Rebel Millionaire

Oh, okay. Welcome. I had to put this sparkle filter on because my other freaking filter disappeared, and I just don't know how to live in a world with no livestream filters. Well, that's not true, because I filter without a livestream all the time. I know from using my Katrina Ruth Show banner. But today I felt like it was a filter-ish day, because you know.

Where are you? Shannon, what's up. What's up, Shannon? All right, I don't know why I'm flirting with my clients. Why would I not? It would be rude not to. Did you like my what's up? How are you doing? All right, now I'm being Joey from Friends. How are you doing? How are you doing? What's happening? What's the happy haps?

Hey, Carly. Let me make sure my team know I'm live. I'll flirt with any of you. Any of you. Any time. But mainly with Shannon. Okay, live. Let me just ... Oh my god. Oh my god. I just messaged my client on audio, and she's just pointed out to me that it's three minutes and 33 seconds. Of course it freaking is, because I'm magic as fuck, bitches. Let's message her dad, just so she knows.

Okay, that was me knocking the tripod over. Watch out. Here we are. We're still live. Don't worry. Cat mode activated. Cat mode should always be activated. What's happening? My tripod's falling. I've got to type with one hand. I don't know why. Because I am magic. All right, sorry, but this is important. ... Magic as fuck. You too. We both are. Let's just clarify. It would be rude otherwise. Obviously.

All right. Okay. Hello. Rebecca [inaudible 00:02:18], I fucking knew that you and Brandon were about announce a relationship. I feel a little bit miffed that nobody told me before they told Facebook, but I already knew anyway, but I feel like I was probably the last person to know. Or maybe I was the first, because I energetically called that 100 years ago, and then I saw it on my feed today, and I was like "I knew it!" And then I was really proud of myself for knowing it, and then I was like, no, probably everybody knew it before me, I and I'm probably the last person to know it. But I'm going with I was the first. I'm going with I knew before even you guys. I'm going with you can send me flowers, because I knew it so longa go.

All right, I'm clearly having the best time ever. So, anyway. What was I going to say? Oh, that's right. Today I felt the need for a filter because of the reason that I haven't washed myself in a while. I did muay thai. I don't know. I just felt like it was a filter day. I meant Francis. I was just messaging you while I was on the livestream, because I was like, clearly I need to just sit here messaging my clients, instead of doing the actual livestream that I'm fucking on.

What was my other piece of information for you? Oh, the other thing that I've got to tell you guys before I keep talking is I have mastered, mastered where to put my tripod in the car while livestreaming in the car. I think I should get a love heart shower for that. I'm going to carefully remove this phone, and I'm going to show you so that you can see how good I am. I feel like I just end up in the car office for half the day. I've spent at least five hours in the car today.

Look at this. I never know where to put the tripod when I'm in the car, and I always hold it, and then it's at a weird angle, or I put it on the passenger seat where the laptop is, and then it's on a weird angle. And now, check this out. Can you see that? See how I've jammed it down there into the seat? I'm like, why did I never think of this before. Well, it only fell twice down. I don't need to be a smartass about it. Australians, they say smartassy. Got to watch out for those Aussies.

Okay. Okay. Now, I've been having a little identity crisis again. The problem is that I'm concerned that I've made my breasts too big. It's a legitimate concern. Now, if you're a guy, you don't get to have a say. Say whatever you want, but I know exactly what you're going to say, because so far every man that I've said this to has said, "Please don't say that again, because that's not a thing. It's not possible to make your breasts too big." That's all the men who I've inquired or shared my concerns with.

What's happening here? I've screwed the whole system up. I'm moving it. So, I've been coaching myself through whether or not it's true that I've made my breasts too big. What is happening? Okay, there we go. Now I've got it. Sort of. I've got it. It is true. What's true? Steve, are you saying that it's true that I've made them too big? Because you'd be the first person to say that. Although I must say that your brother disagrees. I don't know if he told you this, but I had a dream. I'ma a huge nut.

I had a dream the other night that Matt broke up with me as a friend, and we were going to catch up, and he was like, "I can't see you anymore. I don't want to be friends with you anymore, because you've got fake breasts now, and I feel that it's not authentic, and I don't like your vibes anymore." That's what he said in the dream, and I was devastated. I was crying in the dream.

So then I audioed him about it, and he goes, "Yeah, I probably would have done that." I was like, "Oh my god." He goes, "Yeah, I don't really care one way or the other about the boobs." And he sort of half agreed with me. And then I called him out on it. I was like, "I don't think so. I think you're going to like them just fine."

But they feel so big, so big, you guys, that's it's just ... I'm about to go into yoga. I went yesterday morning. I kept toppling over. I was like Bambi fucking learning to walk. I was just falling over. By the way, you guys have got to get your asses back here. Yes, it was very embarrassing. I just couldn't even stand up. I'm so top heavy, I just kept falling over. My, I was going to say [foreign language 00:06:59], but that's definitely in German. What's it called in English? My equilibrium wall off. It's all over the place.

This morning in the ring as well, at muay thai, it was a sight to behold. I just kept tripping all over the place. I would have got my ass kicked if I was in a fight. Not that I'd be in an actual fight five days after surgery. But I was doing my thing.

All right. Decide to get fucking certain. Carly says, "Welcome to my life. G cups over here." I'll get you to drop the link, but not just yet. In a moment. Well, the thing is though, if you've got your G cups over there, that I'm assuming they grew in a normal fashion. They didn't just get plonked on there, and then you've suddenly got to adapt to them instantly overnight, and you had no warning. Because I did yoga even up until eight months pregnant, and I wasn't falling all over the place there, but I got to adjust to that gradually, you know?

Okay. Decide to get fucking certain. Certainty is a choice. I wanted to talk about that. There's many things in which I'm the world's biggest flake, you guys. It's quite disgusting. You'd be disgusted if you knew all the areas that I flake out. Some people know. You'd just be appalled. You'd be like, "What a disgrace that girl is. She's an absolute disgrace."

So, there's some things that I don't write that I want to write, for example. I feel like I'm not a real writer. I am a real writer. I think I'm an amazing fucking writer. I think I'm actually the best writer of our times, in the world, just modestly over here. But then at the same time, there's things that I'm meant to write that I don't write at all. I don't know what you want to say about that.

I was having this conversation off and all day with somebody. Well, the truth is, we were having a conversation on the phone for two hours. It was Patrick. And we really agreed at the end that it was very selfish and outrageous that we hadn't recorded the conversation. It was extremely rude. And so we're now going to record our conversations, and then when we've got 10 of them, we're going to sell them to you. And you're going to be thrilled. You're going to buy them in a bunch before we even launch them, because the depth of the conversation is so fucking good that after we get off the phone, it's like you're off your head. You have to go lie down, or have a massage. Yeah, exactly, of course people are going to buy that.

Every time we're on the phone, then we're like, "These so should have been livestreamed. It's so stupid that we didn't livestream this." But then, like I said, I'm like, "Yeah, but sometimes I just want to talk to you without the whole of Facebook getting to listen." But then at the end, I was trying to remember a few things that we'd talked about, because it was such good content, and then I was like, "Cool, I'll watch the replay later. And then I'm like, "Oh, there's no replay of being on the phone. God damn it, that's not fair." So, now I'm just trusting that that content will come back to me, and it will.

But meanwhile, one of the things that we were talking about, which we were being a little bit irreverent around, shall we say, the nice way of saying it, is about just, you know, the whole world fucking flakes out on its whole life, and it is a disgrace, it's true. So few people actually step up and do the damn work to create what they want in their lives. That's the reality.

But then later on I was thinking, the reality is that that actually includes me, I've got to admit, because I definitely flake hard on other levels of writing I want to do, and specific writing projects that I want to do. And the truth is that sometimes I think ... Well, it's not true at all, but I think that the truth is that sometimes I'm not certain about it, right? Sometimes I'm not sure. Do I really want to write that book, or am I just making that up in my head?

And I guess clients say to me a lot of the time ... In fact, I think I had this question even over the weekend from a client, around how do you decide? Like, this is from our inner circle lives from earlier today. Of course, right? So, it was around, what if I have decided, and I'm manifesting the thing, and then it doesn't show up?

And I've said this lots of times to people, and I'll say it again right here. Deciding is a practise, but you've got to decide to decide, as well. You've got to decide to get fucking certain. You've got to decide to get freaking serious. You've got to decide to get double D breasts, and then afterwards when you're like, "Fuck me, I think they're too big," then you've got to remind yourself that every decision you make is perfect.

I was up all night long on Saturday night, coaching myself around my boobs. I was coaching myself on, "But Kat, it's not possible that they're too big, because this is the size that you chose, and you always make the right decision, and everything always works out perfectly for you, and you never stop anything, so therefore they're all right." So, that helps, that helps, that helps.

And then I went to yoga the next morning, which was yesterday, and then I looked at myself in the mirror, and I was like, "Damn, they actually look quite nice." But still extraordinarily large. But then again, they are swollen right now. I think all of me ... For some reason, my whole fucking body puffed up after the surgery. So, that's been a fun ride.

And the whole point was, deciding is a practise. Deciding is not something you do one time. It's actually a practise, and then you come back to it every single day. I mean, why don't you just put that link in now, because I realise I'm getting carried away here, and I'm forgetting about that all together.

Here's a good example, actually. My, Katrina Ruth high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind is open. It's at ... I believe that it's at the Let's just drop that link in so it will be in the comments. That is open, I think, I think.

We haven't seen them all. How much can you see? They're very ginormous. I don't know how much you can see on this livestream. I was going to lift my top up, but too bad, I'm not going to. I mean, they're really big. Like, really big. Maybe I'll think they're smaller later. I went way bigger than I would have because my friends convinced me to. My friends, all of them, were like ... Hang on, I'm just checking my visuals on Facebook. I had a sudden fear that everyone could see everything, and I don't know, because Facebook is always messing with me. Okay, now you can't see as much.

My friends, all of them were like, "When I got them done, then I wished I'd gotten them bigger." So, I just went extra, extra big. I'm like, how much too much is too much? I feel like I've gone too much too much, now.

But with the Millionaire Mastermind, Katrina Ruth's high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind, that is open right now. Oh my goodness, that is ... Okay, that's probably the most powerful thing I've ever launched, in terms of what can I create that gives people all of everything that they need, with support system, strategy, and structure, so that they never need to have a question unanswered, or feel like they don't know how to put something together and bring it to life. So that they're fully supported with the whole empire-building and cash machine side of the business, as well as, obviously, the mindset and inner work, which is the real work.

And I knew the answer was to create something like the Millionaire Mastermind. I had some massive control freak issues around it to do with the fact that I'm not running this show. I mean, I'm always running the show. I am the damn show. Actually, I don't run the show. I just am the show. I don't run the show, right?

My team are creating, and ongoing, doing a lot of the training, content, and support for the Millionaire Mastermind. That was a huge thing for me. I felt really unsure, and it was very hard for me to come to a decision around it because I was control freaking about not being the star of the show. But I am the show. I'm always the star of the show.

So, this was a good example of out topic today, where I had to decide. I was like, should I, shouldn't I, for literally six months, because I felt that it should always just be about me. But then at the same time, I knew ... Gosh, listen to the sound of me. When I say that out loud, it's a bit embarrassing.

But I knew, at the same time, that the way for me to beset serve the broader community is to really open up access to my team. I have this amazing team who do all this incredible stuff in the business, and I knew that it was pretty freaking selfish to hold that back, and also in a way, kind of reigning them in and clipping their wings, right, when they have so much power to share.

So, that was an example for me, and I want you to really think about, where have you not been deciding to take a leap, deciding to do something that you need to do. Where are you telling yourself a story that you don't know?

I think it's a practise not only to decide, but I think it's a practise also to tune in on this stuff, to have conversations with the right people in your life, or to join something like the Millionaire Mastermind, or to listen to my livestreams, or read my content, or have your ow inner work practise, or whatever it is, a combination of these things that works for you, where you're checking in, where you're tuning in.

One of my favourite questions that I've asked myself over and over for years is, what would full alignment look like right now? What would it look like if I was fully in alignment? Another way to say it, what would it look like if I was fully pressing play? What would I be doing right now if I was doing all that I know I'm meant to be doing, or all that I know I'm meant to be? What would I be doing if I was in full integrity, is another way that I like to say it, as well.

And this particular membership programme, which is the only membership programme in the world for the driven entrepreneurs and crazy critters, it is the mindset and the strategy of crushing it online for driven entrepreneurs and crazy critters who just want more, the Millionaire mastermind, Katrina Ruth's high vibe as fuck Mastermind. Details in the pinned comment, open now for just a couple more days, and then we will close those doors.

That membership programme was a perfect example of something that I wasn't stepping into, I wasn't taking action. I was not allowing life to be breathed into it because I was telling myself a story that I wasn't sure, but really, I just wasn't willing to sit in the discomfort of what I had to face inside of myself, which was kind of getting out of my own way, letting go of the reins, letting my team step up, letting them take control.

And also, it's a huge, big project for the whole team, in terms of, I guess, manpower and effort and that sort of thing. So, committing team energy and resources to that was maybe part of it. But I think really, it wasn't about that for me. Really, it was about the control freak stuff.

And eventually, I did, and now, honestly, even the first few ... I think I manifested some screw ups with this programme. Let me tell you about it. Because the first few days ... We opened the doors on Saturday morning. I forgot to launch it, as you do, when you've announced to the whole world that you're going to launch at 9 AM on a Saturday morning, and then your whole team is prepared and ready, and it is indeed a Saturday, right? They're kind of always on again, off again. Still officially, though, don't work on the weekends. My brother and sister will tell you that that's a joke, but officially.

And then meanwhile, I'm just casually having Saturday morning coffee, and my brother's texting me, and I'm like, "Fuck, I forgot to launch." I was like, okay, I didn't write any launch material, I couldn't go live to do the launch, because my kids were there and they were kind of manic. So, I'm like, all right. I just screenshotted his message with my reply saying, "Fuck, I forgot to launch." I'm like, well, that's the launch content, then. Everything's always perfect. And I chucked that out there.

So, that was the first little screw up. The first sign of me letting my resistance kind of rule me a little bit. And then after that, two more things happened. The whole sales page stopped working for a while, so if you had a bunch of ... Well, we had a bunch of messages. If you had a problem getting onto the sales page, just blame me and my resistance for that. I don't know why. We had no technical reason for that. There's no reason why that happened, but there was a full day where we didn't even quite realise, because it was on Sunday for us, where the sales page wasn't working.

And then, to top it off, and probably me not reading the sales page properly, again, resistance winning, the whole offer wasn't even clear. It was written out what the deal is, and the huge discount for your first month as a founding member, but it was only kind of as a halfassed afterthought further down the page. It wasn't clear. It wasn't definite. It was a little confusing. So, we had some new people jumping onto the order form, and then feeling confused and like it was different to what was on the page.

So, it's just been somewhat of a clusterfuck, but not really, because it's all perfect. We simply extended the countdown timer for another day or so, I think, so now the timer ... I don't even know when it finishes, now. It's probably, details are probably in that comment. My team have written that up for me, and given a little description there of what's going on.

But we decided to extend the countdown timer, and I decided to just kind of get my shit together and bring my energy, instead of letting that resistance just creep around the edges, because there's still been that small part of me that's like, am I ready to let go of control? Am I ready?

And then I had this conversation earlier today with Patrick like I said, and then we've been messaging back and forth all day, and then I just messaged him like an hour ago, and I said, "Decide to get fucking certain." And then I was like, oh my god, there's my livestraem title, and that is the exact reason why I know I've been kind of mucking with the tech side of this launch with my own energy.

I just find this stuff so fascinating. So fascinating. And I'm going to go, because yoga starts in five minutes, so I should do that, because I'm going to screw with my teacher by always arriving one minute before class starts, and that's not very fair for anyone. So, I'm going to go, but I would love to know from you, leave me a comment, where do you know you need to decide to get fucking certain?

Pop a comment in. Send me a love heart shower. Read the pinned comment here. Go to the Check out all that we've got there for you. It is so next level. I hope to see you inside, but either way, drop me a comment. Let me know what you're deciding. I always some back and read my comments later. Have an amazing rest of the day, and do not forget, life is stopped. Press fucking play. Bye.

[Silence for 25 seconds.]

Hi. Hello. Welcome to the Katrina Ruth Show. Where anything could happen and probably will [inaudible 00:00:34]. You're gonna like it. It's gonna be fun for everybody. Or maybe I'll just be super sweet and nice. I'm pretty sweet. I mean I feel like life is sweet, like sweet. But I feel like I'm pretty sweet. I feel like this morning ... I hate ... Oh my golly gosh. Oh, no it's okay. I thought I left my Nike hoodie at the gym, but I found it.

Brandon Marshall? Brandon Marshall,I fucking knew it. From that first live stream. I fucking knew it. Probably everyone else did as well. I definitely did. I was like, I see exactly what's happening here.

Kelly and I took a photo of ourselves this morning. And we just decided that we looked so beautiful. We were like, look at us we're so pretty. And then we were like, will you listen to the sounds of us. One of us said, I won't tell you who said what. Damn intuition. I know all the things. One of us said, "We look so pretty." And the other one said, "We should be super models." I'm not gonna tell you who said what. Why don't you just guess?

But we just looked really pretty, I think. 'Cause of the pinkness and the sweetness. And because we just, we were just like two sweet pretty little girls. Like just little girls. Little girls talking about naked sensual dancing. Actually, may have been video shown of one person doing a naked dance in front of a mirror. Maybe, maybe not, maybe I'm just making shit up. Guess who that was as well if you like.

So anyway, I don't think that's got anything to do with what we're here to talk about. What are we here to talk about? Oh, you just put one foot in front of the other. It's a whole story, right? I'm sort of quoting Elizabeth Taylor. She says, "I just put one foot in front of the other. I just got up everyday and put one foot in front of the other." Something like that. That's what I did. That's the only way you could ever do it. That's just how it's done. Something like that. And I really love that quote.

A lot of the time I feel like it's just total flow and ease. And I'm dancing, I'm playing with life, and astro travelling, and sitting in a beautiful surrounds at the outdoor section of the shopping mall here, for example. And having the best flow day ever just live streaming into one of my client groups just now. And then there's, you know, and everything just like comes through, and you just know what to do, and where to go, and how to move. It's like being in a dance, on a dance floor, and just knowing how to move your body, right? Or maybe sex. You know in sex where you just, like it's just like super flow. And you know, you just know, like from working.

And then there's other times where you're like, should I move my leg like this more, or like that more. And you're like this is stupid. Why am I even thinking about it? And then you're thinking about why you're thinking about it. And then you're like, I think I'm not good at sex. I'm probably thinking that I'm not good at sex. And then it's just like a mind fuck. And it's definitely not flow.

So it's kind of like that. Life is like that. Life is like sex. Or sensual dancing, same thing. Or just normal dancing, or writing. It's all the same. Sometimes it just kind of comes out. And it's like, oh this is fucking magic, and it feels so good. And clearly everybody's having the best time ever because this is amazing. And then other times you're like, do it do it this way, or that way? Do I dot the I like this, or cross the T like that? Maybe I shouldn't do it. Maybe I shouldn't do it at all. Maybe I'm stupid at this. Maybe I'm not good enough for this. Mind fuck.

So just now. I was kind of like, I'm a little bit cold actually. Been sitting here for a while and I'm a little bit cold. And then I was like, maybe I'm a bit hungry. Maybe I should go and get a quick 30 minute massage before I have to go to the dentist in 43 minutes. Which I'm so excited about. I've decided that I'm gonna have the best experience ever at the dentist. Calling it in. Why would I not?

And I didn't really necessarily feel like going live. But then I was like, well really am I going to fuck around here. I'm like, but what am I gonna do? Am I gonna walk in to Sephora and buy a freaking eye liner? Or am I gonna do a livestream. Am I gonna bullshit myself that I don't have time to doing a livestream? To do a livestream before I go to the dentist. Am I gonna like tell myself the story that it's too cold to sit here? Am I gonna say, "But I don't really have a topic title anyway that's coming to me right now." I've been like, going at it hard all morning.

By going at it hard I mean I spent three hours sitting having coffee with my best friend Kelly, and talking about sex, and life, and business, and money, and sensual dancing, and all the things. But I did write a blog. And I did three or four pages of journaling. And I did go to the gym. And then I did a livestream for my members. And I've answered a bunch of comments and questions. So I've done many things, about many things. And so I have been going at it hard.

And so then I was like, well maybe my brain is a little bit fried, right? Maybe I should go up to grilled burger place and get a burger. Maybe I should go in to Sephora. Maybe I should go over there to that's over there behind me. Where I do wanna go? Maybe I should go and buy a new, you know like a hoodie to fit my big breasts that I now have. 'Cause none of my clothes now really fit me. I'm wearing the same exact Nike hoodie all the time. But it's just 'cause I love that hoodie. And I wear it obsessively everyday anyway. I have like a wardrobe that's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, but I just get around town like a semi homeless person. With a Nike backpack and the same Nike hoodie on every single fucking day. Like I don't have any clothes.

So then I was like, maybe I should do that in my spare time before I go to the dentist. I don't really need to go live, you know? I'm sure I can do it later. I'm sure I'll be more inspired later. I'm sure my brain won't be fried, besides which maybe I'll have a little cool new top that I get to wear. And then I was like, you shut the fuck up Kat. You kick your own ass right now. Who cares if there's 25 people walking past you on the other side of the camera looking at you like a crazy person. You waving your hands around in the air and getting a preacher mode on for the last hour and a half, talking to your members. Man the fuck up and do what you're supposed to do.

And here we are. That's roughly how it happened. It's roughly the entire story. It's roughly the entire story of how I created my whole business and life. What do you think? What say you [inaudible 00:06:29]. Or any of the, get a float. I so have to get a float. I could float anywhere with these new breasts. I would just bobble around. I could to the ocean and just bobble around. And just float everywhere.

[inaudible 00:06:43] Sephora is always a great idea. Well it is right there. I get lost in there. I get into a little bit of a mild panic when I'm in there. It's very overwhelming. I already have way too much makeup that I don't wear or use anyhow. So I definitely don't need to go and buy more. But I don't need to go to a flotation tank to float. I've got these babies now. I'm just gonna float.

I'm sitting in a pod. 'Cause I'm a space person. Have you seen my top? It says, "Follow your soul." It's backwards writing, but it says, "Follow your soul it knows the way." I'm reclining in a pod like an alien. I'm at the shopping mall. I'm a mall rat. At least one day a week I come and I be a mall rat. A pretty wealthy one, but still a mall rat. There's a gym right up there. I have a membership at every good gym on the gold coast. So that I never have to worry about driving to the gym and just go wherever I wanna go.

So go to the gym. And then I come and sit down in my little pod. Then I was doing a livestream for my Break The Internet members. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Where am I from? Well it's a very deep question. I'm from the place where our souls meet and collide and come together as one. I'm from the same place as the soul of my soulmate clients. Our souls were formed in the same soul bucket.

Mim put the comment in. Put the comment in. I'm gonna talk about the comment. I'm from places from far and near. I'm from the places that are inside all of us. I'm from the places where we travel to in our dreams and in our prayers. I'm from your wildest fantasies but potentially your deepest nightmares. It really depends on the day of the week. Who can say?

Anyway, did you see that I launched the Millionaire Mastermind? Did you see? Did you see? I believe that you have two days, minus 22 minutes left to join it. Can we all just take a moment of silence for the fact that it's 12:22 pm. If we cut off the 1, then it's 222. 1 2222, sounds pretty good. Brandon just 'cause I'm in a relationship doesn't mean I can't mingle. We're gonna need to have clarification around that I'm afraid. Gonna need to understand and clarify the terms of this agreement please. Please outline your policies below.

So, did you see that in two days, minus 22 minutes, the Millionaire Mastermind closes again? Again? It only just fucking opened for the first time ever. So it will close for the first time. It's never closed before. Because it never opened before. It only opened a few days ago. Screwed the whole thing up, I forgot to launch. Then the sales page went down for most of Sunday, and nobody knew 'cause it was Sunday. And we were all off to the races, as you do on a Sunday in Australia. Having a great Sunday session.

And then on Monday. What did we do on Monday? Oh, Monday we realised we didn't even write the freaking outline of the offer properly. We put it like a little after thought somewhere. And we didn't clearly explain what it even was. And it was very confusing to [inaudible 00:09:35]. So then we're like, fuck this shit. Countdown timer goes till midday on Thursday. Which is two days minus 23 minutes from now, 23. How may hours in a two day period? 43? 48. So, 47 hours and 37 minutes are left. You better get your ass over there.

You could wait. You could wait to join my high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind. The mindset and the strategy of how to crush it online. For driven entrepreneurs and crazy creators. I don't know many of them myself, but I feel like it's a thing. Crazy creators who just want more. More what? Stupid question. If you have to ask, well more what? You don't join the programme. If you go to the Katrina Ruth forward slash Millionaire Mastermind. Let me make sure that's correctly ... I was giving out the wrong link for a while.

If you go to The Katrina Ruth forward slash Millionaire Mastermind, and then you read the tag line. And that is the right link. One hour, 23 hours, 35 minutes, and 38 seconds. That just blew my mind, 'cause I was like, no it's 47 hours. And then I'm like, 30's the same as one day 23 hours. So when you read the tag line and it says, "The mindset and strategy of crushing it online for driven entrepreneur and crazy creators who just want more." If your mind sense it, but more what? Then you leave, you leave straightaway. You take your questioning friends with you. And you do not return, alright? Just telling you. 'Cause I can't even with people that ask silly questions. And I only want the right people in there.

And there's not gonna be any need for any explanations about anything. 'Cause I'm just gonna impart knowledge to your soul. That's how the whole programme works. Well not really. My team are also gonna teach you everything that we do behind and in front of the scenes at the Katrina Ruth Show. All of the marketing, all of the funnels, all of the strategy, all of the selling. Monthly fucking report on exactly what we're doing and how it's worked. You're a founding, founding, founding member. Triple founding. Triple X. A EMC squared member, why not?

I think we should have black diamond members. Do you reckon? [Brandon's 00:11:43] a black diamond member [inaudible 00:11:44] as well. Not sure who else. Lisa [Mitchell 00:11:48] [Mackell 00:11:47], no I don't know how to say your name Lisa. I just feel like I've never said your surname out loud.

Okay, so you can go there, you can check it out. You could wait. Like I said, you could wait. Because maybe you're one of those people who's like, yeah I know exactly what I want out of life, and I fully know what's aligned for my soul. And when I get to heaven I believe that I can have it all. But I'm just like, I'm just gonna think about it. I'm just like, I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna think about it.

[Helen 00:12:12] I'm so glad you're in. Yeah, I'm just like, I'm gonna think about it. 'Cause you know, I don't do fast action taking. I don't do fast action taking. I like to think about things. I like to, you know, sit on it. And it sounds uncomfortable. And talk it over with my partner. And the dog. Then I like to look for signs. Like I like for a vestal virgin to come down from the mountain above, and to deliver me with a scroll that says, "It's time." I gotta make sure it's the right phase of the moon. So I gotta wait. I can't take fast action. I don't do fast action taking.

If you're that person, you should leave. But first you should tell me all your excuses and reasons, 'cause then I can turn them into sales copy and sell more places. Please comment below with any thoughts that you have along those lines. And otherwise, just join the fucking programme. Go read the page. And it's either going to speak to your soul. Or it's not gonna speak to your soul. But if it speaks to your soul please don't be the person who's like my soul speaks to me, and then I don't take action. 'Cause that's definitely embarrassing for you. Why would you listen to your soul, and then not act on it? It's actually like really stupid when you say it out loud and think about it.

Black diamond membership. We're gonna have to think about what black diamonds membership involves and includes. I feel like it should be a mix of slightly terrifying and slightly amazing. I can definitely handle that. What else? This is a membership programme. We do like a huge crazy ass discount to be a founding member. Which means you're going to pay only 16.666 devil numbers. I don't know why, that happened by accident. 16.666%, or something like that to join up for the first month, like a trial.

Fish slapping. Yeah, that expression came from my dad. My dad says, "Would you like a slap in the face with a cod fish?" And I'm like, "Well who wouldn't, really?" I don't know. He never said it as a mean thing. It was just funny. But it made its way into the blog this morning. So you should get a slap in the face with a cod fish if you thought you needed to think about it. That'll wake you up for sure. Anyway Peter [Gregory 00:14:09] [inaudible 00:14:11]. Shout out to my dad the pilot. He's just flowing around the earth, slapping people in the face with a cod fish if they're not paying proper attention.

Wouldn't you just hate to be his copilot? What if you weren't paying proper attention, you'd get a fish in your face. You should deserve it too. Alright, I'm trying to get to the point, I'm not sure what the point was though. Oh that's right. I am the fucking point. We all are. I'm trying to tell you about the programme, but I'm just like a little, I'm in my crazy mode obviously. It's off the hook, I can see that it's off the hook. 'Cause it says it right here in the pinned comment. But I can't read the rest of it.

Definitely off the hook. It's definitely fucking amazing. It's definitely like, the most bad ass deal to be a founding member. 'Cause I wanna get you in, and then I wanna reach into your soul, and I'm gonna grab your soul. Your soul and mine are gonna become one, in a really non-creepy way. And then you'll be thrown out. I won't throw anyone out. But you'll throw yourself out. Maybe I will throw someone out, I shouldn't say that. I will if necessary. You'll either leave, because I don't know why. But you're probably not gonna leave, because your soul will know whether or not you're meant to be there. And then obviously you stay on.

And it's a monthly membership programme. Where you learn all the things, all the time, from all the ninjas. Specifically my cat ninjas, who do all the things in my business. And then I, I, will just come in like a rockstar. When I feel like it. Straight up, I'm just gonna tell you. I'm gonna come when I want, how I want, and with who I want. I'm gonna do what I fucking want, in my own programme. So if you wanna know what I'm gonna bring, you're gonna, I don't know. I have no fucking idea. But it will be fucking amazing, and I will dazzle your [vagazle 00:16:25]. I hope we do get that one person here.

Well that was fun. We had that moment in the [inaudible 00:15:48]. It was quite hilarious and shocking. So I will just come in, when the mood strikes me. I'll come in with some bad [inaudible 00:15:56]. I'll bring my energy. I'll bring my presence. You'll be like, wow I can't even look at it, it's too blinding. Get me away from it. But it's fascinating, what is that? And I'll be like, it's me, Katrina Ruth, hi. So you know, I'll probably be in there a lot. Just dancing and prancing. And doing whatever I wanna do.

I promise nothing, at all. There's nothing I'm promising at all, nothing. But I'll deliver everything. I think I said dazzle your [vagazle 00:16:23]. You know [vagazles 00:16:25], like when you get little diamond on your vagina. It just came out. It just popped out. I don't really have an explanation. I can't excuse myself, there's nothing I can say further. Maybe that's what you get as a black diamond member. You get some [vagazle 00:16:45]. You get a little sequin that you can put on your ... Well I'm sorry [Brandon 00:16:48] you're gonna have to give it to [Rebecca 00:16:51]. Or we'll find a manly version. I'm sorry.

I'm not really sorry at all. I'm having too much fun. So isn't it just the best creation ever? Aren't I a genius? Don't you just think I'm a genius? I'm selling a programme where I'm promising nothing. I'll do whatever I want. I'll turn up like a rockstar when I feel like it. It's fine, because anyone who knows me knows I over fucking deliver all the time. And really it's the energy. It is the energy. I will allow you into my soul. I don't allow everybody into my soul. I wrote about that in my blog this morning. I said, "It's a hell no with every cell in my body."

I'm gonna give a shout out to [inaudible 00:17:32] because that was her line. And she let me use her line for my blog title a few weeks ago. In an audio she was telling me about it, something a story in her life. And she said, "It's just a hell no from me. With every cell in my body." And I was like, goddamn it that's the best blog title I ever heard. And I said to her, "You should use that in a blog title." She goes, "I'm not going to. You can use it if you want." I was like done and done. And I wrote it down, and I saved it on my desktop, and then I forgot.

And then this morning it came back to me. It was like smack. It was like not a smack in the face with a cod fish. Okay just slapped myself with two hands whilst at the shopping mall. And I'm in the kind of designer area, like where, like [Harolds 00:18:08] is right there. Coach, don't care for Coach. Don't bring a Coach purse if you come to see me. It's not my favourite. [Ermez 00:18:16] is just around there. I'm in the designer area slapping myself. [inaudible 00:18:21]

It's gonna be amazing. It's gonna be beyond next, next, next, next level. You get all my ninjas. We're actually including like tech support for you, and Facebook advertising support, and all the market, like all the things. I'm super fucking excited about it. Had some control issues. I had some control issues. It required some prayer. It required some wine. And as I put on the sales page. Oh Channel is just up there [inaudible 00:18:51]. Hang on, is it up there? Yeah.

And it required a little bit of sexual healing. Before I was able to release the control issues that I had around, me not being the only rockstar of the show. Because I'm letting my team all be rockstars as well. So you know, I had to like, this is embarrassing. 'Cause I just gave a whole lot of shit to people who sit on things and don't take rapid action. Like I don't do fast action taking. Mirror, hello. Yeah, I didn't take very fast action on this. I sat on it for ages. What a flake. But now here we are. And it's fabulous.

What else should we talk about? Is there anything else to even say? Don't you think it's just divinely delightful, that you can launch and amazing bad ass membership programme. Where you can bring your whole team in. And allow them to share their gifts with the world, and support your amazing bad ass clients. That's a big deal to me. It feels very special. It feels like I'm letting my little birds, they probably don't really prefer to be referred to as little birds I imagine. But it feels like I'm letting my big eagles free from the nest. Well I suppose if you had a nest full of eagles they'd probably be doing whatever the fuck they wanted anyway. And not flying free from the nest.

The truth is, my team do do whatever the fuck they want a lot. But I just trust and know that they're gonna do what is aligned and profit-full. I really don't wanna know what they're doing. Like I don't want a fucking report. As if I care. I just want the outcome, right? So it is a special thing to be able to give you my team. But isn't it just divinely delightful, that I get to just give me. And I don't even have to say in advance what little piece of me you're gonna get.

Like what am I gonna do? You know on the first Monday of every month you get a piece of my elbow. On the second Monday of every month, you get like a little demonstration of my soul. On the third Monday of every month, you get access to a makeup tutorial from Channel. What am I gonna do? Am I gonna pre-package all the little parts of my life and who I am? Or am I just gonna show up like a star, on the stage. And whatever needs to come out for my members will be the full power and the glory, and the exact soul flow message that was meant to be delivered that day.

That feels a little more fun and interesting. My goodness. Six years ago, ten years ago, even two years ago. I would have thought, you can't sell that, you can't sell nothing. Well I guess I'm not selling nothing, there's a whole lot of fucking promises on that sales page. And we haven't even told you the half of all the plans as well. That's just a percentage of it. But, we're kind of selling nothing as far as my role. I'm selling that I'll do whatever I want. I'm pretty happy about it. And I think that I'm pretty happy, or grateful I should say, to my community to you. To have that level of trust. Even for people who've only just met me and come across me. My soul spoke, and your soul said yes, and now here we are.

Or maybe you just created me. Maybe your soul created me. In which case, I gotta give you props for being such a bad ass creator of such a bad ass character in your story. I think you were very creative with this one. So maybe you just created me, and maybe right now this is you talking. Like this is you talking. I am talking to you. And it's actually you. Well done, get out of my soul. Without prior access or permission. Go read my blog from this morning. 'Cause I talk about who gets to be my soul, and who not. So you know who you are anyway. You already know.

I think that's really all that I have to say. I think maybe I will go to freaking Sephora. I think I'll go to Adidas, or Adidas, or whatever it's called. I can see it over there. I think I'm gonna go up there. I'm gonna buy something that fits my large bosoms. And then I'm gonna go to the dentist. And I'm gonna have the best time ever. Because I decided to. And I'm probably gonna meet an amazing person at the dentist who's gonna change my life. And I'm gonna change their life. And then we're gonna have an argument over who created who. And then that person's gonna join the Millionaire Mastermind. And then I'm gonna be like, I told you about that already in advance on the livestream.

And then after that I'm gonna talk to some of my clients. And then I'm gonna do another Muay Thai session. 'Cause who doesn't like to back up a Muay Thai session in the ring every two days, less than a week after having breast surgery? Me, that's who. Then I'm gonna have my hair done, and it's gonna look amazing. So I'll probably need to livestream again. It already looks quite amazing, just a bit sweaty. That's the whole story. If you didn't read my blog from today, I'm gonna give you that link now. 'Cause that was a must read. Here's this, everyone needs to do this now, no wining excises. You should listen to your soul, and you should do what your soul says.

You should go read my blog from this morning it's called, "It's a hell no with every cell in my body." I feel quite happy with the ass [kickery 00:23:22] tone of it. My battery of my laptop is down to only 6% though. Which feels problematic and troublesome to use a word that's recently been reminded back to me. I'm going to try and share that blog for you before I go. But It doesn't wanna share. So maybe it's not divine to be. So go to my personal Katrina Ruth page and read the blog from this morning. It is gonna kick your ass. It will metaphorically and energetically fish slap the fuck out of you.

Okay I just found it, don't worry I'll bring it over for you. Hello, hello hello. I will not try closing and reopening my browser window. You try closing and reopening your browser window you stupid thing. Do you think it's normal to talk to your laptop? Well we should give my dad a shout out for providing some good coffee. Alright, and then the other thing is, read the comment. Go to the comment. It's not really another thing we already talked about it. The Katrina Ruth forward slash Millionaire Mastermind. Maybe you're wondering. Maybe you're new and you're like, where is the show then I wanna watch the show. Well this is the show. It's happening right here. It will be happening at the dentist in not too long. In 22 minutes in fact. So I probably should get up and go.

Alright, in one minute when this thing fucking loads for me. I'm gonna give you the link so you can go read my blog. 'Cause I like to make your life easy and fabulous. When you really could just go there and read it anyway. So I'll pop that link in for you. Have an amazing epic rest of the day. Wherever you are in the world. Thank you for playing. Thank you for allowing my silliness to come out. I wasn't expecting it. I actually said at the start of the livestream that I was gonna be giving you an ass kicking today. Actually I did give you an ass kicking. You're welcome. You're welcome. It was with pleasure. I'm just here to serve. I'm just here to serve. But I didn't think I was going down the stupid silly route. That just happened. I'm happy about it 'cause it makes me feel hyper.

And now one of my favourite songs is on. Havana, I left my heart back in Havana. They play the best music here. Why would you not want to be a mall rat and work here all day. Okay this link is coming. It's coming for you right now. Don't go anywhere. Read this mornings blog. Read the pinned comment. It is going to expand your beautiful mind. Your soul will know exactly what to do. Do it. And don't forget Life is Now. Press Play.

Hello, hello, hello, I might be a little shaky. I'm in my post surgery at home bed, at home hospital bed. Oh fuck a duck, do you think that my internet went out? I think my internet went out last night. That's annoying. Let's see if I can connect to my phone.

I feel like my voice isn't going to work you guys, I'm all shaky. It's not even from this, I think I'm shaky about live streaming with my new situation here. I think it's making me feel self conscious. I feel nervous. I feel like I'm doing a reveal. There's nothing to even show. I'm quite tempted to just lift up my top and show you. Do you think that would be super inappropriate? Probably? Should I do that or no?

There's nothing to see anyway, it's so fucking taped up. Do you want to see? I don't even care. There you go. Taped as fuck. Hello sister. I just lift and flashed my boobs as my sister jumps on the livestream. Okay nobody like my real life has even seen it and I'm just like, there you go. Can you see what's going on there? I have no idea. I can't tell. This view that I have right now on my own camera is the best view that I've had, because I'm like looking down.

I do, hang on let me just share this over. I've got to share it. There you go, you guys got to see the boobies before even most of my best friends. My nurse Tigan Jade is downstairs on a walk, she probably can tell me off of live streaming when she comes back. I was getting too bored sitting in bed.

"Hey boobies," who's flagged in on my profile? Who is that, and just commented, "Hey boobies,"? I don't know who's looked in my profile, but I'm going to just share this straight on to my timeline, because I didn't let anyone know that I was going live. Let me tell you more in a second, let me just share this into the Daily Ask Cookery group, boobies reveal, I should have said boobies reveal. I said, "Millionaire Mastermind sneak preview," and I didn't say, "Boobies reveal," but there you go.

If you just jumped on live, here's another sneak peek. I'm fascinated. I don't know what's happening under there. It's so freaking tight, that it feels like there's an elephant on my chest. Check this out, here's a bag of blood, here's a bag of my own blood that I'm carrying around. Would you like to see? I'm sure you would. I'm nothing if not polite with the show and tell. Oh my God, it's happening in here. There you go. Oh my God, look at all that blood that's come out of me overnight. Holy shit.

Okay, one of the boobs clearly has a lot more to, because look, so they've each got their own tubes. There's a tube and there's a tube, one coming from each. Too late I had already showed. Well you don't have to watch if I'm grossing you out, deal with it. There's two tubes with a lot of blood running through them.

Mayana, hi Mayana. Mayana I need to book Nathan in for tomorrow morning. Do you think it's stupid of me to go to the gym tomorrow morning when I have my boobs done yesterday? Of course not, I'm just going to walk on the treadmill. One boob had let out all this blood, I think I'll get shut down from Facebook for showing inappropriate things. Why does the other one not have anything to give do you think? What's happening? Do you think the mechanism is not working properly? I just noticed that, I didn't look at it before, and dear is not grossed out.

Well if anyone's grossed out, they can just turn away. It's not that bad. We'll all seen a bit of blood and plasma as somebody just said. It was freaking annoying all night long every time I wanted to move, having to like rotate myself around this bag of blood and shit. I'm pretty bored, because I didn't get up in the morning. Oh that's you Jess, oh that's fine. I'm bored because it's 8:29 AM and like I've woken up in my own bed, with no, we've all see titties before, well you still haven't seen these ones properly. I'm so going to the gym tomorrow, because I'll go crazy. I'll just do some cardio or something.

Then I'm going to go back to Mui Tai on Friday morning, I don't even care, but we'll just be careful. I'll do lower body stuff. I won't do anything stupid, nobody needs to try and school me. I'll probably go on a walk after this, because I'm kind of so, it's so weird for me to wake up in the morning and then not going anywhere, because I'm supposed to be resting obviously. I've rested like a good girl. I've been awake for only an hour. Tigan my amazing friend, who stayed with me last night to look after me when he brought me a nice coffee. She's gone on a walk now, which is how I've sneakily got away with going live, because she probably would have said no to.

She brought me ribs last night, what an amazing friend. Kelly Ronnie picked me up and took me home. I kept passing out at first when she came to the hospital, so she had to wait for a bit. Then we had to go to like three different chemists, because apparently no pharmacies stock freaking painkillers, and they were all out of painkillers, we're like, it's not ideal really. We had to drive all around town to get the medications, then we got back here. Then Tigan and Kelly were like, "Are you all right? You kind of like look as though as like super hyped up and talking at a million miles an hour and having the best time ever." They're like, "You seem oddly fine." I'm like, "I feel fine. I feel great."

It's not painful. Okay there you go again if you just jumped on late. They're double D, but it's not as big as it sounds, because I've got shoulders you know. I'm athletic. When we put like the smaller tester ones in, you know when you go there and they put the ones in your bra to have a look, if we went a bit smaller than that, it was kind of like what's the point even. One of them got for 460, this one, and this one got 480.

There you go, now I've shown you, but obviously it's taped up as fuck. Tomorrow we'll untape it, tomorrow we'll go to the doctor and untape it. By the way, check out my bedroom view, there's the ocean right there, how good is it? I always wish I could livestream where you could see the ocean behind me, but then I wouldn't be as comfortable. Yes, double D and I guess they'll sit like that for a few months probably, right? Then they'll start to drop down, but right now it feels like I've got cleavage up to my chin, I'm like what's happening here. I don't know what to do with this whole situation.

I'm going to have to do so much shopping. Who wants like 17000 teeny-tiny size, extra small Lululemon sports bars and tops? I have them and I'm not going to be able to wear them, and I've got like a million cool as fuck body suits and stuff as well, which I won't be able to wear. I should have a Facebook marketplace pre boobies' sale.

No, it doesn't really hurt. It just feels fucking tight. I feel like there's a small baby elephant who's a little bit angry, who's sitting on my chest and who's just like, "I'm just going to keep reminding you that I'm here." The shapes going to be amazing, I do need a rotating bed, no but Jesse, if I face the other way, then the lights not on my face and it won't look as good. Don't think, India says, "I don't think I'm ready for you with double D, they'll be car auctions again every time you go live." Do you think I'm going to make more money with bigger boobs? It's not why I do that, but I don't see why I wouldn't. I think it's logical. I don't know, there's no actual logic to that except that if you believed it then it's true, so that's what's logical.

Taken to a nude beach. I have no problems with nudity. I would happily walk down the street naked. I have nobody shame as far as, yeah, body shame. I've plenty of shame that I've still got to release around others, but don't you think after you have a kid, you're like, whatever, who cares, everybody can say whatever the fuck they want. Yeah, it doesn't hurt, it just feels crazy tight, and it's hard to tell if that's from the skin being stretched or it's from the taping that's so, the tape is so tired. He told me to loosen off a bit later this morning, because it might give me like skin blisters from how tight it is. I'll do that, and I get to unplug my bag of blood later this morning as well, which I get to do myself, maybe I'll get Tigan to do it for me. Then tomorrow I get to go into the surgeon and be untaped and have a reveal, but I'm probably not going to just lift my shirt up to show the actual boobs. Like I said with the brown, I got to go bra shopping. I need to go shopping. I should just wake up and go shopping right now.

Yeah, I'm getting, like I'm just getting a little bit restless sitting in bed, because it's so weird for me to wake up and then not get out of the bed and going anywhere. I wake up, my friend brought me a coffee, then I actually just messaged a bunch of friends back and forth for a while and had a fabulous conversation about magnetising and hypnotising people's minds with one of my awesome male entrepreneur friends, that was interesting.

Then I was like, well, I already wrote a blog late last night in my somewhat drugged up state. It was very good, make sure you go read it if you didn't already. I don't really feel like writing, I'm like, I can't just freaking sit in bed all morning. What do people do when they're in post surgery recovery? You can't just sit around in bed, it's so boring, I get so restless. I feel like I need to get up and do 20 jump squats, but it's probably a bad idea.

Here we are. What do you want to talk about? Something that I was talking about, ask me any questions you want. I don't think there's any more questions to ask about the boobies, so I just want to see them, you know, I just want to be able to have a look at them. I hope they're not like too hard for the first few months, but it is what it is. It's worth the first few months, and then they'll go down again.

"Your writing will be fire, get a personal shopper to bring new bras to you." Yes. Yes, I do hate shopping so much. Should I do, I know where I want to go down to what's it called, Honey Birdette. I like their stuff a lot. I've got probably like $2000 worth of Honey Birdette lingerie, all the fancy [inaudible 00:10:45] somewhat dominatrix stuff. I know it's not going to fit me. Well I guess the bottoms will anyway, it's fine, it's just an additional expense to getting boobies, isn't it?

It's going to be quite full on I think when I start really showing them off about town, and by about town I mean Facebook. I guess the real town as well. In fact the boobies are going to go for their first night on the town on Friday night this week. Jess says, Jessica is my sister, Jess Lewis is my sister for those who don't know you are in the presence of my sister, send her a love heart shower. "You should come over and hang out with me later. Can't believe it was day surgery, thought before for sure it was an overnight thing before you did it." I know, it's funny, isn't it? It's like let's just have a quick boob job before lunch.

I went in at 10 AM. I got there at 9:30 or something. I was super fucking nervous. I was so nervous. Actually Sam just jumped on. Hi Sam, who's on my team as well and I was messaging Sam. Sam messaged me and put my mind to ease a lot actually. I really appreciated that message, because I just think you freak out about going under and being a mom, and then I was like maybe this is the wrong decision. I felt like I was going to cry.

My friend Kelly was going to drive me, but I knew she had our kid, so I was like, "Don't worry, I'll just get an Uber," and then she came down later and picked me up and everything. I got an Uber to the hospital and I just felt in the Uber like I'm going to cry. I felt like, is this wrong? I'm like chopping up my body, but it was the first time that I doubted it, right, I 100% knew that I wanted this. I think it was just those pre-surgery nerves and I messaged a few friends and they helped me out.

Then when I got there though, as soon as I got to registration at the hospital, I just instantly knew that this is the right thing to do. I felt sure of myself, but then you still feel nervous. Then when I got changed in the changing room, like pre-op, I took a bunch of nude selfies. For those of my team members who get my photos, when I take a photo on my phone, it automatically streams to the entire team, those who have access to the photo stream, so that they can use it on social media. There's three pictures there of my boobs now for everybody, enjoy. I guess Jess can take them off the stream and put them somewhere for me, because I was like I better record these boobies before they disappear.

I sometimes take inappropriate photos or sometimes somebody might send me an inappropriate photo, and then I forget that it instantly gets uploaded to the stream and my whole team's getting it. I'm like well, I'm nothing if not completely transparent, there's nothing to hide. I did that. Hi Julian, and here's another peak for anybody who jumped on late, so that you don't have to watch the replay. There you go. I don't know how much you can tell from seeing it like that though, because they're so taped up.

I think they're going to be quite huge. I think they might be bigger than I even think. I think I'm going to love them. Yes, so I did that and then you sit in your gown with your fancy pink hat on and all that stuff. Okay, somebody called Peter Parker has requested to join the Daily [inaudible 00:13:47], do you think I should let him in? No, decline. I'm just like multitasking here.

"Always taking inappropriate photos then publish them." Why would you not, right? Why would you not? What I'm I up to in my story? Yeah, I had my chat with like the anaesthetist and the other person and the other person. They ask you the same question 40 million times to make sure that you're not under some kind of, being coerced by somebody. I think they just keep asking you again to making sure you're saying all the same answers.

Then we go into the surgery room and then I just woke up. They're like, "Oh you're awake, you're done." I was like, "I can't be, nobody ever asked me to count backwards from 10," that was the first thing I said when I woke up. I was like liars, it's not possible that the surgery happened yet, because I never got asked to count backwards from 10. I was just waiting and then now I'm awake.

I feel a little bit ripped off by that, I would have preferred to have been asked to count backwards from 10, which is what happened last time when I was, about nearly 10 years ago I had a lump in my breast that I had removed. That's the only other time in my life I've been under, and they did ask me to count backwards from 10, then which I feel is polite.

No, they're not silicon. I don't know. Don't ask me detail questions, because I don't remember. I didn't pay that much attention to the details. I'll find out tomorrow, but they're like the newest, latest, greatest and the surgeon's amazing. I had to wait months to get in with him. I mean like I've been waiting since the start of the yeah.

Yeah, and so then you just, it was like 11:30 and it was already done, and then I just kept passing out though. I got clumsy and sick and nauseous and weak and faint, and so I stayed for a while and then Kelly came and got me. It's so funny how quickly it's done. It's just like, oh boom, okay. Now I just feel 100% certain that it was the right thing to do, and I feel super excited. We're going out for a girls' night out on the town on Friday night, which actually I was going to message you about Jess.

Jessica, would you like to come to dinner on Friday night and then out after that? There you go, I just conducted my personal business here on livestream. A bunch of us girls here on the coast are going to go heated up, and so the boobies get their first night out on the town. Do you think I'm going to need some kind of protective guard around them though? I don't think anybody should be allowed to touch them, that's for sure. When I posted in the daily asking [inaudible 00:16:02] about it yesterday, Philip, was like, "I can't wait to touch them." I'm like, comment of the year award.

I'm a little happy, I'm quite happy, I'm quite happy with myself. Let me tell you about the topic. I feel like people, I feel like maybe you should be resting, well this is resting. This is how entrepreneurs rest, right? Somebody posted on my Daily Ask Katrina post yesterday rest up or whatever, and I said, of course, by rest up posts you mean write some blogs, do some livestream and maybe launch a small programme, while I'm sitting here in bed. What the fuck do people do if they just have to sit in bed you guys? What do they do? Do they read? Do they read magazines? I would claw my eyes out with a spoon if I had to do that.

Last night I told Tigan I was going to bed at 8 PM, Tigan my friend who stayed over with me. Then I came up here and wrote a letter to somebody and then wrote a blog, and then answered all my client boxes and then did a bunch of stuff for my business. Then checked in on some website and app development, cleared all my emails. It was really quite a rest for evening and then I finally went to sleep. Now I'm resting, because I'm actually healing myself right now from being live.

Oh magazines, I picked up one once, it was the worst day of my life honestly, just having to even engage in that energy for a moment. Actually here's a great quote for you, I was at the hair salon last week, he said to me, he's like a new stylist that was doing a blowout for me. I go the same place always, but I hadn't met this guy before. He's like, "Would you like some trash to read?" I'm like, "No, I've gone there, it sounds really appealing to the way you said it, like would you like some trash to read." He's going, "Of course not honey, you are the trash aren't you?" I was like, "Well, that's the most oddly worded compliment that I've ever heard before," but I was taking it fully as a compliment. I was like, "That's right, I am the trash. I should be in the magazine."

Going to bring me a playgirl? What the fuck is a playgirl? Is that like a nudity magazine about with men in it? I can lift all, okay, I was going to say, I can lift my arms all the way out, but I can lift them till there. I could definitely do some lateral raises, but maybe not the full [inaudible 00:18:18]. I can go like that. It doesn't feel ideal to straighten them yet.

You know what, it's all in your head. I'm actually healing myself right now, from live streaming, because this is for real though, right, this is a topic we should talk about, get serious this time for purpose church. This is a topic we should talk about, because when you do the things that uplift and expand you, you elevate your flow zone, I've ever said flow zone before, but it just came out, flow zone.

You elevated your flow zone, you elevate into super flow, right? When you do the things that expand you, like your art, you're messaging, you're unleashing, you're hanging out with cool bad ass people, then you do the things, then you're expanding yourself. You're going into a greater level of creativity, and well super flow obviously, flow zone, whatever the fuck it is, your vibe is. Therefore, you're activating the good healing cells. What is it called? Tell me something medical somebody, but you're definitely allowing your body, you're building your immune system up, you're, I don't know what I'm talking about, but I know exactly what I'm talking about. You guys know that I know what I'm talking about. I just can't figure out the right words right now.

You're definitely releasing healing powers from inside of you, raising your vibe to pure light, that's the medical way to say it exactly right. Getting challenged on mind versus physical watching post surgery. I'm as high as anything and not on medication, that's, well I was yesterday, maybe a little bit. Harnessing your chi, exactly, exactly, you're putting yourself into a healing state.

I am putting myself into a healing state by sitting in bed live streaming, rather than buying into some sort of bullshit story that, because I had surgery and they said to rest that that means lie here. Even I was only awake for an hour before I went live, and I was already getting so bored. I'd had some fabulous conversations, which was nice, but then they were kind of petering out. Then I was like, well, if I sat, stayed in the bed and just like read or watched a movie or something, if I felt like doing that I'd do that obviously. If I did that when I feel like I desire to livestream and talk, then that would be a great way of slowing down my healing, right, because I'd be lowering my vibe and be more in a, it's kind of a scarcity mindset to say that I can't livestream if felt like live-streaming. I mean it's only fucking [inaudible 00:20:43]. Okay, sorry. Hello.

Okay, I feel like I should have another special reveal for Jen Scarlett, because she just jumped on. There you go Jen, check it out, double D. Hang on. Hang on, my tripod's gone wonky as fuck. Do you know what I mean? You've got to give in to being you at all times. I know for sure that I'm going to have miraculous healing and that they're going to be like, "Holy shit, you recovered fast." Why is this tripod leaning forward so much do you think? I need to put another book under. Stick my journal under it.

You should see the things that are written in this journal. Okay, what is happening? Hang on, I don't know why tripod's suddenly become really wonky. No? Who just shit themselves? Why? Or did you see crotch, sorry, it's covered though. I don't have any underwear on, but I've got boxer shorts on. Okay, it's magnetised to the boobies. I think I'm going to have the fastest recovery in the world and my doctor and everybody's going to be like, "How the fuck did she recover so fast?" I always have super fast recovery from the tattoos, my tattoo artist is always like, "How is this even possible? It's like three days and it's fully healed." I said to him, "Well, honestly I think the more you have a fast metabolism and you're very healthy, then that's very logical, you'll recover faster, because metabolism is the act, metabolism doesn't just mean weight loss right, it's the running of your body. It's the effectiveness and the function of this whole system and machine here. I have a very high metabolism and I'm very healthy, and my body processes and digest this really quickly, because I take such good care of myself. That means that everything is sped up, including detoxification and recovery.

I'm quite certain I'll have a really fast recovery. I'm quite certain I'll, yeah, before my surgeon said I can go back to the gym in two days. I wasn't joking when I said I'm going to go to the gym tomorrow, why would I not? "I'm doing the same," says Natalie, "Miraculous healing. Broke my foot three weeks ago, on day 3 I was already dancing, on day 16 I took off my cast and I walked." Exactly, why would we not just believe in miracles?

Okay, I have to have another review, because Maria just got on. There you go. That's all you can see and if you're going to see the boobs, then you should be required to see the bag of blood as well, right, it's only fair. My healings going to be amazing and I'm going to go to new levels of super flow. I'm going to triple my income and I'm going to have even more fun and adventure than are I already do. I'm going to love myself even more deeply, but I could do all that stuff with or without the boobs, right, well except for the healing bit, because that wouldn't be required.

It's all just a choice, but I choose to believe in miracles. I choose to believe in expansion and I choose to freaking believe that they are the right thing for me to do when I'm in recovery, is obviously do the things that elevate me and elevate my vibe and that I enjoy to do, because then I feel happy. Then I feel free and then I feel like me and so then I recover even faster, because when you say yes to your soul, life says yes to you. That's the reality. Then maybe I have a little nap later. It's a whole story really.

The Millionaire Mastermind is going to launch Saturday morning at 9 AM my time, which is 7 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday evening. I really don't have much to tell you about it, but should I tell you quickly about it? Then I want to talk about this topic about not admitting. Do you not admit what you really, really want with maybe your business, the kind of business you want, the kind of money you want to make, what about love and relationships, or your body right, or how people see you or accept to you or how much happiness and fun you get time in your life? Do you sometimes not admit what you really want, because there's a fear there that if you acknowledge that, that's how much you want, you want this amazing freaking thing that's this good, if you acknowledged and admitted it, then you basically make yourself so vulnerable. Then if it didn't happen, it's like you got rejected by the universe itself. That's kind of the thing that I wanted to talk about and kick your ass around.

I'm going to tell you for sure, that if you don't admit that you really want something and you don't admit all of it. Then you don't claim it and have the courage and the daily wherewithal to claim it and stand in that power and truth, even though it feels like terrifying or even though it feels like this can never happen or maybe I'm not good enough for this or are not worthy, or my life couldn't be that good. You've got to be courageous enough to keep claiming it every day anyway even, and especially when it seems like it's not working or you're not getting what you want. Thank you Maria.

Otherwise, you're simply never going to fucking get it and I want to talk more about that in a moment. I feel very passionately about how many people out there are just pretending to be okay with their version of, like their second best life basically or third best or freaking 20th best. You should have gone to my surgeon, my surgeon's a legend. He's like the best surgeon here obviously like who else would I choose, right? That's why I had to wait a while for his waiting list.

Then, there's even more to love now. I am launching something that is, that does not exist on the internet and it is going to blow minds. Okay, it's a little hard to move though, it is going to blow minds left, right and centre, left, right and venter. Just tell Ashley to email out this livestream too. "Can I PM his name?" Yes, just PM me and then I'll reply to you. I won't remember otherwise, I have a memory like a old fish. Well that's not even true. I have a short-term memory like a gold fish, but I remember all important things.

Like if somebody said something meaningful to me for example, in January one of 2017, I'll remember exactly what it fucking is. What was I up to? What was I up to? Oh the Millionaire Mastermind. Okay if you jumped in late, you missed the whole booby review, you're going to have to watch the replay.

I've lost my train of thought. Okay, I've got it. This definitely doesn't exist in the internet in the world, anywhere. It is going to blow your beautiful mind. What about grains? What about the grains? I should have some of those chocolate grains. I'm getting a little out of breath. Bag of blood. I am launching on Saturday morning at 9 AM Brisbane time, which is 7 PM New York Eastern Standard Time. Katrina Ruth's high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind, that is exactly what it's called.

We had some argument about it within the team. Well when my team were like, "You can't call it the high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind, because you can't put that on a Facebook" I'm like, "Fuck Facebook ads," but true, so we'll have a duplicate page where we have like a lame ass version, where we call it like high vibe AF Millionaire Mastermind for the Facebook ads. The real name is Katrina Ruth's high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind.

The number one membership programme in the world, in the world you guys. Vampire? I'm not going to drink the blood, I'm just going to carry it around with me when I go out to a coffee shop like a weirdo and freak everybody out. Yes, the number one membership programme in the world for driven entrepreneurs and creators who just want more, which I presume is you or you really shouldn't be here on the livestream, right? If you don't want more, what the fuck do you want? You want less? You want the same? You want nothing? Leave, just leave.

If you're a driven creator and entrepreneur who just wants more, send me a love heart shower now. Go, I'm going to wait for it, so that I know who's here. Here come the love hearts. In about 2009, 2010, I love the love hearts thank you guys. In about 2010, I launched probably like my second official blog and it was called Woman Incredible. Who has, comment if you have followed me since Woman Incredible.

I was so proud of it. I am still so proud of it. I think I'm still cached on the domain name, so nobody can take it, so The tagline was fitness, nutrition and fat loss for driven women who just want more, right? To me that felt perfect and it was like everything, but then a business mentor at the time that I hired, came along. Remembering that this was a time in my life before I fully knew that it was always, always, always, okay and even essential to do whatever the fuck I want and nothing else, and that there are no rules, I wasn't at that point yet of my journey and awareness.

He said to me, "You can't just say for driven women who just want more, because what do they want more of?" He said, it's an unfinished sentence on the tagline, you can't just say driven women who just want more. What do they want more of? I was like, "Everything," like stupid question. What else would they want more of?

I still listened to him though you guys. I have compassion for the younger cal, that's fine. I listen to him and I think I then added something to it like who just want more, I don't even know what I said, probably something bullshit like fitness or who knows, right? Now I just look back and I'm like, oh that's fine, like that was just part of my story and my journey.

Now I'm back too, but that's my audience. Like when I think about who are my tribe, who you are you, well there's a million things I could call you and probably will and do and have. One of them is, you're a driven bad ass who just wants more more. More what? More everything, like anyone who doesn't understand that shouldn't be here and should leave. If you don't understand it then leave.

My Millionaire Mastermind, my high vibe as fuck Millionaire Mastermind is the number one membership programme in the world. In fact, the only membership programme in the world. I've got to change that a little bit, for driven entrepreneurs and creators who just want more. This has been coming actually for a few months, very unlike me to hold something back for a few months, but it's been quite a lot logistically to set up. You're going to be blown away by what we're doing here.

The reason I know it's completely unique and different is that, this is not about doing a mastermind with me, of course it is, but let me explain more. It's a membership programme right, so it's a monthly subscription, you'll be able to pay month to month. I don't look people in for contracts ever right, if you want to leave, you leave, why would I want you there? You're going to stay, because it's going to be so fucking good and then you're going to refer all your friends and then I'll send you a gift. You can send me a gift, because you love me and it will just keep going back and forth basically. PO BOX 861 [inaudible 00:31:42] Paradise 4217 for all gifts or new bras, that's what I'm going to need. Gift vouchers, I'll take gift vouchers for Honey Birdette and for Lululemon. Fortunately I have a friend that works at Lululemon.

Okay, anyway, or I'll take one, I'll definitely take one, I'll take ribs, but probably don't send them to the PO BOX, you can just bring them straight up and then we can do a livestream together. Okay, where I'm I up to? Have a quick ocean break while I think about what I'm up to. All right, done. It's a membership programme. It is where I'm actually giving you my entire team.

This is going to be so next, next, next, next, next level as fucked that you won't even know what's happening. My entire team is going to be at your fingertips, at your fingertips? Yes. You're going to have, we're going to have in-house tech support for you, Facebook advertising support, funnel and marketing support, social media support.

Like you know I've got, well I wouldn't say it's a big town team. I think I have 10 employees total or a couple that are contractors and then the rest are employees. It's pretty big doh for an online entrepreneur, and so they do many ninja like things in the business of course they do. These are all things that I did myself for years though before I had the time when I was building the business, I had to learn how to do all that stuff myself obviously and I did. I still know how to do most of those things, but of course I choose not to, because I'm just too into freaking entertainment, performance show for you and have fun doing whatever I want.

If you're in a stage of your business now where you need or desire knowledge and information around the marketing side of things, like all the strategy of everything that we do in our business right? Like how my whole business runs and operates, or it could be that you get access for your staff to learn from my staff. I feel like I'm not explaining this in a really good way.

Basically what the Millionaire Mastermind is, it's this bad ass as fuck membership programme, where my team will be running the trainings and teachings as well as me. Literally every different thing that is done in my business, you'll have my actual team in there guiding you and supporting you, that's what makes it so unique, because so many people have membership programmes and I have a current membership programme, the have I Mastermind and the have I as fuck millionaire mastermind is the next level, the evolution of the have I mastermind, right. It's like 2.0 or whatever, because I'm like, it's just, there's so much more that I could be sharing if I brought my team in on that.

I did a programme, Million Dollar funnels a couple months ago, where my team taught a lot of the programme. Like I only did maybe 20% of that programme and Ash and Brahman did the rest between them. Ash' my brother slash chief operating officer in my business slash marketing person. Does all my funnels, Brahman does all the Facebook and other forms of advertising and people who did the Million Dollar funnel programme loved it so much, to receive training and access to support from Ash and Brahman as well as me. They're the ones who do those things in my business.

Each month in the Millionaire Mastermind we'll be teaching like the exact freaking stuff that we do and doing a lot of it live. We'll also be like, okay, this is what we're working on this exact month. This is what we're doing this month in our automated income, in our funnels, he's the one who campaign, take it, swipe it, use it. Here's only marketing. Here's what we're doing in our advertising right now, here's how we're doing social media right now.

Then what I will do in there, is just show up like a fucking rock star and do whatever the fuck I want, in terms of I'll be in there with the mindset, the alignment, the purpose, obviously bringing you back to core into you. This is an ongoing programme that you get to be part of. We've got so many cool trainings and like way that it's going to run and everything, you'll get to see when I actually launch it. That's going to launch Saturday morning at 9 AM, Brisbane time, Friday evening 7 PM New York time, and you'll learn more about then.

It's, the founding members offer is strictly limited. It is oh my fucking God amazing, you are going to be shocked, your jaw will be on the floor and then you'll be magnetised as fuck by the how yes of it all. Then you will indeed sign up so I'll see you there. That's about that.

It's a little hard to breathe all the way in. Let me have some Batman juice. Okay, so what's else? Then the other thing was, do you know that when I moved into this apartment, I came up and I stood in the bedroom, in my bedroom where I am now, and I stood like roughly right here where the tripod is. I stood there and this was [inaudible 00:36:18] 13 months, so just every year. This is a beautiful subtend house apartment on two levels, with seven balconies and ocean view from all of them, right? Often if you see me live streaming, I'm in my studio downstairs. The studio's actually directly under the bedroom.

When I moved in here, I didn't actually do the move, my nanny did the move. My nanny such housekeeper Sarafina who did the move for me while I was in, oh yeah hell, I even forgot I even talked about it in there. Oh my God, that was so long ago now. It just was like a lot for us to get ready, because the membership platform has so much content in and all these different stuff and everything and because the whole team is teaching not just me.

Right Lily, great memory. Sarafina did the move for me. I was in Bali of course, where I'm pretty much always at, and she moved from my old apartment. My old apartment was in this building on a different floor, so I had a two bedroom apartment in this building, so I decided to move in the same building, but still it's like moving all your stuff.

I came back from Bali on a 5 AM landing I think and then came back here and got the keys and walked in and it was all like set up. Like my wardrobe, everything just set up beautifully, like I just got to walk straight in. I stood here, right there where I just showed you and I said to myself, "Wow, I wrote this into reality, like this is literally the exact vision and the exact dream that I wanted." I pictured it in my mind and then I started to give myself permission that I would be able to live in such an amazing place. Then I started to claim it boldly in my journaling and I probably talked about it as well I'm sure, right? It just became a thing in my mindset working, in the internal me where it was like of course that's going to happen, because I decide.d I gave myself permission to want what I really wanted and to be a diva.

Or like I don't need an apartment that is so big, that when you're in it you think you're in a house right, why would I need that? Or also the cost was pretty high. I gave myself permission to won't want what I really wanted and then I decided that it would happen. I'm telling you manifestation process right now, right, so pay attention. I gave myself permission to want what I really wanted, number one. If I say it tomorrow, I'll probably say it in a different way, but always pick permission first.

Well, to give you some permission to want what you really want, you've got to first be able to see it. Funnily enough, seeing it fully like seeing it in your mind's eye fully, in some ways comes after and/or with the, maybe back and forth with the commission side of it. At first when you desire something, it's just kind of like a feeling, right? Like you have that feeling speaking to you, where it's like, I just really feel like I want to live in like a fucking bad ass place in the most luxurious high rise on the Gold Coast. I want all the ocean views and I want my own studio, and I want a master bedroom where I wake up and I look out over the ocean each day and so on and so forth.

The vision comes to life through and with the permission giving process. I gave myself permission. I allowed myself to see the vision and then through giving permission, I allowed myself to see more of it. Then number two, thank you I so knew somebody would start typing this up, thank you Lily. I just manifested that. I was like I need somebody to type this up as I talk and then I see that Lily did.

Number two, I decided right? A lot of people miss deciding in the manifestation process. A lot of people skip the deciding step. You might have, like you might allow yourself to see what you want. You might even give yourself permission in a way, but really I feel like if you give me permission then you would be deciding as well, but yeah, we'll just play it out like this. You might even journal about it every day. You might even do your fucking affirmations and like call it in and maybe even take practical action as well.

Then you're like, "Why isn't it happening? Why don't I have it yet?" Then oftentimes when people ask me that, I'm like, "Have you actually decided? Have you decided that this gets to be done? Or are you just talking about it, wanting it and wishing for it and wondering why it's not fucking done," because that's not deciding. Have you decided? Have you made a decision that this is going to happen, this is not up for negotiation, this is how it will be and it's done and I don't even fucking care how?

When you're in a true state of decision, like think back to when you decided something had to happen in your life. Maybe a boob job, maybe whatever else right, maybe you're losing weight, maybe you're making a set amount of money, maybe being in a relationship with that person or whatever it was.

When you really freaking decided things in your life, look back. Did it matter how? Did you then have to go out to look for how and find a strategy? No, you surpassed that, you went so far past the how, that it just, there never was a fucking how. How didn't matter, you're like, what the fuck ever, this is freaking happening bitch, because I decided it, right? We've all done that.

Even it could be something as simple as getting like the amazing handbag that you wanted. It's not always the bigger, well that sounds like a pretty big deal I think for a woman the first time you get like the most beautiful handbag that you've been craving and desiring. That you've said you should spend the money on or you don't have the money for it. Or maybe you're not good enough to carry that sort of purse or whatever right? I think that is a good example.

We've all done this, that's how manifestation works. There is no how in the manifestation process, there just isn't. As soon as you start to go into, if I like, I want this sort of apartment, as soon as I'm like well how do I get this, because apartments like this rarely ever come up in this building? What if, you know it's too expensive and should I really have it? Like if you go into how, then you're not actually focusing on the outcome, you're focusing on the how and that's why you don't get it, right.

I want to come back to the permission step a bit with the clarity, because that's kind of more what I was referring to in the title of this livestream. What I notice is, so many amazing entrepreneurs and just people that I talk with, whether it's clients or friends or comments that I see on Facebook, groups and stuff every day, I feel that people aren't admitting.

Okay, so let's add in admitting as a step, just chuck in, it's like step zero. Step zero before number one is admitting, admitting what you actually fucking want. That's step zero. We can reorder the steps later, because what a lot of people do, is they don't need me what they really want. They don't admit exactly what they want with their business, exactly how they want to make money. They don't admit what they really want romantically or with love. They don't admit what they really want with their body. They don't admit how much support they really want. They don't admit how they just want to be able to click their fingers and have everything done. They don't admit things for lots of reasons and you probably don't admit things for lots of reasons.

I've certainly done this as well and I continue to catch myself and seek not to do that, because I know that if I just admit what I fucking want and then I go through this process that we're talking through, like permission, creating more clarity, more permission then deciding and then I'll get after that in a moment, right, then it just happens. I could never have walked into this apartment and stood here and just felt like, "Wow, I wrote this into reality," if I hadn't first given myself permission that I get to live like this. That's so true with every element of my business and my life and you know that.

I mean part of why or how back on the boobs' thing for so long, I guess it just wasn't fully a how yes for me. Where I like, when it became a how yes is when I booked it and I've thought about it for 10 years. Though I always knew I would have it like even my ex-husband yesterday, I only told him yesterday in the morning, I guess I felt nervous to tell him, but he was like, "I always knew you would," right?

I always knew I would, I'd spoken about it plenty. Everyone who knows me knew I would, but I realise that part of the reason I was probably holding back on it was, I felt like then it's too much, then I'm too much. Like I already have this incredibly successful business, I already carry on like the Queen of the fucking internet, well because I am so who the hell else should I carry on as right? I'm already like so out there and just so owning my own awesome and bad ass all the time. I know it's confronting for people and then I'm like, I'm 38. I'm in shape, I travel all the time. Like I have I guess what could be considered an enviable lifestyle if people desired that sort of lifestyle, I think it's inspiring as well obviously and it shows it's possible.

I feel like sometimes maybe I'm too much. Like should I get to have boobs on top of all of that, right, do you know what I mean? That was my mindset, which is a very ego driven thing of me to think. I'm basically saying like, "Oh well, I don't want to be like too good, because then I'm going to make other people feel like they're not good." Instead of being like, I just get to own who I am and they get to own who they are. Don't make it into a big deal.

Do I desire to have bigger breasts? Yes or no, simple, right? I definitely thought about it. I felt like then it's like I'm even more, I'm not only this [inaudible 00:45:10], carry on bad ass person on the internet, with freaking half my body inked up and then sitting on a fucking throne when I'm in my studio and living my life in a certain way, where I only do what I want and I don't give a fuck and so on and so forth. Then on top of it I'm going to have boobs, it just felt like I'm putting myself out there too much. Like I'm trying to be too much getting attention or something like that.

That was definitely part of my process that I had to work through and choose to release. Since to me like, and I'm going to give myself permission to want what I want anyway. Why? Because I want it, that's it, period, the end. I get to want it because I want it, it doesn't need to be justified, explained, excused. If we own our desires and that causes somebody, either someone who you personally know in your life or people online or whatever it is, to think that you are whatever and then they don't want to follow, well then obviously they don't want to be friends with you or whatever, or cross your relationship, then obviously that's freaking perfect, because it's about being all that you are.

I think with a lot of things as well, like let's take the way my business operates. You know my business makes millions of dollars each year and I literally only do what I want. I'm not like sitting here slaving over my laptop doing shit I don't want to do in order to create that sort of income. I wake up I do exactly what I fucking want all day long. All I do is play and laugh and have fun. Like somebody said once, "How much time do you spend working?" I'm kind of like, "I guess the whole time." They're like, "How much time do you spend playing or having fun or being social or whatever?" I'm like, "The whole time." Like what is work, right? like this does not feel like work to me. This was literally as I said at the start of livestream, this is what I wanted to do.

I'm like, I'm fucking sitting here in bed recovering like it's too boring. I'm going to have some fun. I want to talk to people. I want to talk to people. I messaged someone that I have an appointment with later to see if he could talk earlier. Well he didn't get back to me, so I guess not. Then I was like, "Well, I can't talk to him, so I'm going to talk to you guys." I just felt the need and the desire to talk.

That's all, everything, like writing my blog that I wrote late last night when I was sitting in bed, definitely a little drugged up and off my head. That was because that's what I needed to do. Like the message was coming through me, it wasn't like I better write a fucking blog, because I was in hospital today and I didn't write a blog earlier. Nothing that I do, nothing comes from obligation or duty. I get to do what I want every day. I make money doing what I love. I make money from my purpose work and literally any time I would notice myself starting to engage in an activity that's not coming from solid desire and what I want to do, I would immediately stop and I would hand it over to my team. Or I would just not do it.

Like I know, that when I say yes to my soul, is when everything flows and works. It's actually a discipline and a choice to not do shit that I don't want to do. The point that I'm trying to get to here is, have you given yourself permission for it to be that easy? Have you given yourself permission? We already spoke about permission, but I'm just explaining it in a different way, because I know that what a lot of people do, is they don't admit that they really want that. Like they don't name and claim and admit.

Emma, you get a special reveal, there you go. I talked a lot about the boobies at the start, but we can't see them properly yet. They'll get untaped tomorrow. Double D. I wonder if anybody asked if I just flash the newly done taped boobies on a livestream straight away the next day after having it. I'm sure probably somebody's live-streamed the surgery before.

Have you given yourself, like are you admitting what you really want right, because maybe you think that would be too much. That would be too much, that would make me too much of a diva. Or you think you don't deserve to have life be that good, it couldn't be that good, it couldn't be that easy, it couldn't be that flow based. You like numb down or you dumb down, sorry, what it is you really want to desire and you pretend that you want something less than, because if you admitted what you really wanted, and then you didn't get it, then it will be like the universe itself or God himself bitch slapped you and said that you're not good enough. It's safer to not admit all that you really want, right, who's done that? Admit it. Allow it to be easy.

Well the allowing it to be easy is a daily decision as well. Actually everything that I'm saying here is a daily decision and practise, so it's not like, oh yeah, I did that one time. It's every day you decide. I love the concept that in a relationship with somebody whether it's in a romantic or a child or a friend or even client of course well, we choose each other daily. I choose my clients daily. When I see a message from my inner circle clients, I'm choosing again daily that, yes, I'm so excited and honoured to mentor you and I love you and I love mentoring you. It's not like I decided at the start of the relationship to have a relationship with that person and then never decide again. You just kind of automatically choosing every day.

In a romantic relationship, if you're not actively choosing that person daily in some way shape or form, then you're going to just drift apart and shit will start happening and you'll probably end up falling apart. With all the things that we desire in life, it's a daily practise and a daily decision.

Like fitness, health and fitness, you choose that shit, fucking daily. If you go and do like some 12 week challenge, you get your ass into awesome shape and then you're like, "Sweet, I'm hot as fuck now, I'm done, I'm not going to do that any more," how long is it going to take before that shit gets undone? Not very long at all, right, it will take like three ays and you already start to feel a little bit like not quite as tight and toned.

Fitness and health, we understand that, that's a daily practise and a choice. It's very obvious I think to anybody, saying we're showing up in a business. Like I can be the most powerful messenger on the internet and I think that I'm definitely up there, but if I just stopped, if I just stopped showing up right now as of today, I mean at first people will be like, "Hi, Where are you? What's going on? We miss you." If I just continue to not show up, eventually guys would just be like, "Well, she left, she gave up, she stopped," and you'd have to go somewhere else, because I wouldn't be there right?

I choose daily to show up for my business. I choose daily to show up for every part of my life. The things that we're talking about here, deciding that life gets to be that good, deciding that I get to have it all, deciding that I get to have the business, the money, the body, the love, the romance, the sex or whatever, like all of it, it's all a daily decision and a choice.

No, it doesn't necessarily mean that I write all of those things down every single day, because I don't. I do journal a lot of it every day, like quite a lot. Over the course of the week, every different area would definitely be covered multiple times. I'm not like trying to think about what I should write or not write. Okay, I don't understand that comment at all.

If you feel like you have decided before that you want to have that sort of business, that sort of life, that sort of body, that sort of romantic relationship, whatever it might be. Then you're like, well it's maybe because you don't have it, well, did you actually fucking decide. Are you actually wanting what you really want or are you trying to ask for some second best grey scale version of it, because if you're asking for less than what you actually really fucking want and desire, you're probably going to end up with very little at all. Like nothing, because you're not asking for what's truly in your soul and God slash your higher self, slash the universe is going to be like, "Please, this is not what you really want, so I'm just going to leave this in there, I'm going to leave it in there until you figure it the fuck out." Except a lot of people live their whole life that way, right?

It's not only that yes, you are allowed to have what you really want and you're allowed to have it all. It's that if you pretend that you don't want what you really want, and you pretend you're fine with something that's like less than that, then you're going to leave in a cycle of frustration and of never feeling like you've got, well of course you don't fucking have what you want, because you're not asking for what you want. You probably even won't really get the second best thing that you're asking for. You might get it, but you'll find it'll be really hard work.

Here's the secret about manifestation, about having it all and about having your true like deepest most bad ass desires. This might seem counterintuitive or it's kind of what a lot of people probably believe, but actually it's easier to get the real fucking things that you want. Like the really proper full on picture, than what it is to get something that's like 80% it's good or 90% is good or whatever. You might think it's more reasonable and more achievable to ask for like a slightly less than version of what you desire. Actually you're choosing the hard way.

Not only are you not going to get what you really want, because you're not asking for it and choosing it, but you're going to push really fucking hard. Like when I was running my business where I wasn't fully in alignment and I wasn't teaching my full message and I wasn't allowing myself to be all that me. I was telling myself I've got to do it this way or it was not going to work, I'm not going to make money, that was so fucking hard. I worked my ass off. I was sorry tired all the time. I slept like three hours a night for years, like for years.

Now I'm super proud of that period of my journey. I certainly I'm disciplined like a motherfucker. I certainly know how to do the work, but I look back now and I'm like, that was like 100 times harder than what I do now. When I decided to give in to doing what I really want to do and to only ever doing what I love, is when it got easier.

100% of my clients say the same. Like my clients who have gone past 100K a month and now are doing above 100K a month consistently or in some cases even above 200K a month, 100% of them will tell you, it got easier the more money they're making. Not just because I guess you know we know more now about online marketing or whatever. No, the reason it got easier is because they stopped doing all shit that they didn't want to do. They admitted what they really wanted and they gave themselves permission to let it be easier to have their true vision.

When you give into your true vision and you allow it and you decide and you choose it and you keep doing all that daily, then of course it's fucking easy because that's your soul work. That's what you were born to do. The easiest thing to do in the world is to be you. The easiest thing for me to do in the world is to speak, like this and to show up and to perform. Like some days I'm being like silly and funny and other days I'm like super serious and other days I'm really introspective or whatever and like I'm just being myself. The easiest thing to do in the world is to be myself. Me being me is this. This is what I desired to do this morning, this is just me allowing myself permission to be me, as I sit here and have my day in bed or whatever I'm doing.

I don't think about what I'm going to say. I don't worry about is this going to be a good way to like pre-launch the Millionaire Mastermind or something silly like that. I'm just being fully me. I have no idea in my head that there's anything I have to do to make money. You can start to see how important it is to give yourself permission to own all that you want.

Body stuff it's the same, like oftentimes people say that they want to get down to whatever size or lose X amount of weight, because that would be good, but they are also achieving something that feels like more realistic. Well, what do you really want? What do you really want? [inaudible 00:55:46] sitting with a big bag of blood exactly.

What do you really want though with your body? Don't be fucking reasonable, be fucking unreasonable. How do you want to feel when you get up in the morning? Maybe you're like, "Oh well, I can't have the energy that I had when I was in my 20s." Why the fuck not? "I can't look that way I've had kids." Why the fuck not, right? "I can't have high energy all throughout the day. I can't expect my skin to still be good after all these years in the sun or whatever." Why the fuck not?

I talk a lot about reverse ageing, because it's what I do. I age backwards, because I decided to and because I don't feel that my age or my, things that have happened in my life or like anything has anything to do with anything. I have the energy, the body, the health, the fitness, the physicality, all just because I give myself permission and I own what I really want. I be fucking unreasonable with my goals.

Okay, so that makes it easy. Like I was just saying before, because I mean me the true thing I want, it's easier to get the true thing than to try and get some grey scale version of it. What about the love and romance areas? Well this has been the hardest area for me to give myself permission around. I really struggled with myself worth. I felt like I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy. I had relationship that were hard as you know and then after I came out of that, after I left my marriage, it was like self discovery and exploration and learning in this area. It really has taken like a lot of dedicated applications to my inner work, which I have applied myself to, to finally have got to where I'm like, of cause I get to have like my freaking ideal hell yes, perfect fantasy relationships, because I'm not monogamous. That's why I said relationships. I'm still exploring that and I'm learning and deciding.

I'm still seeing the being vision brought to life in that area, like I'm still creating the vision. I'm still daily giving myself permission and daily getting more clarity around it as well. I give it a lot of attention. I give it a lot of energy, but certainly when I feel a desire for next level communication let's say, or next level sex or next level whatever, I'm not like oh well, that's unrealistic. How it is now is pretty good and it's really good or whatever. I'm like, no, I get to have like the true vision always.

I'll speak up about it, whether it's to me or somebody else or the whole fucking internet or whatever it needs to be. I'm not going to pretend that I don't want what I really want. I'm not going to pretend to myself and I'm not going to pretend to anyone else. I'm going to give myself permission to boldly claim what I desire and to state what I desire, and to choose to trust and believe that if the desire is there inside of me, that means I'm allowed to have it. Rather than playing the game that most people play, which is like, oh well, that would be too much. I'm not going to ask or if I ask for that and then I don't get it, then it somehow proves that I'm not good enough. Be bold enough to ask.

This is all a conversation about courage. We went through allowing yourself to see. I don't even remember what I said step zero was. Now like permission obviously deciding, hang on. I definitely say this a different way each time, but deciding is a daily thing. Then after that, so we've done choosing, seeing it, permission, allowance, deciding.

Remember all these things just cycle through again and again and again and they never stop. The next one that we could put next in line is going to be surrender and detach. Now detachment is an interesting thing. It's a very popular concept in the manifestation world and I talk about it a lot like oh I'm not attached. It's totally fine. Like I desire what I desire, I freaking know it's coming, I know it's available and it's possible. I know it's going to come to life. I'm unavailable for anything less than that, and at the same time, which sounds contradictory but it works, I detach from it and I surrender. Meaning that, I know full well if that doesn't come to life, then it's like this or something better right, so let's have a really clear picture of what I want in my relationships. Then it doesn't come to life even though I really do need it to work and I really show up for it and I really believe and I really claim it and I give myself permission and I decide it daily and I take away the action, which I haven't got to yet et cetera. Then let's say it didn't come to life, then the detachment and the surrender part of it, is reminding yourself that you're totally okay either way.

That if something that you sort inside of you didn't come to life, because it means that there was a better thing. It's like that was more like a stepping stone or something like that, so that's detachment. Detachment is knowing that you don't need it, that you're not going to be complete or whole by having that money, that body, that business, that relationship et cetera. That you're good enough, you are enough and you have enough just as you are.

That's detachment and surrender and it's a critical part of the manifestation process, which a lot of people leave out. Again, it's a daily practise, but then at the same time, and I wrote about this sort of in my blog last night. I think sometimes we get so fucking, like we're like so fuck involved, I'm just detached from everything. I don't need anything. I'm so conscious, I'm so woke. It's like, yeah, I think you seem to be kind of attached to the idea that you're not attached to anything. You're really fucking attached to that idea.

I was saying that to myself yesterday, because it's contradictory still in my head. I feel like I'm still figuring this out, but I know for sure like in the relationship area, I have needs and desires and I will call it a need. I'll call it a need. I'll call it a need. I'll call it a requirement. This is what I need. I need this level of communication. I need to feel this way. I need to know where I stand, stuff like that. I can definitely at the same time say, "Well of course I'm fine without it, because if somebody wasn't available to give that to me, then it would be, okay, this is not obviously going to continue to grow together, because these are my needs and these are my requirements.

It is a need and it is a requirement, and in that sense I'm attached, right? Then bigger picture says I'm not attached and surrender and I'm fine without it, because I know that if I was unable to receive that from another person, then that just simply shows that this is not allowed to be together. It's perfect right, so everything is always perfect, everything is always fine. There's nothing you ever need, but at the same time you can be like and this is what I need, so it's super contradictory, but it's a reality of life. There's lots of contradictions in business and life.

It's kind of like these detached dis attachment. I also say like contented discontentedness, like kind of being, well of course I'm totally fine I have everything I need already. At the same time I want so much fucking more and I'm going to get it. Okay, and so then the final step and I for sure could probably add all these in, but this is like a quick version.

The final thing is aligned action, taking aligned action in the moment right. You only ever need to take my magic boobies, you only ever need to take aligned action in the moment. What that means is, let's say I desire to be famous everywhere, right and to have people watching my show all around the world, like millions of viewers. Then I could sit down from a normal person's standpoint and you go, okay, let's make a plan of how I'm going to grow like my YouTube, how I'm going to grow my Facebook, how I'm going to grow my Instagram, how to create viral content all that sort of stuff.

Sometimes I still fall into that pattern and then I get so fucking bored that I fall asleep right there on the table and so it never works, because I just freaking hate it and I won't do it. Also because on a fundamental level, I don't believe in how. None of the success I've created in my life has come from a strategy or a plan. It's come from me being me, so I know for sure that my fame blowing up even bigger than what it already is, like I'm famous in this industry, but I get to be famous everywhere. Yes, when I film with my videographer for example like I think about what sort of cool content we're going to make today. I've started creating skits with him, I haven't published them yet, but they're really funny. I want to do skits and I want skits to go viral, and I want to do like super inspiring edited up really well created cut together videos as well and I want them to go viral. I do think about it when he's there and when we're there at the time.

I'm not like trying to plan it in advance and create like a formula to go viral, because it's just not how I choose to believe. I know for sure, like I've journaled and I've channelled and downloaded on this many times, I know that my next level fame will come from me being me. Just like you can't predict falling in love, like you can't plan to meet your soulmate or you can't plan to fall in love, it just kind of hits you in the face, you're like, what the fuck, that just happened, right?

The same thing with something like going famous, I think I can plan, create viral content that's going to exhaust the fuck out of me and I don't enjoy it. Or I can allow myself to be in flow and some days it hits bigger than others, some days it gets a big feedback, some days it doesn't and so what, I just keep being me. My whole business has been built from just being me and from taking aligned action in the moment.

Same with fitness, same with relationships all of it. It's not what is my plan in advance for tomorrow, it's what do I feel like doing right now? What I'm I called to do right now? Right now I'm called to do this fucking livestream, so that's what I do. Then after that I'm called to do whatever I'm going to do.

A huge part of this and one more point that we can add in is trust. For all of this to work you must be in trust, you must be in a state of trust and coming from faith and coming from I choose to believe that when I'm just being me, is when things work all right. I'm going to go. I'm I've come here to say.

Watch the replay. Millionaire Mastermind is going to be freaking amazing. I can't wait to share it all with you. I feel like we've brought some good fire today. Send me a shower of love heart if you loved it. Holy shit, I can't do my arm thing out quite as violently as I usually do. Yes, I love you. Thank you for being part of this community, thank you for live-ing with me from my post surgery bed this morning. I will reveal more when I can. Have an amazing rest of the today. Leave me a comment if you didn't already. I do read the comments later and do not forget, life is now, press play.