Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: Well, we're going to have to celebrate my hair 'cause now everybody's seen my hair for the first time as well. Ooh, it says I missed a call from Billy Jean. Okay. Hang on. Is anyone jumping on? The cape definitely looks better with the purple outward not the gold, right? 'Cause if I have the gold out, it looks kinda like a weird fish skin. Don't you think?

Matt: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. It's been decided.

Matt: You do the best, I think.

Katrina Ruth: All right, everybody can take screenshots of me now. Ready? Screenshot. So that I can use it later for a blog post. Hello, people. Actually, I was ... Oh, Alicia has a cape just like that. Of course, why would you not?

Katrina Ruth: Well, I was having an important dilemma, it was a serious dilemma. I'm here to film very professional and important sales videos. We're here to film a sales video for Empress and so I'm supposed to be in proper filming mode, not livestreaming, and then I just thought, "Well, I gotta livestream it as well, 'cause it would be inappropriate not to."

Katrina Ruth: But then the problem was ... here's the problem, you understand my dilemma. I wanted to put my cape on because I'm doing a sales video for Empress. Okay? So, if you're going to do a sales video for Empress, you're gonna wear a cape. But then, then, here's the big problem, I just had my hair done.

Katrina Ruth: Ah, celebrate. Actually, it doesn't even look as pink as it is on this livestream, the whole thing is pink, only the top looks pink, but the top is extra pink and the lower bit is somewhat pink.

Katrina Ruth: Billy Jean! We're gonna be partying it up next week at your house. There he is. Or wherever it is. Okay, so that's the problem. The problem is: how do I solve this problem? I wanna show my pink hair off and I wanna wear my cape as well because I'm filming a serious video for my programme, for Empress. So I don't know what to do about that. I can try leave it like that but then I have to not breathe and not move. How do I look over on this camera? Good?

Matt: Good.

Katrina Ruth: Where am I showing from? From here?

Matt: There.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, that's fine then.

Matt: A little bit higher up.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, well, that's under control. It's all under control. And then the other problem is, I don't know what's up with these curly curls.

Matt: I'm gonna try fix that mic as well, just the cord.

Katrina Ruth: Fix it. Fix it all. Hello. It's gonna be happening in San Diego town next week.

Matt: Coming through there.

Katrina Ruth: What's going on? You know you have to say hello to the camera if you're just gonna appear with your arm in there. Of course the chair is pink, it's a throne. Actually, that's a good system, isn't it? With one arm out.

Katrina Ruth: Curls look great. I didn't want curls, I wanted messy-messy. Then I said to my ... well, it's going messy it's 'cause I only just had it done, we'll let it go, we'll let it do its thing, we'll let it get messy. We got plenty of filming to get to. We're creating much content. It's 1:11 pm, everyone have a moment of silence, it's currently 1:11.

Katrina Ruth: Have you seen Empress? Can someone on my team drop a comment about Empress? Drop me the Empress [inaudible 00:03:06]. I didn't tell them I'm going live. Empress C-T-A-A-S-A-P on live. Oh my God, I just wrote Empess C-T-S-A-S-A-P on live. Empress. So, I said to my ... and I was being serious though, I'd already titled this livestream and I titled it ... See, do you know why I did that? Why I said to you you had to say hello to the camera? I was like, "Let me see how many seconds it takes before somebody says 'Matt's cute.'" That's already come up. Sorry Meagan, I was just using you as a guinea pig. It's fun for me.

Matt: How old is Meagan?

Katrina Ruth: How old are you? He wants to know. Where are you? Are you on the Gold Coast? Can you come over today? That's basically what he was asking. So, anyway, where did I get the cape? I don't know. The ninjas got it for me. I could ask my sister, ask Jessa.

Katrina Ruth: So, I had titled this livestream about Empress, 'cause it's supposed to be a sales video, and then I had actually said to Matt, "You know, at a certain point in business, your primary problem is ..." She's in Perth, she can get here in six hours, she says. How old are you? You didn't answer the question.

Katrina Ruth: For real though. Okay, enough about that, enough about that. At a certain point in business, your primary problem really is which way should I wear my cape? Should I wear it down, off my shoulders? But then I look just like ... I don't know, what do I look like? Snow White? Snow White. Or should I wear it gold or purple or this way, half of it?. I think it's this way.

Katrina Ruth: And then I thought, "What a great title for a livestream: How do you get to a place in your business where your number one dilemma is: which way do I wear my cape?" Well, how you get there is you step into your Empress energy and power. Hi [Mim 00:04:52], sorry, I forgot to tell you I was going live. It was spontaneous. It was an impulse buy, just like the Mercedes convertible. Impulse movements.

Katrina Ruth: We're gonna talk about Empress. We're now gonna do an important sales video. Mim has conveniently just dropped the comment in there. I want to let you know something that I ... why does somebody send me an angry face? Who is that? I'm going to track them down. I can sing. I can sing. What do you want me to sing? Cliff wants me to sing. I don't know if I wanna sing on the sales video. I'm gonna go block this dude. I'll do that later.

Katrina Ruth: I was saying to the camera before I got onto this camera, I was saying to the other camera, when you're gonna do a sales video ... 'Cause in theory I was just gonna do like a three to five minute little thing for Matt to make into a pop up real video as opposed to this live video that's happening here. That's not a filter, that's me. Look at me. Thanks, Karen.

Katrina Ruth: And I said to him, "We wanna make sure that we don't just cut out the serious professional bit from this livestream, assuming that there is one that happens at some point. We wanna include the rambles and the silliness and the shenanigans." Why? Why? Say it with me. Cause people don't buy your products, they buy you. No way. People don't buy you, they buy your energy. That is a real thing. Give me a love heart shower if you know that's a real thing. People do not buy your products, they buy you. Nope, they don't even buy you. That's not true. Because which you are you being? Maybe. Maybe they'll want to buy the sad sack who only shows like your surface based version of yourself to the internet. Who's like, "Well, I hope that people like me and I hope that I'm gonna be interesting, and I hope that my content is unique and powerful and glamorous."

Katrina Ruth: Oh no, that is not a pink hair filter. That's actual pink hair. Pink hair filter? That'd be the lazy version, wouldn't it?

Katrina Ruth: People don't want that surface version of you. Maybe your loved ones do but honestly, I think if you go around delivering your careful safe version of yourself, even your loved ones, after a little bit of time are gonna be like, "This bitch is getting boring." Right? So, it's not technically true that people buy you, even though, yeah, we're all lovable and worthy in all our different energy states, but people buy your energy. They do. They wanna be around those who are magnetic, lit up, I'm gonna say, alive. I'm deliberately looking at this camera over here so if you see me ignoring you, that's what's happening.

Katrina Ruth: They wanna tap into the energy of somebody who feels alive. Am I right? Am I right? I'm right. So, for example, for example, if you go to a party or you go to the gym or you go to any place, I was going to say the airport but you don't tend to see that many charismatic people there, they're probably hiding in the lounge. No, they're not even in the lounge. Somewhere where you go. And there's that one person who's just magnetic in their energy. And maybe they have amazing posture as well because I feel like that's definitely a thing with charismatic people. They just compel you to them. You're drawn into their space. You might be a little bit intimidated, you might feel like, "Who is that person? Can I get close enough?" It's kind of like how close can I go to the sun? I probably shouldn't go too close, it might be scary or it might burn me but at the same time I just can't look away. It's fucking amazing and I'm compelled and I'm drawn in. Yes? Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, we're back over here again. All right, so the point of that is: if you're on the internet, it's a place where you can sell things if you've not heard of it. If you're on the internet and you're like, "Here's my thing, buy my thing. Let me tell you the fabulous [dot 00:08:27] points of my thing and why you should buy my thing." And then maybe you're following the rules as well. You've definitely read the rules, right? You've read the rules? Cool.

Katrina Ruth: So the rules are ... actually, I don't know 'cause I never paid attention. But the rules are something like: follow some dots and join some dots and dots some I's and cross some t's and do it like the other people and be a good little zombiepreneur. Those are the rules and then you think to yourself, "I gotta make sure it looks right, it's gotta be polished, it's gotta be presented, it's gotta be exactly just so."

Katrina Ruth: And if I manage to master this fabulous strategy, people are gonna buy my shit because everybody knows that the way to make millions of dollars is to follow the rules properly and do it right and essentially guide people like they're horses on a equestrian adventure, race track, that's definitely a thing ... a pony club, right? It is a thing. So they're going through the hurdles, like kids at school or horses at pony club. And if you get them to jump over the right hurdles and then go through a hoop and then do a little backward roll and a forward roll and a spin, then they're gonna pay you money and you're gonna make millions of dollars.

Katrina Ruth: That's roughly what people seem to think its about on the internet. Its quite hilarious, actually, when you think about it that people actually believe that that's how you're gonna make money if you do it correctly. No. They're going to buy from you for the same reason that when we go to an event and there's a charismatic, amazing, magnetic as fuck interesting person there, we can't look away and we're drawn in and we're curious and we wanna know about that person, who is that person, how can I get closer to that person or that person's attractive in their energy which makes them obviously attractive in all other ways as well.

Katrina Ruth: My point being, isn't it time to claim your rightful place? Isn't it time to step up and be the version of you who you know you are meant to be being? Isn't it time to drop the Coach cloak? This is not a Coach cloak, this is an Empress cloak. Isn't it time to drop the Coach cloak? The "Let me do it right doing dots and make money on the internet" approach to marketing is not working for you, it's never gonna work for you, it never does work for anyone is the truth of the matter. But somebody's fucking good at selling that dream because everybody's keeps jumping into it or it's clearly just a shit pool situation.

Katrina Ruth: It's a lemming situation. Everyone's like, "Oh, I can see that everybody's on the internet like that. I'm gonna go do it like that." Even though they're all fucking falling off the cliff and dying. So, all of which is to say, Empress is open for registration. We begin very soon. Very, very soon. Places are already selling. I'm about to start bringing my Empress energy to compel and call in your Empress energy.

Katrina Ruth: At the end of the day, the details of this don't matter. You don't need to read the details. You could read the details. I'll give you the details through and I'll attach it to this video or if you're listening to this live, it's in the pinned comment over here. Obviously the details don't matter. You know if my soul is speaking to yours. You know if the thing that is missing as to why you've not been making money online yet is that you haven't been in the energy state. You're trying to sell a product or a fucking opt-in or a landing page or a sales page or some bullshit dream based on nothing and you're not fully giving people your soul.

Katrina Ruth: People will buy from you when they connect with what's going on in here. And when that happens, they won't even care what the details are. They are literally going to pay to be in your presence and that statement, as ridiculous or diva-esque as what it sounds, is the reality of how I make my money, how my clients make their money and how you know you were born to make money. Now, that doesn't mean you're not doing anything. Actually, what you're doing, though, is being you. Why would it be of value for somebody to pay to be in your presence? Because it actually automatically elevates somebody from being in your presence.

Katrina Ruth: And because of the way that you've lived your life to the point where when you open your mouth, that shit impacts people. You can be at the hairdresser, you can be leaving somebody an audio in the car, you can be in the grocery store, you can be coaching a client, whatever's coming out of you is gold. And you're either willing and audacious enough to claim that about who you are as a person or maybe you do gotta go and do the [inaudible 00:12:34] preneur, zombiepreneur, join the dot, internet marketing thing. But you can't have it both ways.

Katrina Ruth: You're either, "This is who I am. I'm a fucking Emperess, I'm a queen." Whatever you wanna say, wear a cape, don't wear a cape, it doesn't matter. But you're either claiming that this is who I am and people wanna be around me for my energy or you should go all in on that plan over there. All in. All in on, "I'll do landing pages and I'll do sales pages and I'll join dots and I'll make a perfect little step-by-step system like a pony club racecourse or hoop course or whatever it is where when people go through it probably they're gonna magically buy my shit because I took them through a process and everyone knows that if you take people through a process that's why they give you money." Good luck with that.

Katrina Ruth: How's it working for you so far? So my point is, Empress is open. As I already said, I could have told you a whole bunch of things about what we cover, about the energy that we create and step into and activate from inside of you. About creating the Empress environment right through every aspect of your business life. About stepping into the next, next, next level version of you, who you know you're meant to be. Where it's already done, that have caused people to frickin' be around you in any way or space or place that they can be just because of who you are, could have given you all those details, I'll give them to you in written format.

Katrina Ruth: But what you really need to do is ask yourself a simple question: Am I here to build a business on the internet by putting one block on top of the other and hoping that it doesn't fucking come crashing down and praying on the fact that even if it doesn't come crashing down that just 'cause I built something, people are gonna pay me? Or am I ready to step into being who I was born to be and to unleash the full magnetic power of that in all its messy, random, chaotic, crazy, hilarious glory.

Katrina Ruth: And if it's the latter and if you're ready to throw off all of the chains that have bound you and kept you distracted by the idea that your success is based on doing shit right on Facebook, message me at my Katrina Ruth business or personal inbox here on Facebook or wherever you find it, and I'll get you all the details. We're beginning in just over a week, your soul already knows if this is for you. Four weeks, one on one with me, unlimited access, over $6,000 worth of bonuses, whole bunch of other shit, I'll give you the details, message me now. Have an amazing rest of the day and do not forget life is now, press play.

Katrina Ruth: All right, alter ego Boss Bitch. She still didn't tell us her age though but she said her alter ego is Boss Bitch. Okay, that was a sales video being made. Mixing it up. Mixing it up. Do I have anything else to say? I never said that last night, Jacqueline, that was totally Philippa who was making those rude comments yesterday. Now, I've just made a sales video, obviously as you can see, so you just watched it, though, so you don't hae to wait for the sales video to come out.

Katrina Ruth: But the main thing is, isn't my hair amazing? I mean that's really the main issue at hand here. New boobs, new hair, new Mercedes convertible, new house as well. It's all happening. But meanwhile, I'm gonna wait for the current house 'cause I'm gonna go to America on Tuesday. 25 but taken. Well, then, that was a fun conversation. We're gonna go. We have many things to film and to do. Do message me about Empress if it's speaking to you. I'm starting to really ramp it up because I deliberately didn't say the date there on that video because maybe I would reuse that video next time if I run it again.

Katrina Ruth: However, somebody asked me this morning, am I running Empress again and that they're thinking about for the next round or something. I'm gonna tell you straight up, please don't message me that shit because I live in the now. Right? I might be conscious of stuff like that from time to time if I'm making a video mainly 'cause I'm too fucking lazy to create content again if I already did it once. And it's a nice habit there but I don't make plans to run shit again. I don't have any fucking clue what I'm gonna be doing tomorrow, let alone in summer or whenever the next season is.

Katrina Ruth: I don't believe that business should be built on a marketing calendar or an editing calendar or rolling things out or knowing things in advance. And I also think that, for you, if something is speaking to you in your life, whether it's Empress, working with me one on one, and the details are here in the pinned comment on this livestream or whether its anything. Right? Like anything that's going on in your life. Maybe you wanna ask that person out or maybe you wanna go and try a different style of workout or maybe you wanna move to a different place or maybe you can't fucking decide whether you wanna go to the movies tonight or not. Whatever it is, why not get into the habit of saying yes to your soul right away? Huh?

Katrina Ruth: Are you feeling this? I feel like I'm gonna get my preacher mode on. Let's film this and we can incorporate it into that beach video that we're gonna do down there. You gotta leverage your content all the time. Ideally, you want somebody that follows you with a camera all the time, except when I experimented with that idea I just got really shitty about the idea of having somebody with me all the time so it didn't really work but once a week, it's good.

Katrina Ruth: So whatever it is that your soul is desiring, whatever it is that you're thinking about or you're like, "Maybe I'm gonna do this one day, maybe I'm gonna work with that amazing mentor one day or maybe I'm gonna get that dream car or that dream house or ask that person on a date or fucking go and learn how to dance or," I'm gonna do gymnastics, whatever it is. Why not get into the habit of saying yes to your soul right away? When you say yes to your soul, life says yes to you. That is the reality, right?

Katrina Ruth: And every time you hesitate, every time something comes through you and then you think to yourself, "This is for me, I know that I'm meant to have this or I know that this is part of what I'm meant to do, I know I'm meant to do this [card 00:18:03], I know I'm meant to step into that or claim it, it's mine, it's done, I'm manifesting it," and then you don't take action, you have seriously misunderstood the game of manifestation and probably of life.

Katrina Ruth: How it works is you say yes to your soul and you take immediate action. Or just fucking don't talk about it and find the shit that you wanna take action on right now. All right. [inaudible 00:18:28], we'll do something on the beach and incorporate it into it. I'm gonna get off this livestream. I can feel that the power is coming through me and I could totally livestream for another hour right now. But I won't 'cause we're gonna go film some stuff like I said. But my point is, don't message me about Empress and be like, "I'm waiting to see, I wanna know how much it is so that I can prepare for the next round," or some shit like that. Just say yes to what you wanna say yes to right now.

Katrina Ruth: How do I even know if there is a next round? Like I said, I don't even know what I'll be marketing tomorrow. Well, tomorrow, I'll probably still be Empress [inaudible 00:18:59] but next week, I'm not planning that shit in advance and it's a big part of what I'm teaching in Empress as well is for you to just let what's coming up come up and have the fucking trust and faith that that will work. Faith is a motherfucking choice, by the way.

Katrina Ruth: And true faith, true faith, oh my God, I'm getting the gold coming through now, true faith, as I was saying to a client this morning is if you fully trusted someone, like let's say maybe it's your partner or maybe a mentor or maybe a close friend or whoever it is. But if there's someone in your life and you fully trust and believe that that person has your back and then you also fully trust and believe that they know what the fuck they're on about, well, then, when they say something or suggest something, you just be like, "Okay," because you have that level of trust. And what if you had that level of trust in your own soul? That's something to think about.

Katrina Ruth: Then you wouldn't need to waste all this bullshit time dealing and [inaudible 00:19:56] and weighing up the pros and cons and asking 25,000 people for their fucking opinion. And you could get into the habit of just taking immediate action fast which is a critical part of success. If you can't take immediate action fast, you're gonna find it a very difficult thing altogether to make money on the internet or to really achieve anything of any note or credibility in your life. And when I say credibility, by the way, I mean according to your own values and standards.

Katrina Ruth: So, Empress, claim your rightful place now. Read about it in the pinned comment. If you're solely saying yes, message me, I'll get you a right old written overview, it's like an overview, it's like a description, it says things, there might even be some bullet points in there, I'm not sure. Tell you about the entire bonus programme you get which is an entire previously private client only, still private client only but it was sold for $6,000, you get that whole programme as well. You get unlimited access to me, we do start on Monday 25th, places are strictly limited and it is currently selling.

Katrina Ruth: Message me right here on my personal page for that. Have an amazing epic day. Why don't you go and unleash something on the fucking internet? Get your head out of your stupid funnels and your opt-in pages and you're worrying about what every other motherfucker is up to and go say something. That's how you're gonna build [inaudible 00:21:10], don't forget, life is now, press play.

Katrina Ruth: Well, good evening, hello? Welcome to the show. This is the Katrina Ruth Show, I am the Katrina Ruth Show. This is it, it’s happening. It’s going to happen. I don’t know what’s going to happen, anything, everything, nothing? Nothing and everything simultaneously is typically how it goes down. Where are my people at? Hello Donna? First person I’m seeing here today. Who is going to join me live, who’s going to join me for the replay? I may never know if you’re here for the replay. Or, I might know because I might come along and do the thing where I read the comments, and do the thing.

Katrina Ruth: Do you do the same where you read your comments afterwards? Do you do the thing ... you can admit it, do you do the thing that I do where you watch your own livestream replays? I watch my livestream replays, and I giggle. A lot of the time, I’m like, “God damn it, that’s gold.” Or sometimes I’m like, “That’s embarrassing. That’s a little bit awkward. It’s a little bit ... wish I didn’t have to see that, but too late. It’s already up there on the internet, better keep it there.” I do indeed watch my own livestream replays, or I listen to them while I’m driving. Then, often I’m like, “Oh my God, that’s so good, I should write that shit down.”

Katrina Ruth: I’m not overly talking myself up in saying that, it’s more so to do with the fact that I just channel, or I allow it to come through from my higher self, and ... let me just share this over to my group. Typically, I have no fucking clue what the hell I said basically. I don’t know what happened, I don’t remember. I remember whether I thought that it was good or not, that’s for sure. Anyway, hello, hello, hello, welcome to my bedroom here. I’m in bed, surrounded by black, silky cushions, and pink hair, how it should be. I had a little bit of trouble dealing with understanding how to do this whole thing of being online, live when you’re really tired, and you feel like you looked all washed out.

Katrina Ruth: I was adjusting my lighting a lot, and then, I don’t know, with the pink hair. Thank you, thank you for the compliments. I do like the way that it looks right now on my screen, but to be perfectly honest with you, I’ve been walking around all day feeling that it looks pretty skunky, and trashy. That I look like a little bit of a Bogan, which is to say a Redneck, or Chav, depending on where you are in the world. That’s how I’ve been feeling about it because it’s been kind of like, I don’t know, just crunched up, and then you’ve got all the tattoos going on. There’s a lot more than what you can see, they’re all over me. Then you’ve got pale, pasty skin. I know it doesn’t look like it, because it’s night time now. Then I don’t know, and then ... yeah, it just has felt like too much too muchness.

Katrina Ruth: So, I don’t know if I made a mistake with the pink hair or not, but it doesn’t fucking matter because it washes out in two weeks, whenever it freaking washes out, or not because they gave me a takeaway bottle of pink conditioner to take with me when I go to the US on Tuesday. So, then I just [inaudible 00:03:53] this pink hair. I got into so much trouble for my eight year old daughter for turning up with pink hair without warning her. It was like, “Not fair, I want pink hair.” I’m like, “Well then do it, man, who’s stopping you?” I want to talk about being fully spent. I want to talk about spending what’s inside of you. Expending your energy. Using it all up. Being spent. Being burnt out, but not in the way that people think.

Katrina Ruth: Being burned to the ground, so that you’ll lit up as fuck, and rising like a phoenix through the ashes of your life. I’m going to talk about that. I’m going to give you a pinned comment now about Empress. Empress is officially underway, properly selling now. Now that I’ve pulled my finger out, and put some energy behind it. There’s still eight days before we actually begin. Typically, what happens with this shit is that most people like to wait as long as possible in their lives before they press fucking play, which is something to say about something in terms of why most people don’t have the results that they want. So, usually what happens is three or four people sign up right away, which is what’s happened already. Shout out!

Katrina Ruth: There’s 20 places in total. It is one on one with me, four weeks. We are starting Monday, June 25th, US time. I’ve just put a pinned comment in all about it. You’ve got to PM me for the details about this. So, generally, when you release a high ticket thing, or really anything to be honest. It could be freaking $20, if you put it the same thing. 10% of people, or less. In this case, we’re going to say it’s a little bit more than 10% actually. So, let’s say 10% to 20%, maximum 20% of people sign up straight away. Boom! Then there’ll be 10% to 20% of people who sign up in the interim period, in the middle when there’s no real pressure or urgency. The only way these results are skewed if you’re launching something is if you offer some massive fast action, take a bonus for being one of the first five, or three, or 50, or whatever your thing is, right? Then that will incentivize people to be fast about it, which says a lot for human psychology.

Katrina Ruth: But typically, if you don’t do that, and you’ve just got a deadline, like the deadline is 20 places, but it’s also a start date, or the deadline is typically a start date, or maybe the deadline is a early bird price ending, or something like that. Then what you can expect in your launches, or in your promotions, whether it’s high ticket, low ticket, anything in between is that 10% to 20% of people are going to sign up straight away because, I’m going to say it, they’re like me, [inaudible 00:06:26] inner circle private clients. Inner circle are the ones who are fully like me. Up until then, [inaudible 00:06:37] of a degree, it’s a reality, right?

Katrina Ruth: So, those people are like, “Yes, boom, done.” Obviously, anyone who didn’t fucking see it, I’m not counting in these statistics, maybe they just didn’t see the damn thing, but I’m talking about people who saw it, and are thinking like, “Wheels are turning. Should I, shouldn’t I? Am I ready? Do I dare? Am I brave enough? Are the stars fucking aligned? Is my hair the right colour? Is it the right phase of the moon? Do I have in Kat? Do I have faith in myself? Do I have faith that I can press fucking play in my life? Maybe I’ll just think about it because probably I’ll get to the end of my life, and then I’ll be super, fucking happy that I waited as long as possible to press play on the things that are inside me.” That’s what people are doing.

Katrina Ruth: It’s a dilemma. So, then you get the next 10% to 20% that’s signed up though in the middle period. I don’t really have anything to say about their psychology, they just do. Then the rest of them, actually up to 80% of people will sign up in the final 48 hours, but even in the final 12 to 24 hours is pretty typical. So, I don’t know how I got into that, but Empress starts on June 25th, and what I’m expecting is that a couple of more fast action takers will get on board over the next day or two because I’m starting to really go all in talking about it, and bringing my empress energy to explain how powerful and transformation this four week one on one with me is.

Katrina Ruth: Then most people are probably going to sign up in the final few days, and nearly fucking miss out on next weekend, or they will miss out because it is a capped amount of places, and that’s just what would happen, that’s what does always happen with all my one on ones. So, it will happen, it will sell out, and then it will be done. That’s all fine, right? Because you could wait until the final minute to press play. You could accidentally die in between, it’s like waiting your whole life to live your fucking purpose or destiny, and thinking that you still have time. That’s a great philosophy, maybe you do, maybe you’re going to die though, or maybe you just don’t get to live your freaking life doing the shit that you’re meant to do in your life. That’s another consideration, which nobody, or few people seem to actually think about. It speaks to the topic of this title of this livestream, which I’m going to get into, or I am getting into in a different way than what I thought. Standard.

Katrina Ruth: But apart from that, well, in this particular example, the sooner you sign up, the better, because you get the $6000 bonus straight away when you sign up. You start to get that straight away. Then this pre-work that comes out, and then you get connection to me on my one on one private client channel as well. But nonetheless, most people will wait, and it is what it is, and that’s all it is. I don’t even say any of that to try and trigger anyone into taking faster action than what they otherwise would. Take the damn action that you’re meant to take in your life. Be the person who you are, but who are you really, and are you being that person? That’s all that matters.

Katrina Ruth: Here’s one thing for sure though, there is a correlation between those who leap without trying to figure out whether they’re fucking ready, or whether it’s time, or whether they’re worthy enough, or good enough for blah, blah, blah. [inaudible 00:09:34], or I don’t just mean obviously something like where can we meet, but that’s true for sure. There’s the correlation between how fast you say yes to your soul, and how much, as well as how fast life says yes to you. Give me a love heart shower if you know that I’m right. When I say yes to my soul, life says yes to me. When I say yes without hesitation to my soul, life says yes to me without hesitation. It’s simple fucking quantum physics, or normal physics, or it’s just mathematics 101. It’s like math [inaudible 00:10:07] or some shit like that. It’s simple arithmetic. It’s very easy, I don’t understand why more people don’t get this.

Katrina Ruth: So, I was thinking about this a little bit ... thank you for the love hearts, I always appreciate them greatly. I was thinking about this a little bit. Tell me a comment, tell me what you think. I was just in the shower, I’m wearing my pyjamas now, and I was like, “I’m so tired!” I was out last night, I had a big night out, and not enough asleep. Saturday night, Saturday night ... I don’t think that’s the right song. Anyway, I was like, “Should I have a little nap before dinner?” Is what I was thinking. I could just have some rest time. I’d already done something that I didn’t particularly feel like I desired to do, which was go to the gym an hour ago, and just sweat it out. It was one of those days where you’ve just got to put on, “This is Britney.”

Katrina Ruth: So, I listened to some Britney. We could listen to some Britney now. I feel like this livestream is super quiet. What’s the Britney song with the music? Music ... you can’t type in Britney music song. Man Behind the Music, is that a song? Am I making shit up? I want to put some Britney on. I so didn’t feel like going to the gym at all. I was so tired. I already had a big day ... okay, I can’t find the song I’m looking for. Britney ... let’s do Circus, that’s a great song, great lyrics. I had a big day, I did some cool stuff with my kidlets. I was an engaged and present momma, I was happy with myself about that. I played soccer on the beach. I don’t even know how to play fucking soccer, but I figured it out. I was a legend, soccer ninja. (Singing).

Katrina Ruth: This is not Britney, I don’t know what’s happening. YouTube is doing whatever the fuck it ... it’s Jennifer Lopez featuring DJ Khaled, and Cardi B. That’s finishing. We’ll have a bit of Britney to bring the vibes because I feel that I need the vibes. You’re either a performer ... there’s only two types of people in this world, those who belong to the stage, and those not. It’s roughly what she says. So, I was listening to this, she’s putting some Bulgari jewellery on. Ready for it? (Singing). All right, now I feel more [inaudible 00:13:26]. I love that song, I’m like, “There’s only two types of people in the world.” Okay, I know I can’t sing very well, whatever. My daughter can sing amazingly well, but I have fun with it.

Katrina Ruth: So, anyway, it’s why I’m here, right? I’m getting my vibe on, I’m getting my super flow on now, thank you Britney. I went to the gym, blah, blah, blah. It’s a whole story, it’s very boring. I was too tired to go to the gym, I wanted to have a freaking nap. Oh my Gosh, Charmaine is like, “Your singing is awful.” I can’t believe you just said that. You should be sending me a love heart shower for singing even when I’m not a singer. How rude! I feel like other people better send me a love heart shower now to make me feel better. My feelings are hurt, and it’s true as well by the way. Everybody thinks I have some kind of superhuman confidence, that’s not a real thing actually. It’s a show, it’s part of the freaking show, it’s part of stepping in. It’s part of pressing fucking play. It’s part of being who you’re meant to be in the world.

Katrina Ruth: You get the fuck over yourself, and you get on with it, and you be real and raw. Imagine if somebody said to somebody who was on camera, “Kat, you’re amazing, but actually, you look like shit. You’re quite unattractive, so you probably shouldn’t be on camera.” That’s roughly the same thing that just happened just then, except in a slightly more politically correct way. But when is it okay to tell somebody that they’re terrible at something? It’s okay to tell somebody that they’re terrible at singing? Would you tell somebody, “Actually, you look too fat to be on camera.” Or, “Actually, you’re hair looks horrible.” Or, “Actually, you have bad skin.” Imagine if people didn’t show the fuck up, and press play for what they’re meant to be doing in the world because people were saying shit like that to them? Huh? Now I’m on a fucking rant. Actually, I’m getting angry because actually I do have feelings, and that shit does hurt my feelings.

Katrina Ruth: I will show up anyway, and do what I’m going to do. I’ll own it, and I know freaking Lilly’s on here, who’s an amazing singer, and I still sing anyway. I’m aware of my singing. I put myself out there in order to demonstrate to people that you can be real, and raw, and just be who you are, and that you still have permission to show up. Just because I’m at a certain level with a certain type of following does not mean I somehow evolved beyond the emotion of feeling hurt or rejected. That shit is exactly the shit that can cause somebody who’s not me to completely go away, and leave the internet, and leave their calling, which, of course, is up to them, right?

Katrina Ruth: They get to take responsibility. I’m taking responsibility, I will continue on with the show anyhow. Of course, that person could too. So, it’s always still up to the person. However, I do think that we have a responsibility to each other as women, as people, as entrepreneurs, to think about what we’re saying, and how the most innocuous of comments can literally shut somebody’s light down for life. At the end of the day, everybody is still that little girl or little boy looking for approval, looking to be validated. Imagine my daughter came on here singing, and someone said, “That’s awful.” Actually, she’s an amazing singer, she’s getting lessons now.

Katrina Ruth: But imagine that, who would do that to a child? Nobody would do that. God, I hope not. But yet, is it okay to do it to an adult? Is it okay to do it because this one’s a badass, and this one acts like a badass online, so therefore she’s fine with it, she’s cool with it? What’s next, we’re going to tell me that I’m having a bloated day when I get my period next week? All right, okay. Anyway, what was I up to before? I’m still sending you love though, Charmaine, and I appreciate that it didn’t come from a place of bad intention. I do know that, okay? However, I think that this stuff is really important, and I think that it’s stuff that we’ve got to consider, and think about. It’s such a big deal for people to put themselves out there online. I’m one of the few people who’s doing it consistently, and my clients do it pretty consistently as well.

Katrina Ruth: Doesn’t mean that people don’t get hurt, no matter what level they’re playing at for sure, right? But let’s think about ... imagine somebody else is on here who’s not me, let’s make it not about me for once. Imagine somebody else is here who’s not me, who was thinking that they might feel like it’s fine or funny to sing, and carry on in a livestream, and just be a bit of a clown, and be a bit of an idiot like you would be with your friends. When you’re with your closest friends, or your family members, or the people who you love, and who you trust yourself with the most, then you know that you can be an idiot, and you can clown around, and you can maybe do something that’s not your particular genius sign, and that it doesn’t matter because you’re loved and accepted, right?

Katrina Ruth: So, that’s the idea of how we want to show up online. So, imagine somebody is watching here who’s seen the way that I clown around, they’re like, “Yeah, I want to step into that even though I feel super self-conscious, and it feels embarrassing, but I’m going to do it.” Then they see a comment like that, and then the fears that rise up instantly, even when it’s not about [inaudible 00:18:35], “People are going to say that stuff about me, or such and such person is going to say it.” Everybody is already fucking thinking that already without seeing evidence of it going on, on the internet. It’s full on. It is full on. Okay. So, before that little segment happened, which is 100% being [cliptioned 00:18:55] out of this livestream by the way, and will be posted everywhere.

Katrina Ruth: When I say cliptioned, it’s a new word that I made up that is a cross between when you clip a piece out of the video that you like that’s a good, little excerpt piece to put up by itself. You clip it out, and then you get the captions put on it. For some reason, it just keeps coming out of my mouth where I say called cliptioned. Is that one of the hardest things to move past in life, when somebody says something about you that you already fear and think about yourself?

Katrina Ruth: It would be like if somebody called me trashy when I was already thinking that I feel trashy because my hair makes me feel like am I trashy, or is it glamorous? Anyway, I can go either way on that. So, yeah, I can cliption that bit out, and post it for sure. My team will be on that tomorrow. Before that, I was talking ... with rather less interest than this whole conversation about the fact that I went to the fucking gym. Okay, let’s try and get back to that. The point of that was, I was really freaking tired. I had a nicely blah, blah, blah, we already spoke about that. I had a great day with the kids, then I’ll say, but I desire, my soul desire as it was telling, or calling me to go get my sweat on because I always feel good when I do my integral training, and get my sweat on. So, it did. Then as I was there, I was listening to Britney, I was getting my vibe on.

Katrina Ruth: It took me probably like 22 minutes to get into that zone though. I just felt tired, and my eyes felt that grainy seediness. But probably around the 22 minute mark, the super flow switch flicked, much like it has now in this livestream. I was just reminded of all the years in the gym specifically, back in my extreme fitness days, but fitness has been a huge part of my life for 20 years now. So, all the workouts that I must have done, and that I know I did do where I felt way too tired, where I felt like there’s not fucking way I can do this, but yet I decided to do it. Not because I wanted to push my body beyond a certain point that safe or something like that, but because it would have been something like how I was training 20 clients a day back in the day, and you’d have these 45 minute gap, or one hour gap if you were lucky.

Katrina Ruth: It’s like I’m rectum exhausted, so what am I going to do? I’m going to sit down, and [inaudible 00:21:00] caffeine sometimes, or try and have a nap in the personal trainer staff room sometimes, or am I going to get my work out on even though I feel exhausted because that’s going to elevate me. That’s going to get me back from my zone, and also because it’s a step in the direction of what I’m trying to achieve and create, the results that I want, right? It’s me pressing play, and it’s showing up whether or not I feel like it, but it’s also being outcome focused, because I can think of literally ... it’s a blur, I’m sure there’s thousands of workouts I’ve done over the past years where I felt too exhausted to do that workout. There’s probably only like two or three over a 10 to 20 year period, 20 year period since I’ve been training, over 20 years now, where I would have then felt like I shouldn’t have done the workout afterwards.

Katrina Ruth: Like I really, legitimately was too exhausted, and now I feel all fucked up. That’s happened less times than a handful of times. All the times without exception, I’ve been proud of myself, and grateful that I did that, and my energy has been elevated, and I’ve gone into flow zone as a result of that. So, it’s actually impacted the rest of my day. So, when it was back where I was a personal trainer, and I was really busy, and really relentless hours, and I was an insomniac as well. I would sleep every single night, two to three hours, and sometimes zero hours at all. That went on for a three to four year period after my first marriage ended when I was 26. It was ... I don’t even know, honestly, I don’t even know how I stayed alive in that period. It was so fucking extreme.

Katrina Ruth: But doing those workouts when I didn’t feel like it, where I would spend all my energy, and you just feel spent was that feeling of being spent, and you stop, and not burnt out in the way most people understand that, but in a way where like, “Well, now I feel fulfilled, I feel satisfied, I feel good about myself. I’m elevated, I created energy by expending energy. So, that empowered me to get on with my day, and to do my shit.” That was just like the immediate impact or flow and effect of doing the damn thing. But if you think about it in a bigger picture sense, I wouldn’t have the body that I have, and the fitness that I have, and the metabolism, and the ability to know how to take care of this thing without having done that all those years. I just wouldn’t have the physical results, never mind the emotional results.

Katrina Ruth: It’s exactly the same with business. So, I came out of my little sweat session just now, just another workout on top of thousands of workouts over the years where I didn’t feel like doing it, where what I felt like doing was kicking back, and probably would have just laid around, and scrolled on freaking Facebook, or maybe read something more uplifting than that although actually, my Facebook feed is largely very uplifting. It’s very curated, and whatever. That would have been fine, but would I feel in flow now? Would I feel like that sense of I created something, I stepped into something, I showed up for the areas of my life that I value. I gave myself back energy. Would I be here now? No. I’d probably be having a nap.

Katrina Ruth: Again, nothing wrong with doing that, you can do that. But we didn’t come here so that we can pass the time, and then die well rested. We came here to die well lived, didn’t we? It’s about being outcome focused, and it’s about looking at, “Well, how do I want to feel at the end of that 30 minutes?” Fuck, 30 minutes, that’s all I did, 30 minutes in the gym. I even have a gym in the building, I didn’t even have to go anywhere. I went downstairs, but you could do it in your own lounge room, or you could go somewhere, or whatever, right? So, do I want to be like, “Well, I’m too tired for that. I’m exhausted, so I’m going to rest, or do I want to spend an element of my life in order to create my damn life?” So, from then, then I jumped in the shower just before this, and I was like, “Okay. I did my workout thing.”

Katrina Ruth: I didn’t really feel like getting all dressed up for a livestream, or something like that, and I’m going to do dinner soon, and that sort of thing for the kids. Again, it was just that little moment in my head where I’m like, “Well, of course I don’t have to do a livestream.” There’s many times where I’m not going to jump on and do a live. There’s many times where I’m really tired, and I do rest, meditate, nap, lie around, etcetera. But when I look back, my business has been built in exactly the same manner as how I just spoke about my fitness being built. Literally hundreds of occasions, too many to ever possibly know, or remember, or count where I was too tired, or the day was hectic, or manic, or I didn’t have enough time, or I didn’t like the way I looked, or whatever it was.

Katrina Ruth: Or I didn’t feel like I had anything to say like, “It’s that really a good topic? I’m I going to come on here and talk about being spent, and how that fulfils you? What if I don’t flip into flow? What if I don’t think of anything to say? What if I feel ... what if somebody fucking tells me I’m awful at singing?” I didn’t think of that, that just happened out of thin air. Never predicted that one actually. Am I going to let all that shit to get to me, and not show up, and not be here, and not turn on the camera, or am I going to press fucking play because it’s what I teach and preach? Sure, cool. Good to be an example, but also because it’s how I live my damn life, and how everything here is being created.

Katrina Ruth: Every single thing that is being created in my business is a result of my content. My blogging, my livestreams, my videos, any other form of content. A high percentage of that, a far higher percentage than what anybody would ever probably even believe has been me doing the damn thing when I didn’t feel like it. Trusting in the flow. What is it? It’s the trusting part, right? Exactly. It is such a trusting, because it’s that hesitation where you’re like, “Do I really feel like it, or am I good enough, or am I ready, or do I know how, or blah.” Whatever it is that’s going through your head. It’s like, “I could easily lean out of this, or I could easily lean into it.” It feels so hard in the moment a lot of the time, to lean into it.

Katrina Ruth: It feels so difficult to lean into it. It feels like resistance is just this huge mammoth thing that is going to eat you alive, and it feels too much to bear. It feels like it’s easier, or maybe even better, you somehow convince yourself that it’s better to, “Well, I should rest, or I should take it easy, or I should wait for inspiration.” I have this great quote that I love, which Steven Pressfield published in one of his books. It wasn’t his quote, it was a quote from his friend. His friend in the book said something like, “Yes, I absolutely believe that writers, artists, etcetera, should wait for inspiration in order to do their soul work.” I’m paraphrasing. But luckily for me, inspiration strikes every morning at 9:00 AM when I sit my ass in the chair. I was just like, “That’s so good. I agree, you should wait for inspiration. Wait for the muse to strike, wait for the certainty to come through, wait until you’re already feeling the flow.”

Katrina Ruth: I just got activated into fucking beyond super flow by being insulted on my own livestream. But I would have probably done it anyway, I usually do with or without anybody else contributing, and firing me up. But imagine I waited until I was in super flow each time, and feeling like this, and feeling like I’m in my zone. Imagine I waited until I felt that way to write a blog, or to do a livestream, or to create content, or to make paid programmes, and sell them on the internet? Would I be here right now? Would I have a multi seven figure online business? Would you be here with me, would you even know who I was? Would I be impacting in the way that I’m meant to be impacting? We all know the answer is no. We all know this.

Katrina Ruth: If you actually think, or believe that I walk around all day in a super flow state with content pouring out of me, feeling confident and ready to go? Well, maybe I do on occasion, but I mean really, just think about it, just logically think about it. I’m a human, I’m a single mom, I have craziness going on with my kids. I have ups and downs in my emotions, and in different areas of my life. Of course I don’t walk away always in super flow, and super flow largely comes from doing my purpose work. Most of the time when I get into a high vibe, super flow state, it’s as a product of doing this work. It’s not so that I can then do the work, it doesn’t work that way. So, what that means is, I’ve had to be willing to consistently put myself out there, and press go live.

Katrina Ruth: When I did press go live, if you would see me here behind the scenes setting up, I’m in my bed, I’ve got a tripod with the selfie light on it, it’s a cool setup actually. I’ve got my tripod balancing on a bunch of Frank Kern books, it’s my standard bedroom setup. It’s dark, I’m tired, and if you would see me before I went live, I quickly put on some makeup in my bathroom just there, so I didn’t look completely washed out, and I made sure I got a bra on, but that was [inaudible 00:30:05] my prep.

Katrina Ruth: But then I was kind of like, “Okay, yeah, I can do this thing.” My energy was not bad or anything like that, but it wasn’t like this. It was me deciding to press fucking play. So, if you would see me in that three seconds where you hit the little blue button, and then it goes three, two, one, and you’re live, that’s like that three seconds where I’m like, whatever energy I’m in, typically something pretty non-vibrant. Even if I’m not tired, it’s not like I’m walking around all day in my own house by myself like ... like that. Usually not, unless I’m on the phone to a client. Then I see that it’s about to go live, and sometimes I don’t quite catch it. Sometimes I’m still looking down like this, and then it’s already live, but usually I notice it, I’m pretty on point. I’m like a fucking Jack in the box. So, I’ll be here, I’m looking at my thing down here.

Katrina Ruth: I’m getting my little comment to talk about Empress, and then I’m like, “Hey.” It’s a choice, right? It’s not fake it until you make it either, it’s activate what’s already inside of you. Activate the leader energy, activate the performer, activate the fucking empress. Step into who you know you’re meant to be. Make a decision to press play. Make a decision to spend your life spending your life. I thought about, “Okay, it’s only 6:00 PM, what am I going to do, am I going to be like, I’m too tired to press play for the rest of my day, so I’m just going to make dinner, or have dinner, and then what? Okay, spend the evening doing, I don’t know. I’ll probably play some board game with the kids or something like that.” But just get through the evening, so that I can get to sleep, so that then I can feel like, “Tomorrow maybe is the day. Maybe tomorrow is the day where I’m already super flow when I wake up.

Katrina Ruth: Maybe tomorrow is the day I have all the best ideas in the world. Maybe tomorrow is the day that the power comes through me.” Oh my God, now you’re taking credit for my energy as well? This is next level. Oh my God. I don’t even know how to even ... because, no, I never go to super flow normally. I need a wine, why do I have not have a wine at this point in time? Why am I drinking amino acids in bed at 6:00 PM at night when this shit’s going down? So, anyway, actually, you don’t need to be insulted on your own lives in order to go to super flow, just in case anyone accidentally gets that idea. How super flow comes about is from pressing fucking play on what you’re meant to be doing, which means you press go live, three, two, one, and here. You just show up, and you let it be clunky, and rambly, and whatever it is to begin with.

Katrina Ruth: Just like the vast majority of my reading posts as well. I start writing, and I’m like, “I guess this is okay.” Then my mind is like, “Maybe just quickly check Facebook.” No, fucking focus. Stay in [inaudible 00:32:58], stay in the power zone, keep writing. Trust in the process. Trust that the flow will come. When you show up for it, it will show up for you. Your life’s not going to show up for you without you showing up for it. It doesn’t work that way. But for whatever reason, 80% of people plus, of course it’s more than 80%, 99.99% of people seem to think that’s how it works. Even in this community of people who do self-identify as the 1% within the 1%, around 80% of them are still doing that same damn thing. “Well, I didn’t feel like ... no, but I only had two hour sleep last night.” So what? You want this or you don’t. Are you dead yet? Then fucking get up and keep going.

Katrina Ruth: Because I could tell you how whole heartedly that this whole business, this whole my Empress empire, my ability to impact through my message, which in turn, I know helps others to impact with theirs as well, and maybe even you, none of us would be here had I have chosen to live my life that way. Sometimes it does feel like this blow where I look back, and I’m like, “Gosh, all the years, and all the workouts, and all the blog posts, and all the whatever other things in my life where I didn’t feel like it.” Then I thought about, “But yeah, how do I want to feel an hour from now, or two hours from now, or when I go to bed at night?” I was in the shower after my workout, and I was already like, “Okay, I did that, I’m good.” Then I was thinking about, “How do I want to feel when I go to bed at night?”

Katrina Ruth: I just had the little wording come through my head, “I want to feel spent.” I want to feel that I lived my damn day. I want to feel that I’ve expended what needed to come out of me because that’s actually what gives me that incredible satiation of life, and even sleep. Even sleep is something where, I don’t know about you, but for me, I sleep a hell of a lot better when I’ve done what I’m meant to do that day. Like for me, it’s not enough to go, “Okay, well, I’m tired physically because I slept two hours last night, so therefore I’m sure going to have a great night’s sleep tonight. So, therefore, I’m just going to lie around all day, or somehow manage to just get through the day in a surface way until it’s time to be able to go to bed.” No, I’ll sleep like a fucking baby, I’ll be in deep waves.

Katrina Ruth: That was meant to represent sleep waves, I was trying to think about which ones are the best ones, and I don’t remember. I’ll be in the deep, best sleep waves, having the most amazing sleep ever tonight because I showed up for my purpose work, because I showed up for what came through my soul, because I value the things that I value. Because when I was tired in the morning, and I could have stayed in bed longer, I got up anyway, and I went to the park with my kids, and then I was tired, and so I wanted to sit at the playground bench, and they can amuse themselves. But I got up off the bench, and I played chasing, and I played hide and seek, and I played soccer on the sand. Then I was still tired, but I went to lunch, and had an amazing lunch experience.

Katrina Ruth: Then I was tired, but I took my daughter out on a date, and we got our nails done, and we did silly, funny things in the supermarket. We just had fun in the supermarket, and did some little Insta stories about it. Then I was still tired, but I went to the gym, and then I was still tired, and now I’m here. I’m not trying to make a point of like, “Go cart,” but honestly, this is what my life, this is what my success is made up of. All the times when I just, “Am I going to make this decision, or this decision?” There’s for sure been times when I’m like, “I don’t feel like it, so I’m not going to press fucking play. I’m sure going to look back at the end of the day and be so fucking happy that I didn’t press play.” There’s been times when that happens, of course.

Katrina Ruth: But the more that time passes, and the more that I grow a little older, and the more that I also look back, and look at where the results that I do have in my business and life have come from, the more I just feel like I can’t afford to fuck around. Why would I want to fuck around, why would I want today to be a day where I tell my kids I’m too tired to play with them, where I tell myself that I’m too tired to show up for my business, where I don’t move my body, and take care of it, where I don’t act from the outcome?

Katrina Ruth: It’s just better when you act from the outcome, it’s so much easier actually. So, when you’re in that resistance, the resistance feels so big, it feels like it’s the hardest fucking thing in the world to press go live on a livestream. To me, it felt like the hardest fucking thing in the world to take one and a half minutes to put just a little bit of highlighter and mascara on, and to set up my lighting. It felt so difficult, it was literally like a couple of minutes total to set this all up. Resistance is such a liar. It tells you that you can’t. It tells you that it’s too hard. It tells you that you don’t have the capabilities. It tells you that people are going to not like you, or reject you, or that they’re not going to accept you. It tells you it’s not worth it. It tells you you’re not worth it. It tells you you’re not going to get there anyway. It tells you what’s the point? It tells you there’s probably some fancy strategy that you’ve got to go and first.

Katrina Ruth: It tells you all that bullshit when actually the moment that you take the first step, in fact, the moment you make the decision, yes, in the shower. Yes, you know what, I am going to go live, decision made. Before you even take that two, or three minutes to get ready, isn’t it true that you just feel that weight is lifted. You actually elevated your energy immediately in that moment just from deciding, right? The moment that you make that decision, “You know what, I will put on my gym [gear 00:38:20], I will go to gym.” You instantly feel better. Then you get started, and you’re like, “Oh my God, fuck this shit, this feels really hard. It doesn’t feel good.” I’m like, “My eyes hurt, I’m tired.” And you keep going, and you keep going. You just allow yourself to be in that moment, and not try and exist outside of that moment like, “I’m not trying to be a freaking hero.”

Katrina Ruth: I’m like, “I’m just going to be here, and I’m going to freaking get through this because I’ve decided to do it, and it’s what I feel to do.” Then at some point, the magic kicks in. The magic kicked in for me today in my workout, and the magic has kicked in for me today in this livestream. The magic kicked in for me this morning when I wrote my blog, and I kept [inaudible 00:38:54] for about the first 20 minutes as well. It took like 20 minutes to write the first two paragraphs, and then 20 minutes to write the whole rest of it. Sometimes, the magic doesn’t come at all though. You’ve got to be okay with that. But today, the magic kicked in, in all those incidences, and then you just think to yourself, “Holy shit, imagine I didn’t do that though? Imagine I bought into the fucking lies of resistance, and the bullshit of the not real me because my higher self knows better than that.”

Katrina Ruth: But imagine, imagine, imagine. To me, it feels shocking, or appalling to even imagine having not pressed play for this one day, this day right here. I feel great right now. I still am conscious of the tiredness, but just about today, I feel like, imagine, imagine if because I woke up feeling so seedy and tired, I didn’t do six pages of freaking journaling this morning, I didn’t write my blog. Imagine if I didn’t write that blog, it’s such a great blog I wrote today, so I’m very happy with it. It was about, don’t be seduced by the devil outside. Actually, it’s a really good one to read, I might get you the link, and drop it here in the comment. Imagine I didn’t write that. Imagine I didn’t have a great, fun experience playing with my kids at the park, and playing soccer. Imagine I didn’t do all that.

Katrina Ruth: That to me, that feels terrific even to think about not doing that shit for today because I’m like, that would be sad, it would just be sad. I’m going to be sad, I’m going probably eat a whole box of chocolates, and go to bed, and then I’d wake up feeling like, “Hmm.” The thing is though, it’s never about one day. Now, I can be contradictory, and say, “Of course, you can have a day lying around on the couch, eating chocolates all day.” But it’s never about one day, is it? It’s about this is what your life will be made up of. I can remember hundreds of examples of all those things like I keep saying. Too many to possibly recall where I did it because I thought about how I wanted to feel afterwards, because I thought about what my ambitions are for my business and life, because I thought about the person who I know I am on the inside, because I thought about what I actually want to be driven by, my bullshit, or my dreams? It can’t be either.

Katrina Ruth: At the end of the day, you’re either over there living the life of bullshit, or you’re pressing fucking play, and living your dreams. That is the reality. It’s a choice, and the resistance will be strong, and it will be there in some way, shape, or form every single day. Some days more than others, and so what? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to be that person who’s like, “Well, I was tired, so I stayed well rested. Now, I’m going to die.” Okay. Honestly, if we want to even get super technical about it, people who are just freaking sitting around not pressing play all the time tend to be unhealthy, sick, and exhausted as fuck. Once you’re in super flow, probably not sleeping properly according to the rules, whatever the rules are. Probably not eating properly according to the rules either. Probably not doing anything properly, and they are lit up, and on fire.

Katrina Ruth: Everyone is walking around so damn scared of missing a little bit of sleep, or missing ... I don’t know what they’re even scared of. They’re just buying into the bullshit of resistance. When this feeling is available to you any time, and at all times, and ultimately, that’s what we want. Ultimately, we’re all chasing a feeling, we’re chasing an emotional state. Even having the money success you want in your business represents what you want internally. It represents how you want to feel. You want to feel lit up, you want to feel free, you want to feel in flow, you want to feel excited, you want to feel happy, you want to feel proud of yourself.

Katrina Ruth: Well, guess what, all of those feelings are available to you right now. You don’t need to wait until you make the money. You want to make the money, you want to get the results for following the fame, the body, etcetera, that is going to come from chasing that feeling in the moment, in the day. It is going to come from being the person who shows the fuck up for their life every single day. That’s how it’s built. It is such a tragic mistake to imagine that just because you didn’t feel like it, you shouldn’t press play, or because you weren’t ready, or because somebody might say something to you on the internet, or whatever. It is incredibly, incredibly tragic.

Katrina Ruth: People think to themselves that it doesn’t matter, “It’s one day, I’ll do it next week. I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll start soon, when I’m ready, when I lose weight, when I feel better about myself. When I heal my fucking shit. It’s not how it works. It’s just not how it works. The way to get there is through all the murkiness, and all the bullshit, and all the resistance, and all the wounds as well, and all the hurts, and the stuff that’s not healed. Of course, you want to do the work, but here’s what they’re not telling you about doing the work.

Katrina Ruth: The work, doing the work to heal yourself, and to grow, that work is showing up anyhow, is being the person who you think you could be when you’re fixed, or when you’re ready. The actual practical action of being that person when you don’t feel fixed or ready is how you fix yourself, and get ready. It’s a conundrum, I know it is. So, what I’m doing in Empress, which I’ve been talking about a little bit ... I got [inaudible 00:44:19] there. What I’m doing in empress is working with 20 amazing women who understand this stuff on a core level, and just understand, and know from their soul that they are unapologetically born for more. That ultimately, it’s their presence, and their energy that people are going to respond to.

Katrina Ruth: When you journal, hopefully you fucking journal. Actually, here’s my journal. When you journal ... I write something sometimes. This is a good journaling prompt you might like. I did this [inaudible 00:44:53] pretty often, I’m going to find it for you from this morning. I did so many pages this pages because I felt like shit, so I went deeper. I love the expression, like if you coached back in the day, and people have fitness stuff would say to you like, “Do like 100 burpees.” You’re like, “I can’t, I’m not able to keep going. I can’t.” “Okay, cool, then you get to do 500.” That’s how it works. You can’t come up with 20 ideas of things you could sell, and put out there on the internet, you better do 30 then.

Katrina Ruth: So, I didn’t feel like doing any fucking journaling at all, so I knew I should do extra. So, that’s what I did. I wrote a question, where is it, which page am I up to? Intuition, what do you have to tell me? I was pretty happy with myself for that question, you can use it if you like. Intuition, what do you have to tell me about fame, about where my fame will come from? I always know that my higher self has all the answers. So, I don’t go looking for freaking the internet says about where the answers are, or where they’re going to come from. I always know my higher self has all the answers. So, I said intuition, what do you want to tell me about where my fame will come from?

Katrina Ruth: By fame, I meant impacting millions, being known by millions of people. I’m already freaking famous right here in this little circle. I’ve created my fame already to whatever degree, but I desire more, and I’m called for more. The answer came through, and it said, “Fame, platform, millions ...” what is that word? “Fame, platform. Millions _ how?” How being the question. Then a little arrow that the answer drew for itself using my hand I suppose. “Just keep doing what you’re doing, stay the course.” But also, one additional thing came through, because then I got side tracked, I started writing about the guy that I’m in love with. That went on for half a page. Then I remembered my own question, and came back to it. Shout out.

Katrina Ruth: Then I came back to it, and I said, “Yes, yes, yes.” This is really how I wrote in my journal. I’m admonishing myself, I was like, “Yes, yes, yes, stop it right now. Also, what else is it that I’m meant to do for fame? The answer came through again, and it said, “Okay, stay the course, but also more content, bolder, and of a higher quality of being all you.” Maybe that’s what I’m doing right now, maybe not, who knows? All I can do is, the best that I can do is show up each day. But it sure fucking isn’t going to happen having more content, bolder, and of a higher level of authenticity being me, if I don’t press freaking go live even though I’m tired, right? Right.

Katrina Ruth: This is just what I’m trying to get through. How many people seem to fucking think that it’s really like, “You know, write it down, my higher self gave me the answers. I’ll do it tomorrow. It’s Monday, I only [inaudible 00:47:38] live, I only start pressing fucking play on Monday, or I only do the damn thing on a Monday.” I said, “Then I’m going to wake up, oh, it’s a busy day. I’ve got an appointment, I can’t. Now, I don’t feel inspired. Am I bold enough, is my hair the right colour of blah, blah, blah.” Again, the same thing, right? So, you either believe in this shit, and you’re like, “I say yes to my soul because I know that life says yes to me,” or you don’t.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, now I feel like I’m a preacher slamming the bible around, except in this case it’s a purple unicorn journal. But you know, when the preachers will have the bible, and they’ll be like, “The light of God is blah, blah, blah.” I’m slamming on my knee instead of a pulpit. It’s the same thing though. I’m going to have a bruise on my leg now, I slammed rather hard just then. I was going to say something about Empress. Right. So, that’s what I was trying to say. I was writing down into my journal, I already knew that. I knew that when I write down, “Where is my fame?” Millions, platform it’s going to come from, what is the how that my mind infuriatingly ... before I get sidetracked for a whole tangent. Infuriatingly, my mind is going to say, “Stay the course, keep doing what you’re doing. Show up, do your content, get your message out there.”

Katrina Ruth: It’s infuriating, and it’s reassuring all at the same time. As I did indeed write in my blog post, which is currently refusing for some time now to load for you. I was trying to get you the link, right? It is infuriating, and it’s fucking reassuring. It is church time right now in America, isn’t it? All right. It’s Sunday evening church here in Australia. There’s a 6:00 PM church service down there somewhere. There’s one happening around here as well apparently. So, it is what it is, and that’s all it is. That is the reality. What I’m looking for, apart from just having a fabulous time preaching and teaching here, relevant to Empress is those 20 women unapologetically born for more. There’s not 20 places available, because several are already sold, who know that that is where it’s going to come from.

Katrina Ruth: The fame, the millions of dollars, if that’s your desire, and I’m going to assume it is for most people because why would you not? But of course it’s not the true motivation, right? What is your true motivation? My God, I would throw all the money away in a second if I thought that I had to choose between money and freaking doing this. In fact, I walked away from my business that I built to nearly a million dollars a year in 2012-ish, and I said to myself, “I’m going all in on this. I’m going to write and say ...” this is exactly what I said. “I’m going to write, and say exactly what I meant to say. I could not handle this anymore, I was sick of the whole sight of my own self, and I’m going to preach, and teach, and say what I meant to say for the rest of my life.” I said, “Even if I never get paid a cent for it.” I said that out loud to my husband at the time, and I fucking meant it.

Katrina Ruth: I said, “I’m going to go all in. If people don’t like it, they can fucking get fucked.” That’s what I said. I was quite aggressive about it, but I was aggressive, and upset at myself because I hadn’t been going all in. I was just like, “Enough is enough.” Enough with building a fucking business. I can give you a link right now to my blog from this morning, that just came through. You’ve got to read it. Watch out for the seductive ways of the devil outside. That’s a must read, all right?

Katrina Ruth: I was just so done with trying to make money online, and I was making money because I hustled my ass off. I was doing good shit, but it wasn’t my soul shit, and I was done with it being about just being a coach. I fucking knew, I knew that people are meant to pay to be in my energy. It’s a very diva thing to say. Do you know it, or do you know it? Love heart shower, or cat emoji, or amen if you know it. I don’t think the cat emojis are on this livestream right now. I knew it. I just decided to fucking claim it, and just to own it, but I was scared, and I was nervous, and I was like, “What if it doesn’t work?” I said, “I don’t care, because I can’t keep being one foot in, and one foot out.”

Katrina Ruth: I always remember my mother saying to me, [inaudible 00:51:39] to church again now, that, “You can’t be half Christian, you can’t have your foot on the fence,” or something. “You can’t sit on the fence,” she said. “You’re either for God, or you’re against him. You’re not like, I’m not sure. Not sure is against.” Now, that’s an example of what she said, but I always used the analogy like it’s true, you can’t be half Christian. You’re Christian, or you’re not Christian. You can’t be half pregnant, that’s an obvious one that we all understand, and it sounds like a stupid thing to say. But it’s true for this as well. You can’t be ... I’m using it to make an example, you can’t be half-Christian, you can’t be half pregnant, you can’t be half badass by the way. You can’t be half pressing play on your fucking soulmate. Which is it?

Katrina Ruth: Soulmate? You should definitely press play on your soulmate. Soul work is what I meant to say. You should press many things on your soulmate if you have the opportunity. Yes, you should. Now I’m distracted. So, you can’t be half pressing play on your soul work. You can’t, it’s a real thing. I lost the rant, I’m sorry. You can’t, it’s true. So, you can’t be like, “I’m sort of.” If I say to you, “Are you doing your true messaging, sharing your truth?” Then you can’t be like, “Oh, well, kind of.” [inaudible 00:52:59], I’m freaking focused, I’m just going to put it aside, and think about that afterwards. You can’t, you’re either all in, or you’re all the way fucking out. That’s another reality. There’s many realities here, I’m trying to sell Empress to you, I’m getting very distracted, but it’s all in the pinned comment.

Katrina Ruth: What I was saying is that was my decision that I made. I just knew, I boldly and audaciously knew that people are meant to follow me just because of what’s inside of me, and that that is where my power will come from. That is where my impacts will come from. I also knew, just like my higher self wrote down in my journal this morning, that it will come from being bolder, and more audacious, and more authentic, and more all in, being me. I had to start back then when I didn’t have anything to back it up though. Now, I’ve got some stuff to back it up, but I still started without it. I said, and I meant from this day forward, and then I did it. I said it, meant it, did it. I walked away from the business that was doing nearly a million dollars a year. From this day forward, I’m going to go all in. I’m going to say only what I want to say, and if people don’t like it, they can get fucked.

Katrina Ruth: If I never make another cent for the rest of my life, this is what I’m going to do, write, speak, preach, empower, motivate, educate, and kick the ass of the 1% within the 1% to know that they too can press play. I fucking meant it, and I would have done it without ... I would be here now, I think you know that, and can see that, and I would have just made money as a personal trainer again, or whatever other fucking thing I would have figured out. Maybe I would have gone back to being the night club manager at a bar, or a at a pool hole, which I used to do once upon a time. I used to dress up, and put on a show there as well, nothing’s really changed, I’d just get paid more for it now.

Katrina Ruth: So, you have to be willing to go all in. You’ve got to be willing to back yourself. What I’m here to do, is to work with those women who are unapologetically born for this, and who are about fucking fed up of not going all in, and ready to claim what’s rightfully theirs. So, if that‘s you, and this is speaking to you, if all my rambles, and randomness is speaking to you, Empress is four weeks one on one with me. You have unlimited access to me as your mentor, that is how I work in my private mentoring. We’re doing a structured programme over that four weeks to step into your empress energy, empress environment, empress energy, empress everything. The business, the way that it works in terms of where the money is coming from, the following, all of that.

Katrina Ruth: Details in the comment there, you can read all about it. Then you get a $6000 bonus as well, which I’ll tell you about when you message me. Then you’ll go one on one with me additionally, plus access to my other private clients. I ran this programme earlier this year, it was fucking transformative. It was the most transformative energy work that I have ever done. It shocked me to my core doing it. I remember one of the trainings, I was in my hotel room in Santa Monica, and I just got off, and I was just sitting there stunned, and in shock, and in awe, and humbled, and in gratitude because I had stepped out of my own way, and allowed the magic to come through me. The women that went through that were just ... their lives were changed.

Katrina Ruth: I’ve been sharing a few of their stories over this past week or so. You’ll see more come through. But ultimately, it’s either speaking to you already, or it’s not. If so, then you should read what’s in there, and you should message me ideally on my personal page, not my business page. Then what I’ll do is I’ll give you a full overview that actually explains it in a less rambly fashion than what I’m doing now. Then for everybody else who’s here, and that is not, you soul is not saying yes to that, then what are you going to think about from what we’ve spoken about today? Because maybe it’s not that you’re running to the front of the room because I’m freaking bashing the pulpit with my journal. Maybe you’re not running up to the front of the room to be saved.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, I can’t save anyone, that’s the truth. Maybe that’s not you, but maybe you’re sitting there, and you’re thinking about something, and you’re going to walk out of this today, and you’re going to have a little shift that’s made in your mind about where you’re not being truthful with yourself, where you’re not being accountable to yourself. And maybe it is that you’re going to message me later this week. Really maybe you need to think about what I said at the very beginning of this livestream about the percentage of people who continually hesitate to press play. Who wait as long as possible to press play. Who ultimately may or may not create some level of result because they finally did fucking press play, but who will never, ever experience the transformation, the shift of the people who get into the habit of being a person who presses fucking play the moment something comes through them.

Katrina Ruth: That is relevant to all areas of your life. Honestly, I know what it feels like to have that resistance eating away at you so strong. It is dangerous, it is seductive, it is very heavy at times, very fucking heavy. I’m very familiar with it, and I’ve learned that the only way is to just take that first step, and it’s not even a first step, it’s a decision, isn’t it? It’s a decision that you can make in your mind right now, in this moment to flick that switch to say, “I will change my life. I will start doing my fucking workouts, doing my journaling. I will message Kat. I will.” What do you need to say I will to? And mean it though, and mean it because resistance might feel exhausting, and it is, and it’s so hard, but isn’t it so much more fucking exhausting to go to bed every night not spent, not having used your life, not satiated because of how you press play?

Katrina Ruth: That is some exhausting shit. So, one of the greatest lives of all time, one of the greatest lives of the human experience is that not doing the damn thing, not pressing play, that is easier. It is such a lie. It is an absolute tragic lie that people live their whole lives following, to believe that, “But that’s too hard. It’s too hard to put myself out there. It’s too hard to take that first step.” They believe the bullshit. It’s so much fucking harder to go to bed every night once again, not even able to look yourself in the mirror as you brush your damn teeth because you can’t cope with the fact of the reality that you’re not being who you’re meant to be, and that your life is ticking away. Another day slips through your fingers because you didn’t fucking feel like it, or you didn’t feel ready, or it wasn’t aligned.

Katrina Ruth: Of course it was freaking aligned, it’s always aligned to press play. It’s always aligned to do what’s inside of you. You’re either the person who’s pressing play, who’s creating their dreams, who’s doing the thing, and you’ve got to understand that the people who you look to, which may include me, who do this do not wake up just feeling like it. They do not feel like it all throughout the day. They do not exist in some sort of level of super confidence with no ability to feel rejected, or hurt. You saw that live earlier, right? They don’t have super powers that you don’t have. You have the same super powers. Maybe they wanted it more, I don’t know if that’s true or not. Maybe they were more fear driven to not be that other version of themselves. I feel like that’s true for me.

Katrina Ruth: I was just very driven to not live the normal life, or maybe they just made a fucking decision, and stepped up to be that person. Okay. I feel like we went into full purpose church, purpose church. So, I’d love for you to leave me a comment. Purpose church with Kat. I’d love for you to make a decision for yourself, and if you feel courageous, you could type it into the comment as well, “I will,” and whatever your ending to that sentence is. Most of all, I’d love for you to just decide, and to then go ahead and be the person who presses fucking play to life. It’s not a dress rehearsal, you can change all of it now. All of the emotions that you seeking and craving, and that you think will be delivered to you when you get there are available here in this moment.

Katrina Ruth: The method to getting there is to activate them now. That is true whether or not you work with me. Of course it is. But the benefit, and purpose of working with me if that is calling you, if Empress is calling you, is because something inside of you, your soul sees something in me. Your soul sees my soul, and says, “Yes, I recognise you. We came from the same place, and I see that, okay, you’re the same person as me actually, Kat. But you are at whatever point further ahead perhaps in business or in other areas of life, and that you desire to be held to a level of accountability by your higher self.”

Katrina Ruth: Because what I do as a mentor is not tell you what to fucking do. I help you to remember who to be. So, the details of that are in the pinned comment. Message me on my personal Katrina Ruth page, and I’ll get your full overview of that. Please watch the replay if you missed it. We covered a lot of good stuff, I know that this was a powerful livestream. Charmaine, if you’re still there, I am sending you love. That was full on for me, but everything is always for good. So, therefore I choose gratitude. Also, don’t forget, life is now, press fucking play.

Katrina Ruth: I'm fine not working inside of my own house. What's happening? What's happening? Why am I so dark? So good. So good. I'm drinking my super foods blend. My chocolate, my body blend, super foods blend, which by the way, is currently being shipped to our first customers. It is chocolatey as fuck. There always needs to be a chocolate element, whether it's a chocolate bread layer, or a chocolate super food drink, or a chocolate heart. Somebody send me a chocolate heart. Send me a chocolate heart shower. I need something. Do I look dark on this screen? Or am I imagining it?

Katrina Ruth: Those are just regular hearts, guys. Chocolate hearts. That's what I desire. Did you share that?

Jess Lewis: I'm just trying to, the wifi's [inaudible 00:01:08].

Katrina Ruth: The wifi's being a motherfucker. I'm paraphrasing. It's exactly what she said.

Katrina Ruth: Hello. Hello world. Now I was tossing up between do I have a nap at 1:22 p.m., double twos, it's a very auspicious time. Okay, you gonna start a live stream as well. Thank you for making me aware. Tell me when you've shared that. Not you guys. There's a ninja in the other room, I'm just shouting directions out from here from my batman chair. From my bat chair. I have a purple sequin-y cape that I've covered the chair with to bling it up. Then I have my other cape on my lap like a blanket. You're gonna see me first. Well it's how it should be. Gabriel says he's gonna do his own live stream but he's gonna see me first. Everybody should see me first before they do anything at all. Why are you coming up as Facebook User? Okay. I don't look too dark, I look a little bit dark. Is it shared yet, or should I share it?

Jess Lewis: It's shared.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. Well, I would prefer to be in more brightness is what I would like, but it's a constant dilemma when I'm live streaming with the beach behind me. The question is, do I let you see me and my glowing highlighted face, it's just natural highlighter. I was born like this. Or, do I let you see the beach? If I press on me, do I become brighter? Whoops. Pressed on somebody else. See? Now I'm all brighted up and now the background's gone. Now we want the background don't we. Let's just ... Oh no. Hang on, I might have ruined the whole situation for everybody. Okay, I've got it back. It's fixed, it's glorious. It's gonna be one of these ones today guys, it could go anywhere, it could go everywhere, it could go nowhere at all.

Katrina Ruth: Wait, who's doing the call to action? Me or you?

Jess Lewis: Me I suppose.

Katrina Ruth: You, don't tell them anything at all. We're not gonna tell you guys but shortly when I feel like it I'll tell them. Put an emoji in for them as a tease. Put a little emoji in as a tease. Do you know the one I mean?

Jess Lewis: No.

Katrina Ruth: She doesn't know at all.

Jess Lewis: The eggplant?

Katrina Ruth: Not an eggplant. What's happening, this is not a sex live stream. Everyone knows eggplants means sex. What else could they possibly mean? Why does she think I wanted to put an eggplant live streaming? They're all weird. They're even weirder than me.

Katrina Ruth: How do you have the logo to the right side of the screen? The answer is that I asked for it to be on the right side 'cause it used to be in the middle above my head and then it would cut off part of my head. So I said, move it to the right, and there it is. So yeah, so I had to toss up between do I do a live stream, or do I have a nap. Because I had a bit of an adventure last night. I'll tell you some elements and not all of them. And as a result of the adventure, I had two hours sleep and I feel fucked up. But in a great way. Because when I finally went to bed at whatever ungodly time it was, I knew that I was gonna get up pretty much a minute and a half afterwards.

Katrina Ruth: I said to myself, "I will wake up feeling fully rested and high vibe and I'll have an amazing day." Well, I actually feel wiped but I feel high vibe and I can have an amazing day anyway. Tiredness is just a, it's a fantasy okay. It's probably not most people's fantasy, it's an illusion, is probably the word I was going for. But I had a great adventure. I said to myself the other day I'm gonna have more adventures and it was an intention I suppose. And then last night I thought that I was going out for a quick drink. What am I talking about, you can hear what I'm talking about. This is what I'm talking about right now. Here I am talking. I thought that I was gonna go out for a quick drink and yes, that did happen. Somehow it turned into some shenanigans in a restaurant and then there was many things involved. There was many things involved. There was a tour of some of the coastal towns, there was some Jumanji. There was some artistic endeavours. It was quite the adventure.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway. So I was gonna have a nap. But I didn't. Because on with the show, that's the whole story, right? Now as you might know or you might not know, but now I'll remind you and tell you, the Katrina Ruth Show is me. I am the show and if you desire to have a personal run where people follow you for your message and for who you are and maybe they even buy things from you and you get to share your art into the world, and if that is you, please shower me with emojis stickers or love hearts, you can choose. If that's your desire, then you might wanna think about releasing the idea that people are following you because of what you teach. Because they don't care. They don't give a fuck. People think that they wanna learn from me about what I teach, maybe you do, maybe you think that you do, maybe you're really like, "Excuse me, all I'm here for is the dot points," but really let's just be honest about it. You're here because you can't look away. Because the show is fascinating and magnetic, okay. I guess I better [inaudible 00:06:37] into it now.

Katrina Ruth: So I am the show, this is the show. It's happening right here. Yes, exactly Gabriel, exactly. And so therefore if I went and had a nap at 1:00 p.m., then the show wouldn't be going. So I dillyed and I dallied as you do. I made myself a chocolate green smoothie. I got a triple shot long black send up for me, brought up for me by a ninja, Kat ninja. And I thought, why would I go and have a nap at 1:28 p.m. in the middle of the day, or 1:22 p.m.? Well you could if you really desired to. Nothing wrong with that actually, I have naps all the time. But it was also that thing of, am I gonna feel better in an hour from now about I had a nap, or that I created amazing fucking content?

Katrina Ruth: Firstly I wanted ... Firstly, firstly, secondly, thirdly I was just still so impressed with myself at manifesting such an amazing adventure last night so quickly that I wanted to let I guess that superflow or feeling of high vibrancy seep into my content today. Well that can't very well happen if I'm not making any content 'cause I'm off there snoozing. But also, and I blogged about this this morning a little bit, it was a reminder of napping, and eating, and sleeping, and resting, and all these very surface based human activities are really not required at all. And they're not actually desired I feel when we're in the superflow lane. And when you say yes to your soul, life says yes to you. We know this, it's a fact, it's in Wikipedia. Well it's not because I made it up, it's my quote. When you say yes to your soul, life ... When I say yes to my soul, life says yes to me.

Katrina Ruth: And what that means is, you become, I believe, you become more superhuman. You actually become what you're meant to be in the first place anyway. Which means you don't need to sleep as much, you don't need to eat as much, you can think quicker, move quicker, you're more creative, you're more high vibe, you're having more fun. Everything just kind of like, go, go, go, go, go, and it all just works together. You 're kinda creating the world inside of you. And that's the kind of heightened energy state I was in last night. And then this morning as well a little bit. And then I started to crash down and I was like, "Oh well, I could go have a [inaudible 00:08:52] sleep and then after that I know for sure if I had a little nap I'll be kind of in zombie mode, or I could get on and do content and choose to continue to activate the superflow. And if I would have had a sleep, I probably would have eaten lunch then had a sleep. Instead, I'm like fuck food, I'm gonna have a smoothie, I'm gonna have a coffee and I'm gonna do a live stream.

Katrina Ruth: Now where I'm gonna be super contradictory though, is I'm in no way saying ... Of course I have my own emojis. Philippa, how are you possibly not aware of that? If anyone doesn't know that I have my own emojis, who do you think you're talking to? Really. I feel that that's obvious. But how you use them is you got to be on your mobile phone and you go on with other emojis are the normal people emojis. And then there's a little sticker on the inside of your comment box, blue love heart, thank you Steve. I've never seen a blue love heart before, is that your own emoji? Did you make that up? You found them, okay, there's a little sticker on the inside of your comment box. You press the sticker, you send me some ... I feel like they're possessed, sorry. They're possessed little Katrinas. You can send me a little devil Katrina, or you can send me flies across the screen. Or you can send me a 1% sign.

Katrina Ruth: What was I up to? I've no idea. I don't know where I'm going with this 'cause I'm really fucking tired 'cause I was out so late like I said. But I feel that it's going somewhere important. Okay, okay I got it. We haven't got to superflow yet, which is annoying me. I haven't felt that switch flick. I don't like that. I want the switch to flick. One must flick the switch at all times. It's not gonna flick itself. Did you guys see when my team made me a meme that said flick the fucking switch baby, it's not gonna flick itself. And it was me with like a sports bra on and just looking somewhat bad ass I suppose. But to me when I saw that meme I was like, "Well, it kinda sounds like not what it's actually meant to sound like."

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, back to the point, let's be very focused and very professional. Of course you could eat some fucking lunch and have a nap if that's what you wanna do. I'm not trying to suggest to you that you should never sleep or have naps. But I am suggesting to you that you think about who you really ... Okay, my mind's just got blown with those rainbow love hearts. Philippa. Now I feel triggered that Philippa just said, "Flick the clit" on my live stream and that I didn't say that. Now I feel triggered that I wasn't being as bold as what Philippa was being, or is being, or did just be. This is my live stream and I'm suppose to be the most irreverent one. You should be here now and you can be on the live stream. Maybe I should add Philippa onto the live stream if she's just gonna go around saying shit like that.

Katrina Ruth: You've completely broken my train of focus. Remember who you fucking are. Remember who you are. Remember who you are. Philippa clearly knows who she fucking is, obviously. Remember who you are. Are you the sort of person when in July ... Okay, I'm super erratic today. You guys are gonna have to deal with it, 'cause I won't be here, I'll be in America til July 14 and then I'll be back here. I'll be back.

Katrina Ruth: I've forgotten completely ... I'm totally done, I'm totally done, I've totally forgotten what I was saying. This is gonna be the most embarrassing live stream in the history of time. But the whole point is on with the show, this is it. If this is the show then you're gonna have to deal with it. This is how the show's turning up today. The show didn't have much sleep, she's kinda all over the place, she had an epic awesome night and she can't think about anything. Her brain is fried. That's what's happening with the show. Talk amongst yourselves.

Katrina Ruth: Jess, I need some content inspiration. I'm dying, I'm bombing out on my own live stream. Okay, I'll be here from the 19th to the 23rd. Somebody's gonna need to save me. Give me a talking point. Over. As you were. I'll think of something. The superflow will click in anyway. I'm giving you a perfect live demonstration right now of how you can create content even when the content is about abso-fucking-lutely nothing. And yet miraculously somehow people are still watching. I don't understand. They love me. They love me, they really love me. I don't think I just got Jim Carrey superflow activated into my mind.

Jess Lewis: How to push through-

Katrina Ruth: Can we watch The Mask?

Jess Lewis: ... tide?

Katrina Ruth: How to push through? You just push. You just get your hands and you back it up like it's hard. I don't know what that means. You just put your hands on it's ass and you just push it. What else have you got? I answered that question already. Philippa is inviting herself to stay here with me. Of course she is. I like it when people ... I'm gonna say something that's weird and it's not sexual about Philippa just so that we're all clear. But you reminding me of, like I put a post up the other week like I really love it when a man who knows that he can, tells you what's gonna happen. Or he tells you that he's the boss or in charge. I had to be careful about how I worded that post 'cause I wasn't gonna write I just like it when a man tells me what to do. That's not in a general sense.

Jess Lewis: In bed, yes.

Katrina Ruth: No, that's not what I meant in bed. But sure in bed, of course. I didn't even mean it though. I meant like being like, I'm the man or I'm the dominant one in a general manly sense with an eau de man.

Jess Lewis: Eau de man.

Katrina Ruth: I like the smell of their skin.

Jess Lewis: So it is a sweaty man.

Katrina Ruth: Well, if it's a man that you are attracted to, then the sweat usually smells really good. I'm not even talking to anybody. There's no one over there. I'm just making it all up. I'm just imagining a character. So yes, Philippa's reminding me of when a man who knows that he can, just tells me what's gonna happen. And then I'm like, "Oh, okay." I know didn't even mean sexually. But of course sexually. But I didn't even mean that. I just meant in a general sense, take charge of me. It's similar to the meme that I put up. What's happening with your comments today, Steve? Are you drinking during the day? What's going on there? You're suddenly going next level engaged, I feel like somebody's hacked your Facebook or you're drinking. Is Matt on your Facebook right now? Is that's what's happening? And he's just sending a million comments. The pheromones, everybody loves a good pheromone. There's nothing better than a good pheromone. I can imagine it right now. The essence. So yeah, Philippa is the same as the men who tell me that they're in charge. I didn't mean as a whole bevvy of them. It came out the wrong way.

Katrina Ruth: Philippa just tells me what's happening, and I like it when people do that. But you have to know who you are. You have to know who you are if you're gonna tell me what's happening, you're gonna tell me what's happening? Who's gonna tell this bitch what's happening? Not many people. But some people who know who they are can get away with that. Philippa can maybe get away with that. Nobody's there at all. Philippa can get away with it, she's already proven that she can get away with it. Doesn't mean all y'all, I'm made in America now. Doesn't mean all the rest of you all can get away with it. You know if you can or if you can't. You have to vote for yourself. Do you back yourself and believe yourself enough to imagine that you can get away with telling me what to do?

Katrina Ruth: That's a dangerous little line to walk down isn't it? I'd like to see who's willing to back themselves with that. Put a comment in, let's see who you are. I'll tell you yes or no. Or maybe I won't at all, maybe I'll just observe who's brave enough to answer this question. Because no, not the whole internet can just tell me that they're gonna come and stay at my house that's not actually a thing. But certain people can. And it's the same as the man thing. No, not any man can walk around and just tell me what's up and what's happening. But if they know that they can, then they should. And I'll like it a lot.

Katrina Ruth: What were we up to? Back on topic. I had a little wardrobe dilemma today. I guess I could tell you about that. I feel like since I have situations here, two of them. Two situations that people might need to see or know about, that I should be displaying the situations at all time and now I'm wearing like a really regular baggy top but it's a cool top. And so that was a bit of a dilemma. It's not that interesting. I don't have anything to say. Okay, Thea says she's not there yet, Camilla says yes. What's on my shirt? Says religion. I dunno. It's from Religion in Bali, which is amazing. Angela can sit on the one couch as long as she has a tripod, a bottle of wine and not no ... You can have emails on the phone, you can have no notifications on the phone. No notifications on the phone.

Katrina Ruth: What else? Here's a cool thing, right? You can literally just sit and chill. Like I'm just chilling. Instead of having a nap, I'm just chilling with you guys. I'm talking about abso-fucking-lutely nothing. I feel like we should make Jess get on the live stream 'cause I'm being super boring. But yet people are still staying here and watching. I'm proving so many points right now about content. People who don't like me would be saying I'm proving the point that I have nothing to say about anything. I need another talking point. You guys are gonna have to give me one. In the end, it just comes down to are you willing to be the person who gets on with it.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, Philippa are you writing these things down in advance? Not only did she say flick the clit on my live stream, she now says she needs to touch the boobs. Hence, she needs to come there. Well, most of the women who I know have touched the boobs already. Linda just went straight in there. She's like, "Let's see them," so I took them out and she was just like, "Oh yeah." She started grabbing them literally. It was quite amusing. Beautiful view, yes it is. I'm sorry I'm being so boring. The point that I'm trying to make is you can be a show even when you're a boring show. That's the reality. You can talk about what you love. Right now what I'm loving is my coffee, I'm loving this cape that's on my lap, I'm loving the high vibery of my life. I'm loving the adventure that I had last night. I can't tell you all the details to that. You have to imagine them to yourself.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, thank you Lakisha, I'm loving that I'm doing comedy skits now. Filmed that a while ago. I was too embarrassed to post it. You know, the one about likes versus love. I didn't wanna post it. 'Cause then I was all like [inaudible 00:19:23] people were gonna think that's about them and it is. So then I hesitated to post it for a while. And then I did it anyway 'cause I don't let my own bullshit be given my message. When someone else is doing something similar to what you're selling, how do you not compare yourself.

Katrina Ruth: Oh that's an amazing question and by the way on a side note, thank you Lee, I appreciate it. Okay, okay I feel like we just kicked the switch. It wasn't the clit switch, just keep calm about that over there in New Zealand or wherever you are at. It was the superflow switch. Angela just flicked the superflow switch, not gonna flick itself. How you flick the superflow switch is you show the fuck up anyway when you're being boring as fuck. Drop the Empress details now because I'm gonna forget about otherwise. If you want ... By the way, by the way, by the way, enough with this coaching bullshit. We all know that if you resonate with me and you see an element in yourself in me, possibly the weirder parts mainly, then it's not about how do I make money as a coach online. And probably you've done that thing of going I'm never gonna coach again, I'm done with coaching. Who's done that?

Katrina Ruth: Every time a client says that to me I'm like, yeah, we'll see about that. You're not done with coaching, you just haven't given yourself permission to do it the way you wanna do it. Coaching, mentoring, it's one teeny tiny pocket. But, who we are is you can't even put it into words. But if you did you would say magnetic as fuck and brilliant in all its glory, and you are the fucking show and the coaching element is just one part of it. And what it's about in order for you to get your message out there, and in order to gain the following, the fame, the fortune that you desire is claiming your rightful place from an energetic point of view in terms of when are people gonna follow you if you're exactly the reason that Lee just said, the energy. 'Cause of not what you sell, not what you teach and the comparison thing I'll get to in a moment 'cause this is relevant to this as well. I'm totally talking like I've no clue what I'm on about by the way. I'm listening to my own words right now and I'm like, I sound like I'm drunk and I'm not.

Katrina Ruth: But I'm gonna persevere and keep going. I do not feel superflow, I just lost the superflow again. But I'm still demonstrating that you can show up and do the content anyhow. In Empress, which is my four week one-on-one. It begins in T-minus 10 days. I don't know what's the T for anyway. It begins in Monday the 25th of June, minus 10 days. So no, it begins in 10 days. That would be today. It begins on Monday, the 25th of June. Four weeks one-on-one with me. What we're doing is unleashing all the madness and the mayhem and the energy. I don't feel like I'm flying but I'm pushing through. I'm wading through the quicksand right now. I'm staying focused, I'm not at all focused. My head is as scattered as anything. I kinda wanna go upstairs and have a sleep. But I'm here because something inside of me told me to be here. So when I say yes to could, life says yes to me. So I'm just gonna do it. I'm just gonna push through and do it.

Katrina Ruth: And it is part of what I teach, and it is part of what Empress is about, and it is part of what building a following online and a personal brand is about. Who's correcting people's grammar in there? Is somebody correcting people's grammar in the comments? Is that's what's happening? You can't correct my grammar 'cause I'm talking aloud. I mean you can't correct my Y-O-U-'R-E versus your. So what I wanna do, what I'm gonna do, what I am doing is working with 20 badasses, 20 new amazing bad ass one-on-one clients who know that they were born to impact their energy. And it's about the Empress energy. It's about their revolutionary fucking leader energy. It's about the queen energy but it's even more than that, which is why it's Empress.

Katrina Ruth: Put 25 empress emojis in now please. Did you catch that?

Jess Lewis: We're up to 25.

Katrina Ruth: 25.

Jess Lewis: Crowns.

Katrina Ruth: Put 25 empress emojis in. The actual empress emoji.

Jess Lewis: Diamond.

Katrina Ruth: Empress. No, the one that looks like a little empress. There's an actual empress emoji. Do you know it?

Jess Lewis: I do know it.

Katrina Ruth: Why is there a bunny rabbit here? An empress emoji.

Jess Lewis: [inaudible 00:23:51]

Katrina Ruth: It's got a blond head like me and it looks like an empress because it's me. You're gonna put 25 of them in now. The 25 represents one of them is Chandra who's already signed up, several other ... Oh hang on. Do you know the one I mean? It's not always it, it's an empress.

Jess Lewis: Is that an elf?

Katrina Ruth: It's not an elf, it's an empress. I just put one of them in. Put 25 of them in now. Lakisha's put 25 in. Is that 25? Somebody count. Let's make sure this is being done properly. Mine looks evil. Anyway, the empress emojis represent the empresses who are coming in plus I dunno, maybe the ninjas are the other five. Me and four ninjas can be the other five. 'Cause 20 amazing empresses are gonna be working with me one-on-one starting July, not July, June 25. It is probably the most bizarre as fuck amazing transformative one-on-one programme I've ever created that's not about online marketing, right? It's completely a whole different thing.

Katrina Ruth: It is about impacting with your energy, selling with your energy, calling in the people with your energy, having the creative downloads and the flow and the soul shifts coming through from your energy. Details are in the pinned comment. That is for those who know that they're not just here to be a coach. That is for those who know that they are the fucking show. That they're suppose to be showing up, turning up, being up, lit up as fuck, and people follow you because you are the show. Read that comment and message me if you want details. Message me on my personal page.

Katrina Ruth: Okay now, Angela had asked a question ... I am so fucking certain that your Facebook has been hacked right now, Steve. "Cause I've never seen you with this many comments. What's happening? You're gonna need to send me a voicemail to prove that it's you. And why are these empress emojis brown haired, what's happening there? We need blond head ones. I require a voice message 'cause otherwise I feel like somebody in China has taken over your Facebook, or its mail. Okay. Angela had asked a question about comparison. Well, here's the reality, right? And I feel like this is obvious and everybody knows the answer already. There we go, blond emoji, blond empress emoji. Oh man, I just figured out how to get my face in the live stream and the beach. I'm a technological genius. I'm like an engineer, I'm like a high IQ engineer. I'm exactly like a high IQ engineer 'cause my father is a high IQ engineer and I'm quite similar to him. He's a pilot now, but he's an engineer as well. So I actually am a high IQ engineer, it's official. It's in the blood.

Katrina Ruth: There's no comparison, who said something about comparison? Why was there a question about comparison? What did it say? Now what I say about that is, you gotta go into your boldness. You gotta go into you're audacity. You gotta go into your audacity about the comparison odysseys thingy. Ask another question, someone 'cause I could answer some questions. So Angela would say when someone else is doing something similar to what you are selling, or something like that, then how engineer ... I say in the official properly Webster Dictionary audio-performed by [inaudible 00:27:16]. You gotta go into your audacity. You gotta go into it. You gotta go deep into the audacity. Things should always be deep, very fucking deep. Philippa knows all about it. I'm just gonna go serve some of them back at you since you took over my live stream a little bit. They should always be deep. Extraordinarily deep. And if you're gonna go into audacity, it should be like so deep that it comes out the other side. It doesn't sound ideal, I take it back, I retract, retract, retract. Have some chocolate smoothie. It's a greens powder. Super greens.

Katrina Ruth: Which means, nobody can fucking compare because no matter how hard somebody tries, no matter how hard somebody tries to be me, please. Good fucking luck. There is no way, I'm sorry, you can try to like ... I know some of you dyed your hair red, that was a nice effort, it was quite fun for me to giggle about when I then changed it to blond with the best colorist in the world. And it changed from full on red to blond in one session. Okay, I think it was a nine hour session, but still. And then all the red-headed people had just changed to red were screwed. Well, I guess they could have changed again. But just when people think that they're trying to catch up with me and they're like, "Oh okay, see what she's doing, let me take some notes, let me get some Cliff Notes about that. Let me make it into a PDF document so that I don't forget." Just when you think you've figured out what I'm doing, I'm already 25 fucking steps ahead of you.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, you think I'm over here, I'm already there. You try to catch up there, I'm back here again. You try to get me over here, I'm just sitting back here having a nap and a coffee. And you just run around all over the place looking like a headless chick, crazy. So no matter how hard you try, I won. I already won. I am the winner of being the Katrina Ruth Show. It is what it is, and that's all it is. And that's how I feel about the comparison question. You can try as hard as you like, you're never gonna be ... You could even get yourself a fabulous cape like this one, this is an amazing cape. Look at it. It's a great blankety cape. You can wear it either way. You've seen the cape. I wear the cape on the empress banner that's on my Facebook. It looks amazing. Which way do you like it better? I'm gonna put it on now.

Katrina Ruth: The only problem is that when I wear the cape on the live stream, it overheats me a little bit. And then I get sweaty. I don't like it that way. It looks like an evil fish scale. Turn it the other way. So we just be in flow and do our souls calling and we just know the money is coming. The money is a decision. What a great comment slash half question, comment, question by Jacqueline. The money is a decision. I live streamed about this yesterday actually. I did a two hour live stream of [inaudible 00:30:03] it always manages to go for two hours. I think it was only an hour 55. We cut it short with a short snack sized version. One hour, 55 minutes. And somebody asked that same question and we spoke about that. So you could watch that. It's only a couple more hours out of your day. But the short answer is, you decide. The money is a decision. Like I decided, and I gonna make myself some lunch and then have a nap, or I'm gonna make super food green smoothie and do a live stream.

Katrina Ruth: There's no emotion around it, it's not like is this smoothie available to me? Am I good enough, am I worthy for this smoothie? Did I do what it takes, do I have what it takes? Can I receive this? Can I maintain it if I keep it? Its just a motherfucking decision. So you make the damn smoothie and you have the smoothie, or you order one, you get a ninja to bring you one. You get them to bring you a coffee. That's money. That's the whole money story explained to you.

Katrina Ruth: Why is people messaging me right now? Don't message me when I'm on a live stream. I see them messaging over there in the Facebook inbox. That's the money situation sorted. Do I look like little Purple Riding Hood? Yes, you decide to allow yourself to be rich. That's exactly right. You know I made a quote image that says exactly that. It's one of my quote memes that we're gonna put on Instagram. Look at me, I look so snuggly, anybody would wanna give me a cuddle right now. You decide to be rich. You decide that you're gonna make money. And then you just ... Right, I'm stuck. Then you just ... oh my goodness, the person who's messaging me just wrote, oops, sorry. Are they listening to me? I was just being a smart ass. You're allowed to message me while I'm on the live stream. But if you just said sorry about that, then it's fine.

Katrina Ruth: So you do just decide. But you can't walk around and decide on ... Well you could, depends on your level of faith and belief. But lets say you're like, "Okay, cool Kat. Let me test out your little theory there. I'm gonna decide that I now make a million dollars per month," for example. Only Money Honey is one of the best programmes I've ever done. And the title of that programme came from because I had a massive wake up call around realising that I'd been getting so emotionally attached to money and to make it into a big deal like, "Oh my god, it's so hard to combine, am I good enough and am I worthy," all the stuff I just said about the smoothie. And then I just had like this breakthrough realisation, which was the product of freaking years of doing the inner work and figuring shit out and continually aligning myself day-by-day to where I would receive more. And the breakthrough was, holy shit, it's only money. It's like oxygen, it's everywhere. Breathe it in don't breathe it in, whatever. But why would you not breathe it in or you might die. Okay, we might not die without money. But you get what I mean, right?

Katrina Ruth: It is such an amazing programme. It's from 2014 I believe but I'm so proud of it. It stands the test of time as they all do. But that one it would be ... If I had to identify like my top five programmes, surely that one would have to be in the top five I would say. And that was the realisation for me. But if you then were like, Okay, I'm gonna just decide that now I make a million dollars a month and that's just how it is, Jess, you can definitely get some good screen shots of me now because I'm wrapped snuggly in my cape. Snuggly. I don't know, what would I use this screenshots for though. Maybe not. Has she left? Did you leave?

Jess Lewis: No.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. So then you can't just be ... Well you can, depends on your faith. But don't try and test me out by saying, "Oh now I just decide that I make a million bucks a month," or a year, or whatever else. I'm not freezing at all, I've got a cape wrapped around me. Not at all freezing. You can't just say that and expect it to fucking work if you don't have that level of belief. So what you would do is, you would ask well, to what level am I capable of believing right now? How can I stretch just a little bit beyond what I feel is available or possible for me. And then you begin to align yourself to that. You align yourself piece by piece by piece by piece by piece in that direction. What does that mean? It means that you continue to look daily at, well if it was that simple, and I just now received that money because I just fucking decided it and it's like ordering something from a restaurant, of course I get it.

Katrina Ruth: If it was that simple, then what would my thoughts be, what would my feelings be, what would my emotions be? Am I freezing for other people as well, tell me. And what would my aligned actions be? And then you do it. You just fucking do it. You do the best that you can for that day and you release the outcome. Why is it freezing, why? Nobody's answering me. It's very upsetting. You just do the best that you can for the day. You decide and choose it. Of course you're gonna get that result straight away this day, this month, this year, this now. And so you act accordingly and then you fucking release it. You release it. Freezing, not freezing, well, some of you must have your energy fields all fucked up and others don't. That's all I can say about that. So then like yesterday for example I was giving my daughter a little smack down on this exact topic. 'Cause she wasn't to do a aerial cartwheel, which is a cartwheel with no hands. She's nearly nailed it. She's very good at her gymnastics.she just got graduated to the next level and only two people in her whole class got graduated two days ago she's very happy about it.

Katrina Ruth: So she's practising doing no hands cartwheels and then she was getting herself into a royal mess and sulked about it at the playground yesterday. And I'm not the most empathetic of mothers. I was like, "Listen, harden the fuck up." I didn't say fuck, I said, "Listen, you need to harden' up. Stop crying about it. That's not gonna help it at all. Here's what you do." And I told her how to believe in yourself. I tried to make her live stream with me about it and she refused. She's quite the diva. So I'll try and reenact it for you. So I was like, "This is how you do it. You go out there to do your cartwheel, your aerials and you decide you will do it today." She's like, she asked me, "Do you believe that I can do it today?" I'm like, "I do, I do believe that it's possible that you can do it today. You need to believe that you can do it today. So when you go out there now to do that," and I was sitting there having a picnic just chilling and eating while she was working out. I like to see my children working hard and sweating while I sit back. Or it can go the other way. Either way is fine.

Katrina Ruth: So ib said to her, "You have to believe. You have to fully believe that you're doing this today. And ten at the same time though, you've gotta be totally okay with if you spend the next hour trying to do it or however long and then it doesn't happen, you gotta be totally okay with that and then tomorrow you've gotta get up again and believe again that this is the day I am doing it today, I will do it today, nothing is gonna stop me. Of course it's happening today and so I'm going in with that attitude and you do whatever you can as best as you can for the time that you have available for that day with full belief that of course it's gonna happen that day. And if it doesn't, you get up the next fucking day and you do it again." And then she's like, "but I can't do it tomorrow because," then she listed out her whole busy schedule for me which was happening today.

Katrina Ruth: And I'm like, "Okay I didn't technically mean it has to be the ... Okay, then the next day after that." And then she was trying and then ... Well, she kept not quite getting it, right? I mean it's a cartwheel with no hands. She'd only been practising for like a week as well. She's very impatient. I have no idea where she got it from. So then she starts getting grumpy though. She was like not crying but kind of getting ... She was getting super frustrated and shitty about it. I was like, "Listen to me. Drop that attitude right now." Which this is how I was speaking to her as well. She wants to be the best. She wants to like practise all freaking day and get the results. You're gonna have to learn what it takes. It is what it is.

Katrina Ruth: So I said, "Listen to me. You're gonna need to drop that attitude right now. As soon as you start to get frustrated and upset about it and you're getting grumpy, then you're immediately making it that you're not gonna be able to do it today. You're switching off," I didn't say abundance, but it's the same thing, right? So those of you who are out there, and you're hustling and you're showing up and you're like of course I'm gonna have million dollar business, of course I'll make this much money. And then you're like, I'm doing the inner work and I'm doing the actions and the beliefs and the emotions and yeah the practical side as well. And I believe, I believe. Are you or are you not getting shitty when you don't get a result? are you having a little sulk? are you being like a child just stamping their foot, "This is not working?" That's normal and you're gonna have to drop that attitude.

Katrina Ruth: Because the second that you go into that attitude of this is shitty, this is not working, what's wrong with me, why can't I do this, other people are better than me, all that stuff, that immediately dials down abundance. You turn off the abundance switch, you flick the switch back off and not in a good way at all. So you've got to be in an expanded energy and in an everything is perfect and okay and I'm totally fine energy in order to receive. Who knows that you're not gonna receive when you're an energy of like, "Waa, why is this not working, and why is everyone better than me?"

Katrina Ruth: So as I said, it's normal to have those responses, but hello, did we come here for normal? No we fucking did not come here for normal. So why would you be acting so normal? Very boring of you if you think about it. So it's a discipline is what I'm saying. It's a motherfucking discipline to be in abundance mindset and a manifestation mindset. It's a choice to drop the attitude. It's a choice to drop the drama. Yeah, you can still feel it, I don't mean I don't feel that shit if something doesn't work out the way that I want it to in any area of my life. I might have a little temper tantrum for a second in time, but I'm very conscious of this ship because I've been doing what I'm doing, teaching what I teach for so long now, I know how it works, I know how I'm receiving a manifestation works so I notice myself doing it and it's literally like, let it go. It is what it is and that's all it is. It's one of my favourite sayings. No matter what. When my kids are grumping about something or anybody is or something goes wrong or doesn't work, I always am like, it is what it is.

Katrina Ruth: And then Alyssa my eight year old who will finish it off for me and she goes, "And that's all it is." I'm like, "Exactly. It is what it is and that's all it is. So what's the point of getting shitty about it? Go back in, believe that you're gonna do it today." And she's like, "Mommy, mommy, do you think that I'm really gonna do it today?" I'm like, "Yeah, I believe that you can. And if you don't, so what. You get up and you believe it again the next day." That's how it's done. And if it's too hard, it's too challenging, you need to have a cry about it, you need to get a blanky and a freaking hot chocolate with some marshmallows, then too bad, you don't get to be this life, you don't get to be this life. You don't get to live that life. You gotta fix your attitude if you wanna be successful. It is what it is and that's all it is.

Katrina Ruth: Alright. What time are we up to? I feel like I said many things about many things and hopefully some of them hit home. I think that last bit was quite good. I think we could get some good screen shots of me waving around my cape here. I like to get some good screen shots for my live streams. I feel like my sectional belief was powerful. You should listen to it again. You should think about where you need to maybe drop the attitude and choose to believe. I think I need wings. Can you order me some wings?

Jess Lewis: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. She said yeah. Of course she did. I'm gonna get ... No I'm not gonna tell you, it's a secret. I definitely need some wings. Sometimes you just need some wings. But I can use this cape in the meantime. You need to have a look at ... We could all have a look at where we're acting like a grumpy child stamping its foot. It's okay, you're allowed to be human. But at some point if you wanna be freaking extraordinary in your outcomes I guess you're gonna have to start acting like that. You're gonna have to choose to be strong enough to put the drama aside to go within, within, all the way within and to release whatever needs to come out into the atmosphere. Which is a next level badass version of you.

Katrina Ruth: Empress is here. Four weeks one-on-one with me. I'm gonna tell you about it a little bit. Claim your rightful place now. For women are unapologetically born for more. Begins June 25 details are in the pinned comment. You wanna message me about this if you're willing and ready to step up. You gotta be willing. You can't just say that you know you meant to, you've gotta also be willing. Empress claim your rightful place now. For those who are born for more, born for exceptional, born for extraordinary and not of this world. Read the rest. Read it in the pinned comment. Message me on my personal page. Tell me something amazing. Leave me a comment and I don't even know what else I'm gonna say. Okay. Any final thoughts?

Jess Lewis: Who me?

Katrina Ruth: Yes.

Jess Lewis: Life is now, press play.

Katrina Ruth: She said life is now, press play. Very uncreative. Think of something else.

Jess Lewis: I can play any tune you like.

Katrina Ruth: She said flick the clit switch. I'm paraphrasing. She said she needs to tune in. She said you need to tune into yourself. I changed it to flick the clit switch. How rude. Alright. Life is now, press the motherfucking play. Read the Empress comment here below. Read all about it. I'm sorry I was so all over the place. I'm not sorry at all. It is what it is, just deal with it. It is what it is and that's all it is. This is the Katrina Ruth Show, it's happening right here. I am the show. Wanna be your show? Wanna step into your Empress power, into your Empress energy, into your Empress environment, into all of it? Message me ... Really going through ...

Katrina Ruth: I'm breaking down right now. 6,000 dollar bonus you might have just not had many sections of wifi broke down. So much on the bad assery. It is an incredible fucking life changing four weeks. I've run it one time before. The results and the power, and the shifts that come through from that honestly just blew me away. So I haven't done the best explanation of it today but I have a read of what's in there if you feel that might be time to step up and work with me one-on-one if that's in anyway intriguing you or speaking to your soul, then have a little read, send me a message and I'll send you a more detailed overview of what's actually going on. I'll probably audio it. We'll talk, we'll figure it out. We'll do all the things. We'll create all the things, you will be the empress who you'll want to be. Have an amazing epic rest of the day. On behalf of Jess Lewis, Kat ninja, flick the clit switch, and from me, life is now. Press fucking play.

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Kat: Okay. Oh. How do I do this? Wait for it.

Patrick: Got to do it.

Kat: Are you going [crosstalk 00:00:42] through the snow?

Patrick: Yeah I'm going through the snow. I got it at like 60 degrees in here right now. It's 60 degrees in my house, I have no idea why.

Kat: Is that cold?

Patrick: To me it is, yes.

Kat: Does that mean cold, I don't understand your language.

Patrick: To me it is very cold. To me its subzero temperature, I'm absolutely freezing right now. I'm about to die of a cold or flu.

Kat: Your dying?

Patrick: Yup. I have not gone [crosstalk 00:01:11]

Kat: It's a sad state. I'm going to ...

Patrick: Hold on let me [crosstalk 00:01:18]

Kat: I'm finding out what temperature that is. I'm Googling it so everybody understands what's happening.

Patrick: Oh yeah, it doesn't translate. Doesn't translate in your language.

Kat: Oh, it's 15 degrees. Hang on I've got to shut the door, there's window men right outside my door and it's super noisy. One second.

Patrick: 15 degrees. Holy shit, what the fuck happened to my computer. So what's up everybody, hello, hello, welcome everybody. I'll go ahead and say that. Hello?

Kat: What's up?

Patrick: [inaudible 00:01:47] everybody's already said something. I don't know, my computer just took a shit. I've no idea. So did you say 15 degrees, your words? This is retarded. Hold on. I can't hear you.

Kat: [inaudible 00:02:04] must be dying.

Patrick: I can't, what the [crosstalk 00:02:06]

Kat: Am I back? Am I back?

Patrick: Yeah you're back. Oh, I forgot we're on my internet connection.

Kat: Yeah I had ... No, it's because I put my earplugs in because my house cleaner is upstairs vacuuming.

Patrick: Oh well how fancy, how fancy.

Kat: I'm very fancy, you know that.

Patrick: Very fancy with your extravagance earbuds.

Kat: So I said that everybody should send you a love heart shower because you're surviving in only 15.555 degree Celsius right now, for the Australians. Now, if people are from Melbourne though, which is my hometown, they're going to be like, "Harden the fuck up, that's warm," but here where I live that's horrible. Horrible. Nobody should have to endure those sort of ...

Patrick: Yeah, these are very horrible circumstances. [crosstalk 00:02:58]

Kat: Nobody should have to endure those sort of subzero temperatures.

Patrick: Nobody should be asked to endure these subzero temperatures, I'll tell you that. All right.

Kat: All right. I might need some assistance. Can you help me out?

Patrick: What do you got?

Kat: Should I wear my hair like this? Should I wear my hair like that or behind? Or on one side? What's the best livestream hair?

Patrick: I kind of like it behind.

Kat: Out?

Patrick: That looks good.

Kat: Behind, all right. There you go everybody.

Patrick: There you go. That looks good.

Kat: We're going to talk about [crosstalk 00:03:37]

Patrick: That's the queen Kat look.

Kat: [crosstalk 00:03:39] Cleopatra.

Patrick: She says, Angela said, [inaudible 00:03:43] I'm in Texas right now. Texas by way of Bali, very, very soon. In the next month, no, no, this month. This month, I'm going next week, next week.

Kat: This week maybe. Maybe even tomorrow.

Patrick: No I have to wait till the weekend.

Kat: Oh well.

Patrick: Have to wait till the weekend because [crosstalk 00:04:04] I have to move my stuff.

Kat: Time and space is just, time is just an illusion anyway. The weekend could mean tomorrow. Could mean today. Could all be one day. That's extended into itself.

Patrick: Time is an illusion [crosstalk 00:04:18]

Kat: I think I'm going to take these out again now. I'm going to take these out again now because they're annoying me.

Patrick: What is [inaudible 00:04:25] giving you a delay? I'm going to drop this in my [crosstalk 00:04:30]

Kat: No, I just prefer no earbuds and the vacuuming stopped. But check it out, I'm sorry that I keep doing this to you Patrick, but I'm going to do it anyway. Are you ready?

Patrick: I'm ready.

Kat: I'm just eating my bacon and eggs with my Vegemite while in waiting for us to go live.

Patrick: Oh my God. Oh my god.

Kat: I was halfway through eating.

Patrick: How are you destroying this fucking meal with that shit? That's an all American meal, and you're just going to destroy it with that. Destroy it, it's completely just-

Kat: Look, pay attention. You want to put the Vegemite straight onto your eggs. Straight on.

Patrick: What's that green thing? I don't want to put that Vegemite anywhere near my eggs. I don't want it anywhere near any of my food.

Kat: That's avocado.

Patrick: Oh that's an avocado?

Kat: That's avocado.

Patrick: I thought you all had green eggs and ham over there or something because I don't even know.

Kat: You want to eat that with, look, pay attention.

Patrick: I have no idea what you all have over there.

Kat: You want to put a little bit of Vegemite on the avocado, eat it like that. I don't know why I get so much enjoyment from doing this to you.

Patrick: [crosstalk 00:05:29] it's just crazy how different people's taste buds are.

Kat: It's so good.

Patrick: What you just did-

Kat: It's just because-

Patrick: What you just did was the equivalent of somebody spraying a cat turd on a fucking piece of toast and eating it to me, that's just what I just saw you do.

Kat: I'd love to have some toast. [crosstalk 00:05:52] I'd love to have toast with avocado. You also-

Patrick: What's up [crosstalk 00:05:57] on here. Feel like we're getting delayed [crosstalk 00:06:00] again, we're delayed.

Kat: We're not delayed. The internet just doesn't know how to keep up with us, but really you should also always dip your bacon straight into the Vegemite. Pay attention. Look.

Patrick: I'm not paying attention to that, it's fucking heresy.

Kat: Because salt with bacon. The saltiness, it's like extra salt in it. It's great.

Patrick: That's the most disgusting thing.

Kat: So yesterday-

Patrick: You're so beautiful and then you do such disgusting things to yourself. It's just weird. It's like [crosstalk 00:06:37] weird, it's like-

Kat: It's part of my mystique.

Patrick: Why did this very creative hot chick just do the nastiest thing. It's like watching a shizer video. Know what shizer is, [crosstalk 00:06:44] the German [crosstalk 00:06:45]

Kat: I'm sorry, but thanks. No. No. But I appreciate the compliment.

Patrick: No. Have no idea [crosstalk 00:06:51]

Kat: But I can't help it, it's part of my mystique.

Patrick: That's not mystique, that's not.

Kat: But it's actually ... Do I need to know?

Patrick: What'd you say? We've got a delay, we've got a delay.

Kat: Do I need to know? No I was waiting for you, do I need to know or understand?

Patrick: Well you're from Germany, so you should know. It's basically German scat porn basically. You know what scat porn is? Have you ever heard of it?

Kat: I don't watch any German porn. Currently I don't watch German porn. I watch regular, all American or Australian porn.

Patrick: Well I'm saying that you can know of it, you can know of it. There's different types you know, when you're scrolling through you're going to see some different categories. There's grandma, there's all sorts [crosstalk 00:07:38] of different types. Then there's German shizer, there's scat porn, you just happen to be scrolling by it, see it, sometimes.

Kat: So basically what's happened here is we came on to do a recoded conversation about art and resistance and flow and we're talking about German porn?

Patrick: Yes. Particularly the scat variety. You invited me on here.

Kat: I just like to keep-

Patrick: You fucking invited me on here.

Kat: I think you said we need to record our conversation. You said I believe ... Thank you. You said I believe it's time to record our conversation again or something like that I believe it is. You messaged me yesterday and then you must have rudely just gone to bed straight after messaging me because I needed help, I was stuck in the resistance, I wrote back to you with a happy faced emoji. Then you must have gone to sleep so I just had to live in the resistance all by myself with nobody to kick my ass.

Patrick: Yeah, I saw that, I was like man [crosstalk 00:08:38]

Kat: And that's how I ended up with [crosstalk 00:08:39]

Patrick: That was a weird thing to wake up to, I was like wow, you were in the, you, Kat of all people in the resistance? Now that's the part usually reserved for me. I'm the one that likes to play in the resistance.

Kat: I know, it's mind blowing. The truth is maybe I just don't talk about it enough. It's like quicksand, it was dragging me into it. It was probably a Vegemite deficiency in my bloodstream. There was definitely a flow deficiency in my bloodstream.

Patrick: It's all coming to a head you know. It's finally attacking your nervous system.

Kat: The Vegemite? Or the flow?

Patrick: Yes.

Kat: So then okay, so this morning I went to Muay Thai and I was doing my rounds in the ring and I couldn't breathe properly. It's fucking annoying because I'm very fit, but my fitness just wasn't there. He's like, "What's going on?" And I said to him, my trainer, "I think I'm just not connected to my body properly yet." Like I haven't connected into my body yet because my mind's thinking about other stuff and we had already done maybe three or four rounds. I was going hard, but I was just like kind of breathing like that, but I wasn't feeling anxious about anything. So then it was just fucking annoying, but as soon as I, like we got to maybe 30 or 40 minutes into the session even, and then you feel that switch click and you connect to flow and you're just like holy shit, it's on and you're in that dance and that super flow.

Kat: It's exactly like business. I was saying to my trainer this morning it's like, you're like, ugh, even I get this, I get it every fucking day. Like people maybe think I'm motivated because I do so much content. Well I'm driven by, I hate the fucking feeling of when I don't do my content. I just feel like shit if I don't do my art, but that doesn't mean that when I sit my ass in the chair that it's flowing. It's often exactly the same as at the start of that workout where the first 10 or 20 or 30 or even 40 minutes, you just feel like you're wading through quicksand. You don't feel connected properly and you're not breathing deeply and then you're thinking, this shit, what am I even writing. Even yesterday after I messaged you then I was like fuck you, apparently you're not going to message me back and save me, so I'm going to have to write something myself and figure it out. [crosstalk 00:11:07]

Patrick: [inaudible 00:11:10] all the time.

Kat: And I write something, I write a blog anyway, but it was so shit. I posted it anyhow on Facebook, it was just the lamest thing I've ever posted in the history of time. It's still there, everyone can see it from yesterday. Even my team are like, "What is this, is this a blog? Are we supposed to put this on the Instagram story? What is this actually, there's no photo, it's not long enough." No, they weren't really ... But my point is you just got to do that damned thing anyway. You don't wait for flow, you get into flow. Sometimes you've got to get in and it's like a tumultuous, whitewater river and you just got to get pounded under the water again and again and knocked back down. Then at some point it's like boom, I'm in the flow zone. Everyone just wants to be in the flow zone, but you don't get there without being willing to go through the quicksand a bit.

Patrick: No, it's funny you mention this now and I glad we're on here talking about this because I actually had exactly what you're talking about happened today, but fortunately ... So, did you ever get back into, did you ever reach flow or did you just spend the whole day just not, you didn't get there? Or did you finally get there?

Kat: Yesterday, you know what, I wrote the damn post anyway. I published a post, I put a sales call to action on the end because I fucking show up for my art, that's my commitment. I'm very consistent. I'm probably the most consistent person on the internet with content, I believe. And I'm personally doing all my content myself as well, it's not like you know some people put a tonne of content out there, but how much content are they actually doing.

Patrick: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kat: I think I'm like the most consistent person out there. So I posted the damn post anyway, I had to cut it short because I was meeting somebody and I knew that he was going to be there any minute. I was like all right, I didn't even have the time to get into my flowzone, I had like 12 minutes. I'm like fuck, I'll write something. I still wrote a damn blog, I still put a sales call to action on the end. I was like, this is bullshit, but, I don't know how many likes or comments are on it, but the people who commented and liked it, the people who commented were like, "This is exactly what I needed." And so it's about getting out of your own way, but then after that I went on a walk for like two hours. Had a good conversation and then came home and I still wasn't quite in that flowzone and I thought I could livestream last night and snap myself into it. But I didn't, resistance got me by the ass. I sat around for a bit, fucked around, pretending to do things on the computer and then I just went to bed.

Kat: But, this morning, I don't know if you read my blog this morning. It was so good, it might be one the best posts I've written this year. It's called, "You're not a marketer you're an artist. A tortured one or not, and you'd better start fucking acting like it," or something like that. When I wrote that [crosstalk 00:13:55] blog ... Huh?

Patrick: I saw it, I usually read your stuff at night on my time, nighttime you know. At the end of my day I'll read it. So you kind of catch me whenever I haven't read it yet.

Kat: You're going to like that one. I'm so happy with that. You know when you write something or you do a livestream and you're just like oh, yeah, I fucking nailed it. Or, I didn't even know what I wrote, but I got what I want from it. I got that release and that connection to soul and then I went straight to training to Muay Thai then I was disconnected for 35 minutes. Then I got in the zone and holy shit, the last 15 or 20 minutes of my workout this morning, I have not brutalised myself like that in a while. It was so good, like I was nearly collapsing onto the floor. It's like that voice in your head that's like oh, are you going to die, are you going to die, you think you're going to fall down and die? You can't keep going? Are you dead yet? No, then keep fucking going bitch. I was just smack talking myself and I was so on the edge of being like I need timeout, I need to stop early.

Kat: I just kept going and I kept thinking of, like I always remember Arnold Schwarzenegger saying that your body can go so much further than your mind. Like when you think that your body is done, whether it's in training, but also with the business. Your writing, your art, it's such a load of bullshit. I love nothing better than kicking my own ass and being like oh, you think you're hurting, you think this hurts? Keep fucking going. It's the most empowering feeling in the world. I literally collapsed onto the floor in the ring at the end of the session. Within a second though I had the biggest smile on my face already even though I was in agony.

Kat: It's just, I don't know, I don't know how many people relate to that, but I love the pain, the purposeful pain. Otherwise, you just feel like you're not alive. So that resistance got me yesterday, but then today I eliminated it.

Patrick: Well I know we were talking, the night before I believe, we were talking about how to say enjoy resistance. We were also talking about some of the things that were going on with your spot and where you were living at and things like that. We were talking about being where you were at and that you might have to create new challenges for yourself. You think this is maybe a product of that? Maybe your mind switched over to that, maybe you wanted some more resistance and you brought that to yourself?

Kat: Maybe, that's a good point. Yeah, we had a phone call the other night that went for nearly three hours. At the end we were like fuck, we forgot to record our phone call again, so that we can sell it to everybody. It was so good. So now we-

Patrick: It was good.

Kat: No we're doing this for everyone. You can send [crosstalk 00:16:38] us a love heart [inaudible 00:16:40] huh?

Patrick: Some love hearts to what?

Kat: To thank us for being here and speaking.

Patrick: Oh yeah, for sure. Check this out though, so we talked about that right and then so now that was happening, this resistance was happening. Now I've been like, the resistance is easing up on me. I've been going through fucking resistance because I'm a glutton for punishment. I don't know what do they call it, sadistic? No, it was masochist, what's the one where you like to get kicked in the balls?

Kat: Isn't one of them like means you like to hurt other people and one means you like to hurt yourself? Masochist is you like self punishment I think.

Patrick: Yeah, I think that's the one.

Kat: And sadist is you like to hurt other people.

Patrick: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, one of those two, the one where you get kicked in the balls. Obviously that's what I'm going through right now, I like to kick myself in the balls here. I've been going through that resistance, what we talked about on the phone. Maybe I want to, obviously yes, of course, why the fuck, how could it be any other way? How could it be any other way? Anything that you're going through, any resistance that you have in your life is because you want it to be there. Plain and simple. There's no other way around it, if you take responsibility for everything in your life as you should, as you should. If you believe in manifestation, if you believe it's all in your control. If you fucking believe in manifestation, [inaudible 00:18:03] you can alter your body by eating donuts or ramen noodle soups and still lose weight. If you believe that you have that [crosstalk 00:18:12] kind of control-

Kat: Who said anything about donuts?

Patrick: If you believe that you have that kind of control over the universe, then you better damn fucking well believe that you're making this shit up. That you're making up the resistance, you're creating the resistance. You're creating the despair, the feeling, the thoughts or the anguish. All that shit you want to, you fucking masochist you. You want the kick in the balls for some reason.

Patrick: Okay, well I'm tired of the kick in the balls I guess. I must be done with it because today, so and then we're talking about now we're talking about my day. What's up Johnny? What's up Pistol Pete. Then we're talking about, now it's kind of easing up on me right. I woke up this morning and I saw your message, I'm like damn, I left her in the cooker last night. She's just, it's like I can't believe I saw this message of resistance here. I'm like, I was blown away by it you know, but I knew you were asleep, so obviously went about my day.

Patrick: I started out my day just like you're talking about. I couldn't get into where I was trying to go. I was getting wrapped up and started right out the gate getting into shit that's not my art. Started getting into stuff pertaining to my other business, which I had put a cutoff date. We had just got done talking about that, saying fuck everything until noon or whatever, you know, until we get going. Right off the bat I start getting things happening though that were saying to me that some resistance was being overcome in the other business. So I was like huh, so I took the bait you know. I took the bait.

Patrick: Not only that, last night I had found a blog post that I had written and I had never posted it. I got scared about it and I didn't post it. I was acting like a little bitch and I left it there. And so I discovered it and I was like fuck, I had already wrote a blog post that night. So, I had two blog posts and so I was happy about that, I'm like okay, I've got two. I'm going to drop those tomorrow. So I'm feeling good about that. I went to sleep and I woke up and immediately some things started happening at the other business, some resistance was overcoming the other business. I'm like fuck, okay, okay we're making some headway here so this is good. I jump right in this, it's like 8:00 in the morning, I jump right into that and start going to mess with my other business.

Patrick: I get caught up with all that and next thing you know 12:00 comes around. I'm slugging, but I had been throughout the day doing tiny things because I'd been, I'm going to post content all day. Today, I'm just going to have a day where I post all content. You know on my Instagram, I'm going to post content throughout the day on my Facebook, I'm going to post whatever. I had just been starting to feel it again. Started to post things and they were getting a lot of engagement on them you know, just things that I would think, I'd post it and just small things you know, not real boring blog posts.

Patrick: Then I drop my blog post on there, sprinkle that because I had that ace up my sleeve, so I drop the blog post, bam. I drop the other blog post, bam. Then it just started to come together, right. Then we rolled right into, right about 12:00 noon or so I took a little nap and then 1:00 PM and then the resistance just started to go down. All just starts to crumble right?

Kat: Yeah.

Patrick: Everything starts going right. I just start banging out all sorts of stuff. Me and Travis ended up doing, we just got done off of a livestream, which generated a lot of new people into our circle and to his audience. I'm jumping on here with you and now this is going, this is a great one right, so just like all the ones that we do. And so, it just started rolling, that's been my day. It just started rolling, and it started out just like you talked about though. It's very sluggish, but it took me till about 1:00 PM till it just started to roll really good, but I stuck with it. I stuck with it, I just kept on thinking I've posted, but it was like bite sized pieces of content that I kept dropping that led up to it.

Kat: Yup. Exactly. Exactly and we talked about this when we were on the phone the other night that was like until 2:00 AM my time, that massive phone call. I said the same thing about when you're working out and it's like the first 10 or 20 minutes or however long, you just feel like fuck this shit. I don't really want to be here, I'm not feeling it. That was me this morning in the ring, I was like oh, fuck. Okay, yeah, I'm here, I'm doing what I need to be doing, but my mind was like why am I here. I'm not really vibing with this and I wish I didn't come today or whatever. You just fucking learn over the years, you figure it out finally when time is passing you by in your life and then you still didn't do the damn shit that you said you were going to do. At some point you just figure the shit out where you're like, oh fuck.

Kat: I can remember, probably five years ago I can remember feeling like I think I was waiting, I thought there would be a point in my life where I would evolve to being a person whose always motivated and always ready, always has the inspired ideas and wants to do the damn thing. I remember one day it just kind of smacked me in the face like a wake-up call where I was like, oh shit, I just realised that for the rest of my life I will still battle resistance because it's part of the human condition. Particularly as an artist, resistance is inherent to being an artist, that's why I wrote this morning about the tortured soul. Probably your blog influenced my post this morning a little bit because you know, like I told you, when I got up in the morning before I journal I always read something. There's only like five people whose shit I'll read and I checked if you posted something new. I checked, you had posted something new so I read your blog and it was full-on. For me I found that full-on to read to hear the voices inside of your head. I was like holy shit that was so raw, it was like everybody should go read that blog. It's on your personal profile right?

Patrick: Appreciate it.

Kat: Go read it. But it was kind of painful to read, I found it kind of painful to read.

Patrick: That's so funny you said that, [crosstalk 00:24:31] somebody messaged me, two people messaged me and they said the exact fucking same thing. They said, "I can't believe that shit. I did not know you wrote like that," and they said that it was painful. I said, "Well, what's painful about it?" It was like, "Well, it's painful to read." Two women you know, so I was wondering why is it painful for you to read it, you know what I mean? That's what I was wondering because I really was thinking about connecting with guys for it you know, more along the lines with the guys.

Kat: Well, for me personally I found it painful to read because I care about you. I was like, that's like hearing somebody that you care about saying that shit about themselves, it's like fuck, it just felt painful for me for that reason. I don't know about what other people's reasons are, but also because I could relate to it. At first, I was thinking this so fucking full-on I can't believe you say that shit inside of your head, I found it shocking.

Kat: Then I was like wait, why do I find it shocking, it's only shocking because you're writing it down because I've said all that same sort of shit to myself many times over as well. In my way, about my own stuff and if people heard the voices inside my head I'm sure they'd be shocked. Like you were taken aback even by me just simply saying that I'm in resistance, right? Now think about the shit that you put in that blog, it was extreme. Well I think that's why at first I was like, this is so full-on, like I felt shocked or upset about it just relevant to you personally, not in a general sense. Then I was like wait, no, it's just because this is a very raw, extreme thing for somebody to write down. I definitely have said so much to inside of my own head.

Kat: Then I loved the way you finished the post like where basically you choose each day, every day you have those voices in your head and then you have the voice that's saying that you can and that you will. Then that is now what you do, you do your damn journaling, you do your content, you're showing up for your business and for your art. That's exactly the same as me and that's what I've always done and that's what I've done to get to this point. Now, for sure I don't have as much of those voices as I used to, it is less because I guess I've proven myself, to myself to whatever degree.

Kat: But it's still here and that's what I think so many people don't understand about me. I'm not, or about anyone, about you as well, you do your livestreams every day, I do my content every day. People then go, oh no well I couldn't be like Patrick or I couldn't be like Kat. They're motivated, they're good on camera or whatever it is, but then go and read what you wrote about how you feel about yourself some of the time. Or if somebody could hear inside of my head and the smack talk that goes on in there. It's about realising that yeah, as you keep going and as time passes it will get easier, and I think you said this in your post, it gets easier because you learn how to deal with it. I feel like I learned how to dance with resistance and I can see it for the bullshit that it is, whereas maybe earlier on in my life I tended to believe it more.

Kat: Now even if I feel like I'm believing it a little bit, I'll be like, yeah, no, I know exactly what's going on here. I do know what the answer is because fucking 20 years of training, of fitness training, has taught me how to get into flow and how to breakthrough resistance and discipline my ass and if you're not dead yet you keep going. Then many, many years in business as well has taught me the same thing, so I always know that the answer is too fucking bad, sit your ass down and do the damn thing. Sometimes it will feel fucking incredible, like today when I wrote my blog I was on the biggest high. I got in the car and I was just slamming my best tunes and then driving down to the fight gym. I was like, this is the best day ever, I'm so in the zone and that's an amazing feeling.

Kat: I wish I could have that feeling every day, but yesterday felt like quicksand day. It doesn't matter right, like some days you'll feel superflow, some days you won't, so the fuck what. Either way you keep going, but for sure because I read your blog first and then normally I read a piece, I read if you write something or [inaudible 00:28:44] or whoever else I read, like such a small handful of people. Then I go into my journaling and then usually I write my blog after that. Today I read your blog first and then it really did impact me a lot, then I went straight into writing my blog, I didn't even do anything on [crosstalk 00:29:00] yet today, which is [crosstalk 00:29:01]

Patrick: Damn, did my blog fuck your day up? Did my blog fuck your day up?

Kat: No, no, it's the opposite because I had to write straight after that.

Patrick: Oh, that's good.

Kat: I went straight into writing that piece, but I was partly responding to you and partly I was thinking about one of my inner circle clients and partly it was for myself. Okay wait, we're going to need to start again because Brandon just jumped on and he asked that we start again. So where we started [crosstalk 00:29:26]-

Patrick: I believe we started without him.

Kat: Was with me dipping the bacon into the Vegemite. We got to start with the bacon and the Vegemite if we're starting from the top.

Patrick: Can we please not?

Kat: Anyway-

Patrick: Brandon dammit, this was a bad day for that. Even though you're eating [crosstalk 00:29:39]

Kat: Yeah, no, [crosstalk 00:29:40] read my blog later you'll see my blog was partly like it's speaking to you and like I was talking to you, but then I was talking to myself, but then I was talking to one of my clients and I told her that. It was just, I kind of love that because something you wrote definitely impacted what I created and what I created will be impacting other people. It's just amazing, it's the collective unconscious.

Patrick: Well I saw your blog post and it jumped out at me. I was like this is something that I have to read, I just saw the title and I can't remember exactly what it said. I just saw it and I was like, I'm going to have to read that later on because I immediately saw it and I was feeling like, I don't know it was kind of geared towards me or something. The words weren't like that, but I just felt that, you know what I mean?

Kat: Yeah, and I knew, usually I don't tell somebody if I write a blog that's skewed towards them because I know you're going to feel it anyway. It's not always, but often I'll be thinking of a particular person when I'm writing. It started off towards you and then it became about me. I thought it was going to be, I thought the post was going to be about honouring and respecting the artist, being like my soul recognises the artist in your soul, that sort of thing. Like the respect that I have for that and then it turned into kind of like a smack down post where I was kicking ass and I think that was at myself. Then at the end I was like fuck, this was not supposed to be about me. Then I brought it back around again and it just came out however it came out.

Patrick: Oh see everything that I read, I'm like thinking, everything I read from you I'm thinking this is to me right.

Kat: Everybody does, especially when I do, I don't know do you get this sometimes or have you had this happen, but if I do a post that's really quite brutal I'll tend to get like 20 people message me and they'll be like, "I know you were talking about me." And I'm like, "Well, if you think that I was, then maybe I was."

Patrick: That could be the case, but I used to think that all the time when I worked for Ryan. I would always say and he'd said if you think, he said the same thing. If you think it is, it is. So, you're right, it's right, in the case if you think it is, it is, right. It's for you, it's for you if you are triggered by the wording. But I wrote mine like a while back and then I didn't feel anything about posting it. When I found it I was like, yes, I found it. I was like I'm going to post this now, no problem. I remember what you told me, it was like you should just not even think about it and just post it. So I posted it and it was apparently like real full-on, people said that.

Patrick: I think that you do, like what I did was I was sitting there facing resistance big time whenever I started to write that. I was facing one of the biggest challenges of my life, which was making our first sale since we went out on our own, and it wasn't happening. It was taking like two weeks, I mean we were in this thing for like two weeks, damn near a month. I was sitting there, and I'm sure I had probably talked to you the night before, something like that. I was writing, I started to write the beginning of it you know, just to start thinking about what kind of shit you say to yourself whenever, or the kind of shit that people say to themselves whenever they're facing that. I really wanted to know, I started thinking about the things that I was thinking at the time.

Patrick: Then I was like, well this is bullshit because this is right around when the shit broke and we made ourselves and everything started to work out for the better. That was when I was really, really getting into it and getting into manifesting and writing and controlling it you know. Right before it happened I just said, I'm just going to take all these things that are being said and I'm just going to go with it. As much as I can I'm just going to just get it all out there. Everything that I hear on the stream of thought, I'm going to just write it down as I go.

Patrick: And so, I did, I just started fucking like turned on some music and I just started. Every one of the resistant thoughts that came through, I just typed as it was coming. I was like this is some fucking creative ass ways to talk shit to myself, you know, of this voice in my head that's talking this shit. Just so creative and the ways it says, the lies it says about you. I just put it down and it was just endless and relentless and didn't stop. I just had to stop it myself you know. It would have just kept going.

Kat: It was relentless. That's how, like I was reading it, I was sitting down at the coffee shop. I was like how fucking long is this going for? It's just getting worse and worse, but that's why it was painful, I was like fuck me, I thought it would be finished now, it's still going? Then I was thinking, I hope there's going to be a reframe at the end of this and it's not just going to finish. And then there was.

Patrick: The end. Your life is horrible. But I got it [crosstalk 00:35:01] it was like an experiment to just fucking just see if it would stop you know, but it wouldn't. I had to stop it myself which I guess you could say something about that. You have to stop that fucking voice yourself. It's not going to stop on its own. You have to stop it because [crosstalk 00:35:21] it's there if you want-

Kat: You have to see it for what it is.

Patrick: Yeah.

Kat: You've got [crosstalk 00:35:25] to see it for what it is. Yeah, it's the devil. We were talking about this on the phone the other night. It's a seduction right?

Patrick: Yes it is.

Kat: Did you read Patrick's post Maria? It's like be prepared to be upset. If anyone reads that post, just be prepared to be upset, but it will be powerful for you. I think that we all think that we're the only ones who have those thoughts. It's natural to feel like if people knew the truth about me, or if people, like I should feel ashamed of myself or whatever. Everybody has those thoughts and then everyone looks at ... Yes, so Maria read your post, she's one of my inner circle clients, she said she was in tears. Exactly, I think for women in particular it's going to upset them. I thought it upset me because I had a personal interest, but I think it probably upsets everyone.

Kat: It was very upsetting because it was so raw, but it's also incredibly healing. That's the sort of blog post that will heal people and probably healed you maybe when you wrote it or maybe by publishing it because it's so raw. That's the point I was trying to make in my blog this morning ... Where can you find this post, just click on, I'll get the link. I'm so helpful. I'll put the link here in the comments. Like I'm fucking up all my shit now.

Kat: It's [crosstalk 00:36:45] like I wrote about this a little bit in my post that you've got to, to impact people, like yesterday I was talking to somebody new who I met about my business. I was explaining how I market, and he's an entrepreneurs as well with four amazing businesses, but a totally opposite sort of entrepreneur to me. We were talking about how the way that I show up on social media is the exact opposite of him. I put as much of myself out there as possible, and he's got as little of himself out there as possible. I was saying my system basically, my marketing is essentially I'll write these three thousand word blog posts every single day. The people who can get to the end of that and watch all my content are clearly, they're my soulmate clients or they wouldn't be sticking around that much. He was like-

Patrick: I like that system.

Kat: Holy shit, big long posts [inaudible 00:37:34] right, but he goes ... Oh yeah there's the blog. He goes, "Yeah, but that wouldn't work anymore would it," or something, or, "That's because you already built that up or something like that?" I'm was like, "No, no, it doesn't matter how crowded the internet is or how crowded Facebook is there is always going to be a space for the true artist to bear their soul." Like since the dawn of time, those of us who are storytellers, messengers and who actually reveal the raw shit inside of us, like what you wrote, was the painful, gritty, even ugly parts of the soul. It's almost like you don't want to look at it directly, it's like staring into the sun. It's too much, it's too intense, it feels too painful. Then at the same time it's magnetising and you can't look away.

Kat: So somebody who can share a piece of their soul like that, like you do and like I do and like many people here do, really are very few people though in the total of the internet marketing world. That person doesn't fucking need to buy their followers like you livestreamed about yesterday and we talked about the other night. Or to worry about a fucking funnel or what's the best strategy or Facebook ads. Nothing wrong with doing your funnels and your whatever right, but it's the cherry on top. Anybody who can release a piece of their soul and is brave enough or willing to do that, will always have people that want to listen because it is a magnet.

Kat: It's just mind blowing to me how so many amazing artists and messengers are out there wasting their lives thinking that the way to build a following or to make money is let me get my fucking funnel right or my strategy or my marketing for whatever bullshit. And let me have a pretty website on the internet and make sure that I have good head shots. Are you kidding me? Why don't you just strip yourself naked and show it to everybody? Your soul, right? That's all it takes.

Patrick: Anybody [crosstalk 00:39:38] can have-

Kat: Being willing to do that even in your own resistance.

Patrick: And there's a lot of ego out there too. It's like everybody's got one of those, so how do you really separate yourself from everybody else. You know what I mean, everybody's got a marketing strategy, everybody's got a marketing plan. Everybody's got an ego, so how do you get that ... I get to talk to people today, I got to talk to somebody because of my blog post. One of my people, one of my people, as I call them true believers. He was going through some serious shit in his life, like some real, real horrifying shit that he told me about that I got to help him through, today. So to me to be able to help in such a way to change somebody's life, to save a life is, fuck, that's more important to me than the other shit.

Patrick: The other shit's stupid and I wouldn't get that far with somebody if I didn't post something like I did, if I didn't say what I was really feeling I wouldn't get to say that. It wouldn't probably connect like that on that level with him. That to me is more rewarding than anything else I could be doing. Even if I have to take, for a while, you know it's going to be a while. I could go out here and make a marketing webinar and be very successful with it and make money off of it you know. I could do that.

Kat: Successful.

Patrick: Yeah, successful. Run traffic to it and do all ... I know how to do all that, I've done it. Or a book funnel or whatever you want to do. Whatever you want to do to make money. Give somebody an irresistible offer, tell them how to double or triple their income, whatever you want to do. That's fine, but understand that anybody can fucking do that. Anybody can do that. If you hold back, if you don't say what's on your mind, if you don't actually share a piece of yourself, then you're not really like an artist I don't think. You know? Then you're just giving people-

Kat: You're not and you have to decide [crosstalk 00:41:46] if you want to be an artist first or a marketer first. Like, you're an amazing marketer, I know a lot about marketing as well. We can both do all that shit. I don't even think anybody can do it, it is still a skillset because plenty of people are trying to fucking do it and they're not doing anything, they're not getting anywhere with it.

Kat: I did read a blog post one time by a mentor of mine from years back and she was like you got to choose, you're either an artist of an entrepreneur, who are you? I was like holy shit, she's right, I'm an artist first. I am an entrepreneur, I am a marketer, I where those hats and I've been an entrepreneur, like it's in my blood, I've been selling shit since I was three years old. But first and foremost I'm an artist. You've got to choose, you can't be in both camps. You can't be like, oh I'm an artist and I share from my soul and I do my soul purpose, but first let me build this pretty little funnel over here and then I'll be ready. It's bullshit.

Kat: Nobody said you need that you needed the internet to get your message out there and to make money. Amazingly enough artist through the history of time have managed to have people fall in love with them without a Facebook page. I know it's mind blowing for everybody and you might need therapy [inaudible 00:42:57] and some sexual healing in order to come to terms with that, but you don't need any of that shit in order to get your message out there. What you do need is to be courageous enough to put the blinders on and just art, art, art, art, art because like we said, you have a true believer client as you call them, I call them my soulmate clients, who comes to you as a result of that post. That person is so connected to you now, there's instant trust, instant deep rapport, they become a longterm client who refer their friends and just be so in love with you and your message because they see themselves in you.

Kat: Most people, you could do an automated webinar and get leads from that, like you said. You could become successful and I say successful like that because even if you were making great money doing that, which of course you could do and you know how to do. You would be, and we've talked about this many times, you would be miserable. You would be hating it, your soul would be dying because it wouldn't be doing your purpose work and you're essentially selling your soul to the wrong clients, the wrong people doing the shit that doesn't light you up.

Kat: Whereas, when you go all in with your art yeah, like most people are going to be horrified at the idea of reading a daily two or three thousand word blog post or listening to a one hour livestream that you do. They're going to think that's crazy, who wants to listen to that. I've had people make fun of me so many times when I've had hater-ship online. Like, "Oh ha ha, who would read all that shit?" I'm like, "Well firstly I don't fucking care if anybody reads it because I'm writing it for me bitch, not for you. Secondly, clearly a few people are fricking reading it if you look at the business that I've created."

Kat: So if somebody is going to read that or watch your webstream or read your post, then they come to you and talk to you, that person is a soulmate client for life. I'd rather 10 people like that than a 100,000 people that are fucking bored on Instagram or got off a webinar.

Patrick: Well there going to fall off, those people are going to like, what people realise is how much of this bullshit that's out there that's the same. People don't show you their refunds, people don't show you their attrition rates. People are dropping off. They don't show you that shit. They don't show you that shit. All they'll show you is-

Kat: Yeah, so true. So true and we talked about that the other night as well. Like my refund rate is like 0.000001%. I'll get like three refunds a year and two of them is because the person accidentally bought the same product twice. They're like shit, I didn't realise I already have it, can you refund me?

Patrick: And I haven't had that one-

Kat: That's not normal, what's the industry rate even? It's like-

Patrick: It's crazy, it's like 30.

Kat: 40 or 50% some of the time.

Patrick: Yeah. Yeah, it's insane. Then people don't say that and then they don't say, they don't talk about you know, affiliates and things like that that they're doing. So numbers are fucking crazy you know what I mean? You can't even get into numbers there's so much bullshit out there. There's so much bullshit out there that you might as well just be truthful and honest and just put yourself out there. I get on here and I've got now these few people that come on, I mean anything that I do, they follow me around for whatever it is that I do. I did something with Travis today, which we did marketing and I dropped a link out there for our funnels and everything. I thought we're going to pull in these new prospects right and these clients for his side of things, you know his new audience and everybody who showed up was my people. They hopped on to see that we were talking marketing, they showed up, popped up.

Kat: They watch you, or my people watch me instead of Netflix. My people say that all the time, they're like, "I can't believe what time it is and I'm still watching your content." That's all you want, but it's also like what we're saying here is your going to get a better result just following your art and making your marketing strategy should be your art. Then let's not forget also the selling of the soul side of it because even if it was true that you could make more money, which I do not believe, by following straight up internet marketing Stepford-preneurship you would be miserable, in sabotage, addicted to whatever shit that's not good instead of addicted to flow. And just not happy right?

Kat: I did it that way, I built my business at first to where it was nearly at a million dollars a year because I did the fucking work and I did the marketing. I was right on the cusp of a million dollars a year in my business. This was in 2012, and I walked away. I shut the whole thing down, I walked away from all of it. I remember saying to my partner at the time, if this is the path to a million dollar business, I don't want it. I cannot do this anymore, I would rather go back to being a personal trainer. I said to him, "I'm going to give myself three months, give me three months. I'm going to prove that I can make money doing what I love, but fuck all that shit, I'm going all in doing what I want. If I don't do it in three months then I'll just go back to the gym and I'll be a trainer again because I know how to make a lot of money doing that."

Kat: Well, I didn't do it in three months anyway, I ended up over $100,000 in debt and blew the whole thing up. Then eventually, eventually, I stayed though, I stuck to it and now look where I am because I've experienced what it's like to make good money by selling my soul. I mean, it's your life right, you want to be, this is like right now we're not really selling anything, but this is content. This is us filling ourselves up with our art and our craft. Even though we're not directly making an offer, how many people are becoming soulmate clients or true believer clients of each of us right now because of this content. Then we drop a link or we keep saying we're going to start recoding our personal phone calls and sell them. People are going to fucking buy that shit, like who wants to buy the recorded phone calls of when we talk to two or three hours-

Patrick: I do.

Kat: Because that shits gold, but sometimes we've got to keep it private. But, we'll figure it out.

Patrick: Yeah, we got to keep some things private, a little bit, a little bit. Those are like extreme, super, super VIP shit. But Helen makes a good point, Helen's asking a good question here though, she says, "I get what you're saying," but she's surrounded by true artists putting themselves out there every day and never make any money, what would you say about that?

Kat: Okay. Okay. Good, I'm so glad I asked this.

Patrick: I like that one, yeah.

Kat: I was ready to preach on this. I'm going to need a love heart shout-out first, send me the love hearts. Then I'll bring the [crosstalk 00:49:37] Kat show.

Patrick: Can I do it to? [crosstalk 00:49:37]

Kat: Can you do it too? Everybody shower me with the love heart. Oh there they come, thank you.

Patrick: Shower.

Kat: All right. I already answered these same questions to two or three clients earlier today when I was answering my client audios, so I'm prepared and I'm ready. Here's the thing right, money, money is just a decision and a choice right? Like yesterday I bought a new car, I'm also getting a new house and a few other things all at once. It is a big deal, I'm excited to get the car, I feel good about it. Yeah, there's some ego attached to it for sure because I feel like yeah, look at my badass car, but at the same time I don't need that in order to be happy or fulfilled right, I'm detached from it. When they didn't give me exactly what I wanted at the dealership I just left. I wasn't doing that as a strategy, I was like okay, I'm not attached, this is what I want, if you can't give it to me I'm leaving. I got in the car and drove away and of course, they called me eight minutes later and gave me what I wanted.

Patrick: Sorry guys.

Kat: Either way I [crosstalk 00:50:40]

Patrick: I used to be one.

Kat: But, yeah, you know how it works. I [inaudible 00:50:45] I'm leaving. And I literally was about to sign and then I just put the pen down, I'm like look I've got to go. I'm going to go see the house, I left. What I'm trying to say though is, I don't need the car, I'm not emotionally attached to the car in order to feel good enough, in order to feel worthy, in order to feel like I'm now complete and whole. The thing that fills you up and lights you up and gives you your sense of freedom and completeness and your happiness, your source of all things is being true to yourself and doing your art right? So then for the money, to me the car is the same sort of thing, whether it's a car, whether it's do I want to buy the fancy Voss water, whatever it is. It's just a decision, so I can choose the car or not choose the car, either way I'm whole and I'm complete, but am I going to choose the car, yeah it's fucking badass, it's a hot, sexy car. I'm going to choose the car because I like it and I can have it.

Kat: Same as with money. Get out of the idea that there needs to be an emotional attachment around money, it's only money. Choose it or don't choose it, it's infinitely available. Like you can choose am I going to wear pants or a skirt today, it doesn't matter, why get emotionally attached to it, but it's always available. That's how I feel about money. One of the courses a I made in 2014 when I first figured this out for myself was called, "It's only money honey." I called the course, "It's only money honey," one of the best courses I've ever made, because it was like a slap in the face wake up call where I suddenly realised, fuck, I've been making it this really emotional thing. Like am I good enough for money, am I worthy for money. Imagine we did this right, like am I good enough for the Voss water, am I worthy of this, what are people going to think of me? Does this add to my value if I have this amazing water? Either just pick it up off the shelf or don't. It doesn't matter.

Kat: And so that was like a breakthrough for me to go oh shit, money is just a decision, decide how much you want. Expect it the same way if you're in a restaurant and you put your order in, you know I'll have a steak and broccoli, you expect it, you assume it's going to turn up. You don't go into the kitchen and be like, am I good enough for this? Do you guys think I'm worthy of the steak, can I really have that? Is it being prepared and will I get it? You just order your fucking meal and then you sit down and you wait for it and you expect that it's going to show up. Then meanwhile you're in the now, being present with whoever you're with.

Kat: Same with money, decide it. It's a decision. When you get out of the emotional attachment around money being a reflection of your worth or being something that's going to save you, then you'll realise that it's just something you decide. But you fret now, you think that money would make you more worthy or it's going to save you or it will fill you up or it will make you happy. Or you'll be, yeah, safer in some way or a better person in some way. Then you'll continue to keep it at arm's length because you're trying to validate yourself and you're trying to find your safety and security from something outside of you, which is not possible.

Kat: The lesson is you need to decide ... Did I just get invited to go to a cruise? Somebody's just invited me to go on their birthday cruise and I don't even know this person. I'm just magnetic as fuck.

Patrick: It's your most active follower it looks like.

Kat: I don't even know who that is. Hi, [Taveda 00:54:01] I can't, I can't go. I've got something on, but thank you.

Kat: So, yeah, it's about realising it's a decision. If artists are out there and they're broke, maybe they're buying into the broke artist story, but maybe, maybe, and probably, they're in some way basing their self-worth on their financial situation and/or thinking to themselves that if I just had that money, then I'd be safe. Then I'd be good enough, then I'd be a worthy or a valid person. It's the same as love. You'll never find love when you think oh that person is going to make me feel like then I'm good enough, then I'm worthy, then I'm attractive, then I'm whatever.

Kat: You got to figure that shit out right, like otherwise you'll just continue to hold that deep connection at arm's bay. When you realise you've already got everything inside of you and of course you can choose the money because abundance is infinite. Or of course you can choose to receive love because it is available. Or of course you can choose to have the body you want or whatever and you don't need it, well like you can need it and not need it at the same time, we've talked about that. But either way, you already get your completeness inside of yourself.

Kat: Does that make sense? Did I just ramble in 49 different directions at once?

Patrick: Pretty much, but I'm feeling it, I'm catching it. So, you're saying then somebody who is a starving artist, they're buying into it, which that makes sense to me. There's a lot of things that people out here buy into because that's just what people say. You know, oh you're a starving artist. Oh, you're not going to make any money. That's what they say, but how much of this shit is rooted in fact, it's just something that somebody said. You know, there's a lot of shit like that that's out there, but you have to, you know, you can't cuss if you want to make money online. You know, there's a huge one right-

Kat: Really? Fuck, that's rude.

Patrick: Yeah, how rude. There's all these things that they say. You have to, what else do they say, you know, you already have to have made this much amount of money before you can make any money online. You can't help anybody unless you've hit this, unless you've achieved these goals. You know, you have to have a book. All sorts of crazy shit that's just not true, but people will buy into. There's so many limitations being sold to everybody out here and they're constantly buying into them. I see what you're saying about that, it makes sense because if they're thinking that I'm an artist and I'm not making money or that I'm just going to be an artist, I'm not making money that's fine because that's just what it is.

Patrick: Yet, you're on here, I'm on here and we're doing it. There, you in the back.

Kat: I have a question. My question is do you think that sometimes artists/entrepreneurs, that there's ego attached to being the starving artist? Like there's an element of look at me suffer? It's almost like a badge of honour that I'm the starving artist, do you think that sometimes people are toting themselves back to that?

Patrick: I'm doing it. I'm doing it. You know you get in this thing where you're like, I mean I've seen people do this too, and I do this, I'm guilty. I like the story okay, I like the story. I could have, I mean I'm sure if I opened myself up for it more and just said that it's going to be super easy and that it's just going to happen and everything's going to come to me. I'm just going to go in the superflow and do what you said and just go all in on this thing and have it happen. It's just going to boom, the doors are wide open.

Patrick: When I did my first programme I sold a bunch of my first programme right. For me that was a lot to sell as much as I did. That was not even fully half assing it, that was like 10% of what I could have really done, of me going all in because I'm running like two businesses right now. There's the story that if I just got away from this one thing, it would just go so much fucking easier and everything would just happen you know. Instead, I'm choosing to build the story and now I'm going to be able to have the little ego and look back on this thing and be like, I struggled so hard when is first started out and you can go track it.

Patrick: I've got that in my head, that's programmed in my head from something I've learned from somebody else. You know that you got to step your way up. You work your way up if you want to get there, you can't just [inaudible 00:58:29] you got to work your way up. So, I feel [crosstalk 00:58:33] that same way, I get-

Kat: It's so interesting because ...

Patrick: Go ahead.

Kat: No you go ahead.

Patrick: No, my train of thought just ... Just took a shit.

Kat: Well, here's the truth right. I am proud of myself, I have ego and pride, not, I don't mean I shouldn't have, but there is, for me there is ego attached to I know what I fucking went through to build this business. I do feel maybe a bit superior about the fact that I know full well that most people would not do what I did and that they will not choose to be tough enough. I like feeling like I'm the one who can get knocked down again and again and again and look at me bitches, I'm still getting back up again. It relates a lot to all my fitness stuff and like I always wanted to be the most badass hardcore chick in the gym and I would definitely get triggered if I saw another chick who was training harder than me. Then it would bring me up to speed right, I would then become friends with them. Then it would be like it's on.

Kat: In business, I definitely have pride that comes from yeah, I did go through so much fucking shit and I just kept getting up and every time I felt like I was on the floor and I couldn't get up again, it was that thing of are you dead yet though? No, then keep going. I do like it, I get off on it.

Patrick: There you go.

Kat: You know, you said this earlier on in the call, you said to me what we had spoken about on the phone the other night, about how I said to you I've gotten a little bored because the truth is I had my, I think I told you this, I told my private clients. I'm sure I told you this on the phone, I had my biggest income month ever last month in May. I haven't even published it or anything, well I told my private clients about it and I did a livestream talking about the mindset of that. But it was my biggest income month ever and it was like I feel proud of it. I feel likes that's cool, but did I get a rush from it, did I get an adrenaline kick, no. To be honest, and I know what I'm going to say now is going to make a lot of people want to throw shit at me, if you're going to throw shit I like Guylian Seashell Chocolates or Chanel, you can throw Chanel.

Patrick: Or Vegemite. Throw [crosstalk 01:00:52] poo.

Kat: But, it's very [crosstalk 01:00:52]. I got that all sorted already.

Patrick: Fling a little poo.

Kat: I just, it's easy for me to make money online and I mean look, it doesn't mean I can't relate to and resonate with where people are at in their journey and their struggle. It hasn't been that long ago where was over 100K debt, struggling and that went on for a long time. I know how to break through that and that's how I support my clients, but it's not a rush for me to, like even if I do a launch that would make an insane amount of money, I would be like that's awesome, but also, I just expect it. I'm not doing to get an adrenaline rush from it in the same way that if I cook an amazing steak, and I do cook an amazing steak, I'm not going to be like oh my God, I can't believe it, this is the biggest rush ever. I mean of course it tastes fucking amazing, I know how to cook steak. Of course the launch made that much money, I know how to make money online.

Kat: What we had spoken about and this relates to what I'm saying here is, well where do I get my rush from now. Where do I get my adrenaline from because I am that person. It wasn't just that I was proud of myself for getting up again and again every time I got knocked down, it's that I do get off on it. I enjoy it, I like being like, you know, put through, I like the pain. I like purposeful pain and I feel so alive. Like the training session which I spoke about, which I did this morning was the hardest I've gone. I had to ease back into it obviously with my training after my surgery, but so today was the hardest that I've gone since then. I was dying and then within a second of it being over, or anytime I felt more knocked around, I'm smiling at the same time. I'm like this is so fucking good, it's fucking amazing. I crave that, I want it.

Patrick: And you desire it because at this stage in the game you know that all these rules are bullshit. The fact that you have to, I had only $30 in my account when I started out, to get customers, to get clients, to get your soulmate clients is bullshit. You would be able to attract them without that fucking story. You know? You don't need, that story doesn't [crosstalk 01:03:05]

Kat: Totally.

Patrick: I don't think it brings people, I don't [crosstalk 01:03:07]-

Kat: Right. And I don't even tell my [crosstalk 01:03:09] yeah. Even I told you parts of my story like when we were on the phone the other night and you didn't even know some of it because I just don't talk about it that much. I have and I do if I get interviewed and stuff, but I don't use that for my marketing. I use my art for my marketing. I just use self-expression for my marketing. Like you said, I don't need the fucking story, but what I do need is, I need to feel lit up, alive. Maybe you're right that yesterday I created resistance to knock me around and make me feel shitty so that today I could then create the contrast and today I'm on fire.

Kat: There's more to it than that, like I think, yeah, I do think sometimes for people who haven't broken through on money yet. Or if you've experienced this, if you're a person who can make a little money and then you're like, yeah I'm riding high. Then it just disappears again and you crash up and down, I know a lot of people do that. I did that for years, I would make quite a lot of money and then I'd be like, where is it? Why am I broke again? What's happening? I did that roller coaster for years.

Kat: I finally cracked that quota, I figured it out and I teach my clients this all the time. Because I was addicted to the ego and the adrenaline of when your back's against the wall and you don't know if you're even going to be able to buy food that day or God forbid even coffee. Then you just, like a magician, you pull a rabbit out of a hat because you're forced to, you're so back against the wall and you're going to lose, then you just make magic. You're smashing through and you create and you save yourself, but actually what really happened was you got to experience the adrenaline and the power of creation, which is what you're born for. Then when you make the money, on a subconscious level your mind is like, well now where am I getting my kicks from basically. Where's my adrenaline rush, where's my thrill, where's that feeling of power and pride and ego ... Travis says that's so me dammit. I [crosstalk 01:05:15]

Patrick: Yeah, Travis fuck you man [crosstalk 01:05:15]

Kat: Travis, Travis was preaching on his livestream this morning, I was [crosstalk 01:05:20]

Patrick: I'm your business partner bitch, damn. He's not cool.

Kat: But any of us that have, especially people with a fitness background do this a lot, but I think in general just driven, entrepreneurial people do do this. Where you crash it down because you want the fucking ego rush and the adrenaline rush of having to figure it out. There is a sense of ego in there in that, look at what I just did and other people [inaudible 01:05:46] be able to do that. We've got to find a way to replace that adrenaline and not get your kicks from crashing your money up and down.

Kat: That's what I had to do, I had to figure out okay, I've got to just decide to make the money because it's like the water or the steak or the car, I can just choose it or not choose it, it's not a big deal. Don't attach my adrenaline and my self-worth and my emotions to the money. Make it like I'm going to find that shit from inside of me.

Patrick: Where do you recommend the start is on that though because that is like one of the things I'm always talking about and the conclusion I've come to is like you know, there's no wrong way to do this shit. There's no wrong way to do it because you're writing your story, you're having fun while you do it. Maybe you're addicted to this up and down, you know, maybe you're addicted. Like you said, the ego, maybe you're tied to your ego, but that's still doesn't make it wrong that's just how you're choosing to live it. That's how you're choosing to write your story, but for those that are tired of that shit, that want to do it because like you said, if you live a life of super ease, where it's just totally easy, then it's probably going to get kind of boring. How do you replace that, how do you replace that part? That adrenaline rush?

Kat: Well that's what we, I told you about that the other night, I'm still figuring that out. I mean I've replaced it in like there's been ways that I have replaced it many times over the years since I started figuring out money shit. Now I realise I need something more. I'm never going to be done, we're never going to be done with wanting a new challenge or something to strive for. There are some entrepreneurs out there, the boring ones, whose goal is to get their business to a point where it's automation. Then they can sit on their ass on their couch all day long, and that's their end goal. I literally once heard somebody say that her goal was to automate her business so that she could just watch Netflix all day and that was her end goal. That was the point at which [crosstalk 01:07:58] as a friend.

Patrick: A fucking social [crosstalk 01:08:01]-

Kat: Yeah, like she said that, word for word.

Patrick: You can get a social security check and sit at home and fucking do Netflix.

Kat: Right. It was in a group that I was in with women entrepreneurs, this was like five, six years ago. Actually when I joined the group I was one of the more entrepreneur [crosstalk 01:08:18] babies of the group. I was lower level and like these were women that I looked up too. Then I was kind of stepping into my power I guess and realising that I'm not like them. Then there was this discussion in the group that was literally about that. It wasn't like one woman said it, but then three or for agreed. Like yeah, that's what I want, I want to be with my kids and I want to be able to watch Netflix all day and just enjoy my life. I was like, I'm out, I literally just knew at that point that I need to stop even being in this environment and learning from people like this. And yesterday somebody said to me, "Well what's your exit plan with your business Kat?" I just looked at him and I was like, "Death. My exit plan is death. When I die is when I'm going to stop."

Patrick: Right.

Kat: I don't even know how to answer that question because I'm not doing it for money. When I realised that is when money started to come in as well by the way, just on a side note. To answer your question, try and answer your question.

Patrick: [inaudible 01:09:14]

Kat: [crosstalk 01:09:16] like [crosstalk 01:09:17] I think it's, yeah, I think it's just the key to having the fun and the adventure and the adrenaline is, you'll get it because you fucking decided to right. I noticed three or four years ago that I really wasn't having fun in my life, like I was all about business and I guess whatever else, but I was not in a great period in my life in terms of my internal happiness and flow. I just started to set an intention like I'd write it in my journal, every day I still write this, I have so much fun and adventure in my life. Another thing I started to write maybe two years ago or a year and a half ago was, I laugh and have so much fun in my business every day and now I do. Like you see me on, or even here, I'm having fun, I'm always laughing on my livestream. Sometimes I'm completely being fool [inaudible 01:10:04] idiot and clown and I'm having the most hilarious time ever.

Kat: That came from an intention, but what I desire now, what I've noticed and what we spoke about the other night is I definitely want, well we were going to go and climb that volcano. I want, I don't know, some bigger adventures, like that's my intention now. I do feel like I've got a lot of day-to-day adventures. I do a lot of really random shenanigan type shit in real life with friends or sometimes with clients. I have a lot of fun, but it's almost like I want a mission or I want something that's, I don't know, it will come to me. I'm not concerned about it, I was worrying about it for a little bit and then I was like, let it go, it'll happen when you just decide that it will happen. So my intention is now I have epic adventures with badass cool people and do crazy shit all the time. That will just be my new thing that I write in my journal and then it will come true. Next thing you'll see me like on top of a mountain naked drinking Budweiser and dancing in the moonlight. That'll be my next livestream adventure.

Patrick: I get a lot of-

Kat: And actually it's [crosstalk 01:11:07]

Patrick: What's up Ashley? I get a lot of inspiration from younger, people like 18, 20 you know, just the way that they do things. I was listening to this commercial, was talking about this on my last livestream, that they just don't give a fuck. That are just out there getting into these adventures and doing these things. I was listening to this radio, this commercial, there was a commercial on the radio and it was coming from the viewpoint of this old rock t-shirt. You know, it was a Goodwill commercial, I don't know if you have Goodwill over there. Basically donate to people in need, right.

Patrick: So it's a commercial about donating your [crosstalk 01:11:49] yeah, so donating your old rock t-shirt to Goodwill because you don't wear it anymore. It was like from the viewpoint, the commercial was from the viewpoint of the rock t-shirt, and the t-shirt's basically saying things like, "Hey, we had some good times brother. Remember when you crowd surfed with me brother? Now you don't and now you can just take me to Goodwill." I was thinking of that commercial, I was thinking to myself, you know, why wouldn't he crowd surf anymore? I know it's kind of abstract or whatever, but why the fuck wouldn't he crowd surf anymore? Imagine like why would he stop doing that? If you were 17 or 18, imagine, that was probably the time of his life when he crowd surfed.

Patrick: Now here he is what, 30 years old, 40 years old or whatever and he's going to go donate [crosstalk 01:12:37]-

Kat: He's not even old.

Patrick: It to Goodwill. Yeah, he's not even fucking old right, because you just get better with time. And so he's going to go donate the shirt to Goodwill when he could just instead go, and I know it's a commercial and it's all made-up or whatever, but there's also, you know there's truth behind this, it's what people do right. They go and get rid of the things and toss away these old things. You had fun motherfucker.

Patrick: I remember the first concert I ever went to, what an adventure, couldn't get in. Climbed up to the top of the thing, climbed to the top of a building, scaled the top of a building and looked over the side. That was an adventure.

Kat: I did that. Yeah.

Patrick: It's like I'm seeing its good to go back in time and try to get back into your youth. All this other shit, all these people beating you down and holding you back. When I was a kid, all I would ever talk about was, when I was a young kid, all I would ever talk about was going on adventures. Going on adventures, that's what I wanted to do when I was a kid. I remember it clear as day, I was constantly asking my mom, "When's the next adventure? Are we going on an adventure wherever we go?"

Patrick: All those are out there and then these people I see they get to this level of success in their life and then they're just not doing any of this. Or they go maybe take like a vacation, one vacation a year maybe two vacations and their not even having fun there. They're sitting there like, you know, fucking doing what everybody else is doing. And so-

Kat: They're just drinking and calling that a good time. Nothing wrong with drinking, but that's like their entire fun bubble is I had cocktails by a pool in a fancy place, so now my life must be fun.

Patrick: Right.

Kat: Do you think also, like a lot of people have bought into a bullshit belief that in order to be a good adult or a good entrepreneur or a good partner, that that means somehow that means you've got to lose your sense of fun and adventure or even silliness?

Patrick: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Kat: Like I get people give me shit, I've seen people give me shit like she's buzzed on her livestreams or I saw you saying this, you were drinking on your livestream the other day. You were doing, making your funny little voices that you do, like being somebody who's making fun of you. I've had people say that to me like, "Oh that Kat chick, she just wastes my time. She's buzzed on her livestream, so she's being an idiot," or, "She never gets to the point," stuff like that. So people think that means it's wrong or bad, well, I know for sure that a lot of my soulmate clients who buy all my shit on repeat. Yes, they love my deeper message and the preaching and the inspiration and the empowerment, but how they love the silliness and the fun and the irreverence and the shenanigans.

Kat: I swear to God people join a lot of my programmes just so that they can come in and be like, where's the naughty bit, where's the shenanigans, where's the fun. We're always doing, there's always naughtiness. Then people know that they can say any fucking thing in my groups and it's never going to be inappropriate. Or when my clients come around or I go to stay with them that we get up to all the crazy shit, but that's what we want. Why can you not have it all? Who the fuck decided that being a proper adult means that you've got to be serious and be like this? The exact opposite is true that more that you clown around the more you get ... Yes, question from this person in the freezing cold snow.

Patrick: Well I want to say this to, and I'm not bashing anybody, but I want to say this. There's a lot of coaches out here and they model the same thing. They model four things, whatever the fuck it is, you know, I'm not going to, you all know what they are. Which is your body, your fitness, your finances, all that stuff. Okay.

Kat: I was like, I don't know.

Patrick: Yeah, well okay, well [inaudible 01:16:29] this is not pointed at anybody, but there's a model, there's pretty much a model for a lot of people use the same model okay. Basically [crosstalk 01:16:37] faith, fitness, finances and ... Faith, family, fitness, finances, basically four of those, yeah. One thing that they always leave out is fucking-

Kat: Fun.

Patrick: Adventure and fun. It's always conveniently left out of there you know. Like it's one thing that I noticed they're always missing and that's what I want because I've seen this. You've got to go watch the movie Hook to get this, to really drive this point home. The dude, Robin Williams plays Peter Pan and he's old as fuck now, not he's old as fuck, it's like he's in his 50s or 40s or 50s. He's a lawyer, he's fat, you know he's let himself go. You know, he's just a real prick and his kids are trying to play with him, he yells at them. Then he goes to Neverland and he figures out how to get these happy thoughts back and to get back to himself. Get back to where he's feeling like he's free again you know?

Kat: Yeah.

Patrick: So I loved this movie when I was growing up. Now that I see all these stick in the ass motherfuckers and I'm like dude, I don't want to be that way. I'm trying to get-

Kat: So boring.

Patrick: To a level of life, I'm trying to enter my best self so I can go on adventures. So I can go have fucking fun, so I can go and enjoy myself. So I can remember the day because I don't remember these fucking days where everything is the same. I don't remember these days where everything is just fucking the same and not in this bullshit. I don't give a fuck how much money is in my bank, I've had money and I've had no money. I mean, like your mental state is going to be the same either way. You have material shit, you don't have material shit. You know what I'm saying, you've got to adjust yourself and figure out what you really want to do, but these people are getting by, beside the fact, so many people are out there saying that you shouldn't have fun. Are saying that you shouldn't go on adventure, you shouldn't do this.

Kat: Well they tell you off. They tell you off for being inappropriate.

Patrick: You're inappropriate, exactly. Exactly. And that you can't speak your, like it's so many fucking limitations that put on. I don't understand this addiction to limitations, especially from people who are saying that you shouldn't have limitations. Yet they're just so fucking limited. How would you, I see these people every day in the same fucking places, the same places. We see a lot of these people with money and a lot of people with success, they're in like, and this is another thing. I get this limitation to because I think whenever I speak like this, this is how bad it is, whenever I speak like this I get the resistance in my mind telling me that people are going to see this and they're going to, "Well Pat's a fucking hippie. Pat's not going to guide me to riches and success, riches and bitches and everything in between. He's not going to do it because he's thinking like a hippie."

Patrick: No, I'm going to call money in just like everybody else. I'm going to call as much as I need to live, to be as free as I fucking want and to create my art. Believe that and that's going to be a lot, I'm going to need a lot of freedom to do that shit that I want to do. To live how I want to live. To be fucking Peter Pan, that's what I'm going to have to do. So it's going to be a lot, so yeah, so I will guide that way, but these motherfuckers [crosstalk 01:19:48]-

Kat: And you're speaking truth from the soul. People can feel that it's coming from the soul and when people listen to you, like when I listen to that, my soul says yes. I know people here are like, "Fuck yes," because you're saying shit that we and we are not like the other entrepreneurs and we don't desire to be. So if you're accidentally trying to follow the Stepford entrepreneur fucking business in a box bullshit system because somebody's managed to convince you that that's where you're going to get a following and some money from, just slap yourself up the face a little bit and remember who you fucking are. You're not like them and you don't want to be like them, so why the fuck are you acting like them?

Kat: Be with the crazy ones, be with the irreverent ones, be with the ones who don't give a fuck. And anyway, not giving a fuck doesn't even mean you don't give a fuck, it means you give so much of a fuck about what's inside of you that you're willing to not give a fuck about what anybody thinks. They, they, the people who we find boring as hell, oh what, they think we're being inappropriate because we might be buzzed on a livestream or saying stupid shit. Or making it about fun and adventure rather than serious business. They are so deluded because they don't even realise that what magnetically attracts people to people like us, it is when we let ourselves be all of us. That's attractive, it's magnetic. It doesn't matter what age somebody is, everybody's still got that kid inside of them that wants to go on adventures and have fun and do stuff where it's, oh, should we be doing this? Let's do it.

Patrick: Yeah.

Kat: I've said to my clients many times, I make business fun again. That happened when I started to let myself have fun again. There's so much stuff I do in my business where I'm giggling behind the scenes. Could be with my sister or brother who work in the business, or it could be with you or with clients or whoever. It's like, oh this is a bit fucked up or it's definitely not appropriate, I'm definitely going to do it. Then that's always the stuff I for sure, when I do shit like that, where I'll have a soulmate client come along, drop whatever amount of money to be in the inner circle or join my shit. They're like, "I don't even care what you're selling Kat. I just read that blog or watched that livestream where you did whatever crazy fucked up thing and I knew that I had to be part of it."

Kat: And so, anytime you find yourself getting juiced by the idea that you've got to be like that, you really need to just give yourself a good smack in the face with a cold fish and get back to being who you are in the first place.

Patrick: A cold fish.

Kat: That's an expression from my father. My father says, "Do you want a smack in the face with a cold fish?" When your being silly, when you're not being yourself, I don't why he says that, but it's good.

Patrick: Yeah, I see it all the time though. These people live in boxes, you know. It's live in a box, you don't have to put on your thing like two seconds and I'll watch it and I see them in a box. You know, I mean they live in a box.

Kat: There's no soul.

Patrick: And what I like about-

Kat: There's no soul. Who the fuck decided business shouldn't have soul? Who decided that?

Patrick: Well people do. I don't know what it is, I guess limitation sells. I don't fucking know, it must sell, it must sell. I think in a lot of cases limitations do sell, people are highly interested in some kind of strategy that limits everything about their life. I have no idea. Or just sucks all the fun out of it, you know. Then you go on to just then pretend like its everything that you, well you've got to save face right. You gotta save face, you invested all this money, you built your entire business on limitations so you're certainly not going to say that it's not fun, right? You're going to ... But yet you don't want to fucking hang out with your client.

Kat: Oh yeah, I'm having the best time ever.

Patrick: You want to get as far away from your clients as physically possible. You don't have any friends, nobody really likes you. You would rather stay, you don't want to spend any time with them outside of them paying you money and then getting the fuck out of your face. You know what I'm saying? So, that's the shit that I've noticed. I've been around this industry for a while now and I've noticed this shit. It's not appealing to me in the fucking least bit. Not one fucking bit is it appealing to me. I'm going to do it my own way and I've been told to do it several different, all different types of ways that you can think about. Every way except for my way I've been told to do it, and so yeah, so fuck that.

Kat: I've told you [inaudible 01:24:35]

Patrick: You told me to do it my way, so yes, so that's why I'm constantly hanging out with you. So yeah, I only hang out with people who encourage me to do it my way.

Kat: Yeah, you should only have people in your life who make you feel more of who you are, not less than. It's an easy filter, just go through your friends list in your head or clients, people in your life. Maybe it's going to be a little bit trickier if it's someone you're in a relationship with, but too bad. People are either adding to you and allowing you to be more of what you are, or you're becoming less than who you are from being around that person. Doesn't matter what your fucking pros and cons are of the relationship, whatever kind of a relationship it is. It's very, very simple, you're either becoming expanded and more of who you are from that person or less than.

Kat: I believe it should be the same with all people. Like even today one of my private clients who pays me at the highest level and has unlimited access to me, actually confessed to me that she doesn't reach out to me as often as what she maybe would because she worries that it's going to bother me, right, she doesn't want to bother me. I was like, "Listen I'm going to remind you of something you already know, I only work with clients who expand me. I'm never bothered, firstly I'll do what I want to do all day and I'll only check in on messages when it suits me anyway. So no need to worry about interrupting me because I don't have the notifications on. Secondly, I only work with you because hearing from you and talking with you expands me." I don't coach people to make fucking money at all and I haven't done that for years, but I did used to and then I learned all this. Or I used to, to whatever degree, I was always good, but now I only do things that elevate and expand me.

Kat: So when I'm listening to an audio message from a private client or I'm talking to them or on the phone or any of my trainings that I'm doing in my own business, I'm becoming elevated like that. Sometimes I feel like, somebody should report this, how the fuck am I getting away with this? Not only to I get to speak to such badasses all day every day, and I get to preach to them all day and I'm still that little girl that wants everyone to just shut up and listen to her. Now not only am I doing all that and everybody listens to me, and I can put on a show any time and everyone wants to watch, but on top of it you guys are paying me for that. How the hell did I pull this shit off? It's amazing.

Patrick: And they're expanding you right, they're giving you, like they're opening your mind to things right?

Kat: Yeah. Yeah and I get content ideas or programme ideas. I get a buzz. For sure anytime if I am feeling a bit stuck or flat or low I know one of the best things that I can do is help somebody else who's a soulmate person in my life. Listen to a message from them, give them a reply or give them some sort of empowerment or motivation or encouragement. That's great because I'm helping someone and that's good for my business or whatever, but actually I'm the one who gets the benefit of that, or, well we both do, we all do.

Patrick: Yeah, for sure. They get tonnes of it, but I started feeling that way especially when I get on one-on-one calls. I've had two and I was just like so excited to get on the call with them because I was like I'm going to learn so much. I'm going to get so much out of this that it's pretty crazy, it's pretty crazy how it's set up, but I did manifest that. Just like you were saying, journal, you write exactly what you're looking for. I did, I did write that, I wrote I want to get as much value from them, I want it to change my life and my perspective on life. Or my clients change my perspective on life, they change the way that I look at things and expand my mind and how I see things for the better. And get me closer to becoming my best self. I put that down and that's sure as fuck what happened, so I would get very, very excited when I would get on the call with them. You know, right before I'd get on the call with them I'd be like this is going to be so amazing. And it was, it was amazing.

Kat: It's so amazing. It's just such a gift to get to even connect with people like that. Every time I get to see my clients in person I just have the most epic fun time ever. I walk away elevated and expanded and upgraded in an internal sense or spiritually even, but also we always do really fun stuff wherever we are in the world. I'm doing 4th of July in the U.S. for example and several of my clients will be there, but I'm like are they clients or are they like my best soul [inaudible 01:29:16] friends, it's the same. It's one and the same. I know we'll have an epic day.

Kat: I know for a lot of coaches, when they speak to their clients it's like how quickly can I get this done or what is the minimum amount of time that I can spend with people to get the maximum amount of money. Then if you would do a social thing like a dinner or whatever it would be like because it adds value. Whereas for me, I'm like we end up sitting in the restaurant with my clients till it would get closed down, then we're doing the social stuff because you want to do it, not because you think that it's a fucking value add. And it's, you know I become good friends with all my clients.

Kat: That's available for everybody, but the thing is that you can only do that and create a business like that when you're willing to be completely yourself. Because as soon as you're trying to fit in that box, whatever the four things are that you said, this is what I teach and this is how I teach it and you should do this, then you can be successful like me. Look how successful I am and then I go home and cry myself to sleep in my sad little life. Or sabotage myself to sleep or whatever. You've got to drop all of that, the only way you're going to get to where it's total flow and fun and you genuinely love all your clients is by being fully you. If you build a business with a mask on then guess what, you're stuck with a fucking mask on otherwise the whole thing will come crashing down. You should crash it down. It would be a [crosstalk 01:30:39] to do.

Patrick: Should. Should-

Kat: Crash it the fuck down.

Patrick: But I don't really think those businesses crash down as much as they should. I think people trap themselves into those prisons and then they just stay there you know? They get nice and comfy and they just live out the rest of their days there. What a horrifying existence. To me that's fucking horrifying that you created all of this-

Kat: And then they build a facade.

Patrick: And you know, people know who the fuck you really are. There's people around, people close to you who know who the fuck you are. They know that you are, I mean just witnessing this, like you're full of shit. That you're not happy, you're not the happy-go-lucky person you project. There's people out there that know this shit. That being said, for me to see that, for me to know that, to see that first hand and witness this thing, I'm grateful for the experiences that I've had. Being able to be immersed in this thing as much as I have and to have as much experience to be able to see it. You could be outside, because if I was trying to do this from outside and I was just looking in, then I just came into this thing and somebody was telling me here's the steps. Here's the map to get there, then I just took it at face value for what it was and took it and fucking ran with it and built a business off of it. Like this shit gets deep you know, could you imagine building your entire business with a fucking mask on and then just having to live there. If you took it off the whole thing would just crumble around you.

Patrick: Do you think it would crumble around for somebody like that or do you think it would stay the same? I mean the people would have to shake up, like everybody that you attracted with this mask on would have to, the whole thing would have to rearrange in some way, some how. What do you think?

Kat: I think some people manage to get away with continuing to make money when they're completely with a mask on and out of alignment. Some people can keep their so-called success for their entire lives, but at what cost right? Like yeah, it's possible to keep a business together behind a mask, but then if you suddenly stripped that mask off, I think it's not as scary as what people think it is. I did it, I mean I don't feel like I had a big mask on because I still was enjoying myself and I was doing work that I knew was good work and made a difference. I was having a good time, but I was not letting it all out like I do now, not even 1%. Then I did strip the mask off and I wrote an email and I said, "Why you should consider unsubscribing from my list." I wrote about look, here's reality, people keep saying to me, "You've changed Kat, or whatever, haven't fucking changed, I just wasn't being the real me. Here's what you can now expect from me. If you don't like it you should leave." Not many people left is the reality.

Kat: It depends to what degree you've gone down that rabbit hole because I wasn't, I didn't feel like I was out of integrity, I just wasn't fully revealing all of myself. It was like I was showing a limited version and then I showed more of me, but it was still the real me. So, I lost some people along the way. But, if somebody's completely built up based on all the wrong shit and their not happy, the reality is of course you can crash it down, not crash it down, whatever. The truth is that most people just won't because they're never going to be brave enough to do that. They're seduced and they're trapped in it and they have created a belief system that they can only make that money or have that success by doing it a certain way. They might say otherwise, but the reality is that they're putting money ahead of their soul or so-called security or safety ahead of their soul.

Kat: There's only a very few of us, like you, me, other people here, who are willing to risk it all for soul. I did that, I did walk away from a million dollar business and I was willing to risk it all. Now I make a fuck load of money and I have a lot of the things that a lot of entrepreneurs want, but what people have to understand is I did walk away from it all. Who would do that? Most people would not do that. I also said, at the time I said it and I meant it, when I realised I wasn't being true to my art I said, "From now on I'm only going to write and say what I want," and I said, "If I never make another cent again, I don't care. I will do this until I die because I can always make money being a personal trainer and survive. But I'm going to do what I want to do in my business." I was willing, I really was willing to do it even if I never made money again.

Kat: You've got to be willing to do that and the reality is that most people won't be. They're bound by the money and they're trapped by the money or the idea of it, even if they don't have it they're still somehow bound by it without even having it. Then they're going to give their lives for that. I think you've got to be willing to lose everything. I don't want to not have the fancy stuff that I have, but I'd be fine without it. I don't fricking need it and if I thought that I had to choose, I would walk away from 100% of it in a second. The only thing I actually need is my writing, my art, being able to express what's inside of me. That's where my fulfilment comes from. I just think people aren't willing to do that, most people aren't willing to do that.

Patrick: Well that's good then, I mean the market's definitely not saturated with that.

Kat: I mean, the market's not saturated without it, it's saturated with a lot of people who want to make money online so they don't have to live a normal life. That's fine, you can do that. You can build a little hobby business, but we're not here to talk to those people anyway, we're not trying to convert those zombie-preneurs over to being like us, we're just here to speak to the people who are already like us and who resonate with this and go, "Oh my God, fuck yes." Then you realise that you're not being true to yourself, you already knew all this shit anyway and maybe you need somebody to come along and be like, "Hey, remember who you are."

Patrick: Yeah, zombie-preneur. You call them zombie-preneurs.

Kat: Well I'm not trying to convert them, right? I'm not interested. It's like that expression in the bible that says, "Let he who has ears to hear listen," or something like that. I'm only speaking to those who have ears to hear. I don't want to speak to the people who are not already saying yes to this. I'm not trying to fucking convince people.

Kat: My sister just arrived. I think we have to do a member's training in my membership programme in like one minute. Wait, can you post in that group that we'll be like 10 minutes late? They're probably all on here watching this right now. Even that right, Jess, my sister just walked into the room. Patrick's waving at you, she can't see you, she's way over there. She's waving back.

Patrick: Hello.

Kat: So even like Jess and I did, here's just a quick example, but we did a video together to do the welcome video for my membership programme, The Millionaire Mastermind. We just did a video that goes in the Facebook group on the pinned comment. In the video I'm wearing a cape and we're both sitting up and we just were being complete idiots. We were off our heads laughing, just mucking around. I'm wearing a fucking gold and purple cape and deliberately throughout the whole video at no point did I reference the cape, I just wore it and didn't refer to it at all. Then we did all this silly shit, then somewhere in there we managed to tell people what to expect in the Facebook group.

Kat: That's an example as well right, I'm not going to do a fucking video for my members, like, "Here's what to expect," because that's not fun to me. 100% of it needs to be art, so even that I'm doing a video with my sister, well when we're together in real life, we're just complete idiots and clowns half the time. So we're going to do that on the video as well, we're about to do it now and we're going to do a split screen livestream like this with my brother who's down on the other side of the country. And his wife who does my Facebook ads and stuff and so there will be four of us on here and I'm sure it'll be a party zone. Then it's a training and all those people, those zombie-preneurs, they wouldn't do that, it'd be, "Well that's not professional, you know you've got to be serious."

Patrick: Yeah, exactly. It's the same as everything else though you know. It's just a very tasteless way to live your life. Very tasteless way to just be sold on somebody else's way of living and go live that, you know.

Kat: It is tasteless.

Patrick: Very pointless way to experience this one life that you get. This one fucking life, you know, I can't [inaudible 01:39:47]

Kat: It's tasteless. Exactly, it's a good word for it. I remember, I'll never forget the time you said to me one time, I think we had dinner and we were in a car park. We were talking about messaging and you said, "Well, if you're going to message you have got to do the whole message or nothing at all because to put some kind of limited version of your message out," I can remember your face, you were like, "It would just be disgusting." That reminds, it reminds me of what you just said where you're like, "It's tasteless."

Patrick: I've got another one for you, a really good one. It's balderdash, it's balderdash.

Kat: Balderdash.

Patrick: Balderdash.

Kat: It would be balderdash.

Patrick: It would be complete balderdash to put anything other than what you really want to fucking do out there.

Kat: Stop doing balderdash in your business people. I don't even know what that means, but don't do it. Stop being so disgusting and tasteless with all that balderdash.

Patrick: I remember, I'll give you a good example and stuff before you go, but when I was younger I used to, I was a hacker. You know I had a computer, I would hack into Princeton, I hacked into MIT, I hacked into a bunch of places.

Kat: Should you be saying that?

Patrick: Yeah, I will, fuck it. It was a long time ago, I was a kid, I was like 14 years old when I was doing it. There was this magazine, like this hacker magazine, there was also a bunch of other magazines that would come try to interview me because I'd leave my email address. We'd do what you call deface the website, where you'd replace the front of the website with a little message where you're shouting out your boys and shit like that. Then I had my email address so I'd get interviewed by these tech magazines and things like that.

Patrick: Whenever I'd get interviewed by them, actually I got interviewed by this Japanese magazine one time, they were asking me some stuff. I just didn't give a fuck, you know. If I was so proper I would have said something like you know, "This is how I did it and this and that and this and that," but instead I chose to fuck with them. They were like, "Where are you based out of?" One of the questions was, "Where are you based out of?" And I was like, "Well, me and my cohorts have a base here in Alaska, but our actual rebel base is located on another planet." I just thought that was so funny, to me it was fucking hilarious, but to them, you know over there in Japan they probably had to be thinking what the fuck. I just went through every question just answering it like that, just like fuck you. I'm going to answer it the way it makes me feel good to answer it. Makes me feel good to have fun and enjoy myself. See this on your little magazine and laugh my ass off about it later on, you know, giggle it up.

Patrick: And so, whenever I do things I'm thinking, to get back to that idea, to have that much fun when I'm creating something or creating art I want to have that much fun whenever I do it. It's fun to me, it's funny to me to do shit like that.

Kat: Exactly.

Patrick: That's like, that's free.

Kat: Yeah and it makes you magnetic to your soulmate client. The right people will be magnetised to that and then you access creative flow. We didn't even talk about this as well, but everything we just talked about you get to have fun and be silly and have the shenanigans and so on. It's not just that you get to, but when you do do that, you access all your highest power and creative flow. You just don't access that shit if you're not allowing yourself to be all of you. My best ideas have come from when I'm in that high access energy state when I'm kind of tripping off out my head or just being an idiot or a clown with the people that I'm closest to in my life. That's why you become so magnetised to being with those people all the time because you get into that state. Actually it's why my clients all want to stay clients and renew with me, not just because they get amazing results, but because they're feeding off my energy.

Patrick: Well your inspiring to me on that one because I have over the past few years allowed my mind to be fucked with in this way. You know I was always put the walls and the limitations up and recently I've been going back and just saying fuck all that shit. It is bullshit, it's all bullshit right?

Kat: Yeah.

Patrick: You can do this any way that you want to, any way that you want to and you better do it the fucking way you want to otherwise you're going to live confined to these walls. Trapped in a prison created by these motherfuckers, you know, but [crosstalk 01:44:10]-

Kat: Why would you want to do that?

Patrick: If you do right, so but now I'm steadily pulling down each of these walls as I go along. Watching you and just how you get loose with it, enjoying yourself on camera, it's like starting to, it's coming back to me. I'm going to get even further into it. I just watch you and I'm like, I just want you to know I'm inspired by it and how you're just kind of have fun. Like a kid would you know?

Kat: Yeah, thank you. It is so fun. I know I've got to go, I could keep talking for hours, but I know you saw that little [inaudible 01:44:49] piece that Jess and I did. I was so impressed with myself by that, but I was like God dammit I'm funny, that's the funniest thing I've ever done on the internet. Then it's also very inspiring for people and it does just happen when you let yourself be who you are. I've seen you do that as well, I listened to your livestream the other day while I was driving for an hour and I was just laughing out loud at various points throughout it. I noticed you'll be quite serious and then all of a sudden you'll just go into some random accent or voice, I don't know, some little parody of something. It seems to kind of come out of nowhere and there's been a few times for sure I've spat coffee nearly over my laptop because it's like I wasn't expecting it-

Patrick: Random.

Kat: You were being total serious and then like, what the fuck, that is funny, I love it, that's how it should be. Anyway I'm going to have to jump off. I'm going to have to continue this party over in my members programme.

Patrick: All right, well you all have fun over there. Thank you for letting me join you on the livestream today, of course.

Kat: Thank you for being here, dropping your gold for everybody. Make sure you guys go [crosstalk 01:45:57] read our blogs.

Patrick: I love gold. You all take it easy.

Kat: [inaudible 01:46:03] press play.

Patrick: Thank you for joining.

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