Rebel Millionaire

Sometimes when we hold on to stuff we say we don't want, there's a very real reason for it. Understanding why you deliberately hold yourself back can make it simple to EASILY move forward. Watch today's video to see now!

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Bikini photo shoots, sun and sexiness, and authentic you online!

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We talk - being authentic, real, goofy, crazy, EVERYTHING in business. We jumped on this with the idea to muck around and be a bit silly just have a bit of a laugh and chat about a few things to do with making shitloads of $$$ online and ended up surprising ourselves with a little more profundity than was planned. Be warned though: it does start out pretty ridiculous!

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I want to share with you exactly how I've learned to tap into what will and DOES work, so that I now create completely from the heart and often make as much as tens of thousands of dollars with no launch, no sales page, no stress, nothing but flow and the joy of doing what I'm called to do ... if I've been able to create a business this way, largely by breaking all the rules and being ME, then so too can you.

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Using stories to sell WORKS! When people believe in what you're doing and why, to a great extent the 'facts' of what you're selling won't matter.

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If you have to push, bribe, punish or cajoles yourself to do the work, is it the work you should be doing? Follow your calling to create true wealth.

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So I was thinking about it, and I realised that the thing that REALLY underpins all the awesome ‘stuff’ I’ve achieved? The million dollar biz … the staying in shape as a Mum the wrong side of 35 … the location free life and the VERY many random and crazy ass things I’ve done?


Has nothing at all to do with what I know, or learned, and everything to do with how I think, and who I am.


And that? Is kinda the key to everything.


How you THINK and who you choose to BE dictates what you DO and therefore what you HAVE!


In this podcast, I talk about exactly that, and how you too can become the sort of person?


Who wins at life.


ALL OUT baby, and completely on your terms.

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You will never get the business you GET to have if you're focused on what you think you HAVE to do right now. Here's how to cultivate and CHOOSE belief in yourself for the long haul, and then act accordingly.

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