Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: Ooh. That made a significant improvement, didn't it? Just that little forward tilt. She just needs a little bit of a forward tilt. Who's she? Not me, the tripod. The tripod is a girl, she's a lady. She's a lady who lunches. Somebody just invited me to lunch, I was like, "Ooh, lunch. How fancy." I feel like lunches for really fancy people, is that a true thing or am I making it up? I don't do lunch, who does lunch? Do people even eat lunch? Is that a thing? Who goes to lunch? What's that about? Who goes to lunch, I mean really. If you invite me to a lunch for your birthday, I'm going to be a little bit like, "Really, what's up with that? Dinner, I'll go to dinner." Live, we are live. I'll go to dinner, I will go for the espresso martinis ... I want to get my beach that's on both sides in. Dilemma. I don't care for that spiky spiky behind me. Do you reckon I should move it?

Katrina Ruth: You think I could fix up my bloody set ... my fabulous set, before I get on it. You would think that, but if you thought it, you would be wrong. You go to lunch, who goes to lunch? My mind is being blown. You can't just go around going to lunch. I'm going to move this plant here. Oh man, my cushion situation just went out the window. All right. Hello. Just do a little bit of furniture shifting before we begin. I'm kicking it with my foot, I don't like that plant. Plant can fuck right off. With love. With love to wherever it came from. That is much better. Isn't it infinitely better? Do you feel like we need more brightness? Ha. What do you think? I'm just done with the throne right now, sorry, I'm just done with sitting in the throne. Sometimes the queen got to get off the motherfucking throne. Hello from Darwin. Why have I still in my whole life not been to Darwin? Okay that's it.

Katrina Ruth: Who wants to do an amazing, amazing, kick ass entrepreneur retreat in Darwin? In a very fabulous high end location. Why are all my cushions falling off? As fast as I pick them up, they're falling off. What's happening? And why am I a little bit out of breath? Did something exciting happen to me? Not really. Something exciting is always about to happen, it's probably going to happen right now on this live stream. Okay yes, you guys are in. Oh my god I'm not even joking, I'm announcing it officially ... okay North Carolina, what are you going to offer me there? Is there good grits there, because I'll consider it. But they've got to be a lot of chicken, a lot of meat, a lot of protein. Darwin for sure we can get some really good meat. Right. Is there Vegemite on my face, because I was just eating quite a lot of it straight out of the jar, mushed with avocado and toast. So this is my studio, usually my throne is right there. I pushed it out of the way. Fuck you throne for now.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, I'm announcing it officially, we're doing a very high end retreat in Darwin. I know for sure there's some fancy places in Darwin. Everyone send a love heart shout to Tina because she's just created that. Because she said, "Hi from Darwin," and I suddenly was like, "Oh my god, that's it. I've always wanted to go to Darwin and I've just never gotten around to it." And I have looked up those places and I know there's some really cool places you can go and do a retreat at, for sure, right? Tina's going to tell us what they are. We'll figure it out, we'll figure it out. I'm doing it, 10 women. How much will it be, how much will it be? Let's work it out right now. What am I talking about? Magic and power, we'll get to that in a moment. Let's do this retreat, this is the best way to do it or I'll just forget. So let's do this retreat, what month are we up to now?

Katrina Ruth: We're going to do it in ... is it ... I was going to say will it be too hot in August, but then I remembered we're in Australia not America. August must be a pretty good month for Darwin, because it's not going to be crazy fucking hot, right? But it will still be hot enough. Cannes? I don't know about Cannes. I've been there already, sorry. So I think we should do it end of August, let's do it late August. Let's figure this out right now. I didn't even know I was going to launch a retreat, this is fucking amazing. I've never just created an offer on a live stream and then launched it. Who would not want to come to an incredible retreat in Darwin and we can do many nature-y things. How long should it go for? Vote. Four days? Four nights and three days? How long? We're going to do it, that's July right? We're going through the diary. And I'll do the same retreat in America, don't worry. So put your votes in for which city it should be in.

Katrina Ruth: We're going to do it at the end of August, from Thursday August 30th, Mim can you write this down so that I don't forget about my own retreat? Yeah, four days. We're going to arrive on Thursday 30th of August, 31st, 1st is two, and we'll go through to the Monday. Now how much will it be? I don't know, should I include accomodation or not? I can really start putting up prices when I don't know if I'm putting out accommodations. I've been to Austin Texas many times. It's amazing, amazing. I love Texas. I do like Texas a lot. I have multiple reasons for liking Texas. But I love Austin. All right, well I've been to Dallas a lot, a lot, that's for sure. And I do like it there too a lot. A lot, a lot. Okay you guys are signing me up for a Texas retreat as well, are you? All right, well maybe. We'll see. I got to admit that my reasons for going to Texas are shortly about to be diminished. So what else was I saying?

Katrina Ruth: I'm trying to decide should I give you a price right now for the retreat, but the only thing is I don't know how much, if I'm going to include accommodations or not. I've got to include accommodation. I think it's going to have to be a fabulous Airbnb where we can all stay. Do you think there is a fabulous Airbnb where we can all stay there? I don't even know what we're going to do on this retreat, but we will do everything. It's going to be a soul shifting, money making retreat. Soul shifts and money making. Message me now ... not now, pay attention here right now, message me on my personal Facebook if you want to come to the Darwin retreat. It's going to be full luxury and full stripping you back to the core. It'll be a hustle house, mixed with sausage, chips, and cellular ... cellular shifts and money making mixed with lots of martini and fun time, mixed with definitely full on adventure shit. Which I don't know what it's going to be yet, but you can't go around [inaudible 00:07:23] Darwin without doing crazy adventures and nature stuff.

Katrina Ruth: Of course there's going to be a wine cellar ... yeah, we're going to do an Airbnb, we're not doing a hotel-y place. We'll get a chef, you know we'll get people to do things for us, and we will do a lot of high end lux stuff. We will rip your soul out, it will be high end with soul ripping. What else would you desire or want? Nothing. And we're definitely going to be getting into some full on nature shit of some kind. I'm really excited. It'll probably be 10 places max. I don't know how many people you can get into an Airbnb but I feel like 10's a good number anyway for me energetically. We're going to go to the water field, Tina's announcing it. Waterfalls. Message me about it and I'll sort it out over the next several days. How exciting. I'm so excited. I've been wanting to do some kind of like smack down boot camp slash hustle house, slash soc definitely running with the soc ... ooh, ooh, ohh, how have I never seen that hashtag before?

Katrina Ruth: Lisa says she loves a good soul fuck. Fuck me. Fuck my soul please. Oh my god. Can I just quickly message that to somebody before we continue? Oh wait. I'll save it for later. Please fuck my soul, wait you already did. Okay so anyway, a little distracted, because I've known for ages that I so want to do a retreat and I couldn't ... oh my goodness this speaks to everything we're here to talk about. You know how fucking powerful and magical you are. That is a long ass name. Joelyn Rose McKayla Jane Longbow. Is that one person or have you got multiple profiles going on there? What's happening? Yes, well I'm going to take it and PM it to someone privately Lisa. Anyway, so anyway, I'm now thinking about that. I've really wanted to do a retreat for ages, a wine coach? I don't need a fucking wine coach. What do you mean a wine coach? I'm totally fine without a wine coach for choosing wine. Do you mean a couch? I don't understand what a wine couch is either though. And I just didn't have the idea coming forth from me. One name. Amazing.

Katrina Ruth: Now I feel like I have name scarcity, my name's too short. I still have to get around to finalising what my next name is going to be. My new name. No that's right, I remember what it is. I'm changing my surname to Show. I'm legitimately, legally going to do this. And everybody can get fucked if they think it's kind of stupid. But I'm going to change my name to The Katrina Ruth Show. I don't know if you're allowed to legally change your name to The in Australia, but we'll see. But you can ... but I can definitely change my last name to Show. So my actually name will be Katrina Ruth Show. And then Facebook can suck it about how I'm not allowed to change my page name to the Katrina Ruth Show, because they were like, "Where's the show?" And I'm like, "Bitches please. This is the motherfucking show." Seriously. So then if it's my legal name? Just amazing. I'm just amazed at my own amazingness right now. I'm very impressed with myself. This cushion is scratching my back up. I'm exfoliating my back right now with these sequins.

Katrina Ruth: And where did my other motherfucking cushion go? Did that purple cushion escape so far that I can't even see it? It's behind me. Okay. You've got to have a little bit of crazy in your life. People will be like, that's too far, changing your name to Show. No they wouldn't, you guys wouldn't, but normal people would. Well what's even the point of life if you can't muck around and be silly and have fun and shenanigans? We are going to have so much shananiganary on this Darwin retreat. I'm so excited that I'm doing a retreat in Darwin, I can't believe I didn't know that. I can't believe that the divine forces just aligned themselves together right now. I've been putting off organising a retreat in Australia for so long, because I'm like fuck the Gold Coast. Okay, this is the Gold Coast and it's quite beautiful and I have an amazing view here and I have a huge double story apartment here where technically I could run a fucking retreat here ... but I just didn't feel it, I didn't feel it, I didn't feel it.

Katrina Ruth: And then the Darwinism came through within the whole Darwinism bit, but definitely the Darwin bit. We're going to have the best time ever. I'm going to bring my sister Jess up. Somebody tell her. Maybe I should rope in some of my friends. Maybe I should bring some of my badass friends. We're going it on Thursday August 30th. We just co-launched it right here on this live stream Helen. People in America, you would totally come from America to a retreat in Darwin. It'll be fucking amazing. Who of my friends would you want to see at this retreat? Put your votes in and we'll see if we can persuade them. And then I've got to do the retreat somewhere in America that's like ... For those of you who don't know where Darwin is, it's in the desert, it's the red fucking centre, it's where Uluru is slash Ayers rock, whatever it's being called now. I'm sorry I'm not up to speed. That's probably very politically incorrect. And you know, the crockadoo and there are very many scary beasties, that probably the Americans will all be scared of.

Katrina Ruth: That's where the real dangerous things are I suppose, no it could be anywhere, it could be right here on this chair. And then yeah, yeah. Sedona I've been too, I feel like Sedona's too obvious, because every motherfucker does Sedona. Do you know what I mean? What's the west coast, tell me more about that. Does that mean the side where New York is? Is that what you mean by west coast? I do know that, but you have to be more specific. You're thinking Ellis Springs with the Uluru. Okay you're right, I don't know anything about geography, but we could travel. We could take a day trip. It's in the same state. It's not even a state, it's not even a state, it's a fricken territory. You getting me distracted. So I want to do it somewhere that's super cool and outdoorsy. Maybe in like a mountainous part of California, what do you think about that? All right, we'll figure it out. Leanna Francisco, that's a fabulous name. Maybe my surname should be Francisco, except it's going to be Show. West coast is California. Okay I know nothing about geography.

Katrina Ruth: East coast ... ah, yeah, that's why they call it Eastern Standard time for the New York time. I'm not dumb, because clearly I've built a multi-seven figure business online, and by the way I'm a mass genius. Yosemite is amazing, I've been there, I got snowed in in an RV. Oregon, I've never been there. So clearly I have some wit and intelligence about me, but don't ask me things about geography, I get very fucking confused. And the other thing that I really can never figure out ... What? Who's ringing my doorbell right now? What's happening? Is that my sister turning up 26 minutes early? Inappropriate. I don't mind really, but I hate to be interrupted on a live stream. What's going on? Let's tell her off. You're early, I'm on a live stream. No it's fine, I was being a smart ass so that the livestream people laughed at me. Okay she made a funny face, I don't think she thought it was funny. She was like, "Oh, sorry." All right, don't worry. Anyway, we'll tell her about the Darwin retreat. There we go, I cracked the door for her.

Katrina Ruth: Hey would you like a tour? This is lounge room, look how boring it looks I need some ... There's supposed to be a big picture behind that wall, it fell down. Here's another balcony for you, it's a bit misty today. Kitchen, and there's a whole upstairs. Massive kitchen. Here's my studio where we were. See this long ass picture on the wall was supposed to be behind that other couch. And there's my daughter's playroom. This is a little girl's heaven in here. It's supposed to be a study but she commandeered it. I like her style. There's the throne, its sorry ass is now sitting in the corner. Okay so it's been established, we're doing a Darwin retreat, Darwin is not Alice Springs. Katrina does not know east coast from west coast but she does know how to make money online. So you can all forgive her and you can all listen. And now I'm apparently talking about myself in the third person from now on. Did you know, did you know, before I get distracted by magickery and shenaniganary, did you hear the Empress is open?

Katrina Ruth: Mim, give them some Empress details. But this is only for the people who know that they're like so bored as fuck with themselves for not showing up fully. And really that part of the reason for that is that you're actually not here just to be a frigging coach. You can coach all day long, but it's not who you're really here for. How you're really here. Why you're really here. Who you're really here to be, I'll get there eventually. It's to be an empress at the helm of the empire. Commanding the minions to do things. Okay that sounds really bad, but tell me you don't like the sound of it. And if you don't, don't apply, simple. Empress. It's time for some empresses to step into their empressness. Epressness. Empressory. Empressory. What does it say here on this comment. This is some damn compelling copy if I do say so myself. This came out of me like a woosh, like a woosh of magic and power. I was on a plane on the way to Bali, so much badassery comes out when I'm on Bali.

Katrina Ruth: Ask valet guys to let you up or buzz again if they say no. The live stream people need to see you now. She said the buzzer didn't work. They are waiting. I have something to tell you. I'm just messaging her on what's up. All right. That stupid buzzer. My buzzer of my apartment, it's very snooty. It's very hoity-toity about who it will let in and not let in. It basically never lets Kelly Renee in. I think it started letting Kelly Renee in now, it will just let in whoever it likes. It usually lets Matt in, he should be here in not too long. My videographer. And it just basically selects who it wants in. Shogun ninjas. Yeah they are ninjas, they're actually ninjas. I guess I was referring to my children as the minions. You can't have them. But really ninjas, that's exactly right Carla. Who doesn't want ninjas. Let me tell you about Empress, I'm going to read it to you. It's such a kick in the ass read. It really is. It will reach into your soul. Hang on. Okay, no that was my blog. I almost accidentally read you my whole blog.

Katrina Ruth: You should go read that, that is an ass kicking and a half. Empress, claim your rightful place now. Ready to play into the camera, give them a show. Turn the dial up and become a motherfucking star. Empress. Claim your rightful place now. Four weeks, one on one, with Katrina Ruth, excuse me, legal name, The Katrina Ruth Show ... for women unapologetically born for more. Jessa says ha, ha, okay. She'll be here shortly. This is what is missing ... listen to this, let it speak to your soul. I'm going to sermonise to you now. Sermonise. This is what is missing, you, you're a queen. Okay should be on the throne. But I'm just over the throne right now. You're a queen, a leader, a bad ass, we know this. You were born for it and it shines out of every pore of you, but more than that, you're a motherfucking empress. If you know that's true, shower me with love hearts now. Claim your place as an empress.

Katrina Ruth: You're a motherfucking empress gorgeous, you've always known this and let's get real now. It might sting a little. This whole little game you're playing of, "I'm a coach, and teach this or that, or the other thing. Join my programme, sign up for my stuff, I'll teach you how. And I'll show you the process and how it can help you." Well it sounds pretty fucked up to me. Jessa is laughing at me in the background. I'm just taking off the stepford-preneurs. We'll bring her on shortly. You're going to have to say something amusing or she refuses to get on. She's very much the diva. It might sting a little. Oh I said that bit already. Okay this little game you're playing. Okay it was never going to cut it, was it now? No. Oh that hurt my boob. I flung my hand ... it keeps happening to me, I did it on a live stream with Patrick yesterday, I was like, "Hug. Ow." This left one is stuffed up, it doesn't want to be stretched too far. It's very juicy though.

Katrina Ruth: It was never going to ... this is my sales video by the way, sales video. If we could chop it out and put it on a sale page, it would be as appropriate as fuck. It was never going to cut it now was it? No. This is not new information for you, der. You look around at all the things you tell yourself you have to do each day. The way you think you got to show up, sell, prove your worth, get people to want to learn from you, and therefore pay you ... why did I not think of putting this on a scripty thing on an iPad behind the tripod and I could have just read it and you would have thought I'm a magician. So well versed in my own copy, I am a magician. We'll talk about that in a moment. Magic and power, it's coming. I think I'm doing a good demo of it. What am I up to here? The way ... I did that bit.

Katrina Ruth: The way, I'll do it again. The way you think you got to show up, sell, prove your worth, get people to want to learn from you, and therefore pay you, and what you don't see is that ... listen to this bit, write this shit down. Sit up fucking straight and pay attention Deneen and everybody else as well. You probably were already sitting up, since you just said that you're glad you didn't fall asleep ... the reason you were always meant to be paid ... Damn highly, I might add, is for people to be in your presence. In your aura. There's nobody laughing at me behind the tripod. So I can't be doing any live streams in public anymore, they've gone next, next level. To be in your aura. Is it true or is it true? To soak up the energy and the essence of you. Ode d'tea tree deodorant. Tea tree oil deodorant. And Chanel. To be lifted up and elevated to where they need to be, and into the action which automatically just goes with it, because of the way that you show up and shine.

Katrina Ruth: This has nothing to do with what you teach. It's not a motherfucking strategy. I am giving you sales genius to read right now. Genius to read, so word, write it down. And you can break down the components of it all you like, but really it's a vibration thing. Okay this is where you know if empress is for you or not, because you've either got it or you don't. I can't give you that shit, I can't make you a motherfucking star, you already are the damn star and maybe you just need a little bit of soul alignment and adjusting and ass kicking. It's a vibration thing, you either got or you don't. If you got it, why are you not flaunting it? And you, well you have always had it, haven't you? You who knows who you are. Okay there's definitely some Vegemite with avocado and vegetables coming up right now. Have some coffee. All right. You always had it, haven't you? You've always been that person who shines so, full stop. Fucking full stop. Bright full stop.

Katrina Ruth: Who sees the world in a particular way in which others do not, who has lived their life, that came out weird ... in a certain way in which others do not, who has quite literally trained for this shit. Since you were a young girl, as far back as you can remember, no need to pretend otherwise. You knew you were born for more. You looked around, I feel like Dr. Deuce now ... As though in a daze. Not quite understanding what everybody else was on about, so boring, or why they cared so much. So lame. And just kind of sort of always fucking realising, "Well. This is not where I am going to be anyway." Yes? Yes. "These are not my people. This is not my path. This is not the world I will operate in." It is as though your soul always knew, since before time even began, that you came from different stock. My god I'm a copywriting genius. Somebody should pay me for this shit, except I wouldn't do it for any money in the world, I'd do it for the fun.

Katrina Ruth: For the fun and for the flow. I tell you how to write that shit out too. You were born into the wrong world, you had to spend time there for perhaps for learning, or growth, or just the gathering of patience, but it was always clear that one day ... Okay this sounds mean ... just as with an orphan, who dreams she is really born of royalty, reality, royalty? Same thing. Your real life would come for you. What you didn't realise, what you were perhaps never told ... and why would you be, because who would tell you back then, or even know ... but I'm telling you now. What you must now take ownership of, is that the life you've been waiting for this whole time, and the you who you've always known you must step into, it was never going to come for you at all. You have to step up for it. All right. When you're ... oh my goodness I want to stop but there's just a little bit more I've got to read, and then I've got some things to say. I'm getting fired up right now.

Katrina Ruth: Now here we are. You show up online every day doing the do. Valiantly seeking to demonstrate why you are better coach, or even the best ... When actually you are not a motherfucking coach at all. And quite frankly the whole thing faintly sickens you, because when all is said and done and if you dare to admit it, you're just so much more than that. That's all. It's the way it's always been. You just didn't know you had to own it is all. And now, well you wonder why you struggle to break that next income level. You wonder why so many of the things you set out to do exhaust you, and you either don't do them ... and continually beat up on yourself for it ... give me a comment if read the [inaudible 00:25:29] of this ... or you do them and you resent every fucking second of it. You wonder what is wrong with you. Why you can't just get your shit done. Why you don't seem to think or feel like the other coaches.

Katrina Ruth: And why it doesn't feel like flow yet when the whole damn point supposed to that you just get to wake up each day, follow your heart, create your art, do what you can't not. And you know that yes, it actually motherfucking was. So why does it not feel that yet, why is it that even when you're claiming flow and ease there is this constant fucking niggle there? Why? Why? Talking directly to you, [inaudible 00:26:04]. This constant fucking niggle there, I knew exactly why that niggle's there. I lost the word niggle on my screen right now though. It's a dilemma. Ah, this missing piece, this emptiness, this frustration, this won't you all fuck off and leave me alone energy. Yes, you should put a queenie emoji in if you know that this is you. Isn't it obvious? Don't you see? Haven't you always fucking known? You're not a coach. You're not an online business owner. You're not even actually an entrepreneur. Not if there's a period after it, anyway. Entrepreneur period? No. Entrepreneur amongst many other fabulous things. Yes. You can do all these things. Be all these things.

Katrina Ruth: And indeed always will ... however, what you are, who you are, how it's always been, and why the whole damn thing is not in fact flowing as you know it could and should be, is because you are an empress baby. Lucky I didn't do this on the beach. Born for more. Born for exceptional. Born for extraordinary and not of this world. And you tell yourself how outrageous it is, to think so highly of you, to expect so much, to feel that really if the world were at rights with itself you would be in charge. Me, I'd be in charge. Just to be clear. You might feel the same way, but really it's me. We all know that. I don't mind for you, but it's really me.but you might think that you created a manifested me, but really it was me. But think whatever you like. You would be in charge. To know that you know, that you know, that people really need to shut the fuck up and listen to you.

Katrina Ruth: And that actually you should always and only get to do what you want, have what you want, with the click of your fingers and the blink of your eyes and totally as you imagined it. And that while we're on it, people should motherfucking you pay just to be in your presence. Am I right or am I right. Give me an Amen if I'm right. You can do it via Amen, A-M-E-N period. With or without the period, or love heart shower, or little cat emojis. Whatever works for you. You tell yourself it's too much and crazy when in actual fact you know, and you've always known she says ... with a shrug of her shoulders and a what do you want me to do about it look ... this is just how it is. Which I suppose begs the question, when in actual fact do you think that you might start own the fact that this is how it is? Hmm? Hmm. I like that Amen Katherine, nicely done. How about ... Question, How about right fucking now? Empress, caps lock on, claim your rightful place, now.

Katrina Ruth: Four weeks one on one with Katrina Ruth ... excuse me, The Katrina Ruth Show, legal name ... for women unapologetically born for more. Jess apply to have my changed to The Katrina Ruth Show. Go into the Queensland name changing register. I'm changing my surname to Show. And the first name's going to be The Katrina. And I'm not joking, just for laughs, straight no shenanigans.

Jessa: Is it a space or two words?

Katrina Ruth: Space. My first name is going to be The Katrina. And my middle name will be Ruth and my surname is Show.

Jessa: I think it can be done.

Katrina Ruth: Yes. She's doing it now. Ninjas, they're everywhere. Everywhere. What are we up to? Four weeks one on one with The Katrina Ruth Show for women unapologetically born for me. Empress energy and vibrations. Katherine's changing her last name to Empress, all in. Empress expectations and demands. With a humble, grateful attitude. Empress environment, every part of it. Empress empire, the whole shebang. Empress copy, it's a free bonus. You can have it when you come to the Darwin retreat. Empress motherfucking everything ... the way it was always supposed to be. It is time to stop playing so coy, pretending you want for so little and telling yourself a story. I'm channelling the version of me where I do my branding videos with Chris Collins in LA where I just turn it on ... I'm turning it on. Well I did write my blog this morning, Turn It On. It's time to stop playing so coy, I'll say it again. Pretending you want for so little and telling yourself a story.

Katrina Ruth: That you're here to build a business online, make some money, be one of the fucking pack, when the only truth is always ... You were born to run the world. Beyonce as fuck. Run this thing. Empress initiation has begun. Your rightful place is waiting. This is one on one with me, the likes of which has never been done before ... Well actually it was done the first time that I ran Empress. But this is the second time. And that was fucking amazing and oh my holy Vegemite, wait till you see the feedback from that. I will share the testimonials. Whatever, it matters whether it's speaking to your soul or not, but still I will. It will take your breath away. It will shake you to the core. It will cause you to question everything you're doing right now ... Let's be honest, you already are.

Katrina Ruth: What am I up to, I keep losing my place. And it will show you unapologetically why you feel so damn empty inside when you're supposedly doing everything you're meant to be doing. How can you feel what you're mean to feel, when it was always supposed to be about, and what it was always supposed to be about, when you haven't even actually begun on the life you really came here to build. There's a reason you feel like so much is missing, and here is what it is ... The thing you've been missing is being the real fucking you. Empress gorgeous, me and you. Claim your rightful place and everything which goes with it. When? Life is now. Time to be the motherfucking show. Private message me on my personal Katrina Ruth page for details. Goddamn it, I just made an entire sales video. Ash will be thrilled. That was quite a bit of shenanaginary that injected itself into the sales video. And do you know what else I did? I launched an entire retreat in Darwin. And you're coming as well by the way Jess.

Jessa: Oh sweet.

Katrina Ruth: Yep. That just happened on the live stream. Somebody said that they're there from Darwin and next thing we were planning an Airbnb of higher vibration [inaudible 00:32:05] in Darwin. It's going to be August 30th. Can you come?

Jessa: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Would you like to go on the live stream? Do you have anything to say to people? She's thinking about it. she's considering it.

Jessa: I don't have my ninja costume ready though.

Katrina Ruth: You look amazing.

Jessa: Well that's true.

Katrina Ruth: Well that's true, it's obvious she says. She like, why do you even say such a silly thing. I don't know do we need to get another chair? Are we going to pull this chair over? Who wants Jess to appear on the live stream? Jess is the ... What are you even? She's the business manager, she's the mistress of the Millionaire Mastermind ... are you the mistress? The mother hen?

Jessa: Someone said I was the sensei.

Katrina Ruth: She's the sensei. Oh wise, one. Oh wise one.

Jessa: Wise sensei.

Katrina Ruth: Oh wise one, would you like to join me on my live stream wise one?

Jessa: Yes, I feel [crosstalk 00:32:55] capes back here, I feel like [crosstalk 00:32:59].

Katrina Ruth: Put a cape on if you must, capes will make you look like Dracula, they're atrocious. Jess has never been on a live stream with me.

Jessa: No.

Katrina Ruth: Everybody's giving you a lot of love heart showers. You need 45 cushions. Don't appear without 45 cushions. You got to go get all the cushions.

Jessa: [inaudible 00:33:18] yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Because you'll feel like a little, so you'll feel like a little minion sitting down on that chair. Let me get you another purple cushion. Hold yourself tight right wherever you are. Don't hold yourself in a rude way, that's not what I meant by hold yourself tight. Well you can if you want. All right. You want to have one of them behind you. You want to sit on two cushions or maybe one, depends on how you feel. Perch, perch on the cushions.

Jessa: She's going to have the lackeys now push apply cushions.

Katrina Ruth: There we go, there's mini cushions.

Jessa: I feel like there's too many cushions.

Katrina Ruth: There's no such thing as too many cushions. Look at the side boob, would you? It's quite incredible. Okay somebody said ... one of my male friends said to me yesterday, why have I not sent him a photo of my breasts yet. And I was [inaudible 00:34:06]. That's not something I was planning to do. He was like, "Oh I just feel like whenever girls get their boobs done, they always want to show everyone." I'm like, "Well that's true, they do look amazing," but I'm trying stay within the realms of what's appropriate and not send before and after photos as requested to all my male friends.

Jessa: I think it is now time to get you some of those Lady GaGa nipple [crosstalk 00:34:28].

Katrina Ruth: I'm not wearing nipple tassels. This woman is-

Jessa: No tassels.

Katrina Ruth: If someone is insisting in dressing me in bizarre things-

Jessa: Sequined stickers.

Katrina Ruth: Here she comes, give her a warm welcome. My sister Jessa, mistress, sensei, the ... What the fuck?

Jessa: Den master? That was naughty.

Katrina Ruth: Hold on, I didn't sign off on den master. Didn't we say ringleader?

Jessa: Oh yeah, ringleader was one.

Katrina Ruth: Really?

Jessa: I like ringleader.

Katrina Ruth: Let's have a vote, look at all the love that you're getting. You might speak to Jessa in a lot of my groups. And in fact we're going to do some filming today, that's why she's popped around. We're going to film a welcome video for the Millionaire Mastermind.

Jessa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: And you're going to get to know Jessa quite well in Millionaire Mastermind. But have you been on a live stream ... You might have done a live into High Vibe or something.

Jessa: Yeah, I've done a live into High Vibe, I forced [inaudible 00:35:21] to do a live once. [crosstalk 00:35:24]

Katrina Ruth: That's different, that's not you. You can't just say I forced someone-

Jessa: Oh, well I was on it.

Katrina Ruth: Oh you were in it.

Jessa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Madam Lash.

Jessa: Ooh, that's ...

Katrina Ruth: It's not a sex programme, it seems to be going-

Jessa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: ... but I have helped many people manifest amazing sex of life, it's an [inaudible 00:35:39] thing that I'm doing. I'm okay with it, I'll go with it. Mistress-

Jessa: How does the lash play into place? Because I'll lash people. Well, yes. I did buy multiple whipping props for [crosstalk 00:35:57].

Katrina Ruth: If you see me holding weird ass props in my live streams, I don't mean like a normal sceptre, like obviously a queen would ... but if you see me pick up like riding crop-

Jessa: See these? These were bought because they are ninja swords. And you have ninjas around you all the time.

Katrina Ruth: Then she's like, "Do you want some nipple tassels?" Tina says gorgeous, the colour. Tina's the one who initiated the Darwin retreat because she said she was in Darwin. And somehow we all co-launched a retreat together. Jessa also made me this Chanel hip flask. She made it.

Jessa: Well, I designated a ninja to make it.

Katrina Ruth: She outsourced it. Like an official ninja does.

Jessa: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: But she oversaw it, she oversaw the design of it.

Jessa: I feel like we should write to Chanel and say, "Excuse me-"

Katrina Ruth: I don't know why the fuck you got me a key as a prop, what is this supposed to do.

Jessa: Oh it was relevant to something at the time and now it's irrelevant.

Katrina Ruth: I feel like you had this key in my props for ages, I'm like, "But why? What is it the key for?" Is it for the door where all the dead wives of Bluebeard are?

Jessa: Who is Bluebeard? Is he a pirate?

Katrina Ruth: No, Bluebeard's the one who kills all his wives. It's actually ... Bluebeard is representative of the darkness of your psyche.

Jessa: Or, it could be that you hold the key to everything. And that's why people follow you.

Katrina Ruth: That's fucking obvious, nobody needed to say that.

Jessa: Excuse me. [crosstalk 00:37:18]

Katrina Ruth: Bluebeard, this is a great story. Bluebeard ... who knows the story of Bluebeard? Key to a kick ass life. Bluebeard gets his wives, he seduces them, and even though he has a blue beard which is clearly something to do with [crosstalk 00:37:34]-

Jessa: Who knows?

Katrina Ruth: ... and then he tells them that they can have the run of the whole castle and the whole house, and do whatever they like, but they must not go into this one room. And he gives them the keys with all the keys on it. And then he leaves. And so in the story the younger sister had her older sister there. The younger sister being seduced by Bluebeard even though it was scary. So she was going to marry him. And then her sisters and her all, "Let's look inside the room." And then they opened and it was all the dead bodies of all his previous wives. But then the room door lock started to bleed and bleed and bleed, and they couldn't wipe the blood off them, not even with horsehair-

Jessa: Super random story. Is this some sort of twisted [crosstalk 00:38:15]

Katrina Ruth: No, this is very-

Jessa: This demonic story you found online.

Katrina Ruth: Shush. This is very relevant. Sneaky, I'll joust with you right now.

Jessa: I don't know, I'm a ninja.

Katrina Ruth: So just on a side note, if you see me being really silly on live stream, or being an idiot it likely comes about from how my siblings and I behave normally all the time anyway.

Jessa: Yes, we're always jousting.

Katrina Ruth: Always jousting. All four of us, it's just complete idiots. And then the partners just leave the room.

Jessa: We don't have have cutlery, we just take things with our jousting sticks. Stab them up and eat them like skewers.

Katrina Ruth: I think I just snotted snot. And we do, we end up in hysterics. And then all the partners would always just be like-

Jessa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: ... and they will retire the lounge.

Jessa: It's like they're coming to this new dimension they don't know. Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Because our parents get involved as well, they're just as weird. So then it's all six of us. So if you come around to my mum and dad's house, or you come hang out with me and my siblings, you're going to have to be as weird as fuck, or you're just not going to be able to keep up.

Jessa: Yeah, you'll leave a little bit shell shocked otherwise.

Katrina Ruth: It'll be soul shifting, with or without the money making. Yes, you may need some therapy and some actual healing after the result of that. Anyway. So Bluebeard, so then the blood just keeps coming out and she can't wipe the blood off her, which means that he's coming back and she knows that he's going to know that he went into the room.

Jessa: That they went into the room.

Katrina Ruth: Yes? Question.

Jessa: But if they ... Do I get the key or the sceptre.

Katrina Ruth: The microphone.

Jessa: Oh.

Katrina Ruth: Where is the motherfucking microphone? The kids took it.

Jessa: Let me do this, question.

Katrina Ruth: No I don't want that. I don't like that. All right, question.

Jessa: Question, okay. So if he's got all bodies of his dead wives in there anyway, they're going to die anyway whether they look in the room or not. So you-

Katrina Ruth: Exactly right.

Jessa: ... always look in the room.

Katrina Ruth: Exactly right. Exactly right. Are we invited to your parent's house or what? Well you can come here and we'll bring them to you.

Jessa: They'll be a [crosstalk 00:40:40].

Katrina Ruth: My mother doesn't care for feet on her floors. You're not allowed into mum and dad's house unless you manage to not walk on the floor.

Jessa: You have to tiptoe on your hands.

Katrina Ruth: No floor, there's no floor there. You can't walk on the floor. But we could bring them here. And anyway, that was an excellent point that you raised. You're right, he was going to kill her anyway, but she discovered it. And then she's obviously terrified of him, that he's going to find out-

Jessa: She's got her sister there, just fucking kill that guy.

Katrina Ruth: I'm getting to the beard, calm your horses. Or your tits, whichever one. Calm your tits. So anyway, and that what happens is he comes back, so she tries to hide it from him, she's just wiping blood up, blood everywhere, it doesn't come off, it won't come off. She's using horse hair to scrub the key, the key is covered in blood ... I don't know why you gave me such a terrible prop to like prompt such a horrible story.

Jessa: Because.

Katrina Ruth: It's an important story though. And then, and then-

Jessa: That's why I got the key.

Katrina Ruth: ... well he discovers that she's been in there and he's furious and the monster is revealed. And she thought he was ... Stop trying to not laugh, just let it out and admit that I'm hilarious. So then the monster is revealed, and she thought he was loving, even though he did have a blue beard, which is always as suspicious sign on a gentleman.

Jessa: Very suspicious.

Katrina Ruth: I wouldn't be getting involved with any men with blue beards. Unless of course they were from Byron Bay-

Jessa: And unless-

Katrina Ruth: ... and they had some gluten free chocolate, white chocolate and [crosstalk 00:42:17]-

Jessa: Johnny Depp.

Katrina Ruth: Brownies.

Jessa: Johnny Depp died his beard for you.

Katrina Ruth: Johnny Depp, really? We can do better than that.

Jessa: What if Bradley Cooper dyed-

Katrina Ruth: Exactly.

Jessa: ... his beard blue.

Katrina Ruth: Exactly what I'm going for. Exactly.

Jessa: You would be like mm-hmm (affirmative), smurf, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Smurf-alicious.

Jessa: Smurf-alicious. Blue.

Katrina Ruth: Hm. Back on track. Fucking focus. So anyway, then he's outraged and he's going to kill her and he tells her. And so she pleads with him for a moment to prepare her spiritual affairs. Because she's smart enough to know that she doesn't know how to escape right now but that she needs that little moment of time. And so she goes to the high tower and she says, "Sisters, sisters, can you see our brothers?" And they say, "No." And she says, "Sisters, sisters, can you see our brothers?" And they say, "I can see like a tiny, powdery speck on the horizon." And she says, "Sisters, sisters, can you see our brothers?" And they say "Yes, our brothers are coming." And then the brothers come and they kill him. And now I'll tell you the meaning of the story. Are you ready?

Jessa: Do tell.

Katrina Ruth: [crosstalk 00:43:23]. It's the motherfucking psyche. It's the darkness that exists in all of us as women, the dark and the wild and the raw and the scary. And it's that darkness inside of you which can ... If you don't know how to dance with it, actually consume you and take your life from you. And how mean women, all women, or all girls growing up, really you can try to do what you want to try and ... Did Matt just knock on the door?

Jessa: Maybe.

Katrina Ruth: Can you go check?

Jessa: Yep.

Katrina Ruth: Crack the door open anyway, because he'll be here any minute. You can do what you want to try and protect your daughters and protect the younger generation from making mistakes and doing silly shit that maybe going to hurt them or land them in trouble, but they're going to go it because they don't recognise the danger in the Bluebeard. They don't recognise you know the need to understand and be consciously in control of the darkness of the psyche. And so they allow the psyche to take them and maybe some of them get lost fully in the psyche and they're gone and they're killed and then put behind the door. Hello Matt.

Matt: Hello.

Katrina Ruth: You can film any time. I don't know what's happening right now. And so, did you hear that? So you try all you like to protect your daughters ... gosh your daughter's going to be protecting other people, that's for sure. She is terrifying. And extraordinary beautiful as well. Which is a really scary combination.

Jessa: She deviates from sweet and scary.

Katrina Ruth: She lifts dining tables over her heads ... her head.

Jessa: Her heads.

Katrina Ruth: What was the other random thing she did.

Jessa: That makes her sound more scary. And she insists on keeping eating chilli sauce.

Katrina Ruth: She eats Tabasco. She drinks it from the bottle. She's two. Two. Two. We're out the other night and we get a photo of her just hoisting the dining table up over her head. And she drinks motherfucking Tabasco sauce. And I'm not even kidding.

Jessa: [crosstalk 00:45:29] her three and a half year old brother-

Katrina Ruth: And she's two years old. She's terrifying.

Jessa: ... to help her out with the dining table.

Katrina Ruth: As a ninja.

Jessa: Yeah. But she initiated.

Katrina Ruth: That girl's scary. Anyway. Anyway. Anyway. It's the darkness of the psyche. So you can try to protect your daughter's all you like from making silly mistakes, or the younger generation. They're going to do whatever the fuck they want. You can tell them all you like about the bluebeard, about the darkness, about the places to not go or look or they're just going to do what they want anyway. They're going to have their own experience. And hopefully they then catch it in time. And so when she's yelling for her sisters, when she's locked in the tower, you know she realised in time that he was going to kill her, so she asked for a reprieve to go to the tower to have a moment to collect her spiritual affairs. So she's realised that oh, maybe this is not safe and maybe her older sisters were already wiser and knew that. So then in that time, she's yelling, "Can you see our brothers? Can you see our brothers?" And they can't see them, because basically it represents that she doesn't have the knowledge or the wisdom in her psyche to know how to deal with her situation yet-

Jessa: So she's calling it out?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, but it does exist in there, it exists in there. So then she asks again, "Sisters, sisters can you see our brothers?" And then they're like, "Well we can't see anything, but there's a little dust on the horizon," and it's like the knowledge is coming. The ability to deal with this stuff is coming. Females need to embrace the darkness as well as the light. That's right. We have to go through this experience. And then ultimately the monster is destroyed and and she's safe and she learned something and she goes on her way. It exists in all women ... How the fuck did we end up there? Bluebeard, we're talking about Bluebeard. Did you know the story of Bluebeard?

Jessa: The key, this was the reason that the key was bought.

Katrina Ruth: This is why we have a key that's covered in blood.

Jessa: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yes.

Katrina Ruth: I was going to talk about magic and power-

Jessa: But the pipe is to make you look more wise.

Katrina Ruth: That's the pipe. I don't smoke a pipe. Who buys a pipe?

Jessa: Yes, but you could be in the study, you know, making wise commentary.

Katrina Ruth: I'm always in the study making wise commentary. Wherever I am I'm always making wise commentary. That's a normal situation of fucking everyday life.

Jessa: All right, I'll fucking sell the pipe.

Katrina Ruth: Oh. Swear on my live stream, how dare you.

Jessa: Oh dear.

Katrina Ruth: Irreverent. Well the brothers and sisters save her, but they represent the other parts of her psyche-

Jessa: So you can't take it literally.

Katrina Ruth: ... the wiser part-

Jessa: Because I was like, why would she be needing her brothers, because you'd deal with that yourself? Fuck yeah.

Katrina Ruth: I like how the men deal with things.

Jessa: It depends.

Katrina Ruth: Well the sisters are the more evolved wiser parts of the psyche and the brothers are the protective parts of the psyche, I think in the story.

Jessa: So in my life story, you're just the more evolved part of my psyche.

Katrina Ruth: Good on you mate. I'm finding these [inaudible 00:48:24] very distracting.

Jessa: Very Grand Prix.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah what's happening here, are you going to the Formula One afterwards?

Matt: Yup.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. Sorry I'm just in a very silly mood. All right. Now what were we up to? Magic and power. We'll say something about that, and then we've got to go, we've got to go. You guys are holding us up, you're just mucking around and climbing around and stopping us from doing what we're really meant to be doing. I was supposed to ... We've got to do some filming here. I was supposed to be live streaming on you know how fucking powerful and magical you are, and that is a fact. Reason being, I messaged that to someone an hour or so back, and we were having a conversation and I was like, "Let's get clear. You know how fucking powerful and magical you are." I know it. All my clients know it. All my friends know it. Jessa knows it. Matt knows it ... I mean about themselves even, and you know it as well. Everyone knows it about me, that's a given. But you do know it about yourself.

Katrina Ruth: So you know sometimes when you're in the doubt, or you're in the resistance, or you feel uncertain about getting your message or your ad out there. Or you're like, I could never carry on ... I mean I'm just assuming you want to carry on like me on a live stream ... but really, why would you not want to be a complete clown and have fun and make money doing it? And then you think I'm not good enough for that or I can't, or I don't have it within me or something like that. Really what I wanted to come on today and say today and then somehow a whole bunch of random shit happened is ... Beneath the fear and beneath the uncertainty. Beneath the doubt, beneath the "Maybe I'm not born for this," you do fucking know and that is a fact. Or you wouldn't be here. So when you feel all that stuff, it's the surface stuff. That's not how you actually feel at the core.

Katrina Ruth: And it's ... what it is is just layers. Layer upon layer upon layer. Get me an onion and I'll demonstrate. Except we don't have onions, because I hate them. It's devil's food. What can I demonstrate with. Get me a packet of bread out of the fridge. Yes, it's true. I have bread, it's embarrassing.

Jessa: What? Do you [crosstalk 00:50:22].

Katrina Ruth: Bring me the bread.

Jessa: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: Bring me the bread. I'm going to do a live demonstration. This has been best live stream in the history of time. So far we launched an entire retreat in Darwin ... maybe you can come to that?

Matt: When's that?

Katrina Ruth: August 30th. Say hello to the camera. Are you there? Am I showing you?

Matt: Yeah, I'm on.

Katrina Ruth: There's Matt. Maybe Matt can come to the Darwin retreat because that definitely sounds like something we would want-

Matt: I've never been to Darwin.

Katrina Ruth: Me either. And then somebody from Darwin popped on the live stream and said hi from Darwin, and suddenly I said I think we should do a retreat in Darwin.

Matt: Why not?

Katrina Ruth: And we just co-created it right here. It's going to be on August 30th. We're going to get an amazing Airbnb, it'll be four nights, it'll be soul shifts and money making and lots of shenanigans. And lots of adventures.

Matt: Yeah.

Jessa: I feel like I should deliver this on a platter.

Katrina Ruth: Get me a platter.

Jessa: Like I could buy you one.

Katrina Ruth: Can I have a platter?

Jessa: Right now?

Katrina Ruth: Bloody hell. All right, there is bread in my house, it's embarrassing. Helen said, Matt's cute. He hears that all the time, he's very used to it. Especially from my audience.

Jessa: You know you could peel [crosstalk 00:51:27]

Katrina Ruth: I don't know is it just my audience or do you get that whenever you're filming?

Matt: Oh it depends who it is.

Katrina Ruth: It's probably just all these women. Okay so we have here-

Jessa: Lots of crumbs.

Katrina Ruth: ... a very flaky packet of bread. It's gluten free. It's Paleo as fuck, don't worry. Should we get some [inaudible 00:51:45]-

Jessa: Well you may as well have a snack.

Katrina Ruth: I already was like face first in a jar of Vegemite earlier this morning. Now my dad's got a café and they're like, "Uh, there's Vegemite on your face." Burn the bread. So anyway, this is the BL layout. No it's not. This is the layer that you present to ... This is going to be a great skit by the way.

Jessa: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: This is the layer you present to Facebook, okay? On Facebook you're like, la-di-da, look at me, my hair is glowing and I look fabulous. Or even if it's not, you post some happy, chappy photos and your life is amazing. That is your surface layer. Surface layer, say it after me. Surface layer. My ninja will take that for me. Beneath, okay we don't need a crust. There's just a crust there just for no reason.

Jessa: Crusts should be thrown out-

Katrina Ruth: Why is the crust in the middle?

Jessa: ... immediately after opening the bread.

Katrina Ruth: The crust is the best bit.

Jessa: That's disgusting.

Katrina Ruth: This is the next layer, as you can see. This layer is the fear layer. This is the what if people really knew ... I know I've got to look at this camera. You'll excuse me. What if people really knew the truth about me? What if they knew that I've been [inaudible 00:52:50] all night long. That I'm drinking an excessive amount. That I yell and shout at my children. That I'm not really a nice person. That I have fucking clue what I'm on about and every day I'm worried that the fraud police are going to knock on the door and be like, "Hey. We have evidence to prove you're not a real adult. Everybody knows." That's the fear layer, lurks underneath the other layer. Okay we've got another Matt is cute, why was I not informed. I'm sorry I didn't have a prior arrangement with you Ellen that I have to inform you. I guess you could just watch more of my shows and then you'd see more. So that's the fear layer, everyone has it and you don't want everyone to know.

Katrina Ruth: Underneath the fear layer, you have the fuck this shit layer. Official Wikipedia terminology. Fuck this shit layer. That is like, "Actually I'm pretty fucking certain that I know exactly what I'm doing and I don't know what these bitches over here think that they're doing, but I should be in charge." Fuck this shit layer. We should have prepared these breads earlier and written on them.

Jessa: Oh that would have been good.

Katrina Ruth: That would have been awesome. Underneath the fuck this shit layer, you have the despair layer. It's okay, we all have it, no need to get fat. The despair layer, the "I really don't think I actually know what I'm doing at all and I feel kind of hopeless. And I feel down and sometimes I feel completely lost and meaningless. Nobody really understands me, and I'm probably never, ever going to get there and I should probably just give up now." Despair layer. Lisa says she's in bed right now wallowing in that layer. Thank you for owning it. Underneath the despair layer, it's just a chocolate layer. It's a layer of chocolate mud cake. Underneath the chocolate layer is the core. The core. The core is solid, it's gritty. It's not at all flaky, this one is. It's solid, it is rock solid. It's a diamond. It's a fucking diamond. Do we have a big ass diamond anywhere in this room that I-

Jessa: Oh no. We should.

Katrina Ruth: ... can use? It is hard as steel. And this layer knows that all the other layers, except for the chocolate layer and the fuck this shit layer, are bullshit. It knows that the surface layer ... go through it again, in case anybody missed it. Have the crust. It's getting messy. I just had the house cleaned this morning as well. It knows that the surface, shiny Facebook layer is like, whatever. Who fucking even cares? It knows that the fear layer is actual bullshit. The core knows that the fear is bullshit. It knows that the fuck this shit layer is kind of like, cool, cool, but me thinketh the lady doth protesteth too much. Everyone knows what that means, right?

Jessa: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: If you don't you have to leave. It knows that the ... what are we up to? Wait, I feel like I've got an extra layer that's been added in. Oh despair layer. It knows that the despair and sadness layer is just reactivness and resistance playing out. It's the human as fuck condition, it's okay, we're all allowed to have it. It knows that the chocolate layer is not going any fucking place and we'll hold on to it forever. And it knows that the core is the core. At your core, underneath all the layers, you know that you were born for it. You know that you were absolutely fucking born for it. You know you are magic, you know you are powerful. You know you are here to change the world. You know that everything you feel inside of you is real and that if you would only just throw all of ... It had to be done. If you would just throw all the layers off of you, then you would be living, breathing from the core. And all I did was let out the motherfucking core.

Katrina Ruth: The [inaudible 00:56:28], give me them back to me, I need them back. No not really. The other layers they just heap themselves back on, back on, back on, all the time, every day. Sneaking up on me like invisible little evil ninjas and I'm just throwing them away all the time. Left, right, and centre. And I remain at my core, the whole story. Thank you for playing. Life is now. Press fucking play. What would you like to add?

Jessa: Oh I don't know what I can add to that.

Katrina Ruth: Any additions? Well, I feel like I said what I came here to say. In fact I said none of what I came here to say at all. But it was fabulous and so now we have to go. We have many very serious and important things to do. No shenanigans at all. But basic point is, you fucking know that you were born for it. Don't walk around saying that you're not. Man or woman the fuck up and do your shit. And when it comes up inside of you, just throw the bread layers off you and think of me. Get a chocolate layer if necessary or a coffee layer, or whatever it is. And why don't you just fucking pretend that you're already living from the core layer the whole time anyway? Nobodies going to know the difference. And then one day you'll wake up and you will have become it.

Jessa: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Katrina Ruth: Mm-hmm (affirmative). That's the whole story.

Jessa: That was fun.

Katrina Ruth: So now you should watch the replay if you missed any, because the whole thing was amazing. And then you should read the comment in there and Empress has returned, you should private message me if you want to be an empress ... My golly gosh, that was probably the favoritest new thing that I ever did. And the Darwin retreat. Jessa's coming, Matt might be coming, we check our dates. It is going to be beyond. We're going to have 10 women, plus ninja, plus videography, plus shenanigans ... One incredibly luxurious high end Airbnb house. Many Paleo as fuck, espresso martinis, many shenanigans, we're going to hustle. We're going to do money making and soul ... sell ... What's it called again? Soul and cellular shifts-

Jessa: [crosstalk 00:58:33]

Katrina Ruth: ... and money making. And we're definitely going to do some random as fuck adventures in nature.

Jessa: Ride crocodiles.

Katrina Ruth: And then we're going to figure out ... We're going to ride ... I told you the American side can't be scared about this. And then we're going to do some sort of equivalent adventure in California. What's a good mountainous part of California? Come on.

Matt: I don't know. Tahoe's it.

Katrina Ruth: Huh?

Matt: Tahoe?

Katrina Ruth: I've been to Lake Tahoe but I went in the snow.

Matt: I was in the snow as well.

Katrina Ruth: Oh.

Matt: Brother went as there, summer's good as well.

Katrina Ruth: Maybe it will be on Lake Tahoe. Yeah, it was on the way to Lake Tahoe that we stopped at some incredibly mountainous place where we had pancakes. And the pancakes were good so I think we should go back to that.

Jessa: Well, okay.

Katrina Ruth: I have no idea where it was. Well anyway, we'll do it, we'll do it, we'll figure it out. So that's happening. Message me on my personal PMs please, because it can't be fucked with the business page, PMs there annoy me, I won't read them. I make Jessa do it or somebody else. She doesn't do it.

Jessa: No, a ninja does it.

Katrina Ruth: That's all. Lake Tahoe or Big Bear. Big Bear, hmm. Mount Tamalpais ...

Matt: What's the one that starts with Y?

Katrina Ruth: Yosemite.

Matt: Yeah that's [crosstalk 00:59:42]

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, maybe it will be Yosemite. I don't want to do it in Sedona, it's like, so over-rated. What was that expression again?

Jessa: Oh, I don't do-

Katrina Ruth: I don't do Sedona. We have a little in-house joke going on here. I don't do Sedona. I don't do Sedona. All right, we have to go. It's going for too long. Up you go, they're holding us up. Okay. Watch the replay, message me about Empress or about the other thing, the Sedona thing ... No, not that one. We're not doing that. The Darwin thing. Just send me a message anyway, to tell me how much you love me. And Jessa has a very important finishing statement.

Jessa: Oh. Life is now? Press play.

Katrina Ruth: Press fucking play. Bye.

Linda: What's happening?

Katrina: Nothing. Nothing is happening.

Linda: Nothing is... Its not working. Look.

Katrina: Look sideways.

Linda: I'm sideways, why?

Katrina: You have to stop it. You have to cancel it. You have to start again.

Linda: That is odd. Why is it doing this?

Katrina: I'm going to give you an important lesson in a moment.

Linda: I forgot you're live.

Katrina: Were not live. Its not live yet. No, we'll go laugh in a minute.

Linda: Look.

Katrina: We can just admire ourselves first though.

Linda: Why didn't I click the rotation.

Katrina: Its not live at all.

Linda: How do you do this rotation thing?

Katrina: Here's the situation. You have to type in the thing, and then turn the thing, and then press go live. You type in the thing, you turn the thing, you do the thing. That's the whole technical explanation.

Linda: You type the thing, do the thing, and then ...

Katrina: You type the thing, you turn the thing, and then you do the thing. That's the official Wikipedia explanation.

Linda: I got it. I got it. Wait, I got it.

Katrina: Webster, that's the Webster explanation for how to go live. What are you doing?

Katrina: Don't text Seth. Who's Seth? Why are you texting Seth?

Linda: I don't even know who Seth is.

Katrina: We'll go live in a minute.

Linda: You haven't started yet?

Katrina: I'm going to give you an important postural lesson in a moment. Just hurry up and go live. We're not live.

Linda: We are so live.

Katrina: I haven't started, so we're not really live at all. I don't care if anybody's on there. I am not ready to be live, and so, therefore, we're not live. When I say that we'll be live, we'll be live.

Linda: I'm pretty alive.

Katrina: You're always alive.

Katrina: Hurry up.

Linda: I'm getting side tracked.

Katrina: Put your [inaudible 00:02:15]. I have an important postural lesson to give you. It's for everyone's benefit.

Linda: All right.

Katrina: Ah-ha.

Linda: Ah-ha! Wait. Okay.

Katrina: Many important and serious things are going to take place here. There will be a blood ritual at the stroke of midnight. What time is it? What time is it right now?

Linda: I think it's going to work.

Katrina: Press play. It's a good rule, to go left.

Linda: Left is now.

Katrina: Left too, press play. Always press play.

Linda: Left is now?

Katrina: Sometimes you have to press pause. No can I teach you something?

Linda: Yeah. Teach me that life lesson please.

Katrina: What time it is, because at the stroke of midnight we must have a blood ritual.

Linda: A blood ritual?

Katrina: It's 11:56.

Linda: This is the first time you're telling me of this blood ritual. But I'm all about rituals.

Katrina: Just so you can see. Okay. If you want to record a very serious video for your business, a serious video.

Linda: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah.

Katrina: Serious?

Linda: Serious.

Katrina: Here's how you hold yourself. Firstly. Step number one, you stick your booty out. Arch that booty right out. Arch it out like you're trying to get some action up in there.

Linda: You said serious.

Katrina: I'm being serious. I'm giving a serious fucking tip about how to do good posture for a video, for your business.

Linda: I'm good. Now-

Katrina: Step number one, arch your booty out like you want to get something up in it.

Linda: Arch your booty out? How do you arch your booty out?

Katrina: What do you mean?

Linda: You arch your back.

Katrina: Yes, well you stick your butt out.

Linda: Done.

Katrina: I was just trying to say it in a fancy way. Arch your booty out, and then what that does-

Linda: Life lessons from-

Katrina: The Katrina Ruth Show.

Linda: That's right. I mean how-

Katrina: This is Katrina Ruth right here.

Linda: The Katrina Ruth Show.

Katrina: Step number one is you arch your bottom out. Lisa Michelle, how the hell are you appearing on both live streams at once? It's the voo-dooery. Exactly you park it out like your back broke.

Linda: Okay I've done it.

Katrina: You stick it out.

Linda: I've done it now what?

Katrina: Now step number two-

Linda: I have my booty out. I have my chest out, what now?

Katrina: Step number two is obviously bosoms out.

Linda: But you already said bosoms out.

Katrina: Well they kind of go out automatically when you arch your-

Linda: You said arch your bosoms.

Katrina: When you stick your butt out you kinda... You can't arch bosoms. How do you arch a bosom?

Linda: That's what you said, arch your chest or something.

Katrina: Pay attention.

Linda: Paying attention.

Katrina: Step number one is you stick your butt out, automatically that's going to make your breasts go out, but you should stick them out a little bit more to be sure.

Linda: Well I'm feeling a little bit uncomfortable.

Katrina: When you see your video on playback, you'll think that you have perfectly fabulous posture; and really you're going to look like the Hunchback of Notre Dam, I'm just teaching you how to look straight, and polite, and lady-like. So butt out, breasts out. Thirdly, what you want to do is you want to do is elongate your neck. Elongate.

Linda: Like an ostrich?

Katrina: Giraffe, or ostrich. You elongate your neck.

Linda: I'm done, and now what?

Katrina: You don't so crazy eyes. Nobody said anything about crazy eyes. Who said crazy eyes?[crosstalk 00:05:18] Elongate your neck, you want to tilt your chin slightly down-

Linda: I can't do this without the crazy eyes.

Katrina: Slightly down. Tilt your chin slightly down, but without-

Linda: Now I got a double chin.

Katrina: No looking like an alien. Thirdly, and I'm going to credit this to Amanda Francis because I learned to from her. Thirdly, you smile with your soul. When I do it, it looks creepy. That's how you have perfect posture when you're filming a very professional and serious video-

Linda: This is a professional video.

Katrina: For your business.

Linda: Did you guys get that? The Katrina Ruth Show.

Katrina: I'm just here to serve.

Linda: From your soul?

Katrina: Always from the soul. I'm just here to give helpful tips to entrepreneurs. Absolutely.

Linda: What capes? Their talking about capes or something?

Katrina: What are you talking about?

Linda: I have no idea.

Katrina: This is my initiation class cloak. It's for the blood rituals they happen every Saturday evening.

Linda: So it's one past 12:00. What are these blood rituals?

Katrina: Well we just drink the blood.

Linda: No I don't do it. No, no, no, no, no. Uh-uh. No-no.

Katrina: There were many important things that we came here to discuss.

Linda: We actually had a lot of important things to say today.

Katrina: Are you doing your posture?

Linda: I am. I have my ostrich neck on.

Katrina: See, it looks like we're just sitting in a normal relaxed, straight fashion. Actually, we are in excruciating pain, and it's the only way that it should be done. If your not hurting from all the arching and... Oh I forgot-

Linda: The pain of being women.

Katrina: I forgot to say you want to lift your torso up and twist it a little bit. Lift it up, twist it. So remember; butt out, boobs more, elongate your neck and torso-

Linda: No ostrich eyes.

Katrina: No crazy eyes, or ostrich eyes. And tilt your head down a little bit, keep yourself twisted.

Linda: How am I doing guys? How am I doing?

Katrina: It's roughly how it goes. Wait-

Linda: Please tell me, how am I doing?

Katrina: Stop.

Linda: Life advice from the Katrina Ruth Show.

Katrina: I forgot it something important. Hold the fort.

Linda: Holding, holding. What do you got?

Katrina: Just teach.

Linda: Okay. You know what, really was the main reason we came on today. So much has been happening. We actually just finished a dinner party. Lou is that you?

Katrina: Don't tell any secrets.

Linda: Important, important, important advice; business advice.

Katrina: Nope. I won't give in. I refuse.

Linda: No. Why?

Katrina: I'm not giving any business advice to anybody.

Linda: But this is important business advice. What we were just doing.

Katrina: I forgot my sceptre.

Linda: We came...

Katrina: Sorry, excuse me.

Linda: Here's the thing. We were talking earlier, we had a very important message to-

Katrina: It's a riding wand.

Linda: This looks more like a spanking whip.

Katrina: Yes it's for... you're not supposed to tell the secrets. I said no secrets. It is for spanking. I'm [inaudible 00:08:22].

Linda: Why do you have this?

Katrina: Just for reasons.

Linda: Would you mind sharing?

Katrina: For emergencies.

Linda: Its an emergency?

Katrina: Well not right now, but it could be.

Linda: It could be.

Katrina: On occasion. I think you might have it the wrong way out maybe.[crosstalk 00:08:40] I don't know, do you?

Linda: Where so you put this?

Katrina: Oh well she's holding the right end. See I don't know. I just use it any which way I like. This one's rather pointy.

Katrina: I refuse to give any business advice about anything. I think the advice comes from absorbing the essence of us.

Linda: We were talking about the soul. It's about, you know?

Katrina: The masks.

Linda: The masks. That's right the masks. This is why we came on tonight, because-

Katrina: Emergency spanking is always[crosstalk 00:09:07]

Linda: It started from your live feed yesterday.

Katrina: That was extraordinarily serious.

Linda: You were throwing bread. She was throwing bread in here live feed. Go and watch it, you need to watch it.

Katrina: Yeah, upon layer.

Linda: Upon layer, upon layer, upon layer, upon layer-

Katrina: That was the best presentation-

Linda: It was.

Katrina: That has happened in the history of the internet.

Linda: I need to get on my knees and-

Katrina: Oh that's what... Well, that's not what I meant.

Linda: That's how good it was.

Katrina: Well, are we wearing masks? This is actually the Katrina Ruth Show right here, and I'm Linda Doktar.

Linda: I'm Katrina. This is Linda.

Katrina: Face off. We did a face off.

Linda: Well, heres the thing.

Katrina: Earlier tonight we were talking about how impressed we are with ourselves. That's right you were talking... Excuse me, but somebody was watching videos of themselves perform amazing feats of athleticism, and announced to the-

Linda: I was so inspired by myself.

Katrina: And announced to the entire dinner party that she was so inspired by herself.

Linda: I was. I was.

Katrina: Its fair enough.

Linda: I was doing trick on video, and I got really, really inspired by myself.

Katrina: That's fair enough. Completely reasonable and professional.

Linda: Do you ever get inspired by yourself? Because I think we should always... Katrina.

Katrina: No, that's for the emergency spankings. Still has a tag on it, because I had to get inpatient.

Linda: This really freaks me out, because I think this is a children's thing.

Katrina: That's unfortunate.

Linda: Is this a children's thing?

Katrina: What kind of tricks... No, it's not-

Linda: Is this for children?

Katrina: No, I use this myself for professional reasons.

Linda: You have two spanking equipment in your...

Katrina: Just for business purposes. I don't want to [inaudible 00:10:50]

Linda: Business purposes.

Katrina: Can't talk about it right now.

Linda: Okay. Were talking about masks.

Katrina: We were going to talk about masks.

Linda: And it started with you doing this... With bread-

Katrina: The layers od the bread.

Linda: The layers of the bread, and you were throwing bread in your live feed. It was actually a great analogy. You were talking about the layers of the masks. We're wearing these masks.

Linda: Hey Kai.

Linda: We're wearing these masks in life, and one of them really stood out.

Katrina: Chocolate.

Linda: No. Well that's just a [crosstalk 00:11:24]

Katrina: The chocolate layer was the best layer.

Linda: You know what really stood out for me? Why we're actually here? The Facebook masks. The Facebook masks. We're wearing these masks online; on Facebook, and we're showing the world this much. This much. Were painting this picture of who we are a little bit, but not who we are completely. Why are we doing that?

Linda: Why are we doing that?

Katrina: Venerability. Scared of being vulnerable.

Linda: Are we afraid to be vulnerable? Are we afraid to really show the world who we really are?

Katrina: Well you and I are pretty fucking transparent, and vulnerable. Are we still wearing masks?

Linda: Well, were not wearing anything right now.

Katrina: Capes.

Linda: Yeah, but this is really the thing; being vulnerable and letting the world see everything. Everything? Because-

Katrina: That's exactly what this is for.

Linda: Why wouldn't you?

Katrina: It's for when you need to show everything. Well heres the thing, can you actually show, or is it ever possible to show everything? Because-

Linda: Can you?

Katrina: You're not listening because you're pouting to the camera. I was thinking. I was in deep contemplative thought. How rude, rude an inappropriate.

Katrina: The thing is, as much as you might try to be completely transparent and open; you're evolving right then and there in that moment. How much did I already shift on that one particular issue? That I was just bitching about right before we went live?

Linda: Oh, That thing?

Katrina: Yeah.

Linda: You weren't bitching, it was a conscious tantrum.

Katrina: That is the best expression in the history of time hashtag conscious tantrum. I was having the best conscious tantrum that I ever had.

Linda: In the world.

Katrina: Oh, I've had a few big conscious tantrums actually.

Linda: Oh I have too.

Katrina: Yeah we actually have a lot of conscious tantrums, the two of us. Today my children said... what did they say. I was saying to them well everybody get grumpy, because one of them was grumpy. And I said don't worry everybody gets grumpy, even mommy, even Serafina, and even Linda. And the two of them said, “No, Linda doesn't get grumpy."

Linda: Linda doesn't get grumpy.

Katrina: And I was like, “well you go listen to her audios.”

Linda: Linda does get grumpy as well.

Katrina: Linda has quite the conscious tantrum from time to time. In fact, we both have conscious tantrums to each other all the time. Do we tell Facebook about it? No we tell each other.

Linda: We tell each other, but at the same time we-

Katrina: We process it and we turn it into content and make money.

Linda: Every time.

Katrina: Like ninjas.

Linda: Every time-

Katrina: What costumes? This is my normal professional Saturday midnight blood ritual outfit that I always wear.

Linda: And drinking blood. But heres the thing. We have our conscious tantrums, we get clarity, and it becomes content. It becomes growth, and we share that.

Katrina: That's why they're a conscious tantrum. I had a conscious tantrum, it was more of a conscious hissy fit, an hour or two ago, didn't I?

Linda: You did.

Katrina: I expressed it.

Linda: You were so cute.

Katrina: I am cute. I expressed it, and I was pretty shitty about it. Was I conscious. I think I was just shitty. I think I was actually being quite immature with some of the things I was saying.

Linda: No, but you were owning it. You were actually, owning it.

Katrina: I did own it. I always own it.

Linda: You even took responsibility to the pint where you said, "Is this my shit? Did I create it? Is this my shit?"

Katrina: Oh no, you're thinking about a different conscious tantrum. [crosstalk 00:15:03]

Linda: Oh, there's been multiple ones today.

Katrina: That's a different one. I'm talking about, what was I talking about right there before I stormed off-

Linda: All right then.

Katrina: Right before I stormed off to the bathroom. Then I reframed, and reframed, and reframed.

Linda: Reframed.

Katrina: So I might have had two conscious tantrums today.

Linda: At least, but that's okay.

Katrina: It's fine. Its Saturday, I can do what I want.

Linda: Every day you can do what you want.

Katrina: That's, yeah, good point.[crosstalk 00:15:26]

Linda: What kind of comedy I that?

Katrina: Well done. Congratulations.

Linda: I'm calling the Katrina Ruth Show out on some really, really-

Katrina: I always do what I want. Its true. Well no, you're right. I had a small, I'm going to call that earlier one a small conscious dummy spit. The one that happened earlier today.

Linda: And it makes it okay, because you add the conscious at the start.

Katrina: It was more like a small conscious Waaa. I wasn't really having a tantrum. I was just stamping my feet and crying a little bit.

Katrina: There's been no wine at all. It's a blood ritual.

Linda: And I had no [crosstalk 00:16:01]

Katrina: Blood ritual.

Linda: I had no idea-

Katrina: It was Karen O'Conners fault. She's been here all evening planning.

Linda: Blame it on all the external. Blame it on all the external. Take no responsibility.

Linda: Hello Anthony.

Katrina: How rude. Well I had a conscious little cry. I was mildly upset and I said, "is this my shit." And you said, "yes it is."

Linda: I did actually.

Katrina: Earlier on today you had said to me "are you being stupid", and I was in an uncompassionate mode, because I was having a small anxiety moment so I just said yes. I was like yes you are being silly.

Linda: Yeah, that's your own shit.

Katrina: That was true though.

Linda: Yeah, but how amazing was it that you-

Katrina: And you work for it, you go through it. And then I had my conscious tantrum. That was what just happened in the last hour to two. Remember?

Linda: Yeah, but its been more like every hour.

Katrina: You know the one I mean.

Linda: No. I need to write this down in my journal to remember.

Katrina: It was the one that really fricken got to me.

Linda: Yeah. Do it again?

Katrina: Then I decided on some decidedly immature actions that I might take.

Linda: And I said, “Is that what you really want to do?” Is that coming from a very conscious spite.

Katrina: And I said, “yes,” like a teenager.

Linda: And even the music's saying hello from the other side, Its like wake up Katrina.

Katrina: I'm a conscious teenager.

Linda: But it makes it okay, because you put the conscious in front of it. Always, every time when you put the conscious in front of something.

Katrina: So it is what it is. I'm still going to do that, just so you know.

Linda: So are you going to tell them about your tantrum? I mean one of them.

Katrina: No I can't. Not at all.

Linda: Okay, just though I'd check.

Katrina: No.

Linda: I know.

Katrina: Sorry, mask on. Facebook mask on. But I referred to it.

Katrina: Well we're not trying to help people at all. No we want to... Oh my god. Kenneth on...Let's bring it. Kenneth on Linda's live stream says... he says it in this voice exactly, “I know you guys are trying to be funny, but you know,” and he's nodding his head, “you know in order to really help people you need to really put your content together, and be sorta, kinda, coherent.” Sorta, kinda is definitely what you want to say before you use the word coherent by the way. Sorta, kinda, coherent. “And not acting like a bunch of drunk school girls.”

Katrina: Well, how many are there. There's only two, where's the rest of the bunch? They already left. “This rambling is hard to follow, and to make sense out of.” That's what Kenneth Fitzgerald Cheney has to say over on Linda's live stream.

Katrina: Well Kenneth, I'm so glad that you brought this to our attention, and I have many things to say. Unfortunately the remainder of the school girls already left. Thank you for referring to us as school girls, because we do look amazing.

Linda: I take that as a compliment, by the way.

Katrina: We look amazing. I'm just going to point out a small teeny little fact, can I?

Linda: Go ahead.

Katrina: So you said that's it hard to follow and make sense out of, which implies that its not worth staying for and you don't want to be here, but yet you're here and choosing to comment. Which makes you, bitch, you're a fan.

Katrina: I had one glass of wine. I know its on you're live stream, but he's followed me for ages, so I'm taking him as part of my audience, and I'm just making [crosstalk 00:19:25] for him.

Linda: Take them all. Take him. Take him.

Katrina: At what point did we say we were here to help anyone? Oh, he's adding to it. “Well you guys are beautiful, but I mean your subject is tantalising. We're talking about masks, and.” And then he just finishes with an and. Listen to me. I am the only person on the internet whose allowed to start and finish sentences with an and. You can't just finish a sentence with an and, but we accept the beauty compliment. Thank you.

Katrina: The subject is tantalising. I think what you mean is we are tantalising. We're talking about masks...”that's masks needed to..." Now you're repeating your words, which is starting to lead to the belief that you are the one who is a bunch of drunk school girls; because you've now said that masks needed need to be talked about. Continue, carry on.

Linda: But what if this is not actually a mask? What id this is actually what happens behind the scenes?

Katrina: It is. We were walking around all evening with our cloaks on.

Linda: We were. We were.

Katrina: I have photos of other people in cloaks as well. We do dome weird parties here. Kenneth is a bunch of drunk school girls. He said, "kinda, sorta, coherent." If you are going to use the word coherent in a sentence, I do believe that it should not be... what's the word? Should not be followed up by, but the opposite of that. You should not say the word coherent after saying kinda, sorta; because it kind od disputes the coherent. You're either coherent, or you're kinda, sorta you can't be both at the same time. Which one is it? Preface. You can't go prefacing your coherent with kinda, sorta.

Linda: Hello Steven.

Katrina: Hello Steven.

Linda: Welcome.

Katrina: Welcome.

Linda: Were having very, very serious chats about masks.

Katrina: Very, serious. Well it actually a fabulous point that Kenneth makes. He says we should have our masks on, but what you have to understand is that we legitimately were walking around like this, talking to each other.

Linda: We actually were. We were.

Katrina: And the others, who have already left. Send the invoice on over. I'll pay you in garlic.

Linda: So, is there a rule that we have to show up a certain way on social media?

Katrina: Well, apparently Kenneth has the rule book. Send it to us. Send it via fax. We want it by fax.

Linda: Do you even have a fax machine?

Katrina: I'm sure there's one somewhere on the [inaudible 00:21:55]. They might have one here.

Katrina: I'm not an old drunk. I take great offence to that Leah. I'm drinking nothing but mountain water, and spring water.

Linda: No, she said she's a drunk.

Katrina: No she's interpreting drunk [inaudible 00:22:11], she says. What non of you realise is that I'm a fabulous actress. It's really 9:00 AM, and I just did a work out, and had a coffee, and I'm completely straight laced.

Linda: Totally, but this is the Katrina Ruth Show. Katrina Ruth Show, she does what she wants, and I've just joined her show this evening.

Katrina: Its very tiresome when the normal people... Don't you find its tiresome when the normal people come onto live stream and you have to try to explain life to them? If you though I was going to stay within some sort of boundaries, you though wrong. I wouldn't have done it if I thought it was somebody who I didn't know, but this is somebody who's followed my page. I pretty sure I blocked you awhile back Kenneth, actually. Let me get my laptop, I'm checking that right now.

Linda: How many people are on your block list?

Katrina: It's an unreasonable amount.

Linda: Unreasonable amount, like hundreds?

Katrina: Is my laptop there already?

Linda: I don't know where you put your laptop, all I can see is spanking gear.

Katrina: I think I lost it. Did somebody steal it?

Linda: But heres the thing...

Katrina: I'm not kidding I don't know where my-

Linda: Hello Brendon.

Katrina: All right listen to me.

Linda: Listen. Listen Linda, listen, listen. Do you know that one? Do you know that clip?

Katrina: People can't go around commenting on Linda's live stream when they've been blocked by me. As far as the masks go, what did you just say? You said something fascinating. Do you remember what it was?

Linda: Oh my god, A lot of fascinating things come out of my mouth. I don't know-

Katrina: I mean mostly what you say is fascinating, in fact 100% of the time its fascinating.

Linda: 100% of what I say is fascinating.

Katrina: That's why when you're up stairs in bed, I'm still listening to audios from you downstairs.

Linda: In the same house.

Katrina: And then audioing back before you make it back down stairs. Its like an ongoing walkie talkie system.

Linda: We have this-

Katrina: Where's the block list?

Linda: Love relationship.

Katrina: Love love. It's a love love relationship.

Linda: It's always a love love.

Katrina: Look at this, we look amazing no masks at all.

Linda: But this is the thing-

Katrina: As I was saying, it tiresome to have to deal with normal people. But you said something about, do we ever have a mask on? You said something.

Linda: You know what Kat, and I want to tell everybody. When I started taking quantum leaps in my business, in my life, in every area of my life; you know when I did that? Started removing the mask. Started removing the mask and letting the world really see me, because-

Katrina: Let yourself be who you want to be.

Linda: I'm so tyres of wearing a mask. I'm so tired. I'm tired, I'm done. I'm tired. Who else is tired? If you're tired let us know, because I see so many people hiding.

Katrina: Look.

Linda: Oh, that is a lot. That is a long list.

Katrina: No an unreasonable list.

Linda: I got the inside stories.

Katrina: She's looking at my blocked list right now.

Linda: The block list.

Katrina: Do you recognise any of these people? Heres one.

Linda: Oh. I see so many people wear masks online-

Katrina: Maybe I didn't block him, what a [crosstalk 00:25:24] I am.

Linda: So many. But why? I want to even invite you to ask this question from yourself. Why are you wearing a mask?

Katrina: The thing is, it is a fabulous point that he made. Having a go at us, and trying to school us on how to be more helpful online. Who said we were here to help anyway? But actually, were helping by being ourselves. And the point is, the whole mask conversation is about being whoever you are. Which means that sometimes, you know what? Sometimes you're just sitting around casually on a Saturday night, in your cloak, being a clown, and maybe that's who you are. And that's no mask.

Linda: Exactly. And you know what? Fun is definitely part of life, and I've been suppressing fun. I've been suppressing that part.

Katrina: Where sis you put it?

Linda: I don't know.

Katrina: Did you lock it away? I'll get you the key. I have the key.

Linda: I did for a long time. Please, please give me the key.

Katrina: [inaudible 00:26:25]

Linda: She gave me the key to unlock the fun.

Katrina: Heavy moment.

Linda: I don't know if I'm ready for this.

Katrina: It's a heavy moment. Let it out. I think I'm sweating underneath the cloak.

Linda: I'm sweating.

Katrina: I smell quite delightful. It opposite day. The most important thing is being comfortable being who you are. What if there was no point to anything. People might assume that we have a point to getting on this live stream, like why are they doing this? Where is this going?

Linda: Its like where are the teachings? Where's the wisdom?

Katrina: Right. So what id there was no point?

Linda: What if there didn't have to be a point?

Katrina: What if the point was you get to just be yourself?

Linda: Kenneth.

Katrina: Who ever you are in that moment.

Linda: But see Kenneth, I am vulnerable and I also have different sides to me, just like everybody else; every single person watching this, we all have different parts to self. And me personally; I'm going to own up to a big thing now; I've been really suppressing the fun side of myself. Fun is one of my highest values, and I've been suppressing that in a major way.

Katrina: Its true. You are very fun.

Linda: And yeah you might see that behind the scenes, but have I really... You know even looking at my social media, have I really let the world in on the fun as much as I really am?

Katrina: No.

Linda: No. I haven't.

Katrina: Have any of us?

Linda: Have any of us? You know I see a lot of entrepreneurs showing up in just their messaging. Just this certain area of who they are.

Katrina: Well people think that there's rules, even the people who think there's no rules. Which is our people essentially, who know that there's no rules, but they still think that there's rules. They still think, well there has to be some sort of purpose, or intent, or point, or I have to have an outcome in mind; but what id it was just living your life?

Katrina: So tonight we had a small dinner party here. Imagine that everyone who came along to the dinner party was coming along thinking; what is my outcome or intention, or what do I have to make sure to achieve from being at Kat's house tonight. What goal must I accomplish, or even, how do I want to be perceived? Right?

Linda: Yeah. Yeah.

Katrina: Which is kind of what people are thinking for sure on Facebook. How do I want to be perceived? I want people to think I'm empowering or inspiring, or funny, or whatever it is. But then as soon as you start to try to be that, you're not that.

Katrina: Imagine if everybody who came here tonight came along trying to make sure that they were funny, or entertaining, or perceived as being intelligent. It would be such an awkward, bizarre conversation.

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: Whereas everyone just showed up, you know, on the back of a busy day, rushing to get here, a little bit late, or some people not late, whatever. But you know what I mean. Nobody's like let me now think about how to show up to the dinner party.

Linda: Yeah, yeah.

Katrina: They just come.

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: And then we had an amazing evening. Which was a mix of hilariousness, and seriousness-

Linda: Yeah-

Katrina: And deep connection-

Linda: It was all of that.

Katrina: And other things. It was all of it.

Linda: It was a polarity of everything.

Katrina: Of course.

Linda: Everything.

Katrina: Of course, and it was total flow.

Linda: And then we said we should do a live feed about masks. We should really let the world see who we really are behind the scenes.

Katrina: I think I say that all the time anyway.

Linda: With no other intention. Absolutely no other intention. We have no plan.

Katrina: But that's the thing when you go on a live stream... I believe, when you get on a live stream its got to be the same as going to dinner with your friends. You just turn it on and you see what fucking happens. If you go on with the intention no I'm going to be; even if you get on and you try to be entertaining, then its like you're trying. Or you get on and you're like I'm going to be deeply inspirational, or deeply spiritual, or deeply serious. Or I'm going to sell my shit or whatever.

Katrina: Well if you're practised at it you can still do it, but the ones where you literally press go live are the ones where the gold comes out.

Katrina: Okay, we've made Steven's son throw up. Were sorry about that. Steven says, "I just joined you live, and one of my boys started throwing up."

Linda: I hope your son is okay Steven.

Katrina: We apologise. I hope he's okay. My daughter was throwing up earlier [crosstalk 00:30:55]

Linda: He may not have thrown up because he saw us, but who knows. I don't know that.

Linda: So heres the thing. What if you just showed up as you, had no plan and just allowed yourself to be you?

Katrina: No intention. You are the point, what if the point was just being you?

Linda: Being you. Not doing, but being? Embodying yourself.

Katrina: Do you know what it comes down to? Do you know why most people will never do that in an online business?

Linda: Why?

Katrina: I don't know about the rest of Facebook. Is anybody even on Facebook to not make money anymore? Is that a thing. Sound ridiculous. But as far as online business, the reason why most people will never do this; they don't have the faith to do that. They won't trust to do that.

Linda: They're scared of being judged.

Katrina: They won't trust that they can just be themselves.

Linda: Yeah, yeah.

Katrina: And seal the business that they want, or get the results, or that people will even like them. So then they think that they have to do something, or be something, or be somebody.

Linda: Exactly, put on that mask.

Katrina: On masks.

Linda: Exactly. The mask.

Katrina: The mask.

Linda: But dint we get tired of wearing the mask?

Katrina: Throw it off, just throw it off.

Linda: Throw it off.

Katrina: Its not even a mask. It was a cloak. I only threw it off because I was so hot I thought I was having a menopausal...

Linda: Oh you threw the whole thing off?[crosstalk 00:32:05]

Katrina: I thought I was having a hot flash. It mother fucking hot in there.

Linda: Is this wearing a mask? This is the not mask though. This is-

Katrina: That's just a normal at home Saturday lounge affair. That's for lounging around on a Saturday evening at home. That's why we were wearing it earlier. We were wearing them for hours earlier when no cameras were on.

Linda: We were, and you children were running around, and we were having a good time.

Katrina: Every one was wearing one. We have many, because it's a normal thing to have many cloaks in your house.

Linda: Of course, it is. They key is the whole point.

Katrina: Okay. Well Kenneth is leaving, we're sorry to hear it. I don't know what else I got to say I think I've already said all my things. What else do you have?

Linda: Well you know what? I know what it feels like to be terrified to take off your mask. I was even terrified today. And that was one of my little conscious tantrums that I had; silently behind closed doors, because I ended up posting on social media earlier today. I ended up writing something... Its still there, it still exists, but its set privately to just myself. I had it up for half an hour, its still there, but I had a freak out moment. I reverted and retracted, and all of a sudden; I haven't felt like this for a very long time; it was a fear of what are people going to think of me?

Linda: It was a blog with the heading of, What really goes on in a Laptop lifestyle. What really goes on behind closed doors, and I shared some hilariousness over the last 36 hours, some bullet points of what's happened in my exploiting-

Katrina: Craziness.

Linda: Yeah. The craziness behind the scenes. And all of a sudden I'm like I don't have permission to share that. And I-

Katrina: Freaked out.

Linda: I freaked out, and I turned the settings to just me. I mean some people would have seen it already, but I might actually post it later I wanted to just sit with that.

Katrina: You should post it. It was a fabulous post. I read the post.

Linda: I sent it to Katrina. I had my conscious tantrum and I sent it to Kat and she said-

Katrina: Well you audioed me and told me about it. So, then I went on your page. Then I was like but where is it, because I can't find it. There's nothing there.

Linda: And I said I turned it on to private just to see me, because I wanted to process, but as I was... quite often when we're having these internal experiences we just-

Katrina: Steven said he saw it. What did you think?

Linda: Oh, you've seen it. Steven let me know what-

Katrina: What did you think? I though it was a fantastic post. I thought it was really funny, but really insightful as well. And then Linda said, am I just being stupid?

Linda: Am I being stupid?

Katrina: And I said yes.

Linda: Am I creating this story in my own mind?

Katrina: Basically. Yes it is your story. You're allowed to have a story.

Linda: I instantly picked up the phone and I verbalise what I was feeling. I verbalised and I let it out, and I wasn't bottling it up. I actually wanted to work through it. That's why I call it a conscious tantrum because somethings going on inside of me, and I always want to work through that. I want to process it. I want to sit with it-

Katrina: You're allowed to have a tantrum. That's the thing, you're allowed to lose your shit. You're allowed to be stomping your foot or feeling upset, or feeling grumpy.

Linda: Of course.

Katrina: But the conscious aspect is if you choose that. I mean maybe you're allowed to just do that and you don't even have to process it all, or create growth from it. We just automatically do. We automatically turn everything into growth.

Linda: Every single time. That's my commitment to myself, and my life, and my community, and humanity as a whole. Everything that I move through within myself, and as you know I turn that into content. I share myself very, very openly with the world. And I continue to find different layers of myself that I might not be sharing with the world.

Linda: Do not even.

Katrina: Sorry.

Linda: What's this got to do with any of this?

Katrina: Nothing. I'm just very reactive right now.

Linda: But I love it. I love it because she's not wearing a mask. You're just being yourself.

Katrina: I'm just sending a message.[crosstalk 00:36:34]

Linda: You're just being yourself, and I love it.

Katrina: I wasn't replying to any naughty messages at all. They just popped up.

Linda: Has a saw it, I loved it. So raw and such a comical version of what can actually be so real. Thank you Heather.

Katrina: Right. It was an amazing post. So-

Linda: Thank you my darling.

Katrina: So we definitely have conscious tantrums frequently. Or whenever they need to occur.

Linda: Absolutely.

Katrina: But we are amazing. We are. We should get an award. I'll get you an award.

Linda: Can I have an award? You know what I saw -

Katrina: Here it is. It's a blinged out[crosstalk 00:37:09] cushion.

Linda: Oh my god, this is a moment to remember. I saw a clairvoyant a couple of years ago-

Katrina: And she said you were going to receive a [crosstalk 00:37:14] cushion?

Linda: No, she said that I was going to receive an award.

Katrina: Well there it is.

Linda: Like unexpectedly. Thank you so much.[crosstalk 00:37:26]

Katrina: You've got one right there, but.

Linda: I feel so blessed. Thank you. Thank you.

Katrina: Can I just check if I got a message back?

Linda: No.

Katrina: I'm just going to have a quick look.

Linda: What are you doing? I love it. You know what I love about you. I love that you are just being you in life, in business, on your live feeds, and behind closed doors. Oh my god. Oh Steven, sending love to your boy. I really am sending love to your boy. Hopefully he gets well.

Katrina: We're trying to make an important and serious point.

Linda: What's the point?

Katrina: Don't remember. I got distracted.

Linda: Clearly. Clearly.

Katrina: It's about growth. It's about fucking growth. Let's say you lose your shit. Lets' say you get triggered as fuck by something. From now on, by the way when you say the words as fuck, you have to say as fuck.

Linda: As fuck.

Katrina: It official. I put it in the million in [maximo 00:38:42] trainings for everybody. So when you lose your shit, or you get triggered; I know for me anyway, and I know you're the same, because we always work through everything. That when I get triggered by something, or I get upset, or have a little conscious temper tantrum, or whatever it might be. That it always turns into growth and it always turns into-

Linda: Every time.

Katrina: An evolution of my own inner working and understandings.

Linda: Every time. I honestly feel like-

Katrina: You're always thankful.

Linda: Yeah. Exactly, because we consciously choose to work through something it like were taking quantum leap after quantum leap every single day. And it's a choice of how we live life, I guess.

Katrina: Sometimes you just feel like you're fucking over it though, right?

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: Like sometimes it just feel relentless and you're just like really, can I just get to the flow bit now? But then its like that is part of the flow bit. I think what a lot of people don't understand about flow is that the uncertainty or the growth, the growing pains, the struggle, or the turmoil is inherent to the flow. And it actually is something to be grateful for because it always shows you your own areas of insecurity, or your own areas of wounding-

Linda: Vicki.

Katrina: Hey Vicki.

Katrina: Or areas where you aren't fully owning your shit.

Linda: Yeah. Yeah.

Katrina: Areas where you may be looking outside of yourself for validation or self worth. So in the short term you might be "what the fuck. This happened and I'm shitty, or I'm triggered, or this person is getting to me, or whatever it might be." Then you rant on. We rant on to each other on an audio about it.

Linda: Conscious temper tantrums.

Katrina: We audio so much though, like all day every day. Sometimes it adds up to 40 or 50 minutes of audios or more a day. But then sometimes what interesting; lets say one of us would audio the other with an issue, and then the other person hadn't listened to it yet and hadn't got back to them. Then probably by later that afternoon there would already be a following audio like " right. So I fully processed it. I've figured it out"-

Linda: Oh that only like 20 minutes later, normally.

Katrina: That was like the situation here. Where I was kind of on the side telling you about it when we were ll sitting at the table.

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: And then before we went live I cam ein and I started having a little temper tantrum about it again.

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina: And then I figured it out.

Linda: All I was doing was just observing you, and you had worked every single bit out.

Katrina: I worked it out. I figured it out. I figured out exactly why that came to show me a lesson. I went through several days of shit, of being shitty about this, shitty about this, shitty about this; does it mean this, or this, or this? And then I got to of fuck it's this insecurity inside of me, or its this area where I'm not fully owning something inside of me.

Linda: How powerful is it, the fact that you can dive into yourself and own up to those part of yourself?

Katrina: How do we answer that question? I thought you said you were leaving? You said like 20 minutes ago that you were leaving and now you're asking what audio. How do you answer what's audio?

Linda: It's an audio message. It's a voice memo.

Katrina: Its like there's visual and there's audio. In life there is visual and there's audio.

Linda: Its a voicemail.

Katrina: Audio means audio. Its auditory, you can hear it with your ears. That's what audio means. How can you ask what audio means? It like when you go to the movie and you can hear the sound. That means audio, or a song. I don't know how to answer that question, I'm even trying to be serious.

Linda: You always make me laugh. You always make me laugh.

Katrina: I'm being completely professional. You said we weren't helping people. Now I helped you. So there you go. Help somebody dear.

Linda: Welcome to the Katrina Ruth Show.

Katrina: Can I go to bed now? I've helped a person. I might go to bed anyway.

Linda: No, no, no. No. But its beautiful the growth that comes from choosing to dive in and look at our shit.

Katrina: It is, and it's fucking annoying sometimes, but then you're always grateful in the end.

Linda: Always.

Katrina: It isn't like you just feel like; what the fuck, why am I going through this again. And then you go I'm so glad that happened because it showed me this, this, and this.

Linda: I even turned the fact that I found shit in my bags. I turned that into gratitude.

Katrina: Yeah, that was thanks to Bull.

Linda: Like literally found crap in my bag.

Katrina: That's yucky.

Linda: And I still came back.

Katrina: That's unfortunate.

Linda: Where it happened. Yeah. And you know every time, every time. Even now when I get triggered I instantly shift it into gratitude. I allow myself to feel, and I go "okay I'm choosing to be grateful because I'm being shown something that I get to learn." I get to-

Katrina: Exactly. It always there if you're learning.

Linda: Always.

Katrina: [inaudible 00:43:42]

Linda: Mickey.

Katrina: Do we have anything to add?

Linda: Are you asking them?

Katrina: I don't know. I'm asking the universe.

Linda: We always have. We could go all night. Imagine if we went all night.

Katrina: We always do anyway, with or without the camera.

Linda: We didn't even rook up for any teachings, we didn't rook up with an intention. We just rooked up.

Katrina: That is the teaching, you are the point.

Linda: You are the point.

Katrina: Your best work will come out when you're not trying to be anything. When you just give yourself permission to be you, period, the end. Whoever you are in that moment.

Linda: We are so incredibly, incredibly afraid to show who we really are, and that's a journey that I've taken myself. And I continue to get to learn more and more every day; as I'm discovering deeper parts of myself. We get so afraid of judgement from others, but why? Because there's going to be people out there who, people who judge you and don't like you regardless of what version or what mask you're putting out there. And knowing that whatever mask you're putting out there, you know that you're not being authentic and true to yourself. Not only to yourself, but the world. So what if you just allowed yourself to be you and fully own truth in your own soul, because there's going to be people out there who judge you and don't like you regardless. So why not just be yourself?

Katrina: Exactly. You need to be fresh and ready for big training tomorrow Linda. She will be. I pinned tomorrow is a hundred thousand hours away.

Linda: I'm good.

Katrina: Dager be yourself.

Linda: Hey Mel.

Katrina: Hey Mel.

Linda: Hey Mel.

Linda: But that is really the message that come full circle. Be yourself. Take off your mask you are the point. You really are the point.

Katrina: And help yourself, So be yourself now. Good bye.

Linda: Good bye.

Katrina: Have an amazing rest of the evening. Go be you. No filter, no BS.

Linda: Go do you, because no one does you like you do. Bye.

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Katrina Ruth: Welcome. Hi humans. What is happening? Interesting. Interesting. Very interesting. There's people. Hello to the people. Hi Kendra. Kendra, I feel like I haven't seen you in a long while.

Katrina Ruth: I am doing the thing that you do when you go live, which is you just kinda fuck around for a little bit, you fix your hair, make sure your posture is good. You see which head tilt looks better, which side. Thank you. I forgot I had this top. Found it in the closet. Have many clothes that I've forgotten about.

Katrina Ruth: Now, my hair looks fine. I think I could adjust it just one time. Just one time. Let me share this little stream over. Where have you been though? Watching without commenting.

Katrina Ruth: Hello Anne Marie.

Katrina Ruth: Why did my little wizardry woman not copy over? I tried to copy my wizardry woman when I'm sharing it. Where is she? Who is she? What is she? And she won't let me share.

Katrina Ruth: So, you know when ... I'm very clam. I refuse to be swayed, but my little princessy, empress ... she's an empress, excuse me, excuse all of you. The empress will not allow herself to be shared. I mean, it's very emporessy of her. I think you'll agree. She's just like, "No bitch." Too bad, I'm gonna find you in the keyboard emojis, you wirely little empress. Where are you? I won't do that dancing lady, I won't. I don't feel like flamenco lady today. Today is the day for the empress. Where is she? I'm fantastic. I was able to share the empress over to the daily asskickery group. You'll be very happy to hear it.

Katrina Ruth: Now, you know the thing that you've gotta do when you come on the live stream? Let me just tell you the things. Let me tell you the things that you must do when you come on to a live stream, in case you didn't know.

Katrina Ruth: Hello Shannon.

Katrina Ruth: Now, firstly a man told me once that if I twirl my hair in front of him it means I wanna have sex with him. Can anybody give me their ... can somebody tell me whether this is true or not? 'Cause I twirl my hair a lot on the live stream, I don't know if that means I wanna have sex with all of you. Who's even here? Let me see. Let me consider the options.

Katrina Ruth: So far I've only ... well it's not telling me everybody is here, so I don't know really, but I always feel a little bit alarmed when I start twirling my hair on a live stream. I feel like, "Do people suddenly think that that means I wanna have sex with everybody? I'm not kidding, he stood at my kitchen bench and he said to me, "Just so you know I know that you wanna have sex with me because you're twirling your head at me and you're biting your lip. I'm like, "I was not biting my lip." I said, "I'm twirling my hair because it feels fantastic." He said, "Do you wanna have sex with me?" I was like, "I take offence". I didn't say that. I didn't really know what that means. I was like, "Fine, you might be right." But I still don't think that it's a valid actual rule.

Katrina Ruth: Can somebody vote? Claire says, "I think they say that because it's something people do when they're nervous."

Katrina Ruth: He said I was staring at his lips. He was quite certain about himself, let's just put it that way.

Katrina Ruth: No it wasn't a plumber. It was a friend. Who's a friend? He was just basically saying that he could read my energy and just being quite cocky about it.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, he may have been very right, but that's really neither here nor there. I don't think that it's an automatic thing that if you twirl your hair at somebody ...Ella, is it a thing 'cause I twirl my hair constantly especially when I'm on a live stream. I'm constantly twirling my hair. I suppose I am thinking about sex quite a lot though. So, could be for that reason.

Katrina Ruth: The lip biting thing, I don't know. I can understand lip biting if you're really in the passion of it, but I don't think I just walk around looking at people and biting my lip, or staring at their lips. Maybe I do. I don't know.

Katrina Ruth: So, that's what I was trying to say though. When you come on a live stream ... firstly I have a cloak here just in case, this is a cloak just in case I need it. I didn't put my cloak on today. Secondly, when you come on a live stream, you must adjust your hair. Everybody knows that. I've already done it. I didn't it before I went on live but then you do it again just to be sure.

Katrina Ruth: The next thing that you've gotta do is if you're smart, you wanna make sure that you jump onto the computer and check how you look there because the phone is a liar. The phone, she's a seductress and a liar. The phone will have you thinking that you can see from here up or something, but really it's gonna be from wherever it is, so I can see it on the screen from there up, but on my phone I can't see that much. So, what if I had, I don't know a crock top under and I didn't want you to see my stomach? Then too bad, it'd be too bad for me.

Katrina Ruth: Alright, I'm adding this little empress emoji over here on my personal page and then I'll be ready to talk about some things, many things.

Katrina Ruth: Claire says, "Someone told me we twirl our hair when we are tired." I just twirl my hair 'cause it looks fabulous, but now ever since he told me that I've always felt concerned that I may be, accidentally twirling my hair at people and then that wherever I go around the Gold Coast people just think I wanna have sex with them, which is not necessarily true. In fact, it's generally not true is the truth of the matter, but maybe I'm just accidentally giving off the wrong impression all the time. I suppose it's not harmed me so far. [inaudible 00:07:32]. Cool.

Katrina Ruth: So, "Hey, twirling is used to release tension. Sometimes it's sexual tension." Oh well, there we have it. We have the relationship expert amongst other things telling us exactly what it means. Now I know. That's what it means. If I twirl my hair at you, that's definitely what it means, just so you know.

Katrina Ruth: So, I've had the most fascinating weekend, I must say. I've had a most unusual ... I don't know how to say this, I don't know what I'm putting out there with my energy right now but I've had some very interesting conversations this weekend. It's been quite fascinating. I think I've changed something in my energy. It might just be the it might just be the breasts. Or it's the hair twirling, obviously. It's definitely the hair twirling, and the lip biting. I wasn't even biting my lip at anybody. I didn't bite my lip at a single person all weekend except maybe in rage, possibly.

Katrina Ruth: So, what was I even gonna talk about? Resolve.

Katrina Ruth: Hello Lisa.

Katrina Ruth: Resolve. We're gonna talk about resolve. And specifically what we're gonna talk about is whatever the fuck comes out of my mouth 'cause I already kinda got bored of the topic of resolve. I think I wrote about it already, so now I don't know what I wanna talk about. So, we'll just sit here for a moment and we'll think about it.

Katrina Ruth: Shannon, "What would you like to talk about?"

Katrina Ruth: I don't know, I just kind of go through these periods and then I'm like, "Do you think that you just ..." see, I can't stop touching my hair, but I think I'm really just using it as an excuse to touch my breast, and I thought that that might be a phase that would wear off after a month or so. It's not even been a month, it's been 12 days actually, look how recovered I am. I'm like a recovery genius.

Katrina Ruth: Today my mother said to me, "Did you have a boob job?" I never told her. I told the whole internet but I didn't tell my mother, so anyway, she was remarkably unruffled about that actually considering that she heard from somebody else and not me. She just asked me how my recovery is going, and I said, "Fantastic because I'm a recovery magician." I didn't say the word magician 'cause my mom wouldn't really care for it. I said, "Recovery maestro." I didn't say maestro either. I said, "Because I'm amazing at healing and recovery." It was something along those lines.

Katrina Ruth: And I thought that that face of wanting to touch yourself might wear off after a few weeks or a month, but then one of my clients ... it's not a prop, it's just how I walk around the house, what are you talking about? One of my clients/friends ... unruffled is an amazing word, isn't it? We should use it more often as a community. Yes, one of my clients/friends told me that 10 years later she still can't stop touching her breast all the time.

Katrina Ruth: Now, I might say that I've had an unreasonable amount of requests from my male friends for me to send photos, which I find kind of hilarious 'cause I don't think that they would normally be asking me to send photos of my breasts. In fact, they don't normally. My friends, my actual friends, I'm not talking about romantic interests. And now all of a sudden it's just a common every day request. Apparently I'm being quite stubborn and rude that I'm not sending through photos so that they can give some kind of official Amazon review.

Katrina Ruth: The resolve thing. Let's come back to that. I think that we just do it on purpose sometimes. You have these days, or for me it's been kind of yesterday and today ... yesterday I had an anxiety day, which I don't really care for that much. I'm making light of it now but I did write about it yesterday and it's a real thing, or everything is a real thing, whatever. I don't wanna go on, and on about it again. But yesterday was an anxiety day, and then today was next level grumpy bitch day. You know grumpy cat from Friends? Is grumpy cat from Friends? Where is grumpy cat from? Grumpy cat's on the internet somewhere. Let's find grumpy cat. I've definitely been grumpy cat all day.

Katrina Ruth: I just snapped at one of my friends on a message when he asked me where I am in the world, like where I physically am. And I gave him an answer that according to his reply ... or his reply to me and said, "Don't talk to me like a client." He gave me a coaching client answer, and I said, "I did not." I said, "I'm just rolling my eyes at you because I already told you earlier today where I am. Australia, and now I had to tell you again, and what's with men and not paying attention to details? And then I said, "Sorry. I'm just having a grumpy day."

Katrina Ruth: Smelly cat is the one from Friends, but there is a grumpy cat. Hopefully when I posted earlier on Facebook today that I was having a grumpy day ... I received him. I'm receiving all manner of messages at the moment that are just kind of hilarious, but also fabulous. But I got a helpful message earlier today when I posted that I was grumpy and said, "I know what you need, and it's not ... whatever, reframing, "It's penis." And I'm like, "Alright, that's super fucking helpful. Thank you." You're right.

Katrina Ruth: Do you think I'm being quite staccato on what I'm saying today? I feel like I'm not remotely connected to anything. I'm just dropping random ideas, one after another, without linking any of them up together. And it may or may not go anywhere at all.

Katrina Ruth: That's right, I was looking at grumpy cat. Okay. Now, I'm interested. Here we go. There's grumpy cat. So, I did a really good deep post about why I was grumpy, and I made some really good points about shifting things, and then of course it's a guy ... messages me, and sends me a meme. Some sort of meme that I won't repeat, but then ... No. There's nothing ... just undid my whole post basically and said that really why you're grumpy is your need penis. And I'm like, "Yes. I'm fully fucking aware of that. No need to point it out." Don't worry, I'll resolve all issues as I always do. This is my happy face. This was my happy face today. There it is, grumpy cat.

Katrina Ruth: Thank you Kobie. It wasn't even a grumpy cat meme. I thought of the grumpy cat memes myself.

Katrina Ruth: What are we up to? Should we start the conversation? Should we begin the show? So, I had an anxiety day yesterday. That was not fun, not fun, not fun even though I'm well rehearsed and well versed ...

Katrina Ruth: What did Shannon say? "We should talk about how bum-diggity you actually are while drinking vino."

Katrina Ruth: This is my first bit of wine today though. I haven had any wine to drink. Rudely when I was on my live stream last night with Linda people were accusing us of being drunken school girls, which we found supremely offensive, whilst also quite flattering.

Katrina Ruth: Anxiety day is not that fun, but I'm well versed in how to deal with it. Today was a grumpy day. Today was a fuck the world day, but at the same time I had a great day in many ways.

Katrina Ruth: And then I thought to myself ... thank you. Thank you Yvonne. Then I thought to myself, "Maybe I just create these grumpy days, or anxiety days from time to time to then remind myself of how fucking strong I am, and how determined, and how resilient I am.

Katrina Ruth: I already wrote a whole book about an hour ago. My children got to stay up an extra 30 minutes 'cause I was busy finishing the blog instead of putting them to bed, but now they're asleep. Linda's around somewhere as well. She may or may not appear. She's doing a big training upstairs, but she might be nearly done now.

Katrina Ruth: So, I don't need to repeat the whole jolly blog, I already wrote about that, but essentially after I wrote the blog, then I thought about it, and I thought, "I'm pretty sure that we just create these really grumpy or annoyance anxiety days in order to ..." like a contrast, you know what I mean? It's a contrast but it's also a lesson teaching.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. I feel like I'm not remotely in in flow at all and it's very much annoying me. I feel like maybe this is how the normal people feel when they are live streaming, where they feel a little, kind of disconnected and like a feeling of, "Am I being remotely interesting? Does anybody wanna listen to what I have to say? Should I just finish the live stream right now?" These are all the things that I'm thinking. Tell me something. I'm waiting for the super flow to come and super flow is just like, "Fuck you bitch. I ain't coming along today at all."

Katrina Ruth: We're gonna be in LA quite soon, aren't we? It's only next week that I head back to America. America. I'm gonna go here, there, and everywhere. Who wants to do something fabulous with me in America? I'm doing many things already. I may or may not accept your offer, if you make me one.

Katrina Ruth: Do you think I'm having an anxiety comedown? You might be right.

Katrina Ruth: Karen says, "I've been in a fowler today too. I desire a full-time nanny." You should get to have whatever you desire, Karen. I'm pointing it to you. I ordained you. I don't know why you need to be ordained in order to have a full-time nanny. "Loved your blog today." Thank you.

Katrina Ruth: Well, the blog I'm very happy with. I wrote the blog and I felt fabulous about it. I felt super flow. And now I'm on the live stream and I feel disconnected and grumpy about it. Aftershock. I ate mini white potatoes for dinner though, so I should be feeling better soon. It's my magic food. The more potatoes I eat, the leaner I get, and the happier I get. It's definitely coming ...

Katrina Ruth: Lisa says ... Lisa poses an interesting question, she says, "What do you really wanna say, Kat?" What do I really wanna say? I wanna say why are they ... this is something I probably was definitely not gonna say. I wanna say why are there so many fucking men who wanna have sex with me and none of them are here in the Gold Coast? That's what I'm grumpy about. Things I thought I would never say on the internet. Why am I getting so many messages from men who I really do wanna see, and then none of them are here on the Gold Coast, why am I manifesting that none of them are here? That's what I wanna know. Okay. I can't believe I just said that. And I've only had three sips of wine as well. That's my real problem.

Katrina Ruth: What's happening? Why am I manifesting all these amazing conversations? And there's a backstory there. And then I'm just creating resistance around the actual physical manifestation because I'm just trapped on the Gold Coast, and everybody knows this, no men to have sex with on the Gold Coast. Well, it's happened on occasion, for sure, but I think I'm creating some kind of block around it. Okay I think I'm going through some kind of Katfession. These are the things that I normally say to Linda, but freaking Linda is upstairs on the training, so now apparently I'm saying them to the whole internet.

Katrina Ruth: "Why do I think that is?" Linda's theory is that I don't really wanna have sex with anybody because there's just one person that I wanna have sex with. She has theories, that one. I don't know if she's right or not. She might be, or she might not be. Who knows. That's her theory. Was that Linda who said that? Of course it was. Maybe it was Kelly, I saw Kelly today as well.

Katrina Ruth: "Are they actually good enough for you?" They're actually all amazing, is the truth of the matter. That's the truth of it. That is the truth, but there's only one that I'm in love with. My God, what's happening? Am I on some kind of truth serum? Somebody get Linda down very quickly to save me before I keep saying things that I shouldn't say. This is entirely her fault because we did a live stream yesterday about wearing masks on the internet.

Katrina Ruth: "Maybe your boobsicles aren't ready for the passion that's gonna get unleashed on them>" the breasts are ready. And they've got full sensation in them as well by the way. One of my friends said she didn't get sensation back for four to six months. I cannot fucking believe I just said that. It's an organic wine, it's obviously the fault of the organic wine. That's the most revealing ... I didn't call this live stream reveal, I called it resolve. I don't know if she's right or not. I refuse to accept that that's the only possible answer. Anything's possible, doesn't make it definite though, does it? I don't know about the answer. I'm like, maybe you're right. Maybe. Maybe not. But that's pretty much what I'm grumpy about.

Katrina Ruth: What are we gonna do about it? What are we gonna about it as a community and as a team? I have to decide whether I'm in sexual resistance on purpose.

Katrina Ruth: "You need to resolve this." Now I get it. [inaudible 00:20:43]. Thank you Lisa. I need to resolve this situation.

Katrina Ruth: Well, I just find it kind of infuriating when you're having four incredible conversations at once with incredible men, and none of them are here. What is that about? But she might be right. She might be right. Maybe I don't really want any of them except for one of them. Everybody fucking knows anyway, it's not exactly a secret.

Katrina Ruth: Apparently I should drink more because clearly I can keep my mouth more secretive when I'm drinking than when I'm not drinking. What am I up to. I've had about 50 mils of wine and I'm now saying the most revealing stuff that I've ever said on the internet. Well, the whole point was to drop the mask. "Fly them in." Don't worry I'll see them when I need to see them, but maybe she's right and I only wanna see the one one. Bloody hell.

Katrina Ruth: I use inargi all the time. Alright. Well, this is embarrassing. I feel like I should leave now. Who wants to join Empress? Maybe I'll just tell you something. By the way if any of those men are on this live stream, you can just leave right away. Nobody invited you along. Everybody knows what I'm talking about anyway. Everybody who's in my inner circle meaning my ... well, I don't necessarily mean my client inner circle. I mean the inner circle of Kat, but either way.

Katrina Ruth: Resolution. Does need resolution. Resolution's always coming. That's true. I trust in the process. I trust in the divine unfolding of all things. One must trust in divine unfolding of all things or what else does one have? Ella. Ella knows many things about many things. That's what I've established since getting to know you, Ella and I don't even know you that well, but I know that you know many things.

Katrina Ruth: Now, what am I up to? I'm gonna tell you something to distract you from all my embarrassing reveals. I didn't really say anything at all anyway. You can put two and two together all you like you're only gonna come up with 49 and a half. Here you go. You might as well join Empress.

Katrina Ruth: I did the best read out about Empress the other day ...

Katrina Ruth: "Maybe you're waiting for men with a golden gun." I feel like I should understand what that means and I don't. Does that make me really dumb or really naïve? Empress is open for registrations, just so you know. Can't really be bothered talking about it but there's a pinned comment there.

Katrina Ruth: Here's why I also may be grumpy. I'll give you another reason, I'm just gonna deflect you now. Deflection. I was supposed to go to Barley tomorrow and I've now cancelled. And now I'm like, should I have cancelled? Should I have not cancelled? And I don't know. I'm in a bizarre questioning state. I think what I'm gonna go do tomorrow is buy a house and a car, and that will sort me out. I already planned it though.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. I had a friend request here from Fred , can anybody vouch for Fred? He has no mutual friends in common and he appears to be holding a gun in his profile photo. He is holding a gun and somebody just said the man with the golden gun. He appears to have no teeth on one side of his teeth, and I'm not joking. He's holding a gun, it's a big one. Hang on ... Has a lot of tattoos, he looks nice. We should probably stop talking about him. It's not a golden gun. Linda, I've just done something really stupid.

Linda: What have you done?

Katrina Ruth: Because you weren't here I just told the people on the live stream things that I would normally tell you on an audio. And it was really bad. I'm not kidding. I just said the actual truth about why I'm grumpy. I said because-

Linda: Are you still live?

Katrina Ruth: Yes. But it's all on now. I said because these four men messaging me amazing conversations and none of them are fucking here on the Gold Coast for me to have sex with them, and that's the real reason that I'm grumpy.

Linda: Which group are you living?

Katrina Ruth: The whole world. I don't even know what I'm doing. I'm not even drinking wine. I mean, I've had half a glass but ... and then I said, "Let's be honest, we all know the truth is that it's because it's only one that I love." And I've dropped you in it as well while we were at it.

Linda: Oh did you?

Katrina Ruth: I said that you said it's probably because I only want the one one.

Linda: Well, that's true.

Katrina Ruth: She doesn't know what she's on about, just 'cause she's the one that hears all my audios all day every day. She's making shit up. This is what happens when you're on a fucking training upstairs instead of being down here for me to talk to. I just start telling the whole incident, the most revealing things in the world.

Linda: [laughs].

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, hopefully nobody watches this replay.

Katrina Ruth: "An orgasm is being called." Says Karen. I already had many of them, all weekend long. I'm pretty sure I'm up to 20 since Friday night. It's gotta be some kind of Guinness World Book of World Records ... yeah, I need an award for that for sure.

Katrina Ruth: I'm not even kidding. I'm on fire. I'm sensually aroused and on fire at the moment. I don't know what's happening. Something's changing in my whole energy system. I was always like it anyway, but it's gone to the next level. Okay. Wait. Alright. I got another message. I was like, don't tell me it's another one but it was Rasheda, so that's fine. It was a woman.

Katrina Ruth: "Super flow is on." I don't think the super flow is here. I think I'm just still saying shit that I probably shouldn't be saying on the internet. Well, it's also because we talked about dropping masks last night. Just so you know. Okay. I think she's left now.

Linda: What?

Katrina Ruth: It's your fault because last night we live streamed about dropping the mask.

Linda: Oh it's my fault.

Katrina Ruth: You can make a guest appearance if you like.

Linda: In my pyjamas.

Katrina Ruth: Well, I've got pyjamas on too just on the bottom half.

Linda: Hello.

Katrina Ruth: I'm blaming you.

Linda: Why are you blaming me?

Katrina Ruth: Because last night we talked about drop ... Can we share a throne? It's not gonna work.

Linda: Our asses are to big.

Katrina Ruth: Hey.

Linda: Can we take this up?

Katrina Ruth: No. You have to look at our breasts now.

Linda: You got some lighting going on, girl.

Katrina Ruth: Because last night we talked about dropping the masks and now, tonight you're not here to save me and I'm just moping around downstairs, so then I end up telling the whole incident, the things I would normally tell you.

Linda: But this is just what happens.

Katrina Ruth: No. I've never told the whole internet that before.

Linda: You obviously meant to or you chose to.

Katrina Ruth: Well, maybe it's a new level of freedom that's coming through. How's your training?

Linda: Amazing. Amazing.

Katrina Ruth: How many people did you have on your training?

Linda: Live 130.

Katrina Ruth: Celebrate Linda. Send her a love heart shower. Let's ordain her. I don't know what I'm ordaining you as.

Linda: Off the hood. Loving it.

Katrina Ruth: As a training princess of the online trainings.

Katrina Ruth: Well, last night we live streamed with our capes on about dropping masks. Don't forget to buy my shit by the way 'cause I'm not really in the mood to sell it right now, but just so you know, don't forget. Leave the pinned comment.

Linda: I just get so much humour from just staying with you. This is great.

Katrina Ruth: Therapy.

Linda: This is just ... I'm not- [crosstalk 00:28:23]. What are these things?

Katrina Ruth: That's me.

Linda: What?

Katrina Ruth: [crosstalk 00:28:29].

Katrina Ruth: Send her some more Kat emojis.

Linda: What are they? How is that even possible?

Katrina Ruth: Send some flying Katrina so that she can see them. We want it all John, don't be offensive.

Linda: I want a flying Linda too.

Katrina Ruth: Look. Look.

Katrina Ruth: I mean, look it says one percent and press play.

Linda: Oh my god, this is the best fucking thing I've ever seen in my life.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. Bronwyn made them for me.

Linda: I need some of those in my life.

Katrina Ruth: And some sex. Oh no, that's me.

Linda: This is incredible. I learned something new today.

Katrina Ruth: "Where did the flying Katrinas come from?" So, on your phone, you know how on the right hand side you've got the little emojis? And then to the inside left of your emojis on your phone you'll see a little sticker ... you gotta be on your cell phone, your mobile phone. It won't work if you're on your laptop.

Linda: Oh my God. Can I do it?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, if you're on your phone and you join my live you can send some flying Katrinas. I'm pretty sure they're devil Katrinas. "You can't send any emojis tonight." Why? Are you on some kind of emoji diet? Have you overdosed on emojis? Have you made a commitment to yourself to not send any emojis for 30 days?

Linda: Oh my God, this is like ...

Katrina Ruth: The red jackets look like what?

Linda: They look like witches.

Katrina Ruth: Witches. Yeah. They're devils. They're flying devil Katrinas. I didn't care for that one at all.

Linda: Are they holding a spanking thing?

Katrina Ruth: Well, that would be normal and appropriate.

Linda: Just like last night. And capes.

Katrina Ruth: I think I've said enough revealing things for one evening. I call the live stream resolve and I was gonna speak about staying the course, and holding the vision of your goals, and instead I just told everyone how grumpy I am about not having sex right now.

Linda: And instead you just unleashed whatever the fuck came out.

Katrina Ruth: Don't worry I'll sort it out.

Linda: Proper now.

Katrina Ruth: I always do.

Linda: I think I need me some wine too.

Katrina Ruth: I think I need to drink more wine because I'd had one sip of wine and then I just started saying all that shit. I literally said stuff that I would normally just say straight to you, and then I was like, "What am I doing?"

Katrina Ruth: "All you can see is bitmojis."

Linda: You don't need me anymore, you got them. You just [inaudible 00:30:40] every day in an audio.

Katrina Ruth: I cannot get into the habit of telling the whole world the things I tell you. I'd be kicked off Facebook.

Katrina Ruth: "It's the wine." Well, I only just had a little bit of wine.

Linda: The wine?

Katrina Ruth: There's no white wine left in this house, is there? You drank it all.

Linda: We can sort something.

Katrina Ruth: "Love this so much, Linda."

Linda: Thank you.

Katrina Ruth: Alright. Send me some emojis.

Linda: I have to ... is it on your page?

Katrina Ruth: Well, how can we connect to this in a professional and adult way back to the conversation about resolve? Hopefully-

Linda: Resolve.

Katrina Ruth: Hopefully certain people don't watch this replay. I'm gonna be embarrassed.

Linda: Oh my God, that's us.

Katrina Ruth: Well, no. Not really 'cause whatever. I might as well just be transparent. Do you know what this is? This is a sign for me to be even more transparent.

Linda: I wanna send you some ...

Katrina Ruth: You're just gonna send me ... oh no. You gotta press this, that's where the flying Katrinas are ... I don't know. Where's the flying Katrinas?

Linda: Or maybe 'cause it's ...

Katrina Ruth: This one. This one. This one. I'm gonna send myself my own Katrina's. Oh my God. This is the best day of my life. I've never been ... I'm going crazy about it. I've never been able to do this before 'cause ... I'm just pushing buttons.

Linda: This is the weirdest live stream ever.

Katrina Ruth: And everybody's been pushing my buttons all weekend. So, I'm just gonna push these buttons. Oh my God.

Linda: Look at that.

Katrina Ruth: That's the best moment of my life. That is my best live ... one percent, one percent for everybody.

Linda: I actually thought they look like witches.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. They do. Alright. I'm very excited. Okay turn it off. She's annoying.

Linda: That's you darling.

Katrina Ruth: She's speaking over the top of me. Shut it down.

Linda: Shut it down. Shut myself down.

Katrina Ruth: Get rid of her.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, I just had an important point, was it? How, if you look at the emojis on the left hand side, the cape live stream was professional. We were professional as fuck. If you look at your emojis on the left side of your screen, see? No, left. No, on the right side of your screen, so I'm pointing right 'cause it's mirror words ... mirror-

Linda: Is it?

Katrina Ruth: You know. Like if I point to our left then it's gonna point to their right. See? And see the little stickers?

Linda: They look like witches.

Katrina Ruth: They are. That's why I always call them devil Katrinas. Whenever I see them, I'm like, "Look at the devil Katrinas.

Katrina Ruth: Leah, we were completely above board last night. We'd had no alcoholic beverages.

Linda: None.

Katrina Ruth: Actually, it's true because the livestream crossed over past midnight, so we were completely sober for that day because you reset your soberness at midnight right?

Linda: I even got told off because I had a proper training tonight and I should be fresh.

Katrina Ruth: Oh my God. That's true, you did.

Linda: I did. I was so very serious on my training. It was incredible.

Katrina Ruth: So, I was gonna make an amazing point. It was really just for me and not for anyone else, but still I wanna get back to it. It was, I think, maybe the reason I just told all of that to Facebook, about my sexual needs ... was maybe it means I meant to express it in a more open way in general.

Linda: Maybe. Is that what you'd want to take out of it?

Katrina Ruth: I think I already do.

Linda: Like what you wanna teach yourself about that situation. About that concept.

Katrina Ruth: I don't know. I think I express myself quite well. I don't know why it came out.

Linda: Love it.

Katrina Ruth: Maybe it wasn't that bad after all. I'm not gonna watch the replay just in case, because I have a personal rule that ... well, the problem ...

Katrina Ruth: Blake says he missed my sexual needs. Please tell more. You've exactly hit the nail on the head. Everybody's been missing my sexual needs.

Katrina Ruth: Well, what I had said was that I don't understand why I'm having four amazing conversations but none of them are on the Gold Coast. They're all in other places around the world.

Linda: 'cause you've created it somehow.

Katrina Ruth: But one's here in Brisbane and it's only an hour away but still, it's fucking Brisbane.

Linda: Owning it too. I wonder why you created that/

Katrina Ruth: And then the recap version was that Linda in her wisdom and profoundness had said ... and when I said, "Why am I creating sexual resistance?" She said, "Maybe it's 'cause you don't really wanna have sex with them, which I found an annoying because it might be true.

Linda: Well. Well.

Katrina Ruth: I'm not sure if it is true.

Linda: I do say really fascinating and smart things. You know fascinating things come out of my mouth all the time. All the time.

Katrina Ruth: I've gotta go to Brisbane tomorrow anyway. I have to go there to see a car.

Linda: What are you doing there?

Katrina Ruth: I gotta go see a car. That's a true story. You know that. That's a true, above board story.

Linda: There's lots of cars.

Katrina Ruth: No. That car is in Brisbane.

Linda: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: The exact one happens to be in the same suburb where somebody lives, which is a coincidence.

Katrina Ruth: "Subconsciously you may be revealing." Linda is always fucking right. This is the problem when you have [crosstalk 00:35:47].

Linda: Did you hear that? Did you hear that? Can you do a [inaudible 00:35:49] of that?

Katrina Ruth: Could you just clip it out and have her repeat it like a 100 times?

Linda: Yes. I will. I'm gonna call your team.

Katrina Ruth: Don't worry, I'm always right as well. Oh I will get on a plane, don't worry. I'll get on a fucking plane. No doubt.

Linda: [inaudible 00:36:03] steak on your cheek.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. That's happened before for sure. No. I'm seeing the car anyway. I've gotta go buy a car. It's like a James Bond car.

Linda: Is it the one you sent me?

Katrina Ruth: It's the Mercedes convertible that I was looking at in the [inaudible 00:36:20] the other day, but they had the black one on the Gold Coast, and they've got this gun metal grey one in Brisbane. It looks amazing. It looks like a spy car. So, I'm gonna go look at it. That's a true story.

Linda: Like a James Bond car.

Katrina Ruth: It's a legitimate non sexual story. I'm not even joking. That's why I'm going-

Linda: For once.

Katrina Ruth: It's not ... for once. For once. Listen to her. [inaudible 00:36:43].

Linda: I get all the stories behind the scenes, that's why I say for once.

Katrina Ruth: Somebody's gotta hear the stories, don't they? It's true. Shotgun. "Yeah, this guy's bad ass." That's right, we forgot about the guy with the gun.

Linda: Brandon.

Katrina Ruth: What was the resolve comment about? I don't wanna get the car in gold. It should be in pink except I'm already pretty ...

Linda: You did speak about a pink car.

Katrina Ruth: I can't drive around town in a pink Mercedes convertible because everybody would know where I am all the time. I'm already standing out enough as it is. Don't you think?

Linda: Well, you keep breaking the internet every day.

Katrina Ruth: It's too much too muchness.

Katrina Ruth: "You should have your stickers if you're on your mobile phone. If you're on your desktop then you won't."

Katrina Ruth: Brandon wants to WhatsApp you.

Linda: What's up?

Katrina Ruth: He said what's up.

Linda: What's up man.

Katrina Ruth: He said that's what's up.

Linda: That's what's up.

Katrina Ruth: Do you think there's something about [inaudible 00:37:38] energy where we raise the temperature? Because last night I started sweating when we were on the live stream together and now I'm getting over heated again?

Linda: Maybe.

Katrina Ruth: It never happens on my own normal live streams. I'm like, holy shit.

Linda: Gotta put my hair up and take my scarf off.

Katrina Ruth: Just so we know, just to maintain a little bit of control back, I'm always right as well. Just so that everybody is aware.

Linda: All of us are always right, aren't we?

Katrina Ruth: That is true. That's a great point.

Linda: According to our truths, we're always right.

Katrina Ruth: That's an excellent point. She nailed. It.

Linda: See? I told you just fascinating stuff just starts dribbling out of my mouth. I can't help that.

Katrina Ruth: That's so good.

Linda: It's just-

Katrina Ruth: I think you can find a better way to dribble it.

Katrina Ruth: Fascinating stuff keeps dribbling out of your mouth. It evolves out of you in an essentially conscious manner.

Katrina Ruth: Somebody said super flow. I think it just kicked in. [inaudible 00:38:34], delivered.

Katrina Ruth: Now I have to take my pants off. I'm getting really hot. Do I have any pants under this?

Linda: Wouldn't surprise me. You do.

Katrina Ruth: I'm taking my pants off.

Linda: She's taking her pants off. Should I take my pants off too?

Katrina Ruth: It's really hot.

Linda: I can't take mine ...

Katrina Ruth: I'm boiling.

Linda: I'm not wearing ... I'm just wearing undies.

Katrina Ruth: I'm burning up.

Linda: I'm just wearing undies. I'm wearing the same colour.

Katrina Ruth: Alright. Well, I put on clothing in order to get on the live stream, but I've got my pyjama shorts on underneath. Clam down. Everybody is just ... calm your tits.

Linda: Now we're just talking about tits because your obsessed. Obsessed.

Katrina Ruth: Look. You didn't even see my new bra.

Linda: That's amazing.

Katrina Ruth: That's one of the ones that I got yesterday.

Linda: I like it.

Katrina Ruth: It's incredible, isn't it?

Linda: Yeah. Have you shown them?

Katrina Ruth: Nope. Won't. Won't.

Linda: I get the goods. I'm so lucky.

Katrina Ruth: I got a message earlier from one of my amazing men who said to me, "Why have we not seen your new breast yet?" And I said, "We? Do you mean the royal we? Who's we?" I said, "Well, I suppose you can see them shortly on the live stream [inaudible 00:39:49]."

Katrina Ruth: "Turn your phone ..." No. I won't.

Linda: No.

Katrina Ruth: Inappropriate. What?

Linda: What?

Katrina Ruth: [crosstalk 00:40:00] my whole breast a live stream?

Linda: Was there even something in your existence that there is something called inappropriate?

Katrina Ruth: I'm gonna save them for the people that get to see them.

Linda: Okay.

Katrina Ruth: Which is basically every single woman that I know who's just grabbed hold of them since I've got them, apparently.

Linda: I know. The next day I got ... no. When did I ... I came back and you were like, "Look."

Katrina Ruth: You were straight in there. You were just like, "Oh yeah." I think you actually said, "Oh yeah."

Linda: I'm like, "Oh yeah." They're great.

Katrina Ruth: I was like, just standing casually in the kitchen as you do.

Linda: It was amazing.

Katrina Ruth: "Are you trying to help them find Kat emojis?" I thought it was a conversation about boobs.

Linda: We need to put some boob emojis in there as well 'cause everyone wants to see them, and everyone wants to squeeze them, so people can just send you some boos.

Katrina Ruth: You're supposed to squeeze them. You're supposed to squeeze them upwards.

Linda: But I think that's a great idea. Tell your team. So people can just give you booby grabs.

Katrina Ruth: They do anyway. I don't need to tell them. They do it everywhere I go.

Katrina Ruth: "Tell the team."

Katrina Ruth: Hang on, we were saying something important. You were saying-

Linda: Everything is important.

Katrina Ruth: You were saying you're always right, which is an excellent point.

Linda: So are you.

Katrina Ruth: Thank you.

Linda: And so are you.

Katrina Ruth: Thank you. I'm saying thank you for them.

Katrina Ruth: You can send your own thank yous though.

Katrina Ruth: It's true. Doesn't it make life just fabulously easy if you're always right?

Linda: Yeah. Of course.

Katrina Ruth: It means that I didn't do anything embarrassing or stupid after all about what I said. It means it was exactly what I was meant to say. Confessional. As if it's a fucking secret anyway.

Linda: The boobs?

Katrina Ruth: No, that I really am kind of, only mainly interested in one person.

Linda: But I would've noticed.

Katrina Ruth: Which bit?

Linda: The boos. I think anyone would've noticed even-

Katrina Ruth: I was talking about the men.

Linda: Oh the men, right. I thought you meant you weren't gonna tell anybody you got boobs done. I'm like, well, people would probably notice anyway.

Katrina Ruth: No. Not that bit. I was talking about it's not a secret about the men stuff. What you said.

Linda: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: But I still maintain that I ... that maybe ... I don't know. I'm stopping right there.

Katrina Ruth: But you're definitely always right. I'm coming back to that.

Linda: I like that. I've been talking about that all night. I'm always right.

Katrina Ruth: We've been ... Have you? On your training?

Linda: Oh no.

Katrina Ruth: Or just in general?

Linda: I could ...

Katrina Ruth: We've been talking about that for months though. We've been saying that it's literally impossible to screw anything up because you are always right.

Katrina Ruth: Well, I journal that every day. Every day I write I always make the right decision and everything always works out perfectly for me.

Linda: Same. Exactly.

Katrina Ruth: So, then every time I do something where I'm like, Oh my God I will literally ... you should've seen be earlier, I was like. I can't believe I just said that. Why did I say that? I only had two sips of wine as well. I was like, "What the fuck just happened?"

Linda: You can't blame it on the wine though.

Katrina Ruth: And I have a rule that I won't delete content online as well. I used to do it a few times. We talked about that stuff yesterday.

Linda: Yeah we did.

Katrina Ruth: But I did use to do that some years back when I would feel or self conscious about how I put myself out there. Now I have a personal rule that I will just not delete content no matter what. So, I won't delete the live stream even though it could be watched.

Katrina Ruth: So, therefore I trust that it was exactly what I was meant to say.

Linda: Yeah, of course.

Katrina Ruth: I never screw anything up. And everything ... And did I say that everything works out perfectly [inaudible 00:43:15]?

Linda: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. I always-

Linda: That's my belief now.

Katrina Ruth: I always make ... It is so [inaudible 00:43:21].

Katrina Ruth: "I can't see them sideways either." I don't know. I can't help you.

Linda: Which ones? The boobies?

Katrina Ruth: The devil Katrinas. I think she means the devil Katrinas.

Linda: Boobies or the devils?

Katrina Ruth: No. The angelic boobies, devil Katrinas. Two different things.

Katrina Ruth: I started to look [inaudible 00:43:38] two or three years ago. I chose it. You know you get to choose your beliefs people. You just get to choose them.

Linda: I like to [inaudible 00:43:44] but I've never done before. I wanna take a photo of that.

Katrina Ruth: Take a photo of [inaudible 00:43:47]. Yeah. Great. Why don't you live stream the live stream?

Linda: I should.

Katrina Ruth: So, I started to look [inaudible 00:43:55] a few years ago but I always make the right decision, everything always works out perfectly for me, I'm on my [inaudible 00:44:02] times, stuff like that, right? [inaudible 00:44:07] and at first it was like, it'd be cool if you believed that or it'd be nice if you believed that, or yeah I can, sort of, maybe start to believe that.

Katrina Ruth: Now I 100% fully, completely do believe it. So, even though I feel like I just was very vulnerable and exposed myself, and was a next level idiot beyond what I normally am, I've already [crosstalk 00:44:26].

Linda: Is that even possible?

Katrina Ruth: I can't discard any levels of idiocy and clownliness. Clownlyness everyday. But I don't really mean it about the idiocy. I've already shifted it and reframed it, and I'm already like, "Oh well, clearly that was exactly what I was meant to say tonight, and everything's perfect.

Linda: Everything's always perfect. All the time.

Katrina Ruth: Maybe not only will I be okay with this live stream replay [inaudible 00:44:49] maybe I'll just deliberately point it out.

Linda: Maybe. Send it. Sent it. To the Gods.

Katrina Ruth: To somebody.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, what say you?

Linda: Pardon?

Katrina Ruth: What would you like to say? Speak up.

Linda: Speak up?

Katrina Ruth: Address the room.

Linda: Address the room.

Katrina Ruth: Sorry I didn't have any wine to offer you...

Linda: That's right, where's my wine?

Katrina Ruth: You drank the whole bottle.

Linda: I don't know but-

Katrina Ruth: She doesn't drink red wine.

Linda: I don't even normally drink much.

Katrina Ruth: That's true. She doesn't. That is true.

Linda: And I had a whole bottle of wine last night.

Katrina Ruth: Well, yeah. And she doesn't drink red wine. I have enough red wine in here that I could open my own store. I have a seller's worth. Of course, I can't really offer her any though.

Linda: It's really odd. I've never even had half a glass of red wine in my life.

Katrina Ruth: I'll get some more to make up for it.

Linda: Oh for me?

Katrina Ruth: Linda has something very profound to tell you. No, for me.

Linda: But what about me?

Katrina Ruth: What am I gonna get you? Champaign?

Linda: Surprise me.

Linda: Out on something really funky and come back.

Katrina Ruth: Put on something funky?

Linda: I mean, take off what you have on and-

Katrina Ruth: What? What's happening?

Linda: I don't know what's happening.

Katrina Ruth: You're just ordering me around.

Linda: Do you really trust me on your life with your people?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Linda: You never know 'cause I never know what's gonna come out of my mouth next. I never know what I'm gonna do next.

Katrina Ruth: I'm not getting changed.

Linda: You know a lot of people always ask me, "What the hell? Where are you gonna go next? What are you gonna do next? I can't keep up." Well, I can't keep up what I'm doing next. I never ever know.

Linda: "Call for red." I don't know. You know what red wine really tastes like to me? Like sour milk. I'm not-

Katrina Ruth: Would you like a potato? I can bring you a potato.

Linda: No. I don't want a potato.

Katrina Ruth: I brought you some kombucha. I've put some [crosstalk 00:46:44].

Linda: I don't like that.

Katrina Ruth: I put apple cider vinegar in there just for you.

Linda: Oh my God.

Katrina Ruth: I just mixed some healthy things together. You don't like kombucha?

Linda: No.

Katrina Ruth: Take it away.

Linda: Fermented-

Katrina Ruth: The queen has spoken.

Linda: Apple cider vinegar and kombucha, I'm like ...

Katrina Ruth: I don't like kombucha either but [inaudible 00:46:59] and Kelly left it here, so somebody had to have it.

Katrina Ruth: Alright. Well, what do you want then?

Linda: I don't know. I'll go and find my way.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. Hang on. I'm gonna [inaudible 00:47:08].

Linda: What is my work about? My work on my work? Which work?

Katrina Ruth: The work.

Linda: The work.

Katrina Ruth: Oh the work.

Linda: oh the work. Remember that?

Katrina Ruth: What was that? That was like, "We want them to do the work." Oh that's right you've gone, "I want this, this, this, and this, and I want him to do the work." And I'm like, "What work Linda?" "Oh the work."

Linda: Oh, the work.

Katrina Ruth: That was over a year ago.

Linda: That was over a year ago.

Katrina Ruth: And then you manifested it like a motherfucker.

Linda: I did.

Katrina Ruth: And that was the same manner I manifested ... you know ... the Brisbane situation.

Linda: Boob side profile.

Katrina Ruth: My hair is in the way. I keep the hair there on purpose to keep it gentile.

Linda: Are we going all conservative now?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. I'm super conservative. I'm known for ... Can I tell you something?

Linda: What happened?

Katrina Ruth: Can I tell you something that-

Linda: What happened inside that head? Please.

Katrina Ruth: I'm gonna tell you something that's gonna shock you.

Linda: Tell me.

Katrina Ruth: And you're gonna be upset. I think I'm on [inaudible 00:48:16].

Linda: Oh really?

Katrina Ruth: So, when I was taking the Mercedes convertible thing for a test drive the other day, we're driving along and the car sales man says to me, "You're in quite the conservative mode, aren't you?"

Linda: You told me.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. And I'm like, "Excuse me?"

Linda: I'm not conservative at all.

Katrina Ruth: I'm like, "Conservative mode?" He's like, "No. I mean the car. There's conservative mode, and sports mode," and I'm like, "Okay."

Linda: You were almost offended.

Katrina Ruth: I nearly threw something ... Well, I was driving the car, so I couldn't really do much about it. I thought that he was referring to me as being in conservative mode.

Katrina Ruth: Alright. Well-

Linda: How have I ended up with this?

Katrina Ruth: 'Cause I gave you the opportunity to be the speaker.

Katrina Ruth: Do you know what resolve is really about? I thought I was gonna come on and speak about resolve, and stay in power, but I already wrote a blog about that when you were upstairs.

Linda: Yeah. Where are you going with resolve?

Katrina Ruth: Well, I wrote a blog about it. You know the little conversation we had when you sat down when I was eating dinner?

Linda: Dinner? Tonight?

Katrina Ruth: About staying the course, and holding out for what you really want that's inside of you. I wrote a really good blog about that, it's on my personal page. I wrote that when you went upstairs. I'm very happy with it. So, then I went to do nearly the same topic again for the live stream, which was obviously a silly idea 'cause I don't need to-

Linda: That's alright. [inaudible 00:49:40].

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. But I've kind of already done it now, which is probably why my mouth just opened itself like a big flapper and just said random shit that I normally wouldn't say.

Linda: And you just dribbled things out.

Katrina Ruth: Dribbled it out. Just dribbled it out onto the internet.

Linda: That's amusing now.

Katrina Ruth: But now ... Thank you Ella about the blog. I was really happy with it actually. I edited it about 18 times while I was in bed upstairs with the kids after they had fallen asleep. And now here we are, but now what I realise what resolve is about is having the resolve to be unapologetically you all the time even when you're saying something where even as you're saying it you're like, "Just shut up, just stop right there. Do not go one word further."

Linda: No filter.

Katrina Ruth: And then you keep going. And that's ... Well, there you go, you're either being all that you are or you're not. You're either speaking the truth or you've got a mask on. There's no grey area.

Linda: But that's the thing. We were talking about masks yesterday. We were talking about being unapologetically you. What's the point even being someone else 'cause you're not living your own life.

Katrina Ruth: Exactly.

Linda: What's the point about that?

Katrina Ruth: But it's a constant [inaudible 00:50:48], isn't it? Because we're both so committed to being unapologetically ourselves, and we both really seek to be transparent online and to speak our truth, and we do. We both message so authentically. But yet you still continue to notice, day by day areas where you're holding back.

Linda: Like yesterday. Oh my God this moment.

Katrina Ruth: Right.

Linda: And I shared it on that live stream yesterday [inaudible 00:51:10].

Katrina Ruth: Yes. That you shared ... you've gotta watch the cape live stream from yesterday if you missed it 'cause Linda shared about that. But even like what I was saying earlier and then like, "Fuck, why am I saying this?" And then it's like, but I'm just saying the truth, but it was like the next level of vulnerability or an area that I wouldn't normally quite confess to.

Katrina Ruth: And then you notice that though and the problem is ... here's the problem ... it's not really a problem but it can feel like a problem. The problem is-

Linda: I remember once you said something on an audio, "The problem is that I don't have a problem." Or something. Wasn't it something along the lines?

Katrina Ruth: No. I think I said my only problem is that I think I have a problem.

Linda: Okay. [crosstalk 00:51:46].

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. So, the problem is, what I said earlier on this training, which I'm still like, "Oh my God, I can't believe I said that, that was so stupid. Or embarrassing, or whatever," that now that I've said it thought, I've made myself aware of an area where I wants being fully transparent. Because before I said it I was like, "La, di, da. I'm totally open. I'm authentic as fuck."

Linda: As fuck.

Katrina Ruth: "I'm the most authentic person on the internet. I tell all the things, I say all the things." And then your mouth is like, "We'll just see about that bitch. How about this one thing that you haven't told anybody?" And then it just pops out.

Linda: It dribbles out.

Katrina Ruth: My soul just [inaudible 00:52:27] it forth without any prior permission. There was no application put in, is it okay that we speak about this? The soul just does what it wants. So then once it's come out you can't un-know now. I can't take that back. Not that I would, but I now can't un-know. I'm not conscious in a way like, "Oh shit. Here's an area where I've been, kinda, sort of, pretending," but I was buying ... you know you buy into your own bullshit?

Linda: Oh yeah. It was fun.

Katrina Ruth: Because I would never, and you would never consciously not be transparent. We're always transparent, but it's just a never fucking ending process of dropping into deeper layers of transparency and authenticity.

Linda: There's always another lever. Always another layer. It's like I'm finally fully connected to self. I'm finally totally owning every part of me and being me unapologetically, then there's another layer like steak slap almost that just surprises you, goes, "Holy shit. I didn't even know that was there. I didn't know that about myself that that was there.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Linda: And then you wanna share it.

Katrina Ruth: And then once you know though, you can't un-know. And then once you've spoken about it to your audience that's saying you've brought an opposite topic of conversation, then it's like ... sorry, I'm standing on your scarf somehow ... then it's like the doors are open and then the flood gates are open, and it's like, "Well, shall we now continue to talk about this? Maybe, maybe not." But either way it's open.

Linda: It's open.

Katrina Ruth: It's a new level of transparency.

Linda: Once you opened the can of worms you can't ...

Katrina Ruth: The worms are coming out. They just come out. They just go everywhere. All throughout the whole house. It's disgusting.

Linda: You're disgusting, talking about worms.

Katrina Ruth: You brought it up. What?

Linda: What?

Katrina Ruth: Well, so I think resolve is the resolve to be unapologetically you. It takes courage. It takes a massive fucking amount of courage to remain ... Well to remain ... it takes a massive amount of courage to decide to be all that you are and to share that with the world.

Linda: It does.

Katrina Ruth: But then it takes a massive amount of ongoing courage to continue to be you because particularly when we are growth oriented we are always ... there's always new areas of vulnerability to go to.

Linda: 100%.

Katrina Ruth: And there's always gonna be an element of resistance around, "Do I really wanna share that with the world?"

Linda: It is an ongoing process.

Katrina Ruth: But I don't think you have to share everything. I don't think there's a rule that you've gotta share every single thing as a messenger, right?

Linda: No. Not everything.

Katrina Ruth: I think [inaudible 00:55:00] what comes out needs to come out. That's my personal rule.

Linda: And the things that you wanna share but that you might find an element of, "I'm a bit afraid to share that," but you know that you wanted to share it but you're afraid of that, that's what you should definitely share.

Katrina Ruth: Totally. You always know what you're meant to share. Often times clients will tell me about a situation in their life that's very vulnerable, or very intimate, or whatever it might be. And they'll say, "Should I write about this? Because I'm not being authentic if I don't write about it or something like that." And I'm like, "Well, no. There's not a rule that you have to share all your shit. That's not a rule." To me personally ... well, [inaudible 00:55:36], but for me personally the rule is, if it's coming out of me like it wants ... if it's dribbling out as Linda would say ... I prefer to say if it's being unleashed, I think it sounds more bad ass than dribbling ... if it's unleashing itself, if it wants to share itself, like I look at the message as its own entity, right?

Linda: Entity?

Katrina Ruth: Like it starts to come out of you. Like that just came out of me. I was like, "Stop. Stop." I was like a zip up emoji but it didn't work. It just went-

Linda: As if you even have a filter on you. You don't have a filter on you.

Katrina Ruth: I never said that before.

Linda: I don't think you do. Does she? I don't know. I don't hang around with her every live stream.

Katrina Ruth: I say some [inaudible 00:56:16].

Linda: But I hear it all behind the scenes.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. You do.

Katrina Ruth: I say some pretty full on shit.

Linda: I'm like, she does not have a filter.

Katrina Ruth: That exact particular area I've somewhat got it in what I say or don't say. For reasons. But I think that my rule is that once it starts to come out, I have to get out of the way and let it out. My job is to be the vessel, not to be in charge of which bit of the message gets to come out. So, I'm not gonna ever deliberately make myself say something just because I could. I'm not like, let me write down all my inner most shit every day and then share it with the internet. No. I just share what comes out.

Katrina Ruth: So, then if a new area of vulnerability starts to present itself to the world, and dribbles forth, than my job is to get out of the way and let it, and shut the fuck up and let it.

Linda: See? It is dribble.

Katrina Ruth: Dribble. It's a true thing.

Linda: It just comes out.

Katrina Ruth: I wouldn't have built this business if I didn't learn to get out of my own way and let the message be the message. I say it to my clients all the time, "Let the message be the message. Let the art be the art. You don't decide."

Linda: You're just the messenger.

Katrina Ruth: You are. You are. You don't decide, "Is that an appropriate message or should I say that, or can I say that?"

Linda: Hi beautiful Claire.

Katrina Ruth: You let it out.

Katrina Ruth: Hello. I already said hello to you but hello again.

Linda: Claire you were on my live feed earlier, on my training earlier. And now you're here.

Katrina Ruth: She said that.

Linda: We just swap from one thing to another.

Katrina Ruth: She was saying that when you first came down.

Linda: That's so cool. That training was so good.

Katrina Ruth: Bad ass.

Linda: That was bad ass.

Katrina Ruth: Well ...

Linda: There's a lot od dribble that came out, in and out on that one.

Katrina Ruth: There you go. Resolve to be unapologetically you. That's my message for you this evening.

Linda: We got there in the end.

Katrina Ruth: I got there in the end. I revealed many things that I had no intention of revealing. Feel a little exposed, but it's nothing new. It's just what I'm here for. I'm merely here to serve and to apparently just reveal my most inner most shit to the internet for the entertainment of everybody else. So, I hope you appreciated it.

Katrina Ruth: You can send me gifts. It's PO BOX 861, Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217.

Linda: She's actually serious too.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. Everybody does. I like bordeaux, Guylian Seashell chocolates ...

Linda: [inaudible 00:58:45].

Katrina Ruth: I got a lot of that. You already gave me some last week.

Linda: Almond butter.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah.

Linda: Peanut butter.

Katrina Ruth: Peanut butter I'm not supposed to have too much but it is good.

Linda: But certain brands.

Katrina Ruth: I feel like I could have a new cape at some point.

Linda: Do you have chocolate?

Katrina Ruth: We didn't have that much ... there might be a box of Guylians Seashells in the bedside drawer of your bedroom upstairs actually from when I was sleeping in there the other week.

Linda: Oh. I know her dirty secrets.

Katrina Ruth: What else do I like? What would I like for a gift?

Linda: Onions.

Katrina Ruth: No fucking onions.

Linda: No onions.

Katrina Ruth: Send a criovacced fillet. Buffalo. I'd like some bison. Send some freaking Canadian meat please. We got plenty of sweets here already.

Linda: What kind of meat are we talking about?

Katrina Ruth: Bison. Brandon sent me a bison. Send it criovacced, or whatever the word is. You know where it's shrink wrapped.

Linda: You're asking me meet questions?

Katrina Ruth: I'm sorry.

Linda: How dare you?

Katrina Ruth: I'll take some bordeaux, some seashell chocolates, I'll take a bison, please have it sliced first, I don't wanna have to deal with that, and I'll take another cape.

Linda: There's one here.

Katrina Ruth: Rainbow colour like Josephs technicolour dream coat. And I need a new sceptre. This one's looking wonky.

Linda: Is that what's it's called?

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. It's a sceptre.

Linda: I didn't know that.

Katrina Ruth: It looks a little wonky.

Linda: English is my third language, so I'm still learning.

Katrina Ruth: Third?

Linda: Mm-hmm (affirmative)-

Katrina Ruth: What's the second one then?

Linda: Swedish is first.

Katrina Ruth: Oh Swedish.

Linda: Yeah. I went to a Swedish school and Finnish is second. English is third.

Katrina Ruth: English is my first language. I have other languages too.

Linda: Like?

Katrina Ruth: Nobody knows I speak other languages. I'm listening to you always when you're speaking and you think I can't understand you. I'm reading your sales pages too in your other languages. I know many things. Many things.

Linda: She speaks the language of the soul.

Katrina Ruth: And I would like ... I would really like a purple MacBook. This is rose gold, which is quite nice.

Linda: Is there a purple one?

Katrina Ruth: Somebody can organise it for me, I think. Can somebody organise it? I want a purple one to match all my purple.

Linda: Well, you can have anything you want.

Katrina Ruth: Hot pink as well. I want a hot ... Somebody send me a hot pink MacBook, PO BOX 861 Surfers Paradise, Queensland 4217, and I'll take a purple one.

Linda: Can you just send it ... can we order two? I'd like one too.

Katrina Ruth: Linda wants one too.

Linda: I want a purple one too.

Katrina Ruth: "What about a sequin dress?" They're scratchy, but I've got that silver one that I wore on my photo shoot [crosstalk 01:01:12].

Linda: That was hot.

Katrina Ruth: That's upstairs stuffed into a small bag.

Linda: That was amazing. It was like this almost.

Katrina Ruth: It's more bling bling. I feel like there's one important gift that I'm missing.

Linda: A man?

Katrina Ruth: No. I already know exactly where that is, don't worry. That's it then. I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go check my PO BOX and see what gifts I've received.

Katrina Ruth: Alright. Well, I feel like we covered nothing at all that we intended to but as normal it was amazing. Please read the pinned comment if you like to learn how to do business like this. I don't know if it was the best advertisement ever. Do read the pinned comment, read about everything.

Linda: Just do whatever you want.

Katrina Ruth: Have an amazing rest of the day. We're gonna go and talk about many things about ya know.

Katrina Ruth: Don't forget, life is now, press play.

Linda: Bye bye.

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