I did it like one time for like a year, and I had a trumpet. I didn't now anything about trumpets. In fact, I was like, okay whatever. It's just the first thing that I read where they're like, you can make some money off affiliate trumpets if you just write blog posts about trumpets all day.

Patrick Grabbs: So, I was like, fuck it, that's what I'm gonna do. I didn't think about anything, I didn't think about all this woo woo crazy shit about calling in your perfect clients-

Katrina Ruth: It freaking works.

Patrick Grabbs: Talking to yourself in the fucking mirror, and people start giving you money and shit like that. I didn't think anything about that. I think maybe somebody in the back might've commented and said some shit about that, but I was like, fuck that. This trumpet thing is gonna work.

Patrick Grabbs: I got onto this next thing where this dude was like, you could do these Tumblr blogs where you put bondage on there, bondage pictures, and you can set them up to where they just automatically pull the pictures of bondage, of chicks in bondage tied up and stuff like that, and it posts them automatically every day, and you just put affiliate links on there, and you get the affiliate links from the porn site, and it automatically posts that stuff all day, every day. He said, if you do enough of them, you could make like $100 a week.

Katrina Ruth: $100 a week?

Patrick Grabbs: It was something outrageous-

Katrina Ruth: How long ago was this?

Patrick Grabbs: This was like five years ago. I was trying to make a quick buck people. A motherfucker didn't have Louboutin's.

Patrick Grabbs: I was trying to figure it out. I just didn't have it.

Katrina Ruth: Can somebody start screen-shotting while he's just waving around the shoe as an emphasis? Just screenshot the waving-

Patrick Grabbs: Bondage. Bondage.

Katrina Ruth: Say bondage a few more times.

Patrick Grabbs: So, I had a bondage blog. I had like 100 of them, and needless to say, I think I made like $0.28 from that shit.

Katrina Ruth: Brandon wants you to do your Ryan Stewman impersonation.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, right.

Katrina Ruth: It's so good. I was like, where is he?

Patrick Grabbs: What can I say? What could I say? How does Ryan do it? It's so easy, and now you all got me to where my mind doesn't work.

Katrina Ruth: Well, you did your me impression earlier well enough.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, I did my best impression. Let's see here. What would he say? He says ... Now y'all got me on the spot, I can't do it.

Katrina Ruth: Come on. This whole livestream is about stagefright.

Patrick Grabbs: It's about stagefright.

Katrina Ruth: For those who do not know what's bondage, can you please do a demonstration?

Patrick Grabbs: Okay, we gotta get some rope. We gotta get a lawn dart.

Katrina Ruth: It's fairly early on in the evening for a bondage demonstration.

Patrick Grabbs: We have had some wine. I'm gonna refill my wine, and I'm gonna come up with my perfect Stewman impression.

Katrina Ruth: You're gonna go into your ...

Patrick Grabbs: Would you like some more wine?

Katrina Ruth: Yes, please. Shall I show people your view because it's fucking amazing.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, yeah. Yeah, definitely.

Katrina Ruth: Do you guys wanna see the most amazing view in Dallas? Why would you not. Hang on. This is gonna be tricky to navigate.

Patrick Grabbs: Watch out. Yeah, especially with those shoes.

Katrina Ruth: See. Did you see how I did that? Check this out. Oh, by the way, look at this cool art. Side note.

Katrina Ruth: Look. What! What! How amazing is that view.

Katrina Ruth: Brandon played the clarinet. That's a random comment that I feel is not relevant to the view-

Patrick Grabbs: That's kinda like the skin flute.

Katrina Ruth: Look how good that looks. Come here.

Patrick Grabbs: It's an amazing view.

Katrina Ruth: That's an amazing-

Patrick Grabbs: You gotta put it up a little higher, so they see that.

Katrina Ruth: If that was a photo, it would look like we made that background up.

Patrick Grabbs: Look at that. Boom.

Katrina Ruth: Screenshot. Okay, you can't see me anyway. But it looks like it's fake. It's pretty amazing.

Patrick Grabbs: It looks like we're standing in one of those pictures.

Katrina Ruth: I know.

Patrick Grabbs: Yes, that's beautiful.

Katrina Ruth: I feel like we're just gonna stay here tomorrow and-

Patrick Grabbs: Look at that moon though. You gotta get that moon in there.

Katrina Ruth: How do we do that?

Patrick Grabbs: Bam. That's good shit. That's crazy. It's like a futuristic city, huh?

Katrina Ruth: You do have probably the most amazing view in the world, definitely the most amazing view of Dallas.

Katrina Ruth: Bondage and trumpets dot com.

Patrick Grabbs: If you love that [inaudible 01:26:24], go to bondage and trumpets dot com.

Katrina Ruth: Are you ready for your-

Patrick Grabbs: It's a wonderful mix.

Katrina Ruth: Actually, I do have to show you guys one more pair of shoes cause it's just important. And then, are you gonna do your Ryan Stewman accent?

Patrick Grabbs: I'll do my Ryan Stewman-

Katrina Ruth: Okay. Let me show you these one other shoes that I ... Wait til you see this. Okay, we're just ignoring them now. They're there by themselves.

Patrick Grabbs: I'll go back, I'll go back. I'll hold it down.

Katrina Ruth: Okay.

Patrick Grabbs: Wassup? Y'all remember this? Is your audience from Australia, do you think they might remember wassup?

Katrina Ruth: They're 60% US. My audience is 60% US.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, shit. Wassup?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, I remember that. Look at these shoes.

Patrick Grabbs: Beautiful. That's what I'm talking about. That's a shoe.

Katrina Ruth: Look at it. It says, "Fuck, Love, Rock, Roll, Kiss, Plein."

Patrick Grabbs: That's very depressive.

Katrina Ruth: I know you're in Dallas, Lauren. Do it out the window and she can hear you, she said. Lauren's one of my private clients in my inner circle. She's next level badass. She's here in Dallas.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, wow. Well, shit. She's next level?

Katrina Ruth: Oh, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: I feel like that shoe is just the most blinged up shoe in the world. I've got so many shoes.

Patrick Grabbs: That's what you have in that bag. That's what I was wondering.

Katrina Ruth: How many different places are we gonna go, cause I've got eight different pairs of shoes.

Patrick Grabbs: I don't know.

Katrina Ruth: I'm travelling for like eight weeks, so anyway.

Patrick Grabbs: At least we know you have hot shoes.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, I've got plenty of them. I feel that's the important part out of the way, now we can do the accent.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay, well I was trying to think of something to say, but I got distracted by the shoes.

Patrick Grabbs: So, what would Ryan say? What would Ryan talk about now? He would say ... I don't fucking know.

Katrina Ruth: I've gone blank as well now.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. We were talking about it earlier.

Katrina Ruth: [inaudible 01:28:23] and y'all come over. Yeah, we're just gonna all quickly come over to New Orleans tonight. Alright, can we just do a quick trip to New Orleans for dinner.

Patrick Grabbs: Let's go, let's go.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, it's so cool there. Have you been there?

Patrick Grabbs: Where, New Orleans?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, fuck yeah. I've been there a few times. It's like the quickest little trip you can take. It's like the first trip.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, really?

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah. I never thought I would ever travel in my life.

Katrina Ruth: Is it close to here?

Patrick Grabbs: It's like right out ... Six hours, probably eight hours away.

Katrina Ruth: Oh? We're on our way.

Patrick Grabbs: This is Ryan right here, you want to make more sales, you need to quit being a little bitch. You need to get after it, and you need to do what it takes to make millions. If you sit around ... Oh, I got the perfect one. If you don't have $10,000 in your bank account, you are a fucking pussy. You need to quit sales right now. Why? Fuck your excuses. Fuck your excuses. That's what you have to do. You have to quit being a little bitch, you have to step up to the plate, and you have to quit [inaudible 01:29:16].

Katrina Ruth: I'm dying. It's so good. It's like very fucking accurate.

Patrick Grabbs: He would think that was horrible.

Katrina Ruth: It's really good. Who follows Ryan? Shout out love hearts if you follow Ryan.

Patrick Grabbs: If you don't have $10,000 in your bank account and you're a salesman, you fucking suck. You fucking suck. You're disappointing your family. You're letting your Friends down. You're letting yourself down. You fucking suck. Go back to the drawing board. Quit sales forever. Go to Mickey D's. Start working right now, and start flipping burgers. Put a patty on the fucking grill, and start cooking that bitch. Start flipping it, start getting used to it. Get the action going, and go. Get the wrist motion. Flip, flip, flip, bitch. That's gonna be the whole thing.

Patrick Grabbs: He doesn't go that hard. That was me. That was me putting in a little of myself.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, but it sounded believable though. Oh my god.

Katrina Ruth: So, basically you can have a side hustle and the side hustle is impersonations. Oh my god. That was amazing. That was so-

Patrick Grabbs: But, by the way, fuck your excuses.

Katrina Ruth: I've got those chips everywhere. There's one right there in my wallet.

Patrick Grabbs: I'll tell you all this. I'm gonna give you the game right quick, okay?

Katrina Ruth: Let's do it.

Patrick Grabbs: I will give you the game.

Katrina Ruth: We did the shoe game, now we're doing-

Patrick Grabbs: This is some free shit for you, okay-

Katrina Ruth: Value. Drop your value.

Patrick Grabbs: This is million dollar advice. Value, real quick.

Patrick Grabbs: So, with your clients. Most of them have clients, right?

Katrina Ruth: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Patrick Grabbs: Okay, cool.

Katrina Ruth: Mostly.

Patrick Grabbs: With your clients, these are little trinkets, or a gift, that you can use instead of business cards, okay. You go to disc dot com. D-I-S-C, I think is what it is, fulfilment. And you get these, that you hand out. Put your website on the front. They'll see the website from here, on the front there. It's on the bottom, you can't really see it. On the back is your logo, phone. You give these out.

Patrick Grabbs: I took over Dallas. I went recently, was trying to get more of my communication skills in order because I had spent so much time behind the computer, that I wanted to get out there more and start getting out, engaged with more people, and more social. I took these out, all I did was take a stack of these out, and befriended ... If you give these to a bartender, I actually gave these to all of the bouncers, bartenders, anybody on the staff. You know, you go to the bar a little bit early, you give out your little trinkets, you give out these things. There's something psychological about giving a gift like this.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, it's true.

Patrick Grabbs: I actually had a dude who's worth millions of dollars, and I gave him one of these cause he bought all of us bottle service, and I was like, dude, I don't have ... I was trying to pay him for actually letting me hang out with his bottle and stuff, and he's like, "Don't pay me, man. It's all good, but I appreciate the gesture." I gave this to him, and he almost teared up. To get a gift ... Some people don't get gifts. If you give one of them to them, they think it's like the best thing in the planet. You'll see, if you give people stuff like this, they'll try to give it to you back, you know, and no, no, no, no, it's yours. It's yours. And they're like, "Mine?" It's yours.

Katrina Ruth: That's true.

Patrick Grabbs: It's profound. I don't know, it's psychological. It's something about these things. And even though, actually I'm not working with Ryan anymore, I work with him to a degree, but even so, I'm not working for him, I'm still gonna pass the fuck out of these things cause they go hard.

Katrina Ruth: You need to get your own ones maybe.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm gonna get my own ones, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: I want some. Get me some.

Patrick Grabbs: What would yours say?

Katrina Ruth: Life is now, come on.

Patrick Grabbs: Life is now. Press play. Maybe a little play button.

Katrina Ruth: Yes. Alright, I feel like we're getting into the super rambly zone.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: But we're still hilarious.

Patrick Grabbs: There we go.

Katrina Ruth: We could go all day. Well, we already-

Patrick Grabbs: That's what she said. I am hungry though.

Katrina Ruth: Yep.

Patrick Grabbs: We should get something to eat.

Katrina Ruth: Should we all go get [inaudible 01:33:03].

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, bring it with us.

Katrina Ruth: Should we go to New Orleans?

Patrick Grabbs: Let's go to New Orleans. Let's go.

Katrina Ruth: We're going to New Orleans for dinner.

Patrick Grabbs: That sounds like a plan, let's go.

Katrina Ruth: But maybe tomorrow we're going to livestream for you on unconventional relationships. If you're lucky.

Patrick Grabbs: That's a good one.

Katrina Ruth: That will be an interesting conversation.

Patrick Grabbs: How many do you think, how many of your clientele ...

Katrina Ruth: My tribe, my people. My squad. My posse.

Patrick Grabbs: Gang. How much of your gang do you think is in an unconventional relationship right now?

Katrina Ruth: Definitely that one right there.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, Brandon is in an unconventional relationship with his fucking palm. Motherfucker.

Katrina Ruth: He's in an unconventional life.

Katrina Ruth: A lot, a lot. I know this for a fact.

Patrick Grabbs: Cool.

Katrina Ruth: I'm not guessing, we talk about it all the time.

Patrick Grabbs: Gang, gang. Oh, I like Kiana.

Katrina Ruth: Kiana's the one who sold me.

Patrick Grabbs: Gang, gang. Nice.

Katrina Ruth: They're all messaging.

Patrick Grabbs: What're they talking about?

Katrina Ruth: I don't know. But, Kiana is the one ... I just told the story about you earlier, I said there's only two times ever that people have pitched me on Facebook and been successful. And Kiana was one of them. And there she is with her gang, gang.

Patrick Grabbs: You say that we've been rambling, but we still got 22.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, cause we're mesmerising and engaging. What is that dance?

Patrick Grabbs: I don't know. I've had too much to drink.

Katrina Ruth: It was a very interesting dance.

Patrick Grabbs: And I might've micro dosed a mushroom earlier this morning, and it may or may not-

Katrina Ruth: Did you? You didn't even have that much to drink. You've had like half a glass of wine.

Patrick Grabbs: I know, but I'm a lightweight. I am a lightweight.

Katrina Ruth: Hi. That's a love heart shout out for Ashley O'Donnell. Ashley O'Donnell is definitely unconventional. Patrick just said how many of my audience do I think are in an unconventional relationship, or are interested in that. And I'm like, a lot. I've found it's a kind of, let's just be honest. Okay, Ashley, you literally have come at the end. We're about to drive to New Orleans for dinner.

Patrick Grabbs: She came at the end.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, god.

Patrick Grabbs: I get a little fucked up-

Katrina Ruth: Well, yeah.

Patrick Grabbs: What up, RJ. I know RJ. What's up, big dog?

Katrina Ruth: A lot. My audience are in to all sorts of interesting shit. I have all the conversations with my clients. In fact, predominately what my inner circle clients talk to me about is sex and relationships.

Patrick Grabbs: Freaks.

Katrina Ruth: Well, if necessary.

Katrina Ruth: I would say 15-20% of our conversation is about business, 15-20% is about shenanigans, 50-60% is about sex.

Patrick Grabbs: Really?

Katrina Ruth: For sure.

Patrick Grabbs: Sounds like I'm in the place to be.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, well. That's just how it is.

Patrick Grabbs: We're all freaks.

Katrina Ruth: We're all freaks, yeah. What did Ashley say?

Patrick Grabbs: This is like the all-

Katrina Ruth: Well, I gotta introduce you properly to Alexa, and then you'll understand many things that you don't understand right now.

Patrick Grabbs: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: Well, you probably understand them, but anyway.

Patrick Grabbs: I'm sure I'll get more value out of y'all from that-

Katrina Ruth: Well, anyway, it's an interesting conversation. This is a moment where I'm no longer complaining of lack of sex. Well, there's no need to shout about it and tell everybody.

Patrick Grabbs: Yes, there is. Yes, there is, though. She has to brag.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, that's true. Celebrate.

Patrick Grabbs: Cause you're on here talking about how your life is so easy, and you can't believe it, and oh my god, it's so easy-

Katrina Ruth: That's not exactly how I said it, but okay.

Patrick Grabbs: That is how she said it.

Katrina Ruth: Can everyone send a love heart shout out for Ashley O'Donnell who's supremely sexually fulfilled? Well, I'm happy for you because we've only been talking about it for so long, and it's good to get the updates. I'm sure I can get a more detailed version just Vox me about it. Send it to me on Voxer. Send me the whole story, I'm gonna need to know the entire story.

Patrick Grabbs: Details. Don't leave out anything. We want some 50 Shades of Grey shit.

Katrina Ruth: It's all we talk about. Okay, if you join the inner circle, I will help you with your business, that's actually easy ...

Patrick Grabbs: There's a bonus sex module in there.

Katrina Ruth: There's many bonus sex modules, there's not just one.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, shit.

Katrina Ruth: It's honestly a huge part of our conversations. Here's why, can I tell you why?

Patrick Grabbs: Tell me why.

Katrina Ruth: Because we let the business be easy, and then we just have fun. I'm just saying.

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, y'all have so much room for fun.

Katrina Ruth: Right. We have room for life and fun. And so then, even when I'm talking with my clients, they know they can ask me anything about business, but I help them get results from a place of ease and flow. Okay, I'm starting to sound slightly wanky. But it's still true.

Patrick Grabbs: It sounds fine to me.

Katrina Ruth: So then, we can just talk about sex and shoes.

Patrick Grabbs: There's Ryan.

Katrina Ruth: Ryan.

Patrick Grabbs: Ryan's probably telling me, he's like, hey, motherfucker, answer the fucking ... I've got your chips.

Katrina Ruth: He's been promoting you the whole way through. And may have done an interesting impersonation.

Patrick Grabbs: I did an impersonation of you. It's great. You won't like it. But it's great.

Katrina Ruth: It was very good, it was actually hilarious. I really enjoyed it. Hang on, I forgot something.

Patrick Grabbs: I'll see what Ryan's been messaging me.

Katrina Ruth: Can we get the domain name sex and shoes dot com?

Patrick Grabbs: No.

Katrina Ruth: Why?

Patrick Grabbs: I know a domain that's taken when I see one, and that one is definitely-

Katrina Ruth: Imagine if it's not taken, can you check? Cause I feel like that'd be an amazing domain name. Let's check it out.

Katrina Ruth: I make out with women with [crosstalk 01:38:16].

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, okay, so Ryan just sent me some shit.

Katrina Ruth: What does he have to say?

Patrick Grabbs: Ryan, I'm gonna message you back on that one, brother.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, sex and shoes dot com. Is it ... Oh.

Patrick Grabbs: Done. It's already taken. I told you, I know this shit. I've looked at so many fucking domains. Ryan's lucky he got [inaudible 01:38:34], cause that shit shoulda been taken.

Katrina Ruth: See? I figured it out. The real [inaudible 01:38:38].

Patrick Grabbs: Oh, you can get that one. You can get it.

Katrina Ruth: Just went a little random ... Alright, anyway.

Katrina Ruth: What are we up to? After hearing your tagline for your book, he looks like a man who knows how to fuck. I've been thinking [inaudible 01:38:52] and thinking that. That was a while ago.

Katrina Ruth: I wrote an erotic fiction novel and the title of the book was ... The title, or the tagline, I don't remember. But it was, "He looks like a man who knows how to fuck."

Patrick Grabbs: It sounds like it was based on a true story.

Katrina Ruth: I published the first two chapters right here in this group, actually. If anyone wants to read it, you would find it there. It was very intense, everybody got very ... It was probably the most interested anybody's every been in my writing. It was out of control on the comments, actually. That book's only half finished. I should finish it off. I was getting a little carried away with it. Every time I sat down to write, I was like, this is going to an interesting place.

Katrina Ruth: I had to be psychologically prepped every time-

Patrick Grabbs: You know the thing about this wine is it does open doors, doesn't it? No, I think we still would have this conversation. Of course.

Katrina Ruth: Definitely.

Patrick Grabbs: Of course.

Katrina Ruth: Definitely. Alright, 24. What now?

Patrick Grabbs: 24, what's that?

Katrina Ruth: I have no idea.

Patrick Grabbs: What's 24?

Katrina Ruth: How long we've been talking for, 24 hours.

Patrick Grabbs: That's some Jack Bauer shit right there.

Katrina Ruth: Last time we did a livestream in here, we went for 90 minutes, and I think we're up there right now. That livestream was super long last time. Alright.

Patrick Grabbs: Alright, so we're gonna wait until next time to give them the shit.

Katrina Ruth: Which shit?

Patrick Grabbs: The shit.

Katrina Ruth: Which shit?

Patrick Grabbs: The main shit.

Katrina Ruth: What's the main shit?

Patrick Grabbs: The shit. The fucking monogamous relationship shit.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, yeah. So, tomorrow we're gonna livestream on unconventional relationships. Specifically, our thoughts on monogamy, and other things.

Patrick Grabbs: And other things.

Katrina Ruth: You're gonna have to be there. We can't give you a time though, cause how do we know what we're gonna be doing.

Patrick Grabbs: We don't fucking know.

Katrina Ruth: We don't know. We'll be there when we're there.

Patrick Grabbs: We gotta hang out with Ryan tomorrow, too.

Katrina Ruth: Go to your notifications and set see first to all things Kat and Patrick.

Patrick Grabbs: Go set notifications.

Katrina Ruth: It's gonna be good. Bring your questions. We may or may not answer them, cause we'll be too busy having fun.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Alright.

Patrick Grabbs: You're in Dallas, so you might as well have fun.

Katrina Ruth: That's what we're gonna do.

Patrick Grabbs: You might have a root-tootin good time out here.

Katrina Ruth: We're gonna go have some fun. Have an amazing rest of the evening, or day, or morning if you're in Australia. Shout out Aussies. Have some Vegemite for me.

Patrick Grabbs: Don't have it. It's disgusting. It'll kill you.

Katrina Ruth: Press fucking play.

Katrina Ruth: Do you have a sign off? Have you got a new sign off?

Patrick Grabbs: I don't actually have a sign off yet.

Katrina Ruth: Maybe for the monogamy livestream.

Patrick Grabbs: How do you come up with a sign off? A good sign off?

Katrina Ruth: I channelled it.

Patrick Grabbs: Channel it. I have nothing.

Katrina Ruth: Maybe for tomorrow.

Katrina Ruth: Where does the drought [inaudible 01:41:35] the sex story? The storm will come. No doubt.

Patrick Grabbs: Yeah, I have no sign off yet, so ... Maybe I'll come up with one and have it ready for tomorrow.

Katrina Ruth: Alright.

Patrick Grabbs: Even more intense, the pressure's on.

Katrina Ruth: It's gonna go extra hard.

Patrick Grabbs: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Goodbye.

Patrick Grabbs: Peace.

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Patrick:            They want hang out, Brian [inaudible 00:00:05].Patrick:            They want hang out, Brian [inaudible 00:00:05].
Kat:                Well, they're gonna have to wait til we're done.
Patrick:            That's what I told them.
Kat:                Oh. We're already -
Patrick:            Oh, shit we're already on.
Kat:                Yeah, I just noticed. 
Patrick:            I think I have to duck down now.
Kat:                Yeah, do you want ... how did that happen? What have we changed?
Patrick:            I think this thing dropped down just a hair.
Kat:                You think? Hang on. Yeah, we're going to deliberately do this live stream faceless. Just, you know, for reasons of privacy.
Patrick:            Hi. For reasons of anonymity.
Kat:                Yeah. We want to stay anonymous. 
Patrick:            Hip hop anonymous?
Kat:                Hip hop anonymous? How did that drop down? I don't know how that happened.
Patrick:            I need to get some water, too. Agua.
Kat:                Share this one. I made a fresh one.
Patrick:            Not a big deal, because I'm running on fumes and that's -
Kat:                I feel like this is not right. What, okay, we've had this system down all morning. How's this system suddenly fucked with? Is that better?
Patrick:            Yeah, that's better.
Kat:                It's still off-center. What's going on? Hi everybody.
Patrick:            What up, Gary?
Kat:                It's okay, cause this is all part of the show.
Patrick:            It's part of the show.
Kat:                Ooh, I was sitting somewhere different before. I'm so confused now.
Patrick:            Let me get up and scoot this thing out just a hair. Here you go.
Kat:                All right the problem is that we've had the realisation that we look fantastic when we're positioned in front of this picture. And so now, okay, I don't know what I'm doing.
Patrick:            I think you're going to have scoot over just a little bit to the left.
Kat:                This way?
Patrick:            Yeah.
Kat:                Ah. All right, we sorted it out.
Patrick:            There we go, all right, go.
Kat:                It was a team effort. Well, we realised earlier today that we look fantastic when  we're sitting in front of this photo.
Patrick:            Gonna leave me hanging like that? Okay, team effort Boom. There we go.
Kat:                Sorry, I didn't notice it. I was so focused on the video.
Patrick:            It was beyond my vision.
Kat:                And so now we're sitting like very precariously on the back of the couch, and we've now done four live streams so far today between us. Plus, written a blog-
Patrick:            Just getting started.
Kat:                Journaled first. Our success routine today has been fucking phenomenal. Right?
Patrick:            And the flow. Every time we hang out it's always been some serious flow that's going on.
Kat:                That's how it goes. We did our journaling, then we blogged, took some Insta stories. If you want to see the worse ever Australian accent in history of time, go and watch my Instagram stories. You're going to see -
Patrick:            Some would say the best.
Kat:                Who are they? I'm leery.
Patrick:            They're there, they're there, there are people. 
Kat:                And then we both did our separate blogs. Go read Patrick's blog on his page, I like it a lot. It's on letting life be easy, in all areas. Everything should get to be easy, not hard. I did my blog, then we went upstairs to the gym. Oh my god you should see up there, it's fucking amazing. We're going to go hang by the pool later after this.
Patrick:            Yep. I really want to do.
Kat:                Then we come back here, we're in fucking flow zone. We've done four live streams today between us. We just did -
Patrick:            We've been going hard.
Kat:                ... We just did a bad ass as fuck 40 minute live stream into Patrick's private group. If you happen to be a man, which I know there's not many of them in this group, but there are some. You got to go connect with him and get into his group. There's no women allowed in there, but yet I was a guest speaker. Honoured. I'm still not allowed in the group. 
Patrick:            No, no.
Kat:                I'm allowed to present to the group, but I'm not allowed to be in the group. No, I'm sorry Alexa, we didn't take time out to talk about you last time.
Patrick:            There is rules.
Kat:                Does he know who I am now? I'm sorry, nope, you don't really know who Alexer is do you? 
Patrick:            Alexer? No, I know who Alexa is, not Alexer.
Kat:                I told you briefly about Alexa's group, the Kaleidoscope, right? 
Patrick:            Yep.
Kat:                I told you about that last night. But we didn't go into detail though. 
Patrick:            The Kaleidoscope?
Kat:                Yeah.
Patrick:            No, what's that about.
Kat:                Well, I just told she has an amazing group, The Kaleidoscope, where we talk about all things. Sex and love and open relationships and, well, all sorts of combinations of relationships, or whatever people are obviously actually into. 
Kat:                I met Alexa ... I'm going to tell this story now, because it's actually very relevant to our live stream and to how we're even ending up on this couch during this live stream. All right, let's position ourselves for the story. Alrighty. So we're just high on life, [inaudible 00:04:02], we don't need any alcohol.
Patrick:            I just snorted up a big ol' line of life.
Kat:                Yes, it's true. We've had an impressive amount of caffeine though , I must say. 
Patrick:            Oh yeah. 
Kat:                And almonds and chocolate.
Patrick:            But that's healthy.
Kat:                Of course. And brown sugar amino acids.
Patrick:            And nuts. Not only that, I have nuts.
Kat:                And the freaking hustle flow life, we've been content creating like a pair of mother fuckers. We're just in the content vibe. We're on content lock down right now. 
Kat:                There's a man on this live stream, sorry Pete, to just draw attention to you. But the reason is, you've got to Patrick's group Entrepreneurs Players Club. So far you're the only person that potentially qualifies to be in the group. 
Patrick:            Potentially a member.
Kat:                Potentially, because he has -
Patrick:            There's rules.
Kat:                Well, the rules are, you've got to be, think like a person for true success. 
Patrick:            You do.
Kat:                But you should go join his group and watch the bad ass live stream we just dropped in there. 
Patrick:            If you're from here, you're a bad mother fucker, so yeah, you should go there.
Kat:                He's definitely going to be in your group. He'll be a perfect person to be in there.
Patrick:            No trolls, Brandon. I know you'll eventually be on here and watching this.
Kat:                [You know my story by now 00:05:05]. Pass me that drink.
Kat:                Okay, so let's ... This is going to be a super cool live stream, you know that, about how ... although there's too many elements to how this came about. But I'm going to tell the Alexa story because it's very relevant and because weirdly enough, you don't know it. Probably you should know this story.
Kat:                So Alexa I met in person, maybe two years ago ... It would have been not too long after we met, actually. I think it was like a month or two after we met. In fact, I think it was one of the same trips where I first came and stayed with you at your old apartment. So end of 2016, I think it was on the exact same trip that I met Alexa in person at a party in the Hollywood Hills, at [Reagan's 00:05:39] house, actually.
Kat:                Alexa walked into the room and I was just, who is this woman? Because she had that presence, you know when a woman's really owning who she is and she truly doesn't give a fuck and she's so grounded in who she is. It was an intimidating ... Okay, but I don't feel that way, thank you though. That was awesome. It felt slightly intimidating to me, I was like holy shit, this woman is amazing and I'm fascinated by her and a little scared for some reason, because she's so ... just this incredible energy.
Kat:                Anyway it was a big party, but the party ended and Alexa was one of three or four people who ended up hanging out well into the hours. We were all sitting around my left over Whole Foods Salmon and kale salad at 2:00 A.M. in the morning just having a conversation. I connected with Alexa on Facebook and then she started to write these pieces about basically love and sex. There's her Facebook group, you definitely want to part of that. Actually be in Alexa's group, I think you would enjoy it a lot. She started to write these blog posts that were 2000 word posts. Firstly, I'm like, wow, somebody else is doing what I do. Then when I read her stuff, I was, holy shit, this woman is freaking messaging from the heart. But she was writing about sex, really full on stuff that people don't go around saying on Facebook firstly, except Alexa does. I think it was a photo of her in her lingerie in the bathtub, the whole thing was just fascinating.
Patrick:            Fifty shades of Grey stuff.
Kat:                They were more like really raw stories about, I guess her stories and journey and lessons that she'd had to learn about herself and about life, through relationships and sex. Just starting to recognise that there's something inside of me that feels like I don't want to do it the normal way. Then playing around with that stuff. She had a call to action at the end. I think it was one of her first calls to action that she did for this business. I reached out and I became a private client straight away. It only a few months after I left my marriage. I was really in a place where I actually was, I don't know what dating even means. I don't know how to date, I don't what that is. What do you do on a date? I'd been in a long term relationships for 15 years. 
Kat:                I felt like I definitely wasn't happy in my marriage, also the whole way through both of my marriages, I always kind of felt like I don't really think I agree with this monogamy thing. But as you're growing up, especially the Christian upbringing, you kind of push those thoughts aside. I remember one time saying to my first husband, actually I read an article about couples who live separately, but they still have commitment to each other, but they just do life separately and then they come together when they want to. I was, "That's fucking awesome, that's how it should be." I said it to him and he was pretty shitty at me about it. He was kind of hurt or offended or whatever. So I was, "Huh, I think it sounds like a good idea.", right? 
Kat:                that was years ago. Even all the way through my second marriage, it wasn't I was going out and looking at other guys. It was more just that on a fundamental level, I was not really sure if this is what I want, if this agrees with me. Yeah, so the thoughts were there. Then coming to Alexa's phone, and I can still remember our first coaching call together. She was like, "Well, what do you want? What do you actually want from a relationship or from sex as well." I was kind of like ... it was like I never thought about that before. It was kind of revolutionary to me that you could think about what you want and make it go. Because, I guess, assumed that you just get what you get, right? Which is so funny, I know, considering what I teach and preach in business. But I just hadn't connected the dots. 
Kat:                Alexa had me do, one of the first things she had me do, I think we did it live together of our first Skype call ... Actually, I should give this to you, I can't believe I haven't given this to you, BDSM test. So I go to BDSM test, which is a free online test, and you figure out your sexual preferences, and it gives you a cool little survey that tells you what you're into. So it came up, I think, 98% non-monogamous came back on my results. 
Patrick:            98%. 
Kat:                98% ... My desire is that 98% of me believes in non-monogamy. It was one of my highest rankings, I think it was in my top three. The other one was to do with bondage. Anyway, I noticed some other stuff in there, and there's some really weird stuff on that questionnaire. It's just some stuff -
Patrick:            Do you like being tied up? Do you like -
Kat:                It was more like are you into ponies and stuff like that on the test.
Patrick:            Whoa. 
Kat:                It had everything that -
Patrick:            A little pony play?
Kat:                But I got identified as a rope bunny, which means I want to be tied up and -
Patrick:            You said rope bunny?
Kat:                That's what it's called, a rope bunny. Right, I can't believe I've never sent you this test. We'll do the test.
Patrick:            Mine would blow up, it'd be all fucked up. 
Kat:                That's the point, right? The point is to own who you are. So Alexa taught me to own who I am. She also taught me to own what I wanted and what I desired, even if it felt kind of crazy or out there, right? So that, we coached for some period of time, but obviously I got into her Facebook group, and in The Kaleidoscope, it's just a normal everyday conversation for me now. That everyday I'm talking about open relationships or different kinds of relationships, monogamous, non-monogamous, whatever people are into. All different sort of sex and love stuff as well. I guess the point of that is before we kind of go into what we're going to talk about, which we have no idea what it is.
Patrick:            We don't even.
Kat:                we haven't planned it.
Patrick:            Nothing.
Kat:                Of course not. 
Kat:                The point of that story is, well this woman really has impacted me a lot. Because she taught me I have permission to have what I want. I don't have to fit into the conventional norms in the relationship area. But also taught me something which took me longer to figure out. Even though she taught me from the start, but it took me until pretty recently to figure out, which is to actually be okay with owning all that I am with the men in my life, right? And to say what I actually think, speak what's on my mind, speak my truth and be unattached to the outcome of it. Which is exactly what I do in business so I kind of figured some of this stuff out. Then Alexa's voice in my head from when we worked together. And also to totally be open about having that conversation with someone in your life and finding out what they actually want and desire.
Kat:                I think that typically in a relationship of any kind, whether it's marriage or it's long term boy-friend girl-friend, or it's whatever it is that you can't really figure out or put a name on. Either way, mostly people aren't talking about it, right? We've been hanging out, hanging out, we've been hanging out in a pretty big way for 18 months, ish, I think.
Patrick:            Whoa.
Kat:                And we never talked about this until Sunday last week. Which is roughly how this ended up happening. There's a lot I can say here, but you can say something now.
Patrick:            Yeah. Shit, you're very ... I guess whoever you talked to, or whatever, must have unstuck some stuff. But you said what's on your mind. If you don't tell people what's on your mind, you don't really know, kind of like you're just going through it. That's just anything with sales, I think, or communication in general. If you don't put it out there and you don't let people know what exactly what's on your mind and exactly what you're looking for, then you won't know. You're just going to kind of just go through the motions and you don't know where you're going to end up.
Kat:                Well you're kind of living in fear and you're living in doubt and uncertainty. You're not giving yourself permission to be you. Also if you don't ask for what you want, you're not going to get it, that's for sure. If you do ask for what you want, then at least you don't know what's going to happen, but you open up a conversation, and, of course, you can find what the other person wants as well, right. Which sounds revolutionary fucking idea. Oh my god, imagine asking somebody what they actually want.
Kat:                Well maybe there's people out there who are naturally doing this, but for me, it's been this kind of ... Like navigating relationships and dating since becoming single, for the first maybe six month period, I just felt like I had no fucking clue what I was doing. I was kind of all over the place. Then I noticed I was definitely in a fear mentality. I was worrying about how to be engaging. It's like going on a live stream and worrying about how to be engaging. I was over thinking every fucking thing. Like for sure, I sent you so many messages where I probably spent two ... I can remember a message that I literally spent two weeks thinking about and Alexa coached me on the actual message. Actually what it comes down to, was I was scared to just say what I was thinking or feeling.
Kat:                I was doing this in multiple dating situations at the same time. But, as you know, you've been the most important man that I've connected with since becoming single. You've been the only one that's there pretty much the whole way through. And the relationship we have is different because it's a soul level thing, and there's a flow and a soul connection. 
Kat:                So I've had dating stuff where I probably wouldn't ... I don't know, it's not got to a point where it's ... this sounds bad, but it's not got to a point to where I care enough to actually go deep into that conversation. But then how we've been, it's got to a point where I do want to have a conversation about this, but I didn't know how to do that. Then I just started saying what I think, which honestly, I find a terrifying thing. And I told him the whole way through, I can't believe I'm saying this. I feel crazy and I feel like this is terrifying, but I'm going to say it anyway. Because I've learned that in business, if I say what I'm thinking and what I'm feeling, I can't screw it up. Because I know and truly believe that, if I say what I want and what I'm thinking, and then if that would completely shut down what we had, then that's how it was meant to be. I just believed that. But if I'm not going to be fully myself, then nothing actually really real anyway. It's not built on the right foundation. 
Kat:                So how this live stream came about, only like a week ago, not even a week ago, Patrick said to me "He's quite certain that what I want from a relationship is different from what he want's." And I said, "I'm quite certain we've never talked about that." So maybe we'll talk about it and we jumped on the phone and just kind of spoke about this different way of doing dating or doing relationships where it is unconventional. Where actually both of us realised, and we didn't know this about each other, that we were on the same page as far as not wanting monogamy and just kind of, I guess, still figuring it out.
Kat:                I don't know exactly what I really want over the time. I know that right now I definitely don't want monogamy, but I do want to know that I've ... with us, we've got a deep connection that nobody could kind of replace or erase. But it doesn't mean that I want to be tied off from other opportunities. I mean we're not even in the same country most of the time anyhow. But even despite that right? Then also when I think about him sleeping with other women, I'm like that doesn't remotely bother me at all. I'd probably get triggered as fuck if I saw you live streaming all the time with other women. I'd be like what the fuck.
Patrick:            That's our thing. 
Kat:                So for me it's -
Patrick:            I don't of anybody that I can ... I don't know if any ... Of course I have other women in my life, and I just, [I Am 00:16:24] is a soul connection with Kat and I don't know if anything that ... I don't really have the same conversations that I have with you. That's nice, you know there are people out there, that I'm sure that I can have a deep conversation with and things. But typically speaking -
Kat:                And fun.
Patrick:            Yeah, it's just having fun and all that. It's a good time and as a man that's just what you do. But from my -
Kat:                But it's not just as a man, that's the whole point. Because that's what I want as well, right? 
Patrick:            Exactly, yeah, yeah. 
Kat:                And particularly by the way, driven ambitious women like me, typically have an insanely high desire for all things in life, including sex. It's definitely not just a man thing. 
Patrick:            I don't get ... I read your posts and everything like that, so I see your other stuff that you talk about as well and stuff like that. I don't have any kind of any bad feelings or anything about any of that stuff. I read, actually I get ... I'm happy that you're experiencing life, and that that's what you enjoy doing, I'm happy. When you sent me the messages when we first kind of talked about all this stuff -
Kat:                When we started having these open conversations, which was like December and just started laying stuff out. 
Patrick:            Yeah. I didn't really mind it at all. You know, like if you know that guys stand for ... We're not scared of anything like that, it actually helped me out as far as to figure out kind of what I'm really looking for. As far as a deeper connection goes. Because typically it's just been one of those things where I've been going through the motions. Obviously it's hard to find people on my level mentally thinking.
Kat:                Same. 
Patrick:            To have a great conversation where we just sit there and we're back and forth most of the time.
Kat:                We're just total flow when we're ... We met through Brian Schuman, this is easy to figure out, it's not a secret. Brian's best friend, Patrick, that's how I met him, right? It was a hook up, right? We slept together and the next day I left Dallas and I was like, "oh cool, you know, awesome, and I'm probably never going to speak to that guy again." Then somehow we got to messaging, and we met up again a month later. I remember that second time, I was like, "Oh cool, this is going to be fun. This guy is going to drive out from Dallas to Austin to see me. That's kind of cool, it's a decent trip." And I was just expecting to have a fun time.
Kat:                Then it was when we were speaking, we were in the bar that day, in the afternoon, having margaritas and you were talking about your purpose and your wire. I can remember sitting there and just being, "Oh, fuck, I thought this guy was ..." whatever that I categorised you as, at least in my head. Now I'm like, "Oh." And I remember thinking I feel like I could really develop feeling for this person. That's there's something there where it's going to be ... I've not heard anybody else speak like that, to this day, it's like I can't have this conversation with any other man in my life, past or present. It's just not been there before where it's total flow. How many other times when you're hanging out, and actually we haven't seen each other since October, and i just got back here yesterday. Today we've largely done content generally all day long. I'm like, "Well this is exactly what I write in my journal. That I want an amazing man in my life." 
Kat:                But specifically I have written that I want kind of one key guy that's the main guy that I care about and that I have a deeper connection with and that it's different and it is that soul connection. I've written I want to do funny live streams together and I want to tear shit up on the internet. I want to do all the things that flow for me. That's what we have and it can't be replaced. When I'm not here or we don't speak all the time or whatever, I think about you being with other women, I'm like, whatever, because it doesn't ... Nothing can replace what we have, oh my god, it's not possible, it's just not possible. Because it's something that's not about us getting along or spending time together and building on the relationship because we spent time together. It's because it's fundamental stuff there that's just kind of an unbreakable bond. 
Patrick:            Yeah, I told you, when you told me I was something, "Oh man." Now, it's fucked up because I'm thinking, and I've told you, yeah this kind of fucks things up or whatever, but I'm thinking, well I don't really want you to go. I don't to lose our relationship that we have. This is more than enough, I like it, and I don't want anything to mess it up. Even thinking about just you being in other relationships, I don't ... That's not what I'm concerned about. I'm concerned about that we maintain our connection that we have as it is. 
Kat:                Exactly. 
Patrick:            To me it's just ... We already covered some things as far as talking more and things like that. But obviously we're both super fucking busy.
Kat:                Yeah, but it's also we had boundaries up or walls up that have now kind of come down a lot. Even just unloading this last one week. Because literally Saturday last week, he messaged me saying we're not going to see each anymore, at all, right?
Patrick:            Yeah. 
Kat:                So, how did that work out. Really, because we hadn't communicated about it and you had basically an assumption or expectation that what I wanted was a white wedding and a conventional relationship, I think. You were kind of that's not what I want so we have to stop. "This has to stop because it's just going to end up fucked up. I'm not going to be able to give you what you want or whatever. I know that what you want from a relationship is different." I was coming pretty hard. I was saying shit that you don't just go around saying to people. It was just, "I'm just going to tell you exactly what I think." I'm writing him fucking 4000 word essays on a Facebook message. 
Kat:                You think my blogs are long, you should see the stuff he has to read. I'm just, right, this is what I think, these are all my thoughts, this is all the crazy shit inside my head that I definitely probably shouldn't tell you, but I'm going to tell you anyway. It was pretty full on. The whole way through I was, I think it's pretty amazing that you didn't totally be, holy shit, I've got to get away from this chick, this is crazy. That didn't happen, instead ... Well we were communicating, actually, in a pretty good way. But it was kind of communicating with a guard up and just an assumption of what the other person thought or wanted. Instead of just talking about it.
Kat:                It sounds so silly, but for me, I don't know about you, but for me, it literally never occurred to me. I knew that ... I talk about this everyday with Alexa and everyone in the group that I don't want monogamy, but it never ever occurred to me that you would feel that way. I just never thought about it, or I never asked, right? How silly is it, right? You can be spending time in developing -
Patrick:            Communication breaking down or whatever. [crosstalk 00:22:41]
Kat:                We just never thought about it. But I think it's also is where we started was super casual and it was kind of just hooking up and then it quickly felt like, well, there's more to it than that. But then for me at least, I was, this is kind of scary. I'm not going to go around saying what I actually think. Because that would be embarrassing and you feel to vulnerable, right? And you don't feel safe. 
Kat:                How I got to a point where I started saying everything I think. Massive essay length manner for several months now, was I just decided, well hang on, if I just started saying what I actually think and what I'm feeling and what I want, and it results in us completely breaking apart, then that would be what was meant to happen. Because ultimately why would I want to build on something with somebody where I can't just fully be myself. And even, this kind of made me feel like that, then I was really happy.
Kat:                Like the other day we where on the phone, and you'd said you'd read that blog that I wrote about the guy that I met in Santa Monica last week. I put that blog here in the daily ass kicker group. I post this shit, I know he's in this group, I know he read all my content. I do think about that when I post stuff about other guys. I always feel like maybe I won't say that because I feel like I've go to guard myself. The reason I post it anyways, because I'm that's the message that's coming me to post, so I'm not going to act out of fear. It would be a fear energy if I didn't post that blog. I'm going to post the blog, I know he's going to read it. We normally wouldn't talk about it. Then we mentioned the other night on the phone and you were, "I read that blog." I was kind of ... then you were, "And I just felt really happy for you." That's perfect, because our connection is not just sex, anyway, how is that a thing.
Patrick:            Yeah. I like to see that you were experiencing life. That's what I try to do when I go out. To find that something like that passion and everything that you might just run into in the moment. Because that's what we're supposed to do. 
Kat:                Right, you should get to respond to the moment.
Patrick:            You should, and you should milk the ecstasy of the moment. You should get whatever you can out of the moment that's meant for you to experience. That's totally yours to experience, that's nobody can take that away from you. You should do what life or whatever the universe is providing for you at that moment.
Kat:                You get to have it all, you do. Alexa says, "A connection doesn't mean wedding bells." Of course not, right? That's if people want to get married, they can get married. But I know for sure, both times when I got married, the main driving force was I felt like then I'm kind of safe, or I've accomplished what I'm supposed to accomplish. I didn't get married because my desire is to marry this person. It was this person might potentially be the right person and I should get married because  otherwise ... The first one, honestly, was because I felt guilty about having sex outside of marriage. Just my conditioning and my upbringing, that's the main reason I got married. 
Kat:                Then the second time was fear. It was feeling like maybe I won't ever find someone else who loves me. Maybe, this is how it should have to be. I was 27 and I'm going to have to think about kids. There was so much fucked up shit that went into that. There was love there as well, I'm not saying that. But I didn't get married because I was like, I've got to get married, my soul, what would fulfil it? Marriage, my soul is to get married, no that is not something remotely that connects to soul. It was more an idea or concept. I'm not saying ... I'm not anti-marriage for people who want to get married. But yeah, yes, you're only on the planet for a very short time. 
Kat:                I mentioned this to friends at dinner in New York the other night about this non-monogamous concept. Actually one of my friends who's there, he married, but they've been non-monogamous in their relationship the whole time. He's in his 40's now. He was, Well, the main thing, and Alexa maybe you can comment on this, but the main thing is if you're going to be in any kind of non-monogamous relationship, communication and honesty, right? Just being honest about what you actually both want. I think that's just the same as any other thing in life. Business stuff, client stuff, all of it. If you're not going to just say what you want, well you're not going to freaking get it. But also you're going to live in fear and uncertainty. 
Patrick:            Also, you're talking different styles and everything, it's a totally different set up. What we have is a totally different set up than anybody that most people would have. Just like -
Kat:                Right. You can't put a label on it.
Patrick:            No, it's just like a ... This to me is like ... That's why I was thinking how I define a relationship is totally different than what I was thinking that you had. So we had that break down. 
Kat:                Yeah, literally on Monday or Sunday last week.
Patrick:            Yeah.
Kat:                I just thought it was the funniest thing ever. 
Patrick:            I'm not -
Kat:                You're like, "I'm very certain that you want different things." I'm like, "I'm very certain that we've never talked about it."
Patrick:            It's that point when I saw that ... What I'm thinking is I have the best thing going. [inaudible 00:27:24]. I'm like, cool, that's great, what we have. I'm thinking you're thinking on the same page. You're thinking the same page as we see each other occasionally, you come into town, hang out and just have a great time. Then it's back to what we do. So that was, we just connect over we talk on the internet and everything. It was -
Kat:                What did I miss? We're not going to redo the whole conversation for you. You can watch the -
Patrick:            You've got to back up.
Kat:                But I had started a lot of stuff indicating I wanted more, I felt like there should be more. And I was getting kind of ... It was like a slight scary vibe on my behalf, right? Then after, it [inaudible 00:28:05] there for a while like we were just completely not even hang out anymore at all. Then I started really tuning into myself. What do I actually want here, what am I trying to get? What am I actually asking for if I be honest with myself? Then I realised what I want is I want to feel more connection and communication. So that's what we spoke about. That's really what I want. I just want to ... I guess what I also wanted was, I kind of had that wall up for the first year or whatever, where I was "Am I crazy, am I making up how deep this connection is." And I thought I was just making it up and I wanted that validation.
Patrick:            I thought, what I was thinking this is mother fucking Kat, I'm not going to sit there and take up all her time on the damn message all day. I was ... in the message room.
Kat:                I'm like, "Why doesn't he message me more often, why don't we communicate?" I would be, "I don't think he even likes me." Then we'd hang out together, because I'd come to America. I would be, "There's no fucking way I'm going to Texas." Somehow I'd always end up in Texas, right? It was kind of this funny routine that I had. Every time that I come here where I would tell myself I'm not going. I'm going to stop whatever this thing is because I'm just making it up. It's probably just a hook up for him, that's what I was thinking in my head. And I think we have this deep soul connection, but maybe it's not real, because ... the guards were up, we weren't talking about it. I was scared at the even idea of talking about it. If you would have told me six months ago that I'd be doing this live stream, I would doing this live stream, I'd be "That's impossible, there's no fucking way." 
Kat:                I thought I had to maintain, not professional, but it's like when you're trying to be professional in business. I was trying to play it cool, but it just resulted in me kind being obsessive and thinking about it all the time in my head. Then we'd come together and just have this flow connection that is undeniable. Then I'd leave or we'd go our separate ways. Then we wouldn't really talk, at all. I would be just driving myself crazy. And honestly every other guy I've dated, well if I do have a good time, I always have a good time in that moment. It's a different thing though, right? It's a different kind of feeling. That's awesome and I love and appreciate it, but then I would still always be thinking about our connection.
Kat:                Then I spent probably all of last year going around in circles in my head going, "Is this a real connection, this soul connection that I fell, or am I just, I don't know, am I trying to latch onto something here? Am I trying to invent it into something?" Then though there'd be, obviously some of the things you said as well, where I'm, "I'm fucking right, I know that it's a real connection." And I know that, because I feel that anyhow.
Kat:                Then kind of, for me, all these conversations we'd been having for now, months, since before Christmas, that was, I got to a point like I said to you in the first massive epic letter. I got to a point where this is driving me crazy. It's hanging over me all the time. I just need to know. I wrote him this big letter and it was kind of blunt and it was very full on. And I said at the start, "Warning, this is going to be intense." And I was right. "I don't know what you feel, but this is what I feel." And kind of went through it all.
Kat:                Then at the end, I said, "Well, I guess now you're going to think I'm crazy and we'll never speak again. Or maybe we talk about it. Or you feel the same way or whatever. But at least I put it out there." And it kind of started this process which took, I guess a few months for us to really communicate openly with each other. But as far as what I wanted, what I figured out after we spoke, or even before we spoke on the phone, about it last week, was I wanted to know that the connection was real. I wanted to know I wasn't making shit up inside my head. That was doing [inaudible 00:31:37] all year last year, because we didn't talk about it properly at all. And i wanted more connection and communication. I don't come to the U.S. more than every few months anyway at the moment. 
Kat:                But even if I lived here, I wouldn't want to live together. I wouldn't want an exclusive relationship. I'd want if I lived in the U.S., I want probably to spend more time together, because I'm here. But it would be only ever when it flows and when it feels right. I don't a relationship of any kind where it feels like there's an obligation that you've got to spend time with each other. It should only be when it flows.
Kat:                But yeah, the communication thing, the whole time I felt like you don't really want to talk to me. Then when we talked abut it, you're "Oh, I didn't want to bother you." I'm, "How did we not talk about this a long time ago."
Patrick:            She says, "Why wouldn't you want monogamy? What happens if either of you meet someone you have a deeper connection with that does want monogamy" I would say that, I'm not going to have monogamy, period, like that. I might have, say girlfriends or whatever like that, that we do have a deep connection with. But they're going to deal with a relationship with Kat. They're going to be cool with what ... I'm going to be upfront and honest ... I'm always upfront and honest to women. I don't mind at all to tell them I have girlfriends, you know what I mean. I -
Kat:                Multiple.
Patrick:            Yeah, in my life. Either take it or leave it, that's fine. That doesn't matter to me, not one bit. Because that's just me being as honest as I possibly fucking can. The reactions, 99% of them are always ... some of them are pissed off about that, you know what I mean? "Oh my god, I can't believe it." Or say something like that. It's all good. Generally people come around, "Oh, okay, I get what you're saying. But this is kind of a pop on the the head."
Kat:                It's a conditioning thing though. I don't know, it's hard for me to understand this, because most who I know are pretty non ... well they're either non-monogamous or they're very open to that. But I guess I hang around with an exceptional different kind of a woman. So I imagine, or I think that most women out there wouldn't emotionally maybe be able to cope with that. Or they feel that they can't, because they feel like they need their validation from the man. Whereas, I felt I definitely was seeking validation as well from a man, truthfully, after I became single. Then that's been a big part of my process of what I've worked through to where I got to a point where I was, "I get everything I need from me, inside of me."
Patrick:            Right.
Kat:                I'm not giving ... Well, I'm happy when I'm with him, and I'm having a great time. But that's not what provides me with my happiness. I'm not happy because I have Patrick in my life, or because I come here. That's not, "Oh, good, I some validation, or got an injection of happiness or whatever, or love." Or something like that. That's all kind of part of it, but I give all that stuff to me, I'm in love because I choose to be in love, even of myself. Then when I add love, romance, whatever it is on top of that, then that's purely coming from a place of, well because I desire it, and because it there and I can have it. But it's not completing me. I'm not being completed by somebody or something outside of me. 
Kat:                So to me that feels really healthy, as far as that question. My answer to that question about what if you met somebody else, currently the way I feel is I can't imagine meeting somebody else who I would have this level of soul connection with. But I also know that it's possible, right? I'm not going to sit here and say that's not possible, anything is possible. That's how I feel right now. I feel that this is a very rare connection. Who else am I going to sit here with and do live streams all day. Also the conversations that we have all the time. Just kind of a deep understanding of each other and acceptance. So it feels like I can't imagine that happening. And I feel kind of cocky about the fact that I can't imagine you meeting another woman who you have this level of connection with.
Patrick:            Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I'm pretty much a bad mother fucker, so you know, if meet a guy like [crosstalk 00:35:41].
Kat:                But I feel cocky about it the other way around. I'm like, as if you're going to be able to have that level of conversation with another woman. But then I also do understand that of course that could happen, right? I'm not holding on to it, I'm not attached to it. It is what it is right now. 
Patrick:            Because you're going to be totally happy and in love with your life no matter what.
Kat:                Exactly.
Patrick:            You're in love with your life. Because you're in love with your life. 
Kat:                And with my own self.
Patrick:            Right. 
Kat:                Right. So whatever shifts or grows over time, whatever it ends up being or not being, we'll be exactly perfect tomorrow. We might grow closer together or we might ultimately drift apart. But either I've got what I need inside of me, you've got what you need inside of you. We're not trying to get that from each other. 
Patrick:            No.
Kat:                So it just feels like, for me it feels like the best connection I've ever had.
Patrick:            Like a roll over.
Kat:                Because previously my serious relationship long term connections that I had, were not based on that foundation. So there was always fear, there was always worry of some kind and it was toxic or it was co-dependent, or it got into manipulation or abuse or whatever. I'm just not available for that anymore. Obviously coming through all that, you get to where you're like, "Oh my god." In my twenties or whatever age, the end goal was marriage and then I thought I'm safe. Then you get married, and you're not fucking safe, right?
Patrick:            Right. 
Kat:                Because you didn't build on the right foundation or you didn't understand these things and you were looking for something outside of yourself. Now I'm so safe, emotionally. With or without Patrick in my life. And I want him in my life and that's what we spoke about. We had to really hash it out. We were like, he was like, "We're going to stop talking. We're going to stop hanging out. Let's be friends, but not physical." I'm like, "Good luck with that." So that's not going to happen. But then we talked it out and it was this realisation of ... My god, I totally lost my train of thought. What was I going to say? Something about the safely thing. What was I just saying? 
Patrick:            Gotta go back.
Kat:                Oh, it was a good point as well. 
Patrick:            Have to go back to one part you were thinking about then just ...
Kat:                No, because then I left you those audios on Sunday and you kind of had been talking to me for a little bit. Then we talked a little bit, but you were, "No, can't work, it's not going to work." Then I left you audios. "At the end of the day what i really want is I just want you in my life. I don't want to lose you out of my life."
Patrick:            No. 
Kat:                "And I do want more communication. Right? Not from a neediness point of view, more because it's one of the things I value most in my life is our communication. So why would I not want that more?" Then once I said that, then came back to me and, "I don't want to lose you out of my life either." Then we had a massive phone call and hashed it out. Now basically here we are. 
Kat:                That's pretty much the whole story.
Patrick:            Here we are.
Kat:                That's the whole story, you're caught up. 
Patrick:            You're caught up now. You're brought up to speed everybody. 
Kat:                We missed some comments. I don't know, what do you want to add to that. I'm going to look at the comments here.
Patrick:            Well, I came out of a bad relationship back in 2014, I think it was. Huge, bad relationship where I was constantly trying to get so many things. I was trying to ... I based so much of my life around the relationship. I'm just the kind of guy that goes all in on everything thing that I do. And I thought that, hell I wasn't even trying to make that happen, but I did, and it ended up becoming something that I just went all in on and I shouldn't have. It ended up terrible because you can't really do that anyways in a relationship without ... It's better when there's a certain kind of chemistry that you have to have. Especially you guys know if the guy is needy as fuck that it's a very huge turn off, right? So it ended up things getting fucked up that way. 
Patrick:            so anyways, things did get fucked up and I went on a rebound with another chick and I did the same exact thing. Went right back off into being needy again and got tore up again on that. So I was coming off a bad relationship and then finally just figured out, just work those things out in my head. So basically I was, I don't know where the fuck I'm trying to go with this, but I'm trying to come at y'all as the way the guy thinks. Sometimes you'll see this and as far as me putting all my chips in those bags, that's kind of like what lead me to totally pull myself out of that. 
Patrick:            Actually that relationship, those two relationships are what kind of set me in pace to quit my job and start working towards something greater in my life. Because I just realised, yeah, this is where I'm trying to go with this. Then I realised life isn't meant to just fucking put all of your chips into a relationship.
Kat:                And think it's going to save you.
Patrick:            And think it's going to save you. And that goes for that job, or that goes for anything in your life. It's not meant for you to do that. It's meant for you to put all your ... hedge all your bets on your self.
Kat:                Right, I was going to say that exact line.
Patrick:            Yeah, cool. Just go all in on yourself and just totally go in on that and then the rest of that shit is going to come to you when you do that. It might not be what you were thinking, because that's certainly had in my mind when these other relationships was, maybe a wedding and all this stuff. I'm thinking that's what I was thinking, picket fence and all that stuff. And then it doesn't happen like that, but there's so much other stuff out there that comes along and it's just like, boom. It's exactly the way you should be living your life.
Patrick:            The way I think about life is, I've got my theory about life and it's just different than what everybody thinks. It's not religious or anything like that. But basically, I kind of, this is just a philosophy that I have, that I live by. It's my own personal philosophy, this is how I look through the lens of the world. The lens of the world is this, that we have probably been here, already, before. Human beings have probably been on this planet before. And because we just happen to be in the best time living, and the best time possible, right? Just everything is so easy. Communication is so easy. We can talk into a camera and money will flow back to you. If you communicate, you will succeed. We live in the easiest time, the easiest time, the easiest time and we're right on the cusp of something like artificial intelligence coming around and being a supercomputer, super intelligence, it's almost here, but it's not quite. 
Patrick:            So a lot of scientists believe that we're probably ... We've probably already been here before, and we probably just now we're jacked in because we can live forever. And we probably just jack in and live this life over and over again without the memory of actually being immortal. Because if you're immortal, right, you're going to live forever and it's going to get very boring, right? If you play the game over and over again on god mode, then you're going to get bored. So my personal philosophy is that we probably just jacked into this thing and we erase our memories, but we make it just hard enough to live, right? Just hard enough to where ... We put the hard stuff in there to go through and to make it to where we enjoy the better times. 
Patrick:            So that's my personal philosophy about life and I think that it doesn't always end up where you're thinking. It's designed to switch you up and throw you off track. And you're designed to go through these hardships so when you find something great and the stuff really comes at you and surprises you, and you just ... and that way you can just enjoy this. And it's milking the ecstasy of every single moment, right. The people that come into your life. It just totally trips you up and it's all designed to where you are just having ... you are obtaining happiness, true happiness. Happiness is overcoming resistance.
Kat:                It's also being in the moment and not being attached to the moment or to what comes after the moment, right? 
Patrick:            Yeah.
Kat:                Attachment is such a huge thing in relationships and in business and in life. Even all the stuff I just shared, and I just gave a very brief overview of it, obviously. But I was getting into pretty normal conditioned patterns of feeling a need for attachment or some kind of proof or something like that. It was such a great learning process for me, even way back. 
Kat:                I'll give you an example, which I've told you this, but I don't know if you remember this. But in December after we first met, so over a year ago, the previous December, you said you were going to come to Austin that second time when I was in Austin. Then you didn't end up coming. You got a lot of work and stuff in business. I was kind shocked, because I knew already that we had this connection. And I was kind of pissed, because I was, "I'm here from Australia, and you can't come to Austin." I was kind of shitty. But I was really needy about, right. It's how I felt inside of myself.
Kat:                So then the next morning, went to yoga, as I do, obviously. I went into the Bikram yoga class and I was, right, I set myself and intension, which is how I figure out a lot of stuff in my life. I thought by the end of this class, I'm going to clear this in my head and I'm going to understand it. I remember half way through that class, this was ages ago, and it was pretty early on in our connection anyhow. But I remember half way through the class being, holy shit, that's such a massive gift that you didn't come. Because it highlighted for me that I was looking for my self worth to be validated from you, from a man. I just acknowledged it and completely [inaudible 00:44:58] what it is. I was, "Why did I get so upset about that? Why was I so upset. It's not like we had any promises between us or anything like that." 
Kat:                But I was just really upset. I had to acknowledge and I recognised it's all my own self worth shit. Which is totally fine, I'm compassionate about myself for that, because I'd been in a long term marriage that wasn't working and my self worth was shot to pieces in that area. So I was, "Wow, it's so good that you didn't come, because it gave me the opportunity to learn this lesson that I was looking for my self worth to be grounded to me by somebody else." 
Kat:                That's not possible, when you want somebody else to give you self worth or happiness or even love, obviously then you're continuously saying I don't have that inside of me. Somebody else has got to provide that for me. Then I'll know I'm safe. Then I'll know I'm good enough. Then I'll know I'm worthy of love and all those sort of things. 
Kat:                I ended up, of course, I turned it into a programme. I didn't talk about us. But I created a four week programme out of it, called -
Patrick:            Where's my cut?
Kat:                For real, I made like 50K on that straightway. I launched it that day. I came out of the yoga studio, I was, "I'm on fucking fire." I remember walking through the streets, I was live streaming. I'm like right, I'm going to teach you about manifestation, and that when you put something outside of you, and you put it up on a pedestal, and you say, "when I have that" a million dollars, cool car, person who says they love me, whatever it is. "When I have that, then I'm safe, then I'm good enough, then I'm successful, then I'm worthy." You put it on a pedestal like that, you will never get it. Because you're always saying that this is not available to me from the inside me. 
Kat:                Even if in this situation, even if you have come along. Even if I had have him saying from day one, "Oh, I love you, and you're safe and I'll take care of you ..." or whatever. There would have always been fear there. Because I knew that, that's me attaching it to somebody else. And you can't do that. You can't control another person and why would you want to. So that was only one incident, there were many times along the way where I was driving myself crazy with my own stuff. It just helped me to process and grow and recognise all my patterns were I was, "Oh, my god, wow, I was looking for this." 
Kat:                Even moments where i was, should I say this on a message? 
Patrick:            Thank you. 
Kat:                Should I say this on a message, should I send a text message saying  ... that time when I had to come to Dallas when Regan and were speaking, right?
Patrick:            Yeah.
Kat:                I honestly spent two weeks during my heading about whether or not I should even message you that I'm coming. And then I basically pestered Alexa about it. I made a script for this text message. For real. I was what do I say that I don't scare this guy off me. Now I'm like, I can't believe I would have been, what if I scare a guy off? Because whatever. What if I be myself and either way is fine. But I just wasn't at that point yet, so it's totally fine. 
Kat:                But Alexa was, "You just ask yourself what you're actually feeling, then say that." I was, minds blown, I never thought of that idea before. Then I did. I'm, "Hey, I'm coming to Dallas, we should have a coffee." So carefully crafted, took me two weeks. But I was living from fear and I was living ... And then I ended up staying with you for like a week on that trip. So it worked out quite well. But the point is, I just let go of all that a while back now. And I've continued to let go of it, and I continued to understand it and continued to notice my patterns, right?
Kat:                Even always, just never-endingly in every area of my life. But I think the biggest shift that I had in this area, and could have probably never had this shift this far without what we have. Is just to realise that, I'm not going to get anything and I don't want to desire anything from another person, right? Not a romantic person, not a client, not a friend, not my kids, nobody. I don't get that from anyone else. So even if we had have finished our journey already, it would have been nothing but massive growth from that experience over this past year or so. The universe has your back.
Kat:                So Alexa asked a question that I'm sorry to say, we can't answer, because we've never spoke about that. Now are you going to be annoyed at me about that. So I'm going to get in trouble, but it's a good point. She says ... Can you hang on; she wanted us to say what are rules are sexually around physical safety, like when sleeping with multiple people? Actually we haven't discussed that, I'm sorry. That shouldn't, yeah [inaudible 00:49:18].
Patrick:            I don't know, rules, like safety words?
Kat:                She means hygienically. [crosstalk 00:49:23]. We'll talk about it off camera.
Patrick:            That's always a worry, yeah.
Kat:                But since you ask the question, I'm just acknowledging it. It's a great opportunity for everybody.
Patrick:            That's totally a chick question, yeah.
Kat:                It a great opportunity. So Alexa she's a wise one. 
Kat:                I don't know, what else? I think that's a lot of it. I just think it's about being okay with saying what you want and what you feel. But also being okay with whatever outcome comes of that. That's ultimately how I kind of, I guess, gradually grew inside of me to a place where I can now say anything to him and I will, I'll say what I'm thinking or feeling and I'll say it ... It still feels scary in the moment, if I'm saying something that's really vulnerable. But I really can say it without attachment. Because I'm at the end of the day -
Patrick:            She said, "Watch you both get uncomfortable." I'm not uncomfortable at all. So just so you know.
Kat:                She means about the physical sex thing.
Patrick:            But my thing is, just so ... it's all good, I can talk, I don't mind. I get myself tested regularly. One of the reasons I do is because I definitely have a lot of respect for Kat and I don't want to do anything to fuck with her shit. You know what I mean? 
Kat:                I do. [crosstalk 00:50:41] tested on.
Patrick:            It's just something that every person should do anyways if you're sexually active. 
Kat:                Your body language [inaudible 00:50:49]. 
Patrick:            You know what I mean?
Kat:                All those [crosstalk 00:50:52] should get tested regularly if you're sexually active.
Patrick:            Yeah, for sure.
Kat:                I was going to say something. 
Kat:                Here's one more thing I do want to say about this, right? I think about being safe to be yourself. It's about having a fundamental belief that you can't screw it up being you. One thing that I realised with our connection is, there's actually ... I honestly feel like there's nothing I could say to you that would scrap our connection. Because our connection is a soul connection. Even if we weren't hanging out. That connection is still there to stay.
Patrick:            Yeah, for sure.
Kat:                You can feel it energetically from when we're not talking or spending time together. So I kind of got to the realisation, probably party because I said a lot of shit to you that would definitely scare most men off. Then I was, "I think I could pretty much say anything to this guy and it's actually not going to ruin our connection, but it might cause us to pull in or out or whatever. But then we actually figure it out. I know you've said that to me a few times, we just figure everything out in the end anyway. But it -
Patrick:            Well I'm going through my shit, and you're going through your shit. We're still going through things on the journey. You know what I mean? 
Kat:                Right.
Patrick:            It's just what it is.
Kat:                But it's also, to me, that's representative of a real connection in your life. When you know that, you don't have to worry about how to communicate with that person. You can't fuck up the relationship by being yourself, it's not possible. That's when you know it's a real connection. Rather that something that's based on rules or fear or validation, is like, if I say this, then I'm going to get in trouble. Or if I say this they're going to think I'm a bad person or something like that. Or they're going to be whatever. Instead you realise, and this exactly what I teach in business, if you speak your actual truth, and it's meant to be, whatever it's meant to be. Then it will. And either way is fine. It's like signing up a client, just say what you fucking think. Say what's actually coming through you. If that scares them off, they were never meant to be there in the first place. 
Patrick:            Exactly.
Kat:                What are going on about? Pull in or out.
Patrick:            Sex puns. 
Kat:                Anything that we missed?
Patrick:            No, I think we got it. They loved it so they're all commenting about it.
Kat:                Thank you for watching. It's a pretty raw conversation, I guess.
Patrick:            Yeah, I don't really care, I talk. I'll watch all your stuff, so I see ... I watch most of your stuff, so I see what you say and this stuff. I already know you, so you're giving them the 100% real deal. So they know that. 
Kat:                It's what we do.
Patrick:            Obviously you wouldn't be as popular if you didn't do that, so I've already seen that and know kind of how you think. So it's not a big deal. You'll probably be surprised as I talk more and more on my shit. As I put more of myself out there. You'll probably see some of the same stuff.
Kat:                Even more truth coming out. 
Patrick:            Yeah. 
Kat:                Yep.
Patrick:            So yeah, so look forward to it.
Kat:                That's the thing, it's about being comfortable being uncomfortable. So much stuff I've published or there's been so much I've said on live streams, where I'm "I hope Patrick doesn't watch this." But I'll never know, it's not like I'm getting a weekly report on what you watched or didn't watch. Or whatever else, but I continue to say it, right?
Patrick:            I have never felt any type of way about anything except when I thought you were talking shit about me that one time. 
Kat:                It wasn't about you, let me clarify that.
Patrick:            I'm like, really, okay, all right. Fucking asshole over here.
Kat:                That was totally 100% never about you. 
Patrick:            I was like ... 
Kat:                He was firing back at me. Triggered as fuck. 
Kat:                Patrick really looks what? Hang on, we just got a whole bunch of comments all at once. Let's find these comments here. 
Kat:                Yeah, I've said so much stuff where I'm, whoa. I don't know mainly from talking about, I don't know, guys I'm dating. Or relationship stuff, I guess, and I feel ... It's so silly though, because I know ... Well we've never really talked about it, but I knew or assumed that you're seeing other women. We didn't discuss it. Now we discuss it in some sort of way. Obviously we don't need to go into details about it. We chose not to. But, yeah, I knew that, right? But then when I would speak about it on my live streams or in a blog, I always felt super, I don't know, is this somehow going to scrub our connection? Actually logically makes no sense at all. But I still always kind ... There was definitely times when I'm like, "I hope he doesn't watch that one." 
Kat:                Okay, Patrick looks like a new man. Compared to when? It's the shirt. 
Patrick:            Compared to what? [inaudible 00:55:16].
Kat:                Most people don't know their truth or don't speak it. Yeah. Most people don't know their truth is such a good point. I wouldn't have been able to verbalise all this eight months ago, because I hadn't figured it out about myself. Even though I knew it kinda about my core. 
Kat:                This live stream is making me have the need to go and face the real questions I have regarding the man I'm into. 
Kat:                There you go. Good to hear.
Kat:                Alexa, thanks for letting me monopolise the comments. Of course.
Kat:                Yes so we're going to see now Patrick messaging all over the fucking internet as well. So if you're not already following his stuff, go do that. I guess you'll get to keep up in whatever way that we feel fit to share with you with the escapades of both of us in our separate ways. 
Patrick:            Should be an interesting dynamic. I don't plan on holding anything back.
Kat:                Good. 
Patrick:            Maybe kat won't watch some of my live streams, maybe she will. There's some that I'd definitely push pause on and skip right through. 
Kat:                Of mine?
Patrick:            Yeah. It's probably just like if you guys -
Kat:                I bet I will, I'm sure I'll watch the majority of them.
Patrick:            y'all be talking about some fucking serious crazy ass sex shit in here sometimes. I think I'll just skip, I think talking about foot fetishes and stuff like that.
Kat:                That was you. Your the one that[crosstalk 00:56:20].
Patrick:            I'm out. I have one fucking shoe, and I do this live stream on here ... some of you go into way too much detail on there. I won't -
Kat:                Who?
Patrick:            In this group, I've seen it. 
Kat:                Oh, in this group.
Patrick:            Yeah, sex group, yeah. Sex stuff.
Kat:                Oh wow, come into The Kaleidoscope, this group is tame as fuck.
Patrick:            The Kaleidoscope, that's what I'm saying. When I see something, I'm out. I'm kind of a traditional guy, you know what I mean. But I do my thing, but ... anyways, it should be interesting in that dynamic. I'm not trying to hold anything back on my live streams either, so we'll go all out and see what happens. 
Kat:                We'll see what happens. We continue the journey. That's all this is. 
Kat:                All right, thank you for watching. Leave a comment if you watched the replay. Have an amazing epic day.
Patrick:            What do say? Keep pressing play.
Kat:                Press, plug and play.
Patrick:            Print, press and finish sometimes.

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Okay. We're back. Take two, I don't know what's happening. Oh, my God. All right. Okay. Hello people, are you coming back to me? I don't know what happened, Facebook just decided to finish the live stream.

Hey Anna, okay. It's all under control, except for this sweat situation that's not remotely under control. Let me wait for a moment and let people jump back on.

I kind of can't even believe how much I'm actually sweating right now. It's not like I don't control the time, I know what it's like, but my body is in total shed mode right now, I can just feel it. I think it's about to start dripping off my chin at any moment. Fortunately, I have a top here. Like I know none of this is really a big deal, it's just the live stream dropped out.

But it's kind of like, it's exactly what I was talking about on the previous live. It's just like things just keep happening and you're like, "I'm really trying to fucking release this and not let it get to me, and I'm trying to be in surrender, but then more thing just keep happening.

Somebody asked am I drinking water from here? No, it's French and amino-acids, which is what I drink through the morning usually before I eat.

Like it's like nearly 12 noon now, I haven't eaten yet. I've done my hot yoga, I'll do another workout later, and I'm just in my kind of feel like fasting mode.

Okay. Why was I even up to, I was going to talk about the Inner Circle. Mim, can you drop that link again? My Inner Circle is open for registration now. I was just mentioning that and then I was going to go into this thing about letting your message be what your message is for the day, and letting you be who you are.

Inner Circle is 12 months mentoring with me one on one at the highest level, and you get to join the most badass and hot as fuck mastermind in the world with my other private clients. The results that we get in there, money results, alignment results, flora results, business, body, love, lifestyle, fun, adventure, all of that are freaking phenomenal. Right? So I'm so excited to be officially opening this up for applications and inquiries, and what that means is just message me from my personal page, and I'll get you a full written overview. A short live stream where I talk about the kind of work that I do with my clients, and some other cool stuff as well, for you to have a look at, and just feel if it's for you. It's a freaking phenomenal place. It is an anomaly and it's phenomenal.

Its an existing place. Its been going for just over a year, and I don't promote it normally though. I just have never done a promotion, or a launch around it. 100% of people who are in the Inner Circle have literally just approached me out of nowhere. So many clients, like magic, and said I need to be part of this, and that's how its always happened.

So this is the first time that I've ever been going like, "Hey, this is open. Did you even know about it?" Because a lot of people didn't even know about it. I realised I'm super under the radar, and that's always felt perfect, and aligned, and I'll probably go back to that, but currently I'm taking in the exact perfect women who are meant to be in there. If you feel that that's you, or you'd like to know more, or you feel that it might be you, message me. I'll get you the full overview and all the details of that.

If you click on my Facebook cover photo on this page, or on my personal page, you can read some of the testimonials in there from some of my amazing clients. There's so many that we haven't even written up yet. I literally been hoarding all these incredible results to myself, and not sharing them. So I'm starting to write one up, and share one each day, and I'm going to be starting to do some conversations with Bad Asses. Interviews with my Inner Circle clients on joint Facebook live soon as well. So you'll get a chance to hear from some of the most amazing entrepreneurs and creators in the world about how they do business in life, and let them share their gifts and talent and genius with you. So, just something to keep your mind. But definitely message me now if you're feeling that.

All right, so if you missed the first part of this live stream before it dropped out, watch the first part, the post of that is already on my page. It's already there for you, and I was talking about being fucked over energetically by Bali, and how that's totally a story, and I see that, but then how I also choose to lean into it. I choose to lean into it whether it's in Bali, when shits going on, and when shit's stirring up. Even like ... I did a live the other night about this, Friday night actually. About feeling triggered by something. Right?

That's another example. We get triggered by something, or something feels uncomfortable, we're not fun in sight of this, and it's kind of like, "Oh, I don't like this feeling. I don't want this feeling, how can I push this away? How can I get back to super flow, or being high vibe, or lewd as fuck," whatever it is, and what I've learned, and what I've found, and Bali is such a great example of this, is that when that stuffs coming up from inside of us, there's a reason for it, and what if we allowed it to come up, and what if we allowed it to happen?

So whenever you're triggered by something, whenever something makes you feel sad, or you feel uncomfortable, I'd be curious to know what you think. Comment, comment.

Whenever you feel angry, or you're just frustrated, or you can't seem to quite connect, don't try and hide or mask that feeling. Allow yourself to be whoever you are in that day, and in that moment, and I feel like this is probably one of the harder things to learn, because its ... We're talking about allowing ourselves to sit in confrontation, or to sit in discomfort, or to sit in nausea, or to sit in your body expelling random weird shit from it, physically, or emotionally, or spiritually, or whatever it might be. But I found that when you can allow yourself to be with what is, firstly you take the fear side of it out of it, because you realise, "Hey, I'm actually okay. I can sit in this space of pain or discomfort, or extreme confrontation, or feeling sad, or feeling frustrated, or feeling down, or feeling angry or whatever. I can actually sit here and be here, and I'm still okay. Because I think that part of it is, we trample away from stuff like that. We think that it's not safe. That we want to avoid it.

Ann Marie says, I did that over the weekend, I'm freaked out.

I can't read the rest of your comment, I'll have to read it later.

Michelle, yes it's true. Not good not to share. Yup. Exactly. Definitely good to talk about, and good to lean into. It's always temporary. That's right Debbie. One of my favourite sayings that I've used for years in my life is, "It is what it is, and this too shall pass."

I think one of my mentors when I was in my mid 20's, he was way at the top of the company that I worked for at the time, the fitness company, and he would always just say, no matter what happened, he would say, "It is what it is." Or ... Is that the exact wording he said? It was something like, "It is what it is," and it was just this final answer to anything or everything. Like, shit would be going down, the ceilings would be crumbling, the sky be falling, and he'd be like, "It is what it is," and that's all it is. I really was like, "I like that," because it gives you back your power, and it gives you freedom, and it gives you realisation that, "So what? It is what it is, and that's all it is, and this too shall pass." It's the bit that I added onto it.

But I remember in my relationship at the time, which was with my first husband, we'd have shit going on or whatever, money stuff or whatever it might've been, and I was like this wise old owl, I was like, "Well, it is what it is," I was just continually saying it, and he used to get super shitty with me, because no matter what was going on, I was like, "Well, it is what it is." Then now, I still say that all the time, continually. Even to my kids if they're freaking out about something. Or to friends or whatever, I'm like, "Oh, it just is what it is." Like, is there an action that I can take here? Is there something that I can do that is in alignment to do? That's not me running, or try to avoid, or numb? So is there an aligned action to take? Yes, if so great. Take it.

But sometimes there's not. Sometimes you're just feeling all this shit going on, and you don't feel connected, and you don't feel like you really know what to do, and your message is not freakin' coming through you, and then sweat is dripping off your chin, and the WiFi's not working, and the the live stream keeps shutting down, and you vaguely feel like you might have to get up from the live stream at any moment and hurl into the pool, and it's like, "Let's just be here now then." It is what it is, and this too will pass.

But meanwhile, what is actually the benefit and the purpose of this? Because if I come back to my underlying belief, I fully believe and know that everything happens for me, not to me. So this is happening for my greater good. So, if I can surrender to that idea, and that knowledge, I don't even need to know how or why right now. I don't need to sit here and figure out the answer. It might come to me later when I'm in a massage, or having a walk, or sleeping, or it might not come at all. Either way is fine, because I'm getting what I need from it. Feelings are facts I guess, if you make them facts.

Jenna says, feelings aren't facts. Feelings yeah, they have whatever meaning you assign to them, so that's a great comment, I love it.

It's about allowing yourself to be okay with what is. Then when you look at, being a messenger, and being this person in business and in life ... I don't know what to do with my hair ... Being somebody who feels, I guess, some sense of responsibility or obligation to your business, well fuck obligation anyway, do what's flowing through from your soul, but if you do feel that you desire to message and share something like a live stream, or a blog, or anything like that with your audience, then what if you literally just always gave yourself permission for the message to be the message that day, and for you to be who you are.

So, your message for the day is a reflection of what's actually real, and what's going on inside of you. I'm literally just talking about shit that I've been feeling and experiencing, but I'm turning it into something that's motivating, inspiring, empowering. I wouldn't say super high entertainment value for today's particular show, but often times it's entertainment as well. Right? I don't know, you can tell me if it's entertainment. When I think of entertainment, I tend to think of [Ben Glariss 00:09:46], and I don't think I'm Ben Glariss today. But maybe it's entertaining in a different way.

Anyway, I'm letting my message be what it is. I couldn't come back here to the villa now feeling the way I've been feeling. I'm feeling frustrated, and kind of like, "Ahhh. I want to rip the head off the world," and then all this random shit's happening in my body as well. I couldn't come back and just put that aside, and try to teach and preach on some other random point. I mean I could, but it wouldn't be real. It wouldn't have the real true power and fire in it, and you would feel that.

On the other hand, if I just allow my message for the day to be a reflection of who I am today, then it's so easy. There's nothing I have to worry about. So today I'm being this person. This is what's going on, this is my truth. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow I'll be like random, silly, shenanigans version of me. Or another time I'll be going even deeper into the whole fire and [inaudible 00:10:32], but either way, I'm just going to be who I am, and I think this is one of the ultimate lessons that we all get to learn, and one of the ultimate shifts that we all get to drop into. Which is, always flow in ease if you just be who you are. So, this is not just with your free content though. Whatever you're putting out there for free, whatever you're sharing with the audience, even how you're communicating with clients, and then you're paid stuff and what you want to put out there into the world. It always gets to come from this place of, "This is just who I am, and this is what's real." It can be for the content side of things, and the actual stuff that you're putting together and delivering, but it's also the practical reality of what's going on in your world. Right?

I used to think I had to hide the noise of my kids if they're around for example, or I would have never answered client audios, or having my hair blown out, which is what I was doing earlier. So then they can hear the noise of the hair dryer in the background. I listened back, you can still hear it. But it's more that I would have hidden that earlier, because I would have somehow thought that people would think that's unprofessional or how dare I multi-task by responding to messages while my hair's being done, or while I'm walking down a busy street, or being on phone calls with a client when I'm being driven to the airport or whatever. I just don't hide anything ever. This is my situation, this is my reality, or last night teaching my live stream trainings to my private clients. I did two live stream's late at night. I was pretty wrecked. I'd been going for already 17 hours, travelled from Australia to Bali, which is only a six hour flight anyhow, but more so that I was already feeling a bit energetically fucked around, and I was pretty tired, and I was just in my pyjamas, no bra on, no make up, shiny face, all that shit, and just being who I was. I didn't allow that to be like, "I should cancel live stream because I'm not really looking that great, or feeling that great. Or, I should doll myself up, and be somebody that I'm not. I've just let business be so easy by being who I am, and so that's what I wanted to come on and share with you today. If you feel like its hard, if you feel like its awkward, if you feel like you struggle to know what to say or how to get it out there, or that some days you're inspired and the message finally comes through you, and then other days you're like, "Man, I'm not feeling it today." You've got to recognise and understand that there's always something there to share, it's just that you got to give yourself permission to be who you are. Okay? So I think this is one of the biggest break throughs that you can have. It is what it is, that's all it is, and whatever it is will pass whether its high or low, up, down, crazy around, and in between, and you are who you are as well, and you get to be who you fully are in this moment. If you can give yourself permission to share who you truly are, day in and day out, with the world, and let it be that easy, and that real, that is when you build an unstoppable brand. So that's my little message for you today. If you'd like to know more about working with me one on one, having me in your side ... In your side, in your pocket, on your side, in your corner, wherever the fuck you want me, doing deep dive alignment work, you know, work on mindset, like I said, we do transformations on a soul and cellular level, as well as obviously all the ins and outs of building a multi seven figure, online, personal brand business.

Message me over my Katrina Ruth page. I'll get you the details of the inner circle, let's talk. Have an amazing rest of the day wherever you are in the world, we'll see who I show up as tomorrow. And don't forget. Life is now, press play.

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Okay. Now I don't see anything. What's happening? Is this real? Is it a fantasy? Is it a dream? Can you see me? Am I in the dark? I don't even fucking care. It's just all fucking happening already. Bali woo-woo magic is all over me like a motherfucker. Hey Larissa. It was so light before and now it's so dark. Why is that happening? Let me look at it on my screen here. Let me see if Facebook's up to its usual tricks where I think that I can be seen from here up, and then if I go and look at it on the laptop I can be seen from like way lower down. I think I remember my posture.

Okay, let's see what's happening here. I'm not sideways any more. I did go live sideways before. Shannon, what did you think of my message? I nearly thought I should get that whole message transcribed, Shan, and write it into a blog, because everybody needs to hear that. I was just giving Shannon, my inner circle client, the smack-down of love about being a mom and an entrepreneur, and accepting who we are as entrepreneurial moms. Which is to say, we're so not like the other moms. You've got me on-side. Well, don't flash my boobies around all over the reno site. Or do, whatever feels good for you. Not dark ... Why am I dark on my own phone? It's annoying the fuck out of me.

You guys, I've been back in Bali for less than 24 hours and I realise now that I'm creating this. I realise I'm creating it. I gotta decide if I want to stop creating it, because the truth is, maybe I embrace and I love being Bali-fucked. Do you know what I mean when I say Bali-fucked? So somebody thought, Patrick thought, that when I said Bali-fucked it meant that it's really good, right? Like you're getting fucked and it's like, "Oh my God, yes", and I was like, "No, no". This came up in conversation, I think, last time I was in Bali which was a couple of weeks ago. I always talk about being Bali-fucked and I write about it, and then everybody who comes to Bali knows exactly what that means, right? So then he said something about how amazing it is, and I was like, "No, no. No, no. That's not what Bali-fucked means." Bali-fucked is like you're getting fucked over by Bali, and it's fucking tumultuous and it's insane and it's not necessarily fun.

It's kind of like everything that can go wrong does go wrong and will go wrong, and it could be anything from weird body shit going on, weird food shit going on. This morning I woke up feeling like I'd been put on a freaking spin cycle and gone ten rounds in a ring at the same time, and my head wouldn't move and I was just like, "What's happening?", and then just now this past hour I've just been feeling so nauseous but for no reason at all, or it could be wifi stuff. Like, I'm in a really nice villa, right? But then last night I get online to teach to my clients, to my private clients, and the wifi's not working. So I get it fixed, get the IT dude out. Today I get home, my [inaudible 00:03:31], my ninja, and I've gone, I'm going to be live in five minutes. I've got an appointment coming up in another 30 minutes, I'm like, "Okay, I'm going to do my livestream now."

Okay, Michelle says I'm freezing. I'm going to assume that that's not for everyone. I'm just going to pray and manifest that that's only happening to Michelle and that it will shift from Michelle as well. And so now I come in, and then the wifi's not working again. I'm like, "Fuck, okay." So it's kind of like all these things just happen to test you, and I noticed that I really get into ego a lot when I'm here. Not always, but it can happen to me when things are not kind of flowing smoothly and they're not working, or people are not understanding me or I'm not getting what I want, or things are taking longer.

Like even just now getting my hair done, he was washing my hair like he was painting the fucking ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, and I appreciate the intention, but I was like, "Please don't take 30 fucking minutes to shampoo my hair." But I'm sitting there and I'm trying to be calm. I'm like, "I'm a zen, I'm calm, I'm chill". I'm fine, and then I'm kind of like, "Um, can you shampoo faster please?", and I'm trying to talk really politely. But I just noticed this kind of ego edge that comes up from me when I'm in Bali, where it's kind of like oh my God, I just continually find myself wanting to tell people off and tell them to move faster, and so it's this message to surrender, right? And to learn and grow from it.

But then today, I messaged my friend. I'm like, "Oh my God, Bali's getting me good. I'm already like, my body's been trashed, I feel nauseous as fuck. This has happened, this has happened", and then I was like, "Wait, hold up." That is such a story. I'm so creating a story, right? And I literally manifest it, because I tell everybody all the time like an idiot. I'm continually posting about being Bali-fucked, where I'm like, "Oh my God, this is happening, this is happening."

But then I thought about it, and I was like well, of course I'm creating that. Of course I'm expecting it and creating kind of this energetic being fucked over, which I'll explain a bit more in a moment because it's actually a really good thing. I've started to create it and expect it. But then I thought, but do I desire to let go of that story? Do I actually desire to let go of that story? Because the truth is that there's definitely some ... Or maybe this is ego again, but there's some sort of pride that comes through from that, where I'm like, "Yeah. Fucking bring it, bitch. I can take it." So kind of like getting taken down in a gym, which is something I actually love and thrive on, and I guess I've got that masochistic side to me that a lot of entrepreneurs do. Or even getting all that stuff done on my back and my ribs and everything, where it's like, "Yeah, bring it on", because I know that it's making me stronger.

What I noticed with getting Bali-fucked, the energetic kind of fucking over all just the random shit that happens. Sometimes it's really little things, but then it just compounds, and sometimes there's literally been days, several days over this year where I've spent the entire day face-down naked in the foetal position on this decking here. Just couldn't move for an entire day, because ... I don't even know. I remember getting up and going, "Okay, I'll do one body weight squat and see if I can move my body", and I couldn't even. I just passed straight out again. There was no reason for it, right? It's just the energy. The energy is so intense here, and it can kind of throw you around when you first come back here.

So it is a story, and it is a choice, because of course I could tune away from that. But I think that I do consciously desire to keep choosing it, and here's why. This has got nothing to do with the topic of my livestream title, but whatever. We'll get to that when it's time and when it's aligned, and if it's not then it's not. Because it's like a detoxification, right? I can literally feel my body since being here going into releasing so much shit, metaphorically and perhaps not just metaphorically, that I've been kind of clouding myself with the last several weeks. I tend to pull myself a little out of alignment when I'm on the Gold Coast. Oh my God, I'm sweating like a motherfucker. It's just pouring off me. But I'm sitting in the sun deliberately because I want to get my tan on.

So yeah, when I'm on the Gold Coast, the truth is I'm not fully in alignment. I'm not fully in flow. That's something I get to tune into and look at, because if I desire to stay there or if I choose to stay there, then I'll shift that. At the moment my feeling and my choice is that this is not quite the aligned place for me to be, and then a couple of other things sort of came up that I got the opportunity to grow through over this past several weeks on the Gold Coast. So I feel like I let a bunch of, shall we say, not super flow energy kind of attach itself to me, right? And I think that we do that all the time. We're just going about the business of living, and depending on what situations we put ourselves into or allow ourselves to connect to, we get a bunch of not super flow energy that's kind of attaching onto us.

Now, this is not ... I'm not saying this is a bad thing or something that you shouldn't do, because it's all for growth and it's all for learning. Is that Batman water bottle? Of course, because I am Batman. It's all for growth and it's all for learning, so it's all exactly as it's meant to be. Oh my God, I'm literally dripping as though I'm in the Bikram yoga room. I always adjust back to Bali temperature in like two days. I come here every month. Within two days I'm fully adjusted, but the first day or two back I'm just like shed, shed, shed, shed, and that's exactly what I'm talking about, right?

So I could decide to change the story. I could make a decision, I'm not available to go through this kind of breakthrough fuckery that happens for the first day or two, or however long, whenever I come through into Bali. I don't choose that. I choose to just not have anything coming out of me, physically or metaphorically, and choose to not go into some form of release of nausea or feeling not well, or feeling sad or down.

This morning I think I've gone through the entire fucking emotional spectrum. I've gone through feeling completely beaten up when I woke up to I could barely get out of bed. Managed to kind of drag my ass from the bed to that day bed over there and had coffee. I was like, "Oh my God, I so don't want to move anywhere else." Went to yoga, that was extremely painful, and then came out of yoga feeling so sick and so unwell in my stomach, as though I'd eaten something bad, but I hadn't. Then went to get my hair done, which turned into just like ... It was like watching an iceberg move, watching this guy trying to do my hair. So I'm like, "Breathe through it, you don't have to make everything fast all the time".

So I went through that, and then I went through wanting to rip everyone's head off, and then I was feeling really sad and I wanted to cry, and then I was just kind of angry at the world. Then I just felt detached and disconnected, and I don't know what to do or what to talk about, and nothing is going to quite fulfil me. This was all within a 40 minute period, right? And so then I was coming back here and I'm like, "Okay, just do a fucking livestream. It's definitely going to shift you."

The reason that I think it's okay to keep allowing this, and that I choose to keep my story of Bali-fuckery and Bali fucking me over, is because I do let go of so much that I don't even necessarily realise that I've been holding onto, right? So it's like being here is this incredible fucking mirror. It's just like holding the mirror in front of you, and like oh my God. It's so full-on that it would be easier to run from it. It would be easier to kind of energetically shut yourself off from that.

But in my mind that would be equivalent to the person who wants to change their body and their health, and then they start to eat in a really amazing way and take care of themselves, and they start to have a detoxification reaction because they're not putting all that shit into their body anymore, and then they feel like shit or they get a breakout or they get sad or down, and they want to throw things at people. So then they're like, "Oh, let me go back to just eating fucking donuts and pizza all day, because I didn't have to feel all this and deal with all this." That's how I look at it.

So actually embrace it. I'm like, "Cool, thank you for the reminder to get even more back to core." I'm pretty fucking flow connected and soul connected day in and day out as it is, but when I'm here it's this incredible energetic mirror and it's literally like you can't hide from anything here. You can't hide from who you really are and what is really needing to come up and be expelled or expunged or purged from you, and quite often, it becomes a physically fucking expelling and purging. If anyone is a Bali person and comes here, you know exactly what I'm talking about. It literally starts coming out any which way out of all orifices on the body, and then it's all the emotional shit coming out, and now my computer is fucking overheating even though it's in the shade. Let's just put that over there.

So it's all the physical stuff, but then it's all the emotions like extreme sadness or extreme frustration or extreme anger, or extreme anxiety or whatever it might be. It's kind of like ... Like all day every day. Here's this fucking mirror in your face, deal with your shit. So what I choose to do is to lean into it. Okay, why are you saying, "You're welcome", Jennifer? Did you leave me a fabulous comment earlier that I didn't see? So what I choose to do is I lean into it, right? And I choose to smile at it, and I notice my patterns. I'll get into reactivity or I'll get into ego quite often here, because of maybe language barriers or just kind of like a different pace.

I'm used to just clicking my fingers and things get done, and if that doesn't happen I'm like, "Breathe through it, release. Everything is always perfect. Practise your own fucking stuff that you preach, Kat. You're always-". I nearly just called myself Chris randomly. I just nearly called myself Chris. I have no idea why that just happened. I think because I can see a little message on my WhatsApp there from my friend Chris. I just saw the name and then nearly referred to myself as Chris.

Practise what you teach, Kat, and practise what you preach. So any time anything comes up that's what we shall call a growth opportunity, or we're just not freaking feeling good and we want to be back in our flow zone, then it is always an opportunity to go deeper into ... The new [inaudible 00:12:55], yeah ... Always an opportunity to go deeper into our truth, to go deeper into locking in our own belief system, and to really coming from that place, right?

So those are some of the things that I've been thinking, and then part of that is of course, when we look then at business and when we look at what we're here to do as leaders and messengers and influencers, and the people who others look to and are inspired by, powered by, motivated by or want to learn from or buy from, I know that for more previously and I know that for my clients, when there's freaking shit going on is quite often when we would to freak out relevant to business, right? I've specifically had quite a few of my private clients in my inner circle go through extreme shit in Bali, because that's just what happens, right?

So I've had several of my ladies I can think of just off of the top of my head, even in the past two months, who've been here and have been like, "Oh my God." I can't even ... Like an extreme fever, or I'm just getting energetically fucked over every which way and in every possible situation. It just kind of becomes funny, and they lean into it and they understand the surrender process as well. But what I notice is that sometimes people will be like, "Oh my God, this is impacting my business. I can't fucking do anything", and not just with Bali.

I had this conversation with one of my other private clients in my inner circle just a couple of days ago about how she was like, "I just don't feel like doing anything. I'm just not in the vibe of livestreaming, I'm not in the vibe of messaging. I'm not doing my shit. Should I be worried about that? I'm feeling like I should worry about that. How is that going to impact my income this month? But I already had this much come in, so it doesn't seem to be impacting it. But should I worry about whether it's impacting it?", right?

So this morning I was talking with a different client over on [inaudible 00:14:30] on my private client channel, and she was talking about having this kind of realisation or breakthrough around not ... She felt that she had to, in order to be a better version of who she already is as a bad-ass entrepreneur, that she thought that she had to kind of go out there onto the internet and push people, like "Take this action", "Buy my thing", "Do my thing", right? And then she suddenly realised that she gets to just be her and just be in her energy state and that that's enough, and that just being her, people will come to her. I responded to that and I was like, "Exactly." All we need to do is to let the message be the message each day, and let who we are ... Let ourselves be ourselves each day. That's it, period, the end, right?

Which brings me full circle back to the title of this livestream, but then kind of this conversation of, well, what about when shit's being stirred up and you're feeling crazy and chaotic, all over the place energetically? Or you're on the fucking decking in the foetal position not doing anything all day, naked as the day you were born, and can't seem to get up and move. Or when you're just not feeling in that vibe of doing livestreams or messaging. Is that okay, and should we be kicking our own ass to get back into, I guess, the more obvious definition of super flow? So I talk about super flow all the time ... It's actually kind of nice having a bit of a breeze there. Alright. I talk about super flow all the time, and ... I'll switch the hair ... And I guess what I mean by that mainly is all the good things, right? All the really positive and good things.

Okay. It was reconnecting. I was like, "Please don't make a live example, Bali, of the wifi not working." By the way, since I just got paused, Mim, can you ... I'm eating my own hair now. Can you drop that comment about the inner circle? So-

Okay. Are you kidding? Has it switched the direction? What's happening? Am I now the other way? Which way am I? Oh my God. See, this is what I mean. It's just all these freaking little things. How can it do that? Did it literally switch the direction of the livestream midway through the live? Can somebody confirm that for me? Mim, what's going on? Can you WhatsApp me? The live video has ended?

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Hello world, good morning. Good morning from the back of my Towncar service, I'm on the way to the airport. It's totally gone super dark on here, hang on. There we are, okay, I'm back. Okay, I've got tired eyes, I'm super tired. Hey three people, give me a comment, tell me what's up. Hopefully Facebook is going to let me read my comments actually, because I don't have my laptop with me. Hey Anka, how are you? Hello, Rebecca. Yay, comments are working, sometimes they just randomly don't work. Tell me, is my Katrina Ruth Show banner at the bottom of this screen? Because I swear to God, it was just there, now it's not there. Hello gorgeous ladies, hello Leigh, hello Kristine, hello 20 other people who I don't know who you are yet, because your names are no showing. Facebook selectively decides whether or not you get to see your comments, I've noticed, and it also selectively decides who it will show you is on the live stream.

You know, like it says, "Such and such person is watching," I see Maria watching, hey. Thanks Hannah, hey Kristy, hey Hannah, hey Marika. Yeah, so it will say, "Such and such person is watching," but it's told me so far like three or four people who are watching, and there's 26 people here, it hasn't told me 26 people, I don't know what that's about. Early one, I know, and I feel like I've got really tired eyes going on, but it's okay, I'll get over it and present myself to the world anyway. I'm on my way to the airport, here's some Brisbane-ish traffic for you, it's very exciting. I'm going to go back to Bali, so if you're going to be in Bali this week, tell me, send me a message, we might do the things.

No, you're not doing anything wrong, Christine, I think it's just how Mark, I like to call him "Marky Mark", even though he's not actually Marky Mark, Marky Mark is Marky Mark, I think that Marky Mark Zuckerberg just likes to remind us that he's in charge, and just never keeps anything consistent. Okay, clearly I'm obsessed with this one bit of hair, but how do you like my white nails? I'm happy with them, thank you, thank you Maria, thank you [Renuka 00:02:23], is that how I say your name correctly? I know, oh Leah, you know me so well. Those chocolate caramel slices, that café better get ready for me, because they're going to be sold out all week. They're gluten free, and they're definitely not paleo, but they are gluten free.

Keeps going off, I don't know what keeps going off. I just had two calls with some amazing clients, well with two amazing clients, I had one call with each of those clients. Look at that, so Sam has just dropped a link in for me, Sam on my team, she's a cat ninja. It's not even a link, Sam's just dropped a little comment, that's what I'm marketing at the moment. We'll talk about that maybe later, but you can message me if you would like to know about mentoring with me one on one at the private client level in my inner circle, ongoing one on one mentoring, the inner circle is now open, unlimited access to me, plus access to the hottest and most badass mastermind in the world, of course, which I created, of course, for driven creators and entrepreneurs.

The inner circle has not been officially open for some time, it is 12 months one on one mentoring. It is unlimited one on one access to me, we do so much insane amazing stuff. In fact, I just had a call with one of my inner circle clients, and then I had a call after that with one of my rich hot empire clients, which is a six-week one on one that I have, and that's what prompted the live stream, so I'm going to talk about some of that stuff in a moment. Thank you for sending all the press play buttons and the 1% buttons everyone, I love them, they're so cool, those stickers.

What else was I going to say about the inner circle? Our next retreat is coming up in July. In my inner circle with my private clients, I do three retreats a year, actually I say that it's two a year, but then I always do three, so I should just change that in the little overview, I'll send you an overview if you'd like to know about the inner circle, just message me on my personal Katrina Ruth page, I'll send you a written overview. We do the LA one in July, which is not too far off, so you could be there in that room with me and with my high level private clients, it is fucking amazing what comes out and what happens in these days together that we do.

The most recent one prior to this was in Bali, so I do one in Bali a year, I did one in the Gold Coast last year, I may or may not do a Gold Coast one this year, depends on if I stay on the Gold Coast or not. Anyway, that's what's happening, that's what's up, and there's obviously a tonne more that goes into working with me at that level and being in the inner circle, but really all you need to know is, do you feel that I'm the mentor for you, is that something that you've thought about or that you're suddenly now right now thinking about, and if yes, then send me a message, and I'll just get you a full written overview of what that covers, how it works, everything that's included, which basically is everything, like everything that I create or put out there, and a tonne of other cool stuff.

Okay, Leah says, "I want my own stickers, I'm going to pout until someone gives them to me." Well, you know pouting may or may not work as a manifestation tool, I'm not sure, you could try that. I find that it does work for me on occasion. In fact, that's precisely how I manifested getting a rack of ribs delivered to me at dinner Friday night when they didn't have them on the menu. They went and got them from another restaurant for me, but you can try that with Facebook creator, or you could just use Facebook creator and make your own stickers Leah, that's another option. I didn't do it, a ninja did it for me, so I've got no idea how.

I'm sure somebody on the internet knows though, or you could ask [inaudible 00:05:37]. Okay, so I had so many good things come up from the ... No, definitely pouting worked for me, that's exactly how I got those ribs the other night. I literally just stood there at the host station going ... Well, I was kind of in a state of shock and pout, it was shock crossed through pout. "If you want to step into the fullness of your work [inaudible 00:05:59], get in on the inner circle," says Maria. Right, so that's what the inner circle is all about, thank you Maria, and just so lovely, and that photo you put up in the inner circle Facebook group was just so beautiful over the weekend, by the way.

Renuka, okay perfect. All right, so really the work that I do with my private clients is ... I'm going to not get distracted by the "shout" comment, Leah, is the inner work, the mindset work, and it's the shifting. You know, like it's honestly probably only 10% of the conversations I have with my high level clients are related to business strategy, except for the fact that the strategy is ultimately mindset, so therefore 100% of what we talk about is strategy, 100% of what we talk about is mindset, 100% of what we talk about is whatever the hell you need to talk about or desire to talk about, and it's just all different areas crossed over together, because everything impacts everything.

For me, a big breakthrough in my business came about when I just started to follow what was inside of me, and gave myself permission to be who I really am, which is not exactly a new conversation for us to have here. We talk about this stuff all the time, but I think that it doesn't matter how frequently you talk about it, you still can go deeper on this conversation. Just now, one of the phone calls I had was with an inner circle client, she had her first $100,000 month in her business last month in April, it was $104,000 to be specific. Obviously this is somebody who knows a thing or two about following flow, and creating from within, and getting epic freaking results, but yet we were still able to go deeper into this conversation of following soul desires.

One of the things that I said to her created the title of this live stream, which was, "You'll literally ..." Well, I don't even know now what the title of the live stream was, somebody post it in for me, but it was something about, "You'll literally create your soul blueprint by following soul desires," you'll literally find the way or you'll literally find the blueprint by following soul desire. Okay, I need to know what exact title I put in, somebody tell me if you can see it. Or Sam, if you're still watching, tell me what title I said.

That's what we were talking about, like we were talking about the difference between having or following obligation, like feeling obliged to do certain things in personal life or in business, like, "I must do such and such, I have to do such and such, or I'm not a good person, I'm not a good entrepreneur, or people think whatever they think about me," or that I'm letting people down or I'm being flaky. Okay, the title, is that what I said? Okay, "You literally just open your mouth and let what's inside of you out." See, I put the title in, and then I followed the advice of the title, but I forgot what I said prior to that, so you literally just open your mouth and let what's inside of you out.

Okay, well what I had also said, however, to my client, was, you literally create the blueprint to success by following what's inside of you. We were talking about obligation, we were talking about duty, we were talking about having to do certain things in your business and how that obviously drains you, and you feel like kind of exhausted, but you also feel resentful. Now you can create epic money results from that place, but is it really epic if you're not feeling what you want to be feeling? For me, I definitely built my business to where probably even over the 200k per month mark, a good chunk of it was still coming from obligation and duty, and so I got incredible results because I worked my fucking ass off and I did the work and I hustled hard, as you guys know.

How I show up now compared to there, where I now receive even more money in my business and even more so-called "results" that I guess people look at or consider success markers, but now it's just like the better it gets, the better it gets, the easier it gets, the easier it gets. Like last night, I was on face time with my mom, and well she said many things, many of which were quite humorous, and I posted some of them into the daily asking Facebook group. She asked me how was business, and she said, I think she was using my wording back at me, she said like, "Is it flowing?", or something like that, and I was like, "Yeah, I don't know what to tell you, like it's really good. It just gets better and better and easier and easier and more and more flow-based," and because there's always new things that I want to be stepping into and allowing and creating.

It's kind of like, but I'm already done at the same time. On Saturday, I went on a walk with two really close friends who are brothers actually, and I'm really just such good friends with both of them, they're soul mate friends. I hadn't seen them in awhile, I've not been on the Gold Coast for awhile, and we went on a big beach [inaudible 00:10:36], and I was talking about, I was saying to them, like or they were sharing goals and visions and stuff, and I'm like, "Yeah, I always feel like what do I even want right now? Like I've got everything, I've created everything that I desire, but then at the same time I'm like, I'm so not done, I'm so not complete, there's so much more that I want to step into and that I know that I will, and my visions just never stop expanding and expanding, but I also do feel completely like I'm there already."

I think that that's what it's meant to be about, and I think that from that place, you step into actual soul desire, in terms of creating or stepping through going on the path that you're meant to go on. Does that make sense? Tell me what you're thinking, because this is kind of what I was saying to my client. I'll come back to the "you just open your mouth" thing in a moment, I've totally forgot that was the title I put in, that was actually a conversation with the next client after that, but let me talk about this one first. Because we said, "Okay, well what if you drop obligation, what if you dropped obligation and you dropped the idea that there was ever anything that you had to do, and you just gave yourself permission to be free to come from flow and free to come from what's inside of you, and just use soul desire as the guiding force?"

I know that for some people, and an earlier version of me, I would have been worried, and some people are worried, that if I just did that, I would completely flake out and I wouldn't do anything, I would be so lazy in my business I would get nothing done. Check out this traffic, lucky I can live stream. I should be at the airport maybe in 20 minutes, so I've got a little bit more time. Yeah, so some people would worry that they'd be lazy, and I used to feel that way. I used to feel like I had to have a really strict set of rules and obligations for myself in every different area of my life, otherwise I wouldn't be moving forward, I'd probably just sit on the couch and eat all the time and waste my whole life, that's kind of how I thought.

It was like I held myself to this really high standard of accountability and discipline and structure in order to feel that that's the way I'm going to be successful, but it was kind of like that's how I'm going to save myself from myself, is how I felt as well. I'd be curious to know if anyone feels that way now, because you can shift that. For me, it was a process of gradually stepping into believing that if I gave myself permission to just be me and to not have any lists, not have any rules, not have any obligations, not have any standards that I had to be accountable to, that I would still be a driven person, and be somebody who creates amazing freaking things into the world and achieves incredible results.

It took me some time. Okay Olivia, it says I've filed that way, "Completely feel like I need to save myself from myself," says Amos. Right, so it's an interesting thought process, isn't it? That's 100% how I felt. No, I feel really proud of myself though that I created a successful multi-million dollar business, and all my different fitness results and lifestyle results from that place, rather than sabotaging in a big way and not moving forward in my life. I was sabotaging in lots of ways, actually, but instead of, I guess, like I felt an underlying fear that I couldn't trust myself to be myself, I felt an underlying thing that I had to save myself from myself, that deep down maybe I was a really lazy person and an unproductive person, and whatever other self worth shit that I had going on for most of my life, but yet I still managed to turn that into drive, and I turned it into hustle, and I turned it into grind, and I took it to extreme lengths.

Like for years, I would sleep like three hours a night, for years, night in and night out, and all I did was hustle and push and create. That was one way to go about creating success, and I would never change any of that, I would not change it. I'm proud of that period in my journey, and I think that we should be proud always of every period on the pathway that we've gone on, because it leads you to who you are and you learn so much from it. Now I look back though and I am grateful, but I'm also grateful to have been able to let go of that, and to have finally been able to step into giving myself permission to just be who I am, and to trust that if I have no rules for myself, no standards, which sounds really funny to say out loud actually, like, "No standards, what?", but if I have no rules, no standards, no obligation, no duty, nothing that I have to do for myself or for anybody else, like I have no obligation to my clients, I have no obligation to my children, no obligation to people in my life, that gives me complete freedom and it gives me permission.

How it works, and you might be thinking, "How can you not have an obligation to your clients?", obviously you do, they pay you. Actually I have no obligation to anybody, not to a single person in my life. However, I provide an incredible amount of value and support and energy and just my presence and whatever it is in each of those different relationships because I've given myself complete permission to just be who I am. Actually as it turns out, I'm not a lazy undisciplined person who would never do anything with their life if they had permission to be who they are, I'm who I am, but it's coming from a different place.

Many of the things that I do now in my business or in my personal life would be similar or the same as what I would have done previously when it was coming from obligation or duty. One of the things that we were talking about was like responding to client messages. I have lots of private clients, and they get unlimited access to me. As a private client in my inner circle, you have unlimited Kat on tap, anytime you need me, I'm there. People feel like, "Oh my God, how is that even possible, how can you offer that, or like how is it possible from a time point of view, or how is it possible, doesn't it overwhelm you or make you feel trapped or something like that?"

I'm like, "No, it really doesn't, but it used to years ago, before I did it the way I do it now," before I even offered unlimited access, I would feel always like it was hanging over me to have to respond to clients, I'd feel worried about if I hadn't responded, or like people are going to think things about me or something. It was an obligation and it was draining, and then I would get resentful at it, because I'd feel like, "But I don't want to have to do things, I want to just be in flow." It kind of exhausted me, and I started to think, "Maybe I don't want to coach people anymore."

Clients say this to me all the time, "I think I don't want to coach people anymore." I'm going to present to you the suggestion that that's probably not true, it's probably just the energy that's around it, and what if you shifted it? I started to shift it and started to believe that it could only uplift me and elevate me to speak to my clients and to listen to client messages and to respond to them, and that it was actually a blessing, and something that I was so grateful for. At first, it was like my mind didn't believe that, it was like, "Yeah, but you've still got all these freaking people that want your attention, and that takes time."

I was like, "Well, time is a very perception-based thing anyhow, right?" I get to consider what I mean by time. Okay, I'm just looking at the time we're going to arrive at the airport, and I'm getting a little bit worried about that time, actually. I think I'm going to cut it really ... How close to an international flight can you arrive at the airport in Australia, do you know the answer to that?

I suppose about an hour.

You reckon an hour? We're fine then. If it's 90 minutes, I'm going to be in trouble. Does anyone know, any of my Aussies know? I'm just here talking about how time is just a made up thing, and I'm like, "Oh shit, my flight's going in not too long, and I'm not there yet." It'll be fine, it's always fine, everything is always perfect. Okay, so coming back to this, like having a lot of people wanting your attention and having that feel like an obligation. That's all a perception, that's something that I am checking about, but I think the rules are different here in Australia anyway. That's all something that you just decide in your head, so I started to decide that it would be just really easy for me to be able to communicate with my clients, and that it would also feel good, and that it would be something that elevated me.

It's literally how I feel now, I feel elevated every time I speak with clients, every time I respond to messages, but I also feel zero obligation. I just dropped that feeling, and I decided to trust that I would show up for my clients, not that I had to make myself do that. I guess my question too for your business is, and whether that particular example resonates or not, my question to you for your business is, what would you be doing if you just decided to trust, or what would be available or unlocked for you if you just decided to trust, rather than feeling like you should have to do certain things? What does that bring up inside of you?

It might feel scary, it used to feel scary for me, you might feel like you can't trust yourself to just be yourself. If that's true, then I would start to play around with that, because it's not true. If it's true that you feel that way, then I would start to tune in on that and play around with that, like, "Who would I be, what would I do, you know how would I spend my time if I had no obligation, no rules, no duty?" It's kind of a very scary thing at first, so I'm not suggesting that you just drop all kind of rules or policies that you have in place for your life straightaway, but I am suggesting that you could, and that it would 100% work for you, I know that for sure.

I'm just kind of tempting you with that idea, but you could certainly start to play around with it, you could 100% start to play around with that and start to look at implementing that in small areas. What if you even gave yourself an hour a day where it's complete freedom and you're allowed to do what you want? This is kind of the conversation that I had with my inner circle client, the one who did her first 100k month last month. We were talking about going to 200k, going to 300k per month and so on, and what place that's going to come from, and it's absolutely going to come from this place of, "Well, I give myself permission to trust, I give myself permission to flow," because otherwise you could increase those money results through kind of hustle and grind and being a disciplined badass in that regard, but then would you actually be getting what you want?

Because you're not going to be living in that feeling of freedom and flow and ease, and surely that is more the real, genuine outcome, rather than a money goal, correct? Correct, I'm going to answer for myself, but you can tell me what you think. Rachel says, "Thank you for this, Kat, have to go, have a good flight," yay. "If you have trouble, just keep asking what else is possible," Sicily, that's a great question in general, I'm not sure when you said it though, hey again. All right, so tell me what you think, tell me what's coming up for you.

Sam, if you're still watching, okay, I want somebody to check the cutoff time for international flights, can somebody check that for me, is that really cheeky to ask? Because otherwise I could flash out of this screen and go Google it myself, but then the live stream would pause. Not that it matters, either way I'm in the car now, so it's nothing I can do about it, but it would be good to know. Okay, so that was the first thing, that was the thing that I thought I said I would live stream about, then I realised I said something else. That was kind of like my journaling prompt to my client, "What if I just gave myself complete permission to trust, what if there was no obligation, who would I be, what would I do, what would matter, what would I focus on and desire?"

That's really, that is 100% how I go about, now, doing business, as well as life. It has been a gradual process for me though, and it continues to be. I still catch myself, as we all do, you catch yourself responding to something that you think you should do. I'm pretty good with it, I just notice it straightaway and I'm like, "Oh, is that actually true?" It can't be true, it literally can't be true that there's anything I have to do, because everything gets to come from flow, 100% of things 100% of the time. Then what I actually titled the live stream was, "You literally just open your mouth and let it come out," and that was a conversation I was having on my next client call this morning, after the first one.

It was around letting your true content, like your free content and your paid content, just come from what's inside of you. She was speaking of how she'd struggled to I guess really know what the tangible outcomes ... All right, thank you so much, Hannah. Cool, I'll definitely be there outside of 60 minutes, I'll probably be there like right at 90 minutes before the flight. Traffic is like way heavier than it usually is, usually get there in just over an hour, and looks like it's taking 90 minutes today. Okay, Claire says, "Unlike Marie, Kat, it's hard to know when it's what I'm supposed to push through, versus what is flow."

Right, so to practise, because that's how I used to feel, so if you feel that, and then like I said, like now I catch it immediately if I start to do something from obligation, and I just know it is very rare for me to get stuck on something now to where I feel like I'm not sure what my soul desire is or what intuition is saying, or what the guidance from within would be, but it does happen on occasion, and when that happens, I just keep asking the same question again. I won't take action though, I won't take any action at all until I know that it's coming from flow, I just allow myself to sit in that place of I guess kind of limbo, and to be comfortably uncomfortable with that, and just be like, "I'm not going to move, here I am right here and right now, and so I'm not moving," physically or metaphorically as the case may be, "Until I know what the inner guidance is," like just like, "Nope, not going to do it."

Even something like, sometimes just through the day, I don't know what to do with my time. Yeah, I'm Bali bound. I don't know what to do with my time, so I might feel like, "Oh, should I do a live stream, or should I respond to team emails, or should I have a nap, or get to another [wicker 00:24:19]," or whatever, and even then, I'll literally just do nothing though until I get the answer. If I'm not sure, I'll just kind of stop, like physically stop, usually in the middle of the house or something, be like, "Wait, what is the answer?"

If it's something bigger, like actually, the one thing that I am stuck on right now, maybe I shouldn't use that wording, but that's what's coming out, is do I stay on the Gold Coast with my children, or do I move, do I move to Bali? Because we've been talking about that for a long time, but it doesn't feel quite right, but it doesn't feel quite right to live here either, I don't know. I don't know what the answer is, or it was, "Am I just going to move around the world again all the time?", but then like Gold Coast, Bali, LA, New York, that doesn't feel right either.

That's the one thing where I'm just not getting an answer, so therefore I'm just not taking any actions, I'll just wait until I know the exact aligned action to take, and part of that's caught up to do with schooling and that sort of thing. "Move, but not just yet, is that what you're saying?" Yeah. "Feeling you on the moving stuff, but not ...", Leah, are you tuning in on that for me, or is that just ... Yeah, I think I am going to move, but not yet, I think that feels right. I don't see myself staying here, but I don't quite see myself living somewhere else either, I just have to be in transit.

I'll live in transit, that's roughly how I live already, I'm always on the move. Okay, let me come back to this conversation, right? Yes, thank you Leigh. This client, she was a little stuck on, "How do I package up my message and my offering?" You might have felt that way, like, "What are the tangible outcomes that people get from working with me?" There is no fucking way I'm moving back to Melbourne, I'm sorry, that's a hard no, that's something I am certain about. Even though my family is in Melbourne, my parents and two of my siblings are in Melbourne, but my sister is now on the Gold Coast, just to confuse matters.

Right before I'm like, "I think I'm going to leave the Gold Coast," she just moves to the Gold Coast, I'm like, "Okay, now it's even more confusing." Okay, I'm going to stop going off on a tangent, maybe. You might have felt like, a lot of people feel like, "I don't know how to package up my offer, I don't know what the kind of tangible thing is that I'm offering or selling here, and so therefore, how can I market myself effectively if I'm just saying that ti's about transformation or whatever?" I said to her, "Well actually, what this means is that it's about the feelings then, rather than what are the so-called tangible outcomes, it's about what are the feelings, what is it that people would feel from working with you?"

Then the best way to look at that or to figure that out is, "Well, what do you feel from the work that you've done inside of yourself, what do you feel in what's coming through you?" She started to talk about, and I said like how she used to feel before she created the flow that she now has in her life, and how she feels now, so talking about those emotions before and after. It's like, "Well, that's the outcomes then, those are the outcomes that people get from working with you, and how you would share that with them or how you would market that with them is you literally just say what's inside of you." She said something to me at the end of our call like, "I guess this is now going to be hard or difficult to figure out what I need to do or how to bring this to life," or something like that.

I said, "Well no, it's actually really not going to be hard, because you're literally just going to speak in your own language that's already inside of you, like this is the whole thing that's already in you, it's everything that you think and feel all day every day anyhow, it's just that now you're going to share it with other people, so there's nothing to add to that, there's nothing additional that needs to go into that. It's 100% just what are you thinking, what are you feeling." Then I think she said to me something that I say all the time, like, "Oh, you literally just open your mouth, and whatever comes out comes out," I'm like, "Right." I said to her like, "Let's be real, you could present an entire week-long course on your own content right now on all this inner stuff and transformation stuff with zero preparation, because it's already in you, you could talk about it all day every day."

For each of us, this is true. Like if you think about what is the conversation that you could talk about all day every day and you would never run out of things to say, then that is the stuff that you should be sharing with the world, whether it's in your free content, or whether it's in your paid content. If it feels any more complicated than literally just opening your mouth and letting whatever's inside of you come out, then I can guarantee you for sure that you're not standing firm in your purpose work right now, you're not doing the true work that you were meant to be doing in the world, because it should be that easy, there should never be anything that you need to think about, it should literally just be, "I open my mouth and stuff comes out."

Exactly like what I've done here, so much so that already five minutes into the conversation with you, I'd forgotten what the title even was of the live stream and I had to get somebody to put it in for me, because I'm not sitting here going, "Oh, let me refer back to my title and make sure that I cover that." I am now covering it, because that's what feels good to do, but many times I'll do a live stream and I won't remotely cover what I said I was going to cover on the title, it just goes any freaking place, and those are often the best ones. They are the best ones, in fact. The best ones are always the ones, the best live stream, blog post, conversation with a client, presentation maybe even that you give at an event, or you know as a speaker or something like that if you do that, or at your own events, the best stuff is always when you don't think.

The less thinking the better, it's very much an overrated concept, thinking. Kathleen says, "Awesome info," thank you. Maybe I'm already getting into that Bali super-flow, and I'm not even in Bali yet. I'm already accessing it. Yeah, so not thinking, like when you would go to lunch with a friend or you'd go to dinner with a group of people who you used to be close to, or like when I'm walking on the beach with my two friends Ben and Steve the other day, I'm not thinking about what I should say. You're not thinking about how you should communicate or have a conversation, you're just letting it come out. You're not there going, "Oh my goodness, let me make sure that I have some good material that I'm going to share with my friends, so that they want to keep coming back, like how do I sell my friends on continuing to be friends with me? I've got to make sure that I come up with some really good concepts for today's conversation."

Or if it's a new friendship, or maybe like somebody that you're wanting to build a friendship or a relationship with, I hope you're not or I think that you're not usually going into that feeling like you need to prepare a bullet-pointed list of talking points. You just be yourself, and whatever comes out comes out, and we all know that that's how the best real life relationships are built, "bought", oh my God, built and carried on, but yet in business, people seem to think that they've got to prepare something, or that they've got to be coming from a script and there's got to be these talking points, otherwise people might not want to follow or buy or listen, and it's kind of crazy if you make that comparison or use that analogy.

Nat, you're so welcome, Kathleen says, "You're working with the subconscious mind and intuition, so much better than being analytical." I am, I'm just letting it all come from intrusion and from flow and from soul, and that's what I suggest and recommend. Maybe it's not for everybody, but it's certainly for everybody in my tribe, and it's certainly how I mentor and support my clients and my inner circle. Like my role, if you were to work with me at that level, that's what's in the pinned comment about that, is to help you access yourself more deeply. My role is not to tell you, "Here's a dot point list of ways to make money online or market yourself online, here's what I did, so you should do it like me."

I will show you what I did, I'll give you access to everything that I do and to my team as well, and they'll help you with all the things that they do, but really what I'm doing, you know that's just because of course I'm going to show that stuff, but I'm certainly not ever suggesting that a client should follow the way that I did it. Really, my role as a mentor is to help you to access deeper levels of your own soul flow and your own inner guidance, and then to come from that place. With your messaging, with your content, and this is true as I was saying to my client, whether it's free content or paid content, it is you just open your mouth, and whatever comes out comes out, that's the true goal.

That comes back to what we were talking about earlier, which is trust. What if you trusted that you could just open your mouth, and whatever came out would be gold? Mostly, people wouldn't trust in that concept, they would feel that that's a terrifying idea, or that it wouldn't be good enough. Then really what they're saying is, "If I'm just being myself and I don't try and trick it up or fancy it up, then I'm not good enough, and then people wouldn't like me, or they wouldn't buy from me, or they wouldn't follow me online, I wouldn't be cool, I wouldn't be successful," et cetera et cetera. Is that really a belief system that you desire to go through life with, and is it actually what you believe on a deeper, deeper level?

Because here's what I think is true about self worth stuff: we have all these layers and all these levels, so it's kind of like now, some people here might be coming from a place of not trusting themselves, not believing in themselves, not feeling like they could literally just wake up, do whatever they want all day, and that that would result in good outcomes, or that they could just wake up, completely be themselves, open their mouth and see what comes out, and that that would result in value. A lot of people wouldn't feel that way, they'd feel like that's a scary concept and that they couldn't trust in it.

But if you are in that place of questioning your own natural value and worth, then let me suggest to you that you just drop down a little deeper, like put that story aside momentarily, put your own emotions aside and drop down a little deeper. What's beneath that, what comes beneath that? Is it or is it not true that if you really go into your core and really go into who you are on a soul level, that actually you fucking know how good you are, and you know that you're [inaudible 00:34:12], and you know that you have powerful work to share into the world, and you know that what's in your heart is of value, and you know that you just being you is going to impact people.

Send me love heart shower if you know this, or send me some 1% stickers or press play stickers on the emoji thing if you know this, because I think that you know this on a core level. I think that deep, deep, deep down you know this. I think that on the surface, you might be running around with a self worth story going on that's holding you back from being fully you, or you feel like you can't trust in yourself, or you feel like you've got to have all these rules and guidelines, or you feel like you've got to fancy yourself up in order to be loved and accepted basically, but deeper than that, you don't believe that.

Therefore, you're not living in alignment with yourself if you're allowing that fear stuff to rule you. You're creating your business, and indeed your life and probably most of your relationships from the fear mind, rather than from faith and from trust. I see all these love heart showers coming through, so I know I'm right, and I know I'm right anyway, because I trust in myself. Julie says, "Yes, I feel that deeply," Kristine says, "Yes, of course." I remember one time, one of my inner circle clients was really freaking out, I think it was in our first month working together, and she was really freaking out about just feeling anxious or worried about, "What if I don't get to where I want to go, and how do I keep going in this phase of building my business and keeping my head above water when I'm just kind of getting started with that?"

I remember saying to her, "Well, there's only two things you need to know here. Number one, big picture, do you believe in yourself and do you know that you're going to make it?" Like just put aside all the drama, put aside all the bullshit, yes yes, Mabel, put everything aside, let's just go big picture, do you believe, do you have faith in yourself? I know it might be shaky, but do you have that faith? She said yes, and if you can't answer yes to that, keep fucking asking that question and dropping down to who you are at your core until you can answer yes.

There's no point in taking any action if you don't have faith that you're going to make it. You might as well focus on the faith thing first. It is there for 100% of people if you go really into who you are, because you were born knowing this stuff. Nobody on the face of the Earth is born to not be able to create their soul's desires, that's available, whether or not they do it is another matter entirely, but the belief is there. We are faith-based creations. Thank you, Marta. All right, so that's the first question, big picture, do you believe?

If you can't answer yes to that, just fucking focus on that question until you can, and choose and decide to have faith, because it's a choice. Then the second question, the only other thing is, "Well, can you get through today, can you do what you need to do today, can you take action today, can you survive today?" Yes, of course you can. Then that's all that matters. All that matters is, "Do I ultimately believe, and can I live my life today?", and then go and live your life today as best as you can from alignment. But when you're consciously or not consciously living your life from a place of fear and reactivity, and trying to do the right thing in order to get a result, and hoping that people will buy your stuff, or respond to your marketing online, or like you as a person, that is motherfucking exhausting, firstly, as we spoke about and as I was speaking about with my client.

That's very tiring, it is certainly a way to get some kind of result, but I would think that that's not the real result for any of us. What none of us desire is to have millions of dollars or millions of followers and an exhausted, depleted life that's not in alignment and it's all built on a house of cards anyhow, because it was based on not being who you really are. That's like starting a romantic relationship based on, like I don't know, a bunch of 10-year-old photos on a dating app that are not true and real. Well, it wouldn't really go anywhere anyway, or you know like people definitely build relationships in real life where they kind of pretend to be somebody who they're not, they hide who they really are because they're scared of rejection if they would show who they really are.

That's very exhausting, and it's not sustainable, it's really not. It could be sustained, but at what cost? At the cost of your happiness, at the cost of your life, basically. Same thing with business, it's one way to get results, it's possible to get so-called results by being somebody you're not, continually putting a mask on, coming from fear, push push pushing yourself to "do the work", and yeah, creating your entire life based on fear. That's not what I would call success, it's not real results. It's not sustainable, I believe, for so many reasons, largely because if you're like me, then at some point you're going to end up losing your shit at yourself and just cracking and walking away from the entire fucking thing, because you actually know deep down that it can be flow and ease, and/or you'll end up in sabotage or emotional wreck and ruin because you just can't live that way.

You just can't live that way, you'll end up lashing out at yourself, your business, your partner, whoever's around. Basically, that pressure has to go somewhere. Then the other way is the way that I now choose to live and the way that I teach my clients and the way we're talking about today, which is faith-based living, so faith versus fear. Faith says, well, faith is belief, "What if I believed, what if I trusted and fully believed that I was going to be safe?", financially, emotionally, spiritually, et cetera, "And that I would make good decisions, and that I would move forward correctly on my aligned path, and that everything would work out as it's meant to if I followed what's inside of me."

That's what faith means to me, or that's partly what faith means to me. I'm sure I would say different things each time I speak about it. Then coming from that place, the only thing that I need to know as far as what action to take, and this is true for everybody here, whether or not you want to live by it is up to you, is, "Well, what is my soul suggesting I do?" As far as content, what is coming out of you? Well, this is what's coming out of me right now, later on when I'm sitting at the airport, if I have time I'll write a blog post, and we'll see what comes out. Maybe when I get on the plane, I'll write up a new offer and we'll see what comes out.

I have no idea, I'm literally fucking winging it moment by moment, I'm winging 100% of my business right now, and 100% of my life, in all areas. I have very few things in any area that are kind of like a plan or locked in, or obviously there might be something on the schedule, like that's an appointment or a plan in that regard, but even then it's just an intention. Like if I say yes to an appointment, like let's say being on a podcast or travelling to speak at an event, or going to another country, or meeting up with somebody or whatever, then I'm saying yes because it's aligned in that moment to say yes, that feels right for me, but definitely make no mistake, if it came to that point and then it didn't feel aligned, I would not follow through.

I'd be like, "No, I changed my mind," however I would say it. That's the level, like that's the extent to which my planning goes. Even like a trip, like even the other day, I think the day [inaudible 00:41:22], I was like, "Do I actually really want to go to Bali? I don't have to go, like I would lose money or whatever if I didn't go, but I don't have to go. I'll go if it feels aligned to go." Here I am, it's obviously aligned. There's so much for you to think about, I'd be curious to know what's a big takeaway or aha for you that's coming up from this conversation. Type it into the comments, because I do love to come back and read my comments, I think I'm now 10 minutes away from the airport, or just under, so I'm going to wrap up in just a moment, but do let me know what's coming through for you.

I guess, my question to you would be, how can you look at applying whatever your big takeaway from this is to your business, and maybe to other areas of your life as well? What if you just trusted, what if you acted from faith, what if you dropped the story that you're not going to make good decisions, what if you started to lock in beliefs and fundamental underlying beliefs that I always make the right decision, everything always works out perfectly for me, I fully trust in myself. Or one of the things I love to say a lot, is when I say yes to my soul, life says yes to me, when I follow what my soul directs me to do, not just when it's fun and really cool and exciting, but also when it's uncomfortable when I step into that place, when I follow what's coming through, whether it's easy and feels fun, or whether it feels uncomfortable and scary, then I always am on my correct aligned pathway.

I said to my client earlier like, "You literally never have to worry again if you just follow soul desire and what soul guidance is, you never ever have to worry again, because that is how you create the path that you are supposed to be on. Stop sitting here trying to look ahead and figure out what the path is, and figure out how you're going to get there, and how you're going to take action to be on that path or stay on that path, and oh my God, what if I accidentally fall off the fucking path, how do I get back on? Oh my goodness, just follow what's inside of you, that's how you'll create the path. You don't need to know everything that's ahead of you as well, by the way.

"Like yes, you can do visioning work and that's a powerful way to manifest, but there's nothing wrong or bad if you can't see where you're going to be 10 years from now or five years from now or whatever, just be here now. This is the only time that exists anyway, so if you're so focused on where you think you're supposed to be in the future, then you're forgetting that life is now, and the only moment that exists is now, and you're actually denying yourself fulfilment and happiness and peace and all the things that you're trying to get to, which you could have now if you allowed yourself to be here now."

This is why I was saying to my friends on the weekend like, "I'm there, like I've got everything I need, what else do I need? I'm completely content and happy and done, and at the same time, there's so much more that I'll create." All right, I'm going to leave you there. The inner circle is now open, it is the highest level one on one mentoring with me. You get 100% unlimited access to me, it is such an incredible place. It's obviously not for everyone, because it's private client work. There's a significant investment around that, and it's also not for everyone because there's like tens of thousands of people who follow me online, and they can't all be in the inner circle.

It's for that person who knows already that I'm the mentor for them, that's definitely it, and that could be you, whether or not you've followed me for years, or whether you're just coming along, you know I've had people jump into the inner circle in several cases, quite a few cases, within several weeks of meeting me or hearing about me at all, and other times people who have been following me for years. It's just a calling and annoying in your heart, it's a soul thing. What it would be about is having me there by your side day to day to get you into a continual alignment and massive fucking action around creating the business and the life that you desire.

It is certainly not just a conversation around business, we talk all things in the inner circle. Everything connects to everything, and we just continually go into what you need in order to be in your flow state, in order to access your soul guidance and highest levels of intuition and personal power, and in order to create everything that's coming through and that's inside of you. The conversation is equally mixed with business and money stuff, with relationship and sex stuff, with fitness and health stuff, location free and travel stuff for those who are doing that, parenting stuff as well, it's all just a glorious blend. The conversations that go on in the Facebook group for the inner circle are phenomenal, it's such a cool place and space.

The powerful stuff that comes up when we do meet in person, and our next in-person meeting is in July in LA, that is just, that's like the most next level thing I've ever created in my life, it continually just awes me and humbles me. Then of course the conversation that I have one on one with you is a pretty much day to day thing, actually just continual audios, messages, whatever you need. It's like any relationship, there's a continual flow of conversation as and when it's coming through us and when it's needed. There's a really cool bunch of cool stuff that you get obviously being in the inner circle, so you have that one on one mentoring with me at the highest level, me there by your side, you know we spend time together in person whenever we can.

Like if I'm where you happen to be, then of course we would meet up and hang out. One of my inner circle clients ended up sharing my bed for the night in Del Mar several weeks ago, just because she couldn't get a room in a hotel that night. It's a real genuine relationship that builds, and I wouldn't want it any other way. I don't take people into the inner circle unless they feel that we would become soulmate friends and fall in love in that friendship/client way. It's really just mixed together. Then yeah, you get everything else obviously, I don't think I need to say, like obviously any other programmes, courses I'm creating, events, et cetera, it's all included.

I'd love to speak with you if the inner circle is speaking to you, and the best way to do that would be just send me a message, do that on my personal Katrina Ruth page ideally, rather than here on the business one. You can do it either, I'll get it both ways, but I more so prefer to interact on the personal one, and I'll send you through a full overview, as well as the short live stream that I've done where I talk about the true work that I do with my clients, and we can talk cost details and so on and so forth. If it's for you, amazing, we'll get in right away or very quickly, and if not, then that's totally fine as well.

All right, go drop into faith today, what would faith look like? Leave me a comment, leave me a love or share if you feel that this is something that would help other people. I am so so happy always to get to speak with you, and I will see you in Bali. I might drop a blog post before I drop on the plane, who knows. Don't forget, life is now, press play.

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