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The LITERAL “how” of accessing from the Quantum

Okay. THAT was possibly the most intense and 'other-worldly' PUBLIC live training I have ever done.

When I say the spirit always comes through -

There are levels of that shit!! Today we went all in, well, I went all in and BEYOND, in a way I generally only reserve for my closed groups, and even then, when it comes to teaching on THIS stuff I don't do it often. Probably should more, because boy oh boy am I good at letting what we ALL need to hear be translated through me on this. Thank you God 

Today we covered:

- What it really means to quantum leap
- Why it's not about GETTING anything, it's also not about something for nothing, or hacking / cheating your way to results
- Why I don't love the word manifestation, and what so-called instant manifestation really is, also how to do it
- Immediate releasing of obstructions to accessing infinite possibility from YOUR quantum reality, now
- Analogies and visuals you can understand on MANY different aspects of playing with quantum (I am great at this, it's one of my truest gifts!!)
- How to ACTUALLY 'call in' clients / lovers / friends / anything soul aligned
- Knowing what is soul aligned
- Understanding what you DO need to 'do' (even though the answer is nothing) in order to allow through what is yours
- A LOT of other energetic / supernatural shiz

And also a bit of the usual Kat randomness 

Watch now. Let me know what you think.


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