Rebel Millionaire

Why am I live-streaming while I get my hair done? Cause I live that HUSTLE LIFE.

Hustle DOES NOT MEAN constantly working and stessing yourself out, it means making sure you are doing the RIGHT WORK to get to whare you want to go. You don't need to "slow down and breathe" you need to WAKE UP and LIVE!

I also tell you a little bit about my Inner Circle Event and how we balance the FUN with the WORK to get the results that we want. 

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I tell you about a new show I have coming out featuring two of my WEIRDEST and most AWESOME friends, Matt and Steve.

I also talk to you about COMMITMENT to your art, and how simple it can be to reach your goals if you JUST BE YOURSELF and do what you are MEANT to do! 

There's no magic bullet solution, If you COMMIT and put in the work, the rest will come easy.

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Do you want to know how to stay SUCCESSFUL, HAPPY and of course, how to LOOK GOOD doing it? Join me on the beautiful beach where I reveal the secrets to living the life you want to lead!

Then find out how I make the AMAZING content that I do, from the silly content to the serious content.

I also talk to you about overcoming RESISTANCE and FEAR to get to where you WANT TO GO.

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve livestreamed but I’m so glad to be back!! >> LIVE << with sunny ocean views, from my beautiful sub penthouse on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Want to know how I get over my jet lag FAST?? I’m just back from the States and am giving you all my secrets on bouncing back quickly, including my full recovery day strategy! We’re also going to talk ALL about committing to being the person, not to figuring out the how. 

PLUS BIG NEWS: My official name has changed (even on Facebook now - finally!) from Kat Loterzo to Katrina Ruth!! 

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We chat about relationships, validation, making love and directing your power and energy. Watch right to the end to hear Alexa and I discuss my relationship wants and needs….from a sex swing!

Check out my free training and learn HOW TO GET RICH & FAMOUS ONLINE ... just be being you. 

Register to access it right away:

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What an honour it was to speak last week in Dallas at my American twin Ryan Stewman's Breakfree Reunion, surrounded by a line-up of TRUE badasses and action-taking mofo's all around! 

I'm so excited to share my FULL presentation with you here ... including a bit of an Aussie line-dance I got my US friends to do with me at the start 

Please comment and let me know how this impacted you; I was really happy with the download that came through! Killer intro too, thanks Ryan!

I spoke on my multi-million dollar content strategy, and going to the next level you.

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I go live with James Altucher for his very first Facebook Live! James is my ALL TIME favourite writer….so really….that’s all that needs to be said…This is a MUST SEE!


Check out my free training and learn HOW TO GET RICH & FAMOUS ONLINE ... just be being you. 

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