Rebel Millionaire

Katrina Ruth: No, it's not a silent movie. Sometimes I just like to sit here silently at the start of a live stream because I feel like you should talk first. You should talk first. I shouldn't have to talk first all the time. It feels unfair. You know that you gotta start arranging hair as soon as you get on a live. I've said this many times. I'm just making sure you realise. All right.

Katrina Ruth: Hey Dee. Hi, how are you? Hi 11 people in my live stream already. Those are some magical double ones. Okay 10, okay 11. You'll talk? Good. Somebody else should have to talk now and then. I just feel like I was gonna sit here and not talk until somebody else talked. I actually bought this swimsuit just for this live stream, you guys. Thanks [Carly Renney 00:00:58].

Katrina Ruth: I like to be super understated with my colours and shit. I was looking at myself side on in the mirror, before I went out to the pool earlier on, out there. The public area, not this little pool. Hair to one side you look like naked. Oh well. It'll drive the viewers up. That's fine. Okay, hair to one side. Fine Leah [Steel 00:01:22]. I'm not taking direction.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, look at my fancy new banner. How cool is it? But I need it to go all the way across the screen. Ow. I just whacked my hand on a pillow. A pillar, not a pillow. Do you know what's annoying? I'm gonna tell you something that's annoying. On my phone, I need to know. Here's what I need to know. Kelly, Leah, people who tell me the things, Jamie, all of you, Andy, Dave, can you see my under boob right now? Or can you only see some of the bikini? Because this phone screws with you.

Katrina Ruth: What happens is, you think that you can see ... like when I live stream in a bikini ... Ella, I've been so crazy today. You have no idea the levels of crazy that have been happening in my head. So, you're not alone in your crazy. Okay, good. Because I feel a little bit of under ... See? I don't mind ... What I mean is can you see my stomach? Or can you just see bikini? No stomach? Because on my phone, I'm safe, right? On my phone, my whole stomach is not presenting itself to the live stream. Not that it's illegal to show it or something, but sometimes when I live stream like this and then I watch the replay on my desktop ... An inch or two below. Okay, good.

Katrina Ruth: I just need to know where my cutoff zone is. Because when I watch the replay on the desktop, it seems to show a lot lower down, and you don't know what's going on down here. And nobody needs to know what's going on down here. But when I feel that I'm safe to let anything happen down here ... it's starting to sound weird now. But I feel like I don't have to worry about how I'm holding myself. Do you know what I mean? Like I'm not sitting here trying to sit perfectly posed and my lower abs held in.

Katrina Ruth: And then if I watch the desktop replay later, I'm like, "Well fuck you, Facebook. You're just showing everybody everything." Okay, so there was that. And then the banner thing is amazing, but I want it to go across the whole screen, and I did actually buy this bikini just for this live stream because I felt bored with all my colours. Just show it all, it'll be amazing. Oh, did you guys see that stripper that went viral? For eating pizza while she was dancing on the pole?

Katrina Ruth: I saw it on the Fat Jewish's page yesterday, who I do follow him. I do find him quite amusing. And I thought it was fantastic. Always something funny happening. Good. Oh my God. You have to ... just do a Google search for stripper goes viral eating pizza. She was fully dancing, wherever she was dancing at, some place in Vegas or Hollywood or somewhere, and eating pizza while she was doing ... Well, she didn't even give a fuck. She just sat down on the bottom of the pole and ate some pizza, and then got up and lazily did a bit of a dance to, I think it was Sandman, Metallica, which made it even more amazing than it already would've been.

Katrina Ruth: It was hands down the most impressive thing you've ever seen on the internet. I went and followed her on Instagram straight away after that. I was fascinated by the whole thing. I think she was just hungry, but she's now viral. Or she's smarter than all of us. So, I'm trying to think about how can I replicate that. If I eat pizza on a live stream, am I gonna go viral? Because I think that would be reasonable.

Katrina Ruth: So, all right. The crazies had me full under its spell the last several days. Full under its spell. You would've loved when I worked at the alternative and burlesque fair. Yeah, I don't mind a bit of burlesque. Were you doing burlesque dancing? I feel like I could do some sort of impression of burlesque dancing right now, however I won't. You've all been saved .

Katrina Ruth: Okay. I was sitting over yonder ... I'll show you yonder. Check out yonder. Hang on one second. There it is. That's yonder. [inaudible 00:05:11]. Yonder looks pretty good. This is my little house, for now. I wanted to live stream on one of those chairs that's right over there, but it would require me to put the tripod in the water, which seems like ... given my propensity for clumsy shit just randomly happening to me, seems like it wouldn't be that smart of an idea to position the tripod in the water, but I must say I was very tempted.

Katrina Ruth: So, I was sitting over yonder, and I thought I was gonna do a live stream an hour ago. I even told Callie Jones, who sends out my daily ask agree newsletter for me, that I was gonna live stream. I said, "Prepare the ask agree email ready to be sent out so that you can have the live stream in," and I was conscious also that it's gonna be 5:00 PM her time. Not that we have exact working hours, but still, I kind of keep them into consideration or I try to.

Katrina Ruth: And then, I got into so much bullshit about why I couldn't live stream while I was sitting out there, because there was a quite a few people out there at the pool, and then ... Oh, okay cool. Who's watching this in the shower? Okay, Al, you definitely are crazy. She gets the crazy award. Hey Terry. I'm with the waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Still, I would totally live stream from the shower if I thought I could get away with it. I mean, I could get away with it. I don't know. I haven't felt called to. If my soul desired to I would certainly do it.

Katrina Ruth: But I've done it from the bath, obviously. Who hasn't live streamed out of the bath? I feel like if you've not live streamed out of the bath, or you wouldn't be willing to live stream out of the bath, you definitely couldn't get to be in the inner circle. In fact, my brother via ... I'm gonna say via now, not via. I'm Americanizing my words. In certain places, gradually. Bit by bit. Because I feel like it makes me sound cool.

Katrina Ruth: So, Jamie's in the bath. You're allowed to be in the bath. You're pregnant and engaged all at the same time. It's very intense. There's lots of things going on. Congratulations to Jamie, who got engaged right as I was calling her the other night for our one on one call, and she didn't pick up the phone, and I was like, "That's odd." And I messaged her and said, "Ready when you are." And she wrote back, "Sorry, I was just being proposed to. I'll call you in a minute." And I was like, "You don't need to call me in a minute. We can rebook the call, oh my God." She's said, "No, no. I still wanna do the call." I'm like, "Of course. Of course you do." My clients are amazing.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, send her a love hot shower. So, my brother via Frank [Kernel 00:07:42] ... No, hang on. Frank Kern via my brother wants me to do a questionnaire, a questionnaire, a questionnaire that people should have to fill out if they wanna be in the inner circle, like to apply to work with me. Like I think you can even go to work with Katrina Ruth dot com, and you'll see nothing at all, but you'll see that the URL is not available, because apparently there's going to be a questionnaire there.

Katrina Ruth: So, I think that I'm gonna come up with these questions. Obviously if this questionnaire ever eventuates, and one of the questions is gonna be would you or would you not be prepared to live stream in the bath. Yes, Kat, and it will be multiple choice, and the answers will be yes Kat, I would love to live stream in the bath. I live stream in the bath all the time. Why are you even asking me such a silly question? The second answer, second option will be well, I've never live streamed in the bath before, but I'm willing to consider investing in myself this way because it feels like it's finally time. And the third one will be, hell now, I will never live stream in the bath, but please send me all your free content about how to live stream like a Stepford entrepreneur.

Katrina Ruth: And then there will be another TR, which would be would you be willing to live stream in the bath with me and the entire rest of the inner circle? Not because we need to get weird and all have baths together, but because it's just the kind of stuff that happens on an inner circle retreat. Just randomly. Usually with obviously some form of espresso martini. So, those would be the sort of questions, because I don't even know what sort of fucking questions I would ask if I was gonna ask people questions. I just wanna basically estimate the level of crazy.

Katrina Ruth: In fact, they should have to be an essay, a short essay answer question and it will be please explain your level of crazy. Okay. Had to jump, had to dry my hands. What was this topic about? That's right. So, sitting out at the pool. I was sitting out there. I came up with numerous reasons why I wasn't able to live stream, like there was too many people around, and then the phone was gonna get hot if I set it in the sun, and then ... I don't know if that's self conscious, and it was all a bunch of bullshit, so I nearly called the live stream I'm full of shit.

Katrina Ruth: And then, I decided to call it whatever I called it, which was something to do with being normal. Because then I thought, well maybe it's good for me to have a little pause in my day. I've had an intense busy day. Had like a two hour massage in the middle of it, so i guess it wasn't that intense. Had my hair done, went to yoga, had a healing session for me. Okay, I'm not sure what the intense bit was, but there was definitely a lot of shit that got done somewhere along the way. It felt like an active day of alignment and ass kicker, as they all are.

Katrina Ruth: And so, I thought maybe it's good for me to rest for a little bit, and just get some sun time and get my tan on. Half of my ass is too white because I've been wearing bikinis that are all the wrong shapes and sizes. So, there's a kind of a ... what's the word? Kind of like a patchwork quilt situation of tan going on on my ass, so I thought I should maybe work on that because I had the idea that I wanna put a photo of my ass on Instagram.

Katrina Ruth: I'm not gonna say why, but there's a reason. Well, okay. Because I feel like ... Okay, the reason is every time I feel like I'm in really good shape, then I say to myself, "I just wanna get into a little bit better shape, and then I'm gonna take some really cool sexy photos", and I just feel what sort of bullshit story that is, and so I should photograph my ass with the ocean behind it. Yes? Yes. I'm not sure of the logic, but it's roughly ... That's what was going through my head.

Katrina Ruth: And so, I was trying to work on the tanning situation because you can't put an ass photo up with white patchwork quilt stuff going on all over it. That makes no sense. You could, but I choose not to. But I managed to sit down for like four minutes, you guys. I would say four minutes maximum, and I was bored out of my brain. I was so bored. And I was just thinking how do people do this? How do people come somewhere amazing and beautiful like this ... I get that they do jobs and stuff like that. Normal people things most of the year, so then they come here, or they come to a place like this, which is pretty much where I am all the time in some sort of amazing place, and then how they wanna rejuvenate themselves, or relax, is they sit there by the pool, all fricking day ... I've watched them. Well, I've observed enough to understand. I haven't watched them in a creepy way.

Katrina Ruth: And they have some cocktails and stuff, and sometimes they read books, but mainly they just sit there until they get super burnt because they don't have naturally gifted olive skin like me. It is what it is. And I just think I would go crazy. Don't you think you would go crazy if you had to sit there all day? I mean, I'm already crazy for sure, but it kinda feels impossible to do that for more than 30 minutes. I don't know. Tell me your thoughts about this.

Katrina Ruth: Can you sit by the pool and do nothing, and just kind of tan or lay there in the sun or whatever you wanna do? Because I think I've definitely done it at periods through my life. I've definitely been known to sit by a pool and not really do anything, but it's such a ... I don't know. I'd have to be ... I don't know. I think I've done it once or twice. I don't know what the circumstances were. Maybe after I did a crazy intense workout, but for sure I'll always just end up journaling, or the closest I'll come to just sitting by a pool and relaxing is listening to rock start audios from my clients, or cool WhatsApp messages from my friends. Jamie says for 44 minutes, for sure.

Katrina Ruth: You're pregnant, so you're allowed to sit wherever you want, whenever you want. We're just highlighting Jamie's pregnancy all the way through this. But when I was pregnant, I probably would've sat by the pool and done nothing, or I guess sometimes if I'm super tired, for sure, I can chill there and just have a little time. But even then, you know what? I'd be listening to a fucking meditation app, or I'll sit there if I'm watching the kids play, or I'm kind of engaging with them. If I'm sitting, watching them in the pool, playing Marco Polo, or maybe I'm playing with them, but sometimes I'll just sit on the edge and watch them. That's okay. But then I'm kind of on lifeguard duty, right?

Katrina Ruth: I don't know. My point is, I think that sometimes we think it's bad that we always wanna be doing something. Tara says I have ADD so it's impossible. That's kind of why I wanted to come on and talk about it, because I don't know about you, but I know for me, sometimes I get into a bit of a story in my head that there's something wrong with me. Like I should be able to relax, or I should need to relax. And then it's kind of like, well what is relaxation actually?

Katrina Ruth: Because for an entrepreneur, you can be in the most beautiful place in the world, with the most incredible luxury and surrounds, and quote unquote normal person relaxation shit going on, you're gonna feel stressed out as fuck if you're not doing whatever it is you need to be doing for your soul, right? To me, the idea of sitting by the pool during the day, drinking, sounds extraordinarily stressful and distressing. It sounds like something that by the end of it, I would just be like heightened anxiety energy and wanna punch someone in the face.

Katrina Ruth: I'm sure there's a situation or a circumstance, if I was with friends, but if I was with friends, we'd be having amazing growth conversations while doing that as well. So, you know, I'm sure it's not impossible but in a general sense, the idea of trying to normal for even a few minutes, it's so hard, and I just wonder how do people even live their lives like that?

Katrina Ruth: Ella says I'm always watching or listening, or writing. Anytime I switch off, why would I ... I'm gonna move. Nothing to do with your comment, but I think I wanna move and sit up at my little table there, because I actually only sat right here where I am so that I could get some more sunshine time, and get a little bit more tanned up, but now the sun's gone away anyways, so I'm gonna be way happier sitting over here. All right, hang on one second. We're gonna readjust this.

Katrina Ruth: So, I mean, here's the thing right? This is actually a conversation about being too much. Okay. I'm gone. Where am I? Yeah, no, I didn't just crack it at your comment, Ella, and then leave. How fricking dark is it sitting here though? Maybe I should sit over there. Maybe I will sit on that little lounger over there. How do you feel about me putting the tripod in the water? Do you think that's a good idea? Or less than a good idea?

Katrina Ruth: Jamie says totally, while listening to a deep audio book or meditation. Otherwise, no more than six minutes. Six minutes. Like six minute absolutely. I think it is a good idea to put the tripod in the water, because that way the light will be on my face, because I'll be facing this way. I think we're going in, you guys. I think it's time to go in. I'm in the water. I'm in the water with the tripod. Screenshot it, send it to me as proof of my craziness.

Katrina Ruth: Don't let me shake my head too hard, or my earplugs might fall out into the water. This is so precarious, because I'm having to consider not flashing you my whole hoo-ha. I do have pants on, but still. And I'm also having to consider not putting the tripod into the water. Okay. Ha-ha. All right. Now we're set. But now you don't have the beautiful pool view behind you. How can I fix that for you? I got it, I got it. Don't worry. It's under control. Thank you. The ear pods are waterproof, apparently.

Katrina Ruth: Oh, that's ... Patrick said they're waterproof, which I was very upset about because I just thought that it was because I was magical that my ear pods didn't die. And then he was like, no, that's because they're waterproof. All right. Don't worry, Lisa. It's under control. I'm fixing it for you. If [Sarafina 00:17:42] comes out right now, she's gonna be laughing her head off at what I'm trying to do here. Okay. Can we do it like that?

Katrina Ruth: Okay. I feel like we've mastered it. It was a team effort. Congratulations, you guys. There's only one problem. The problem is I'm sitting with one ass cheek in the air because I'm sitting on the curvy end of the lounger. Okay, if I pull it too far it's gonna fall right off into the water and then I would fall right into the deeper part of the pool in front of everybody. Check it. Deep pool. Kat. Okay. Team effort, well done. I feel much better now. I feel like I can actually get into preaching. The whole other situation was annoying me. I was a little self conscious because I was sitting super close to the fence, and I was conscious that the people who I was trying not to live stream in front of are literally on the other side of that fence.

Katrina Ruth: See? This is a bullshit story, right? So much bullshit. I nearly didn't live stream at all for you guys today, because I was in so much bullshit in side of my own head of whether or not I felt like it, and whether or not I was gonna be too noisy in a public place. And then whether or not the phone was gonna overheat, which is actually a legitimate concern, because if the phone overheats the live stream dies, which did happen the other day, right at a critical moment as well. Because all moments are critical.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. I feel like we could go anywhere and any place in time and space from this. You know Kat's feeling aligned when the arm gestures are more fully leashed. You're right. I didn't even do that to emphasise that. You're so right. I was feeling really stressed over there, you guys. I was feeling like not in my flow zone, and then I didn't feel good sitting at the table because it was so dark, and the light wasn't on my face. Here, I'm compromising because I love you, because if I would sit this way, the lighting would be better on my face, but to show my love and care for my community, I'm sitting this way so that you can see some of my pool view.

Katrina Ruth: I'm so glad you did, says Liz. I need some Katrina love real talk to keep my momentum going. All right, all right. Here's the truth, then. Here's the truth about the truth. We shouldn't have to fucking normal, either. But I shouldn't even use it as a live stream title topic. It's a stupid topic title, because what is normal even mean and who even cares? It's hardly announcement worthy that I made a title that says I can't even normal for a few minutes. Who gives a fuck whether I can normal or not?

Katrina Ruth: The point is, why do we analyse these things, right? Why do we analyse it? Why do I sit out there at the pool going, oh well I should relax and just chill in the sun for a little bit because that's what you do after you've been out and about all day. And then I sit there for 10 minutes and I start to feel like ... I started to feel wound up, right? I started to feel a little bit anxious, I started to feel like ... I don't know, just kind of shitty at the world, and then I was starting to get annoyed at people talking around me, and I was feeling like, I don't know. The day felt like it was slipping away from me, right?

Katrina Ruth: Like I felt like I was slipping away from my flow zone. So, earlier I said I've had an intense day. Well, I got up at seven. [Sarafina 00:20:45] arrived last night, my nanny. So, the kids are off with her this morning so I wasn't in mommy mode this morning. So, I got up, did my journaling, went to yoga, had my hair done whilst writing my blog which I posted. And then wrote on one of my books actually. Did some writing for one of my books around manifestation, and soulmate life, and then had a healing kind of coaching session for me. And then had a massage for an hour and a half, and then came back here.

Katrina Ruth: But I did a whole bunch of other things, had some people, and do stuff on social media and team projects and stuff that we're working on. So, it kinda felt like a day of ... It was all structured around what I wanna do, but I also did all my shit that I always wanna do. Well, that's everyday anyway. But, then something inside of me is like, oh, well it's 3:00 PM in the afternoon, or it's 2:30 in the afternoon, and so that's a time when you should have a little rest, right?

Katrina Ruth: Or if you've been at it since 6:30 AM and then you come home at three, then you should have some pause time. And many times I do. Many times I'll come home in the afternoon, or I'll have some sort of period like right now, before I'm gonna go pick up my kids from the kids club that they're hanging out at, where it's kind of like oh, this is the opportune time to meditate, or to have a nap, or to have just some peace and stillness, or maybe some reading time, but it's not like a fucking rule, right? And I think we so easily get caught up in rules in our heads that I should be able to relax, or I should be able to sit by the pool and just chill in the sun, and somehow prove to who, that I'm a normal person.

Katrina Ruth: Like, who are you even trying to prove it to, right? But then you go into this weird thing of if you keep engaging in that, or you keep engaging in anything basically that's not actually flow, not actually what you want, because you're caught up in a story that this would make me a normal person, or a better person, or maybe a better mom, or better partner, or a better entrepreneur if I do these different things that other people are doing, or that have somehow developed an expectation like they do, then you just slip further and further away from flow.

Katrina Ruth: And then you go into kind of resistance, and then you go into kind of a downward energy spiral where, for me, I know for sure if I would've stayed just sitting and kind of chilling, what I was doing was I'd already checked in on my team, and I'd checked in on anything important that I needed to respond to, so I was kind of jumping in and out of Facebook and Instagram, and that wasn't feeding my soul at all. It was very purposeless. Like I was actually starting to do that thing where I just checked if there was anything interesting in my notifications, and there wasn't, and then like two minutes later, I've jumped back on again. Like I'm wondering did an announcement about the fricking second coming of Jesus get put onto Facebook in the last two minutes?

Katrina Ruth: And so, you're going down this little spiral pathway, and for sure, if I would've kept sitting out there, I would've basically kept doing that. Like refreshing my emails, or refreshing Facebook, or whatever. And I had my book with me, but I was disconnecting from my soul because I wasn't actually following soul flow. So, then I wasn't interested in reading the book, or reading anything on Kindle on my phone that would've been maybe uplifting or soul empowering, and if I would've continued down that, I would've probably eventually come back here and then probably been flat and down in energy, not done this live stream, maybe had a nap or something, which is fine, but not actually what was available or coming through me for today.

Katrina Ruth: Because what was coming through me as I walked back to the villa earlier on, after doing all my shit from earlier, was I feel called to live stream. I feel like I'm gonna live stream. And then I went out there and made a whole story of why I couldn't, and then I was like, "Oh, well I'll just relax." And so, essentially I said no to soul, right? And when we say no to soul, when we say no to what's inside of us, then we automatically dial down all good things and all positive things.

Katrina Ruth: So, really in a real sense, we actually dialled down abundance, ability to receive because we're saying no to soul. When you say yes to soul, life says yes to you. The flip side is also true. When you say no to soul, life starts to say no to you, or it just kind of like, oh, I see how you're not answering the call inside of you, you're not believing and trusting that you can say yes to whatever's coming through you, and that it always works when you say yes to soul. So, your faith is clearly like dial it down for today, so we're gonna dial down your ability to receive.

Katrina Ruth: Where are you watching from? Are you right there behind that curtain? Holy shit, I thought she was in the gym.

Seraphina: I'm sorry.

Katrina Ruth: Well, you better come out and do a guest appearance or they're just gonna legitimately think I'm a crazy person. I just saw Seraphina jump on. I totally thought you'd already gone to the gym, you just gave me the biggest fright of my life.

Seraphina: No, it's not a good moment to share.

Katrina Ruth: Send the love hot shower to Seraphina

Seraphina: Hi.

Katrina Ruth: Here she is. Fresh from ... It's okay. Nobody wants to see their own face super close up.

Seraphina: Hi.

Katrina Ruth: She's fresh from Australia.

Seraphina: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: I thought she'd already left for the gym.

Seraphina: No, I've scared you twice now.

Katrina Ruth: That's good, you gave me a nice little adrenaline boost. I thought I was all alone.

Seraphina: Bye, I'm going to the gym.

Katrina Ruth: See, I like how my team are like, she's right here. She's on the other side of the door. The door's closed and the curtain's closed. That's why I didn't know she was in there. And she's still watching me live streaming from inside the villa. Even though I'm actually right here in the flesh. Real. If you ever hang out with me in person, or you come to an event where I'm there, or we go to dinner together and I start live streaming, I'm gonna be very offended if you don't watch me live streaming on your own device, even if you're sitting right next to me, all right? Just so you know.

Katrina Ruth: And also, the other day ... Actually, I handed over my Instagram to Sarafina two days ago and I've appointed her in charge of making it look fabulous, which she's already doing a very good job of. It's like fast shifts, as things always are, but I said to her, "Well, you can grab content that I post on Facebook and repurpose it to use it for the Instagram posts. Just whatever you think is good." And then I said, "Well, I'm not sure if you read all my content every day on Facebook, but I hope so." And she was like, "Of course I read all your content every day."

Katrina Ruth: I was like, "Good, I'm glad we clarified that." It would've been extremely distressing if not. So, what were we talking about before that? All right. Dialling down abundance. Dialling down receiving. Dialling down flow. Dialling down connectedness. Basically ramping your energy down as well, and for me that's probably one of the things I guess I value the highest. I want to have great energy, I wanna feel lit up, I wanna feel inspired with my life and my day. I wanna feel like I'm charged from within and that I'm accessing creative power, and ideas flow, and source, and ability to make fast decisions.

Katrina Ruth: And so, when I sit out there for 10 minutes, it seems like such a silly little thing I guess, in one sense, to be turning into an entire topic of conversation. Like, whatever Kat, big deal. Get over it. Like you don't need to make a whole song and dance about it. But actually, it was literally like deleting me? Depleting me of all the source of good stuff that I'd build up throughout the day, because all through the day I was saying yes to soul, right? It was my first day totally, really having the day to myself in a week since I came back to see my kids, and obviously I've had an amazing time with them, but I've had less time just for me.

Katrina Ruth: So, today was really like okay, today I'm gonna get the kids back in the afternoon ... Actually I thought it'd be sooner than this, but little bit later now, so after this. And then, I thought up until that point in the early afternoon, I'm really just going to give myself what I need. I'm gonna get my yoga on, I'm gonna have a massage. Obviously I'm gonna do my writing, my journaling, and all my shit that I like to do. And so, I did all of that, and all of those things are like feeding into my own soul bank account, so to speak, right?

Katrina Ruth: My own emotional bank account and my own energy stores, and my flow stores. So, I'm just being elevated all throughout the day, even though I'm pretty occupied all throughout the day. And then in literally five to ten minutes of sitting still and doing nothing, and trying to be like a good normal person, I start to lose all of that. My energy goes down, I feel like a bit grumpy, and I start to feel a bit shitty, I start to feel like maybe I won't go to the gym after all, because I'm basically thinking I'll go workout after this, and then it will be time to go get the kids. They've got some activities on, they don't want to come till a certain time. Right?

Katrina Ruth: And so, I could feel that if I would've bought into that, I would've come back here more flattened down, probably eating some chocolate or something, which again, is not the end of the world, but it's kind of like a whole different pathway would be opened to me, and I would feel like I kinda can't be [inaudible 00:29:03] of going to the gym, and I don't really have to walk to go get the kids. I can get a taxi. And it's just kind of like you creating yourself into a whole different person, right?

Katrina Ruth: Whereas because I honoured soul, and I was finally like, I got my ass up, I audioed Kelly. I was like, "Hey, if you haven't sent the daily ask agree out, you know what? I'm gonna go live after all", and I walked back here and I go live. And even then it still took me like 20 minutes or up until now, 20, 25 minutes, to actually get into flow. Now, I know, I was still doing an okay job of presenting, and I think I was being mildly funny earlier on in the live stream, but I wasn't really connected, and those of you who know me well, or even if you haven't known me for very long, you can feel my energy, you'll see difference now, right? From at the start of the live.

Katrina Ruth: It took me 20 to 25 minutes to get connected to soul and into alignment and flow, and like Jamie said, the big hand gestures start coming out because I'm happy and I'm in flow. And so now, when I get off this live, well firstly I created content for my business and for my audience. To me, that's like a bonus, right? Because actually, that's not the reason I message or preach or teach. I do what I need to do for me, but I'm happy that I'm creating content and that I'm sharing a message that's gonna serve you in some way, or inspire you in some way.

Katrina Ruth: It's sales activity as well. Actually, [Mim 00:30:12], you can drop the comment about Rich Hot Empire, so I'll remind you about Rich Hot Empire, my six week one on one intensive, which is open currently for April registrations. Remind you to PM me about that if you've been thinking about working with me one on one and I'll get you the whole overview of what we do in that six weeks. What it means to work with me one on one, and have me holding your hand and kicking your ass all at the same time, which is confusing but not really. It's just perfect.

Katrina Ruth: So, I'm doing sales activity, right? There it is. There's the comment. Thank you, Mim. You're always on the ball. So, read that comment afterwards, right? So, just putting my message out there, putting my content out there, doing a call to action for those people who are feeling like you know what? It is fricking time to go all in. It is time to say yes to my soul. It is time to do it in six weeks working with Kat what most people will do in two weeks. Tell me more about Rich Hot Empire. If that's you, message me over on my personal Katrina Ruth page, and I'll get you all the details.

Katrina Ruth: So, I'm doing content, I'm delivering value, I'm inspiring and empowering, I'm entertaining a little bit, and I'm selling, and I'm empowering and energising myself. And then after I get off this live stream, do you think I'm gonna be like, "Oh well, I'm all flat and down now. I need to sit around and eat fucking cookies before I go and get up and get my kids"? Or do you think I'm gonna walk over to the gym and have a great workout, and then probably be in the flow zone so that I'm probably gonna walk to go and pick up the children and enjoy the sunset as I walk down that way? And so on and so forth. And then be in a happy high vibe mood when I pick up my kids and engage with them, right?

Katrina Ruth: And it's this whole different pathway. Like I was saying, that's open to me, just because I acknowledged that it didn't feel good for me to just sit around for five or ten minutes, and I made a choice to do something about it instead of buying into a story that ... Strut. I'll dance. I'll dance and prance while I listen to music. Actually, last night the kids and I walked home through the back alley ways, which I know this whole area so well. It's just like a second home to me. But we walked through this little dark back streets, late at night, because it was like one way and we couldn't get the car back. Normally I wouldn't make the kids walk home at night, but we did.

Katrina Ruth: And we were dancing along the way to JoJo Siwa, and my little four year old son Nathan, was singing all the words to JoJo Siwa. It was hilarious. And also dancing to Havana. Havana-do-do-do ... Which I think I'm gonna dance and listen to again because it's a very sensual song, and one of my journaling intentions currently, and one of my decisions inside of my head, is that I'm becoming more sensual and sexy every day, by the day. Maybe that's why I bought the bikini as well, because it's kind of like, pretty.

Katrina Ruth: So, thanks for that reminder. So, I think you got my point, right? Like really, it's so easy to tell ourselves a story that this little thing doesn't make a difference. Like, oh, I'm not really feeling in my vibe. Okay, I'm by myself at the pool so it's pretty easy to get up, right? Nobody else is depending on me to sit there, but there's many times in life where we might be at, I don't know, like maybe at a party, or a social event, or maybe even a meeting or engaging in a conversation with someone, or getting kind of reactive to what people who message you on social media, or thinking that you gotta do certain things in your business to create results and to create success.

Katrina Ruth: And what's happening is you're ramping yourself down, down, down, because your soul is not saying yes to that, but your logical brain, so-called logical brain, because really logic should come from intuition. So, your head though, or some part of you, a fear based mind is saying, "Oh, well I should do this", or, "Oh well, it would be rude to say no to that person", or, "Oh well, it will be unprofessional if I don't ... if I went and did my own thing instead of responding and dealing with other people's things", and so on and so forth.

Katrina Ruth: And you think maybe that you're being a good person, or a good entrepreneur, or a good mom, or that you're normaling, and that you should do that for whatever reason. Or whatever it is, but actually you're dialling down abundance. And you're dialling down receiving, and you're literally depleting and draining yourself of your natural energy source, and the natural energy source is and only can be you being connected to your own self.

Katrina Ruth: So, my question to you today is, what music should I dance to while walking to pick up children? Firstly, give me your songs. But secondly, what do you need to do to connect to soul? It would be really easy for me to say oh, I don't need to do a live stream when I've already done a bunch of content earlier on in the day, and the conditions weren't really working to do it where I was at, and oh it's not that big a deal, I can just leave it. Maybe I'll live stream later on today. And it's not a big deal, except that it is in the sense that this is actually something that feeds me, and fuels me on a soul level.

Katrina Ruth: So, investing this 30 minutes, or 40 minutes into live streaming, it's super cool that it's achieving all this cool stuff in my business, messaging, selling, providing value, connecting and conversing, which I like to do as well, and having engagement with you. That's really cool, but like I said, it's a bonus. The real reason to do it, and the real reason to do anything is because it's something that my soul says yes to, and in fact my entire business has been built on me really just leaning in ever more to things that my soul say yes to. Says yes to. And giving myself permission to do those things, and to allow them to not be an after thought, but to allow them to actually be the building blocks of a multimillion dollar per year empire. Which is what I've created just from following soul flow.

Katrina Ruth: You know, earlier today, I posted my blog, and obviously it was a couple of thousand words as it always is ... Okay, it's hair rearranging time. Just in case you didn't know. Okay, we're good. Yeah, I post on my blog, and I'm pretty happy with my blog today. You should go check it out on my page around how to drop back in and connect to your soul when fear or self worth shit basically is kind of ruling you, and this guy who's a new connection, who came through [inaudible 00:35:51] group as a connection, who seems like a lovely guy and he messaged me and said hello and everything when we became friends.

Katrina Ruth: But he commented on the blog and he was like, winky face, or smile or whatever. This would be great as a video. You know, it would be even better as a video, or something ... didn't say it would be even better. But said something about you could've said all of that in a video, smile winky face. That kind of like, that would be better or that would be more helpful for people, or it's easier to consume in a short video or something like that. And I was just like, whoa, dude ... I didn't say dude. But I did comment back and I was like, "Or, I could just fucking be myself and this is how I built a multimillion dollar empire, so thank you, but no thank you. Don't tell me how to do a better job of being me."

Katrina Ruth: Ni haven't even read all these comments back, but he's kind of like, "Oh no, I'm not trying to attack you. I just think you could've said all that in a short video", or whatever. I'm like, "Oh my God, you so don't get this", right? But you get this. But maybe you're not living according to this, which is why I'm bring up that story and saying this. Thing is, it's not following the rule so of the online space to write a long blog post and post it every single day, 365 days a year. It's also not following the rules of how to supposedly build a following, or sell shit online, to do a live stream that goes for this long nearly every day, but also I'm so rambly, like I just talk about so much irrelevant stuff, or I jump all over the place, or I'm telling silly jokes or whatever.

Katrina Ruth: None of the way that I do content follows any sort of formula, or any sort of rule book, and it actually breaks all the rules, but all I've done is gradually more and more along the way, given myself permission to just let whatever's in me come out. And the point that I was trying to explain to him, which he just didn't get, and I was just writing back quickly while I was waiting for my massage anyway, so I might go back and do it properly later, is no, it doesn't fucking matter if I could've said all of that in a short video. Yes, I could, yes, thank you for saying that people would like to watch me on a video. I appreciate the compliment.

Katrina Ruth: But that's not the point. The point is that that message came out in the form that it did. It came out as a long blog post. This is coming out as a rambly live stream, which is gradually getting more and more into flow. And all the other things that I do are coming out however they come out, and I don't question it. I don't edit it. I don't filter it. I don't worry about if it's good enough or who's gonna be listening or watching, or what makes one live stream better than another. I just let the message be the message, and if you wanna build a business and a life based on you doing your purpose work, making money doing what you love, getting paid to just be you, literally just getting to wake up each day, open your mouth, your heart and your soul, and whatever comes out, comes out.

Katrina Ruth: Then it's going to require you to say yes to all of that on repeat, not just when it feels like oh, that is a good topic, or that feels like you know, safe or a good idea or whatever. But every day, whatever's coming out is what gets to come out, right? And so, that in turn depends on all these different moments throughout your day, where you're either saying yes to soul and you're getting your ass up, and you're pressing go live even though you don't really feel in the zone, which is how I felt. Like, ugh, I feel like I've lost my live stream vibe a little bit again. Ugh, it's gonna be clunky, and then it freaking was, but now here we are, right?

Katrina Ruth: Or it felt that way to me. Whether or not to you. It felt uncomfortable, and I felt self conscious for the first 20 minutes of the live stream. So, you can either ... I don't know whatever I was saying just then. You can either say no to the little messages and the flow that's coming through you because you feel like, oh, I don't really feel like it today. Or it feels a bit awkward, or maybe that's a silly topic, or somebody said that I shouldn't write one blog post and it would be better on a short video, or my hair doesn't look good, or whatever story you're telling yourself for the day.

Katrina Ruth: But not only you're not gonna not gonna not create the business and the life that you wanted, that you're actually destined to, because you're not saying yes to soul, but you're really, truly gonna ramp down all those other things that we spoke about before. It's like there's a big old abundance switch on the wall, and you're just like no thank you. Disconnect, right? So, if you wanna connect to the abundance switch ... Hey Red. If you wanna connect into receiving, if you wanna connect into freaking money making and results based on you being you, guess what? You're gonna have to be you. There's really no other way to do it.

Katrina Ruth: But also, and I feel more importantly, you wanna be in flow for your life, and lit up for your life, and feel happy, and feel energised, and feel like you can show up for the important people in your life, and give them the best parts of you. The only way to do that is for you to give yourself the best parts of you as well, which means that if you're a creative person like me, who has a high desire to be seen and heard, and to express and share their message with the world, then honour it. Fricking honour it, and make space for it, and just choose that you're not gonna buy into stories that now is not a good time, I don't feel like it, the lighting's not good, I feel self conscious, or it doesn't feel like a good topic, or it just didn't kind of work out today.

Katrina Ruth: Here's how to know, right? It's very simple. When you feel like that kind of tug or that call from within, like say this thing, post this thing, or create this offer to sell, or do this live stream, or reach out to that person, you feel a sense ... it might be small, but you feel a sense of expansion and upliftedness, even at the idea of it. You can feel the vibe of how it's gonna elevate and expand you. And then on the other hand, if you buy into some sort of mindset of I can't, or I shouldn't, or it's not right, or it's not appropriate, or it's not time, you can feel it. You feel a slight compression.

Katrina Ruth: You might be really good at ignoring it and telling yourself it's fine, but you know, right? You can feel yourself shrink a little bit, or go into contraction a little bit, and it feels sad and heavy. And it's not just about that one moment. What's the cumulative affect of all of that, right? What is the awful cumulative affect of day in and day out saying no to your soul? It's sadness, it's depression, it's binge eating or binge whatever else, it's addiction, it's sabotage, it's anger and resentment, and frustration at other people around you, it's ...

Katrina Ruth: Well, not making the fricking money and doing your soul purpose work and getting paid for it. It's not having the body you want, it's not having the sex life you want, it's not sleeping properly, all these things are connected. I know there's many other things that go into each of those other things I just listed as well. But honestly, one way to really activate everything working is be in fucking alignment. Say yes to your soul, right?

Katrina Ruth: So, then the flip side is that the cumulative effects of saying yes to your soul, even though you feel silly a lot of time, or it doesn't feel convenient, or it doesn't feel as you're getting the result that you wanted straight away or whatever, like that. But the cumulative affect over time is you create the life you fucking want, but you also get to experience and live in all the emotions that we all desire. You know, anything that you're thinking about that you think you want, like money, a big following, your shit selling, having a certain type of body, or relationship, or life, or whatever, that's only ...

Katrina Ruth: That's a reflection of ... or what you really want is beyond that, right? What you really want is underneath that, it's the way you wanna feel, the emotions. So, we wanna feel fulfilled, we wanna feel lit up, we wanna feel happy, we wanna feel free, we wanna feel expansive, we wanna feel proud of ourselves, and whatever else comes up for you. And all of those emotions are available to you right now. Right now, right?

Katrina Ruth: You can literally access all of that. You can actually access it without doing anything. Without fucking live stream or going to the gym, but it's gonna be a hell of a lot easier to just say yes to the guidance that's coming through you, because all of this stuff, those little messages from inside saying do this, say that, put that out there, that's actually just your sign post. That's the fricking blueprint for accessing super flow and accessing all things.

Katrina Ruth: All right? So, there we go. That's our flow conversation for today. And here's what else. Rich Hot Empire, I did mention it before. This is such a powerful transformative programme. I've taken so many amazing badass people through this programme. It's six weeks with me one on one. We're starting April 30, so registration is currently open. Places are already selling. I believe we've sold ... I've only opened it a few days ago, and I haven't really spoken about it in a big way. I haven't been doing as many live streams, actually, and talking as much while I've been back with my little kids the last few days, but I think we've already got five or six places filled.

Katrina Ruth: It will sell out. It's 20 places only. It always sells out. So, there's still about 10 days before we begin. But definitely you wanna be messaging me about it right away if it's something that is speaking to you, and also that we can obviously start that conversation. I can give you ... If you message me over on my personal page, my personal Katrina Ruth page, is better. I just prefer to communicate there. You can message here as well and I'll still answer you. But I just go on my personal page a lot more. Right?

Katrina Ruth: And I'll send you the overview. So, what it is is a six week structured, plus six weeks one on one with me. So, the way that I do this one on one intensive is I have created six weeks of structured content going through everything you need to know to call in and build your core tribe, to create a multi seven figure empire and beyond, selling low right through to high end products. And to find a way to make money doing what you love completely on your terms.

Katrina Ruth: This works on repeat. I've been running this programme since April of 2016. It is the only programme that I run on repeat. I always create new things, but Rich Hot Empire is so fucking good, and the results are so fricking epic, I have clients who jump in there who are completely at ground zero when they start out. Sometimes not even a Facebook page, and I've had several people who are already doing over seven figures a year, over a million dollars a year when they became Rich Hot Empire clients.

Katrina Ruth: And it doesn't matter that people are at such different starting places. It's about who you are as a person. And people who come into Rich Hot Empire and say yes to their soul, and let me kick their ass into alignment and massive fucking action, the results are fucking phenomenal. We've got crazy awesome money results, but more importantly, I think, I believe, and I feel like you'll agree, alignment results, shifts, expansion, all those things, right?

Katrina Ruth: So, often times people come out and they'll share their biggest takeaway, or their testimonial, I guess. And it's generally they'll say something like this is totally not what I expected, but holy shit this has changed my life. It's the most transformative six weeks ever, and just a whole bunch of really cool shit. It is an incredible programme that fucking works. If you have been thinking about working with me one on one, and maybe you're not quite ready to jump into the inner circle, which is my ongoing 12 months, highest level mentoring one on one, Rich Hot Empire is about place to start. It's the best place to start.

Katrina Ruth: And then some people continue on into the inner circle after that. But either way, what we're doing in those six weeks is honestly more than what most people would do in a two year period online, and I can say that with certainty, because most people are fucking around watching freaking cat videos, or freaking out about whether Mark Zuckerberg's gonna shut Facebook down. Or, just doing a whole bunch of shit that maybe somebody's told you you've gotta do to stand out online and to build a following and get paid, and it's not true.

Katrina Ruth: So, what I do is I come in and I show you exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it from the structure and strategy side of things, take you fully behind the scenes in my business, give you so many fricking resources. Everything from how to create your office, how to launch, how to build your following, any kind of how thing that you might wanna think about, is covered. And you get access to all that content for life. And if there was anything that wasn't covered, I would create it for you as a training, or my team would as well so you have support through my team there as well. Facebook ads training, funnels, I mean, I don't even know or remember all the stuff, right?

Katrina Ruth: You'll never even use all the stuff that's in there, but what I did is I created everything for my private clients so that you've got it all there, so that we can then launch most of it and focus on the deep inner transformative work, so that's what you and I will be doing together one on one, through our one on one calls, but also you get daily unlimited access to me over my private client channel, so we do daily audios, messages, whatever you need to talk to me about.

Katrina Ruth: Lisa says, "Rich Hot Empire is amazing." Thank you. Yeah. And so that gives you a bit of an overview of it. And so I wanted to create a structured programme, and I did create structure so that when you're coming into this, you're gonna really know like yes, all my questions are answered and I'll be showing you exactly what to do and how to do it on the building of the business side of things, but also the one on one, right? And the one on one side of things is unlimited access to me.

Katrina Ruth: You're also getting to go into a mastermind with my other private Rich Hot Empire clients, and we do weekly mastermind hot seat calls as well. And there's other things additionally to that. So, what you should do, is if you wanna know more, if you have thought about working with me one on one, or you're feeling like you're thinking about it right now, message me. I'll get you a proper overview of everything that goes on in that six weeks, and then obviously we can talk about costs and all that good stuff as well.

Katrina Ruth: Have an amazing rest of the day wherever you are in the world. Go and do something that your soul is saying yes to. When you say yes to your soul, life says yes to you. And don't forget, life is now. Press play.

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Hi. Ah man, god damn it. Alright. Thought I had what I needed, I don't. Alright, I'm back. I'm back. Am I live? Is this working? Are we even real. Oh two people are here on the Katrina Roots show. Hey Ryan. What's up? What's happening? Tell me the things.

Do you know what I need? Fuck it. I always think I'm so organised you guys. Alright. Is this working? What the fuck? Yes it is. Okay. Hey, hey. Hey Erika. Hey all the people. Chris! What's up my San Diego bad ass? I know you're not from San Diego.

Alright, hang on. I need one more thing. This is kind of embarrassing because ... Well it's not that embarrassing. It would've been embarrassed about is that I always think that I'm organised and then I'm not fucking organised. I need one more pure. Alright. I need to be higher. So check it out, let me show you my view. I've still got my pyjamas on, I'm chilling in my pyjamas. It's Bali style, you just wear your bikini and your pyjamas and nothing else for weeks on end.

Look there's the ocean right there, can you see it? How good is that? When I wake up in the morning, my bed is in there through there through that area. Met a soulmate, amazing. And yeah, I can see the ocean from my bed. But tell me, more importantly than anything, and then maybe I'll show you my new tattoo colours if you'd like. I'll just show you now, 'cause let's face it, I want to show it off. Check it out.

So I got all that colour added there. Alright my side abs are looking quite good today, that's nice. I got colour added through here. See there? Look at it how it's kind of psychedelic and it all blends together. And then I got this colour added in the back there. [inaudible 00:02:37] for the six hours of tattooing that I went through on Saturday. So anyway, I don't know if you can see the colours properly, but it's amazing here. He's like blended them all together. Ramen Kelley, is my fricking frame working, 'cause that was the next thing I was about to talk about and I just realised ... Okay, I'm just talking from my breasts. I just realised I was supposed to tell you when I went live and I didn't. I actually was going to test whether it worked and then it appeared to just work, so I just went live.

Anyway, I don't know if you can see how he's mixed the colours there, they're all meshed in together. And so we were going to finish all this on Saturday, and then next we're starting around here, which will be this coming Saturday. But after he did half of that colour and he did the top bit earlier on in the day, then he's like, he says, "I've given you everything now baby. Just like sex, I'm done. There's nothing left. We must finish right away". That's exactly what he said. I thought we were doing two more hours and finishing all the colour through, like the flower bits there, but he basically threw down the tattoo gun all of a sudden and he's like, "I'm done. I cannot continue on. If I do this becomes like a bad oil painting". So we had that conversation.

Alright. So now I've brought you up on tattoo stuff. So I'm going to go back next Saturday and I'm going to start to get, 'cause this is actually ... Okay. I just love to talk about this. Because this is like a whole story here and the story is, I had to create the story for him because he said [inaudible 00:04:09], he can't do a massive piece across your whole torso if there's not meaning and context to it. So the story that I gave him is just when you think you knew me, it all drops away again and you know nothing, nothing at all, nothing about anything. So this is just, I don't know, some mystical cubes. They go down pretty low, you don't need to see how low they go. Let's just say it was an interesting experience. And then all this stuff and then around here is going to be a face, a woman's face, but the top of it will be lifted off and it's like just when you thought you knew me, there's all these layers underneath it. So we're going to start on that on Saturday.

But in other news, has anybody even fucking noticed my frame? Because I feel offended and I'm going to speak for Braun and Kelley and say Braun is offended that nobody's commented on the frame. Can you guys see that or are you all blind? Are you all just memorised by the view and by my tattoos? Abs are looking alright today, aren't they Kristen? That's what happens when you've been in Bali for a couple of days.

For some reason, whenever I get into Bali I'm kind of bloated and puffy, something about the flight. I've got to rework that, it's all a mindset. I gotta also mention to you that the little black cat on my back is not part of the work that Vlad did. He's highly offended in a personal and kind of over the top manner about the cat, because he doesn't really know what to do with it.

Okay, so I see that I've got the Katrina Roots show at the top of my picture. I thought we had something that was going to be at the bottom of the picture as well. I thought it was a whole frame. On my computer it's just ... Do you know what though Braun, when I had the falling that way, I could never ... I'm going to tell you guys something embarrassing about me.

I thought it was a whole frame, on my computer it's.

Shh. Shush. She just keeps talking. I can never remember which ways vertical and which ways horizontal. It's an embarrassing little comment about me. And then I remember, hang on, horizontal means sex. So horizontal means that way. So when I had the phone vertically, the whole frame was there Braun, and then I turned it because I always do my live streams this way, and now it's not. So I don't know what we're going to do about that, but it still looks cool. How fricking cool is that? Braun and Kelley is right here on the live stream, she made this frame for me. Send her the love hot shower. Send it to her. Send it on over. Just throw it at her. And by the way, if you ever see hilarious and outrageous in a river, it means that I post on Instagram or here, Braun makes them for me as well. She's very fucking good at it, very funny. You should see the latest line up that I haven't posted yet. Her brain works in mysterious and slightly terrifying ways, which is really just a requirement for being on my team. It's exactly where it needs to be.

The top bit definitely is, but wasn't there supposed to be a bottom bit? Can we get a frame all the way around? I don't know, can we get something at the bottom?

Okay, so supposedly we're going to talk about making money from [inaudible 00:07:10]. I was reading this morning some Eckhart Tolle, which I do love to read. I've somehow crumbled the whole book up. It looks like I've screwed the whole book up into a bundle and stuffed it into a corner of my suitcase now, which is possibly what happened. I reading his stuff. When I started trying to read his stuff when I was in my early 20s, it didn't make any sense to me at all. I wasn't ready for it I guess. And then I tried to listen to it one time on an audiobook and I nearly passed out from boredom at the sound of his voice. Sorry Eckhart. It's a fact. And now, I guess I'm at a suitable place of enlightenment within myself that I'm able to take from it exactly what is required. However if you think about it, you're always taking exactly what is required from all experiences.

But anyway, this morning I read a little piece that was of great interest to me, and it was around, well it was of great interest because it sounded like something I would say. So really what I'm saying is that I was interested in myself. But aren't we all, let's face it. So it was around, in fact, I'm going to read it to you. I feel like from now on there's going to be a small bit of story time and reading time on my live stream, so let's just had a moment of [inaudible 00:08:20], I'm pushing my chair backwards into the pool and fall in, which would be quite funny. One second.

Okay. Look at that scrunched up cover, I'm not sure what happened there. You're going to love what I'm going to read to you, it's very critical and important. Okay. Ooh, I did fold down this page because I thought it was hilarious and I thought that I might post this on social media later on today. I was going to post it this morning and then I thought I already did several posts yesterday where I think that I'm being funny, and then it sounds like I'm going to try to think that I'm being funny all the time, and I am just funny. I don't have to think about being funny. And then I thought about it too fucking much, so then I couldn't post it. But it was a Shakespeare quote that I thought would be quite amusing to use at some point relevant to the news or something like that. And it says, "A tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing". So I'm glad I've had the opportunity now to use that quote. Pretty happy about that.

Alright. So then, okay. Ooh. Ooh. Ooh. This is good. You're going to enjoy this. This page in particular. That's why I folded down both sides of it, well one was for Shakespeare and the other was 'cause that's where ... Hang on, why have I got three fucking pages? I don't know. Okay. Whatever. Let me read this to you. When you don't play roles, it means that there is no self ego in what you do". I wish that I was Billy Jane right now because my friend Billy Jane who's one of my soulmate friends, who I just love and adore read something to me a few weeks ago. He reads like a showman. He required me to sit there at his kitchen table while he read along a blog post of somebody else. He's got a really deep love and a person that I really do love and wanted to hear the book, but I had already read the book. I'm like really, do I have to sit hear and listen to you read this whole thing. And then he read it in the most incredible, powerful, entertaining way. And now I'm getting a little bit self conscious about the fact that my reading voice is not as interesting as it could be.

But actually, the piece that I'm about to read you is pretty fucking relative to that. So I will not try and be entertaining. No. I am going to be completely non-entertaining now, just so you know. "When you don't play roles, it means there is no self ego in what you do. There is no secondary agenda, projectional strengthening of yourself. As a result, your actions have far greater power. You are totally focused on the situation. You become one with it". Now listen to this next line. "You don't try to be anybody in particular. You are most powerful, most effective when you are completely yourself, but don't try to be yourself. That's another role. It's called natural spontaneous name. As soon as you are trying to be this or that, you are playing a role". This is the bit where I was like ooh, this is good stuff because it sounds like I would have written it myself. "Just be yourself is good advice, but it can also be misleading. The mind will come in and say let's see how can I be myself". Send me a message via energetic [inaudible 00:11:19] if you have ever tried to be yourself. You can figure out what format that message will go into.

"Then the mind will develop some kind of strategy, how to be myself". Who has ever tried to develop a strategy on how to be themselves? I'm pretty sure I've done that, I'm going to confess that right here. Kat feshional hashtag. "Then", oh no, I read that bit already. Must be important. We'll read it again. "Then the mind will develop some kind of strategy, how to be myself. Another role, how can I be myself". Okay. I'm getting my interactions wrong. "Another role. How can I be myself is in fact the wrong question. Wrong." Eckhart Tolle wouldn't say it in that voice because he speaks only in a monotone like this, he would say wrong question, wrong. But I'm going to say it with more emphasis. Wrong question. Wrong.

When I do this I'm channelling [inaudible 00:12:11] because there's a very hilarious moment once in New Zealand a few years ago where I got fantastic photos of him doing this. And now it just makes me think of [inaudible 00:12:19]. Okay, wrong question. Let's hit that. "It implies you have to do something to be yourself. But how doesn't necessarily apply here because", wake up call, wait for this moment, "You are already yourself." I'm not certain if you knew that, took mem a while to figure that out about myself, pretty good with it now, but sometimes still need the reminder. "Just stop adding unnecessary baggage to who you already are". But I don't know who I am, I don't know what it means to be myself. That's me being you, or whoever it relates to. That's not me being me, I fucking know who I am. I figured that shit out, I'll tell you about it in a moment.

This is killer, right? This is serious killer still, Kiria, just come to Bali now. You actually could just come in the next two days, I just realised that. We've been talking about you coming to Bali and I was like I'll give you my next days, and I'm like, but I'm here for the next two weeks. Side note. Alright, sorry everybody. I like to organise arrangements and things whilst on a live stream if a relevant person pops onto it. Anyway, he does talk some truth, serious truth.

This next line was killer, alright? This is going to wake you up. "If you can be absolutely comfortable with not knowing who you are, then what's left is you being you. The being capital b. Behind the human, a field of pure potentiality rather than something that is already defined. Give up defining yourself. To yourself or to others. You won't die". Is he trying to be funny? Is Eckhart trying to be funny? Do you think that was a little smart assery right there in Awakening to Your Life's Purpose: A New Earth? I don't even know what the book is that I'm reading.

I only chose books via energetic transmission of energy from the book to me, by the way. This is how I chose people as well. If I've chosen you as a person, you know who you are, I've chosen you via energetic transmission of your soul to mine. It has nothing to do with anything else really at all. So when I go into a book, when I go into a book, I choose what I take out of it via energetic transmission. When I go into a book store, I get lost in there for many moons. Many, many moons. I'm just telling you, if you're not the kind of person that likes to move into a bookstore and not leave for at least seven tens of the sun, then don't come into a bookstore with me.

But if you're the kind of person that wouldn't want to hang out in a bookstore all day, then you wouldn't have been energetically transmitted into my life in the first place. So either way, we're good. But if I go into a bookstore, it's because I'm commanded and drawn by my soul to go in there. My soul just kind of magnetically pulls me in. And then when I go in, i wonder. I just kind of float and wonder through the store in a bit of a foughe like state, which is one of my very favourite flow states to be in, and I just wonder, and I wait until a book speaks to me from up above, presuming it is up above on a high shelf. If it's on a level shelf or a low shelf, then I suppose it speaks to me from an equal terrain. This book, I got at Book Monster in San Diego. I'm using the receipt as a bookmark. I also purchased the other one, which if you know what it is then you know what it is, and if you don't, I can't help you.

But it spoke to me from the shelf. I had no idea that I was required to buy it. So I don't know what I was tearing on about. But let me get back to this, let me come back to this one last paragraph. "Give up defining yourself, to yourself, or to others. You won't die. You will come to life. And don't be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it's their problem. When you interact with people, don't be there primarily as a function or as a role, but as a field of presence, of a field of conscious presence". Alright. So, this is what we're going to take from that book lesson. Don't try to be your fucking self. We already said that bit, but what about [inaudible 00:16:19]. Give me love heart share if you're making money from your magic already. Give me a love heart share if you want to be making money from your magic. Give me a love hot share if you know that you are supposed to be making money from your magic.

Just give me a love hot share regardless, is basically what I'm asking, because I like to see the floating love hearts on my screen. Not the like button, which flaker just pressed like at the start. Don't even bother if you're just going to press like, don't even. It's fine to not love me, but keep quiet about it. I think that's obvious. Alright, thank you for the love hearts.

The biggest thing, here's the biggest thing that I've figured out about this, because now I'm going to tell you, shortly I'm going to tell you about Rich Heart Empire. Maybe if you're watching, he can send her her emojis. Everybody who knows me well knows that my highest value of what I desire from people online is not money, not even a love heart share, not even comments, but indeed love heart emojis. That's really what I'm looking for all day. No, laughing emojis. You can put the Rich Heart Empire in, because I'm going to tell you to join up to Rich Heart Empire in a moment, but not yet, but only if you know you're meant to work with me anyway. If you don't already know it, then it doesn't matter, all right? If you know it, you know it, and you should have messaged me anyway, but maybe you didn't realise Rich Heart Empire was open. You can read the little comment when it comes up in a moment and you can message me over on my personal Facebook page. It's time to be seen and fully heard, that's what it says. It's a pink comment, it's there now.

So what was I up to? The biggest thing that I've learned about making money from my magic, is exactly the same thing that young Eckhart just had to share with us. Okay, how young is he? He doesn't look that young. Let's see if we can find out. I'm going to tell you the magic thing in a moment, but my mind gets distracted easily and in many ways, and I allow it to be whatever it is. So alright, it's not in there. Have to Google it. How old is Eckhart Tolle? Gosh! He's 70. Well done to him. Alright, I don't know if you guys knew that.

D-pack 71 is given me this, Esther Hicks 70, Marian Williamson 65, Katrina Roots 38. Okay, we have the update on everything now. Alright. So what was I saying? Eckhart. Okay. The biggest thing that I have figured out about the money and the magic is exactly the same thing that he was saying about the giant being, don't be you. Don't try to be you thing. And if you just jumped on, you missed the book reading. It was very important. You going to have to go back and watch that afterwards. You almost missed the tight reveal.

So it's the stop trying thing, isn't it? I was doing this thing of how do I take my message from inside of me and how do I package it up in a delightful manner, and how do I present it to the internet such that they want to buy it. It didn't work. It was very confusing and exhausting. It was annoying, possibly for everybody, but definitely for me. And it actually felt kind of icky. It was kind of like this thing of let me show you that I'm cool or funny, and that's why I didn't post that Shakespeare quote this morning, 'cause I was like ooh, I think I'm trying to be funny instead of just being funny, and I am fucking funny anyway. I don't need to try to be funny. And then I thought about it too much, and I had to go have a double espresso to sort it out inside of my head, and I just let it go.

Because as soon as you're thinking how do I be this, right, how do I be this, how do I be captivating, how do I be engaging, how do I be hilarious, how do I be as bold or out there as Kat or Reagan or whoever else that you might think of, then you've lost the whole thing already. It's like book, game over, failed, done, leave, go home, have some brunch, amino acids, reset your whole self from the inside out, and wait until the magic comes back.

It is fucking scary though. Alright? Let me tell you about that. These stupid little glass bottles are annoying the crap out of me in my villa here in Bali. I don't know why they have to give me these teeny little 330 mil glass bottles. Do you know how difficult it is to get amino acids into that. It looks like I'm having some kind of blue powder party in the bathroom here every morning. Side note. And besides, they're so small I have to make like 14 of them every morning. It's like a whole mission. I need an entire in here just to make my aminos in the morning.

So, it's about the not trying. But how do you not try, right? That's fucking scary. That literally means that you go on a live stream, for example, and maybe you have a nice frame at the top, which helps you to feel more important and special, because clearly you must be a real person on the internet if you have a thing at the top of your thing that says who you are. So I feel quite happy with myself that I've graduated to that place as of today. And maybe you have a beautiful background behind you or whatever you've got. And so it adds value and you think cool, I'm organised.

But then, what the fuck do you say? Maybe you're coming on and ... This is what I was doing start of last year, or even start of the year before. I think it was the start of the year before last. I went through this phase of I really wanted to be entertaining online. I really had decided part of my role is not just to inspire, motivate, and empower, but I want to be an entertainer. Actually, if I strip it all away, if i go back to when I was like five or six years old before I became the hero of the world and decided that I was my job to save the world and basically develop [inaudible 00:21:55] complex, which a lot of us do as kids, 'cause maybe we had to step into an adult role earlier, or take on certain responsibilities or we learned that we've got to in some way support or save somebody, and then it kind of becomes mixed in with your message and your truth as who you are in a business, and then you're always trying to save everybody. Try to do that. Try not to do that.

If I go back in my story before I added all that shit in, I was first and foremost story teller and performer. Just like a lot of little kids, I think. Just like my daughter for sure. And maybe my son in a different way, it's hard to tell what he is right now. He's just kind of like naughty, angry, boss baby all of the time. But definitely some kind of wild free spirit healer person as well.

so I was always performing and i was always entertaining, and I was always leading and telling other people what to do and pointing myself in charge of things. So not much has changed, but in my business, like a lot of people, I had numbed down and dumbed down my message and my truth over the years. I was trying so hard at first to be a really successful fitness coach, except I wasn't trying that hard when I was being a fitness person, because I didn't know about trying and I didn't know about becoming an internet marketer. I was really just, I don't know, I was completely in being me, I wasn't thinking about how to be me. But then I tried to think about how to be well known as a leader online or a female entrepreneur or how to be a good business coach. And I was doing that thing of try to do it right, or try to look the part, try to be professional, or whatever bull shit. And it was really hard, and it was exhausting, but I let a lot of the fun and my natural true vibe go out of that. Or I didn't think there was a place for it, right? I would've thought it was super inappropriate.

There's no way I would've sat on a live stream even in a bikini, let alone things I say. So I had all these rules for everything. Yeah, it was a not fun period. And so a couple of years ago, I really started to tune into the fact that a big part of who I am, a big part of my personality is entertaining and performing, and when I'm with my friends and the people who I love the most, I definitely go into that role. Particularly with people I'm most comfortable with, right? And I'd be curious to know, do you relate to this. Give me more love if you relate to it. Or give me the laughing emojis, just 'cause I like to see them.

Alright. So when I'm with the people who I love the most, who I'm most comfortable with, I'm really silly. I get really over the top. I tend to dominate the conversation a lot of the time. I often have felt embarrassed about that. Thank you so much for the love heart emojis and the laughing emojis. I've often felt embarrassed and self conscious about it, even when I'm with my family where I know I'm fully loved and accepted. I often have the feeling like man, shut up. I'm saying to myself inside my head shut up, you're just talking too much. It's not the fricking Katrina Roots show. I'm like, it is the fucking Katrina Roots show. But you know sometimes when you're with other people and you're like for fucks sake, would you just shut up. And I just can't seem to be able to, I just keep going.

What's amazing and hilarious and perfect, is that 100% of my clients now, my inner circle clients, my soul mate clients, and I'm going to say my friends and the people who are my inner circle peeps in my life are all the same. So whenever I have an inner circle retreat, like we had one here in Bali a few months ago, everybody's just talking over everybody the whole fucking time. And I did my [inaudible 00:25:20] and my new AP day in New York a couple weeks ago, and one of my clients needs, who's one of my private clients, and who flew from Geneva to fucking New York for one day to come to my event, she actually said, and I just loved and honoured her that she said this, she was like right now, as I'm teaching my own event, my own event, right, my own day. She made the confession, which is that right now she's getting really grumpy at me that I was talking so much and she just wanted me to shut up so that she could talk. I know that's like, I love it, I love that you just said that. And I was like who here feels the same way that actually they should probably be in charge of this day and be able to talk and have everyone listen to them the whole time, and 100% of the hands went up.

So I've always been that person, but I wasn't letting it through in my business and I definitely wasn't letting the silly, and the rambly, and the playful, and all that shit come through. I just had all these rules for how it should have to be. And yeah, I made a decision that I'm going to let that part of me out. And then what happened though was really not ideal. What happened was I tried to be funny and I tried to be entertaining and I tried to be outrageous or hilarious or whatever. And it was really embarrassing and really awkward.

Now I have total compassion for myself from this time. You could go back, I remember I was doing this roughly around April, May 2016. I remember being in LA and I remember I decided that I was going to dance on my streams. And I talked about it with my mentor at the time, I'm like this is what I'm going to do, I'm going to start being silly and funny on my live streams and I'm going to dance. And so then I would put Spotify on and I would fricking dance to the ocean or the song the ocean, or whatever it was, I was just literally dancing on a live stream, and I'm not even good at dancing, although I am fucking good at dancing if I don't think about how to be good at dancing. When I think about being good at dancing, I'm definitely not good at dancing. Ocean? Back off. This is the Katrina Roots show, not the fricking Balinese ocean show.

And it was definitely awkward and I felt super self conscious, right? And I kind of kept going with it though. I was like, I'm going to crack this. I'm going to figure this out. And now I look back and I'm like it's so perfect that I did that. It's so perfect announcing that I did that, because that was my process of trying to figure it out, right? And so maybe you come online now and you go okay, I want to write deep powerful messages or footprints or whatever. Or I want to do live streams where I'm totally letting all sides of myself come out, and then you try to think about how to do that. And then you do it and then afterwards you feel kind of like, like that's kind of like should I delete that, should I take that down, or I feel silly, or I feel not good enough, or whatever. But I think we gotta honour ourselves for putting ourselves out there and for trying.

At some point though, with that particular example, I just kind of let it go. I was like oh my god, this is stupid. I look stupid. I'm being stupid. Why am I fucking dancing? What am I trying to prove here? Do I think I'm trying to be cool? Am I trying to prove to people that I'm entertaining? That's not the way to be entertaining. And I just kind of let it go and I forgot about it.

But here's what I did, and this is a critical note that you must write down. Pull out your pen now. I was still setting intentions in my journaling on this, right? I was writing things in my journaling like I'm an entertaining leader, I'm entertaining and inspiring, I'm a fantastic performer, I'm funny, people love to watch my stuff, not just because it inspires and motivates them, because it also entertains them and magnetises them. And I was writing stuff like that, and I think I kind of forgot that I was writing it. And whatever amount of time passed, like a lot of time, and it was only even recently, I think I even thought of it again in the last few weeks, but definitely a few months ago where I suddenly remembered that time and I remembered that time when I tried to be entertaining and I tried to be funny and I just wasn't.

My son's in there laughing at me. And now I'm like oh shit, I am entertaining and funny on live streams. Not all the time, sometimes I'm completely serious. In fact, last week, I think it was last week, yeah, last week I did a split screen live stream with somebody and we said we were going to be hilarious and entertaining and then, it was with Patrick, and then we didn't. But that, it wasn't like we tried to be though. But I thought it was interesting that we had said that we were going to be hilarious and funny, and then it totally didn't go that way at all. It went into power and truth in a different way, but it was kind of like well of course that's probably unlikely to happen if you decide that it's going to happen or if you say that it's going to happen. If you decide and set an intension that it's going to happen, and then you kind of release it and not think about it, then it may or may not happen, but whatever's meant to come out will happen.

Tell me. Tell the whole story. Tell it to the people, they want to know. You got anything to say?

I just want to sit on your lap.

You just want to sit on my lap. Yay.

So today when I came on, there was a part of me that was like oh, I haven't really live streamed properly the past few days because I came back in to Bali and I got my kids back for the first time in several weeks, been doing things. And then I had a Bali zombie state that came over me and I was asleep for a day, then I was tattooing for a day, and then we were riding elephants, weren't we?


Yeah. And we were doing lots of cool things. Look at all these love hearts, they're definitely for you.


Yeah. Of course. I already got my love hearts earlier, they're for sure your love hearts. So yeah, as I came on the live stream today, I was sort of like oh, I hope that the power comes out today. I hope that the magic comes out today. And I think I thought I hope that I'm funny today or something like that, and then I quickly put it aside, because I know and understand how this shit works. Which is that you can't come on and be like I hope I'm funny today. You can say that, you can set an intension. Or you know, I hope and trust that the power of the magic will come through me, but then it's just whatever comes out will come out. And so to come right back to the side of the story and find out where I-



Why is, look. I'm doing this. But it's not doing. It's doing that.

It's 'cause there's a small delay. You'll see it down here, like two seconds after you see it up here. See? See? So if you do it up here and then two seconds later it will come up down here. There's another one looking right here, just standing there like a frozen statue. Have anything to say? Because I'm right at my peek point that I wanted to make. See? He thinks I'm funny. Are you snorting?


Alright. Let me say my final point.

Someone ripped me off. See, look.

Yeah, you got scammed. How much was that?


$17? You gotta be kidding, for that little thing. Look how pretty this girl is.

You wrecked my hair.

Pretty, pretty bad ass. She's over there making sassy faces at me now.

Where is me?

You're there. And now you're here. You're coming back here in a moment.


[inaudible 00:32:35].

Okay. The point that I was going to make. Let me get back to my point. I'll try and get back to my point. That when you simply have that, I guess, overall guiding intention or desire that whatever's meant to come out is going to come out, but then you forget about it is the only way that it's going to come out.

Are you going to go to the pool?


Okay. Bye. Give me a kiss, I'll see you later.

I don't want to. I want to stay here.

We can stay for a few minutes if you want, I'm going to finish up here in a minute.

So it's got to be that you have this intention and you basically decided, of course all of me gets to come through. But it's not like deciding oh, I should be funny or I should be deeply magnetising or I should be this or that or the other thing based on what you see me do or what you see anyone else do. It's based on what's inside of you. It's based on this is who I know I already am. This is who I know I already am. I already know that I'm an inspiring person. I know I'm a motivating person. I know I'm a magnetising person. It's true. I know I'm a funny person. I know that I'm all these things when I'm at my most relaxed. She knows she's a bad ass, that's so true, for sure. Cheeky one. Cheeky. Cheeky and sneaky.

I got scammed. I got scammed.

I see you right here.

Yeah, you're here and you're here. Look what that says, the Katrina Roots show. We can get one made that says the Alyssa show.

And mine?


The Alyssa Rose show.

Alyssa Rose show. Alright. So then I simply made a decision at some point in my business strategy that I'll let all those sides of me come out. And that might be what you would want to do, right? Is make a decision, I'm going to let all sides of me come out. And maybe if this is resonating for you, you could sit down today and journal on it, okay well I know I am this. I know I'm a bad ass. What else do you know you are?

Hi Natalie.

Hi Summer. Those are our ulterior roles. Our alternative personalities. Alright. So I kind of acknowledged all that stuff inside of me, and I had to do that, or chose to do that, because I'd been not making space for it, and I'd been pushing it down or pushing it away. And so it was kind of like okay, give myself permission to be all of this. But then when I had-

I still see you!

She's still here even though she's not here. It's crazy. But then I had to go through, or I did go through this phase of I was trying to be what I already am. I was trying to turn my magic into a message and into money and into something that would captivate people and build my followers and get people wanting to buy form me and so on and so forth. And it didn't work that way obviously. And it took me that growth period to figure that out to then forget about it all, but I had the intension that I'm just going to be me. And so now when I look at how I show up, I'm like, well it goes wherever it fricking goes, right? It could go funny, it could go random, it could go inappropriate, it could go with kids ... Whatever happens, happens. And it's always perfect and the exact message comes out that's meant to come out. But it's never that I sit on here and say this is what I'm going to try to do now, this is who I'm going to try and be. Right?

And on occasion I do. On occasion, I definitely do that. I guess kind of forget my own message and forget my own truth. And I'm like oh, I really want to do a deeply powerful, preachy live stream. And when I do that, it's just kind of like ugh, it feels disconnected, it feels disjointed, it feels like it's not flowing for me. Hi. Okay.

So the thing that you've got to think about is not how do I make money from my magic, but how do I not even think about that? How do I trust? How do I connect back to who I know I already am? And just give myself permission to be all of that. And yes, said intensions like I am this person, I am a bad ass, I am a leader, people love my content, I write all this shit all the time, everyday. This morning my journal I write stuff like this down for sure. But then when you come on, when you come on for your message, whether it's your free content, but this is also true with your paid content and how you communicate with clients, you don't think about it. You don't try. You don't worry about it. When I come onto a paid training or a free one, or maybe I want to sell something, which I'm always selling something, I no longer worry about how do I do that. I simply open my mouth, and what comes out comes out.

And I'm able to do that because I trust and know that how I live my life means that I'm continually feeding into my own soul and into my own truth. And whatever comes out is fucking gold. And that's just the truth of it, right? And it might be inspiring, it might be preachy, it might be motivational preachy, or sometimes not, whatever. It sometimes, it is disconnected, and sometimes you feel that as well, but that's the same in real life, right? When you hang out with your friends. I was at dinner with my friend Lindsey the other night, and I was definitely completely disconnected. I knew I wasn't really being very engaging or engaged as a friend.

Oh shit. Are you okay? Come here. Don't worry, you'll just have to get changed. He just fell in the pool. Don't worry, you'll just have to get new clothes on. Come here. Come here. People are going to send you love. No, he's gone. Whoops. Don't worry honey, it's the same as when Alyssa jumped in the pool with her dress on the other day, you'll be fine. Okay. Just go inside and get some new clothes on.

I don't want to!

Come here, come here. I've got a towel right here. Come here. There you go. It's all happening. I don't even know what I was saying. I think you've got the message, right? You've got to just have that intention and then trust that what needs to come out is going to come out. And it's trust basically being, and it's trust based business creation, and I guess the only other thing that you've got to add to that is well you do gotta show up though. It's not going to work if you wait until you feel like it or if you do it inconsistently. So for me, the real way that I do make money from my magic, if you wanted to know the how, is that I just show up. I show up every fricking day in some way, shape, or form. Some days more than others, some days are more powerful than others, some days I really feel like that was gold and I loved it and I loved what came though. And other days I'm like eh, that seemed kind of lame, or I didn't really get the engagement or I didn't feel amazing about it, but I continue on anyway. And I just think that very few people do that and are willing to do that.

Mostly what people do is they flake out when they don't get the engagement they want or they flake out if they don't feel good or they flake out if it's not really, yeah. Like if they're not feeling like it's working in the way that they want it to work. And then they kind of go and hide again or they become inconsistent or they become kind of flaky with what they're doing all over the place, or they try to think about how to do it and it just doesn't work.

So the big message here is are you willing to show up for your message, for your art, for your truth, for your business, for yourself even if you don't know if it's good enough? Even if it doesn't feel engaging, even if it doesn't feel like you're being inspiring, and even if it doesn't feel like people are listening. Because I'm going to tell you, that's the way that I've done it. It's the consistency, it's the showing up day in and out. It's just being there for my message and my truth no matter what. Literally, no matter what is going on around me, right?

And that's it. That's the whole story. It's all you need to do. All you need to do is commit to showing up and then do that, but do it without judging or critiquing your own message, right? We all do this. I still do it on occasion where you walk out of a live or a blog that you've written or something and you're kind of like man, I feel embarrassed about that, or I feel annoyed about that, or I feel like I wish it was something different, and it's just kind of like and get on with it, let it keep going anyway. You get to keep going anyway.

Guess what.


[inaudible 00:40:28].

Of course you did, you little hacker.

No, I did.

I believe you.

[inaudible 00:40:36].



Alright. So final thing that I want to tell you. Rich Heart Empire is open for April registration. It is my most transformative one on one intensive ever. It's six weeks one on one with me. It's a structured programme with content all around how to build your cult tribe.

Oh by the way, I can do a hand stand with one or two push ups.

That's true. She can do hand stand push ups, it's amazing.

So work with me for six weeks personally to grow your perfect cult tribe. [inaudible 00:41:06] Empire and set up multiple recurring incomes change to take you to seven figures and beyond doing what you love, that's the structure of what I teach in Rich Heart Empire, but it's complete one on one with me as well. So we have the structured content that I've created and that I've continued to add to, and we have must private plans, and you have one on one with me. You gotta message me on my personal page about this. It's only 20 places and we're already starting sales. Sales have already been made. It's already starting to fill. I only opened it up a couple of days ago, I haven't really spoken about it much because I've kind of been in Bali floating mode, like I said. So if you've not noticed this, or you have noticed but you didn't realise it's a very limited small thing, and it is very high level for one on one, then you might want to message me about that.

If it's speaking to you, if you want to learn more about working with me, if you want to know what that obviously involves and what we go through and investment and all that stuff, message me over on my Katrina Roots personal page. And really I guess, the big thing is, it is around being you. Yes, there's stuff that I teach around exactly how to build your cult tribe, exactly how to find your soul mate clients, exactly how to create low rate to high rate offers and launch them and sell them online, and all this other cool shit, but for it to work, it obviously depends on you connecting fully to who you are and letting that out into the world. And so that's a decision that only you can make, it is something I'll work on with my clients in deep detail, continually forever come back to no matter how long I've been working with someone and how many hundreds of thousands of dollars they're now making, it's a continual thing that we talk about, because I talk about it all the time for myself as well. But it starts with that decision and commitment.

Can i show these people how I do hand stand push up?

You can do it right there. Alright. So message me if you want to know about that. I'm going to finish up this live stream. I'm going to go get my yoga on.

No, you can do it over here. Just here. Alright, we're going to see a handstand push up to finish and then I'm going to jump off. Details during the pink comment.

Oh that was half of one. Alright. I'm going to go. Don't forget. Life is now, press play.

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Kat: Alright, I have no idea what just happened there. Okay. That was so weird.

Patrick: Alrighty, man.

Kat: That's literally never happened before. It was too much power for Facebook.

Patrick: Too much. I'm telling you, too much. I never really told that story before either and I'm just like, ah, I just felt like ... I haven't really told that story in this, I've wrote about the story, but I haven't really said it, you know. So, yeah. Especially not a live stream in front of a people.

Kat: This is what happens because we said we were going to do being funny and entertaining and now we're just going super deep.

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, we did.

Kat: But this is what happens. The camera goes on and it goes wherever it's meant to go. Hey, what's up Ryan.

Patrick: It goes where it goes. What up Ryan.

Kat: The message goes wherever it's meant to go. But what I got out of that story was you just fucking decided and then it happened because you actually decided to change things, right? It was like boom, I'm moving into a new phase.

Patrick: Yeah. yeah, so I walked in there. I walked into the newest gym I was like, "I'm out, blase, blase, blase." I went to my house and from there just started trying to push it together. I didn't have very many bills, you know, so it wasn't that hard, and I just started to do ... This is the first time that I actually like started to tamper with doing something like this, with like sending out energy and messaging and stuff like that. I just started doing my thing and in a subtle way what I was doing was like I was trying to ... This is what I was talking to you about on a previous livestream, this is where I started to do things like survival gear and anything else that wasn't really me. I sell survival [crosstalk 00:01:58]. Yeah, bonded blogs, and everything that was mine, right?

Patrick: And then I was just doing that and doing that and doing that and my old friend from the dealership who had came through and done his thing left and then started his own thing, Ryan Motherfucking Stumen, he started seeing that, right? He wouldn't have been able seen this if I wasn't doing it, you know what I mean? I didn't know at the time that's what happened, but he noticed that I was out here trying to do my thing so he reached out and he was like, "You know, you need to come check out what I got over here. I know you're trying with the bondage blog, I know you're trying with the survival gear and it probably isn't working for you really well, is it?" And I was like, "Nah, it really ain't, dog."

Patrick: So I went over to see what he had going on. That's when I first got into a little bit internet marketing and the real shit, you know? The best mentor to help me out and take me through all this stuff. And so he pretty much took me as like his right hand man, showed me like all this stuff. It was just a great experience for me. It was basically like college for entrepreneurs, pretty much. What happened was, though ... I remember that, though. I remember not having anything. I remember trying and trying and trying to make a sale online. I'd never done that before. I'd never sold something like a digital programme or something like that. I'd never sold any of that stuff online before. I thought it was a bunch of weird shit, you know what I mean? Like who the fuck is going to buy ... One of Ryan's first programmes was something called Show Up and Close It and it was like 30 audio trainings. Some of them are like six minutes long and he had it set to like $4.97 and I'm thinking like, "Who's going to buy this?" You know what I mean? So I didn't really believe in it like-

Kat: I bought that programme.

Patrick: You bought it, right, of course, like a bad ass bought this. I'm a fucking billionaire-

Kat: I bought it. I bought it for my team, actually. I don't know if they did it. I'm probably one of those bad clients that buys online programmes and then doesn't ever open them or log in.

Patrick: A lot of people bought that programme though, you know? Like I sold a bunch of them. So that was like my first thing that I sold, you know, like online, and from a fucking house where I was flat broke and finally ... He fired me like three times because I couldn't sell it. I just couldn't believe. And finally I remember it cracked. And I just remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember going to the mall and being able to buy ... It was like Christmas and I didn't think I was going to by my family anything like that and like eh, here's goes another Christmas of being broke and all that shit and I just cracked it open. The sales just started to come through. And I just remember being at the mall and walking through there and I was listening to the song Muy Tranquilo, it's by Grammatic. I remember the song and everything like that, and I was just jamming around the mall listening to it and fighting back tears. So I remember that. And I have broken through that space of that part, you know what I mean? I've broken through that already and now I'm out here trying to fucking do it again. So yeah, I guess I've already done it so what the fuck am I talking about?

Kat: There you go. I don't think we've remotely touched on the title of the topic of our show but I think more people need to tell this part of the story and the journey because everyone goes through this shit. And then when you tell your own story, you reaffirm your own confidence and belief in yourself from telling it. You remind yourself the things that you've done where it was scary or you had to make a massive life change and then literally I always think any time I've ever really decided to do something, then I did it and I got the result 100% of the time. Alright, Pat always looks like such a badass, probably that's because I am. Frank Kern actually made a video for me on Friday that testifies that I'm a certified badass.

Patrick: I saw your badass-ery too when you fucking when you were working out. I'd just never seen like nothing that. Just such a savage at the gym. I was just like, whoa.

Kat: What? Oh when we went to the gym last week?

Patrick: Yeah, when we worked out together you were just killing it. I was like dude, fuck, what a beast, man. It would make anybody, and I've seen people out there working out, even like trainers and stuff and just blowing it out. It was crazy.

Kat: Thank you. And I know it all, but even that's another example. Actually, who wants me to do this? You just reminded me of something I thought of this morning. I think I'm going to make a programme on how to age backwards. Who would buy that programme? Because I think I've started to age backwards. You're going to buy the programme. I meant for women, but sure, we'll do a section for men.

Patrick: I'd buy it.

Kat: Well actually, though, the gym thing, like obviously I was a trainer for 13 years, like the life I said to you then, well you've got to hope that I know how to train after being a trainer for 13 years. But sorry, I remember when I was 19, Ryan's going to buy it. Yeah, Ryan, I've seen products from you from four years ago. You should buy that. Sorry. Not sorry. When I was 19, I was doing upright rows in the gym and I was just getting the little bit of muscle definition coming through for the first time. I started working out when I was 17 and I remember looking at myself in the mirror and I remember having the though, 'huh. If I just kept doing this every day, like really consistent, by the time I'm 40, I'm going to have arms like Donna and I'll be just looking like I made a decision in my head in that moment, I'm going to get better and better with age.'

Kat: And I look at photos of me from like four or five years ago and I look ten years old than I do now because there was a lot of stuff that wasn't in alignment in my life. And now, the time ... I feel like it's egotistical to say all this, but it's also true. Like even last night, my branding guy who does all my branding stuff here in LA, we were talking about Botox and I said something about how I always thought that one day I would get Botox, but now I've decided I won't because I read a research people that it freezes your actually emotions. And he's like, "What, you don't have any work done, yet?" And I'm like, "No, I've done nothing." Or last week the customs guy was staring at my passport for so long he's like, "This just doesn't match. The age isn't right." Or something like that. And I was like yes, because I fucking manifested it since I was 19.

Kat: So being a badass is a decision you make in your head in whatever form that is and you just decide that's how it's going to be; less stress. Yeah, stress maybe is part of it. I think it's decision and choice, but that's stress as well. Now that you have more money, you have less pressure. I don't think it's to do with the money. You might be [inaudible 00:08:41]. I think it's alignment and I think it's a decision. Like I decide in my head that it's easy to stay in shape, that I get in better and better shape as time passe, that well now I've decided that I'm ageing backwards and it seems to be working, so, I don't know.

Patrick: Do you journal about your appearance?

Kat: Yes. Yeah. I journal about everything. It would be kind of embarrassing I suppose if people saw the stuff I write in my journal, because some of it sounds quite, like, I don't know, flippant? Not flippant, what's the word? Just kind of not that important or something or just a bit silly. But I write selective body stuff. I'll write stuff like "I always look and feel fucking amazing. I love my body inside and out." I'll write stuff like, I'm journaling on my breasts growing bigger. I just started that last week.

Patrick: What?

Kat: I'm journaling-

Patrick: You're journaling what?

Kat: -my breasts growing bigger. But I only started this-

Patrick: Oh, on your breasts growing?

Kat: Yeah, but I only started that last week, so I don't have any data to report back on that yet. That's a new one.

Patrick: Like, "They're getting bigger today. Getting bigger today."

Kat: Yeah, why not?

Patrick: I found out that shrivelling is a process, so, just wanted to let you know that.

Kat: Well, there's research that shows that if you just think ... Like they did research on bicep muscles that one guy's doing like bells on one side and then just thinking about the other side and you got better results just from the thinking.

Patrick: Just from the thinking?

Kat: Yeah. So I'm just saying why has this never occurred to me before? Let's test this out. Okay, everyone's going to start journaling on their breasts growing bigger, now. Brittany's in.

Patrick: And all the dudes are going to be journaling on their penis size.

Kat: Well, yeah. Journal whatever you've got to journal, people.

Patrick: I don't want to be this long.

Kat: Whatever you believe is possible and real. That's a true thing. But I journal on like I always look and feel amazing, have great abs. I write like I have a perky butt and tight legs like I feel embarrassed with what I write, but I just write what I want.

Patrick: Yeah, you brought in some detail, damn.

Kat: Huh? Detail, yeah.

Patrick: You're going into detail, yeah. Hold on, I've got to plug this phone in though. Shit goes very quick when you're live streaming, you know what I mean?

Kat: I know. I've got to go in five minutes anyway. I've got to go catch a plane to Australia.

Patrick: Damn. So we didn't even talk about the title, huh? We just went all the way [crosstalk 00:11:15]-

Kat: I think we approved the tile.

Patrick: True, true.

Kat: We just did a live demonstration of the title.

Patrick: Well I don't even know what the title is? What the hell is the title?

Kat: You made the tile up. It was something about-

Patrick: I know, I forgot what I made up.

Kat: -how to find satisfaction in your art, which is actually what we're doing a live demonstration of right now.

Patrick: Live demo right here and now. But the reason-

Patrick: -The reason I did tell that, too, is because I wanted to say that in this case ... You only got five minutes, so we should be good to go. Let me plug this in. But the reason I made that is because I was telling about my thing that I dropped today, my offer that I took forever to make, and I dropped it today and there was not then one sell as of dropping it, so I'm still, it's just like ... I'm just so satisfied with it that I really don't care if it does or doesn't. But that's cool because I'll make another one and it will, you know what I mean? And I'll keep getting better at it. But the things is-

Kat: That's a normal thing, right.

Patrick: -I'm so satisfied. Say again?

Kat: Well, that's normal because you're not hosting the workshop until a week or two away, there's no urgency for people to have to buy right now anyhow. If you had some bonus or they get something straight away for signing up, then you'll get sales at the start. But my programmes that end up with a hundred people in them, if I drop them and the thing is not happening for ten days or something and I don't give some incentive to say yes/no, I get maybe one sale or one or two or none and then it will still get whatever it gets at the end. That's why oftentimes I give people, like if you join up strait away, then you get I call it the pre-Web, like you'll get some bonus trainings or you might get added to the basic group right away. Otherwise it's all going to come at the end anyway. There's no urgency.

Patrick: Okay, cool.

Kat: But the offer is fucking amazing.

Patrick: I was like did you just dissect my offer and tell me what the fuck was wrong with that shit? Alright, I see what you did there.

Kat: I can't help it. It happens automatically.

Patrick: You're like, "By the way, if you would've put this here and you would've put that there and you would've put this here, if you would've [inaudible 00:13:34], people would be buying it."

Kat: Like I said, my stuff doesn't ... I'll get little or no sales when I first launch, unless I do some special by now thing, like a bonus or first ten people or something, which sometimes I do that and other times I don't do it, and then my team will be like, "It's not selling," and I'm like whatever, it's not starting for a week. No one's going to buy now. Why would they buy now? They'll buy it at the last final minute, you bunch of flakers. You should just make fast decisions, not wait until the end.

Patrick: Exactly. You should have it while it's hot. That's what I say. So we didn't -

Kat: I have to go.

Patrick: -any of the entertaining ... I think this was entertaining enough. What do you think?

Kat: I think it was entertaining, not in the way that we discussed that it might be, but I think it was fucking powerful.

Patrick: I want to do an entertaining one with you soon enough, you know? It was definitely powerful, but we've got to do the entertaining stuff because you're definitely good at entertaining as well.

Kat: Well, we're hilarious and it would be irresponsible and selfish to hid that gift from the world. And we're nice people, so we will share it with people.

Patrick: Yes, very much so. Good. They need it.

Kat: Yes. Exactly. Alright. Final words of wisdom?

Patrick: That's it. I pretty much laid it out on the table, so there you go. If you're going through some shit, I am, too. Let us go through some shit and come out on the other side better people.

Kat: Love it. Go and watch the replay. It's in two parts; for some reason Facebook couldn't handle the intensity. Keep pressing fucking play. Bye.

Patrick: Later.

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Kat: Alright. We cannot begin yet. Okay, one second. Hmm, approve.

Kat: I feel like I'm brand new to the internet when I do these sorts of things.

Patrick: Hey!

Kat: I feel like such a magician.

Patrick: We can begin.

Kat: To me it's like a greater accomplishment to successfully do a split screen broadcast then it is to launch some massive new programme.

Patrick: It's pretty badass.

Kat: Yeah, I was very scared about how that would work. I felt technologically challenged.

Patrick: I'm trying to get used to it. But I ...

Kat: Is somebody seriously sending angry faces?

Patrick: Yeah. Probably Brandon.

Kat: Brandon's angry that he's not on the live stream.

Patrick: Yup. Sorry Brandon, not today. Not today.

Kat: Not today. I've got to say that my lighting looks better than your lighting.

Patrick: Not right now. I put in my room so I can get way better lighting. Actually I'm gonna do you even ...

Kat: You're view is way better.

Patrick: I'm gonna do even dirtier than this.

Kat: Dirtier? We're going dirty already?

Patrick: Real dirty style. There we go. Okay. Actually I'll get in that bed.

Kat: Is that an accent? Whose got an accent? I don't have an accent, obviously. Everybody knows that.

Patrick: No way.

Kat: My accent is ...

Patrick: It's purely for shits and gigs.

Kat: One day, maybe when you've known me for a hundred years, you'll figure out that I'm not British.

Patrick: British, Australian, it's the same thing. I'm sorry to let you know it.

Kat: Oh, it's so not.

Patrick: Alright, so I'm all set up now. So my lighting is good. Let's see where you told me about the ... To turn the lighting on. I can't really do it. That's one thing that's missing here, is that little button you showed me to brighten it up. You know, to brighten the ...

Kat: You look bright.

Patrick: Yeah, let me see if I can switch that on.

Kat: You look like you've got a tanning line [inaudible 00:02:26] on your face.

Patrick: That's good. 'Cause I definitely do not. But let me get some more. Put that down. Boom.

Kat: Alright. Now we're gonna go into it.

Patrick: I don't know how you want to start this off, but I'm ready. I am in the zone.

Kat: Firstly I think we need to set the tone, and let people know that this will only be serious and professional content. No laughing emojis are allowed.

Patrick: Hey let me share this. I wonder if I can share this with my group? Let's see if that works on this thing.

Kat: Yup.

Patrick: Okay, share to group. Awesome. Players club, there we go.

Kat: Hey.

Patrick: Boom, it's done.

Kat: I just said no laughing emojis you guys. Don't send laughing emojis automatically when I say "no laughing emojis". That wasn't funny at all. It was completely non-funny. We've actually had a serious discussion about this live stream before. We went live, it's actually taken all day, neither of us have accomplished anything. Except discussing the fact that this live stream will be only serious and professional business.

Patrick: Straight professional. Only professional business. Strictly business.

Kat: Purely professional. Strictly business. People wanted me to introduce you again. How did every ... how did ... You gotta go ... Sorry can't do intros again. We did intros last week. You're gonna have to go to his profile, follow his profile. You'll very quickly figure it out. You'll either be deeply drawn in, or potentially shocked and appalled and you'll leave.

Patrick: Gonna be horri ...

Kat: Much the same as when people [inaudible 00:03:55] my profile.

Patrick: You'll be horrified. Yeah I'm on a camp chair, Meg. Meg just asked me if I'm on a camp chair. This is a camp chair in my house.

Kat: Yes.

Patrick: That's a quick ... But that's a good segue right there. Why am I on this camp chair? I'll tell you why. You know, I'm just recently starting new, you can go check out my stuff. You see all the stuff that has been going wrong since I actually finished my offer, and put my offer out there. Right?

Patrick: So, I had quit my job to go start doing all this crazy cool shit that Cat told me about. Convinced me to go be myself and just say whatever the fuck is on my mind. Just have ...

Kat: I didn't convince anybody of anything.

Patrick: You convinced me. She convinced me to do it, so I just quit my job. If this fails, I'm blaming it all on you Cat. I'm blaming it all on you. And uh ... Yes you.

Kat: I did nothing. I just lead my damn life and then people do whatever they want in response to it.

Patrick: What I heard was "Quit your job, Patrick, quit your job." So over and over again I'm hearing this, and I left. And so ...

Kat: Question.

Patrick: What's that?

Kat: Can we block Ryan's [inaudible 00:05:07] from being on this live stream?

Patrick: Yeah he's [inaudible 00:05:09]. Very, very mad. But I think he knows that you had some kind of part in this whole thing. So, of course.

Patrick: But anyways, so I just jumped off cold turkey. Needless to say, I still had a shit tonne of bills, 'cause I live a pretty expensive lifestyle. And so, yeah I just said "Fuck it". I just had a couple of skills.

Patrick: Now I do have a few skills. I do build marketing automation systems. I do build for people like Cat, coaches. You know I can take your shit and boost that shit up. You know what I mean? Get you some automation going, make you some money. But, that's a skill that I'm not really trying to use. Why? Because somebody else is trying to do this shit for myself.

Patrick: the first time in my life, I'm making my own bed, I'm doing my own thing. I'm doing it for myself. What's on my mind is going to come out. Putting it out there, and just to bring this all back home. The fucking deal is, ever since I started doing this, every fucking thing I can possibly think of, that could possibly go wrong, is going wrong.

Patrick: As a matter of fact I'm on a cell phone right now. Because my laptop screen, my mac screen burnt the fuck out. TV burnt out. I can't even, the list goes on and on. It's just.

Kat: What? The TV burnt out now?

Patrick: The TV burnt out, the laptop screen burnt out. First the laptop screen burnt out. On my mac that I bought, like probably two years ago, all of sudden that shit burnt out. On the day that I dropped my offer, mind. On the day that I finally, finally stayed up all night, and crafted this thing out and wrote it all up.

Kat: Tried to go to bed halfway through.

Patrick: Tried to go to bed halfway through. Not being able to. And staying up and finishing it. Then waking up early in the morning and even more finishing it. And then even halfway through the day, till one o'clock today, finally finishing it. Off of a MacBook, which had a burnt out screen. That I hooked up to a big ass TV, in the living room.

Kat: Which looked amazing.

Patrick: It looked pretty good. Yeah it looked amazing. I was gonna do what you told me. Which was present my offer. Instead of just writing it out, I was gonna present my offer on TV. It was gonna be all crazy, badass, a great idea. I thought it would have been fucking wonderful. Had it worked.

Patrick: So, you know, TV burnt out. Brand new TV mind you. Don't buy Zenio. The MacBook burnt out, and now won't connect to that TV. I took it in here to the other TV. It won't connect to that one either. And every possible thing to prevent me from doing this, has been happening.

Patrick: So now, I have a little phone, and a camp chair. Because I'm not gonna sit in there, I'm gonna sit right here and actually have something go right. I'm having a good backdrop, right?

Patrick: I have a good backdrop, and just ... I don't know. This is going pretty well I think.

Kat: It's going exactly as it's meant to. Are you reading the comments?

Patrick: I am kind of, yeah. I was just talking. I get ADD so I can't really, I'm gonna have to go back.

Kat: Well, everybody's like "Your whole life is blowing up". I think Katie said, this is pretty much ... You know this, this happens. I hear this every single time somebody actually full backs themselves.

Kat: Yeah exactly what Kristin said. It's an "are you sure" from the Universe.

Patrick: Yeah, it's double check on it right? I don't fucking know. I don't know, but it's crazy. It's like a poltergeist, or something is ...

Kat: It actually means ... Do you know what it means? It means, like all that shit happens. The more that shit like that happens, the answer is you just gotta be like "bring it the fuck on then, I'm ready". And let it go faster. And then it's a level up after that. It's the breakdown, before the breakthrough.

Patrick: Yeah.

Kat: Like for sure, if shit starts blowing up it's means that I'm about to go to a super high next level. And I've seen it a million times with my clients, and friends.

Patrick: It's gotta be right there. You know, that's the one thing too. I'm totally, so all in with it and every single day I get even more all in on it. And just finishing that up, and just putting it out there and seeing all shit happen. It just makes me want to go even more all in, you know? So I'm like, let's just keep seeing how far this goes. And maybe, maybe you know, six months down the road I'm gonna be fucking living in a shoe box somewhere. Maybe.

Patrick: But then I still have faith, and I still know that there's going to be that sales that gonna come in there. Eventually. It's gonna come.

Kat: I think it's about, like everything that you would lean on outside of yourself gets striped away, and you learn how to fully lean on yourself.

Patrick: Yeah.

Kat: Yeah, "Arrow is drawn back before being shot forward" says Stephen.

Patrick: He's in my ...

Kat: Exactly.

Patrick: He's in my entrepreneur players club. What's up Stephen? I dropped the link back there.

Kat: Yeah, you gotta put that link for the club in here.

Patrick: I gotta be marketing myself now. You know what I mean? I gotta be doing this.

Kat: It's exactly how it goes for everyone. It's like, it's the test. And it's the "are you sure", and it's when you start laughing at it and be like "okay, I see what's happening here. Surrender." Then it all just starts to wash over you.

Kat: But it makes you stronger anyway. Like, you're already getting stronger through it everyday.

Patrick: It's tough. Some crazy stuff happened today too, though. Like just goes beyond that. Just to let me kind of know I'm going on the right path. Like, you know Travis Plum, he's on here right now. He's all in. He says "all in".

Kat: [inaudible 00:10:49]

Patrick: Yeah T Plum was over here today, and he is just all in. We have another sales guy that's gonna be coming on. He's doing his thing, and he just kind of popped up. So it just kind of feels like there's support now, on that. It's cool to see there's some other shit going on. It doesn't totally feel like I'm out here by myself, even though shit's still fucking up.

Patrick: Shit's still fucking up for them. They're in the same boat, but now there's us. We're pouring the water out of the boat. And we're motivating each other. And it's kind of difficult when you're just by yourself doing it, but you kind of get those thoughts. You know what I mean?

Patrick: The thoughts ... I don't know if you know what I mean, but you get the thoughts that ... You probably haven't had these thoughts in a long time.

Kat: I don't know. Yeah, well I still remember though. It doesn't seem like that long ago for me really, since I was in that place. It's not actually that many years ago.

Kat: But you know what I think is really cool? Basically nobody would talk about it, like you're talking about it right now, while they're going through it. Everybody waits till afterwards. Like even I fully talk about it as transparently as what you're talking about it right now.

Kat: Nobody does that. Everybody waits till later on, and they can tell story. Or they might tell a little bit of it. [inaudible 00:12:17] your just like, "There it all is."

Patrick: Hey I thought about that too, but I'm like, you know what if I'm going down through it, if I'm going to go through it, I'm like, might as well fucking do it. Just do it.

Patrick: I was thinking though, and this is something I want to talk about. 'Cause I had wrote like a pretty long post earlier today, to go in company with my thing. You know. And it's like talking about how, you know I'm just gonna fucking do it. And I'm just gonna drop the parachute out and just fucking, just go and do it.

Patrick: Not only that, I'm gonna show you guys ... I'm gonna let you all in to see it, and you know. I promise you that I'll take everybody through this whole thing and you'll be there, and everything like that. And there's all sorts of different options that could happen for me.

Patrick: In the next month, or two months that if I don't put up, if things don't happen then there's very low levels that I can go to. But I'm totally comfortable with that. I've been there before.

Kat: Right.

Patrick: Be fun if ... I didn't think about that, you're right. But I have seen a couple of people do this before though. I saw one sell his, I saw one guy with line sell all of his shit and just start from scratch, you know. But I don't know how far he made it. I haven't seen him or heard from him in a long time.

Patrick: You have the Demio webinar kids that created their own webinar software, and they did the same thing, and haven't heard from them in a while. So typically it hasn't worked out well for people that have, maybe like ... I guess what I'm saying I'm doing here is like how to just ... And I have been talking about it and walking it through the process of being honest about it, and saying that shit's getting fucked up.

Patrick: I just gave Ryan back my car. You know what I'm saying? Like he had, when I worked for him, I'd had a fucking badass Maserati and everything like that. He'd let me use like a company car or whatever and I'd pay him the note on it and everything like that. It was nice and made me feel good. But I just went and gave it back to him. You know, so no car.

Patrick: So, but I don't really need too much, where I really need a car anyway. I got my mind on, you know, bally at in about two months when my lease is up here. So you know, shit's going down. It is what it is. Fuck though.

Kat: It's the all in thing.

Patrick: Yeah, what's more important to me is the end treasure that's there. That I know is there, and that is there. I mean honestly, I'd rather have some different shit anyways.

Kat: Exactly. It's just exactly like that meme you made with the plane flying off the cliff. Like, most people wouldn't be willing to go through it.

Kat: Like the crazy thing, I used to wonder what is the worst thing that could possibly happen if I would run out of money, and if things didn't turn around, and it got down to where I had like, eight, nine cents in the bank. Then I would always end up making a few dollars to just, kind of keep my head above water. But sometimes I couldn't buy food, or anything like that. And it was always like, just can you get through that one day? And sometimes it was like, I think I'm gonna be done after this day.

Patrick: Yeah.

Kat: But I remember, I thought "Okay but what's the absolute worse case outcome?" And for me, it was move back in with my mom and dad. And I'm like, alright well that's not actually like the worst fucking thing in the world. I'm sure I'll start acting like a bratty teenager after like three days, 'cause that's what happens when I stay with my parents. But it's not gonna kill me.

Kat: So then, it was kind of like acknowledging that I'm not gonna ... Like you're subconscious mind, or your nervous system is screaming at you that you're gonna die.

Patrick: Yeah.

Kat: And so that's why most entrepreneurs flake out. Because they can't handle the emotional pressure, and they can't handle the nervous system pressure. Having this nervous system response that says you're about to get eaten by a lion and a tiger. Like that's a hormonal response.

Kat: When really, it's like if I totally hit rock bottom it would mean living with my mom. And then I would just get pissed about that and then I would go sell some shit. And either way, I'm gonna make it. Right?

Patrick: Yeah.

Kat: So then kind of go, oh why am I letting that shit get to me then? Like, can I get through today? Yes. Do I believe that I'm ultimately gonna make it? Yes. So, keep fucking going. But most people?

Kat: That's why we say one percent within the one percent. Like I know for a fact, like only 0.001 percent would put themselves through what I went through emotionally.

Patrick: Yeah.

Kat: Or what you're going through now.

Patrick: True. Yeah, and then you get stuff and you get so attached to the stuff that you're, that people get scared. And they're so secure, and they get scared to let it go. You know, and in order to get back to the big picture or to get to that next level.

Patrick: But I think about the same thing you think too. I've been thinking of like options too. What's the worst that could happen to me? I'd have to go back down, 'cause I'm from the trailer park. So I have to go back down, and live with my dad.

Patrick: You know, I'd have to go live with my dad. Which I also think, what's something that I would do as a very high level, once I make it? Once I'm living this fucking life of my dreams. You know what I'm saying? Once I'm like able to go and do anything, and live anywhere, and travel the world like I want to. Which is exactly what I'm gonna do no matter what, in three months when my lease is up.

Patrick: I'm really just here because my lease, I have to stay here till this lease is out. You know, then I'm gonna get. Who knows, my lease might be fucked up. Sorry Travis, but he's on the lease with me.

Patrick: But me and him are kind of like going hard together. He's on the same journey. And he's just pretty much like "fuck it". He's got into this as well. Riding on him doing well as well. So it's all good, it's not like I'm totally alone on this thing. It's always good to have a friend, but I think like "What's the worst thing that could happen?"

Patrick: Right? And then it's just something like, if I went down to my dad's and had to stay down there for like a month. This is something that I would most likely, my higher version of myself. My higher level self who's achieved this, this is something that he would probably do. Anyways.

Patrick: Maybe I'm having a good time overseas, and stuff like that. And I'm kinda like, missing the states a little bit, I'm want to just come back and chill with him for like a month. You know? Just post up and just see him for a month. It's probably just something I would do.

Patrick: You know?

Kat: Yeah right.

Patrick: It's just something you would fucking do.

Kat: I mean all the fear, reactions, and emotions it's all based on real shit. Like when money's not coming in, that's a true and real thing. But if you put that aside and you come back to what you know is true inside of you, like you fucking know who you are and that you're going wherever you want to go. And anything that you've ever decided to do in your life and you actually meant it, you have already achieved.

Kat: And even like, what I said on that video today. Like you've literally helped people make millions of dollars?

Patrick: Yup.

Kat: And it's just continually putting aside your own ... Like for those who don't know, 'cause you might see this if you go to Patrick's sales page anyway, but it was Patrick's, not idea, but he helped me get out my idea. And actually express it properly, to launch my inner circle.

Kat: And my inner circle clients know this. But that's like my highest level thing. I actually said in that video, that it makes hundreds of thousands of dollars. And then when I awoke I was like, hold on. It's on track for a million dollars per year, from one stream of income.

Kat: And that was something I'd been trying to bring to fruition, actually since 2013. And I've had a few iterations of it, which just weren't right. And then I got gun shy because I felt like, I just don't fully know how to ... Like I know the vision of what I want, but I couldn't actually get it out of me. And we were sitting on the couch one time and I just was like "Man this is ... I kind of want this, but I don't know."

Kat: And he's like typing away doing his thing, and he's like "Oh well you should just ..." I don't know, I wish I could remember what he said. But, blah blah blah blah blah, something something something. And I just remember sitting there going, "How the ... What? Yes, that's exactly it."

Kat: It was like you read my thought. Like that's ... You've got the skills is what I'm saying. Right? Like you've helped make or build a business that makes five million dollars a year. These are, like I'm not just sitting here trying to talk you up.

Kat: But it's more like, when you feel like "Well what if the worst happened?" Or "What if this or that?" It's like, wait. Look how much I'm already helping people and can help people. It's a done fucking deal. And you'll go through whatever you've got to go through. If you go through some short term period, alright you get rid of all your stuff and it's just you and the camp chair left, you'll probably be happier anyway.

Kat: You'll have the freedom you want to move around the world. And like, it doesn't matter. None of it fucking matters. Whatever's going on right now. Like a year from now, you're gonna look back and be like "It was all worth it".

Patrick: Yeah.

Kat: And it'll be so worth it, because then you can help the people you were meant to help, because you can actually understand it. Like I can understand all that my clients are going through, 'cause I actually went through it. And I was prepared to go through it. Same thing.

Patrick: I'm trying to like, enjoy it right now. That's my big goal. You know?

Kat: Right.

Patrick: I want to enjoy it right now. I want to savour this, and hold onto the moment. And hold onto these moments that I'm here, and learn as much as I can while I'm in these moments. You know?

Patrick: Learn as possibly, as much as I possibly can. Experience and feel, and remember as much as I possibly can from these moments. 'Cause once I cross over the line, and it breaks open for me and you know people start buying my stuff then, you know. My big thing is like, how am I gonna feel after that happens?

Patrick: You know, I'm gonna feel great. I'm gonna feel great, but I'm also gonna be transforming, I'm gonna also have transformed into something else. You know, and it's gonna be just ... I don't know. I don't know how I'm gonna deal with that.

Patrick: That's one of my deep thoughts right there for you, if you will. So.

Kat: I don't think you change. I don't know, like I don't think I've changed. Like my surroundings have changed. I don't think I'm any different to who I was years ago. I think you remember.

Kat: But also because you are actually talking about it openly now you'll just be able to watch your own video advice.

Patrick: Say again?

Kat: Because you're actually talking about it while you're going through it, you're documenting it. So you're not gonna forget because you're gonna have the videos.

Kat: But I don't think you forget. I don't forget any of that stuff. I can remember all the feelings and the emotions of it. And sometimes I think maybe I take having money for granted, or like the kind of [inaudible 00:23:00].

Kat: Like that I never look at prices anymore. Sometimes maybe I take it for granted, but not really. Because I do still, very frequently have moments where I'm like "holy shit", like is this even real? Like how is this possible, it's really only been, you know, a small handful of years since it seems like an impossible dream. But then I always ..

Patrick: You've been doing this fucking shit for like 20 years.

Kat: 20 years, how old do you think I am?

Patrick: No, I'm saying like you been doing this since you were like 10. Since you were like one year old.

Kat: One year old? Actually it was three. But, thank you.

Patrick: There you go. Yeah. Rounding up.

Kat: But I was making money, but I was not holding onto the money. I was in debt, and you know. I was bottoming out. I sold my house that I owned. And that like, make like 30 grand profit on that, and that just disappeared. And then I sold my Audi, which was like my first nice car, an Audi '04. And I loved that car so much, and that money disappeared. And then I sold my little Chinese share portfolio, that I had from my 20s when I was trying to get serious about wealth, and then that money disappeared.

Kat: And then I was even trying to sell shit on Ebay, but back then I didn't have like Channel purses to sell on Ebay. I had things that I was selling for five dollars. But it was really like, every little dollar counted. And then I would go and buy groceries, and I'd get like 30 dollars worth of groceries and I would go through the checkout. And I would never just like, check my bank account because I couldn't handle the fear.

Kat: So I'd just go through the checkout, and basically pray that the card would go through. And sometimes it would, and sometimes it wouldn't. And you just keep going one day at a time, but even though you'd feel like "what if it never works, and what if I'm crazy?" And what if, all the stuff that you think, that everyone thinks.

Kat: But then when you put all that emotion aside, you go back into your core and you go "but I do fucking know though."

Patrick: Right.

Kat: Like when I get out of the drama, I know. Like I just fucking know. It's not up for discussion. I will keep picking myself back up again, until I get there. And then ...

Kat: Now I'm so fucking grateful for all that. And I do remember so much of it. I'm so fucking grateful that it's over. But I'm so fucking grateful I went through it. Because it made me so strong. Like I feel like, I have such high levels of resilience and tenacity and those are some of the most important characteristics for us. For entrepreneurs.

Patrick: Absolutely. And you know I think ...

Kat: It is what you said. Like embracing it now.

Patrick: Well, you know, the think is too, is that I say all this stuff to you and then you just make me think too, that like I've already been here before. And I already overcame. And I'm already pretty much hacked this stuff, you know. Just by being able ... Just like I remember the first time that I actually sold something. Because whenever I first started working with Ryan, it was like he found me.

Patrick: 'Cause I quit my job at the car dealership right? Went through a bad breakup, and it just made me realise, fucking life isn't for me to be putting all my happiness ... It isn't meant for me putting all my happiness into somebody else. That's kind of what kick started, and had me first say "fuck it all". You know?

Patrick: And so I quit my job at the car dealership. I just walked in and it ... This was such a big moment in my life. That I didn't even like, have the questioning or anything like that about that. There was nothing that would've made me stay there. You know?

Kat: Yeah.

Patrick: This is like such a earth shattering thing to happen to me. I guess I was like, I guess I must been about 26 or 27. And it was just, I had put all my chips into this thing, you know? And thought I was getting engaged and this stuff, and like that you know? And then it came crashing down.

Patrick: And I found out she was married to some dude in prison. Long story short. But it was, I just put so much stock into this thing you know? And then it just fucking like, came crashing down. And that was when I first saw the reality, kind of like shift. You know?

Patrick: And I saw this for what it is. And once I started like picking back up the pieces of everything, I just realised like, it's not supposed to be like this. You know? It's not supposed to be, to where I give other things power and control of me.

Patrick: For example, job, security, things like that. And I really just, really, really saw that. Like about a week or two afterwards, you know, after we had called everything off, and everything like that. And I just remember it clear as day. I was just like, immediately started selling all my shit off. And started to trim up. And I started to figure out ways to get out of there.

Patrick: I mean I was not gonna stay there very long, but I eventually, it just... fuck it ...

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Hi. Chill mode. Okay, all right. Okay. Welcome to the live training. It's snuggly chill mode. Hi, Caroline. Hi, Amber. Hi, Diana. Hey, Allison. Hey, Caitlyn. Hi, Amy. Hi, hi, to everybody. Let's go share this live stream over. Hi, Julianne. Hi, Tiffany. I'm super in chill mode. Do you know why? I'm in such a zen place, like literally, the hotel I'm at is insanely zen. It's so pretty. I'm going to go do yoga after this. It's very needed. I'm thinking about it already. I'm getting myself in the yoga mode.

I'm super chill. I'm especially chill right now because of my cosy clothes. That's all I have to say about it. I feel pretty and pajama-y and feminine. I am feminine. I don't know. I feel extra cosy, and it's making me feel kind of zen. I'll show you my whole outfit. It's Alo. I love Alo yoga gear. I want to be sponsored by Alo. Somebody tag in somebody who's like super high up at Alo because I think I should be an ambassador for Alo yoga. What do you think? I'm going to do Mercedes, obviously, Chanel, and Alo Yoga. I think I'm going to get my own fashion brand is coming as well, which is, wait till you hear the name for that. Holy shit, you're going to die.

Look at this cosy outfit. How cosy am I? I'm cosy as fuck, and it says something on my leg. Hang on. Do you think I can do a standing head to knee? Probably. It says mindful movement. I don't really care what it says. I just felt in need of cosiness, so I just went and bought some more cosy clothes, because also, my clothes that I'm wearing, I'm going to have to find somewhere to wash them, or I could just send them to hotel laundry. I'm sick of wearing the same clothes all the time. Whatever. I was going to have a nap, but then I decided to talk to you guys instead, so here I am.

It's not even that peculiar at all. I was thinking about the title of this livestream, and actually, there's ways that people appear to command a lot of money online. They appear to, they appear to, they appear to. It appears as though they are by largely doing soulless things that kill the souls of souls, and also, it looks bland and boring as fuck, but basically, they just tell you 89 reasons why they're an expert, and then you buy the things. We're not really here to talk about that, and we don't really buy things from those people. And besides which, for every million dollars that they make, 50% of it's refunded, and then another 20% goes to, no, 50% maybe affiliate phase, and then 20 more percent in refunds because, as Frank said the other day, they bought it when they were in a psychosis. They weren't actual fans and loyalty members, they were buying from psychosis.

My dad's on the livestream. Hi, Dad. Did you see the copy of ... Dad, did you see my picture that I put up on my personal page of my book that I was reading just now in the garden at this hotel? Did you see it? Go and watch it. You should have seen it because I tagged you in. You can't watch a picture. Well, you can look at the picture. Anyhow, so I'm not really here to talk about that, but I suppose the title of the livestream could be deceptive in the sense that well, there are some ways that people command a lot of money online, which is basically talking shit and lying about stuff.

Did see the picture. I had to buy that book when I saw it in the secondhand bookstore just earlier. I was like, I've got to buy that for Dad, but then I'll read it myself. But it's really funny. I forgot how funny it is. I only read it several pages in, and then I turned it into content, but I'll read the rest of it later. The peculiar thing is, and I was thinking about this as I sat in the garden not reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, although I did read it for a short period whilst eating my lunch, such a good, funny book. Then, I was sitting there, and I was just musing. I was just musing, musing, musing, and I'll send it to you? How rude. I'm going to read it myself, and then I'm going to take it with me to Bali.

Maybe after I come back from Bali, I was telling Mom yesterday ... Everybody else can just hold tight for a minute while we have a family discussion, I might come to Melbourne, actually, in the start of May. That's what we'll do, we'll come to Melbourne, except not before it gets too cold, so definitely at the start of May. I'll bring the book then. He's so funny. I feel like I want to sit here and read, the book's right here. Why am I talking about it without showing it? It's literally right here. No, you don't want me to come to Melbourne? Everybody, my father just said he doesn't want me to come and visit. I think he is saying no to something else.

Should I read you a short passage? Fuck the livestream, let's read the book. That'll be way more exciting. Look how good it is how it starts. Okay, the text is backwards, you're going to have to deal with it. "Some unhelpful remarks from the author." I mean, if that's not the very best sentence to start a book in the history of books, then what is? I ask you, as an author, how could you possibly top that sentence? I'll read it again, "Some unhelpful remarks from the author." It's a little disturbing how I've gotten so much more animated and excited about reading somebody else's content than speaking about my own content that I was about to speak about.

Mandy, I'm just having a book reading here with my dad. The book is The Ultimate Guide to the Hitchhiker's Galaxy. It's just so funny. Let me read you one page, okay? Then, I'm going to tell you about how to make all the money. That's the easy part. He meant don't read the book, send it to me. Well, no, I'm not going to, but I'll bring it with me in person. I could send you a photo of each page as I read it, or I could just read it aloud on livestream as my moment, and day by day, everybody would be happy with that.

"The history of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is now so complicated that every time I tell it, I contradict myself." Me too. "And whenever I do get it right, I'm misquoted, so the publication of this omnibus edition seems like a good opportunity to set the record straight, or at least firmly crooked." I'm telling you, as I was reading each word of this, I was just thinking of my dad, and I was laughing because I thought he would appreciate that line, "setting the record straight, or at least firmly crooked. Anything that is put down wrong here is, as far as I'm concerned, wrong for good." I don't know, and then he talks about not being particularly drunk, "we're just talking of a mild inability to stand up straight."

There's just so many good lines in here. I could just read you the whole book now, but you're going to have to find it for yourself. I got it secondhand in a bookstore here in Santa Monica. I have been wanting to go into this bookstore every time I come to Santa Monica, and somehow, I've always mistimed it, and then it's closed. I walked in there today, I thought I'm going to buy a journal, a journal. You understand the concept. There was no journals to be had except for ones that look rather like something I would buy a teenager who I didn't like very much, so I didn't buy the journal. Then, I moseyed around the shelves, and Eckhart Tolle jumped out at me from the shelf with his, I'm going to say, very boring voice that he does have. Never read an audio book by Eckhart Tolle. Well you can't read an audio book, just don't do it. You'll fall asleep.

I saw the book and I said, "Well, this book is obviously the reason I have entered into this book haven." Clearly, it was speaking to me from the shelf so I grabbed it [inaudible 00:08:34]. Then I went to pay for it. And as I'm standing there paying, my eyes rose above the counter because there were incredible quotes from incredible authors and crazy people throughout time. Which, if you're familiar with the idea of an author, then author, crazy person is very interchangeable, as you know. So there was a fabulous picture up there which is on my Instagram Story now and it was just required that I take a photo of the picture. And it was something about how we must continue to write and stay drunk on writing in order to not die of reality, or something along those lines. So I asked if I could take a photo of the thing, of the graphic on the wall. But as I was lifting my eyes to take the photo, here's what happened: I saw this book sitting on the bookshelf behind the register and then it became incredibly clear to me that the only reason I had entered into this bookstore and possibly into Santa Monica itself and probably into the United States of America ... I'm sorry everybody who came to my [inaudible 00:09:33], it clearly wasn't for you. It's clearly in order to locate this book.

So, you're up to speed now here we are. So I was going to tell you something about making money online but I think you got the whole story anyway. But I'll say whatever comes out because it's roughly how the situation goes. What's peculiar about it is that it's not fucking peculiar at all. I just wanted to use the word peculiar because I was in a weird sort of fugue state as a result of the book and the garden and the zen-ness of this hotel, which I'm pretty sure, when you walk into this hotel, and then you stay for any number of hours more than 24, you become part of the hotel, which is definitely what's happened to me now and you're actually in a time warp. And right now I'm in 1947. It's evident to everybody. I know somebody might try to argue that point based on the fact that I'm live on Facebook but remember that I can bend time and space so just figure it out amongst yourselves.

So that's why I wanted to use the word peculiar. I was being birthed [inaudible 00:10:31] from many different places. I don't really know what else I might say now. It is like the Hotel California except it's not. It's not at all like the Hotel California. But it is and I think I should come and live in this hotel for a year, actually. And I will write all manor of fabulous things and there are very interesting people. And here's how I know how interesting they are: they have the most fabulous, unusual, unheard of, peculiar hats. All the men downstairs. Now, if you missed my Instagram Story, what's happening downstairs is there's no bar. You just bring your own bottle of wine down there and you sit in leather and old world charm. And they will deliver to you some food from another restaurant. But there's no bill, there's no checks either. You never sign a check for anything. You just feel like ... I was gonna say halfway house, but not halfway house, like a halfway house for very wealthy, discreet people but I don't know ... Well, it's halfway between worlds not halfway between rehabilitation back into the normal world. We wouldn't really want to rehabilitate back into the normal world anyway, which is pretty much what is happening in this space.

So you sit there and there's many men who clearly are in a 1947 sort of a vibe themselves. And you can tell this from their hats. I've never seen such hats, especially on so many people. Especially who look like relatively young and well about town and not unattractive, shall we say. Let's not go too far down that pathway in case my dad's still on the livestream. But it's just a very curious situation. And then what happens is you just kind of [inaudible 00:12:19] into the energy of the whole thing and then you become very 1947-ish yourself and then you start wearing full body pyjama suits throughout the day whilst walking around the hotel carrying your bottle of wine and carrying a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ... Oh, he's still there, good to know. And, that's okay. And of course and Dad will appreciate this, but everybody might, but [inaudible 00:12:46] the rest of you anyway. Oh and by the way, there's an actual key. So that's how you really know that it's very ... You would love it here, actually, Dad. Let me find what I was going to show you.

Right, so, you walk about the hotel in your pyjama day wear, you're carrying around your bottle of Henri Penfolds Shiraz, actually which my amazing clients Cliff and Marty gave me. Vintage. You wouldn't walk around this hotel without carrying around your own bottle of vintage wine. I mean, who the hell do you think you would be? You could, of course, cloak yourself in the quilt of the bed. I feel like it would fit in more with the whole situation. And you must be carrying a copy of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with you, under your arm, at all times. It's the kind of hotel where you wouldn't dare to go anywhere without carrying several books. So these are some of the books that I carry. I have other books. I have really quite an unreasonable number of books that I travel with considering that it's travelling and you've gotta carry suitcases around.

I just realised the floor in the entire system. This lightly coloured jacket doesn't fit with the picture. That will look much better without that. And then, as I was saying, you would also be carrying minimum three Montblanc pens. So there's a total of about eight thousand dollars in pens right here. Dad will appreciate that a lot. He gave me my first Montblanc pen when I was 18. I also have three more Montblanc pens right here in this room. I'm literally travelling around the world with 20 thousand dollars worth of pens and a vintage bottle of wine and several night books and about 12 books, several journals and about 12 books, and possibly an unnecessary amount of Christian Louboutin's. Although, I'm not sure that there's anything such as an unnecessary amount of Louboutin's.

What were we supposed to be talking about? Can somebody remember what the title of the conversation is? But I'm sure that whatever it was, I'll link it back to what I'm on about. I feel, I feel, I feel like I should show you some more of my Montblanc pens but I can't quite remember where they are. So you're gonna have to deal with it. And by the way, I want to be sponsored by Montblanc also, in addition to everything else I just said. So, now I feel that you understand just a tiny little bit of the situation of what happens when you enter into this hotel. You're in a kind of very fancy ... it's not like a normal hotel. You don't seem to pay anything, although I'm sure my bank would argue with that when I leave here. There's a phone over here that looks like a phone, which I know might not seem like much of a noteworthy statement, in and of itself. However, when you look at the phone, you'll understand what I mean. And then, there is in fact, a dog over there in the corner. I don't know if you see him. I mean, I feel like this tells the whole story of the hotel.

And so, what would happen, I would imagine, is that, if you were any kind of serious writer, which I purport to be at times, you would move in here for a year and not speak to anybody in the outside world. And you would just sit in the downstairs library, with your own wine, and have more wine delivered to you, and more pens. And you would just write many things about many things and that's roughly what I'm going to do, except for the fact that I gotta get on a plane back to Australia tomorrow night. But I shall be back here. Or, I've thought about this. Fuck, the wine's leaking onto the bed quilt. I've thought about this and I think I'm gonna come back and I'm gonna get a house that's basically the same as this hotel and just gonna recreate the whole hotel into a house. And a full-time butler. It's become apparent to me that I can't leave anymore without a full-time butler in my life, but it's gonna need to be some kind of magical butler because I don't want real fucking person hanging around all the time, how annoying that would be.

But yet, and I left this on an audio message to Linda Doctor this morning ... You do need to be here, Allison. It's actually extraordinarily selfish that you're not here because how is that autobiography gonna get written? But you could channel the energy of it, I suppose. I did leave a message to Linda Doctor this morning that said, "If I don't have a butler," this is for real. "If I don't have a butler, Linda, then who's going to bring me my coffee in bed in the morning? Who?" She didn't answer because it was an audio message, not a phone conversation. So I'm still waiting on that answer cause I assume that she's sleeping right now in Bali. So my dilemma is, I can get a housekeeper to come in and clean the house every day if I had my own house, but I think I'm just gonna travel more anyway. And then they're not gonna be there when I wake up though, so who's gonna bring me coffee in bed? This is kind of why I have to live in hotels, and if you look throughout the history of time, and also James Altucher, which is really my marker that I use of time as an author, is James Altucher ... most authors and writers at some point, of any kind of credibility, have certainly lived in hotels because we all know that we cannot take care of ourselves and basically choose not to.

So now I'm going to talk about the peculiar truth about making a load of money online. But do you think I already did and I was just tricking you the whole time? Because actually I'm acting like I'm rambling all over the place and I pretended I forgot my topic. Ah-ha, got it. Mostly I do forget my topics. But, in fact, I was making a very important point. Exactly, everybody seemed to love hot shower for Fiona because this morning she had to go and get her own organic coffee. It was very traumatic and I'm feeling the trauma and sadness of that moment right through my whole body. I'm a very empathetic person and it's just kind of coming into me. Of course you would cry about it. Were you getting your period? Because that sounds like something I would definitely do if I was getting my period, is cry about having to get out of bed to get my coffee. Sometimes I cry because I have to roll from one side of the bed to other to reach the phone in order to order the coffee. See everybody's sending you a love hush, how you should definitely live in a hotel in Southeast Asia.

I'm gonna live in this hotel and then I'm gonna write about many realms that I'm moving to and out of in this hotel. But I meant reams of paper, about the people in the hotel including, but not exclusive to, the men with the hats. Because I'm very interested in these men. There's a high amount of men with hats in this hotel. They are hats that have definitely not been seen in this era or space at all, which is how I know that when you come into this hotel, you are indeed transported back to 1947 and I feel myself melting into that world. The hats definitely don't ... I can categorically say that is those men leave the hotel and go into downtown Santa Monica, I'm quite certain that the hats are not part of that situation. Because the hats, much like the leather and the charm are old-worldly and other worldly and so the magic comes out and that's roughly the point of my story.

The point of the story ... We already established that there was nothing peculiar about it and I just wanted to use the word peculiar. I can't take selfie with the men with hats because yesterday I got gently admonished for live streaming, although they called it v-logging, which I found a confusing word ... for live streaming on the back patio because apparently there's all the celebrities here and they don't care for the live streaming. And I was pretty, mildly triggered by the fact that they didn't include me in their description of wealthy celebrities who stay at this hotel. I was kind of like, "But I'm a celebrity." And then I was like, "But maybe you don't know that." And then I went into frenzy about making viral video content so everybody knows I'm a celebrity. But anyway, it was the most lovely way of telling somebody off that you've ever encountered because after they tell me off, they sent me a free double espresso to my room and it was the most delightful thing ever. And then, I don't know, they brought me a fillet mignon so I mean, what else am I gonna say? I just feel like there's nothing else for me to say.

So, peculiar is not a thing. It's not peculiar at all. You know sometimes, and this is going to be an upsetting thing to hear, sometimes people watch my live stream and they don't like me. Or they think that I'm quite rambly and that I don't really get to the point and they get annoyed about me. I forgot about this because I don't focus on it and I don't really care either way. Of course I want them to like me but I care more about my message and my truth is what I mean, right? So, in that regard, I don't care. I did forget about it and then sometimes people are kind enough to tell me and remind me and actually let me know that people in Facebook groups, that are not cool Facebook groups, clearly, talk about me in outraged terms because ... I'm gonna say my real reason ... because they can't figure out what the fuck I do and how I make so much money by not talking about anything and doing nothing but doing everything at the same time exactly like Deborah and Corbin said the other day, right? Never. How could they not like me? It's mind-boggling to even consider.

I had honestly forgotten about it and then a client said to me, "Kat," ... You know, that she was impressed with my mental fortitude, that I don't let it get to me how many people talk badly about me online. And I was like, "Oh, do they?" And she was like, "Oh yeah, all the time." I was like, "Oh, I thought everyone loved me now. I've moved on from that." I was like, "Where are they? Send me their names. I shall send them flowers and then I'll go around and cook them dinner and I'll sit them down and I'll kindly explain to them why I'm a lovely person." But I really couldn't be fucked so instead I just write a vent-y blog post about it I think, or not, either way. Here I am and I'm talking about it now.

They don't like me because they ... If people don't like you, here's the deal about that ... If people actively don't like you in a way where they feel the need to talk about it or to say something to you or to have an energetic charge about it, whether they talk about it at all ... And now I'm going serious ... It means that they see themselves in you, they're triggered, right, because you're a mirror showing them all that they're not being. If they just didn't like you and care for you and they just thought you were kind of like silly or boring or whatever, then they wouldn't be talking about it to the internet. They would just mosey along with their day. But if they're gonna talk about it ... Thank you, Amy. I appreciate that and I'm sending you back love. Thank you so much. If they're gonna freaking talk about it, then that means there's an energetic charge around it, which means they're triggered as fuck and so just keep on shining your freaking light [inaudible 00:23:50] and don't worry your pretty head about it, is basically the answer.

I'm doing the most fabulous vagina stretch right now. You don't need to see it but I'm preparing for yoga. Fuck, I forgot my dad's on the live stream again. Sorry. I apologise. We'll just call it an inner thigh stretch.

So, anyway, what was I up to? Did I actually start? Did I say anything of importance so far? I think I'm doing a live demonstration of my entire point of the title of this live stream. Do you really want to know how to command money online? Do you have any idea how to command money online? Of course, you do. But whether or not you're doing it is another fucking thing entirely. I better not yell, they're gonna send somebody in just to send me a free double espresso and tell me off for being noisy. Maybe I should yell.

Alright, Amy actually nailed it and she knows me well, or fairly well. I suppose we could know each other more well. I suppose that next time I come, we should hang out on livestream together but we have had many deep discussions over the course of one fabulous evening in New Orleans and some other discussions. So she says, "Love you in your full on performer mode, both Emmy and Oscar worthy." That is the entire fucking point of how the money is made, isn't it? It's stepping into the performer, the story teller, the little girl who wants everyone to shut up and watch her do 40 million back flips ... Okay, that's my daughter.

And same thing, right? It's being rambly as fuck. It's embodying whatever energy's coming through you for that day. It's not having some kind of rule inside of your head that if you wanted to sell, for example, I will like to sell you the replay of my high ticket with super ease sales workshop, which I did yesterday. Now, if I was another type of a person, meaning not this one, or if I was thinking that I can't just be me in order to make money and make sales and that sort of thing, then why would I be rambling the fuck on and spending like 30 minutes painting the picture of the energy of this hotel? I would be sitting here seriously telling you about how important the high ticket sales workshop was and all the interesting bullet points. The bullet points, you understand, the bullet points which you must go and read about and then you should buy.

Instead, while I want you to buy the workshop cause it's freaking amazing ... I'll drop you a link about it. I'll do it now cause I'll probably forget otherwise. And I may or may not talk about it, but either way, what I'm gonna do for sure is ... I'm gonna drop the link because I'm gonna get super distracted and not do it otherwise. What I'm gonna do for sure is I'm gonna let whatever comes out, comes out. Not just on this livestream but in every blog I write, in every photo I put up, in everything I say or don't say, I'm literally just going to allow what's inside of me to come out and then I'm gonna share it with you and the freaking strategy of how I do that is, there is no fucking strategy. 99 percent of what I do is mindset, one percent is strategy and would you like to know what the one percent of strategy is? Would you send me a love hush shower if you want to know what my one percent strategy is? Okay, the temperature's rising in here with the power of this livestream. Send me the love hush shower. I apologise that I didn't switch the screen but my shirt says "Moon child". I'm still doing quite the glorious hip stretch down here. You'd love to see it, I suppose, if you're interested in seeing bendy things but it's not necessary.

Okay, so, as I said, 99 percent is mindset, one percent is strategy and the one percent strategy is the strategy is mindset. Okay, I stole that one from Reagan Hilliard. I don't know if she got it from somewhere else but she used to say about her and I that we are 90 percent mindset and 10 percent strategy and the 10 percent strategy is the strategy is mindset. And I was like, "I'm taking it further." It's 99 percent versus one. And thank you Reagan. Alright, so, I don't know. I suppose I have some strategies and things. I suppose I have some ways that I do things. Exactly, Amy, it's being me. But it's being all of me, right? I suppose you could go to this ... okay, I just loved my own comment. That's embarrassing but I did it by mistake. I was trying to pin it, then I loved it, but now it would seem rude to unlove it because is that like an act of anti-self love? I don't want to do that. So I'm gonna keep loving my comment. I'm gonna leave the love there. I'm gonna own the loving of my own comment but don't think too badly of me. But maybe, fuck it all, I love all of my own comments from now on.

I suppose if you went to that offer and you read about ... or you go onto my blog post from this morning and you read all the comments that people put up about how amazing the workshop is because I asked them to put them up. But I just asked them like say what you actually think and they said it right? Then you'll go to the sales page and you'll go, "Okay, she's gonna teach me strategy and then teach me exactly how to come up with an offer, how to sell some shit, how to write sales stuff, how to come up with your investment stuff on how you sell on Facebook Messenger and blah, blah, blah." I'm already talking about the strategy side of things. But yes, there is a process. There is a way to reverse engineer the how of what I do to have a multi-million dollar business online. The how of how I come up with office, the how of ... I forgot the rest already. Basically, it's all mindset. That's all you need to know.

But, no, I do break it down a little bit, for sure because I think about where people are at on their journey, where they're maybe not fully embodying who they are and they don't fully have stepped into the level of confidence and just certainty that I have. And so I break it down and I go back in time to my journey to what I would have wanted to know and so this is the way I teach my content when I'm teaching in my trainings. But every fucking thing leads back to mindset in a really big way, which you'll know if you're on that live training yesterday when we began the high ticket sales workshop. And, anyhow, none of it would fucking work if you weren't just being you. None of it, not a single thing.

However, however, however, when we talk about this conversation about being you, what I think a lot of people are missing ... Here's what I think ... what I think a lot of people are missing is this. People think that if I put some shit up online that is me ... Okay, I nearly just threw this but it's quite heavy and I could probably break something and it seems an unnecessary way to emphasise my point. People think that if they put some shit up where it's like, but that is me, that is my truth, if you go read my shit on my wall, like that's what I believe or feel. Cool, cool. But are you saying the scary bits? Are you saying the embarrassing bits? Are you saying the really vulnerable war shit? Are you sharing like the bat-shit crazy stuff that your besties know about you or your partner or whoever the people that's close in your life? Are you sharing your vulnerabilities? Are you sharing your so-called flaws or struggles or things that you feel you would have done differently? Are you sharing stuff that makes you feel like you're exposing your soul? Or are you just sharing like, "Here's my way of making money online" or "Here's what I freaking eat for breakfast" or whatever it is?

You've gotta share all of it. Being you is not just being the parts of you that are the easiest to present to the world like oh I can do a photo of me in the right lighting where I look fabulous with a glow that Chanel itself could not bestow upon me. And then I can with truth say, "this is me" and it is but if I don't also do, for example, this morning, literally, the Instastory sitting in bed looking kind of unseemly, I must say. When I re-watched it, I was like, "that's mildly horrific" and it's probably only how I felt. No need to tell me if you were horrified by it also. If you don't show that as well, then who gives a fuck, right? Like have a really hot photo of me for my profile photo. I think it's hot. No need to tell me of that either, if you don't. But I do. I really like the photo of myself in my red pants and I'm like styled up and it's from a professional photo shoot day. In my profile photo on this page and my other Facebook page. And it is the real me. It's an unedited photo, actually. I think I just put a colour filter on it to make it pop more but it's my actual red pants that are there that I think I'm actually going to wear this evening when I go out also.

It's the actual real me. It looks like the real me. It is the real me. But if I don't also show the sitting in bed me, having coffee in the morning, no makeup on, you know when you've just woken up, then I'm not actually being me. It's also not a rule day. You gotta do Instastories sitting in your bed in your pyjamas with no bra on. But why would you not if you have a message coming through? And then, at the same time, if I'm gonna share some powerful truth about how I had an epic result in my business life and I'm like, "Yay this is how I make millions of dollars." Cool, cool. But if I don't also share the shit that didn't work or the stuff where I felt that I embarrassed myself or my so-called scrubs then nobody's gonna follow me and care, right? So being you is being all of you to your audience.

When I turned on the livestream today, I was like half am I gonna turn it on? Yes or no because I felt like I might like to have a lovely meditative nap and then I thought, "I'll turn it on." And I was gonna talk about energy or some such thing and then I end up talking for 30 minutes about the freaking hotel vibe. Well, my mind, in the back of my mind, is thinking people are gonna leave this live stream cause you're not getting to the point. That's what I was thinking, right? People are gonna leave because you're literally just going on and on about men in hats and old world charm and freaking Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and they're like, "Okay, we can handle this for two minutes, Kat, but when are you gonna tell us how to make the monies?"

But instead I just kept going with it, wherever it went, and then have a conversation with my father in the middle of it and then jump up and down and do whatever I'm doing and basically just giving myself permission to be me, fully right? Now on another day, I might not be rambly at all. I might be hard hitting. Or on another day, I might be really introspective. On another day, I might be way more silly. I can be so silly sometimes on live streams. By the way, the ones where I'm crazy silly and inappropriate and often times people ask, am I buzzed? Like am I having wine or something? I'm not, right? I actually am like a more slightly down version of myself when I'm drinking wine. So if you see me when I get really silly and hysterical and inappropriate, that's when I'm like in a super flow line and I'm just giving into it.

But either way, it's about giving into it. It's about giving into who you are. And fuck the rules and fuck what you should be doing to build a following or to get sales because I'll tell you one thing for sure, throughout all of the history of time, powerful leaders, messengers, performers, leaders, entertainers have gained a following by standing in their truth and being the light that they were brought here to be. Not by building a fucking Facebook page or a funnel, right? So those things are fabulous. It's the cherry on top. You can have that as an addition. Why would you not? I will use all the tools that are available to me and that suit my purposes. However, make no mistake, people don't follow you because you built a funnel. They don't follow you because you got a professional photo shoot. They don't follow you because you have a launched system going on. They don't follow, they definitely don't fucking follow you because you do it the way all other entrepreneurs are doing it. So pretend you don't know any rules. Pretend nobody told you. Pretend that it was literally about sharing your energy with the world. How would you do that? Huh?

That's all. That's all I have to say about that. I have many things that I would like to vibe into me this afternoon. Energetically primarily. And I'm gonna go do yoga and I think I'm gonna go to Soho House in Malibu and drink some fabulous wine and look at the sunset and then who knows what else will happen? I'm sure I'll post and share about it. But I think you could think about that. What if you knew no rules? And what if the whole thing that you were thinking to do was share your energy with the world without knowing how would you do that? How would it look? If you genuinely had faith and knew that you gotta make the freaking money cause you decided to and you knew the answer was to be all that you are, what would be different right now? Go journal on that shit and vibe it into you. Send the intention that it flows through. Integrate it through you.

And then, go to That's me. I am the show just in case you're not clear on the brand name. That show is me. It's happening all the time. This is it. Everywhere. Always. Whether or not you're watching it. or ... and get in on that, because there's like two days left before it's closed and ... that's fucking freaky. Okay, something weird just happened on my search history. I'm not gonna tell you cause it would be an uncomfortable moment for everybody. Fine, I'll tell you. No I won't. Maybe in another post. I'm gonna also give you the link to today's blog post. You're going to be so happy to read this, if you've not read it yet. If you've read it, you'll probably be supremely happy to read it again. It's called ... it felt like somebody was talking here ... the post is called They Will Come to You Like Bees to Honey and Then They Will Buy: Here's How. You must read this post! And then at the end of the post, you will see my call to action which is also for the high ticket workshop which began yesterday.

It's a seven to however many fucking days it goes full course. It will go until it's done roughly, give or take. You can read about it on the page, clearly. But also on the bottom of the blog ... where has this live stream gone? Has it disappeared off the face of the internet? Okay, the one I'm on? No. Here's the blog. At the bottom of the blog, you'll see my call to action and you'll see a load of comments of people of how they've thought of the workshop so far. Okay, go do your thing. Get your energy on. Share your energy with the world. Give yourself permission to be all that you are, not just the bits that you think are fucking presentable because the only way that you're gonna call in your true bat-shit crazy soul people ... Thank you for being my bat-shit crazy soul people ... is by being bat-shit crazy yourself; good, bad, random, ugly, crazy, messy, all of it. You are beautiful just as you are. All of your mess. All of it. All the inside out stuff. Bring it to the world. Don't forget. Life is Now. Press Play


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Kat: Just get some more attention. All right, we've figured this system out. This is how I want it to be. I'm extraordinarily upset that I had to stop a livestream in the middle of it.

Kat: Let's wait for the peoples to come back.

Kat: Yo, are you back, or are you new? Back, Haley's back. Eight people are back. Imagine some of the people didn't come back, how extraordinarily rude that would be. I suppose it would mean I didn't put on a good enough intro.

Kat: Much better, we can see. Yeah well, I'm happy to roll with all things. Look how chilled out I am, I feel like I'm super relaxed ... do you feel like you really like this hotel knowing it's not weird anymore?

Ash: Yeah.

Kat: Yeah. Last night, we got here, and we were like, what is happening? It's so weird. There's no bar, firstly, which I found to be a disturbing and unsettling problem. And these keys, like keys that look like this. I'm pretty sure this hotel was transplanted from your land, Lia Steele. I think that's what happened.

Kat: But, you know me, I'm like freaking trendy as fuck, everybody can see it. Super classy. And so, a friend recommend that I stay here, it's a quaint old hotel in Santa Monica. And it's not a cheap hotel by the way, but when I got in I was like, this is not my vibe, I am so leaving this place tomorrow. Kind of musty and fusty.

Kat: But then, when I woke up this morning in my quaint room, I thought I was in 1847. And I felt like, this might be the most relaxed I've ever been in the world, in my life.

Kat: Lia says, "You're fucking welcome."

Kat: And so and then, I went to yoga and did other things. And then I came back and I was like, I think I'm falling in love with this place, it's very zen, but in a non-zen way. In an English-y sort of a way.

Kat: No, I'm not bleeding. Thanks. Nope, that's not part of it.

Kat: Secret garden, hopefully nobody comes into this garden, 'cause they're going to hear a reverence. It's not that secret. But, you should go and watch my Instagram story and see a tour of my room. It's very unusual, it's a whole unusual situation for me. It took me some adaptation.

Kat: So, speaking of adaptation. Speaking of adapting to things. You know, I just decided that I really don't care to wait for the normal things and the normal ways of life, and of people. Because actually, I'm pretty sure the normal ways of life, and of people, are basically complete fucking bullshit, and that we all just bought into a scheme of rules that may or may not make sense. And at the end of the day, the way to know if something is real and true, is does it feel right for you.

Kat: So, if you feel like, 'Meh, I just think I want to wait X designated period of time that's apparently socially acceptable before I change my body,' or make a fuck-load of money, or attract the exact romantical love connection that I want, or shift any other freakin' thing in our life, then why not just start to choose that you're not going to buy in to that belief system.

Kat: So you know, I've been experimenting with this process of living life since before time began, really, I've always. But, I just feel like over the past little while, and specifically on this current trip that I'm on in America, I've going to a whole new plain. A whole new plain of realising that I can get results, I can allow in results, I can receive results.

Kat: Now we're getting serious, leaning forward. Oh, okay sorry Maggie, it's the thing not actually bleeding, it's when you go places and time bends. I do that all the time, but I've not heard the expression bleeding relevant to that. I am constantly leaving time and space, and I just, I call it superflow or fugue state, it's a bit of it, but I'll read the rest of your comment later, half of it's cut off, but I'm very interested in this. Tell me more about it, if you like.

Kat: Yeah, I've just been accessing higher levels of more magic and superpowers, and just kind of deciding how things get to be, and deciding that there's actually got to be no specific timeframe or framework of how that should be.

Kat: So, the specific example, which I did right about ... I can tell you lots of examples, and ask me the questions. Ask me the questions, let's make this an engaged interaction. Ask me anything that you want to ask me about accessing superflow, accessing superpowers, accessing magic.

Kat: This is not woo woo mystical shit, by the way. I mean, I think that's obvious. And nothing wrong with that, 'cause everything's mystical, and anything is mystical and nothing is mystical at all. What I mean is, I'm not talking about some voodoo witchcraft, nothing like that at all. I'm not remotely aligned nor either interested in black magic.

Kat: Anyway, but I believe that we all have powerful white magic, if you want to give it some sort of name, which I don't really. But, I just did, apparently. I just, okay my point is, I'm literally just talking about accessing the powers that were always available to us.

Kat: So, Lia says, "Hell yes, shifted everything in under a day here." Tell us more about that Lia. Tell us about it, people want to know your story. I want to know the story.

Kat: So yeah, it's more like, questioning the frameworks and questioning the ways we've been told things are. Which is, I think that's not new information to any of us, right? We're freakin' entrepreneurs, we question everything since before time began, as well. And that's just normal. But, what if you went to an even deeper level of questioning. Every next, I guess block or limit that came up for you, that you then questioned that also. And what if you completely didn't even know any of the rules or laws of how it's meant to be.

Kat: So, the example I'm going to give you is to do with my abdominal area. I know you're going to be fascinated by this, but really though, really. I'm trying to be a smartass, and then I'm like of course they're going to freakin' fascinated by it.

Kat: I love how Brandon comes on and always announces himself here like a slightly breathless person arriving at a wedding and feeling a little bit embarrassed that they were slightly late. That's the vibe I'm getting anyway. So, everybody tell Brandon a word that has the words O-U in it. Please write in the word honour, or favourite with an O-U. What's another word with an O-U in it?

Ash: Colour.

Kat: Colour. You can choose the word of your choice. Please type in, Brandon I honour you, Brandon you're my favourite, Brandon please change the colour of the filter, or another O-U word of your own choosing. The reason is he appreciates it and we appreciate each other, and so we like to do nice things for the people that we appreciated.

Kat: So, fabulous ... Kiana, I thought you were just saying this is fabulous, so it's like thank you, I thought it was quite fabulous as well. Then I realised that, no you weren't as well.

Kat: [inaudible 00:06:52] exactly. Lia, you understand. Kiana, you understand, of course you do. You are my people.

Kat: So, anyhow, I supposed I could tell the story. Might only take me two or three live streams and 7,000 minutes, but we'll get there in the end. And we'll certainly get there before 2:00 PM, 'cause I've got to do the high ticket sales workshop at 2:00 PM.

Kat: Ash, why don't you drop the link for the high ticket sales workshop? There's a real person sitting here, you guys, I'm not just talking to space and pretending that I have a team.

Kat: Everybody knows it's fab-o-lus. What the hell is that?

Ash: [inaudible 00:07:18]

Kat: Can you drop the link?

Ash: Yeah.

Kat: I don't even want to talk about the high ticket sales workshop. I won't talk about it, but it does start in less than an hour and you should go and get your place. Or sign up whenever, and get the recordings. And it goes on going, on going until we're done with all the content is roughly how long that we'll go for.

Kat: Superflow and super [inaudible 00:07:35] have high ticket sales, he'll put the link in for you now so you don't miss out.

Kat: But anyway, let's talk about my stomach. I know you've been waiting for that moment. And then, we're going to apply it to all the things.

Kat: So, I wrote the other day, about how on this trip I've been eating way more things that I ... I don't want to say crap or shit, or something like that. But, I've been eating a lot of foods that I don't generally choose to not eat because they generally do not serve me, and foods that I typically in the past have understood would cause me to gain weight.

Kat: So, for example, I had spent pretty a whole week in Florida eating rice and beans for most of the week, which is not my normal diet at all. It's a very [inaudible 00:08:11] week. And then, I was eating a lot of Mexican-ish food in Texas as well. And a lot of potatoes everywhere, and I've been eating sugar most days when I haven't really done that for a very long time.

Kat: And so, long story short, I work a couple of Monday mornings just gone, and I was like, what is happening. My stomach was not looking the way that I care for it to look, I was kind of puffy and I had gained some belly fat and some body fat. And the next day was going to be my event, my one day San Diego soul shift, so my only American day. Which was little as fuck by the way.

Kat: And not that I had the idea that my clients would ask me to leave if I showed up a little less lean than what they expect me, 'cause I'm pretty sure they'd be okay with it. But, and also not because I have felt like I'm not good enough or not happy.

Kat: This is an important point to notice and understand, if you want to do magic, do you want to do magic? If you want to do magic, type in 'I want to do magic', except that sounds boring. So, type in something like, aha. Or could be, I love hot shower, obviously.

Kat: So, it was not that, it was not like, I need to be lean for tomorrow because of my event, and otherwise I'm not good enough or I don't look good enough. I let go of all that shit, I continually release that shit. Release it from my body. I will teach you about that, right.

Kat: Ah-fucking-ha. Exactly. That's exactly what I mean, Brandon. Aha, yes. Yes. Magicians everywhere. Magic me the fuck up. Indeed I will, indeed I will, and indeed you can do that for yourself at any time.

Kat: So, it wasn't that. It was just, that I looked in the mirror when I felt a bit stodgy, you know when you just feel a bit like things are sitting in there that you would really prefer not to be there anymore. I went to the gym and I was like, well I just felt like a bit blah. Not my ideal feeling. And I just thought to myself, I actually don't care to choose this, I would prefer, I would like to or prefer to have my abs back, thank you very much, is basically how I felt about it.

Kat: I didn't have a neediness around it. It wasn't I need my abs back to be happy or to feel good, it was ... oh, that's an interesting comment. Don't read it. Do not read it. Do not click the link. Do not come and learn from me about superflow, tens of thousands of dollars sales like magic. Unless you want it, in which case done. But, you can do it after. We have time. We have time for all the things. We expand time.

Kat: So yeah, I was just like, this is what I want. I just like when I have my abs looking a certain way. I was so freakin' puffy everywhere, and it wasn't just fluid, I'd gained body fat. I gained a small amount of body fat, maybe a couple of percentage points. I know how to read body fat like a motherfucker. If I look at you in person, I will know to the pound exactly how much you weigh and what your body fat percentage is. It's a magical trick based on the science of the fact that for 13 years I freakin' measure people day in and day out, and so I can eyeball it and tell.

Kat: And I'm always right. Even for some of you mystical people who have light weighted bones, I still get it right. I know it's an important act, which I probably don't use this skill and talent as often as what the world would really desire or require for me to do, so I'm sorry about that. But, if you'd like me to test it out on you then just tell me when you see me. You may not care for me to do that to you, but I'll be doing it anyway on an unconscious level. It's not like I'm writing it down in a little book, I'm not like writing down exactly how much everyone in my Perth community weighs and what their body fat percentage is.

Kat: Caitlyn says there's a problem with the link. Can you read the comment that Caitlyn just popped up, I can only read half of it.

Kat: So, anyhow, I'm getting there eventually. If you want to know the magic, you've got to be prepared for the magician, which is me, to craft the story out.

Kat: What's the question?

Ash: There's no question, but the link works.

Kat: Just reply back to Caitlyn's comment with another link. But the link anyhow, is the

Ash: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Kat: Do you think I could hold my hands out like Moses for the entire rest of the livestream?

Ash: Yes.

Kat: Ash has fantastic faith in my medial deltoids. He says, "Yes."

Kat: Oh, no problem with the link. Okay, I was just assuming.

Kat: I feel like I want to do it now. Because, I really appreciate the faith in my doubts.

Kat: Anyhow, oh we could do some flexing. Okay. I don't know what I'm doing. What's happening, why am I in such a bizarre mood? I've been in a bizarre mood all morning. I woke up and sent the most irreverent giggly little girl audio messages to Linda Doctor, about 30 minutes worth of them as well, which was a little irreverent, I think, to expect someone to listen to that much of your shit. But, she replied with grace and fervour, and sent me back a good 16 minute long audio itself.

Kat: Anyway, so yeah, I basically decided, I'm going to change this. I'm going to change it now. Because, I just want to have my abs back. And literally over that 15 minute workout ... can you join in on what video? The live workshop? Of course. It's going down at the top of the hour. So, 2:00 PM here too, which is soon enough, that I probably should be thinking about getting to my point here so I can get upstairs to run it.

Ash: Put your arms back up.

Kat: Sorry. Ash just told me to put my arms back up. What happened if Moses dropped his arms?

Ash: I guess the Israelites all drown, don't they?

Kat: Get your freakin' bible passages sorted.

Ash: Everyone drowns.

Kat: It wasn't to do with people downswing, was it?

Ash: I don't know.

Kat: Was it to part the red sea?

Ash: Well, yeah.

Kat: No, it was to do with the tabernacle.

Ash: I don't know.

Kat: Google it. We grew up in church. Our grandfather was a preacher, how can you not know this stuff? This is terrible, this is embarrassing for everybody.

Ash: It'll be embarrassing for you if I'm wrong.

Kat: What's spaghetti got to do with it? My arms are becoming more toned by the moment. Imagine if this was the new livestream game, you'd have the most insanely amazing arms in the world.

Kat: Manifest go ditch your body fat, do it then. Show us your abs.

Kat: All right. So, I literally watched my body transform itself in 15 minutes. Now, of course when you sweat and workout a little bit, you lose some fluid anyhow, right.

Kat: Eminem was not there with Moses, I can say that with certainty. But, it's an interesting suggestion.

Kat: I guess I can't really be certain, because if time and space doesn't exist, then anything could be possible. That's definitely true as well.

Kat: Okay I feel like I'm getting my arms a little bit tired now, but it's become a point of pride and ego, for sure. In a moment I'll stand up and show you my abs.

Kat: So then, yeah, I like fully got my abs back and my whole body shape-shifted. Not in a weird devils advocate sort of way, 'cause those shape-shifters were scary as fuck, but it's a great movie and you should watch it again.

Ash: Oh, you were right.

Kat: I was right, what does it say about Moses?

Ash: During a battle.

Kat: During a battle. What happened? What if Moses is Eminem?

Ash: I don't think he is.

Kat: Can you just read the fucking passage out because my arms are getting tired.

Ash: I don't have the passage, but if he didn't hold up his hands-

Kat: The battle would be lost.

Ash: The battle would be lost.

Kat: But, what did it have to do with the 10 commandments?

Ash: I don't know.

Kat: Can we just figure it out people?

Kat: All right, so. Yeah so, then I wrote about it. I wrote about how I completely just changed my body in 15 minutes, in a way that should technically take two weeks, right? And I know this for sure. But then, I thought to myself, it sounds kind of bullshit and it sounds kind of made up, and I don't think people really understand the power of what just happened, right? Because they didn't see it, and they're going to be like, 'Cool Kat, you just sweat a little bit and you released some fluid'. That is not what happened.

Kat: What happened was roughly what a two week cleanse would create, right? In the normal people world who believe in the normal rules, which I use to, and I apologise for that period in my life. We all have parts of our past that we would change if we could, but I'm going to assume you'll love me anyhow.

Kat: But then, the next day I did my event with all the badasses in San Diego. They force fed me several servings of tater tots with truffles on them. I didn't know what a tater tot was. They were pretty appalled about that. It's potato gem for the Australians. Which is not a fancy Delmar food by the way, but they put freakin' truffle oil on it and pretended that it was, and required me to eat it along with several unnecessary serves of nachos and a poisoned burger. Which we knew was poisoned, because the next morning we woke up and we were dying. All of us, just dying, or at least me, and Ash and Amanda. So, Amanda stayed over in my room. We did the hilarious slumber party livestream, it was critical and important.

Kat: I hope you guys appreciate that I'm going to need a two hour massage on my shoulders after this, and it was all for you. Please send me some love for doing that as a community effort.

Kat: So, Amanda and I wake up. We walked down to go to the gym. Well first, obviously we sat in bed for many hours and did many money making things, 'cause that's a normal thing to do when you wake up in the morning with your client in bed next to you. So, we did that, and then we went to the gym. Oh my god, my stomach was ginormous. Okay, not at all, that's obviously ridiculous. But, I was very like, reverted back again, basically. Which is evident of my level of belief, and I'm going to deal with that, don't worry about it.

Kat: Because actually what I noticed is, I believe that I can transform my body in a day, or even in an hour or two because I choose to, and I do it repeatedly. But then, I also have still been holding on to the belief, which is stupid if you think about it, that if I eat something like tater tots, I'm going to wake up feeling big and heavy. So, I'm just going to get rid of that belief because I don't find it particularly convenient or charming, I don't know about you. But, at the time, I was still holding on to the belief.

Kat: So, we go work out, we do a 25 minute workout. And by the end of it, Amanda is like, 'Holy shit, I just saw it happened with my own eyes'. 'Cause she had seen me write about it.

Kat: Look at my arms sinking. They're just going down.

Ash: Battle will be lost.

Kat: I am strong and resilient. I am a badass. I will keep my arms up if it kills me. That's kind of cheating.

Ash: No, well, Moses had rocks placed under his arms so he could hold them up until sunset, so you can cheat.

Kat: That's bullshit. What?

Ash: Yeah.

Kat: He said that Moses had rocks placed under his arms. That's not holding them up at all, that's just casually lounging. That undoes the entire story, if not the entire bible. That's just casually lounging around with your arms ... what, is that a true story?

Ash: Yes, are you questions the book of Exodus?

Kat: Like, a little rock or a big rock that he could just lounge on? How is that then? How is that a work of effort or resilience? Fuck it then, I'm putting my arms down. I've been let down and disappointing.

Ash: When Moses hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it. Oh, and then two people held up his hands.

Kat: So, when Moses got tired, he just gets a lounge chair and some people to hold his arms up.

Ash: Yes.

Kat: This changes the dynamics of the entire story. How did I not know that? Obviously, I just selectively choose what I want from history. I know people are going to argue whether or not that's history, keep it to yourself. I don't care right now. I'm telling my story.

Kat: So anyway, Amanda was like, 'Holy shit, I can't believe how much your stomach just changed in 30 minutes'. Or it was even a 25 minute workout that we did. And then we took some Instagram stories about it because we are here to serve, and that's all. So, if you require them, I can send them to you. It was extra special because I had an apricot coloured sports bra on and Amanda had apricot coloured, I suppose you could call them peach, shorts on from [inaudible 00:19:46].

Kat: And so, we were diagonally in unison, which made the whole thing a vision from a visual standpoint, and we didn't even plan it. So, there's many things that go in to the magic, as you can see.

Kat: Anyhow, I don't feel like I need to demonstrate my stomach for the purposes of the story now, but I will anyway, because it's always good opportunity to show off parts of your body on Facebook. We all know that people like to see bits of your body, it helps the views go up. Or in fact, as Frank Hearn told me yesterday, one should always livestream with a throne and a sceptre if you want a load of viral video. And I said, "Frank, I'm all over that shit. I got my throne and my sceptre." In fact, he stole the idea from me, so if you see Frank Hearn sitting on a pink throne with a sceptre, I gave him that idea but I'm happy for him to use it.

Kat: So, anyhow, there's my stomach. It looks rather stomach-y, I supposed. It's still a little puffier than what I actually am going to require for it to be by the end of today. There's bits of it.

Ash: [inaudible 00:20:43]

Kat: There's a little bit of definition there. So, there's a little bit of puff going on there.

Kat: By the way, nobody needs to tell me I don't need to worry about my puff, 'cause I'll worry about whatever the fuck I want. Except, I'm not worrying about it. Not worried at all. I'm observing it with curiosity and interest.

Kat: But, what you've got to understand is that when I went in to [inaudible 00:20:58] yoga this morning, it was a whole different situation, you guys. It was a completely different body. And actually, quite noticeably so, much more than any other situations throughout this period, because basically Frank Hearn, who I spent the last two days with, provides many snacks in his offices, and they're very mucho fabuloso. And I ate definitely more than my fair share of them. I was eating donuts, packets of ... vegan donut, which makes it okay.

Ash: [inaudible 00:21:32]

Kat: Whether or not I'm a vegan, but I only eat vegan donuts, because I'm very healthy. And potato chips, and many candy bars, because the driver that he sent to pick us up and take us back had a candy bar box in the backseat of the fancy car. And it would've been rude to not eat the candy, clearly. And then many other things as well.

Kat: And I'm mucking around, but this is a really true and real thing. And oh, by the way, I'll fully shift this by the end of today. I'm going to go to equinox later, and then I'll post a photo if you want, or not, whatever it doesn't matter.

Kat: But, let me just play out some beliefs here, because I still notice areas where I'm allowing this process to only work if I have certain things in place. So for example, I know fully believe and know I can change my body in a day, or even in an hour or two, but I indeed create some rules for myself. Did you notice the rules, yes or no? Type in what little silly rules I created for myself if you noticed them.

Kat: Because of course the next iteration, is that there's no rules, and no requirements, and no conditions and that I would just decide it in my head without getting out of my bed in my fancy little quaint hotel room. So, I'm want to see if anyone can catch watch these rules were.

Ash: [inaudible 00:22:43]

Kat: Aha, did you learn something else about Moses?

Ash: No, I found what I was looking for.

Kat: In life?

Ash: No.

Kat: He found what he was looking for in life. Send a love hot shower for Ash, he has found his answers.

Ash: Who's doing the accounting work?

Kat: He's doing accounting work. Is that what you were looking for in life?

Ash: No, no, definitely not. I don't think anyone is looking for that in life.

Kat: Why are you doing account anyway, is it mine?

Ash: Yes.

Kat: Okay, that's fine then. I'll allow it. They're sending you a love hot shower anyway, it's because they feel bad for you, rightly so.

Kat: Are you guys not even going to give me ... like you're not interacting here a part from laughing at Ash, or have you got something to say about what I just said?

Kat: What time is it?

Ash: 1:33.

Kat: Oh, we have much time left. C'mon, where's the comments at? Can nobody guess what my limiting magic beliefs were, even though I did amazing magic and I can post you the photos. Oh, no I can't, 'cause we only took after photos. I've got to remember to take before and after photos one day of this, because it's quite phenomenal.

Kat: But then again, I could just share like, for example, the 300K in five day story, which I shared a month or two back and turned it in to a whole workshop, because why would I not monetize a story.

Kat: You guys are just commenting bullshit, you're not actually sharing the answers to my question. I don't even know what that comment means.

Kat: So, I had to start talking quieter because somebody else came out here. But, it's not just this area, right. Okay, I got distracted because I started to think about whether I should monetize the abdominal thing, and why would I not?

Kat: But, my point is, it's only to the level of your belief. It's always to the level of your belief.

Kat: Magnetising relationship magna. I definitely did some magnetising freakin' magic around relationships of light, which was basically to do with being fucking truthful and getting out of my own way.

Kat: Buffering, Brandon was buffering, as a person, because that's an interesting concept.

Kat: My voice changed because somebody else came out and I felt bad 'cause i was being kind of crazy, 'cause it's super quiet serene garden, and I don't want to disturb somebodies space. I should put my earplugs in, 'cause then even if I'm talking quietly, you can fully hear me. Let's do that.

Kat: Why is nobody answer my question? Were you so interested in my arms and what was going to happen next that you didn't listen to the point of the story? I'm going to tell you now anyway, 'cause now I'm getting grumpy that you didn't answer.

Kat: So, if you listened to what I said, I basically have learned how to change and shift my body in like an hour, right. And in a really real way, not you know like, yeah you dropped some fluid sort of way, in a way where it's like that is not supposed to be like that. That doesn't work. That doesn't ... okay, I didn't see your answer. Maybe I've missed some comments. That doesn't fit within the realms of what we've been told is true and real.

Kat: But, where my limits were ... and I'll be curious to see those comments afterwards, I will be checking, is obviously I still had a thing of like, like this morning I was like, I've so got to go to yoga. But then again, I truly just desired to go to hot yoga, I certainly wasn't going to try and shift my body. But, it was more that that was still there. It was like, oh well by the end of this yoga class, I will have completely shifted my body and released it of all things donut-y, and potato chip-y and snacks. I was going to say inserted in to me, but Frank Hearn, he didn't actually force feed me snacks. He just laid them out bountifully though and it felt rude to not eat them all day every day.

Kat: And then that happened, but there was still the rule around the yoga thing, right? So, it wasn't even a rule, it was more just like, a condition that I bought into without questioning it. So, I started to notice it. And I'm still noticing, 'cause even today like I just said it 10 minutes ago, I said, "Well, I'll go to the gym later and I'll fully shift it then."

Kat: It's not actually that I think I need to go to the gym to shift it, it's more that I'm using that as a marker. I'm kind of like, that's my marker, like my reminder to myself or something along those lines. But yeah, what I noticed is, how can I tune in to an even greater level of magic on this stuff, right. How can I just make it that anything I decide is done in that moment, it's not done ... like the old paradigm is, it's done based on if you do certain things that the world essentially would teach you to do. Like, oh if you want to change your body, the very least you're going to do some kind of fast cleansing detox thing. Like some people have said they can change their body in two or three days, others are going to say two or three weeks, unable to believe 12 weeks for one girl, whatever.

Kat: And people would probably say yeah, it depends on your starting point. I'm like, yeah, but it depends on your level of fucking belief, all right. That's actually what it depends on.

Kat: So for me, it's come down to I'm like, I use to always believe in you know, two to three days, and it was true. And now, I believe literally one to two hours, and it's true. And it's like you can visibly see your body shifting, almost like you're on a movie editing thing and you're carving that thing up like a freakin' face changing sort of situation, right.

Kat: And now, my next iteration that I'm consciously stepping in to is, no it's not based on one to two hours. It's not based on whether or not energy. It's not based on any of those things. It's based purely on belief, and choice, and decision, right?

Kat: Same with the money stuff, because like I did the 300K in five days, which was a cool little story and I did a workshop about it back in roughly the end of January.

Kat: And so then, it was like, okay but I have these conditions in play. So, I was in superflow and then this was happening, and then this was happening and then this was happening. And it's like, cool cool that's awesome, but actually, there's no freakin' rule that I got to go to Bali and do these certain things to get into superflow in order to access that, it's also just a choice. So, I feel like it gets to be a continual thing of looking in it. Well, where are we putting conditions on ourselves? Maybe our rules and conditions are way cooler, and more badass and more ease and flow orientated than what the rest of the world would say. But, can you release that anyway?

Kat: And then, how about this. What if I stepped in to my next belief, which I am now choosing, of just 'cause I would eat donuts, or tater tots or potatoes every freakin' day, which I have been doing. No, it really is changing, and that's why I told the story about when my friend and client was with me and she was like, 'What the fuck? How is that even possible?' Or she wasn't, she wasn't questioning it because she believes in magic. But, she was like, 'Wow, I just fucking so that. That was crazy'.

Kat: Bodies one example, only out of many though. Money stuff. Saw my clients disappearing out of nowhere. Situations in all areas of life just turning around. I have endless stories on this and it's all stuff that I would of created anyway, but it's with a higher level of flow and ease. And it's getting to where it's faster, faster, faster, the more that I choose to believe in magic, the more I get results super fast with superflow and super ease in all areas, and complete shifts in situations where it's literally like, how the fuck did that even happen, right. In all areas.

Kat: And then now, my next things that I'm practising for myself, is that there's no conditions required, not even my own ones. And that also something like a previous belief that if I eat these certain things, I wake up feeling heavier, or I wake up feeling bloated, or my body shifts, or if I eat them for longer then I actually do gain body fat, that I let go of those beliefs as well.

Kat: So, it's literally like, I'm not going to wake up bigger if I ate this stuff, and then I'm going to shift it, no. That's cool, that's more magical than not, right? But, the next things is, I always just get to decide my results regardless of what I do or don't do, which is exactly how I do things in business with money. It's like, this is how much money I choose to make, these are the sort of some of my clients who signed up for my inner circle, this is how things operate, these are the sort of team members I have, these are the sort of men in my life for example if you want to look at other areas. This is how I interact with my friends, this is how I get treated when I travel, just all these different things that previously has some sort of conditions or kind of things around them where I thought I have to do certain things in order to get to that point.

Kat: Where over time, I gradually got to where I'm like, oh no, it happens 'cause I decide it, right? And so continually shifting and experimenting.

Kat: How do you let go of those beliefs? The first thing is that you decide, right. The first things is to decide to believe in magic, to decide to believe ... you don't have to term it that way either, it's actually just deciding to question the beliefs that have been conditioned into you because who made the people that taught you these things, God right? Like who says that that's real, that that's how the world operates. Who says that two plus two equals four? Who says that anything takes any amount of time or any amount of effort? It's all a reflection of faith. With faith, you can really move mountains, and that's a true thing, right.

Kat: Time is irrelevant. Exactly, because who actually defined and measured time in the first place anyway? That is not a thing of the galaxy. That's a thing that a person did, or some group of human people, over time. Right? And we've just all gone like cool cool, this is what a unit of time means because somebody once said so. And then, cool cool, here's what you can do with that unit of time because somebody once said so, and then they try to and spin it on somebody else and somebody else. And now we're just walking around accepting this shit, why? Right, that's what I'm saying here.

Kat: I'm just saying, create your own freakin' rules. Decide how you want it to be. I know it sounds like, depends on where you're on your journey, it could sound crazy. It could sounds bullshit. It could sound so made up. It could sound too good to be true. I'm not asking you to try and duplicate my faith, I choose my faith, you choose your faith.

Kat: I'm just saying, what if you started to question shit, right? What if you just started to think, I didn't like that one, I didn't like that belief, I don't really want to wait that long for that result, I don't feel good about it. I think I'm going to choose to believe in a different way. I think I'm going to test that out.

Kat: And then as far as the how around that, it is deciding first and foremost, and just choosing that that's how it gets to be. And then the how, the strategy is, well what would you be doing in this moment in time in your life if you believed that, right.

Kat: So, for me with body stuff, like I look at my body in the mirror when I'm in yoga or whatever I wear, I'm like, oh I'd prefer to shift this. This is not my ideal choice for myself, but I'm not standing there going this is bad, or wrong or it makes me not good enough like I would of used to years ago. I'm like, it just is. It is what it is and that's all it is. I can choose to shift it or now, either way, I'm still complete, and whole, and perfect in and of myself. I am not my body. I am not my income. I am not the people that are in my life, and so on and so forth, right.

Kat: Cat ninja, got to save some clip. Let's check that later. Thank you, whatever it was. I can only read half the comments, they chop off on the phone.

Kat: And then, yeah so, it's kind of like, it doesn't work if this neediness is attached to it. If it's 'I have to do that or else, or have to do that to be validated, or to be good enough, or to be worthy,' that's just not going to work, right?

Kat: So, it's about getting to a point where you fully love and accept yourself as you are. That's been huge practise of mine over the past year, and it really is true. Like, I'll look at my body when I'm not, you know, when it's not in the ideal state that I want it to be or could be something that's going on in my business or personal life, and I've kind of had this weird thing of where I'm like, well this is not what I desire, right? This is not what I expect so this is going to just need to change because I know that I get to choose all things.

Kat: But, at the same time, I'm completely detached from it. I'm like, be the way I'm totally good, right. Either way, I'm completely [inaudible 00:34:04], completely safe, completely whole, completely in love, completely happy, so I'm grounded no matter what. I'm not looking at a situation and being like, oh my god no that makes me this or this, or what are people going to think?

Kat: All right. So, all of that stuff is part of the practise. The other part is deciding, like I said. And then the other part is believing, and belief is a practise as well. But I guess one thing that you could try is if you want to practise believing, it would literally be well, if I did believe at this level, if I had this level of faith, then what would I be choosing right now?

Kat: So, in that moment, in that class, instead of the girl of me from 10 years ago who would of been feeling annoyed, ashamed, worrying about how people are perceiving her, other things that are not positive or uplifting, instead of that it's just complete acceptance, complete certainty, complete happiness and flow anyway, and then simply practising the belief. That's it, it's holding the belief.

Kat: And from a practical point of view, what do you do? Well, you do whatever the fuck you're called to do. You go to the class if you're called to, you don't go if you're not called to. You sell something if you're called to, you don't if you're not. You message and share whatever's coming out of you, you don't try to message and share something that you thinks going to get you an outcome, right. You say the actual stuff that you're thinking to the important people in your life, and so on and so forth.

Kat: So, this is a topic that I definitely could talk about for ages, and I'm sure I will continue to write about it. I did write about it in a very rambly weird sort of way in today's blog post, which is on this page, it's called How to Discover your Magic. It's here on my Katrina Ruth business page and it's over on my personal page also. Go read that if you would like to dive in to more of my rambly magic musings.

Kat: And go to We are going live in how many minutes?

Ash: 16.

Kat: 16 minutes, it's happening. If you can't join us live, go sign up anyhow. You're going to get the replay. You get all of the content for life. There's going to be ongoing content interaction support, it's not a one time workshop, it's like a mini course or a [inaudible 00:35:58], or something like that.

Kat: But, what you should do is go to Read all about what I'm actually covering there. It's a lot more than simply teaching my sales process and business strategies. There's some really cool shit that we're diving into. Everything that you really need to know to be that person who people just want to give money to, including the mindset and the magic of it as well by the way, which is the intention setting, the inner game side of how I attract such high levels or so many clients who just want to pay me, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff besides.

Kat: So, I'll see you there or I'll see you on the replay, have an amazing rest of the day. And don't skip, life is now. Press play.

Kat: And Ash has something to say to you to sign off, it's very important.

Ash: I balance the book.

Kat: He does a lot more than balance the books, but thank you for that profound moment.

Ash: Didn't have anything else in my captcha.

Kat: It's because he's balancing books that his soul has been a little bit deflated in the past 10 minutes. Why are you doing that? Let's pick somebody else to do that. All right, bye bye. We got to go.

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Hi hi, good afternoon. Check it. I don't know what that is, it's some of the side of the road. Some side of the road situation here in, wherever it is I am. Near to Selano Beach, Rancho Santa Fe, just left Del Mar and I'm going the place where you gotta go when you need to get into the flow and grow. I'm just in a silly mood, it happens. I can't help it. Lizzy Towers, what's up? Shout out to the amazing Lizzy Towers. I'm so excited. Can I tell the story? I'm gonna tell the story. I want to write about the story and put it on my Facebook. So, Kelly Ann, hey hey. Everybody else say hi. Oh, can anyone guess what the place is that I'm going to? Points if you guess where is the place that you gotta go when you need to get in to the flow and just grow. Well, actually you go wherever your soul tells you to go. But you probably could guess where I'm going, if you know me. You're just gonna figure that out 'cause I go there all the time. Oh, thank you.

So let me tell the story about Lizzy, because she just jumped on this livestream and it's the best story ever. Not Soul Cycle. Soul Cycle is sometimes a soul flow place, but I don't talk about Soul Cycle that much, do I? Not the beach. No, okay. I'm like, to me this is obvious. But that's probably because it's about me. So, Lizzy checked me in yesterday. Actually, back story. I'd stayed on the weekend, I decided on the weekend, I wanted to sell one more place to my San Diego event, which is happening tomorrow in Del Mar. The Soul Ships and Money Making day, which is indeed now sold out, so no need to message me about that. But, it was sold out and then two of my inner circle clients, my inner circle clients get to come along at no charge because they're in the inner circle, obviously. So, two of them, then, decided they couldn't come. One already came in New York last week, and she was going to come again. And then, I don't know, something else came along.

And then I ended up having an extra space. So, I kind of set the intention that I'm going to have that place filled, and fill that place out, obviously. And I put one post up about it, I think I shared a little video from last week from one of my clients. And then, actually, I forgot about it because I was just blocked away over the weekend doing all the fun things. Of course yoga. I'm off to Bikram yoga in [inaudible 00:02:21]. Yeah, and then yesterday I check in at the hotel here where I'm doing the event, and I'm just having a nice little conversation with the lovely, badass woman, I didn't necessarily know she was a badass at the time, but I knew she seemed lovely, who was checking me in for my room at the hotel, Lizzy.

And so I mention that I'm running an event, and of course she asked what it is, and I actually, this is something that I noticed about myself. When people who I consider are not in our world ask what I do, I actually tend to downplay it because I tend to feel like they're not going to get it. So I might say something like helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses online or kind of like a boring version of what I do. But, I ended up just answering pretty straight out, and I think I said something like badass group of women entrepreneurs who want to get their messages out there in a big way, something like helping them to connect to their message and their soul. I don't know what I really said, but it was pretty brave.

But anyhow, I went up to my room, and then Lizzy had asked for my Facebook details because she was like oh my god, this sounds similar, this sounds like something I need or I need to be a part of the community. And I told her about the Daily Asskickery, come join the group. So, she messaged me on Facebook when I got up to the room, and she joined the group. And then I went off for a little walk around town to just familiarise myself with where I am. And then, I get a message from her saying, "Hey, I saw on your Facebook the event here tomorrow has one place left. Do you still have that place available?" And I was like "Yup." And she signed up. And I was like holy shit, that is probably the best story ever of somebody finding me and taking action within literally 8 minutes or whatever it is, having never heard of me at all before. And what a fabulous story, I thought that was for so many reasons.

So, anyway, I had to share that because it's super cool. Actually, it comes down to you owning who you are, right? Like for that to happen, it's not just, obviously, a reflection on her being a fast action taker and acting from the gut on what felt what right. But for that to happen, I had to be in my energy vibe, and obviously owning my power and my energy. I rock up in my gym gear off a flight, it's not like I'm all dressed up or whatever and camera ready, but I have a certain energy to me that I've chosen to own in who I am over the past several years. And it does show, actually. In fact, even when I went through airport security yesterday, the security dude was like "Are you on TV?" And I get questions like that a lot, and I don't say that out of ego, sounds kine of like an ego thing to say I guess. But it's more to do with, yeah I freaking owned, and I do own it. And I show up for my energy and show up for my business, and show up for my message, and my art. So, amazing things like that, that was a pretty cool story.

But so many random, amazing, cool stories like that do happen all the time. And so just a little reminder to, maybe, to really press play on being the version of you who you know you're meant to be. In fact, relevant to that, Mim I'm not sure if you're on the live stream already, but Mim #KatNinja if you're there, drop the comment about the high ticket sales with Super Ease workshop now, that'd be amazing. Because relevant to that, I'm teaching the high ticket sales workshop starting this Friday, is it? I believe. And actually the pre-work starts later on today in the Facebook group. I'm teaching my sales system of exactly how I do my high ticket sales. You can read the pinned comment afterwards, because I've got some things I want to preach and teach on on this live stream today. So check that out afterwards.

But I'm teaching my sales process of how I actually do my groups that I send, I guess, in Facebook Messenger chat, when to use a script, not use a script. How I go through a process of actually signing up a client right up to the point of a single sale being over $80,000 and anywhere kind of up to that. And so I'm teaching all that to the point sales stuff. But what I'm really teaching, what I'm really excited about in this workshop beyond that, is that I'm teaching how do you be that person that people do just magnetically, are just magnetically attracted to and want to work with. Well, for me and for my clients that happens on a day to day basis, here on Facebook or wherever on the Internet, because of how we shop and people follow us, and then who we are. And they aspire to work with us and connect in that way. So then if we put an offer out there, the sales part of it is quite easy. But there's also, like the example I just shared of the story with Lizzy is a great example as well because she maybe spent a few minutes going through my Facebook, but it couldn't have been that much because she messaged me already about the workshop so quickly after I'd even met her, right?

The Facebook group link's being sent out today. It hasn't been sent yet. So, thank you for mentioning that Beverly. And, like, for her to have taken that action it came down to my energy. And in fact, that's what she said when we spoke about it later. That there was something about my vibe, something about my energy. So this is something that actually, it can't be taught from a perspective of I couldn't teach that somebody who doesn't have it inside of them and who's not that person already. But, if you know you're that person who's meant be a leader and a messenger and that you have powerful work to do in the world, and that you're meant to get it out there into the world. I can freaking show you how access that shit. So it's actually not me teaching anything. It's me helping you remember who you are, get back to who the core of who you are, connecting with your soul, and embody all that is inside of you.

So, yeah. I'd love for you to go over to, after this, go over to ... I don't know what the fucking link. Whatever the link is that's in the comment. I keep changing the link every time I say it out loud. High ticket with Super E's Workshop. High ticket sales workshop, I think? I think we should have changed that URL. It's boring. But, the programme itself is definitely the opposite of fucking boring. So, go check it out. It's a live workshop that's happening all online later this week. It's all recorded of course. You get access to everything for life. And then, there's a 7 day implementation boot camp that comes after that.

So, now though, these topic that I put down for this live stream. It's time to... what did I even say the topic was? I have no idea. Something like "wake up and live."

So, was sharing with some of my emperoress clients, earlier on today, I was teaching my emperoress programme online a couple hours ago from my room, and emperoress is a full week, one on one, intensive with private clients. Incredible, incredible work we've been doing around owning who you're meant to be and the empire they're here to create. And we were teaching on being responsible to your crazy. Right? Taking personal responsibility for the crazy dreams and visions that are inside of you. And realising that, not only you can have the crazy dreams and visions, that it is possible. You wouldn't dream it if it wasn't possible. But also that there's a responsibility to it, right? So it's actually irresponsible of you to not press play on the crazy. Which is cool.

But then part of what I was sharing with them, I was sharing with them one of my favourite quotes of my own. And, it's a quote that I came up with a couple of years ago, and it just kind of circles its way back to me pretty regularly in conversation, I guess. And the quote is, and then we chuck it on a little quote image and put it on Insta or whatever. But the quote is "No, you don't need to slow down and breathe, you need to wake up and live." And that's what I was thinking about when I decided to do this little live stream from the Uber.

So, here's the thing, right? Most people out there believe that being this kind of person, kind of like a too much person. She's too much. She's over the top. She's aggressive, wants it all, unrealistic, trying to do too much or take too much on. Most people believe think that there's something wrong or bad about that. And you probably have people in your life tell you "You gotta slow down. You gotta take it easy." It's kind of an interesting, contradictory conversation that I have around this with my clients because I literally just got off a private call, private [inaudible 00:09:34] call with one of [inaudible 00:09:36] call clients, where I was very specifically coaching or mentoring her around flowanesse. And getting out of push, and getting out of the hustle mentality, and getting out of the idea that you've got to be doing something all the time. So, there is some contradiction to this, but it's actually understanding who you are at your core. And it's about purposeful hustle, and purposeful hush, purposeful push, and purposeful doing of things. There's never anything you need to do, but there's always action to take.

And so what I know for me is any time in my life where I've bought into the story that I should take life slower, I've not been happy. And in fact, it's impacted all areas of my life. Like it's actually caused me to gain weight, or to just be kind of sad or down, or get shitty at people in my life. Those sort of things. Feel less motivated, feel less energised, feel like I need more sleep. And then on the other hand, when I take more on, but from a place of purpose and flow, I come to life. Like, I've been on this current trip here in the US for, I don't even know. It feels like I've been here a while. I come here all the time obviously, but this trip's little longer. I think I've only been here maybe for two weeks. But so much has happened in that two week period. But it's been insane super flow. I've just been having so much fun, the best time ever.

I did my client day in New York last week. I've been hanging with some of my favourite people in the world. I've got my amazing epic day coming up tomorrow. The soul shifts day. I've been in beautiful locations, beautiful hotels, and visiting friends all around the country. And it's just been a phenomenal trip, even more than what it already is. And I've noticed that I'm sleeping like 4 or 5 hours a night sleep, which is less than I, typically, would average. And I'm just waking up. I'm not using an alarm. I'm not sleeping that little because I've got shit going or something. It's just that I'm in super flow. I mean that super human state that we all actually have the ability to access any time.

And so what I'm saying or suggesting is, well who are you actually at your core and what state do you need to slip into or give yourself permission to access in order to be in your super power, super [inaudible 00:11:31] state. Where you utilising and accessing your magic, and where you're realising that energy is unlimited, time is unlimited, money is unlimited as well. Obviously, all things are available and accessible to you all the time. But what I believe is that in order to access whatever it is you desire and access your power... okay I'm at my destination. Thank you. I'm going to get out. I'm going to get out and then I'm going to finish this for a minute or two, but then I'm going to go. Thank you so much.

Thank you.


Have a nice day.

You too.

Alright. Hopefully I've come to the right place. Here I am. Just Hot Yoga and Pilates. Okay. Little shout out for that business that I've never been to before, so hopefully it was worth shouting out.

What I've realised is that in order to access that power and access that super flow, I've got to be who I actually am at my core, right? And I'm not somebody who wants to do one thing at a time, or have one fucking niche for example. I'm multi-passionate. The niche is fucking me. The niche is not I teach on success or I teach on pressing or I teach on business or whatever. And I want to do all the things all the time, but I also know and fully understand that I can do nothing at any time, right? And to me, that's what waking up and pressing play is about. It's about getting out of the story that there's ever anything that you gotta do. That's there's a right or a wrong way. That the way anybody, even someone who you look up to, whether it's me or someone else, that their way is right for you. It's about what if you gave yourself full permission to be you from the inside out, and own and embody all that you are.

So, I just wanted to come real quick today from my Uber drive and just take that time to share some thoughts with you that have been on my mind. I would love if you leave me a comment if it was helpful. Let me know. Share what comes up for you. And there was one more thing I was going to say. Yeah, I guess the big take away from that is what do you need to embody that's inside of you. And if you know that part of that is the leader inside, and you that that leader is here to make a fuckload of difference, impact millions, make millions, change the world. Then maybe now's the time to get over to my high ticket sales workshop with Super E's. This is so much more than me just showing you how I sell high ticket into the tens of thousands of dollars per sale. I'm going to give you all that, show you all that, help you to make your own process and script, and offer, and all that stuff as well.

Script is a funny word. You have to read the sales pitch to understand what I mean there. But really what I want to do is I want to help you dig into your soul and access that woman or that man who's inside of you to where, when you walk into a hotel or when you go through the airport, when you stand there in yoga class, wherever you are, that people are like "who is that?" Right? She has an energy, she has a vibe. Is she on TV? Or what does she do? Or she's interesting. Or I want to connect with her. You know that's inside of you. Let it the fuck out.

Don't forget. Life is now. Press play.


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Morning. Alright, I am here. I was just jumping out of the app to share the livestream over into my personal page in my Facebook group. So, hey, hey, good morning, happy Easter Sunday, for those who are here in the US. Or happy, middle of the night of Easter Monday and Sunday, if you're in Australia. Morning Christine. Hey Lana, what's up? How are you? And April Fool's Day. It's Easter Sunday and April Fool's Day. I thought that I put a really good message, like a really good ... Oh God, I think I need more concealer.

I thought that I put a really good April Fool's Day message over on my personal page. I'm like, people probably, maybe believe that, because I don't know, like they probably ... like I was waiting for people to agree with me and be like, "Yeah, Kat." Like some of the people who are not really my true tribe basically, who are connected with me online. I was waiting for some pompous, dad type, Internet marketer, of which I have a few in mind, to be like, "Yes, well, finally you've figured it out, or you've got it clear." I guess you can go to my personal Katrina Ruth page if you want to know what the fuck I'm talking about.

But basically, straight away my private in person client, Jana was like, "April Fool's." I was like, "Goddammit, I need to get better at my April Fool's game." Every single year, people just figure straight away out that I'm kidding. I gotta get more sneaky with it. Anyhow, I'm just heading out of Dallas today. I've been here in Dallas the last two days with one of my best soulmate people in the world, Patrick. We did a couple of livestreams together into my free group, The Daily Asskickery. If you didn't see that, or if you're not in the group, it's called Daily Asskickery for Revolutionary Fucking Leaders, because that's what it is. And, yeah, we brought some hard core truths in that group.

We did a livestream on stage fright, and showing up even when you don't feel like it. Like, if you're really just getting out there with your message, and learning how to be authentic and put your true self out there. Or maybe you feel nervous about livestreaming and that sort of thing, you should definitely go watch that livestream. It was from Friday. It was supposed to be about that, but there ended up being talk about, basically a prison, a lot of red souled shoes that we were throwing around. It was kind of like a shoe unpacking at one point, there was some discussion of bondage blogs and it definitely went all over the place. It was actually pretty hilarious, it went for nearly two hours.

So, we did that, and then yesterday we did a livestreaming on unconventional relationships and non monogyny, which is basically relevant to us. So, that was a really cool livestream that was pretty raw, and pretty heavy, like we were both whacked by the end of the day. Energetically, just kind of exhausted and actually, I want to talk about, well what the topic of this livestream is about, like calling soulmate people into your life. You're going to need to meet those shoes. I will introduce you to the shoes, don't worry. It was kind of funny, because I had some really bad ass Louis Vuitton shoes on, obviously, and then also and we were on the livestream ... And then I'm like, "Oh, but have you seen my thigh high, rose gold, sequinned Louis Vuitton's? I'm going to need to pull them out." So, I pulled them out of my suitcase, then I'm like, "Hang on, what about these ones?" So it ended up just being shoes everywhere, then they were being used as a pointing device. By Patrick, not by me.

So, I really just have so much appreciation and gratitude for the last few days with him, because, well we always have an amazing time together, but it's also just going kind of deeper and just super flow and into just, I don't know, that soul connection that you can have when you have somebody in your life who you are able to be yourself with so deeply. And where the connection is not based on, we build a friendship but it's based on, there's a soul connection there. And what I found is, like when I think about it, like when I look around, well, it's not like something I've found, that's the wrong wording. What I'm really grateful for and what I want to talk about here is, as you know, I've been experimenting on non monogamy for a while, I just haven't talked about it publicly. But we did, but thank you. I talked about it in my groups and stuff, and all my clients know this stuff, but we did the livestreaming to my Facebook group, into The Daily Asskickery group. So, definitely jump on there if you want to check it out.

It was pretty full on for me to do, to talk about that, or like to talk about the relationship that I have with him, which has been 18 months or so now, give or take. And just kind of like, we're navigating that conversation together even, let alone talking about it on a livestream, and kind of actually like workshopping it and navigating it via livestream in front of people. That was kind of full on. Like, we both fell asleep straight afterwards, in the middle of the afternoon. [Samir 00:05:02], we cannot have a video call together, I'm sorry. No, that's not an appropriate request in the middle of my livestream. But here's my point, right, and he's like why I'm exuding so much gratitude and appreciation right now. Not just for the last few days with this friend, he's very important to me, but because 100% of people in my life are soulmate people now. And it's just how I expect it to me.

So, whether it's someone that I have a romantic connection with, even if it's just a very short term thing, as opposed to something that is ongoing, like what I have with him, but also with my soulmate clients, who I call soulmate clients. I literally use that term all the time, because it's what it really is. What do you mean, is this really you? What do you mean? I'm going to block this Samir guy, I'm sorry Samir, you're out, he's blocked. What do you mean, "Is it really you?" Did you not see my livestream in The Daily Asskickery yet? But also, I drop hints on this stuff all the time about the monogamy stuff and my relationship stuff in my blog posts, but I guess it's if you read between the lines or not. And I do talk about it openly with my private clients. They know all the things, they know all the stories and all the things, and we discuss all these things, and to kind of navigate it together I guess.

Yeah, soulmate clients, but also my friends as well and actually I was half way through writing an Instagram post, that I'll put up later today. Oh my God, it's April Fool's. I don't know, this is for real, go watch the livestream from yesterday. Oh, you're hilarious. That would have been a really good April Fool's, but it's not made up. My April Fool's joke is over on my personal page, the content one, you saw it. You're so funny, no this is real. This is my real life I'm talking about. I'm talking about something I haven't talked about in a public way about before, because I guess I wasn't ready, or I didn't, like, you know, I was conscious of, I don't know, of people watching or listening to my stuff who I don't really want certain people having to see that stuff and so, kind of like hiding my messaging in a little bit of a way. But also because with the relationship that I have with Patrick, who I've just said, we hadn't talked about it. We hadn't got it out in the open. We just kind of like had a guard up there in a certain area, in a certain way, despite how long we've been in each other's lives now.

So, finally, we kind of had a big breakthrough around that and talked about it really openly and we both kind of thought that the other person wouldn't be cool with that, even though we kind of knew that that's what was happening, we were just avoiding talking about it. And then we found out we were both totally on the same page from values and alignment around that, and it was just mind expanding. And so that led into a stream of public workshop about it in The Daily Asskickery. However, this livestream is not really about that, you can go watch that livestream if you want to. This livestream is about how do you call in soulmate people into your life in an all around sense, right. So the clients, the friends, and lover or lovers, or whatever it might be.

And I just feel like why would you have anything less. But let's talk about how that actually happens. I'm actually half way through writing an Instagram post about this exact topic, so you might want to check that out later today. And I went through a period, like a lot of entrepreneurs, and like a lot of my clients, where I felt like I really didn't have any friends anymore. But even like 20 years ago, when I was finishing up school, so at 17, 18 years old, I already expected that my friendships would fade. Which sounds bad, I feel bad saying that, but I just already recognised that I was different. That I loved my friends from school, and I still have love for friends that I have that history with ... Oh, I see this question here, but I'll see if I can come back to it later, because I want to stay on my story.

So, yeah, I loved my friends, and I still have that love and appreciation for all the close friends that I've had in my life, but I always have recognised when something's just, it's not going to be able to keep going in a deep way, because you're just so different on a soul level, right. And I guess I'm like everybody here, probably in the sense that, I just can't do it. I cannot do the chit chat, I cannot do the social thing, the networking thing, the make conversation thing for the sake of it. I mean, I can have a good time with someone who I'm not like a soulmate connected person with, of course, depending on my mood. But I'm not going to pursue a deep friendship and invest a lot of time, energy and emotion if there's not a soul connection. But before I figured out how to call soulmate people into my life, basically what this meant is that I ended alone. Like, I had just let a load of my friendships fade, and I had a few close people that have stayed really long term in my life. I have some soulmate friends that I've known for even decades, so Ryan Prig is one of my best friends in the world, and he and his wife Stacy are part of my community online, or connected through their community and my community.

Their soulmate friends, Ryan's one of my oldest friends in the world, and so, that friendship certainly stood the test of time for now nearly 20 years. My friend, Leanna, Cynthia, and one of my friends who's name is also Kat, same thing. But most of the friendships faded, and what happened was I just started, and this is what I would suggest, I just started to journal on having soulmate friends in my life, and I wasn't even thinking about soulmates clients, let alone lovers at the time, because I was married at the time, and the client thing, it hadn't occurred to me. But, I started to journal on, I have bad ass entrepreneur friends who are just like me all around the world. And I just started to name and claim that that could happen.

I didn't go out on a friend hunt. I didn't try and friend date on Bumble, or Bumble wasn't even a thing back then. But I wasn't worrying about the how. And in general, if you want to manifest or create something into your life, don't worry about the how, just set that intention. And then the second part of it is, so this is the how, the first part is decide what you want, so I started to name and claim that I had these bad ass soulmate friends all around the world and in real life also. And then the second part is, you just gotta be you. How can you have soulmate people in your life if you're not fully being you and authentically being you. No fucks given, no filter, no BS, no excuses. You're just showing up as you. You're not like, "Oh, I hope that if I am cool enough that that chick's going to be friends with me." Or, "I hope that if I look good enough, or that I laugh at all his jokes, that guy's going to like me." Or something stupid like that. And same in business, right. This is really critical.

I have 100% soulmate clients in my business. My clients are bad asses who just appear into my life, typically sign themselves to work with me. They do the fricking work, they're super fun to hang with. Like I just was saying, I talk to my clients about all my love and sex stuff, non monogamy stuff, all their love and sex stuff as well. All the different areas of conversation, and all the randomest, fucked up, crazy shenanigans, and whatever's going on. I have no filter between my personal life and my client life, or my business life, I should say. Meaning they get to see all of me. I'm never worried about, "Is that unprofessional?" Or what are people going to think, because I'm only interested in having soulmate people in my life who fully love and accept me for me, right.

So, that is how it is now. 100% of my clients are soulmates, 100% of the people in my life are soulmate friends, or lovers, or whatever, and I have soulmates friends who are bad ass entrepreneurs and creative and purpose driven, all around the world. Like I just had an amazing dinner last night with one of my best friends in the world, Ryan Stuman, and his best friend is Patrick, who I was referring to earlier. That's how we met. And then one of their other friends, who I don't know quite as well, but is the same sort of person, same sort of thing. And it's like, I met all these people through Facebook. So many of my closest friends in the world I met through Facebook, which is like this entrepreneur world. It's how it works. But it's how it works if you let it. And all my female close friends who you see me posting with all the time, I met them all through this world, so really how I met them is through me showing up full authentically online. And in some cases they were clients, or all my clients become really close soulmate friends anyhow, or they followed me online, or in some cases, I followed them online, or vice versa. And we just magnetically came together.

So, whether it's somebody that I met directly through online, like Ryan, or like my friend Kelly [Renny 00:13:25] or like Regan [Hillier 00:13:26] or Lachlan [Tredoctor 00:13:27] or like any of my best friends. Or Billy Jean, who I'm going to hang out with tonight in San Diego. All people who I connected with through the online space, or Patrick was sort of through online, but really I met him in real life through Ryan. And the connection stays and goes to this level of, you can completely be yourself because it's based on soul stuff. But you've gotta choose to call that in, is what I'm saying.

So, it's about number one, getting clear on what you want. Number two, choose to call it in. And, you know, one of the things I love and appreciate about Patrick is, I know there's nothing I can say that's going to sever that connection. It's impossible for me to screw it up, and that is true with my clients as well, and with my friends, because it's a soulmate connection, right. It's a soulmate connection. So a soulmate connection means it's not based on if what I do or what they do or don't do. I said to him last week, it's got nothing to do with what you do or don't do, or what's going on in your life, or not going on. That's got nothing to do with it. It's always just the soul connection, and that's how it is with my friends, with my clients, and it goes both ways.

So, I feel completely safe to be all that I am, the good, the bad, the crazy, the random, the ugly. In fact, I know that I have to do that, or I won't continue to have soulmate people in my life, right. So it's actually not just that you can be all of you, it's that you gotta. Particularly for business, there's no other possible way to have soulmate clients in your life if you're not being fully you. And I believe that's true with men or women or whatever, whoever you want to be sleeping with, or dating as well. And with friends, also, for sure. So, the thing is though, that sometimes we get scared and we worry about, "But if I said that, what would people think?"

Now, I've long ago let go of that area in my business life, and I've had 100% soulmate clients and community members in my business for so long now, but in the romantic area, I've only come out of my marriage, just over 18 months ago and it was a period of real learning and growth. And connecting to what I actually knew about myself. Like this stuff that I'm talking about, and kind of going through a process of giving myself permission, and being like, "Oh my God, I'm crazy." And you can't, but then you can, and then you have amazing people like Alexa, who come into your life. And how people connect to you, and remind you that you actually can have what you want.

But even with this man who I've just said goodbye to and I'm heading out now to San Diego to see my soulmate buddy, Billy Jean. With him, I wasn't expressing my full truth. I was living from kind of like fear and scarcity around, "Well, what if I said what I really want, or what I really think?" And, I was just holding onto a bunch of old patterns. And how this huge breakthrough happened, which ended up resulting in the livestream we did yesterday, and now this conversation also, was because I finally fucking realised that, you know what, I'm going to tell him exactly what I think and feel. Like, exactly. The exact shit that I've said to my best friends about it. I'm going to tell him, lay it all down, and I'm going to be completely unattached to the outcome. And this is how you do it. With friends, with clients, lovers. Because I know that if I be all that I am. If I fully expressed to him who I am and what I desire, and what I want, and what I'm feeling. And that results in our connection ending, then it was never meant to be and it wasn't a true soulmate connection.

So, I'd been walking around for a year plus going, he's a soulmate, you know, there's multiple soulmates. I don't mean "the one" when I say soulmate. But he's a soulmate. I just know that, and I believe that, and I'd had enough inferences to that, but I was, "Well, maybe I'm wrong." And I thought, "Well, I'm not wrong, cause I know I'm not wrong." And I always know I'm not wrong. Okay, I'm at the airport. I'm going to put my earplugs in. Is this the American drop off here?

I want to make sure, because they've got four terminals.

Oh, I've gotta check the terminal. Okay, I gotta jump out of this livestream and check the terminal. But it ... can you Google which one's for American? Does anyone know which terminal American flies out of, out of DFW? It's a long shot, cause it didn't have the terminal on my boarding pass. Alright, let me jump out of this livestream. I'll come back in one minute. Okay, I'm back, we figured it out. Airports and multiple terminals. So, now I kind of broke my chain of thought. Oh, that's right, I figured out and I realised to myself, if I be fully myself, and if I share everything that I'm feeling and that I want, and that I want to talk about, and then he's like ... oh, okay, I'm back. Yeah, that would be that, well it wasn't a soulmate connection, right. But I knew, and I just fully knew inside of me, that it is. Just like I know, with all of my clients and with my friends.

And so even with my friends, my soul sister friends, which this is very rare that this would happen, but where there's occasionally been some kind of little trigger issue or upset or something like that, because it's a soulmate friend, you just deal with it. You don't go and bitch about it to your other friends, or keep it to yourself and worry about what this person thinks of you and what's really going on. You just express everything that's inside of you, cause you know that if you have a true soul connection that nothing can go wrong. That everything's perfect and as it's meant to be. Just to trust that everything's perfect and as it's meant to be, in all areas of my life.

Okay, I feel like we're going into some off cross country terrain here. And then with clients, also, I'm known for being really no BS in my clients. I call my clients on their shit all the time. I say stuff that's kind of shocking to my clients, like if they'll leave me an audio and I know that they're just bullshitting myself, I don't beat about the bush with it. I don't try and say that you're bullshitting yourself in a careful way, I'm just, "That's complete BS and here's what's really going on, and you know it." And so I never have to have any sort of stress or anxiety about how to sharpen my business, or how to sharpen my personal life. Well, now I've stepped into that and it's an ongoing process of cause in all these areas. It's a continued process of being truthful with yourself. And of when you notice something come up, whether you feel unsure about something, that you're, "Oh, I'm going to express what I'm feeling."

Revolutionary idea, right. I'm going to say what I actually think, I'm going to say what I actually want. And so I guess this just really what I came on to share here today because I know that it is a conversation that people are interested in. I don't mean, even like the love stuff, I mean, business stuff, client stuff and friends. I know people want more solid friends in their lives and I do get asked this a lot, because people see online that I have so many amazing bad ass friends who are just incredible as fuck, and I want you to know that that didn't just happen. And it also didn't just happen because I got to a certain level of being famous on the Internet industry, or known. Didn't happen when my business got to a certain point, nothing like that. Just like you don't have a soulmate, man or woman, come into your life just because you got yourself in shape and you know, got your head on or something like that. It happens because I decided for it to happen and because I called it in. So that's my suggestion to you.

Leave me a comment. I'm going to jump out now and jump on my flight. And, by the way, if you want to know more about calling in soulmate, high ticket clients who do the work, are total bad asses, and pay you with ease up to tens of thousands of dollars, go to ... I nearly said some of my client. Forward slash highticketsalesworkshop. Somebody could maybe type that link in for me. That's my new programme on offer. It's a low cost offer, and it's how I sign up high ticket soulmate clients who pay me up to tens of thousands of dollars each and who do the fucking work and are hilarious as fuck, by the way, also. So that's at Go check it out. Have an amazing rest of the day. Don't forget, life is now, press play.

Oh, all right, it looks fabulous. From now on I'm only going to live stream in front of cool pieces of art. Actually, can you pass me that, sorry, the laptop cover, 'cause I'm going to burn my legs otherwise. Thank you. All right, what's up? Hey everybody. Hey everybody who's not here. Where are you? I'm not going to talk until people are here. What's happening? Why do I not see any numbers? I swear to god, Facebook is just trying to mess with me half the time, and not show me any numbers. Then I'm like ... Four people are here. Hello four people. Announce yourselves, tell me who you are. Seven people. I'm not going to drop anything interesting until I have at least 20 people. I mean, I'm kind of just interesting because I'm just sitting here, if you think about it.

I have a cool piece of art behind me. I'm balancing probably the most, one of the most precarious manners that I've ever done on livestreaming. There was one time where I was laying back on my couch at home, and I had purple cushions behind my head, and it just visually looked so good that I felt like I needed to livestream even though I had nothing to talk about. But I wanted to stay laying back, you see. So the way that I figured out how to do that and to balance the tripod was I had to clench the tripod between my inner thighs for the entire livestream. I'm impressed with myself to say I was able to do that, and I have inner thighs with the strength of that woman on James Bond who killed the guy with her legs one time. Although, that's mainly the result of the gym, not from holding a tripod on a livestream.

Anyway, hey to everybody who is there. Em, hi, hi Cliff. Leroy, how the hell do you only have one name on Facebook? Everybody give Leroy a love heart explosion, because he's somehow managed to have a Facebook and he's only got one name. I want to be just Kat on Facebook. Okay. I've been doing that thing again, which I seem to do every day. I'm sorry in advance, Leroy, those love hearts are for you. We've never even met you before, but you're getting a love heart show from my badass tribe here. So I hope you feel special. Hey Clary, thanks for jumping on. Who here, let's just have a, can we have a little confessional? Let's get some truth talk happening. Who here by a show of amens or love hearts or whatever it is you feel like dropping in the comments, who here gets up in the morning and then starts to respond to the rest of the world? That's what I want to know. Let's have some truth talk.

Basically what we're here to talk about is are you getting the fundamentals down, or are you jumping up into the day and reacting to every other person around you in your life, present or not present in the physical sense? Because if you're doing the latter, which is definitely what most people are doing, you're going to have a little problem in your life, which I like to call not really ever achieving your fucking dreams. So we're here to talk about that. Amen. So does the amen mean, okay, I think I clarified the survey. Let's get a show of love hearts, a show of love hearts if you know that you freaking get first things done first, and you can hand on your heart say you are disciplined like a motherfucker to do what you know you're meant to do in the morning, or if you're sadly leaving your life reactive to everybody else's desires for your life, and as if they know what you fucking need, then you need to send a confessional show of sad faces.

Okay, Linus says first things first, honour to my mind before getting up. Clary is ... Oh, we have some sad faces coming in. Don't worry, I'm here to give you the smack down and the reminder that you need. I'm not going to tell you anything that you don't already know. That's the truth of the matter, right? I have nothing to tell you that you don't already know. However, I'll tell you something that might maybe get you thinking. Let me just share this over to my Facebook group. So as I was saying, I'm kind of balanced here super precariously, 'cause I'm sitting ina really short skirt on the top of the back of the couch, because I wanted this cool piece of art to be in my visuals. It's causing me to have to sit with an extremely perfect posture, which is probably not a bad thing.

All right. I'm going to talk to you about some stuff I was just having a conversation about just now, and I was like, oh my god, this is good livestream content. I've got to get this on the livestream, and really just want to bring something home for you. In fact, I'm going to actually do something to emphasise these switches, I'm going to even change the title of this livestream, because actually what this conversation started with is I was sharing how I was able to bring in an additional $45,000 approximately in a period of about five or six days over this past week, basically by clicking my fingers and deciding to. So that's not total revenue that I brought in over that week, that's additional to what is already coming, or would be coming in, or will come in from other payments and that sort of thing. Specifically what I did was I announced to [inaudible 00:05:09] in New York and in San Diego, and there's actually one place left for San Diego if you wanted to message me and come along. It's going to be on Tuesday.

So I just, I've been here in the US travelling around for a few weeks, and I had some different conferences and things that I knew I've got to attend. I had some gaps of time, and I kind of felt like, maybe I'm going to want to do an event when I'm there but I'm not sure. So, I didn't lock anything in, I didn't feel like I was ready to be committed to that. Then when I got here, or a little bit after I got here, I kind of just woke up early last week one morning, and I was like, yeah, I definitely want to do a one day event. Right? So I just popped it out there, and I popped the offer out there, and did the one day event, and New York sold out, San Diego is going to be sold out when that final place is filled, so message me about that. But from a revenue point of view, it brought in around $45,000 in additional revenue, literally just with a random idea that I threw out there.

Actually, it's a lot more than that, because already some of the people that came along on Tuesday to New York are going to be jumping into my inner circle, which is my highest level ongoing month in month out, one on one mentoring. That said, definitely going to happen again in San Diego as well. Additionally, of course I got a tonne of amazing testimonials and I got incredible client connection, and just solidifying my community, and even those people who are not going to go into the inner circle right now, for example, there's definitely going to be a higher level of work that will continue on. So, really, what you could say, and I'm just kind of hypothesising or pulling a number out of the air, but I know for sure, just to experience of how this works in my business, in my life, I know for sure that that idea of just doing an off the cuff event, which sold out in New York, and about to sell out San Diego, that I just kind of think of doing in the spur of the moment and throw out there, is going to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue into my company over the next year.

So, all right, I'm going to just add a little edit to the title of this, or how I made an extra 45K in five days just by clicking my fingers last week, and several hundred K extra projected from that. All right. So I'm just doing a little marketing hook title there, basically is what I'm doing. Okay. So, here's the thing, right? I was just talking about this, having an off camera conversation. I know, it's like a weird thing that I do where I forget to record everything. I thought this was a good livestream topic, because then what we got into was a conversation about how does that happen, right? How do you get to a point in your business where you can literally just wake up one morning and decide you're going to do something, whether it's a live event, or whether it's something in person, or whatever, something online, or whether it's high ticket coaching, or low ticket, or whatever it might be, how do you get to a point where you can kind of just click your fingers and money just comes in like magic, and people want to pay you?

By the way, they don't even really read what the offer is about, or what the details of it are, they're just like, I want to work with you. So, do you want me to tell you about ... Okay, careful. Do you want me to tell you about that? Because if so, just give me some affirmation and validation into the comments, because you know I love it. Type something in there. I'm getting my coffee, that's what's happening. I'm getting my coffee. Okay, hang on. Check out my cute skirt. Okay. We showed that, we did a shoe unpacking last night in the daily [inaudible 00:08:35]. If you missed my livestream yesterday evening in the daily asker group, hell, you gotta' go in there and watch that. It was kind of crazy. It went down an interesting pathway. It was supposed to be about overcoming stage fright, and it ended up being about that, but also about prison foot fetishes, Christian Leuberton shoe unpacking of multiple pairs of shoes and bondage websites and videos. So you definitely gotta' go to that.

Thank you, that's not my painting. I'm here staying with somebody. It's his painting. It's amazing, isn't it? I love it. Okay, yes, to Shancho. Yeah, that's exactly why I'm sitting up here, though, Kimberly, because I'm like, I want the cool painting in my livestream image. All right, so you've got to understand this, right? Because I feel like it's really easy to nod our head, it's really easy to nod our heads at things that we know for sure are true and real. So, we can say, yeah, like I know that I've got to do the inner working, that that's important and it matters, and I believe that, or I know that I've got to get my message out there consistently to my audience, or duh, of course I've got to sell if I want to make money into my business, right? These are all things that we know and understand.

But I guess the question is, do you really get how much this stuff impacts and influences you? Because the example that I was, that I'm talking about here, how I can just post an offer and it sells out easily, I didn't do any sales calls regardless of the price point anyway, and it's just like, oh, I thought of something, and it made me money straight away, right? Then the people who purchase, [inaudible 00:10:11] by the way, and they literally don't even care what it is that I deliver in that one day event, or in the programme, or in my one to one mentoring, because they have such absolute trust and resonance with me, and they know that what I'm going to be dropping for them will be pure gold. How you get to that point, and I feel so passionately about this, and I just feel like so few people are actually fucking diligent, or consistent, or get this and follow through on it.

How I got to that point is really simple. I've committed every single day, day in and day out, for years now, actually, for over a decade now, actually, to sharing my message and my truth online. I am that person who, when my soul mate, clone, or community member wakes up in the morning, they want to go get their morning sermon from me. My question to you is, are you that person for your audience? Can you comment, shout yourself out, or say what you're thinking or feeling, or ask any questions if you like, but can you honestly say that you have positioned yourself in such a way that the people how are connected with you on social media are actively waiting for you to drop some gold and they're looking for your daily sermon, or your morning sermon, or your preaching, or your teaching, or your entertainment, or whatever it might be?

And they're looking for it so much that not only do they have you set to see first and/or they type your name in everyday and they go to your page to check out what you've done, but even to the point where if you miss a day of blogging, or livestreaming, or showing up and sharing your message, and your truth, and your story, they're going to be like, hey, they're going to be messaging you and they're going to be like, hey, where are you, right? Because I can tell you, that is the answer to everything, but it comes down to are you getting the fundamentals right? Are you doing what you need to be doing?

Clary says, I don't think I've built that, but that is what I want. Okay, so this is what I want to talk to you about. I've got to jump here into ... It won't let me edit the title over there, but I'll do that later. But, [inaudible 00:12:16], I've got to actually tell you so much cool stuff on this, because it's really, it's a simple matter, it's actually a matter of getting out of a few mentality, and it's actually a matter of pressing play on your business from a place of alignment and I guess, trust, and playing the long game. But also, knowing and understanding what works, and not being responsive to fear, because typically what people do, what entrepreneurs do in particular is they have a very ADHD approach to everything, attention dialled to a higher dimension, actually. But, kind of like jumping around all over the place.

I'm exactly the same, so if I wake up in the morning, and I don't go into what I know I need to do for me, I will start to react to everybody else, right? If I get up in the morning, and I'm in bed, and I reach for my phone in bed, and I start checking messages, it's all downhill from there, right? You go down the rabbit hole, you basically go down the rabbit hole of trying to, I guess, keep up with everybody else, and keep up with everyone else's demands for you and their desires, or just their simple questions. But, next thing, it's like 11, 11 AM in the morning and you feel like you've barely done anything, or whatever it is, right? Or it's midnight, and you're done, and you actually didn't do anything, you spent the whole day responding to people and then maybe in between you tried to maybe kind of make some forward movement on a project, or on your message, or on your final, whatever it is you're creating and you're like, fuck, I've got to do something on my final, or I've got to finish that sales page, or I should do a post, oh man, I should try this livestream thing that Kat is always doing or talking about.

But I don't have time, I've got all these people messaging me, and then I've got all this shit on my task list, and it becomes literally not just a day that goes down that rabbit hole, it becomes a week, a month, and next thing you know, it's the end of 2018, or whatever year you're watching this in, and you're literally like, what the fuck did I actually do? I was busy all year, I was stressed all year, I was under pressure all year, I felt like all I was doing was pushing, or hustling, nothing form that, but it depends on the place it's coming from, or grinding, or ... I worked my ass off so why aren't I further ahead? Why do I still feel like it's pulling teeth to get a sale? Why is it that when I launch something, people don't want to just throw money at me?

If you can resonate with any or all of those things, then you have got to get yourself clear on what actually moves the needle. I'd love to know, I'd love for you to go ahead and type into the comments, even, what do you know are the tasks which move the needle for you on a daily basis? What do you know are the tasks which move the needle for you on a daily basis? Okay. I'm still kind of fucking around with the title here. I'm trying to get this title changed. I should probably just leave it, but I'm going to try one more method to do that. So I'm going to tell you what mine are though. I'm going to tell you what my tasks are that move the needle on a daily basis, 'cause I really, I get, I just feel like, oh my god, don't you get it? Don't people get it? It kind of breaks my heart a little bit when I see how hard people are working and how much they're fucking pushing, and how much effort, and attention, and also that I see that they have a powerful message, for example, that in particular breaks my heart.

When I connect with somebody and I know that this person has is powerful message, teacher, artist, preacher, leader, healer, creator, exactly what they are, and I know that they could have an income similar to mine, for example, or more, or less, or whatever it is that's not like a measurement tool. But I know that they could have the results that they desire, and then I see them repeatedly just kind of stuck in that quicksand of trying to keep up with everybody else, and basically taking continued action that might feel urgent in the moment, but it's not important. I honestly feel like one of the biggest keys to the success that I have in my business and in my personal life, also in all areas, is that I fucking know what moves the needle. I am disciplined like a motherfucker with it. I was just having this conversation here, like I was saying before I decided to go live and talk about it, and we were like talking about getting back to clients and that sort of stuff. I'm like, I said, I don't look at messages from ... I just threw my laptop.

I don't look at messages from my clients in the morning. I don't have the notifications on. I don't see it. I just nearly when to pick up my phone and show you. This is my phone right there that I'm livestreaming on. If you look at my phone, you're not going to see any notifications popping up on it, not from my clients, not from my best friends, not from my father of my kids, not from my daughter, who texts me on her mobile phone, not from my mom, nobody. Now a lot of people would feel like that's not realistic or it's somehow not right. But, hello, we survived in the human race without a cell phone for many years and without a cell phone without that many fucking apps on it for sure, as well, right? We all managed to communicate and keep going, and we weren't reacting and spending our lives in reactivity.

What I do, what works for me and what I'm here to, I guess, suggest or encourage you to consider is I choose consciously where my time is going to go. So because I do actively stay engaged with all the people in my life, and that's something I love to do, I love to engage with and build on my relationships in my business and in my life. But I do it consciously. I'm not actually available for reactive energy. I'm not available for one person or 100 people to basically decide when I get to be in flow and when I don't get to be in flow. So you can message me anytime, and when I see it is when I'm ready to consciously go into that app, and I kind of have a, I guess, a small process around how I do that where I'm like, I'm certainly going to check messages from my family, my children, and so on pretty consistently through the day. But the point is that I'm going in to check that, I'm not letting it pop up and drag my attention if I'm writing a blog, or it's not going to ...

Occasionally I'll turn those notifications on and sometimes I forget to turn it off, let's say turned it on because i was specifically waiting for something really timely, and then the messages will start popping up on the top of the livestream or something, and it's a distraction, or you feel like, oh shit, now I feel like I should answer that post, and then you're not in focus, and you're not in flow if you're writing, or if you're with a person, a real person in the real world and spending time with them, and you're constantly being pulled away by everyone else's demands. Well, not only are you not going to accomplish what you know you could be accomplishing, not just in that day, but in your fucking life, but even if you kind of somehow managed to keep going, which I undersaturated that you can do, like, oh my god, I'm going to finish this thing, your flow was broken.

I just said that one of my biggest keys to success is getting first things first, and I do my fundamentals, and it's like, it's freaking how it is, right? Like this morning, get up, journaling, don't do the journaling, write the blog, then, like, could have gone from journaling straight to the gym, but it was like, no, I'm going to write the blog first, and then write the blog, and then go to the gym. Now I'm like, I don't know, now I have actually answered a few people's messages, and I've jumped in and done a few things around on my business and on Facebook, and now I'm livestreaming. I still haven't eaten yet, and it's like, what time is it? 2 PM. 1 PM. I don't know what it is. I'll eat when I feel like I've kind of done my fundamentals. Right? So my point is not to suggest that you should do your day in the way that I do it.

But, I am really trying to get through to you in my rambling way that I like to do things that I've got the success that I have in my business, but also across my fitness, my personal life, all areas, because I've learned how to prioritise, and I've learned how to put first things first. I feel that I always instinctively kind of understood that, because I can remember having little routines from when I was a kid.

But also, a book that had a huge impact on me was Steven Cubby's Seven Habits of Highly Affective People, which I read in my early 20s, and he talks about you can either live your life doing things that are important, but don't feel urgent, but hey actually move the needle. So like journaling, staying motivated, time to recharge. What are the important things for you is the question that I asked earlier. So you can spend the time doing the things that you know are important, that are going to move the needle. That's actually how you build a motherfucking empire, but it's also how you stay in great shape, it's how you feel recharged and connected to your soul, in a state of piece and happiness inside of yourself, it's how you have quality relationships, it's how you achieve anything.

Or, alternatively, you can continue on the pathway that the majority of people, even the supposedly success mindset people are doing, which is wake up in the morning, check to see what's happening on Facebook in case the world ended or something important happened, and next thing it's fucking bedtime and you've got some stuff done throughout the day, and maybe you got a good amount of stuff done. Maybe you are a hard worker and you do the work. But, did you really get into super flow? Did you connect to your soul? Did you feel that sense of idle peace, and stillness, and certainty that you're doing what you need to be doing? Do you have the feeling, when your head hits the pillow at night, that you're fulfilled, that you did what you needed to do, that you're moving forward on your purpose and in your life?

Because I can tell you that if you're getting up and reacting to the demands, or inquiries, or desires of other people, or even if you're reacting to or [inaudible 00:21:37] to your own kind of fear based list of things that you think you should need to be doing, you're not going to build the empire you want. You're just not. You're going to get to the end of the year, you're going to have been basically frozen, and busy, and under the pump all year long. You're going to feel like you worked your ass off, and you're going to feel like, why am I not really any further along and not on top of it? I've got like an extra addiction that wasn't there at the start of the year, and I'm fucking older. Right? That's just the reality.

Like, look around the entrepreneur world. I mean, don't even look at the regular normal person world, because it's not a good comparison. But what makes me really sad is that even in the entrepreneur world, 98%, 99%, 99.99% of entrepreneurs are doing it the reactive way. They're spending their entire day putting out fires that feel urgent, but are not actually important, significant, or meaningful on any real level. They're not tasks that are going to move the needle so you can get to the end of the day and go, whew, well done, I did a pretty decent job of keeping everybody else's demands at bay, and keeping everyone else happy, and making promises that I'm probably never going to fully follow through on anyway. But, I actually didn't move forward on my purpose work.

I guess, for me, I had a stage in my life where I was like that, and I just got to a point where I kind of couldn't bear it anymore, or I couldn't stand the actually internal pressure of my soul of going to bed every night feeling so frustrated and unfulfilled. I was the most stressed, and burned out, and unhealthy, and unhappy that I've ever been in that period. I was doing what we're taught to do. I was trying to keep up, and I was trying to accomplish everything, and I was trying to get through my task list, and I was trying to be a good, responsible person, meaning, like, I thought that if people communicate with me, I should have to instantly get back to them, and help them out, and respond to them.

It was really like breaking free of an addiction, I think, to get to a point where I'm like, I have zero emotional charge or feeling of feeling like I'm being irresponsible, or disorganised, or feeling bad or guilty of not getting back to people. My team know, my clients know, my friends know it, my mother knows, my husband knows, everybody knows. I'll answer the message when I answer it, and I will answer it, right? But it's going to be when I've done what needs to be done. To me, I just feel like this is such basic, simple stuff. It goes with every task in your day, even this morning, as I was saying, did the journaling. It was like, I could go straight to the gym. No, I'm going to do the blog before I go to the gym, because that's just how I do it, that's how I know it gets to be done, because the blog kind of carries on directly from the journaling, it's sort of a flow and effect.

If I wouldn't do that, I'd come back from the gym, and I'd kind of be disconnected from the energy that I just created through my mindset work. If you're going to do your mindset work, you're tapping into something amazing. Why would you not use that? Or even me doing this livestream, right? Because I'm having a conversation that I know is going to be a value for other people, and I'm like, well, I'm tapped into that energy right now. So I'll do the livestream right now, I'm not going to write it down as a topic idea for later. That's a bullshit myth. You start writing shit down that you say you're going to do later, you're never going to do it. If you did, it will be a lifeless energy to it, because it was real and it was alive when it came through you.

So I just think ... I thank you Christine for dropping that book in there. Steven Cubby, certainly been an influential person, or mentor type person through his books in my life. That book was one of the fundamental books that changed my life in my early 20s, and I was working in fitness management, so I was in a job. But I had my own business as well, and I just really fucking believed it. I read the book, and I was like, yeah, I can see how as I get older I'm either going to give my life for reactivity and for putting out fires all the time, or I'm going to get fucking clear on what are the things in my business, in my finances, in my faith, in my fitness, in my fun and adventure side of my life, in my relationships, what are the things that are going to move the needle? Let me get clear on those things, let me continually check in on those things 'cause they shift and grow over time, I guess. Then let me be disciplined enough to put first things first.

So putting first things first is a discipline. It's a discipline that will change your life. You know, like I'm very habitual around it now. Anyone who stays with me or spends time with me is just going to see it's like I'm regimented. But what I actually feel is that I have massive flow. I don't feel like I'm in a retainer, or regiment, or anything like that. So discipline creates freedom. I feel like that's something important to remember. You can even write that down into the comments if you wanted to affirm that for yourself. Discipline creates freedom. Discipline, taking the time to discipline your ass, which is the title of a workshop I did last year, by the way. Taking the time to discipline your ass and to build a habit, and you've go to maybe kick your own ass around it, and you're going to feel that pull and call that you should do a million other things, but you remain disciplined, and you do the damn thing that you know you're meant to do.

You gotta' go through that period of where every day, you're going to like, oh, maybe I should do all these other things first, and then you're like, no, I'm going to keep my ass, I'm going to take some time to do that. It doesn't take very long at all before it's just part of who you are, right? That is the secret to ease and flow. I talk all the time about how I have such ease and flow in my business and my life. Well, at the same time, I take a fuck load of action and I work my ass off in business, in the gym, and in all the areas.

But, the reason that I can [inaudible 00:26:58] say it's ease and flow is because I don't operate according to a list. I don't follow a strategy, I don't follow an outline of what I gotta' do to be successful. I just follow flow, and I follow my soul desires, and that's it, that's the whole thing. However, part of that is that I did, in fact, condition and train myself, and continue to do so where required, to where the things that are going to move the needle are kind of inherent to who I am. It's just part of my identity, it's part of me on a core level. It would be so bizarrely weird to me to not work out, to not journal, to not do my messaging. For sure there's days where those things don't get done, but it would be like for each of those things, for sure less than five days a year. Like, even a few weeks ago where I ended up in the hospital, the first thing I did when they let me out was I went straight from the hospital to the gym, which was kind of like maybe not necessary or productive, but it's just part of my identity is what I'm saying. Right?Like it's me on a core level that I do those things.

I think if you can make your commitment to yourself to identify, firstly, what are the needle moving activities for you, what are the fundamentals? Then secondly, make a decision that you're going to live your life according to the things that actually matter, then recognise from there that it's a daily practise. Making that decision in this moment is awesome, bu the truth is that few hour resistance, reactivity, overwhelm other people's ideas and expectations, or the voice inside of your head, all of these things will continually seek to pull you off path. So it's actually a discipline and a daily practise to be, I feel like, strong willed enough, or have the inner strength or inner guidance enough to pause yourself in that moment before you jump into responding to somebody else, or jump into working on someone else's dreams rather than your own.

To pause yourself and be like, hang on, hold up, yeah, I can totally do that when I'm fucking ready. When I'm going to be ready is when I've done the things that I know I need to do for myself for the day. So I get my journaling done in the morning, I get my blogging done, I get my workout done, and sales quota action is part of my blog, typically, all of those things in that order, most of the time. I actually feel, then, like I'm good now, I won the day. I'll definitely do other stuff through the day, because I always do, but if I didn't I already accomplished everything, because when I look back over the past nearly 12 years now marketing online, how I built this empire is I showed the fuck up and I communicated with people every day, and then I put a call to action there in the PS. That's it.

It wasn't because of sales pitches, it wasn't because of funnels, it wasn't because of many of the tools which I am grateful for, and which I use currently in my business in some sort of way. It was because I communicated, and because I did that, based on my soul work, based on what I desired from my business and life to be about.

So I guess, putting it back onto you now, what do you know you need to get serious about, where do you need to kick your own ass? Maybe you can sit after this and you can write yourself a little short list of in my business, in my money, in my fitness, in my relationships, in my life, what are the things that would move the needle? A good way to look at this, a question for you that you might like to write down as a journaling prompt, maybe somebody can help me out and write this into the comments. A question for you would be that in each of these areas, you'll identify, well, what is the thing which, if I did that every single day for 30 minutes, that by the end of this year I would have completely transformed my results, right?

You start working out every day for even 30 minutes, you're going to transform your fitness by the end of the year. You start to communicate, well, for me I communicate via a blog, or a livestream, or writing a story, or a combination of different things. If you spend 30 minutes a day, or even 20 minutes communicating and sharing your message, if you're a messenger or some kind of that's what you want to be, is that or is it not going to build your following? Is that or is that not going to result in sales? You're also going to spend a few minutes a day doing some form of sales activity, right? But you get to identify this stuff.

Then you get to kick your own ass around it and just be disciplined enough, and be, I guess, focused enough on where it is that you want to go, that you can consciously choose to put your hand up and say stop, go away, no, I'm not available to the rest of the world. Some people will think that's kind of rude, or it's disorganised, or whatever it is they want to think. Those people are going to be fricking frazzled as fuck and slightly older and probably slightly fatter, and definitely unhappy by the end of this year. So don't be that person. All right.

I could say so much more about this. But here's what I want to tell you, here's what's happening, here is what you need to be part of. This is very fucking important. Lean forward in your seat and get ready for this, because you're going to want to go over to, I'm going to tell you about this, it is going to blow your mind. You are going to want to get your ass over to the Now this is ... Whoops, what's happening? I'm going to give you the link right now. This is going down, when is it happening? I don't know. I kept changing the dates 'cause it's what I do.

So it's going to be the first part of this, the big, live workshop is going to happen on Saturday of next week. Then there's going to be seven day, essentially implementation/bootcamp that comes after that. I'm going to tell you a little about it now, but it is at the What this is is my high ticket with super ease workshop, it's an all online workshop and mini course, and its' around how to sell high ticket products, programmes, mentoring, and the like from, like let's say anywhere from two grand, which is something not super high ticket, but anywhere from two grand up to $80,000 plus per single sale, which is what I do, and how to do that with super ease to where your high ticket clients, your high level clients and mentoring people are coming to you live and literally just like hey, how do I give you money? Then they sign up.

Well, obviously, if I was just going to say that's my system, people message me, and then they tell me they want to work with you, with me, that wouldn't be particularly a lot of stuff for me to do an entire course on, and it probably wouldn't really help you. So, what I'm really doing is I'm going into all the behind the scenes of how that comes about. THat's the story that I shared earlier, how have I got to a place in my business where I can wake up one morning in LA last week and go, huh, I think I feel like going to New York. It wasn't on my agenda to go to New York. I'm like, I feel like I want to go to New York. I feel like I might do a one day event in New York.

Oh, I did a 10 minute livestream at the airport last week with my friend Cali and my brother Ash, we were being complete clowns, mucking around, shenanigans in the airport, and in the middle of that, I'm like, so, I'm going to do a one day event in New York. Message me if you want to come, and I'm going to do a one day event in San Diego, which is still happening this Tuesday. Message me about that if you want the final place, of real, right? I just threw it out there, and it results in $45,000 in sales, or how can I just say, oh, hey world, the inner circle has got one place open right now, and somebody is like, yes, how do I pay you for my highest level mentoring? Or any time I do a full week thing or a six week thing, how does that happen?

Well it happens because I've positioned myself in a certain way, right? I've positioned myself as the person who, when my soul mate tribe member, or client, or community member wakes up in the morning, they're looking for where is Kat's morning sermon? Or what content has Kat done? Or if I don't livestream ... Holy shit. I just realised my skirt is like totally up and showing things. Okay. Sorted that out. I can't believe none of you told me that. All right. So, my soul mate client wakes up in the morning and really goes looking for what have I posted? Where is my latest content? What is Kat doing and what has she got for me today?

So that's how those sales come about, because I have positioned myself in a certain way where I'm that leader. Okay, so now you guys are laughing at me, but none of you felt like you were going to tell me that I was basically flashing my vagina at the livestream and didn't realise. At least I had my legs crossed, it's fine. I feel like that's a little bit unfriendly of you. Anyway, maybe you were just distracted by the beautiful painting. Anyway, that's what I'm going to be teaching in the workshop. I want to really show you what works for me, and how I have built this business to a place where I let it be easy, where I let it flow, where I have a process, I guess, around how I communicate and do that sales stuff over Facebook messenger.

So I am going to teach and who my scripts, and my conversation process, and how I do all of that. I'll help you to actually create and design your own. I'll also teach you how I come up with the offer ideas, how to create and design your office, how to promote your high end stuff on Facebook the way that I do it. So it's not just I'm talking through the mindset of being that leader and being that person that people want to work with. I'm going to teach you about that. But I'm going to teach you exactly what goes into that, what are the things that you need to be doing on a day to day basis, what are they, how do you do them, then how do you do the sales process.

So yes, I will be teaching actual sales process and strategy my way, that works for me as a kind of crazy break the rules, creator messenger type person. So much more good stuff as well, and some amazing bonuses as you can imagine. So, if you go to the, have a read of that page, please go and read it. It's going to speak to your soul, at ease, I write all my sale pitches so that they're actually a message. My intention is that you read the sales page, you're going to get takeaway value just from ready that sales page, and you're also going to know one way or the other, am I meant to be part of this workshop? Then you make your choice, and you jump in, obviously, if it's speaking to you. It's a low cost workshop, because a lot of my online programmes are very low cost. So it's accessible for everybody.

If you have any desire to make more money through [inaudible 00:36:27] business this year, this month, maybe even in the next week or so through selling any form of moderately high through to super high ticket consulting, mentoring, advice of any kind, and you resonate with the way that I do business, and how I let it be easy, and you don't want to really have to do sales calls, you definitely need to be part of this workshop. You would be crazy not to get in on this. It's the first time I've ever taught my high level sales process. I certainly don't plan to do it again, I don't typically repeat things.

So go check that out. The details are in the page comment, and indeed it is the magic mystery mindset of money of how I consistently and weekly do sales that are individually up to 80K plus, purely over Facebook messenger chat, and everything that goes into that. So, of course, we're going to be going deep into the fundamental stuff like we've been talking about today. We're also going to be going into the positioning, and being that leader, and being that person who people wake up and they go looking to your page when they actually, probably should be doing their own shit like we just talked about. No, in fact, you being the preacher, and the sermonizer, and the person who is creating content, you spark that morning inspiration for people. So that's what I seek to do.

All right. Okay, cool, Kimberly, thank you for that comment. So, I hope I gave you a little bit of an ass kicking today. Please get really honest with yourself about what it is that you need to be doing, not just in your business, but in all areas of your life, because of course they all connect to each other. Just have a little, like, naked truth time with yourself, and make some decisions around that. You can totally achieve all of the dreams, and goals, and desires that are inside of your heart. You know this. You don't get a dream given to you, it doesn't come into you if it's not your dream to bring to life. If you're desiring something and dreaming something, that means it's available, and it means specifically that it's available for you. It also means that it's available now.

But to bring those dreams to life and not become one of those people, like most people, who die with their light still inside of them, you are going to have to get honest about what it's going to take. What it's going to take does not mean working 24 hours a day, it does mean doing the work. But it means identifying what is the work that matters. So what is the work that matters for you? That's what I want to leave you with. Don't forget to go to the Check out my sales workshop, and oh my god, and everything that you're getting there.

I will see you on the inside. By the way, I'm going to be doing badass livestream later on in the daily asker group Facebook group on unconventional relationships. So make sure you get your ass into that group if you're not already a part of it. Do not forget, life is now, press play.

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Katrina Ruth: Oh, nobody's there anyway, it doesn't matter. We can just pretend, nobody's there.

Marlene Leslie: You say that to all the girls

Katrina Ruth: Huh?

Marlene Leslie: You say that to all the girls

Katrina Ruth: Hang on, we have a problem, we have a lighting issue. Oh! Look how much more fabulous we look. So, we'll give people a moment to jump on. We'll share this stream over and tag you in properly.

Katrina Ruth: Hello people who are not there yet but who are going to be watching this as a replay. Look at this fabulous, mysterious guest who I have here with me. She has some important things to share with you. I'm not sure you're going to like them though, 'cause she's been referred to as, what was it? Kind of aggressive?

Marlene Leslie: Aggressive and intimidating.

Katrina Ruth: I mean, who would want an aggressive woman on a livestream, I don't know what that would be about. Is that better lighting?

Katrina Ruth: It's not really making a difference

Katrina Ruth: Um, okay. Hi Tamara, hi Katherine. What's been happening? I'm glad you asked, Marlene and I, this is Marlene Leslie, I'll tag her in. Marlene and I have been at dinner and we were kind of rudely having a conversation all to ourselves and now we, 'cause we are kind, nice people, decided to share it with you. That's roughly what happened, isn't it? I suppose you could also say that I somewhat bullied her into leaving the dinner table and coming home to have a livestream conversation.

Marlene Leslie: This is true.

Katrina Ruth: Like literally ten minutes ago we were sitting at a beautiful restaurant with wine and food and I was like, let's do a livestream.

Marlene Leslie: And you refused to answer my questions.

Katrina Ruth: That's true. I refused to answer any more questions until I was on camera. It's roughly how I operate, in a general sense. Okay, who's that? That's not you. Okay, I'm just going to share this over to my page and then we are going to start to tell you some very important things, which you are going to need to pay attention to. So get your wine or whatever you need. If you go to my personal page you can see that I've tagged Marlene in, so you should do that. But not now, because you should be listening to us now. I don't know, do you want to say what we were talking about at dinner?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah. We were talking about what it takes to make it in the online space as a coach.

Katrina Ruth: As a high level authentic as fuck mentor.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, and being yourself and unapologetically being yourself and coaching people outside of the industry but leveraging the online space.

Katrina Ruth: Right, so let's give people some backstory, because everybody loves a great story. Where did we meet? Bali, right?

Marlene Leslie: Yes, oh gosh.

Katrina Ruth: Oh my god, have you guys seen my happy pants? So, check out these pants. Like, what happened is we went to dinner and I was wearing the tightest skinny jeans in the world and then by halfway through dinner I was like, sitting like this, because they were digging in and I couldn't eat. So I was half wanting to get out of the restaurant so that we could livestream and half so I could get the fucking jeans off. And I'm not sure what's up with these pants but I'm going to wear them anyway. Okay, we got that out of the way.

Katrina Ruth: So, we met in Bali.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, 4 years ago?

Katrina Ruth: 3 or 4 years ago. And we did many things that we probably shouldn't publicly talk about, so we can't tell you about that but it was fabulous.

Marlene Leslie: So the livestream is over.

Katrina Ruth: Well, we actually were kind of living or staying together at a mutual friend's villa and lots of different cool people were always coming through and staying at this villa people who want to create their own lives and do lives on their terms. Lives on their terms? At least their own life on their terms. And, I don't know, like we just...there were so many people that came through that villa.

Marlene Leslie: Cause we were there for like 3 weeks, or maybe it was 2.

Katrina Ruth: I was there for like 8 months but you were there for a few weeks. But there was a lot of people that came and stayed there and I didn't continue to stay friends with, I think just you and one other person. And we just clicked because this solidarity about being somebody who insists on creating life on their terms basically. And then I think we just have reconnected, basically, I mean once or twice a year since then, here in the US. Like, we've been up in Utah together and every time I come here we end up catching up. But we haven't seen each other now since...

Marlene Leslie: This time last year.

Katrina Ruth: You know, I think the last time we saw each other was in Utah, when we went up the mountain.

Marlene Leslie: Oh, that's right.

Katrina Ruth: Cause I got the Facebook memories a month ago, it was like February of last year.

Marlene Leslie: Oh my gosh, it seems like it was just yesterday.

Katrina Ruth: It was so long ago. So we are literally catching up tonight for the first time in over a year. But, like this was such an interesting conversation because obviously, as you guys know, I've built a very successful online business and brand and that's my area and Marlene has so much incredible fucking success in the offline world, specifically around, I mean, why don't you tell like a little bit of your background. Because I was super intimidated by you when I met you. Like, I was like, this women is seriously high level. She frickin' builds hotels, not with her own physical hands but..

Marlene Leslie: I have people for that.

Katrina Ruth: She has people to do the building.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, so my background is in hospitality and I started working in hospitality when I was in high school and college and then in New York, my first job was as the general manager of a $20 million restaurant. I actually started out as a manager but finagled my way up really quickly because I was very aggressive and intimidating.

Katrina Ruth: The path was just delayed. It's considered an unbecoming personality trait.

Marlene Leslie: So they say.

Katrina Ruth: But that's exactly what we're here to talk about.

Marlene Leslie: So, from there I studied hospitality, worked a lot of notable restaurants in New York and transitioned into the hotel industry and opened a very popular hotel that basically had one of the most notable food and beverage programmes in the city. Then I went on to launch another hotel brand and concepted and came up with restaurants and bars within that brand until about 3 years ago, right before Cat and I met, parted ways with that company, my position was eliminated and I was at a point in my career where I kind of, and you'll appreciate this, I totally manifested that because I wanted out so badly but it was such a great job and it was like having an open chequebook to do whatever I wanted to do and to design and to create what I wanted to within hotels, that I felt that the best possible thing that would happen to me was to be able to have my job eliminated or to be let go in some way so that I could travel and take a year off.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, which is how we met because you were on that travel year. But honestly, like when we did meet I was like, I felt intimidated until I got to know you, which I know a lot people feel about me because I think, and we were just talking about this right before we got the [inaudible 00:07:30], like I think that anytime it's an area that you've got no understanding of and it just feels super vast and mysterious and daunting.

Marlene Leslie: Yes, yes, totally.

Katrina Ruth: And then you meet somebody who has conquered that, like, I'm like hello, she's opened like multi cagillion dollar hotels and done it all. I'm like, that's, like I have no clue to this day about that world. Why would I? I've never been part of it. To me that sounds insanely high level and like just impressive and daunting and vast. And if you try to turn me into getting a hotel opened I would have everybody livestreaming in no time but I'm not quite sure what else I would do. But there would definitely be wine and I'd get some martinis made and then I'm not quite sure what I would do, I'd probably get sick of everybody and leave 'cause I hate people sometimes. So, you know, like we were talking about this because Marlene mentors and coaches insanely high level executives and leaders in the physical world, not so much the online world. Like the real world, like people on the streets of New York you guys. And I'm like whoa, that's crazy. How do you connect with like an executive of a multi multi multi hundred million dollar firm or whatever it is.

Katrina Ruth: But we were talking about like what I do and then Marlene's wanting to come online and basically conquer the online world.

Marlene Leslie: I didn't want to come onto this, let's be clear.

Katrina Ruth: I have my ways of getting people onto livestreams, it's just what I do, it's a gift, I can't teach it to you. Well, I can, you should join my high ticket sales workshop, it's going live tomorrow. Yeah but, like this is what I was trying to explain, right? Cause you were kind of like, it feels like I don't know how to start and like kind of the conversation we're having is the one that I have with all of my clients and friends also, from time to time, around how do I know if I'm good enough and how do I know if I can do that and how do I do it and what's the strategy.

Katrina Ruth: And I was trying to explain, it's just about your perception, right? Because if you go to the top of that mountain and plant the flag and say I'm here and I'm the leader and everybody should listen to me, well you've got to be able to back it up. But it's about realising that you've that inside of you to back it up.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, yeah. That's a good point because there are two very different worlds and that analogy is so perfect in describing like my world versus your world and finally realising what I wanted to do and having those aha moments and having people say wow, you changed my life. That takes your breath away, where you are like, I did that? Actually, like you did it but I was there to support you on that. And I've personally been struggling with how to scale that and how to do that in a really meaningful way with executives and with the people that I really want to work with. It's a super scary world to venture into.

Katrina Ruth: Right, and it's about, and this relates to everyone. Like I do not think that there is anybody else who is on this livestream or replay who is going to say that they've opened multi-million dollar hotels. But every single person here has their own experiences, stories, skills, things you've learned, things you've overcome. What makes you credible enough to be a leader alone is that you fucking decide that you are and that you believe that you are. So I said to you, in the Uber I think, what you've got to understand is that just being around you is a value. And then you said, how is that a value?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, I did. I was like, what?

Katrina Ruth: Like, how? And I'm like, okay, you can choose to play smaller and think that it's egotistical to imagine that just being around you is a value. Typically, that is what people would say to me, right? They'd be like, it sounds egotistical if I think that I'm good enough that people should listen to me and people should, you know, that I should be able to teach people something or position myself as somebody to pay attention to.

Katrina Ruth: It's actually egotistical not to and the reason is that it's not about you, the person who has their own insecurities and doubts, as we all do. It's about the talent and the gift that you have inside of you and if you separate your own self, your own self away from that, will that talent and gift inside of you help people, yes or no?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Right, so get out of your own way, get the fuck over yourself. It's not about you, it's about what's inside of you. So if you would prevent yourself from putting your work out into the world because you think it's egotistical to imagine that people should listen to you, then what you are actually doing is stopping people from being helped and served and you are making your own human self more important than the message and the gift that's inside of you. So look at it as, what if it was a responsibility to get that message out and to impact people with what you have. And that's what I do and I feel like people will never fully understand how real this is for me, and even people who do know me super well. We were just saying that you know me really well, you know that I'm a natural introvert. We've stayed together, travelled together, known each other for some years now, you know that I'm not the person that people online think I am.

Marlene Leslie: Totally.

Katrina Ruth: Right? But, it's still a real part of me, it's not fake, it's not made up. It's that I allow it to come out, I access that part of me and I let it out. But when I come online, not always, but a significant part of the time I'm still that same scared little girl whose like, am I good enough, do people really want to listen to this, am I just repeating myself all the time? Am I too rambling, I'm wishy-washy, I'm vague, I'm all over the place or some people who don't like me or what do people think about how I look. Like, all the normal things, right?

Marlene Leslie: Absolutely. We talked about this earlier too, about how some of the people that we coach are mirrors to us and this comes up for everyone. It's funny to hear.

Katrina Ruth: Like you coach your clients and you're like oh, I should probably do that too.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, that's really good advice, I should listen to that.

Katrina Ruth: I watch my own livestream replays, I'm not even kidding. I watch my own livestream replays because I don't know what I'm talking about right now, it's all just whatever comes out. Then later on I'll watch it and think that's good, I'll write that down.

Marlene Leslie: But it's true, it's true. You hear the stuff that comes up and then you look in the mirror and you are like oh, how can I possibly coach people on this and help them get out of their own way but yet...

Katrina Ruth: Because you understand it.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, I understand it but I think that we are also really sneaky when it comes to ourselves.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, the internal critic, the internal dialogue.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, absolutely. It takes somebody like you or another coach to say hey, by the way...

Katrina Ruth: Get out of your own way.

Marlene Leslie: Exactly.

Katrina Ruth: It's not about you it's about what you can help people with, get over yourself, stop making it all about I feel this and I feel that and what do people think about this and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Instead, make it what if I was committed to my work, my art, my message, my business, my clients, whatever it is. And also, I guess in the end it's just like when you put all your own drama aside, like what we just said, do you know that what you have inside of you can help people.

Katrina Ruth: And you had asked me the question, because I said just being around you is a value and you were like, how? And I'm like, because of the way you've lived your life. Like, I never prepared for anything, right? I ran my event here yesterday and it was so fucking amazing, I'm doing San Diego next Tuesday, message me if you want to come. I was saying to Marlene, and the ladies yesterday knew this as well obviously, I don't prepare anything for that. The event started at 11:00 am, from about 10:15 to 10:40 I was taking selfies in the mirror in the bedroom because I had those rose-gold thigh high boots on. I mean, I'm just going to say, it's essential to get a really good selfie in the boots, that was my preparation for the event.

Katrina Ruth: But prior to that my preparation earlier that morning was journaling, did some inspiring reading of my books in there that you saw.

Marlene Leslie: Shared on livestream.

Katrina Ruth: Not in the morning, that's an afternoon activity, thank you. Wrote something online, went to the gym, went to Equinox, went to the dry bar, did a little bit writing or whatever there. So I did nothing to prepare for the event, in fact I literally didn't even prepare for the event until the afternoon before when I got here and I was like, hey I want to run an event tomorrow and they are like that is plenty short notice and I'm like I'm sure you can figure it out. I didn't plan a single note or concept or anything that I would speak about because I knew and trusted that the message for these women would come through me and would be powerful. However, and this was my point around the value of being around you. My fucking preparation was the fact that since I was 11 years old, so for 27 years now, I've been doing personal development and growth work.

Katrina Ruth: That was my preparation and my preparation is the way I live my life every single day and your preparation and what makes you credible and what makes you credible, if you know that this is for you as well, is the way you live your life and how when other people are doing whatever the fuck it is that they are all doing out there, which we really don't want to know most of the time, you're growing and you're putting yourself into uncomfortable situations and you're walking away from situations that are not aligned and you are actively, day by day, moment by moment, designing your life purposefully. I think we take that, we forget sometimes that that's not normal. And not that we want to necessarily be like oh, that's not normal, but mostly to make the point that that is of immense value. The way you live your life is of immense value. So therefore, when you open your mouth, literally value comes out. So somebody should pay just to be around you or they can pay, but it depends on what you want to do.

Marlene Leslie: Right, yeah. And I think the question that I asked you to that was, how do you monetize that? Like that's the question, there are so many coaches out there that are selling stuff that doesn't seem to be inline with, sometimes I sense a misalignment in what they are saying and what they are actually doing. So you pick up on that.

Katrina Ruth: You can feel it. Like give love heart shower if you see on your Facebook feed people who are selling shit where, like actually I wanted to put a post up, I think I've forgotten and you've just reminded me, which was something like hey, stop fucking selling shit that you yourself have no clue about. Like you're scarcely verbal, your desperate vibe shows.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, exactly, exactly. So the question is how do you, like how do you monetize that in a way that is true to you?

Katrina Ruth: Is not that.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, is not that, exactly.

Katrina Ruth: Well, firstly you know that you wouldn't because you decide to, like you say that and you are like, ick. It doesn't feel good, it feels yuck inside of you. So you consciously chose out of that already. But secondly, it is about you've got to be, I think it's a courage thing, you've got to be courageous enough. KELLY!!!! That's Kelly.

Marlene Leslie: Oh hey!

Katrina Ruth: What's up! All right, shout out for Kelly. Everybody send Kelly the love heart shower, I think she's at LAX about to get on a plane. Send her good vibes for her flight home. We're sending you wine and happy flight vibes. Miss you.

Katrina Ruth: Jenna, hey! I'm reading the comments. Energy doesn't like, exactly Kristine, energy doesn't like, people can feel. Kelly, look at all those love hearts coming in for you. People can feel when you are being real and when you are not being real in the land.

Katrina Ruth: So, how you are going to monetize it? I'm like very committed to this cushion. You don't understand how bloated my stomach is right now you guys, it's death. Well, not really, I'm abundantly alive but anyway, I'm very distracted by it. So you've got to get into giving yourself permission to own your greatness. That's the long and the short of it, right? Like, we all do this, I did this for years, one of my key jobs or roles that I choose into and that I love as a mentor is to kind of kick your ass, to not spend years doing it, like I did. Like the whole point of mentoring with somebody like me, for people that mentor with me.

Katrina Ruth: Like I'm constantly preaching at my friends because it just kind of happens as well, like the whole point is not just to learn maybe how somebody does something that if you align to their way of doing things but you should be able to save time and effort and money or whatever by saying, okay, this person is like me and they are saying they wasted all this time doing this that means I don't have to waste all that time, I can learn my lesson. I didn't have a mentor like myself telling me to be true to myself and stay the course and follow my soul and I literally took years before I finally gave in to being me and I think everybody takes years in some way or another before they finally give into being them.

Katrina Ruth: And what people do and what you don't want to do is people kind of dip their toe in the water, where they try to do the real passion purpose work that's inside of them and they do like some kind of half fake, not fake, but half assed attempt basically, a cautious attempt is a better way to say it.

Katrina Ruth: They are like, well you know I don't want to be inappropriate.

Marlene Leslie: Or I don't want to offend anybody.

Katrina Ruth: Right, I don't want to offend anybody.

Marlene Leslie: Or intimidate anyone.

Katrina Ruth: That, be too aggressive, be too much, like women like us, this is what they say about women like you, women like me. She's too much, she's too aggressive, she's too loud, she's over the top, don't you think she's a bit whatever. So we learn to tone it down but also it's the not good enough thing comes up again and like I always wanted to talk about the stuff I talk about now and then for years I was like, why would I get to talk about that, what makes me good enough to talk about that and who would want to listen to me.

Marlene Leslie: It doesn't matter.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, it doesn't matter. Is it even a thing? Like everybody here has felt this, is my message good enough, does that really matter? And everyday people say to me, I'm not clear on what my message is and I say bullshit. You are clear, it's just that one, you've got given yourself permission and two, you think it needs to be more fancy in order to be good enough. You're like bad cop, that's too vague, that's like not even a thing.

Marlene Leslie: I totally believe that. Yeah, it needs to be packaged really nicely and it needs to be perfect and it needs to use all the right words.

Katrina Ruth: And have like modules.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, like the right cadence and the right tone inflexion, like all of that stuff. Yeah, absolutely.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, exactly, when actually your true message is the simple truth of, like I have this megaphone exercise that I give all my clients, which is if you are on the balcony, like on whatever floor, but if you are on a balcony super high up and there was like tens of thousands of people below you and you had a megaphone and get one minute and you get to say, hey, don't you understand, this is what you've got to understand about life, this is what it's about, what would you say?

Marlene Leslie: I'd say, be you and I've said that for the longest time.

Katrina Ruth: Right, and it is very fucking simple and we would all say some version of that, but that's actually the whole message, that's it. And then you kind of like, but how do you monetize that? And everybody says, but that's like come on, everybody says that. How am I going to stand out from the other coaches and how do you turn that into something you would sell. Well, you start to build on it but you don't imagine to yourself that it's got to be something different from that simple core message. My core message is be you, be unapologetically you. But then when I express it I say a few more words than that and it comes out through the filter of my life experience and what I've chosen and what I've done. So there are lessons, there are stories, there are details or elements but the message is just, be unapologetically you, life does not press play, you've can't have it all, do what it takes.

Katrina Ruth: Whatever it is it just comes out differently each day. But it's always the simple stuff and in any era of life it's the simple stuff, right? Whether it's health and fitness, whether it's business, whether it's love, anything just comes down to simple core truths. And there is nothing you need to add to that.

Marlene Leslie: So do you find that using, how do you relate that message to executives that are very lonely when they get to that point and they want a little bit more substance. They are used to pain, they are used dealing with it being really hard and I'm wondering how you attract those people in on a regular basis?

Katrina Ruth: It's about realising that no matter how high level somebody is, they are a person who has their own insecurities, doubts, uncertainties. And actually, what I've found, is that the higher level somebody is the more they really appreciate, and we were talking about this, like real and raw, and typically the higher level somebody is the more that people, in general, are scared to speak to them at all.

Marlene Leslie: I see that all the time.

Katrina Ruth: Or they are scared to speak in a real way or speak the truth and it's kind of like cow towing or whatever the expression is. And just faking it, essentially. So when you come in and you be that, you just honestly just be your real self, like you said, and say what you know to say. It doesn't matter how impressive or high up the person in front of you is, if you just pause for a moment and check in with your own self and be like, what do I need to say to this person, you'll know what to say. And people, like I've mentored and consulted with people who have even up to multi hundred million dollar businesses and if they don't have significance and meaning connected to their core desires, and often it is something to do with auto-creativity or whatever it is, then they are not happy.

Katrina Ruth: And it doesn't mean that they are going to walk away from their whole business and life, necessarily, but when you can start to connect somebody back to what matters to you, what makes you come alive, and just speak to them as yourself, like take away what their title is or their position. Like, for me, in the online world, I have many clients now who are very well known leaders online and some of those clients, when they first started working with me, I was kind of like, are you sure? Do you know who you are? Like, I know I'm doing okay but I was like, really? Such and such person wants to me to be their mentor? And now that's just kind of my client base.

Katrina Ruth: But I still feel that way, I'm still like this is kind of crazy. Like, how did I pull this off? How am I getting away with this? Because all I'm doing is speaking my truth. All I'm doing is, I became the person who stopped worrying about whether it was allowed or whether it was okay. And relevant to your question of how do you know how to coach those people? Well you know because you know and if you put aside the idea that you don't know, well then it's going to be a complicated thing. Then you do know exactly what to say.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, so I don't have a problem coaching those people, I want to know how to cull them in.

Katrina Ruth: Okay, cool, perfect. So this is exactly what we were talking about at the end of dinner around fuck niching, or however the word is said here in America. I get confused about it. Like screw niching and nitching, both of them. And like demographics and all that bullshit. It's not about that, that's not how you find your ideal clients, right? It's about personality type and characteristics. So you write down, who is the person who I am speaking to. Like, my ideal client is, well most of my clients are women, but that's because I've typically marketed to women, so a woman or a man now, it's a person who is a born entrepreneur, firstly. So I don't believe in entrepreneurs being made. Yes, I'll agree that somebody can become an entrepreneur and build a business, that's not the same as being a born entrepreneur, that's a different kettle of fish.

Katrina Ruth: So my clients are born for it, they've always known it, they've always known that they were born for more. They've grown up feeling like they are kind of smarter than everybody and know more than everybody but they probably felt bad about that, because it sounds egotistical. But they just knew inside of them that they were born for more, that they are going to do something extraordinary, they are not going to live the normal life, they are going to create something amazing. They've always had that yearning and that pull and that are typically like the fuck the status quo, black sheep type person who breaks all the rules. Either who was a bad girl or a bad girl growing up or alternatively more like me, who was like a teacher's pet good girl who somehow hacked the entire fucking system and nobody knew that I was always just doing whatever the fuck I want.

Katrina Ruth: But I was still like the A grade, good girl student but I never did anything. I just like hacked it and I always just got the result and I was like, it's so easy. Like I'd always get the top mark and I didn't do anything, right? Which is still now, I'm like I don't really do anything, somebody should report me, I don't know what I'm doing here, like I'm just making shit up every day and now people are agreeing to pay me so that I can talk at them when I just wanted them to listen to me the whole time anyway.

Katrina Ruth: So that's who my client set has been, they've either been like kind of a rabble rouser and got into trouble growing up or they were like the good girl or good boy who hacked the system and kind of got away with shit and nobody really knew. And then as time went on, they pretty much walked out on every job, they continually started new business ventures or new endeavours or always never finished them and then feel bad about it, like I never finish things, there is something wrong with me, I'm not being organised, I'm not responsible, I'm not reliable. Because that whole time when you are walking away from everything and supposedly failing at everything and quitting on everything in your life, what you were really doing was going more and more connected to your soul and you were like the one person whose smart enough to not stick with something that's not soul aligned.

Katrina Ruth: And now that person is like that woman or man whose said that she's too much, too aggressive, over the top, doesn't do it properly, I could go on and on but my point is that's how you cull your clients. You speak to who they are at their core and you don't worry about what their demographics are. My clients spend, as we were saying, I just from early 20s into 60s and even beyond actually, and all walks of life and all types of businesses, as well. Roughly 40%, maybe a little bit more of my clients are coaches, there are many different kinds of people. It's not about what they do, it's not about how they look, what their age is, what their background is, it's about who they are at their core.

Katrina Ruth: And then the way to get those clients wanting to work with you is you do have to be doing this, right? Which you are. But messaging and communication of some kind.

Marlene Leslie: So like blogging?

Katrina Ruth: Blogging, telling stories, writing massive 3,000 word blog posts every single day 365 days a year. No, not really. You don't have to do anything that I do but you've certainly got to communicate, right? Because you want to be that voice where your core clients are like, if Marlene doesn't write another fucking blog post at 3 I'm going to go over to her house and personally sit her down and make her write it. Like, I used to have bloggers that I would follow, which I still do, but I get so shitty, like I'd be curious to know, like on the odd occasion where I take a day off, does anybody get kind of shitty at me? That I didn't post anything? And I know you do because I gets messages about it. People will message me and be like, did you die? Um excuse me Kat, why have you not posted a blog in two days?

Katrina Ruth: And I used to be like that. Like you find that person that you are inspired by and you just want them to produce content for you all the time and the way to become that person for your people is to just become that person and do it and be it and then continue to show up for it. So then your ideal clients wake up in the morning and they are like I'm going to go check Marlene's page and see what she's posted or has she done another livestream, because that's food for their soul.

Katrina Ruth: So the question would be, not how do I find my clients the question is, how do I just be food for the soul of my clients right now. And the way to do that is so easy, it's literally turn on the camera or start writing and say what's inside of you, zero filter. Like, whatever it is. Whether it's about obvious relevant things. Kristine says, haha, I feel like where's Kat, why hasn't she gone online. I got so much shit last month when I did hardly any livestreams because I was in the hospital and then I was travelling. I was going my branding in LA with Chris and it was quite full on. We were doing these fancy things. And I did like two livestreams in a month, which was so rare for me. Gosh, people were giving me such a hard time about it. Not in a mean way, obviously. But that's what happens when you build up your position as a leader. And you've just got to let it be easy.

Marlene Leslie: It's true. I was going to ask you a question but I know what you'll probably say, to the idea of creating content. Like that's a lot of pressure to create content on a regular basis and to first, like find your voice and then secondly, to like own it and do it on a consistent daily basis because you don't want to be that person that's dipping their toe in the water.

Katrina Ruth: Right, but you have a voice already. That's the thing to realise. Right? Like, we go to dinner or we go out with a group of people, you're an aggressive, over-the-top, and we did establish earlier this evening, a hilarious person. We agreed that we are both very funny, we established that earlier in the evening.

Marlene Leslie: Cheers.

Katrina Ruth: But that's who you are, you're like the life of the party person, same as me, that's why we're friends. We would have never stayed in touch after Bali if we weren't that same sort of person, right? So you already have that voice, you have that crazy irreverent personality and also ability to go super deep super fast and experience and knowledge and wisdom. And its literally just let that same part of you come out here, don't separate it.

Katrina Ruth: This kind of doesn't make sense because we're all online and we don't go to boardrooms, but it's a good analogy that I came up with a few years ago, which is it should be the same conversation in the boardroom as what's in the bar. Right? Like separate nothing, at all. The irreverent stuff, the crazy stuff, the random shit that's got nothing to do with anything, like even me carrying on about my pants and my stomach at the start of the livestream. That's just me being me but its also me kind of, that was somewhat deliberate of me to do that because I'm conscious of who wants to just sit down and watch a, like what are we going to do, sit here like this, hello Marlene, this evening on the Katrina Ruth show we're going to have a conversation about what it takes to be a leader online but hang on a second, you shouldn't really do that with a top that has holes in it.

Marlene Leslie: Let's start this again. Cut! Cut!

Katrina Ruth: And you definitely shouldn't do it in like MC Hammer copper pants.

Marlene Leslie: Cut! We're going to delete all this, right?

Katrina Ruth: Yes.

Marlene Leslie: These people on here are all friends.

Katrina Ruth: And besides, switch spots with these weirdo [inaudible 00:36:48], like it should be a proper set. Like, do you know what I mean? Like so many entrepreneurs are like, I'm going to make it look like perfect and now I'm going to present my topic, like they are presenting like a grade school paper or something.

Marlene Leslie: Did you hear what I said? Like Marie?

Katrina Ruth: Ooh.

Marlene Leslie: I'm just kidding, I don't want to be mean.

Katrina Ruth: Marlene, you're the one who said it. You guys didn't hear that. But you know what I mean? Like, you don't have to find your voice to message online. There is a voice already there, just use the one that you've got.

Marlene Leslie: That's a good point, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: But all of it, like all of it. That's the missing link. Don't make it like I've got to make sure that I've got a relevant topic that's of value and it's useful and is this a good enough topic and then what are my fucking three key points or something like that. Don't do that. Make it the same as if you would go to dinner and you already go to dinner with high level people and we all actively call people who are thinkers and action takers and success minded and growth minded. And you'd be able to have an amazing, inspiring, entertaining and motivating conversation with them. So just put it here, same thing.

Marlene Leslie: What if nobody watches it?

Katrina Ruth: Then you keep on going because you've got to trust in the process. That's a good question because that is hard. Like, I can remember my first livestream, it was actually on Periscope. Do you remember Periscope? So, it wasn't that long ago. It was that same year in Bali, it wasn't that long ago. I was Periscoping from Rob's villa but I did the first one like not that long before we met. It went for about ten minutes and after the ten minutes I found out that I had done the whole thing sideways and I hadn't known because I didn't know how to read the comments at the time. And people were like, it's sideways and that was all that the comments were about. And if you would watch it, and I think it's gone now, or maybe it's somewhere on YouTube, who knows, but team probably like downloaded it on YouTube, but I was so nervous and I was so [inaudible 00:38:53].

Katrina Ruth: I was nothing like the savvy, livestreaming entertainer that I am now. Because I've been online for nearly 12 years now, but Facebook Live is fairly new and livestreams in general, but I think when I first started doing them, for ages it was like three or four people getting on, stuff like. Now it's so widely varied, there's 19 people on right now, but this will totally get like several thousand views over the next day or so, and sometimes there are a few hundred people on, it goes quite varied. But either way, make it not about the numbers, make it about the message. And play the long game, right? Like, for real, you feel self-conscious if you do something and nobody seems to be engaging. Or let's say that you try to sell something and only one person buys it. But you've got to look at it like, well imagine somebody said, well I went to the gym today and I don't have abs yet, so what should I do?

Marlene Leslie: Totally.

Katrina Ruth: I'd be like, um, hello, idiot.

Marlene Leslie: Keep going.

Katrina Ruth: It's going to take more than a day or maybe even more than 100 days in a row, who knows. Depending on what your goal is, but play the long game. And I think it is about that, it's about being that very rare person that's going to be brave enough to put themselves out there when they do feel self-conscious and when they do feel like, is this good enough. And you put that video out, like you did something terrifying and scary. Tell people about it.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, I mentioned to Kat earlier that I, my coach had me put a video on Facebook to coach a hundred people in a hundred days, which the coaching part didn't scare me but the moment that she said video on social media, my heart dropped and I started trembling, I was like ugh. Like, can I just talk to people? She's like nope, social media, tomorrow. And I was like, holy shit! What? I was like fine, I'll do it. This also came after I had struggled putting my website together and writing my copy and going through this entire process.

Katrina Ruth: And letting people know you.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, letting people get to know me and putting my message out there. So I actually asked for this challenge, I was like you know, I really want to be challenged in a way that I can overcome something because I felt really good. Long story short, I did the Facebook video and it was horrifying, it was so scary. The moment that I pressed post I was like, ugh, nobody is going to watch this and I'm going to have to like go into witness protection programme. Like this is going to bomb.

Katrina Ruth: I watched it.

Marlene Leslie: But the crazy thing about that was that I had a lot of people reach out to my privately that were impressed by my bravery, my courage. Like all of these words that were used and all the support that I got, that I didn't even anticipate, it was amazing and I reconnected with a lot of great people and actually coached a lot of great people too. It was pretty powerful and I got like 1.8k views or something, which is crazy.

Katrina Ruth: And that's the thing, like so few people are going to choose to be brave enough to do something like that and every time you are brave and vulnerable and authentic.

Marlene Leslie: That word came up a lot.

Katrina Ruth: Vulnerable, right. It pays off, for sure. And there is no way to get around the terrifying part though, that's the thing. You've got to go through it but at the end of the day we are all here to create a life that other people don't even dare to dream of. So it's kind of like, at some point you've got to remind yourself that it's not going to fall into your lap just because you were born for it. Nobody is going to knock on your door with a silver platter and be like, hi you were born for it, here's your leader status, here's your dream life, here's your soulmate. I used to think that. Like I honestly thought that. And then when I was like 27 I was like fuck, I don't think it's going to happen, I think I have to do it.

Marlene Leslie: You have to work for it, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah! Legitimately, I was like, holy shit. Because when you are 27 you think that 30 is clearly the beginning of the end, right? Like, when you are 27 you are like I'm going to be 30! Life is nearly over! Like, I had a lot of friends and clients who are not yet 30 and I'm like, shut the fuck up. They are like, I'm going to be 30, I'm not a billionaire yet.

Marlene Leslie: You'll be just fine.

Katrina Ruth: I'm like, just shut up or I'm going to punch you. But I got to 27, I did, and I was like, fuck, I haven't done any of the stuff, I had a whole life planned. Married at 24, kids at 26, millionaire by 30, just your typical normal life plan. I was like 25, I got married and I'm like, I'm on track, I'm sweet. Then 26, I'm divorced, not part of the plan. 27, no clue, bulimia, debt, looking great from the outside, fitness modelling, whatever, like showing the world success, mess. And I was literally like fuck, what am I going to do?

Katrina Ruth: Because I was a personal trainer and I was good at it and I loved fitness but I was not in a good place, but I knew that fitness wasn't my life. And it was, it was that thing of going, holy shit, my whole life I've known I'm born for more and I just suddenly realised that it's not going to magically happen. And that's the year that I started my first blog.

Marlene Leslie: Oh wow.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, that's why I started. Because I was like, I better start doing something then. And I built my own little homemade website, it was like, website in a box I think it was called, and you pay for it like $100 and you build it yourself. It was a black background with white writing and neon colours everywhere.

Marlene Leslie: Shocker.

Katrina Ruth: And it was called Anyway. But we all went through that period. So you do have to go through that period of putting yourself out there and what if nobody is watching and nobody responds and I fall on my face. I've had way more offers failed than what have succeeded over the years, but nobody knows or remembers about that. And I barely even remember about it at this point. But it is true and it is real. I just think, when I look back at my business journey I know that very few people would put themselves through what I put myself through because they don't have the inner strength and the tenacity and I think that's really what this conversation is about.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah.

Katrina Ruth: It's not about do you know you've got what it takes, because you know that, you know that, we all know that. It's about do you have the tenacity, do you have the resilience, do you have the inner strength, will you choose it, because it's all a choice anyway, right?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, but I think that its normal to have those doubts in everything that you do. So, do you feel that that inner strength can be built up?

Katrina Ruth: Definitely! It's a muscle, the same as we build our muscles in fitness and we build our mindset in fitness as well. I mean, for me personally and you are probably the same, like I take a lot of stuff to this day in my business from fitness.

Marlene Leslie: Oh, totally.

Katrina Ruth: Like, you know how to push through, you know how to overcome, you know how to go beyond your limits, you know when you feel like you are at your limit so you want to stop but you know that you are actually not at your limit. So I feel really grateful that I had fitness in my life for such a long time because it has taught me so much and I think that it's critical. But, regardless, anyhow, yes it can be built up, of course it's a practise and a discipline and it's basically that moment when you feel like you can't keep going.

Katrina Ruth: Or actually, like back in the day, years ago I used to train with professional rugby players and I was always the only female in the gym, because it was part of our management training when I worked in Australia's largest health club chain. And it would literally be like, you think you are going to die, and I still train so extreme and I learned it from these guys, but back then it was beyond. And it was literally like you would be on the floor nearly crying and dying and it would be like hey Kat, are you dead? No. Then get up and keep going. They don't care. Throwing up? Are you dead? No? Then get up and keep going.

Katrina Ruth: And I really just applied that philosophy to business. I don't mean, and we talked about this, I don't mean that you've got to work all the hours to make money or burn yourself out and do shit that you don't want to do, but maybe you do maybe you don't, we all have, but obviously what I teach and preach is fall on your knees and that's what I believe. But it's a kind of interesting thing to talk about because I felt, I was like, I didn't do anything, I felt pretty sure that I did nothing, I'd just sit around all day, all I did was yoga and gym, facial, massage, or whatever.

Katrina Ruth: But I still actually wrote about 5,000 words of content, including a sales pitch for an entire new programme, and a long blog posts and a bunch of promotional stuff and communicated with 100% of my clients privately. I said to you, I did nothing today, I slept in, I went to yoga, had a smoothie, had a facial, then went to the gym, had another smoothie, then went to the dry bar and then went to dinner. I was legitimately like I had a total bliss day.

Katrina Ruth: Now I'm like, hang on, I wrote a sales pitch for a whole new programme, I wrote a 2,500 word blog post, which was really good, I communicated with all of my private clients [inaudible 00:48:57], I responded to my all my team staff, I laid out a bunch of new project stuff and like probably ten other things I can't even remember right now. To me, I'm like I did nothing. So it's about becoming that person whose disciplined and where it's just kind of who you are, you don't think about it. I'm way off on a tangent there.

Marlene Leslie: So how do you differentiate between the stuff that you have to do or that you need to do for your business, like a Facebook Live, like obviously that's something that I'm not comfortable with and everyone has their thing. So the Facebook Live versus like being in flow and ease.

Katrina Ruth: Okay. This is where you've got to go, is it true that you don't want to do a Facebook Live or is it that you can't for your mindset, because I know who you are as a person, that actually you're the exact kind of perfect person to do Facebook Live and that if it wasn't a new uncomfortable area you'd be having the best time ever. So the way to differentiate is kind of like a gut check. Like, okay is this an aligned action for me, personally, to be taking my business. Do I, at my core, feel that this is right for me to be doing, yes or no? And if yes, do I feel grumpy or scared or annoyed or fearful around it?

Marlene Leslie: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Well, too bad because you just said it's aligned, right?

Marlene Leslie: Right.

Katrina Ruth: But then there are other things where somebody might go, well for me, anything where somebody says really classic internet marketing strategy type stuff, where I always felt, like even before I knew what I know now, that it's all so fucking unnecessary. But back before I really believed in myself, I intuitively felt like I just don't want to do that and what I felt was, I felt a feeling of I just don't really think that I have to. But then I was listening to people who were saying that you do have to, you should. So I was like, okay.

Katrina Ruth: It was exactly like I had a coach helping me in the love and romance area and I stopped working with her and I was so grateful for the work that we did and things that I did learn but I had to stop working with her because she kept telling me this is how to communicate with men and like teaching me rules, right?

Marlene Leslie: And you immediately want to break them.

Katrina Ruth: Right. Well, at my core I was kind of like, oh well, I haven't had results or success in this area and I feel like I don't know what I'm doing yet and I was still learning or something, like I was in a long-term relationship for 15 years straight and all of a sudden you are single again, I was literally like, I don't know what dating even means. Like, I'm not really sure what you do on a date, how do you do that, how do you get a date and then what do you do on a date, right? So then I went and got a coach, or actually had several.

Marlene Leslie: As one does.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah. And some were amazing for me personally and one or two, it was like what would be said to me, I was like, I guess you're right because you're the expert but at my core what I felt was, really? Like, really? Am I really going to learn like a fucking script to send a message, for example. Like an appropriate way of how you would word things. So, yeah, that's how you know because something inside of you says well maybe you are right because you are the expert but actually, at my core, I just don't believe you. I kind of at my core don't think I have to do it that way and to be honest, if I would have to do it that way that would be bullshit. Because then what is any connection that I form going to be based on?

Katrina Ruth: And that's how I felt with a lot of strategy stuff for business. Like I would hear stuff or see stuff on Facebook or people would tell me things, you've got to do this, you've got to do that. And I was like, I don't want to, personally. I just don't want to do that. And the history of my entire life says that if I don't want to do it it's pretty fucking unlikely that I'm going to do it, no matter what I try and pretend. Like, you might say to yourself, you are going to do something and then it's not going to happen. But there is also that part of you that's like, I kind of think I'm smarter than you. So that's how you differentiate. So go to something like Facebook Live, well is that how you feel about it? If so then don't do it. But if you are like, well I think I'm just kind of scared of it and I'm not used to it yet, then that's a whole different scenario, right?

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, that's a good point.

Katrina Ruth: So then daily, repeatedly, it's a matter of identify those things which you know you would be doing already if you'd gotten over yourself and if you had the confidence and if you were like kind of that next version of yourself and then you just do it, you just choose that you are going to do it. And nobody knows, it's kind of like, I remember changing schools when I was 8 years old and I was like the shy, introverted person that I am, but I remember when I changed schools I was like, well nobody knows that, I can be the cool girl. But I didn't, I didn't like choose to or know how to, I guess. But we're grown-ups now, we know how to show off and allow that confident side of ourselves out, it's actually a choice. Nobody knows.

Katrina Ruth: Like I said, when I first met you I viewed you as this slightly scary, intimidating woman and you still are that to many people with what you do and what you achieve. And so am I to many people as well. And then you get to know each other and it's like, oh, she's like me.

Marlene Leslie: Normal.

Katrina Ruth: We can be friends. Lets do a livestream.

Marlene Leslie: Oh god.

Katrina Ruth: I don't know, what else are you thinking?

Marlene Leslie: I'm speechless.

Katrina Ruth: We have run out of speech.

Marlene Leslie: I mean, not really.

Katrina Ruth: Never.

Marlene Leslie: Not really.

Katrina Ruth: Well, how you know you should be doing Facebook Live is you are a talking, you have stories and things to say.

Marlene Leslie: Oh god, I do. I don't know if I can go public.

Katrina Ruth: Oh please.

Marlene Leslie: Maybe we can refer to them as "clients".

Katrina Ruth: Well, really if we had recorded our whole conversation from the bar and dinner, that's some fucking high value entertainment. Like, you're a storyteller. Like, this is the quietest I've ever seen you in 3 or 4 years. But like this woman is like a pretty fucking out there crazy person.

Marlene Leslie: Chatterbox.

Katrina Ruth: Over the top storytelling entertainer, life of the party, dominant. All the things that we all are and then you're just on a platform where it's uncomfortable. But you are going to get into it. Tell stories says Kristine. So Marlene told me she's dating two men and then she finished telling all the stories and I'm like, didn't you say two? What are we up to, what's happening, I don't remember anything.

Marlene Leslie: We're up to four.

Katrina Ruth: The point is, you definitely have things to say and to share with the world and that's who you are in your normal everyday life.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, I just have to get over that fear. I've never had trouble exercising or doing a workout plan or any of that stuff, to me it's very similar, I equate this to someone I work with in particular who has never exercised. It's like, how could you not?

Katrina Ruth: Right.

Marlene Leslie: Like, how could you not want to go for a run?

Katrina Ruth: How is that even a thing? I'm like, how can you get on a plane or go to an event or go do anything.

Marlene Leslie: Or people that don't travel. I have friends that won't get on a flight. I'm like, I don't even understand how you live, like how you live your life.

Katrina Ruth: Right. So anything that you do that to you is just really natural and automatic and people try to make it out like it's a big deal and you're like, that's crazy. It's all just a choice. Right, like at some point along your journey, even if it was way back when, you decided to be a fit person, same as me. So at some point along my journey I decided I was sick of the fact that nobody knew who I was and I felt like people should know who I am and people should frickin' listen to me, just listen and then pay me for it. So then I decided to be that person.

Katrina Ruth: And it really is that you guys. You've got to understand, people are like how did you become so well known online or whatever and I'm like, because I decided to. I just became that person, I let the inner side of me out. I appointed myself. I keep saying this over and over again and so few people follow it though, like one in a thousand, which makes sense anyway because I always say it's the one percent within the one percent, but the ones that do go to the top fast.

Marlene Leslie: But it's scary.

Katrina Ruth: It is scary, it is scary. Like, I think about my visions and dreams that I've not yet created, like things beyond my own businesses, like other businesses that I want to bring to life and my empire and other things that I desire in my life and it's terrifying. You know that. Like what we talked about earlier, like putting yourself out there and pursuing something where you feel like, am I crazy? Am I just like a crazy person and nobody wants to tell me? Well, people do tell me that. Right? But it's that thing that we all have of like is what I feel inside of me real, am I crazy, am I just like losing my mind? Who do I think I am that it could be like that?

Katrina Ruth: The rule is that if you feel it inside of you then it is available for you or it wouldn't come through you. I believe that, I believe that you don't get given a dream that's not your dream to dream. So if it comes through you then it's available and it's available specifically for you, not just in the general sense. And, if you are feeling and dreaming it it's available now, already.

Marlene Leslie: I totally believe that.

Katrina Ruth: It's not like for ten years away. Even investing in ourselves can be scary as fuck. Of course it can, investing in any sense, not just financially, but energetically, emotionally, with our time. It is. We feel the fear and do it anyway. You know there is that cliché expression, but I feel like it's so true, which is you know you do what others won't so you can live like they can't. Well I'm at the stage now where if somebody comes along and just meets me, they see the product of my decade, two decades, whatever it is if you really go back through all the years of growth work. So people have a sort of perception of me, if they don't know my story or get to know me. And what's actually happened is, I did it, I did what others wouldn't do for many, many years. As every single person here has in different areas of their life and now I do get to live like they can't.

Katrina Ruth: Like somebody said, you're living the dream. And I'm like, yeah, I am and I did the fucking work.

Marlene Leslie: Yeah, you have. Yeah, that's exactly right because a lot of people expect it to just happen naturally and you read a book on manifestation and you're like, well how come I can't think it and it's appearing in my life. Like there is actually some action that needs to happen.

Katrina Ruth: You can, it comes from thought but yeah there's like a lot more steps than that.

Marlene Leslie: But you can't just think it.

Katrina Ruth: It's the daily commitment and process. I think it all comes from thought, you do think it and that's how it happens but because you think it you become the person. And that kind of speaks to what I was saying where I legitimately feel like I don't do anything. I'm like, all I do is whatever I want all day. I only do whatever the fuck I want all day but then when you reverse engineer it, you're like, I do a fuckload of stuff. For my business, for my clients, for my children, for my health and fitness, for my relationships. I do a lot, but why do I feel like I do nothing? Because I became that person, so I kind of thought it into being part of my being. I did it through journaling as well.

Katrina Ruth: Like fitness, right? To you, same as me, it's part of who you are, it's got nothing to do with what projects you're working on or how busy you are or whether you are travelling or whether you are tired, whether you feel like it. So therefore, you can say that it's easy to stay in great shape and to be fit but then of course you do the work.

Marlene Leslie: And anytime somebody asks me how I stay in shape, I tell them that I work my fucking ass off.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, you work your ass off but it's easy because it's part of who you are. Like, it's not easy in the physical sense, the easy part is that there's no internal battle of will I or won't I.

Marlene Leslie: The decision has already been made.

Katrina Ruth: There is no negotiation being made. And that's actually the hard thing, that's why people lose their energy and their power, is not in the actual doing of the work, like whatever you do at the gym or the studio or whatever, the hard part is that conversation in your head, will I or won't I, do I feel like it, what about this, what about that, oh my god. Who has time for that.

Marlene Leslie: It's exhausting.

Katrina Ruth: It is exhausting.

Marlene Leslie: You feel like you've done the work and haven't actually done anything.

Katrina Ruth: Right, exactly. So just make it easy by making it part of who you are. You are still going to sweat and push and hustle and grind and do whatever you do. Like exercising isn't like a production, I just do it, it's easy. Right, it's easy because you just do it. Like, I say all the time, things are easier that doesn't mean you don't put the effort in.

Marlene Leslie: Right.

Katrina Ruth: Cool, we could talk all night. This is how easy it is to do a Facebook Live. You just start having a chat.

Marlene Leslie: I just popped a cherry.

Katrina Ruth: You popped your livestream cherry. I've taken another livestream virginity. It's not the first, it's kind of a thing. You brought it up though. Like, I might have hustled to get out of the restaurant because I got excited about taking my pants off. Two activities that are not always connected but occasionally. But it was your idea, you said it first.

Marlene Leslie: I did nothing about this.

Katrina Ruth: You did, you brought it up somehow. And I was like, done, I'm in. And then what you do next is sell something. Do you have anything to sell?

Marlene Leslie: Just my teaching. I coach high level executives.

Katrina Ruth: Are you a high level executive who needs somebody whose actually not afraid to tell you the truth?

Marlene Leslie: Tell it like it is? That's exactly right, yeah.

Katrina Ruth: Well that's the thing, right? That's why you do what you do so damn well. Because you are actually willing to say to people's faces what other people won't say.

Marlene Leslie: That's true.

Katrina Ruth: Connect with Marlene and if you want to come hang with me in San Diego next week I have one or two places left. Message me on my personal Katrina Ruth page if you want to come to my one day soul shifts and money making day in San Diego on Tuesday and stay tuned because I'm going to launch my high ticket sales with ease workshop probably tomorrow. Have an amazing rest of the day, keep pressing play.

Marlene Leslie: Bye.

Oh what's up. I only more jazzed than even normal, which is definitely saying something.

Oh my god. So I get here to run my event, and nobody's here. What's that about? What is that about?

Okay. Somebody is here.

Hi. All right. I just started live streaming because no one was here.



I'm Stephanie, the manager here.

That's right.

Pleased to meet you.

You asked for [inaudible 00:00:36] anything.

I just asked if we can get ... Okay I'll do this live stream in a moment.

I just asked if I can get some fruit or some nuts or something?


For the morning.

We can do sliced fruit. It will be $10 per person. I just want to confirm.


Okay. Perfect.

Thank you so much.

Yeah. We'll bring it up shortly.

Okay. Hey guys. I'm here for my event. Here's our beautiful room. This is our Soul Shifts and Money Making day here in New York City. I'm at the W Hotel in Union Square.

And by the way, by the way, by the way, by the way, you might want to look at my boots. You're just going to need to look at them. I'm going to let you know.

I just love how I'm running an event and it starts in 10 minutes, actually 11 minutes, and I only got into the room four and a half minutes ago, predominantly because I was doing about 59 selfies.

Hi. Oh, you can come in.

Hey, how are you? I'm just doing a Facebook live stream.

How's it going? Just making sure you're okay. Welcome.

Cool. Thank you.

There's a power strip under if you need any power.


And you look like you're okay. If you need anything else my name is Alexander.

Okay. Awesome, Thank you.

No Problem.


All right. Cool. He has my back.

I'm so sordid. You know what? I only booked this event space yesterday. I only had the download last week to even do the event here in New York. Then I'm doing next week in San Diego. PM me on my personal page if you think you want to come to the Soul Shifts the Money Making Day in San Diego next week. It was sold out and I opened up two more places. I got a bigger room, so I can fit two more people in.

It's a bigger room. My hair does look good, but have you seen my boots, you guys? I'm sorry, it's actually all about the bling and the outfit today, because check this out.

These are some Christian Louboutin sequinned rose coloured boots. I mean, I'm just saying, "Whoa!" Exactly right Brandon. Exactly.

SO I'm a little jazzed. I'm going to get to the point sooner or later, maybe. Okay. I see myself in the mirror over there. I'm just going to own that I look fucking amazing today. And clearly super humble as well.

Well, I did the work hard, so everybody let's just deal with it. I'm a little hyped up and jazzed because I'm always like that when I'm in an event. I'm super over the top hyped. I'm laughing my ass off because I only booked this whole event last week. I had the idea for it. I put it out. It sold out, of course in three and a half minutes, or whatever, a few more days.

I didn't even book an event space for it. I walked up to the hotel yesterday, in the middle of the afternoon, I'm like, "Yeah. Let's organise something."

I get to the room only 15 minutes before the entire event starts because I was doing a million selfies in my hotel room and I'm like, "Fuck. My clients are probably already here and I'm out these doing selfies." I only took about 89.

Okay. They may or may not be some badass people that have walked into the room just now. But what I was cracking up about is I'm like, "Fuck. I only get to my own event 15 minutes before it starts. They're all going to be ready for me." I get here, not a single mother fucker is here.

One of them comes from Switzerland, on one day's notice. Ladies would you like to introduce yourself to the camera?


Here we have live, in the flesh, two amazing badasses.

I know, we've never met in person before, but staying connected for years, and working together.

And I have stick butt.

Oh, I'm so glad you came.

Jasmine? Correct?


You end up sharing your bed with [Neve 00:04:12] last night?


Yeah. We met in bed last night.

Come on.

This is how it goes down ... Okay. Let's just do a shout out.

This is [Neve Crono 00:04:20]. She's worked with me off and on for years through my community and many of you know here. She literally hopped a plane from Geneva in Switzerland on one day's notice yesterday.

If that doesn't blow your mind, I mean send her a love [inaudible 00:04:34].

And this is the amazing Jasmine, who meet me only a fee days ago and she's like, boom boom boom. I can stay and extra day. Then basically what happened, we had a little Facebook thread going for our event here today. I pop on last night and I see that these two ladies, who have never met or even heard of each other, right?



One of them is offering the other one a bed for the night.

I said I have to book a hotel. I've just arrived in Newark. I had to book a hotel and Jasmine said, "You can come stay with me. I have a king size bed."

I just fucking loved it. I'm going to jump off this live stream in a moment. Sorry, guys. I was like, "If nobody is here, I'm just going to live stream. Clearly they're going to turn up when they want just like I did."

So today ... Let's just pop this down for a minute. Today we are going deep into Soul Shifts and Money Making. Our outfits and out badass are already on point as you can see. Here we go, we'll get the up there.

We're going to do Soul Shifts and Money Making Day. I'm sure I'll do a little recap of it on Facebook Live, but basically what's going to happen in this room is we're getting deep into exactly what each amazing woman is meant to do in the world. What they desire to do in the world and how they're going to make a fuckload of money and a hell of a lot of impact doing it.

It's going to be level as fuck. It's going to be amazing.

Thank you for filling in my time while I waited for people to come play with me.

Message me if you want to be in San Diego next week.



How did I forget to sign off?

Don't forget ...

Life is now. Press play.

Press fucking play.

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Hey, yo Facebook. Good morning. Oh man, I'm gonna hold my hand up in the air now. Okay, that was super smart timing, I've just gone live right as I've gone into a tunnel. I didn't pay attention. Standard. Hey, Allison, what's up?

Okay, what I'm gonna try and do is I'm gonna wait for a moment till we go through this tunnel here so I can share this over to my page. Hey Shella. And then we're gonna have a conversation about selling high ticket with ease and just on a side note, I'm gonna tell you some principles of that. Can you hear me okay? I'm kind of surprised this live stream's working while I'm underground. Leave me a comment, tell me you're there and tell me that you can hear me, that this is working and I'm not just kind of talking to myself here.

Hey Jamie. So I actually wanna teach you and talk to you through some principles. Okay, perfect, thank you for letting me know you can hear me. Hey, Janine. I wanna share with you some things that you can take away and use straight away today. Christine, what's up, gorgeous? And that's gonna be, I think, inspiring and helpful for you and maybe kick your ass a little bit. Happy Easter, true, yes, happy Easter.

And I'm gonna also let you know that my high ticket sales workshop is open for registration. So, obviously, I'd love for you to go and check that out. I think you're gonna wanna join that workshop, it's what I call, one of my phrases that I've coined some time ago that I made up for myself, I call it a hell yeah, no brainer offer that makes them scream yes, which is when you really know that you came up with something where you're like, "This is the bomb and everybody should have to do this, everybody's gonna wanna do this, they'd be crazy to not wanna do this."

So anyhow, I'm still in this tunnel and I can share this livestream over to my page which is annoying me. So, I'll give you the link for that now so that you have it and then I'll post it in in a moment and then after we jump off this livestream, you can go check that out and have a read of it and what all I'm covering and if that's gonna help you. It's actually a low-ticket purchase to join the high ticket with ease workshop. And that's just how I do things, right? In fact, this is part of my philosophy.

So I'm gonna give you that link and then Kathleen has a good question which is actually really relevant. So the link is Okay? Maybe somebody can type that in here, the But I'll paste ... oh, okay, I'm back. No, it wasn't you, this is like the longest fricking tunnel in the world. I should know better.

Like go and see where you're driving before you go live. Anyway, we're back, we're back. So, what was I saying, the high ticket, let me tell you briefly about this and then I'm gonna talk and just share with you some things that you can use right away. High ticket with super ease workshop, excuse me, is the actual name of the workshop, forgot the words here but if I do say so myself, I feel that the banner on this page looks fantastic. You gotta go check it out, Ash, can you put the link in? Can you put the link in and title and tagline on my profile, no rush, that would be awesome and pin that comment since you're there and we're coming out of the tunnel so that's an exciting moment for everybody.

And what this is is the magic mystery mindset of money of how a consistently and weekly ... oh, oh, oh, consistently and weekly do up to 80k plus in sales. That's one individual sale, that doesn't mean total sales. In fact, I feel like we should adjust that in the banner, Ash. Like sales that are up to 80k plus for a single sale. Over Facebook messenger chat in as little as one to five minutes, no discovery calls required, no sales pages for my high end stuff ever, right?

So that's kind of what the workshop's about. I'm gonna show you how I do that and I'm gonna take you behind the scenes of everything relevant to selling high ticket from either like how to design your programme to ... I don't know, like everything you could think of, like objection stuff and what do you need to overcome that. I'm not gonna repeat the whole sales page, you can go to the sales page and check that out.

So this is the first time I've ever taught on something like this and probably because to be quite honest with you, four or five years ago, when I was already selling high ticket ... actually, Ash, can you share this to my personal page as well from my profile 'cause I'm not getting my wifi to work on my laptop in the Uber, can you share it to my personal page and to the Daily Asskickery and maybe comment and let me know when you have done so just so I know you're still there otherwise, I guess, I'll figure it out later.

Yeah, probably part of the reason I've never done a training specifically on this is to be quite honest with you, when I was first selling high ticket which I started I guess really or seriously or officially during in 2013 ... oh, you're gonna have to repost it from my profile but that's good because we've got the link there but when you get on my profile, pop the link in and title and tagline and then share it from my profile. I just talk to my team while I'm on the livestream, you guys. That's my brother, Ash, give him a love heart shower for being online with me on Good Friday. It is Good Friday, right? It is Friday.

Okay, anyway, yeah, I didn't enjoy selling high ticket, right? I kind of hated the process of it. Like when I would get on the phone with somebody, I would always have a good time on the phone and always enjoy the conversation with that person but like hands up or give me like an Amen or give me some sort of Oh God yes, or something like that if you just find it exhausting to do the actual sales process of your high ticket stuff. And/or maybe you're not even doing it and you feel like you don't know how and you're not getting results. So either like you're doing it and you know how to sign up high ticket clients but it's fricking time-consuming.

I don't mean you don't love your clients and your work and actually even talking when you do get onto those discovery talks, I mean, and that might be another thing but we'll talk about that as well actually in this workshop, but I specifically mean that you kind of feel like this is so time-consuming and it's draining and exhausting and if you wanna be perfectly frank about it, the truth is that you don't really like to talk to people that much on a schedule at all and you'd rather just be able to go about your day, doing whatever you feel like and really, you'd rather people just message you and tell you that they wanna work with you on a high level and then they sign themselves up. I mean, why would we not just want that, right?

So I wanna tell you that that's actually exactly how I do it. People come to me, they sign themselves up to work with me, it's a text based conversation, sometimes with audio messages as well but no phone calls, I haven't done a phone call for a high ticket sale in years and it usually takes like two to three times back and forth in conversation, sometimes it might go for a couple of days, typically it's over the course of a day, like depending on time zones and whether the person sees my response and I see their response right away.

But often, it's literally a couple of minutes. So for example, my newest client, she joined the inner circle, shout out Gillian [Sanderville 00:07:51] messaged me last week and I was standing in the coffee line and I get a message and she's like "Hey Kat, here is a photo of me and my baby," he was so cute, a little [inaudible 00:08:04], "and I've just kind of come out of that phase of being ... you know, newborn phase and I'm ready to go all in and I'm doing such and such in my business already and I'm ready to go to this next level and I know I need to work with you. I don't care what it is and I don't care how much it is, I'm going to sign up."

So what did I do to make that sale? Well, technically you could say I did, fuck all, I responded to the message, I was like, "Cool, tell me a little bit about you and your business, and why me and why now and what your vision and your passion is," obviously I wanna align with my clients and make sure that it's a fit. And then I said, "Have you heard of my inner circle?" She had, I sent through an overview, like a written overview that I have and then I just left a little audio with the price. I'm like, "Okay, currently it's $6,000 a month or you can do 60,000 upfront and you get two months free, that's the current investment [inaudible 00:08:54]," as you can imagine.

And she messaged back later that same day or whenever she was next online, she's like "Done, I'm in." That's it. That's a $60,000 sale. Ash, you still did that from your profile but that's okay 'cause it's pinned. You might wanna switch it to my profile though and definitely gonna share it from my [Google 00:09:15] or log in to my profile and share it to my personal page and to Daily Asskickery. Or I can do it after but if you can do it while it's live that's awesome.

So, you know, the thing is, I didn't use to feel proud of how I sold high ticket 'cause I didn't enjoy it and because ... like I enjoyed delivering, I didn't enjoy the sales process 'cause I kind of didn't wanna be on the phone, right? I wanna be doing whatever I want all day, writing and stuff. And I felt like, and you probably feel this way if you're hearing what I'm putting down here. I felt like it shouldn't have to be like this. So I was kind of like ... yeah, I really rather have clients that just know they wanna work with me and they're gonna tell me and they're gonna be so my clients and they're gonna come along and they're gonna be like, "Hey, yeah ..."

Like they've seen maybe if I pulled out Rich Hot Empire or one of my four week or six weeks one on ones that I do from time to time or whether it's inner circle or whatever it is or an event let's say that they come along and they're like, "Hey, Kat, I know I need to be part of this, can I have more details," and they might have a few questions and obviously I'm gonna clarify that they're the right person for me and then that's it.

And I felt like that's how it should be. And I guess I probably felt like that's a little bit unrealistic, it's how I felt at the time, or a little bit you know, like being a diva or something like that or like a bit of an ego so I'm curious to know, do you kind of feel like it should get to be that easy? Do you feel like people should just come and sign themselves up to you because I'm gonna teach you how that happens.

The high ticket sales with super ease workshop, it's a live workshop that's gonna happen on Friday of next week and it's actually gonna start, as soon as you sign up, that's gonna be daily prompts and little work to do in the Facebook group from Monday in three days. So you wanna sign up right away, the link's in the pinned comment because I'll be helping you get prepared.

We're gonna do the live workshop on Friday next week and then we're gonna into seven days of implementation and additional trainings after that to help you roll it out. So I'm gonna give you and teach you through my scripts so to speak that I use, like the overviews and the way that I got that ... oops, dropped my laptop. The way that I go about writing up the investment and that sort of thing, I'll take you through that. I'll give you my exact process and to teach you how to write up your own, like the actual offer, I'll teach you. The reply, the overview reply, the investment reply but also how to have that conversation, how to know when to just send through an overview versus should you do a little audio and speak to the person or is there something you need to ask them.

How to filter out to make sure it's only always perfectly a soulmate client and a bunch of other stuff that I've outlined for you on the sales page. But the point is that it's not like, "Oh, i just found some magical way that people message me and wanna pay me a lot of money," right? Because actually the story I just shared relevant to Gillian, 100% of my inner circle clients have signed up that way. Not like a few, not a good amount, 100% have signed up by basically telling, "I know I need to do this, give me the details." I give the details and it's like, okay, might be a question or something like that, it might be a little bit of conversation and then they are in and it's always that way for anything from ... what do I classify as high ticket? Like several thousands dollars, that kind of ticket through to tens and tens of thousands of dollars, even as much as $80,000 per sale, over actually.

Right? And there's a process that goes into that. So of course, I'm gonna teach you the actual conversation like how I sell over Facebook messenger chat but that's not a magic fucking thing where if you have a good way of outlining and making your offer over Facebook messenger that people are just gonna pay you all that money because how did they come along in the first place? And a lot of ... or most of my inner circle clients, I was never promoting the inner circle, they literally messaged me out of the blue, like random. I wasn't putting an offer out there, just like what I said with Gillian.

And they just message. But when I do like a 10 or a $12,000 thing, I'll typically put the offer out there, I'll post it on Facebook it's on and I'll tell people to message me, right? So I'm telling them to. But how is it that they actually then are messaging, how is it that I'm getting such soulmate badass clients who do the work and get killer results, who are the ones who are messaging. How is it that the conversation is then boom boom boom and there is no expectation of a sales call or anything like that? That's what I'm gonna teach you.

And I guess, what I wanna share with you now about that that you can actually take away and think about even right now, whether or not you join the workshop and you'd be crazy to not join this workshop, it's insane value in it. Like it's so much fricking content that we're covering in there, go check it out. The thing that that comes from is being that aspirational person who that client or that person knew that they had to work with in the first place.

So in actual fact, if you go along and read my blog post from this morning, it's over on my personal katrinaruth page, it's called Now more than ever, your tribe needs you to lead, are you prepared? So if you're watching this as a replay later on, that's the title. Now more than ever, your tribe needs you to lead, are you prepared? Maybe somebody can drop the link to that blog here in the comments also, it's on my page from this morning, my personal page. If you read that blog post and I have a P.S. at the end of that blog about this workshop also, but if you read the blog, I talk about being that person who the client, who's not yet working with you, already is aspiring to do so.

And that's what happens with my clients, they come along and they've been like, "I'm finally ready or I know it's time, I've been waiting for this." But then i also have many clients who come on who literally never heard of me and this has happened multiple times, who join the inner circle or join Rich Hot Empire or join whatever programme that only just heard of me the week before or their friend referred them or something like that and then they go straight in at the high end.

How that happens is the way that I show up and what you've gotta think about is how you're showing up. Are you showing up now every day, whether or not you're selling high end or selling anything, are you showing up as that aspirational leader who people wanna hear from and who people feel like you're the one, right? Like you're the one that they've gotta listen to, you're the one that they wanna have your voice inside of their head, you're the one who they resonate with, they trust in, they believe in, you're inspiring, your helping them, you're educating and giving epic, fricking value which I always seek to do in my free content daily.

But I'm not just trying to give epic value and teach and educate, I'm here to perform, I'm here to entertain, I'm here to inspire, I'm here to kick your ass, I'm here to cry with you, laugh with you, drink with you if you come around. You know what I mean? Like I fully show up all day, every day and so then when it comes time for me to sell something high end, or I'm not even selling and somebody just message me, they're like "I go work with you," I already did that ground work, you know? And I do it day in and day out.

So my sales process is not what happens in that conversation, even though I do have a strategy and a process for that and I'll teach you. My sales process is the way I show up every single day and you've gotta think about how can you show up every single day in a way where people are already sold on you.

Gosh, there was something I know I wanted to say just then about this and it just jumped out of my mind. Oh, I was always gonna mention to you, by the way, that part of what I wanna talk about in this workshop and just remind you of now is my business makes multi millions a year, right? Most people know that but if you don't know that, that's what our company does. We do hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in revenue, it's not predominantly high ticket, just so you know, probably only about 20% ish? I don't know my exact numbers.

But, we have a significant amount of our revenue comes from low to moderate ticket and that's actually part of how my high ticket sales get to be so easy as well. So it's funny 'cause back in the day, a lot of mentors would tell me that if you do low ticket, you're not gonna be able to sell high ticket and they were like, "Stop doing all the low ticket stuff, stop doing the shit programmes and workshops online and just do stuff that's thousands of dollars minimum," and I listened for like a minute and a half and I fricking hated it 'cause I love creating and I love doing low ticket.

But now I'm like laughing about it 'cause I'm like "Oh, my God, you give value all the time through your free content and through your low content and the right people, the 1% within the 1% people who know they're mean to work with you at that level, they level themselves up to come and work with you? Do you know what I mean? I could preach all day about this but here I am at LaGuardia, I'm gonna jump on a flight. I want you to go to whatever the link is, high ticket sales workshop with ease, something something. It's in the pinned comment. Check it out, read all that I'm covering for you there, it is going to be level as fuck, we're gonna play [supertight 00:17:31], you're gonna love it. Have an amazing rest of the day and don't forget, live is now, press play.

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Katrina Ruth: Oh. Oh, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back. Here I am. Here I am. Hey, Kara. Hey, Jessica. Hey, other people, whose names I can't see yet. Tell me that you're there. Hey, Mandy, what's up? What's happening on this beautiful-ish cloudy San Diego morning, beautiful-ish. Hey, Stacy. So, I'm here with our COO and marketing guru extraordinaire at The Katrina Ruth Show. What's up? We've got a 12-minute Uber drive and we thought it would be unseemly, and unprofessional, and somewhat rude of us to not sell something during that 12 minutes. Elena, I did in fact see you a message. I really didn't answer it because I was walking out to the gym, but I will, I will, I will, I will, I will.

Katrina Ruth: Here's the deal, all right, I'm going to tell you something that you're going to need to understand if you want to make a lot of money and while I tell you, Ashley is going to find you a very important link, a very important link that you are going to want to click if you like the monies. If you don't like the monies, don't click the link. If you like the monies, click the link. That's all I'm saying. It's not there yet, don't get excited. It's coming. So, you know I'm promoting my High Ticket Sales Workshop. Nomusa, I am so impressed, Nomusa, that you just told me how to pronounce your name before I actually ask how to pronounce it because I really feel a little distressed when I see somebody's name and I don't know how to pronounce it because I want to say people's name, so I appreciate you. Thank you, Nomusa. Everybody send a love heart show to Nomusa.

Katrina Ruth: Hey, Molly. Hey, Tara. Okay, for real though, you guys, just ... if I ever pronounce your name wrong because sometimes I like to creatively interpret the pronunciation of things and I might add, for example, a silent J because I spent my teen years in Germany, just tell me if it's wrong, all right? Tell me the things. So you know I'm promoting my High Ticket Sales Workshop. High Ticket ... what's it called? High Ticket Sales with Super Ease. It has the most boring URL in the history of The Katrina Ruth Show.

Ashley Gregory: High Ticket Sales Workshop.

Katrina Ruth: We could have called the URL something not boring. The URL is High Ticket ... I think we could have called the URL make all the monies by being you, but that's kind of long and wordy. But anyway, anyhow, that's it, that's the link. As I told you, if you like the money, monies and you want to know how to receive them with super ease, it's a poem. Did you just hear that magic?

Ashley Gregory: What?

Katrina Ruth: Pay attention. I just did a poem and you didn't even notice it. You missed my freaking creative genius that was flowing from the moment then, anyway, you're going to want to go and read about this workshop because really what I'm doing is I'm teaching how I do my High Ticket sales up to 80K-plus per individual sale, but really, I'm teaching how to be fucking hilarious on livestream. I mean, it is somewhat of a gift, actually. I can't help, but that was fun to say. But it came ... it comes out, you bring it out of you. I will help you to reach in. I will reach in. I will grab you by the soul. I will shake that soul around. When it comes out, it will be refined, and polished, and raw, and gritty, and edgy as fuck, and it will do what it was meant to do. That's roughly what we're teaching the workshop. Can we put that on the sales page?

Ashley Gregory: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Transcribe it down.

Ashley Gregory: I want to transcribe it.

Katrina Ruth: Yes. He knows the correct answer to give when I ask a question. The answer is ...

Ashley Gregory: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: Yes. It's exactly what the answer is. He probably didn't even listen to what the question was. So, okay, I'm going to try and explain to you, I want to try to explain that if you think that I'm going to teach you how to sell High Ticket and make like anywhere from 2, 5 grand, 10 grand, 20 grand, 60 grand per sell, 80 grand-plus per sell, just by having a little chitchat over Facebook Messenger and then I'm going to give you my exact scripts of how I do that, and then I'm going to teach you how to fuck the script, not in a rude way, like how to not use the script is what I mean.

Katrina Ruth: If you think that that's what I'm going to teach you and show you exactly how I do it, and help you to craft your offer as well as your own conversational script of how you sign people up by over DM and PM ... I don't know why some people say DM and some say PM, it annoys me. Well, then you're actually thinking correctly, but if ... thank goodness, I don't know how I ever manage to say anything without Brandon here. It's a mystery.

Ashley Gregory: Has he not yet?

Katrina Ruth: He's here. Now, we can actually get the party started. So if you think that that's what I'm teaching you, if I think that I'm ... you think that I'm just going to teach you, here's how to do like a 60K sale in four minutes over at Facebook chat. Here's the magical script that will do that for you. Well, then you are, in fact, correct. However, because I am going to teach you and I'm going to help you craft your offer, did you see that my nails are metallic gold? Have you seen these nails? Do you care?

Ashley Gregory: This one?

Katrina Ruth: Get those nails off my livestream. Disgusting. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for that upsetting and disturbing moment at I apologise. I will energetically send you chocolate truffles to make up for it. Anyway, like really, let's just to be clear. This is not I'm going to teach you some magical ... did you put the comment in?

Ashley Gregory: Yeah

Katrina Ruth: Where is it? I don't think he put it in. Did Ashley put the comment in? It's not here. It's not. Put that comment in. The people want money.

Ashley Gregory: I wonder if I put it in someone else's post

Katrina Ruth: You posted it somewhere different. We don't know where it is. Help. We're accidentally selling on somebody else's livestream. I mean, it wouldn't be the rudest thing in the world. It would actually be a great way of educating them probably.

Ashley Gregory: All right I'm just going to comment as you.

Katrina Ruth: Yeah, comment as me or you, either way. People want to be famous. People want to be me. That's really cheeky of me to say. I don't think it's actually true. I think you want to be you. So, I just like ... okay, I'm trying to get to my point here. I'm getting there gradually, gradually, gradually. There's the link. Don't go and look at it now because we're talking and hanging out. But go look at it when you're ready and get in that group. You'd be next, you'd be ... you would not be level and you would not be playing tight if you didn't want to join this workshop. I don't think Ash was slacking. I think he was merrily selling my High Tickets with Super Ease Sales Workshop on somebody else's livestream randomly instead of posting it here.

Ashley Gregory: I hope so.

Katrina Ruth: I hope so. It would be a gift to them. That would send them thousands of thank you. This is a low-cost workshop to join if you didn't know which is kind of crazy because, literally, it's going to make you hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars if you apply it. I suppose you would. But you won't be just applying a freaking script of how to sell on Facebook Messenger. Is that or is it not true, Ash?

Ashley Gregory: Yes. I wasn't listening to that...

Katrina Ruth: Did you hear that slight moment of pause where he's like, "Fuck, what's the right answer?" Yes, we already established the answer is always yes. He agrees with me. He confirms that it's true that we will not just teach you some little script of, "Yeah, you can sell on Facebook Messenger in four minutes." Well, of course, you freaking can because they'll know you don't need to do freaking sales calls or any of that shit. By the way, the clients signed themselves up. They just come and tell you, "Can I please give you some money? I don't care how much it is."

Katrina Ruth: So I know the ... and then yesterday I did a survey, a small informal survey over at lunch with my inner circle clients who do pay the reasonable monies to work with me and not a single one of them could tell me what they're indeed paying for because, really, they're paying to be my energy. But what I mean is they didn't know what are the details of the inner circle that they've signed up for. I'm like, "If I put a quiz into that group, 100% of people would fail, I think, on knowing exactly all that they're paying for." Do you know why this is?

Ashley Gregory: Yes.

Katrina Ruth: We scripted that earlier. Well, let's get real, why is it? Because of all the other things that go before that. Ash is going to tell you all about it.

Ashley Gregory: Well, because there's no magic bullet. I mean, it's not a cookie-cutter approach. I mean, what they're paying for one week might be completely different to what they need the next week.

Katrina Ruth: But why would they ... why would people want to sign up so easily at a high level to work with me? What goes before that? Let's see how well he listens and pays attention to my content.

Ashley Gregory: To ... yes.

Katrina Ruth: Why do people-

Ashley Gregory: I'm a bit ... I am slacking today. Why do people want to ...

Katrina Ruth: Why would people sign up so easily at a high level to what could be? It's not because I have a magic script tease on Facebook Messenger. Although, I do and I'll give it to you and it's ... like her, I'm a freaking amazing copywriter, literally made millions and millions of dollars through writing, but it's not the reason. You can't just get my magic script and think that people are going to merrily buy a High Ticket shit of you. What's the real reason that they buy? On the spot.

Ashley Gregory: I am on the spot today.

Katrina Ruth: Because it's who you are.

Ashley Gregory: I'm sweating.

Katrina Ruth: Sweating from the question of from this light food poisoning that we both got last night?

Ashley Gregory: It's the food poisoning.

Katrina Ruth: We both got food poisoning from the burger last night, no bueno. All right, that was an upsetting moment for me. Elaine Noise, to be in your energy. To be in your energy is what they get as well as various other things, some of them entirely not professional, but the reason that the sales process is so easy and natural and doesn't require a freaking sales process as such is because of the way that I show up every single day as a leader and fully own my truth. So in this workshop, yeah, we'll teach you the iddy-biddy, gritty-nitty not shitty part of my sales process and how it works, and help you craft your offer, and help you craft the conversational side of it and feel like, "Okay, how would I interact and respond to somebody if they say this or if they say this," because, yeah, I drove it down to a fine art and the science and it freaking works as you know.

Katrina Ruth: But I also want to share with you everything that goes into that in and around and behind it like how do you now not even have to like be online for 12 years like me or something, or have a big community, or anything like that. You can be like completely coming out of nowhere and I'm saying this to the clients of mine who actually take on board what I say, and maybe nobody knows you, and you feel like you're one of the masses, and all of a sudden, you will point yourself into that leader position where people want to work with you, and there's various elements to go into this. Exactly, all those elements is what I want to teach because I'm not interested in showing you my sales process like here's a script for a Facebook Messenger or something without explaining to you everything that goes into that, and behind it, and around it.

Katrina Ruth: So if you go to ...

Ashley Gregory: Highticketsalesworkshop.

Katrina Ruth: Highticketsalesworkshop, you can read about all that we're covering, but when I read a sales pitch for this programme ... I've been here before I've definitely been to lunch with [inaudible 00:10:55] in here. We're just pulling up to our new venue. Yeah, this place is pretty cool. No, we had dinner here. Yeah. We're in Santa Fe. We're getting out a bit you do know but I can still converse. I can conversate whilst walking. It's a thing I learned to do once upon a time. Okay, okay, I'm going to get out. I'm going to keep talking. So, when I write the sales page, I went into ... like I go into everything that goes in and around that, right? Thank you. Okay, sorry. Okay, I'm going to go over here and finish this livestream on these blue seats. All right. Okay. Here I am. Look at this, look at this fabulous-looking place. It's very, it's very luxurious, suits my style, suits my tattoos. It's kind of like a country club, definitely suits my tattoos like it's like a luxury country club.

Katrina Ruth: Anyway, when I go through the sales page, I really think about all the different elements that I think about what are the questions you would have like or as you would start to roll this out if, like, what would mean that it wouldn't work, that's what I think about. And then I'm like, "Okay, so I'm going to add that into that content. I want to ... if you've been following my stuff, there's many things you would already understand and know about this, but then at the same time, I feel that it really is an art and a science. I guess, the biggest thing relevant to the title of this livestream is you've got to be owning your truth. You have got to be speaking and owning your truth. Now, we all know this, right, but here's where I think a lot of people let themselves down or maybe are not fully aware of how it works.

Katrina Ruth: It doesn't just mean that when you ride a message on Facebook or you do a livestream that it comes from a place of truth and, like, you look at your own stuff on your Facebook right now and you'd be like, "Yeah, that is my truth. That's awesome, like obvious don't post shit that you don't believe in. Be authentic in whatever you do post. However, here is the one of the biggest missing links that a lot of people don't understand. Are you ready for me to impart this knowledge gem of golden wisdom to you? If you're ready, send me a love heart show or say, "Fucking ready, Kat. Get to the point," whatever you need to say. Can I have my water?

Katrina Ruth: I think that burger is growing little burger baby this inside of my stomach because something's happening in there. Where's my love heart show? What's going on? Okay, there comes three little love hearts, four. I think I should always livestream with a cactus behind me. It looks amazing. Okay. So the rule is ... I'm going to tell you, and then we're going to go check in. The rule is you must say all the things that are coming through you. It's not just that what you do say, and speak, and share for your truth is obviously the fucking truth. Holy shit, I think that's 60% apple cider vinegar. I wasn't paying attention when I made my aminos this morning. Hell, wake you right up, right? It's going to cleanse the system. There's going to be some bowel cleansing today. People like ... I just told you, I just demonstrated my point right then and there. I just said ... and Christine says, "Release." Exactly right, release.

Katrina Ruth: You got to say whatever's coming through you. It is so bullshit. Honestly, it's bullshit or to quote the amazing amount of friends who I was in bed with this morning, my soulmate, client, and friend, the bed story, got to figure out for yourself really. You can go to my page and figure it out. She said it's annoying and uninspiring. Well, she was actually referring to when people don't sell and they should be selling. It's annoying and uninspiring. But it's also annoying and uninspiring when you only share the parts of your truth that are safe, or cool, or you think that's inspiring to share. You must share all the parts. You must tell people about your bowel movements if that's what's coming through. You definitely don't have to tell people about your bowel movements. However, if it's coming through you ... oh, my god.

Ashley Gregory: Knock it. It's not coming through you yet.

Katrina Ruth: I didn't even get to reference myself. Well, there were some interesting activities that happened in that area this morning. The three last night was so toxic and it was that low vege [inaudible 00:14:59] as well which is a high-end [inaudible 00:15:01] place. Whatever is coming through you, I'm not even trying to be funny. I can't help it. I was born hilarious. Whatever's coming through you, you must express it to people. You must open your mouth and say that. So, for example, that will turn the Daily Asskickery groups, see that I did a very raw on like ... what's the word, polarising livestream into the Daily Asskickery on Saturday about things that many people would not agree with. Well, I did it because it was coming through to do, right?

Katrina Ruth: I speak the truth not just when it feels like this is a cool, fun, popular trip to speak or people are going to be inspired or agree with my profound philosophies on life and success. You speak the truth even when it's going to be unpopular. Honestly, if you took this one piece of advice but you really fucking took it not just once, now, in occasion when you had a couple of tequila shots, but if you made it a personal principle and rule that whatever's coming through, you would get to be expressed and get to come out, you are going to see massive leaps and bounds in your business and in the way that people are perceiving you. There's many more things that go into it, obviously. It comes down to your inner game and how you're choosing to see yourself and how you're owning that leader power and energy inside of you.

Katrina Ruth: If you've given yourself permission to be seen and followed in that way, are you expecting and requiring on an energetic level that people are going to want to pay you on a high level. So there's all these different elements and I just wanted to touch on the truth element today and ... I just ate a fly, really. I wanted to touch on the truth element today and kind of give you a kick in the arse around that and just ... then maybe you have to think about this, so I may become right down, what's a list of shit that you believe that maybe you say to your friends, or your family, or your team, or your coach, or whatever but you wouldn't say it on the internet because you're worried or what people think and you worried that it would be too polarising, or that somebody's not going to like you, or that they're going to be like, "Holy shit, what did you mean that like," like, actually, the stuff I put in the Daily Asskickery on Saturday.

Katrina Ruth: Next day, someone's like, "But it's April Fools'," and I'm like, "No, it wasn't. No, that wasn't April Fools'. It was a true thing," right? So make a list of the stuff that you know would be unpopular or you're scared would be unpopular but yet it's your truth. The easy way to do this is just start to say in public what you say in private, what do your friends and your closest inner circle people who are around you know about you that other people don't know, because I'll tell you one thing for sure, people don't buy from teachers, not if it's like straight-up teaching, right? Nothing wrong with teaching, obviously.

Katrina Ruth: I love to teach, but people invite if you're just that teacher who's like, "No, I'm going to tell you the things and I'm a success coach, or I'm a fitness coach, or I'm whatever I am, and I know lots of informations, and I'm going to give you information." Who cares? We want to be entertained. We want to be inspired. We want to be shook up, but what we want most of all, actually, and somebody who we aspire to learn from our viewers as a mentor type person, most of all, we want to see that we are like this person and they are like us.

Katrina Ruth: So the more you show who you really are like your real shit, not just relevant to business, but your whole real who you are as a person, what's going on up in here, what do you think, what do you believe, what do you wait, what are you about maintenance, whatever it is that's got to come out. The more you show that, yeah, you're going to lose people along the way and lose them left, right, and centre, in fact, I'm losing more subscribers than ever the more that I get into my truth and I'm making more money than ever, and I only have so many clients.

Katrina Ruth: My high-installment clients, just come to me and they're like, "Kat, what's your offer? How much is our [inaudible 00:18:25]? I want to be in your inner circle. I know I need to do this because they've seen how authentically I show up in all these different areas. So, have a think about that. Go to, High Ticket Sales Workshop, Go check out all that we're doing there. It's certainly not just a workshop about the how the High Ticket Sales. Yes, I do want to share that with you. I want to teach you how to come up with a how, yeah, no-brainer High Ticket offer. I want to show you exactly how I sell that over Facebook Messenger. I'll be sharing my draught scripts with you. I've already actually dropped some examples.

Katrina Ruth: There's three amazing pieces of content already live in the Facebook group for the pre-work. So when you sign up today, you're going to get pre-work straight away and it's quite intense, the pre-work. And then we start officially on Saturday. I know I said Friday a few times back, I don't know, I screwed up my date. So we start on Saturday, but it's all online, all fully recorded and then we got seven-day implementation bootcamp after that. So I'm going to help you come up that offer. I'm going to help you to design and develop your own scripts. I'm going to be sharing updated scripts and one of you have even done into the pre-work, you are in there. Yes, who else is there. There is Brandons of free bonus as well. He's just appointed himself that. I guess, that means that he's saying you got to just harass him all day every day with whatever you want.

Katrina Ruth: Roughly, that's exactly what he said. So, yeah, I'm teaching the selling stuff and showing you how I do my scripts and helping you to craft your own which is super cool for you and you're going to love it, but I want to go into all of the things to go in and around that for you. So the three stuff we just spoke about it's on pod and we'll be diving into some really cool exercises that are going to confront you and kick your ass and get you massive results. I'm going to be looking at all the other elements that go into the art and the sense of being a really high ticket from flow coach online. So, whether it's the mindset and how you need to choose to see yourself, whether it's how to set goals and intentions to get those so many clients, how to speak through your messaging in order to call in the exact perfect clients, how to grow your home with only the right perfect people and so many other things besides. So, go check it out. Ashley's pops are coming in. I'm not sure if you pinned it.

Ashley Gregory: No, I'll pin it, but I pinned it twice, I think.

Katrina Ruth: You got a pin it now while I'm still live. It doesn't let you pin after your night live. Go check it out in the pinned comment or you'll find the comment anyway, Read everything that we're doing in there. It's super exciting. Sign up today. You're going to be in the Facebook group today. We'll let you in today. You're going to grab all that pre-work and you're going to do some other cool little things over the next several days before we officially kick off on Saturday. Have an amazing rest of the day wherever you are in the world. Don't worry if you can't pin it. Doesn't really matter and do not forget life is now, press play. Bye.

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I definitely noticed that when I'm in this place of ... Fuck, I should do that, I should fix that, I should save that person. Oh my God, somebody needs something? I should go round there. I should get on a plane. Maybe I should buy them a plane ticket. Maybe I should buy them a car. Maybe I should send them my own personal assistant. Maybe I should send them my children. It's just like this ridiculous thing that goes through my head, to the point where I'm surprised I don't go around just randomly volunteering my own services as an assistant to everybody I see on the street. I've let this play out many times over the years in my business and life, where I have then given my time and energy and resources. Again, of course it's beautiful and lovely to give our time and our energy and our resources if we're called to do it.

My concern, or what I'm noticing or what I'm learning from it ... And thank you for your comment as well, EJ, about ... It's a big issue for many women. What I'm noticing is wow, when I'm in this place of I need to fix that or I need to save a certain individual person, or potentially the entire fucking Gold Coast, or the whole entrepreneurial world or whatever it is, then it's actually not coming from flow and it's not coming from soul.

It's coming from actually a need to validate myself, because in some way there's something inside of me that says if I'm not ... I guess you could say ... Working myself to the bone's probably not the right comment for me, but probably a lot of women can relate to that. I think my mum was like that, is like that. If I'm not exhausted and working myself to the bone, then I may be not living into my responsibilities. I'm not being enough, doing enough, and maybe I'm not good enough. So it's actually a self-validation thing.

For me it's not like working myself to the bone. It's more like I should give all my resources, because ... Yeah, it's ego. I should give all my resour- ... Well, I said before it wasn't ego, but I guess it is ego, in a different way to what I thought, though. I should give all of my resources, because obviously, I should do that. I don't even have the entire understanding of this or the description of what that means. But it actually comes from a need to validate my own self, which is ... Or ego, which is self-worth shit as well, which is all sorts of other stuff, and which is definitely not something that comes from alignment. It's not what comes from soul and it's not what comes from flow.

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Yeah, so normally even though I have days where I feel like, "Oh, I don't really feel like it or I'm not fully in the vibe," or I feel like, "Oh, I don't really have anything to say," what's interesting, and I can reflect on this now from this place, is that the flow of the normal day-to-day of it carries me along.

So it's like, okay, I might feel resistance or I might feel like I'm not inspired or I don't want to, but because I have a habit around it, I just do the damn thing and majority of the time get into flow. Then all of a sudden I've had this not-planned extended break from showing up in the way that I normally do. I think that that can go on for a week or 10 days or whatever, but when it's gone on for a month, it's literally got to the point where I'm like, "Fuck, I feel really nervous. I feel like I'm not experienced at doing this," or I feel like, "Oh, I'm not going to know what to say," or, "I'm not good at this," or "I'm gonna run out of things to say after 15 minutes," and was just really interesting to observe and I wanted to talk about it.

And fortunately, it's fucking flowing, because I was like, "I'm just going to sit here and just sit here like a stone-cold robot like I never did this before." I wanted to talk about it, because it's such a powerful reminder of habit, the power of habit, alright? And I think that sometimes we've got to get out of our normal habits and routines in order to really appreciate them and really understand how powerful they are.


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Either your life is made up of all these moments where you say yes to purpose and you say yes to destiny and you say yes to doing the work that you're meant to be doing, thank you, Phina, or your life is made up of moment by moment of resistance beat you, resistance has you by the throat or by they short and curlies, if you've got them. Or whatever it was and so as a result of that you didn't write the thing, you didn't say the thing, you didn't turn on the camera, you didn't launch the programme, you didn't go to the frickin gym, you didn't play with your children, whatever it was. You really gotta think about the small moments and how that's making up your life. Actually success is very easy, it's very simple. All it comes down to is in this moment are you doing what you're meant to be doing.

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I couldn't find a band aid for Colette because I guess my children used them all and so Will was able to find one and we saved her. It was a team effort. Then I was telling Mathias and Will about how cute it is that my children are bawling, like they're crying their heads off 'cause they're in pain and they're really crying hard. As parents you all know this, right? You say to your child, "Do you need a band aid? Will I get you a band aid?" They're like, "Yes." Then you get one and you put it on and you're like, "Okay you're better now." "Okay, Okay, thank you mummy." They give you a cuddle. and they're fixed, they're healed, right?

It's super cute and super funny, but it's always such a powerful reminder about belief and I guess it's like a placebo effect type thing. You know this, I'm not telling you anything you don't know. I feel like sometimes these little moments in life or little things you see maybe with children.

We then got into discussion about how you raise your child relevant to any form of beliefs or values system. Ultimately, typically how they grow up. Of course they may rebel against it at some point, but still it's just incredible to think how much we can influence our own minds just by choosing to believe something.

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Good afternoon. Hi beautiful people. Hello to the people of the world, come onto me there, come hither to me, I can't just sit here on a big rock all by myself talking into space. Well I could, it would be nothing that's completely unusual. Oh hi people who are jumping onto Join Me. Check it out, I'm on a rock. I'm sitting on a rock. I'm a lizard on a rock. Good morning from Canada. Holler! Holler or Hola? I'm going to go with Holler! Hey Lana, hey Claire, hey Sarah Ashley. I love how Facebook randomly invites me to bring some people on, but not others. So Facebook's invited me to bring Sarah Ashley on.
So I'm sitting here on a rock. Where am I? I'm in ... what's country is this? America. And it's the state of Florida. Okay I do roughly know where I am. I don't know. I don't always stay on the human earth, I write about that last night. Sometimes my body might be here, the physical me is here. The rest of me, you just don't know, you don't need to know. I know you would know what I mean, who read my blog post last night? It was pretty fucking huge for me to release. I was like you know when you've unleashed some art that is just next level powerful and you kind of like spent ... it's the best word for it.
Diana says, "Just read your blog and oh my God, so me right now! I'm dealing with all of that."
If you didn't read my blog, I think I even going to go get you that link and pay sitting here so ... Nadia, right. Thank you Emma.
So the blog was about I get anxious ... what did I called it? I get anxious ... and I don't think I said bitchy, but that's definitely true. And agitated a lot of the time in how ... I'm sorry I'm just looking at my computer while I'm sharing the post ... in how I kind of hate people a lot of the time, which is not typically something that you want to say on the internet when you're talking to people. But then I know that you guys get it, right? And so I want to give you that link now. I don't want you to obviously go read it now, but if you did miss it, I feel like it's going to be pretty powerful. Oh here we go! "I'm sensitive and anxious" ... I called it. "I'm sensitive and anxious, easily agitated and kind of really hate people, a lot of the time."
And so I'm here at an event. I'm hiding. I'm hiding from the event although presumably if anyone at the event wanted to see where I am, they could just put Facebook on and find me. But this is where I'm at. It's kind of beautiful. So it's actually a Disneyland resort where they're hosting this event at, cause it's like three and half thousand people here. I did not in fact go to class today at all. Today was a day for me to recharge my soul batteries.
And so I want to talk about that a little bit. I want you to go read and read that blog like I said later if you not had chance to read it yet. So here's the link for it right now, it's coming. There it is. Because I think that this is really important for us, for people like us.
Yeah I'm at ClickFunnels.
So I went yesterday and attended. And it was fantastic. I got so much value out of it. I will write and share my thoughts at some point, no doubt. I really just enjoyed the sessions and I really just allowed myself to be open to being inspire by other stories, and I find it super inspiring to hear other people's stories. Today I look at the schedule and it's more Funnels and that sort of [inaudible 00:03:41] stuff. And my brother who's the chief operating officer of my business is here with me and he got to go today.
And you know I looked at the schedule and I was like, "I know that if I went along, I would get epic value out of being in the room." Because I always get value from what I chose to do. So it's no doubt that I would take what I needed from the sessions and if there were any sessions that didn't resonate with me, I would just sneak out the back door as I do ... it's why I have sit near the back. But when I tuned in I was like, "What is it that I'm meant to do today?"
Am I meant to go sit in that room because obviously I flew and travelled in theory from Australia to be here all day ... many other things I'm here for on this trip. And come to the event, and paid for the event. And one of the things that I have long ago, given myself permission for and that I want to talk, is to just follow whatever is actually needed for me. Right? So little people would come along to something like this and they're like, "Well I paid to be here and I want to get my money worth." Or "I want to get my value."
And for me it was never about that. It was actually more like, I thought for my brother. It would be cool for him to come because he's relatively new, I guess, to the online marketing world, well a couple of years in. But newer than me. And my best Kylie is here as well and so I was like yeah, "Cool, you know I'll come along and I'm sure I hang with some cool people. And I'm sure I would get some value out." But I was never like I want to come to the event and be at the event the whole time. That wasn't my intention.
But even had it have been, I've long ago given myself permission to do whatever I need to do in any situation and time. And it's worked out really, really well for me. And that's what I want to talk about, so I did the title for today, "Either way you were born to win no matter what." Or I think it wasn't that long, but my title is essentially, "You were born to win no matter what, so why don't you just do what you want." Right?
So for me, like from these perspectives now, from my perspective on the rock, I know when I look at my business, some of the results that I have with money. Building a multi-million dollar [inaudible 00:05:29] business online ...
Hey Mandy! We're going to be hanging very soon at my event! Did you guys know I'm doing a one day VIP, very intimate high level soul shift and soul creative flow money making event next week one day in New York? It's going to be next Tuesday in New York. And then one day in San Diego. Then a week after which I believe is also Tuesday, either way it's April 3. Message me over on my personal Katrina Ruth page if you would like the details to be at those events. There are filling quite fast, so there's only a few places left. They're very small, high level intimate one day events. Super excited about that. And I just thought of it cause Mandy just signed on and she just said, Hello, on the live stream here.
So yeah when I look at my business now, when I look at ... okay my business makes more than seven figures per year. It continues to grow. I truly believe I have one of , if not the most [inaudible 00:06:18] fucking tribe on the internet, right? Like I just, I mean, okay. If you want to be internet markety about it, my conversion numbers and my engagement tells that story. Right? Actually the income that my, the revenue that my business makes for the size of my email list and my following is quite astonishing. And it's kind of unheard of whenever I talk to normal internet people.
But like putting that aside, you fucking see it and feel it, right? And whenever I'm in a room with my clients and my clients get to meet each other for example like at an inner circle events or over the [inaudible 00:06:46] event in New York next week and San Diego the week after, the clients and my tribe when they interact with each other are always kind of astonished but not. But just kind of blown away at how instantly every single person in the room connects with every single other person in the room. You know I have been in business for nearly twenty years now, and have been marketing online for twelve years of that. And I've never experienced this before. You don't go to an event or retreat or seminar or hang out in a group online and every single person adores every single other person and is like a soul sister friend.
So I know that I've done a pretty damn good job of building my tribe and calling in the correct alliance of people. And that post last night and the resonance that came through from that and the feedback that I had of messages and comments is just like, I think I've actually going to extend it to a book. Cause I just really feel that this is such a powerful topic. And I think that's what I'm going to do today, is really dive deep into writing a big piece of that book instead of going to the event.
So yeah, I know I've done a good job of calling my tribe and it's reflected in energy that I have in my online audience. It's reflected in how I feel. It's reflected in how much genuine joy and love and utterance I have for my clients. And it's also reflected in the fact that I love spending time with my clients as suppose to my hating people thing that I write about on the internet last night. I've truly allowed myself to call in and create. I've a soul tribe of women and some men who are exactly the same sort of person to me. And who get it. And who were not born for this world and we're born to dance between the realms [inaudible 00:08:23]. Like we travel in our sleep and even during the day to other worlds and other places. And then we create new worlds inside of us.
And if we put ourselves into an environment with people who are not ... like whatever you want to call it, astro travellers, indigo children, magical light workers, healers, like you know, the ones who are sent from other places. Us. If we hang with the other people too much or if we just around like noise or a load of city type stuff or electro magnetic stuff or just a load of energy that's not ours or it could be just being really busy. That's going to deplete us. And I'm not just talking like introvert depletion, well that's part of it.
Cause I'm a big ass introvert and I know most people here are. But it's going to deplete us. Just on all possible levels. And what would happen is if you don't respond to what your soul needs, not just in like that moment, like what do I need right here. Okay I need to get out of this room. Or I need to go sit on a rock in the sun and live stream to my people, because right now ... here's a little secret for you guys, right. I'm already playing hooky on the whole day. There's a very specific reason why I just went live right now. It's because everybody just went to lunch five minutes ago. You can start to see them walking pass.
Three and a half thousand people just went on their two hour lunch break. I know that from the schedule. I don't want to talk to them, so I'm live streaming here, so not only am I avoiding the event, but I'm going live to make sure that I don't get caught up in a conversation and then I have some client calls starting at the next hour. Like at the top of the next hour, so I'm super I know what I fucking need and I'm creating my life around it. I'm literally on a rock right now, because I'm pretty sure that my brother or some of the people that I know is going to walk pass me soon cause this is like somewhat near our room and I'm like, well shit if I go back to the room, they're going to want to talk to me about the event. And tell me what happen this morning. I'm not available for that right now.
I'm in Florida, I'm at the Funnel Hacking event.
I'm not available for that right now. And I want to hear about the event. And I hear about it at dinner. And I'm excited to hear about what was covered and what my brother learned out of it. And that sort of thing. But energetically I'm not actually available. Like I would not cope right now with getting into a conversation and having an update about what happened in that room. My soul is not recharge yet. We've been with people non stop for the past week or ten days like nonstop twenty-four hours a day, travelling with people. And people who I love and I adore. And doing a load of stuff, which I consciously have chosen to but having a bit less time to myself of the normal. And it's just like ... no, Kat if you don't take today and recharge your soul batteries, you're going to start next level bitch on everybody's ass, which started to happen last night.
It was not [inaudible 00:11:07] I was turning into a sly asshole and I write about that a bit in my post. But it could be something else. It could be like binge eating, right? Or whatever it is. And I just know what I fucking need. And here's what else, and here's why I'm doing this livestream on this topic, I don't have fear of scarcity around missing out.
This waiting for me to start talking about these things even more than usual. I think I've talk about them a lot before. Cause all this stuff comes in phases. Like if I went back through my blog posts, I've definitely written posts about not liking people and like similar sort of stuff I think I might go and find those posts. And even include them in this book that I'm writing.
So yes, I don't have fear of scarcity, right. Like as I was saying, a lot of times if people would travelled to an event ... and like I said my intention was to never that I had to attend the whole event anyway. But regardless people would be like well, isn't it kind of stupid that people think it's stupid or irresponsible or they will actually think that it's a sabotage to them playing hooky and not attend at all. And it's not an ego thing, I'm fully aware that I'll get value from being in the room, there's amazing speakers at this event. There's many, many speakers whose businesses have grown far beyond mine. And you know what, I kind of don't care because I know that I'm going to do it anyway. And I know that I'm going to do it in my own way. And I know that I'm going to have the perfect alliance, support, or learning, or growth, or inspiration just come along exactly when I need it.
So yesterday afternoon, it was so align and perfect for me to be in the room. And I was so happy to be there and I got incredible value out of it. Today if I would have gone along, because I look at the speakers and I was like well there's some good sessions there that I think I would enjoy but have I gone along, that would have been coming from fear. That would be coming from FOMA, right. That would have been coming from well what if I missed out on that one weird thing that's going to hack my freaking funnel and make me another million or the next million or ten more million or whatever. And I just tune into that and I was like, but I'm going to win no matter what. I was born to win. I was born to succeed. I was born to do something extraordinary in the world. Just like each and every person here.
And I also know that I always make the right decision, because I chose that as a belief. So therefore it's true, cause I chose it and I've locked it in for long enough now that's it fucking true. I know that everything always work out perfectly for me. I know that I always choose the correct action to take. I always am moving forward perfectly on my path. I know that all things are coming together for my greater good. I know that I'm building a multi-hundred million dollar empire. I fucking know that I'm not going to look back in ten years and say. "Well gee I was here to change the fucking world and share my message and create amazing art and build a multi-hundred million dollar empire, impact millions of people, but you know I played hooky that one day on March 21 at that event back in Florida and I guess if I have just have gone along, I could have live my destiny and live my purpose." Right? Like doesn't it sound ridiculous when you put it that way.
But year every single day, we all make choices to do things ... well actually I don't anymore. Well maybe I do and I catch myself, but I certainly don't do it as much as I used to. Make choices to do things that are not aligned. Right? That are not feeding our soul, because we're scared. We're scared ... well what if do miss out on something that could have completely change my business or something that I just had to know that I didn't know. Or meeting the right person or whatever it is. Right. And it's like well what if you miss out on living your fucking life? Because you responded your entire day in and day out through all decades of your life from fear and from a scarcity mentality that says do what other people tell you. Go along. Follow the crowd, just in case.
The only thing that you need to guide you is soul flow. And I'm quite certain I'll be guided back into that room at some time over the next few days. And I'm quite certain that if that doesn't happen, I won't even go back in. And I still am in massive gratitude and appreciation for the event, for the organisers of the event. For the people who are here, and for being here, and I'm glad I came. I'm enjoying the environment and I'm enjoying sitting on this rock. And I'm enjoying speaking to you. And there's a great gym here, so that makes me happy. And I'm exactly where I need to be. I'm exactly where I need to be and everything is perfect and everything is where it's meant to be.
And what I want to, I guess, pass onto you is well what if you chose to feel that way. What if you chose to feel always that you're exactly where you need to be? That you always make the right decision. That everything always works out perfectly for you. That you're moving forward on your correct path with beautiful perfect alignment right now. That you were born to win. And that nothing can stop you. And so therefore, you get to do what you want. Now getting to do what you want, really what I mean about that, following soul desires. And soul flow. And I want to talk about that a little bit more, but let me see what comments you said.
Zuckerberg, what did Zuckerberg do? Cause ... don't even tell me now, I'll read it in the news later, but I saw something about him and then I ignore it.
"This is my mantra from my coffee this morning, stop comparing. Yes oh my God, thank you. ", says Keyona.
"One of my current [inaudible 00:16:12] kiss ass and why don't you explore resistance around that. You must be missing some soul [inaudible 00:16:17]. I'm like oh okay.
Right like I just think that one of the most powerful shifts through people like you and I who are very different like we're the ones who ... for example, I can be in a room with three and half thousand entrepreneurs, which I was yesterday, and I in that room feel like, well you guys are the normal ones. And I'm the weird crazy one in this room, cause I'm the one who travels to ... I know there are others who are like me but I don't necessary know who they all are or where they all are. But I know that ... like I look at that room, and I go well you guys are the normal ones, right? And then it was funny cause they did like a slide on being the crazy ones and the misfits and the rebels, and the not normal ones. And I was like, no you are the normal ones. You're the internet marketing people. And then I'm like, oh but I guess, it's a room of entrepreneurs so technically the whole room is the not normal ones.
But then I think that we, you and I. This kind of person is super sensitive person who reads and feels energy. And who is highly psychic, highly intuitive who does travel to other worlds, who does work magic, who does create from within, who does need to be within a very high majority of the time, we are the not not normal ones in a whole different way and I don't mean better, worst, anything, at all. I just mean I know who I fucking am and I know who you are. And I know that it's an extraordinarily rare thing. And I don't even know what my fucking point was right then actually. It was something about being normal. What was it?
Oh! We always know what we actually need for ourselves. I mean that's kinda my big message, right? So when somebody's like, well you know you have resistance, like this being many things that I've ever had resistance to over my business journey, where coaches or I guess other people that I maybe did follow online at the time before I fully kind of figured this out and got on my own path. Or when I would have come to events that I would've been thrown off my path, because I would have bought into the stories. Right. It would have been like well shit maybe I should do it that way and maybe I should change what I'm doing because my way is like pretty fucking messy and chaotic and so on and so forth. And i did, I fought that battle for some many years, I fought a battle against being me.
And eventually it got to a point where I was exhausted of that but where additionally I started to look back through my success history in my business and in my life and I was like well shit. All this success that I've had, which was significant but all the real flow [inaudible 00:18:51] success had not only been like an amazing result but that I've found easy is when I just completely created from inside of me. When I just reached in and ... well reach in and grab my audience by the soul actually. It's one of my favourite blogs that I wrote of mines, it called "Reaching and Grab them by the Soul", on how to build a cult following.
But when I reach in and grab hold of my own soul and responded to that when I kind of heard what everybody was saying or doing and then was just like, yeah, I'm not going to do that. And even long before I prove myself with my results and business to where I can now sit here and say this is what I think and by the way I've got the fucking results to back it up so don't try to me that I'm wrong. I don't care if you do anyway.
But long before that, I would go to events, even like twenty years ago, right, when I was like 18 years old, 17 years old, even yeah like 20 years ago, or like when I first got into personal development in a big heavy way was when I was 17, so 21 years ago. But really I started when I was about 11, reading books and that sort of thing. And I would go to events, like I went to Landmark when I was 20 for example, and I walked out at like 11:00 am on the first day. And I'm not saying Landmark is no good. I'm just saying I knew I didn't need to be in that room. And I did not have the results to back it up either. Right. And I remember that to this day and I remember that they gave me an exit interview, they wouldn't actually let me out of the room. They kind of barricaded me in and made me answer a bunch of questions about my life before they would allow me to get out.
They were like, "Well do you have any problems with your father?" And I was just like, "Nope." And no matter what they asked, I was just like, "Nope, my life is perfect." Cause I just wanted to get out of there. And then I remember walking out and I was like, "I'm free! I'm free at last!" And I think I went to the art gallery or something. And it's always been that way for me, I can remember so many freaking seminars ... like NLP stuff, and personal development stuff, and two days stuff, and one day stuff, and you know selling stuff, and marketing stuff, and I would go with my friends well before I had this business. Even before I started to build this business, even before I was online, I was always going to personal development seminars and I was always fucking leaving, right?
I was just always leaving my friends. My friends would stay, I would make it through like a day tops. And I would just be like, "I can't be here. I'm just going to go." Because I would feel like claustrophobic. And then all the people. And then all the noise. And then, I don't know you get your value but you get to a certain point where you're like, now my value is going to be me being along, doing what I need to do for me. Going within and creating from that place and space. Because ultimately that's where all my success comes from.
"Yeah going to [inaudible 00:21:30] conference this summer, I make sure to take solitary time for me."
Right, well another thing that I've learned is that when I run my events and retreats I never start the day until 10:30 or 11:00 am because I know how my clients are and I know they need to get their morning shit like done and take care of themselves before they come and hang with me. So even our events start ... the New York one day next week and Sunday the week after starts at 11:00 for example or if I do like three day things, which I do on occasion. Or two day things like in my inner circle then I always give a break in the afternoon from like 4:00 pm through 8:00 or 8:30 pm because I use to think that people would want me to just go straight through because then it's like more value or something and then when I started really truly calling in my soul alliance clients, I noticed they were all just getting ... or just straight up telling me like getting completely depleted. And it was actually higher value to give a massive gap of time in the afternoon for them to go and do their thing.
And then when I think of how I've shown up even in events or masterminds where I did want to be there the whole time and I did stay in the educational side of it or the seminar side of it or whatever the whole time, that I definitely skip out on as much elements of stuff that I could. Not cause I didn't think it was going to be good or fun, but because I knew that I needed to go and do my stuff for me and I've always wondered how people can maintain that energy of being around other people the whole time and I just think like I wrote about in my blog last night, of course you can chose that. Of course I could chose that. Of course I could be like, I'm going to bring it and I could, but at what cost? Right. The cost could be some short term binge reaction or sabotage reaction or dealing with anxiety or whatever it is. Well I'm not available for that shit, but also ultimately it comes down to, I'm no longer available for that shit. I just choose what I know I need.
But also it comes down to well in the end, do you believe? Do you believe that you are born to win? Do you believe that you're going to achieve your goals? Do you believe that you're going to successful? Do you believe that the vision inside of your head is going to come to life? Like actual question right now. Type it in to the comments. Do you have that faith? Do you believe that what you see inside of you is real? And that your vision is coming to life? So say like something. Give me something. Or give me a [inaudible 00:23:39] if you believe that. Or give me an amen, right.
Because here's what real, when you believe that the vision inside of you is true and you just have that faith and don't forget that faith is a choice. When you believe and you have that faith, guess what? You can do and you should do and you must do, whatever the fuck you want, which is fabulous. And I don't even mean it in the sense of being a rebel, or a black sheep. Like I just think I'm like black sheep or rebel but that's just because I was following my soul. I never set out to be a black sheep or a rebel, right. That was just always me doing what I knew I needed to do for me. And then we end up labelled that way. And then you know I kind of use the labelling cause it's like cool or whatever. I think it's fun. But it's like, yeah my intention was never that. My intention was never to be a black sheep. It just kind of happened because it's how I am.
Well doing whatever you want, just means you can't screw it up. You can't go wrong. It's literally impossible for you to screw it up. You know that vision inside of you is real. You know that it's going to come to life. So what you gotta do to bring it to life? Keep focusing on it. Keep sending that intention, keep tuning into it through your through your [inaudible 00:24:45] through your journaling and then your task, as far as what action to take through your day, through your business, through your life is to tune the fuck in and listen to what your soul is telling you. And this is the biggest thing that I come back to repetitively. It's the number one piece of advice or conversation that I come back to repetitively with my private clients. My hiring clients who pay me a significant amount of money obviously to work with me.
This is the biggest thing I teach them and we come back to it over and over again. I actually wrote about in another blog, which I've not published yet, which I put up later today which I wrote this morning. And it just makes it so easy, right. Because I know that I'm going to succeed. I know that my entire vision is coming to life. It's always been that way. And I know that system [inaudible 00:25:25]. So all I need to do is to tune and to follow soul flow. That's it. There is literally nothing else required. And isn't that just the most beautiful glorious thing in the world, because it means that when you are somewhere and you suddenly feel like you need to be there, you not going to screw it up by leaving. It's going to be perfect.
I'm not going to like limit my growth or limit the value that I got by spending the day tuning in, being in my own space and place, being with you. Doing what I need to do for me and that is true on day [inaudible 00:25:55] basis for every single area. Every area, not just business and money, but even how you chose to exercise and eat. How you take care of your body. Whether you should travel, whether you should stay in that relationship or not, whether you should say that crazy thing to that person you're in love with. Like you can't screw it up. This just makes it so easy.
So fucking easy. And there's so many examples, even recently, and from years back where I just feel like I continually go against the grain or go against what people tell me is the right way to do something or what's going to work or what makes sense or what the supposed proven method is but in the end I know that if I follow what's coming through my soul, it is impossible for me to get it wrong. Like impossible. And to the contrary, if I don't follow what's coming from my soul. Like even to the point of what I've explain for how I spent my time today. Had I've gone against that, what I would be saying is, that I don't trust. That I don't have trust. That I don't trust that the vision inside of me is going to come to life. That my belief is I need to make sure I have the right external influences in order to be successful.
So how do you think that carries on? There is carry on effect to every choice that you make. If we continually make choices to go against our own soul or just the soul flow and to show that we don't trust, we're going to rewarded accordingly, which is to say not with the things that are actually available to us in infinite balance and flow. So if you want it all, if you want it on your terms, if you want to bring every element that vision inside of you to life, you know that that's available to your impossible. And it's only going to happen when you say yes to your soul.
So for me, it's become a daily practise. And for clients it's become a daily practise to run everything through this [inaudible 00:27:41]. From the smallest, tiniest decision about any different thing in your life to the biggest things in your business and in your personal life and in your finances. And whatever it might be. And it just makes it fucking easy. It makes it fucking perfect. And it makes it fucking flow.
So that's what I wanted to share today. Thank you so much for the comments. I'm going to come back and read them a little later, probably while I eat my lunch, please do leave me a comment, if you didn't already. I love to see your thoughts and hear if this resonates with you. And if you in New York or would like to be in New York and spend a day with me next Tuesday, April 27th, I'm doing a one day VIP intimate high level event. We're doing deep dive soul shifts and identifying where your massive wealth and impact is going to come from based on being all of the chaotic, crazy, other worldly person that you are. I can send you forward written details or if you even go over to my personal page. And ... or I think it should be even on this page, click on my blog post from yesterday.
You're going to see a full description at the end of that blog, but you can just message me on my private page, Katrina Ruth. And I'll send you details and we'll go from there. So it's New York, April 27th, next Tuesday. And then I'm doing the same thing again in San Diego on April 3, which is the Tuesday after I believe ... I think it's the Tuesday after. So both of those events are filling, there are very limited numbers. If you would like to jump into that or know more about it message me now, also it's coming up quickly obviously. I'm going to go and get some amazing food and I might even talk to some people, now that I've done what I needed to do for me. Have an amazing rest of the day and don't forget, "Life is now, press play."

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Oh. Okay, okay. What's happening? I need this tripod back. Oh my God, you will not even believe what I'm doing to my Chanel handbag down there on this rock. I just, I cannot see. Do you think I need my sunglasses, or do you think the sun is going to play nicely with me? Okay, hey peoples of the internet. I have the things to tell you. Hello Shannon, what's happening? Okay. I'm going to jump off the rock ... face down. Okay, please work internet. I want to share this over to my page.
Do you back yourself fully in your business? What about the rest of your life? That is our topic. I've got some ass kickery for you. I'm gonna jump down. Okay, I'm coming back. I've gotta climb up, oh my God. Okay, I can't get up. All right, I had to go the lazy way around. Okay, the internet keeps fucking up. Okay, Joseph, I noticed that every time you come on my live steams, you say your name. Hello, hello, Joseph, I can see your name though, from your profile. I'm gonna give you guys an ass whooping, is that all right?
I'm just trying to figure out, should I switch to my phone data? Why are you putting your phone number in dude? What's happening? Did I ask for dates on the internet or he's telling something? I'm looking rocky. That's cause I'm rocky as fuck. I don't know if that's a good thing or not. I've decided to back myself in my love life. How do you feel about that people? I'm gonna kick my own ass about that. I did just kick my ass. I was just on the phone with a private client just now doing a VIP session. Things got a little bit heated. I'm wearing your favourite leggings. Wait until you see my leggings that have "Grateful as Fuck," written on my ass. Actually, I think it just says, "Gratitude," or it says "Grateful," I don't know. I don't look at my own ass often enough.
Brandon Marshall is bringing it like a soul brother. Thank you. Thank you for backing me there. Okay, I thought I was gonna get in trouble. Someone stopped. All right, what about ... Do you know what's hilarious you guys? When I jump into the search bar on my Facebook on my laptop, and I'm searching for my own page so that I can then share the live stream. The thing that's hilarious is that I can then see the search history, and the search history of my personal Facebook is stuff that my team have searched when logged into my profile, as well as obviously stuff that I've searched. I swear to God, sometimes the cat ninjas are using my profile to Facebook stalk, and fan girl stalk people that they're interested in or something, so that it doesn't come up on their profile, or something like that. Because I'm like, what is up with this search history? What do you guys think you're doing? What's happening?
All right, why is this live stream not coming up so that I can share it? I'm not gonna sell a couch, but I'll sell you this delightful rock that you can come and sit on with me. It's beautiful. What do you want me to give you? Can you stop with the frick ... What are you guys doing? Yeah, I should use Live Leap. I'm so lazy at remembering to use things. Okay. Here's the deal, right? This is gonna get preachy. I'm just gonna warn you. I'm gonna remind you in case you didn't remember, in case you've forgotten.
Do not fucking forget. Can someone share this to daily ass kick? 'Cause my sharing thing is not working. Do not forget ... Oh, don't even worry about it. I'll share it later. Do not forget that there's a one day event happening with me in New York on Tuesday, if you wanna come spend the day with me on New York on Tuesday. One day, VIP, intimate event, and then one day even with me at Soul Shift and Money Making in San Diego the next Tuesday, which is April third.
So, if you wanna come along to either of those, or you'd like to know more, there's a couple of places left in both of them. Message me on my personal page is best, and I'll get you those details. I wish I had my sunglasses, but right now the bottom of this tripod, because the rock down there is on an angle, so I've elevated the back two legs of the tripod by chucking my Chanel handbag down there on the rock and sticking the back two legs of the tripod into the bag, and my sunglasses are in the bag.
So, it presents somewhat of a dilemma. But we'll figure it out. So, I'm on the phone just now, with my client, and essentially we were talking about the fact that she's always trusted in herself and that's how she's got results in her life in different areas, but that when it comes to business and getting the results that she wants in her business, and this was our first one on one call, right? She's doing a VIP one on one trial session with me, that she's noticing this feeling of basically well should I? Should I go and follow along with what such and such people are teaching or saying that I should do, whoever such and such people happen to be.
The people who are commonly or uncommonly known as the gods of the internet, self appointed. Now, obviously we can all self appoint ourselves as anything, but ... This tripod is self appointing itself as a little bit of a biotch. I'm worried it's gonna fall over and then I'll have to quickly jump off the rock and grab it. Okay, it's under control. All right. So, you know, we've all done this. Give me a love hot shower if you've done this, or if you ... Hopefully I'm not gonna fall off the edge of this rock.
I'm sitting with one ass cheek off the edge of it. I don't know why I do the things I do. I just like to live on the edge, literally, on the edge of this rock. There's an ass cheek hanging off. Oh. It's gonna be fine. Okay. Give me a love hot shower if you do this. You're already giving the love hot showers and I didn't even ask the question. You guys are on the ball. You're level as fuck. You're playing tight. It's very stypical of our community, and if you don't know the new words of the community then figure it out.
We do this where we question ourselves, right? And we start to wonder, are you doing this in your business? You start to wonder, maybe I should do it the way that these internet marketing people say to do it. Maybe I should do like the 26 fricking copy written emails, or whatever it is, right? And you wonder if you should follow these different systems or strategies to build a funnel, or to build recurring income, or build any fucking thing, I suppose. Or in general, you just start to wonder whether you should do it like how other people are doing it.
But then at the same time, and there's nothing wrong with learning from other people, by the by. Obviously. But then at the same time, there's a part of you, it's a big fucking part I think, which is just oo, this is gross, right? Like, it feels disgusting. Give me love hot shower if you relate to that, and I swear to God, this sun is just like, I'm gonna get you bitch. I'm right in your eyes, and I'm not backing down. I've just had a fantastic idea. I could turn around the other way. That would make actually a hell of a lot more sense because I'm literally sitting here like a squinty eyed squirrel.
All right. I'm gonna, oh fuck. I'm gonna sit on this rock down here. Okay, oh my God. Now I can see nothing. Do you know one time I helped my ex husband launch a programme online called Rock Hard Results? It was a great programme name. Now I can see nothing. So, it's actually even worse now. We're figuring it out. It's a team effort. I'm totally in the dark now though, so I don't think that's better. Okay. See, here I can see but here ... Okay. Don't revolve around the sun. Let the sun revolve around me. I like it.
Okay. Here's the rule. I'm gonna try and cut to the chase. I have a habit of rambling on. I don't know if you've noticed. The rule is, if your soul is staying disgusting, like if something inside of you is just like this is oo, right? E-U, like ugh. This is gross and it feels gross inside my body, and it feels scaly on my skin to be taking action like this, or to imagine that I should do so, then if you feel that, then that's how it is. That's the rule, okay? This current situation makes no sense at all. I'm gripping the tripod between my feet in order for it to not fall over.
So, this is requiring massive inner strength of abductors, which is my inner thighs. I already have inner thighs like that woman on James Bond that kills a man with her thighs. My inner thighs are extremely toned and tight and strong. And they're now getting stronger by the moment. I hope you guys appreciate the effort because I did already work out today. I don't know why I can't just let it be easy. I just like, my room is like right there. I could be sitting in my room live streaming, but it's very dark. And it's not as fun as being on a rock gripping a tripod between your legs.
So, anyway. I'm getting there, right? I'm getting to the point. I think I said what I needed to say already. The point is back yourself. When are you gonna finally back yourself, okay? So, I was using an example with my client. I was like, listen to me. You already know ... This is what I wanna say to you now. You already know that everything you feel inside of you is real. You already know that the way that you're being directed to do it through your soul is the way that it's gonna work. You already know that if you were to go against your own soul, and your own nature, and you were to essentially go and try and do ...
In a way that ... Okay, I think it just kept freezing. In a way that feels kind of icky to you, or it's just boring, it's not interesting, it's not expansive, it feels really, do I really have to do that? Oh, okay, I guess I better. That's what's gonna get me a result. Okay. And it's kind of like this head hanging type of feeling, right? If you were to do it in that way, you know that it's not only not gonna work, you know this at your core, right? You might be buying into a story, you might be telling yourself all manner of things that are definitely not true.
You might be trying to justify and convince, you might be like, "Well, that person knows better than me", or, "They're further along than me and maybe I don't really know because I haven't achieved that goal yet", whatever your goal is, right? In your business. And so, "They probably do know better, and I probably should do it this way", and you're going down this pathway of essentially trying to convince yourself to not back yourself, which when you put it that way, sounds really kind a crazy, and not good crazy.
And it sound sad I think, as well, right? And then the other side of the coin, the flip side of that is you 100% know, give me a love hot shower, give me a love shower about this, you 100% know, if you agree with me give me a love hot shower. You 100% know that what's inside of you is real. You know that the things you feel inside of you about where your success is gonna come from is correct. And one thing that I love to journal on again, and again, and you might like to save this as an idea for later, and write it down as a journaling prompt, or somebody can put it in the comments if you want because I'm having a hard time getting my laptop to work here.
I like to journal often on where do I ... A question I've asked myself many times over the years, where do I really believe, for example, my hundred million dollar empire is gonna come from, or before I was already making multi millions a year, then I would journal on where do I really believe my multi million dollar business is gonna come from, or where do I really believe my fame or my impact, or whatever it is, is gonna come from.
So, the thing that's a big thing for me at the moment is soul mate love. Being in a soul mate relationship, right? That is kind of the biggest focal area for me, or the thing that I've not achieved yet. And I now and trust that I will. So, if I would tune in and journal on where do I really believe that that level of love and romance is gonna come from, and being in a relationship with my soul mate, and then I would look at some of the crazy ass shit that I've done over the past 18 months, since I became single, since I left my marriage, I went through this period, I went through initial period of what did the fuck, where the fuck do I even start?
I don't even know what dating means, I don't even know how to do that. I've been in long term relationships for 15 years at the time. I'd literally been in long term relationships since my first ever boyfriend. So, it's like I don't even know what I the means to date, right? So, that was ... Being a brand new entrepreneur on the internet, like what's a lead page? I didn't even know. I'm like, "What do you do and a date? I don't even know." I don't know, somebody tell me. I don't think I ever even went on a date with my first two husbands. I think we just somehow became in a relationship after meeting at the gym.
I literally had no clue. And then, I went through the next phase, which I feel like is what all entrepreneurs who are driven, motivated, bad asses like we have here too. The next phase is, well you know what? I'm a high achiever, and I'm a good student of life, right? Okay, finally this is gonna let me share it, so let's share it. I'm a good student of life, and I like to do really well at stuff, and I'm committed, and I will get good results, and so I'm gonna go and learn how to do it properly.
Who's done that as an entrepreneur? Right? You go along and you're like, give me an amen or a hell yes or something on the comments if you've done that as an entrepreneur. You go, "I wanna do this properly. So, I'm gonna go and learn from the best people about how to market, and how you build an audience online, and how you sell a programme, or how you make a programme in the first place", or whatever it might be.
And so, you go along and learn, and because the vast majority of people out there are teaching some kind of non thinking system, like join these dots, do it this way, here's the right way, here's the wrong way, that's probably what you fall into, right? And there's only a very limited number of people out there who teach like I teach around business and entrepreneurialism, which is follow fucking flow and soul intuition, fuck everything else. There are no rules, there is no right or wrong. Let's tune in, let's get you connected to soul, let's get you back to what you've always known. Let's act from that place and then sure, if you wanna know a few little, if there's things you literally don't know, you never heard of what a lead page is and you wanna know, cool. We can learn that, but actually you don't even need that to be successful and to make money, right?
So, for me, if we relate it back to the dating thing, I did that same thing. At first, I was like, "I don't even know what dating is. I literally have no clue what that means or how to do it." I've heard the word, and I am 38 years old so in theory I have some sort of concept around it, but I'm not sure. Somebody's gonna have to tell me. So, then I started hiring coaches. Now, fortunately I hired an amazing sex and love coach to start with who helped me connect with intuition and flow, which was my good friend Alexa Martinez, and cannot recommend her highly enough.
She's actually doing a soulmate manifestation free challenge this week on her Facebook page, so worth checking out. And that was amazing, and that just taught me so much about, oh my God. I was like, "What? Oh my God. All these crazy things I've felt inside of me about what I really want from romance in a relationship, you're telling me that's okay? You're telling me I can even have that? You're telling me I've got permission to be me? What? You're telling me I should tell men how I feel?" I was like, mind is blown, right?
So, same thing as well. I teach a lot of people around business, but then after that, I got kind of, I did that for a little bit, and then I just, I got pulled in, right? And we all do it. You get pulled in and distracted by, if you're on Facebook for example, you're gonna get pulled in and distracted by so many fricking people on the internet who are telling you the right way to make money, or to sell an online programme, or to do anything at all. And so, I got pulled in, and I jumped on a few different mailing lists for example, with people who would send out, "Here's 10 scripts to get him to respond in a text message." Stuff like that.
Or here's how to say this, or here's what never to say to a man, or here's 10 reasons why he's lost interest in you. Stuff like that. And I was on these mailing lists, and I did some coaching with people who teach like this as well. I paid for some coaching with people who teach like this, because I was like that newbie entrepreneur, who's like, "But I don't know. And I don't know if I know what I know, and I haven't had success in this area yet. I've had two failed abusive marriages, and ..." Okay, stuff that was on me as well. Let's just be clear and on that, all right? I don't wanna be blaming and doing anything like that.
But I've had two marriages that didn't work out, and clearly I have no fucking clue what I'm doing, and how do I know how to choose right? So, I should go and learn from an expert, right? And we all do that with business, or we've all done that. I did the same thing with business. I know so many entrepreneur who can relate to having done that in business, but yet I was getting this information and I was getting to taught these things and the whole way through, when I would be told, "Okay, say this in a text. Oh no, don't ... What? You were thinking of saying that to him? Don't say that. Never say that to a man. That's a terrible idea."
And then, there would be this feeling inside of me like, oo, really? I did even send ... I think I did it like two or three times, where I used a little script from a text messaging thing. And I kind of thought it was funny, I was laughing at it, but I was also like, this is kind of gross, right? It feels icky. It feels like, yuck. And it's kinda like, really? And then, a few times where I didn't speak my truth in a romance situation because I was listening to the advice of coaches at the time who were like, "No, no. That's coming from a hurt place inside of you, or that's something you need to heal inside. Don't say that. And this is the right way to communicate with a man, and this is how to do it.
And I was like, ugh. And something inside of me was shrinking, right? I was feeling contracted. I was feeling like maybe they're right? Because I don't know, and I'm not an expert, and I don't have results in those areas. So, maybe I should listen to them and I'm willing to try it, and I said that. And I spoke up. I was like, "I don't really feel ... But okay. I'm open to it." And they were like, "Yeah, well ..." They were basically like, without saying you're wrong and I'm right, that's basically what they were saying. They were like, "Well, this is how it works. I'm right, do it this way."
I was like, "Okay." And then I just didn't follow through though. I didn't follow through. In the end, I sent the fucking letter that I wanted to send to a guy, even though everybody said don't send that letter, right? Or everybody who you asked, which is a very small group of people. But my coach, and one or two friends, and in the end I was like, "Fuck it. I've always spoken my truth in business, and I'm gonna speak my truth in this area as well." Because here's what I know for sure. Anything that's feeling contractive, anything that's feeling like it's actually making me feel sad to follow that method if I would follow the method of that particular person or coach, or whatever.
Or the strategy that's being taught online around dating, it's making me feel sad and contracted, and icky all at the same time, anything you're feeling like that in business, or think that you should be doing but it makes you feel that way relevant to business, I'm gonna tell you flat out 100, 1000, one million percent, all the percents, gathered into a big percentage bucket, don't do that shit. It's not gonna work for you.
And by the way, if you got some kind of supposed outcome from doing stuff that goes against your soul, do you think it's gonna make you feel happy and fulfilled? So, for me with the dating stuff, I just started to remind myself, and this is kind of what I was kicking my client's ass around just now on the phone, I just started to remind myself that all of my results in my entire life, back to when I was a child, and even in my business before I got results and how many results, I had to remind myself of thins and getting into believing in myself, and coming from faith, and coming from self belief before I had the results to back it.
Every result has come from when I trusted in myself, and anytime that I achieved any sort of success, quote unquote success, by doing something that went against my soul and that didn't feel right, it made me feel icky or it made me feel contractive, or it made me feel sad, then that success meant nothing to me. I have made money in the past by doing stuff that wasn't my soul work. I've never done anything that's felt like immoral, or completely wrong or something, but I've done plenty of stuff to make money in business where it was like, "Oh, really? Yeah, okay. All right, I guess. Because I want the results and so I'll suck it up."
And when I did make money doing things that way, it slipped through my fingers. I didn't even fucking care. It meant nothing. It was not fulfilling. So, I started to think about the dating, and I was like, "But if it's true. If it's true that if I would say it in this way and follow, and learn these scripts until they become automated inside of me so that I'm communicating properly, as how you're supposed to communicate to a man. If that's true, then how could I possibly end up in a fulfilled soul relationship for me?" Because it would have been based on me not being me.
Every step along the way it would've been based on me going ... Me being me, and who I am in this moment in time, with all my faults, and all my uncertainties, and all my weaknesses, me being me is not enough to get that relationship. I would have to catch a man by saying things right. Hello, what kind of fucking relationship's that gonna be, right? Just like what kind of fucking business is that gonna be that's built on a foundation of not a beautiful rock like this?
It's not built on a solid rock foundation. How cool is that? I'm sitting on a rock. I'm super excited. Look, here's the rest of the rock where I was sitting before. I was up there. Now I'm just on a lower bit, but there's all these little rocky foundations all the way around. I'm in Orlando. So, I just ... It was like a wake up call. It was like, hello. How do you wanna believe in yourself, right? Like, hello. Where do you ... What foundation do you want this relationship to come from? Hello, do you actually wanna choose to believe that if you speak your truth, and be you, that that's not enough? And I was like fuck that shit. I'm gonna start saying exactly what I want, I'm gonna chose to back myself, I'm gonna chose to trust myself. And like the particular situation with a particular guy where everything that I wanted to say to him was breaking all the rules, like don't say that.
I was like, "You know what? I'm gonna fricking say it, and then some." And the stuff I said was like, stuff you definitely aren't supposed to say to a guy. And my choice was that if I would be myself fully, and it didn't work, then that's exactly perfect and what was meant to be. And my choice was also that actually it's impossible to screw up being me, because when I be me and back myself and trust in myself, only good and positive outcomes can come from that. And so now, I feel 100%, I'm fricking so in trust and in certainty around where I'm going in the relationship area of my life, and I know that I'm getting the results that I desire.
Awesome Nicole, thank you for jumping on first. All right. Janice says, "I feel this icky energy nine hours a day." Soulmate relationship and not backing myself in business, [Keja 00:22:05]. That's exactly the same situation that was happening with the client that I was just on the phone to, right? We were talking about a similar conversation to this, but obviously personal to her, and it was exactly the same. She's got the results in her health and fitness, and in her relationship, and then we're talking about the fact that you know, and this is why I was using the relationship example to her.
I was saying to her, I know that me being in a relationship with my soulmate, it's gonna come from me being fully me, and I know that it's about me speaking my truth, trusting my own inner guidance, and anybody who's basically trying to direct me or tell me what to do, whether it's somebody random on the internet, or someone who I'm personally speaking to, if it goes against what feels right inside of me, then I know that it's not right for me, and I know that that's not how I'm gonna get the results that I want in my life, and I know that I just don't have it within me to do stuff that doesn't align for me on a soul level.
I know that in business, to get to where my business makes millions of dollars a year, and I have only 100% soul mate clients who are so fricking cool and badass and do the work, for that to happen, I had to fully back myself. I didn't have money. I was over $100 000 in debt. I was gonna go bankrupt, I couldn't even buy coffee, and I realised I was one foot in and one foot out. I knew inside of me, I just knew that I was born for more. I knew I'm gonna get those results. I had the faith inside of me, and I believed that I could make money doing what I love, and doing this and speaking my truth every day, and just hanging out and being fully me, and not being worried about if I'm professional and whatever else, but I wasn't backing myself.
I was one foot over there, and one foot, "Oh, maybe I should do it your way? Maybe, okay. It doesn't feel good, but okay. You have more results than me so I probably should do that." And then eventually I was like fuck this shit. I'm gonna fully back myself, and if I have to do that every single day for the rest of my life, and never make money, then that's gonna be fulfilling to me rather than living a life of if I follow your rules and do it this way, maybe then I'll get a result that I won't even fucking care about because it didn't come from flow.
So, that's what I apply over now to the relationship area. I'm like, this is like a done deal. 100% the results that I desire are gonna come from me backing myself and trusting in myself. Somebody said, "What about if you being yourself will cause others to shun you?" Which is a great question. Well, they will. They will. They will. I'm gonna tell you a great answer about that. First I'm gonna open my laptop, because I just saw that my brother WhatsApp'd me. It came up at the top of my phone. He doesn't know I'm sitting here waiting for him live streaming. He's asked me what time we should leave for dinner.
So, I don't know. How long's it take to get from fricking, a Disneyland resort to downtown Orlando? Let me just message him back. Don't know. Can you check? Downtown Orlando. Am on a live stream. All right, cool. Did that work? I don't know. We'll see. Okay, so here's my answer. How are you gonna feel about whether people shun you. The reason I'm at a Disneyland resort, I'm so not a Disneyland person. I actually really don't like Disneyland. I don't like a lot of people around me, and I just don't like Disneyland. I don't like rides.
Sorry all the people who love Disneyland. You can hate on me for it if you want, because we're at a conference here, and I'm like playing hooky on the conference because I'm not really a conference person either. So, that's why I'm sitting on a rock on a live stream, instead of being in a conference. So, he's in the conference room and he's just messaged me about dinner. All right. So, yesterday I found out that in certain groups on the internet, of Facebook groups, that people talk all the time about what a bitch I am, right? And how they can't handle my life streams. And I'm just like, okay. I'm just gonna say something directly to those people right now. Just so you know, if you say that you can't even, even, with me, and you can't handle my live streams, and did you see what she did on her latest live stream, I'm just gonna point out the obvious, which is that the only way you know that is because you're watching the fucking live steam.
So, technically that makes you a magnetises fuck fan. Who's triggered as fuck, by the way. And if you are triggered and emotionally charged by me, that's because I'm being a mirror, and because I'm confronting in you something that you know you get to address inside of you, and basically probably you're gonna become a client in about a year, and then you're gonna tell me that you used to hate me and bitch about me behind the scenes but I already knew because other people told me. If you didn't actually care, if you weren't connected to me on a soul level in some sort of way, then you wouldn't watch the live streams, and you wouldn't bitch about me behind the scenes, and you wouldn't care. You'd be like, "I'm not interested. I'm not attracted to her. I'm not magnetised to her", and you would just not even observe. You literally wouldn't care, right?
It happens all the time, Melissa. I actually was a little shocked because I'm so in a love bubble of my own cult and my own world that I've created that I haven't heard it for a while, but I used to be much more conscious of it, and to answer the person's question who asked about this, I knew about it more and I was conscious of it because I was concerned about it, and because it would cause me to shrink and be worried, and not speak my truth. And then I just gradually over time let go of that, because I still care. Yesterday I was like, I was triggered and I was a little hurt. I was like, "Oh." I was actually like, "Oh, I thought everybody loved me now." I really did. I was like, "Oh. Well, okay." And then I was like, "Oh, well technically I suppose I could ..."
I do actually know that people don't like me but I kind of forgot because I'm only surrounded by love, so I was a little triggered, and I was kinda like, "I think I wanna go around to their houses and cook them dinner, and just sit them down and just explain to them, just so you understand, I'm a nice person." And I'm actually like really nice, and I'm really introverted and quiet in real life, and everything as well. I think you would like me, right? Like, really, I'm an actual ... I'll buy you a present. I'll bring you chocolates. I'll do that. I do that all the time anyway.
So, I kinda felt like I need to deal with this situation so that people understand how awesome I actually am. But then the other part of me was like, not fuck them. I got into curiosity, and I think it's funny because the reason I said, I'm like, "Well, if you're watching my life streams, then it means you're a fan." Just technically. Just saying. So, I think it's funny. But also, even if I feel hurt, or even if I've lost people along the way, and I've lost friends, and I've lost some clients along the way who I got too much for them, I got too intense for them, and some of them came back and then they're like, "You've got too much for me. You got too intense for me. I couldn't handle it. It was like a trigger for me."
One of my newest clients who joined my inner circle, first thing he did introducing himself is, "Oh, I'm probably like a lot of people here when I first came across Katrina Ruth, I wanted to punch her through the computer screen." I was like, "Aww. People say the sweetest things about me." And for real though, my clients say that all the time, right? So, it's really, really common and normal, oh, thank you. Thank you for the present in advance. So, anyway. My point is, I got to a point of understanding that my message and my art, and speaking my truth is more important and bigger than what people wanna say about me, right? And that I have to put that first.
So, don't assume that somebody like me just doesn't care, or is so confident, because it's not that. I'm still hurt at the idea, and I don't like the idea, and quite honestly, even at a big conference like this, there's three and a half thousand people here, I'm conscious that there's people in this room, and some of them I know who they are, who really fucking don't like me and think I'm a bad person, or I'm too aggressive, or I'm unprofessional online, and that fricking annoys me, right?
And I let it go, because in the end I have to be me, and I have to speak my truth, and even the real life friends how I've lost along the way, I've just been like okay, there's some sadness there, or sometimes there's a grieving process to go through depending upon who the person is in your life, and technically not just as friends, but really even my marriage was a fallout of me being fully me, right? There's many reasons that went into that, but it was. I'm so fully me that you can't have me in your life if you don't ...
For somebody who's not fully being them in their life, and not fully pressing play, or they just, they disagree with my values or my beliefs, how can you keep me in your life, right? You can't. You're either gonna ... If I'm in your life, there's only two reasons for that. Either you really love me and you resonate so fucking fully with me, and we're basically come from the same glorious pot of souls, which is why when we hang out in real life we're gonna have the bestest time ever and I won't be hiding from you like I'm hiding from everyone else here. I know there'd be some cool people here, I just don't know where they are, right?
For real though, whenever I meet any of my tribe or my clients, or people who follow me online and who are the same as me, when we meet in real life, we're instantly magnetically best friends because we're the same sort of person. Or there's the people who hate me. And if they actually say that they hate me, or they're like I can't stand her, or whatever, then actually it's because at their core, they're the same sort of person, and they're just not owning their truth. That's a reality, right?
That's just how it is. Okay. What else? Where was I even up to? I am not who you think I am. I am ... You are who you think I am. Reflect your own truth. Thank you Ruby. You are also the most beautiful soul. Thank you for seeing that in me, and I reflect it back to you. I'm shooting it back to you like that super hero who shoots stuff out of there, like Spider Man who shoots his spiderweb out. I'm shooting back love and acknowledgement.
All right, what else? So, anyway. I think one of the hardest things, in theory, it's a choice whether or not it's hard, is when you don't have the results yet. You don't have the money results, so you don't have whatever results you're having in your business. And you know, you know on a soul level what is right, and what is aligned, and how you're gonna get results, right? But you don't have the results. So, that voice comes up ...
Maybe you have some other people who are lovely enough to tell you all the time that you're doing it wrong. Eliminate those people. I don't mean in a bad way. I just mean turn away from them energetically, or physically, or whatever else is required, right? Don't listen to them. Literally, la-la-la-la-la, can't hear you. Not listening. Choose to only listen to people that affirm what you already know inside of you, yeah? To me that seems obvious. But, mind you, I've definitely gone against that myself at some points in time.
So, there's that. But then the other thing is it's not just the voices of other people, right? It's the voices, shit. It's the voices inside of your head. Those things are little bitches some of the time. And they come up every day and be like, "Really? Are you sure? Because that sounds kind of stupid to me. And besides which, how can you prove it? And I bet you're wrong. And I bet you're gonna screw everything up, and I bet probably if you do that, or say that, everybody's gonna tell everybody, and then the whole entire internet is gonna laugh at you because you're stupid."
That's what the voices inside your head will say. Or it'll be like, "Who do you think you are to do that? Somebody else could do that, but clearly you have no clue what you're talking about. You don't have the results, you can't prove yourself, you don't speak properly, and your hair doesn't look good." And so, these are the normal every day thoughts that we all have. I have these voices inside of my head as well, and I know, I see them for what they are. I'm like, "Bitch please. I see what you're trying to do here, and I'm gonna let you know that I'm gonna be over here doing what I'm meant to do anyway."
But sometimes they get to me. Sometimes they got to me with the dating stuff, right? And now I became stronger over time, because I just kind of thought back, and I thought back to my business stuff, and I'm like, "Hmm, well, took me like five fucking years, or however long, to really get this with my business, but then when I did, shit started working. When I fully backed myself. So, I think, thank you for coming along, and telling me all of your thoughts for today, and if you insist on carrying yourself around and following me everywhere, and talking shit, then I guess I can't stop you. I'm still gonna be over here pressing fucking play", and I'm gonna learn this lesson a lot faster, right?
So, it's about realising that you can have these voices inside of your head, you can have the voice of doom and gloom, and self doubt, and whatever bullshit is going on or coming through you, or even coming at you from outside of you, all of that can be present and in attendance, and you can still do whatever you know what you're meant to do. And so, what that comes down to is you've gotta be bold enough, and trust enough to actually back it up and follow through though. It's not gonna be enough to feel and know inside of you what's true and what's gonna get you results. That is not gonna cut it.
You're gonna have to back it with action, right? Which means, from my example, the dating example, it means that when I have an instinct or an impulse, or a soul nudge comes through me, like, "Hey, say that to this guy. Speak your truth. Say this", and my voice inside my head's gonna be like, "Oh my God, are you crazy? Don't say that. Really? You already said such and such thing. Like, really? You're gonna morally now? You're gonna say that?" And, "Oh, maybe I shouldn't, and maybe this, and then let's go check what he's posted on Facebook today because maybe that's gonna put me off because you don't know ..."
Like, what? What if I just always followed my soul nudges? Because I can tell you something for sure, in my business now, and it took me however long it took me to get this, I always follow my soul nudges. That doesn't mean only when it feels exciting or inspiring. That means especially when it feels terrifying, when it feels reckless, it feels crazy, it goes against what everybody's saying, and I built a multi million dollar per year online empire where I get to do only what I fucking want everyday, and I have a 100% soul mate client base. My clients are now becoming millionaires and multi millionaires in the last year as well.
Multiple clients who've gone from where they were making 8 to 10K a month at the start of last year to where they're now making 50, 60 and over 100K per month in numerous cases, over 200K per month consistently in multiple places as well, and all of these women and a few men who work with me, are doing what I'm talking about here, following soul nudges. And not only attracting such badass from only following soul desires, requirements, and flow. It's not just when it feels easy or comfortable or fun or exciting. It's when it feels terrifying. It's when it's scary. It's when it feels reckless. It's when it feels ridiculous, right?
And here's something else. Let me just check in in what my brother's saying. He's just messaging me more. 36 minutes. Am on my way back. Okay. We can go for like 5 or 10 minutes more. Okay. Am on a rock. I'm telling him. Don't forget, if you jumped on late and you didn't hear me, I'm doing a one day VIP very intimate event this Tuesday in New York, and I'm repeating the same event the Tuesday after, April 3, in San Diego. These are soul shifting deep dive days to get clear on exactly who you are as an entrepreneur, who you wanna be as an entrepreneur, creator and leader, and the best fucking way for you to make fuckload of money and a fuckload of impact doing that. That was too many fucks. Maybe. Not maybe. Whatever it was. It's something like that.
I can send you the whole written overview, so message me over on my Katrina Ruth personal page if you wanna know more about that. Okay, so then coming back to this. Here's how I actually got into this business, because as I've been sharing, I don't have the results yet, I'm like working towards these results in my romance side of my life, and I know that it will come from backing myself, but I also know that that means I can't just sit around being like, "Yeah, I believe that I'm gonna have a soulmate relationship, and I believe that it's gonna work out for me and I have faith."
It means that I've also gotta follow all actions that my soul tells me to take, even though I feel like a fricking crazy person half of the time, okay? And the reason that I knew that first for business though, and where I can now apply it from business over to love, I knew it for business because when I was broke in my business, and when I was over $100 000 in debt, and I thought I was gonna go bankrupt, I sat down one day, and it's funny because I'm kind of at a theme park now. I'm at the resort anyway.
And I was at a theme park. I was at a Wet and Wild theme park, like a water one. And I went and sat down for coffee, and I made this list and it was based on the fact that I'd been a personal trainer for 13 years before I built my own online business, and so I've now been actively involved in the fitness industry for 21 years, since I was 17 years old. And so, at the time, it was maybe like six years ago or something, so I would've been involved in the fitness industry at the time for like 15 years, and I had complete faith and certainty around my ability to always be in great shape.
Now, it didn't mean that I always was in my ideal shape, because sometimes I would slip a little bit out or whatever, but it never was a problem. I was like, "I know how to be in fantastic fucking shape. It's very simple and straight forward, and easy, and it's just automatic that of course I get to have that." I have zero doubt, and also that it comes from me following what I believe is true and real for me inside me. Never once have I followed a diet plan. I've tried to do it a few times in years gone by, and I always was like cheating all the way through on those diets.
And I don't follow structured training. All my training and my eating is intuitive. I even wrote a book about five or six years ago called Think Thin, The Intuitive Diet for Women. You can get it on Amazon if you go to books for kick ass women dot com, you're gonna see over 60 books on Amazon that I've self published, and Think Thin is one of them, right?
So, that's my way of eating and staying in shape. So, I sat down and I thought about what if I had the same beliefs for business and for money that I have for fitness? What if I just always knew that I know what's right for me? What if I fully trusted in myself, what if I fully backed myself, what if I went from soul flow and intuition, and I basically sat there and I wrote a big list of what are all my beliefs to do with fitness and my body, and being in great shape? And they're all really powerful positive beliefs that would serve a lot of people well, as I'm sure you can imagine, right?
And then I looked at what my money beliefs were at the time, and I had so many money and business beliefs around not trusting myself, or there's gotta be a wrong way, or something like a right way or a wrong way, or I've gotta get it right, or something along those lines, right? And other people maybe know more than me, and I've gotta do stuff that doesn't feel good, and just all these beliefs, and I literally sat there and I took all of my positive and powerful fitness beliefs and and I rewrote them into powerful positive beliefs for my business, and for money, and I just made a decision.
I was like, that's how I'm gonna choose to think. I'm gonna choose to back myself, I'm gonna choose to trust myself, I'm gonna choose to basically operate from inside of me. And even last week I had another breakthrough around this, because I noticed that in my business there's still a couple of areas where I feel like I'm not fully showing up, right? Where I feel, you know that sense of disease, or feeling uneasy, or restless, or unsettled, because you feel like ... I had a general feeling that there's some discontent present in my business. And a general feeling of feeling like I notice that pretty much every day I feel slightly restless, like slightly, just like what am I missing?
That was it. I journaled on why do I feel like there's always something missing in my business? I just have this niggle all the time, and I thought ... I said to myself, this was like the other day in Santa Monica, sitting in the tea and coffee bin. And I thought, "Well, I don't feel that way in fitness. I have like zero restlessness or niggles in fitness." Even if I go into [inaudible 00:40:58] and I'm in my little shorts and my sports bra, and I see that I got a bit puffy around the waste or something, it does not remotely bother me. I'm like, "That's fine. I know exactly how to fix it." Right?
And I have only self love, right? Like I actually really, it took me several decades, but I really love and accept myself regardless of what my body's doing, and I have full trust, right? And I thought, "Why do I have such contentedness in fitness, but in business I still feel a little uneasy?" And I was like, "Oh my God." And I realised it's because with fitness and nutrition, I 100% follow every single soul command and desire and requirement.
So, what that means is, like this morning, I was like, "I gotta go to Bikram Yoga this morning." Hot yoga. That's how I felt. That's what my body wants. Well, I had a schedule of going to a conference today. I'm like, "Too bad. I'm going to Bikram Yoga because that's what I feel I need." The zero of the time will I not follow soul urges in that situation, right? 100% of the time with fitness and my body, I do what I'm told to do from within ... Not by other people. Zero percent of the time I do what I'm told to do by other people, and 100% of the time I do it even if it comes at the cost of something else that I was supposed to be doing, but it's also on the times when I don't feel like doing something. Maybe I'm like ...
Oh, the other day. I didn't feel like going to the gym. Too bad. I go to the gym if I know that it's what my soul's telling me to do. But by the same token, if I go to dinner, and there's like an amazing dessert and I wanna eat it, I'm gonna fricking eat it, right? If that's what feels good for me. So, then with business and money, I noticed that there was still times, or there's still times where I'm not doing what my soul tells me to do. You know, I like to rebel even if it's against my own self, from time to time. Just to kind of prove a point, that I can do what I want, I think.
But I had to kind of acknowledge this. I'm like, "Oh, I have a feeling of discontent, or dis ease sometimes in my business because there's certain things that I know I actually should, quote unquote, should be doing from a soul point of view, like my soul's directing me to do it. Could be like whatever little task, or getting back to somebody on my team, or finalising an idea, or what it is, and it's that kind of little girl inside of me that's still like if your Mom tells you to clean your room, you're like, "Well, I was gonna clean my room, and now that you've told me to clean my room there's no fucking way I will clean my room."
It's exactly the same reason that I refuse to see the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings movies, because everybody was like, "You've gotta see them. They're really good." I was like, "Bitch, please." If everybody's seeing them, there's no way I'm gonna see them because clearly I'm better than that. And then eventually I saw them and I was like, "I guess they were okay."
So, it's just that ... I recognise that part of myself, and so I kind of kicked my own ass around it. And so then with love, and relationship, and sex and that sort of thing, I was like ... Oh, shit. I was like, "Well, okay." I went through this phase last year after I left my marriage, which was the year before, and so last year my phase was like, trying to do the things that I thought that I should to do be successful at dating or whatever, or try and learn about it, and doing things ...
But also, I was in this most ridiculous pattern, which was so stupid, I can't even believe that I did this, where if I would go on a date with a guy, and I wasn't attracted to him, like romantic, to where you're like, "Can we just have sex right now?" That I would still kind of convince myself and I would be like, "Oh, well maybe I am attracted and I just don't know it, because he's a really nice guy." And now I say it, and I'm like, "That's hilarious." How could that be a thing? You either are or you aren't, and you fucking know where you are because you're like, can we just seriously, can I just crawl into your skin immediately? In a non weird way.
And so, it was kind of this phase of trying to make it work, right? And now I'm like, "Okay, it's either I'm fucking feeling it, which is relatively rare, but that's the whole point, or it's nothing", right? And either way is totally fine, but I'm not gonna keep on meeting up with somebody just in case I somehow at some point magically wake up one day and in massive lust and attraction, or whatever, right? But by the same token, it also means ... That's fun. But by the same token it also means that if I'm feeling like, "Okay, I should say this to this guy", or message this or whatever ...
I do this where, it even happened last week I think it was, last weekend, where I'm like, "Oh, don't message that." I met a guy, and I'm like, "Don't message that. That's a bad idea." And then I felt like messaging it. I'm like, "My soul is telling me to message that, so I'm gonna message it." And either outcome is fine, right? And it's just that continual process of I'm gonna continually back myself, I'm gonna continue to follow what I'm directed to do inside. Whatever the outcome is actually doesn't matter because the point is that I'm proving I fricking believe in myself, right? And I'm proving I'm gonna back myself, and I'm proving that I fucking mean what I say when it comes through me from the inside.
So, I'm building inner strength, I'm building self belief, I'm building resilience, I'm building tenacity, and all these areas can just be related to each other, whether it's fitness stuff, business stuff, love and romance and sex stuff, all of them just connect into each other, and I have to fricking go. I could live stream all night, but I'm gonna go and have dinner with several badass people. So, I'm sure I'll have many more things to share with you tomorrow. I would really encourage you to watch the replay of this live stream. I feel like I brought the message and the preaching tonight, this afternoon, whatever it is.
So, go watch the replay, leave me a comment, send me a message, let me know what you thought, and seriously, what if you just fully decided to back yourself? I've built a multi million dollar per year business where every day I just wake up, and sit around and talk to cool people on the internet like I'm doing now. I only do what I want, I have the best time ever. I travel the world continually. You guys see this, and I just want you to really know that's available for you. I didn't have all that. I built it up, and I built it from backing myself, right?
And I literally used to write in my journal, all I really wanna do is inspire, educate and motivate people, and talk to cool badass people on the internet, and now here we are. So, I know that this is available for all of us in all areas. Don't forget that if you wanna spend a day with me in person in a VIP private event, on Tuesday in New York, that that's happening. There's several places left, I think three maybe for New York. Send me a message on my personal page, and then there's a couple of places left for San Diego the week after as well.
So, it's gonna be April, sorry. March 27 in New York City, and April 3 over in San Diego. Message me on my Katrina Ruth personal page, or you can message on this profile if you're confused about how to find it, but maybe someone can tag in my personal page right now, or I'll do it in a moment when I jump off, and send me a message there because it's just easier for me to PM over on my personal one. I prefer it. And I'll get you all the details of exactly what we're covering, and the cost, and all that good stuff.
Have an amazing day. Go take massive action, from your soul. And do not forget, life is now. Press fucking play.

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